Okolofutbola (2013) Movie Script

In this way, during the reign of Peter I, his victories
were not achieved by his new modern fleet.
This would be all for today.
Do you love your country?
But there are 5 minutes left?
We'll compensate with 5 minutes more
the next time. That's all for today.
Is the oil ok?
It's perfect, man.
Today will be held the derby between CSKA and Spartak.
Aroudn 70,000 visitors are expected.
Yea, yea, I'm coming.
How sweet..vampires, werewolves, zombies.
And all of this is in our education.
We can't stay indifferent to that.
At least I can't.
I'm coming. I'll make it.
We are you?
We'll be late.
Radio Sport is preparing for the live
broadcast of the derby.
Hello, faster.
Hello, Pasha.
Good day, mates. We're going!
Attention! Doors are closing!
Next stop: Kalujska
What are you listening?
Hello, mates.
Hello, Teacher!
What's up, mates?
Little one!
Take care of the side doors!
Dear passangers, we highly recommend
leaving this carriage.
It'll be a hell of a fight.
Station: Konkovo
That's the Horses!!!
(a name for CSKA's fans)
Get ready! All together!
Come on!
Come on, you cunts!
Take this, you bastard!
Where do you thinkg you are going?!
Take in the Major!
The cops!
Go before the whole carriage falls apart!
None of this fuckers had decent shoes.
Skullhead Crew! Skullhead Crew!
Aren't you ashamed?
CSKA and Spartak continue playing,
CSKA scores second goal.
The score is 3:1 for CSKA.
They shit themselves
If they don't win the cup,
we'll have to visit them.
Have we visited them lately?
Did you see that?
Finally, where you've been?
Why didn't you call?
We "danced" a little bit with Slon.
(Slon - elephant)
He barely made it out.
We told you just to track him.
Yea, and after that we decided to...
What did you decided?!
Who of you two beat him?
Are you stupid or what?
Why would you say that?
And what's that for?
You stole his phone, too?
No, it just fell out of his pocket
and i picked it up.
Have you gone nuts?
Give me the phone.
Where did you find these idiots?
Slav, it's not gonna happen again...
There's not gonna be again.
Cut the crap, Yaryi.
(Yaryi - fire, passioante)
Who do you think you are talking to?!
Yaryi, stop, Yaryi...
Wait, we have to discuss
something important.
Dinamo are on the hook.
We can organise something
in the weekend.
Full retards...
You should've started with that.
Get out of here.
Major, Dinamo don't have
decent shoes either.
It's a shame to be kicked by them.
On your place, I'd think about it.
Yaryi, we must talk.
For the third time this month, the cops
happen to be on the right place.
Somebody's giving them information.
Cops don't hang out on every station so
heavily armed.
They have been informed about the fight
for sure.
We just started and they showed up.
Maybe it's someone from the Horses.
No, I'm telling you - it's someone
from us.
No way.
That was our first time with the Horses.
And the cops show up for the third time.
And what, before that Zenit told them?
And before them - Lokomotiv?
Do you have someone in mind?
Maybe I'm the rat?
It can't be you.
You didn't know about the subway.
And I told the Major and the Razor.
On purpose?
And you suspected me first?
By the method of exception.
The fight with the Horses is a clear
Yea, whatever.
So what do we do?
We have to cancel the deal
with Dynamo.
Are you crazy?
It's going to be epic. We have been
preparing it for so long.
Whatever happens, we are not
cancelling it.
Ok, so let's do this instead:
We start a rumour among us
that the fight is cancelled.
And on Saturday, in the last moment
we gather up.
That way if anybody's giving away
we'll have enough time before
the cops come.
I punished them myself.
And how exactly?
Are they in hospital or dead?
I thought so...
And now I'm going to punish them.
If you find them, you will.
What did you think? That you give me
back my phone and it's all OK?
If so, we'll do it another time.
Give back the phone.
Are those clowns ready?
Slon, cut the crap.
Are those your top people?
What top people? We've gathred the little
ones who are not at school today.
So do we start?
Gather up!
Come on! Let's tear them apart!
Sincere apologies. I drove as fast
as possible and here I am.
You know I love you but you are dressed
like you are going to school.
I don't like jeans.
And I can't stand those disco clubs
of yours.
Relax, nothing's going to happen.
It'll be a humble evening,
just like you love it.
Come, the Razor is already
mixing it up.
They are with me.
I got something to say, boys.
I have never told anybody. In short -
we've been together half an year.
And this means FO-RE-VER.
I want her to have my children
and then - grandchildren.
I've become very santimental.
When I see her in the morning, she's
so beautiful.
It makes me wanna cry.
Serious shit.
Today I'll be generous.
I'm buying.
What are you drinking?
Mate, two of your best beers
for my friends.
I'm going to scout who's here.
I'll be back in a minutes.
Where's your girl?
On her way, she'll be here soon.
She's worried.
Look at those two.
Yesterday lost the derby and today
are already celebrating.
Pathetic footballers...
Let's go.
What's up, Razor?
Good evening!
Good evening, sportsmen.
Eh, Whiskey!
Whiskey and Cola - an obligatory preparation
for a good football.
What are you celebrating?
Do we have a problem, boys?
You have, not us.
Go train!
Look, mate, It just didn't work out.
Next time It will be better.
I don't doubt it.
One more loss like this and you'll
have a visit at the training.
It won't be so funny then.
Who were those?
Doesn't matter.
It's on us, girls.
Thank you.
And here we are.
I have the pleasure to introduce you to
my very favourite gilrs.
Their beauty, doubtlessly, will
save the world.
Yes, that's them.
Yaryi, you are supposed to say
"nice to mee you'".
Yes, extremely.
And those are my friends.
My brothers.
Igor, Slav and Pasha.
Pasha is now busy mixing,
but will join us later.
And what do you do?
Was that an uncomfortable question?
No, no, it's an amazing question!
I'm impressed!
Vova asked me not to embarrass him.
Boys, answer the question.
I'm a mechanic.
Where do you work?
In a service, i repair cars.
Very interesting.
Extremely interesting.
This is Pasha The Razor.
A famous DJ.
So I've noticed.
And you?
He's the smartest one - a professor
of historical science.
He teaches in the Moscow university.
Which is named after me.
Do you really teach?
I just have a history exam coming.
O, yea, right.
Bad story!
Her teacher is awful, a cinic. And her exam
is made that so that she doesn't take it.
And he doesn't take bribes.
On the other side we have this
beautiful, perfect girl.
But her teacher didn't like her
from the very begining.
And the exams has to be taken.
With a good grade.
The question is: How do you get
prepared for such an exam?
Come on, Teacher, i know you give lessons.
Help my girl.
I really need help.
I'm very hard-working.
I can't promise anything.
Time will show.
Here, he'll help you.
We'll be right back.
Going to the restroom.
Excuse us.
Boys, it's really important.
The deal with Dynamo
for Saturday is off.
What? How come?
We have info that the cops know.
Where's that info coming from?
From secure source.
So you want to give up? We've been
preparing it for so long.
I know, but we have to.
They are the ones from the fight in the subway.
I told you, remember?
It may have been them.
It's them, for sure!
Did you memorise their faces or what?
Yes, exactly, and your boyfriend took
the most pain of all.
And the one, what was his name, the Razor.
He tried to talk to me.
I was listening music and he sat to me
and mumbled something.
What a clown...
I'm telling you - they were like
real animals.
If you had seen them - I just don't know.
I understand that you don't approve me
going out with Vova.
No, not Vova..
He's a producer, for him this is probably
something like a fight club.
And the others are real beasts.
We'd better stay away from them.
I really want that teacher to help me.
Do you really think he teaches history?
Yea, right, like the other one...
"the mechanic"...
Let's get back.
I think we've met before.
In the subway.
I didn't know what to get you.
What would you like to have?
I'd like to have a drink.
Waiter! Champagne!
Go deal with your music.
I'm going right away.
Good day.
Good day.
Tea? Coffee?
Actually i only have an hour so we don't
have time for such things.
What are we going to talk about?
The Second World War.
Ok, the Second World War.
Shall we start?
Are you ready?
Let's check if you remember dates.
This is the history - dates.
The first exhibition of impressionist
artists is in...
Excuse me?
I thought we were talking about WWII.
Well, you said your teacher is shit.
So for sure, he can ask you a question like that.
All in all - this is also history.
Okay then.
The exhibition was held from 14
to 15 of may, 1874.
I'm waiting for you to encourage me.
I would do it, if i knew the answer myself.
I thought you'd start complaining that
you didn't have it in your lectures.
After all, I don't know everything.
Well, I'm going.
When will be the next lesson?
No, I can't.
I'm busy on Sunday, too.
I have things to do.
Vova said that the thing on Saturday
is cancelled.
Yes, It's true.
...let's leave it for Saturday.
The meat is here.
It's not bad at all,
take a look.
What do you think?
No, I'm married.
She is, too, so what?
Hello, there mates!
Now they're gonna take it hard.
We'll even have a meal.
The meat is fine, don't worry.
And where are the sticks?
No one told me to bring them.
Couldn't you figured it out yourself?
How do you think we'll eat the meat?
Anatolyi, what have you been doing lately?
Don't you know that Dynamo expect us to
have a party, grill and amusement?
And what happens? We just stay and stare
at the meat in the bucket, ye?
Go get the sticks.
But why always me?
Okay, Yaryi's coming. Ask him to go.
Is it okay?
- Perfect.
Hello? Yes?
You bastard!
What do you think this is?
What do you mean "there may be a fight"?
Do you think that calling the special forces is
like to order a pizza?
Hey, you!
What's going on?
Is there going to be a fight or not?
What's this bulshit?
We decided so that the cops don't come.
Ha, so let's first do the fight and then
call the cops.
That way they won't get us, for sure.
Little one, faster.
What's up with the fire?
It'll be ready soon, relax.
Operation "Bar&Grill" in action.
What are you doing here?
I told you to wait for the ambush.
We're going to the others.
You came to eat meat or what?
Be more careful.
Okay, okay...
Igor, you are not picking up your phone.
You shouldn't do that. Taisia.
What's going on?
Nothing, for now, we wait.
Where are they, damn it?
Quiet! Quiet!
Maybe he's from Dynamo, a spy.
Only Dynamo can have such a fat spy.
Excuse me, mate, can you come for a minute?
Who? Me?
- Yes, come over.
But...I'm in a hurry.
What do you want?
Boys, here's the deal.
I'm not alone.
I'm with a girl.
We went for a walk.
Because I love her.
Come on, come on.
Give me the phone.
I can't, she's gonna call me in a while.
Give me the phone!
Together, we are going to the shop...
Your shoes are shit.
What? No, they are nice.
I bought the myself.
No, they're very shit.
Shit? Well, maybe we have different tastes.
You are lying to me.
Who's that text for?
For my girlfriend, I swear!
Just give me back my phone,
It's a gift from my mother.
Dynamo's Batman.
What's your name, Batman?
Hello, Pepi!
Well, Pepi, you'll have to stay with
us for a while.
What's up?
We're just leaving.
No, we are not empty-handed.
Around 30 bottle of champagne.
They are coming!
Gather up!
They are coming!
All together!
Dynamo! Dynamo!
Come on!
Silence! We wait till get closer!
Stop, enough. Reverse!
One for all!
Boys, the cops!
The Austronauts!
Stop the fight at once!
Now i remembered - we left the grill there.
You serious?
My dad's gonna kill me.
And I forgot my knife. My father goes
bear hunting with it.
Where, do you think, they found out this time?
Teacher, that doesn't change anything.
I'm on probation.
And I carry my passport.
Are you this stupid to carry it with you?
I forgot to leave it at home.
Where is it?
In the inside pocket.
Pull it out - slowly and steady.
And then stick it up your ass.
They won't search for it there.
Just put it quickly so It doesn't hurt.
Very funny...
Vyacheslav Plotnikov.
Come with me.
Switch with him.
At least they don't search you.
I was walking with my girlfriend in the park
and suddenly your colleagues jumped out of nowhere.
Where's your girlfriend then?
She ran into the woods.
Now she's probably walking alone, lost,
because she has no GPS.
She's like that - a little stupid.
I even call her that - Stupy.
But I love her, she's my treasure.
She cooks great, and for me that's enough
to be happy.
Your people handcuffed me, hit me several
times and rushed me into the vehicle.
Where do you work?
I'm a mechanic, I work in a garage.
Don't you think I got better things to do?
Why would I go around beating people?
I'm 30 years old, after all.
28, actually.
Major Homutov.
Why do you need him here?
What's up, Slav, are you ashamed?
You're so nicely dressed.
Show us.
Come on, show us the real art.
What are you looking at?
Get your clothes off!
And he's a mechanic, yes.
Oh, God, you are like a painting.
Wow, what are these things on you?
What are these scratches?
Scratches are done in prison.
Those are tattoos.
Can I touch?
- No, you can't.
We've got nothing.
Step wider!
So we've got completely nothing?
As usual - they don't turn each other in.
Write them tickets for improper crossing
of the steet and that's it.
For how long are you going to hold them?
Not more than an hour.
Don't let them go till tomorrow!
Fucking cunts!
2 hours the most.
To the wall!
What can be done about this one?
I already told you - you can erase them
with a laser.
It can be hidden with another tattoo,
it just have to fit.
Get a butterfly or some chick.
Are they done by a professionalist?
How much does it cost?
300 dollars for a one with the size
of a box with matches.
How much?!
Do you have a box with matches?
That's gonna cost like 600 dollars.
Okay, okay.
How do you make enough money
as a mechanic?
I took a loan.
Vladimir Vetrov?
What about him?
He's dead.
Charge up!
Get those irons away!
Write in the report that I have resurrected.
Not on the third day, but after an hour.
But I doubt anyone would believe that.
The cops took the hook so easily.
If he doesn't move, then it's a corpse.
You take it.
'We don't have the right to escort corpses.'
and while we waiting for the hearse...
And all of a sudden - shock!
He's got a pulse!
You are pure evil, man.
At least she knew what to do,
unlike most of the doctors.
And she was pretty hot.
Before I'd say, I'd do her.
But now I'm with Taia.
No, actually I'd do her even now.
The rest was like always: they drive me,
I resurrect,
I refuse treatment and here I am.
Yaryi, how do you think
the cops knew this me?
Maybe Dynamo brought them?
Yea, right. They are 30,
we - 10
They didn't need the "austronauts" for sure.
Is that right, Yaryi?
Why are you asking only him?
Leave it, I can't think anymore.
You almost died today.
Stop, I want to buy some water.
He suspects me.
Not only you - he suspects everyone.
Razor and you - he doesn't suspect you.
Just me.
I think he suspects me, too.
You, what? Did I offend you?
Of course, yes!
What if he's the one?
The tactic: In order not to get suspected,
he mades up a fake investigation.
He's not a fool, he may have come up with
something like this.
Cut the crap, Major, like you just met him.
Then what give him the right to
talk like that about me?
Whatever, it doesn't matter.
Sorry, I couldn't warn you that the deal
is off. We'll do it another time.
You'll just get the promotion - two lectures at
the price of one.
When does the promotion expire?
Don't know. We'll see.
What about tomorrow?
Same hour.
Only this time without Dynamo, Okay?
Okay, without Dynamo.
Fine with me.
- Hi.
This is for you.
Yea, you can make figures out of it.
Is this a sign of attention?
Let's say it's an excuse about
yesterday's absence.
Nothing more than that.
Beside, visualization helps in the process
of learning.
I get it. Vova told me you were doing
something important together.
That's right.
Did you fight again?
Did he tell you this?
Turn this off, please.
No, I figured it out myself.
Daria saw you fighting in the subway.
Now I know what you're doing.
Good for Vova! "Where were you?"
- "Fighting".
For me it's intimidating to be in a room
with a hooligan.
You can't know what he'll do next.
We don't fight women and adults.
We just eat them.
So - dates.
Stalin didn't take loan for his destroyed country.
Everybody else did: Germany, Japan - everybody.
Because of this USSR is delayed.
And the people had to make serious deprivations.
They died, starved but didn't get into the paws
of American capitalism.
At least not then. But in 1991.
I don't understand.
Why do you fight?
Taisia, let's stick to the history, ye?
Let's say, that my bad teacher last time asked
about the impressionists,
decides to ask me about football fans.
We are not fans.
We don't go to the stadium with
scarves and flags.
Actually, I have to go.
Yes, Vova told me that you are not
to be held.
He's like an guardian angel to me.
So you caught those ultras and you
let them go?
There's difference between ultras
and hooligans.
Ultras are on the stand, with flags and banners,
it's like that all around the world.
But hooligans...
This is totally different.
They don't care about football. They just
fight with another hooligans.
Why do you tell me these things?
My son is a part of "Fronline Spartak"
since early age.
Is it difficult to catch and put in prison
all these hooligans?
Hooligans are fewer than ultras.
That's good.
The fewer, the easier we catch them.
Just the opposite.
Fewer, but very well organised.
It's almost impossible to get someone
in their organisation.
You can't just go there and tell them
that you want to fight for them.
They won't take you in.
Since you can't get someone in, recruit
someone who's already in.
I already did, he gives me information.
For future fights.
So we'll get them soon.
Homutov! Don't talk to me about some
small fishes!
I want the leaders! Put pressure on them!
Get them in prison just like that.
You opened the wrong door, man.
Aren't 'pain in the legs' playing today?
Go away before you feel the pain in your legs.
The security said that there are cops
in the club. They are probably watching us.
It all looks so wild.
What do the cops want?
Only God knows.
Somebody is giving them information,
I'm not kiding.
Yea, I get that.
The boys are here.
How are we going to discuss the away
match against Zenit here?
Now we'll decide.
Good evening.
Hey there, mates. I was just telling Taisia
about our envirnment.
I'm showing her our world bit by bit.
She's faking some interest.
Look, Yaryi and me are leaving.
It's very loud here.
And you continue showing her our crazy world.
Here, the leaders showed up.
Hello! Hello!
I'm very happy that you
attend our party.
Sorry for the cops, we didn't
expect them to show up.
No worries.
Meet the our new vocal,
Vera Brejneva, unique chick.
And those are Diana and
the fashion queen Lena.
How did the elections go?
Total failure, Teacher, I'm telling you..
- Get out of here, you bitch.
Get her to move.
How do you expect me to move her?
On the other hand, I just received a large
pack of smuggled whiskey.
Now we'll have a couple of drinks...
- No, no, maybe another time.
It's alright.
The cops...
Come on, you'll have a drink.
Listen, Spider, we need to get out of here,
without getting noticed.
Ah, now I understand.
Girls, it's your turn.
Get on the stage quickly!
I want a lesbo-drunken orgy.
What shall we sing?
Something in mind?
No, just get on the stage and make
the crowd go nuts.
I wanna see such fire like
the Earth is in Hell.
Turn up the volume.
Killer tits.
I bet she sucks well.
Is there such a tendency?
If she has nice boobs, she can suck?
You are young, you don't know.
- Where did that come from?
Well, since you believe in such tendencies...
She's amazing...
Where are you looking at, you retards?
They left through the back exit.
Teacher: We're leaving right away!
We need to go.
We're going home.
Why so early?
Come on, let's go.
Guilty. I'm late.
But I hope to be forgiven.
I had to walk my precious home.
I drove her, I kissed her.
Why did you take her at all?
Because she begged me so much.
I couldn't say no,
I took her with me.
I've become so soft, I lose my will,
when I'm with her.
I want to marry her.
I have rings already.
I understand your wondering looks.
And I shall explain:
One ring?
The girl can always say no.
But when she sees three of them -
she can't resist.
And why not five rings?
You've got a point actually.
Cunning plan.
I feel like the snake from the Old Testament.
But what can I do? I want careness
and warmness.
To go throught the different stages
of pregnancy together.
Ah, right, Teacher. Taia is very pleased
with the lessons.
Thanks alot, bro.
I hope I sounded pittiful enough.
We must celebrate.
We need to talk in private for a while.
Dashenka, come.
Mates, now about Peterburg.
We need to discuss a plan, which is going
to stay between us.
No one else can know about it.
Is that why the Razor is missing?
This is not going well.
If there's a rat between us,
it'll do things in a way that
everything goes smooth.
And thus all suspections will fall on Razor.
Are you suspecting someone of us?
Of course.
Why? Am I not allowed to?
In my opinion, Teacher, you are very
comfortable at this point.
After the case "Manejen" you got offered
a position in the government.
You occassionally go to work in the
government and control us.
I gave up that job.
Yea, that's what you told us.
How do we know if that's true?
Our firm is at the top.
The other firms look up to us.
You can checkp up by name and surname
every single politician in the government.
Have you seen my name there?
I don't have intentions to check.
Let's see how it'll go this time and
then we'll think.
And instead Razor, let the little ones
lead the way in Peterburg.
Since everybody is FOR,
I'm not AGAINST, either.
So early in the morning?
What morning?
The sun is setting any minute now.
What are we drinking for?
- Doesn't matter.
When will you finally bring a girl home?
We are starting to get worried.
I don't worry at all.
It's hard to find a woman with
a brain in her head.
Not to talk about a smart one.
They are just too few.
Here, you see? You just lowered
your critiria.
Why does she have to be smart?
He's a professor. So what?
That's right.
Find a dumb one.
Dumb as hell.
Just to clean and cook.
The dumbness is easily mistaken for genius.
Shortly - find a one who you can love, hug and cry
with her.
Then she has to be beautiful.
No way!
If she's beautiful, all men will want her.
Get a dumb and ugly one.
That's the best answer if you
want a peaceful life.
Fine, I'll think about it.
Is it a girl?
Yes, but not mine.
A student.
You look lovely.
Thank you!
You are an example for everybody.
Everybody wants to look like you.
And a boom of plastic surgeries follows with
your photos.
Vova, stop it...
What am I forgeting?
Ah, yes, on my knee.
Taia. Taisia.
You are lucky.
I'm lucky, we are lucky.
This can wait.
And now...
Marry me.
And faster.
You don't have to choose.
They are all yours.
No, do you understand?
Three rings.
And she told me she
had to think about it.
She's playing hard to get.
Which is good.
That's what works on me.
Otherwise I'd think she's a easy woman.
Not even easy, just pathetic.
And now, after all this...
My beauty...
Repeat these dates three times a day.
Before eating, otherwise you get sleepy.
These dates are important,
because few know them.
Your teacher will not be just at all.
Do you need a ride?
I'm going on a meeting and It's
on my way anyway.
It'd be great.
We fly fast
I would become an austrophysic.
That's really interesting.
Humanity is so slow in it's progress.
When did we fly in space?
When's the first fly in space?
People then probably thought that by 2013
we would live on the Moon.
Pull over.
It is forbidden here.
Parking is forbidden, not stoping.
Did you buy your driver's licence or what?
A little.
I think I'm in love with you.
Okay, we'll do this.
You never told me this and
I never heard you.
Igor, I'm really in love with you.
Why are you telling me this?!
Stop the car.
Do you understand that Major and me - we
always watch our backs?
Do you undestand?!
I do.
That's good.
And we didn't have this conversation!
But we did!
I wish you all feel like family
people one day.
Not just fucking and getting stoned.
This is not pure, sinful...
It's time people thought about their souls.
Razor, draw mine shorter.
Major, come, we need to talk.
What's that, fuck it?
Mine is shorter.
Major, have you gone nuts?
Get the fuck away!
It's alright,
just don't tell Yaryi.
Teacher, please don't tell Yaryi.
Relax, he won't tell him.
Major, do you think at all,
or you are just faking it?
Don't tell Yaryi.
Tomorrow it'll be all fine.
I swear.
I don't give a shit whether you swear or not.
Look, we were going through
the lesson with Taia and she...
What? Is it now going well?
Be more patient with her,
it's normal with her.
Sometimes she's not that good,
but she's my sun, my fishy.
Try harder, push her more so she
gets smart and clever.
So she can do crosswords and stuff like that.
So I can be proud of her my whole life.
You are fucking stoned.
We have an away match tomorrow
and you are shit!
Yes, tomorrow.
I didn't forget.
Tomorrow Taia has birthday.
My sun, Taia.
Tomorrow Taia has a birthday.
My sun, my mushroom...
No, no mushroom.
Major, what are you talking about?
Yes, yes, yes!
Strawberry - this is good.
I'll remember that.
Strawberry - this is
I'll get a tattoo.
I'll get a tattoo with a cherry
and the club's logo.
It'll be lovely!
It'll be like real!
You've got the wrong bus?
Sorry, we are in the next one.
Does your brother pick up?
No, can't connect with him.
Did you call your dad?
Said he went out couple of hours ago.
He should've been here 40 minutes ago.
He's never late.
Yaryi, we are not waiting one person.
Max, Den, Stas - get on the bus!
I don't wanna see anybody,
except you.
I prefer to have my birthday celebration
alone, too.
Somewhere exotic.
Stop thinking about him.
If you must know,
it wouldn't have worked out between you
and the teacher anyway.
And why do you think that?
I want to know.
Your teacher.
...and he's not mine...
Igor's sign is Virgo.
This means he's stable.
Even pedantic.
You never know what to expect
from him.
He's stable,
but poor.
And Volodya's sing is Sagittarius.
Well, yea, he's a lady-magnet.
Not tamable.
But he has money and that's
what you need right now.
There's no point in having
children, if they are poor.
And you can't make a living by teaching.
Let's drink for Vova.
For his sake!
Thank you!
What present did Vova get you?
Come on, give ideas!
- Next!
No, that's right - a necklace - to tie
her up with it.
Very funny...
Teacher, you are the smartes one.
Any ideas?
Come on, think of something.
The one who guesses, wins 100 dollars.
Who's next?
Golden rollers for her hair.
Yaryi, you are my last hope.
Anual subscription for the gym.
I'm not sure I got that one.
Are you saying she's not hot?
No, but she needs to keep her form.
Thanks for the advice.
I raise the prize to 500 american dollars.-
Come on, boys, come on!
500 dollars!
A tractor!
You are repeating yourselves!
I want to have your children, you undestand?!
I love you more than my life! Yours Taia.
But a real one!
- Yea, what she's gonna do with it?
Not her thing.
Is that all you got?
Attention, please!
The right answer is...
My gift for my beloved one on her birthday is...
A book!
Quiet! Quiet!
The book is called "100 meals of sour cabbage".
Collectioner's edition!
And what's her reaction, you think?
"You are a retard."
She said: "You're funny."
And that's the biggest compliment out
of a woman's mouth.
Not "I love you",
but "you are funny".
"Oh, Major, you are so funnuy."
Hello? Silence!
Yea, we'll arrive soon.
Okay, bye.
One, two, three.
The count is accurate here.
Owl, do you read me?
I feel very sick.
I can't sleep.
I've been wandering like I'm on
Excuse me, I'll call you back later.
Radio Sport - the best sport radio in the country.
Zenit against Spartak,
Peterburg against Moscow
This is why awaits us today.
This is maybe the one match, for which
the legue deserves to be held for.
Oh, such a princess this time of the day.
Good day!
I'd like to buy a T-shirt.
We don't have many. We have many polo-shirts.
Pick something if you want.
I have a friend, fan of Spartak.
I want to surprise him.
If you let him fuck you up the ass,
he'll be more than surprised.
Excuse me?
What's the size of your boyfriend?
He's not my boyfriend, only a friend.
Anyway, what's his size?
Maybe a little bit smaller.
Passinate fan, you say?
Who, me? No. Why?
No, not you.
Is your friend ultras?
No, he's one of those...
Seriously? What's his name?
Igor Toloknov.
Ah, The Teacher? Everybody knows him
I've known him since little.
Well, look who's decided to visit us...
And how do you know him?
Girl, he's a star. He has more away matches
than you rides with the subway.
Look, I can always choose something for
Teacher, but we've got to celebrate.
No way, I drank way too much last night.
Well, that's for last night.
Today - you'll get healed.
I can't even look at that.
There's no need to.
Close your eyes.
Think of the beach, the see...
the simple summer breeze and things
will fall into place.
Will you drink?
No, put that down.
Dynamo wear it.
You need something stylish.
5000 rubley?
Of couse, what did you expect?
Every hooligans wears one.
Here - stylish, light.
And you won't be ashamed to kick
someone in the face with them.
Good choice.
- Thanks!
I would be proud to wear this.
And why do you fight?
What do you mean 'why'? Because we have to.
Because it's a war.
So this is your war, is that it?
In a way, yes.
Look, the fist fight is something serious.
Nowadays, the things around the
football are so overrated.
Team fights, arrangements,
how many, when...
And everyone's doing it. There was a time
that around the football was different.
Around the football?
Yea, around the football.
I guess they don't teach that at school.
Around the football is that:
to track someone,
to ambush
and to fiercely punish the enemy.
One's missing. Owl, do you copy?
I read.
Did they pass by you?
Where could have they pulled over?
There's a side road about 5km. from here.
Maybe there.
I'm listening.
Did you find them?
And who do you think you have found?
The bus.
And the ultras?
What should i do with this bus?
Where are the tourists?
They ran into the woods.
Come on, come on!
Skullhead Crew! Skullhead Crew!
Zenit won against Spartak with 1:0
Peterburg's turned out to be better.
We need to get him to hospital.
No, no...
What 'no'?
I can make it.
To Moscow?
We need to call an ambulance
when we get close.
Are you sure you can make it?
I've been living for so many years...
and I can't understand anything.
Anything at all.
Politics, business, money.
I can't understand a thing.
And here it's all clear.
I'm here and there's the enemy.
I'm standing.
Attack, attack and you hit till he
gives you a sign that he gives up.
Like how?
You don't hit a man down.
Those are the rules, fairplay
if you want.
Why do you fight?
What else should we do?
Play football, maybe?
Hello, dad!
Where's my brother?
It's alright, boys.
Have a sit for a while.
Okay, dad, I understand.
Yaryi, what's wrong?
I just talked to my dad.
Some immigrants gave my brother a beating,
near cafe 'Joseffina'.
He's in hospital now.
Yaryi, listen - we must get
some details first.
We can't just go around,
beating everybody.
You want an investigation?!
They just came out of the woods and are acting
like kings already. Maybe call their parents, eh?
We must understand first -
who and why!
Of course! I'll go find out right now.
Where do they hang out usually?
Cafe 'Joseffina'?
I'm going to investigate, Ok?
Yaryi! We didn't creat the crew to go around
beating up muslims.
Mates, some muslims gave my brother
a beating in the hood.
What do you say? Shall we?
Let's go spill some of their blood.
Say something!
What can I say?
"Sorry, mate, that your brother happens to be
in hospital."
If it were because of The Horses or Zenit,
you'd go fighting.
But otherwise - not?
"They are not a part of the around the football".
"Maybe wait for them to go for our families, eh?"
You are ruining the crew!
No, you are doing it!
Come on, hit me!
If you don't want to come, just say so.
Here: Yaryi, I'm not coming!
It's your choice, mate.
Let's organise it first!
One for all!
And all for one!
I'm serious!
I am, too!
What do you want from me?
I told you not to call me anymore.
I'm sick of you.
What does that mean?
Who are you to command me?
I can decide for myself who to call or not.
And who to call again.
If it's not enough - I'll follow you everywhere.
I'll do anything
I consider necessary to
get you to be with me.
All clear?
Yes, good bye!
Igor, wait!
And don't you dare follow me.
I brought you a T-shirt.
God, why are you punishing me?
What do you want from me?
You think we don't hit girls?
But we do!
Come on, hit me!
Come here, you cunt!
Seroja, the kitchen!
Give me the bottle!
Get out!
Let's get out of here!
Okay, it's all clear.
Hey, Yaryi!
What's going on here?
What is that?
You piece of shit, are you selling
drugs in my hood?
No, man, we haven't seen each other
for a while and...
Then what's that?
Take it easy, man...
Get your hands off me!
If I see you once again, do you understand?
Where did he shoot you?
Slav, brother...
We need an ambulance!
Yaryi, what happened?
Do you hear me?!
What happened?
Gun shot.
Yaryi, who was it?!
What happened here?
Did somebody see?
Igor, it was a muslim.
- Enough.
Slav was a legend.
Accept our condolences.
The cops won't do anything.
It's not clear who shot him.
Try to find out more yourselfves.
We will, of course.
We'll also ask around.
The cops will close the case soon anyway.
What did you expect?
Hello, mates!
Is everything on for Friday?
As we agreed,
everything's okay.
Okay, we'll keep in touch.
We will.
Here's the deal: Yaryi got killed by
a guy named Aslan.
A cop under cover.
They won't even check the case.
Who told you that?
There are people who would tell you
anything you want for money.
And now what?
That changes everything.
In what way?
In any way.
Why did you call me at all?
We didn't call you,
we ordered you.
And why is that?
Because you shot your own friend, Plotnikov.
Aslan shot him, I stood aside.
Aslan was there to rush
an operative worker under cover.
There's no way he shot him.
Do you understand me?
What are you doing?! You have set me
up enough already.
I understand.
But there's nobody, except you.
And the only way to avoid going to prison
for a long time,
is to give me your other friend.
Toloknov, or what you call him...
Why not the Major?
I said I want Teacher.
The rest is none of your business.
Today, on stadim "Lujniki" will be held the
cup final between Spartak and CSKA.
This derby is soon after the death of one of the
most famous fans of Spartak.
The stadium will be with high
police attendance.
Mom, dad, I'm leaving.
They were just saying that
riots are expected today.
Everything will be fine.
Don't worry.
Death for the Meat.
(a nickname of Spartak)
Go, Spartak!
Yes, hello?
I can't hear a thing!
Write me a text!
We are all going after the match.
Razor, what's wrong with you today?
I got a stomach ache.
I'll be right back.
On the triple crossroads of "Kutuzov".
I see, so we are taking everybody today.
Don't be there because I can't save you.
Get ouf ot there, you hear me?
If I said we can make it,
then I mean it.
They will have problems, not us.
Tell them to prepare all documents,
that's all.
Razor left.
The primates are here.
We wait.
Don't succumb to provokations. We are
a democratic country.
Don't do anything.
Wait for the order.
We all wait for the order.
well, Teacher, are you ready?
We all are.
Are you sure your won't flee?
If they hit them hard, they will.
For Yaryi!!!
For Yaryi!
For Yaryi!
What, the fuck, is happening?
What do they think they're doing?!
Hold your positions!
The Court finds guilty Alexander Yurevich Sobolev to
have committed a crime on Article 1, Paragrah 213 from
the Penalty Code.
The sentence is one year probation.
The Court finds guilty Vladimir Petrovich Vetrov to
have committed a crime on Article 1, Paragrah 213 from
the Penalty Code.
The sentence is one year probation.
The Court finds guilty Igor Sergeevich Toloknov to
have committed a crime on Paragrah 212, 213 from
the Penalty Code.
The latter is sentenced to five years imprisonment.
The sentence will be served in a state prison.
The Court is adjourned.
God, what's this nonsence?!
Hang in there, mate.
We are with you.
You've lost weight...
What's wrong, Razor?
Did you got nuts already?
What did you think?
It's unreal, really.
It's all normal.
How is it?
Top quality, boys.
It's perfect!
We'll skip this time.
Oh, come on, take it.
No, we'll really skip it.
Take care!
Hey there, mates!
Your ex's leaving.
Song: Feduk - Okolofutbola