Oktoberfest (1987) Movie Script

Calm down.
- Alright.
Wait, wait.
I'm coming right away.
You must help us. Okay?
- Okay.
What's this?
- What?
What is this?
- It's all we've got.
That's not enough.
- That's all.
Out of question.
Please. Look, I can't take it any more.
I can't either.
Hurry up!
Lule, where are you?
C'mon, we almost forgot you here.
Good evening.
Hi, kids.
Have you got anything to declare?
- Nothing.
Open it!
Colleague, what's new? - That guy probably
has got drugs hidden underneath the van.
Do you have something? - Nothing,
just some kids coming back from the field trip.
Your passport, please.
OKTOBERFES Oktoberfest,
ladies and gentlemen,
means very much to me.
It's a complete fulfilment of my dreams.
The dream of my life.
Oktoberfest is world of light,
world of fun.
But, I can't remember how
the whole fun has finished.
I woke up in a room of that
hostel at Rotweissplatze,
chaos in my head,
centrifuge works,
roundabouts and carrousels are sparkling,
barley gushes out of my nose.
Slowly, I'm coming to myself.
I'm lying in bed almost naked.
Something's wrong, like it's empty.
The gang drifted apart.
Like something's missing.
Where's my backpack?
The fun there was that someone hides
your backpack, and then you look for it.
I went crazy, but I've finally found it.
As I had left without money,
I had no other option,
than - Departure Homeland.
At the station, I spent the
last money on a can of beer.
My train had run away...
What was I to do until the following day?
Whatever you do, you need bucks.
There is no great fun otherwise.
Then I remembered that toilets
were clean and I got down
to the subway station.
I saw that cabin cost 30 pfennings.
I had it that much, so I went
inside and locked myself in.
I opened up beer, drank a half at once.
It was warm inside, nothing stank,
clean, no intruders,
like in a B category hotel.
I put my walkman on, closed my eyes -
mess in the head,
Oktoberfest, rampage,
I'm taking off and disappearing,
faster and faster...
And then I fell asleep.
I dream like someone shouts
"death" or something like that...
Who the hell is dead, I wonder?
- Wait.
And what's happening, really!?
Some guy came and saw my legs,
he thought it was a corpse.
He banged at door and I opened them.
I saw three cops outside.
One pulled me out, they took
my passport, looked at it -
obviously, "Yugoslavia", I said: "Yes",
and the other one, like:
"Not sleeping here -
hotel, board."
Well, if that's all, we are
"Ich liebe dich".
And then I went to Munich and walked
all day and night long, until dawn.
For how long does this Oktoberfest last?
Last week of September,
and first week of October.
Bane, wait! What were you going
to say about the tram?
You know, that thing.
I got the message.
Don't. Someone will drop in.
- They won't.
Someone will drop in.
I've got an empty flat.
Wanna go?
I won't.
- Why?
No, someone could come.
- They won't, I'll lock up.
Don't lock up!
- How about tomorrow?
Give my your phone number.
- 41 88 55. Can you remember?
41 88 55?
- That's right.
Let's go.
- No one is coming, you see?
They are.
The guy opens the door and you can't enter,
you can't just fall to the sidewalk.
Why didn't you call me?
They took my phonebook.
Who took it?
- Police.
Why they need your phonebook?
- They wanted your number,
so they took my notebook.
- I'm asking you seriously.
I asked them seriously too.
They took it from me twice.
In fact, I thought you won't answer.
- Answer, answer!
Why are you yelling at me?
- Why I'm yelling!? 'Cause I want to!
Why not yell!?
If something is important in my life...
if they took my passport two years ago,
if they still don't give it back,
is that important?
If they see junkie in me,
if I have no money,
if they're screwing with me,
if I want to go somewhere,
is that important, huh?
Is that important?
You are yelling at me.
You don't love me at all.
Hi, Slaa. You know who's
on the phone? It's Vanja.
How on Earth dare you say, 'Vanja who'?
Vanja from the bar.
Right. What are you doing tonight?
Why, how? I thought...
I've got an empty flat.
I woke up at the border and nothin',
nobody asks you anything.
I only had images of Oktoberfest
still running through my head,
roundabout, chicks,
booze, real chaos.
Everybody drinking around me,
some girl's head fell
in my lap, as if she wanted
to give me a blowjob.
Some chicken meat on the ground...
I must shave you a bit.
Here you go...
What a smell around here.
- Of course, there are only buffalos.
There are camels and giraffes,
elephants on the right,
reptiles and rodents are down there,
and monkeys up there.
I'm bored to wait anymore.
- Wait.
See you at the station.
- Wait, he may come any minute!
Did I say that elephants are there?
24, 25, 26, 27,
28, 29, 30, 31...
Come on!
Open up!
Are you nuts!? If I just take this bar,
next time you won't...
What's the matter with you?
- Move!
Come on, Mile, it's the time.
- I can't even drink my coffee.
Mile is kid, Mile doesn't know,
he knows nothing, never.
Don't be nervous already.
About that wedding too -
Nothing until he has found a job.
Only if you find a job for him.
He can start right now.
If he wants to dig.
Or like me.
- Why's that so bad?
You have everything.
Washed, ironed, cooked...
You don't understand a thing.
He must enjoy at work.
Let your phrases now.
- He likes to play an instrument.
Just like that guy Petrovic.
He has been playing for an entire life in an
orchestra without a nickel.
He even borrows money from us.
He hasn't to be like Petrovic.
There is a quintet,
quartet, octet, solo performances...
There's also jet set.
The fact that Petrovic is
flat broke, is the private matter of his.
First name and last name?
- Luka Banjanin. - Father's name?
Mile. - Full name? - Milivoj.
- Occupation? - Worker.
Mother's name? - Nena, Nevenka.
- Occupation? - Hostess.
Education? - Higher education .
- From time to time?
From 1983 to 1985. - The date of application
to the bureau? - June 9th, 1985.
Is that all?
- All.
When they will return your passport?
- Don't hold the bottle.
Give more volume on that shit.
Who is this girl?
I haven't seen her here before.
Jasna Beli? Of course you couldn't,
since she's abroad all the time.
Her Dad is some bigshot,
her Mom was actress before.
She filmed that movie
"When you are black and white", you know.
What movie?
- "When you are white and black", that one.
Now she's old.
She's been hell of a chick before.
Who's old?
- Her Mom is old. I say
that she was a hell of a chick,
now she's old.
Dule, go for them, follow them.
Dule, start it.
Start the engine already.
I will run out of gas again.
Let's decide where to go.
Let's go to some party.
- Which one?
Listen, are we going or not?
Stop joking, I've could stay
at home and study.
Let's go for a drink.
What was that?
- First gunshot of the revolution.
Watch the guard for me.
"Svetlana, I fell in love."
Packaging! Oh, Mirka,
They fucked up our packaging.
Why are you hugging her?
Who's hugging her?
- Why are you grabbing her?
Who's grabbing her?
Do you have a smoke?
- Yes, I do
Where are you from? - From hill.
- Which hill? - Banovo hill.
Banovo hill?
Kiss her, can't you see she loves you?
Be my guest.
Why do you hug her,
grab her and kiss her?
Didn't you tell me so?
Where were you? What happened?
- Nothing.
Sit down, I'll be back in a minute.
No touching, colonel.
One cognac.
What do you drink?
Two double brandies,
one plain and a brewskie!
Where are you from?
- From Doboj. (Bosnian town)
Lule the man...
- Hey!
I'm completely destroyed.
I am a victim of stupidities.
I stand there in front of municipality
building like a jackass.
You know, like those little Gypsies at the
weddings, seeking for a small change.
How come you to know Jasna?
Why not?
- No, seriously.
I don't know her well, in fact.
Her Mom is an architect, I guess,
and her Dad is working something abroad.
Goran, can I borrow this photo,
I'll give you back.
- C'mon, you don't need to give me back.
When you will learn:
The photography is a reproductive art.
Better said:
I got the negative.
I'm going to get some fresh air.
- Okay, Lule, pal.
Goran, when you'll take pictures of me?
- Okay, how about tomorrow?
In fact, the day after tomorrow.
What are you doing? - I did not want it.
She sat in my lap by herself.
Where did she sit?
Tell him what army drinks, come on!
- Brewskie.
Pera! One double beer
and two double brandies.
Few days left!
Where did they dig you out?
Lule, who's this chick of yours?
- I do not know. - How?
Listen, I'm not in the mood for jokes.
Give me my photo back.
Got something to smoke?
- I don't smoke.
You!? You've started your career
with us. Be a buddy, come on.
You guys tricked me.
- I bet she got hooked because of you, too.
Give me a photo. - No?
- Don't tear it apart! - No?
Be good and smoke one.
- I don't smoke.
Just look at this pot I've found.
Try it.
- It's good, it's good!
Try it!
Throw it on the wall.
It's good, eh?
Rat, it's Lepi!
How are you, Lule?
- Good. - Cold, huh?
Who are these two?
- They asked me for a cigarette.
Wanted a cigarette?
- Yeah.
What cigarette?
- An ordinary one. - Ordinary?
They didn't want
something else, maybe?
You know what? First some guy
bothered me, then these two,
now you.
- They bothered you?
Why you didn't shout, call for help?
This is the very downtown.
There are heaps of policemen.
Look, I'm here.
Who were those?
- I told you, I don't know.
Lule, what are you pushing?
- Nothing, I've told you, just hanging around.
Fuck, show what you have
in your pockets.
You want I show you? - I won't. You're
about to tell me what you've have in pockets.
Later we'll go to station,
to find out who were those two.
You'll remember there for sure.
- There's an ID in my pocket.,
wallet, cigarettes and money.
Eight grand.
- Lepi, close them way!
Never, Lepi!
I'll catch them.
I will!
Next time it'll be different.
What about you?
Go home!
Only maniacs and scums.
Nobody's working anything, just drinking.
Look at these walls.
They ruined the city.
Junkie next to junkie.
Asshole next to asshole.
They even pull your leg!
Milovic, wanna go for a drink?
Let's go home, it's late.
How's it going?
Have you seen my cap?
How I'm gonna without cap?
Soldier or civilian,
you can't without caps.
How I'm gonna bare-headed like this?
How come you're here?
- I've been waiting for you whole night.
Skobi, don't be angry with me now...
You are so handsome...
I wanted to tell you
that I love you and
that you're about to have really
great time with me, and...
Don't leave me, please.
This was because I love you.
- It's alright.
Kiss me.
- Huh?
Kiss me.
I will burn all of this... All!
I will burn all!
I'm not good for you, huh?
Who I live with!!
You whore.
Who I live with!
You'll pay for this!
Mira Ili.
- Let artist playing.
Oh, is that right, professor?
- Eat shit, neighbour!
There is police too, professor.
Do you know that one...
Luka, come on. They'll call the cops.
They mentioned something about eating shit...
Here you go!
Here you go!
Here you go!
When you're sitting
alone in sadness,
Dance and sing rock and boogie,
When you're sitting
alone in sadness,
Dance and sing rock and boogie,
Dance and sing rock'n'roll!
I'm wet all over.
Lule, I wanna tell you something.
- It's okay.
I always got to source booze.
- We'll never forget you this.
Try it.
- Hide the bottle.
There's lot of thirsty people here.
Give me a sip.
She's hell of a dancer, eh?
Guys, here's some
sandwiches and beer.
Say, they have no strong beer there?
- Where? - At the Oktoberfest.
Believe me, you can drink
hectoliters of it, like milk.
Tradition. But one must see the city.
You could play saxophone
in the street to earn some money.
This passport issue is killing you, indeed.
You know, when you talk about
this beer and all, I see it
in front of my eyes as I am
really there, right now.
Listen, is fun really that good?
Amazing. I mean, either is that beer
hell good or it's only my experience.
Everything was like a big carrousel...
- Yeah, yeah...
Get lost!
- Look, it's Vanja.
Why didn't you call me?
You've promised.
- Okay, I have.
We could speak as normal people
at least for once, Lule.
Okay, we'll talk.
Excuse me.
Karlo and Rat...
Get out, man.
Get out.
Wait to Karlo and Rat leave.
Ah, fuck.
Watch out, asshole.
Look what you have done!
Wait, let's dilute a bit...
Why are you drinking out of the bottle?
Playing tough, eh?
Give me a break!
Let me go!
Hey, you're the one who hugs,
kiss and grabs.
Yes, I am the one!
One beer, please.
It's nine o' clock, get up.
Blue tram...
Oktoberfest... Beer.
- What beer?
You smell after brandy.
Shame on you.
And you want beer as well.
- Water...
Look at you. Go wash yourself.
I brought you a clean shirt.
Wait... Look at yourself.
Ask them to give you some job.
- I've asked already.
Ask them again.
Mom, you know... - What?
- You know... - What...?
Until Monday, this is it.
I got no more.
Mom, come on, put on something better.
Look at yourself.
And that picture on the wall...
Who is she?
What is with Svetlana?
You can't do this to me.
Mom... - Don't do this.
You know that I like her.
You have that girl for five years.
You must marry.
I know her mother too.
You can't do this to me.
Fill it, it's all written there.
I've filled it already before.
- Then do it once more.
Such are the rules.
Wash yourself, brush your teeth,
and I'll call you later.
Listen, youngster...
- I won't listen anymore.
I've been waiting
for some shitty job for two years.
Listen, there are many people
who wait much longer than you.
But they don't do foolishness.
- That IS the problem.
Now, I've got enough.
You can't speak like this,
it's not my fault...
- Is it mine fault, then!?
Get out! Find another victim
for your problems!
I said: "Village will do,
but only with airplane."
He says: "You're an intellectual,
be a teacher in some province.
"There is no need for archaeologists
in Belgrade anyway.
"You'll wait at least for 10 years.
So, if you don't want province..."
"Man, I was born here!"
He says: "Okay, if you won't
go to province, you can retrain."
"Oh, is that so?
Load my ass up."
He says, "Watch your language."
Okay, then.
He says, these jobs are now available...
The most wanted are:
Tyre repairer, butcher, welder,
and a tram driver."
"Oh, is that so?
"Is your job to employ me?
Is that your job?
"Then take the broom, you primitive cunt,
and let me take your place!"
There is no bread here anyway,
even if you get a job.
You work like a dog, but you have
no money for cigarettes and a pie.
One has to leave and see the world,
maybe even earn something.
At the Oktoberfest?
- It has to be, even something illegal.
But I screwed up,
I wasn't persistent enough.
Man, what a fun this is!
That beer too...
Fuck, Bane, they don't give me a passport.
Remember, no one in this country
is without a passport.
They've found out you were convicted.
Busted you like a kid, with a bit of horse.
They want to scare you.
Educational measure, that's all.
"We'll not punish you, just
check the company around you."
What about hiring a lawyer?
Send your parents,
it always works.
Them two?
Mile is not naive, you know.
Goran, you're not in Paris? - I'm not.
- I've heard, someone told me.
You really go?
- Of course I do.
What are you gonna do in Paris?
- I have a friend there.
He works with wallpapers.
- So, you leave photography?
How can I work this here?
As first, there are tons of us.
Newspapers have no money,
and I've got enough of weddings.
There are five chicks in whole city
who pose naked, and all of them
were already photographed.
- What about exhibition?
I don't know, they keep delaying everything.
I would care for it.
Had ura been here?
Go, answer the phone.
Yeah? It's me.
Where? At the boulevard?
I'm coming right away.
Where are you goin'?
- I must. Frankie's engine broke.
If you must...
If you'll need it.
- Thanks, Dad.
You disgust me.
What's happening?
- Nothing.
Is there any our guys?
- We are all "ours".
I mean, that one...
- Who?
You know, that babe...
- Which one?
Nothing, I go for a brewskie.
Do you recognize me, eh?
And when you meet me on the street,
pass to the other side. Understood?
I don't like when you
stink after brandy.
You won't drink anymore?
- I won't.
He forgot to turn off
the light again.
Get out!
Get out!
I just wanted to turn off the light.
Close the door!
I told you not to come.
I knew it.
It was stupid even before.
- I don't know what's the matter with him.
He always sleeps like dead.
Damn lightbulb!
82, 83, 84, 85...
I don't want to go home.
Don't want to be alone.
88, 89, 90...
Calling Bane, right.
- What is it now?
Looks like he found new one again.
Hi there.
What!? Why are you crying?
- I've waited for you whole day.
You didn't have to.
- Don't you love me at all?
Then, why do you always
want to have sex with me?
You know it disgusts me.
You're like a slut.
You're screwing in the elevators.
- You demand it yourself before.
It was disgusting for me too,
in the beginning. I've told myself:
"Buca, when he loves you..."
You'd do the same with another guy.
You disgust me. Get lost!
- I wouldn't, I swear... Skobi, I wouldn't!
Don't go back anymore!
I'll kill him.
- No.
He'll calm down.
- I'll kill him!
Oh... Where have you two been?
Hi, Ceca.
Sure you can.
Of course, any time.
Some cousin of mine is here, nice boy.
But make haste. Bye!
Some minors? - Nothing special.
Just to hear female voice in this flat.
They ran away from home.
One of them said that she sleeps at another one's
place, now they're foolin' around the city.
- Cheers.
It's good.
- Dollar is rising again.
Let it rise, I don't give a fuck,
as long as I haven't any.
I got around $100.
Mom had buy it
about three years ago,
when it was still cheap.
I'll keep them until I get passport.
Still ain't got it, eh?
I thought to go to Australia.
Some Macedonian guy called me,
we were in the army together.
But I think, what I'm gonna do
there among kangaroos,
shortage of chicks, climate itself, desert,
this and that, but now I hear it's not bad at all.
Why not? Let's say I work
there two years,
I'd put money in my pocket,
then go to South America,
to Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay
or Paraguay... whatever,
befriend with lndians,
chew cocaine, drink peyotel,
gather food from the trees and watch
El Condor flying above the Andes.
No problem at all.
You need no more than
$3,000 for lifetime.
- Well, three or four.
Just to live modestly,
not to miss anything.
Then you'd put walkman on,
and listen all day long...
Oh, good evening.
- Hello!
Look what the city girls are.
You won't find these in your passive neighbourhoods.
Wait a second.
Open up. Ceca, open up!
- Leave me alone.
Come on out. You're always
making troubles, what is this?
Leave me alone!
- Come on out, why did you lock up?
Come on out, please. Vanja begs you.
- Open up, Ceca.
You've swallowed pills again?
You're always making troubles.
- Fuck.
This kid swallows some pills.
- What kind of pills?
How could I know?
You know what the kids are like.
They swallow three pills, a sip of coughing syrup,
and then they go crazy.
Why are you messing
with all those kids?
I go downtown to see if there's any pot.
I'll be back in an hour, you watch TV.
If Grandma starts to cry, give her biscuits.
Good evening, youngster.
Can we come in?
Is this Nastasijevic's apartment?
- Yes, it is.
You have a bad job, Vanja.
What's this?
- I'm not Vanja. It says here, who I am.
What are you doin' here if you are not Vanja?
- Taking care of Grandma and watching the movie.
You watch the movie?
- Yes.
So you don't know Ceca and Marija?
- I know them.
They were here, arguing a bit,
then they left.
Vanja took them to the city
and they'll be back in an hour.
Listen, Banjanin, this is not amusing.
You'll go with me to the city.
You'll recognize them.
You know where the youth hangs around.
Now, around New Year.
- Sorry, but I have to watch for the apartment.
To watch?
Besides, it's not my job to look for them.
There is someone who's paid for it.
Oh, is that so?
- Yeah.
"You moron, the police was here.
I went out."
"Ask Grandma about details.
Grandma Stamena, bye!
- Bye.
Be still!
Well, what we're gonna do?
We still can't agree.
Tell me, where are the girls.
- I don't know.
You don't know?
But you know how to smuggle drugs.
I am not a pusher.
- I know, we have you on the list long ago.
You hook up girls, then resell it!
- Me?
Did you resell to them too!?
- To whom?
To those girls.
And how much did you sell to them?
You trap them into apartment,
drug them and then fuck!
You rape?
What are you doing there?
- What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
You wanna know?
The Gentleman doesn't want to seek them!?
He's watching the TV, eh!?
Let police look for them,
they are paid for it, right!?
And you are paid for what?
To sell drugs!?
Let me go!
What is wrong with you!?
Lettin' you go?
Did you let them too?
Say... Have I been sleeping long?
- About half an hour.
You've lied down the moment you came.
- I came by myself?
By yourself? Cop brought you here.
Nobody comes here by himself.
You got busted for what?
No... Some minor girls ran away from home,
and he thinks that I know where they are.
Which cop interrogated you?
I don't know, some madman.
- Which madman?
What about you?
- Setup, dude.
Local bums robbed the store,
those fools went straight to me.
One of them started to sing
after one slap.
Fuck it, someone needs
to do time for all.
What they say? They want to travel
somewhere? They will my ass.
God, where have you been?
We've been searching for you everywhere.
Son, who deformed you like that?
Oh, look at you.
Where do you find all those villains?
What are you doing to yourself, Lule?
You decorated nicely here.
How you're gonna wait
New Year like this?
Phone call for you.
Hello? - Lule, sorry I bother you
at this gala moment. - Yeah?
With whom you celebrate New Year?
- With my folks. - Good.
Who is it? - You really don't know
who's here? - No.
Here is some girl, who simply adores
saxophone under the window.
I'm waiting for you at home.
Lule, my son!
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
What is this?
Where is Mom?
Where's Mom?
- You banished her.
I'll kill you!
How about me going with you?
Wait for me!
Luka... he came.
Come on in.
I'm getting married.
- You're kidding.
Want some coffee?
Irena is pregnant.
Hi, Vanja.
Sorry about that mess, I couldn't
do anything. I came home,
saw the patrol car, and I knew they
didn't come for my retired neighbour.
I hid at my mate's flat.
I didn't go outside for three days.
Don't be mad at me.
Have they found those kids?
- Yes, they went to Novi Sad to some guys.
Have you been long in custody?
Me? Nothing special.
- They didn't harass you, huh?
Not much.
- You had luck. When they forced me to
testify against Johnny,
they beat me black and blue.
Bane, my son...
Best wishes.
No problem.
Am I beautiful to you?
Come on, tell me.
Am I beautiful?
Say it.
Talk to me, Lule!
Come on, let's have a nice talk.
Tell me.
Am I bothering you? Let me know.
It's okay. Am I bothering you?
If I do, say so!
What do you drink?
What do I drink?
It's over.
It's cold.
Where did you find that one!?
Goran, over here! Shoot me.
Shoot me and him!
You are not in Paris?
- What?
You are not in Paris? - I did that exhibition.
You have to come for the opening.
- Fuck, one can live of these too.
I didn't want to tell you immediately.
I waited for something festive like this.
To surprise you.
It can't be.
It can't be!
What have you been doing in the police station?
I said: "If he messed up,
that was before."
"If now you have something
against him, let me know.
They begun with explanations,
saying: "This is the prevention,"
you're like this and like that.
I shouted: "Specifically!"
"Tell me specifically,
what do you have against him?
"I know my child.
Suspicion is something else.
"Taking this into account,
no one would have a passport."
Milovic brought me then to the office,
he had opened mailbox
full of passports, he took one
and put it in my hands.
I opened it and I saw -
Your passport.
I start to cry and say:
"Kid wanna go to some Oktoberfestival...
- I heard when you...
... called Bane.
- Mom!
Let's dance!
You got passport!
Man, you got passport!
Get up!
Come on!
Why do you drink if it affects you?
- I must.
Do you have an I.D.?
- I have a passport.
Since when is this?
- First time issued on July 17th, 1977,
extended on January 07th, 1987,
valid for five years.
You learned it well.
- Thanks!
Maybe you know serial number?
- C532124 + 2.
So, you are Luka Banjanin?
- Who? - Luka Banjanin!
No, you are. - Watch your mouth!
- If I wouldn't watch
I'd say even worse stuff.
- Drugs messed him up.
Let him go. He probably has
love problems as well.
Well, our cab arrived, comrades.
Watching the sports?
Petrovic first, Krizaj second.
(alpine skiers)
Why haven't you painted
this office a little bit...
With some colors...
Red, yellow, blue...
Like at the Oktoberfest.
Just a bit...
I can't remember, but you probably do.
That's me, right...
Is this me?
That's me.
Go home.
How's it going?
You got a passport?
Now you can travel 'round the world.
Come on.
Wipe yourself.
Fix yourself a bit.
Go somewhere. Where did you want
to go... To Oktoberfest, right?
I went already.
I saw Bane there, too.
Do you hear?
But it's nothing special.
There's one barrel, street organ...
Colourful... red...
... crowd... fair...
And beer...
A beer.
Those guys of mine calmed down, too.
They ran away into the winter dream.
White bears resist everything.
They do not feel cold. Monkeys too, right?
Monkeys as usual, right?
64, 65, 66, 67...
Script based on the novel "Oktoberfest"
by Branko Dimitrijevic