Old Bill and Son (1941) Movie Script

What do you run it on depth charges
why don't you throw that away and get a
what for being a big old pimp to me oh
that's what it's been is it yeah I don't
care if you want the uniform I know
before it was a taxi we run even I
wouldn't have mentioned it I thought it
was a concrete mixer camp ring
yes ID rot away camp George I'll duck
from OB Gardens waving to a lady like
from the start when the other blokes got
a meet Xbox a good about brother it's
short if we call his bluff you back down
and short
suppose he doesn't back down well I'll
fight the medium last time last time is
it this time oh yeah I don't think I can
win didn't what do you think bill yes
what do you think bill Corsair win Hey
Ohr sounds outside then I cost him
another couple of quid
now then that's my cab
hello that as yourself you couldn't have
come inside to ask after me else or me
in there not good enough for you I can't
blow into your sort of private cloud oh
come off it didn't want be passed here
you've got the SEC again
who's got the sake don't kid me look is
it my fault if the firm goes up the
spout if the Bank of England took you on
your sin-debt up the spout flow I would
yes your world nice kind of a son are
due out of the bag for what you expect
the horse for the grand national no no
no wrap bill don't make me sick never
stick to anything you don't look at me
be in this job foot down between here
yeah look at you now doing the vulgar
at least on the old boss you wouldn't
it makes me proud of my own boss under
me blimey don't die on you with it whose
fault is it I can't can you care by
search meeting a brewer your small
likely pretty tough always I do who is I
am and between jobs in a verdict
I really well as a matter of fact I've
got a job Oh
14 the beauty chorus very funny it's a
darn good job to managing a funfair up
north only only watch well it's a matter
of fact I'm stuck for a couple of quid
for the journey now look here
move up they'll do it for me push the
thing don't strain yourself son come on
they're fierce or cough it up
I need to do badly then you two quid not
main ever the vacuum cleaners through me
pockets off me now blimey what a Mac you
made of the name of William well suppose
I'll have to ask mum then how do you do
oh yes I do
oh no you don't just you try it what
else tonight I work I'm trying to work
but if you won't help me I've got to get
the job somehow
yeah where do you go I'm coming with you
even if it means a rearguard action with
your mother ain't none of you getting
your stuff in first all the time before
we get there yeah it in I'll Drive you
the ribs William I step on it
nag nag nag day after day at home son
you might think he done something she
was born and what do you do come to that
drive yourself round Leicester Square
morning noon and night Cortina then
blondes don't the old man you're making
this loser over it ain't what a time to
be hasn't got where he's at enough job
not enough for me run through for a
month five none of y'all so I should say
no you know the job is that first you
got to cut out this wisecracking staff
what is he air-raid shelter
where's the shelter part there's more of
it mate Oliver or did it it's the
government's are they coming here no no
no no it's a present
it's corrugated steel oh I can tell
there what do I do with it sit under it
I'll put it out the bank and third you
can stop swinging off very scared of me
to die you do know you how are you about
job - don't you take me and forth you go
back in the army
say that again you can go back in the
me yes you you were doing pretty good
damn bill what do you think of the army
mum oh I ain't the beastly things but it
didn't seem to suture there you get this
if anyone's fettered it enough to stop a
blinking stupid war these days he can
count me out of it yeah
fight not me and you say that in front
of her what lobster did in the last war
no I seen what happened you the last
time wasting the four best years your
life sitting in the mud and for what for
a little place called England it would
be there just about it's a place where
you can do what you like
say what you like and live as you like I
thought it was worth fighting for I
thought your mother was worth fighting
for I thought you was worth fighting for
then seems I was wrong yeah dude I'm
corrugated out you do that's the lot
take the rest in yourself Maps
they've done it they've gone into Poland
these are today's main event Germany has
invaded Poland and has bombed many towns
general mobilization has been ordered in.
Britain and France Parliament was
summoned for 6 o'clock this evening
orders competing the mobilisation of the.
Navy Army and Air Force was signed by
the king and a meeting this afternoon of
the Privy Council details will be given
later in this news it's a nice new
picture you got there George yes how
about some of you blokes Emma crackin it
join the army
yes not me if anyone's fed eddie'd
enough to start these blinking silly war
business all over again they can leave
me out so you're not gonna join up ray
what waste the best years of my life
squatting in mud and being bombed to
what for ever heard of a place called.
I'll get him go all red white and blue
engine what do you prefer
yellow yeah journey nice mess on it
how's your cinema doing help with all
this carrying on like your taxi how do
you mean no one inside we're gonna come
off in this war bill same as usual come
out on top in the end of course in the
end what's the matter with the beginning
where's your history head we never had a
first class war that we didn't need it
was to start with you were telling me
maybe the last one all right what
happened just when they thought we was
finished we come back at him and won the
darn thing didn't we don't on that.
Korsak table you know makes wars is like
boxing you can let a stronger fella
punch all round the ring for nine rounds
and flatten him out on the Thames yes
but then a lot stronger than we are on
land mind you especially in the air
course they are fighters all they thinks
about it's just a sideline with us just
your weight they'd be looking down for a
bitter L before we finished with him
better all right seems a long time since
we were mucking about together and then
I'll ward on it yes and here we are
again with front-row seats for a new one
not this time we've got to give up by
our seats to be young
somebody's got some petrol that's the
principle lighter
oh hello son
it struck me up the plum tree look
what's brown in there more the decade
will ya
so they took your Becca blimey there
must be hard up for chips yeah come off
The colonel only run me by the end and
said Marlon you've shortened the war by
a year.
Oh for the kiddies yeah what's this sort
of a boiler suit you're wearing yeah no
no this is a new battle dress looks like
we mean business ain't looks like it
slipped out the cooler to me of course
we don't Sparkle with brass buttons like
what you did this is meant for a job the.
Army's mechanized now you know yes I'm
smelting the modern soldiers are sort of
burn mechanic sort of oh well at least
we don't have all that marching to do no
mark what's the funny about it what an
army anyway is good luck to you young
fella I may you never turn out a
scrounger your father was mine the black
hat Oh how'd you get on drama in the
blackout dead easy is winking open I'll
show you
gosh it's dark in here
what do you expect fireworks yeah it
must be here somewhere
where's the house there
all right all right can't blind me all I
can tell you mrs. Busbee is you're
showing a regular beam of light where oh
yes well now it's in the middle Oh drat
the thing now that the other darn it
look here I've used up every scrap of
material I've got not to mention my
special dress for funerals so you can
take it or leave it
you're doing this not telling anyone my
word it looks smart that's a bad name
the old man says I look like a convict
hey Janice that's what it is exhibit a I
call Jim that's nothing - what's
she's Exhibit A would you make well I
beat you to it big boy if maiden come
all over queer no surprising not the
outing a success your hope dear was it
never mind
that's right you have a nice race now
get your supper
well what's eating you you of course.
Sparty big entrance I suppose I just
think you silly
what are you been in uniform what some
girls are well I don't approve of it I
think girls should be girls oh well tell
the War Office
I suppose you know I lost my job I
thought you was the one to keep them
know the wall close the shops Marty I
can't live here with your mom and dad
bring nothing in besides perhaps I want
to do my bit what sort of a war is this
that's all I want to know I thought
everyone can help him
ah come or would you just fell for the
uniform why don't you join the Girl.
Guides you're so blown up with yourself
I wonder they didn't usually put a bit
of the balloon barrage Oh
so you go see what's going on up there
yeah what's the matter with her search
me come on blimey this looks good fine
so not so dusty I won't sit now to be
put a war perhaps what's the idea taxi
drivers ball what do you mean if she's
going sure y'all can go making a fool of
yourself like that take those things off
at once they might be calling up your
sauce we've done the big boss time
didn't we yes which is a long time since
Waterloo what's the matter with all of
it's alright wonderful ride what's that
you've done your bit Jen I can do it
again counter of course you can but
things is different now you got a new
things in the army what things well.
Mastan engineering I suppose you think
bet was this one bad notice mythic book
and one end and a spend and the other
end I'm fighting injustice Krishna lying
on your belly and shooting off a pop gun
it's it's bringing great tanks and
things against firepower fighting what
do you know about fighting when you're
blinking uniform has seen as much as
then you can talk that shall learn
someday not to judge a cigar but the
band rounding
doors are you trying to let him down
gently yes with a pump you could hear in
the next street blimey you're also
touchy about doing your bit I'm sorry I
was like that about you what are you
doing me in uniform and all I can see
what your dad's doing hey did you try hi
the warden will be after you for
improper use of government supplies it's
quite cozy in there yes makes a
wonderful place for thinking not are you
considering me and forget everything
which is hardest part to think you know
always thinking doesn't mean anything
ah now he didn't he gets to my age sell
memories is dangerous things I never
thought when we was finishing up their
last war that we was laying the carpet
for another well seems kind of silly to
think we'd want to go through it all
6 million dead couldn't learn him listen
your dad was one of him
sometimes from the things are black
slagging it makes me feel ashamed to be
what I've drawing done for me it does
your dad was one of the best pals I
never forget the night he discovered
nothing no no it weren't for nothing Sam
the army what he belonged Oh has been
out there fighting on least 20 years
only you got machine fighting for
something we never brought off Sena
but maybe we share now because you can
take it from me Sam you can't go far
wrong kid like nick is on your side
excuse me could you tell me what time
they've leave the sea lions you push off
I'm pushing on I just came on say tulu
going son huh aren't you back dead oh
I may not get round again why well I
think they're sending us a broad bronze
you know I'll try go down to the bay no
I got a cable why there's a bit of a
moon yeah once is enough for me dad I
think mom could do with you where is she
okay she's gonna babe I put the cab away
you go up to her oh well so long sir
I'll be seeing you the other side
sure dad bring Burton out while you're
at it maybe I come to bring the whole
street it's only a blinking wall Diggle
boy okay start her up
fine goodbye
well he's gone that's what you want it
wasn't it
we've no right to bring up that net just
have him blown to pieces.
Meggy I meant what I said I'm going to
wear China when first thing tomorrow
that's done it
not enough that you give him your boy
you gotta get yourself mixed up in it
but have you kept me waiting for years
master I'm blowing me eyes of the cash
you added eNOS I gotta do it again then
for both of you you never think of me
doing it none of ya in my euro - yeah
well yourself the boat ride to make em
for you how'd you mean never going to
have no peace in our line raggy
you've been a wonderful life to me Emma
get some good old times to look back on
who is you remember that day we had it.
South End and when we took the kids to
Berlin bitches what you said last time
baby should have the house - we come
home don't you sister's husband's know
this place in the country go where why
not cause I hate the side of the old
oh then blinds listen maybe you'd much
better get out of London do a spot on
this unit evacuate until we get there
back in the box again me leave me home
now locate you you get this clear I hate
my sister ain't mrs. Husband mate misses
his husband's mother worsen or not I
ain't the nasty little farm outside the
country anything concerned with it pigs
cows chickens all the smelly lot I've
been through three wars three general
strikes four main water bursts umpteen
classes is my time not to mention all
this ARP and I've never left out yet and
it's going to take more than a lot of
ratty Germans what's good all over him
to make me now see me don't worry I'm
not gonna make a buggers pickle myself
stamping about in uniform
I've won skirts for 50 years sometimes
them as long sometimes may be short but
they never mance maybe behind the back
of a loom and if you think I'm gonna
refugees off something at my time of
life you're much mistaken I'm a decent
respectable Londoner that's what I am
and as far as I'm concerned it they can
have his more out with gobbles and if
it's goodbye to mines combined there was
I'm gonna get myself a tree tomorrow
morn ever good line
Smith sir yes about 16 herbage Osprey.
Dinkins filter loving I've seen your
statue okay Riaan Liston thank you sir
Simmons outfit take it at all sorry sir
oh you don't have to put you on the
staff Simmons thank you sir never could
see a joke see William bass be sure see
a babe x90 three times once in the arm
and twice in Mesopotamia yes yes that's
enough I'm sorry about being nothing
how'd you meet you I'm afraid your
little past it now oh you don't mean the
obvious it means we haven't got enough
baths chairs
I'm sorry must be move along I'll cop
these others waiting is it taken
well I'll be pushing all Bank shock in
this war isn't it mr. Buzzby yes there
is a few shocks about him one thing
about it you're not in it this time I
don't mind if I do
the thrust against the right be better
so impossible my dear fellow you can't
hold the line with sufficient strength
to resist a frontal attack now the only
thing to do is to start an encircling
movement now with the French on your
right oh who is it what sort of a fella
the man's a cab drivers good Lord didn't
I pay him I couldn't say so he seemed
very anxious to see you sir
general Willoughby shit let's remember
me shit that's bishop are you were in
the battalion weren't you yes right sir
let me think now
see company wasn't it that's right sir
get motivated I was there when you got
one did it fry course it on the Somme
net well I remember and then you came
with us out to receive didn't you decide
sir when we was out in that place
nascent Julian yeah it's nice to spot
that was to your right sir it's just
after I was promoted and took over the
command yes sir
I remember him saying is how they'd run
out the colonel so they made you wear it
oh come on sit down as we can say thank
you sir well now now what can I do for
he said it's like this yeah I've been
trying to join up a game I'm in round to
the recruiting office sir but when it
come to my turn they wouldn't have me so
I thought I'd come to you sir so you
could put them right about it after all
I got to do it you'll tell them hey sir
well what about a drink I don't mind if
I do sir oh yeah how about the drop
around sir just for old times sake sort
of suitable celebration for my rejoining
I'll say you're keen on rejoining hey
that's right sir if you'll do the
necessary means that's the trouble Busby
you're not the only one in this typical
dude I got a definite age limit now
well as a matter of fact they've turned
me down too you're a general said hey
there's a meadow pass history now course
is really unfortunate what comes in here
day after day sitting around with the
others one wanted there it is I'm sorry
sure what do you think said not in your
eye sir
well at least we've escaped the mud so
there's no way of getting round it was
really not bidding I reckon is another
war left me yet
hey you put them down what's the idea
saving it for the trenches
good heavens Busby general will it be
sad so you got here at last Busby this
thanks to you said now they're both on
the job again I didn't expect to see you
yes but you often find generals at the
front of the pack as you might say said
I'm no longer a general does be really
really junior lending officer all they
give me I'd be anything rather than a
mr. Sir well never mind shit expecting
time would be local boy makes good man
get a move on will you tell these men to
fall in the back of the door yes sir
come on Busby up GHQ wants to get
that's good I said there's a run can
carry down the road in the ditch about
two miles oh oh I think I'll deal with
that dismiss the squad
what the captain say not as you couldn't
drive a donkey card better humours what
about the tow he says none of he knows
it he's sending a party to dig you out
right yep right pick him up
what I'm bald
I keep it dinner warm for him I know
what you can do with it now pass all.
Barney's all prison clicks well strike
me pink series imagine outage how the
heck did you get out here influence I
told you you young fellas couldn't pull
it off without me
and what about your blinking
mechanization now I suppose you expect
us to go over the battlefields with a
steamroller for you comes along I know
who's in charge of the boys brigade I am
you are
blow me somebody ought to start
collecting the amusement takes now come
on Willie don't stand about get the
planks down in front and start the
blokes leaving up they all right come on
here you don't have to tell me okay
okay to your duties
put some guts into it here you must be
special Abbas may Romeo still was I've
never seen such a performance so young
now so much about it come down off with
that corner of yours do it yourself but
I want to find somebody to do this for
me I will you easy
okay okay sausage belongs to the
government hey come on you or the
sublimating under there will you finish
get around the back clear up behind will
you you start rapping I'll get the
signal see I can't get moving you
realize hey this is a great shot doing a
bishop should never doubt say it's glad
to find a fellow really hard at it on
the job I believe we put me back into
things shit yeah
yeah are you run back and switch on I
want you to listen to this very
idiot only the second house you ought to
be a sergeant you sure it fits you he
was to mention my name
he'll never mind you'll do you're such a
grand type oh thank you shit is the
unfamiliar British Broadcasting.
hello at the BBC yes and we're making a
few records of the coups in action here
so that we can shut up the folks at home
are now and I want to take this whole
incident just as it is in sound FX II
wouldn't mind saying a few words an
explanation best just who you are what
you're doing and so on is on make our in
there don't be nervous although just be
close to the mic and be yourself be
quite natural hello oh speaking oh you
this is number four
- when she was six
narf on
give your name FL oh no publicity loud
all right carry on sorry oh I'm a
probably in a cheery military
privat-dozent me of your regiment
official secrets over them alright cut
ahead I'm a probably in the British Army
at present moment I'm standing on the
main road regard but a foreman yell mm.
Adele fella be much much vaguer alright
go ahead
how much vaguer I'm somebody somewhere
standing on it under something
oh no
star wrapped oh yeah put yourself
together oh man have a solid thing I
wouldn't miss it for the world
don't leave this scale and I have to
leave it do it I'm going back to listen
to the air phone okay cause bad blood
coming up it's meaning to me oh by the
way every now and then hang the mic over
the fine side of water side of this
thing well any side I want the roar of
the engine sound of the men straining at
the job I swear to you the mud
I want the war as it is carry on
evidence far as I'm concerned we're
waiting for you William
start a hold it a second
and now everybody I'm somebody somewhere
standing over something like what I told
you before only except I'm now sitting
we're stuck in the mat and what we got
to do is do it unstuck okay let a gown
bareback that is a mystically american
on being stalked me for the night
well um maybe a missive salty tears all
it is good to be with English Thomas
again I bet you know a few young ones in
the last war a few I knew all the army
wing together with fight together and
together we win tomorrow and don't you
worry Gussie you leave this one to us
it's in the bag
you think so you can try but those old
ones you surprised or how they could
tell me gassy it's posed in the army or
you just wear knit down oh yes I forgive
me but I am NOT pyramid to the front
I am D Mayer yeah you a man well I
suppose you are a bit too old now for.
Celgene I too old now you dare is an old
one if you like
yet you are damn it to default we must
now I ain't cleared apart you are not to
meet now on one rose 10 packs east on
just seven things around it so oh I mean
we are both in the same boat
this young army with the automobiles you
think it is good like us not on your
life I alter now got a sandy oh you have
a son no I have only a doctor Don Ameche
anything like you she is very sick she
woke up there he only for the war she is
here with me sheepish
she's dashed
attractive absolutely wizard I love
chimp you run along like a good boy and
I'll see this thing through boy I'll
follow until she comes to the end of a
round so she doesn't notice then I'll
get into conversation with her sort of
by chance
now you leave this to me I'll make a
date for you very original barbecue
company trust me
hey you daughter guess we Tracy it's bad
to get all run now must you bring your
son along to me by default was notify
Mary she's at you sir time she's got to
come out and go on with around isn't she
hmm Charlie got pop inside let me know
you don't now on the level you wait out
should I pop out some other way hi
Thomas you may well post oh the post of
your Septimus you've never visited AMI.
Tony I'll go rule it
no Monsieur just a sheep
you see in the fee you are looking for a
girl yes that's right
sorry oh boy vamoose unless you seen it
oh where is she gone out the back
you can't run never look I'll wait here
okay when you say Siri say no yeah I
mean boost today can you get us a little
button fee.
ESCA Mademoiselle fair to the table I
don't realize is it obvious you would
play this crucial premise wah bah bah
you speak French like a virgin Monsieur
that's a real common cause obvious you
come from Paris
you know I'm glad the English soldiers
come here because I like very much to
speak English that's funny because I
mentioned to brush up my French perhaps
we can help each other.
Kasia Tiana Kolya University passing to
shoemaker console for us maybe not
having anybody seen well well well fancy
finding you on vo sleepily mad am I then
you dirty double-crosser that's not
anything cyberdog boy am I breaking the
okay now watch me dive in and Buzzle
y'all need an interpreter that's quite
unnecessary this is purely a matter of
tell her the park yourself stable don't
want any moment with it immediately.
Wow Wow hey Bo I was called on Amy's did
what the plain order she met before
sweat and this time or anything around a
half-wit France was a turn just super
guarantee darn good Monica Rose was same
unknown father see better visually not
are we certain criminal.
France was the way yeah boy boo hiss
kita what do you mean the way boom she's
not a goose well tell her I think she's
she's great it's nothing the old boy one
of the poster was a temper crows
uh-huh mr. sec tell her I think she's
the greatest kid I've ever slept eyes on
by all means oh boy what am I post
covers a la pluie girls feet he'll
remove him if you think certain
complimentary things you ought to give
them to yourself Y transpose ugly Nene
be rude I think you're swell oh oh this
is this will be nice with hey well I've
been looking for you all over the place
de la me is French about cheers again
oh there are two sons of my old friend.
No thank you one's enough no he's your
friend he speaks very good friends Oh
she sings oh you can either write way up
his turn.
smile boys
come on guess time you were shut come on
you saw me take off cold bitch y'all got
to turn out
oh so lucky mark police is horrible the
floor so are don't think that once or
twice a night to Everest.
I don't suppose what you're sleepy yeah
no that's not I can fix you so nobody
wouldn't know come on be a sport you
must have got some room
oh no you know it is impossible sake
there's no see now look here you can cut
this out it's been enough you're playing
around with neutrals but you can't do it
with their lies see oh god I know you
can't and if you try it on I'll kill Gus
wants to blame you are straight you
don't change your mind about give me the
bed yes for tonight right
oh no bill you make cobbler for you one
table for me no you don't be what's
tickling you I nothing good
see you later
no way
give us a kiss go away just one no
zoomumba thing bond no one no no blimey
oh that is nothing I see it gives me in
French a kisses in French meaning a lot
but not that one I'll kiss you in.
English that was evident what do you
mean mr. Don't know the very first thing
about kissing oh don't they go yes we
stick in this room I have to evacuate
what a lot of cheek like the English
what's the matter with you I'm looking
for somewhere to kick if used to move
that they're dead jog over the big could
lie down in under cm own machine
alright I want me a cup o blue midnight
what's your dear you come in here look
what do you say to a real possum in a
feather bed hey get out of the unifor I
knock you down now listen now listen
it's true if you like to take the risk
you can have a room over at Gustav's
place you'll bring back there again but
it was worth it wasn't it no kiddin
you couldn't manage a couple of rooms
could you bed and breakfast and a view
of the pier for heard yo stay here and
if mr. Nosy Parker sergeant alfred
simmons comes snooping around
kill him under that strap on there any
way you snore loud enough for to lead me
to excel this way soldier now you pop it
see and pop out first thing in the
morning before the valley no now it's
all round Kaduri why ain't got you out
of the section and expect him to let you
in through the front door with a brass
handle you
never seen somebody this appeal all
right good night Sam
maybe you're not so bad as you look best
I was having a product saundra
Oliver and confirm I find this all right
better be oh this weights off alright
alright mean come on each other
we're two minutes from the storm of it.
French bad better than the last one
I know
there's French beard size
mommy what's the holdup
bottoms up unison oh I say George on a
bad show.
Oh Oh help me son I've struck a black
yeah what's the idea as I was returning
to my village at approximately 20 to 30
I found this paneer improperly dressed
in the rue de la victoria carrying
trousers overarm having been previous
covered absent from bullets and in store
without authority in a private bedroom
such bedroom be for the exclusive use
solved ice big and I seen you somewhere
yes sir in a devil of a mess if I
remember rightly yes sir I've never been
the Colonel's better follow me live said
never if I was going to do that or the
boss permission sir no no no no
weren't you in my platoon in the last.
Ward machine no sir
you ain't never the lieutenant.
Fothergill as well sit yes you're much
too valuable a man to be in the Pioneers
buzz bear yes sir
I must get you permanently attached to
the regiment thank you sir then falsely
accused March outgoing so - it's fine.
I'm glad to come across again buzz bear
yes sir as a matter of fact I've got a
special job for you thank you sir
I just wait over there anyway goats it
what time hey husband Russell connection
with your pioneer Busbee son yes sir yes
I might have known it well knowing you -
as I do I take it you were responsible
for the incident does not gesturing
jolly sir yeah three extra fatigues
make it Road mending and digging three
extra fatigue fine boy hey
by mail we don't Busby Allen birthday
listen food in this mess is awful yes
now if I remember rightly you made quite
a name for yourself in the last show as
the Colonel's cook I remember the old
man saying I never asked how or where
about forgets these meals for us but he
gets them what I want you to do is to
see that I am properly fed can you do it
I'll do my best sir the bird in a gilded
what has the sweetest note and a kind
the girl with a pretty voice what loves
her husband Mouse let's see
so creme de la that's gonna be a twister
what's the idea mate got an invitation
to a win just fiction up a dinner for
the old man that's all before it's a
mean you fetid Oh what never end of a
mean you afore it's a program or what
you're going to eat to make it up
now got it off of a blog at a station
restaurant accrue oh I see you're trying
to rig up what's on it just what you
think I'm doing the beginning and the
end ZZ middle parts what's hard until
the sultanate season biscuits where the
elder else death and green baize is
coming from order now search me I got
very nearly down.
Coons in Egypt where'd you get it never
you mind
ah I see okay it comes the old me
so lovely tender attention but they are
there did I see buzz Ben yes I'm
expecting something good from you
something taste it
yes well try and put a bit of a kick in
it yeah what you got in the sack chicken
sure chicken yes oh that's have a look
at it
come on my man come on well that's not
rational sure where to get it
Baker the pharmacy oh here buzz but you
know that sort of things not allowed you
deliberately kill this bird belonging to
the farmer oh no sir what I mean oh no
there it is isn't it well ship it was
like this year when this year chicken
see me coming towards him well I suppose
he thought things looked a big bed so he
uh uh well he scuttled himself said well
whatever it was don't let it occur again
yeah sure I won't say any more about
just this one chicken but I understand
carry on better for you mate
who's your prom turnout couldn't read it
what's your boy doing out there he's on
a special job for the colonel I came out
here to fight not pick open hello Franz
was how sweet of you to mend our ropes
oh we're glad to do anything el pino old
old man was ill Oh pain when you're
that means a beer for me Robbie she
looked at me hey would you lay those
last two blocks little red one hello.
Sultan wait in via dancing girls they
allows the mechanized army this morning
I'm not so dusty is this a special job
the colonel give you an army marches on
its stomach gently Lani won't get far if
you're doing the cooking what you got
there thanks for your man dad
can you read dear bill I hope this finds
you as it leaves me would you ain't do
good what was one thing in another and
the man says if you don't send the last
installment from the radio before you
get this letter he'll take it away which
I don't like as it sir when the war was
declared on and would you believe me
last Tuesday young sharing up and went
off to France could you be there Sally
how do
come on me Mom I'll be turning up next
damn bees city your mom's are known bird
if ever there was one don't eat a rabbit
so it's a bit lonely with nobody in the
house except that ARP check who poked
his nose in a going loss night to say I
was shown a Broad Street upstairs so I
told him it was a pity.
II couldn't do the same well dear that's
all the news except that may ever nobody
left to do for I got some war work to
take my mind off all this fighting cross
cross cross cross cross cross cross from
your loving making a pious radiant
clouds I know your side what a skin but
all in a good cause so this is
headquarters but I never expected this
oh don't boys please you mustn't crowd
into me like this you're spoiling me
terribly oh what a dump
hello handsome
so you're one of the dear boys that come
passing to any excited eh oh go on smile
oi look what Santa Claus has sent you
and I don't know what you've done to
deserve it
where's the general general we ain't got
one what no general there's a colonel in
the orderly room it'll do me a cheerio
I'll see you later you gorgeous brute
we'll see
well here I am I'm a bit late but did
you think I was never coming but well
nevermind certainly never thought you
were coming ah then you don't know.
Stella monoi music oh girl right what
you got to do with us it's me I'm it I
can tell you what what the Dickens are
you doing here Oh Colonel you don't know
how I've been looking forward to this
the minute the war broke out I said to
myself Stella old girl England expects
and it's up to you to keep up the spirit
of the troops so here I am has been a
bit of a wangle but I managed it just
the same and I'm going to sing my head
off they're going to what did you think
for you and your boys at the concert
concert what concert there isn't any
concert no concert here what the no
concert we don't have concerts yeah why
the budget doesn't it - just over there
do here general you can do that sort of
thing is tell him annoying don't try to
tell me I've driven a thousand miles
over muddy bumps just to get here and be
told there's no concert at the end of it
I'm going to sing to those boys if I'm
going to do it right out the middle of
no man's land I'm sorry but there's no
concert oh there you are you see you've
come all this way and I'm not gonna sing
through after all look here miss Molloy
don't try to think I turned out good
offers to come too bad someone is
blundered yes just like the charge of
the night beginning roughly send you to
the wrong shop well oh isn't it a knock
simply convert a paradise
well then say I'll be along in a minute
will you mate
of course you should have a concert on
it sir
and thus in Buzzbee to me have you been
all right fine
have you got any stripes yet no I expect
they're saving me up for an officer Oh
what's so funny about it you don't have
to be a top these days well can't you
take smaller steps oh we don't have to
keep stick duo nobody looks better in
uniform darling oh yeah before we move
on to Maya
oh she good I can spend the rest of the
day with you oh yes well our yeah I've
got to get in here
now listen Sammy you can't expect out
here to be a sort of carry on at home
when a blokes are sold generally he's
not the same sort of bloke any more
easier he's a soldier and he takes what
goes with a knife them are chin then dig
in and the fighting and the well what
goes with it what are you trying to say
I've got a date but that's all right I'm
coming in there to know you don't
oh yes I do it's me bitter ciao
you're very late
I'm sorry France was when a boy has a
date with a girl you should be punctual
yes well I am I would have been only a
tomato Victor
well another part of the family shown up
I beg your pardon you know sister well
sort of
oh no I'm not he means you just live in
the same house together your eyes no no
no and I don't mean that either a Worman
arent there the men are getting a bit
stale they got you a bit of amusement
although I'm good bagel chip now Miss.
Molloy is very kindly consented to sing
for us
hey go check the naturaliss you'll need
a bit of support
hey good shit oh you're the best man we
have for producing things out of the air
very good shit own house oh you see what
you can do about a concert Queen for
shit tonight of course.
mix item on the program is B Stella.
Malloy a grain out repair mercy of media
is Evelyn Horizonte Mademoiselle Stella.
Malloy in this artist's lovely
you know boys I'd be looking better the
way want you I really and truly I don't
want you to think I'm pretending I
really truly have looked forward to this
moment when I should be here
entertaining you all what about my piano
para la me did you bring one
it wasn't your luggage is there nobody
amongst you who played this piano boys
come on surely some of your playing at
home for fun don't you play what a pity
that your mom kissed accomplishment what
about you Sarge you're a Sarge as the
boys are you good job I'm always making
a mistake always getting mixed up for
the ring do you play
plenty harmonica oh no you're doing one
tootin your roots come on Frank you can
hey I only play for my own pleasure but
you're not playing you know that sir but
what about playing for the boys just a
wee bit shy
it's no good you're looking bloody
you're just the type that falls for me
eventually come on
you'll be enemies oh you're an old home
comfort bill what are you doing son then
you carry on that's my favorite pastime
I confess I'm like the rest I make.
I have loved in the spring time I won't
wait to the made wise no time like the
right time
you can't fool me and I'm gonna find out
just what you like I haven't come all
this way for nothing boys look
is it a Scottie amongst you easy when we
about it good they back then you'll get
it back
thanks awfully thank you
how did you like that it's alright
alright he's a bit hard to please isn't
he boys never mind we're gonna give up
on the way he likes it
sing it like an American cabaret
when we tears though she would have a
really denied mining to be seeing a
friend each of us pretending hard to
hide there's like a rain
young great that the clouds are spray
every mile I've met behind me it has
here we are my way just a smile
nice party spirit let's all get together
to sing the chorus.
I'm sorry man but owing to antecedent
circumstances we've got to cut you off
the program now I'm sure we're all very
grateful to miss Molloy for the
magnificent way she's entertainers miss.
I hope the next time if any we shall be
able to sit through your performance to
the end Oh general
there's number seven purse that you're
forming up point there's the for the
jocks discovered the other night but
then it locked the Bosch won't know
about it yet so you won't have any
trouble there's plenty of wood your
object your soup shit that's the stuff
better had some of that John warm you
want for your paddle thank you Sam chill
chip thank you
hurry up clasp it
well there you are John now we must find
out if they've established a strong
point in plenty of wood we want a
prisoner if possible but be careful and
if you get into more than you bargained
for get out of it at once hello it's a
letter come on man you'll have more
sense than this don't you know that well
guess my special Abigail come on man.
OSU it's more than a school gives a golf
Thanks well sir yeah buddy
suits me see a better one I come out of
four for a change
when the bullets are pissing around you
did you stick is raisa to Whitman
maybe you'll be sorry he wasn't set
cherry hadn't I'd rather take a chance
and do something you know life's funny
dead and you can't learn about it by
correspondence course you mean to do
fine you think you're doing fine in all
of a sudden something goes fat and you
realize you're not quite such as smart
guys you thought you were I'm gonna do
pretty good tonight if I don't come back
with a Jerry well I don't come back mind
you're not the Tristan yourself you're
telling me
hello here it is remember find out about
making a noise you don't think I'm gonna
take that corrugated raspberry burn
machine with me do you and keep your
head down what do you think I'm a
blinking ostrich and don't show a lot to
histories and yanked it no letters of
papers on you know laundry marks and
doesn't on the frequent papers as a
billiard ball from feathers I've cleaned
my teeth made me will and I gotta go hey.
Dad you might say goodbye to sell it for
me will you and give her you know and no
one else no one else second quarter
mom bye son wish I wish come in Jerry
people boy
move to the right in threes Roy.
Oh Oh guys that bread dad's friend give
the countersign medicaid boss friend
number seven pose old well sir
doesn't intend six beds incubated
section grounded this is our forming up
point sergeant steel you're the leading
section inform me as soon as yours catch
him you know where the forties you've
got the rope
yep as soon as our scouts get across and
see that it's safe get the rest of our
section over to cover them - okay on
number one section scout
just look at the English
number two seconds left in sport number
one straightaway
any case you have to run or - what about
my boy in his pale I don't think come to
say goodbye got an early start
oh boy share couldn't ask you do just
remember just to say goodbye
afraid you can't be gun couldn't put the
tunes back lasted until October night
it's alright with me.
Aussies anyway last he said before he
went was cycling bad you said he dizzy
listen you left your Pleasant right
listen I expect I'll be up here again
now boys missing I'm gonna have to value
around Oh
I am gasps mr. Knight the word I
offenses what you cannot go you will be
shot nobody I'm carrying gasps you know
the country round here don't ain't
budgin what is pork
well scrounging and same thing nor ever.
Pope's down that cheap one yes drove me
out to get there without being cocked no
I do not draw anything Jesse I am not so
fully why wait if you lose my drawings
and die by well what happened to my
fortunes after the war no I do not draw
anything but I will go with you
we should put a cork in the end of that.
Winkle pin of yours
hey Ellen you know gasps I've been
thinking when we'd expect from this
little urchin we're pouring yes here if
we get back
do you see what I see saddle borscht
light your mouth water don't eat yes
what an idea if we wish to take that not
prisoner might be there one asked so
many questions whatever you're back what
about come on come on camera and all of
it and quick about it
well William I'm surprised at you
thanks see you talking so rough like
what are you playing it we're gonna be
all over the place don't you sit down
take a load off your mind seven all
right are you Sam well of course I'm all
what the blazes are you doing out here
well you didn't come back so me and Gus
come out to look for you it's all where
your silly old thing William taught me
you would often this think when you get
just what I was thinking so that's why
me and Gus capture them prisoners
there's a sort of peace offering I say
what Oh capture them we haven't go home
no you haven't we have but we've just
captured them did you see yes I don't.
Trump all that we busy all the time and
you know it well you don't need him son
and we could do with a Morrible oh don't
I what about my promotion come on son
hey don't stop wheedling William
well you might let's have a couple of
just stand over to the sergeant major
nothing doing but you can have him back
when we've done with him
now listen will you them prisoners he's
ours and we're sticking to him get it
wonder what he is thinking about he does
not think thinking Germany is Fairport
that's very even as where he is probably
thinks he's an arrant what does it
he's not trying to think he's only
trying to kill without pity without
mercy anybody anywhere anytime but
always don't in your I guess trying the
machinery talk the machinery they'd be
mysterion Tom Nia born the machinery
giving God the second ending his job to
Hitler let him have their bombs and guy
screams guitar thousand concentration
camps they didn't have a lot he'll never
have the guts to fight on Freeman and
this is the people who think they should
all the world
I'll never be won't you bitches sweet
life I won't hey fritz you've been
listening to our news in English