Old Dark House, The (1932) Movie Script

THE Old Dark House
Why did you stop?
Stop for a break.
Philip, can not stop here. God, continues or reverses.
You do not expect overnight like a rat in a sewer.
For best stop we drive through the gorge under these conditions, right?
Well, losing your temper is not going to help.
I've never been so calm in my life.
I love driving one hundred miles in the dark with little light.
I love to feel the icy water dripping on my neck.
It is one of the happiest moments of my life.
Want me to drive for a while?
Yes, it is exactly what I was expecting.
Oh, I will not be quiet until we come to Shrewsbury.
That if we Shrewsbury.
Any idea where we are? I have not the faintest idea.
That relieves me.
All right, Penderel?
All right. Where are we?
We do not know. We got lost. We are somewhere in the Welsh mountains ...
Are ... half past nine, and I'm sorry. Do not say that
Ten to one that did not get to Shrewsbury tonight.
You never know.
& Quot; Oh, Mister Waverton, what will become of me? & Quot;
& Quot; wanted to go to Shrewsbury but I was brought here. & Quot;
In reality, given the choice ...
I'm ... not sure he wanted to go to Shrewsbury.
Moreover, I do not really want to go anywhere.
Here something interesting could happen, nothing ever happens in Shrewsbury.
Of course we could pass something.
I could tell you something we might happen.
I would not want to scare Miss. Waverton Go ahead, Mr. Penderel ...
I do not scare me ... -Ud easily. no? Well, I have.
Well, just wanted to say ...
... We'll have a little care ...
Do not stop!
How do you want to avoid to stop? Think you're going by boat?
& Quot; Trapped in the night! Trapped in the night! Caught ...
-Sr. Penderel, please! Excuse me.
Do you think we will get? I do not know.
Bon Voyage.
God, for a moment! Look at the map.
From what I can see, we are not in the map.
Look, Philip, you can not see anything. It's all a stupid puddle.
This place seems staged to perfection. Everything is flooded.
You keep driving. Arrive somewhere some time.
I guess that's all we can do.
& Quot; Singing in the bathtub, singing in the rain & quot; ...
Look, Phil! Lights! Lights! Let us go there.
It would be more reasonable to move forward. Well I vote for staying here.
Thus far we have come. Probably has come off the top of the hill.
& Quot; Anybody there ?, the traveler said. & Quot;
Called again, louder.
I would have thought that was enough to wake the dead.
What a idea. Which one?
Would not that be awesome? Imagine that the inhabitants were dead ...
Rigid ... under the penumbra of the lamps.
It sure would be very exciting.
What would be more a drink.
If we have to be soaked, pregnant better inside than outside.
'Listen. -El What?
I thought I heard something.
Good night. We have come to ask for shelter. We got lost.
We are completely cut off.
Do you understand? We can not continue or return.
The road was closed in both directions. Landslides.
Neither sounds like Welsh.
My name is Femm. Horace Femm.
How are you? Sorry to break into your home in this way.
My name Waverton. I present to my wife.
How are you?
-lovely Sure. How are you?
Why do not you sit down?
Thank you.
My sister was arranging these flowers.
I do not know if your servant has explained our situation.
He did the best he could, but I'm afraid I could not understand.
Morgan is dumb.
Oh, sorry. I had not noticed.
We saw the lights in your house and wonder if they would be kind enough to stay tonight.
As you see it is impossible to continue. I understand. Embarrassing. Very embarrassing.
What is it? What do they want?
Let me introduce you to my sister, Rebecca Femm.
How are you?
Why are you here?
What do they want?
How are you?
What do they say? What do they want?
Why are you here? What will this fuss? What the ...?
Excuse my sister. It's a little deaf. Well, sometimes quite deaf.
They want to know if they can stay the night. Shelter. Les has caught the storm.
Of course it can not be! They can not be here!
Forward ...
There has been an evolution. It seems that mid-mountain has collapsed.
This has forced us to stop.
The road is blocked behind us and maybe it will be later.
We do not want to intrude, but what else can we do?
There is nowhere else to go. The road is flooded,
and for this reason this place can be flooded or buried.
What happens?
Did you hear what he said?
There are landslides and floods. The lake has overflowed.
We are trapped. We are trapped. We must go. Do you hear? We have to go.
Afraid, Horace. You're scared, right?
Do not believe in God and now you are afraid to die.
You've seen his anger in the sky and you've heard in the night. And now you're afraid.
Fear. Fear. Where are your jokes now? Now you can be afraid. Your time will come.
But not now. This home is safe. I know better than you. Morgan!
Do you remember the years of the great storms when we were cut off?
There were landslides and floods. And no roads disappeared?
Morgan remembers. She says this house is safe. Because it is built on rock.
They will have to stay. Adversity is His, not ours.
No beds! They can not have beds!
As my sister insinuates, I am afraid there are no beds.
Enough. If we can sit by the fire will suffice.
Course. I'm not sure I want to sleep tonight.
Morgan will keep the fire alive.
Is there somewhere you can protect the car from the rain?
There are stables behind the house. Morgan chaperone.
Thank you very much.
I'm going to go out and bring the suitcases. Well.
No beds! They can not have beds!
-Vaya Storm! -Of Good we got rid.
Hope you're right, this house gives me the creeps, not to mention its inhabitants.
It's still better than driving by invisible roads.
At least there is a roof and a bonfire.
And now, Mr. Penderel, will accompany me with a drink?
Mr. Femm obviously I'll join you.
Is gin alone, you know? Only gin. I like gin.
Miss. Waverton?
Thank you very much.
Mr. Penderel, drink to something that does not appreciate you. Still so young.
I drink to the illusion!
Illusion? Oh! I'm at the best age to drink to that, Mr. Femm.
I guess you are one of those gentlemen, shall we say, hardened by war?
Right, Mr. Femm. War generation, dirty, bitter, forgotten,
and this, Mr. Femm, is an excellent gin.
A horrible night. Looks set to worsen.
Yes, it is fascinating and bad. But certainly not in any danger here.
His sister left him quite clear.
But assuming that we stay in solitary confinement, locked up here ...
Well, it would be a hassle for you. Having stayed.
But it's terrible. How can you be so calm? Seems not to understand.
We may be incommunicado. Enclosed in this house!
I'm afraid I'm a little nervous. I am a very nervous man.
But the fact is that Morgan is an animal. Sometimes he drinks too much.
A night like this could induce him to drink,
and once you're drunk, it's really dangerous.
I do not want to alarm you, Miss. Waverton, but do not know what we should do.
Well I know what I'll do. That if Mrs. Femm let me.
I am very wet and would be very grateful if you could change clothes.
I was wondering if I could change.
Appears wet. You better go. To change.
Thank you. Good idea. Is there any room or something?
A dreadful night.
I mean making a dreadful night.
Yes, an old house. Very old.
Very kind of you to let us stay. 'What?
I say it's you. Really friendly!
Yes, it makes a dreadful night. I'm a little deaf.
I understand.
Yes. No beds!
Not have these electric lights. Neither have.
Thank you very much. Now I can fix myself.
My sister Rachel had once this room. He died at age 21.
She was a naughty.
Graceful and wild as a hawk. All young people were after him.
With her red lips, her eyes wide and her white neck. But that did not save her.
He fell from his horse during a hunt. Spine was damaged.
He remained in this bed ... month after month.
I spent a lot of time sitting here and listening to screaming.
What horror.
I used to beg ... to kill her. He had said that out to the Lord.
But he did not. It was wicked through.
Well, I better change.
Here are all wicked. They used to bring their women.
Brazen, lolling creatures in silks and satins.
They filled the house with laughter and sin, laughter and sin.
If I ever was present,
my own father and brothers told me to go to pray.
They would not tell Rachel to leave to pray. And I prayed!
I left them with their lustful women pale and rosy. My father still lives.
He's upstairs. It is very old.
It has 102 years.
That's a lot, right?
It's an old infamous and blasphemous.
You are also immoral. Young and graceful. Foolish and immoral.
Do not think about anything except your long slim legs
your white body and how to please your husband.
You will rejoice in the pleasures of carnal love, right?
That's fine, but will rot.
That is still great. But over time, it will also rot.
No! How dare you?
Sassy ..., lolling creatures silk and satin ...
laughter and laughter and sin ... sin ... lustful women and pale rosy ...
Two thumbs up for you., Miss. Waverton. Makes feel like a party.
Thank you.
They must have thought I have been slow.
In fact, I think you've been faster than usual.
I thought it took too long.
A dinner!
Horace! What are you doing? We are not pagans.
I had forgotten the strange tribal habits my sister.
The beef will be more tender if bless.
Horace Femm. Although you can not hear, I can see. You are blaspheming.
On the contrary, dear Rebecca.
Just tell them your guests intrigued ...
You were ... about to thank your gods for their generosity ...
Sure. I know that false and mocking tone.
And ... give thanks for health, prosperity and happiness given to this family.
During these years of peace and plenty.
Giving thanks for bringing the world to Rebecca Femm. And Femm Roderick. And Saul.
Lord bless this food ... amen.
Take a potato.
Thank you.
Well, this seems to be more than a storm.
Yes, is not it?
Take a potato.
Thank you. I love a potato.
Vinegar, Miss Femm?
He's just pouring.
Thank you, Mrs. Waverton. I've been looking for this phrase all night.
Onion no thanks.
Those lights. They are flashing. I guess it's the storm.
Contrary. We generate our own electricity but I think we are not very good.
I hope you all do not panic if the power goes out.
Is anybody out.
You can not go!
Should enter. Surely it is dangerous to be outside right now.
Must be half drowned. We should not make them wait long.
No, I'm afraid we must let them enter.
Morgan, opens the door.
Come on, Morgan. Let them pass.
What a night!
Never thought we would open the door.
They have cracked the dam or something.
Anyway, before I knew not where we were, something we have fallen ...
And ... has crushed the car.
Lucky has not crushed us.
And by the way, probably the current drag this house.
Look at this!
Go fire.
Sorry for barging in this way so rude,
but the force needs if you are in the hands of the devil.
Well, who is the owner?
My sister owns. Ms.. Femm.
How are you, Mrs.. Femm?
My name Porterhouse. Sir William Porterhouse
And this lady is Mrs.. Gladys Ducane, a friend of mine.
Nice to meet you. Great weather for ducks.
Let me introduce you. This is Miss. Waverton.
How are you?
'Mr Penderel. How are you, Sir William?
And Mr. Waverton. How are you?
Sir William Porterhouse.
How are you?
I have not seen a night like this in my life.
I'd say it's raining cats and dogs.
We were soaked, I do not mind telling you.
Would not surprise me that we were at the gates of death.
Better not come back to get wet shoes ...
or, as Sir William points, will surely be at the gates of death.
Here you go. They are not exactly measure but dry.
Thank you. It's okay.
Are you. Fond of opera, Monsieur?
Let's eat.
Oh! Now I hear.
Morgan, brings chairs.
Oh, oh! Roast beef!
Nothing like a roast beef for a hungry man.
& Quot; Oh, the roast beef of Old England & quot; ... How was it?
Do not remember it, Mister Waverton, or is older than you.?
-Penderel Is our expert songs. Then he must be a musician, right?
Well, I have heard little.
Take a potato.
Morgan brings a glass of water to Sir William.
Thank you very much.
Us ... look, for example.
We here six people sitting together,
We spent nearly two hours talking ...
Something ... and we know each other? Nothing.
How comforting.
I agree Sir William. At best, only make assumptions.
If you were a woman, do not just assumptions.
Ah! The famous female intuition.
Have you ever been told which horse will win the race?
No. But tell me a lot about you.
I wonder, Miss. Waverton,
As much as to say that I'm wanted by the police?
Oh, no, Mr. Femm not say anything so romantic.
After all, it is conceivable that someone living in a house like this ...
If you had to ...?
Well, there's no accounting for taste.
-Sra. DuCane? Yes?
What does your intuition tell you about me?
Hmm ... That scares me a lot.
What do you say?
I said ... well, either way is not very interesting.
Oh yes it is. We want to know. Well ... it sounds silly but ...
I think ... not suited to these times ...
You know ...? Factories, misleading advertising, underground economy ...
... Well, what I mean is that Bill is happy with this ...
Make you feel ... but Mr. Penderel like a fish out of water.
Should be flattered, Mr. Penderel.
No, I do not feel flattered.
Look, I have little sympathy for the fish out of water if only one of them.
My problem is I do not think much about the important things.
Now Sir William would put great effort into anything to earn a few pounds.
I do not think it worthwhile.
No doubt you must think I'm very ambitious, friend.
But maybe I can see things a bit further than assumed.
His good speech, but I know as well as everyone here ...
Just trying ... to provoke me.
Honestly, I was not doing anything.
I envy. I admire.
Oh, yes, envy me, fine. But not admire me.
Well, I ... I do not admire me. I know that not everyone is making money.
But let me tell you something. I am a young man, see? ...
Married ... with a girl from Manchester, beautiful as anyone,
the only thing in the world that matters me ...
... It dies. It was. My bosses give a party. We invite ...
... A very special day for us. I bought my first suit ...
Lucy ... and has a new dress. A cotton dress ...
Lucy ... it seems that was not very well at the party,
especially among women, despised. Nothing concrete, you know ...
Just ... thought the dress was not very good. Lucy is concerned ...
You ... into his head that his guilt will not be successful ...
... Well, you can not believe it but I know that's what killed her.
That's what I did to start making money.
I swore I would kill those guys and their wives,
they had neither a kind word for Lucy.
And I was crushed. At least the majority.
Once you've started making money, you can not stop ...
... Especially if you're like me, you're not good at anything else.
But we do not know what Gladys has to be better than us. Mrs.. Ducane ...
... Why not tell them your real name?
My real name ... is Perkins.
A pretty name.
I can be this or that, but I can not pretend to be what I'm not.
I think it's you. Still a little offensive.
Let Mr. Penderel. I can take care of myself.
If I do not do it now, I can not do it anymore.
I was not trying to say anything for you, Bill ...
Not pretend to be ... what I'm not. I'm not that stupid for that.
These people recognize one when they see a showgirl ...
... And, by the way, not very good.
If I were better at my job, I would not be spending the weekend with you.
No. I take it back. Also I would.
You are kind. We're good, but ...
Morgan is drinking. I knew this night would begin.
'Where's he get? -From me there. Can not you stop him?
It is now in the kitchen, drunk. Pretty drunk.
Who is Morgan? Is the guy who served us the table?
Yes. ... Morgan is the butler.
He looks at me as if I were to take hair.
Well? Have you come to help me see God's wrath?
No. I come to thank him on my side.
It has been an honor, Mrs.. Ducane.
Perkins for you.
Thank you, Perkins.
Pawn this old mansion for a drink.
Hmm ... and me.
And we will succeed! I have some whiskey in the car. I forgot.
Wait here and go for it. No, I'll go with you.
Better stay here under cover.
The car is in the stables and will soak.
Okay, but not late.
Mr. Penderel?
Hello. Why are you here? It was becoming.
I've come to find.
Hey, hey. What is it? What happened?
Nothing. In fact, nothing. I'm a little scared, that's all.
Someone closed the door in my face.
It must have been the wind. Not. I know what is the wind.
It is quiet, but he could lie down.
Yes, sure. Well, what you want is a drink of this.
Thank you.
I'm feeling a little more human.
This looks like a family reunion.
He's right.
Look at this.
Come on, take them out.
It seems I've spent most of the afternoon changing his shoes.
It should have been a nurse.
Yeah, only good nurses do not drink whiskey bottle.
The storm is worse than never, right?
It had to happen. Gone is the light.
I think now it's gone completely. Overnight at twilight.
Okay, but surely there are some sailing somewhere.
Can I do something with lights, Mrs.. Femm?
No. Nobody understands our system except Morgan.
And as an electrician, Morgan moment is not qualified.
Why not you got a light?
No. We have no lamp.
What did he say? Nothing, nothing major.
No? Nothing important? It turns out that this time I heard.
They want a lamp.
Give them big. Has fuel. We used the last time the power went out.
Come on, Horace. You know what it is.
I do not know where he is. You could go you, Rebecca.
It's too big for me. If you do not know where I'll tell you.
You know as well as I do. It is on the small table on the top floor.
Do you know where the top floor, Horace?
At least you will know that there is a top floor. Oh, but you're so incredulous.
He's up, Horace. Top. Below the roof.
Yes, of course. I remember now. But I think it is a bit heavy for me.
I do not think the can down the stairs.
Why not say what happens, Horace? It happens that you're afraid to ride alone.
Go with it. Tenga. I do not know why I bother ...
Well ... we'd be sitting in the dark.
Better to go up, right? Yes. I guess so.
It will not take.
Very well. Miss. Waverton should not worry about me nervous.
You. Would be a better guide.
This is my room.
There are a couple of things that I think would like to see.
I sure would like a lot. But it taught me another time.
We have to find the lamp. Yes.
Hey, why should we bother to fetch the lamp?
We could wait here a few minutes, and say that we have found. Or it's broken.
I find no reason.
Yes, but why should we care so much about the lamp if you do not want?
We have said that the head down, why we were not going to do?
Yes, but why should we do if we want? I do not want.
This is absurd.
Did you hear that?
I heard something.
What was it?
Was it Morgan. It is drunk. You will be making a fuss down the kitchen.
I thought the noise came from above. Anyway, are we on the lamp?
I wonder if I excuse not to come with you. I'm not very strong.
There are many steps. I should have said before, but you know, love itself ...
You will find it above the small table at the end of the landing two floor up.
I guess it's not too heavy to lower myself.
Oh, not at all. In fact it is fairly light.
I see.
Thank you, thank you very much.
You. Has opened, right? Well now you go and close it. We will close it. I can not.
Going to close what?
The rain is coming. The flood is rising.
We will all get wet if it is not fast.
It refers to the window of his room. I think I've opened.
Come on. You've opened. You can shut.
Okay, Ms.. Femm. I'm going to close it.
Mr. Penderel! Mrs.. DuCane!
Mr. Penderel! Mrs.. DuCane!
Is Morgan. It is there, at the foot of the stairs.
Take the candle. Stay there.
Go away! Get out of here!
Is he dead? No, I see him breathing from here.
It is only stunned.
You will be awake in a minute, but it sure will fall asleep. It is very drunk.
Oh, Philip, this house is horrible.
Is not it very nice, no?
Listen, Margaret, something is going up.
Oh, Philip. No more horrors.
No, this is not horror. It was a voice calling behind a door.
A faint voice, like a child. I think I should go and see what happens.
You'll have to come with me. I never want to leave you alone.
Morgan will be fine. Give me your hand, darling.
Oh, Philip. 'What is it? Sit a while dear.
Thank you.
It Well, what happened then? Then the war ended.
What happened to the girl? 'Oh, the girl I left forgotten?
'The girl I was in love. 'The reason is that she married, Gladys.
What a bitch.
No, on the contrary, a girl of good reputation. Now, let's talk about you.
I know what I will say. I was going to ask Bill Porterhouse.
Very ready, Mrs.. Perkins.
I do not mind telling you. Rather I prefer. Bill is fine, really.
Obviously not love him. And of course, gives me money.
Not much, but enough to keep me.
You probably will not believe me, but no ... Bill does not expect anything from me.
Do you understand what I mean by & quot, & quot ;? nothing
. Yeah I understand what you mean & quot, & quot ;. nothing
You like people to think it's effeminate.
With all the money you have, it is very lonely.
Yeah, I figured when I heard the story of the cotton coat.
I think that is still in love with his former wife.
I'm sure. I guess the only thing is that I want to keep him company.
He likes to sit at night in my bed and brag ...
Things ... he has done during the day.
Well, that's pretty harmless. Look, do not pretend to be better than I am.
You.'s A lovely creature, right?
I like it, terribly.
And you to me.
'What are you thinking? -ud. should not be too satisfied.
I was thinking that I'd like to pretend I'm your lover ...
and you.'s mine, Gladys, body and soul.
I would take her in my arms and hold strong.
I too would like.
Would he, Gladys Perkins? If so, then, leave it's pretend.
I heard. Gladys Perkins has an idea. I think he has gone mad.
She ... she ... she wants to live with you. Oh, I'm throwing her arms.
I had the crazy idea that should help you become a useful person.
Dear, Perkins ...
Do you think I'm crazy?
Pretty crazy, dear. And I thank God for it.
So what are you saying?
This is what I say, dear Perkins.
But I have better than his idea.
What is?
Is this ...
No, I will not tell here. Here is magic.
I'll tell you later at home, perhaps with the first rays of dawn.
Tell me now.
Come, let us return to the house. No! No, let's stay here.
It is cold.
No. It's the idea of returning to the house which makes me shiver.
I have the feeling that something terrible might happen to us if we return to the house.
Perkins, Perkins. You have my iron arm, right?
It's okay. Come on.
No, these shoes are not so wet place. I'll try to carry her.
Weight as a demon.
Well, if you weigh too much for me, I'll throw the mud and go on alone.
Hello. Where were they?
I went to the car for something to drink.
And I went with him.
Is wet feet.
Oh, have you wet your feet? Yes, got wet feet.
Well, what the hell is going on here?
I do not know what the hell is happening here or anywhere.
I went to the room from the old to close a window and came across this again.
Where are the others?
I do not know more than you. Mr. Waverton up with Mr. Femm find a lamp.
I guess his wife joined them. I've slept.
So you have wet feet?
Yes, Bill. But that's not all.
Yes, I thought so.
I do not know how you going to take, but ... well, I have to get it out from the inside.
Come on.
I fell in love, Bill.
Oh right, of course.
-De Him? Yes, him.
Damn stupid Maybe. But one does not choose these things.
Money does she have? 'Not a penny.
And you're going to go with it?
Yes, Bill. Are you mad?
I think you're a lunatic. But I'm not angry.
Took'm pretty good, no, Perkins? 'I told you. To Bill all good.
I can see that.
I wonder where the other may be.
Listen, Bill. She has not told her everything.
Oh, no? Why?
Because she does not know everything. We're getting married.
Oh yeah?
At the end she will have me. I'll ask tomorrow, with the first rays of dawn.
Will you come to the wedding?
I think he's sick in the head.
No, not really.
I think today will have been probably the best working day of his life.
Ah, Bill, Bill ...
Who said you can call me Bill?
Well, try to avoid it.
Now, look at this, come here and do something useful by raising this table.
No way to find the roast beef.
Mrs.. Perkins, filete roast beef.
Filetalo yourself.
Are you sure you feeling better?
Yes, I'm fine.
Well, come on.
This is the door.
Who are you.?
I'm Miss. Waverton. He is my husband. Are you. Mr. Roderick Femm?
We came because we believed hearing him call.
Can we do something for you?
Can you take it. Want it or give it?
I myself, thanks.
And now, what was that noise?
Was it ... Morgan? Yes.
Morgan is a savage. I ... I apologize.
But we must keep him here. They had it coming.
I'm sorry, really, but we could have helped.
Oh, I ... did not mean that. I was never inhospitable. Never.
This house was always full of people, some time ago.
When they came, what they told?
We told you. Was invalid.
Is that all?
Have you seen my son Horace? And his sister Rebecca?
And Morgan. I would tell you all about it ... but no time.
Look, when you're as old as I, at any moment, you can die.
Oh, please, do not talk if that fatigue.
This house is cursed. Two of my sons died at age 20.
And then ... spent more. Wine madness.
You see, we're all a little crazy. Except for me. At least, I ... I think not.
Want to sleep?
No. Not now. Look, it could be ...
Could what?
Are you referring to Morgan?
No. Morgan no. I refer to my oldest son.
Is this the Saul?
Have not spoken to Saul?
No, they did not.
Saul is the worst, you know? We have to monitor.
Because look, he wants ... he just wants to ... destroy, kill. Poor Saul.
Where is?
I know where it is. He's upstairs, behind the door chained, right?
Yes. Enclosed.
Saul is why we have to keep Morgan.
If there is no escape?
Saul probably set fire the house.
Already tried it once.
He said he wanted to make an offering of the house.
But are you sure locked, no?
Yes. But look, if Morgan is wrong, I ...
I think ... could ... open the door.
Philip. What if he comes back?
Wait here. I'll go down and will look on her.
It has risen above. I heard. You will drop to Saul.
Hope the foot of the stairs and kill him.
What should we do? Can we stay here?
No, what if would cause a fire? Come on.
And what about Sir Roderick?
Will block the door.
Sir Roderick, I'll lock him in here.
What is it?
There's a crazy up. Morgan has missed and dangerous.
We have to do something. 'Where are they now?
Top. But they can get off at any time.
Everything's fine, dear. I knew something terrible was going to happen.
Would not it be better to take away the middle? No, we can not do that.
You could burn the house down. Already tried it once.
Well, let. Let this old corrupt house burn. I hope so.
That's fine, but what about the Femm?
What is it?
His brother has escaped from the room.
Who? Is this the Saul?
Stay back.
Do it backwards, Morgan! Do you hear me? Do it back!
Take him to the kitchen!
Do it in!
Lock him in the kitchen!
The sins of our fathers. The sins of our fathers.
Come on! Come into my room!
No! I'm not moving from here.
Well here it is!
I think we will have problems.
Oh! Penderel!
Come on, come here.
No! I'm staying here.
Gladys, do something difficult come here. Margaret.
Oh, no. All right
Wait a minute.
Here, start this.
Oh, I love you so much. Just what I want.
Please. Please do not touch me.
Good! What is it?
Listen, I do not re-lock. Do not let me lock again.
I'm not crazy. I swear to God I'm not crazy.
And why would that shut him up?
I have fear. I know things about them. Years ago, killed his sister Rachel.
But I do not think counting! I promised I would never tell.
And they have remained here all this time for that?
And Morgan ... I assure you, it's the devil. Morgan hits me.
Do not leave me! Stay with me!
It's okay. Sit here and wait. Be right back.
The door is locked! Ms.. Femm must've closed.
It's locked, right? Yes.
That's better. Now, you can not stop me.
Listen, we have to go help the rest with Morgan.
Is there another way in?
No. There is no way ...
But there must be a back entrance to the house.
I want to tell a story.
Who's there? Nobody.
Friends of yours?
I tell you no one.
Do invite her out?
You ... You. Going to tell me something.
Yes, it is.
Do not ... I did not tell that story?
Yes. Shall we sit?
Yes, please.
Who is in that closet?
No one. Tell me what I was going to say.
Are you interested in the fire?
Of course ... of course yes. Yes, quite.
I have done a study on the fire.
Really? This seems very interesting.
Fire know things that no one else in the world knows.
And not me going to say? I would like to know.
Why's he going to say? You. Would not tell me who is inside that closet.
Yes I would say. Besides, you know, it would be unfair to arouse my curiosity ...
And at the end ... not tell me anything.
Want me to tell you all about fire, right?
Yes, I'm looking forward.
All right. First of all, I learned that llamas are like razors.
They are cool, man. Sharp and cold as snow, and hot as ice.
Oh. Certainly that's very ... very interesting.
So, really they are like razors, right? Well, continue.
Tell me what else has discovered.
Oh, lots of things. Dude, sit down.
So I thought I could fool me, right?
I thought I could leave me sitting here and not notice.
But as you can see, I am also ready. That's why we understand each other.
So he quickly realized that he wanted to kill.
We understand each other very well, eh, my friend?
Yes, yes, of course. From the start, for some reason ...
... You ... you. Pleased me and I ... I thought you liked me.
Please me? Dude, I do. Did you know that my name is Saul?
Saul, friend. And Saul loved David.
Yes, of course.
But Saul was afraid of David because the Lord was with him but had departed from Saul.
And sooner or later it had to happen that the spirit of evil from taking over Saul.
And he prophesied in the midst of the temple. And David played the harp with his hands.
And Saul had a spear in his hands.
And Saul threw the spear.
And he said, & quot; atravesar her to David and stab you in the wall & quot ;.
And David left his sight twice. Twice friend ...
And ... the third ... the third time ... be careful.
Hey. I am your friend. I'm on your side. It would be foolish to miss. If I lose ...
Look! Is Morgan! He's come for you.! Morgan!
Freeze! Do not move!
Philip! Philip!
Oh, leave! Do not see it? There's Penderel!
Let me go with him. Come on let me. Go, let me pass.
Oh, you're a pig. But I'm not afraid. I go with him. Do you hear me?
Oh, how can?
Listen, I'm single, you hear me? I want to go with Penderel. It hurt.
Oh, how I can make you understand me? He was hurt.
I have to help him and the other man, Saul.
The two are injured.
Are you all right, Margaret? Yes, I'm fine, dear.
It's okay. Come on. Are you feeling better?
Yes, I'm not so bad.
What happened to them? It was Morgan. The hit.
Come on.
I'm all right. Where is Penderel? I have to heal.
Better not go there.
Come with me.
-Est Alive! 'What?
I tell them that is alive! He's alive!
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
Good morning, Mr. Waverton.
Good Morning.
The floods have come down considerably.
Thank the heavens for that.
I think they will now be possible to go by ambulance.
You mean we can go now?
Yes, sure we can go now. Come with me, dear.
-ud. are going to stay here with Gladys, right? Yes. Do not delay.
No, we'll go as fast as we can.
Goodbye. Goodbye.
Bye Bye. Nice to have met you.
So I'm dead and I have gone to heaven.
No, it's morning and we have just left behind hell.
-De Day? Yes. The rays of dawn.
Do not tell me you had to something with the first rays of dawn?
On second thought, there was something.
Perkins. Will you marry me?