Old Fox (2023) Movie Script

Five minutes after it opened today ...
... the stock market rose by 10,000 points
In 1990...
... the Taiwan stock market index shot up to 12,000 points from 2,000
Within eight months it had fallen again to 2,000 points
The world of 11-year-old Liao Jie ... undergoes big changes during this period
... undergoes big changes during this period
We're off
Hey, Zhao...
Back again, Miss Lin?
Come in, I'll make some tea
I'll take a rain-check
No time today
No time?
Rushing to a date?
Are you making fun of me?
November's rent
-- Count it -- Thank you
Exactly right
Please stamp it for me
Thank you
Here ...
This month's rent
Count it
No problem
One moment ...
When you get back ...
... please tell Boss Xie something
I'll move out ...
... after the Lunar New Year
Which unit will you move to?
I've worked hard all my life
I'm thinking of buying my own place
Find somewhere you like
If you need Boss Xie's help ...
... let me know
Thank you
I'll be going
Room rent
Miss Lin
I heard it from the street
Sorry ...
Here's November's rent
Please count it
Miss Pretty!
Liao Jie is in 5th grade?
For you
Egg pastries?
Thank you, Miss Pretty
Don't mention it
Oh, Liao Tai-Lai ...
As I recall, your lease and the beef noodle place downstairs ...
... both expire soon
Right, just after the new year
Would you like to move in downstairs?
Mr Li says he's moving away
Open your salon?
Not yet
Right ...
Don't you want to open a hair salon?
Not yet
It was my late wife's dream
I know
Who'll be doing hair then?
Liao Jie?
Well ...
I'm slowly learning how to
I'll be going
You shower first
Turn the gas off
Come here
Try it on
We haven't saved enough
So we can't open a hair salon yet
Anyhow, we're going to buy a place of our own
Did you forget?
How much more do we need?
Three more years
Three years
Let me measure the sleeves
Turn around
Bend your arm
Bend it here
Not like that
Mischievous ...
The sleeve will be short if you do that
Three years
I'll make them a bit longer
You're still growing
You can drop your arms now
Three years
Three years
Ma, I'm back
Wash your hands
There are steamed buns in the rice cooker
Careful ...
It's hot
Turn the gas off
Turn the gas off
1095 minus 1...
... equals 1094
The boss won't be in today
So you can do your homework there
Ma'am, your jacket
Mrs Chen ...
I've booked that table for you next week
Sorry ...
Boss Xie's guest likes to start with meat
Thank you
OK, I'll do my best
Open wide
1094 days to go
What days?
Kids don't have secrets
This is Liao's hair salon
I'll wash your hair
A bowl of noodles, at the double!
Good to see you
I'm starving
Sit down!
Hey, Honey!
What is it?
The major's here
He's hungry
-- Major Ding = =-- He wants noodles
Da Lu noodle soup!
Relax ...
I'll make some tea
Don't bother
It's no trouble
Here ...
The dividend for October
Have some tea
What do you think?
Did my insider tip pay off?
You rascal!
It sure did!
They'll go up again tomorrow
They'll go up tomorrow
Up two points
Hsinghua ...
Limit up!
Guangyuan ...
Limit up!
We hit the jackpot!
My dear ...
Light green pants!
You got them cheap?
Must have done
So why are they the wrong green?
My dad made them
Your dad, your dad ...
Tell him to stop playing that trumpet
It's a saxophone
Speak up, can't hear you
I call it a trumpet
A snitch with a trumpet
A snitch with a trumpet
Come back!
Thank you all for coming ...
... to Tai-Sheng and Xiang-Ling's wedding
We wish them lifelong happiness
Now the groom's brother will say a few words
Thank you
I'm very happy today
Tai-Sheng ...
From boy to man, he's never made me worry
As his elder brother ...
... I feel very lucky
Thank you all for coming to Tai-Sheng's wedding
I wish you all a very enjoyable evening!
Thank you
It's too much!
This bottle!
One more time!
Dont bully my brother!
Your uncle has made a profit from stocks
He'll lend us money for a deposit
We can buy a place?
Buy a place! Buy a place!
We'll open a hair salon
Hair salon
We can buy a place sooner than we thought
A hair salon
Just beside the school
You lazy devil!
That's what Ma said
"Lots of customers ...
... if it's close to a school"
And a bus stop
And not too far from the water-heater
Turn off the gas!
We're going to buy a place
Hurry and find a place
I'll speak to Miss Lin today
Ask her about downstairs
There's no bus-stop nearby
The places in busy areas cost too much
This area will get busier
Might even get a department store
We're going to buy a place
Ms Xiao...
We don't need the teapot
Boss Xie doesn't drink hot tea
Get iced water ready for him
Liao Tai-Lai ...
Are my guests here already?
Not yet
-- Thank heavens -- Boss Xie isn't here either
Mrs Wei!
Why have you come?
Where's Mr Wei?
Wei Shao-Hua?
He's not coming
He sent me to speak with Xie
Come this way
"Originally $1980, now $1000"
Zhao ...
You're practicing calligraphy?
Help me out
You write better than I do
Write a sign for me
What do you want me to write?
Write ...
"Closing Down Sale"
Closing Down sale?
Boss Xie...
... Wants me gone by the end of the year
He's sold this place
Why has he sold all of a sudden?
Haven't you noticed?
In the last half-year ...
... property values have shot up
I had no idea
I'm telling you ...
The government is useless
We tenants are the stupidest people around
You should watch out for yourself
Boss Xie...
... is raking it in
Just think
The place you rent...
Will he just let it sit there?
Won't he do something with it?
How did it go?
What did Miss Pretty say?
What did Miss Pretty say?
I forgot to ask her today
Come on, have dinner first
I thought we had a deal
Turn the gas off!
What the hell?
Taking shelter?
Not here
Only space for three
Piss off
Boy ...
Get in the car
So many kidnappings these days
You got in the car without hesitating
Are you afraid of me?
Turn back
Take Liao Jie home
Liao Jie lives at...
... 17 Baocheng Street, 2nd floor
Now ...
Are you afraid of me?
Everyone hard at work?
Howre you doing?
You, work a bit harder
You too, work a bit harder
What's to eat today?
Good news
There's a company banquet
Shark's Fin soup?
Shark fin ...
You got it
Both fish and bone ...
... to keep you in shape
You're being funny, eh?
My boy's in the car, gotta run
Hey ...
The passenger I brought here ...
... is a friend of yours
A friend of mine?
Not bad looking!
I'm outta here
Mrs Wei, you're here alone?
Don't call me "Mrs Wei"
You know my name
Miss Yang
What would you like this evening?
You choose for me
Bring me plenty
What does "snitch" mean?
What does "snitch" mean?
Snitch ...
It means...
You tell people things you shouldn't
That's it
Mr Li downstairs told me...
... the landlord drove you back?
Didn't know who he was
He's the landlord
If I'd known, I'd have asked him to sell us a place
Miss Lin says the price has gone up
So what do we do?
We don't have enough
We have to keep saving
Ask her to talk to the landlord
She's just an employee
We don't want to give her trouble
What's the name?
Don't you always call her Miss Pretty?
I mean the landlord
His surname is Xie
Everyone calls him "Old Fox"
Old Fox?
Liao Tai-Lai ...
Miss Lin
Boss Xie will discuss something with Mr Wei
Can you help me greet them?
Of course
Don't mention property for now
Good evening, Boss Xie
Good evening, Boss Xie
This way, please
Boss Xie
Boss Xie
Is everything OK, Liao?
Boss Xie...
Thank you for driving my son home the other day
He was in the street with no umbrella
He was getting drenched
You're a kind man
You even recognized him
Boss Xie, it's the same room
The one at the back
Liao Tai-Lai ...
It's hard to get them after the Moon Festival
Thank you
Liao Jie loves egg pastries, right?
I need to run
Yes, thank you
You're welcome
Miss Pretty gave you these
You're the one who likes egg pastries, not me
We do have money
I don't know why it's turned out like this
You should buy stocks, like the others
Buy stocks?
The check, please
It comes to $1350
You don't eat much
You don't need to order so much
Keep the change
Thank you
Liao Tai-Lai ...
These are ready
See you later
Yang Jun-Mei ...
You're really going to senior high in Taipei?
On my dad's orders
That's great
In Taipei ...
... you can get the album 'When I Fall in Love'
Never mind
Three years will go in a flash
We'll meet again at university
"365x3 = 1095"
I'm not afraid of you
I know you're called "Old Fox"
Get in
I'm called "Old Fox"?
Very good
You figured it out
If I know your name but you didn't know mine ...
... We wouldn't be equals
Like fixing a match before it starts
Do you understand that?
If you're not afraid of me...
... why are you afraid of that big boy?
I'm not
You are
Because he's taller and stronger than you
If you were boxers ...
... you wouldn't be in the same weight class
If you were, you'd be unequal
Then there'd be no need to fight the match
However ...
You need more than strength to beat him
What else do you need?
Think about it
You've forgotten
Those who know beat those who don't
I'll tell you something
There's a worker in my factory, a woman
She makes money on the side to support her kid
For $300, anyone can have her
You know what "have her" means?
She thinks no-one knows about it
She doesn't know about the security cameras
I don't care
Not now, at least
But I think you might care
Because her son...
... is the big boy who bullies you
We should use inequality ...
... to create inequality
Some Say inequality is a bad thing
They're stupid
Inequality is a map
It shows us clearly the way to win
If you stand with the strong, you rise
But if you stick with the weak ...
... you'll fall
It's cold
I won't help you out of the car
Old Fox!
Old Fox!
Sell a place to my dad
Actually, nothing has changed
We planned to save for three more years to buy a place
Turn the gas off
Turn the gas off
Hello ...
This is Liao Jie's father
He's in fifth grade, Class 5
Liao Jie has a fever today
This is Liao Tai-Lai
Liao Jie has a fever today
I need to take the day off
Please tell the manager
December's rent
How long will you stay open?
I think as long as I can
Until the place is sold
Here, please
The rent
It's in the drawer
-- Are you alright? -- Yeah
You have a cough?
I caught a cold
Drinking enough water?
You're here alone?
Dad's sick
Let me see him
Raging temperature
Miss Lin
Have you got a towel?
Stay there
Is the tap broken?
A slow drop doesn't move the water meter
Dad says so
Miss Lin
Don't worry
Just lie there
You'll catch a cold
Your clothes are soaked in sweat
You'll catch a cold
He already caught a cold
You have a cold too?
Your dad's clothes?
I'm leaving your clothes here
That's fine
I'll take Liao Jie to eat downstairs
You're very kind
Shall I bring you something?
No thanks, I'm not hungry
Take some money from my wallet
No need
Come on
We'll eat
Put on a jacket
It's cold
A warm jacket
Watch your step
What would you like to eat?
Beef broth noodles
Beef broth noodles
Two beef broth noodles coming up
Miss Pretty ...
I love hearing you call me "Miss Pretty"
Can you ask Old Fox to sell a place to my dad?
Old Fox?
The landlord
The noodles are cooking
Here ...
On the house
You're kind every time
My pleasure
Have that first
Liao Jie, eat more
It's hard to explain this stuff to you
Look ...
Beef broth noodles used to cost...
... $32
Now they cost $35
It's normal that prices slowly go up
But recently prices have shot up
It's not slowly any more
Why do people pay higher prices?
Dad says...
... the bike shop was sold
Well, things do get pricier
But many people ...
... also Suddenly get rich
You're here, Miss Pretty
Feeling better?
How about your dad?
Is he better?
Still has a fever
Are you getting better?
Miss Lin, you're here
Yes, I'm feeling better
I'll prepare some food for Liao Jie
You're very kind
You prefer turnip cake or rolled egg pancake?
Rolled egg pancake
OK, I'll heat it for you
Liao Tai-Lai
Eat something
Can I leave it here?
You're still feverish
I'm feeling better
Liao Jie has almost recovered
You take another day off
I brought you some turnip cake
Thank you
You're welcome
School closes at noon today
I'll look after him in the afternoon
Sorry to bother you
No problem
Liao Jie, we need to go
Put that away
We're off
Dad, bye-bye
Liao Jie!
Over here!
Miss Pretty!
Get in
We'll go to the boss's place first
Old Fox's place?
Let's go
Your car is super cool
It belongs to Old Fox
I couldn't afford it
That's a CD
Push it in...
... and you'll hear a song
Hey ...
Hey, there's a bird ...
... whistling ...
This again
When Boss Xie hears this ...
... he talks about how poor he used to be
I don't dare tell him how terrible it sounds
Liao Jie
Follow me
Shall we leave now?
Liao Jie...
Stay with me for a moment
How are things?
Your dad is sick?
Sell my dad a place
Your dad wants to buy a place?
We want to open a hair salon
That's good
But house prices have gone up
House prices have gone up
You'll be fine if you keep saving
Sell my dad a place
I've already answered you
You can see her
But she can't see you
Why not?
Even if you keep your mouth closed ...
... 1 know what you want to say
You know why?
I can feel ...
... What others are feeling
You don't believe me?
For example ...
I know that 12 of my workers ...
... do bad things, unknown to their families
And I know that you're angry ...
... because house prices are rising
To be honest ...
... it's a burden to feel what others feel
When I can feel what you're feeling ...
... I carry your anger ...
... on my back
Sell my dad a place
You're a smart kid
You know I like you
So you dare to pester me
But don't mix things up
Listen ...
It's your dad's business to buy a place
Not yours
Shall I teach you ...
... how to stop feeling sympathy?
It's easy
There are three steps
First ...
Drink iced water
Close your eyes
Third ...
Tell yourself ...
"None of my damn business"
Don't get too close to him
He ruined Ah Chieh's family
Are you listening?
You know why people call him Old Fox?
None of my damn business
You forgot to ask me to turn off the gas
It makes no difference
So stupid
I'm here, I'm here
The major's here
What was so urgent?
I want to invest more money
How much is it?
Two million?
You need to give me a bag for it
See if this'll do
I'll try
How much fits?
Christmas gifts for you and your son
Wait till you get home
The check, please
I'm home
Open your presents
They should go under the Christmas tree
It's OK
Our Christmas tree is too small
This must be from Miss Pretty
You have it
This bag too
This one
That's for me
Game Boy!
I've got a present for you too
It's downstairs
Put on a jacket
Is that it?
Happy New Year!
Mr Hou...
Two boxes
Thank you
Happy New Year!
-- Yes? -- You keep it
How's the homework going?
A square encloses a rhombus
A rhombus encloses a parallelogram
A square encloses a parallelogram
So, a rhombus encloses a square?
Correct answer
You get a prize
Oh dear...
I'm just a silly woman
I can't even apologize for him
Boss Xie is bidding for the securities building
Even I don't think it's fair
If I were you ...
... I'd punish him too
This is Mr Wang, the local district chief
Hello, Chief Wang
The government lease on the West District Recycling Plant ...
... is due to expire soon, right?
Next month Chief Wang will lead a protest ...
... against your pollution
Have a word with Xie
Tell him Chief Wang is a friend of mine
Ask Xie to give him face
I remember now ...
Chief Wang and I have met before
Mr Wei...
Just lately, Xie has worried me a lot
Well, well
Xie is on the rise
He's so devoted to the Recycling Plant
Since there's a place he's neglected ...
... wouldn't it be easy for him to give it up?
I'm talking about ...
... the gas station in Baocheng
I must get going
If anyone caught sight of me here ...
... they might get the wrong idea
Enjoy your dinner, Mr Wei
What are you doing, young friend?
My homework
Is she selling Xie out?
Or maybe she's trying to trick us?
Or is she looking out for herself?
Come with me
Stare straight ahead
I want to be like you
You want to be like me?
It feels good
I knew I was right about you
When you feel good, I can teach you
What we did just now ...
If my ma knew, she'd scold me
My dad too
You felt good just then
Because they were scared
I was the strong one
You sided with the strong
I know something ...
... that you don't know
I know something you don't
Hongyuan has received NT$80 billion ...
... from investors in the last 7 years
But it also paid out more than 100 billion in interest
Also, the government is cracking down on underground investment companies
Why doesn't the major answer his phone?
It's like he's vanished
What's up?
Just look
Isn't it lovely?
But it doesn't look lovely when you're angry
Hongyuan has received NT$80 billion ...
... from investors in the last 7 years
But it also paid out more than 100 billion in interest
Also, the government is cracking down on underground investment companies
Why are you sitting in the dark?
They've been reporting it all day
Honey ...
Come and eat
What's wrong?
Baby ...
Honey ...
Come and eat
You fucking bitch!
How dare you spoil my good mood!
I'd like to give you the record player
I failed the exam for senior high
Never mind
You can re-sit it
My dad wants to send me to the US
Miss Lin!
What brings you here?
What happened to you?
Let's talk inside
You go first
Give me the umbrella
Here ...
Have your dinner
You eat first
What happened to you?
What did you say to Boss Xie?
What did you say to Boss Xie?
He says I sold him out, at the restaurant
Not me
Just like you sold out Chieh
Isn't that so?
That was because Boss Xie tipped me
That was because Boss Xie tipped me
Boss Xie...
Today I'd like to ...
... show you something interesting
Here ...
Paintings by a Chinese
Take a look
My Hong Kong friend says ...
... this guy definitely ...
... has big potential
But last time ...
... you persuaded me to buy paintings ...
... by the guy who did smiling faces
How well did he do?
Boss Xie, you have to be patient
Stay focused on...
... the long term
Not the short term
You want to play me for a fool
That's definitely not the case!
Look at the stocks that have done well for you
Didn't you buy when the price was low?
Now they're doing well
Ah Chieh ...
Not everyone is smiling
Some are smiling, some are crying
I know that some end up crying
But we'll never be among them
You trust your friend's foresight?
Available through Sotheby's
I only buy through Christie's
Boss Xie
Boss Xie
May I have a word with you?
Go ahead
It's that...
I lost some savings last month
I just wanted to ask ...
... if I can pay this month's rent a few days late?
Speaking of money ...
I forgot to tip you just now
Just let Miss Lin know about the rent
Thank you so much
You know that guy Ah Chieh, right?
Have you met his Hong Kong friend?
You mean Louis?
He knows some Chinese artists
You're talking about those painters?
Boss Xie, you've misunderstood
They're not Chinese
They're art students
Studying in Taipei
They came to the restaurant once
I saw their pictures
They're really good at copying
Your son...
He has a birthday coming up?
How did you know that?
Buy him some stationery
Thank you
Back then, Boss Xie made me tell him things
I didn't know I was saying anything wrong
He's not a good man
But he treats me like his own daughter
Did you know ...
I used to be a dancehall hostess?
I've heard people say that
He met me in the dancehall
He asked when my birthday was
Same date as his son's
You know his son?
Never met him
He paid for his son's medical studies
But the son considered him a bad guy ...
... and didn't want his money
He joined a team of international doctors
And later died
I didn't know any of that
I feel so sorry for him
I just want to help him
I wish Mr Wei would focus on the gas station
And stay away from the recycling plant
Are you superstitious?
Downstairs is cheaper now, after the suicide
If that doesn't scare you
Maybe you could afford it
I was going to ask Boss Xie for you
But I don't think I can help you anymore
She couldn't go home in the heavy rain
The place is cheaper now
Go and speak to Old Fox about it quickly
The family is still in mourning
None of our damn business
Sit over here
Use this
Sit, you'll be more comfortable
It's not comfortable to squat
Are you afraid of me?
Why should I be?
I don't know who you are
Or where you live
Or where your mother works
But if I want to find out...
... L easily can
That's all bluster and trickery
Because my friend is the man...
... your mother is most afraid of
Tell your mother ...
... there are security cameras in the warehouse
What does that mean?
I won't tell you what it means
Now are you afraid of me?
Let's go
West District Recycling Plant
You're here!
You disappeared
I couldn't find you
What do you want?
Sell a place to my dad
You really don't give up
Sell us the downstairs shop
It's haunted
We're not afraid
We can only afford it because it's haunted
You keep coming to me, exactly as I taught you
You deal with those stronger than you are
If ...
I associate with those weaker than me...
... I'll keep falling
Sell the place to my dad
But it's my money
Everyone should look after their money, right?
Why don't you help my dad?
Everyone can only help themselves
Then why did you help me?
Because you are me
I had to help you
Stay calm
Clean your wound
Your dad must think we met in the restaurant
But that's wrong
You know what?
You were born the same day ...
... My mother passed away
The same day, in the same hospital
The day you went home...
was there to collect the death certificate
The lift was full that day
I stood at the back
After a couple of stops ...
... your parents got in with you and the bags
Still overjoyed by your arrival
Excuse me, excuse me
Thank you
Don't laugh
Why can't I laugh?
Your dad didn't explain
But I knew ...
... he felt someone in that lift was sad
He didn't want his own joy to hurt anyone
Looking at your dad's back ...
... 1 knew he and my mother were alike
In what way?
Ask me again ...
What kind of person was my mother
What kind of person was your mother?
One who cares about the feelings of others
Like your dad, no?
I'll drive you home
Shouldn't you clean your hand?
None of your business
That's exactly what killed my mother
She was a rubbish collector
She was cut...
... by some glass in the rubbish
That's sad
It's not sad
It's just how the world is
Postmen deliver post
Thieves steal
Rubbish collectors get cut
It's the way things are
The world can't change
We can just change our place in it
It's obvious you used to be poor
Hey ...
Hey, there's a bird ...
... whistling ...
Give my ma a place to live
Give my ma a place to live, please
... in the middle of the night ...
Give my ma a place to live
Give my ma a place to live
... finding no nest
You really are...
... exactly the same as me
No way
Didn't you Say ...
... you wanted to be like me?
I don't
What's wrong with being like me?
I don't want to be like you
What's wrong with being like me?
None of my damn business
None of my damn business
You are me
Longing for success
I'm not you
I'll sell the place to your dad
Not because of him
Because of you
I'm not you
Your dad's still at work?
Go in
I'll speak to him
"Working overtime for New Year"
"Back late"
"You're right about the gas"
"Makes no difference"
"Ignore it"
"Put the lunchbox in the fridge when it's cooled down"
"Go to bed when you've finished your homework"
"We've got a place
Boss Xie
Boss Xie
I've come to pay my last respects to Li
For all these years ...
... [thought I'd helped you
You repay me...
... by spoiling my property
And leaving it for me to clean up!
Why didn't you stand in front of a train?
I'm sorry
Li was wrong
We apologize to you
Please let him go
Please let him go
Rest easy
If I don't let him go ...
... I cant bring him back either, can I?
Move out after the Lunar New Year
I'm selling this place
Boss Xie!
Please sell it to us
Is this a trick?
You ruined the premises ...
... and you want me to sell it cheap?
No, no
Boss Xie
We'll take out a mortgage
Pay the market price
My dad set up his business here
Now he's gone ...
... we'll do our best to keep it going
Young man!
Next time you want to say such things ...
... do it quicker!
One hour from now ...
... it'll cost 2 million more!
I've promised someone else
What can I do?
A promise is a promise
A promise ...
... is a promise (Japanese)
Till the Lunar New Year
Boss Xie, welcome
Boss Xie
Let the Li family have it
Let the Li family have it
That's what I thought too
You know what?
You really didn't let me down
Don't let them!
You're so annoying!
You're so annoying!
You're so annoying!
You're so annoying!
None of my damn business
None of my damn business
None of my damn business
None of my damn business
I know who you are
Right ...
Better not to smoke
... kicked me out on the last day of the year
Just to stop me getting the annual bonus
He's truly despicable
The life and death of others ...
... is none of his business
I came to Say ...
Thank you
You're a good person
You didn't tell my son ...
... What was on the security cameras
Thank you
Looking at your dad's back ...
... 1 knew he and my mother were alike
My dad isn't
I don't know how to explain it to you
You don't have to
I know that...
... building the house into the hill ...
... fits into the natural surroundings
An earth house
Warm in winter, cool in summer
And it's sheltered from the north-east monsoon
Well, the idea is unique
But Steven ...
When my friends drive ...
... along the coastal highway ...
... they might miss it altogether!
In our last briefing ...
... you said you wanted ...
... a luxurious and striking house
A landmark in the making
Thinking along those lines ...
... it seems to me that keeping it low-key will show how luxurious it is
Can I ask you a question?
What will we do with the roof?
Cover it with grass
Because it's so hot in summer, 40 plus
The grass helps keep the house cool
But it's a home
Won't a grass-covered roof...
... look strange?
Not at all
Just imagine that ...
... the house wears a green headscarf
Won't that look great?
How about this?
Send us the 3D graphic design first
I'll discuss it with my wife
I'll ask Amanda to send it to you
Have you been abroad recently?
We're in a global pandemic!
We should keep it low-key
Low-key, eh?
OK, that's all for now
Steven ...
Why are you doing that?
Oh ...
So the rubbish collector won't be cut
I mean the grass
I thought you'd put solar panels on it
That would cause dazzling reflections
Is it because a school overlooks the site?
What school?
When Steven was surveying the site, he sat in its sports ground for ages
He said the kids were lucky
They can see the sea from their school
So you build an earth house ...
... because you don't want to block their view?
It's because it costs more to build it
I don't believe it
You're really a sly old fox