Old Henry (2021) Movie Script

Come on.
Look at me.
Where'd he get to?
Where'd he get to?
I don't know.
Get the rope.
We's... headin' east,
towards Indian Territory.
He's in a bad way.
Is that everything
you have to say on the matter?
I swear. I swear!
You know what?
I believe you.
Whoa. Duggan.
The hell?
How the hell you figure
this wound up
out here in the middle of
these grassland?
This will work out nice.
Just cut me loose.
You'll never see me again,
honest. Just cut me loose.
Sit on up.
Well, you see,
I would cut you loose,
but that just violates
my sense of what's right.
It can be hard to tell
who and what a man is,
he's got a mind
to convince you otherwise.
My people were from New York,
where I was born.
By the time I was three,
we'd made it to
Coffeyville, Kansas,
then down to Arizona,
then New Mexico.
I was in Mexico
proper for a time.
I've tried my hand at
many a vocation.
Some more marginal
than others.
Finally, I settled on the life
of a farmer.
Which is what I am.
We got that hog, stock to feed,
and a root cellar to fill.
There's tractors can do this now
in quarter the time.
Is that right?
And here I thought
farming was in
your bones, Wyatt.
This would be a
good place for you
to raise a family of your own.
I know your ma would have
felt that way.
I ain't her.
Or him.
By wisdom is a house built,
and through understanding
is it established.
Through knowledge are
its rooms filled
with rare and
beautiful treasures.
And blessed are those hearts
that are set on pilgrimage.
Much as I'd like to
stick around...
listen to y'all quote Scripture
at each other...
I'm goin' bird huntin'.
Thanks for the help, Al.
It does me good to be here.
Makes me feel like I'm still
connected to Marie somehow.
Give your uncle a hand
with his things.
That is, if you've had
sufficient respite.
Thank you, son.
Yes, sir.
Yeah, I wanted to go huntin'
this mornin',
but your pa said he
needed some help.
Sure would like to go with you
one of these days.
I don't think
that'd go over too well.
Your pa's a good man, Wyatt.
I wouldn't let him
marry my sister
if I didn't think so.
Soon enough, you'll be able to
do all the travelin'
and shootin' you want to.
Stop frettin' about it.
We'll take two chops
for supper and smoke the rest.
I ain't got time to render this.
Throw it in the pen.
Don't it bother you sometimes,
they eat their own?
Don't make no
difference to a hog.
Why'd you settle here?
What's that meant to mean?
Why? Why the Territory,
of all places?
You could stake a claim,
hang onto it for a year,
it was yours.
Seemed like
a pretty good deal at the time.
Got here before the guns
went off, you know that.
I still don't believe
this is what you wanted.
Up at dawn, feedin' the stock,
workin' the crops.
Hot or cold, rain or shine.
You'll discover
there's worse arrangements.
Easy, gal, that's it.
Had me a mare near
just like this
when I wasn't much
older than you.
Lookie here.
What do you think happened?
Some kind of robbery?
- A shootout?
- Shut your nonsense.
I'd best go look for the rider.
Yeah, I'll go saddle up.
You tend to this horse
and stay inside till I get back.
But what if it's trouble, Pa?
I can help you.
Go on. Do as I say.
- Is he alive?
- Barely.
Was he alone?
No, but I dispatched
with a dozen others was there.
Give me a hand.
He's... he's lost a
lot of blood.
Is he gonna live?
Be up to us, I suppose.
Too far and too late
to fetch the doc.
Well, I can go.
Ride all night if I have to.
I'm sure you would.
You'll stay right here.
Hand over that witch hazel.
That is an outlaw.
On the run, shot off his horse.
You think he killed somebody?
Wyatt, I know
just as much as you do.
What's that for?
Seal the wound tight
so he don't bleed out overnight.
No! Don't never elevate
the feet with a chest wound.
I've seen the scars
on your body.
'Cause I ain't hid 'em from you.
Now maybe you'll
understand your raisin'.
Put your hand right here.
Where you goin'?
Just keep applyin' pressure
till I get back.
What now?
Bullet's gotta come out.
And he won't make the ride.
Half that rope.
I'll fetch the doc.
You'll stay here
and keep an eye on him.
You really think
that's necessary?
It ain't not necessary.
Now, why don't you
cool his fever
instead of vaporizin' on every
thought that comes
into your head?
Trail's cold.
We'll get him.
That dog could track
a fish through water.
Come on.
He should come to,
you keep your distance.
It don't matter he's tied up.
I can handle myself
You just do as I say.
I'll be back soon as I can.
Come on.
Where's Billy at?
Keep your head down.
You'll be all right.
He was here.
Don't look like it to me.
If I'm right, he weren't alone.
Whoever it is knows
what he's doin'.
Covered his tracks as good
as anyone I've run across.
Weren't for this rain,
I'd have found him sooner.
I don't need you
to speechify the inner workings
in your halfwit canine mind.
I need to know where
he's headed.
Well, that don't exactly
narrow it down.
Where am I?
Who the hell are you?
M-My pa found you,
close to dead.
He brought you back here.
Oh, yeah?
Who's your pa?
Nobody. Uh...
Henry. Just a-a farmer.
What, it's only you
and him here?
He here now?
He's just out back.
Tendin' to the hogs.
Oh, yeah?
Well, go fetch him.
Quit mov... moving!
Right now, I don't
want to hurt you.
I don't want to hurt you.
Stop moving!
Where'd you put my gun
and my satchel? Listen to me!
I don't know what
you're talkin' about, mister.
Don't you lie to me!
What'd you do
with my gun and my satchel?
How'd he get loose?
H-He wriggled free.
Wriggled free?
And got hold of my knife
I left on the bedstand.
Well, that's on the both of us.
Help me tie the son of a
bitch back up.
You better think long and hard
on what you got yourself into.
Funny, I was about
to tell you the same thing.
What you aimin' to do with that?
Gonna dig that
bullet out of you,
maybe get some answers
in the process.
I like what I hear,
I might be inclined to give you
something to ease the pain.
Okay! Listen, listen!
Let's start with you
tellin' me who you are.
I'm law!
I'm a goddamn lawman!
He ain't no lawman, Pa,
he was fixin' to kill me.
Ready for some whisky?
I just told you... I'm law.
Ask him about the money.
What money?
He asked me about it.
Listen. Listen to me.
Okay, listen.
What's a shot lawman doin'
with a satchel full of cash?
Listen! If you got a
brain in your head,
you need to get
yourself and your boy
out of here fast as you can.
You hear me?
Oh, no! No, no!
At least we know you won't die
'fore I find out what I
want to know.
Oh God.
Let me have a little more.
Let me...
Come on, cut me loose.
Come on, cut me loose.
Listen, they gon' be
three of 'em.
One's a Mexican.
The other's an ugly
son of a bitch
with a thick beard.
And their leader...
their leader looks like a man
you don't want to mess with.
And believe me, you don't.
Keep back from the window.
If you want to live,
you gotta turn me loose
and give me my gun, hear?
He's lyin'.
I said keep back.
Go on.
Can I help you?
I'm Sheriff Sam Ketchum.
These here are my deputies.
We've been scoutin'
for a man on the run.
Lately goes by the
name of Curry.
Been shot.
Six foot, brown hair,
said to be handsome,
though most would
want him credited
for nothing but devilry.
What I do know is,
he's dangerous.
You seen anybody around here
answers that description?
Say you're a sheriff?
How's it I don't recognize you?
We're from way over
in Woods County.
Now, this Curry we're
looking for,
he's got a warrant on him there
in Missouri and Tennessee.
Might also claim he's the law.
He's got a history of
such chicanery.
Far from it. He's a killer.
He will kill again.
You're not fixin' to shoot
any of us with that pistol,
are you?
So far I got no reason to.
That's good news.
You'll want to think 'fore you
raise that thing up, farmer.
Nothing to be
worried about here, friend.
Just a little project
I'm working on, that's all.
How many people live out here?
What difference is that to you?
I'm trying to make sure
you're safe, is all.
Wouldn't seem to be
your business,
seeing as how you're
from Woods County.
You married?
Saw a grave over there.
My wife.
Died ten years back
from tuberculosis.
My condolences.
Horrible way to go.
Tell 'em, Pa. Tell 'em!
Marie Hobbs McCarty,
the marker said.
Your last name McCarty?
That's right.
First name?
So Hobbs was her people,
I'm guessing.
'Cause I noticed a Hobbs ranch
to the east of here.
Her brothers.
Well, from the looks of things,
you've been out here a
good many years.
Nice situation.
All nestled up here
in the hills.
Hard to see from a distance.
What's any of this got to do
with the man you're lookin' for?
Not much, I'll grant you.
Long time ago, uh...
was a fella caused some trouble
down Arizona, New Mexico way.
Heard he went by the
name McCarty.
I was wondering if he
might be your kin.
You got the wrong
pig by the ear.
I don't know no McCartys
anywhere but here,
and all my kin is deceased.
Now I got chores to tend to
and scant wood to
cook my supper.
I ain't seen the man
you're after.
I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Be sure to alert the
good Sheriff
in Chickasha if I should
run across him.
Well, then.
I thank you for your help.
Looks like another dead end,
You be sure to lock your
doors tonight.
Stay safe.
Come on.
Now you're inclined to
hang onto that?
I thought you might be needin'
You wanna tell me how
this got fired?
Honest, Pa.
Don't you lie to me!
I wanted to know what it's like.
I am the only boy for 50 miles
that's never fired one.
You won't even let me
lay hand on your old shotgun.
So if you can't teach me proper,
I gotta do it myself.
You get into my things again,
I will crack your crust!
You're a stupid,
worthless old man.
A whole life, and nothin'
to show for it
but this rundown old farm
and a boy who's gonna
leave you alone to die
as soon as he's able.
Let me guess.
You gon' tell me that he ain't
the sheriff of Woods County,
you are.
They ain't lawmen,
they're bank robbers.
Well, what's left of them,
Knocked over the Adams Express.
Me and my deputies gave chase,
killed two of 'em,
including the one
carrying the loot.
Bank robbers wearin' badges?
That they took off
me and my men.
He's the one
impersonating the law.
But you made off with the money.
Hell, yeah, I grabbed it.
Then why ain't you back with it
in Woods County?
Oh, I don't know.
Why does it look like?
And my first priority was
getting away from
that bunch alive.
That's why I rode like hell
till I couldn't no more.
There's the last thing
I remembered,
till I woke up here.
Look, I know what I'm saying
sounds ridiculous to
you and all.
That it does.
Why they didn't shoot you dead
on the spot just now,
I don't know.
But I can guarantee you...
they'll be back.
Only thing I can't figure
is why the old man
would risk his neck
for a stranger.
Maybe he got offered a
cut of the money.
Something tells me
that ain't it.
Any one of us could have
taken him out.
Which is what we should do now.
- Ride up, finish it.
- Not just yet.
'Cause of some shaky old farmer?
He didn't hold that pistol
like any farmer I've ever seen.
There are three of us.
We don't run up in a bank,
or ride up on a stage
without knowing who's in it.
We know Curry's in there.
With our money!
Which is why you're
going to reconnoiter
that so-called farmer's place
and make sure Curry
don't skedaddle.
Don't make a move till
we get there.
- Duggan.
- I said fine.
Come sunup, you and me
will head into Chickasha,
hire some guns.
On the way, we'll pay a call
on Farmer Hobbs...
find out if he's got
anything interesting
to tell us about ol'
Henry McCarty.
Come on in.
- I'm almost finished.
- Leave it till morning.
Come on.
It'd be a damn sight easier
if I could feed myself.
Be a damn sight easier
not to feed you at all.
- You and me ever met?
- That I'd remember.
How long you been a sheriff?
- I'd say onto 18 years now.
- How'd you get your start?
I was a deputy for Big
Bill Thompson
in Baxter Springs.
Baxter Springs.
Baxter Springs, Missouri?
- Kansas.
- Skinny fella, big ears?
Missing part of his
left ear from
a drunk miner taking a
potshot at him.
- I heard it was a drunk whore.
- Oh, you did?
Which part of Baxter Springs
you live in?
A boarding house.
Out near Grant's Stage Station.
What was the landlady's name?
She weren't no lady.
She a nasty ol' cuss
named Hannah.
You ever run into a
George Crook?
You mean General George?
Sumbitch dedicated his life
to driving the Caddo out
of the Territory.
How in the hell did you end up
in Baxter Springs?
Well, like every other fool
dreaming of easy riches
and digging for tin.
Till I realized there
weren't none.
Just a bunch of ghost stories
about a mine
near Smokey Hill River.
Then I... I was broke.
Work was hard to come by.
I'm lucky Big Bill took
a liking to me.
Otherwise I... I don't know
what would have come of me.
I... I'm sorry I jumped
your boy before.
I woke up in a strange place,
didn't know who he was...
I was being held hostage
in some hideout.
This look like a hideout to you?
I overheard what he
said earlier.
He didn't mean any of that.
Yes, he did.
I'll give you one hand free.
Don't make me take it off.
All right.
All right.
Was farming what your daddy did?
My daddy died when I was 3,
up in Kansas.
And he did near everything
but work the land.
I was orphaned at 15.
That's 13 years longer
than I knew my folks.
Ah. Whereabouts you grow up?
New Mexico.
- Which part?
- Fort Sumner.
Born and raised.
You heard of it?
Where Billy the Kid was shot,
wasn't it?
Main reason anyone know it.
I was there the night
it happened.
How's that?
I was just a boy.
I used to make what
money I could
doing chores for a fella
by the name of Peter Maxwell.
Same Peter Maxwell
put the Kid up for the night.
Same Peter Maxwell
tipped off Garrett
and his deputies, Poe
and McKinney,
the Kid was holed up there.
I was sweeping the stalls.
When I saw Garrett walk in
the house, I...
I don't think nothing of it.
But Billy wasn't in there.
Not then, leastways.
- Know how I know?
- How?
He was barefoot
in his shin sleeves,
cutting the meat off
a deer carcass
not 20 feet from where
I was working.
I saw him peer through
the barn door,
and he saw Poe and McKinney
on the porch there.
He stopped carving,
looked me dead in my eye.
He said, "Keep your head down,
you'll be all right."
So Billy went straight to
Maxwell's room,
realized pretty quick
it ain't just Maxwell in there.
He called out,
"Quien es? Quien es?"
'Cause Billy spoke Spanish
as good as a Mexican.
Pat's answer?
Two shots. One wide of the mark,
and the other one in the chest.
That was the end of
Billy the Kid.
And you seen it all.
I most certainly did.
Saw the Kid's body get
hauled off too,
wrapped in a bloody sheet.
Enough to teach me
that ain't no life for me.
I'd rather stop this crazy
than be part of it anyway.
If I knew all it took
was a good story
for you to cut me loose.
You well enough to stay upright
in the saddle?
- Not hardly.
- I want you out of here.
I suppose waiting till sunup
ain't an option?
If I was alone out here,
it'd be different.
Well, then, I guess I'm ready.
Take it.
I'll fetch your loot.
- Pa?
- Wyatt! Get down!
I-I think I'm all right.
Is... is he hit?
He just passed out.
Give me that.
I'm better with it
than you think.
Not until I teach you proper.
- I've taught myself
- Shush.
Now, where'd
you get to?
- He's under the house.
- Shh.
I hope you got
good enough with this.
God forbid it happens,
but shooting a man
is different than
hitting a target...
a line you can't
cross back over.
I know that.
You couldn't until
you've done it.
If he comes in here...
you pull that trigger.
Aim for the chest.
And keep firing
until you hit it.
Where you going?
Son of a bitch!
Where's the others? They close?
Go to hell.
I've been here
too often to let
a man of your caliber
overhaul my baggage.
Answer me, or it ends for
you right now.
Go to hell,
you bastard.
He was fixin' to kill us both.
I saw.
Probably here to watch
and got greedy.
The others will be coming.
First thing, we gotta get rid
of this body.
How we gonna do that?
We ain't.
I know it don't
feel like it.
You're lucky it just grazed ya.
If you know I found that gun,
you know I saw what's
in the back of that closet.
Who are you?
I'm who I am.
Aren't you always preaching
about being honest?
The truth will set you free?
I've never lied to you.
Isn't not telling me
the whole story
the same damn thing?
I've done things
I wish I could take back.
A long time before you.
Before your ma.
Things that
you got no business hearing.
How am I supposed to respect you
if you ain't respecting me?
I am respecting you.
And if you don't
understand that,
you ain't heard a
word I just said.
No, I heard it. I just
don't believe a bit of it.
Keep your head down.
Keep your head down.
You'll be all right.
You'll be all right.
- Morning
- Morning.
- Something I can help you with?
- I sure hope so.
Nice place you got here.
Peaceful. Quiet.
Bird hunting.
Nothing quite like the
flush of the bevy.
You must be quite the shot.
Do what I can.
I envy you.
I don't get to go out hunting
as much as I'd like
to these days.
Something I can help
you with, mister?
My daddy used to hunt pheasant.
It was always
my damn job to clean 'em.
Oh, cutting the skin on
the breast, peeling it back.
But over time, I
figured the best way
to get rid of their innards...
was to split the bird's back.
Get to 'em that way.
Is that what you find?
Look, I don't...
mean to be un-neighborly, but...
But get to the point? Sure.
I wanted to ask you a
couple questions about, uh,
your brother-in-law.
Well, what concern is
he of yours?
That's what I'm trying
to figure out.
You see, I got this
crazy idea...
there might be more to ol'
than meets the eye.
You supposed be some
kind of lawman or something?
Something like that.
Well, I think it's
time you left.
Well, we came here for
some answers.
We ain't leaving till I get 'em.
That so?
I should...
Now how the hell
we gonna pick his ass up?
Okay. Okay, thank you.
Oh, God. Okay.
I'm no good to travel. I'm not.
You take the boy,
you get out of here.
When Ketchum and his men arrive,
I'll hold them off as
long as I can.
- The hell with that!
- Wyatt.
We got guns.
You already killed one of
them barehanded.
Fill a pack. We're leaving.
I'm warning you.
He's back.
Leave the rest.
We can't just leave
him here to die.
I am damn sure not
gonna lose you
over something that
ain't our fight.
Your pa's right.
I am old enough to make
my own decisions,
whether you are ready
to accept that or not.
This is mine to finish.
Go on, now. I'll be all right.
Anybody home?
You gentlemen
need something?
We're here for our fugitive.
I told you yesterday
I ain't seen him.
My intuition tells
me that's not true.
I'll make it easy...
you hand him over,
we let you and the boy go free.
The other option is,
we take him.
And you and the boy die.
You take that deal.
I signed up for this,
you didn't.
See your horses
are already saddled.
You can just ride on
out of here.
You and I both know
we'll be dead
before we mount our horses.
'Fore this turns
into some kinda brigasee,
why don't me and you
settle this,
knuckle and skull.
You got a lot of fight
for a farmer.
That ain't the way
this plays out.
Bring him up!
Listen to me. What's
gonna happen
will happen quick.
I'll stall long as I can,
but I want you to sneak out back
and hole up at Roger's Mill...
...and wait for me there.
Only use this if you have to.
- Let me fight.
- I can't do this right
if I'm worried about
protecting you.
Just turn me over.
You don't, they're gonna
kill us all.
You and me both know
they're fixin' to do
that anyway.
And yet you expect me
to run out into sure gunfire?
Your boy's right.
Stay inside.
Stay away from the window.
You have to shoot,
aim for the chest, and...
Keep firing till I
hit something.
I've had
some suspicions
about who you are,
Henry McCarty.
I got to admit, that name
sticks in me like a thorn.
My curiosity was aroused.
I was hoping Al here
might shed some light.
He wouldn't say shit.
Even after my boys were...
what's the word?
Uh, emphatic in their question.
You probably
concluded I'm no sheriff.
Nor are these men my deputies.
Not a one of us had spent time
in Woods County
before a month ago.
What about you?
Where'd you come from?
Every place on earth but this.
So be it.
Last offer.
This tongue-tied piece of shit
for Sheriff Curry in there
and the money.
You get what you want.
I get what I want.
We go our separate ways
without blood spilled.
Not yours, not mine.
Not that boy of yours I
see surveilling
all this through that window.
If I wanted bloodshed,
I'd have busted in there guns
a-blazin' a long time ago.
I believe you know that.
You leave my brother-in-law
right where he is.
Turn and ride your asses
off my property.
You do that, and I'll
let you live.
You hear that, fellas?
Is that the talk of a
mild old sodbuster?
I think not.
That sounds like
something else altogether.
Anything you could tell me
might change the equation here?
Kiss my ass,
you long-winded son of a bitch.
You got a pair, I'll
give you that.
Last chance, Al.
You have no idea the hell storm
you fixin' to let loose.
Consider me properly warned.
Easy. Whoa.
Easy, fella.
Look at that.
I'd say she's done.
Ain't that a thing of beauty?
Get in!
You still with us?
Less of me.
Whoa. Whoa.
You dead yet?
I sure ain't.
I'm assuming the fact
I ain't seen
my man Duggan this morning
means he must have crossed
paths with you,
and things didn't go his way.
Seeing as how I just killed
your man Al here,
I'd say that squares us.
No more games.
You got one minute to come out.
You nearly got us both killed,
which is about all your
tears and rage
would have amounted to.
Now keep your damn head down.
You'll be all right.
Keep your head down,
you'll be all right.
Poe and McKinney were
on the porch.
Garrett went in the house.
Two shots... but he...
And you were
speaking Spanish to 'em.
But he didn't kill you.
He helped you escape.
You're him.
He's who?
Pa, what is he talking about?
Smart choice, friend.
What's he saying?
Don't you dare step outside.
You all right?
Wyatt. Fetch
a pail of water and some rags.
Go on.
You've certainly seen
better days.
I knew you had a familiar face.
I just couldn't place
it at first.
We'll get the doc.
First I gotta slow the bleed.
How you manage
to stay hidden all these years?
Let's get some of this
shirt off you.
I can use it to tie
off this leg.
Well, shit.
I wish you didn't see that.
It's just like I heard
you tell your boy before.
Ain't that I lied, I just never
told you the whole truth.
Was you law at all?
Sheriff of Woods County,
just like I said.
Me and my deputies,
we signed on with Ketchum
back in the spring.
We had to take their brand.
Done a few jobs with 'em.
But we figured out
they was planning
to gun us down on this last go.
So we tried to beat 'em
to the punch.
Took off, and they plugged me
from a distance.
They'd have hunted me
to the end of the earth.
I'm sorry I ended up here.
Last thing I wanted,
you wanna know the truth of it.
'Cause you were good to
me back then.
I could never square
you done the things they said.
Though I sure as hell
can believe it now.
I don't even remember you.
Well, why would you?
I was just a ranch hand.
Now I get to be the man
who killed Billy the Kid.
- You hold on, I'll get the doc.
- No.
It's a miracle I made
it this far.
Once this gets out...
you gonna hear some
things about me.
Some of it's true.
A lot of it ain't.
Fact is...
I don't even know
who or what I was anymore.
I don't believe
in redemption.
But a man can find some
kind of solace...
if he's got a boy like
you to raise.
The world is changing.
You go see it.
It's a place I don't belong in
no more.
I'm hoping...
you do.
Come on.