Older Gods (2023) Movie Script

[Dramatic Tribal
Drums Beat Loudly]
[drums fade away]
[wind blows]
[ominous low drone
music fades in]
[voicemail beep] Chris.
I'm out of time.
This is gonna be
my last message.
You have the package I sent
you and the address to bring it to.
I hope you get this
because, the rest is up to you.
[end beep]
Well, everything's
ready for your stay.
Where have you traveled from?
How was the journey?
Well, please leave it as
you find it and put the keys
in the post box when you go.
My number's in the visitor's book
if you need it but, try not to need it.
Do you get many
guests here these days?
Not these days.
[car engine starts
and drives away]
[door unlocks and
creaks as it opens]
[dark ominous
music starts to rise]
[footsteps on gravel]
[dark ominous music gets louder]
[Chris's heartbeat gets
louder along with the music]
[inaudible whispers]
[man chokes loudly
on plastic bag]
[music and heartbeat
gets louder and louder]
[boots loudly rub on gravel]
[Chriss scared breathing]
[music and heartbeat stops]
[Chris vomiting]
[phone buzzes]
Where the fuck are you, Chris?
I'm just sorting
a few things out.
Where are you?
I'll be back soon.
Karen said your
passport is missing.
That's all she knows
about where you are.
You've left Karen to just
deal with everything and
she's pregnant for God's sake.
I'll be back in a few days.
You're about to
have a kid, Chris.
Yeah, a few days.
That's it.
What about the faculty?
The staff don't
need babysitting.
That's why I hired them.
I know the news has hit
you hard, but Billy was sick.
Growing up in that house, it was
inevitable, but you can't be blamed.
We all stopped
listening to his nonsense.
I know you feel guilty that you
weren't there when he did what he did.
[inaudible mumbling]
[mysterious music fades in]
Where the fuck are you, Chris?
[fire crackles in background]
[computer drive starts up]
[from computer speakers] Chris
Thank you, for following
the breadcrumbs.
I knew you'd be the one to
find them, and probably the only
one that cared enough to look.
Now, listen to my voice.
My breathing is steady,
I sound fully conscious.
I am not
what you all think I am.
Since what happened to me
and my team, my rabbit hole
just got a little too deep.
Too deep for those
around me to follow.
I know by now you'll have
received calls about me.
And I know that you're hoping
what you've been told isn't true.
Especially as it's
now too late to ask me.
Where all this started,
long before our expedition was a
study on a psychological phenomenon
we called 'The Primordial Fear'.
The realization that the universe
is so vast and so infinite, that you
see how horrifically insignificant we
are in the grand scale of existence.
That inescapable thought becomes
a dangerous obsession for some
mentally vulnerable people.
If you really think on it being
so small, so unimportant.
What would be the
point of anything?
Why go to work?
Why procreate?
Why keep in contact
with loved ones?
Because it all makes
no difference to anything.
That thought literally sends
some people mad, usually leading
to a psych ward or suicide.
Unfortunately, it
tends to be the latter.
What this study led to and what
became our focus was a smaller
section of these people who actually
embraced this spiral into madness,
refusing to take
their own lives.
We found staggering consistencies
in accounts by people from all walks of
life, in different
corners of the globe.
Who all shared the same story,
almost word for word of what they
felt was an inarguable truth.
That, existence is an endless
dream of an ancient deity.
More omnipotent
and omnipresent than
Whoever we pray to,
who they call 'The Origin'.
Every one of these believers
also asked the same question,
the basis of their belief.
What if this entity awakes?
Would we blink out of existence or would
we join The Origin in its own reality?
Well, that's what
these people hope.
They hope to wake this sleeper and put
an end to a universe that ignores them.
No one can be
insignificant if no one exists.
I'm leaving you our
research into their accounts.
All I want you to do is
fact check our findings.
Then if you feel fit to pass it
on to the people who accuse
me of these, things, then.
Then I guess that's up to you.
But if you are here.
God, I hope you are.
Then you have the time,
to read, to listen, to witness.
If I'm being
honest, Chris that's,
that's all I want, uh, a witness
to prove I spent the end of my life
on something
tangible, something real.
If you can do this for
me, then we're square.
I release you from that guilt
you always felt, even though
none of it was ever your fault.
Do this for me, Chris.
I don't even know
where to start.
Jesus Billy.
What was I thinking?
Gods and followers.
[mysterious music fades away]
[rumbling noise fades in]
[deep voice speaks loudly
in unknown language]
[deep voice speaks loudly
in unknown language]
[deep voice speaks loudly
in unknown language]
[rumbling noise fades in]
[deep voice speaks loudly
in unknown language]
[music stops -
crickets chirp outside]
[concussive noise]
[car alarm outside]
I saw you!
[creature breathing]
[car alarm stops]
[heavy, scared breathing]
[phone buzzes]
[scary music rises]
[scary music stops
- leaving silence]
[relieved sigh]
[quiet laughter]
Well, that's how it
feels to shit yourself.
You couldn't have done it
in a beach hut in Hawaii?
You asshole.
[papers rustle]
[Ominous music rises]
[Creepy birds in background]
[Inaudible whispers]
Open the door, light
the way (repeated)
[Phone ringing]
Mrs Duffy?
It's Chris, Chris Rivers.
I was Billy's friend.
Yes Ma'am.
How are you?
I'm okay.
Um, how, how are...
Uh, you know, I heard about Billy
and I know that I should have, uh,
Yeah I'm,
I'm just, I'm so
sorry about Billy.
I just wanted to say that.
It's okay.
Hopefully wherever he
is, he's found some peace.
Something he didn't
have a lot of in his life.
You we're such a
brilliant influence.
Coming back to the UK was one of the worst
things we could have done looking back.
No, we, you know, we
understood why you left
and we were so proud of you.
It was so brave.
I appreciate that.
But whatever problems his father
was causing, it was unfair to pull William
back and forth across the world.
He was always unsettled.
He just didn't know
where home was.
Well, he knew it was
with you, Mrs Duffy.
You are a good friend, Chris.
I dunno, I didn't talk
to him for over a year.
I mean, I did try once, but I was,
uh, I was always too busy and
He wasn't easy to get a hold of.
And when you did catch him
well, his attention was elsewhere.
Well, that's why I'm
calling to be honest.
Um, I'm sorry to drag things up, but I
was wondering if you could tell me what
Billy was up to in
the last few months?
You know, what he was doing
and well, why he did what he did.
He had little time for chit
chat, but he seemed focused.
For the first time in a long time
after a project somewhere in...
Eastern Europe?
Czechoslovakia or...
Serbia or...
Yes, that's it!
When he came back, he'd become
obsessed with an area of countryside
we used to holiday at in the
summer. A cottage in Wales.
He asked me all these questions
about it and the woods nearby.
Endless questions about
those woods he used to play in.
I found out he actually stayed in that
cottage for months, walking across the
moors and into the
woods each day.
I thought it was a
peaceful way to live.
It seemed positive, unfortunately,
soon after the landlord
found him in the outhouse.
[Emotional music rises]
Mrs Duffy?
I'm sorry I wasn't there.
Neither of us were sweetheart.
And if we were, I doubt there
would've been much we could do.
I think he made that
decision a long time ago.
But, you are going to keep your
head up and if you need anything,
you're going to let me know.
Thank you.
I will.
And Chris?
Yes Ma'am.
Look after yourself, please.
Life isn't a rehearsal.
Don't waste it.
Yes Ma'am.
Bye Chris.
[Emotional music fades away]
[Haunting music replaces it]
[Cows mooing]
[through headphones] We started to focus all
our time searching for signs of these people
who talked about
this sleeping deity.
We looked wherever there were reports
of, shall we say, overindulgent murders.
Anything ritualistic with a
tell-tale signature left at the scene.
A circle within a circle.
We found, lots of them.
When caught, these people all
spoke the exact same doctrine.
Endlessly droning about
waking the one that sleeps.
They believe by
causing so much death,
chaos and fear their ancient God
would notice them, choose them due to the
sheer pleasure
that it would feel.
They say it feeds off suffering.
The 'chosen' are apparently sent doorways
of some kind to pass over to the other
side and join the very
thing they worship.
Frankly, these discoveries
were intoxicating.
Yes, these people are
psychologically damaged.
They were already bending in the wind and
'The Primordial Fear' finally broke them.
But, why do dozens of people
thousands of miles away from each other
all quote scripture written about
the same imaginary cosmic being.
We eventually spent all
our time tracking them.
If you look through our
findings, you'd see that
we'd found sites, caves, sewers,
woods. Out of the way places
to perform their, depravities.
Even here, we found them here.
[Loud choking]
[Loud choking]
[Dead bird hits floor]
[Chris' scared breathing]
[Dead bird hits floor]
[Ominous music rises]
[Dead birds hitting floor]
[Footsteps running]
[Out of breath gasping]
That's close enough pal.
[Phone ringing]
Call Handler 1:
Emergency. Which service?
Call Handler 2: Police,
what is your emergency?
Hello. I'm staying a Bryn Nos
cottage in the valley, and there's a,
there's a man
trying to break in.
He broke in last night too and
uh and he, he looks dangerous.
Call Handler 2:
Where is this man now?
And he's standing
right outside my window.
Call Handler 2: Sir, I need
you to stay calm, someone...
[Phoneline goes dead]
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
[Scared breathing]
[Footsteps running upstairs]
with Jason Vanderberg, 8th of April, 2019
in Pretoria, South Africa.
Recorded after he murdered his
wife and child. He was the first person
that talked to The Origin that
we were able to meet face to face.
The interview resulted in the death
of my associate Gurdeep Singh.
Are you burdened
with religion Mr Duffy?
Sunday School, as a child.
I tried to be a believer.
Every Sunday I sat
there and listened.
Something to help me find courage
in the torment, that consumes me.
Do you know why he doesn't
answer our prayers Mr Duffy?
He's scared.
Of waking something
far older than him.
He knows that by helping
us, IT would notice him.
You see, your God
is a fucking coward.
IT answers me when I call.
IT listens, it tells
me when it wakes.
I will be rewarded for my devotion
and when it makes this world drown,
I won't offer my hand
to save any of you.
And all that you
love, will sink with you!
[Sound of fighting]
Let him go! Guards! Guards!
[Knock on door]
What do you want?
Police officer: Police. There's
been a report of a break in?
He's messing with me. Two
days in a row now he's broken in.
He's left things, taken things.
I don't know what to do.
He means me
harm, that's for sure.
Seems like he's
playing with his food.
Police officer: Okay.
If you see him
again, give us a call.
I was close by when they called
it in, but we might not be so fast to
respond next time.
You don't feel safe?
Maybe it's time to move on.
Yeah, I'm here for a
couple more days, so...
Police officer: If I was being stalked,
alone on holiday, I'll be back home
faster than a ferret
up a drain pipe.
Do you know who he is?
Police officer: If I knew
that, I'd be speaking with him.
Can I see your actual I.D?
Not just your uniform?
Police officer: Have
a good evening, sir.
[Inaudible whispers]
Woman: Open the door,
light the way (repeated)
Our path led to
Perusica, Bosnia.
Several of the ones we
tracked made their way there.
A team of seven headed
out in the expedition.
My team had grown since
the executive branch of our
increased our funding.
They were fascinated by the
consistencies in our reports.
We showed them the roadmap
of atrocities making its way to the
Balkans from
different continents.
People leaving their
signature circle within a circle at
every horror filled site.
We spent months looking across the Bosnian
South, but we couldn't find anything.
For the entire winter there
were no related incidents.
We couldn't work out why.
Eventually, we had to head home.
With a lack of available plane
tickets during the holidays,
we decided to drive back.
But uh, at every town we stopped to
sleep we woke to stories of nightmares.
As we moved from country to country
local police would find blood soaked
sacrifices in woodland or, abandoned
buildings near wherever we stayed.
We realised, we'd
walked into their trap.
They were tracking us.
Where we moved, they did too,
leaving destruction behind them.
We couldn't go home, we
couldn't risk our families.
The authorities logically decided it
didn't look good for us, moving along
the same bloody
trail across Europe.
That's when the accusations
against us started.
So when we reached the UK, my team
started to hand themselves in one by one.
Each one that did was found dead
just days later, along with their families.
Each bearing the
circle within a circle.
Eventually, only my assistant
Paula and I remained together.
I remembered a place in Wales
my family used to holiday at.
An old cottage
far from anywhere.
If they followed us there, there'd
be limited collateral damage.
It didn't take long
for them to find us.
Deep in the woods we, came across
them in the middle of one of their rituals.
They had a man tied
up as they cut his skin.
Dozens of them just stood
there in the dark watching.
The most unsettling part wasn't
that they were opening him up, but
that he seemed to enjoy it.
He wanted it.
Their leader just stood
there in the dark watching.
Seeing it, Paula
couldn't help but scream.
They chased us for
hours through the woods.
All of them.
I got separated from her.
I, I couldn't find
her. I didn't find her.
Months later, Paula
turned up at a hospital.
She just walked right
up to the front door.
But she wasn't her anymore.
Almost feral, covered in strange
scars, but, but she was alive.
I do thank someone
up there for that.
But they kept following me.
I see the watcher outside
every day in black taunting me.
I refuse to let them
push me into madness.
But I'm not sure how
long I'm gonna last.
Where are you?
[Deep voice speaks
loudly in unknown language]
[Deep voice speaks
loudly in unknown language]
[Deep voice speaks
loudly in unknown language]
[Deep voice speaks
loudly in unknown language]
[Wind blowing]
[Bang upstairs]
[Guttural noises]
[Choking noises]
[Phone buzzing]
Chris? How can
you do this to me?
I had no idea if you
were alive or dead.
How could you just
take off like that?
No, I know, I know. I'm sorry.
You know the call about
Billy, it just, uh, it broke me.
I had to, I had to
see what happened.
Why didn't you talk to me?
We are a team.
You don't just run away to
wherever you are without a word.
But I'm coming home today.
You know, I'm done.
I just wanted to help Billy's family
work something out and you know, I
just needed to know
what happened.
He was sick, Chris.
I don't think he
was, not anymore.
I'm sorry about your
friend. I really am.
But he's gone now.
Your family is right here.
We need you.
The baby will be
here in a few weeks.
What if he comes early?
Yeah, you're right. I
know, I know. You're right.
I'm gonna get
the first flight back.
Okay? I promise.
You promise?
I swear, I really miss you.
And bump.
Then get home to us you asshole.
Yes Ma'am.
Now move your ass
Rivers. We're waiting.
And keep that damn phone on.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Was it you?
Did you make him do it?
You stay away from me.
You understand?
[Keys landing]
[TV] Paula, can you hear me?
Is that actually you?
It's me.
No it can't be true
he's still in there.
It's me, Paula. It's William.
He liked the loudest music.
Too loud, too angry for
somebody who's never angry.
I liked Billy.
I always like you too.
And it wasn't his fault.
I wanted to go with him.
Change our lives, he said.
Change the world, maybe.
I did say that.
And he kept his promise.
Everything did change.
I'm sorry about what
happened to you.
It happened to him too.
There are fingers pointing
at us now, accusing us of
what happened to our friends.
I have to try and find more proof
and hopefully some hope for both of us.
Hope, is nothing more than a shimmer on
the horizon, and no matter how many steps
you take, it is out
of reach both of us.
Stop chasing the shimmer.
[frantic commotion]
Paula! Paula! Please!
[Paula gasping for breath]
Why are you showing me this?
Haven't you worked it out yet?
You will.
[Dramatic organ music
kicks in and gets faster]
[VOICEOVER] But if you are
here, then you have the time.
To, witness.
If I'm being honest Chris, that's all I want.
A witness to prove I spent the end of my life
on something
tangible, something real.
If you can do this for
me, then we're square.
I, release you from the guilt
you always felt, even though
none of it was ever your fault.
Do this for me Chris.
[Inaudible whispers]
Walker 2: Open the door,
light the way. (repeated)
[from the shadows] The Watcher:
Do you know what they are?
They are doorways.
To where?
Redemption, forgiveness.
How can any of us spare the
weight of the guilt we carry?
All that pain, all that guilt.
She will help you wash it away.
Like all doors, they
are there to be opened.
You hold the key in your hand.
Open her up.
Open her up.
Open her up.
Walkers: Open the door,
light the way. (repeated)
Open them up!
Open them up!
[shouting] Open them up!
[shouting] Open them up!
[Menacing laugh]
[Knife drops on ground]
[Exhausted breathing]
[Knock on door]
Why are you doing this to me?
We're trying to save
you, Christopher.
From what?
From yourself.
From those dark thoughts
you have when you want to rid
yourself of the
shame, the guilt.
That guilt, that guilt is
what keeps me going.
That is a lie.
It is the weight
that drowns you.
Open a doorway and be blessed.
They are outside waiting.
What will happen if I do?
Each open door
provides a little light into
the darkness of the other side.
The more doorways we open, the more light
seeps in until we eventually awaken, IT.
You see IT wants to wake
and it bestows blessings upon
those that provide more light.
Blessings that can wash away
the stench of shame that follows you.
How do you even know who I am?
You know how.
Ah, Billy.
You fucking killed him.
You fucking lynched him.
No, he's one of the
chosen, one of us.
No, that's a fucking lie.
He was tracking you people
to reveal you, to stop you.
Was he?
Did he ever say he
wanted to stop us?
He was wounded, broken from
a tortured life he didn't deserve.
He saw what we became full
of purpose, unburdened by the
weight of our former lives.
He saw us as his salvation.
And unlike all of you.
We would never abandon him.
No, I always looked out for him.
I've still got the scars from standing
between him and his piece of shit father.
I always looked out for him.
I showed him a normal life. I was
the one who tried to keep in touch.
Billy's the one who stopped
any effort to talk to me.
I was his oldest friend.
His only friend.
Ah, so this is about you.
We would never resent him
for the life he wanted to lead.
Of course I fucking resent him.
Why wouldn't he ask me for help?
Or his mother or anyone?
Why didn't he talk to me instead of
going some fucking goose chase looking
for answers from
nut jobs like you?
He should have talked to me.
I would've been there for him.
All I ever wanted was to make sure he
was safe, to make sure he was happy,
and it's fucking
selfish what he did.
Not a thought for the people that
loved him, not thinking of the devastation
it would leave behind for his
loved ones, a single phone call, and I
would've fucking
been there for him.
You fucking understand that?
I would've been there for him.
Not you.
Not you.
Who is the selfish
one now Christopher?
Billy called and called.
Hey! Hey, hey hey No!
Okay, now that was just
to tell us his crazy stories.
No, that was not to tell
us the pain he was in.
And why do you think he
needed to tell you these stories?
The sound of your voice would've
soothed that pain you talk of.
Instead, you ignored him.
Provide an offering, open a doorway
and be blessed, or continue with
being a selfish, spiteful creature
and drown with the rest of them.
Walker: Open the door,
light the way. (repeated)
[SHOUTING] Open the
door, light the way! (repeating)
There is another way it
notices you, of course.
Defiance, rejection of its blessings,
that will anger it more than you know.
Be very careful, Christopher.
When you notice an anthill, you
do not take umbrage with one ant.
You step on the whole hill.
Do you understand?
If you reject this gift we offer
you, our disappointment will
not only be shown to yourself.
But to your friends, your family,
Billy's family, his mother, your
whore wife, your unborn child.
Reject us and you'll
drown in their blood.
Choose wisely Christopher.
Wisdom was never my strong suit.
How can you do this?
You piece of shit.
Are you crazy?
I can't believe you would talk
like that about me, about your child.
I don't know if you are drunk or
you've just gone fucking nuts, but good.
I don't ever wanna
see you again either.
Our child is better
off without you.
Both of us are.
[PHONE RECORDING] Next message
Chris, what is wrong with you?
I've just talked
to Dean Forsett.
He's firing you!
Why would you say those things to
someone that's been so supportive of you?
And now you haven't got the
guts to answer the phone to me.
Wherever you are,
stay in your hole.
And rot!
[Whispers] Open the
door, light the way.
the door, light the way.
[Deep voice speaks
loudly in unknown language]
[Rain drops]
[Whisper] He's awake
[Whisper] Chosen
[Whisper] Blessed
[Multiple whispers]
[Whisper] The light
awakes. It sees.
Did you see?
[Whisper] He saw
It sees you as we do.
You're one of us now.
Do you see?
What's happening to me?
The door was opened.
It sees you, now.
In turn it helps you see.
What am I seeing?
Blessings, connection,
and foresight.
What is and what will be.
No! I won't.
Where are you
going, Christopher?
Hmm, This is becoming tiresome.
Get away from me.
I'm afraid that's not
an option anymore.
We are linked, all of us.
Careful, Christopher.
We will not take
rejection again.
That coward.
He refused his blessings.
He didn't deserve
what he was offered.
He thought he
could put up a fight.
Thought he could refuse
us, trying to keep us away.
But he knew he
couldn't resist forever.
Unfortunately, he found
defiance a little too late in life.
Eventually, our
disappointment shone through.
We left him in the outhouse.
Good for you Billy.
He was weak.
That's not what I hear.
The little piggie strung
up the big bad wolf.
He was a coward.
We're only brave
when we're scared.
He stood up to you.
Fucking yes Billy.
An evil empire defied by the
guy always picked last at school.
This is about you.
You are going to obey or your wife will
take your place, and how we will make
her suffer along the
baby inside of her.
What were the options again?
Submit, become one or
your family is going to die.
Yeah, well, A and B
are endearing options.
I choose option C.
Where are we?
I don't know.
But I know I'm safe here,
somehow, and after everything that's,
that's good enough for me.
You shouldn't be here.
I think I cheated them.
They don't like that.
You did the same as me?
I think I zigged when
I should have zagged.
I can't quite remember.
They told me you
were one of them.
Their lies trying to make
you see what isn't there.
They told me you
fought some of them off.
Well, turns out I am pretty
formidable when I get pushed.
I think I created this place,
to have somewhere protected.
From them.
Are you okay?
I fade every day.
I forget more, but
that's okay.
It's my time.
My terms.
Can I stay with you?
Hey, no, no. It's not your time.
Besides, you have
a son to meet first.
A son?
We didn't even know yet.
You'll be a good father, Chris.
I dunno.
How do even know that?
Because, you always
looked after me.
This guilt, you're running from.
It just means you care.
You don't need it anymore.
You were more than I was and
you need to realise that's okay.
Swimming in your wake,
it just made me a
stronger swimmer.
You stopped me from sinking.
You big wimp. (laughs)
Hey! I am terrifying.
So what happens now?
It's clear.
Is it?
Emergency Resonder:
Can you hear me?
Sir? Can you hear me?
We're gonna lose him if
we don't move him right now!
Are you ready? Lets
go, lets go, lets go!
Police officer: Mr Rivers?
Take it easy, take
it easy. It's Okay.
How? How am I here?
Police Officer: I came back to the cottage to
see how you're getting on, and I found your hire
car still there and a pool of blood in the
field with no body, I assumed not great.
You're lucky to be here, Chris.
Now, can you remember anything
at all about what happened to you?
We'll discuss this when
you're all healed up. Okay?
If there is any sign of wrong doing,
I'll have to look into that I'm afraid.
But for now, I believe
someone wants to talk to you.
[Phone ringing]
It's me, baby.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me, Karen.
I know. It's okay, It's okay.
They told me what
someone had done to you.
All I care about now
is if you're all right.
I haven't slept.
I've been pacing, staring at my
phone for hours while you've been out.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Don't you worry about that now,
we are going to get you on your feet.
We're gonna bring
you home to your family.
I'm going to look after you.
They say they will tell me when
you're back on your feet so...
I can get you a ticket home.
Chris v/o: There's too much
we don't know about what lives in
the darkness outside our doors.
We sit ignorant in the
comfort of our mundane lives.
[Thud on floor]
Safe in the knowledge that we can
comprehend every possible danger.
But, for those of you who
ignore that friend with the crazy
stories about the end of the
world. Maybe, just maybe...
you should listen.
Music Illuminate
by Gerald Buckfield
[Music] Instrumental
I stumble home, by the shore, illuminate
my life like you never did before.
Like you never did before.
You waste my time, but I want more, I still
chase but I should have learnt before.
I should have learnt before.
I start again, on my own, relieve
me of my problems when I was alone,
I should have
stayed at home.
I stopped trying when you made me worse.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when I put you first.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when you made me worse.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when I put you first.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
(Epic Guitar Solo)
I stopped trying when you made me worse.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when I put you first.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when you made me worse.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
I stopped trying when I put you first.
(Im trying, Im trying, Im trying)
Song End
Man: Open the
door... Light the way.