Oma the Demonic (2022) Movie Script

Come in. The items in this room
will fascinate you.
We'll be in trouble
if the host finds out.
Don't worry, honey.
They will never know.
I am an expert on this.
All right.
You are so beautiful
wearing this crown.
What do you think?
This house is great, isn't it?
I'd like to stay here, Kevin.
Your dream will come true, Salwa.
You will live in this house.
I have it with me.
The notebook and
the reference books are with me.
Yes, Teacher Luna.
See you later. Goodbye.
Grandma Ana.
"Come back."
"Come back."
Please submit
today's practical report...
by the end of next week.
Thank you, Sir.
Who are you?
Help me!
Who are you?
Who are you?
Come home.
- Lun, where are you?
I am here.
- Lun!
What's wrong with you?
A woman just called my name.
She asked me to come back.
And she asked for help.
Suddenly I was in front
of grandma's house.
Do not frighten me, Viona.
You better help me.
This report is not yet ready.
Come on.
Vi, you really
don't want to tell me?
I'm your friend.
I want to know what happened.
I don't know, Lun.
I've been having glimpses
of grandma's house lately.
As if I was called to come back.
Come back?
What do you mean by come back?
Vi, you've been talking
about grandma ever since.
Whose grandmother?
My grandma.
Mother to my mom.
When I was a little,
I lived with my grandma.
Since coming to Jakarta...
my mother has
never mentioned grandma...
or visited her at her house.
The last time I heard
my grandma was sick.
My grandfather died shortly after
my grandma gave birth to my mother.
That's all.
You've never
been there since then?
My mother said nothing everytime
I asked her to take me there.
That's fine.
You should visit your grandma on
your own if you know the address.
That's my plan.
I have the address.
Should I go now?
Are you serious?
Can't you wait?
It's not that far.
Only three or four hours
from Jakarta.
Come on.
Tomorrow is the weekend.
And we have completed
all assignments.
Wait a minute.
Let me think first.
One, two, three.
My love!
Let me tell you
something right away.
I'm giving you and ultimatum.
Do you want to follow me and send
Viona to find her grandmother...
or do you want
to call it quits between us?
Honey, next time
give me a harder choice.
If I had to choose,
it's obvious that I'd go with you.
Thank you.
But let me take my bag.
All right.
- Wait for me.
Don't be late.
I'm going to miss you.
It disgusts me to see you two.
I'll wait in the car.
What's wrong with you?
Why, Vi?
Let's go now.
Come on.
You drive the car.
Hurry up, Vi.
Where are we, Vi?
I don't even know.
My map didn't work
when I got here.
You're right.
Mine too.
- Strange, right?
Yeah, mine too.
Let's pull over.
I'm going to ask that man.
Excuse me, may I use this route
to Forbidden Village?
Forbidden Village?
- Yes.
This route will take you
a long way.
You'd better turn right
at the intersection there.
It will be a lot closer.
But can I continue on this route?
Yes, if you insist.
However, do not take
the route at night.
It's dangerous.
Thank you.
- You are welcome.
Come on.
It's getting dark.
Remember what
he warned us about, Vi.
It's getting dark.
We can't use the route at night.
You have to drive fast
but please be careful.
All right.
What's wrong with you?
- What happen?
I saw the woman
at the lab earlier.
The woman at the lab?
Where is she?
I can see no one.
It's just your imagination.
- She was here.
Viona, maybe you bumped
into an ethereal creature.
You'd better crush it all the way.
Really, I saw someone.
I'm not seeing
any ethereal creatures.
All right then.
You have to be careful.
Be careful?
Don't you remember
telling me to drive fast?
Yes, I asked you to drive fast,
but not to crash into anything.
How's the car?
I think we'll have to walk
the rest of the way.
The radiator broke.
What's wrong?
Look at that.
What is it?
What is it?
There is nothing there.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Come on.
It's getting dark.
Maybe you are tired.
Come on.
I think we are close.
Let's ask him.
- Mister!
- Mister!
We have to find the way
on our own.
This is it.
This is the house.
Are you sure?
- Yes.
I still remember this house.
There is a bell.
But no one answered.
I don't think anyone
is in the house.
Let's try open the gate.
- Can it be opened?
Be careful, dear.
Grandma Ana.
Grandma, I...
I know.
You are Viona, my granddaughter.
I have been waiting for you
for a long time.
Come on.
I have something for you.
Wait for a while.
What are you doing?
Come in.
It's just the wind.
This is it.
When you were little,
you loved to eat this.
Is that true?
If I fed you...
you can't stop eating it.
I miss you so much.
I have been waiting for...
my granddaughter
for a long time.
I'm sorry, grandma.
I should pay you more visits.
Do not be shy.
All right.
They are my friends,
Luna and Jeff.
I'm Jeff.
I'm Luna.
Try it. It's very delicious.
I'm not lying. Try it.
Why can't I turn on my phone?
You can't turn your phone on too?
Why don't you turn on the light?
Why are you using kerosene lamp?
The light cannot be turned on.
Oh my God.
Since when?
Didn't you ask for help
changing the light bulb...
or do you not have
a replacement bulb?
Do you want me to find it?
Where can I buy it here?
It's not about the bulb.
This house has been
without power for a long time.
Why didn't you call my mom?
I can come here to help you.
It's okay.
I don't need it.
I am old now.
I don't require
the world any longer.
I'm sorry, grandma...
for not caring enough about you.
Don't be sad.
My granddaughter can't be sad.
Don't cry.
Remember what I used to say?
You will be much more lovely
if you laugh.
But if you cry,
you will look awful.
But I'm a big girl now.
I'm still lovely even
I'm crying.
If you're a big girl then...
let's follow me to the kitchen.
Let's boil water
to make hot tea.
Jeff, you can stay here.
All right, grandma.
Vi, your grandma
is really smart.
When I am old,
can I be like her?
You know the answer.
- I know.
- No.
You are very clever!
Look at that chair.
That is grandma's rocking chair.
She used to read books there
until she fell asleep.
Do not forget.
The water is boiling.
If you wish to drink,
you can do it on your own.
I'm going to my room now.
All right, grandma.
Come on.
Are you okay?
We are fine. Why?
I heard a voice
while I was at the front.
What voice?
Perhaps I misheard something.
I want to get a drink.
Are you okay?
It's okay.
Are you and Jeff fighting?
I don't know, Vi.
I have no problem with Jeff.
When I came in,
I saw your grandmother.
All of a sudden, Jeff stood
in front of me and choking me.
I think he is possessed.
Please, Lun.
Do not start it again.
I think he had a seizure.
Seizures you say?
Vi, I know Jeff.
He has no seizures.
After all...
you won't choke other persons
due to seizures.
In fact...
I think this house
is the reason.
There is a strong
mystical vibe to this house.
Luna, can you stop talking
about the mystical world?
You are educated.
You should know that mysticism
is simply an outdated way...
of explaining something
they don't comprehend.
If you keep going like this,
you will look like a fool...
who can't tell the difference
between reality and illusion.
Like a person whose brain
has been damaged...
due to drugs.
Forgive me.
Forgive me. I am sorry.
I shouldn't say that.
I swear, I didn't mean anything.
I just want to calm you down.
I don't want you
to get sick again...
and have cramps.
Forgive me.
Forgive me.
You know, right?
I'm taking neurology course
because of you.
Because I want to heal you.
I know.
You are the best friend
I have ever had.
You're always by my side.
You were constantly with me when
my mother didn't care about me.
I am very lucky
to have a friend like you.
Forgive me.
Forgive me
if I'm a burden to you.
Not at all.
Being friends with you
has never been a burden for me.
Forgive me.
He is resting.
Do not disturb him.
Why, grandma?
- Nothing, I'm fine.
No, you're not.
Let me take you to your room.
Can you go alone, Vi?
- Yes.
You should spend the night here.
It's late now.
Jeff still hasn't recovered.
I still miss you.
I wants you to stay here
for a long time.
All right.
My friends and I will spend
the night here.
Go sleep to your room.
Why are there boards covering
every window and door?
You can't open it.
This place is full of bad people.
I nail every door
and window shut...
so no one can get in.
So that people think
this house is empty.
May I use your phone?
For what?
- I couldn't turn on my phone.
Jeff's phone and his tablet too.
Give me your phone.
- My phone is off.
Since we were at the bridge.
I think it ran out of battery.
I don't think so.
Then what is the reason?
Stop overthinking about it.
Let's sleep.
Come on.
This used to be
my mother's room.
I'm sure Annika
and I used to sleep here.
I wish I could be
a child again sometimes.
There's nothing much to worry.
You don't have a photo of
yourself with your father, Vi?
My father died when
my mother gave birth to Annika.
That's why my mom decided
to moved to Jakarta...
and forget the memories
with my father and this house.
I admire my mother.
She raised us and sent us
to school without my father.
You should be like your mom.
Your mother is a strong woman.
I am very impressed.
You're wrong.
But why?
There's one thing
I've never told anyone.
My mother once said...
that my grandma was
treated in a mental hospital.
My grandfather passed away...
shortly after my grandma
gave birth to my mother.
When Annika was born...
my father died too.
A few years ago...
my mother is being treated
in a mental hospital...
because she wanted to kill
her boss for no reason.
I'm scared.
I guess I'm just
biding my time...
to experience the same thing.
Now I understand...
why you have never believed
in mystical things.
You have to be patient.
Annika, Viona!
Mom, I want to go for a moment.
- Where are you going?
I want to return the book.
My friend is waiting at the gate.
Where is your sister?
Perhaps she hasn't returned yet.
Lun, sorry that we had
to spend the night here.
It's okay.
I just don't know how
to explain it to my mom.
Me too.
I admire your grandmother.
She is old.
But she can still look after
herself and this big house.
That's why I feel so guilty.
My mother used to tell me...
she has been working
since she was young...
because my father died.
I'm sure grandma helped my mother
in caring for me and Annika.
But now I don't even know
that she is sick.
I'm scared, Vi.
I worry that she is keeping
her illness a secret from us.
Perhaps you were called
to come here because she is ill...
and the house is in poor shape.
I think the same thing.
But Vi...
I don't understand
what happened with Jeff.
I became more and
more afraid to face him.
Vi, I'm talking to you!
Are you sleeping?
Come with me to get a drink.
I'm parched.
I'm sleepy.
Go get it yourself.
Jeff, help me!
Just now...
What's wrong with you?
Jeff is in my dream!
It's okay, it's just a dream.
Don't get out of here.
- Grandma!
- Take her to her room.
Actually, what's wrong with you?
Have you seen a doctor?
Okay then.
You should rest.
Do not leave this house.
There are many
bad people out there.
Now I'm even more terrified.
Lun, we need
to find Jeff immediately.
I should get out of this house
and get grandma's medicine.
All right.
I'll come with you.
I don't want to be here alone.
I'm afraid.
I'll come with you.
Lun, I need you
to look after my grandma.
Please, Vi. I'm scared.
Don't go, Vi.
Let's have a look.
Maybe someone needs help.
Don't, Vi.
Maybe this is just a trap.
We have to look.
- Vi!
Maybe someone needs help.
There is someone crying.
Anyone up there?
Anyone up there?
Vi, we better get down.
Vi, come on.
Someone is crying inside.
Who's inside?
Don't, Vi. We better get down.
We need to know
why she is crying.
Who's there?
Help me!
Vi, help me!
What did I say?
I said this house is haunted.
Now we must get out of here.
Sorry, Lun.
I hope we will find Jeff outside.
Let's go now.
Make her go, Vi.
This gate is open!
The bell is on the ground.
This is a bad sign.
Calm down.
Hold me.
What's that?
Guys, there's a big problem!
What is it?
The bell at the old house
is on the ground.
Tell the others.
I'm going to inform the shaman.
Peace be upon you.
- Peace be upon you too.
Rahim, please tell the others.
I will do the same.
Wait, Vi.
I'm tired.
Jeff is gone.
Now we have to go
to a place we don't know.
This is great.
- Luna, we have no choice.
My grandma can't help us.
We must now be certain
of our decision.
Let's look for help.
I really don't know what to do.
This village is
like a ghost village.
There are no occupants.
I think we should knock on
one of the houses around here.
We ask for help
and spend the night there.
Hello, anyone home?
Hello, anyone home?
It seems that the locals are not
used to being visited by strangers.
They should not treat us
this way. We are women.
They show absolutely no mercy.
Not everyone thinks like you.
Hello, anyone home?
Let's try another house.
Where is she now?
All right.
Thank you.
Are you sure the bell fell?
That's dangerous.
It's true.
I saw it with my own eyes.
The gate is wide open!
Look at that.
What did I tell you?
It's there.
Now sprinkle this...
at every corner.
I'm going to fix the bell.
- Okay.
Slow down, Vi.
It's slippery.
Do you remember?
We walked across this bridge.
We just came out from the car.
Do you remember?
I do, Lun.
So, we are getting near
to the car.
How about we sleep
in the car tonight?
Come on.
- Vi.
Why? Come on.
- What?
- My car!
There has been an accident
on Jalan Cijulang...
and three people were killed.
"Thanks for the information."
"Please secure the location."
"Take the victims
to the nearest hospital."
The victims will be taken
to the nearest hospital.
What a pity.
Sir, when did
this accident happen?
This afternoon, ma'am.
All died?
How many people died?
The victims have been lifted
from the gorge.
Now their identity
are being identified.
"Secure the location.
And put the police line."
The accident happened
during the day.
All victims have been located
and are being evacuated.
We have died.
I don't want to die.
Vi, I don't want to die.
I don't want to die, Vi.
We're dead, Vi.
We are dead!
I've been waiting for you
for a long time.
Mom, let's sleep.
Hold on.
Come on.
Vi, your eyes.
My eyes, Lun!
Your eyes.
Mom, let's sleep.
It's late, mom.
Mom, Viona is gone.
Let's sleep.