Omar (2013) Movie Script

Where's Tarek?
How did you get here?
I took the noon flight,
the morning one was full.
- Over the Qalandia wall.
- Business or economy?
Economy, it was a nightmare!
Go play outside. And you, study.
- Why didn't you take the El Ram wall?
- Too crowded.
You only get coffee if you do Brando.
- Can't we skip that?
- Nope.
- Come on.
- Nope.
Come on!
OK, there you go.
- Do you want Brando in French?
- That's OK.
Come on, drink up, let's go.
- I want to come.
- Where to?
You talk too much. Go inside.
Inside, I said!
We're ready, guys.
I'll inform the brigades.
Take a breath...
look in his eyes,
take his gun, and flip him!
Go buy a new pack.
Am I alone? You go.
- You've turned rebel now?
- What's with you?
I have seven sisters,
not one of them is married.
I have to feed them all.
Don't get me wrong.
They're nice, God bless them.
But not one of them is pretty.
- How come you never tell jokes?
- Forget it, I can't do jokes.
One joke, please.
- we promise we won't laugh.
- I really can't, I swear.
For my sake, and Omar's.
- OK, for you.
- Not for Omar?
Only for you.
OK. So a guy goes to buy cigarettes.
The seller gives him a pack,
and the guy reads it...
It says, "Smoking harms
men's sexual performance."
So he says, "Give me
the one with cancer instead".
Sexual performance, man!
I hit the first one in the stomach,
the second in the head with my elbow,
and the third I punched in the face!
His teeth tore open my knuckles!
The gashes were so deep
you could've planted onions in them.
May all my sisters become monkeys
if I'm exaggerating at all.
Do you love Nadia?
You want me dead?
I'm crazy about her. Head over heels.
I don't know what to do.
Then shut up.
If Tarek hears... he'll flip.
She's madly in love with me, too.
But I'm not going to act on it.
- Swear on your sisters' beauty.
- Fuck you.
I have love letters to prove it.
What are you doing here?
Do you love me?
Is there someone else?
What's with you?
Who else would there be?
You mean Brad Pitt!
Actually, I came to give you this.
Come see me tomorrow after school.
I'll be alone.
Nadia. Nadia!
I miss you already.
Stop! Stop where you are!
Stop where you are!
Hands on your head! Don't move!
Lift your shirt
and turn around slowly.
Hands on your head!
Come here!
Halt, halt.
- where are you going?
- Work.
Where have you been?
- The casino.
- We have a clown here.
Your ID.
- Where have you been?
- My girlfriend's.
Ah, lover boy!
What's this?
She scratched you?
Turn around. Turn around.
See the stone over there?
Go and stand on it.
On the stone, I said.
Is this comedy not over yet?
If you're men,
lose the weapons and fight me.
Stay there!
See the stone over there?
Go stand on it,
but this time on one leg.
- Here.
- Thanks.
- Take care.
- You too.
why tonight?
Every day we wait
is another day of occupation.
What happened to your nose?
I fell off a bike.
Maybe he was right to replace
Diarra with Karim Benzema.
But taking Marcelo out of the game
was a huge mistake.
I still don't get how he became coach
when he was just the team translator.
- You're so silly.
- Watch it!
Pass the salt.
Take a deep breath, aim and shoot.
Can you do it instead?
We discussed this.
Omar stole the car,
I planned it, you shoot.
- I can do it.
- No. This isn't a game.
You can't become a freedom fighter
by watching.
Does it fit well?
- Where is Tarek?
- Where is Tarek?
You're still so serious?
- Soon.
- Every week, you say the same thing.
This time it's different.
I decided I'll talk to Tarek today.
Where will you take me
on honeymoon?
- Mozambique?
- Why not Bangladesh?
They have enough disasters,
they don't need a new one.
Be serious!
Now you want me to be serious?
I thought school meant no honeymoon.
What's school got to do with it?
OK, how about...
- Paris, then?
- I've never been to Paris.
Have you ever been outside this hole?
- To Hebron...
- well, that's like Paris.
Have you ever been
outside this hole?
I don't need to, I have you.
- Are you making fun of me?
- Never.
I loved your last letter.
The story of the cripple. Is it true?
Half true.
It doesn't matter.
I loved it. It's so sad.
You used to write cheerful stories.
Did I make your life miserable?
You've got an eyelash.
Know how they catch monkeys
in Africa?
Hunters throw out sugar cubes
so the monkeys get addicted.
Then they dig narrow holes,
and put in lumps of sugar.
Monkey comes along,
smells the sugar, sticks his hand in.
But the hole's so small
that when he makes a fist,
he can't pull it back out
without dropping the sugar.
So the hunters are getting closer,
and the monkey sees them coming.
They throw their nets, and the damn
monkey still won't drop the sugar.
What do they want the monkeys for?
They give them
scholarships to Sweden.
You're an idiot.
How would I know
what they want them for?
- Tarek...
- Yes?
- what?
- This bread is stale.
Not fresh from the oven
like you're used to.
- I'm thinking about settling down.
- where did you get the money from?
I've been saving up to build a house.
Undercover agents!
Who was with you?
Who was with you?
Who shot the soldier?
Who was with you?
Who shot the soldier?
Who shot the soldier?
Who was with you?
Your nose...
I can't hear you.
I can't hear you.
Wipe your nose.
Me too.
They will free me soon,
they have no evidence.
Just hold on and we'll be together.
Ehab El Abdallah, Hamas.
Who are you with, what group?
Peace be upon you.
Hassan Ismail, al-Aqsa Brigades.
Where are you from?
What's the charge?
I just want to warn you,
be careful.
The coming days are crucial.
I'm sure you know.
First they will send you
a little birdie.
A prisoner who's working with them.
To be your friend.
He'll tell you all his secrets.
And you'll trust him
and tell him yours.
But he'll be wired
to record your confession.
Watch it.
Don't tell anyone what you did.
As long as you don't talk,
they can't sentence you.
But listen closely.
If you do confess...
they will break your will,
make you dependent,
and turn you into a collaborator.
so watch it.
Never become a collaborator.
There's no turning back,
no way out,
and no end to it.
I will never confess.
I will never confess.
That's a confession,
as far as our judges are concerned.
- I don't know what you mean.
- Yes, you do.
Talk to your lawyer.
Look, I can't do anything for you.
you're willing to work with us.
Think about it. Take your time.
In the military court
that has jurisdiction here,
this would be considered
a confession.
What are the consequences?
You're facing a minimum
of 90 years.
Is there anything that can be done?
As long as the occupation
continues, nothing.
Tell me, Omar...
you know a girl, right?
Understand me?
What's her name again?
we know,
and we want you to be with her.
But if you don't work for us,
your life will be hell forever,
and so will your girlfriend's.
Don't look at me.
I didn't tell you to do it.
Look, I get you...
You're in trouble and have to choose
between your life and your friends'.
Tough decision.
But if I were you, in your situation,
I'd save myself. That's normal.
What do you want from me?
We know you didn't kill the soldier.
If you bring us what we need
to catch the killer,
we'll forget your past and give you
a chance to start life afresh.
- Who killed the soldier?
- Come on, man, you know.
- No, I don't.
- OK.
You want to play it that way?
We'll play it your way.
Tarek Abd-al-Salam.
No way will we let
a soldier-killer go free.
We'll get him, come what may.
I'll give you one month.
If you don't deliver what we want,
we'll bring you right back.
And believe me,
you don't want to come back.
I missed you.
Does it hurt?
I wrote you many letters, too.
I couldn't sleep after your arrest.
I became like a poet.
I never knew love
could cause such pain.
- What did you do while I was gone?
- Nothing.
I kept dreaming
I'd learn to shoot and rescue you.
Were you behind
the Huwara operation?
- Let's not talk about it.
- I want to know.
- It's better for you not to know.
- Don't you trust me?
- Nadia, it's for your own safety.
- I'm serious.
I'm serious too. Believe me...
If you finish school,
you'll have done enough. I beg you.
Beg harder, then.
I beg you.
OK, as you're the sweetest beggar
in the world.
- Were they hard on you in jail?
- Where can I find Tarek?
I don't know,
he doesn't sleep at home.
- Omar, I'm worried.
- Don't be worried.
Everything is under control.
Just hold on and we'll be together.
- I wish I could believe you.
- I promise.
I'll fix everything. Promise.
- Hello.
- Hi, Omar.
Najwa, tell Amjad
I'll be at the number I left at noon.
When did you get out of jail?
- I'm fresh out of the oven.
- Who did that to you?
- I'll be fine.
- When will you choose a bride?
After your wedding.
- You look a picture!
- How are you?
- what do they want?
- For me to deliver you.
They think you killed the soldier.
We have a bigger problem.
There's a traitor among us.
Who in the brigades
knew about the operation?
Everyone is a suspect.
It could be him, could be you,
could be Amjad, it could be me.
- How could it be one of us?
- One rat can ruin everything.
what's the deal?
How do you contact them?
They gave me a number to call
when I know where you are.
Why don't we trick them?
Ambush them.
We said there's a traitor among us.
We won't act until we've caught him.
If you'd confessed in jail,
they'd be after me instead of Tarek.
I owe you forever for this...
you ugly monkey.
Don't stay in public
more than ten minutes.
It's not easy being on the run.
Call this number from a phone booth.
Leave a message
saying where you'll be waiting.
I want to marry Nadia.
You think this is a good time to ask?
- I want to marry her.
- There's every reason to suspect you.
If the ambush goes well,
we'll be certain you're one of us.
- I can't believe you just said that.
- Omar...
There's a price to pay if you want
to revolt and liberate your country.
You don't complain or cry.
This is the choice you made.
Whatever it costs me,
I want to marry Nadia.
Let me think about it.
Let's set up the ambush.
Then I promise to help.
Do you know this joke?
Once, three young men
went to a spiritual leader
and said,
"If we were to free Jerusalem,
"could we make hanky-panky
with the enemy's women?"
He said, "Do that, and you can
make hanky-panky with me."
Let's do the ambush first. OK?
We'll put the bed here,
the table there.
And here we can make
a small house for the cat.
Poor guy, you could've let him live
and just sent an eviction notice.
Shall we call an ambulance?
What do you think?
I dream of leaving this place.
- Haven't you thought about that?
- Nadia, I'm doing my best.
I know, I know, I just...
I'm ready to live with you anywhere.
- Even on Mars.
- Mars is too far.
Let's stay here.
It doesn't matter where.
I just want to be with you.
Your last letter was funny.
Is it true you can talk to ants?
I talked to Tarek.
He's going to help us.
I made you this to protect you.
Put it on.
How can I deliver Tarek in a month?
What am I, the electric company?
Omar, I don't have time for this.
This isn't a game.
Why should Tarek trust me?
Bring him in,
or I'll bring you in by your ears.
What did they feed you in jail?
Stuffed chicken,
stuffed squash, pizza.
On street 6160.
Why do you look pale?
They just chased me. I misled them.
Really? Be careful.
- How are you?
- Better now that I've seen you.
You're thinner.
I'm being fashionable.
How can I call you?
I miss you so much.
It's difficult now.
It'll be easier after the ambush.
What ambush?
What ambush?
What's wrong?
Amina is spreading rumors
that you're a traitor.
A lot of girls believe her.
They say it must be true.
- Why else would you be out already?
- Don't listen to them.
- Everything will be clear soon.
- Soon, soon, soon...
I saw Amjad talking to you.
- Are you following me?
- What does Amjad want?
Nothing, he was just passing.
My love, don't get carried away.
So what did Tarek tell you?
Omar, trust me. There's nothing.
- He assured me that you're not a spy.
- What? You suspect me?
I need someone to reassure me
when you're away.
Who else should I go to?
You suspect me?
All traitors fall at last.
Please, I beg you.
I've been here all my life,
stuck here...
The sea is just 15 kilometers away,
and I've never seen it.
It's just that... they promised...
to give me a visa.
Visa? What visa?
- A visa to New Zealand.
- New Zealand?
Why New Zealand?
Sea. Nature.
- Life.
- You sold the resistance for a visa?
- Did it ever help me?
- What do you think we are?
- A charity organization?
- New Zealand?
New Zealand, motherfucker?
Where is this New Zealand?
I had a feeling we'd find him.
Now we can set the ambush.
And after, I want to marry Nadia.
Sure, but she has to agree.
And my family does, too.
I don't think there'll be objections.
You've or oven yourself as a man.
Amjad asked for her hand too.
Don't worry,
I'll talk to him after the ambush.
Can you make a cooy
and bring it back?
I was angry you sent in your guys,
but now he's keeping me closer.
OK, what's the deal now?
We meet at three tomorrow
at Abu-Asab Restaurant.
My grandmother died at the age of 92.
You know it was the doctor's mistake?
- They're late.
- Are you sure Hussam was the traitor?
He confessed, you heard him.
People under torture
say what you want to hear.
We have other concerns now.
- What did you do to him?
- What we do to traitors.
You tried to fool me?
You tried to fool me, did you?
When I put my neck on the line
for you!
You think you're smart?
You stupid fuck!
I told you we know everything.
we know you love his sister.
Guess what.
You will never see her again.
You just lost the rest of your life.
That son of a bitch Tarek
may still be a fugitive,
but I guarantee you, we'll find him
by any means necessary.
And your Nadia? Nadia...
We know all her secrets...
and we can turn her into a whore
whenever we want.
I even know where
you wanted to take her on honeymoon,
you stupid fuck.
That's it!
- Traitor!
- We'll hang you.
What happened?
Two guys tried to fuck with me.
I broke their bones.
Look, Omar,
I can't trust you anymore.
You're not just a liar, but also
were involved in an ambush against us.
I'm sorry,
I can't do anything for you.
Hi, honey... No, I can't.
I can't!
I'm in the middle of the West Bank.
How do you expect me to handle it?
I'm not Spider-Man!
I'll see what I can do, OK?
But then you have to...
Hello, Mum. It's me... Listen...
Can you get Maya from kindergarten?
Mum, I'm at work, in the middle
of the fucking West Bank,
and now you want to have a rant
about my goddamn wife?
Can you pick Maya up or not?
At four.
Thanks, Mum.
Where did you learn to speak Arabic?
What do you mean? It's my job.
I thought you were an Arab.
You didn't hear an accent
or anything?
How is your Hebrew?
I understood two words.
"Mum" and "Spider-Man".
I want to help you,
but there's not a thing I can do.
And nobody else trusts you...
I almost lost my job
because of you, understand?
Give me one last chance.
I've learned my lesson.
If I stay here, I'll die.
You miss her?
What do you know about her?
What secrets?
Secrets are supposed to stay secret.
But we will use them
if you betray us.
To make sure you have no other plans,
this will find you wherever you go.
Even six feet under.
The only way to get it off
is to cut your leg in two.
Bring me Tarek's head
and you're a free man.
I'm warning you.
This is your last chance.
I am taking a personal risk here.
If you fail,
you'll wish you'd never been born.
- I have to talk to you.
- Get lost.
- what happened?
- You tell me.
- What?
- You're a traitor!
You believe that talk?
- Four of our fighters died due to you.
- Nadia...
Everybody says so.
And you didn't shoot that soldier.
Everybody has got it wrong.
- Please, I can't be seen with you.
- I'm begging you. We have to talk.
Do you know how long
I've waited for this moment?
Do you know the hell I'm living in,
because I have no answers?
I just want to know one thing.
Is it true or not?
Tell me it's not.
I'm risking my life for you.
I am ready to wait for you forever,
but swear by our love it's not true,
you're not working for both sides.
So it is true.
Who told you
I didn't shoot the soldier?
Why are you changing the subject?
Is it true or not?
What secrets do they know about you?
What? What secrets?
What's going on
between you and Amjad?
Give Amjad this number and ask him
to let me know
where I can find him.
Omar, please don't come here
any more.
Press one for messages.
You have no messages.
- How did you find me?
- Your sisters.
How are they doing?
You speak to them pretty often...
They are very good.
They always ask about you.
Right now, they're on special offer.
Buy one, get two for free.
You betrayed us
to steal Nadia from me.
How else could they know I loved her
or where Tarek and I were?
- I'm not the only one who...
- Tell the truth,
or by God,
I'll kill you here and now.
- But I shot the soldier.
- So why do they want Tarek?
- You said it was him, right?
- This is what they want.
Are you going to talk or not?
Talk! Talk! Talk! Talk!
I did it.
Why? How could you?
How? How?
Lie again and I'll kill you
if it takes two lifetimes.
What did you tell them about Nadia?
They knew everything from Hussam.
Hussam was dead
the second time. Talk!
- What did you say about Nadia?
- I got her pregnant.
We're both dead
unless she gets an abortion.
The under covers found out about it,
and threatened me.
Either I collaborate with them,
or they'll expose us.
And then we're both dead.
- Dead!
- You liar!
It's not her fault.
Kill me and she's dead, too.
But how could she?
How could she do something like this?
We have to go to Tarek.
- I'm not going.
- You have to.
- Omar, understand me, I'm not going.
- You have no choice.
I'm not going.
Understand, please. I'm not going.
- He'll kill me.
- He should.
He can't.
We're childhood friends...
and Nadia is his sister.
I'll be with you,
I won't let him do anything to you.
- what happened?
- An accident.
Leave us alone, guys. Let's walk.
Every time I see you guys,
I'm ambushed.
How did you get out this time?
Convince them you'd work with them?
And then you want to trick them?
You think they're that stupid?
I did it
so I could find out who betrayed us.
Who betrayed us?
And what's that on your leg?
It's a tracking device.
They can find me anywhere.
- Which of you is the traitor?
- They made Amjad rat out the ambush.
I don't have a solution,
I thought you might.
Amjad made a mistake.
A mistake with Nadia.
Nadia is pregnant by him.
The only way is to let her marry him.
- I'll kill you!
- No!
- Tarek, please stop.
- Get off me!
- I'll kill you!
- Tarek!
- Kill him and Nadia will pay for it!
- I'll kill you!
It is not her mistake!
Tarek. Tarek!
Get the device.
Guys, we will never forget this.
If you ever want anything...
We don't want a thing from you.
Keep his body hidden for two months.
why two months?
I need time to clear my name.
Sir, we came to ask for Nadia's hand
in marriage for Amjad.
Well, is he ready?
Does he have enough for a house
and to support a family?
He does.
We have to ask Tarek.
We asked him and he agreed.
we all know why he can't be present.
Then I have to ask Nadia.
What do you say, my dear?
It's your decision.
when the baby is born,
you say it is premature.
Why are you crying?
Because you aren't.
From now on, you don't know me
and I don't know you.
Muhsen Ali-Taha, new field leader
of the Jerusalem Brigade.
- Can we talk?
- Sure.
what do you know
about Amjad Haleem?
What about him?
What did he do in the resistance?
Did he get on with Tarek Salam?
- What's the problem, exactly?
- We have many unanswered questions.
You were caught.
How did you get out so quickly?
I didn't talk,
and they had no evidence against me.
And why wasn't Amjad ever caught?
What does this have to do with me?
Maybe you can help solve the mystery.
What mystery?
Tarek's body was kept in a fridge
for more than two months,
according to the coroner's report.
And he was last seen
with you and Amjad.
Where did he get the money to marry?
How did he manage?
How would I know?
I haven't seen him in two years.
And I'm not about to.
I know. We're curious as to
what happened between you and him.
You were friends
since you were kids, no?
It's personal,
and none of your business.
Fine. Fine, Omar.
we'll find out without you.
And the guilty will be punished.
Jerusalem bread, please.
Five shekels.
What do you want?
- why are you so hostile?
- What do you want?
You never change.
We want to find Muhsen Ali-Taha.
I don't think
you have a lot of options.
We got information
that he was asking around about you.
Don't forget...
we can protect you from him.
We can destroy you.
You, Amjad...
and Nadia.
You know what'll happen
if Nadia finds out what you all did?
It's OK, get up.
Everything is going to be all right.
Where is Amjad?
He should be back any minute.
You can wait in the living room.
I don't mean to interrupt,
but how are you?
Fine... and you?
Did you continue your studies?
I did, but when the kids came,
I changed to studying housewifery.
I have the best grades
in this subject.
I'll pick it back up
when they're older.
- What's his name?
- Tarek.
- And the young one?
- Abla.
How old are they?
He was born on the first anniversary
of my brother's funeral.
Abla is two months old.
He was premature, right?
No, bless him. Why?
Why didn't you ask for my hand?
Why did you say yes to Amjad?
I thought you didn't want me any more
because I was a fool.
I was disappointed and got weak,
and life became bigger than me...
I'm so sorry.
How could I be afraid of you,
and believe
you could have been a traitor?
To this day, I can't understand
how I was so foolish.
We all believed the unbelievable.
I tried to apologize,
but you didn't want to hear.
I sent a letter with Amjad,
you didn't reply...
I understand.
I can imagine how angry you were.
I let you down
when you most needed me.
I'm the one who let you down.
I'm sorry.
Do you still have my letters?
I kept yours.
It wasn't Tarek who shot the soldier.
Who was it?
- I'll tell you if you get me a gun.
- What for?
Something personal.
What would you do
with a gun, Omar?
Get me a gun
and I'll deliver you the killer.
What about Muhsen Ali-Taha?
We'll talk about that.
You have to swear not to touch Amjad.
Leave him to me.
I'm the one who will deal with him.
Hi, Omar. How are you?
- Well, thank God.
- Want some?
Take these.
Easy, that's not how you hold a gun.
I've never used one before.
Can you show me how it works?
First of all,
the gun is like a woman.
You have to treat it gently,
so it'll treat you gently.
Push this here,
pull out the magazine.
Take a bullet,
push down, then pull back.
Cock it with your left hand.
Who killed the soldier?
Can I try?
- Rami..
- Yes?
Do you know how they catch monkeys
in Africa?