Omega Syndrome (1986) Movie Script

Excuse me, can you help us out?
We're looking for spring street.
Spring street, you go down two blocks
and take a right.
Two blocks, take a right.
Right, thanks a lot.
See ya later.
Yo, blood, what's happening?
Dirty little bitch.
I am up man, on time.
You feel good?
I feel good.
Hey, yo-yo.
You'll blow up the place.
Cut that damn thing off.
Shots fired.
All units in vicinity...
Relax, dunlap.
Nobody knows you're turning.
Are you kidding?
These guys know everything, man.
You guys don't know what the fuck you're
dealin' with here, man.
Why don't you tell us about it?
No way, you guys ain't
gettin' shit from me
until I'm safe.
That's our deal.
Know you got a good deal coming, dunlap,
and we take real good care of
important people like you.
New house, new life, a new name,
we'll even give ya a new
dick if you want one.
Fuck off.
Hey, just sit
back and relax, dunlap.
We never lost a prisoner yet.
Yeah well,
you've never run up against
anything like omega before.
Oh yeah?
They're a bunch
of fuckin' fanatics,
out to save the white race.
Hey, dunlap.
As far as I'm concerned,
our job's to make sure
you live long enough for
you to spill your guts
out to the right people.
Look, you
just keep me alive, man.
I don't give a shit
what happens to your ass.
Fuck you.
All I see is just
another asshole informant.
Big tough guy 'til the heat comes down,
then you start talkin'
like there's no tomorrow.
Yeah well, there better be, man.
Shut up.
Parcel's on it's way.
Hey, hustle it on in here.
This is gonna be a kick, man.
Ah, tell those
cowboys to get their asses
out of the way.
Hey, what the hell's goin' on here, man?
I don't like it.
Relax, dunlap.
It's nothin'.
It's them, man.
I'm tellin' ya, it's them.
I said shut up.
Hey, Ralph, you piss on the floor,
you're cleaning it up.
Ah, shove it, will ya?
Pay you guys, you dumb bastards.
Get me the hell outta here, dammit.
I'm doin' it, will ya shut up?
I told you it was them.
I knew it, get me outta here.
Get me outta here.
This guy goes to the
doctor for a checkup, right?
And a couple days later, the doctor's nurse
calls him up and she says, Mr. Smith,
I got some bad news for ya.
I got some very bad news for ya.
He says yeah, what's the bad news?
She's says, you only got 24 hours to live.
He says, oh my god.
What's the very bad news?
She said, I should have
called you yesterday.
You're Jack corbett, aren't you?
Check's in the mail.
Was that ball supposed to
go in one of those holes?
No, I was just practicing
my three cushion shot.
Oh here, let me get that for you.
That's okay.
I've been meaning to quit, anyway.
I gotta remember to get
fluid for this thing.
That's really nice.
Can I see it?
Yeah, sure.
Where'd you get this?
From Vietnam?
Nah, at a pawn shop.
But it was in a real
dangerous part of town.
You know, this game always looks so hard.
Can I try?
Here, I'll set one up for ya.
There, that one down there.
Try to get that one, okay?
Now wait a minute, wait a minute.
It's all in the grip, here.
Put your thumb around here.
Get your finger over there.
There you go, spread out
your fingers a little bit.
Oh, okay.
Lie back real good, real
smooth back and forth.
All right, give it a whack.
Hustler, huh?
Just a great pair of hands.
You wanna play a game?
Yeah, sure, rack 'em up.
So, how do you know my name?
Yeah, a time or two is
about all anybody can stand.
Hey, don't be so hard on yourself.
Beirut, San Salvador, you've done
some pretty decent pieces.
Sound like you're in the business.
I am, sort of.
I'm in the advertising
department at the times.
I guess I got a little sidetracked
after journalism school.
Yeah, it happens.
But I haven't seen your
byline in a few years.
You working on a book?
No, I'm workin' on a bottle.
Jesus, I'm late.
Do me a favor, will ya,
and get dressed, please.
What is this, a fire drill?
Hey, you're not married, are you?
No, I'm not married.
I love your globe.
All these wonderful places to see.
Yeah, sometimes
I take a photographer.
It must be pretty exciting and romantic
traveling all over the world like you do.
Yeah, as long as I can
do it on 112 bucks.
Excuse me.
Are you sure you're not married?
Yes, I'm sure.
Well, maybe we can get together again.
Oh say, would you do me a favor and lock up
before you leave?
All right, thanks a lot, Cindy.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'll see ya later, okay?
Sorry I'm late.
I suppose I should
appreciate consistency.
Yeah well, the freeway was a mess.
Is Jessie ready?
She'll be out in a minute.
You look as though you could
use something stronger,
but perhaps a cup of coffee will help you
through the morning.
No, no thanks.
No, thanks.
Tell me something, Lloyd.
Is it tough being perfect?
Hi, daddy.
How you doin"?
I would appreciate it
if you would make sure
she's back here on time.
She has school Monday.
Bye, grandpa.
Bye, sweetheart.
Have fun.
I will, bye bye.
Why don't we check out
the action in little Tokyo?
I might even buy lunch.
Hamburgers again?
Don't be a wise guy.
So, why don't you tell me
something about this guy?
What does he do for a living?
He's not married or anything, is he?
Oh, daddy, he's only in the eighth grade.
Gotta be careful.
You gotta check these things out, you know.
This is his picture.
Whoa, jeez.
Who's his father, Dr. Frankenstein?
That isn't funny.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I'm sure he's a very nice guy.
Actually, his dad does look kinda weird.
Well, what do you say?
You wanna get outta here?
Let's go.
Now, now, just a minute, just a minute.
Allow me, madam.
Thank you, sir.
You're welcome.
So, how are the talks of the times going?
You checkin' up on me, mom?
Just curious.
Oh, well, in that case, miss curious,
the talks have ceased.
But not to worry, though.
I've got a real good
chance of writing a series
for the culver city opinion.
Never even heard of it.
Are you kidding me?
They're the third
largest paper in culver city.
Where've you been?
Why don't you open the glove compartment?
On the road, first paperback edition.
It's nice.
Jack carowack's best.
Critics be damned.
Who's Jack carowack?
Does he have any videos out?
Who's Jack carowack?
Who's William Shakespeare?
William Shakespeare.
Doesn't he play for the, no.
Isn't he a friend yours?
Oh, that's it.
Next Monday, out of private school.
From now on, it's nuns and
rulers for you, young lady,
just like your old man had.
Don't put it away.
Read it.
Is it in english?
Yes, it's in english.
I'm just not as brainy as you, dad.
Wait a minute,
brainy something good or bad?
For fathers, it's good.
Hey, what do you
say I rustle up some food
and we spend a quiet evening together, huh?
Daddy, remember what happened
the last time you cooked?
How was I supposed to know you
can't microwave fettuccine?
So, you want any candy
or a soda or something?
I don't know.
You know what grandpa's
always saying about sugar.
Yeah, I know.
Sugar is the poison of the modern world.
Doesn't seem to hurt horses any, though.
What do you say?
Sounds good to me.
You know, you're turnin'
out just like me, scary.
It'd be really
scary if I started
growing whiskers, wouldn't it?
You see what I mean?
Wise guy.
Why don't you pick out some candy, honey.
I'm gonna look around for a minute, okay?
Over here, over here.
Everybody on the floor.
This is a holdup.
Gimme your money.
Said gimme your money.
You, hit the deck.
You, gimme your wallet.
Hurry up!
Come here.
Leave me alone!
Ow, let go!
Ow, you're hurting me!
Oh, god, get off!
Mrs. Phillips, is the.
Yes, this is it.
The lizard to reporting officer,
hostile behavior at supervisor's desk.
Did everything but bite the
emergency room doctor.
Yeah, I was under sedation.
Some guys go for that macho stuff.
Personally, it doesn't wind my watch.
Stuffin' your face isn't
gonna find my daughter.
Doesn't seem to be real
important to you guys.
Look mister, I'm gonna be
up all night with this.
And you can ditto that tomorrow.
That's two nights without
watching wheel of fortune,
and that's damn important.
Why am I talkin' to you?
I wanna see somebody in charge.
Sergeant Carlyle.
I'll be handling the kidnap detail.
Who in the hell eats this crap?
His wife has him on a diet.
That's great.
I'm a little more interested
in finding my daughter.
We all are.
We need to ask you a few
questions, Mr. corbett.
I've been answering questions
for the last three hours.
Just a formality in a case like this.
Yeah, just what
kind of a case is this?
Let me put it to you straight.
Did you know anything
or have anything to do
with this kidnapping?
What is this?
I'm her father, for Christ's sakes.
A father who lost a bitter custody fight
to his in-laws after your wife died.
That is right, isn't it?
You're out of your fuckin' mind.
All right, take it easy.
Get off.
Hey, I said take it easy.
We have information that
there was an incident
concerning your daughter once before.
What about it?
It's bullshit, is what it is.
Look, I get Jessie one weekend a month.
And one time last year,
I had a little bit too much to drink
and I brought her back a little bit late.
The next thing I know, Dr. Pearson's
got half the cops in L.A. on my ass
for kidnapping my own daughter.
Why would he do that?
Well, that's between him and me.
Not since about four this afternoon.
We're waiting, mister.
My wife died six years ago, leukemia.
I was out of the country, working.
Lloyd laid that guilt on me and
he still won't give it up.
I guess he just needed
somebody to blame, that's all.
And you were convenient?
Why don't you go home and
try and get some rest?
Anything breaks, we'll make sure you know.
Couldn't wait 'til you
got home, could you?
Just had to have that drink.
Lloyd, I'm sorry...
You're sorry.
How easy that is for you to say.
What do you think?
About what?
He's a writer.
I don't like writers.
They oughta kill the dope
who invented this crap.
You sound prejudiced.
I'm not prejudiced.
I just don't like guys with
more imagination than guts.
See what you can find out about him.
I understand.
Well, yes sir.
Everything's moving right on schedule.
Yeah, I've got 'em right here
in front of me, the pictures.
There's no problem.
He'll be taken care of.
Would you just shut up a minute?
You're driving me crazy.
I'll cut your eyes out, make you eat 'em.
Get her ready.
We're moving to the compound.
the time
for all
to come
The aid
Corbett, Jack p.
1223 cranford Avenue, no priors,
validated security press clearance.
Aha, a wimp, just like
I said, a wimp writer.
Well let's see.
U.S. army, January 1969.
Big deal.
Probably got caught trying
to dodge the draft.
Bet he's a cook, a damn cook.
Infantry, mos rifleman.
Ait in march '69.
So what?
Back then, they were issuing out rifles
to anyone that had two hands
and most of their fingers.
Vietnam, July '69.
Company c, purple heart.
They were handin' out those things
like candy canes at Christmas.
Probably cut his finger on a beer can.
Team leader.
Spec four, 1970, vietnamese medal of valor,
silver star, U.S.
Honorable discharge, 1972.
U.c. Berkeley, journalism school,
San Francisco examiner foreign desk,
time magazine special reports,
et cetera, et cetera.
Freelance for the last six years.
Well, looks like this wimp writer
can handle more than a typewriter.
Okay, sweetheart, come on.
Grasp the weapon.
Make sure your cylinder's secure.
That's it.
Real nice, like that.
Can you hear me okay now?
All right, grasp the weapon.
We're gonna squeeze one off real gentle,
you know what I mean?
Make your husband real proud
of you as a good shooter.
Okay, baby, when I tell ya, you fire.
Gonna shoot that right in the target.
Like to shoot one in you.
Okay, ready?
Very good.
Be right back.
You look like shit.
Nice to see you, too.
Yeah, it's been a while, but...
Six years, Jack, six fuckin' years,
but who's counting?
Never expected to see you again, pal.
I wrote you off, and I actually haven't
lost any sleep over it, either.
Listen to me.
I got trouble, Philly.
I need your help.
You got a short memory, pal.
Where the fuck were you
when the va butchers
hacked my leg up and I called
you, I needed your help, Jack.
I called you, Jack!
Now you're returning that call?
You finished?
Yeah, I'm finished.
Good, yeah, you're right, Philly.
I fucked up and I'm sorry for
that, but that's old news.
Wait a minute.
I got big trouble, Philly,
and I wouldn't be here
unless it was really
important and you know it!
All right, what is it?
It's Jessie.
She's been kidnapped.
What the hell are you talking about?
These gang guys
hit this liquor store I was in.
I was buying some booze,
and they took Jessie.
Jesus, have you been to the cops?
Yeah, I been to the
cops, they're useless.
They can't do anything for me.
Jack, what the hell
do you expect me to do?
You know something about the
gangs around here, don't ya?
Look, pal, that's history, man.
I used to sell some guns to
'em, but that's in the past.
I mean, I'm legit, Jack, 80% legit.
Well you can at least
ask around, can't ya?
I don't do that on this
side of the tracks, Jack.
It's bad etiquette, you
know, it's bad manners.
What the hell you expect me to do?
Shake down every gang in L.A.?
Philly, I'm talking
about my daughter here.
She's all I got.
Now, I admit that I may have
screwed up in the past,
but I do love her.
I don't know where else to go.
I don't know what else to do.
You gotta help me, Philly.
I want my daughter back.
You got it, Jack.
Oh yeah, he did, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, it was a grumpy.
Ah, Mr. writer, how nice.
One of your cop buddies
told me I'd find you here.
That's right, I'm busy right now.
If you want to talk to
me, wait in my office.
I'll be waitin...
Ah, here it is.
Read all about it.
Gang kidnaps girl in robbery.
That's me, man.
Make my mother proud.
A 13 year-old girl was abducted yesterday
following a violent robbery
at a Hollywood liquor store.
Witnesses at the scene said that the girl
was taken hostage by the robbers,
apparently to cover their escape.
Do you believe this?
Goddamn cops are using Japanese paper.
The cops think it might
be the southside warriors.
Jack, if this is the southside
warriors, I'm boy George.
You know, I didn't think this
was a gang-related thing,
now, I'm sure of it.
What the hell you talking about?
The colors, pal, colors, look.
This guy's got a yellow bandana,
this guy's got a red bandana.
So what?
Colors are uniforms.
Each gang has its own colors.
No homie would mix colors.
It's like the blue and the gray being
on the same side at gettysburg.
Milnor never said anything about it.
Jack, milnor's an asshole.
What are you lookin' at?
The tattoo on this guy's arm.
Hey, Philly.
What does this look like to you?
Right there.
Oh, you got me, kid.
No, I've seen that someplace before.
Where did I see it?
Shit, you know what that is?
That's omega.
Omega, that's a terrorist group, man.
They're into killing and
bombings and bank robberies.
Yeah, I know.
Why the hell would they holdin' up
a half-ass liquor store?
Hey Sean, man.
Read about that salt and pepper
shit me and frank wasted?
Looks like thunder and lightning.
Koom, koom!
It's all over the fuckin' news.
CNN even had something on it.
What's this shit?
This flavored jelly?
Can you say that three times fast?
Can you say it one time slow?
It's all right.
You may be an asshole, but you know how
to bake a fuckin' cake.
Put a load of this stuff in a buick,
park it down in watts.
Be raining jungle soup for a week.
Is that the stuff they want us to blow up
that faggot church with?
I really wouldn't know.
You can do whatever you want with it.
Leave that be!
Hey, fuck you, man.
I'm tryin' to friendly here
and you're treatin' me
like I'm some kind of an asshole.
I want to see you when the
real shit comes down.
Won't be no hiding behind this crap.
Looks like a butterfly to me.
What the hell you talkin' about?
Detective burgess.
Yeah, burg, this is milnor.
Is your friend still there?
Sure is.
Bring him over, will ya?
I want him to meet somebody.
Let me tell you somethin', corbett.
Despite the fairy tales
your buddies in the press
keep writin', L.A. doesn't
need any more cops,
especially amateurs.
It's not the quantity that bothers me.
How are the kids?
Thanks, Gary.
They love those tattoos.
Personally, I don't go for 'em.
What can I say?
Yeah, what about the bandana, though?
Gangs don't mix colors and you know it.
Last week, my kid, 17 years old,
comes home and tells me he's
knocked up his sweetheart.
She's 16.
So, he's a nice, catholic boy.
What's the point?
The point is life is full of surprises.
Go home, corbett.
I got a long night ahead of me.
Well, we splitting?
That's great, 'cause
lookin' at this place
is giving me claustrophobia.
What happened?
We're on our own is what happened.
So, what else is new?
Just like old times.
Yeah, just like old times.
Well, I'll tell ya something, Jack.
That's okay, 'cause you know,
if anything happens to me,
there'll be a lot of pissed
off women in America.
Yeah, your mother, for one.
Hey Jack, I told ya.
Let me do the jokes, huh?
Fuck that dude, man.
I don't trust him.
Nobody's asking you to trust anybody.
What's he gonna do when the shit hits?
He ain't one of us.
All that Mick cares about is money.
Hey, we're in a war, yo-yo.
In combat, you use everything you've got.
He wouldn't have lasted
10 minutes in folsom.
Not 10 fuckin' minutes.
Get those knives over here, now.
Ltisn't easy, is it, Jessie?
All right.
I'll be back.
American death squads.
They think the country's run by traitors
and only they can save it.
They hate marxists, blacks, Jews, latinos,
asians, democrats, Republicans.
Have I left anyone out?
I didn't come here for
one of your editorials.
I need some information.
Just because I wrote a few
pieces on right wing poops
doesn't make me a scholar on the subject.
I'm just lookin' for anything, Harry.
I think I can come up with a few names.
The guys have been involved with this
kind of stuff before.
It's something.
Yeah, most of 'em are graduates of some
of our finest institutions
of higher learning,
like attica, folsom, San Quentin.
Rest of 'em were probably just lobotomy
experiments gone awry.
They sound like a great bunch of guys.
Yeah, Jack, these guys are so secretive,
they make the kgb look like
a public relations firm.
I mean, they take down armored cars,
torch synagogues, blow
away innocent people,
all without claiming responsibility.
Until a couple days ago,
the only evidence that an
organization called omega even
existed was circumstantial.
What happened a couple of days ago?
They caught one of them.
Prize putz named Ralph dunlap.
Omega got to him though.
You wanna know what kind of
balls these gorillas have?
They blew up the prison
Van dunlap was riding in,
so old ralphie, what's left of him, anyway,
has taken up residence in
a hospital security ward.
Is he still breathing?
Hi, I'm lookin' for Eddie tippler.
He's not here.
Not for long time.
Do you know where he went?
No, no, he rent a room,
he go, that's all.
Well, that's three down.
Where to next?
Let's see, guy named Karl tudor.
Oh god, just thinking about
this makes me feel sick.
It's been five years.
My family doesn't know anything about this.
Was I insane?
I just thank god I got out of
it before anybody got killed.
What about these omega guys?
Wait a minute.
I'd like to help you guys out, but,
I mean, the kind of
groups I was involved in,
we were happy just playing little war games
in the woods and painting
swastikas on synagogues,
just juvenile nonsense.
This omega, they're a different breed.
I mean, they're way outta my league.
You must know something about them.
Please try to understand.
I've wasted a large part of my life
with this Neo-Nazi junk.
When I think of the pain and humiliation
that I caused people,
no, I don't know anything about omega.
I don't wanna know anything about them,
or anyone connected with them.
So, what are you doing these days?
Well, basically, I'm still
trying to get my life together.
I've invested in a few
businesses, that sort of thing,
the lessons of fortune.
I'm sorry I couldn't help
you guys out anymore.
Yeah well, thanks just the same.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Well, champ, that's four down.
Yeah, this is beautiful.
This is real class.
Who are we lookin' for?
Aguy named Terry lemson.
Used to run something called the
patriots party 'til they kicked
him out for being weird.
They kicked him out, nice.
Sounds like our man.
Yeah, what do you want?
Get up, get up.
Turn that shit down, will ya?
You ruined a
fucking classic, asshole.
Aw, shit I'm sorry.
My hands, they're a little too big.
When this is over, I'm
taking the cost of that
out of your ass.
Who are you two, anyway, cops?
We're looking for a little
girl that disappeared, Terry.
You are cops.
Hey, listen, just answer the
question, will ya, Adolf?
Roll up your sleeve.
Roll up your sleeve.
See, see man, don't worry.
I'm no junkie.
No junkie, just...
The other one.
Come on, roll it up.
I'm no junkie, man.
Come on, Philly, don't lose him.
Watch it!
Jack, you're nuts, you know that?
I'm nuts?
You're drivin'l
come on, Philly, step on it.
Watch, Jesus.
Oh, man.
Well, you guys really
fucked up this time.
Hey, don't give me that
shit, will you please?
This guy Terry's one of them.
One of the omega?
I know all about lemson.
He's a mama's boy.
Still goes home on weekends
to suck on her tit.
Then you got it all wrong, milnor.
You weren't there when we told him
there was a girl missing.
The son of a bitch nearly pissed his pants.
I believe it, but it had
nothing to do with Jessie.
Your big stormtrooper's a
convicted child molester.
Thought he was going back to the joint.
Shit, if he did anything
to Jessie, I'll kill him...
Not a chance, he likes
boys, strictly boys.
Oh, great.
Here's our man.
Dr. moor, oh boy, am I
glad I caught up with you.
I'm Jake Jones, stipner medical supplies.
Look, I'm really busy.
Just make an appointment
with my secretary...
Hold up, it's just too
bad, because see today
I was runnin' a special day on scalpels.
Looks like you need a doctor.
Check this out.
Gold watch.
Got a gold watch.
Know what these things are worth?
Hey, how's it look on me?
Ask me what time it is, man.
Yo, man...
Would you shut the fuck up?
Get in the car.
Let's go.
Mr. nietze, I'm Dr. Pearson.
What seems to be your problem?
Actually, it's not so much
my problem as our problem.
Here, get up.
You live for this shit, don't you?
Three tours of duty makes
a lot of memories, Jack.
And it's not shit.
This stuff means a lot to you, too.
Just a bad memory to me.
One tour was enough.
You know, I'm not like one of those guys
that wakes up in the middle of the night
in a cold sweat hearing hueys.
I don't give a damn whether anybody gave me
a parade or a monument.
You know, maybe that's one of the reasons
I haven't seen you in six years.
Get tired of relivin' this shit.
Maybe it's all I got.
I'm not a kid anymore, Jack.
That's why I keep remembering.
Yeah, well to hell with it.
Listen, I'll wait for you outside, okay?
All right.
Why my granddaughter?
Why Jessie?
Doesn't make sense.
I hope you don't think
that we enjoy this.
We don't like to kill children.
What do you want?
No, Dr. Pearson.
We don't need your money.
We're going to ask you to
perform a service for us
and you're going to do it,
because you love your granddaughter.
I understand you have an agreement
with the security ward
of the county hospital,
is that correct?
I sometimes fill in for Dr.
Moor there, yes.
Yes well, you'll be asked
to fill in for him tonight.
You're wrong.
Dr. moor...
Dr. moor has been
called away on urgent business.
His funeral.
my god.
Dr. moor wasn't a very good
candidate for extortion.
No family.
No leverage.
He isn't the first one
we've had to execute,
nor will he be the last.
The question is, do you wanna see a picture
like that of your granddaughter?
The best pathologist in the
world can't detect it.
A life
for a life.
Hey, so who you seein' now?
Uh, Leonard waxman.
Spent nine years in folsom.
He's one of the founders of the
Aryan brotherhood prison gang.
Jeez, it's beginnin' to
sound like Nazis on parade.
Yeah, right.
You waxman?
Just wanna ask a couple
of questions, Leonard.
Look like nobody I know.
Roll up your sleeve.
Up yours, man.
Excuse me, that's not nice, Leonard.
Excuse me.
You see, Sonny, we're just gonna ask you
a few questions.
See what I mean?
Just a couple of questions.
Do you know what I'm sayin'?
Now, listen to me.
I'm looking for omega.
There's a young girl somewhere.
I'm looking for her, understand?
I don't know what the
hell you're talking about.
Aw, fuck.
Now, you're gonna learn some manners,
or I'm gonna rip off these little nads
and stuff 'em right down your throat.
Let him go.
Let him go!
Jack, I'm just beginnin'
to have some fun, here.
Scumbag, you.
Look at this.
They were here, man.
They were here, weren't they?
They were here, weren't they?
Philly, you all right?
Oh, jeez.
Come on.
Oh man.
I'm too old and too fat for this shit.
You sure are, pops.
Hey, I'll tell the jokes,
you know what I mean?
Okay, Leonard, what about it?
Fuck you, man.
These jerks come in my
place and screw it up.
I want 'em arrested.
Shut up.
I wanna know where this came from.
How the hell should I know?
Man, I got spics comin' in here all day.
Stinkin' up the whole damn city,
runnin' decent people out.
Decent people, huh?
You mean like you?
Yeah, that's right.
I ain't sayin' nothin' else.
I want my lawyer.
Get him outta here.
I'll have your badges.
I know my rights.
You don't think I know my rights?
I want those meatballs put in jail!
All right, so what happens now?
Don't worry.
Scumbags like Leonard would
bargain their mothers
into the chair for a reduced sentence.
If he knows anything,
we'll get it out of him,
sooner or later.
That's not enough.
That's all there is, pal.
Look around, this is America.
We don't use cattle prods here.
You get the picture?
Yeah, I get the picture.
What are you lookin' at?
You shouldn't eat that shit.
You know, you never should have
called the cops, you know that, don't you?
Recognize this?
Your reformed Nazi friend, the guy
with the big long had one just like it.
Same tournament, same place.
Funny thing is, I just don't understand
them being on the same team, you know,
especially after what he told us.
How do you know they're on the same team?
Well, the last time I checked, Jack,
only one team can make first place.
Billy, what'd I tell you
about ringing this doorbell?
I'm gonna have to call your mother again.
Don't even breathe.
What is this?
Hope we're not
interrupting anything, Karl.
Where are we going?
Is this really necessary?
I guess that means yes.
Wait just a second.
Just makin' sure.
Get in, get in there.
Guess this guy's not gonna be as easy
as we thought he was.
Nice ride?
Had better, thank you.
We should be on the same side, you and I.
Most of white America's so brainwashed
they're afraid to take action.
What, are you runnin'
for fuhrer or something?
Come on, get outta here.
The keys, Karl.
I'm not afraid to die, you know.
Hey Jack, what a guy huh?
Get in there.
I've been with the omega
task force over six months
and this human garbage you see before you
is the first and only break we've had.
What are the chances we'll
ever get anything out of him?
50/50, according to the doc.
you take a look at this guy?
What'd those doctors say
about humpty dumpty?
Dr. Bruce, telephone please.
Dr. Bruce, telephone please.
What'd you get outta your boy, waxman?
Leonard's been in motel
lockup so many times
he has a striped tan.
Tell me, sid.
What's your opinion of the
omega tie in with our case?
Hole in the wall liquor store heist?
Not really their style.
What about kidnapping?
Closer, question I have to
ask is why a 13 year-old girl?
What's the percentage?
I don't know, but that's the way
it keeps coming up.
That's it!
That's what they're after!
Where's the damn stop button?
What, ah.
Just killed my granddaughter.
Where is she, Karl?
Hello, Karl.
You still don't get it, do ya?
This is my day, Jack, my day of glory.
You can't frighten a man whose dream
is to die for his people.
When are you guys gonna get
that through your heads, huh?
Who in the hell are you people?
Oh, you're not
that stupid, are you, Jack?
Hey, Jack.
Remember in 'nam, the uh,
the human torch?
Yeah, yeah I remember.
What do you think?
Yeah, give it a try.
Come on.
You're gonna love this, Karl.
See, Karl,
when we were in 'nam, used to have a bunch
of these crazy guys used to like
throwing the v.C. Under
the choppers, you know?
Real sick fucks.
Not us, kid, no, not us.
Remember, huh?
We used to like doing
things a little bit slower.
Charlie flambe
we used to call it.
Still gives me nightmares.
You really oughta stick
around for this, Karl.
You guys are crazy.
You wouldn't do that.
You have no idea what I wouldn't do.
Get under there.
No, no.
You'll love this.
Go ahead, let's see what you're made of.
Jesus Christ.
What are you trying to do?
Ah, no.
This is really embarrassing.
I can't believe this would
happen at a time like this.
Wait a minute, Jack.
Betcha a hundred bucks it doesn't work.
You're on.
Oh, no, no!
Don't do it.
I'll tell ya where she is.
She's in a warehouse on
steen street near 12th.
Near 12th.
See that?
Karl that wasn't that tough.
These guys, I'm tellin' ya.
You got a light for me?
Yeah, sure.
I gotta remember to get some fluid in this.
Detective milnor please.
No, no, don't put me on hold.
Just tell him Jack corbett has a present
wrapped up for him at Leonard's garage,
you got that?
Right, Leonard's.
Oh, one more thing.
Tell him there'll be more for him tomorrow.
All set?
Come on, let's go.
Oh yeah.
This looks like a hole
in the six o'clock news.
These are illegal, you know.
No shit, that's what triples their value.
We put these babies on rock and roll, pal,
and you make uzi's look like muskets.
You sure you know how to use these?
Only as good as my teacher.
Yeah, well let's hope you haven't
forgotten your lesson, Jack.
I been lookin' all over for you.
Now look, why don't you and g.I. Joe
stow your gear and let the
LAPD take care of this?
I gotta know where you're going, Jack.
Why don't you ask tudor?
You mean the guy with the tire necklace
and the unleaded premium aftershave?
Hey, he's got a major mouthpiece,
spittin' out motions
before I can say Miranda.
I can't get anything out of him.
Maybe you don't know how to ask.
I can't let you do it.
Oh, wait a minute.
You dumb son of a bitch!
That's city property!
You fucked up, mister!
This time you really
fucked up, you hear me?
Hello, milnor here.
Hello, milnor.
Hello, milnor.
Has tudor called in yet?
What about the hospital?
All right.
Call tudor's house.
We may have a problem.
We haven't heard from tudor yet.
Well, if we have to get out of here,
I need some time.
You'll have your time.
I just want to make one thing clear.
I work for you, but this fight, your fight,
it has nothing to do with me.
You know Jesus, friend?
You got it.
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
I'll tell you whatever you want to know.
That's the trouble with you, Jack.
You spoil people.
Hey man.
Guess what?
Dunlap's alive and the pigs got tudor.
Put everybody on alert.
What about the girl?
Just do what I say.
Hey come on, man, that hurts.
That hurt?
Now listen to me.
You say one more word, it could
be your last, you got me?
All right, Jack, no mistakes.
We're short timers in this.
Come on, you got it?
Wait here.
Looks like one of your
friends dropped in on ya.
Why don't you say hello?
Hey Jack, you hold on to him.
I'll be right back.
Rostin, rostin.
Rostin, come in.
Where the fuck are you?
Bad news.
You two, go up to the front.
What the hell are you doing?
You got a problem?
Spit it out.
Where's Saxon?
Fuck Saxon.
This is my show.
We have got to get out of here.
Big fuckin' man with the bombs.
Goddammit, you don't know
what we've got back there.
You start shooting, the whole place
goes to kingdom come.
You wanna go?
Go ahead.
Mick faggot.
No, you get back there!
Get back there and stay there.
Where is she?
She's in the room just past the elevator.
I swear.
Better not be lyin', scumbag or I'm gonna
stick this ar-15 where the sun don't shine.
Where is she?
There's nobody here!
Where is she?
Listen man, she was here!
I swear she was here.
Saxon must have moved her upstairs.
Jack, stay down.
Go get him, sarge.
Sure as shit, now I'm sarge.
Come on, you mothers!
Say goodnight, Gracie.
Let's go, come on.
Gettin' tired of this.
You either tell me where
she is, or you're dead.
She's upstairs, man.
There's a room in the back.
Saxon won't let nobody near her.
Go, Jack.
Jack, tell you what.
You wanna get the,
get the hell outta here.
Philly, you okay?
Yeah, go ahead Jack.
I'll catch you later.
There you are, Jessie.
I was wondering where you got off to there.
What, I'm not mad anymore, Jessie.
You know, I was mad before,
but see, I'm not mad...
Somebody help me!
It's all over, man.
Your people are finished.
No, it's not over!
It's almost over, though.
Don't move, Jessie, stay where you are!
Run, run Jessie!
You okay?
Everything's all right now.
Everything's okay.
Come on, let's get outta here.
What do you know?
Americano brewsky.
Look what I found.
You remember this bum, huh?
Philly, right, daddy?
That's right.
Boy, you must be Jessie.
Oh, have you grown up.
How old are you now, about 40?
You remember me, huh?
You're not an easy man to forget.
Aw, you sweetheart, no I'm really not.
See, Jack?
Some people do remember me, you know?
Six years is a long time, Jack.
Your dad looks great, doesn't he?
Move it.
Come on, get off the car.
Better lay low for a while, Jack.
They really stiff you
around here for littering.
Ah, Mr. corbett.
This place makes St.
Valentine's day massacre
look like a debate at Oxford.
Now, you're not gonna just
waltz away from here?
Am I supposed to do all
your work for you, melnor?
Want me to shine your badge for you, too?
No, what you're gonna do is...
Get the hell outta here
before I get in trouble.
All right, all right.
What are you lookin' at?
Got another one of those?
What a guy.
Okay, Jack, where to?
Come on, come on.
Well, I think I better take you home,
wash up and put you to bed.
Sounds good to me.
Wait a minute.
How did you guys find me, anyway?