Omen III: The Final Conflict (1981) Movie Script

This way.
[MAN] Fifty thousand years ago...
mankind faced its first
major threat of extinction-
a devastation wrought
by nature the ice Age.
It lasted 5, 000 years...
rendered four-fifths of
the EarthS surface uninhabitable...
and wiped out all but
the hardiest of natures creations.
One of these few was man.
From that devastation
dawned a new age and a new hope.
Phoenix-like, man arose
from the frozen wilderness...
and set forth upon his dream.
Mankind has endured
many catastrophes since then...
but none so grave as
the one which faces him today.
The economic criss
of the past decade...
has brought inflation, famine and chaos
to every corner of the globe.
Some label it
The Great Recession.
Others are calling it
that final upheaval of the world
foretold by the prophets of old.
But amid all the pessimism, one voice
rings out its filth in the future:
Thorn, the world 3 leading light
in building a new tomorrow
Trite, rhetorical...
cliched, inane.
I don't think viewers pay too much
attention to that kind of thing, Damien.
No, you're right.
And they won't pay much attention
to that bullshit, either.
I said I wanted action, not words.
I wanna see Thorn at work.
A thousand starving kids clamouring
for a bellyful of Thorn soya.
Thorn medical teams at work,
Thorn construction, Thorn engineering.
Instead of which,
you spent half the commercial...
giving us a third-grade version
of the history of the Ice Age.
Do we have any footage of
the Australian drought relief?
Sure. But nothing new, and most
of it's been seen on TV already.
All right,
we'll find you something.
In the meantime, go with the old
commercial. I don't want that one used.
What do we got coming up?
Botswana next week, and the
Aswan Dam at the end of the month.
Can we get a film unit
to Botswana in time?
Sure, but we can't put our
relief unit in till after the coup.
No one's too sure
how long that's gonna take.
All right, then,
it'll have to be the Aswan Dam.
Have a film unit there
when it goes.
Make sure they give
our relief units plenty of coverage.
Don't let the Red Cross
beat them to it.
Why don't you go?
Now that would be a real coup.
Damien Thorn supervising
relief work in person.
No, I've got to stay here.
What for?
To be on hand when
the president calls me.
He's, uh, gonna offer me the post
of Ambassador to Great Britain.
I beg your pardon?
Are you familiar
with the Book of Hebron?
I don't know anything
about the Book of Hebron.
It's in the Apocrypha,
one of the more...
obscure backwaters
of the Septuagint Bible.
And it shall come to pass
that in the end days...
the beast shall reign one hundred score
and thirty days and nights.
And the faithful
shall cry unto the Lord...
Wherefore art Thou
in the day of evil?
And the Lord
shall hear their prayers.
And out of the angel isle
He shall bring forth a deliverer...
the Holy Lamb of God...
who shall do battle
with the beast...
and shall destroy him.
The beast shall reign
one hundred score...
and thirty days and nights...
is another way of saying
seven years.
That's the time
I've been head of Thorn.
And out of the angel isle,
He shall bring forth a deliverer.
The angel isle, the original
Latin has Ex llnsula Anglorum...
The Second Coming.
Only it won't be the beast
that is destroyed.
It'll be the Nazarene.
Damien, you said you were gonna be offered
the post of Ambassador to Great Britain.
What about our
present ambassador?
[Chain Saw Buzzing]
[Buzzing Continues]
Afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon,
Mr. Ambassador.
Good afternoon, Mr. Ambassador.
I just had Mr. Sears on the line.
- No calls.
- But he said it was urgent.
I was to remind you
to phone him.
- Press office.
- This is the Ambassador.
I want a press conference, 3:00.
My office.
Come in.
Oh, my God.
[MAN] I know that.
No, I'm not giving out any statements
to him or anyone else.
It'd only make matters worse.
Make sure that the cable
is non-committal as well.
Let me see it
before you send it.
Can you believe that?
Some sons-of-bitches-
The Egyptian opposition party
wants us to endorse...
their condemnation of Israel
for blowing up the Aswan Dam.
How the hell do we know
Israel's responsible?
- My guess is it's the work of the N.I.F.
- Who?
The Nubian Liberation Front.
They're a quasi-Marxist outfit.
They've had a gripe against Cairo ever
since the '60s when the Aswan Dam was built.
They claim that it submerged 50% of
their homeland, which, of course, it did...
until now.
How'd you get this information?
One of our Thorn relief teams.
They were on the scene
ahead of the Egyptians.
I want to take a look at that.
It's quite, uh, unofficial,
of course.
I don't have to point out
to you that...
if we can prove it had
nothing to do with Israel...
we could be averting
one mother of a major flare-up.
Well, I'll have to check it myself,
of course.
I wouldn't want to feed
the White House false information.
As to the other matter...
I'm afraid I can't
accept the post.
See, if I were Ambassador
to Great Britain...
I'd have to relinquish
my control over Thorn.
Hell, no.
We can take care of that for you.
It is against the law.
Then we'll just
have to bend it a little.
- There are two other conditions.
- What?
Well, first...
it could only be for two years, because
I'm running for the Senate in '84.
And second, I'd want
the presidency of the Youth Council.
I've already
promised that to Foster.
I realize it's a problem.
The N.I. what?
The Nubian Liberation Front.
- Craig.
- Yes, Mr. President?
I've just appointed Mr. Damien Thorn as our
new Ambassador to the Court of St. James.
Have Eisenberg prepare
a press release to that effect.
Right away,
Mr. President.
- Craig?
- Yes, Mr. President?
Add to that that I've also
appointed Mr. Thorn as...
president of the United
Nations Youth Council.
- But I thought-
- just do it.
Well, Damien...
your father would've been
very proud of you.
I appreciate
your sentiments, sir.
[Man] Cassiopeia right ascension...
one hour 16 minutes 12.
Select declination
at 22 degrees...
on an eight-by-four ratio.
- Super grid R-3 at eight diagonal.
- Eight diagonal.
Increase focal length to max.
- Hold. Okay, Tony, hard copy
- Right.
May I see the cell
from June 1953?
Lune 7953.
Right here.
And December 1928.
Well, what would you say?
I'd say I was dreaming.
The rate of acceleration?
Well, a couple of thousand
parsecs minimum.
I 'a' say we're in
for one hell of a bang.
No. An alignment,
not a collision.
Okay, let's transfer
to the simulator...
see if we can't get an
accurate schedule predicted.
Whenever you're ready.
O Blessed Saviour...
who has, through
the confession...
of Thy departed servant
Father Spiletto...
revealed unto us...
the identity of the Antichrist
here on earth.
Grant us Thy strength
and guidance...
in our holy mission...
that we may rid the world
of Damien Thorn...
and thus ensure the safety...
of Thy Second Coming.
O Lord...
bless these seven
sacred knives from Meggido...
which Thou hast seen fit
to return unto us...
that they may serve
their holy purpose...
and destroy
the Prince of Darkness...
even as he seeketh to destroy...
Thy Child of Light.
I call upon each of you
to come forward...
and arm yourselves
in the name of the Lord.
Brother Martin.
Brother Paolo.
Each of us
must pray to our Lord...
in the silence of his own soul.
Since we are prepared to lay down our lives
in the pursuit of this enterprise...
we must seek final absolution
from God' now...
lest we be denied
the redemption...
of the blessed last sacrament
at the moment of death.
Above all, we must ask God,.
To grant us courage,
guidance and strength...
as we prepare to do battle
with Satan and his son, the Antichrist.
The exact hour of
our Lord's Second Coming...
for which centuries have wept...
has now been revealed to us
by signs in the heavens.
It is imperative that
the destruction of the Antichrist...
takes place before then.
And we have but a short time
in which to carry it out.
My brothers, remember...
that these seven daggers and ourselves
are all that stand...
between the son of Satan
and the Son of God'...
for they alone can destroy him.
- Can't quite place it. Can you?
- No.
Waiter, let me have a look at the label
on the bottle of wine we're drinking.
Of course; sir.
Is he really only 32?
No idea. You shouldn't
be surprised.
Americans always seem to think
they can run before they can walk.
Like their wine, what?
The answer is yes, he's the youngest
ambassador ever appointed by the president.
Are you part of his staff?
I'm his private secretary,
Harvey Dean.
- Kate Reynolds, British television.
- Kate, this is my wife Barbara.
- How do you do?
- We're fine.
- Lafite Thorn.
- Must have bought the bugger out.
Hmm. Amazing what they can make
with soybeans these days.
Would you like to meet
the Ambassador?
Oh, yes. Yes, I would.
Thank you.
Be back.
- Good evening, Mrs. Dean.
- Oh, hello.
- When is the happy event?
- Next week, I hope.
Damien, I'd like you
to meet Kate Reynolds.
Miss Reynolds works
for British television.
She has her own
weekly news show.
- It's called, uh, The World in Vision.
- In Focus.
Oh, excuse me.
The World in Focus.
Or out of focus,
as the case may be.
How do you do, Miss Reynolds?
- The Barbara Walters of British television?
- On my salary?
They don't call us the British
Broadcasting Charity for nothing.
Well, that makes two of us.
I'm in the charity business as well.
What can I do for you?
Well, actually, um...
I'd like to talk about doing
an interview with you sometime...
on your views on youth.
I've heard a lot about them
from my son Peter.
He's only 12, but your ideas have
certainly made a big impression on him.
Excuse me.
The Israeli Ambassador
has to go.
Of course I'd be pleased
to talk to you.
Give Harvey a call.
He'll arrange a time. How about Sunday?
Ah, well, Sundays
I usually spend with Peter.
Bring Peter along too.
Excuse me.
Come on, you two.
You'll get wet.
Mommy, look what
Damien is' given me.
- No, you can't.
- He can. He just did.
Well, I think
it's safer with him.
If I have
a collision out there...
we might have some sort of
international crisis on our hands.
I'm not sure you should
spoil him quite so much.
Well, to tell you the truth,
he's the one that's been spoiling me.
It's not every day
I get the chance to be a boy again.
English weather.
Go, dog.
Go get it.
Tell me about Peter's father.
He died just after Peter was born.
- Have you never thought of getting married?
- No.
- I'm too much of a sceptic.
- Oh, yes.
Besides, I've never
really had the time.
Peter's always
wanted me to buy him a dog.
Well, you should.
Dogs and boys go great together.
We've had one of these dogs
in the family ever since I was a kid.
They used to march with
the Roman army 2,000 years ago.
Did they?
They're as old as sin.
- Feel like some lunch?
- Good idea.
You've probably realized my favourite
subject is me, because I'm very beautiful.
- I am beautiful!
People from all over the world
came for our actors.
Where are the new ones gonna train
if we haven't got any stages?
And the reason we haven't got stages is
'cause people are not going to the theatre.
They're sifting at home
watching television.
You realize you're
sitting in a bar...
and at 11:00 they say to you,
You have ten minutes to drink that up.
You paid a fortune
for that drink...
and they throw you
out in the streets.
[MAN] The Day of Christ is at hand
wrote Saint Paul in his
second letter to the Thessalonians.
Yet let no man be deceived
for that day shall not come...
until the man of sins
is revealed...
the son of perdition,
the Antichrist.
Ana' be not deceived by him...
for Satan himself is transformed
into an angel of light.
The hour of Christ's
Second Coming draws nigh.
The prophecies
fulfil each one by one.
Right now, my friends...
in the constellation
of Cassiopeia...
a Holy Trinity of stars...
is converging to herald
our lord's Second Coming.
Rejoice then, you heavens
and you that dwell in them
commands Saint john
in Revelations.
But woe to you, sea and earth...
for the devil hath come down to you in
great fury, knowing that his time is short.
Ana' the Prince of Darkness
shall be mighty.
Ana' he shall flourish
and destroy the mighty.
And he shall cause craft'
to prosper in his hand'.
And by peace
shall he destroy many!
I followed them through the crowd
but couldn't get close enough.
He was with a woman
and a boy of about 11.
Who was the woman?
She's a television interviewer.
I asked someone who went
up to her for an autograph.
Kate Reynolds. She apparently
is quite some celebrity
- And the boy?
- Probably her son.
Please, Father, let it be me.
Let me be the bait
to flush him out and destroy him.
Thorn and I have made
contact eye-to-eye.
That's exactly why
it cannot be you.
We have to strike him off-guard.
Yet the target must be still...
for the marksman
to be sure of his aim.
A sitting target.
A sleeping target.
No. His residence is
guarded day and night.
- How about the embassy?
- Impossible.
There's our sitting target.
[KATE] The Israeli government
has consistently denied...
any responsibility
for the Aswan Dam disaster...
which has so far claimed the lives
of over 50,000 Egyptians.
Though many fear that the final
death toll may reach twice that number.
Already, typhoid has broken out among the
countess thousands of homeless refugees-
It's okay.
I'll do it myself.
And a major epidemic
now seems unavoidable.
The Egyptian government
has revealed that Thorn is supplying
At the centre of Thorn's
global operations...
is a man who's become
a legend in his time, Damien.
Did you see that woman?
It's not a woman. It's a guy, a faggot.
Dressed up like a woman.
It's a faggot!
They're all God's
children, Harvey.
[KATE] ...a career that? already being
compared to that of the late John F. Kennedy
After majoring
at Yale University...
Damien Thorn came to Oxford
as a Rhodes Scholar...
where he captained
the Oxford Eight to victory...
and won the Westchester Cup
at polo in the same year.
In 1977, he took over
his uncle's business, Thorn Industries...
and within seven years has
turned it into the world's largest...
multinational corporation,
producing everything...
from nuclear armaments
to soybean food products.
Now, at the age of 32,
Damien Thorn-
Are you lost?
You're not connected
with this program, are you?
This is Stage Eight, isn't it?
Four. Studio Eight's
the next one along.
Oh, yes.
Thank you.
A brilliant career for one
so young, Mr. Ambassador.
Well, not really.
Not when you remember that, uh...
Alexander the Great was commanding
the Macedonian army at 16.
[KATE] Of course,
that's how many people view you...
as a sort of
20th century Alexander...
leading the world out of
the present doldrums of recession...
into the golden era
of prosperity.
You've been watching
too many of our commercials.
[KATE] It's the image
you've managed to put across.
[DAMIEN] The image of Thorn is a
corporation, not a personal image of myself
But yes, it's true, I certainly have
tremendous optimism for the future...
And I want to see Thorn
play a major part.
I understand you have
a great interest in young people.
What are your plans now that you've become
president of the United Nations Youth Council?
[DAMIEN] A great many things.
But I think the most
important task I have...
is to help young people gain a more
prominent role in world affairs...
than the one we currently afford them,
or rather deny them.
I mean, what is this arrogance?
What makes us think
that we know better than them?
We call them immature and naive.
Wait till you've grown up,
and then we'll listen to you.
Now, what we really mean is...
Wait till you've grown old and then
you'll think the way that we do.
And so youth stands aside
because it has no other choice...
and we set to work.
We ply them with our values...
we indoctrinate them
with our mediocrity...
until finally they emerge from
their brainwashing education...
as so-called
fully-fledged citizens.
Clipped, impotent,
and above all, safe.
Grab one of these extinguishers!
Come on!
[MAN] God'!
I need a drink.
I keep seeing that face.
How about you? You want one?
That was an assassination attempt.
I found this
on the studio floor.
This is one of the seven
knives of Meggido...
the only thing on earth...
that can kill me.
They were discovered in Israel
when I was a child.
An archaeologist
called Bugenhagen found them.
He gave them to my father
to destroy me.
I had the love of my true father
to protect me.
You said there were seven of those.
Where are the other six?
That's what we have to find out.
Someone must've dug them up from
the old Thorn Museum in Chicago...
and now they've found their way into
the hands of someone who knows who I am.
Whoever knows who you are
must also know the prophecy.
Get a hold of Buher right away.
Tell him to get to Chicago
as soon as he can.
Excuse me, sir, but the Holly St. Hospital
has just telephoned for Mr. Dean.
Oh, Barbara.
She went into labour
this afternoon.
[Door Closes]
C-Can I borrow your car?
Call by the embassy first.
Get a hold of Buher right away.
Are you okay, Damien?
In a statement issued from the
American embassy, Ambassador Thorn...
stated that he was satisfied
that there was no connection...
between himself
and the unfortunate victim.
Thorn knows it was no accident.
Our priority now is to locate
the Holy Child as soon as He's born.
Brother Simeon
and Brother Antonio...
I want you to make ready
to come with me tonight...
to ascertain his birthplace...
for the hour draws near.
The rest of you must wait...
until we return before
deciding how we proceed
Our efforts must be...
strictly coordinated next time.
We can't afford
to make a second mistake.
- George.
- Yes, Mr. Ambassador?
I won't be needing
anything else tonight.
Right you are, sir.
Good night.
[DAMIEN] O my father...
Lord' of silence,
supreme god of desolation...
though mankind reviles,
it aches to embrace.
Strengthen my purpose
to save the world...
from a second ordeal
of Jesus Christ...
and his grubby, mundane creed.
Two thousand years
have been enough.
Show man instead
the raptures of thy kingdom.
Infuse in him
the grandeur of melancholy...
the divinity of loneliness...
the purity of evil...
the paradise of pain.
What perverted imagination
has fed man the lie...
that hell festers
in the bowels of the earth?
There is only one hell:
the leaden monotony of human existence.
There is only one heaven:
the ecstasy of
my father's kingdom.
Nazarene charlatan,
what can you offer humanity?
Since the hour you vomited forth
from a gaping wound of a woman...
you've done nothing but
drown man's soaring desires...
in a deluge
of sanctimonious morality.
You've inflamed
the pubertal mind of youth...
with your appellant dogma
of original sin.
And now you're resolved on denying them
ultimate joy beyond death...
by destroying me!
But you will fail, Nazarene...
as you have always failed.
We were both created
in man's image.
But while you were born
of an impotent God...
I was conceived...
of a jackal.
Born of Satan...
the desolate one.
The nail.
Your pain on the cross
was but a splinter...
compared to
the agony of my father...
cast out from heaven-
the fallen angel-
banished, reviled.
I will drive deeper the thorns
into your rancid carcass...
you profaner of vices.
Cursed Nazarene.
Satan, I will avenge
thy torment...
by destroying
the Christ forever.
Father De Carlo, welcome.
The prediction simulator has
established the approximate location...
over which the three stars
are to converge.
How accurate is that?
To about 50 square kilometres.
But once the alignment
has taken place...
we can narrow that down
to the nearest square meter.
Excuse me, sir.
We're at T minus 500.
The final countdown
is about to start.
There, gentlemen,
are your three stars.
The waiting of 2000 years
is at an end.
Mr. Ambassador!
- How do you feel, Mr. Ambassador?
- I'm fine.
Do you feel there's any connection between
the accident at the BBC and today's news?
- Not at all.
- What's your comment on Schroeder's revelation...
that the Israelis were responsible
for the Aswan Dam disaster?
Well, if it's true,
it's a sad blow to world peace.
Is that an official
I condemn all violence,
but it's a little early to be specific.
The Soviet Union has offered its full
support to Egypt for immediate retaliation.
- How do you react to that?
- Gentlemen, I have nothing else to say.
Oh, Mr. Ambassador...
I tried calling you last night,
but there was no reply.
Isn't there something we can do
to make up for what happened?
- Like what?
- Well, like, um-
- Like finishing the interview?
- Well, yes.
All right. But I'd sooner
we did it at my place than yours.
Yours is a little...
dramatic for my taste.
Why not stay on
for dinner afterwards?
- I'd love to.
- All right. I'll have Harvey fix it.
No. A boy!
Yeah, he sure is ugly.
All right. Thanks, Paul.
Yeah, I'll...
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
That was Buher.
He just sent over the N.I.F. report
to the White House.
He said it's so full of holes,
you can drive a truck through it.
- Oh, and thanks for the flowers. Barbara really appreciated them.
- And the daggers?
Well, apparently, all seven came up
for auction a few months back.
They were bought by a priest, and he
passed them onto a monastery in Italy.
- A, uh, Subi-
- Subiaco.
- The monastery of San Benedetto.
- That's it, Subiaco.
We've got our people
in Italy working on it.
- Unless something happens, they should-
- It's too late.
[DAMIEN] They're here in England
for the birth of the Nazarene.
Trying to destroy me
before I destroy them.
He was born last night.
I feel His presence...
like a virus, a parasite
feeding on my energy...
trying to drain me of power.
For every day
that He lives and grows...
my force will weaken.
Hide if you must, Nazarene...
but I will hunt you down.
Why is he just sitting there?
Waiting for me to follow him.
He must be an idiot if he thinks
you're gonna do something like that.
He knows that's exactly
what I intend to do.
What if he's got
one of those daggers?
I'll be wasting my time
if he hasn't.
Matteus here.
I'm ten minutes away.
Thorn's about
500 yards behind me.
It's done.
But it was him!
I saw him! I saw him!
- Sweet Saviour, spare our minds.
- We're possessed!
Spare our minds.
He's taking us.
Get down there.
It's our only way out!
- It's been locked!
- It's closed here, too.
There is no way out!
We're trapped!
There are still
three daggers left.
I can't afford
to waste any more time.
The only way to be rid of the Nazarene is
to kill every male child in the country...
born between midnight
and dawn on March 24.
How can we be sure
He's still in the country?
He shall come forth
out of the angel isle.
That's what the prophecy says.
And if there's one thing these
pedantic Christians believe in...
it's sticking to the letter
of their prophecies.
- How's Barbara?
- Fine.
- And your son?
- Fine. He's fine.
He was born on March 23,
wasn't he?
Yeah, yeah, sure. He was born, uh,
ten minutes before midnight, March 23.
[KATE] Whenever you're ready
Mr. Ambassador.
Liquidate the Nazarene.
Me? How?
That's what our people are for.
Now call a meeting for Sunday.
I'll make my own way there
after the hunt.
Chin up, old boy.
[Hounds Barking]
Oh, thank you, my dear.
I've been waiting for this.
Yes, I know.
Now, stay close to Susan at the back of the
hunt, and don't go showing off to Damien.
- Don't worry. You'll still get blooded.
- What does blooded mean?
You know perfectly well
what it means.
If it's your first hunt,
and they catch a fox...
they smear blood
all over your cheeks.
- Satisfied?
Take care.
Well, Mr. Ambassador, you've got
the fastest horse in the hunt...
and it's a lovely morning for you.
Okay, boys.
- Take him.
- Damien!
Damien, did you catch one?
The hounds didn't leave
too many souvenirs...
but I saved you
some of the blood.
Can you blood me?
Does it count?
It does with me.
Disciples of the Watch...
I stand before you...
in the name
of the one true god...
who was cast out from heaven...
but is alive...
in me.
Do you hear me?
[All] We hear and obey.
We hear and obey.
I now command you...
to seek out and destroy
the Nazarene child.
Slay the Nazarene...
and I shall reign forever.
and I perish.
Slay the Nazarene...
and you, my disciples...
shall truly inherit this earth.
and you will perish...
without trace.
Slay the Nazarene...
and you will know
the violent raptures...
of my father's kingdom.
and you will be condemned...
to a numbing eternity
in the flaccid bosom of Christ.
Do you hear me?
We hear and obey.
Disciples of the Watch...
there must be no delay.
Slay the Nazarene...
and the victory will be ours...
now and for evermore.
Do you hear me?
We hear. We hear.
We hear. We hear.
We hear. We hear.
We hear. We hear.
We hear. We hear.
We hear. We hear.
We're gonna go out
for a walk now, aren't we?
We're gonna take you out.
- Barbara?
- Oh, hi. I'll be with you in a minute.
There you go.
Get you all wrapped up.
- [WOMAN] Harvey?
- Yeah?
I'm just going shopping with Carol
I'm gonna take junior with me, okay?
Yeah. Listen, don't forget to
pick up my stuff from the cleaners.
- I won't. I'll see you later.
- Bye.
Harvey Dean.
I said, I'm not paying you that much.
You've only been here for two hours.
The Brookman family
at 23 Ormsby Road...
Sefton Park, Liverpool.
Listen, Peterson, I don't give a shit
how you feel about this...
just do the job!
Okay. Now...
Sefton Park, Liverpool,
and the boy's name is Christopher.
Kirkby Towers, Kirkby 14.
Boy's name is Alexander David.
By Tuesday night.
Blake? Dean.
I'll call you later.
Okay. Bye.
Won't belong now, darling. We'll soon
be home and have something nice to eat.
Are you hungry?
Who's a good boy?
Can you hear me?
Oh, no!
- Name this child.
- Alexander David.
I baptize you Alexander David...
in the name of the Father...
and of the Son...
and of the Holy Spirit.
- We receive this child...
- into the congregation of Christ's flock...
- [Baby Choking]
And sign him
with the sign of the cross.
Good morning, missus. We've come
to do our good deed for the day.
Good evening. Tonight we're devoting
the first part of our program...
to a disturbing phenomenon that's been
puzzling doctors and police over the last week:
the mysterious deaths
of numbers of babies...
in the kind of circumstances that coroners
are fond of terming misadventure.
At the turn of the century, the infant
mortality rate stood' at a staggering 34%.
In 1945, it dropped to 16%, and nowadays
it's been cut back to under two percent.
That is, until last week.
In greater London, I 7 babies
have died in the last seven days...
with a further 74 deaths reported
from Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester...
Leeds and Liverpool.
These may not sound unduly
high figures, but nation wide...
they represent a chilling 15 to 20%
increase in the infant mortality rate.
- Harvey.
- Details are still sketchy at the moment...
- and no clear pattern has emerged ..
- It's just a coincidence.
Except one:
In every case,
the victim has been a baby boy
To throw further light on the subject,
I have in the studio...
Dr. Richard Philmore from the
Ministry of Health and Social Security.
- Tell me, Dr. Philmore, what explanation do you have at this stage?
- Barbara?
Well, of course, it's too soon
for us to make any statement...
but I 'a' like to correct you
on a point you just made.
It really is quite inaccurate
to speak of a 20% rise...
in the infant mortality
rate index.
Our statistics are based
on annual averages...
and not on weekly fluctuations.
Surely you admit there's been
a totally unexplained increase...
in the deaths among
baby boys over the last week.
Oh, a rise, indeed, but nothing compared
to the rise during, say, a flu epidemic.
Surely, Dr. Philmore, we're not
talking about a flu epidemic.
We're talking about household burns,
drownings, car accidents...
suffocation, food poisonings,
Scotland Yard has assured us
that in their opinion...
there is no question of foul play
in any of the mortalities reported.
Forgive me if I speak bluntly but
your kind of scaremonger reporting...
is exactly the kind of behaviour
that brings the media into bad repute.
- Good night, Miss Reynolds.
- Good night, Bill.
Miss Reynolds...
I need to talk to you urgently.
It's about your program
about the deaths.
[CHUCKLES] A protest march of one.
How disappointing.
On the contrary. I congratulate you
on your perceptiveness.
- May we go inside?
- Oh, I'm sorry, um-
- Father De Carlo.
- I've had a long day, Father.
If you call my secretary,
she'll be happy to make an appointment-
I told you, I need
to talk to you urgently!
Okay, but please keep your voice down.
My son's asleep.
Then Herod sent forth and slew all
the children that were in Bethlehem...
and in all the courts thereof...
according to the time
of the birth of Jesus...
which he had diligently
inquired of the wise men.
What are you talking about?
You stated that the common factor
about these killings is...
that all the victims
have been baby boys.
But there is
another common factor.
All the boys were born
between midnight...
and 6:00 a.m.
on the morning of March 24.
Every child that's still living born
between those hours is in mortal danger...
if indeed he has not
already been killed.
- Are you suggesting they've been murdered?
- No, no, I am not.
I am stating it as a fact.
But who on earth would do such a thing?
He's born again,
Miss Reynolds...
and so is the Antichrist,
the son of Satan...
as foretold
in the Book of Revelation.
I'm sorry, Father. Look, I do respect
your faith, but I don't share it.
- You are not a practising Christian?
- No.
I'm a practising journalist...
and one of the first rules of journalism
is to be a doubting Thomas.
I need to see evidence
with my own two eyes.
All right.
Here is your evidence.
Check that for yourself.
Copies of the dead boys'
birth certificates...
from the central
registry office.
In every case, the child was
born on the morning of March 24.
Even if I can't appeal
to your faith...
I appeal to your logic.
Why else would someone want to destroy
all children born on that date...
were it not in an effort to destroy
one child in particular?
That child is
our Blessed Saviour...
Jesus Christ reborn...
thus fulfilling His promise that at
the end of times He shall come again...
to deliver the world
from the Antichrist.
And who exactly is this...
The American Ambassador,
Damien Thorn.
That's ridiculous!
I know Damien Thorn.
You may know the man.
Do you know his soul?
Miss Reynolds, I am a religious man,
not a fanatic.
One of the commandments
of my faith is...
that we shall not bear
false witness against any man.
If I had one shred of doubt
about Damien Thorn...
my faith would command me
to remain silent.
But I've watched him now
for 27 years...
ever since his father came
to our monastery...
to seek help in destroying him.
I watched him grow
from a boy into a man...
seen him exterminate
all those who stood in his way.
Very well.
You know Thorn the man.
I leave you
with our research on him...
but you must satisfy yourself
before reaching your opinion.
When you've done so, I would
urge that you contact me...
as soon as possible...
at this address...
day or night.
I, um...
I can't promise you anything,
You say I-I know only
Thorn the man, not his soul.
But if I don't even know my own soul,
how can I see into his?
Well, only God
can show you that.
There 13, however, one sign...
that identifies him
as the Antichrist.
You will find it in
the Book of Revelation as I told you.
You will also find it
on Thorn himself...
under his hair...
the birthmark of the devil...
six, six, six.
I'll let myself out.
Good night, Miss Reynolds...
and may God guide your decision.
The Israelis are onto Schroeder.
We've got to eliminate him,
before they have a chance
to make him talk.
Then do it.
But we can't get close to him.
They've got him in Tel Aviv.
- Damien, you're the only one that can do it.
- You can handle it.
- I just told you, we can't-
- And I told you...
that every day the Nazarene lives
my force would weaken.
Now, how many boys are left?
- Three or four.
- Including your son?
Now, wait a minute. I've already
told you, he was born March 23!
- Now, you gotta believe me.
- I'll believe you when the Nazarene is dead.
Yes? Who is this?
It's Kate Reynolds' son.
He's calling from a coin box.
- But how did he get this number?
- I gave it to him.
Hello, Peter.
Now, listen carefully.
I want you to follow him
wherever he goes...
and make sure
he doesn't see you okay?
Yeah, and call me
as soon as you find out.
All right.
Be careful, Damien.
His mother was on the phone
earlier this morning.
- She wants to see you.
- Why didn't you tell me? I want to talk to her.
- Because she's dangerous!
- I decide who's dangerous and who isn't!
Now, get her on the phone, and tell her
I want to see her tomorrow at the house.
And don't mention Peter.
Hi, honey, I'm home!
- What are you doing in here?
Don't you come anywhere
near him, you murderer.
What are you talking about?
You lay one finger on him,
and I'll butcher you...
just like you butchered
all these other children.
- A priest came by today.
He came to warn me
that Damien Thorn is the Antichrist...
and he'll murder my baby...
just like he's killed all these others
that were born on the same day.
You believe
some religious maniac?
No! I found
the proof myself!
You don't know what you've done.
You know, I once hosted a TV program
called And Now for the Good' News...
- which won an R.T.A. award.
- Really?
For the lowest audience-viewing
figure of the year.
Yet here I am reporting death and destruction,
and my show's gone to the top of the ratings.
- Everyone loves a mystery.
- I think it goes deeper than that.
We might aspire after good,
but our real fascination lies with evil.
- Don't you agree?
- Not really.
Most people confuse evil with
their own trivial lusts and perversions.
Now, true evil is
as pure as innocence.
Then what is evil?
Come on.
I'll show you the pool
where Old Nick hangs out.
- Old who?
- Old Nick.
He's down there somewhere,
lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce.
He must be at least 40 by now.
We first met
when I was about four.
We've been old friends
ever since.
Do you know that Old Nick
is the name for the devil in England?
Of course I know,
but it's a great name for a pike.
Do you believe in God?
I think you know the answer
to that question...
- Look! There he goes. Down there.
- Where?
Damien, help me!
Damien, I can't-
Help me! Help!
Well, that should fit you.
I feel like a a moth...
that's flown too close
to the flame.
But who is the moth...
and who's the flame?
Oh, don't stop, Damien.
Oh, don't stop.
Please, don't stop.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
- Hey. Hey.
Do you wanna see what I see?
I want you, Damien.
You're hurting me.
Birth is pain.
Death is pain.
Beauty is pain.
Let me... up.
Let me up.
Is Schroeder
on the Thorn payola or not?
- No statement.
- Why can't we talk to Ambassador Thorn?
Because the ambassador
is unavailable at the present time.
- He's not even here at the embassy.
- Yeah, where is he?
Ladies and gentlemen, when he's ready to
make a statement, we will let you know.
Damien. I thought
you were up at the house.
You know, the press are going' crazy
for a statement on Schroeder.
I mean, I guess I can hold 'em off
until I've talked to Buher...
but you're gonna have to... What was
De Carlo doing at your house yesterday?
Now, come on, Dean,
just give me the truth.
I'm telling the truth.
I never heard of De Carlo
before in my life.
Go ahead, Peter.
At half past 3:00 yesterday afternoon,
I saw the priest called De Carlo...
go to I44 Abbey Crescent...
where he spent an hour and 22 minutes
talking to the wife of Mr. Dean.
Damien, look, I...
I didn't know he was a priest.
- I didn't know Barbara was,
- Kill your son.
There's only one boy left,
and that's your son.
Destroy him... or be destroyed.
Damien, for the love of God-
And God said unto Abraham...
Take now thy son,
thine only Isaac whom thou lovest...
and offer him
for a burnt offering.
Now, if Abraham was willing to slay
his own son for the love of his God...
why won't you do the same
for mine?
You're all crazy.
Aren't you gonna stop him?
There's no need.
Go on. Go away!
- Go on!
There now. It's okay, honey-
Barbara? Barbara,
start packing!
Barbara? Barbara!
[MAN] 10:00 Miss Reynolds.
Locking up in five minutes.
Miss Reynolds.
- What are you doing here?
- You saw him, didn't you?
You know
Thorn is the Antichrist...
so why are you protecting him?
Either you get out of here
or I'll call security.
Your son-where is he?
He's in bed and asleep,
of course.
He's not.
Your son is with Damien Thorn...
in body and soul.
Your son has become
an apostle of the Antichrist.
You think Peters been in school
for the past two or three days?
Check with the school
if you don't believe me.
He's been working for Thorn,
conspiring to murder the Holy Child.
They won't succeed
The Holy Child is
beyond his powers now.
He's safe.
But your child is not.
There is only one way
to save your son, Miss Reynolds...
and that's by destroying
the Antichrist.
Are you asking me?
No. No, Miss Reynolds.
That is to be my sacred task.
But if you value
your son's immortal soul...
you must help me
to carry it out.
[MAN] Hurry along, Miss Reynolds.
We 're locking up.
I'll be out in a moment.
- I'm going home to my son.
- Then I beg you to let me come with you.
There will be no time to lose
when you find he's not there.
You think you've won, do you?
You watched me slay a hundred children in your
place and never lifted a finger to save them.
Suffer the little children
to come unto me.
Your words, Nazarene, not mine.
O Satan, the victory 11; thine.
All praise to thee...
for thou hast delivered
this child unto me...
that I may be brought face to face
with the Nazarene...
At last.
Now, Peter, listen to me,
and listen carefully.
The Christian faith has
ten commandments. I have only one.
Say it now, and we two
shall become as one.
- I love you.
- Beyond all others.
- Beyond all others.
- Beyond life itself.
No, Peter, don't say it.
Give me back my son...
- and I'll lead you to the Christ child.
- Where is he?
Give me back Peter first,
and I'll take you to him.
Very well.
You shall lead us both to the Nazarene,
and then Peter shall be yours.
- No, Damien, it's a trick!
- Not if she wants her son back, it isn't.
All right.
If you can help me, help me now.
- [KATE] No!
- Peter!
- What? What is all this?
Oh, Peter, dearest.
- No.
- Where's your God now, priest?
I'm here, Nazarene!
Where are you?
You hear me?
Face me. Face me!
It's time!
Show yourself.
I know you're here!
Come out and face me!
You bastard!
you have won... nothing.