Omen, The (1976) Movie Script

The child is dead.
He breathed just for a moment.
Then he breathed no more.
The child is dead. Dead. The child is dead.
I'm afraid it will kill her.
My God, she wanted a baby so much.
For such a long time.
What can I tell her? What will I say?
You could adopt a child.
She wanted her own.
If I may suggest,
it even resembles...
Your wife need never know.
It would be a blessing to her
and to the child.
Are there no relatives?
The mother died, as your own child,
in the same moment.
You said it could be ours, but...
On this night, Mr. Thorn,
God has given you a son.
Here's your boy.
Good morning. Come va?
- What are you doing home so early?
- Just came to start packing.
We can't waste any time. We're leaving
in the morning. Buongiorno, Carlo.
Please, Carlo.
What are you talking about?
I am talking about London. I am talking about
the ambassador to the Court of St James.
- Well, what about him?
- You're married to him.
I'm what?
It's me. I'm appointed
ambassador to Great Britain.
I've already told them yes.
I loved it the minute I saw it.
Well, it's a bit much.
Well, nothing's too much for the wife
of the future president of the United States.
You know, you're pushy.
Come on. Wait till you see this.
Now this, they call his day room.
His day room.
So? How do you like it so far?
- Well, it needs some books. To warm it up.
- Couple of books. Warm it up. Yeah.
- Something in mind, Mr. Ambassador?
- Why don't we have a little look upstairs?
Well, there's no furniture up there, either.
You know, you could be
too sexy for the White House.
- I'm gonna miss you so much.
- I won't be long.
We don't have that much to talk about.
Since when did two old college roommates
not have much to talk about?
Since one of them assumed
the awesome burden of the presidency.
- Well, give my regards to the first lady.
- I'll do my best.
Why don't you change you mind,
fly over with me?
No, I'd better stay here
and fool around with Damien.
- Where is he?
- He was right behind us...
Oh, my God, Robert.
Damien! Robert, where could he be?
You little monkey.
Don't you ever do that again.
There you are.
- Go.
- Hooray.
- Run out of film?
- Just saving a bit for his canonization.
- How's that?
- He's either the heir to the Thorn millions
- or Jesus Christ himself.
- Want a bite, Daddy?
Go on, Damien. Smile. A big birthday smile.
Come on. Smile.
- I'll take him, ma'am.
- No, I'll take him.
Come on.
One... two... three...
Let me jump on it, Daddy. Let me jump on it.
Hold on.
Damien, look at me.
I'm over here.
- Damien, I love you.
- Look. There's Nanny.
Look at me, Damien. It's all for you.
Oh, my God.
Go, Tom.
- Morning. Have you read the papers today?
- No, I haven't.
There was an article on the suicide,
your nanny that jumped.
- They say that she left a suicide note, sir.
- Not true.
Mr. Ambassador,
did you know she was on drugs?
Would you mind?
- Mr. Thorn, did she use drugs?
- Not that I know of.
- The article said...
- I don't care what the article said.
I'm sorry.
I am sorry.
Will you send me a bill for the damage?
No, that's all right, Mr. Ambassador.
Let's just say you owe me.
OK, outside.
- There's a Father Brennan here to see you.
- Who?
A priest named Father Brennan from Rome.
He says it's a matter of
urgent personal business.
- Never heard of him.
- He says he just needs a minute.
- Something about a hospital.
- Donation time.
- All right, send him in.
- I didn't know you were such a soft touch.
On that trip to Saudi Arabia,
why isn't it the right time?
Well, it's personal, Tom. I just
don't feel like leaving home right now.
Yes, Father?
We haven't much time.
You must listen to what I have to say.
All right. What is it?
You must accept Christ as your savior.
You must accept him now.
Forgive me, but didn't I understand that you
have a matter of urgent personal business?
You must take Communion.
Drink the blood of Christ and eat his flesh.
Only if he is within you
can you defeat the son of the devil.
- I see.
- He's killed once. He'll kill again.
He'll kill until everything that's yours is his.
- Father, would you mind...
- Only through Christ can you fight him.
Accept the Lord Jesus.
Drink his blood.
I've locked the door, Mr. Thorn.
- Yes?
- Would you send for a security guard?
I beg you, Mr. Thorn.
Listen to what I have to say.
Ambassador Thorn?
I was at the hospital, Mr. Thorn,
the night your son was born.
- I witnessed the birth.
- Sir?
I beg you.
All right. Stand by.
- What do you want?
- To save you, Mr. Thorn.
So Christ will forgive me.
What do you know about my son?
- Everything.
- And what is that?
I saw its mother.
- You saw my wife.
- I saw its mother.
- You're referring to my wife.
- Its mother, Mr. Thorn.
This is blackmail. Come out and say it.
What are you trying to say?
His mother was aja...
- Everything OK?
- You sounded strange. The door was locked.
- I want this gentleman escorted out of here.
- OK, let's go.
Accept Christ each day.
Drink his blood.
- Just get him off the grounds.
- All right, Father. Come on.
Thank you.
Come in.
Excuse me. Mrs. Baylock is here.
She says she's the new governess.
Well, that's a start. Show her in.
Come in, please.
- Ambassador and Mrs. Thorn.
- How do you do?
I know it's a difficult time for you,
so I'll not intrude on your grief.
I'm here to take away
some of your troubles and anxieties.
We'll soon help your little boy
to forget what's happened.
I'm afraid, sir,
that some of our young nannies,
they get homesick,
or they have boyfriend problems.
I left all that behind a long time ago.
Well, now, if you'll let me see your boy?
Yes, of course. He's upstairs.
I'll show you where it is.
Why don't you just leave us alone at first?
Let us get acquainted in our own way.
- Well, he's shy with new people.
- Oh, no. Not with me, he won't be.
- Well, I don't think...
- I think it'll be fine.
Go on. Give it a try.
All right, then.
- Mrs. Horton.
- This way, Mrs. Baylock.
Excuse me.
- I like her.
- She seems all right.
Where'd you find her?
- Where did I find her?
- Yeah.
I didn't find her. I assumed you found her.
Round that corner to the right
and it's the door facing you.
- I'll have your things sent up in a moment.
- Thank you.
- Mrs. Baylock.
- Yes, ma'am?
I'm sorry, but we're a little bit confused.
Oh? Why's that?
- Well, we don't know how you got here.
- The agency.
- The agency?
- Well, yes. They read in the paper about the...
well, about your first nanny,
so they sent you another.
- That's it.
- I'll call to confirm that.
- Here are my references.
- Thank you very much.
Well, if I could see your boy, now?
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you.
Have no fear, little one.
I am here to protect thee.
- In a minute, Horton, I think.
- Very good, sir.
- Kathy.
- I'm coming. Mrs. Baylock.
- Mrs. Baylock.
- Yes, ma'am?
- Where's Damien?
- If you don't mind,
I think he'd rather go to the park.
- The park? I told you he was going with us.
- He's too young for church.
- He'll cause a fuss.
- You don't seem to understand.
It is my wish and my husband's wish
that Damien accompanies us to church.
- Kathy.
- I'll be there in a minute.
Now, please have him dressed at once.
Well, excuse me
for speaking my mind, ma'am,
but do you really think a five-year-old
will understand the goings-on
of an Episcopal wedding?
Will you have my son dressed and in the car
in five minutes? Thank you very much.
What's the matter, Damien?
It's just a church, that's all.
What's the matter?
- Robert.
- Something wrong?
- I don't know. He just seems scared to death.
- Is he ill?
No, he's just...
No, he's just trembling all over.
- Mr. Ambassador. Welcome, sir.
- Good morning.
- No!
- Damien.
Damien, stop it.
Damien, stop it. Damien.
Horton, drive on.
Are you sure that
you don't wanna call a doctor?
No, it's just a couple of bruises.
It'll be all right in the morning.
No, I mean for Damien.
Oh, no, he's fine. He's sound asleep.
Just to have him examine him.
Well, he's perfectly all right.
Never been sick a day in his life.
He never has, has he?
Isn't that a little strange?
Is it?
I mean, no measles or mumps or chickenpox.
- Not even a cough or a cold.
- So?
I just think it's a little unusual.
Look, he's a perfectly healthy boy.
I mean, we have nothing to worry about
with him. Not physically or otherwise.
He just had a bad moment.
You know, like a fright.
- I'm leavin' now. Is there anything else?
- Nothing, thank you. Good night.
I think the best thing to do with a bad day
like this is end it. I'm gonna go to bed.
I'll be along soon.
Quiet, now. This is the master of the house.
- What is this?
- Sir?
The dog.
- Beautiful, isn't he? We found him outside.
- Who gave you permission to bring it in?
I thought we could use a good watchdog, sir.
And Damien loves him.
Gave you a fright, did he, sir?
- Yes.
- Well, you see how good he is.
As a watchdog, I mean. I think you'll be
grateful on your long trips away, sir.
Mrs. Baylock, we don't need a dog,
and if we do, I'll pick him out myself.
- Damien's taken quite a fancy to him, sir.
- Tomorrow morning you'll call the RSPCA,
tell them to collect the dog
and find him another home.
You understand?
Come on, boy.
Welcome to Windsor Safari Park.
Animal compound to your left.
Parking, for refreshment and zoo area,
to your right.
When driving through animal compounds,
please keep all car windows closed.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on, darling.
Let's go see the monkeys, OK?
- Good morning, Horton.
- Good morning, sir.
Baboons bite. Keep all car windows closed.
Keep all car windows closed.
Baboons are dangerous.
Oh, no.
- All right, Kathy?
- Yeah.
You're so silent this evening.
Just tired, I guess. Sorry.
- Damien all right?
- Yeah.
- You sure?
- Yes.
If there were anything wrong,
you'd tell me, wouldn't you?
Wrong? What could be wrong with our child,
Robert? We're beautiful people, aren't we?
There is something wrong, isn't there?
Is it so serious?
Robert, I want...
I need to see a psychiatrist. I have fears.
I have such fears.
What kind of fears? What kind?
If I told you, you'd put me away.
Kathy, I love you. I love you.
Then help me. Find me a doctor.
I will. Of course I will.
Keep that scrum tight.
Get down low. Come on.
Let it go. Let it go.
Bring him down.
Well done.
I don't know what you're clapping for.
You just lost a bet.
- That's right. 27-3?
- Right. That'll be three quid.
- I thought it was two.
- Inflation. Haven't you heard, old boy?
Well done, George. Great stuff.
It was a good game.
Go and have a quick drink with the lads.
That'll give me time
to make sure everything's set up.
Tomorrow, half past two, Bishop's Park.
Five minutes and you'll never see me again.
Your wife is in danger.
She'll die unless you come.
Thanks again.
Get on with it. Say what you have to say.
"When the Jews return to Zion,
and a comet rips the sky,
and the Holy Roman Empire rises,
then you and I must die."
"From the eternal sea he rises,
creating armies on either shore,
turning man against his brother,
till man exists no more."
- The Book of Revelations predicted it all.
- I'm not here to listen to a sermon.
"It is by means of a human personality
entirely in his possession
that Satan will wage
his last and formidable offense."
- You said that my wife...
- Go to the town of Megiddo
in the old city of Jezreel.
There, see the old man Bugenhagen.
- He alone can say how the child must die.
- Look here...
"He who will not be saved by the lamb
will be torn by the beast."
Will you stop?
I'm here because you said
my wife is in danger.
She is pregnant.
- You're mistaken. That's nonsense.
- He will not allow the child to be born.
- He will kill it while it slumbers in the womb.
- What are you talking about?
Your son, Mr. Thorn.
The son of the devil.
He will kill the unborn child,
then he will kill your wife,
and when he is certain to inherit all that
is yours, then, Mr. Thorn, he will kill you.
That's enough!
With your power, he will establish
his counterfeit kingdom here,
receiving his power directly from Satan.
- You're insane.
- He must die, Mr. Thorn.
You asked for five minutes,
and you've got five minutes.
Go to the city of Megiddo.
See Bugenhagen before it's too late.
Now, I've heard you.
I want you to hear me.
I never want to see you again.
You'll see me in hell, Mr. Thorn.
There will we share out our sentence.
Mrs. Baylock.
- Anything wrong?
- I just can't stand that noise.
It's not all that bad.
- Good morning, Damien.
- Good morning, Daddy.
- What are we gonna do?
- Hold my hands.
- Right.
- Mrs. Baylock.
Yes, ma'am?
- Would you take him out of here, please?
- He's only playing.
Would you just get him out of here, please?
Yes, ma'am.
Come along, Damien. Excuse me, sir.
Come along.
Darling, I don't know
what's the matter with me. I just...
I just don't seem to be able to...
I don't know.
Kathy, I love you.
If this is what the doctor's doing to you,
don't you think it's time
I had a talk with him?
Yes, you should.
There's something
he wants to talk to you about, anyway.
Robert, I don't ever
want to have any more children.
All right.
Then you'll agree to an abortion?
I'm pregnant, Robert.
I just found out this morning.
Yes, this is he.
Who? But...
Something about the newspapers.
Well, she knew how much you wanted one.
Now she can't cope. She searches for reasons
that won't make her feel inadequate.
She has these fantasies.
She fantasizes that your child is alien
and that your child is evil.
She thinks that the child is evil?
The point is, at this time,
another child would be disastrous.
Well, in what way evil?
Now, this is just fantasy.
She also thinks the child isn't hers.
The most important thing for you to do
is to agree to an abortion.
I'd like to know your reason.
It was foretold that
this pregnancy would be terminated.
I'm going to fight to see that it's not.
- Forgive me, Doctor.
- Please don't leave.
I'm sorry. I must get home.
No, no, no, no!
No! No!
Are there any developments
on the state of your wife, sir?
- How is your wife, Mr. Ambassador?
- Is there any news, sir?
- Ambassador Thorn?
- Yes. Doctor?
My name is Becker.
Is she all right?
Well, she will recover.
She's in there. Bed by the window.
She has a concussion
and a broken humerus,
and, well, some internal bleeding.
- Internal bleeding?
- Yes.
But she's pregnant.
- She's lost it?
- Afraid so.
You know, you've got a lot to be grateful for.
She's still alive.
And, with proper care,
she can still have children.
Don't let him kill me.
Don't let him kill me.
It's all right.
- Yes?
- I'm sorry to bother you, Ambassador Thorn.
- Who is this?
- My name is Keith Jennings, sir.
The photographer
whose camera got smashed.
Would it be possible
to have a word with you at my flat?
- If it's about the camera...
- No, it's not about the camera.
It's about you, Mr. Thorn.
And the death of the priest.
Go on.
Do you notice anything unusual?
No. Sorry.
At first I thought
this was just a fault in the film.
A strange coincidence.
Then it happened again.
Interesting, don't you think?
And this, I took on the day
that you were at the rugby match.
- Same thing?
- Only it's more pronounced
and it's actually
making contact with the body.
The rest, of course - history.
I can't explain it.
That's why I started digging. The coroner's
report shows that he was riddled with cancer.
High on morphine most of the time.
Injected himself two or three times a day.
- He knew that he was dying?
- Apparently, yes.
He said that he wanted
to be forgiven by Christ.
Externally, his body was normal, except for
one thing on the inside of his right thigh.
- What is it?
- Three sixes.
Six hundred and sixty-six.
- Concentration camp?
- That's what I thought.
But the biopsy says it's a birthmark.
The best is yet to come.
Pages of the Bible. Thousands of 'em.
Every inch of wall-space covered,
even the windows.
He even needed to be close to his church.
There are 47. I counted them.
I think he was trying
to keep something out, don't you?
The police thought he was insane. They let
me come here to see if I could find anything.
The first item is a diary.
It didn't say anything about him.
It's about you. What time
you left the house, where you went,
what restaurants you had your lunch in,
what time your speaking engagements were.
The last entry says that he was supposed to
have met you in Bishop's Park.
And that was dated the day he died.
The important items are here. If we're to get
to the bottom of this, we've got to start here.
This first clipping
is from the Astrologer's Monthly.
Reports an unusual phenomenon. A comet
changed its shape into a glowing star,
like the star of Bethlehem 2,000 years ago.
This one was on the other side of the world,
the European continent, five years ago.
Does that date mean anything to you?
Then you'll recollect this other clipping.
It's a birth announcement
from a Rome newspaper.
Also dated 6 June, five years ago.
The day your son was born.
The sixth month, sixth day.
Was your son born at 6am?
Yes, I'm sorry. I'm just trying to work out
this birthmark. The three sixes.
My son is dead.
I don't know whose son I'm raising.
If you wouldn't mind,
I'd like to help you try and find out.
No. It's my problem.
No, sir, you're wrong. It's my problem too.
When I came here with the police,
I took some photographs.
I happened to catch sight
of my own reflection in that mirror.
I know you must think I'm crazy,
but I'm so frightened.
Don't be afraid. You'll be all right here.
You'll be perfectly all right.
Some all right!
- What about Damien?
- I'll speak to Mrs. Horton.
She'll look after him.
Mrs. Horton?
- Mrs. Baylock.
- Sir.
- Where's Mrs. Horton?
- Gone.
- Gone out?
- No, they've gone. They just got up and went.
They left an address for you
to send their last month's wages to.
Well, didn't Mrs. Horton say anything?
Didn't Horton leave any explanation?
No. But don't worry, sir. I can manage.
- I'll look into this when I get back.
- Just as you wish, sir.
- And Mrs. Baylock?
- Sir?
Last night, I saw that dog in Damien's room.
I clearly told you...
He's gone now, sir.
They took him away this morning.
This is the right address.
Apparently, there was a terrible fire
and the old hospital burned down.
Five years ago.
But surely the fire didn't destroy everything.
There must have been some records.
I sorry. I think everything was destroyed.
Isn't it possible
there were some papers stored elsewhere?
- I do not know.
- Sister.
This is most important to me.
I adopted a child here.
I'm searching for some records of it...
- There were no adoptions here.
- There was one.
- No, signore.
- It wasn't an actual adoption.
- You are mistake.
- Wait.
Birth records.
If I gave you a date. An exact date.
It's no use. The fire started
in the hall of records in the basement.
All the paperwork was there.
Went up like a torch.
Shot up the stairwells.
The third floor became an inferno.
- The third floor?
- The maternity wards. Nothing left but ashes.
- You will excuse me?
- What about the staff?
- Surely some survived.
- S, some.
There was a tall man, a priest.
Dark eyes. Piercing eyes.
- He was principale.
- Yes, he was in charge. Is he...
- Yes, he is alive.
- Is he here?
- No.
- Where?
He's in a monastero in Frosinone.
Many were taken there. Many die.
Perhaps he is die since,
but he lived through the fire.
I remember people say it was un miracolo.
- Here we are.
- What is it?
- "When the Jews return to Zion..."
- That's the poem.
"When the Jews return to Zion..."
And there was something about a comet.
Yes, that's here too. "The shower of stars
and the rise of the Roman Empire."
These are supposed to be the events
that signal the birth of the Antichrist.
The devil's child.
It's making more sense. The Jews have
returned to Zion and there has been a comet.
As for the rise of the Roman Empire,
scholars think that could well mean
the Common Market, the Treaty of Rome.
- Bit of a stretch.
- What about this? In Revelations it says:
- "He shall rise from the eternal sea."
- That's the poem again.
"From the eternal sea he rises,
creating armies on either shore."
- That was the beginning of it.
- Theologians have interpreted
the "eternal sea"
as meaning the world of politics,
the sea that constantly rages
with turmoil and revolution.
So the devil's child will rise
from the world of politics.
Looks like this is as far as we go.
Let's have a look.
Found him?
His mind is active,
but since the fire he's not made a sound.
We feed him and take care of his needs.
And we pray for his recovery
when his penance is completed.
What penance?
"Woe to the shepherd
who abandons his sheep."
"May his right arm wither
and his right eye lose its sight."
He's fallen from grace. Can you tell us why?
For abandoning Christ.
- How do you know he's abandoned Christ?
- He told us.
- But he doesn't speak.
- There is some movement in his left hand.
He was able to write it down.
You will notice the curved line over the head.
This indicates the hood of the monk.
His own hood.
- The three sixes.
- Six is the sign of the devil.
- But why three of them?
- We believe it signifies the diabolical trinity.
- The devil, Antichrist and false prophet.
- Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
For everything holy, there is something
unholy. This is the essence of temptation.
Father Spiletto, my name is Thorn.
There was a child.
I want to know where that child came from.
- I am afraid that...
- You confessed to them. Now confess to me.
- What happened?
- Please, signore.
You said you knew its mother.
Where is she now?
- I must insist that you do not...
- I beg you, where is she?
Answer me.
Excuse me.
Please, does it mean something to you?
It is an old cemetery from Etruscan times.
Cripta Sant'Angelo.
- It is nothing but ruins.
- Where is this place?
- But there is nothing there. Only graves.
- Where is it?
You will find it on the map.
It is perhaps 50km north of Rome.
Robert, over here.
Maria Scianna.
My God.
June 6.
Five years ago.
Bambino Scianna.
Infant boy. Same date.
"In birth and death,
the generations embrace."
Is my son buried here?
This woman could be
the mother of the child you adopted.
Why here in this terrible place?
- No.
- Oh, my God.
- The other one.
- No. Let's get out of here.
If it's an animal too,
then maybe my child
is alive somewhere.
They murdered him.
They murdered him as soon as he was born.
Come on.
Don't run. It's only the smell of the graves.
- Hello?
- Hello.
Hello, Robert. Is that you?
I'm so glad you called.
Kathy, darling.
Now, listen to me very carefully.
Do just what I say.
I want you to leave London right now.
- What do you mean, leave London, darling?
- I've put through a call to the embassy.
Tom Portman will meet you at the hospital
and bring you here to Rome.
- Robert, what's happened? What's wrong?
- Please, darling. Just do it.
Get ready to leave.
- Robert, I don't think I can move very well.
- Kathy, do it.
OK. Yes, all right, I'll try to be ready
by the time he gets here.
All right, darling.
Who is that? Is that somebody there?
Tom? Is that you?
Yes, this is he.
I can't talk now.
I found out about the town of Megiddo.
It's derived from the word "Armageddon".
The end of the world.
It's underground,
about 60 miles south of Jerusalem.
There's some excavation going on there.
If only you could remember the name
of the man you're supposed to see.
It's Bugenhagen.
He was an exorcist. I read about him.
That was his name.
And I remember the poem.
"When the Jews return to Zion,
and a comet fills the sky
and the Holy Roman Empire rises,
then you and I must die."
"From the eternal sea he rises,
creating armies on either shore
turning man against his brother
till man exists no more."
Kathy is dead.
I want Damien to die, too.
Hello, Mr. Thorn.
I am Bugenhagen.
- What is this place?
- The city of Jezreel.
Town of Megiddo.
The place where Christianity began.
The little priest - is he dead yet?
Come along, Mr. Thorn.
We had better get to work.
You will excuse us.
This is for Mr. Thorn alone.
All right.
It must be done on hallowed ground.
A church.
His blood must be spilled on the altar of God.
This first knife is most important.
It extinguishes physical life
and forms the center of the cross.
The subsequent placings
extinguish spiritual life
and should radiate outward.
Like this.
This is not a human child. Make no mistake.
- Is there proof?
- Oh, yes.
He bears a birthmark.
A sequence of sixes.
So, says the Bible,
do all the apostles of Satan.
- He doesn't have it.
- He must have it.
I've bathed him. I know every inch of him.
If it is not visible on the body,
it will be beneath the hair.
Remove it.
You must be devoid of pity.
- And the woman?
- She is an apostate of hell.
She will die before permitting this.
Look, I want to know what he said.
I've a right to know.
Robert, I want to know what he said.
Look, I'm not just some bystander.
- I was the one that found him.
- I'm the one that's supposed to kill him.
These are knives. He wants me to stab him.
- Wants me to murder a child.
- It's not a child.
How can he know that? Maybe he's wrong.
It's insane. I won't have anything
to do with murdering a little boy.
He's not responsible. I won't do it.
Well, if you don't do it, I will.
Run, Damien. Run. Run.
Hold it.
- Panda Four to control.
- MP to Panda Four, come in, please.
Panda Four in pursuit.
American Ambassador, white estate car.
Heading north. Seven Hills Road. Over.
Al. We've got a shout.
I'll be back later, all right?
MP to Zulu Seven.
You are requested assist Panda Four
in pursuit of white estate car,
north Seven Hills Road.
Possible diplomatic incident.
Zulu Seven to Panda Four.
We have taken over your pursuit. Over.
Zulu Seven to MP.
Heading west on Old Church Road.
No! Please, Daddy, no!
- No, Daddy. No!
- God help me.
Police! Drop. Drop, or I'll fire.
And so to their final rest do we commit
these two and entrust them unto our Lord.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.
Detail, attention.
Present arms.
Ready, aim, fire.
Ready, aim, fire.
Ready, aim, fire.
Excuse me, Mr. President. When you're ready
to leave, your car is over there.
- In a moment.
- Yes, sir.
Sally Lewis