Omessa (2015) Movie Script

You were right, there is a lump.
Do you know of anything
in your family medical history.
Mother or father's side?
An aunt?
My mother died of cancer,
ten years ago.
Breast cancer?
I don't know.
Right, we'll need to do
some further tests.
I'll let you get dressed
and go over for the biopsy.
Try to find out something
about your mother's case.
I'll call you
as soon as I have the results...
...a few days from now...
Who is it?
So you ended up finding the way back.
You might have sent some news.
Morning Dad.
It still works?
Has to.
The beard's new?
And you, still smoking?
How long are you staying?
I don't know.
Why have you come back?
I need her medical rec...
I don't believe it.
Give me two Myrtes.
As you can see, I haven't moved!
I can see that.
Two more.
And your father?
My father?
My father never moved away from here.
Oh, hello stranger!
Hey stranger!
That's me you're talking to?
Nothing changes here!
And you there! Peretti!
Always behind her window!
What do you want?
I've already told you,
I need her records.
What records!
What for?
Haven't you had enough?
Acting as if it never happened.
Where did you put
her medical records?
I don't know...
I might have thrown them out!
What are you blaming me for?
For not having seen she was ill?
You want me to give you
all the details?
The nausea...
The vomiting...
Her hair falling out
and all the rest...
And you, where were you
during all that?
I was there by her side
right till the end.
While you were on holiday.
I'm going to die of it soon anyway.
As if you could give a damn!
O.K. On Monday.
I'm going to need them.
Is everything all right?
You sure?
It's going to be alright.