OMG 2 (2023) Movie Script

Worshippers arriving
from different cities
are welcome to the City of Mahakaal.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Those who have been bathing
for a long time
should leave the place
and let others also bathe.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Please maintain peace.
Worshippers arriving
from different cities
are welcome to the City of Mahakaal.
Please keep silence.
Bhasm Aarti will begin shortly.
Bhasm Aarti will begin shortly.
Please maintain silence.
Selfies are prohibited.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Please switch off your mobile phones.
Please switch off your mobile phones.
Mobiles are not allowed.
Hold the hands of your kids.
Selfies are not allowed.
Hey, you! Man in the red shirt!
Selfies are not allowed.
Selfies are prohibited
on the temple premises.
- Switch off your mobile phones.
- Glory to Mahadev!
God's devotion is going on.
- Hail Lord Mahakaal.
- Watch in silence.
God's devotion is going on.
Watch in silence.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
All devotees, please watch in silence.
God's devotion is going on.
Watch in silence.
The sacred urn.
The veneration platter.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
- With your permission.
- Go ahead.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
He resides among the high mountains
He resides among the high mountains
Such is my attachment with You
I can't stop singing and dancing
Chanting Your name
He resides among the high mountains
He resides among the high mountains
Bhole Bhole
Shankar Bhole Bhole
Bhole Bhole
Shankar Bhole
Keep singing. Keep playing.
Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
This way! Come on!
This way, devotees of Lord Mahakaal!
Welcome to Lord's own shop.
The first offering
to the Lord happens from this shop.
Come and get it.
Come and get it.
Come. Please come.
This way.
You may offer 11, 21, 51, or 101 rupees.
Take off your footwear here.
Big God.
How much sister-brother?
No siblings.
I've already made all the inquiries.
The first mother had three husbands,
and the first father had two wives.
Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
- Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
- Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
He resides among the high mountains
And I am His follower
I am a devotee of the Lord
I am a devotee of the Lord
The world is an illusion
Everything is deceptive
I am a devotee of the Lord
I am a devotee of the Lord
- Such is my attachment with You
- Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
- I sing and dance chanting Your name
- Alright. Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
Whose bag is this?
No idea.
A customer must have left it behind.
He resides among the high mountains
Bhole Bhole
Shankar Bhole Bhole
Let's have a cup of tea.
- Some other day.
- Glory to Lord Mahakaal.
Glory to Lord Mahakaal!
The fierce God
The omniscient one
The fierce God
The omniscient one
Get me a cup of tea.
Dear, first get me a glass of water.
Oh, Lord Shiva!
I've been telling you that she
has gone to Sanya's place to study,
and yet you wouldn't
stop chanting her name!
When did you say that?
I didn't hear it.
Had you ever listened to me,
you would have been somewhere else!
Even hotels take some time
to prepare the order.
He has gone over to Zaheer's place
to study.
He'll be staying there tonight.
What are you doing, Dad?
- Dad
- This doesn't seem to fit.
You need to check
for male and female first.
Male cord. Female slot.
How will it fit?
It will break, right?
Go on.
Go and ask Vivek.
He has got one.
Whose bag is this?
A customer left it at the shop.
Keep it on the loft.
Go on.
Hey, bring my tea to the porch.
As you wish, my lord.
After that, you can visit
Khajuraho and Omkareshwar.
Then Harsidhi Mata.
Next Kaal Bhairav.
Only alcohol is offered
to the deity there.
Wait a second.
What happened?
I'm coming.
Chandu will explain everything else.
- I will guide you.
- Which hospital?
- Vivek!
- Mom, calm down!
Look, Dad is here.
What happened?
What happened, Indu?
What happened?!
Be quiet!
- Where is Vivek?
- Uncle, he has been admitted.
- Admitted?
- Dad, no one's telling us anything.
The doctor said he wants to talk to you.
Me? Where is Vivek?
No-- Where is the doctor?
- Calm down! Sit!
- Come on, Mom.
Wait. You cannot go inside.
I cannot go inside?!
He can't go inside!
- There's a patient inside.
- Oh, there's a patient inside!
- Mom
- My son is also a patient!
Well, I used protection.
But my wife still got pregnant.
What kind of protection?
It had dots on it.
Yeah it had a fancy name.
Let me explain.
Once a hunter
mistakenly took an umbrella
instead of his gun to hunt a lion.
I see.
He came across a lion on the way.
He pointed the umbrella
like a gun and fired bang!
The lion was dead.
You must be joking, doctor!
How can someone kill a lion
with an umbrella?
Someone else must have fired.
Exactly my point.
Someone else must have fired.
That's why
Take care.
Bloody quack! Son of a gun!
He calls himself a doctor!
Let's go home. We need to talk.
Come on!
Excuse me, doctor.
Come in, please.
Hope you don't chew betel leaf.
I'm Vivek's father.
What's wrong with him?
- Nothing at all.
- Nothing?
Then why was he admitted?
And why did you want to see me?
- Is it anything serious?
- Don't worry.
It's nothing serious.
Please drink some water.
This is a cheap, local Ve-gra.
What is it?
Let me explain.
- Yes.
- Mr. Kanti, these pills
help you stay awake all night.
Oh! I get it, sir.
Vivek is a very good kid.
He's a diligent student.
- So, to stay awake all night--
- No.
This has nothing to do with studies.
It just keeps you awake all night.
How will he study if he's not awake?
People use this
to experience long-lasting pleasures.
Really long!
Get it?
One pill does the trick.
Get it?
Who are you talking about, sir?
His friend Zaheer brought him to me.
Vivek used three pills.
And he kept going all night.
He kept masturbating.
Mast what?
Masturbating. Like this.
Oh, Lord!
My son would never do that, sir.
kept doing it till he fainted.
Zaheer was terrified.
So, he brought him to me.
- Does my wife know of this?
- No.
She doesn't know.
That's why I called you.
Where is Vivek?
He's in the ward.
He's a bit drowsy.
Mr. Kanti.
You don't have to worry.
Every child at his age does it.
- This is nothing new.
- Can I see him?
Absolutely. He isn't sick.
You can see him.
You can even take him home
if he wants to go.
Why wouldn't he?
I'll whack him
Mr. Kanti
it's a case of masturbation.
Do you understand?
Your son is aware
that you are now aware as well.
his condition.
Do you understand?
Children experience overwhelming guilt.
They feel as if
they have committed
the biggest crime in the world.
A sin.
They don't feel like they can face anyone.
handle with care.
It's a sensitive issue.
You should
let your family go home,
and you can take him home a bit later.
What happened?
- What happened to Vivek?
- Nothing. Where is Zaheer?
- He left.
- He left?
How is Vivek?
- What happened?
- Zaheer is so stupid.
It was nothing.
Vivek was awake all night studying.
He vomited due to acid reflux.
Zaheer got scared and rushed him here.
Thank God!
Hail Lord Mahadev!
- Check who's calling.
- Yes.
If it's Mona's mother,
tell her everything's alright.
Did you tell the whole neighborhood
- that you were going to the hospital?
- Hello?
Mom started crying over the phone.
The rickshaw driver was
taking us to the crematorium.
He turned around when I stopped him.
Go home.
Vivek is resting.
I'll bring him home later at night.
Go on.
If anyone asks
tell them
it was acid reflux.
Was it something else?
Heart attack.
Take her home.
Let's go.
You think it's funny!
What did Mona's mother say?
Go and lie down quietly.
Give me your phone.
- Your boy's back.
- You're right, sister.
- The hospital
- These hospitals are running a scam.
- Are you alright?
- Good Lord!
He has grown weak.
His face has turned pale in a day.
It's because he's working hard.
- How hard
- If you ever have acid reflux again,
- then eat a banana.
- Yes.
- You'll feel better.
- Why are you all still awake?
Glory to Lord Mahadev.
- Glory to Lord Mahadev.
- Brother!
- What happened to him?
- Go to bed.
It was nothing. Just acid reflux.
- What were you saying? Bananas?
- Go to bed.
- Yes.
- Which other fruits are beneficial?
- Please tell Indumati. Make a list.
- Alright.
- Get a book and a pen.
- My nephew had acid reflux once.
He ate a banana,
and he was completely normal.
Bananas give instant energy.
That's right.
Zaheer, over here!
Come here.
I need to know the truth, son.
Don't keep anything from me.
Otherwise, I'll call your father.
Go on. I won't tell anyone.
Do you swear on Lord Mahadev?
We were preparing for
a salsa dance presentation at school.
Ma'am selected Sophie
and Vivek as the lead dancers.
They were both dancing
incredibly well at the rehearsals.
But it didn't sit well
with Romil and his friends.
- Who is Romil?
- Romil is our classmate.
He's very popular.
- Vivek!
- Yes, ma'am.
- Good job.
- Thank you, ma'am.
Everyone at school says
Sophie is probably Romil's girlfriend.
So, maybe Romil played some trick.
The next day, he was dancing
with Sophie at the rehearsals.
- Ma'am!
- Ma'am!
- Ma'am!
- Yes?
Ma'am, why have I been removed?
Wasn't I doing it properly?
You were doing it right, but Sophie
doesn't want you as her partner.
But, ma'am, how is that fair?
Practice with Lovina.
There's very little time left
for the show. Go and practice.
Please tell me,
why did you have me replaced?
That's none of your business, Vivek.
Hey, cheap Michael Jackson!
Show me your hand.
Come on.
Make an L.
It's so small!
- Little Willy!
- Romil, let him go!
- Shut up.
- Quiet.
Come on. Do this.
I told you! It's so tiny!
- Tiny!
- You've got a tiny one.
Look here.
See how big this is.
Look at the size!
This is why Sophie chose me.
My little salsa dancer!
Do you do it? No?
- Then it's never gonna grow.
- You
- Shut up!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- Romil, leave him!
Hey! What?
Grow up, son.
Grow up! Get it?
Pull up your zipper first,
then we'll talk.
Shake well till it swells!
Shake well till it swells!
The comments made by Romil
and his friends upset Vivek.
He was disturbed.
He came over to my place
that very night and
checked his size.
He spent all night
researching on the computer.
Romil was right.
The problem is with me.
What problem?
My size.
I must fix this.
Today I got rejected by Sophie.
Tomorrow it will be someone else.
Look what's written here.
"Small size leads to depression."
"Sex life is destroyed."
"Wife leaves you."
"You commit suicide."
I must do something.
I must do something.
I thought I should
check my size too, but
Vivek's condition terrified me, Uncle.
Since that day,
Vivek would always be stressed.
He would remain quiet in class as well.
Later we decided to talk to Mr. Nagdev
from the biology department.
Sir, I had a doubt.
Is our finger length and the size of our
reproductive organ proportional?
Go, you shameless!
Vivek was convinced
that Romil and his friends were right.
Masturbation increases the size.
And I realized what Vivek was up to.
I didn't know whether he was
doing the right thing or not.
One day, when we were
walking on the street,
we heard a voice.
Who wants the throne
when all you need is a hard scepter?!
A Popsicle will turn into a baseball bat.
A bat will turn into a flagpole.
And if your lamp is burnt out,
your neighbor will be out on the prowl.
This oil will make it grow fourfold!
You will love the outcome.
My word is my guarantee.
You have nothing to lose.
Come and get it.
Give me one.
- Sir.
- Yes?
He takes selfies.
But if you could give us some medicine
that would increase the size
Of course!
The size will definitely grow.
Use this oil, and have non-stop pleasure.
Now pay up.
He used ten bottles instead of one.
But there was no growth at all.
We were afraid to ask questions
to our teachers.
But Vivek spotted something
outside the classroom window.
Wrap this around.
Tightly. Okay?
Will he get electrocuted?
His energy will show here.
What have you done?
Red bulb. Low pressure.
This is serious.
But we should be able to fix it.
Play with your little friend,
but use these medicines.
But the medicines were of no help.
In fact, it just made things worse.
Vivek even stopped studying.
Most of the time
he would be in the washroom,
or he would be crying.
He'd often ask me
"Am I a bad boy?"
Romil and his friends
would tease him in school.
So, I finally asked Romil's
friend Anup for a solution.
He said there's an enlargement pill
available at Inder Medical.
But there is a code word for it.
Uncle, do you have the pill
to increase one's height?
Sure. We'll do as he says.
No big deal.
Finally, he took a pill.
But he was so excited
that he felt nothing happening.
So, he took three pills together.
And then, we had to go see a doctor.
Didn't you take a pill?
I thought I'd let Vivek experiment first,
and I'd do it later.
Who else knows about this?
Just the doctor.
Don't tell anyone else, son.
Have you matured beyond your years?
Have you?!
It was beyond my capacity, son.
I had to implore several people
to secure your enrollment
in the city's best school.
And what are you doing?
What are you doing?!
Promise me.
Promise me that you'll never do it again.
Say it, son.
I tried.
I promised myself.
But it didn't work.
Mr. Kanti.
It's guilt.
I warned you about this.
Try to send him back to school.
When he resumes his studies
and meets with his friends
he will return to normal.
Sir, his birth chart is absolutely fine.
I don't see any adversity.
There is nothing to worry about.
This is not a physical issue.
It's psychological.
You have to treat it that way.
Try to be his friend.
Not just his father
which you obviously are.
Vivek, hurry up.
Come on.
Hold on tight, son. Or you'll fall.
Get down, son.
Fix your hair. Go on.
Sir, the chairman wants to see you.
Hail Lord Mahadev, sir.
Hail Lord Mahadev, Mr. Pandey.
He wasn't well
He was
- ill these past couple of days--
- Doesn't matter.
You might remember, Kanti,
he granted Vivek admission to this school
on my recommendation.
- Do you remember?
- Yes.
is a good student.
But according to Mr. Maheshwari,
he cannot continue studying here.
Cannot continue studying?
I don't understand.
What happened?
Did Vivek do something wrong?
Mr. Makwana.
Let's begin!
Vivek! Vivek!
Where is Vivek?
Where is my little boy? Little Willy!
Where is my little boy?
Vivek! Vivek!
Hey, Vivek! Where are you?
Where are you, Vivek?
Look there.
You will find him there.
There he is!
This is going to be fun!
Oh, no
Stop! Stop!
I expected you to uphold good values.
Your son has tarnished the reputation
not only of this school
but of all my 32 schools in this state!
If you weren't recommended by him
I would have made sure
that your son never got
to study anywhere in this world.
I apologize with folded hands, sir.
I beg you.
Sir, think about it calmly.
I assure you that
this is his first and last mistake.
He will never do anything like this again.
Apologize to him right away!
Sir, show some mercy.
Don't do this to him.
Forgive him.
Hey! Apologize.
Say sorry.
Say that you are sorry.
We are both apologizing to you.
Please don't do this, sir.
Try to understand.
Come with me.
Come on.
This way.
What kind of father are you?
Can't you keep an eye on your son?
Such a shameful act.
In school at that!
This cannot be swept under the carpet.
You are associated with me.
You will be questioned and so will I.
You two should leave the city
for a few days
until things cool down.
Understood? Go on.
Come on, leave.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
One, two, three, four.
Don't tell anyone what happened.
The river is too deep.
Please take a dip
close to the river bank.
Glory to Lord Mahadev.
- Mona!
- Damu.
Mona and Sanya already left for school.
They did?
Before time?
Damu, you should go to school
with your brother now.
He has matured now.
Beyond his years.
What did you do?
What did you do?!
Damu, why didn't you go to school?
What did he do to mature before me?
Weren't you ashamed to watch it?
Really? He felt no shame doing it!
In school at that!
- Mom.
- She's lecturing us!
- What did he do in school?
- Nothing.
Tell her. Come on.
Keep quiet!
Don't make a scene!
Mom, tell me what happened!
- Tell her. Is it not your son's fault?
- That's right!
Thank God that Tanu
isn't friends with Vivek!
- Really?
- What are you trying to imply?
Stop pointing fingers at Mona!
- And don't you dare drag Sanya into this!
- Why are you furious?
Your boy looks so innocent,
but look at his actions!
- She pretends to be so innocent.
- What are they saying, Mom?
Tell me.
It's not acid reflux.
- The little boy has matured!
- Let's go! Come on!
Come here!
What are you saying?
Here. Look at this.
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
Lord, You have always blessed
me with Your benevolence.
But why does my son's future
seem so dark, Lord?
I'm entrusting him in Your hands.
I need Your guidance.
Please protect Vivek, Lord.
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
- Bholenath!
- Shambhu, Shambhu!
My devotee is going to encounter
significant trouble.
Take someone from my Shivgan
who can help him.
As You wish, Lord.
Om! With my soul and heart
I bow to Visvesvaraya, Mahadevaya
Trimbakaya, Tripurantakaya
Trikalagnikalaya, Kalagnirudraya
Neelkanthaya, Mrityunjayaya
Sarveshvaraya, Sadashivay
Shriman, Mahadevaya
Glory to Lord Mahadev.
You knew what Vivek did.
What did Vivek do?
Don't ask her.
She knows about it.
Indu, listen to me.
Just hear me out.
I will explain everything.
Listen, we're going to your
sister's place in Shahjahanpur.
It's only for a few days.
Let's go.
Come on, start packing.
I will tell you everything.
Where is Vivek?
Hail Lord Mahadev.
- Kanti Sharan Mudgal?
- Yes.
- Vivek's father?
- Yes, speaking.
- Come down to the police station.
- Why?
- Bring a lawyer along.
- Lawyer?
A complaint has been filed
against your son.
He's at the police station.
- Come to Mahakaal Police Station.
- Coming. Coming.
Yes, I'm coming.
What happened?
Oh, Lord!
What's wrong with Vivek?
Help us.
I'll set the entire city on fire
if you don't find my belongings!
Don't mistake me for a pushover!
You are not aware of my temper.
The last time when I lost my temper,
it took 13 whole days
- to calm me down!
- Hey!
Calm down and file a complaint.
Stop threatening us.
And don't talk rubbish about this city.
Lord Mahakaal is the supreme ruler here.
Then tell Him to return my belongings!
Shut up!
Doesn't He have anything better to do?
Lalchand. Make him sit.
We'll take your report.
Sit down.
He looks like a vagabond.
Look at this, Mr. Kanti.
Your son was found with a knife.
Thank God the security guard caught him.
Or he would have stabbed his son.
What's his name?
His name is Romil.
Romil Dcosta.
He intends to press charges against
your son for attempted murder.
you guys decide
what is to be done.
- The police is--
- The police is very busy.
They do a lot of work while watching TV!
Okay, fine. The guard caught him.
But why did he assault him?
They shouldn't have
laid a finger on him.
Hello! Excuse me!
Do you expect us to worship him?
- You're a strange man!
- You guys are strange
to take the law into your own hands
by assaulting a child!
Section 345, 346.
- One plus one!
- We didn't take the law into our hands.
- We brought him to the law.
- I'm not here to argue.
- Science.
- Let's go to court.
- Science.
- We will argue over there!
It's "silence", not "science".
Mr. Kanti Sharan Mudgal
why does your son want to kill his son?
My son Vivek is a decent boy.
- Don't know--
- Oh, shut up! Decent, my foot!
We all know how decent he is.
- Shameless.
- Hey!
- I guess you haven't seen the video.
- Video?
What video?
Is it something new?
Something new on WhatsApp?
Let me show you.
No. This incident has nothing
to do with the video.
- Let me show you.
- Mr. Mudgal.
- Keep your hands off
- You are trying to suppress evidence.
Let me see.
Look at this!
What is the boy up to?
Which subject is this, son?
Mr. Kanti Sharan.
This is how decent your son is!
He is a hardworking student.
Son, come here!
Come here.
I said come here.
I see all the qualities
of a criminal in you.
First, you wave a knife.
Then you wave your thing around.
Do you learn this at school?
You should ask the school.
This is your last warning.
Good catch.
Did you see it?
leave the law out of this.
They are just kids.
They'll quarrel today
and patch things up tomorrow.
I guarantee you.
- He'll fall at your feet and apologize.
- Hey!
Come on.
Bow down and apologize.
Come on.
Say you're sorry.
- Kanti
- What are you doing?
Selfie's dad!
He's just a kid.
I'm sorry, Uncle.
Do you want to hit me?
Go ahead.
Do you want to hit me?
You too?
And you?
Come on, hit me.
Hit me.
Inspector, it's okay.
But you must give him a warning
before letting him go.
If anything happens to my son tomorrow
anything at all
he will be responsible.
Remember that.
I wonder why this city of knowledge
is filled with ignorant people, son.
don't stick your nose
into other people's business.
Please tone it down.
Go with him.
Go on.
Come on, mister.
Show me where you lost your bag.
Shall we?
Don't cry, son.
Lord's hand hovers over you.
Good duck.
Such a menace!
Hurry up, son.
Come on. Hurry up.
Mister, move your leg a little.
I'm too tired.
Move it yourself.
No greetings this time?
Well take a seat.
So, are you headed to Shahjahanpur?
It's the only train
that arrives in the morning.
What's wrong with your throat?
I had to drink someone's poison.
Do you
do it often?
No, I-- What about your belongings?
Did you find it?
Forget about my stuff
and worry about yours.
He won't stop.
Who won't stop?
Your son.
Please maintain silence.
Bhasm Aarti will begin shortly.
Bhasm Aarti will begin shortly.
Do not make any noise.
Selfies are prohibited.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Please switch off your mobile phones.
Mobiles are not allowed.
Hold the hands of your kids.
Selfies are prohibited
on the temple premises.
Selfies are not allowed.
All devotees, please watch in silence.
God's devotion is going on.
Watch in silence.
Thank you, mister.
What for?
Sticking my nose into your matter?
Forgive me, mister.
I've been a bit worried for my son.
You're bathing at this hour?
I always bathe at this hour.
Kanti, are you worried for your son
or yourself?
You are not a father.
I'm facing criticism
and humiliation in society.
You face criticism from society
only while you're alive.
They start praising you once you're dead.
Which school does your son study in?
Why? Are you curious
to know where he learned it?
I believe he wouldn't be in this state
if the school had taught him well.
Do you see a hungry child over there?
Or a naked mother?
Not everything done in secrecy is wrong.
Don't blame your son for what he did.
But why in a school
The school is responsible
for that as well.
Every person who didn't give
proper guidance to Vivek is responsible.
Only Lord Rama knows what
is right and what is wrong.
not just Rama
even I know what's right
and what's wrong.
Sounds as impossible as
Ganga flowing backward.
Don't tell me in which
direction Ganga flows.
Do you think running away
to Shahjahanpur fix everything?
Is that place secluded?
Don't people living there
have mobile phones?
You think going into hiding
will erase your son's mistake?
Kanti, running away won't fix anything.
Realizing what he did wasn't wrong
will fix everything.
The people are responsible.
You all should be apologizing to him.
Only then he will be able
to hold his head high.
Really? And how will this be possible?
We'll say to them, "This is your fault.
We want an apology".
And they will agree?
Firstly, start with accepting
that you were wrong,
then deal with others.
Will an apology heal Vivek?
Can you make them apologize?
I'm not your lawyer.
What if you were?
If I was your lawyer
I would drag them to court.
Sue them for defamation.
And demand an apology.
Remember, Kanti.
This is a war.
To flee is wrong.
To fight is right.
Have faith.
You are Lord Shiva's disciple.
Have faith.
You are Lord Shiva's disciple.
He's just a kid.
I'm sorry, Uncle.
Do you want to hit me?
Go ahead.
Do you want to hit me?
Sorry, son.
- Right and wrong
- Get up. Let's go home.
- It's just an illusion
- We're not going to Shahjahanpur.
- So do what
- Come, let's go. Indu.
Your duty is
Turn your own destiny around
Pranlal Muthuth. 11 rupees.
Dr. B. D. Shah. 21 rupees.
Inder Medical Store. 51 rupees.
Savoday Gyan International. 101 rupees.
Have you thought about
how this will affect your son?
Only after accepting the truth
will he heal.
- Send them the notice.
- Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
You can leap mountains
If you're determined
Shut up!
You can leap mountains
If you're determined
- Sir, do you have change for 100 rupees?
- If you make up your mind
The whole universe can be yours
And Kanti Sharan Mudgal, 101 rupees.
- What?
- Yes. Even I made a mistake.
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
- The world is your battlefield
- Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Kanti Sharan Mudgal vs. Kanti Sharan Mu
Sir, there's a typing error.
What is it, Saini?
I think it's a printing mistake.
Why are you showing it to me?
Fix the printing mistake.
The applicant
and the defendant are the same.
What are you saying, Saini?
Kanti Sharan Mudgal.
And Kanti Sharan Mudgal.
Who is the applicant?
Okay, sit.
And who is the defendant?
It's him.
What is going on here?
It's him.
And also them.
Who are you defending?
Him, him, or everyone?
- No, bro-- My Lord
- Bro?
- What's "bro"?!
- Sorry.
- Sorry. I apologize.
- Mr. Bundela,
you realize you're standing in court.
It's a contempt of court.
- How are you behaving?
- My Lord. I'm sorry.
I-- Please tell him
who you all are defending.
Are you here just for entertainment?
And you?
Who is your lawyer?
The Indian Railways must
pay compensation to this family.
The driver applied the emergency brakes,
which made him fall off his seat,
and he broke both his arms.
He's their only son
and their caretaker in their old age.
But now, he cannot raise his hands
even to lift a book.
Imagine, My Lord.
- They will have to look after him--
- Don't be afraid, Bittu.
Do you like chocolates?
Good boy. Here.
Have it.
- Hold it. Try.
- My Lord!
- She is mocking the child.
- Ms. Kamini.
- Just two minutes.
- He cannot raise his hands.
- Look, sir.
- Please. Come on, try.
- Say something, sir.
- Hold it.
- Stop her.
- Try.
- Ms. Kamini, please!
- Your Honor, say something.
- Wait.
- He cannot raise his hands.
I want to see the extent of the damage.
Two minutes.
Just two minutes, sir.
- My Lord, please stop her.
- Hold it.
- She is making fun of justice.
- Try. Come on.
- It's cruel, sir.
- Two minutes.
Okay, okay. I give up.
The damage is severe.
So, Bittu, do you like school?
What about playing?
I know you don't eat during recess.
You are busy playing.
What do you play?
Batting or bowling?
Not fielding?
So, tell me, how high did you raise
your arms earlier to take a catch?
That's all, sir.
Your Honor,
this is a case of defamation.
And we're not asking for a large amount.
Sorry, sir. I got late.
I had another hearing.
Ms. Kamini.
What a pleasant surprise!
What brings you to my court?
Who are you defending?
Savoday International School.
Belongs to my father-in-law.
Of course.
My son Shaurya is studying there.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Mr. Bundela, please continue.
Section 499.
I can see that.
Eleven rupees. 21 rupees.
51 rupees. 101 rupees.
Along with an apology
to Lord Mahakaal.
What is this?
Is this a defamation case
or an offering request?
Your Honor,
my client Kanti Sharan Mudgal's son
Vivek Mudgal was expelled from school
on grounds of indecency.
But the onus falls
on their fake medicines,
false hope, illegal sale of drugs,
and negligence in education.
And his improper upbringing.
I demand an apology
letter from them all.
Readmit the child to school,
- and this amount--
- Sir, if you don't mind,
can I speak to them for two minutes?
Yes, of course, Ms. Kamini.
Please go ahead.
Thank you.
Please. You too.
Sir, you too.
- Me?
- Yes.
Why did she call our lawyer?
Does she know him?
Sign here.
I will defend all four of them.
And here's my power of attorney.
What are you doing?
We cannot win this case, Kanti.
She is an expert lawyer.
What happened?
She says that she will call my
daughter as a witness tomorrow,
and ask what your son
is doing in the video.
So what?
Let her.
Forgive me.
I'm certain this case is going nowhere.
It's literally a waste
of the court's precious time.
Yeah, I know.
- It's up to you to decide.
- Sir. Sir, please.
My lawyer has deserted me.
Give me some time. I'll find
another lawyer from the premises.
Do you think this a temple
where you'll raise your hand
and collect offerings?
The court has better things to do.
We are not sitting here for you.
We have other things to do.
- We are busy.
- Then give me--
Then give me
what you give everyone else.
Next date.
If the case doesn't have any substance,
I'll dismiss it.
The court is adjourned.
Thank you, sir.
Let's go.
We won.
The case is over.
What now, Kanti?
- Shut up!
- Go ahead. Hit me.
Haven't you learned your lesson yet?
- Should I teach you one?
- Sister-in-law!
What are you doing?
This is no way to treat a child.
She is not a child.
She's a loudmouth!
- She's so shameless--
- I'm not shameless. Vivek is!
- Damu.
- You never say a word to him.
No one talks to me anymore
because of him.
- Sister-in-law, please!
- I don't want to be here!
- Damu.
- I want to go away!
- I will yank out your tongue!
- Go ahead!
You never say a word to him.
- I'm the shameless one!
- Go inside.
- Not a word.
- He's innocent.
Brother, I'll take your leave.
These rats are a nuisance.
What do they teach you at school?
Tell me-- Where is your bag?
What do they teach?
I'll be exposed to the world
through this case.
I'll never be able to study again.
Why are you exposing me to the world?
So that you can
hold your head up high, son.
what are you doing?
Preparing for my exam.
The earth burns, and the sky scorches
The ocean is miles away
You must walk on fire
Till you can walk no more
Test your intentions
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Step back.
You can leap over mountains
If you're determined
If you make up your mind
The universe can be yours
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
If the stars aren't visible tonight
They will be your guiding light
Set your own examples
Let your courage decide your destination
Is Vivek going too?
I don't want to drag him.
He will show up when he wants to.
You must go beyond your fears
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Be prepared
The world is your battlefield
Case number 5398.
Kanti Sharan Mudgal vs.
Kanti Sharan Mudgal
and others.
- Stand up.
- The world is your battlefield.
This place looks so clean
Why did you leave your slippers outside?
This is not some temple--
Sir, this is the temple of justice.
Look, there is no
- veneration, worship, or God--
- Of course, there is.
You are the god of justice, aren't you?
Who is your lawyer?
Sir, I've decided to defend my son's case.
Here is my letter of authorization.
"To the legal"
It's in Hindi.
Yes, it's in Hindi.
The chaste Hindi.
Okay, Ms. Kamini.
You can proceed.
Thank you, My Lord.
I have studied this case,
and it's absolutely pointless,
- baseless, and--
- Sir.
What what is it?
Can Mr. Maheshwari's daughter-in-law
speak in Hindi?
Kamini Maheshwari.
That's my name.
Yes, Ms. Kamini,
my English is not doing well.
That's alright.
This case is absolutely baseless.
His son was caught
doing a wrong act in school.
What wrong act?
Listen, you cannot interrupt like this.
If you have an objection--
If you have an objection,
stand up and say, "Objection".
You can say, "I object".
Yes, you may say, "I object".
Stand up and say that?
- What if I'm already standing?
- You
If you're already standing,
then it's okay.
Just say, "I object".
But when you're sitting,
you have to stand up and say it.
It's okay if I'm standing. When I'm
sitting, I have to stand up and say it.
- Yes. And don't interfere.
- I get it, sir.
I get it, sir.
His son was caught
masturbating in the school bathroom.
I object while standing, sir!
- Overruled.
- Is there any proof or evidence
- supporting Ms. Kamini's statement--
- Overruled. Overruled.
- Any proof--
- Sustained!
What, sir?
- Sustained. Say it.
- Sustain.
I said it.
Don't say "sustained".
Sustained means
you must present your point.
Yes, sir. Of course.
Is there any written or verbal evidence
proving masturbating is wrong?
No, because--
If there is no written
or verbal evidence,
how can you call it wrong?
Not every immoral act
is written in some book.
It's morally wrong.
So, the school rusticated Vivek
on moral grounds.
Thus, to express his disappointment
and to cover up his son's act,
he sued the school
and others for defamation.
Sir, may I speak?
Yes, go ahead.
Sir, whatever my son did
was out of curiosity,
ignorance, and misinformation.
If the school had provided him
with sex education,
he would have never done this.
He wouldn't be recorded on camera
or be fooled by all these people!
And the school is responsible
for this, sir!
You have no idea
about my son's condition.
He cannot look anyone in the eye.
He cannot step out of the house.
He tried to commit suicide.
I blame myself for his wrong upbringing.
And for that, I keep 101 rupees here
and apologize.
Now please tell the school
to pay 101 rupees and apologize.
And take the kid back to school.
My Lord, I doubt there's
a single school in the country
that has masturbation on its syllabus.
I object again, sir.
They didn't have "salasalasa"
on their syllabus either.
But the school is teaching it.
What is "lasalasa"?
"Salasalasa", sir.
He means salsa dance.
Yes, dance.
That's a co-curricular activity,
and you signed the consent form for it.
As a guardian.
My Lord, please dismiss this case.
Tomorrow if some kid
drowns in the Shipra River,
his parents will also
drag the school to court
stating that they didn't
teach him how to swim.
This is absolutely ridiculous.
Mr. Kanti.
- Yes, sir?
- This is not taught in school.
Otherwise, we would have heard your plea.
And even otherwise, Mr. Kanti,
you can't just blame people like that
and bring them to court.
You're wasting the court's time.
- Thank you.
- We are not registering your case.
Sir, please. Just one minute.
I want to show you a book.
- Take out the book.
- Sir
here is a book
that was written 200 years Before Christ.
It has been translated into 60 languages.
And the stories are taught to the children
in Greece, Persia, Arabia, Europe
and many other countries
along with India.
My son studies it too.
Sir, with your permission,
I would like to read its first page.
Go ahead. Read.
"What is the point of having
an uneducated son?"
"Your Majesty, it takes 12 years
to learn grammar.
And then, science, economics,
religion, and sex education,
will make your son wise and educated."
This book is Panchatantra
written by Vishnu Sharma.
Tell me one thing, sir.
If sex education was being
taught in India 2200 years ago,
then why didn't they teach it to my son?
And if it was banned,
then who banned it?
When and why was it banned?
I feel ashamed to imagine
that you are defending
your son's vulgar act!
Burger act?
- Vulgar.
- Obscene.
- Vulgar.
- Obscene.
As in burger patty?
Obscene act.
Obscene act.
Obscene act.
- Obscene?!
- Yes!
Your Honor, immoral acts
are never written in books.
But the right ones are.
Chandu, get me the books.
Kama Sutra, Charak Samhita, Ayurveda.
None of these books deems
masturbation as a vulgar act or a sin.
What is vulgarity?
What is vulgarity, sir?
Our city is known for Shivling
all over the world.
In fact, it sits in their very school.
And according to ancient beliefs,
Shivling emerged from
the womb of Shakti.
We worship it.
We anoint it with milk,
honey, and water.
That's not all.
Lord Krishna quotes
"I am desire
which is not contrary to righteousness."
It means, "I am desire".
The first feeling that aroused in God
was desire.
That is when the universe was created.
You, me, them
we were all created, sir.
Can we avoid
Sir, look
Khajurao, Ajanta, Ellora.
If they are vulgar,
then why do we let children watch for
free, and charge adults money to see them?
What is all this?
What's going on here?
Religion, material world,
desire, and salvation
are the four pillars of Sanatan Dharma.
And you call them vulgar!
Are you trying to imply
what your son did was right?
If the school had taught him well,
he could have done it better?
The school should teach him sex?
I object, sir.
Sex education is a science.
It imparts knowledge about the dos
and don'ts, and rights and wrongs of sex.
If the school had taught my child this,
he wouldn't have become the laughingstock.
In that case, you should
have sued the education system,
not the school.
Not again, sir.
Imagine you get run
over by a Tata truck.
- And it was the driver's mistake.
- My accident--
You lose your right leg.
- You get handicapped.
- Mr. Kanti--
Now would you sue the driver
or Mr. Tata?
They should be grateful
that I'm only asking for an apology.
They cannot even begin
to compensate for his mental condition.
Sir, please tell them to apologize
and deposit the money.
That's all.
Out of respect to you.
That's all.
He's saying that's all.
Why don't you sit here?
Ms. Kamini
I think he has a point.
Mr. Kanti, you do have a point.
So, we must discuss this point.
Yes, sir. We should discuss this point,
and register the case as well.
Yes, Mr. Kanti.
You have a point.
So, I register your case.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
One rotten fish spoils the whole pond.
What happened?
Why is there a crowd here?
Who will be responsible if
our children follow in his footsteps?
We're being mocked all over the city.
The phone won't stop ringing.
I'm running out of excuses.
Hail Lord Mahadev.
Go ahead and defend your son, Kanti.
But not as an employee of this place.
We don't want people
to mistake your opinions
as my voice and opinion.
Please evacuate my shop and my house.
Hail Mahadev.
Shame on their upbringing!
Where will we go?
He is not our master.
He is.
Have faith.
You are Lord Shiva's disciple.
With the lofty serpent
As garland around His neck
Along with His damaru
Shiva did the fierce tandava on the ground
Consecrated by the water flowing
From His thick, forest-like hair locks
Every moment, I bow to Lord Shiva
Whose forehead has a flaming fire
Who has a crescent moon on His head
The fire that is spreading out
Because of the breath of the snake
Wandering in whirling motion in the sky
Hail Lord Shiva!
Lord Mahadev has brought you
to my home, sister-in-law.
Hail Lord Mahadev.
Hail Lord Mahadev.
This is selfie mode, no?
Why can't I see my face?
- Did you get something to eat?
- No.
- I have got sweets.
- Can I have a bite?
So, do you know this gentleman?
But I heard they are having
a really good discussion.
So, I came here.
What about you?
Same here.
Yeah. That's nice.
Ms. Kamini, just for the record.
I've never had such a crowd in my court.
So, I thought let's capture the moment.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Order. Order.
Ms. Kamini, proceed.
Thank you, sir.
Sir, before I proceed,
I would like to reconfirm once again.
Is the court and society
ready to have an open discussion on sex?
There is no going back afterwards.
Sir sir.
It's something that's available
on the internet round the clock.
So, why would anyone object?
- Absolutely not.
- The whole world is watching.
- No one has an objection.
- It will be fun.
Very good.
Mr. Makwana. Bring him in.
That's the boy.
He was in the video.
Come, Vivek.
Don't worry.
You don't have to be afraid.
You don't have to worry at all.
Don't be scared.
Just answer her questions, okay?
Thank you.
Don't be afraid, Vivek.
How are you?
Missing school?
Tell me, do you
want to come back to school?
You won't have to sit
with the other kids in class.
The teachers will teach you
separately after school hours.
Like remedial classes.
Would that be okay?
Okay, tell me now, Vivek.
What you did in the school bathroom
which everyone saw
Everyone saw on the internet.
All your friends, all your neighbors.
Was it the right thing?
Is your school responsible
for what you did?
Vivek Vivek!
- Vivek!
- You are insulting the court.
You can be punished.
Sir, we have top-class universities
in our country.
We have high-class education.
But has that reduced the crime rate?
Are heinous crimes like rape
not committed anymore?
No matter what happens,
why are schools
and the education system blamed?
Our history, literature, and scriptures
like Ramayana and Mahabharata
enlighten us.
But can he guarantee that
there are no villains like Ravana
and Kamsa in our society?
Anyway, this argument is relevant
only if his son
is willing to come to school.
We are ready to give him admission.
We will take him back.
But is he ready?
He is so embarrassed that
he can't even look anyone in the eye.
So, what is this facade about?
That's all, sir.
The court is adjourned till next Friday.
You just witnessed your son's condition.
Should I summon your wife
and daughter next?
This was no fun.
Ended even before it started.
Fly away, crow
Who is creating this nuisance?
God knows who is this junkie
singing at this hour!
- Take my message
- Check who it is. Shoo him away.
I'll be obliged
- Hey, mister!
- It's spring again
- Keep quiet. It's bothering Indumati.
- And the trees have started fruiting
Life is too short
- And the nights are too long
- Mister!
If you can't stop, at least
sing in a melodious voice.
Oh, it's you!
Why do you drink
more than you can handle?
Even Lord Kaal Bhairav drinks.
That's His holy offering.
This too is Lord Mahakaal's offering.
Please give me some.
Wow! This is nectar.
Wow! What a beautiful word!
Kanti, you should say
what society likes to hear.
Speak words that sound good.
Have you ever wondered
if the things you say, your philosophy,
make sense to everyone?
When I need to explain
something to someone
they always understand.
Did you find your bag?
I'm not worried about the bag.
I'm worried about the person
who has it.
Good night.
Good night.
Come home, O traveler!
Without you my life's incomplete
Come home, O traveler!
Without you I am incomplete
- Where is Damu?
- She's in the latrine.
Damiyanti Mudgal, come up to the stand.
Curse this society.
Absolutely shameless.
Summoning the daughter to court.
She will run out with teary eyes.
Don't be afraid, Damu.
Just two or three questions.
Is Vivek your brother?
What kind of a boy is he?
He's a good boy.
So, tell me one thing.
In this video, which is available
on the internet round the clock,
- what is your "good" brother doing?
- I object, sir.
How can she ask
such questions to a child?
So, you admit there's
something in this video
that's bad and vulgar,
- and it cannot be shown to anyone.
- No, I don't admit that.
But she can ask
such questions discreetly.
Why among so many people?
Is it because she's a girl?
- Lone female.
- No, you--
- Even I'm the only lady here
- No, that's not--
From the video, it seems
that a young boy is secretly
using his hands
to achieve sexual arousal.
What is it called?
This process is called
jerking off, masturbation,
or "taking a selfie"
in our generation's slang.
What does it do?
This process releases hormones
like oxytocin and dopamine in the body,
leading to arousal, which causes
pleasure and results in sublime peace.
Everyone does it for self-satisfaction.
Sir, she has been trained well.
If the school had taught her, her
answer would have been the same.
Order! Order!
Pay heed to the judge
and stop laughing.
Ms. Kamini,
do you want to take it further?
No, sir.
You can go.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Where is Damu?
She's in the latrine.
Please, Mom!
Just call it the washroom.
That sounds disgusting.
What did I say?
- What else do I call it?
- Look
Say what sounds pleasant
and what the society likes to hear.
- Yeah!
- What's music to the ears is good.
Similarly, something that seems
crass in one way of speaking
may appear better if put differently.
Indumati, what will you call it?
This woman's going to ruin everything.
Indumati Kanti Sharan Mudgal,
come up to the stand.
You have a very liberal family.
Tell me, how is Mr. Kanti as a husband?
He's an ideal man like Lord Rama.
I see. Good.
Now, tell me, how was your experience
on your wedding night?
I object, sir.
How is my married life
connected with this?
There is a connection, sir.
I want to know if the man who has
been ranting about sex education,
and dares to educate his son about it,
- endorses it on his own family.
- Quiet.
I want to know
how his family reacts when they are
asked such embarrassing questions.
What is their answer?
Answer her.
You said she would ask me about Vivek.
But she's asking about you!
What do I do?
Should I tell her?
I was married into a large family.
Seven people
slept in the same room.
There was a curtain that divided us.
As night fell
he drank milk and went to bed.
That's how
we had two children.
But what exactly happened?
Sir, I object.
What else does she want to know?
Indu has already answered the question.
"Drank milk, went to bed,
and had two children."
Order. Order.
I'm not satisfied, sir.
I want to know more.
Please elaborate.
The same process
through which you were born.
That's also how the judge
and I were born.
Do you have children?
Then you wouldn't know.
Sir, what about you?
Do you have children?
I do.
He would know.
Ask him
how babies are produced.
Tell her.
You may go.
His family has come well prepared, sir.
These are the things that
a decent family would never want to hear.
They are saying it so casually
only to prove one point.
If they can talk about sex,
then why can't the school?
They intend to malign my school--
I'm sorry.
They intend to malign my client
for a shameful act done by his son.
Sir, whether it's a shameful
act or a natural process,
that's for you to decide.
Why is she acting like the judge?
Maybe you should get up
and let her sit.
Go on. Please get up, sir.
Hey, assistant, ask the judge
to vacate the seat for her.
Sir, what's going on?
Why did he ask you to get up?
What happened, sir?
Please, sir. Sit down.
I was only joking.
Forgive me, sir. I was--
I was only joking.
Forgive me, sir.
I was just joking, sir.
Forgive me, sir.
Sir sir!
What's going on here?
What do you think?
Is this a picnic spot?
Are you here on a picnic?
It's a courtroom!
Aren't you ashamed of stuffing
your mouth with food?
Throw them in jail for two days.
- And no food
- Sir, please--
Shut up!
- And get out of here! Bloody jokers.
- Get out. Come on.
- Get out of here.
- Hurry up.
No food is allowed in court.
Come on.
And Ms. Kamini,
please refrain from
these kinds of questions.
I'm sorry, sir.
I will, but
by using chaste language,
how can this family
say such obscene things?
I object, sir.
What Vivek did was a natural process.
The school doesn't understand
such a small issue.
In fact, they just don't
want to hear the word "sex".
Sir, he fails to understand that
the disgusting act done by his son
was inside the school.
A school that is considered
a temple of knowledge.
That has a reputation
and credibility in this state.
A school that doesn't
discriminate among its students.
And to prove that,
I would like to call my next witness.
Ma'am, please come in.
Please. Come in.
Make way.
Who is she?
Does your son study
at Savoday International?
Yes, he does.
Ma'am, would you please tell the judge
about your work?
Please don't feel embarrassed.
Savoday is with you.
Go on, ma'am.
Please speak.
I'm a sex worker.
She's a prostitute.
What is going on here?
Thank you.
A school he's suing for defamation
educates the child
of a sex worker as well.
Professionally, you could be
doing anything outside.
But within the school premises,
it's the school's responsibility to ensure
that your child is educated
and he or she becomes successful.
And if the school has taken
disciplinary action
in the interest of its other children,
then what is wrong with it?
Ms. Kamini, you have a point.
Mr. Kanti.
Do you want to ask anything?
I thought so.
Sir, are you giving the verdict?
The court will resume
on Friday after lunch.
We lost the shop, the house.
Next, we'll lose our son
because of the case.
Do you have an answer?
Brother Kanti.
Bhole Sambhu, Bholenath!
Bhole Sambhu, Bholenath!
Bhole Sambhu, Bholenath!
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Bhole Sambhu, Bholenath!
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Oh, it's you!
What happened?
- What's wrong, brother?
- He's crazy.
No, sir. He's not crazy.
He's just slightly eccentric.
He's naive.
People don't understand what he says.
Often I find him wise.
What you said the other night
You think he's wise?
He's crafty.
- He has been pestering me all day.
- Oh!
He says, "You say this is
the City of Lord Mahakaal.
Take me to Him. I want to question Him."
I said, "Let's go".
He's going to question the Lord!
Why else are all these people
waiting in a queue?
They have come here
seeking answers to their questions.
He has all the answers.
What am I doing here?
I've come to ask Him where my bag is.
How will you get an answer
without asking a question?
Irrespective of who they are.
Ask and you will get the answer.
Questions succeed questions,
which lead to answers.
Which leads to more questions.
Every question leads to an answer,
and the answer leads to more questions.
All the answers lie in the question.
Serves you right.
There's your sea of knowledge.
Take a dip.
Come on.
Let's go and ask your question.
Stop playing that song!
He is married, and he has two kids.
Even they got married.
Play a different song, Mr. Sharma.
Let's go. Keep moving.
Hail Lord Mahakaal.
Why else are all these people
waiting in a queue?
They have come here
seeking answers to their questions.
How will you get an answer
without asking a question?
- Right? Questions succeed questions
- Mr. Kanti.
which lead to answers.
Which leads to more questions.
- Every question leads to more answers
- Mr. Kanti.
Yes, sir.
Come on, question her.
Ask her what you want to ask.
I apologize.
You may find these questions difficult.
Madam, the gentlemen who come to you
why do they come to you?
What for?
To satisfy their hunger.
For their pleasure.
Do you know this position
from the Khajuraho temple?
- What?
- I object, Your Honor.
This is obscene and vulgar.
He needs to refrain from asking--
If she questions my wife and children,
it's appropriate,
but if I ask it's "burger".
Rule over!
Mr. Kanti.
Yes, sir.
What about this other position?
Do you know this? See.
What obscene questions
is he asking, sir?
It's not obscene.
Her profession
pays for her son's education.
If not anyone else, at least
she must be respecting it.
Mr. Kanti.
Ask your question.
Yes. You didn't answer me.
- Yes.
- Who taught you?
The lady who owns the brothel.
And she was taught by another lady
Why did she teach you these positions?
Answer me.
Tell me.
Why did she teach you these positions?
So that we can give pleasure to men.
To give pleasure to men.
While giving pleasure to men,
do you get any pleasure yourself?
I object, Your Honor.
Once again,
this is about a woman's dignity.
- Patience, Ms. Kamini.
- He has to refrain from--
Let her answer.
Let's hear her reply.
- Sir
- Let her finish.
Yes. So, do you feel any pleasure?
I mean once in a blue moon,
there must be someone
whom you like too.
- Who gives you a moment's pleasure--
- Sir, here's the thing.
People come to us for their own fun,
for their own pleasure.
Not for ours.
- We have no honor.
- Why?
What do you mean why?
What do they know about
a woman's body and her heart?
Some come to ravage us
some come to do unspeakable things.
And some who can't perform,
come to cry on our shoulders.
So, just like the lady
who owns the brother taught you,
if those men were also taught
about a woman's heart and body,
you wouldn't have to
go through this pain.
Answer me.
Probably not.
Just one more question, sir.
I will pray to the Lord
for your son's bright future.
I just want to know where you
want to see your son in the future.
Among those ignorant fools
who come to you?
Or among educated people
who have an understanding of sex,
and who know how to honor women
and respect their bodies.
Where do you want to see your son?
Tell me.
people who know to respect women.
If I say anything now,
Ms. Kamini will deny it again.
It is their job to educate.
You can go.
Mr. Kanti, why did you bow before her?
I was bowing
before a mother and a teacher.
She is willing to go to any extent
for her child's education.
But the school isn't.
Pranlal Muthut, come to the stand.
What does this oil do, Mr. Muthut?
Sir, this oil will increase--
No, not like this.
The same way you
Oh, like that?
Yes. Exactly like that.
Some people here need elaboration.
Hand it over.
Who wants the throne
when all you need is a hard scepter?!
A Popsicle will turn into a baseball bat.
A bat will turn into a flagpole.
- Order!
- And if your lamp is burnt out
then your neighbor
will be out on the prowl.
This oil will make it grow fourfold!
I swear, the High Court
will love the outcome.
- Did he say High Court?
- Yes, sir.
Hey! Stop it! Stop!
I said stop it!
You said High Court.
It's a contempt of court!
- Lock him up for seven days.
- Sir, it was a slip of the tongue.
A fine of 1000 rupees.
Arrest him. Take him away.
- What are you doing, sir?
- Bloody joker.
Forgive me this one time.
Don't you dare mention
the High Court again!
Never. I get it.
Leave him. Let him go.
- Thank you. Here you go, mister.
- Hey.
- Take it.
- Sir
I would like to call Dr. Malviya next.
Dr. Malviya, come to the stand.
My Lord.
what does your examination
say about this oil?
My Lord
I have used this oil.
Now my wife uses it in her sewing machine.
The sewing machine is running swiftly.
But the needle
no development.
- Still the same size.
- Order.
can Dr. B. D. Shah and his
miraculous machine come here?
Dr. B. D. Shah and his miraculous machine,
come to the stand.
Do this machine and pills help?
It does, sir.
I won't lie.
Sometimes it doesn't.
It all depends on one's physiology.
And the machine?
It's pretty old.
It's an imported machine.
Sir, this machine convinced my son
that his manhood has a problem.
You are the judge.
Test it yourself.
I mean get it tested.
Let's check this out.
It's a full house today.
A handful of people,
who think they are potent,
may come up here.
Let's test everyone one by one.
you go first.
- Sir!
- Go. You're the first one.
- Go.
- Sir
Go on. Wrap it around.
Everyone's on standby!
No one's got any juice.
Next. Next. Next.
You must be fit.
Let's test you.
Come on.
- The doctor will register green.
- Come on. Quick.
The machine has been tampered with.
The doctor's got no juice either!
Seize his machine
and all his certificates!
Who allows people like you to practice?
Fooling innocent people!
Aren't you ashamed?
Inder Medical, come to the stand.
- Is this yours?
- No.
It belongs to Kelotex Company.
But you sell it, don't you?
Of course. We have a license to sell it.
Doctors prescribe it, and we sell it.
How did you sell it to my son?
I didn't sell this to your son.
I don't know where he got it from.
Maybe he got a fake
doctor's prescription
and purchased it from somewhere else.
But do you at least know
that it's a crime
to sell these to children
without a doctor's prescription?
Yes, of course.
Then who is going to tell that
to the children?
Sir, there's a warning on the cover.
"Keep away from children."
Parents have to take care of that.
Well, let's have a debate over this.
What do these pills do?
It increases your sexual power.
As in
do you understand erectile dysfunction?
Does it increase the size of the penis?
It does not make it longer.
It makes it harder.
How do you know?
Well, I've studied this.
- How else would I know?
- Please pay attention, sir.
He claims to know this
because he has studied this.
Does your study speak
of any medicine in this world
that increases the size of the penis?
If it was explained to my son
and he was made aware of the fact
that it has nothing to do with size
and it only makes the penis harder,
would he have bought this medicine?
Should he be learning about this, sir?
He wasn't taught any of this
because he hasn't come of age.
Sir, here's the school biology textbook.
- Chandu, please
- Sir, another book?
Look at this, sir.
What's going on, sir?
They teach children
the reproductive system of animals.
Butterflies, sunflowers, frogs,
tadpoles, and whatnot.
But not of humans.
Look at this discrimination, sir.
Here's Balbharti.
They can show a breastfeeding calf,
but they feel embarrassed to teach
how the mother breastfeeds her child.
Sir, this is not discrimination.
This is science.
Tell me, brother.
If my son had been taught about it,
would he have bought this medicine?
Answer me.
Tell me.
Speak up.
I don't know.
Probably not.
Probably not.
Whose responsibility is it
to clear Vivek's misconception?
Come on, answer.
Sir, his family.
Sure. And who else?
Tell me, who else?
Tell me, who else?
The school
What? Who?
The school.
The school, sir.
If the school doesn't teach them,
we have these fake universities
to mislead them.
They have been
misleading them for decades.
My family and I admit our mistake, sir.
But the school won't admit its mistake.
He always manages
to spin matters around
and drag the school into every debate.
What does he want?
A male teacher to teach female students,
and a female teacher
to teach male students
about sex.
How are they going to teach them?
"The boy is undressing the girl.
The boy is touching the girl's body parts.
The boy is now--"
It's ridiculous, sir!
Does anyone here know how to teach them?
Okay. Sir, you?
Can you teach them?
You see, Your Honor.
It's always easier said than done
but practically, it's difficult.
Answer her, Mr. Kanti.
Can you teach them?
No, sir. I'm not a teacher. I--
- Tell him to find a way
- I'm just
which is not vulgar.
A way to openly teach intercourse
in the course.
Or he can withdraw his case.
The court gives you time.
Think about it.
Court resumes after Shivratri.
Har Har
Har Har
Shambhu, the mountain dweller
The ultimate deity
Moon bearing
Covered in ash all over
Colossal eyes, fiery form
Shiva, the destroyer
One who is infinite
Shambhu, the mountain dweller
The ultimate deity
Moon bearing
Covered in ash all over
Colossal eyes, fiery form
Shiva, the destroyer
One who is infinite
Mahadev, the indestructible one
Easily pleased
He is the redeemer
He is naive
Master of the universe
The dweller of Kailasa
Mahadev, the indestructible one
Easily pleased
He is the redeemer
He is naive
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
The snake bearer, three-eyed one
Covered in ashes, effervescent Lord
You have no beginning or end
You are pure
You control all directions
I bow to You, Lord
I bow to You, Lord
I bow to You, Lord
I bow to You, Lord
I bow to You, Lord
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
- Har Har
- Mahadev!
Har Har Mahadev!
Har Har Mahadev!
You dance pretty well.
Pretty well?
It's the price I'm paying
for sticking my nose in others' business.
First I lost my bag.
Then their dancer didn't turn up.
Seeing my huge locks,
they made me climb a truck.
They said, "We'll pay you well
for a performance."
What is this?
Give me two.
You look nice.
But you don't.
Is your son alright?
No. He's furious.
He feels that
I shouldn't have filed this case.
He feels I'm stripping him naked
in front of society.
Is he totally stripped?
I mean, it's okay if you
want to strip him completely.
But if you want to reveal
a little and hide the rest,
your problem will never be solved.
Don't suppress it.
Say it openly.
Truth is always naked.
You shouldn't feel embarrassed to say it.
- Are you done, mister? Give it.
- Yes.
Here you go--
What happened?
What are you thinking about?
Sir, I never understand
half the things you say.
Why don't you say things directly?
Brother, I'm always honest
and direct with my words.
Because for me,
the most beautiful thing is the truth.
And truth is Lord Shiva.
I only believe in the truth,
and nothing but the truth.
Have faith because you are
- Lord Shiva's disciple.
- No.
You are Lord Shiva's ally.
- I'll see you.
- Yes.
Please pay up.
I don't want blessings.
I want my money.
- Alright.
- I'll pay him.
I'll pay him.
You owe me one.
Here you go.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Look carefully before
you eat the fritter, okay?
I'll see you then.
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Hail Lord Mahakaal!
Have faith
You are Lord Shiva's disciple
PAPER MARO follower
When the night seems long
And nothing seems right
When you are restless
Just tread alone
O follower!
When the night seems long
And nothing seems right
When you are restless
Just tread alone
Tread alone, follower
Show courage today
The night and day will be your slave
When your reputation is at stake
And no one's on your side
Tread alone
O follower, tread alone
Show courage today
The night and day will be your slave
O follower!
When the night seems long
And nothing seems right
When you are restless
Just tread alone
Take one from that angle.
And one from here.
Mr. Kanti.
Please begin.
Hail Lord Mahadev.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Sir, if Ms. Kamini has no objection,
I want to praise her beauty.
All of a sudden, why are you--
- I don't know if she will be okay--
- That's okay, sir.
I don't mind.
Say what you want to say.
She's fine with it.
Thank you.
If you have any objection at any moment,
stop me right there.
Ms. Kamini, you are gorgeous.
Indeed beautiful.
The science of Kaam Shastra has divided
women into four categories.
Padmini, Hastini, Shankhini and Chitrini.
You represent all four of them.
Your bow-like arched eyebrows.
Mesmerizing eyes.
- Sharp nose.
- Kamini, what is this?
- Luscious lips.
- It's okay.
Long and slender neck.
Evolved anterior.
- Capricious posterior.
- What is he saying?
They are all so attractive.
Your husband is a lucky man.
Thank you.
Thank you very much for the compliment.
Sir, I want to thank her.
Thanks to her I could delve
into my culture and scriptures.
Some people make fun
of our scriptures and sacred texts.
They mock it.
But, sir, the truth is
when the rest of the world
was still taking baby steps,
our Sanatan Hindu Dharma
was running miles ahead of them.
We were modern.
Sir, it's so beautifully
written in this book.
"A woman's vagina is pious
in which, immersion of sperm
gives birth to new life."
How simple.
It's written so beautifully
and it can be explained to anyone.
For example, I was describing
Ms. Kamini's beauty in beautiful words.
Objection, sir.
What does he want to imply?
How are the two connected?
What does it prove?
Yes, Ms. Kamini.
Mr. Kanti, please tell us, how do we
implement sex education in schools
How to teach them sex?
Just tell us that.
Yes, sir. Absolutely.
Openly. Without inhibition.
Just the way it is.
Without hiding anything.
The naked truth.
Show me that chart.
look at this picture.
These are the eyes, nose, ears.
- And this--
- I object! Sir, he has to roll it back.
I'm very uncomfortable.
Please roll it back.
- Yeah. Kanti--
- No, sir. He has to roll it back.
- Sir, no.
- Kanti
This is vulgar and obscene.
He has to roll it back.
- Sir, I object!
- Please roll it back. You--
- Sir!
- You will find this chart
in every school and laboratory.
It's in her school as well.
We teach children
about the eyes, ears, nose.
Similarly, we can tell them
this is a penis and a vagina.
Why hide it from the children, sir?
From the waist,
directly down to the knees.
Doesn't this middle part belong to us?
- Why don't we teach them, sir?
- Because they are private parts.
Secret organs.
- Yes, sir.
- Genitalia.
- Genitalia.
- Yes. Genitalia.
Who named them that? We did.
Sir, whenever a child is born,
the first thing we mention is the gender.
Sex. Male or female.
Right from birth to death certificates,
our gender is our identity.
And we feel embarrassed
to talk about it.
What is this?
- Ridiculous.
- Ridiculous.
Do you want children
to be told everything openly?
That this is a penis and a vagina?
Yes, sir.
Why can't we tell them
this is a penis and a vagina?
It's our fault, sir.
We've been calling it Weenie,
Willy, Johnson, and whatnot.
We've been using various other names
instead of the right terms.
Calling it by the right name
will make it easier to explain.
Sir, again.
Again, how is it possible?
Let's admit that modern
society might accept it.
But what about villages, towns,
two-tier cities, and smaller cities?
Their ideology and lifestyle
are different, sir.
They will never accept this.
Don't they have a body?
Don't they have a penis,
vagina, or breasts?
Sir, I object. Please tell him to be
respectful while talking to me.
I'm not comfortable
with the language he is--
A while ago, you were
smiling at similar words.
And you were thanking me.
I wonder what you're talking about!
Sir, for centuries,
generation after generation,
we've been shy to speak about it openly.
But the time has come
to rename it.
Exactly the way it is.
It's time to tell our children
everything honestly.
That the union of a penis
and a vagina gives birth to a new life.
And that's how
we all came into existence.
You, me, all of us!
This is the eternal truth of life.
And it is the most beautiful gift.
Sir, this entire drama is unfolding
to convince his son
that he didn't do anything wrong.
That's it.
But the ground reality is that
no parent would want this
to be taught to their child, sir.
Is there anyone here?
Anyone here wants "sex" to be taught
to their children in school?
Raise your hand.
I do.
I know.
Anyone else?
Don't be embarrassed--
Yes. One.
- Yes.
- Two.
Two percent, yes.
Ninety-eight percent, no.
Mr. Kanti, you have no idea
of the consequences
that will emerge if your
suggestions are implemented.
Everything will be out in the open, sir.
There is still some
shame and modesty left.
Women will feel unsafe on the streets.
Our society will completely
go vulgar and it'll be destroyed.
Ours is a leading country
in watching pornography.
When the heart-wrenching rape
of a doctor happened in Hyderabad
eighty-eight percent of internet users
searched her name.
To see what?
Her rape?!
This is the decent society
we are talking about.
In our country, 54 percent of boys
and 47 percent of girls
under the age of 18
are victims of sexual abuse.
It's because those poor souls don't know
the difference between
a good touch and a bad touch.
And most of the culprits
are people around them.
And sir-- Take out that book.
Sir, this Padma Shri awardee
respected Dr. Prakash Kothari,
a renowned sexologist in India.
He claims that 96 percent of men
and 76 percent of women masturbate,
and it's an absolutely normal
and healthy process.
Sir, I want you to see this newspaper.
Dainik Newspaper.
The biggest and largest selling
daily newspaper of our state.
I want to read out a column, sir.
"My boyfriend kissed me
on my lips yesterday.
Will I get pregnant?"
"I masturbate four to six times a day.
- Will I grow weaker with time?"
- Mr. Kanti.
"My husband drinks a lot of milk,
so his sperm"
- Order.
- "I want to sleep with
- my husband's friend. Will I--"
- Order!
"My boyfriend forces me."
- "Can I do a sperm count at home?"
- Order! Order!
These two pages of the newspaper
are filled with such questions.
These pages wouldn't have existed
if the school had educated them.
And for all you know,
probably a 12-year-old boy
is asking these questions
by claiming to be 24.
This is vulgarity, sir.
This is obscene.
Teaching is knowledge.
And strangely, sir,
the owner of this newspaper
is her father-in-law Mr. Atal Nath.
Look at his double-sided hypocrisy.
He's ready to publish it,
but he's not ready to teach it.
Order. Order.
Order. Order.
Ms. Kamini,
please ready your closing statement.
You too.
Next date 16th.
Mr. Kanti has raised an important
debate regarding sex education.
He is right.
But who listens to the right things
in this country?
It's the need of the hour.
And someone should have spoken about it.
And the moment has started.
It's brilliant.
All men should learn about foreplay.
It's important, you know.
Brother Kanti is saying the right thing.
We are going to support him.
- Yes.
- That's right.
Of course, we must talk about it.
It's an important issue.
We must debate it.
Yes. We must.
When we asked our pregnant teacher
"Ma'am, what happened?"
She said, "This is God's gift, dear".
If teachers are embarrassed to teach,
then they should call us.
We'll teach them.
Talking doesn't
make your tongue weaker,
and staying silent
doesn't make it stronger.
It's the same with private parts.
Masturbation does not cause any harm.
While people are voicing their support,
a large section of society
is clearly denying it.
Kanti Sharan's court case
is becoming a hot topic for discussion
for people from different
religions and sects.
Meanwhile, the school management
has refused to comment on it.
Down with Kanti Sharan!
Kanti Sharan, leave the state!
Down with Kanti Sharan!
Kanti Sharan, leave the state!
Down with Kanti Sharan!
How long will we keep teaching
our children through pseudonyms?
"Get him or her married, or else
he or she will cause us embarrassment."
You don't get it?
What's the point of hiding it
from children?
We'll talk to them.
Tell them what a good touch
and a bad touch is.
Only then will they be able
to talk to their parents
and explain to them.
Down with Kanti Sharan!
Down with him!
Down with Kanti Sharan!
Down with him!
Down with Kanti Sharan!
Down with him!
Down with Kanti Sharan!
- Down with him!
- So, Mr. Kanti Sharan
forty-two police complaints
have been registered against you
from different religious organizations
across the country.
For spreading vulgarity
and obscenity in the name of religion.
Twenty-two public interest litigations
from various places.
And six non-bailable warrants.
Seventy-two in total.
And here's the 73rd one.
Summon from Guwahati city.
You have to be present there.
- Indu
- Today is the 14th.
Tomorrow is the 15th.
Tomorrow you have to be
present at Guwahati court.
There is no way you can
make it back by the 16th.
Can you?
And if you don't go there,
you'll be arrested.
You see, the school has planned
a complete itinerary for you.
Yes. Okay.
Mr. Atal Nath Maheshwari wants to meet me.
Mr. Maheshwari is a decent man.
They want what's best for you
and your son.
And this cheque is proof of that matter.
One crore rupees.
So that you can get Vivek
admitted to the largest,
and best boarding school in India.
All that the school wants
is for you to appear in court
and publicly apologize.
Sign on these settlement papers,
and withdraw your case.
Everyone benefits from this.
Take it.
Think about your son's future.
Come on, take it.
Think about your son's future.
Say yes.
Why won't he agree?
If as a father,
I'm serious about my son's future,
he too wouldn't push
his son's future into darkness.
Sign it.
Sign it.
Just say yes.
Forty-two police complaints
have been registered against you
Twenty-two public interest litigations
from various places.
And six non-bailable warrants.
There will be many more.
They will put you through
the machinery of law,
and turn you into chowder.
We'll lose our son due to this case.
You are dead.
Your family has been informed.
When you had left your fate to Lord Shiva
then why did you use your stupidity?
I had come on His command,
following your invocation of Lord.
Who are you?
When I repeatedly told you, "Have
faith. You are Lord Shiva's disciple",
why did you abandon your faith?
are you really Lord Mahakaal's angel?
Will you accept Him only if He
comes in His prevalent appearance?
Oh, follower of Shiva!
You still don't believe me?
All you followers are unbelievable.
You all want live streaming.
We worship the Tryambaka
Who is fragrant, increasing our
Spiritual core from the bondages
May I be liberated from death
Mahadev, how come You both look alike?
Because Shiva and His followers,
the Shivgan,
are one and the same.
- Maha
- You too are no different.
You too have His essence.
The beautiful truth
that you speak fearlessly
becomes Shiva's own words.
And you become a divine manifestation.
My Lord!
He is gone, Kanti! Get up.
I'm your servant.
Help me, Lord Mahadev.
Stand up.
Forgive me, Lord.
I made a huge mistake.
Punish me.
But please forgive me.
- Stand up.
- Lord.
- Let go of my leg.
- I won't!
You'll ruin the crease. Let go.
A father got carried away
in emotions for his son.
Punish me, Lord!
Forgive me.
Today is the 16th.
Do you remember anything?
Do you know what happened
in the last 17 hours?
Don't look at me.
Look at the consequences of your actions.
This is his signed document.
Sir, he did it all for money.
Pure extortion, sir.
Sex education and all that
was just a drama.
But look at God's justice.
He met with an accident.
I don't believe this.
Anyway, if there has been
an out-of-court settlement,
I'll dismiss the case.
Everything is finished, Lord.
There have been some positives as well.
What else did Uncle do?
Like this
and like this
he would hold me.
He would kiss me here.
Kiss me here.
Kiss me here as well.
And he would kiss me over here.
He would give me a chocolate and leave.
what is she saying?
There's more.
Hello. This is Khyati Jain.
You all are aware
of how a case of compensation
has taken such a grand proportion.
This day will go down
in the history of this city
because the court premises have never seen
such a large turnout of people.
Folks from every corner of the country,
be it from an affluent family
or poor family,
children from schools
and colleges, youth, elderly,
everybody has gathered here.
Everyone is interested
in knowing who will win.
This is Khyati Jain,
with cameraman Sushant.
You owe them.
They stepped out of their homes
to support you.
What now, Lord?
What should I do?
Have faith.
I'm Lord Shiva's disciple.
Hurry up, we're getting late.
I'm bringing the car around.
I have other things to do.
Your wife and children have been
praying all day at the temple.
Can I see him one last time?
Please, doctor.
Of course, go on.
Where is he going?
To take one last look.
Whose last look?
Kanti-- What?!
Brother, he said you were dead!
He's the junior doctor.
The senior doctor paid a visit.
He said, "You're absolutely alright.
You are free to go, Kanti."
But who is senior to me?
Those with evil deeds die a sudden death.
Even time cannot harm
a follower of Lord Mahakaal.
- Hail Lord Mahakaal.
- Hail Lord Mahakaal.
I have to go.
- Is your granddaughter okay?
- Yes.
But the bill
I will pay the bill.
Take a left. Take a left.
It's a shortcut.
Hurry up. You are already late.
Won't you come in?
I have to go fetch someone else.
Calm down. Be quiet.
Calm down.
I've lost my voice!
Calm down!
Calm down, everyone!
Calm down!
I am tired of yelling!
Calm down!
- Make them calm down!
- Keep quiet!
I am tired of yelling!
I've lost my voice!
Saini, come here!
Let's just have the session
out in the open!
People want to hear!
Is anyone listening?
Make them calm down.
- Be quiet.
- Order!
- Hail Lord Mahadev.
- Calm down.
- Sit down, man!
- Mr. Kanti!
Yes, sir.
You're alive?! I was told you
had a brain hemorrhage and--
That was yesterday, sir.
That was yesterday.
I'm fine now.
- My family doctor--
- It's alright.
You withdrew your case, didn't you?
- No
- You've put me in a difficult situation.
Wait a minute.
Sir, he withdrew the case
for one crore rupees.
No, no
Sir, I apologize.
They all lured a helpless father
with money and made him sign.
- What is this?
- Sir, I still have their cheque.
I haven't cashed it yet.
Please return it, sir.
He's refusing. He's denying it.
Sir, he has been making a mockery
of the court since day one.
Please, I request you
to dismiss the case.
This is not right, sir.
- He's doing it again.
- Ms. Kamini. Let me decide that, please.
I'm here.
Sorry, sir.
Your closing statement, please.
I close my argument by stating
for his son's personal,
indecent, and vulgar act,
the school is not responsible
and will never be.
If through books he wants to prove
that masturbation is correct,
then even I have several books
that say masturbation is wrong.
In fact, for many religions,
it's immoral. It's a sin.
It is blasphemy, sir.
- Mr. Kanti.
- Sir, if--
Sir, if she is correct,
then who are these people?
And what are they doing here?
Somewhere deep inside, they believe
that sex education is important.
- That's why they are here.
- Give me that.
Sir, ask him where Vivek is in this crowd.
Where is he?
Is he ready to come back
to school with his head held high?
Because he knows he made a mistake.
So, why--
- Look! He's here!
- He's here!
Sir, my son has done some research.
The story begins in 1835.
When a British officer Lord Macaulay,
who was on an excursion to India,
sent a report to the British government.
"If we want to enslave India,
then their cultural
and educational heritage
and the Gurukuls should be destroyed."
The Gurukuls where sex education
was taught as well.
Thus the British Education Act 1835
was implemented.
Sadly, we have been
independent for 75 years,
but we still put our children through
the same educational system.
These Britishers took our wisdom from us,
and became modern
by teaching sex education to Europe.
They reduced our image
to a land of snakes and scorpions.
what is this?
A bestseller in the world.
While we still keep
arguing among ourselves.
Isn't that your father?
- Yes, that's him.
- Give it to me.
Vivek, did you do the right thing?
Was it right?
Answer honestly, Vivek.
No, ma'am.
- That's it, sir.
- Ma'am.
What I did
wasn't wrong.
Yes, the place where I did it,
was my mistake.
I'm sorry, sir.
take me back in school.
Sir, can you see how audaciously
he's accepting that
he didn't do anything wrong?
There are several kids in this crowd,
and I'm sure no one has the audacity
to say masturbation is correct.
Masturbation is a sin, Vivek.
Objection, My Lord!
No, it's not a sin.
I too masturbate.
Order! Order!
Did you come alone or with your parents?
With my father.
Where is your father?
I want to see your shameless father.
He's the judge's son.
We need sex education.
Yes. Me too.
Talk to us about periods.
We need sex education.
Yes, we do.
- Yes, I agree with that.
- I agree!
- Me too!
- Me too!
- Me too!
- Me too!
- Me too.
- Me too.
We need sex education.
- Yes, I do.
- Yeah!
I'm not.
I'm lucky.
I'm lucky that my father
realized his mistake.
And he fought for me.
But, ma'am, tell me one thing.
Who is going to explain to me
the terms that appear
when we type "sex" on Google?
There are terms like abuse, violence
Who will define them for me?
Sexually transmitted disease.
Inappropriate sexual behavior.
Unwanted pregnancies.
Misogynistic attitude.
Good touch, bad touch, consent.
Making someone's video and uploading it
which I was a victim of.
It's too vast.
Whatever happened to me,
what I had to go through,
my family had to go through
I don't want anyone
else to experience this.
Please, sir.
Ms. Kamini.
Ms. Kamini.
Ms. Kamini!
Is there anything you'd like to say?
Savoday International School
Dr. Shah
Inder Medical
and Pranlal Muthut.
The fact that
they gave Kanti Sharan Mudgal a cheque
proves that they
consider themselves guilty.
And it's very ironic
that Savoday International School, which
is affiliated with the British curriculum,
doesn't want to teach
the British sex education syllabus.
The court agrees
that Savoday International School
and the education board are responsible
for Vivek's plight.
The court
instructs the education board
to make reforms
in the syllabus as soon as possible.
And all you people
quickly pay 11, 21, 51, and 101 rupees
to Kanti Sharan Mudgal
as compensation right away
so he can offer it to Lord Mahadev.
And I order the school
to take strict action against those
who made Vivek's video.
And court orders Vivek
to be taken back in school.
Same class, same bench.
Congratulations and sorry.
Do you know why you won?
Because you were
fighting for your family
and I was fighting for business.
I'll always remember
this case, Mr. Kanti.
Thank you.
- Vivek!
- Bro!
- Bravo, Kanti.
- Greetings.
You completely changed my ideology.
How did you get well so soon?
- I met a doctor.
- Where is he?
Over there.
Come, I'll introduce you to him.
- The guy who cured you?
- Yes.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Indu, he's the doctor.
You are God for us.
What are you doing?
It's for Lord Mahakaal.
Be quiet. This is his fee.
Really? 285 rupees?
Kanti, we're even now.
Now give me back my bag.
What bag?
The bag that your son is carrying.
Is that your bag?
- Give it back, son.
- Here you go.
You know what?
Keep it with you.
From today, it's your responsibility.
- Okay?
- Yes.
Alright, I'll take your leave.
You cannot leave like this, doctor.
Let's go and seek
Lord Mahakaal's blessings.
Let's see the Bhasm Aarti.
- Give us a chance
- No.
I must go.
One more patient is waiting for me.
Hail Lord Mahadev!
Which doctor is he?
- What is his name?
- Dr. Mahadev.
What's his surname?
Har Har.
Dr. Mahadev Har Har.
He alleviates everyone's pain.
Move. He drives pretty fast.
Hail Nandi.