On Body and Soul (2017) Movie Script

Come down at once.
You'll see, it can't be repaired.
You never come down!
You haven't been down in years.
I know it's not your business,
but you are the boss, after all.
Keep a woman on a short leash
so she knows her place.
You know what I mean. I'm no brute.
But you need structure...
Could you pick the kids up today?
I want to go out with the girls.
- You want to sit with us?
- I'm eating with the girls.
Pick them up, will you?
Don't forget to get them, okay?
Who's that?
What? What is it?
That woman you hired today.
- Why wasn't she sent to my office?
- She's not a laborer.
She's the new quality inspector.
She's replacing Bori.
- She's already due?
- No, she's taking the last 2 months off.
So we've got this woman now.
- I'm not too happy about it.
- Why?
She's pretty stiff.
We might have problems with her.
She talks like this abattoir
came out of her shiny ass.
Maybe she's just shy.
The first day...
See? Just what I was talking about.
I'll check her out.
Don't call her Marika!
I've made that mistake.
Bon apptit.
I'm Endre, the financial director.
Mria Rcz, quality inspector.
I see you choose the garden sorrel too.
It's the only food they can prepare well
here. Not much else, though.
Except the shredded squash, maybe.
I always have pottage here if I can.
You know why?
Perhaps because your arm is crippled.
It's easier to eat mash with one hand.
Look, Marika...
May I call you Marika?
Your friend surely mentioned that
I find it unpleasant to be called that.
Really? No. He didn't.
Then I was wrong. Pardon me.
I find it unpleasant.
- Two?
- Yes.
- How much, Laci?
- 875.
Bon apptit!
I'm Endre, the financial director.
Mria Rcz, quality inspector.
She seems to be lonely.
That's why I came over here.
I'm a bit scared.
I don't know what he wants.
She must be nervous.
I'll pick an ordinary topic.
I see you chose the garden sorrel too.
It's the only food
they can prepare well here.
And shredded squash.
And the shredded squash, maybe.
Not much else, though.
I should answer something now
and then we'd be conversing already.
- Don't walk all over it!
- Okay, okay, sorry.
- I'll get your coffee right away.
- Thanks!
I'm making yours in a sec!
You're in no hurry, are you?
- Here you go.
- Thank you!
And he says it's not overtime!
Why on earth not?
Look at her huddled alone in the dark...
- Should we ask her to join us?
- Their kind has coffee upstairs.
- Bori always had her coffee with us.
- That was Bori.
Well, I'm asking her anyway.
- Hello, doctor!
- Hello.
Watch out, please.
I don't add salt, to keep it soft.
Only after.
- Jzsi, this is Grade B?
- Fuckin' yes...
I can't believe it!
I work out.
Three times a week.
There won't be a problem with my strength.
People always say
I should do something
with my excess energy.
I'm not aggressive or anything,
I've only mentioned...
What else can I tell you?
After my training I worked at...
I'd like to ask you something, young man.
- What's your name again?
- Sndor Mark.
Sndor, what do you think
about these animals
whom we process here... so to say.
I don't think anything.
What should I think?
- Don't you feel sorry for them?
- Not me. Bam!
I see...
Is there a problem?
Is there a problem?
Blood never bothered me.
Look, if you don't feel sorry for them,
that's not going to work here.
You can't work here like that.
So it was a trick question, right? If I
say I feel sorry for them, I'm neurotic.
You'll have a breakdown.
Find some other job.
So you're not hiring me? Is that it?
This new chick is labeling everything
Grade B!
- These nice cattle!
- I see.
- Should I talk to her?
- No, don't do anything!
I'll go down and talk to her.
I'm not the HR manager.
You're already hired.
It was just friendly advice.
It certainly is cold here.
So, how do you like working with us?
Thank you, everything is fine.
I won't beat around the bush.
Look, the girls said
you're labeling everything Grade B.
The cattle seemed quite nice.
Don't you think?
- I do.
- Then what was the problem?
They were fattier than regulation.
Much fattier?
No. About 2-3 millimeters on average.
You've got hawk eyes. 2 millimeters...
Yes, I have good eyes. I know.
And that makes them all Grade B?
That's what's in the regulations.
The regulations...
Yes, they are my guidelines.
Dzsudzsk... He's trying
to pass the ball to the middle.
Stieber in the danger zone, and goal!
This is already the second for Stieber.
This time it was a half volley
and he had a good look where to aim...
What, Peter?
Did hell break loose again?
Yes, two bulls need fast sedation!
- The paper from the doc?
- I'll give it to you later on.
Okay, but don't forget
'cause they'll kick my ass!
Sure, I promise.
I'll have it sent up
at the end of the shift.
Why didn't she sign it off?
She at her station?
Second day and she's already a no show?
No, she's sitting there...
motionless like this.
Makes you feel real creepy.
- Where's the paper, then?
- She started to fuss.
I got the fuck out of there.
Here. But I didn't hear any of this.
Got it?
Where did they find this woman?
Who knows?
I invited her upstairs for coffee
She's not here, is she?
Well, Snow White has arrived.
Look, they froze up completely.
I go to the hairdresser's today.
Can you pick up the kids?
And we need groceries.
You can do both at once.
Buy some pudding powder, for sure.
- To cook?
- Yes, that one.
- And bread, milk, bologna...
- Write a list.
And we got a new quality inspector.
Maria something-or-other...
Yes, that's her.
You're not serious.
She is precise as hell...
No, whoever you send us is fine.
Okay, I'll tell her.
We've got a problem.
It's holiday season
and we're lacking two people
for the night shift.
Looks like we've got a new cock
in the henhouse.
You were a pole dancer...
He's met his match.
Good morning, I'm Sndor Mark.
I've come from the robotics department.
So the good doctor will...
stamp me.
- He's making a fool of her!
- So what?
- Pista, what's going on here?
- The cops are here.
- I can see that. So?
- I don't know.
But I can only let employees in.
Go upstairs,
they're interviewing everyone.
- What did Pista say?
- The cops are here.
- Who are they after?
- How should I know?
This is very awkward,
I have no idea who it might be.
Not even a wild guess!
The cabinet was locked.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
There's nothing more I can say.
There's no point. It's full of prints.
Istvn, get the lady to the office.
This way, please.
- Relax, it'll be fine.
- You got a tissue?
Sorry about this...
He's never been
to a slaughterhouse before.
Yes, one has to get used to it.
These people are authorized
to have access to the medicine cabinet.
One of them is me.
It could have been one of us.
What is this mating powder, anyway?
Is it really that strong?
It's strong, and works fast, too.
A mating is done in 3 minutes.
It's not so funny for us.
- I hope we can settle this quietly.
- A story like this? No way.
When I heard the story about
that 50th class reunion, well I...
It does get your instincts going.
But jumping at each other
in the restaurant, like crazed animals?
It was developed for cattle.
A bull weighs in around 400 kilos.
Boss? Where should I...?
A quick result would be nice.
We don't want this to happen again.
Are you feeling better?
Do you have mental hygiene
screenings here?
Sure, every year.
The next one is in 2 months.
Has anyone's behavior changed recently?
I mean, anyone acting weird? Unhinged?
It's hard to tell
from up here in the office.
Listen, run the annual screening now.
Let me recommend someone.
She's worked for us in the past.
Okay, but...
who'll pay for the psychologist?
Us, or...?
Well, it's worth the price, right?
The steak is in the striped bag.
Well, are you satisfied?
I beg your pardon.
Date of first seminal emission?
- Excuse me?
- Ejaculation. I'm sure you remember.
Where you 12 or 13?
Pardon me for my... staring before.
No problem.
It happens.
Is this really a question?
Look, these are regulation questions
I ask from everyone.
Don't you tell me this is how you started
with the butcher boys?
The question order is not set...
But yes, I asked them all
and they all answered.
That must have been a real experience.
- I see you're embarrassed...
- I'm not embarrassed!
There's nothing personal in this question.
It happens to all boys, no?
Come on. Try and remember.
- All right. I was 10. Next question?
- 10?
It's a bit early.
Are you sure?
Tell me what you dreamt last night.
It wasn't anything special.
I dreamt that I was a deer.
I don't know what you'll conclude
from that. Probably nothing.
So you were a deer. And?
That's about it.
I did things deer usually do, I suppose.
Like what?
I wandered around in the woods.
Drank from a stream. Stuff like that.
- Were you alone?
- No.
I was with there was another deer.
Was it another stag? Or a doe?
A doe.
- Are you certain or just assuming?
- I know.
How? Did you mate?
My dear lady, I have to disappoint.
We did not mate.
We wandered the woods, looked for grass,
but only found a few juicy leaves
because of the snow.
We had to dig them out
from under the snow.
We went down to the stream to drink.
Our noses touched when we drank.
That's all.
I didn't mount her, I didn't fuck her.
And I don't want to mount you either.
I just looked at you,
like any normal man would.
Again, I apologize if I was insolent,
but I'd like to start the real work now.
Of course. Sure.
Your intense reaction is very interesting.
Do you perhaps have any erection problems?
Is this part of the questionnaire?
Your response was so heated
it seems logical to...
You said you ask everyone
the same questions.
May I ask you to adhere to this?
Sure, sure...
When did you lose your virginity?
- Come on, tell me what they asked.
- I don't know. A bunch of nonsense.
What's my favorite food,
or if I get dizzy spells.
She also asked me what I dreamt.
I'm not telling her that, for sure.
I'll say I don't remember.
She can't read anything into it.
They know if you're lying. That's how
the questions are put together.
And what's the woman like?
She's got tits like this!
- So what did you dream, darling?
- I'm not telling.
- Come on!
- No!
All right.
I dreamt
I was sitting on a light-blue horse
and for some reason...
Ha ha, really funny. Whatever, forget it.
Too bad, it was nice.
Tell us what you dream, Zska.
You don't want to know that, honey.
I've just made a fool of myself
for telling.
What do you do in your dreams?
I fuck.
So, let's begin.
Time of first menstruation?
November 5, 1998.
- Any surgery?
- None.
- Contagious diseases?
- Chicken pox.
- When?
- March 21 - April 7, 1990.
You remember so precisely?
I remembered.
I see.
It's a bit unusual.
Is there some reason for you to remember?
Okay. Tell we what you dreamt last night.
- You don't remember?
- I do.
I'm just thinking of how to tell it.
I'll finish in a moment.
Sure, fine.
- Please.
- Yes?
It would be easier without this noise.
What noise?
Sorry. It wasn't nice of me.
I've had a long day.
But I'm really listening now.
Tell me your dream.
I was very hungry.
I rooted through the snow
but there was no food anywhere.
My companion helped me search.
He found a thick,
juicy leaf under the snow.
He let me have all of it. I ate it.
It didn't taste bad...
...just a bit nauseating.
Afterwards, I felt strange.
You were an animal in your dream,
is that right?
What animal? Can you tell me?
A deer.
I see.
Go on. What else happened?
We have decided to go down to the stream.
Your companion...
...did you mate?
Why don't you answer?
I was just waiting for you
to find what you were looking for.
Did you find it?
Yes, I found it. Thank you.
So then?
No, what?
We didn't mate.
But was there any physical contact
between you?
His nose touched mine.
Our noses touched when we drank.
Tell me, why are you doing this to me?
I don't understand.
As you wish. Send the next person in.
They called you back in?
Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing.
Stop touching me.
Leave me alone. There's no problem.
Okay, forget I said anything.
I want to know
about your little private joke.
You think it's funny?
I need to evaluate the material.
And the dream analysis
is a part of it. Okay?
Then tell me what you
really dreamt last night!
Not what the two of you arranged.
I'm just trying to do my job.
I don't care about anyone's private life.
I want to go home, take a shower.
That's all.
Doctor, maybe you've overworked yourself?
It happens.
All right...
I dreamt that I was a deer.
I don't know what you'll conclude
from that. Probably nothing.
So you were a deer. And?
That's about it.
I did things deer usually do, I suppose...
What an odd coincidence, right?
Anyway, I just wanted to say
we don't have to feel awkward.
We're adults after all, right?
Actually, it's kind of funny, no?
It's funny.
Bon apptit.
How's the meat?
The meat is satisfactory.
I always end up with leathery meat here...
What did you dream last night?
I didn't dream anything.
It's a pity.
Then I'd better go sit elsewhere.
I prefer eating alone.
May I?
Don't think I consider you a leper too.
- Did they find out who did it?
- No.
Well, I've got a tip.
- Leave me alone.
- Personally, I don't think it's you.
We'll see
what that shrink lady comes up with.
She's a silly goose.
She really messed with my mind.
I'd bang her, though.
Don't you even want to know who I suspect?
- Tell me, I know you want to.
- Well...
I think it's obvious.
That guy Sndor...
I don't think he's got all his marbles.
The way he's all over the women,
and the mating powder and all.
You see? He's a sex maniac.
What do you think?
Isn't it logical?
Yeah, it's a good idea.
Then, we might want to tell the cops, no?
- Could you return my tray?
- You're the one in contact with them...
Well, in my dream, I was a deer again
like every night, for a while now.
Well, and...
There was this doe.
- Where?
- Well, in a forest.
It really was kind of a strange place.
Beside a small, round lake.
I've never seen such a small lake before.
I mean, in real life.
How about you?
What nice things did you dream?
- What?
- The same as you.
You're just saying that.
I don't believe you.
That's okay...
I wrote it down.
Well, see you tonight then.
Tell me... Why did you run away?
I looked for you at the lake too.
Are you angry?
Hello, doctor.
You look really pretty today.
Looks like the boss thinks so too.
Excuse me. Just a professional question...
...I said your legs are hairy,
but he said they aren't...
- May I come in just this once?
- No, you may not.
Come on...
You know
that it's against the regulations to...
We'll just have our coffee together
and I'm gone.
Is that all right?
I'd just like to discuss something
with you.
You shouldn't take that guy Sndor
Men sometimes talk a load of nonsense.
What did he say to you?
Never mind. It's not important.
Here is my phone number.
And I will enter yours.
I don't have one.
I didn't mean to impose.
I really didn't mean to impose.
That's not how I am.
And what did you say?
That I have no phone.
- So what's it supposed to mean?
- What do you think?
Perhaps he didn't believe me
for some reason.
Very good.
And could you explain why?
Maybe I used the wrong tone of voice.
Or I forgot to make eye contact.
No, I made eye contact, I remember.
His pupils contracted.
Look, these days
everyone has a cell phone.
Maybe that was the reason.
It's strange for me
that you talk to me so formally.
Well, Marika...
You're a real, grownup woman now.
It's strange for me too.
Maybe I could give you the number
of a colleague who works with adults.
Or simply buy yourself a phone.
Hello. You came down early today.
Bon apptit.
I'm buying a phone tomorrow.
You've got a phone.
You just think I'm old
and my arm is crippled.
It makes me feel really bad.
I think you are beautiful.
I don't believe you.
You can see in three signs
if someone's lying.
Shall I teach you too?
Number one: the pupils.
If the pupils dilate...
Pupils dilate according to light changes,
don't try and make a fool of me.
I know why you're angry with me.
I'm not angry.
Today I went to...
Today someone explained to me...
I don't care what you discussed about me.
You probably laughed at me.
He said you are angry with me
because you must be jealous.
Is it true? Are you really jealous?
I think you fancy that worker,
that Sndor.
You are mistaken.
Come on!
You're wrong. I'm afraid of him.
Is that... true?
It is.
Then everything's all right again, right?
I'm totally stressed.
Forget it.
Back in the day, did you screw my wife?
So you did.
I know she's slept with half the factory.
And Sndor's on the agenda now.
Come on.
I'm not a complete idiot.
We worked through this already.
You got an aspirin?
You came down early today.
It's 1:30.
I didn't come early.
I'm buying a phone tomorrow.
Then buy one.
I think you are beautiful.
I can't believe this.
- What's going on? Did you hook up?
- Are you crazy?
Why exactly do you have
mating powder at a slaughterhouse?
Well, it's not really legal
but not illegal either.
Sometimes we help with mating.
Private deals, no papers.
But it's not a whole lot of money.
It's not making us rich or anything.
- You can report it if you want.
- No way.
Don't worry, just...
I just couldn't fit the pieces together.
The meat was really yummy...
The usual.
Hey, boss!
What did the cop want?
What are you doing?
You're still on the clock.
You're my dad now? It's nice.
Return to work.
Don't make me say it again.
What'll happen if you say it again?
Are you gonna beat me up?
Quit this job, son.
Before you get into real trouble.
What are you talking about? What trouble?
I know you did it.
You despised me from the start.
You're right. Smart boy.
I don't ask you that often!
That's not what I said.
What do you spend money on
besides smokes?
You never even have
a crust of bread at home.
I stopped smoking four years ago.
All the more, then.
Listen, kid, that's my business.
Look, the situation is this...
Will you get it?
Yes? Hello?
I bought a phone.
- Is this a bad time?
- No, it's fine.
Would you call me tonight?
We could fall asleep together.
Well, that's a great idea.
It really is.
Tonight, then.
- Who was that?
- A colleague. You don't know her.
- Yes?
- Good evening.
- Well, I'm going to bed now.
- All right, then.
I've already taken my sleeping pill.
I usually fall asleep pretty quickly.
Look, one more thing...
You don't have to be afraid of me. I...
Sorry, forget it...
I know I'm a little ridiculous.
Sleep well.
It was beautiful.
We could go out for lunch tomorrow.
Let me invite you
to my old favorite place.
Well, did you find anything?
Just one person, but, you know,
it's not actual proof of a crime.
Who is it?
Jen Vri.
The HR manager.
Are you surprised?
Are you 100% sure?
In my profession, you can't ever
really say you're 100% sure.
But... it's a very strong possibility.
Here is my report.
Shall I forward them to the police?
No need. We'll do it.
- Did you give us your invoice?
- Yes, yes, sure.
Thank you for coming in personally.
Just out of professional curiosity...
Your colleague's dream...
Did a similar coincidence
ever happen again?
I suppose you compared dreams
since then...
No. We didn't compare.
So it really was a joke?
You arranged it beforehand?
Yes, that's exactly what happened.
I'm sorry, it was a childish idea.
I apologize.
what did the great shrink come up with?
Nothing much.
How come?
She thinks it was Sndor too.
So what now? Do we fire him?
What do you think?
Will you tell the cops?
I suppose. I'll call them tomorrow.
Right, of course.
These tests...They don't mean much.
It was stupid to do it in the first place.
Whose idea was it anyway?
I think it was mine.
It wasn't Sndor.
I know it wasn't him.
It was me.
I don't know what got into me.
I just got fed up.
Yeah, it happens.
Sometimes you just get fed up.
So then...
What now?
Nothing. Don't do it again.
- But...
- No one got hurt.
They just had a weird night, that's all.
The police will close the case
after a while.
They're not too concerned about it anyway.
It was nasty of me to blame it on Sndor.
- But you know...
- It was.
I want to apologize to you.
Forgive me.
And we can be on a first-name basis.
Thank you.
I mean, thanks.
We could have a beer together
if you're not in a hurry.
No, I'm in no hurry. I'm free all evening.
You want to hook yourself a man, doctor?
That's not how you do it.
How do I do it?
You're nice and tall.
You should wear clothes that show it.
Don't dress like a waif.
Turn around.
Nice ass, too...
I've never noticed it before.
Stand up straight.
That's worth more than any fancy clothes.
But the way you hold your head...
Chin up.
Not that much.
Then you'll seem cocky.
That's what they say about you anyway.
People underestimate
the power of movement, duck.
The effect of how you move.
You don't need much.
Too much ruins everything.
Walk along here. Show me.
- Two?
- Sure.
Listen, do you have any proper aftershave?
I do.
This place used to be always full.
The food here is great.
Yes, we would like to have lunch
if it's not an inconvenience for you.
- What do you mean?
- Never mind.
Forget it.
Tell me...
Does Jnos still work here?
You wanna have lunch or just chat?
I have an idea.
I'd really love to sleep beside you.
Nothing else.
Just sleep in the same room.
Fall asleep together.
And when we wake up
we can talk about what we dreamt.
What do you say?
I can't sleep right now.
Me neither.
What should we do?
I'd better go home.
- Let's talk.
- Okay. About what?
- Or let's play cards!
- I don't know how to play.
I'll teach you.
...and ten.
I call.
How are you so good at this?
Honestly, now.
- Did you know I was bluffing?
- I thought you were.
But how, I beg you?
You couldn't read my face, for sure.
I was so careful.
I didn't move my face at all.
Exactly! You didn't twitch at all.
But how did you know what I had?
I remembered the cards.
My memory is abnormally developed.
- It has its downsides too.
- You simply remember everything?
Your first sentence to me was:
"Bon apptit."
That's not so hard to remember.
Then we introduced ourselves.
I remember it too.
Your fifth sentence was:
"You chose the garden sorrel too.
It's the only food they prepare here well,
not much else, though.
Except the shredded squash, maybe."
That's astonishing.
What about, say...
the 17th sentence?
"I won't beat around the bush.
Look, the girls said
you're labeling everything Grade B.
The cattle seemed quite nice.
Don't you think?"
Good God...
That's awesome.
- But are you sure that was the 17th?
- Shall I start from the beginning?
I believe you.
Did I misunderstand something?
You know, I closed this chapter of my life
a few years ago.
There were women...
Thinking back now,
fewer would have been better.
Then when...
There was a point when I said that's it.
I'm out of the game.
And I was fine with that till now.
And now...
Do you think it's so easy
making a fool of myself now?
Will you get the kids from school?
I have to go to the hairdresser's.
You can buy groceries too.
Ferrari has long celebrated
a double victory in the history of F1,
but now with Raikonen...
...and Raikonen can hardly take
the next bend.
His tires may have worn off?
The mechanics are getting prepared in the
box, but they aren't bringing out tires.
Are you sure you don't want to talk
to an adult therapist?
I am.
I don't know what to say.
This is just like anything else.
Observation. Practice.
I'm doing it.
I watched three different series
- and the porn channel as well.
- I don't recommend that.
It's physical contact
that causes you problems, right?
Well, then practice that.
- Do you have a pet?
- No.
That's all right...
I don't really know what to say.
Try this, for instance:
close your eyes,
put your hand on your face,
and caress it gently.
Like this.
Try to touch all sorts of...
Is it possible
that two people dream the same thing?
I mean, that they meet in their dreams?
What made you think of this now?
Can it happen?
Look, you're a smart woman.
You're a university graduate.
I don't understand this at all.
Another thing that might help is music.
It can also have a mood-altering effect.
I'd like to listen to these.
- Won't that be a bit too many?
- No.
Do it. You've got time.
Sorry, we're closing.
We're closing!
You want one of them?
I don't know.
What are you looking for?
Love music.
Music for people in love.
And you didn't like any of these?
I'll show you my favorite if you want.
- Will you listen to it?
- No, I'll buy it.
Damn it...
...five laps
and suddenly a rain shower arrives,
a heavy downpour is hitting
the F1 race-track
as everyone is pulling out
to the pit lane to change tires.
For fuck's sake already!
The boss...
That wasn't so bad, was it?
I don't know why we ever stopped.
Don't miss your last bus.
I'm staying over now.
We'll have a good sleep.
Don't be silly.
What's your problem?
You can't sleep here.
Why not? I don't get you.
I can only sleep alone.
Since when?
Really. I'm serious.
You can fuck me,
but you can't sleep beside me?
Don't be stupid.
Are you crazy?
You're not going to kick me out
in the middle of the night.
It's only passed 11:00.
Stop it already. Don't make me mad.
Good night.
I have no idea what to eat.
The ratatouille was pretty good yesterday.
I'll have salad for sure.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I could sleep over tonight.
I brought my pajamas with me.
Look, I've been meaning to tell you...
I don't want to hurt you, but--
but there's not much point in doing this.
The risotto please.
I thought it over last night.
We're not cut out for this.
It just wasn't working out.
What would you like?
Celery cream or potato soup?
We tried and it didn't work out.
It's no tragedy.
We can still be good friends.
Of course.
Actually, it'll be easier this way.
No more tension, am I right?
- Right.
- You see.
Bye, then...
Parental guidance suggested...
Welcome to the program...
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
I don't really have
any reason for calling.
- Am I bothering you?
- No.
And are you having a pleasant evening?
I was listening to music.
But something's wrong with the player.
It's gone silent.
I'm afraid it's broken.
I didn't even know you liked music.
Actually, I don't.
Just this one song, but now
I can't even listen to that anymore.
What a pity.
Well, yes.
All right, then...
Bye. Have a nice evening.
You have a nice evening too.
- Hello? Are you still there?
- Yes, I'm here.
I feel like I'm going to die.
I love you so much.
I love you so much, too.
I'd like to...
I'd love to...
Can we meet?
I'll hurry.
There's still something I need to do.
It'll take a little while
but I'll really hurry.
We need to keep you for a few days.
The psychologist
will come to see you tomorrow.
The nurse will come soon
and show your bed.
I'm sleepy.
Let's sleep, then.
Will you slice the tomato for me?
- Would you like some cold cuts?
- No, thank you.
By the way, what did we dream last night?
Somehow I can't remember.
I don't think I dreamed anything.