On Dangerous Ground (1952) Movie Script

What's that for?
Just good night.
Oh, Pete, I don't like being alone.
- Pete?
- Goodbye.
- Pete.
- Goodbye.
Thanks, mother.
- Arena. Bostwick.
- Here.
- Kellogg.
- Here.
- Car 401. Connelly.
- Here.
- Fontana. Lanahan.
- Here.
- Car 402. Finley.
- Here.
- Brustow. Wright.
- Here.
Car 403.
- Santos. Wilson.
- Here.
- Yeah.
- Wilson. Daly. Car 405.
- Kelly. Raymond.
- Here.
- Yates. Car 404.
- Here.
Hi, Bill.
- Rooney. Carlson.
- Here.
Young. Car 406.
I don't suppose you've forgotten...
...but, just in case...
...it's been two weeks since
Sergeant Edmunds was shot to death...
...in the gas station
at 103rd and Craig Streets.
Two weeks.
That's a long time.
That's a long time for
a couple of cop killers...
...to be running around loose.
I know you're trying.
Try harder.
Check your circulars.
Recheck all your sources of information.
The names, in case some
of you might not remember...
...are Mushy Castro and Gordy Miller.
Thanks, Captain Brawley.
Crimes reported within
the last 12 hours:
On an ADW at 12:30, Victor Craig...
Four-oh-two. Four-oh-two.
Check with 78-B.
- Who's booking tonight?
- It's Jim's turn.
Car 405. Testing.
One, two, three, four, five.
Four-oh-five, roger.
Car 401. Car 401.
Pearson Clothing Store, 2121 Sterling,
held up by a man in brown felt hat...
...gray gabardine coat,
armed with a blue-nosed revolver.
Pearson Clothing Store, 2121 Sterling.
Let's pull around to Gatos'.
Eighty-seven. Eighty-seven.
Jim. Hey, Jim.
Remember me? Lucky?
- How you doing, Lucky?
- I ain't doing good.
I ain't feeling good. I've been sick.
I ain't been feeling good. I've been sick.
That's too bad, Lucky.
The fuzz.
I had one of my spells.
My heart was pounding.
I thought for sure I was gonna die.
Mighty lucky to be around.
Yes, sir, mighty lucky.
Hello, junior.
How's about buying me a drink?
I'm all dry.
How old are you?
Old enough.
My blood ain't as strong as it used to be.
What I need is a tonic, I guess.
Serve drinks to juveniles,
you get into trouble.
How many times do I have to tell you?
What do you want? Every dame
comes in here, look at her teeth?
Hey, look at my teeth.
Get the kid out of here.
Hey, you. Get out of here.
How you doing, Lucky?
No news, Jim. Honest. No news.
You've been kind of quiet.
I'd tell you, Jim.
You know I'd tell you if I heard anything.
Hey, Jim.
How are you, Jim?
Where you been keeping yourself?
You haven't been around.
I haven't seen you.
I was hoping you'd come in.
Remember that horse you bet?
She paid off.
Look, you won.
I didn't bet any horse.
Thank you, Mr. Daly.
Didn't have any luck?
There's a guy asking to get closed up.
Take it easy.
Five. Twenty-five.
- Matter with your shoulder, Pop?
- Hurt it.
Next time you hit a guy,
don't throw it all in one punch.
- I got this digging.
- What have you been digging?
Digging in the garden
in back of my garage.
- Putting in more roses.
- More roses.
Body reported seen earlier this evening.
Described as female, white, 5'4"...
...age 30, red hair. Help the search.
Hey, there's a redhead.
Yeah, but she's alive.
Four-oh-five, a holdup.
Jerry's Liquor Store, Sixth and Hollister.
Suspect described as male,
white, age around 20, height 5'11 ".
Wearing brown felt hat, gabardine coat,
armed with blue-nosed revolver.
Sounds like a repeat.
Four-oh-five. What was the color
of that suspect's coat?
Four-oh-five, suspect's coat was gray.
- What's the big idea?
- What's your name?
Charley, Charley Dobbins. Why?
- You're running.
- What's wrong with running?
I was at the office. My wife called
and told me to get home in a hurry.
- What's the idea?
- Nothing on him.
There was a holdup.
You fit the description.
I was running. I didn't hold up nobody.
- All right, you can go now.
- Sorry we roughed you up.
Dumb cops.
Dumb cops. I was only running.
- Tough, ain't they?
- Yeah. Who do they think they are?
I was only running.
That's nothing to get sore about.
Pete, you drive. Go on, sit in back, Pop.
Jerry's Liquor Store holdup,
still checking.
Four-oh-five, roger.
- How's your shoulder, Pop?
- Feels worse.
Let's run over to Doc Hyman's.
Let him take a look.
How about bringing me
one of Doc's specials, with the nuts on top?
Hi, fellas. Join me in a bellyache?
Doc, take a look at Pop's shoulder,
will you?
Been digging too many roses.
Pete wants one of your specials.
- What would you like?
- Nothing.
- What's the matter with your shoulder?
- Muscles feel all bunched up.
Look. Young blood. Careful, Hazel.
Your boyfriend finds out...
That's all he'd need to know.
Me going out with a cop.
You strained a couple of ligaments.
Don't jump like that!
I'll unsprain the ligaments.
Take your shirt off.
Here, Pop, you dropped something.
My boy says they still talk about
the way you played football, Jim.
Helen said to ask you
over for Sunday dinner.
- Sunday?
- Yeah.
Said she's forgotten what you look like.
She says...
Keeps asking what's with you?
What is with you, Jim?
Nothing's with me. Why?
If you don't wanna talk,
you gotta talk sometime to somebody.
What are you saving it for?
Have to mix up a new batch.
Won't be a minute.
Take your shirt off.
I'm going outside.
- Boy, that Hazel in there...
- You better go in and get your special.
- 3217 Blake Street.
- Okay.
Neighbor's complaint.
A drunk singing, disturbing the peace.
- Hi, Pete.
- Hi, cutie.
Hey, what's the matter with Jim?
Acts like he's sore or something.
He's sore, all right.
All we ever see is crooks, murderers,
winos, stoolies, dames.
All with an angle.
You get so you think
everybody's like that.
Till you find out different,
it's kind of a lonely life.
I've had to put up with it. So did you.
He just takes it harder
than the rest of us.
He's getting tougher to work with.
- Hello, Gobbini.
- Hello, Mr. Wilson.
- How you doing?
- I've been waiting for you.
- Selling any papers?
- Sell a few.
What's the news?
- Bernie Tucker. You know Bernie Tucker?
- No.
You know Mushy Castro.
What about Castro?
He's a friend of Bernie Tucker.
Gordy Miller. Another friend. Bad boys.
Know where we can find Tucker?
He's a friend this little girl.
That's all I know.
You talk with this girl, Myrna.
Maybe she tell you where he is...
...this Bernie Tucker.
Thank you.
Okay, Gobbini.
Thank you, Mr. Wilson. Thank you.
Thirty-one. Thirty-one-J. Clear.
- What does Doc say?
- Sprained ligament. I gotta get heat on it.
You're going home. Tell Communications
to get his wife on the phone.
Four-oh-five. Tell Bill Daly's wife
to roll over. He's coming home.
Four-oh-five, roger.
- Hop in, Pop. We'll take you home.
- No. I'll take a cab. See you Sunday.
How about it, Jim?
I'll let you know.
Seven kids.
What a mob to come home to.
Nine in my family.
My old lady's always complaining.
She doesn't like being left alone.
When are you gonna get married, Jim?
- Ever hear of Bernie Tucker?
- Nope. Where we going?
3209 Bryan Street.
Hello, Myrna.
I don't know your name, but hello.
- Somebody told me you were a little girl.
- No. I'm a big girl.
Mind a couple of visitors?
I'm not sure. I might.
- You live alone?
- Yeah, but don't let that scare you.
Do you mind?
No, I don't mind.
I'd better not mind, huh?
I like to stink myself up.
That means "night of joy. "
- Who is he?
- What do you want?
Bernie Tucker. He mean anything to you?
Check on this
and see if you get a make.
- Where is he?
- How do I know?
Come on.
He was real cute.
You wanna see how cute he was?
With love, from Bernie.
He was real cute.
You know, you're cute too.
Anybody ever tell you you were cute?
Where is he?
I've got ideas.
- Make me tell.
- It makes, Jim.
Bernie Tucker.
With Gordy Miller and Mushy Castro.
This guy's new to the gang.
Check around the building
and see what you can find out.
How's about one for me?
You gonna tell me where Bernie is?
What will happen to me if I tell?
Nothing will happen.
Bernie finds out, he'll break my neck.
I won't let Bernie break your neck.
And if I don't?
You'll make me talk.
You'll squeeze it out of me
with those big, strong arms.
Won't you?
That's right, sister.
Those are a bunch of rough boys.
They find out she talked,
you know what she'll get.
You sure don't care about people,
do you?
Where to?
Harbor Hotel.
Hey. Hey!
What room is this guy in?
You bust in and shove a guy around.
You got nothing on me.
Mushy Castro. Where is he?
And Gordy Miller.
I wish I knew. I'd be glad to tell you.
Maybe this time they could get them
a couple of cops.
Listen, it's getting late.
Go on, hit the sack.
Go ahead.
Come on.
All right, Bernie. We're alone now.
Yeah. You and me, alone.
- You can't talk, huh?
- Oh, sure.
I'm a good talker. I like to talk.
Let's have it.
Oh, I just told you, I'm a great talker.
Wait until you hear me.
You're gonna make me crack you,
aren't you?
Go on. Hit me.
Hit me.
Come on. Come on.
- No.
- Why do you make me do it?
Why do you make me do it?
You know you're gonna talk.
I'm gonna make you talk.
I always make you punks talk.
Why do you do it?
Why? Why?!
You go on home. I'll book him.
- You wanna take the car?
- I'll walk.
You dirty cop. You dirty, rotten cop!
Hey, let him alone, Jim.
What's the matter with you, Jim?
Mr. Wilson.
- Good pass. How's your place kicking?
- Swell. I'll show you.
How come you're walking?
Oh, just for a change.
- Everything okay?
- Sure.
Who cares.
Is Captain Brawley here?
- Hi, chief.
- Hello, Jim.
Oh, George.
- Some more bread.
- Yes, captain.
Sergeant said you wanted to see me.
Yeah, I told him to call you.
Well, what about him?
- You had breakfast? You'd like to eat?
- No, thanks.
Soup is all right, George.
Soup is all right.
Sure you don't wanna eat?
That Bernie Tucker,
he must have put up a hard fight.
- No.
- I understand, I understand.
Back in the old days,
used to give me trouble too.
But you let yourself get out of hand.
This Bernie,
I got a call from the hospital.
George. More peas.
- Who called from the hospital?
- His lawyer. His lawyer called.
You never can tell.
Never tell what?
The way they cook vegetables
in this place. Wonderful.
His lawyer, he wants to talk to you.
Now, it could be something
about another civil suit.
What for?
Ruptured bladder.
You should be more careful, Jim.
You don't get information being careful.
I got you a lead
on Mushy Castro, didn't I?
Yeah, I know. And we picked him up.
Him and Gordy Miller, early this morning.
You're a good officer, Jim.
One of the best.
But another deal like this,
and you know what it means.
Yeah, I know what it means.
Take it easy.
Seventy-six. Seventy-six.
Report sheriff's station, Clark Street.
One-thirty-two, code six...
...11th and Clark.
Better check that.
It's Myrna, the girl who gave you the tip.
Get that goon out of here.
Take him back to the car.
You know what Brawley told you.
Are you trying to get thrown off the force?
Okay, so I get thrown off the force.
What kind of a job is this anyway?
Garbage. That's all we handle, garbage!
Didn't you know?
That's the kind of job it is.
Well, you've been doing it for 16 years.
You ought to know.
How do you do it?
How do you live with yourself?
I don't. I live with other people.
This is like any other job.
I do it the best I can. It's never enough.
When I go home,
I don't take this stuff with me.
But you, the way you
carry it around inside, you must like it.
Maybe you think that
makes you a good cop.
They way you're going, you won't
be good to anybody. Not even yourself!
Somebody had to tell you.
To get anything out of life,
you gotta put something in it.
From the heart!
Let's get out of here. You coming?
You go ahead.
I'll call in.
Come in.
Right. Right.
Then you get a court order.
That's what you're paid for.
Are you trying to tell me
what's evidence and what's not?
Well, then, do it.
Right. Right.
What did I tell you
about being so free with your hands?
Pop says he had to drag you off
last night's arrest. Well?
I broke the case, made the arrest.
I don't know why I should take the rap.
You don't? After I warned you?
- What do you expect, a medal?
- I've been given a medal.
Not for trying to be judge,
jury and executioner.
- I get results.
- What results?
You think the DA can take a statement
you club out of someone and make it stick?
Judges throw that sort of confession
out the window.
The only result is citizens' committees
screaming about police brutality.
- "Citizens' committees. "
- The department needs friends.
"Friends. "
Cops have no friends.
Nobody likes a cop.
On either side of the law. Nobody.
Is that what you want?
People to like you?
Then you're in the wrong business
and you ought to get out.
It's the only job I know.
Has been for 11 years now.
Then make up your mind to be a cop.
Not a gangster with a badge.
I think it's better
if you get away from here for a few days.
There's a case out of town, up north.
- Siberia.
- That's right. Westham.
About 70 miles upstate.
Sheriff Carrey's in charge. He phoned.
A girl's been killed. They need help.
You report to him.
Here's all the information.
Take it easy, Jim. And what I said...
...you'd better think it over.
And you better take some warm clothes.
When did it happen, Mr. Carrey?
It must have happened
while they was on their way home.
The minute they call me, I come out.
We found her in the brush,
about a mile down the road.
- Was anyone with her?
- Her sister Julie.
She come running home, screaming.
That's how they found out.
Right away, there was about 30 of us
from all around, with guns, looking.
You turn to the right here.
Did you examine where it happened?
Did you find any leads?
Leads? We was after him.
We seen him once, around noon...
...then we lost him
over at Tulley's pasture.
- You think he's waiting for you?
- Nowhere else he could be.
This is Brent's place. The girl's father.
Real good man.
Ma. Ma, someone's coming.
- Who is it? What do they want?
- I don't know.
It's me, Mrs. Brent.
- You mind if we come in?
- Hello.
This here is Jim Wilson.
He come up to give us a hand.
She was the one who was with her.
Tell him how it happened, Julie.
It's all right, you don't have to be afraid.
Sis and me was coming home
from school.
He came out of the bushes.
He started talking to us.
- And I ran away, and he...
- Hush up, Julie.
Come on, kids, get in your room.
Come on now.
Too many people talking around here.
Done all the talking they need.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Brent,
but it's his job to ask questions.
Did you get a look?
Could you tell me what he looked like?
Sally, she was standing there.
She couldn't move.
Have they seen him?
Have you heard anything?
- No luck yet.
- Who are you? What do you want here?
Walter, this is Jim Wilson, special officer.
He wants to talk. Ask questions.
Get the kids out of here.
Go on, get them out of here.
Special officer, huh?
Detective Squad.
They sent him out from the city.
That's all we need around here
is a few more special officers.
Well, let me tell you something.
You ain't gonna ask no questions.
We've asked them all
and we know the answers.
It was my kid. And it's gonna be my gun
that takes care of him when we get him.
- We're all pretty anxious to get him.
- I'll get him, don't worry.
And when I do,
there won't be any of your city stuff.
No fancy trials.
No sob sisters.
I'm just gonna empty this shotgun
in his belly.
Anybody tries to stop me
will get the same thing.
- You gotta catch him first.
- Walter! Walter!
Pa, I seen him.
I seen him way over on the other side.
Was running like 60.
- Which way was he going?
- Heading for the trees over by Tulley's.
You go tell them we spotted him.
We got him spotted!
He was getting into my car.
He had this knife...
It's only a flesh wound.
Get him in the house.
You're letting him get away.
- Where can we get a car?
- A car! Where can we get a car?
Here, give her a hand, will you?
Hey, you can't do that!
No! You can't do that!
- We're taking your car, lady.
- No.
- Get out of the way, now.
- Police.
- We gotta take it.
- Look out! You could hurt her.
Watch your gun.
I'll take care of my gun.
You watch where you're going.
Let me drive! I'll make her pull.
I'm giving her all she'll take.
- Let her out.
- She won't take it.
- We're losing him.
- We won't lose him.
We should have got him by the house.
- You must have seen him.
- I didn't see him.
We won't get him.
We'll never get him the way you're going.
I want him just as much as you do.
What do you care? It wasn't your kid.
- What are you slowing for?
- The road's iced.
All we got to do is crack up,
and then we'll really lose him.
What's that? Looks like a wreck.
Watch it.
- Do you see that?
- What?
The light.
There's something funny here.
We're looking for a...
We were looking for someone.
We think he came this way.
We're looking for a killer.
We know he came this way.
Have you seen him?
Have you heard anybody?
- No.
- Well, he had to come here.
- You must have seen him.
- No, I haven't.
Yours is the only house around here.
We thought...
He'd be here? Well, he isn't here.
But you may come in and look if you like.
We were following him,
this fellow we're after.
His car went off the road.
So did ours.
He was heading this way.
Nobody came around?
Didn't hear anything?
- You live here alone?
- Yes, I rent the farm to George Willows.
He lives down at the south end.
There's something wrong here.
Not a light in the place.
You got him hidden somewhere?
- Why don't you put on a light?
- I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to keep you
standing in the dark.
There's a lamp on the table.
She knows something.
Knows more than she's telling us.
Why don't you look through the house.
Then you'll know there isn't anyone here.
Get that rug over it.
Just a minute. I'll get the lantern.
Here you are.
Why did you let us in the house?
Because you knocked on my door.
The way we knocked,
you must have been scared stiff.
Scared people don't let you
in their house.
I thought you might be
caught in the storm.
Where is he?
We're going to get him anyway.
You might as well tell me where he is.
Where is he?
- What?
- Find anything?
Clothes in a room up there.
Boots. Stuff only a man would wear.
Who are you trying to hide?
No, and that cop upstairs,
that city cop, he don't know either.
I'm gonna find the man that did it.
I'll find him. You, nor that cop, nor
anybody else will keep me from him.
- Could you tell me how it feels?
- How a father feels...
I'm so sorry.
Did you find his things like I told you?
You said you lived here alone.
- I said there was nobody here but me.
- No, you didn't.
- What I meant was...
- Who lives in the room across the hall?
My brother.
- When he's here. But he isn't here now.
- Where is he? Tell us.
He went away for a few days.
- Where'd he go?
- You better...
- Let me handle this.
- Then make her.
I said, he went away for a few days.
Went away where?
Over to a farm about 10 miles from here.
Ten miles doesn't take a few days.
He's staying there.
I still think she's lying.
Look at me.
Look me right in the eye. Tell me.
- She can't.
- She's not blind. She's stalling.
She's got him hidden somewhere.
Get out.
She is blind.
I told you, you...
We better look around.
There's some buildings in the back.
I'm gonna take a look.
I got rid of my friend.
- Where were you?
- Outside. Looking around.
You don't have to be afraid.
We kind of messed up your house.
That doesn't matter.
What's on that hill in back of your place?
Nothing but the hill.
And a steep cliff behind it.
I'll go find my friend.
We'll be on our way.
You won't have much luck finding anyone
in this kind of weather.
We'll make out all right.
We tracked in a lot of snow.
It's only water. I'll clean it up.
We sure messed up the floor.
Please, please, don't worry about it.
You said you were alone?
Nobody's been here except us?
Must get pretty lonely living by yourself.
My brother will be back soon.
I won't be alone.
Would you be lonely
if you lived in a place like this?
Yes, I guess I would.
The city can be lonely too.
Sometimes people who are never alone
are the loneliest.
- Don't you think so?
- I don't know. I've never thought it out.
I think you have.
Sometime or other,
most lonely people try to figure it out.
- About loneliness.
- And you think I'm one of them?
May I touch your hand?
You're cold.
Why don't you put some wood on the
fire? I'll get you something hot to drink.
- The water's on.
- Don't bother.
It isn't any bother.
Your friend, what's his name?
- Brent.
- I feel terribly sorry for him.
I wish I could help him.
He said...
He said you were a cop.
That's right.
Tell me, how is it to be a cop?
It gets so you don't trust anybody.
You're lucky.
You don't have to trust anyone.
I do.
I have to trust everybody.
Did you ever know anyone
who was blind before?
- No, I never did.
- I thought perhaps you had...
...the way you act.
Most people would have taken the tray...
...set it on the table,
and tried to make the tea.
But you didn't.
And when you talk to me,
there's no pity in your voice.
What time is it?
- It's late.
- You can't go out looking tonight.
Why don't you rest.
You can get a fresh start in the morning.
Don't worry about us.
We'll make out all right.
You'll stay.
Do you like that piece of wood?
My brother found it for me.
He said I should always have
beautiful things to guide me.
I don't know your name.
Wilson. Jim Wilson.
Jim Wilson.
You can tell a lot of things
about a person from his name.
And his voice too.
If only I could really see you.
If I could be sure.
You can't make me tell you.
- I don't have to.
- Tell me what?
Where he is.
My brother's name is Danny.
I know he has to be caught.
But if Brent catches him, he'll kill him.
With you, he'd be safe.
Please, promise me he'll be safe.
Danny isn't like other people.
Sometimes he's all right,
and then other times he's...
He came back tonight.
He'd been away for two days.
Never stayed away that long.
I was scared.
But I knew something
terrible had happened.
I want to do what's best for him.
Anything I can to help him.
He's my brother.
But I don't want Brent and the others
hunting him down like some animal.
You'll see that they take care of him,
won't you?
You will, won't you?
Please promise me.
Well, why don't you promise?
What are you waiting for?
As long as he's with me, nobody will
hurt him. That's all I can promise.
If it's like you say, they'll...
...send him to an institution.
Oh, yes. They will now.
When it's too late.
That light you saw...
...it came from this house
when my brother was here.
Where is he now?
He's outside.
Where are you going?
- If Brent finds Danny...
- He won't.
Tell me where he is.
We can't help him if you don't tell me.
I can't promise things that aren't in my
power, but I won't let him be hurt.
- Please tell me.
- I will.
Only, I have to speak to him alone first.
I have to make him understand.
All right.
- Who is it?
- Brent.
Who'd you think it was?
- Find anything?
- No, not a thing.
- What's the matter with her?
- It's late. She's tired.
Talking to her.
Standing around talking.
I saw you through the window.
City cop.
You better get those boots off,
let them dry.
We lost him. Really lost him.
Who is it?
It's all right.
Don't be afraid. It's Mary.
I brought you something to eat.
Listen carefully.
- The men who were chasing you...
- They're after me to kill me.
- They're here to kill me.
- No. Nobody's going to hurt you.
Not if you do as I tell you.
I wouldn't ask you to do anything
that isn't good for you, would I?
I never have, have I?
You're not listening.
Come here.
Come here and listen to me.
There's a man.
He's our friend.
He wants to take you away with him.
- Take me away?
- He wants to take you...
...where they won't hurt you anymore.
I don't wanna go away.
Danny, you're to go with him.
Afterwards, I'll come and see you.
Everything will be all right.
Now, you're to stay right here.
Don't you move.
Don't you move until I get back.
No, don't.
If he sees you alone, he'll be afraid.
Let me take you to him. Danny!
- Danny!
- Do you want Brent to hear you?
You promised.
Remember, you promised.
You said you wouldn't let him get hurt,
that you'd help us.
Hello, Danny.
Don't come in.
Don't come in!
I'll cut you if you come in.
I'm not going to hurt you, Danny.
You ran after me.
There were a lot of them
running after me.
But you couldn't catch me.
I ran too fast.
Look, Danny...
...you've got a knife.
I haven't anything except my hands.
Put that knife down, Danny.
You know my name?
- Danny Malden.
- How did you know?
Your sister told me.
She sent me here to see you.
You wanna kill me. All the men
who ran after me wanna kill me.
I don't wanna kill you, Danny.
Why would I wanna kill you?
Don't come in! You're coming in!
Who do you like, Danny?
Who do you listen to?
My sister.
She takes care of me.
You tried to hurt her. I saw you.
No, I didn't try to hurt her.
- Do you always do what Mary says?
- Yes.
Suppose she asked you to come down.
Suppose she asked me to take you down.
Mary said she wants me to go away.
She wants me to take you away.
No, I...
You don't have to hide anymore, Danny.
Put that knife down. Come with me.
Mary wants to see you.
Mary can't see. Not anymore.
Don't come in. I'll cut you.
Tell me about Mary.
How long has she been blind?
I heard them talking.
I listen to people talking.
Who was talking?
- The doctor.
- What did he say?
He said she wouldn't
see anymore if she...
It was a while back, in...
In the hot weather.
They were talking. I listened.
Mother was dead...
...and Mary said if she went away,
I'd get into trouble.
She wouldn't go because of me.
Mary's pretty.
That other girl, she was pretty too.
But she wouldn't smile.
She had a blue dress.
She was laughing.
When she saw me, she stopped laughing.
There were two of them.
The other ran away. She wouldn't smile.
I wanted her to smile, but she wouldn't.
I tried to make her smile.
Thought you got all my shells!
He's just a kid.
That's all he is.
Just a kid.
Better take him down to the house now.
There's been an accident. Up in the hills.
- Danny Malden.
- It couldn't have been Danny!
Mr. Willows.
Mr. Willows.
- Better take him in the house.
- Mr. Willows!
Mr. Willows!
- I'll do it.
- What are you gonna do?
- I'm going to tell her.
- Mr. Willows.
- Mr. Willows.
- It's not Willows.
It's me.
I heard the shots.
- It was an accident. He didn't...
- Danny's dead...
...isn't he?
Isn't he?
Where is he?
Willows' house.
...hear my prayer.
Forgive him...
...as you have forgiven all your children
who have sinned.
Don't turn your face from him.
He didn't know what he was doing.
Bring him at last to rest in your peace...
...which he could never have found...
Miss Malden, I...
Go ahead.
Thank you.
He died right away.
I almost had the knife out of his hand.
Another minute and I'd have had him...
What difference does it make?
- I have something to tell you.
- Don't feel guilty.
It's not your fault.
Danny wasn't anything to you.
He was my brother.
In a way...
...he was my eyes.
He used to bring the whole world
outside to me.
Armloads of flowers...
...and branches from trees.
So I could feel them.
What are you going to do now?
Live here, like I always have.
You're going to see the doctor now,
aren't you? Now that you're free?
I don't know what I'll do.
What does he say about
your seeing again? Is there a chance?
He used to think so,
but it's been a long time.
He said it was important not to wait.
It might be different now.
Don't you want me to help you?
Or are you afraid to find out?
I don't think you've ever been
afraid of anything in your life.
How would you know? You aren't blind.
Are you?
Yes, I'm afraid.
Suppose the doctor operates.
Suppose he fails.
At least I had Danny.
Now I don't even have Danny to look after.
Leave me alone!
- You don't have to worry about me.
- I wanna help you.
You're feeling sorry for me.
I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me.
Why don't you go? The way you are...
...I don't see how you can help anybody.
- Mary!
- Please!
Please. Please go now. Please.
Please go now.
Okay, I'll stop worrying.
Thank you.
Hey there.
If you wanna pick up your car,
I'll give you a lift. Get in.
Kind of a long walk over to my place.
I suppose you...
...have to be pretty tough
in your line of work, don't you?
Sometimes people who are never alone
are the loneliest.
Most lonely people try to figure it out,
about loneliness.
Somebody had to tell you.
The way you're going, you won't
be good to anybody. Not even yourself!
Somebody had to tell you.
To get anything out of this life,
you gotta put something in it.
From the heart!