On the Black Hill (1988) Movie Script

'in the markets, yesterday,
'cattle in Great Britain
averaged 98.6 pence a kilo, live weight.
'Just 0.3 better than last Monday.
'In England and Wales, the figure was...
'In Scotland, the average of 99.3
was up almost a penny.
'The sheep price continues to improve.
'They averaged, yesterday,
205.9 pence a kilo.
'That's two-and-a-half pence
better than last Monday."
'...for England and Wales
is 207.8,
'up 2.6 pence, and for Scotland,
the average is 194.6.
'It's up two-and-a-half, roughly.
'Finally, pigs, and the average price,
yesterday, at 73.2 pence a kilo,
'that's live weight, was more than
a penny below last Monday's price.
'Now, commenting on
the fruit-and-vegetable trade, this morning,
here's Paul Harrison, at Covent Garden...'
Helicoptering again, are they?
Hang-gliding it is, Benjamin. Hang-gliding.
He wouldn't forget,
would he, Lewis?
No, he wouldn't forget.
I Open now the crystal fountain
J Whence the healing stream doth flow
I Let the fire and cloudy pillar
fiLead me all my journey through
J Strong deliverer
J Be Thou still my strength and shield
J Strength and shield
I Be thou still my strength and shield
J When I tread the verge of Jordan
I Bid my anxious fears subside
J" Death of death
and hell's destruction
I Land me safe on Canaan's side
I Songs and praises
J I will ever give to Thee
I Give to Thee
J I will ever give to Thee
J A-men J
"Though your sins be as scarlet,
"they shall be as white as snow.
"Though they be red like crimson,
they shall be as wool.
"If ye be willing...and obedient,
"ye shall eat the good of the land.
"But if ye refuse...
"and rebel...
"ye shall be devoured with the sword.
"For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.
"How has the faithful city
become an harlot?
'Mary Latimer.
'Sardonyx, sardius, chrysolyte,
'And wherein now my hope?
'As for my hope, who shall see it?'
Vicar's dead. Last Tuesday.
Face down in a pool, he was.
Slipped in a bog.
Gee up!
Oh...it's you.
Your father...
- I'm sorry, miss.
- I know.
Do please come inside.
- My boots...
- Mud can't dirty this house.
Besides, I have to leave it.
Professor Gethyn-Jones.
I don't even know your name.
Amos Jones.
'Amos Jones' is a wonderful name.
Mr Jones has come to take me for a walk.
Please excuse us.
Do go on with your reading.
I'll just get my coat.
It's the pool at Bethesda.
We went there.
We went all over the Holy Land,
on our way back from India.
We saw Nazareth and Bethlehem,
the Sea of Galilee.
We saw Jerusalem.
It was my father's dream.
Professor Gethyn-Jones
was a friend of Father's.
He wants me to give him the books.
For nothing.
Sell them.
- And what'll you do?
- What can I do'?
My sister lives in Cheltenham, but...
she's like Father.
We were happy, you know,
in India, before Mother died.
The mission was lovely. We used to stay
with Father, all through the dry season,
while the other families
went to the hill stations.
We nearly died of the heat.
And I'd not a fire all winter.
Save the fire in the pub
where they hired me.
Perhaps I should go back to India.
Lark'll have a nest hereabout.
Look what I've done.
There'll be other nests.
I can show you them.
And I can show you badgers.
Do you know how to find
whinberries in the heather?
And mushrooms?
I can show you mushrooms
standing in rings.
And I can show you buzzards,
in the rocks.
The books...
Sell them.
Mary Latimer
Ma-ry Jones!
Hurry now. There's a farm
for rent on the Black Hill.
There it be.
Go on!
Watkins, Craig-y-Fedw.
Watkins the Coffin them do call him.
Could you live in this?
I could.
There be 120 acre
and half gone to fern.
Them do call it "The Vision".
Oh, "The Vision"...
I can't say I've ever been to "The Vision".
I can't even think where "The Vision" is.
Let's look it up on the map, shall we?
Now. . .er...
Ooh... Bit cold,
up there on the mountains, eh.
Safer than on the plain.
There are other applications.
And it will take at least four months
for Colonel Bickerton to decide.
Too late, I'm afraid.
China or Indian?
Miss Latimer...
Are you sure it's the right thing?
I'm sure.
I like the Welsh, but they do seem to get
so angry later.
Must be to do with the climate.
No, I'm sure.
You could come here, you know.
The children need a governess.
- Why don't you come here?
- No, Mrs Bickerton.
Thank you.
I'll talk to my husband.
You can count on the farm.
Look at my piano!
- Where do you want this?
- In the front kitchen.
Mind the walls!
Very tidy here. Very tidy indeed.
Oh, Sam.
We must have a kitchen garden.
Then we can have fresh vegetables.
Maybe even asparagus!
Who do you think you are, then?
Married into the gentry, is it?
Come on, Father.
The beasts must be foddered.
Very tidy.
"Sardius. Sardonyx. Chyrsolyte.
"Thy navel is like a round goblet.
"Thy belly...
"ch rysolyte.
"Honey and milk
are under thy tongue."
J" I was glad
I Glad, when they said unto me
I We will go into the House of the Lord
J Our feet shall stand in thy gates
I O, Jerusalem...
Mr Davies.
- Hello.
- He's happy.
He looks well, don't he?
Bitter cold it be.
Cold as charity.
Do help yourselves.
Ooh...very posh...
- Where's this, then, Mary?
- Oh, that's Benares.
With all this cold weather we've been
having, I suppose, sometimes,
you wish you was back in India.
And look at that elephant!
No, I'm pleased to be here.
How big are these elephants, then?
About three times the size of a carthorse.
'Tis cold, though, Ruth.
With so little hay, I don't know
how we're going to last the winter.
She hath trodden
in the steps of the Lord, mind.
She hath seen the Rose of Sharon.
Yes, I've been to the Holy Land,
as well as to India.
I've been to Carmel, and Hebron,
and Galilee...
And Babylon, by any chance?
No, Mother. Babylon isn't in the Holy Land.
No. It be not in the Holy Land.
Well, Your Ladyship knows best, I'm sure.
You'll have us the laughing stock.
I want none of your filthy Indian food!
Don't hit me!
I won't hit you!
Be the winter as makes me mad.
Some winters seem as they'll never end.
Well, next winter, we shall have
someone else to think about.
Stop that!
Will you hurt the baby?
Courage, man.
- Is she all right?
- Don't be so silly!
Please, God, it be a boy,
I'll never touch her again.
Anymore newspaper?
An oilskin? Anything will do.
- Be it a boy?
- Two of them!
So, which one's Lewis
and which one's Benjamin?
This is Lewis. This is Benjamin.
So. Who is who?
- What's your name?
- Benjamin.
- What about you?
- Lewis.
Like as two peas in a pod.
- How do you tell them apart, eh?
- Oh, I know...
Well, let's see, then.
Benjamin is in the brown,
and Lewis in the grey.
No, well, that is what they said, but,
actually, it's the other way round.
Little monkeys.
They depend on each other
for so much, sometimes I wonder
whether they really understand the
difference between yours and mine.
But they're soon going to have
a little brother or sister to play with.
Congratulations, Mary.
Oh, dear, now where have they got to?
Benjamin. Lewis.
Benjamin! Lewis!
"'She took a wand
and touched the stones.
'And immediately, his brother
and the animals came to life again.
"'And with them, many others
- merchants, artisans, shepherds -
"'all rose up, thanked the huntsman
for having released them,
"'and returned home.'
"The twin brothers, however,
when they saw each other again,
"kissed one another
and rejoiced greatly together.
"But they seized the old witch
and burnt her to death."
"And as soon as she was dead,
the forest opened up itself..."
There's no need to mollycoddle them.
"And you could see the royal palace,
three hours' walk away."
You very tired, boys? Don't worry.
Not far to go now.
Over there we go.
- Oh, it's you, Sam.
- Aggie.
- You'll stay and have a cup 0' tea?
- Yes, please.
Come on, you two.
Ay, it's a pity your missed Old Tom.
He's gone with the coffin
for poor Mrs Williams Cringoed.
- Died of her lungs.
- Ah...
And the twins, church folk,
same as Amos and Mary?
Lord have mercy on them.
Don't take any notice.
Oh, he don't mean no harm, that Jim.
Take that. For your mam.
Right, then, boys.
Let's have a bit of a rest, shall we?
Grandpa's out of puff, see.
Now then...
Can you remember
the names of them hills?
The Whimble, the Bach,
and the Black Mixen.
- And the Smatcher.
- Ay, the Smatcher.
Nearby where I was born.
It was thereabouts that Prince Llewellyn
of Wales fought the English.
Oh, aye. Up out of England, they came
and stole the good land of the valleys.
But the Welshman kept the hills
and stopped them coming any further.
What's that, Grandpa?
It's Welsh for "dirty Saxons".
There you are, boys.
Come up now and see your mother.
She's waiting for you.
Let's give her a little present, is it?
Come on, then. Up you go.
Go on, then, boys.
Come and see your little sister.
Send her away!
Send her away! Send her away!
"The aviator, Captain Diabolo,
harangued the police to clear the course
"and took off a second time.
"Again the machine rose,
higher this time.
"Then it veered to the right, then crash-
landed, not far from the Flower Tent.
"The propeller,
capable of 2,700 revolutions per minute,
"dealt blows to the right and left.
"Several of the spectators were wounded,
"and Mrs Pitt of Hindlip died of her injuries
in Worcester Infirmary.
"Remarkable to state that, about three
quarters of an hour after the disaster,
"a swan flew low across the showground.
"His graceful flight seemed to reduce the
aviator's unfortunate attempts to mockery."
Come 'ere, Jim.
Come back, you...
Now, then...
These are your father's.
You drive them back up to the rock
and you tell him to keep his beasts in!
It be a lot of deaths.
- Someone's after the poultry!
- Mm?
I think it's young Jim.
Be careful.
I hope you didn't hurt him too much.
Dirty thieves.
It's from Uncle Eddie,
in Canada.
Mr Watkins' sheep
have broken through again.
Up at the top!
So...he have cut his way through.
That settles it.
Get away from there, Amos Jones.
This land belong to we.
No, indeed. It do belong to the estate.
You get away from by there.
I have a map of the estate
as can prove it.
Get away from there!
Good God.
Surely we can settle this as neighbours.
The land belong to we!
If the land belong to you,
you'd not fear putting it to judgment.
- I'd not fear.
- Then we must meet in Rhulen,
this market day coming,
and settle it.
No need for that.
Come away, boys.
- The land belong to we, mind.
- I'll kill him.
Then meet me for a drink.
Well, I might...
Twelve noon? The Red Dragon?
Twelve noon, then.
- What's yours?
- Nothing.
Right you are, then.
Let's get on with it.
You can see the boundary fence,
down by there.
Eh, you can see it plain enough.
It's all in the estate.
Stop him!
Say goodbye to Aggie, from me.
She's a good old girl.
As nice and tidy a person
as never meant no harm.
Say goodbye to her, from me.
- He should be in bed.
- Shh...
- He's wearing his wedding clothes.
- He's gotta go back to bed.
- Hello, Rosie.
- Lewis Jones.
- What're you doing?
- Found some glow-worms.
Come on, Lewis.
We'll be late.
You go on. I'll catch you up in a minute,
all right?
Lewis, come on...
Lewis Jones, get away.
Get away!
- All right. I'll see you Sunday, then.
- Maybe.
- What is it?
- Quick!
You are the one as loves me, Rebecca.
Fire! There's a fire!
It's the ricks!
Get more water!
Get some more buckets, Rebecca.
Come on!
Keep away from it, Mam.
Go get the buckets.
Amos, don't go so close.
Oh, no.
We seen the blaze from down the hill.
What in God's name have happened?
- Amos?
- Get out of my sight!
No need to be like that.
Get out of my sight!
You must sleep now.
There's nothing you can do.
I'll kill him.
I'll kill him!
Easter's so early this year, I was worrying
we wouldn't find many primroses.
The dingle is full of them.
All the way down the brook,
there's so many.
"I saw no temple therein,
"For the Lord God Almighty and the lamb
are the temple of it."
Church no more! Chapel we shall be!
I see your sins as cat's eyes in the night.
"Harken unto the voice
of the Lord thy God,
"to observe to do all his commandments.
"Else the Lord shall smite thee
with madness and blindness
"and astonishments of heart.
"And thou shalt be only oppressed
and crushed away,
"so that thou shalt be mad for the sight
of thine eyes,
"which thou shalt see.
"And thou shalt grope at noonday
"as the blind gropeth in darkness.
"And thou shalt not prosper
in thy ways..."
"And...thine eyes shall not pity,
"but life shall go for life,
eye for eye, tooth for tooth..."
- "...thou shalt be only oppressed..."
- "Cursed be he that smiteth..."
He have killed the dog!
You stupid fool!
That is your enemy...
Kaiser Wilhelm ll of Germany.
To hell with the Kaiser!
This is the peril to our beloved Empire.
There can be no rest until this cancer
is ripped out of European society.
There must be no compromise.
It's useless to moralise with an alligator.
Kill it!
When this war is over, there will be
two classes of person in this country.
There will be those who are qualified
to join the armed forces
and refrain from doing so,
and there will be those
who are so qualified
who came forward to do their duty
to their king, their country,
and their womenfolk!
I'll be number one!
It's Jim the Rock!
These last will have
the consolation of knowing
that they have done
what England expects
of every man!
What about Wales?
J" For they are jolly good fellows
I For they are jolly good fellows
J And so say all of us
I And so say all of us...
Ah, good morning, Mr Jones.
A serious matter, I'm afraid.
I'm here as a representative
of the Military Service Tribunal.
Why in the name of God
haven't Lewis and Benjamin registered
for their National Identity Cards?
Do you or do you not realise
that they have broken the law?
- Exemption...
- Exemption?
Exemption! The Vision is far too small to
warrant the exemption of both of them.
None of us likes taking lads off the land,
food shortages and all that,
but the law's the law.
- Them be twins.
- I know they're twins.
My dear good man,
you can't start making exceptions.
Them'll die apart.
If you please.
Healthy boys like them.
I've never heard such nonsense!
Tinpot tyrant!
- Are you looking for men, Mr Griffiths?
- We might.
Half the men gone to France.
With the ploughing,
we'll need extra hands.
My boy Lewis, here, can't stay at home.
The farm's too small, you see.
Looks a likely lad.
Any good with the plough?
The best.
He have ploughed since he were so big.
Wages, five shillings a week, all found.
Start next Monday.
You'll speak for him
when he comes up before the tribunal?
If he's any good.
- Thank you very much.
- See you Monday.
- Goodbye, Mother.
- Be good now.
Bye, Becky.
So you'll miss me then?
Coming or not?
Walk on.
Don't worry.
He'll be back when the war's over.
It's only ten miles away.
He's bound to come back on Sundays.
You don't understand.
Put your book down, Lewis.
I've got to get on.
They've captured Passchendaele, Liz.
"The Canadian advance, on Tuesday,
was over a front of 2,000 yards..."
Sam, come on.
What takes your fancy, then,
my boy'?
Er...l was looking at the cap.
What size?
Try that one.
Suits you very well.
That'll be five shillings and sixpence.
I'll, er...knock off the sixpence.
- I'll have two. One for my brother.
- Oh. Good for you.
What about this one?
No. They must be two the same.
Er...this one, then.
It's practically identical.
No. It must be the same.
Lewis Jones.
My brother's freezing.
Lewis! Benjamin's lost!
- I know.
- They've gone out looking for him.
I know where he is.
How do you feel?
You left me.
Them's not two persons, see.
Them's one.
If Lewis be away, then Benjamin do pine.
He's not easy in himself,
if Lewis be gone.
And when we had the big snowstorm,
Lewis was over to Rhydspence.
And him did know his brother
was lost on the hill.
And he did find him.
I could not.
But he knew where to look.
Benjamin would be dead now, otherwise.
And they will not have Lewis back at
Rhydspence, for he was gone a week.
No fault of his, mind.
He would not leave his brother, see.
Quite so.
They're one.
It would kill Benjamin,
if Lewis be taken for the army.
Don't give it another thought.
Simple matter.
I'll arrange it with my colleagues.
We're not ogres, you know.
This tribunal must be fair.
The agricultural needs of the community
must be taken into account, but...
there is a great and barbarous enemy
that must be destroyed.
And to destroy it,
the army needs men.
- I'd second that.
- Name and address?
Thomas Phillips. Talwrn Uchaf.
Reason for exemption?
I'm a socialist, sir.
And a Quaker.
Nothing could force me to reconcile
military discipline with my conscience.
In which case, I strongly advise you
to go to bed early, and to get up early,
and then your conscience
will soon cease to trouble you.
Case dismissed.
Report to Hereford Barracks
within five days. Next...
One at a time, gentleman. One at a time.
You on the left,
kindly step forward, please.
The other gentleman should retire.
- Name and address?
- Lewis Jones. The Vision.
- Exemption granted.
- Thank you very much.
Next, please.
- Name?
- Benjamin Jones. The Vision, sir.
We need this man.
Have you anything to say, Jones?
Sir, I'm not to go, sir.
I'm with my brother.
Stuff and nonsense, man!
Do you not believe
in the sanctity of the allied cause?
Do you believe in God?
Gross impertinence!
Well, do you believe in
the Sixth Commandment?
- The Sixth Commandment?
- "Thou shalt not kill."
- Damned cheek, what!
- Damnable cheek.
This tribunal,
having carefully considered your case,
finds itself unable to grant exemption from
service in His Majesty's Armed Forces.
Report to Hereford Barracks
within five days.
I shall go, Mam.
War's as good as over now.
I don't believe it.
He promised me.
That Arkwright, he promised
the two of them would be exempt.
- What could I do?
- Don't lie to me!
You brute!
You knew!
Don't be too hard on Dad.
It wasn't his fault.
You know nothing about it.
Look, I'll go instead.
- They won't know the difference.
- No. I'll go.
But they're gonna have to come for me.
"Make us glad, according to the days
wherein Thou has afflicted us,
"and the years wherein we have seen evil.
"Remember the sorrows of Moses
"who saw a whole generation
die in the wilderness,
"and was himself denied admission
to the Promised Land..."
"...for he lived amidst 4O years..."
"...who has filled
one scale with grief,
"will surely fill the other with gladness..."
Ah, Benjamin.
I'd like a word with you.
From what they tell me,
you're a very brave young man.
An example to us all.
But you have to forgive them now.
They'd no idea what they were doing.
Tell me.
Tell me what's the matter.
You can tell your mother everything.
It's nothing.
You don't have to come.
I'm coming.
Fancy you showing up.
- I've...a little present for you, Lewis.
- Thank you very much.
- Shirkers...
- Had it easy in Hereford, didn't you, mate?
I'm sorry, Lewis.
But we will be together. Always.
Mary! Mary!
- Are you sure?
- Yes!
You...harlot! You...hussy!
- What's this, then?
- Shouting won't help!
Shout'? Oh, I'll shout, all right.
My own daughter with a baby!
Who is he? I'll kill him!
- Who is he?
- He's a railwayman!
- John Moynihan.
- Moynihan?
Moynihan'? Irish is he?
A bloody Irishman!
I suppose he's a Catholic, is he?
So what if he is?
Don't you hit her!
Get out!
Get away from here, you Jezebel!
Out! Out! Out!
Did you hear, Amos?
The estate be selling off their farms
to pay death duties.
I thought as much. Been six months
since the old colonel died, isn't it?
Arkwright was saying
all the tenants would be offered the farms,
at a fair valuation.
No, indeed. It is a public auction.
Right. If anyone bids against a tenant,
I shall kick him from this room,
with my own boot.
By order of
the trustees of Lurkenhope Estates,
the sale of 15 farms,
five parcels of accommodation land,
and 200 acres of mature forest.
Shall I not die on the farm
I were born in'?
Of course you shall.
By making the appropriate bid.
I do assure you, sir, the reserves are low.
Are we ready to begin, then?
No, sir. We are not ready to begin!
We are ready
to put an end to this nonsense.
Is it right that property of this kind
should be put up,
without giving the tenants
a chance to buy'?
Gentlemen, it's a little late in the day.
But I will say the following:
as farmers, you advocate an open market
for the sale of your stock,
and yet you've come here
expecting a closed market
against your landlord?
ls their government control
of the price of land?
There is government control
of the price of stock.
this is a sale by public auction, it is...
- ...not a political meeting!
- It'll turn political, soon enough!
You Englishmen...
You think you have troubles enough
in Ireland.
Well, I can tell you...
there's a room full of Welshmen
ready to make trouble right here!
Right! Sir, this is not the time or place
to discuss imperial questions.
There is only one question before us,
Do we or do we not
wish the sale to proceed?
- Chuck the bugger out!
- Aye!
I shall say one thing more.
If this disturbance continues,
the lots will be withdrawn
and offered for sale by private treaty,
in a single block.
It's best to leave him go on now,
or we'll lose the chance.
It's our only chance, man.
All right, all right!
But if I catch any man, woman or dog
bidding against a tenant, I'll boot him!
Hear! Hear!
Very well, then. The gentleman has given
his permission to proceed.
Lot One, then.
Red Darren.
Farm and barns and 95 acres.
One thousand pounds am I bid?
- One thousand pounds.
- One thousand, one hundred.
Eleven hundred pounds.
One thousand, two hundred pounds.
One thousand, three hundred.
One thousand, three hundred.
One thousand, four hundred.
Two thousand, six hundred.
Two thousand, seven hundred.
Two thousand, eight hundred,
and that's as far as I'll go.
Two thousand, eight hundred pounds.
The property's for sale at
two thousand, eight hundred pounds.
Very well, then.
Sold to the tenant for 2,800.
Drinks on me, after, boys!
Lot Two!
This is it.
Vision Farm.
House and outbuildings, with 120 acres
and grazing rights on the Black Hill.
What am I bid? One thousand pounds?
One thousand pounds, is it?
- Your bid, sir, at one thousand pounds.
- One thousand, one hundred.
One thousand, one hundred.
One thousand, two hundred.
One thousand, three hundred pounds.
One thousand, four hundred pounds.
One thousand, five hundred pounds.
One thousand, six hundred pounds.
One thousand, seven hundred pounds.
One thousand, eight hundred pounds.
One thousand, nine hundred pounds.
- Two thousand.
- Two thousand, two hundred.
Two thousand, two hundred pounds.
Two thousand, four hundred pounds.
Two thousand, six hundred pounds.
And seven.
And 50.
The property's for sale at 2,750.
For the first time of asking,
at 2,750.
Asking for the second time,
at 2,750.
For the third and last time,
at 2,750.
Very well, then.
Sold to the tenant for 2,750...
Three thousand pound.
At 3,000. The bid
is at the back of the room for 3,000.
Three thousand, one hundred.
Near me at 3,1 QB.
Three thousand, five hundred.
Three thousand, five hundred,
at the back.
- And six.
- And six, at the front.
Four thousand pound.
Four thousand pounds,
a bidder at the back.
- Four thousand, one hundred.
- Four thousand, one hundred.
Four thousand, five hundred.
Four thousand, five hundred pounds.
At the back.
Four thousand, six hundred.
Four thousand,
six hundred pounds, near me.
Five thousand pound.
Five thousand pounds,
the bidder at the back.
Five thousand, one hundred.
Five thousand, one hundred,
near me, again.
Five thousand, two hundred.
At 5,200.
Five thousand, two hundred.
Are you all done?
Against you, sir.
Sold to the bidder at the back,
for 5,200.
- Five thousand, three hundred.
- Oh, stop it. It's mad. You've got to stop!
Near me, again, at 5,300.
Five thousand, four hundred.
Thank you, sir, 5,400...
And 500.
Near me, again. At 5,500.
Very well, then.
Sold to the tenant, for 5,500.
Unfair, madam?
In what way "unfair"?
It was a public auction.
It was a private vendetta.
Mr Watkins has made our lives a misery.
Since that business over the boundary,
he's done everything he could to upset us.
After he left his wife,
we thought we might get some peace.
Yes, Mrs Jones, I am listening.
Is there anything more you wish to say?
I was hoping that...
I was wondering if the trustees
would agree to reduce the price.
Reduce the price? What a suggestion!
- Well, is there no way?
- None.
- Is there no hope?
- Hope?
I call it sheer effrontery.
You won't get that price from anyone else,
you know.
I beg your pardon, Mrs Jones.
On the contrary.
Mr Watkins walked in here,
this very morning,
only too willing to place his deposit,
should the purchaser default.
I don't believe you.
You'll have 28 days
in which to decide.
How's Father?
Acting strange.
"Vanity. All is vanity.
"Strike me, God, for my pride.
"Cast my sin into the sea.
Punish my flesh for my transgression.
"Strike me! God, cleave me..."
- What can I tell him now?
- "...would spare my little flock.
"Spare not this sinner. Spare not e'en...
"But spare my humble dwelling.
"Dear Mrs Bickerton...
"You will have heard
that Mr Watkins, Craig-y-fedw,
"and my husband Amos
"have not always seen eye to eye..."
"Poor you. What an ordeal. Thank heavens
I still have some clout with the trustees.
"Whatever the reserve was,
you can certainly have it for that."
Big 0' them!
Very big 0' them.
Bloody English.
Who do they think they are?
Bloody Bickertons!
It's me as farms the land, not them!
Of course...we'd never have got into this,
if it hadn't been for you.
They only gave us the lease because
you went down on your knees to them.
It's all your money and your furniture,
isn't it'?
And I'm the one as does the work!
You couldn't even look after
your own daughter.
If you'd been more of a mother to her,
she'd have never have gone off like that!
And for them two idiots...
And now everything's gone to whinders,
and all you have to do
is write some clever-clever letter.
But I'm the one as scraped and saved
and ruined his health.
Not the bloody English!
Me! A Welshman!
And you know what?
They can keep it.
I do...not...want it!
Not at that price.
Not at any price!
Do you know what I want?
I know what I want.
My daughter.
That's what I want. Back. Back home.
And her husband. Bloody Irishman!
Couldn't be worse than them two halfwits!
And I'll find her,
and bring her back!
Bring them both back!
I know...
Somehow we'll find her.
Somehow we'll get her back.
Why did I put her out?
You've the strength of an ox, Mr Jones.
We'll have you on your feet
in no time.
I'm afraid you'll have to expect
another attack, you know.
Haines, take over, will you?
- He was a fine man.
- God have mercy on his soul.
He was a good man.
Yes, he was a good man.
Ben, look!
- Dennis.
- All right.
Ah, now, Mr Jones. I need your advice.
Which one would you choose?
Oh... Thank you very much!
No! Which one do you like the best?
- Er...that one, Mrs Lambert.
- Mm. Quite right. The other's awful.
Look, we have to go.
Mam will have tea ready.
Well, afternoon.
Oh, Mr Jones. Are you all right
for this Wednesday? The riding?
- Oh, yes. I'm fine.
- The usual time, then.
- All right?
- Yeah.
Here comes the old lecher.
Now, then. It's 25 shillings, this year.
That's one woman in London,
five in Abergavenny.
Morning, Mrs Jones.
Life's all moil and toil, Lewis.
Do you fancy a cup of tea, then?
Maybe when you've finished...
you could fix the yard gate.
Haines said he'd do it.
Well, that was last month, and...
I'm alone in the house.
They say Rosie Bevan's
a good pastry cook.
Needs a few jobs doing about the place...
...now that Evan's gone off, like.
Get yer dirty, interfering nose
away from here!
I'm very sorry, ma'am.
Had a bit of trouble with me brother.
He was none too keen on it.
Says we might get lost in the fog, like.
- Oh, well. You're not afraid of getting lost...
- No, ma'am.
Besides, it'll be sunny on the tops.
Just you wait.
Look! What did I tell you?
The sun!
Oh, I love Scots pines.
and when I'm very, very old,
I'd like to look like one!
Do you know what I mean?
What's that you got on your cheek?
Get off.
What's that?
"If thy right hand offend thee..."
Thank heaven for that.
I want to come home, Mother.
No, you can't. Not yet.
It's terrible to see your brother
in such a state.
'...when Parliament is meeting today.
'Hostilities have been going on
since early this morning,
'along the frontiers
between Germany and Poland.
'There is no news
about the progress of either side.
'What news there is comes, chiefly,
from the official broadcasting stations
'in Warsaw and Berlin.
'The German Supreme Command
announced at half past eleven this morning,
'that German troops
had passed all the frontiers,
'that the German Air Force had gone
into action...'
Oh, my God!
Oh, Mam, no...
He's come.
Must be Coventry again.
And a good job it isn't we.
- Goodnight now.
- Aye, goodnight.
You know, in Vienna, before the war,
we had the most wonderful pastries.
But I would like it very much
if you would give me the recipe for these.
And this is the, er...bedroom, like.
you loved your mother very much.
'You know, before
the war, I was making a study of twins.
'Twins who had never been separated.
'Just like you two.
'I should like to continue that.
'It's so fascinating.
'You know that some twins
are inseparable.'
Even in death.
There we are.
That's as I always felt.
But what do you think will happen to you
in the life to come?
How do you imagine Heaven?
And how do you imagine hellfire?
Something like London, I expect.
But will your souls be together?
Well, how can we have two souls, like?
I look at Lewis and I see me.
Once, I looked in the mirror
and I thought it was him.
And once, I thought I heard my own echo.
If one of us dies before the other...
I don't suppose there is much
beyond the grave, but...
We shall have to go together, somehow.
there is a very interesting monument here.
Dame Blanche Parry.
She was a maid...
to Queen Elizabeth's bedchamber.
Are you coming, Ben?
No, no. I'll sit by here for a bit.
You two go on.
I think I'd be better off on me own.
I've always loved Benjamin, mind.
Loved him more than anything,
and no one can deny that.
I've always felt left out.
Pushed out, you might say.
I was always the strong one and...
and he was a poor mimicking thing.
But I loved him for it, though.
Go on...
well, that's the worry.
I lie awake
and wonder what it would be like
if he weren't there.
If...if he'd gone off.
Was dead, even.
Then I'd have had a life of me own.
Had kids...
I know.
But our lives are not so simple.
No, it would not be correct.
I'm sorry.
Them two fields either side
of the brook are on the market.
Down by the Pant.
I wonder if Uncle Eddie in Canada
ever had any grandchildren.
Mr Lewis and Mr Benjamin Jones, is it?
My name is Mrs Redpath.
Pleased to meet you.
I have something very important
I'd like to discuss.
No bread and butler, thank you.
All those curios.
Take a bit of dusting, I shouldn't wonder.
Thank you very much.
I expect you're wondering why I've come.
You see, my mother died, last June.
It's a bit difficult to explain, but...
before she went, she told me that...
Well, when she was younger, she used to
take in lodgers, to make ends meet.
And I was left to board with her.
1924 it was.
So, you see...l wasn't her daughter at all.
She said my real mother was a girl
from on a farm, on the Black Hill,
who ran off overseas,
with an Irishman.
Rebecca's baby.
Aye. My mother was Rebecca Jones.
I checked my birth certificate
and the register.
Just you wait till you see my little Kevin.
He's the spitting image of you both.
- I'll bring him up tomorrow.
- No.
we'll come down and see him sometime.
I keep telling you,
what's the use in owning more and more
land, and buying more and more tractors,
if the one thing we lack is an heir?
Aye, and that's what she's after, isn't it?
- The money!
- Oh...
Now, you mind what I say, now.
No good will come of it.
He's a gift from providence...
that's what he is.
There you are. I've been looking all over.
Kevin's in the nativity play at Llanfechan
and I wondered if you cared to come.
I could drive you over and back.
He's Father Joseph.
Father Joseph. Aye, aye!
Tonight's the last night, like.
Aye, well...I'll come with you.
...he's playing Joseph.
I told you he's playing Father Joseph,
didn't I'?
Yes, yes.
He's been doing his lines every night.
He's very good.
That's my Kevin!
Can't you find us a room, sir? My wife's
going to have a baby at any minute.
I ain't got room in the place. The whole
town's chock-a-block with folkses...
to come...has come to pay their taxes.
I got this stable, though.
You can sleep in there if you want to.
I thank you very much, sir.
I think it'll do very nicely
for humble folks like us.
Joseph, I think he's going to be
the loveliest baby in the world.
instead of leaving Vision Farms
to young Kevin, when you die,
there's a considerable advantage
in giving them to him in your lifetime.
Far be it from me to influence you
in any way, but...
providing you live another five years,
the estate will escape paying death duties.
- Nothing to pay?
- Nothing but the stamp duty.
Naturally, he would be legally bound
to provide for you, in your old age,
and of course,
it would be held in trust until he's 21.
- Lewis?
- Aye.
Oh, well. There you are, then.
We'll give him the farm now,
and he can come into it, like,
when he's 21.
By then, we two should be 80.
Helicoptering again, are they?
Hang-gliding it is, Benjamin. Hang-gliding.
He wouldn't forget, would he, Lewis?
No, he wouldn't forget.
Oh, there they are.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Kevin.
- Hello, Kevin.
- How are you, Eileen.
- Nice to see you, Eileen.
- Well, how's the baby coming along?
- Fine, thank you.
Your present hasn't arrived yet.
It'll be ready at ten o'clock.
And it's an hour's drive away,
so we should get a move on.
Well, er...where would that be, then?
Ah, it's a surprise. It's a mystery tour.
Oh, aye?
Oh, dear. It's an aerodrome.
Kevin...Kevin, no.
I'd not go in an aeroplane.
But Uncle, it's safer than driving a car!
Yes, with your driving, maybe.
No, no, no, no, no.
I'd never go in an aeroplane.
- Hi, Kev.
- Hiya.
- I'm your pilot.
- Thank you very much.
- Happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Happy birthday.
- Never too late to take up flying, eh.
- Mm...
It's all right. Have a look, come on.
Ben! Look!
The Vision!
It's your turn.
My turn?
To fly.
Oh, my God.
Try a figure of eight.
Down on the left.
'That's enough. No, straighten out.'
Now, down on the right.
Easy does it.
Good. Now, another big loop...
and we'll call it a day.
I But what Thou most desirest
I Our humble, thankful hearts
J" All good gifts around us
are sent from Heaven above
I Then thank the Lord
J Oh, thank the Lord
J" For all His love
The reading comes from
the Book of Revelations.
"And I, John, saw the Holy City.
"New Jerusalem.
"Coming down from God,
out of Heaven,
"prepared as a bride,
adorned for her husband.
"And the foundations of the wall of the city
"were garnished with all manner
of precious stones.
"The first foundation was jasper;
"the second, sapphire;
"the third, a chalcedony;
"the fourth, an emerald;
"the fifth, sardonyx;
"the sixth, sardius;
"the seventh, chrysolyte;
"the eighth, beryl;
"the ninth, the topaz;
"the tenth, a chrysoprasus;
"the eleventh, a jacinth;
"the twelfth, an amethyst.
"And I saw no temple therein,
"for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb
are the temple of it.
"And the city have no need of the sun.
"Neither of the moon,
to shine it.
"For the glory of God did lighten it,
"and the Lamb is the light thereof."
- Right. There you are, then.
- Right.
- Shall I dry?
- All right, then.
It's the christening on Sunday.
Don't forget that.
He'll have a bit of a job, though,
with all those names, when he grows up.
"Lewis Benjamin Amos Jones".
Bit of a mouthful.
- Go for Lewis.
- Wait there.
You shouldn't see him.
I The Lord is my shepherd
J" I shall not want
I He is my shepherd
J" I shall not want J"