On the Count of Three (2022) Movie Script

(dog barking)

(gun clicking)
It's been a hell of a run,
my nigga. (chuckles)
I don't know what else to say.
You all right?
I love you, man.
You're my best friend.
I love you, too, Val.
-All right, count with me.
Now, we got to get
the timing exactly right.
This shit has to be perfect.
On three.
-One. Sorry.
-VAL: Thr...
Give a little time
for the child within you
Don't be afraid
to be young and free
Undo the locks
and throw away the keys
And take off your shoes
and socks and run you
-La la la la
-(phone vibrating)
La la la la
Give a little time
for the child within you
Don't be afraid
to be young and free
Undo the locks
and throw away the keys
And take off
your shoes and socks
-And run you
-(vibrating stops)
Run through the meadow
and scare up the milking cows
Run down the beach
kicking clouds of sand
Walk a windy weather day
-Feel your face blow away
-(phone vibrating)
Stop and listen, love you

Roll like a circus clown,
put away your circus frown
-Ride on a roller coaster
-(vibrating stops)
Upside down,
"Waltzing Matilda"
Carey loves a kinkajou,
Joey catch a kangaroo
-Hug you
-(phone vibrating)
Dandelion, milkweed,
silky in a sunny sky
-Reach out and hitch a ride
-(vibrating stops)
And float on by
Balloons down below blooming
colors of the rainbow
Red, blue and yellow-green,
I love you
Bicycles, tricycles,
ice cream candy
Lollipops, Popsicles,
licorice sticks...
I mean, being here has--
it's been such a, like,
powerful experience, you know?
And this whole thing
has just given me
just so much perspective
on everything.
And I-I think that it's time
to take that perspective
and just get back out there
into the real world
and just really--
just start living life again.
Love you.
You tried to take your life
earlier this week, Kevin.
Yeah. (chuckles softly)
I just want to make sure
we're not brushing over
the seriousness of that.
-Oh, no, no, no.
No, you're right, of cour--
Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah. No.
Have you still been having
suicidal thoughts?
Oh, no.
In fact, the opposite.
I... just feel so lucky
to, you know, be alive.
You know what I mean?
I feel bad for even
taking up a room here,
like, when I'm sure
there's someone out there who,
you know, who actually needs it.
You don't need to worry
about other people, Kevin.
It's my job to assess who should
be here and who shouldn't.
Just try and relax.
Trust that you're in good hands
and you won't be kept here...
-...any longer than necessary
to ensure you're not
a risk to yourself.
Oh, fuck off! Fuck off!
Oh, my God.
Do you know that I have been
going to doctors
since I was eight years old
in foster care?
Hmm? And most of them have
private practices, by the way.
They weren't this
state-employee-run bullshit.
And if any of you knew
how to help me by now,
you would have fucking done it.
And why...
why the fuck are you guys
all so obsessed with
keeping everybody alive anyway?
What, like, what-- you think
that all life is precious?
All life?
'Cause if you live in my head
for one minute,
you would know
that it fucking isn't.
What did you write down?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I-I...
I didn't mean to call you that.
Got a ballpark for, like,
how much longer here?
I got rice cooking
in the microwave
Got a three-day beard
I don't plan to shave
And it's a goofy thing,
but I just gotta say, hey
I'm doing all right
And it's a great day
to be alive
I know the sun's
still shining...
There you are, pal.
Hey, Todd.
Hey, just a reminder.
Uh, they're really trying
to crack the whip
on the whole "two smoke breaks
per shift" thing.
Well, it's only my second.
I'm good.
Used them up already, huh?
Shift just started.
What I find works for me is
spreading the breaks out
a little.
That way, if something
unforeseen comes up
at the end of the day, then
I got myself some wiggle room.
Again, just 'cause they're
really cracking the whip
on the whole two breaks thing.
There something you need?
Oh, uh, yeah.
Ritchie'd like to see you.
(knock on door)
Valentino Watson.
Come on in. Have a seat.
(sucking teeth)
(shells cracking)
You don't want to sell mulch
the rest of your life, do you?
N-No. No.
I can tell.
You got a shine to you
that, uh...
...most of those guys out there
just don't have.
That's why, starting next week,
I'm making you
my new floor manager.
You'll be overseeing the mulch.
And the sand.
And the gravel.
(chuckles softly)
Todd'll still be on topsoil,
as it is my pride and joy.
And he does have a good solid
half decade of experience
on you.
But who knows?
A couple years,
at the rate you're growing...
Like I said, you got
some kind of shine to you.
(lock clicks)
(belt jangling)
(breathes deeply)
-(belt creaking)
TODD: I got rice cooking
in the microwave
Got a three-day beard
I don't plan to shave
And it's a goofy thing,
but I just gotta say, hey
-I'm a-doin' all right
-(choking quietly)
-Think I'll cook me
Some homemade soup
Feeling pretty good,
now that's the truth
And it's a funny thing,
but I just gotta say, hey
I'm a-doin' all right
And it's a great day
to be alive
I know the sun's still shining
when I close my eyes
And hard times
in the neighborhood
-But why can't every day
Be just this good?
Val, is that you?
Hey, Todd.
-Thought that was you.
-(toilet flushes)
Don't know anybody else around
here who keeps their work boots
so spick-and-span. (laughs)
(death metal music playing)
(music continues
over headphones)
You have a visitor.
-Door stays open, please.
You got the worst taste
in music, man.
-We got to get you out of here.
-No, I can't leave.
They're not gonna clear me
for at least-- I don't know.
Nah, we can get you out.
-Just got to find a way.
There's securities,
nurses everywhere.
They lock everything.
You need a chaperone just to go
to the fucking game room.
Why are you here?
Don't-don't you got work?
I quit.
-When you're a kid,
they tell you the worst thing
you can be is a quitter.
Quitting's amazing.
Just means you no longer
have to do a thing you hate.
No better feeling in the world
than telling your boss
you're fucking done.
Yo, you can't smoke in here.
What are you--
What, for the fire alarm?
Is that your plan?
(stammers) What do you think's
gonna happen?
The-the fire alarm goes off,
we go outside, and then
we just run away unnoticed?
It's not. Val, for real, dude.
-Stop. Put that shit out.
-(door thumps)
Sir, you cannot smoke in here.
-(muttering angrily)
You're lucky the smoke detector
didn't go off.
If a guest can't follow
the rules of the facility,
then your visitation rights
will be revoked.
Use your head.
You ready?
Let's go.

Come on, Val. Val, come on!
Look, we got to go!
Whew! Damn, yo.
Feels good to be
out of that place.
What a shithole.
All right,
so what are we gonna do?
Is Tash working?
Maybe we can, uh, grab
some breakfast or something.
We broke up.
-Why? What happened?
I need you for something
today, man.
What's going on?
What do you need?
Grab my backpack.
Open it.
All right, boss man, chill.
(bag unzipping)
What is this, like, a gift or...
No, no, keep looking.
Under the shirts.
Oh, my God. Val.
Why do you have two handguns?
Why did you make me
pull it out like that?
Yo, where are we going, Val?
-What's going on?
-(engine stops)
Did you mean it?
Mean what?
The other day
when you took those pills.
Did you want to die, or was it
just some cry for attention?
I wanted to die.
Are you sure?
Y-- Don't question-- (stammers)
That's rude.
Yes, I wanted to die.
Why? What-what is this?
Why are we in the alley
at Good Time Charlie's?
You and I...
I think you and I should
kill ourselves, Kevin.
And a strip club
happens to be a place
with a lot of privacy
at 10:30 in the morning.
What are you talking about, Val?
You don't want to kill yourself.
What... Jesus Christ.
I mean, I-I get that
y-you've been in, like,
a little bit of a slump lately,
but suicide's not the answer
to that, I promise you.
You just tried to kill yourself
three days ago.
Don't tell me
suicide's not the answer.
W-Well, we are in two
very different situations, okay?
This has been
a lifelong thing for me.
I've tried everything.
I've tried CBT, DBT, ECT,
literally every single kind
of medication.
I have earned the right to say
that there's no other way out.
You don't know that
things won't get better.
The other night,
I got a phone call that said
my best friend
tried to commit suicide.
And I wasn't even sad.
All right.
That's a little messed-up.
You-you didn't cry a little?
No, no, I mean
it made perfect sense to me.
I have those thoughts.
(Kevin sighs)
Think about it all the time,
and it brings me comfort.
It brings me relief.
Not waking up tomorrow
is the most beautiful thought
I've had in a long time.
You tried it, Kevin,
and you ended up in a hospital
with a tube
shoved down your throat.
This time, I'm here.

We'll do it right.
We'll do it together.
On three.
-One. Sorry.
-Thr... Thr...
-Three! -(gunshot)
-Jesus fucking Christ, man!
-What the fuck is your problem?!
-I'm sorry, I balked.
-Balk? Goddamn it!
-I balked on that one, sorry.
-I was really in the zone there,
man. -I fucked it up. I know.
-I fucked it up.
-Really in a fucking zone, man.
I know. I know.
Look, I think I-I need...
Val, I need one more day.
All right?
Just one last day.
You just tried to kill yourself
three days ago.
You had three last days.
Dude, I was cooped up
in an institution all weekend.
All right?
I was just playing checkers
with a schizophrenic
about 40 minutes ago.
God, you have to admit,
this is a lot
to spring on someone
at the last minute.
I'm sorry, I didn't know
I had to send a "save the date"
for a fucking double suicide.
Just... end of the day.
Okay, Val?
And I swear to God
I'm gonna do it.
Well, put your
fucking safety on.
Wouldn't want to have
a gun accident
on your precious last day.
How do you do the safety?
-Jesus Christ.
-That one?
Cut my life into pieces
-This is my last resort
-(turns up volume)
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck
if I cut my arm bleeding
This is my last resort
-Cut my life into...
-(music stops)
It's a song about suicide.
That's literally
the soundtrack for today.
You can't listen to music
that exactly describes
the emotional thing
you're going through.
-You know how cheesy that is?
I don't listen
to Alanis Morissette
when I'm going through
a breakup,
and I'm not listening
to Papa fucking Roach
on the day
I'm gonna kill myself.
("Drops of Jupiter" by Train
playing quietly over speakers)
She acts like summer
and walks like rain
Reminds me that there's
-A time to change
Well, world's our oyster.
Any idea what we should do
with our last day?
If I had any ideas,
I wouldn't have asked you
to blow my brains out
35 minutes ago.
I'm open.
Well, I think we should
do something special.
This is basically like
a bonus day.
We're playing
with house money here,
and I think we should
take advantage of that
and just fucking do something
that we never done before.
-Like what?
-I don't know.
You can... you can
reconcile with your dad.
Forgive him for beating
the hell out of you and your mom
when you were a kid.
Uh, I'm just spitballing here.
What-what do you got?
Can we get the fuck out of here?
I hate this place.
Yeah, you hate this place
'cause you never get
the Big Baby Special.
They're delicious.
You know you shit yourself
when you die.
That's something
to keep in mind.
Now that she's back
from that soul vacation
Tracing her way through
the constellation, hey...
Yo, Kevin?
Man, I haven't seen you
since high school.
What's up, dude?
-Holy shit! It's been so long.
I just got back in town
a few days ago-- my second tour.
Mm, okay. Welcome back.
-(Leah laughs) -Well,
it's good to be back, man.
I mean, don't get me wrong,
it is an honor
to fight for your country,
but it's even better
to come back
and remind yourself
what you're actually
fighting for in the first place.
-You know what I mean?
Hey, you got to meet
my wife, Leah.
This is our little daughter,
-(Leah coos) -We're gonna
take her up to Lake Como today.
It's her first time on the boat.
-(Leah chuckles)
-So crazy
running into you
like this, dude.
I was literally just telling her
all about you.
This is the one
that me and the boys
used to fuck with
back in the day.
Oh, spooky.
-He literally was just
talking about that. -Yes.
-So did he really hit you
with his car? -(chuckles)
It was a truck.
Yeah, it was my truck.
-Oh, my God.
Chewy, that's terrible.
BRIAN: Nah, no, it was
a school parking lot.
-We weren't going that fast.
-(Leah chuckles)
I was in physical therapy
for a year.
My God, that's right.
You walked around all weird
and shit through the halls.
-LEAH: (chuckles) Babe!
-This dude was so funny.
We couldn't help it.
His reactions
were always so good.
He would flip out
in front of everybody.
He'd get all red in the face,
and he would scream
and cry and shit.
(Leah laughs)
Oh, man, I miss those times.
Anyways, it's good seeing you.
So nice to meet you.
(imitating vehicle):
Beep, beep, beep.
See you, bro.
(Leah chuckles)
-That fucking asshole.
What'd he say?
Uh... uh, his--
him and his wife
were talking shit.
They got a kid and they're
going to the fucking lake.
-I don't know.
I don't know.
Man, you should've swung on him.
Fuck's the point
of asking for a last day
if you're gonna live it out
like all the others?
Fucking... fucking asshole.
Fuck with me? You fuck!
You motherfuck! You stupid fuck!
You stupid fuck!
You stupid fuck!
You good?
-Let me get your keys.
I want to drive. -No.
Val, just give me your keys.
Just give me the fucking keys
and let me drive your car.
-Big fucking deal. Thank you.
-(keys clink)
-(engine revving)
-(horn blaring)
Dumb Army piece of shit.
Fucking ass-whore wife
with a fucking stupid kid.
Like I give a shit
your stupid boat.
-This fucking town.
-Yo, seriously, you good, man?
These fucking people--
I'm so sick of them.
I'm so fucking sick of them.
I'm so sick of
hearing their voices.
They make me sick to my stomach.
Where are you taking us?
We're gonna go leave this world
a better place.
Can you stop talking
in fucking riddles?
Where are we going?
You and I are gonna go
kill Dr. Brenner.
That's what we're gonna do.
Man, that's fucking insane,
-I know it's real fucked-up
what he did to you,
but that was a long time ago...
Like you said,
there's no point in a last day
if we're gonna live it
like the rest.
We're not gonna see tomorrow,
which means today we get to do
whatever we want
with no consequences.
So let's use that opportunity
to do some good.
Make sure he never
hurts another kid again.
That'll be our goodbye gift
to the world.
Homicide's a real
fucked-up gift, Kevin.
Are you in?
-(quietly): Yeah.

(elevator bell dings)

It's hard not to feel like
a hypocrite
with all the gun control shit
that I posted online.
Put that shit away, man.
Don't just wave it around.
Tuck it in. Yeah.
Just-just tuck it in.
-Like this?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Just admiring you, man.
You look cool as shit right now.
-Shut up.
-Seriously, bro.
You look taller.
It's like your sad-looking eyes
got purpose all of a sudden.
Yeah, well,
that's the problem with guns.
They give insecure men
the illusion of power.
-AUTOMATED VOICE: Fourth floor.
-Tuck it over your...
Yeah, don't just have
that shit out like that.

Hey, nigga, you even got a plan,
or we supposed to just go in
and start shooting?
I don't know.
It's not like
I've done this before.
Just got to vibe it out.
"Vibe it out"?
It's a fucking murder, dude.
It's not a fucking weekend
at Coachella.
Val, can we not overthink this
right now? Okay?
The-the hardest part
about killing someone
is getting away with it, right?
We don't got to worry
about that,
so it shouldn't be a problem.
Let's just go in there,
do what we got to do.
-All right?
I'm just saying, you ain't seen
this man's face in a minute.
I don't want you to go in there
and freeze up.
Hey, hey, hey.
You know this is it, right?
-No, no, no.
I mean, like,
once he goes, we go.
I'm not going to fucking jail.
I know.
-(music playing faintly)
-(woman humming along)
(door closes)
Hi there.
-Can I help you?
-KEVIN: Yeah.
We're looking for Dr. Brenner.
Oh. You couldn't have come
to a better place. (laughs)
Do you have an appointment?
-Yeah. No. We've been...
-N-No. No.
A-Actually, my friend was
an old patient of Dr. Brenner's
when he was a kid,
and we thought
we'd just come by and
surprise him, if that's cool.
Oh. Well, that is fun.
I'm sure he'd love to see an
old patient of his all grown up.
-Let me go get him
for you, okay? -Okay.
Hey, thank you, ma'am.
-Really appreciate this.
All right, you ready
to execute this motherfucker?
Yeah, I'm ready.
(exhales heavily)
I'm-a be real pissed off
if they lump us up
with all those other
mass shooters.
What? We're not mass shooters.
We're killing one monster.
Yeah, but you know
the fucking media,
how they like to twist shit,
and before you know it,
we're lumped in with
all those angry white boys
-who shot up their high school--
you know the type. -I...
-All them niggas corny as shit.
-(stammers) Sure, fine, yeah.
But it's not-not even
that they're corny
or-or that they're even
It's the fact that they take
innocent lives for no reason
than to fill their need
for attention.
That's not us.
This isn't random.
This isn't for attention.
This is someone
who had it coming
for a long fucking time, okay?
It's about justice. Right?
Yeah. Corny white boys who
fucking couldn't get any pussy.
I hate them.
Hey. Val. Val.
I was just thinking.
Remember when we were kids and,
like, I'd be in a dark place
and you'd always try to distract
me by doing something dumb
like... make me race you
on your bike or...
-You know?
-Yeah. Yeah, I remember.
What about it?
Thanks for trying
to turn things around for me.
I appreciate it.
It didn't work, did it?
You got a good heart, bro.
Just take the compliment.
(Val exhales heavily)
(door opens)
I sure did screw the pooch
on this one.
What the fuck?
I'm so sorry, guys.
Dr. Brenner's noon patient
so I guess
he didn't come in today.
When's his next patient?
Oh, yeah,
I can check his schedule.
Okay. Let's see.
Looks like his next appointment
isn't until 6:00.
Why don't you just swing by
later in the day.
Dr. Brenner usually gets here
about-- I don't know--
about 15 minutes
before his appointments,
if that's enough time
for you all.
-That's plenty of time.
Dum Dum?
-What are we gonna do now?
I don't know.
She said he not back
till what, like, 5:45?
-So we got some time to kill.
We can go to the gun range.
We got to make sure
you're ready, man.
I'm ready.
No need to worry about that.
I don't mean
fucking emotionally, Kevin.
I want to make sure
you know how to shoot a gun.
Oh, God.
Why do gun people
always make it complicated?
You point, you fire
at the thing you want dead.
You don't have to take
a fucking class for that.
Oh, fuck.
-(chuckles): Goddamn.
-Oh, my God.
-Yeah. Yeah, told you.
-That's insane, dude.
-I told you about it. Yeah.
-Bang. Fucking shit!
Goddamn. (laughing)
Yo, that feels incredible.
You kind of felt
a little rhythm there, too.
Holy shit, that's still smoking.
-Look at that.
-Yeah, it feels good.
-Put that shit down though.
-Oh, shit, my bad.
-Oh, man.
-Yo, fuck Zoloft.
I should've been fucking popping
guns for all these years.
Why isn't America
the happiest place on Earth
with the stupid amount
of weapons that we got here?
VAL: Yeah, let's see
what you did here.
-KEVIN: Bang, bang.
-Let's see this.
-Yeah, boy.
-You didn't hit it once.
-No, I definitely did.
-Uh, no.
This is empty, bro.
-No, look. See? I did hit it.
-That don't count.
-That's the goddamn...
-(phone vibrating)
corner of the target.
Oh, I don't give a shit.
I don't give a shit.
(vibrating stops)
-All right.
-Who was that?
Hey, yo, mind your own
fucking business, nigga.
-Do another round.
-You fucking suck.
-All right.
VAL: You're the worst
fucking shot I ever seen before.
Why you walking away, then?
VAL: You got the opposite
of God-given talent.

I'm gonna save this.
AUTOMATED VOICE (over speaker):
One new voice message.
New message.
You think I'm gonna cry for you?
I'm not.
You think I'm gonna beg?
Think you know shit?
You want to sabotage this?
Go ahead.
I'm not gonna stop you,
you scared little boy.
(Natasha sighs)
I been calling to tell you
I'm pregnant, Val.
Haven't figured out what
I'm gonna do with it yet, but...
(Natasha sighs)
Scared little boy.
Scared little boy
in a bright yellow Jeep.
this message, press one.
To delete, press seven.
To return the message
sender's call, press eight.
To save, press nine.
So you want to tell me
what happened with Tash?
It's our last day, man.
You can't open up a little?
Check the front pocket
of my backpack.
What am I gonna pull out
this time, a fucking crack pipe?
Damn, dude.
Look at this thing.
I saw that ring on display at
the jewelry store the other day.
The second I saw it,
I just knew.
Just knew it was
gonna be the thing
-to finally give my life
some meaning. -Right.
Spent everything I had
in 45 seconds.
You asked her to marry you;
she-she said no.
Hold up. Let me finish.
-So I wanted to make it special.
Made dinner reservations,
got her flowers,
-even bought a suit.
-Right. Right.
-But then...
...when I got to her place...
She's fucking another dude?
Nigga, it's not fucking
Family Feud. Stop guessing.
(zips bag)
When I got to her place,
I looked at the ring
one more time,
and something about seeing it,
away from the store,
away from the display lights...
It's just a fucking ring.
It's not gonna change anything.
It's just gonna
make shit permanent.
Every day is the same.
I come home from work,
my girl's there,
she wants to talk.
I got nothing new
or interesting to say,
so I fill the silence
telling stories from my day,
reliving moments
I wish I hadn't lived
in the first fucking place.
Fuck that ring. Expensive
tiny-ass piece of shit.
So you never proposed?
-I ain't even go inside.
-(groans): Oh.
That was, like, a week ago.
I just been avoiding her.
Oh, my God, dude.
You can't just disappear
on someone like that
with no explanation.
What the fuck
am I supposed to do?
Look her in the eye
and tell her I think
the life we've been building
together isn't worth living?
I'm not doing that to her.
Yeah, or maybe
you're just depressed.
Maybe you haven't
gotten help for yourself
because you've been afraid
to show any weakness.
Which I'm not blaming you.
You've had a rough,
abusive childhood,
not to mention
growing up Black in America.
You know, you weren't allowed to
have any mental health issues,
which I--
not to bring race into it,
-but you understand... -Can you
fucking stop talking about this?
-I want to die. Can we die?
-All right.
-I'd like to die.
-All right.
Can you stop--
A, stop yelling at me,
right in my face,
and, B, yes, that's the plan,
but chill out.
(lighter clicks)
-You know what I think you need?
(imitating dirt bike revving)
-(continues imitating dirt bike)
-No. No. No.
-Come on. Yo, that...
-You're fucking crazy.
-I'm not seeing Donny on the
last day of my life. -Come on.
That was the best job
we ever had, man.
(imitating dirt bike revving)
-You're crazy. You're crazy.
-We peaked at 16.
(continues imitating dirt bike)
No. No.
-(continues imitating dirt bike)
No. No.
The fuck is your problem? No.
No! No!
Oh, shit.
Yeah, this brings back memories,
doesn't it?
-Yeah, and all of them terrible.
-No, that's not true.
Remember on slow days,
we used to log on the computer
and make the, uh, computer voice
lady sing DMX lyrics?
That was fun.
-Hey, Kevin?
From the bottom of my heart,
I deeply regret not shooting you
in the face earlier.
Well, well, well.
If it ain't
my two favorite faggots.
-Oh, shit.
-Jesus Christ, Donny.
Oh, don't get all fucking uppity
and shit.
It's all in the intentions
of the word.
I call you faggot out of love.
You know I said it with love.
You the one giving the word
all the power,
getting all offended.
Look, he-he...
he don't understand the nuances.
-He's still like that?
(sucks teeth) Still the same.
You know what? Fuck it.
-Y'all come to race, don't you?
-You come to beat his ass?
-(imitating dirt bike revving)
Let's go get a race coming on.
Come on. Kick his ass, Kevin.
-Kick his ass like old...
-KEVIN: Three!
Hey, I told you I'm not racing.
I ain't, I ain't been
on a bike in years, bro.
"It's like riding a bike"
is literally the expression.
-Two! Pussy!
-Hey! Don't call me a pussy,
-you emo white trash
piece of shit. -Pussy.
Go, pussy!
-Ah, fuck!

Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck.
(groaning, panting)
Yo, you all right?
-Ah, fuck.
-Val? Let me see. Where?
-Ah, fuck, fuck.
-Fuck. Oh.
-Ah, fuck! -Do you need
to go to the hospital?
-No! Fuck the hospital. -Do you
want to go to the hospital?
I told you I didn't want
to fucking ride.
All right, man. I'm sorry.
-Oh, fuck. -Come on.
Put your weight on me.
Fuck! Ah!
-(electronic entry bell chimes)
-(music playing over speakers)
-Uh... all right.
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Fuck. Fuck, dude.
-I got it.
-Uh, hey, excuse me.
I'll be with you in a minute.
Hey, my buddy's
in a lot of pain here.
Good to know.
We just need some of that
medical stuff that you got
-back there, real quick.
I just got here, okay?
I got to switch over
this register,
count up all this cash
before I can do anything, okay?
So if you could just
chill the fuck out,
let me do my job,
I can help you, okay?
Now I got to start over.
All right?
Fucking ramen-noodle-headed
-Let's just go.
-Oh, fuck this.
Kevin, where you going?
-(electronic entry bell chimes)
-What the fuck you doing?
-What's up now, bitch?!
-What the fuck you doing, man?
-Oh, shit! -What's up?!
-What the fuck are you doing?
Oh, yeah, now you see me, right?
-Yeah, I see you.
-Now you see me, right?
Just don't-don't shoot me, man.
Just take the cash.
-The money, it's all right here.
-Huh? What? I'm not robbing you.
-Just give me all your fucking
gauzes. -What are you doing?
Put all those gauzes
in a fucking bag right now!
Hey, all right, man!
Just don't shoot me, okay?
And some ointment, too,
-everything that you need for
a cut. -What the fuck you doing?
-What the fuck are you doing?
He was ignoring us.
I didn't like it.
Medical tape, too. Put some
medical tape in that bag.
It's right there. I see it.
-What else you want? -Here.
-Get the fuck out of here.
Val, what else do you want?
Just get it now.
-Pack of blues.
-Pack of blues.
-I got you. -VAL: And some
Nutter Butters. Let's go.
-Huh? Nutter-- Yeah, these, too.
-Let's go, nigga. Come on.
-How much?
-VAL: Come on, nigga!
-When a customer is talking,
you listen, bro.
It hurts to be ignored.
-VAL: Nigga, come on!
-Let's go. (panting)
Yo, guns are crazy!
How are these legal?
-Read your Constitution.
-Shit. Shit.
It's my right to bear this arm
for some reason.
-Let's go. -Val, they're
looking at me. Shut up!
Fuck. Here, give me that.
Go, go, go, go! Go, go!
(tires screeching)
Fucking messed with
the wrong guy.
Not today, my friend.
Not today, you fucking bitch!
The fuck was that about?
Oh, relax. The safety was on,
I'm pretty sure, I think.
Oh, fuck, who cares?
(Kevin chuckles)
How's the leg?
It's fine. Keep going straight.
Take a left on Highbush.
Where we going?
My dad's.
-Really? -Nigga, you the one
that wanted to go.
-You don't want to go no more?
-No, no, of course.
I just-- I'm... just surprised.
Good for you, man.
To forgive is
to set a prisoner free
and discover
that prisoner was you.
(engine stops)
You all right?
Fine. Come on, let's go.
(door opens)
(jaunty music begins playing
over speaker)
Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish
-Gimme that fish
Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish
Gimme that fish
What if it were you
Hanging up on this wall?
("For the Love of You"
by The Isley Brothers playing)
-(mechanical whooshing)
-(Lyndell yawns)
-(whooshing stops)
-(tool clanks)
Look at this.
Come on, give it up.
All right.
-(Lyndell chuckles)
-KEVIN: Hey.
I'm, uh, Kevin. We-we met.
It's been a while.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
Sad little white boy
riding around on that dirt bike
all the time
up and down the block.
-Yeah, right.
-Yeah, I can't forget you.
-Yeah, that sounds like me, huh?
-(chuckles) Yeah.
(R&B music playing quietly
over speakers)
Look at you boys.
All grown up.
Facial hair growing in.
How's your mom doing?
She still in Dover?
-Ah, yeah.
How about that mean son of a
bitch who's always bruising her?
They still together?
She got a type.
(chuckles) Well...
you know, been a long time
since you came over
to see your dad.
Yeah, about since when
you stole $2,300 from me.
All right, look. Okay.
Okay, I feel you.
See, uh, back then,
I was a mess.
Huh? But right now?
I'm in a different place now.
You understand?
I'm clean now.
I'm cleaner than
angel pubic hair.
Yeah, getting myself
back together.
Yeah. (chuckles)
How about this?
How about I take you boys
over to Five Guys
and get us a little burger,
a little Double-Double?
You used to love
the Double-Double.
-What do you say, Val?
-KEVIN: Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah, we got,
w-we got some time.
-Like that idea?
-Right, Val?
-All right, Kevin.
-I want my money.
Come on, Val.
I don't walk around
with that kind of cash
in my pocket.
-Bank's right down the street.
-KEVIN: Val. Val.
That's not
what you came here to do.
I was 22 years old.
I earned that fucking money.
Give me my shit now.
(chuckling softly)
Whew. Wow.
-(lighter clicks)
You deaf, boy?
Are you deaf?
Didn't I just tell you that
I ain't got your fucking money?
Matter of fact...
...know what I think?
You and dirt bike boy
should get the fuck out of here.
Come up in here like this.
Oh, you got me fucked up now.
Get the fuck out of here.
-Could've had Five Guys.
-But you done fucked that up.
You, too, Kevin.
Could've had
a nice Double-Double,
sat down and talked about it
like grown-ass men.
Val, what are you doing, dude?
This is pointless.
We're gonna be fucking dead
in a few hours anyway.
You got shit to do today.
So do I.
-Getting me a little pissed,
boy. -(music begins)
Gimme back
that Filet-O-Fish...
Oh, shit!
There it is, boy. Yeah.
-Oh, oh, oh, oh! Oh, oh!
The champ is down!
-Hold on. Yo, chill out.
Let's go, boy. Put 'em up.
-KEVIN: Stop!
-Back up!
-Get the fuck out of here.
-(Kevin groans)
-Come here, boy.
Gimme that fish...
(punches landing)
-(music ends)
Oh! Fuck! Sorry!
Oh, shit, sir.
Sir, are-are you okay?
-Sir? Sir?
Is he fucking dead?
He'll be all right.
Oh, fuck me.
All right, come on, let's go.
Come on.
(music begins)
Gimme back that Filet-O-Fish
Gimme that fish...
Let's go.
What the fuck was that?
Oh, fuck. Ah, fuck.
Oh, fuck, it's not enough.

I'd like to make a return.
Cash, please.

(glove compartment opens)
(glove compartment closes)
Got one more stop.

(sighs) Give me one minute.
Hey, I got to make a stop, too.
Let me borrow your car.
(door alarm beeping)
Just let me borrow your car.
I'll-I'll be back in a minute,
and I'll pick you up,
and we'll go
to the doctor's from here.
-(keys clink)
-(door alarm stops)
Thanks for hitting
my dad over the head
with a tire iron earlier.
You're a good friend, man.
(engine starts)
Really, nigga?
Cut my life into pieces
This is my last resort
(mouthing along):
Suffocation, no breathing
Don't give a fuck
if I cut my arm bleeding
This is my last resort...
(knife chopping quietly)
I'm sorry.
He's sorry.
I don't want this shit.
Hey. You got to take it.
No, I don't.
I don't got to do shit.
Tash, I know you, and I seen
the way you light the fuck up
any time a kid walks
into a room.
And you really think
you're gonna be able
to get rid of this?
'Cause I don't.
I should've never trusted
your clumsy ass to pull out.
Old non-rhythm-having-ass nigga.
-You always been a step off.
-Tash, Tash, Tash.
Take it.
No, nigga!
-You have to take it.
-No, I don't.
I'm not taking shit from you.
You want to help?
Then actually help.
Be a fucking dad.
If not, that's fine.
But I'm not gonna let you
pay off your guilt by giving me
a couple of thousand dollars
out of a McDonald's bag.
(Natasha scoffs)
I know you think you can
solve all your own problems
by yourself,
but that ain't working for you.
You always get stuck
in some bullshit,
and then you won't allow nobody
to tell you that you stuck
in some bullshit.
Get some fucking help, nigga.
Get a therapist or something.
Go talk to someone.
Stop standing
in your own fucking way.
I'm late for work.
I'm not even gonna ask
what happened to your face.
Karma beat your ass.
That's what happened
to your fucking face.
-(car door closes)
-(engine starts)
Get the fuck off my porch!
(singing along): Losing
my sight, losing my mind
I wish somebody would
tell me I'm fine
Nothing's all right
Well, nothing is fine
I'm running out of time,
yeah, oh
I'm crying
I'm crying, I'm crying
-(vocalizing wildly)
-I'm crying
I can't go...
All righty. Grab that, please.

(baby fussing)
BRENNER: I saw you eyeing
the fish tank out there.
The easiest pet you can have.
You feed them, they're content.
You don't, they're not.
Some people are like that.
If they get happiness
too easily,
they never search for
anything more meaningful than...
than their next meal.
But not you.
Your journey, your search is
never going to be easy, Kevin.
You've got an itch
that you just can't scratch.
And at this moment,
it might not seem like it,
but let me tell you
that that pain, that itch,
it's beautiful
because it's always
going to push you.
Happiness is overrated.
It is not a recipe
to an extraordinary life.
Why do you think
Galileo spent all that time
exploring the heavens?
Because he was happy
here on Earth?
Beethoven, Newton, Darwin--
all of them
diagnosed with depression.
But trust me when I say
they were really important men,
just like you,
who did extraordinary things.
I am not trying
to fix you, Kevin.
You don't need to be fixed.
What you need: guidance.
Someone to help you
manage your pain.
Someone to help you explore
those wonderful moments
of escape.
Those wonderful moments
of pleasure.
Do you touch yourself, Kevin?

(Leah chuckles)
Hi. Okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Uh, grab the, uh, stuff.
-LEAH: I got it.
-I'll be right there.
(gun thumps)
(glove compartment closes)
("Battery" by Metallica playing)
(vehicle approaching)
(song continues over speakers)
(music stops)

(engine stops)
-Kevin, wait.
-Huh? What? Let's go.
-I need a second. Just...
-No, we don't have a second.
We got to catch him
before he leaves, Val.
Starting to freak out
a little bit here, man.
-Let's go, Val. -All right?
Just give me a fucking second.
All right?
Today meant a lot to me,
and I'm glad I was alive for it.
I don't think we should do this.
Are you kidding me?
That's... stupid.
You-- The only reason
we had a good day
is because we appreciated it.
And the only reason
we appreciated it
was because it was our last.
Nothing has changed, Val.
We wake up tomorrow, we're
right back to where we were.
I can't do it. Not now.
I don't want to die.
I don't want to die. I-I...
I have to be here.
-Fuck it.
Just wait. Just wait.
Kevin. Kevin.

-Sure is a cold one today, hmm?

(Kevin exhales slowly)
(elevator bell dings)
-Hello, Doctor.
-Hey, Tran.
Wow, you ought to get
that gash looked at.

You think you can fix it,
Dr. Brenner?
Do I know you?
(elevator bell dings)
Good luck with that head.

All right.
If you're looking for somebody,
that's just fine,
but I must tell you,
these are private offices.
Um, it's been a while
since my last visit.
You were supposed to help me,
not fuck me up more.
-You know?
No, no, no, no, no.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. Please, no.
Get on your knees.
I know you.
I know you. Kevin.
Kevin. Kevin.
You're dysregulated.
Right now, you don't want to do
anything in this mind space.
Shut up.
Get on your knees.
Get the fuck down on
your fucking knees right now!
Stop talking shit to me
in my fucking head!
-This is me on my knees.
-Stop talking shit.
You're gonna kill a doctor
in a hospital?
Do you have any idea
what they're gonna do to you?
I'm-I'm gonna
fucking kill myself.
Please. Please.
Oh, please. Please.
(gun clicks)
What the fuck?
Fuck me.
What are you thinking?
You didn't even
take off the safety.
My first day with a gun.
Oh, my God.
What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to do
with this?
I can't believe that
you come in here with a gun.
What am I supposed to do
with it?
Oh, fuck!
Dude, you shot him!
-Oh, shit, Val.
Val, you fucking shot him, dude.
You fucking shot him.
I love you, dude.
-You fucking did it.
-Oh, fuck, what did I do?
He's fucking dead. You shot him.
That was a good shot.
-I fucking got to get
out of here. -(pressing button)
-That was a good shot, Val.
-We got to get out of here.
-Oh, Lord.
-Oh, fuck.
Oh, my G... Oh, my God.
-Oh, shit.
Oh, please, please.
(elevator bell dings)
-All right, fuck.
-Don't worry.
Oh, my God. (whimpers)
(elevator doors close)

(Kevin whooping)
We did it!
Val, we fucking did it, dude!
Oh, my God. Well, I mean,
technically you did it.
Goddamn it, I wish I did it.
Oh, well, he's dead.
That's all that matters, right?
-Yo, Val.
Thank you
for coming back for me, man.
You're a... a true friend.
A true, true, dear friend.
A lot of people say, like,
"I'll kill for you,"
but it's like,
"Mm, would you really?
You wouldn't."
Well, all right.
He goes, we go, right?
Where we doing this?
Tasha's pregnant.
I'm having a kid.
I'm gonna be there for it.
Swear to God,
I'm-a be there for it.
congrats on the being
a d-- a father.
you did just shoot a guy in
the forehead, Val. I don't know.
I'm not trying to take the wind
out of your sails, but...
You know? I don't know.
-KEVIN: Oh, shit. Uh-oh.
-Is that for us? -Fuck, fuck,
fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck...
-Maybe he's just driving past.
-(engine revving)
-Yo, yo, yo.
Val? Val, chill.
Maybe they're not
after us, dude.
-(siren whoops)
-Oh, yeah, they are.
police radio chatter)
(engine revving)
Oh, shit, Val.
(siren wailing)
Oh, yo. Yo, yo, yo.
(truck horn blaring)
(tires screeching)
police radio chatter)
Oh, my God.
(siren wailing)
Yo, what the fuck
are you doing?!
We did it, motherfuckers!
Come on!
We did it!
-Whew! -Yo, what the fuck
are you doing?
Yo, we're in
a high-speed chase, man.
We're like, we're like
Juice and AC.
Shut the fuck up.
Stop fucking drinking,
you fucking lightweight.
Dude, you made me spill.
Chill out, Val.
(sirens wailing)
Oh, fuck.
Going out like OJ.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-Just an inch.
You move your finger
just an inch,
and then it's all over.
-Put that fucking gun away!
-Oh, hey, stop.
Don't-- it's fucking dangerous.
-Fucking put the shit down!
-Oh, right, I forgot.
How many times in your life
have you been called a nigger?
-Jesus Christ, stop
fucking drinking! -Huh? No.
You are a beautiful, caring,
thoughtful, poetic, smart,
thoughtful Black man.
Shut the fuck up.
-Oh, shit. -And this town
has made you feel
-absolutely fucking worthless...
...because of the color
of your skin.
Your very beautiful dark skin.
It's just fucking skin!
-Ah... -Why do you care
so much about it?
It's so thin,
and it's just sitting
on top of your ugly bones,
you bitch!
-It's sci-- It's...
-I got to ditch this
fucking car. -It's-it's science.
police radio chatter)
Oh, shit, it's Donny.
He's fucking always working.
-Why you working so late?
-(taps vehicle hood)
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
-Donny, baby!
-Come on.
-Come on, bro.
-Yo, what up?
-(Kevin laughs)
-Yo, yo!
What up, Donny?
DONNY: What the fuck
y'all doing back here?
KEVIN: I don't know, bro,
but, listen, we're in trouble.
-We're in deep trouble.
Come on!
What the fuck's going on?
Val, what the fuck's going on?
Hands! Show me your hands!
Don't move! Drop your weapon!
Man, why you fucking with me?
I didn't do shit!
I'm a upstanding member
of this community.
Get on the fucking ground!
Get on the ground!
-(chuckles): Oh.
-Get on the fucking ground!
-Oh, okay.
-On the ground!
-A'ight, tough guy.
-On the fucking ground!
Yo, don't shoot me.
Don't shoot me.
Shoot me
and this city will riot.
They'll burn this sumbitch down.
(dirt bikes revving)
And don't hurt my boys.
They good boys.
Ride like the wind, brothers!
Roll like thunder! (laughs)

(helicopter whirring)
(Kevin whooping)
(Kevin groaning)
Fuck me!
Oh, fuck!
-Fuck. Dude, you okay?
-Ow! My God!
-You okay?
-Come on, bro.
-Holy shit!
Ow! Val, chill out, dude!
-We got to go.
-Did you...
-We got to fucking go, bro.
-Did you see that? Dude.
Hey, Val, I'm sorry
I used the N-word before.
Oh, shit!
-I wasn't using it in...
-We got to go.
...the derogatory sense, but--
Ow, fuck!
-Come on, bro.
-I should've just said "N-word."
It's just so hard
to talk about racial stuff
in an appropriate way.
-Have you noticed that, Val?
-Come on.
-You know what I'm saying?
Just how hard it is
to talk about racial stuff
-in an appropriate way.
-Yeah, yeah.
-It's fucking hard.
-Come on, man. Come on.
Ow, my f-- bone! Fuck me!
-Keep going. Keep going.
-Okay. Okay, what?
-Keep going.
-Keep going. Keep fucking going!
-Ow. Ow. Ow.
I'm going, Val!
Stop yelling at me, dude!
Jesus Christ!
Oh, man, look how many.
Oh, man.
Oh, shit, man.
(exhales sharply)
Well, homey...
this is it.
End of the day.
Hey, I told you
I'm not doing that shit.
Val, I'm sorry, but... (laughs)
I mean, look at this.
After the shit we did today--
You killed a white doctor.
(chuckles) I mean, you thought
you wanted to kill yourself
when you had freedom.
How do you think you're gonna
feel when you're in prison?
We'll just explain
all the fucked-up shit
-that he did to you.
I promise, they'll let us go in,
like, maybe five, ten years max.
-I promise.
-Val, Val.
Hey, it's okay, man.
Don't be scared, all right?
That's why we're doing this
-Okay? I'm right here with you.
-I'm right here with you, bud.
-Hey, hey.
-Kevin, you fucking idiot.
-I'm right here with you, Val.
-Put your fucking gun down.
-Just look at me.
-Val. Hey, Val.
-Drop that fucking gun.
-Drop that fucking gun.
-Come on. Yes, okay.
-I'm fucking serious, bro!
-Val, come on. This is it.
Let's just do this.
Come on, you ready?
-No, no, no.
-One. One.
-Kevin, please, please. -Val,
I fucking love you so much.
I love you
so fucking much, dude.
-Kevin, Kevin.
-Lower your fucking weapon now.
-No. Why?
Val, I thought this is
exactly what you wanted. Right?
It's-it's your chance to finally
say fuck you to the boss, right?
-Fuck you!
-Kevin, Kevin.
Say it, Val.
Fuck you!
Kevin, lower your fucking gun.
-Val, Val, come on.
-Lower your fucking gun.
This is it, okay?
This is it now.
-Now, now, now. Two.
Hey, hey, I'm sorry!
I'm fucking sorry, Kevin.
I know this is all my fault.
-Put the fucking gun down.
I'll fucking fix it, okay?
I don't want to die, man.
I'm sorry.
All right?
I'm really fucking sorry.
I want to live,
and I fucked up today.
All right? I fucked up.
I can't do this shit.
Yo. (sniffing)
They'll probably give you
less time if you just-just
pin the doctor on me.
Don't look, all right?
Don't look at what?
-Close your eyes.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-Just close your eyes, Val.
-Put your gun down.
Safety's off.
-Kevin, put your gun down,
please. -Been a hell of a run.
Kevin, what the fuck are--
Kevin, put your
fucking gun down.
Kevin, what are you doing?!
Put your fucking gun down!
Put your fucking gun down!

police radio chatter)

(indistinct chatter, laughter)

(music fades)