On the Great White Trail (1938) Movie Script

(orchestral music)
Galloping wolves, beating us all
Saddles and hooves, jogging along
We say with a thrill
We're fighters of steel
Surely we know, we must fulfill
We're mounted men
The one, maybe one percent
We'll follow the trail we never will fail
To capture dangerous
wolves for everyone knows we say
There are bandits, despite any plan
You have to face our will or men
An honor we must defend
Our job may be tough, we'll call any bluff
We'll stick to the very end
Proud of the coats that we wear
And always eager to share, a word above
(dog barking)
What's going on here?
Sounds like your dog's gone falsetto on you Renfrew.
I guess he's learning to croon.
Hey boy, what's the idea of bringing a lady
in a man's dressing room?
And a Park Avenue dame, too.
Smell that perfume.
Wolfang, Wolfang.
Boy oh boy, what an eyeful.
Here Wolfang.
Let me have that miniature hound.
[Man] Me.
[Man] Oh, I take that.
(men hollering)
(dog barking)
Stop that, give me (mumbles).
(men yelling)
Thank you boys.
I want to thank you for Miss uh.
Yes, and she'll remember you in her prayers tonight.
Thank you.
Oh no, no, no.
She insists on a police escort.
That guy Renfrew burns me.
Me too.
What's he got that I haven't got?
The girl.
(dog whining)
Oh your dog's hurt.
Only his feelings.
He craves attention.
He has used a different paw this time.
(dog whining)
Go on home you faker.
(dog barking)
Oh she wants me to take her.
Oh no, ah, ah, I mean oh yes.
Ms. Larkin, oh Ms. Larkin.
There's a messenger here from your father.
Oh thank you.
If you'll excuse me.
What were you doing with that mountie?
What were you saying to him?
I'm sorry, I...
I don't see what business that is of yours.
You didn't mention your father's name to him did you?
Of course not.
Has anything happened to dad?
No, he sent this messenger from Garou's Landing
to tell us to go back to Toronto.
He's changed his plans.
But I don't understand.
Dad asked Mr. William for me to meet him here.
Your father, he had big deal on.
Don't want mounties to know.
They always stick their
noses in everybody's business.
Well, why didn't dad telephone me here?
Have big storms up there, wires all down.
I think she don't believe us.
How long will it take Bennett to clear that stuff?
There's no time.
Larkin makes surprise visit,
find Bennett is robbing him,
shipping you best furs.
Uh, Bennett's not gonna let Larkin expose us all is he?
He take care of Larkin if mounties kept away.
(loud knocking)
Come on, you better hurry.
Alright, you keep watching that.
Here he comes.
Not bad boys, saves me taking a bath.
That'll wash the young lady right off your mind.
Yeah that reminds me Kelly
of how wet you were when that
Indian girl tossed you out of
your own canoe, remember?
Do I remember? (laughing)
You mean that little fat squaw?
Imagine walking home from the canoe ride?
Say, what is that strange power you have over
squaws Kelly?
I wouldn't be too tough on Kelly, boys.
You know, he's a sensitive soul.
There are times when I'd
like to punch that head of yours.
Yeah, what times for instance?
Right now for instance.
I think that could be arranged.
You know that a lesson to
learn the art of self defense
would do me good.
Boys, the sergeant wants a lesson.
Put 'em up.
[Man] Boy, this...
Lesson number one one.
That's a called a straight left.
Not bad, very interesting.
Alright, here we go now.
(loud smacking)
And that is known as a right cross.
Pretty good too huh.
Very interesting, try that again will you.
Here we go.
(loud smacking)
(men yelling)
Need I say that is known as the double cross.
(men yelling)
[Man] Huh.
Sergeant Kelly, I've spoken
to you before about fighting.
I beg your pardon sir, but we weren't fighting.
You see this is Sergeant Kelly's birthday
and I was just giving him his 28 squats.
Oh, I see.
Yes sir, only, you see I'm 29.
Then I have one more coming.
Would you please, Sergeant Kelly?
(loud smacking) (laughing)
Renfrew, I'd like to see you in my office.
Yes sir.
And many happy returns Kelly.
(door closing)
What's the idea of that?
I was only trying to help.
Where's my hat?
Sergeant Renfrew reporting sir.
You will take the patrol out to Fontaine Road
today, sergeant.
Yes sir.
Why hello, Ms. Larkin, awfully nice of you to come over.
[Ms. Larkin] So you're the inspector?
Well not exactly, it'll take a little time,
but if I mind my P's and Q's, and keep my
butt in shabby...
[Man] That's all, sergeant.
Yes sir.
How do you do young lady, won't you?
Thank you.
Well, what can I do for you?
I'm Kay Larkin.
My father is a fur buyer and he promised to
meet me here, but he's still up at the Garou's Landing
and I can't reach him by telephone.
I'm terribly worried.
Ooh, Garou's Landing, well all the wires are down
because of the storm.
Now, just a minute.
Hello, see if you can get Garou's Landing.
Let me talk to Constable Ryan if you can.
That's right.
It's pretty cold up there this time of the year.
Lot's of snow.
(phone ringing)
Hello, not yet?
Oh that's too bad.
The line's still out of order.
Keep trying will you, that's right.
Galloping wolves, beating us all
Saddles and hooves, jogging along
We say with a thrill
We're fighters of steel
Surely we know, we must fulfill
We're mounted men
The one, maybe one percent
We'll follow the trail we never will fail
To capture dangerous
wolves for everyone knows we say
There are bandits, despite any plan
You have to face our will or men
An honor we must defend
Our job may be tough, we'll call any bluff
We'll stick to the very end
Proud of the coats that we wear
And always eager to share, a word above
Good evening Kelly.
Hello Renfrew.
Nice night.
Yeah, it was.
Going some place?
What do you think?
So long Kelly.
Wolfang, come here.
Good evening.
Is Ms. Larkin in the hotel?
Why, yes.
Beautiful, you're all the
world implies you're beautiful
An earthly paradise, a gift
that heaven sent down divine
That's why I call you beautiful
Just like a fresh cut rose you're beautiful
You tempt me to suppose that one so sweet
Could ever be mine, only mine
And you have the cutest little turned up nose
And a pretty pair of dark brown eyes
You have most of everything and I suppose
You're at my beckoned call and really that's not all
You're beautiful, I idolize the ground you walk upon
My song about you will go on and on forever
And for eternity
Oh. (windows closing)
You know I could arrest you for this.
Yes, you were interfering with a mounted policeman
on official business.
On what official business?
About that call of yours to Garou's Landing.
Well, why didn't you say so?
Wait out there and I'll join you.
(window shutting)
Ah, oh.
What did you find out, sergeant?
Well, I regret to report the telephone is still
out of order.
You actually came here to tell me
something I already know?
Not exactly.
Won't you sit down please?
You see, I'm awfully sorry about your not being able
to reach Constable Ryan.
So I came to offer my services as a sort of
a substitute for him.
A favor to a brother officer you know,
to kind of show you around while he's away.
While who's away?
Well, your Constable Ryan.
My Constable Ryan?
I don't even know him.
I'm trying to get in touch with my father.
Well, that's fine.
I mean, where is your father?
That's what I'm trying to find out.
Well, why didn't you say so?
What's his name?
I've already made a report to Inspector Newcomb.
Oh, this is a sort of a supplementary report.
Now, suppose we start at the beginning.
(dog barking)
Where's Wolfang?
Boy, boy.
I suppose you taught him that trick.
Oh no, he thought Wolfang was a bone
and he tried to hide it.
But don't you think you ought to send someone
up to Garou's Landing to see what's wrong, Inspector?
Ryan's up there.
Hmm, I should have heard from him before now.
Remember, his last report
said there was trouble going on.
Buys and traders fighting.
You know, I have a hunch something's wrong.
You wouldn't by any chance be trying to wangle
a free trip on government expensive,
on a lark with a lady named Larkin?
On a lark with a lady named Larkin.
Say, that's swell, Inspector.
That's great.
Yeah, not bad, not bad.
But you certainly don't think
that I would try and wangle.
If I thought you would, I wouldn't let you go.
Then I am going.
Well, as a matter of fact, I'm worried about Ryan.
Sergeant, I want you to leave immediately,
repair the line and call med as soon as you can.
Yes sir.
And Sergeant, take a message to Ryan.
What is it, sir?
[Inspector] To send you back at once.
Oh, yes sir.
Lagrange, oh Lagrange.
Be ready to shove off tomorrow.
Why we go?
Ah, the girl's talked to the police.
They've given her an escort to Garou's Landing.
Then it's like mountie to come with girl.
I don't think they'll ever reach there.
That would be best.
(orchestral music)
Hey, get down boy.
Want to go overboard?
Sit down.
Sit down fella.
Oh a little.
Thank you, Sergeant.
Well if you don't see what you want, you just ask for it.
You're a guest of the Royal Mounted.
I'd like a handful of those clouds upside down there
in the river.
Upside down cloud.
I'll have to look that one up.
Oh yes, here it is.
Section 300 in the rule book, upside down cloud.
Any particular color, orange or pink?
Are you always so nice to ladies in distress?
Oh yes, that's covered in the rule book too.
How did you happen to get this assignment,
or should I say get away with it?
Oh I rate with the with inspector.
Yeah, we're just like that.
Is that you?
No, no, no, that's me there.
So he calls me in last night and he says,
now look here, Renny, you know he always calls me Renny.
My friends always call me Kay.
Well, that's nice, Kay.
As I was saying, well now, what was saying?
You were with the inspector and he had just said,
"Now, look here Renny."
Oh yes, he says, "Renny, you haven't been showing"
"Ms. Larkin enough attention."
"Now, I realize of course that you're a very busy man,"
"but you've got to drop
everything and escort Mr. Larkin"
"up to Garou's Landing."
Then he went on and he said, "You know Renny",
"you're the only man I can trust with this assignment."
And I said, "Yes sir, anything in the line of duty."
No matter how disagreeable?
No, my dog and I can stand it.
Now, in case you get lost or
something, I'd better make out
a complete report.
See, your name is Kay Larkin.
Is that Ms. Kay Larkin?
Up to the present?
Hmm, how long has this been going on?
Oh, since 1918.
Hmm, nearly 20 years.
Something must be done about that.
Let's see, alright.
Oh, so I'm nothing but a blank page.
Oh no, no.
I'm writing you in of my memory forever.
Everything about you, how you look, color of eyes, blue.
That's a nice color, blue, rhymes with true.
You know, true blue, me, you.
I make up songs just like that.
Blue eyes are true eyes when they belong to you
Brown eyes
Oh so now it's brown eyes.
Have you a song for every color?
Suppose the girl's eyes were hazel?
That's a tough one.
That only rhymes with nasal and you know,
you can't sing about noses.
Hurry up Lagrange, before they get out of sight.
No hurry.
We catch up at rapids, after dark.
Many accident happen at rapids.
Yes, no, I can't understand what you're saying.
It's Garou's Landing calling, sir.
I finally got a line through.
Good, is Ryan on the wire?
No, sir, it's the doctor at the post.
I can't make out what he's saying, bad connection.
Well, let me have it.
Hello, hello, hello?
Just wanted to tell you,
had a little trouble over here.
But I got everything under control.
I'll make out a report in full (hiccups).
This Dr. Howell seems to have been
prescribing for himself.
Not, no, no, no.
Not me, this fool.
Yes, just a minute Dr. Howell, please.
Put Constable Ryan on the phone.
I can't put him on the phone.
He's with Bennett, the man that lost the money.
There's been a little bit of trouble, look,
I want to make the report.
Nevermind the report, I want
to talk to Constable Ryan.
This is the inspector.
My dear inspector, if you were high commissioner,
you couldn't talk to Ryan, he's dead.
Hold the line, doctor.
Ryan's been murdered, and a
(mumbles) by the name of Bennett
has been killed and robbed of a large sum of money.
They're looking for Andrew Larkin.
You suppose you can stop Renfrew?
No sir, he's too far up the river.
I wonder if Larkin's daughter knew about this.
Listen, doctor, Sergeant
Renfrew is on his way up there.
I want you to have him telephone
me the moment he arrives.
(gentle singing)
[Kay] Who are they?
[Renfrew] Trappers.
Will we with Garou's this evening?
I'm afraid not, we'll have to travel all night.
Why drag along like this?
Let's get it over with.
Don't be fooled.
Trappers on shore would see us.
We wait two miles.
What are they singing?
The (speaks in foreign language) song.
Something about spring and love and other nonsense.
You know, two people meet in the spring and it
doesn't meet anything until something happens.
Until what happens?
Til what the song says should happen, I love you.
I mean you know, the song, it's French.
Oh of course.
Are the words as pretty as the music?
I think so.
Lady fair I'll be there to declare
(singing in French)
In the spring, with a ring I'll be there
(singing in French)
Fall through the long weary wintry night
Counting the hours
Waiting for flowers
In the spring, first will sing on the wing
(singing in French)
And my message of love they will bring
(singing in French)
After long days of yearning
To a loved one's returning
To whisper the word
(singing in French)
Did you like it, or didn't you?
Hmm, a music lover.
You too?
My public.
(water swooshing)
- Who's there?
- Steady.
What is it, who are they?
I don't know.
I say there, who's there?
(Kay screaming)
(water splashing)
(dog growling)
(dog barking)
(water splashing)
Renny, be careful.
(dog barking) (water splashing)
(Kay screaming)
(dog barking)
(water splashing)
This man Williams was your
father's business manager?
Yes, he has been for years.
Well, it seems strange to...
Do you think anything could
have happened to my father?
Oh no I don't think so.
Oh you'll be see your father by noon tomorrow.
Oh, they're coming back.
Come out or I'll shoot.
(bear grunting)
(dog barking)
Oh I knew it was nothing all the time.
Yes, I was frightened too.
Don't you think you ought to be turning in?
I think so.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hadn't you better get some rest?
Oh I'm alright.
Oh don't be silly, you'll freeze.
Come over here and lie down.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Oh, so you're cold too, huh?
Whoa, that's kind a drink for this
hour of the morning isn't it?
I need it Garou, murder's a serious business.
It takes a lot out of a man.
(door closing)
Hey, Garou, mountie, he's coming.
Doctor, what are you going to tell the mountie?
The facts and I'd advise you not to interfere
with the mounted.
Sooner or later they're gonna get your friend, Larkin.
But other people quarreled with Bennett.
There's no proof...
Then he should have stayed here and faced the facts.
Well, I gotta be going.
Hey, where you going?
Gonna get ride of that stuff.
It's too late now.
You mind if I hurry over to Constable Ryan's post?
Why of course not, here take a coat.
Thanks, I'll be back in a jiffy.
Something I can do for you, miss?
I'm Andrew Larkin's daughter.
Oh, I'm Garou, a friend of your father's.
How do you do?
Father's often spoken of you.
Where is he?
Why, he isn't here right now.
Is there anything wrong?
Let me show you to your room.
Right this way please.
What is wrong Mr. Garou?
Did you come here with that mountie?
Why yes.
Do you know what he's here for?
Well, he came as my escort.
No, he came to arrest your father.
Arrest father?
What for?
A man named Bennett has been killed and robbed.
Bennett, why Mr. Bennett worked for dad.
Yes, and your father found that Bennett
had been cheating him.
And they think my dad killed him?
(dog barking)
Here comes that Mountie.
I told you we'd wait here and he'd come.
You get in that room.
I'll take care of him.
(loud thumping)
(dog whining)
(glass smashing)
(dog whining)
(dog barking)
(gunshot firing)
(dog barking)
Sergeant Renfrew?
No, no, no, put that down, I'm Dr. Howell.
What on earth's been going around here?
A little surprise party.
Oh, you mean those two men I saw running away from here?
Do you know them?
No, they're strangers to me.
But I'd know them if I ever saw them again.
I'm sorry I missed you up at the hotel
because your inspector
wants you to call him right now.
Thank you, doctor.
Station 72 please, Inspector Newcomb.
(phone ringing)
Oh yes.
Well, how do things look up there, Renfrew?
Haven't had a dull moment so far.
Yes, he's right here now.
Bennett and Ryan?
Larkin, did you say Andrew Larkin?
Yes, and I'm depending on you to bring him in.
Yes sir.
Quite a mess isn't Sergeant?
You know it's a funny thing about that Larkin girl
coming up here with you.
You know, I'll wager something she knows
something about this.
I don't think so, doctor.
Well, here's my written report and the autopsy notes.
Oh I've arranged to get you through to your father.
By telephone?
No, I'm sorry, the lines are down to Pierre's cabin.
You'll have to go by dog team.
Perhaps I should appeal to Sergeant Renfrew.
He couldn't be so unjust as to arrest father.
I told you he has his orders
and no one is going to stop him.
Oh, so that's why he's so persistent.
So friendly from the start, offering to help me,
making me think he was interested in me.
Yes, I understand Sergeant Renfrew is a
very clever officer.
The dog team's ready.
Anyone see you Pierre?
No, mountie at Ryan's post.
Pierre is my most trusted guide.
He'll see that you get through.
I'd go my self but I'm afraid I'd be followed.
By the way, have you any money?
Oh a little, but I can...
No, there isn't time.
Here, take this, it isn't much.
One doesn't get rich in a place like this, you know.
Oh, now I couldn't.
No, it's quite alright, pay me when you get
across the border.
Thank you.
Here, I want you to put this on, it'll keep you warm.
Say, what sort of this place is this Deer Creek
where all the trouble started?
Indian settlement.
Were you up there right after the shooting?
Yeah, when we arrived, Bennett was dead
and Ryan was dying.
Was he able to identify Larkin?
No, he never regained consciousness,
and I did everything medical
science could do for a man.
Is there any chance Bennett might have shot Ryan?
None whatever.
Bennett's money was gone and so was Larkin.
And the bullets was .38s.
Here's Larkin's gun, .38.
Parker picked it up just a short distance away.
Who's Parker?
Trapper, he's got a friend named Lan.
They're over at the trading post now.
I'll see them.
I've had the busiest season.
Murder and shooting, everything's happened to me
but quintuplets.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Hello, hello, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Ha, ha, ha.
No, he's Parker.
Did you see Larkin after the shooting?
Yeah, he was wounded and heading north.
Are you sure it was after Bennett was shot?
Lans here was with me at the time.
I understand you and Bennett had a little quarrel.
Oh that's nothing.
Bennett was always picking trouble.
Why he even had a quarrel with Doc Howell here.
Say, are you trying to implicate me?
All I know is when I ran across Larkin,
he had a bullet in his shoulder, and he's still go it.
Unless the same party that helped him get away
also helped him get rid of the bullet.
Who do you mean?
[Parker] Everybody knows that Larkin
and Garou were friends.
Where's Garou?
Room there with the Larkin girl.
(quiet knocking)
Ho ho ho, ho.
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hoo, hoo.
How much further have we go to?
We more than halfway now.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
What did I tell you?
Garou's back all this.
[Garou] Were you looking for me, Sergeant?
Yes I was.
Where's Ms. Larkin?
Why I don't know.
Is something wrong?
No, it's quite alright, Garou.
If you wanted me to catch Larkin, you couldn't
have arranged it any better.
Hoy, hoy, hoy, hootie, hootie.
Hoy, hoy, hoy, hoy.
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Well boys, not much farther.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Ha, ha.
(dogs barking)
Who is that?
I don't know.
What are you doing here?
Oh they told me you were hurt.
I'm alright dear.
My should just bothered me for a couple of days,
but you should have waited for me at the hotel.
Joe, go out and help Pierre.
Quite well cold here.
Here, sit down.
There isn't time, gotta get out of here.
Get out of here, what are you talking about?
Don't try to put me off, I know what's happened.
My dear, now I just had a little trouble with Bennett
and I thought he might be coming back here.
Then you didn't shoot him?
Sit down dear.
Now I'm not saying that I didn't shoot him.
He fired at me and I shot him at self defense.
And I tell you I'm going to bring him into court.
Bennett is dead, father.
Bennett dead?
Yes, and robbed.
Constable Ryan was shot too.
And they're gonna arrest for you for the murders.
Well, say this is all news to me.
Why, they'd never prove such
an outrageous charge on me.
Oh yes they can dad, everyone thinks you did it.
And the mounted police are
out looking for you right now.
What does Garou say?
He says everything was against you,
you haven't got a chance if you stay here.
Well then I'll have to get across the border
where I'll have a chance to fight for myself.
Joe and Pierre.
[Kay] Renny.
You're under arrest Mr. Larkin.
It's my duty to...
Nevermind the rest of it.
My daughter's told me of the
ridiculous charges against me.
My duty to warn you that anything you say
may be used against you in evidence.
Must you do that?
He's been wounded.
I'm sorry, it's order.
Oh of course, orders.
I suppose everything you
said and done has been orders.
Sorry if you believe that, Kay.
(door closing)
How long have you had this .45?
[Mr. Larkin] Oh, several years.
We'll have to be going now, Mr. Larkin.
Do you mind if I fix something for dad to eat?
It won't take long.
Thank you.
(loud clanking)
(woman screaming)
Kay, are you hurt?
Open that door.
Come, we go now.
But I can't leave my daughter.
She fixed all this.
Later, we change dogs, and my brother come back.
Do it.
Mush, mush.
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Come forth.
(loud kicking)
(dog whining)
Get away from there boy.
(gunshots firing)
(woman coughing)
Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho.
Gee, gee.
Ho, ho, ho, ho.
I wonder how long we'll have to be in a place
like this to be unconventional.
Well, a lifetime as far as I'm concerned.
(loud smacking)
I'm gonna break that door down.
Big football player's going over for a touchdown.
Should I call signal?
(loud rattling)
(loud crashing)
(dog barking)
Boy, go after them.
Alright, boys, mush!
(dog barking)
Come back here, come back here.
Come here, come here, Duke.
Having a little trouble, Sergeant.
Ah, it was all very clever.
Ah I'm sorry.
But now that it's all over.
A thing like this is never over with the mounted.
If I don't catch your father by tomorrow,
they'll be a hundred men hunting for him.
And they'll get him, you know they'll get him.
Can you give him time to prove he isn't guilty.
No one would ever have to know.
I know he's innocent.
Give him his chance for me, please.
I knew a man who did that
once because a woman asked him.
Must have thought a great deal of her.
That's the sad part of it.
In the end, she couldn't hide her contempt
for a man who did a think like that.
Some women are different.
I'd never feel that way.
Oh yes you would, but I don't blame you for
trying to help your father.
I'd do the same thing if I were in your place.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Hoot, hoot, hoot.
(wind blowing)
And I advise you to stay in the cabin.
If I don't get back, I'll send someone for you.
Alright boys, push.
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Gee, gee, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hoot, hoot, hoot hoot, hoot.
Come on dogs, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Hoot, hoot, hoot. (dramatic orchestral music)
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie,
hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Come on, come on.
(dogs barking)
Come on, get them out of here.
Take it off.
Get, get.
(dogs barking)
[Man] Pierre!
(man grunting) (dogs growling)
[Man] Mush on.
[Man] Hoot, hoot.
Gee, gee.
Hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
Hoot, hoot, hoot, hoot.
(dramatic orchestral music)
Giddy, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hootie, hootie, hootie.
Ho, ho, ho, hootie.
Ho ho, ho ho.
Hootie, hootie, hootie, hootie.
Hoot, hoot, hoot.
Ho ho, ho ho.
(dogs barking) (dramatic orchestral music)
Hoot, hoot, hoot.
Hootie, hootie.
We're right back where we started from, Mr. Larkin.
On our way to Garou's Landing.
I want you men to go to the cabin and bring
Ms. Larkin to Garou's,
and don't make anymore mistakes.
Dogs tired, we'll rest them.
Alright, take five minutes, then start.
Wound bothering you?
Yes, a little.
Hey, thanks.
It's alright. Get in the sled.
Watch out, hoot, hoot.
Hootie, hootie.
Hootie, hootie, hootie.
Why are we waiting?
Mountie's gone.
You take girl back, I'll take shortcut after mountie.
Come around, pull.
Hootie, hootie, hootie.
(dogs barking)
Hootie, hootie, hootie.
Well, after I got back, I found that not only Bennett,
but others were in those facts,
including Williams, my Toronto manager.
So you followed Bennett and accused him
of stealing from you?
Yes, then he tried to kill me.
I shot him in self defense, and the last I saw of him,
he was hobbling away, shot in the leg.
Well, that's my story.
Sounds pretty thin doesn't it?
Yes, it does.
You shoot and you hide, then you run away.
There's one thing that puzzles me though.
Your gun was a .45 and the bullets that killed
Bennett and Ryan were .38s according to the doctor.
Dr. Howell?
Oh, they'd prove he found them in a bottle.
[Renfrew] If you could only tell me where
you hid Bennett's money.
But I didn't take the money and I don't
know where it is.
But someone did.
Whoever it is trying to pin the whole thing on me.
Whom do you suspect?
Parker, Lans, Lagrange, Williams, or your friend Garou?
Oh no, not Garou.
I'd stake my life on his friendship.
So you trust Garou?
Well how about his man Pierre.
Oh I believe he's alright.
Well, he stole my rifle and he's following us right now.
And he knows if you try and escape again,
I'll have to shoot you.
(gunshots firing)
Larkin, Larkin.
Larkin, stop or I'll...
(gunshots firing)
Yes, Mr. Bartlett, you can get here by plane.
Oh thank you.
Everything's gonna be alright.
Dad's lawyer's gonna fly here.
That's nice, and I'm glad.
(door closing)
Mr. Garou, Mr. Garou, Mr. Garou.
What is it, Pierre?
Larkin, he...
He got away?
No, he gotten away, he tried.
Mountie shoot, mountie killed him.
Oh no, he couldn't.
Here, come in here.
Larkin's dead.
The mountie, he's coming.
Where's my bag?
Doc, it's still your busy season.
Is there anything I can do, Sergeant?
Where is he?
Up at Deer Creek.
I'll have you make out a certificate later.
Where's Pierre?
He just ran out.
Where's Garou?
With Larkin's daughter.
She kind of went to pieces over the news.
I'm sorry.
Say, if there's anything we can to help,
you can count on me and my...
If you don't mind, I'll use the phone here.
Station 72, Inspector Newcomb please.
Hello, Inspector.
Sergeant Renfrew speaking.
I regret to report I was forced to kill Andrew Larkin
in pursuance of my orders.
Yes, he attempted to escape.
I feel justified under section 300.
Yes sir, section 300.
Section 300.
Well, gentleman, that settles the murder case.
However, I still have to
locate the money Larkin stole.
(loud slapping)
(door slamming)
Yes sir, what can I do for you, Sergeant?
I'm going up to Deer Creek.
Headquarters calls, tell them I'll be back tomorrow.
Yes sir.
Would you like to have us go along with you?
No thank you.
Alright boys, mosha, gee, gee.
Oh hello doc, have a goodbye drink with us.
We're gonna be leaving here soon.
Well, thanks gentleman, I
sort of feel like celebrating.
I got an offer to take up practice in a large field.
And I'm gonna take it.
We'll drink to that doc.
(door closing)
Hello boys.
Can I help you find anything?
Oh, we thought you'd run out on us.
Why, I wouldn't think like that.
You take Bennett's money, you promised split with us.
Now you try double cross.
I got it and I'm gonna split with you.
You do my a grave injustice.
Stop stalling, where's the money?
Right here.
In this little bag.
I'm not splitting with anyone.
I'm clearing out of here with this money tonight.
And nothing's gonna stop me.
You dirty rat.
(gunshots firing)
Well, Sergeant, back so soon from Deer Creek?
Yes, I turned back.
A little stomach trouble.
Thought maybe you might give me something for it.
Well, step right in.
Thank you.
I think I can fix you up alright.
You've had a lot of excitement lately, Sergeant.
You know, that often upsets a fella's stomach.
Yeah, I guess that's it.
Mind if I have a glass of water?
There's no water in there.
I've got some here for you.
Here you are.
Thank you.
(Mumbles) case you've got there, doc.
Yup, real alligator.
It was given to me when I graduated with high honors
from the University of Vienna.
Is that so?
I've got some little tablets right in here
that'll fix you up.
You didn't fool me for a minute with your stomach ache.
Is this how you got Ryan?
That was most unfortunate.
He caught me as you might say red handed.
Caught you murdering Bennett.
Putting it rather crude, Sergeant.
Now, don't be hasty, doctor.
Larkin isn't alive for you to
put the killing on this time.
You didn't kill Larkin, you just wanted me to think so.
How did you guess that?
When I heard that you'd taken off Larkin's handcuffs.
You're an amazing man, doctor.
You save lives and take them with equal composure.
What I'm doing is merely a means to an end.
To get money to start all over again.
My opportunity came with Bennett wounded
and a lot of money in his possession.
And now, Sergeant.
(loud knocking)
Renfrew, are you in there?
(loud thumping)
(loud knocking)
(loud smashing)
Just what's the matter?
What, well Larkin, I thought you were.
(glass shattering)
(loud smacking)
Get me a log, get a log.
(dishes crashing)
(loud smacking)
Come on.
So, it was the doctor all the time, huh.
Yes, and the stolen money's in the medicine case.
Alright men, give me a hand, let's get the
doctor out of here.
The doctor was a very remarkable man.
When it comes to remarkable men, you might
include yourself, Sergeant.
Just mention that to your family.
It'll save me a lot of explaining.
Oh and by the way, you might tell her that it was
your idea to let her think I killed you.
I told her all that.
Yes, and I wasn't fooled a minute.
Why do you think I slapped
you when I could have shot you?
Sergeant, is everything alright, sir?
Everything is perfect, Sergeant Kelly, just perfect.
Do you say I didn't know?
Well, there's one thing you evidently know.
That you can be arrested for interfering
with an officer in the performance of his duty.
(orchestral music)
(glass breaking)
(orchestral music)