On the Line (2023) Movie Script

- Betty Butter bought a
bunch of beautiful bananas.
Betty Butter bought a
bunch of beautiful bananas.
Alderney switchboard,
number please.
- All right,
Agnes, can you put me through
to the Upper Cut Hairdressers?
- Hold the line please.
- Edith, a call for you.
- Thank you.
- Connecting you.
- Don't worry,
we'll allow plenty of time.
- We were gonna have
lovely wedding
photos on the beach,
but by the time we were
finally out of the salon,
it was torrential rain,
my dress got soaked.
- How late were they?
- They were
a good 45 minutes
waiting for her
to get out of bed.
- Switchboard, how may
I direct your call?
- I'm having difficulty
understanding my new rates.
- Local calls cost tuppence
for six minutes at peak times
and tuppence for 12 minutes
at evenings and weekends,
varied up to four pence for
longest distances on the island.
- I get that, but it
was four pence variable before
with a 30-minute
cap at one shilling.
- The area rate for
the first 30 minutes
is capped at one and thruppence,
that's for anything not
beyond the Hammond Memorial.
- Always
increasing their rates.
- Number please.
- Connecting you.
Number please.
- Connecting you.
- Hold the line please.
Number please.
- Connecting you.
- Connecting you.
Number please.
- Help.
- Well, I can certainly try,
what seems to be the problem?
- You've
got to do something.
There's-there's someone
you have to alert.
- Are you okay, who's that?
- It's
a man.
- Where are you calling from?
- It's,
I don't know, I...
- Okay, stay calm.
- I can't
remember the address.
- I need an address.
- Oh,
well, it-it's 12, 12.
- 12, what road?
- 12,
oh, I don't know.
Oh, let me ask Cynthia.
Oh, Cynthia, what's our address?
- My name is
Jane, not Cynthia.
- Oh,
what's our address?
- Oh, I-I don't know.
- Get in there.
- No!
- Who's Martha?
- I remember
now, it was the police.
It's-it's the police I wanted.
- Cannonbridge
Police Station.
- Hi, Betty, it's Agnes.
- Oh, what have you got?
- Well, I just got this call,
this woman, Martha,
I think has screamed.
- Okay,
let me get a pen.
- Well, I don't know
if they're in danger.
I-I couldn't make
any sense of it.
- Slow
down. Who are they?
- They were old ladies.
- And where did
the call originate from?
- I'm not sure, she'd forgotten.
- But they didn't
call on an individual line?
- A shared line, there
was nothing to trace back.
I-I tried to call
back straightaway,
but no one answered.
I've disconnected now.
- Right and none
of them knew their number?
- Yeah. I-I mean, no, no,
they-they didn't know.
- And it
wasn't a prank caller?
- Perhaps.
- Well, we've
got it on record now
and we'll stay vigilant.
- Yeah, okay.
I miss you here,
how's the new job?
- Same old, really,
still answering phones.
Look, please let me know if you
hear anything more concrete.
- Yeah.
Hi, Frank.
- Hi, sweetie.
I've got a surprise.
- You know I don't
like surprises.
- Well, you know
the action committee I'm on?
I got the petition!
So we're going to have
a housing development.
- That is great.
I got this really odd call,
I don't know what to do.
- Not that bloke again?
- Oh, no, no, not him. It
was a woman and she screamed.
- Blimey! Did
you call the police?
- Yeah, but they
never do anything.
- Can't you run trace?
- No, they called
on a shared line.
- Well, look,
don't let it stress you.
You've done all you can.
- Yeah, I can't do anymore.
- Yeah, it's-it's
probably nothing.
But if you need something
to take your mind off it,
there is a wedding to plan.
- I'll
never relax now.
I'd better go.
- Okay, sweetie.
- Go ahead please.
- Hi, honey.
- I beg your pardon, sir?
- You
sound awfully nice.
- Well, you're a real
playboy, aren't you?
- My aim
is to enjoy life, honey.
- Number please?
- I can
get down on one knee,
if you can get down on two.
- Now, I'm the glue
of this island.
Nobody talks without
me connecting them.
It would be a real shame,
if you really did
need to make a call.
- Hey-
- Number please?
Number please?
- I need
to speak to someone.
- Did you call before?
- No, no, I didn't.
- Can you give me a number?
- I swear, I
couldn't stop it happening.
- What's going on,
what's your name?
- Martha.
- Martha, were you
screaming earlier?
- I really
need help, I'm at work.
Will you help me?
- Yes, of course.
- Do you promise?
- I promise.
- I wanted to
help people all my life,
as long as I can remember.
I couldn't stop
him getting hurt.
- Is this an emergency?
- Yes.
- Martha, can you
give me a location?
- He-he's coming back!
Oh, God!
- Martha, where are you?
- What are you doing?
- No!
- Stay away!
- Cannonbridge
Police Station.
- You need to listen, her name's
Martha and she's in danger.
- What's her address?
- Again, I don't know.
She says she helps people.
- That's
not much to go on.
- I'm telling you,
she's in trouble.
- Okay.
- How many people are
there named Martha?
- How should I know?
I can't help if you don't
tell me where or who she is.
- Maybe ask Jason?
- He's on
earlys this week.
Look, I'll try to
ask everyone though.
- Number please?
Good afternoon, Agnes.
It's Father McKenzie.
Have you chosen a date?
- Ah, yes, Frank and I are
just discussing it now.
- Let me know
when you've come to a decision.
- We're trying to
coordinate the in-laws.
It's never easy.
- What
number do you want?
- 2074 please.
- Hold the line please.
A call for you.
- Thank you.
- Connecting you.
- Hello, Gil.
- Oh, hello, Father.
- Hm.
Hi, darling.
- Any updates on the
wherewithal of that lady?
- Oh yeah, she called back.
I couldn't get much out of her
because she was so terrified.
- Well, there's
nothing you can do.
Look, ah, Mum wants the
wedding at St. Martin's.
- Oh, it has to be St.
Mary's because it's Catholic.
- Since when
are you religious?
- I was brought up a Catholic.
- Yeah, but you're
not really practicing.
- Yeah, well, it's
important to Dad.
I've already spoken to
Father McKenzie and I-
- Just relax,
we'll sort it out.
- I haven't even
got a maid of honor.
- You
can't bring her back.
You couldn't have done
anymore, you did everything.
- A bad friend.
- The guilt of
feeling like a bad friend
actually means
you're a good friend.
- I've got a caller.
- Bye.
- Number please?
How can I be of assistance?
- Hello, Doctor, are
you ready for today's update?
- Do you need the doctor?
- No, it's
Martha speaking.
- Martha, is he with you?
- Yes, I understand.
- Are you in danger?
- I am.
- Okay, I'm going to ask
you yes or no questions,
okay, Martha?
- Yes.
- Do you know the
person you're with?
- Right.
- Does he have a weapon?
- Yes.
- Have you been abducted?
- Yes, just a minute.
- And you're traveling by car?
- That's right.
- Okay, we need to
figure out where you are.
Stay calm, Martha, talk
as if I were a doctor.
- Do you
have the results
of Mr. Wainright's blood test?
- Are you on the main road?
- Yes, it should
give him the fuel he needs.
- The petrol station?
- Exactly.
- Southbound?
- Of course.
- Stay on the phone.
- Who are you ringing?
- Say you have to finish
your conversation.
- We're making
arrangements for the visit
to Burhou Rock, it's essential.
- Good, now give me two seconds,
I'll be right back to you.
Pick up.
Pick up.
- Cannonbridge
Police Station.
- It's Agnes, Martha's
at a petrol station
heading south on the Main Road.
- Okay.
- Do you have a car nearby?
- I mean, I
can put out a radio.
Do you have the number plate?
- No, no, I have
to get back to her.
Martha, I'm back.
- I see,
and wheelchairs?
- Help is coming.
- Stop talking now, stop.
- I'm sorry.
I have to hang up.
- Martha, I need to
identify the car.
Is there anything about it?
- No, there's
roof racks on the car.
- What was
that, what was that?
- You can always reach me.
- Agnes.
I'm not convinced this is
a good use of police time.
All the cars are
now out on the road.
- I promise you, her
life's at threat.
- I mean, nothing
much happens here.
Agnes, you know that,
I mean, a kidnapping?
- I'm being serious.
- I'm still on
my probation period.
- This is happening right now.
- Please hold a moment.
It better turn out to
be, I vouched for you.
We haven't had any
information to go off yet.
- Thank you.
- Sergeant Wilks is
approaching the petrol station
on the Main Road, he wants
some more information.
- Connect me.
- Look, this
isn't some kind of figment
of your imagination from
being in that room all day?
- It's not, she
says he's dangerous.
Can you connect me directly
using your Pye PF1
UHF Radio Telephone?
- I don't know how.
- Just pull the unit
up on this receiver.
- Fine.
I should be able to, but why?
- Do it, please.
- We haven't had any
third party verification.
Is it absolutely critical?
- Yes.
- Don't embellish.
- I won't.
- This one
time, connecting you.
Do you copy, over?
Police department,
this is Sergeant
Wilks speaking, over.
- It's Betty speaking.
I also have Agnes on the
line who spoke to the victim.
- Received.
Agnes, what do you
recall about her?
- Frightened, I couldn't
tell you anymore.
- Right,
we're on the Main Road.
Do you know which
petrol station it is?
- No, I-I don't know.
- Oh
well, we'll try them both.
Approaching Woodhill Garage
and do you have
the number plate?
- No.
- Can we recognize it?
- It has roof racks on it.
Roof rack, copy.
- Right, Sarge.
- Did you pass any?
- Can't see a thing,
pissing like a racehorse.
- Nothing at all?
- I have Tom
closing in from the south.
There's only one road.
There's no chance
they'll escape, lady.
Was that the target car?
Go, go!
Stay right there!
Negative, a family of four.
Looking into the petrol station.
Oh, damn, the pump van's
in the middle of the road.
Pull up, right up next to him.
What's going on here?
- A funny
chap, this bloke was.
Straight to the point, man.
Do you work here?
- Well, yeah, I
fill the cars up with fuel.
And there was one man?
- There were two
of them, man and woman.
They were at the phone box.
- Could be them.
- Yeah.
- Suddenly,
they got in their car
and were leaving without paying,
but I got their number
plate to bill them.
Ah, what was it?
- The ink run a bit.
How's it hear?
- 24,
So it was an old car.
Well done, son, now, did
you notice any odd behavior?
- He was in a rage.
What did he look like?
- He was wearing
overalls, a workman perhaps.
Well built, short hair,
rather rugged face.
- And her?
- She was
dressed in white,
something of a nurse's
uniform, that's right,
there was a cross on her lapel.
- Okay.
- She's maybe 50,
brown hair, very thin, pale.
But the rain was
really coming down.
- Good.
Did you see where they went?
- Took a
left down there, sir.
- Standby.
To control, can you run
a trace on this number?
2-4-H for hotel,
F for foxtrot, for tango, over.
- Received, over.
- Don't let them get away.
- What are
you still doing on the line?
This is a priority line!
- Hello, Tabs Cafe.
- A special notice
to stay vigilant
and inform the authorities
if you see a man and a woman
in a car with a roof
rack, registration 24 HFT,
they're heading past your cafe.
- Are
they dangerous?
- He is dangerous,
please stay vigilant.
- Of
course, thanks.
- Number please?
- All right, Agnes,
it's Katie, 1248 please.
Can you put me through to Peggy?
- Hold the line please.
A call from Katie.
- Tell her I'm
not speaking to her.
- Do you want to
tell her yourself?
- No.
- She doesn't appear to be in.
- Oh, thanks.
- This is
Betty, Cannonbridge-
- Oh, it's me, Agnes.
- What else is there?
- No, no, I just wondered if
you heard anymore about Martha.
Do you have any updates?
- The car belongs
to a Mr. Harold Callis.
- What do you know about him?
- We're
looking into him now.
Look, I've said
more than I should.
- I see.
- And don't worry.
Hey, I'm sorry I
was a bit prickly.
Why don't you come
over for Sunday lunch?
- I could make pineapple
upside down cake.
- Fantastic and
Frank must come too.
Does he like the gloves?
- They fit his
beautiful, hairy hands
and big flat fingers perfectly.
Have a look at them
when you see him,
but you mustn't giggle.
I never have thought
I'd enjoy it, but I do.
- Brilliant.
I'm sorry I didn't see you
at Mimi's at the weekend.
- I was meant to go.
- Are you okay?
- I keep seeing
Liz in everything.
- Whatever
you need, I'm here.
I really must go,
we will speak soon.
- Yeah, of course.
- Who is
- Can I help you at all?
- Who's speaking?
- My name's Agnes,
can you pass me over
to a member of the
nursing staff please?
- No, they've
all left.
- Did we speak before?
- I don't know.
- Is it Shirley?
- Yeah.
- You sound afraid, would
you like to talk about it?
- I-I'll try.
- Good. Are any of the
residents with you?
- No, not in
here, they're next door.
Can I fetch someone for you?
- Oh, no, no, it's okay.
When did the nurse leave?
- I-I haven't
seen her for, I...
- It's okay, it's all
gonna be all right.
- It was very scary.
- Sometimes when we're scared,
sharing it with someone else
helps us feel a little
bit less scared.
- Yeah, I
know, yeah, I know.
The maintenance man,
he shouted at me.
- What did he say?
- He said
not to tell anybody.
I haven't moved.
Walter's taking his nap.
- Walter?
- Yeah,
Walter, he's my husband.
We've been married many years.
He's a really lovely man,
gentleman, you know?
Yeah, you should have seen him,
he was quite the
lady's man, he was.
Sorry, what were,
what were you asking?
- He sounds lovely,
you're doing really well.
Now, did the maintenance
man take the nurse with him?
- Who's calling?
- It's Agnes, you were telling
me about the maintenance man.
Did he take the nurse with him?
- Yeah, yeah,
yeah, he yelled at her.
She was upset and he-he
grabbed her by her hair.
- Was it Martha?
- And I think he was holding
something sharp as they left.
- Well remembered.
Shirley, I'm going to let the
police know where you are.
They'll send someone over to
check up on you all, okay?
- Yeah,
it's very kind of you
to worry about me, dear.
Oh, I don't want
him to hurt her.
- No one's going to hurt her.
- I hope not.
- Someone will be
with you very soon.
I'm here if you need me.
- Yeah,
thank you, dear.
- No word of it.
Call me up anytime.
Pick up the phone and
you'll speak to me.
- All right,
thank you, dear.
- Stay where you are
until the police come.
I've got to go now.
- Yeah.
I'm afraid, you
know, I'm afraid.
- Do you know what I
do when I'm afraid?
I sing to myself.
- Yeah.
- Why don't you do
- My lungs aren't
what they were,
but I do enjoy a bit
of, oh, what's his name?
Ah, oh, what is his name?
- Maybe you could hum it?
- Elvis, the king.
- Yeah.
No one else here likes him,
they say it's not music.
- Oh, they're wrong. I
wish he'd do a UK tour.
That manager of his won't
let him perform here.
- He's
got a sexy voice.
- Who is it?
- Bye, Shirley.
- Bye.
- Betty, it's Agnes.
- Yeah.
- You need to send a police car
to the Oak Valley Care Home.
Martha was taken.
- This is
a dangerous man.
Listen, you really need
to take a step back
and let the police
do their job here.
- No, you listen, I'm in
the best place to track her.
- No, we are here.
- We could help each other.
- No.
- What about-
- We're just the messengers.
- When you're good,
you tell everyone,
when you're great,
they tell you.
- It's always
the same with you.
- You've been jealous
ever since I won
the regional Best Voice Award.
- You failed the
police entrance exam.
What's really going on here?
You should explain yourself.
- I'd happily tell anyone
I can really talk to.
- You're
always talking to me.
- Don't you want to help
her? Send someone right away!
- Right, goodbye.
- Come on, Frank.
- Operator, operator.
- Your call please?
- There is a man dragging a woman into St.
Get Father McKenzie,
try the rectory.
- Both of them?
- He's up to no good!
- Are they still there?
- Yes, I can see
them from the phone box.
Do something.
- Will you hold please?
I'm afraid Father
McKenzie isn't in.
- Oh, try
the auditions at the
Festival Theater.
- Mm-hm.
Hello, is this Father McKenzie?
Yes, speaking.
- A call for you.
Connecting you.
- Yes?
- There is a man
dressed in a maintenance outfit,
a lady in white up to no good.
They've just gone
into your church hall.
- Right.
- It might
be the thieves,
who stole the lead off the
roof, I'm sure it's them.
- Hello.
- I got
a glimpse of them.
There's blood on the woman's
top, she might be hurt.
I need the police.
- Yes, ma'am.
Hi, Betty, I've got a call
here, Martha's been spotted.
- Put them
straight through.
We will send someone right away.
- Hello.
- Who are
you talking to?
- Is that Harold?
- Who is this?
- Harold Callis?
- Yes, is
this the operator?
- Yes.
- How'd you find me?
- I'm not going to tell
you that. Did you hurt her?
- Who's
trying to reach me?
- The home's residents
have been left unattended.
Do you know where the
nursing staff are?
- How do you know?
- You better not have hurt her?
- Are you watching us?
- I know Martha is with
you. Where are you going?
- The God's
truth, I'm sorry.
Stay out of it,
get your own life.
- It's not that easy, I'm
part of everyone's lives.
- What's your name?
Why shouldn't I know?
You all know about me.
- Agnes.
- Mrs.?
- Soon to be.
Harold, why go to a church?
- It's a
place of contemplation,
I thought it would help.
- Help yourself by
turning yourself in!
Frank, where have you been?
- I was out having
a drink. What's going on?
- Martha called back.
- Do the police know?
- Yes.
- Then they
will sort it out.
- Look, there's something
you can do to help.
- What, exactly?
- Is your car there?
- Yes.
- I need you to go to Newtown.
Call me back and I'll
explain when you get there.
- Oh, come off it.
- It will help.
- I wouldn't do
this for anyone else.
I can't wait till
you're at home more.
- If I have to quit
work to start a family,
I've got to know you'll
always be there for me.
Then maybe I'd be
a different person.
Perhaps I'd be glad to see
you come home in the evening
or perhaps not, I'd say,
"How did I get stuck?"
- So the-the way you
talk and I'm not teasing you,
everything you say tells me
I don't need anything else.
- You don't need anything?
- No, nothing.
- Not even me?
- I-I need you.
- You're not drunk,
are you, Frank?
- I've had a few.
- Tonight, I need you.
- Okay.
- Drive carefully,
it's important.
- What do I do?
- I'll tell you when you
get there. Martha needs us.
- To do what?
- To look for anything
that might tell us
where he's taken her,
it'll make sense.
- Got an address?
- 7 Trinity Lane, there's
a phone box there.
I'm already connected, it'll
ring through right away.
- Okay.
- Drive safe and hurry.
- Hello.
- Shirley?
- Yes, there's
someone at the door.
Should I fetch my husband?
- It's the police, let them in.
- Once more, dear?
- The police.
- Hey,
come out of there.
- Oh, I-I
didn't wanna interrupt.
I was getting a better look,
there's someone at the door.
- The police.
- Is it?
- Yes.
Will the nurse come back soon?
- Yes, she will.
Let the officers in and
hand the phone over to them.
- Oh, okay. You
need to speak to the operator.
- The operator?
This stops here, this
is a police matter.
- Sarge.
Shirley, did you hurt yourself?
- It's not mine.
- What's going on?
- It's
on my hands as well.
I don't know how it's possible.
- Look at
the door handle.
- Okay,
Shirley, wait here.
- All right.
- Hello?
What's happened to Shirley?
- I don't know,
but there's blood on
her hands and blouse.
- Check the bedrooms.
- But
it's the evening.
I think you should
get off the phone now.
- No, a moment longer, please.
- I don't
see how you can help.
- Have you checked?
Is there a corridor?
- Yes, just
off to the right.
- Must be it.
- The sergeant
has already gone to check.
What is it?
That man's dead.
- Are you sure?
- How do you know he's dead?
- I could tell.
- Check-check if he's breathing.
Did you check?
Did you check?
I don't know.
He stabbed him.
There's blood everywhere.
- Here we go.
- Don't let her in there!
- Oh, no!
- It's Martha.
Harold's inside the cafe,
he thinks I'm in the car.
I don't have long.
- Stay calm. Are you hurt?
- No, no, he's
coming out, he's seen me.
- You're going to
have to run for it.
- I'm gonna die.
- You're not.
- I don't know
why he's doing this.
- Give me that.
- Call me back or
pick up any phone.
I know what you did to Walter.
What's your plan, is
Martha to die too?
- Don't speak to us.
- Shirley saw what
you did to him.
- I told her
not to go in there.
- What were you thinking?
You left a sweet,
warm, a contented lady.
- I told her.
- You're sick.
- I told her
not to go in there,
she shouldn't have.
- The place is covered
in his blood, Harold.
This stops here right
now, stay where you are.
- I can't do that.
- You have to.
- If I do,
what will happen?
- To you?
You'll go to prison.
You can't leave this island.
- That can't happen.
- It can't happen?
Do you want me to say
I feel sorry for you?
That you're the victim?
You're not the victim,
Harold, Walter's the victim.
His wife, Shirley's the
victim, Martha's a victim.
You should be in prison.
- Tabs Cafe.
- Don't let them
leave, I called.
I told you to look
out for that couple.
- That was them?
But he just came in for flowers.
He touched them all
before he bought any
and complained
they didn't smell.
Thought he was a time waster,
but he did leave
with some irises.
- Oh, you idiot! Someone's
life is in danger!
- Oh, Christ!
- Police Station.
- Martha was spotted
at Tabs Cafe.
- Really?
- I'm opposite the
address, a small cottage.
There's no one in there.
- Break in.
- What is it with
you? I can't do that.
- Just do it.
- Why?
- The man who
lives there, Harold
has killed a man already
and kidnapped a nurse.
We need to know where
he is right now.
- The police
already know this.
- The police are in
trouble and lost the trail.
There's no time.
- Are you sure?
- I'm sure, it's a
matter of life or death.
- But I just
don't know why I need to.
- I should've been more aware.
I took the call from the home.
- Look, you're
unfairly blaming yourself.
I'm not sure I'll
be able to get in.
- Of course you can get
in, you're a land agent.
- Listen to yourself.
- I get so lonely sometimes.
I think the wind is
- Well, do
you hear the wind now,
outside your window?
- Yeah.
- That's the
same wind outside mine,
it passes both of us.
We're in it together.
- I wanna be with you
- And I thought I
just wanted the simple life.
- The simple life? I have
ambitions, if you must know.
- What ambitions?
- I still want to work.
- This one
time, I'll check it out.
I let myself in,
back door was open.
Oh, something's up, he
must have been in a hurry.
- What can you see?
- This place is a mess.
This guy likes copper
green, some taxidermy,
golf clubs, taste for Bach.
Oh, look here, there's
a table with bills,
overflowing ashtray, letters.
- Jackpot, start there.
Anything useful?
- There's a lot
here, it'll take me ages.
- Please look.
- Do you realize
how much stuff there is?
She'll be dead by
the time I've done.
- Well, what do you suggest?
- Nothing, okay.
I'm saying time is
against us, that's all.
- I know, so get
going and stay safe.
- I'm on it, okay, bye.
- Hello.
- Number
1034, golf club.
- I can't transfer
you right now.
- What?
- Please call back later.
- If you don't mind,
how am I meant to
speak to the club?
- Not now.
- But I need
to book a round of golf.
- Arrive early, I'm expecting
a call from someone in need.
- Listen, I've
never seen such inefficient,
miserable service in my life!
- 1089, please, Agnes.
- Operator, the vet.
- Operator, I've
been waiting for about 50-
- Help.
- Yes, I'm here.
- It's dark. Nothing
looks the same anymore.
- What can you see?
- I don't know.
We arrived in a big car
park, there's this lodge.
- Do you know where you are?
- Hm,
it's on the coast.
There's a lot of open land.
Ah, I don't wanna be locked up!
I'm gonna die!
- Nobody is going to
die. Where's Harold?
- He's
outside having a smoke.
I tried to escape through
the window, but it's jammed.
- Now listen to me,
push with all your might.
- I can't hide
either, there's nowhere to go!
I don't know why he's
doing this to me.
- Perhaps we can think
of what else we can do
to keep you safe, okay.
Find something to
use as a weapon.
You haven't got very long.
- I'm gonna die!
I'm gonna be thrown off
the cliff into the sea.
- Is there anything in the room?
- I-I have to.
- Look around.
- It's dark,
I can't see much.
- Feel your way around.
Oh, it's no good!
A golf club, the
heavy nine iron.
- Good, now listen carefully,
as he opens the door,
you hit him across the
head with all you've got.
- Oh, I can't, I can't.
- Yes, you can! Then
take his knife away.
- Take the knife, take-
- Take a deep breath.
- I-I, I don't know
how I'll take his knife.
- Inhale through your
just like this, Martha.
Exhale through your mouth.
- It's not helping.
I'm scared, oh, God!
- Breathe.
Breathe with me.
what's your favorite food?
Go on, what's your
favorite food?
- Sunday roast
with crispy potatoes.
- I love potatoes, I'm
- Are you some
kind of hippie come over?
- No, no, I've
always lived here.
- Here, my family
lived on top of one another.
I have two brothers, you see?
- What are their names?
- Eric and Ian.
They were both pilots
killed during the war.
- That must have
been very difficult.
- I didn't
hear for months.
I was a nurse at the
Battle of Normandy.
Things were very
different after that.
- It must have been very hard.
- I think it was the
beginning of the end really.
- I'm so sorry.
Do you like being a nurse?
- I like to take
the residents out on walks.
Even this time of year,
if we wrap up properly.
- Where'd you take them?
- Burhou Rock.
- It's pretty.
- It's beautiful.
I like to take Walter
and his wife Shirley.
Shirley watches the boats,
Walter likes the puffins.
- Do you like the puffins?
- I look at them
and feel peaceful and calm.
They fly, they fly so freely.
- They're the only bird
that can fly under the sea
as well as above it.
- No one knows
where they go in the winter.
- They raft up in the ocean.
Their collective noun
is a, a circus, yeah.
- Would you like to
come birdwatching with me?
- I'd love to.
I always considered myself
too impatient for all that.
- I'd like
to take you with me.
Will you stay on the
line, is that all right?
- I promise I'm
not going anywhere.
- He's coming
towards the door.
- Get in position, hit him
square across the head,
as hard as you can.
- He deserves it.
He deserves it!
- Get ready.
- Walter's fine now.
He isn't in pain anymore.
- What do you mean?
- The shrapnel.
- What shrapnel?
- He was in so
much pain in his stomach.
He had shrapnel in his
stomach, I just took it out.
- Was it you?
- He's much better
now, he isn't in pain anymore.
He's fine, isn't he?
Tell me he's fine,
please tell me.
- Martha, okay, you
need to take it easy.
- Agnes?
- Yes.
- There's something
wrong with the line.
- Hello?
- Can you hear me?
- Yes.
- Harold's a war hero.
I was searching
through his drawer,
I found the Military
Cross for his bravery
in the Second War.
He seems to have brought the
war back with him though.
- Mm-hm.
- More to the point,
there are these
signed photographs
of him and Martha together,
they've been in a relationship.
- A relationship?
- There's a
photo here of them
at the Links Golf Course.
- Golf course?
Large car park.
That's where they are!
- Yeah?
- Got to be. I love you.
- I love you too.
- Betty.
- This had better
be more than good, Agnes.
- Harold and Martha
are at the golf course.
Send a police car and
an ambulance right away.
- How in
hell do you know-
- Hello.
Anyone there?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, but
everything's spinning.
- Help is on its way to you?
- Okay.
- Are you both still
at the golf course?
- I am.
- Where's Martha?
- I don't know.
- Stay where you are, the
police will be with you soon.
- No, no,
no blue jackets.
- They already know everything.
- I haven't
done anything.
- I know, I know.
Why didn't you tell me?
You should have
called the police
and let them take
care of Martha.
- No one can help her.
- Yes, they can, she
can get treatment.
- No-one is any help.
I tried, doctors, police,
government officials,
none of them will help
us with our war fatigue.
- I'm sorry, I'm trying to help.
- I don't know
you, bugger all of you.
When-when I saw Walter,
I knew I had to deal with
her once and for all.
This world's not made for us.
- Did you see where Martha went?
- I don't
know where she is.
- Do you think she would
cause harm to herself?
- You've
got to listen to me,
she has no idea what she's done.
She-she thinks
she helped Walter.
I didn't have the
heart to tell her.
We were gonna end
our lives together.
We were gonna jump
from the cliff.
- Operator,
is that you?
- Yes, where are you?
- I'm at the
phone box at the cliff.
I killed Walter,
didn't I?
- You didn't mean to.
- We can't
live this way.
This is it.
- But you-you
were trying to help.
- I've been finding
it so hard for so long.
I killed him!
I cut him.
- Can you tell me what
you see around you?
- I see a reflection
of the moon in the sea.
I didn't see the moon before.
- Can you see the waves?
- Yes, the waves
are frothy and white,
way down at the
bottom of the cliff.
I'm gonna jump now.
- No, don't, Martha!
- Dear God.
- Don't do that!
- Please.
- Listen to me!
- Tell them
I didn't mean to.
- Shirley knows, we all
just wanna help you.
- But you said Harold-
- I was wrong!
Now, don't do
anything stupid, okay.
Talk to me, Martha.
I let my friend die, you hear?
I wasn't there for her.
Her name was Liz,
22 years old.
- Why?
- 'Cause I felt too important.
I wasn't there for her.
Ultimately, I carry the weight
of her death on my shoulders,
it's crippling me.
There's so much I could
have done for her.
I would do anything to
bring her back to life.
- I wanted to bring
Walter back to life too.
- But Martha, I should
have been more aware,
you couldn't be.
- No, no.
It was an accident, I'm sorry.
- Sometimes good
people get themselves
into desperate situations.
As long as they make
amends, it's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
I wish I was braver
to face this.
Now I've hurt Harold.
- Harold's fine.
- You know?
You've spoke to him?
- Yeah.
- Can you connect me?
- I can try.
Harold, it's me, I've got
Martha on the phone for you.
- Harold, are you okay?
- Everything I'm doing
has been to end our suffering.
I can no longer
stand by and watch.
- There are other ways.
- Martha, I
know you're incurable,
'cause we feel the same.
- We've been
suffering in silence.
- That's why
we have to end it.
- You don't!
- If there is
purpose, please tell me.
- There are no
truths to believe in.
- No.
- There is no God,
I just want it all to stop.
- There's life after death
and you'll have to
live it out there.
Wait there for the police.
Stay on the line.
Keep talking to me, Martha.
- Operator?
- Yes.
- Agnes,
we've taken Martha in.
- Frank, you're still there?
- No, I'm still looking,
but I haven't found
anything else of interest.
- The police have found Martha.
- Oh, that's great.
- She wasn't kidnapped though.
- Christ!
But I-I'd broken into his house.
You said the police
had lost the trail.
- You helped save her life.
We did it.
I would never have
found them without you.
- And Harold?
- There wasn't anything
I could do for him.
- You
did everything you could.
Look, I'd better
get out of here.
- Wait, look Frank, there's
something I need to tell you
and it really can't wait.
- Yeah?
- We went for lunch, Liz and me,
she was there with
her boyfriend.
She had this black eye, but
she didn't say how she got it.
So he goes and gets himself
a whiskey at the bar
and when he's gone, she,
she says,
"You've got it so easy."
I didn't understand it, but
it still rings in my head,
'cause later that day,
she was found dead,
Except they never
found her purse, Frank,
I've tried to establish
a motive all this time.
- Do you
think he killed her?
- No.
He was stealing from her
and beating her.
She was trapped, she didn't
feel she had a way out.
- I wish
you'd told me before.
- I thought it was
all in my head.
- That makes sense now.
- It's the weight of it all.
- Tell the police,
they'll look into it.
- Really? But
there's no evidence.
- Tell them
anyway, they need to know.
- Okay.
I'm going to tell
them now, okay.
I'm going to tell them.
- Look, I'll hold.
Let me know how you get on.
- Mm-hm.
- Hi, Betty.
- I can't speak to you.
- You've got to hang up?
I'm the one who
tracked down Martha,
I've done your job for you.
- You haven't done
the job for us, you've helped.
Agnes, unless you've got
any new leads for us,
get off the line.
- I think the
police need to know
about Liz's
situation in the end.
- Her death
shocked us all.
We can discuss it later.
- But no one asked
how she got there.
The-the police
haven't done enough.
- We've done
everything we can.
And if you feel that way,
you should have said
something earlier.
I've got to hang up now.
- Talk for two minutes and
then you've got to hang up.
- Our attention is on
finding Harold at the moment.
- Fine.
I understand.
Inconsiderate shit.
- Still me.
- Oh, bollocks, I-
I'm, so, so sorry.
- Hm.
- Hi, Frank.
- Did you tell them?
- Yeah,
I did, had a row.
- Damn,
someone's coming.
- Hello?
- Harold?
- The operator.
- You
haven't touched him?
- No, I
never touched anyone.
- Are you okay?
- No, I
want to die in peace.
It was like bloody
Tinseltown at the cliffs.
- It's not your fault.
- It is.
- You think it's
your fault, but it's not.
- No one understands.
- I understand that.
- You're young.
I wish I could tell you
it was all worthwhile.
It was impossible for us
to love anything anymore,
we couldn't find a direction.
- Frank?
Harold, come back to the phone.
- No!
- Harold!
- What are you doing?
- Frank.
- I can't let
you go through with this.
- No.
Go away.
- Wait there.
- No, I don't wanna
be remembered.
- Hello.
- I heard it all.
- He's gonna be okay.
Just wait there.
- Let him speak.
- Okay.
Now, take it easy,
that's my fiancee.
- Agnes.
I'm so sorry.
- No, don't be sorry at all.
- I open up my garden
to the public every year.
I like to see others enjoy
the peace and quietness.
- I would so love to
visit your garden.
- I had so many
happy times in that garden,
but at first, when I came back,
my hands shook so violently,
I couldn't manage
to plant a seed.
They finally steadied
in a few months.
There's gonna be a meadow of
white flowers and poppies.