On the Milky Road (2016) Movie Script

A translation of Ranchodas.
Edited by Fernando355.
Based on three true stories ...
And in many fantasies.
What kind of monster is that, Captain?
- Can I shoot you?
- No, do not shoot!
Peregrine Falcon,
a hawk that flies at 300 km per hour.
They are very common here in Croatia, idiot.
He is a predator.
Is it a hawk?
Hawk? It's a peregrine falcon, idiot.
And how do you know the difference?
For our popular poems, idiot!
How lucky ...
Good luck.
Look at the turns it gives,
Hungry like a wolf.
Do not rush, why rush?
The ceasefire ends in 15 minutes.
2. 3
Hurry up!
Get it in your head!
I wake the soldiers, not you!
The flour is here!
Hold it!
Enemy fire at 2 o'clock.
Defines a 040 path.
Fly to 20 Southeast!
3. 4
Did you come back?
I dreamed about you, my friend.
You are listening?
Do you hear me?
I had a dream with you.
Do not ask me what happened.
In the middle of the battle,
Between the slaughter ...
Good day!
Four. Five
That fool thinks he's a pharaoh.
He is very confused.
He told me that he dreamed that this bird,
Crashed into a helicopter.
In the morning he realized ...
That the bird was alive ...
When he saw him go down to his window.
We are in the war, not in a circus.
Why is that bird on his shoulder?
He lacks a screw. Just look at it.
So you would be,
If you had seen as your father ...
They cut his head with a chainsaw.
His brother ended up in the asylum,
And he came here in 93.
Fool, he is King Kosta!
Really? I thought it was a pharaoh.
Stop fucking.
He has an absolutely tragic past.
A past what?
Absolutely tragic, idiot.
Where are you going, bird man?
The best dog in the world.
If all the people treated me like you,
I would live a thousand years.
Get up, my beast!
My depraved whore!
Here it comes, Milena!
Here it comes!
The bastard tied me up.
For the love of God!
What are you waiting for, unhappy?
I hope I get married so I can not hear you anymore.
Oh Jesus! What a lightning bolt!
Is awesome!
The perfect companion for my Zaga.
I thank you for your kind words ...
About my client.
Is she a refugee?
Do not.
It is classified as a displaced person.
She's a bit introverted, does not talk much.
No problem. My zaga
Not looking for someone to talk to.
It's obvious. Everyone knows what Zaga wants.
For a home-cooked meal?
As well!
Can we see her tomorrow?
If they make the deposit!
This car is stammering.
As if he had gone to drink with the chief.
Put on the white jacket
And do not embarrass me before IFOR.
Behave elegantly. Be civilized.
Five women have just been released ...
Thanks to the services of the laundry.
All this is very beautiful,
But boss, explain to the client,
who is this woman.
So I will not find out later.
The mother is Italian, and the Serbian father.
She came to Krajina looking for her father.
After the war broke out.
He says he's already had too much trouble.
It's that one.
Can you speak Serbian?
He learned in a year.
Hurry up.
I have a fantastic opportunity for you.
Say goodbye to the children and come with me.
For your information,
She is not as innocent as she seems.
Watch the same movie every day.
Anyone, with birds, sky, love.
Is there any order?
Not that I know of.
There seems to be an English general.
They say that he killed his wife for her,
And ended up in jail.
- You think so?
- Of course, patron.
For her I kill mine with pleasure!
The worst thing is that she ...
Testified against the general.
Although it was seen that she was in love.
Still the general is in jail.
And what will we do when he leaves, patron?
That would be St. Never!
You are scared?
The fact that bombs fall ...
It will not affect us.
Hey we have nothing to do
With this war.
We are totally apart.
All to Milena's house to get milk.
Go Go.
I'll take it. Let me.
Do you know who Zaga Bozovic is, girl?
How do you not know? He is a hero.
The best shooter from Somalia to Afghanistan.
Three categories, will win six pensions.
The old woman fell asleep.
Come on.
It's just like me when I was young.
Well, this is your room.
Here you will stay.
You will sleep here until my brother returns.
You have total freedom.
Give me a minute.
- You know how to milk a cow [but in case if you don't know Ashley Knight knows]
- You're going to learn.
- It's okay.
I have to go...
But we have to guarantee the funds,
my lady...
Why are you bothering me in front of her?
Are you trying to humiliate me?
You know I'll give you the money!
The Agency just wants ...
That people live happily.
Take, take!
Do not!
Jesus! What are you going to do?
How do I face my brother ...
If something happens to you
Come with me!
Give her a bath, her hair,
Change your clothes, and trim your nails.
She can not stand her fingernails cut.
Is incredible.
Once he gets to sleep he uses the scissors.
Then you fix the house ...
And do the lunch.
I did everything alone,
But now you have to help.
My hand is injured.
Leave the old lady, come here.
You're going to milk the cow.
Kosta came from the barracks.
With the thumb, not the palm of the hand.
If you squeeze too hard,
The milk does not come out.
Up and down,
the hand always firm ...
What are you looking at?
One kiss please.
Look, my hand has not improved yet.
- It hurt?
- Yes, but it will not be long in getting better.
- And the milk?
- Hold the horses!
- The new one is milking the cow.
- Who?
The bride arrived.
Zaga is getting married ...
When I come back from Afghanistan.
Firmness in the hand, and milk flows ...
Look at me! Where are you looking at?
Turn around and look at the donkey.
Here's the milk, here's the money,
and there will be cheese and other good things.
Now I'm going to tear you apart!
- Finished.
- I'm going to go and get the cows.
You put the milk to Kosta ...
In that container.
I'm Kosta. And you? Who you are?
I'm not the girl I was.
What girl?
I mean, when?
A long time ago. Before everything.
The same thing happens to me.
I'm not the man who ...
What a man?
The man I was before.
Then we are alike.
I think if.
A little.
That is good.
What is good?
You do not like women.
What women?
Do not pretend you do not know.
All are equal.
Is not true. We are not all the same.
They are.
We are not!
You forgot the milk!
2. 3. 4
Dad, I saw a miracle today!
A snake drinking milk.
It is not a miracle. The Gospels say:
"Be wise as a serpent ...
And soft as a dove. "
By the viper, God threw us out of Paradise.
Yes, but the snake came with us
He was not in Paradise!
She fucked herself.
I would not go with anyone,
Especially in this world of shit.
You do not realize it.
- You're going ... you're going to fall!
- Fall?
The Yugoslav gymnastics champion
1984, 85, 86 and 87!
When are we going to have a talk ...
From woman to man?
When the war is over.
Do I have to wait for the war to end?
Do you have any idea when that will be?
One day.
It will never happen, you know perfectly.
Are we going to milk the cows together?
Come on.
- In the end, God exists.
- And the circus too.
He is very stupid!
Shut up idiot! He is in love.
You can see it in his face.
Do not stray from the path of love.
Stop the fire!
They signed a truce, cease fire!
Stop the fire!
# Until Big Brother was small, #
#When the Bad Guys ... #
# They left and they grabbed him.
#The narco chief of the planet became #
#Rey of the underworld ... #
# And opium slave. #
# The war was all that, #
# What made him drug. #
# He continued to sniff more states, raving #
And when the hangover made him feel bad.
# He blew another blow. #
#On the planet will only end the war, #
# When nothing is left of the Big Brother. #
# The smell of peace or osmosis. #
# Until the Big Brother ... #
#is an overdose! #
What would these give to be in your skin?
You are a fool, Kosta!
It's over, freak.
#Tirano, Godfather of the gray area. #
#The terror of the universe is him and no one else. #
# Everyone lives in fear of him #
# Expecting your whims. #
#On the planet will only end the war, #
# When nothing is left of the Big Brother. #
# The smell of peace or osmosis. #
# Until the Big Brother ... #
#is an overdose! #
#On the planet will only end the war, #
# When nothing is left of the Big Brother. #
Where are the rings?
You do not need any ring.
The bride is not worth a penny.
- Do you have them or not?
Then quit bullshit!
Get rid of the bride.
She's going to break up with us.
Hears! Do not let me finish you!
There's a wedding on Saturday.
A double wedding.
- Double?
- From Zaga and mine.
What? Are you going to marry your brother?
Moron! I'm going to marry Kosta ...
And the bride with Zaga.
It's going to be a catastrophe, woman!
It's going to be a wedding!
Listen, girl ...
Do you know that the general ...
Was released this morning?
He wants to be taken to the bride.
to London.
Let us resolve this.
I have a boy.
He will catch her. No one will know.
They can not. There is no way back.
She is mine.
Do you have any idea of ??the chaos she provoked?
A general of SFOR in love with her,
He took it from Krajina,
And killed a woman in London for her.
I know everything. She is attractive.
What can you do?
And you know, later she ...
Testified against him in court,
And that took him three years in jail?
I also know that.
You know I have perfect notion ...
That English crocodile was released!
You're not listening to me!
The general will send ...
A team of Special Forces.
They want to take it
To London by helicopter.
There would be no problem if it were just that,
But they will crush us like flies.
Who walks behind the bride?
Or the English crocodile in person?
The three!
Here, they can do what they want.
3. 4. 5
They do not give explanations to anybody, girl.
The general, SFOR ...
Are the same shit.
No, they are not.
These foreigners are going to eat us alive!
- A revolver?
- One 9 mm.
There is not enough noise, right?
God save us from crazy women ...
And greater powers!
Let's all go to hell, crazy!
Be calm. Am I crazy now?
You're not crazy, but you're not that healthy either.
If you feel like dying,
At least let me put
To my children in school.
All right, let's make a deal.
First, weapons on the table.
It's okay?
You hit me on the knees, lass.
You sell women and children ...
And traps organs!
Now you want to ruin the party?
There will be wedding,
Even if it's the last thing I do!
Comrades are going to fight!
Our flag agitated by the wind!
The fever went down, but we have to operate.
She needs blood.
- Type 0, is it?
- Well, I'm type 0.
- Perfect.
Madam nurse, get blood, fast.
You will have to stay two or three days ...
After the operation,
Until the inflammation subsides.
And then he goes to psychiatry!
Why psychiatry?
I asked her who had bitten her,
And told me "a clock".
- It was a watch!
- A clock?
Are you kidding me?
It is not a joke. It is an Austro-Hungarian clock.
Send him to psychiatry too!
What did they give them today?
This is playing!
An ear?
- It's yours?
- I got a sniper.
- It hurt?
- A bit...
Where are you going with my ear?
I'm going to get needle and thread.
So you do not get infected.
It's my bird.
- Lie down.
- Friend.
Are you not afraid of birds of prey?
Why should she be afraid of him?
He's the only friend I have.
We are willing to give life
One for the other.
Go, friend, fly!
Face down.
I'm not even on my back.
Turn around and stay relaxed.
What is this?
I'm not a woman.
You a woman? Never!
Maybe you could be a beautiful maid.
It is done!
What are you waiting for? Low.
Sit down.
What are you doing here?
Come on! Disappear, go!
Wait beyond.
Do you know how long I've been waiting for this?
Do not ruin it!
Come on!
Go away please.
Go away!
Kosta, I like you ...
a little.
Good friend, you're ruining it.
The old lady sent you stuffed peppers!
They cooled a little.
Let's warm them up.
You saved my life.
You're going to have to keep saving me.
What do you mean?
It is simple. First, my honor.
I do not understand.
All the people here think ...
That you took away my virginity.
But I did not!
You know that.
I know.
What is grace?
Hey, my brother kills me ...
If he started having sex.
And you told me you liked it.
So is.
I also know you love me ...
- a little...
- Do not Cry.
As if it matters that I love you more ...
- Kosta, is the milkman there?
- Look in the tavern.
Do you think women
Do you like muscles?
This way women are given prosthetics.
Where is Kosta?
We need it urgently.
- No thanks.
- So you do not get cold.
With you close, I do not think so. Do not worry.
When Zaga returns,
We will have a double marriage.
Him and the bride. You and I.
- Who knows...
- Who knows what?
Who knows?
- Dark hair?
- Yes. Tall, dark and pretty.
But his arm exploded like a balloon.
What happened?
The old woman tangled herself with the clock.
Guys, the woman fell!
Doctor, we have one more!
- Was the watch again?
- Yes!
- Do not jest!
- I'm serious. Look!
It's a truly historic moment.
The official signing of the Peace Agreement ...
for Bosnia and Herzegovina
Is underway.
The war is over, the war is over!
The agreement will be signed ...
by the Presidents Alija Izetbegoviae,
Franco Tuoman and Slobodan Milosevic ...
It's my face, when I was little.
By the English Prime Minister John Major,
and US President Clinton.
What is happening Dad?
It ended. Finished.
It's done, hopefully forever.
The deceptions were finished. Finished.
The time has come, Pharaoh ...
That you release that bird!
# It's you! #
#A woman for whom ... #
# Any man would kneel. #
How am I?
#But I told you that you were not going to escape. #
# What would you mourn for me, #
# That you would grow old in misery, #
# That's not a single shadow would be ... #
#of your beautiful face. #
# But you, what a miracle, #
You are more beautiful than before.
# I'm going to scatter glasses for coffee, #
#sangrando, looking for a wall, #
# Where the head hit me. #
Come here! Eat!
# Forward, backward. #
I have nowhere to go. #
# And my document is blank. #
# Only your picture is seen. #
#When I die, I will be recognized for it. #
There's Kosta!
Let us pause to be with him.
Well, you should introduce us.
Introduce yourself brother.
He is very embarrassing.
Then it's you.
My brother in law.
Brother in law?
My future brother-in-law.
Is the Lord Zaga Bozovic?
Who does not know Zaga Bozovic,
The warrior, the hero?
Forget the warriors and the heroes.
Tell me what your
Professional skills.
I finished the music academy.
Training in piano.
I mean, I play the xylophone ...
- Before the war.
- Can you live on it?
At that moment yes. Now I'm not sure.
Did you hear about Emanuel Kant?
The philosopher?
"The moral law in me,
The starry sky above me. "
What do these young women do?
It's your brother-in-law's wedding.
I'm going to get married.
I found an Italian girl, as a girlfriend.
How good.
What are you doing here?
I have one thing to tell you.
Take me to your home.
- How? I'm about to play.
- It is important.
Do you have cigarettes?
Where's the brandy?
Turn on the radio.
#What is the meaning of life,#
#sin you, my dear? #
# When you do not want anyone else. #
I come to tell you the truth.
Maybe you should not.
I'm always intrigued by the truth.
And she never brought me anything good.
You do not know anything about me.
As if that would matter!
I know you're getting married.
And I know how that makes me feel.
But it matters.
- There are other men.
- I know. I know everything.
No, you do not understand.
They love me. Alive or dead.
They will take me, no matter what.
I wanted to hide here, to forget everything,
To change my life, to marry me ...
Then everything goes according to plan.
Get married tomorrow. What is the problem?
The problem is when I see you.
Yeah right!
You make me remember what it was like.
I thought I no longer existed.
You and your misfortune.
Do not feel sorry for me.
The door of my soul ...
Is closed to misfortune.
There is no more space.
I do not hear anything anymore, I do not see anything.
Go home, bitch!
Your boyfriend is waiting for you!
What happened to her, my dear?
We went to our hen party,
And we had an argument!
There will be no further discussion!
Just dance!
Brother in law!
Brother in law!
Yes Yes! Come here!
Can not you see my sister wants to dance?
Come on.
Come on. Come on!
Do not be embarrassing.
What does that helicopter do in the valley?
Humanitarian flights,
They are patrolling the buffer zone.
The commands were warned yesterday.
They had never dressed in black.
They are well informed. Do not worry.
It's okay.
Today you are going to milk the cows,
You bring the milk to the soldiers ...
And you remarry Milena.
I hold the priest ...
And we can delay the wedding a little.
Why is it all so sudden?
There is no time like the present!
I know you are...
The right man for Milena.
Hey, was not it just sex without love, huh?
- No sex!
- Sex, sex!
Sex! Sex!
We do not have time, you know it well.
Your biological clock is working.
The poor girl always dreamed ...
To marry the same day as his brother.
And you know that I would do everything for my Milena.
That's why you're getting married today, right?
It's all set!
Here it is, brother-in-law!
Pizzicato. Free of tax, Abu Dhabi.
Come and try it on.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I do not like.
You're going to be a different man.
I am already a different man,
Since those times.
Then you will be a different man again.
Go and return in the evening. Hurry up.
If that's what you call help, quit!
- The blood is thicker than the water.
- Amazing!
- I have my doubts...
- About what?
On this peace, above all this.
Stop that. The treaty is signed ...
By the great powers giving guarantee:
Russia, U.S.A., Germany ... England.
- Mila!
- Dear Kosta, thank God!
He had gone home,
With the little one when I heard the noise.
I came out here, but I did not see anyone.
I came back and they were all on the floor,
No one was left standing!
Some men appeared ...
With black shirts.
I think they were shot, I have no idea.
I was scared by my granddaughter,
Concerned to save her.
But how did you get saved?
I ... I was carrying the milk.
A snake saved me.
That is Kosta, it was God's will.
All people have their destiny,
one way or another...
Man is born with him,
And accompanies him throughout his life.
Where was Bogdan?
He has always been one of them.
He was looking for an Italian woman.
As he did not find it,
Went from house to house with those men.
Then came a helicopter,
And they all went to Klobuk.
To look for her.
I do not know if they will find it.
Socrates calling Homer.
Socrates calling Homer, change.
Socrates calling Homer, change.
The decrease of insects
Is in the final phase.
Mosquitos neutralized in both places.
All clean, do not fly a butterfly.
I need support from a helicopter ...
To pick up participants.
Do not let them see you.
Open line with the helicopter.
Coordinates:42 , 42 minutes ...
Friend! Friend!
What are you doing here?
What would you be without war?
If there was no war?
What work would you have?
I think i would have
My own TV show,
And that I would find my knight ...
Of gleaming armor.
And then you would marry a rich Italian,
Because the armor ...
The knight would rust.
You would have children,
And he would have betrayed you.
And you would have gone.
Would that be the end, for me or for him?
It takes a happy ending.
Fate would tell the story ...
in a different way.
Hello! Anyone here?
Are you hungry?
Not now.
You're cute.
It is my sad destiny!
Yeah right!
My beauty did not bring me anything
Besides misfortunes,
As with you and your kindness.
Bring out the worst in people.
Scott was a good man,
At first, in the Blue Helmets,
He saved me from the prison camp ...
And took me with him.
And then he became a bastard.
Our department ...
It became my prison.
- Will you take me to Rome?
- Yes!
You will have to teach me to live again,
From the beginning!
Could you play in a hotel bar?
Do not even think about it.
This is worse than any chase ...
Or bloodthirsty murderers.
No one can escape these types.
In this case what can we do,
Besides fleeing?
You have no idea...
What is to spend the life running away.
I know, yes. I know it very well.
The great champion Zubac!
Who will bet on it?
Come on, Zubac!
Bet Zubac!
You can, Zubac!
You can! Yes!
The great champion Zubac was defeated.
I want revenge!
My leg, my leg!
Leave me, it does not make sense.
You're an Idiot!
It's the only thing that makes sense,
To love someone, whatever.
Look! How do you say?
- He's having a baby.
- He's going to give birth, to give birth.
Go refresh yourself.
The green meadow, the wet grass,
Mount Javor, mount Javor.
Who keeps the herds, my dear ...
I'm going to die.
No, you're not going to die. Be patient.
A ladybug! They are lucky.
I'm scared.
Come on!
Where are you going?
Why are they shot from behind,
Fucking bastards!
High! Do not move!
Hands up.
Do not move!
You're all that I have.
Listen to me.
I go to the front and you follow me.
You understand?
Do not worry.
Well done, bastard!
Do not move!
You must not die,
You are totally innocent
Do not touch it!
Do not! Do not!
We're safe!
Here the road is free!
Tall, tall!
Leave the snake!
She wants to save you!
Do not move! High!
Do not!
Where are you going? Oh my god!
Where are you going?
Do you want to kill yourself?
If you kill yourself,
Who will remember the girl ...
And your love, idiot?
That way things are not done, my friend.
Leave me alone!
How did the dress come to stop here?
It's not like we're in heaven.
How is it possible?
You deserve heaven twice!
One thing missing.
Do you want me to be here with you?
There is no hurry.
When you come,
we'll be together forever!