On the Other Side (2016) Movie Script

This one is the last.
We'll have to order more.
Sorry girls, traffic jam.
-I am putting?
-Put it down.
-Is it enough?
Care for some coffee?
-Sure Sugar?
Here you are...
Mustapic says she's put an ad.
I haven't seen it but...
-It's not for us.
-Who is ti for, then?
The attendants...
Here's your sugar...
I might need your help
with Markulin today...
No problem.
Visiting nurses,
how can I help you...
Around eleven...
Yes, the young one.
You're welcome. Bye.
Salamon woman.
Girls, her Russian boyfriend...
His thing is...
...this big.
Seriously , I was shocked...
That's why she keeps calling...
The old man definitely
changed my idea...
...of what the man muscle
should look like...
Send me too.
If Stanka saw you right now...
You ex-smokers always nag...
Has Jadranka seen the tailor?
Don't pick it up...
We're working...
She has, to take in the waist...
Good, 'cause I was more than
happy with her...
With the hem?
-This one won't give up. Hold on...
-It's for you...
-I did not give number of tailor.
-I do not understand Nesi.
-Sure a second.
It's for you...
-Down side...
It's me, Zarko.
-I can't talk right now.
When can I call you?
I don't know...
I can't talk now...
It looks like new. You'd never
know it was ever mended...
Would you bring her things, please?
Bed pad first...
Now the diaper.
Relax your foot...
Never mind, let it ring...
-Your phone?
Never mind it.
Shall we turn the madam
onto her side?
-Get back, darling.
-Where are you off to?
-My course.
I've found an apartment for you...
Two rooms and a kitchen... You'd
just have to cook something...
...and call the doctor
when necessary...
Thanks, Bozo is waiting. Bye.
You kids make up your minds...
I can't leave the woman hanging...
Good afternoon
I do not know...
I'm not at the office right now,
and I can't talk about it...
-Where are you two hiding?
-What board?
We're here!
-Grandma's here!
-Where's my little love?
Where is my sweetie?
I will look at the office
when I return.
Hello my darling.
Hello, a gift.
-The bottle is in the heater
And turn the babyphon on
so you could hear him...
I will.
-We'll be back by eleven...
-No rush... Just take your time...
And, if he crawls under the table,
it means he's p..ping.
It's his new stunt.
-I see.
-See you Baby.
It's okay, Mom.
-Hurry up.
I am all in love with greed.
Are you a good babe?
-Good bye.
There's your Daddy's car...
See them?
Bye, bye....
Shake your hand, babe.
Well done. Dad, Dad.
Do you have any chic?
There is no chic in this question,
the chic starts the next question.
Well, let's think.
There's no need to
rediscover America.
It's not a hard question.
Of course, but I
have to think a bit.
Think you're okay, so
let's go to the ads.
Fasten your seat belt.
So, what does Jadranka say?
What about?
How will she get married when she
hasn't received Confirmation?
She's taking a course...
Have you met him?
-Who? The uncle?
-No, Jadranka's fiance...
I talked to him only once...
and the guy is...
The rubbish he said...
We were talking about marriage,
and he said...
... "a loveless marriage is
unhappy marriage."
He's right.
And when he said that the greatest
wealth is health...
Christ almighty, I really don't get
what she sees in him.
She loves him.
You just tell her not to rush into
The guy is a total douche.
I won't interfere...
I see he really cares for her...
Her ex-boyfriend was a true Tesla
in comparison with this moron...
Hello, anybody home?
It's me, Zarko.
I know.
I was afraid you wouldn't
recognize me.
Why not?
Sorry if I'm calling late...
I thought you can't be
at work now...
How did you get my number?
I called your office.
How are you?
Do you know... Have you heard
I've been...?
Can you talk?
I mean, are you alone or...?
What do you want?
I'm getting up early tomorrow...
How is Jadranka?
She's fine.
And Vlado?
He's fine too.
Have you told them I've called?
They have a lot on their minds
as it is.
I'd love to see you all.
Are you there?
Say when and I'll come.
I do not know about them,
but I don't want it.
I have to go.
-Wait, give me their numbers...
We have your number now.
You know.
Keep your voice down...
OK. The woman is out.
It must be very tired.
I'm not tired yet.
-No. Leave me.
-Come over me.
We don't make too much noise.
-Stay wet.
What did he sound like?
I do not know. Fine, I guess.
What if he comes?
-He doesn't have the guts for that.
What planet are you living on?
-So what?
-What shall I tell him?
Tell him I'm surprised
he hasn't hanged himself.
Cut it out, will you?
-He'll call me at work
-Let him call, who gives a s..t?
I'll be in Moscow from the 15th
to the 25th next month...
If you decide to go through with
your marriage, don't do it then.
Say hello to Nives.
-See you.
-Good bye.
I think he's in a pretty pickle.
-With Nives.
Well, his colleague is pregnant...
So what?
Mum, they always go on business
trips together...
He is a father of a baby child.
What difference does that make?
A baby child?
That's it
we're almost done...
and the garden is beautiful,
full of flowers...
-Bed pad, please...
-This is the dining room.
Feeling better, are you?
And the kitchen
You'll share it.
-Yes. A little here too.
-You can easily split the food.
Are you better?
Am I too rough?
...as well as the dining room...
All done. Mister Drago, shall we?
Easy lie down.
The diaper, please
Yes, it's slow.
That's it. Lie down.
Can you give me a drink? OK.
-The door opens from here.
Just wheel him around
the apartment and balcony...
...and find him a sports channel
to watch...
We'll see about it...
My father often says that...
...one shouldn't look a gift
horse in the mouth.
You can drop me there...
Thanks, that's fine.
-Give it to me.
Well, see you...
-Yes, see you at three
-Good bye.
-Good bye.
He really is a fount of sayings...
Have you told him?
Told him what?
He'll see the documents...
What documents?
Your birth certificate You have to
produce it before the wedding...
Was I supposed to tell all my
boyfriends who my father is?
Mum, look.
-It's me.
I thought you wouldn't call...
I work... Evening is the only time
that suits me...
Hang up and I'll call you back.
I don't want you to spend money...
It's okay...
It's expensive, the other country.
All right then...
Have you asked them?
They don't want it.
-Both of them?
Are you all right?
What did they say?
-All sorts of things...
-Like what?
You know what.
Tell me, I want to hear.
You want to hear?
If you had any interest in us,
it wouldn't have come to this.
Vlado has taken after you...
He never picks his words...
And Jadranka?
She's getting married... She's
worried her fiance will find out...
The wreath is really nice...
I asked Nikola to bring it.
How is he?
Has he returned to Petrinja?
Ten years ago.
Yes. His wife...
What was his name?
-Yes, Suzana.
She wanted to be buried
with her family.
Are you telling me she's dead?
Yes, she had a leukemia...
Something genetic...
All her family died of it...
Now Nikola is dead worried
about the kids...
Tell him I said hello.
Shall I call Vlado,
what do you think?
I do not know. I wouldn't.
Then at least send me
their photographs.
I have to ask them.
They don't need to know.
Send them by cellphone...
And your photo, please...
I don't have a good photo.
Any photo will do...
I'm not so sure...
I'll think about it...
Come on in, come on.
-Hello there.
How was the trip?
-Have a nice day.
-Have a nice day.
It is slow, lazy, slow to work.
Vesna Hrestak,
pleasure to meet you
-Good afternoon. Finally.
-This is for you
Come on, jump.
-Hi, hello.
-We met at the moment, sir.
-Yes exactly.
Thank you, thank you.
Don Jure... Hrestak?
Where is your family from?
Well, my father was a truck driver.
He moved in with my Mum's family...
...if they were live.
-Hello, we found it nice.
-Welcome, my child.
...hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done, on earth as it is
in heaven...
Give us this day our daily bread...
And forgive us our trespasses...
...as we forgive those
who trespass against us...
Excuse me.
...and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
our Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women.
And blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners...
...now and at the hour of
our death. Amen.
Glory to the Father, and to
the Son, and to the Holy Spirit...
...both now and always,
and unto the ages of ages. Amen.
Dear Lord, bless this bethrothal of
your servants Bozo and Jadranka...
...and their parents,
mothers Vesna and Marija...
...brother and sister-in-law...
...bless this food to our use,
and us to your service.
Make us grateful
for all your mercies...
...and mindful of the needs
of others.
In the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...
In the name of the Father, and of
the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...
-It is.
-Let's go.
-Mum, it's me.
What happened?
Do you know anyone
in Vinogradska hospital?
Do you or don't you?
I do... I know the nurses... Why?
At gynaecology as well?
-Mum, we're leaving.
-You haven't had your breakfast.
We'll grab a bite somewhere
in the city
Hey, watch the elevator.
-I'm watching it.
-Here, take some cake.
-When is your interview?
-At noon.
My shift starts at noon as well.
-We're off, mum.
-See you.
-Who is it?
Good Morning.
Good Morning.
Don't you recognize me?
I was your neighbor...
when you lived in Sisak...
Yes, of course.
You were on the third,
and I was on the fifth floor...
Your son used to play football?
Davor is his name, isn't it?
-Please, do come inside.
I hope I haven't offended you...
It was ages ago...
No need to apologize... I barely
recognize myself in the mirror.
This is my cousin Mate.
Nice to meet you.
Please, have a seat.
Make yourselves comfortable.
My daughter is moving out
so it's a bit messy. Coffee?
We don't want to keep you long...
...and Mato has a bus to catch...
You're not keeping me... Please,
sit down I'll join you in a second.
How's Davor? I was sure he'd
end up in the national team.
I'm afraid it's all connections
and relations.
But he's fine, he's a coach now...
Coaching Segesta juniors...
Sit down.
The thing is...
I haven't come for myself...
I'm from a village near Orasje,
in Bosanska Posavina...
I know.
Well, I don't know how to start...
without offending you...
...all kinds of things...
...happened in my home village
during the war.
33 people were killed.
Mostly women and children...
...since the men were
at the front-line...
Now, the worst thing is...
...that nobody knows
where they were buried.
Do you understand?
I thought you could help us...
Me? How? I don't see how...
Don't get me wrong, madam
Your husband was in that area...
He was, so to say, one of those
in charge...
-In Yugoslav Army.
-Yes, in Yugoslav Army.
And I told my fellow villagers
that we used to be neighbors...
...and that I knew your husband
as a good man...
We had a drink together
more times than I can count...
...and he played football with my
Davor every day after work...
Well, a war is a war...
But now that he is back
from the Hague...
...we were hoping...
...you could ask him...
...if he knows
where our families...
...are buried...
I'm not in touch with him.
Yes, we know.
We are all sorry you moved away.
I had to.
I know.
Vlado barely survived the beating.
I know.
Luckily, your Vladimir is alive.
While some people
have been looking...
...for their loved ones
for twenty years.
I've lost Zoran.
Mato has lost his two daughters...
...and everything he had got
burnt to the ground...
This photo is all he has left.
We know, madam, that he couldn't
say everything in the Hague...
...but it's all over now...
We just want to bury
our loved ones.
If it's necessary, we'll collect
the money, just tell us.
What money?
What are you talking about?
There is a charge for everything.
When he was in the Hague, he met
all those who were in command...
On our side, on theirs,
and on Moslems.
Someone may have told him
I've told you I have no contact
with him.
You may hear from him...
Especially now that Jadranka
is getting married...
Here's the name of the village
and the list of the people.
If you can do something...
If you can't, you can't...
We had to ask.
Sorry to have bothered you...
Thank you. Bye.
-It's me.
-Hang up, I'll call you back.
-I'll be brief.
What's wrong?
Peric says hello.
He is Masici.
You know where that village is?
Yes, but I know nothing about
what happened there.
Why haven't you sent me your photo?
No reason.
You should have...
I didn't want to shock you.
You know I've always
found you beautiful.
I've grown old, too.
It's different with you men.
I've seen in the papers
you've shaved your moustache.
I can grow it again if you want.
Hello... Vesna...
...are you there?
Vlado's son is the spitting
image of you.
What's his name?
Toma... After Vlado's
Vlado's wife, what's she like?
She's great...
She works at a foreign languages
She teaches French and Spanish.
Are they getting along well?
AhYou know Vlado...
Everything has to be his way.
Has she taken her degree?
Yes, last summer.
But she can't find a job.
What did she study?
She worked at a lawyer's office
until two months ago.
Now she has to do the internship
and take her bar examination...
She has applied for a job at
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs...
...and is having
an interview today.
If I get indicted again,
she can defend me.
None of it would have happened
if you hadn't left us.
I did not leave you,
you left me.
I begged you to come with me,
as a family...
So it's my fault now?
I don't know whose fault it is...
I just know Zoran would still be
alive if you 'd agreed...
If you hadn't abandoned us,
it wouldn't have happened...
They knew whose son he was.
They'd know it even if you had
changed his surname ten times.
And he didn't kill himself,
like they said.
I know he didn't.
-Good Morning.
-I haven't waken you, have I?
I'm Vladimir's mother.
- Has he sent you?
Is there something I can get you?
I mean, it was an emergency...
No, thank you.
Girl or boy?
I don't know... I haven't asked...
As long as it's alive and well...
When I was pregnant with the twins
I had to be on complete bed rest...
...the whole pregnancy...
...but they were still born
three weeks prematurely...
Is he still mad at me?
I know he was with his wife,
but I was terrified.
I just want him to recognize
the child...
Hey, Mum... This is my Mum...
-Hello there.
I'll put this in the cupboard...
I must run or I'll be late for work
This is for you Bye...
-Good bye.
-Good bye.
-Good bye.
I was stupid to have applied.
I speak to Vuletic,
may be he can do something.
Mum, please...
I can ask, can't I?
What else? Beg?
It can't hurt.
Turn right here.
They've seen everything.
What everything?
What?!... Father's name, surname...
Two men were leafing
through my papers...
...and then they started
whispering to each other.
I was such a moron
to have gone there at all...
You can drop me here.
Yes Look, Bozo is there
-You can stop here.
-It's okay, Mum.
-See you.
I'll come later and help you clean.
How much are you paying?
200 Euros plus utilities.
You'd pay less at my patient's.
-See you.
Mrs Vesna! Has something
happened to my mother?
No, no... Your mum is fine...
It's you I need.
I mean, I won't keep you long...
I know I should have asked
for an appointment.
-Is it something urgent?
-Well, it is...
Look, I'm on my way to a meeting.
We can talk in the car,
if it suits you.
I really wouldn't want to impose
on you.
You're no imposition...
My Dad can't praise you enough.
-I'm just doing my job.
If everybody did their job,
we'd have become...
...Switzerland long time ago.
-Yes. Thank you so much.
Here is the thing.
I have a daughter.
Fine, I have a daughter too...
She took her degree in law.
She was one of the best students.
But she can't find a job,
is that it?
She had a job interview
at the Ministry...
...and I was hoping...
She's getting married, you know...
...what's your daughter's name?
-Jadranka Hrestak.
Jadranka, well...
Well, tell Jadranka it will be
her wedding gift from me.
I'm having a lunch
with a colleague this afternoon.
I did a similar favor to him
few months ago...
...so I think there
will be no problem.
-Thank you so much.
-No need to thank me...
No, really, I don't know
how to thank you.
Don't mention it
She's a great girl, you'll see...
She speaks perfect English.
Consider it done... Sorry, I have
to take this. Hello... Yes?
Hold on, what do you mean?
Transfer it where?
The number you dialed is
no longer in service...
The number you dialed is
no longer in service...
The number you dialed is
no longer in service...
For numbers and services of
Serbian Telecom dial 11811.
Another foot... that's it.
That must be Zdenko...
That's my girl
Hi, Dad. Here's something little
for you. Is Vesna here?
She's here more often than you,
that for sure.
I'll be right back.
-All right.
-Hello there.
-How is she doing?
-Like a newborn, aren't you?
It's easy for you when
you have such a good son.
I brought some things.
There, we always make a nice
hairdo, don't we, granny...
You should have brought a bigger
bag, this one is too small
All right, Dad,
put what you can...
I'll take the rest some other time.
Vesna, you haven't told me
I'm sorry.
I mean, you've put me into
an embarrassing position.
Those are delicate things...
...jobs like that require
security checks...
She hasn't heard from him
in 20 years.
And you?
Have you heard from him?
Here's what we'll do...
This is my friend's office...
Take the card...
Tell your daughter to go there
and tell him I've sent her.
He's a lawyer and he'll help her
if he can.
I'm terribly sorry,
please forgive me.
I've told you the bag is too small.
Ah, never mind... See you.
See you, you just come and go
-Easy dad.
-Okay, okay.
-Look good, goodbye.
Talk, dad.
-It's me.
Whose number are you calling from?
This is my new number.
Am I interrupting you?
Why have you changed your number?
I had some unwelcomed calls.
Has Jadranka got the job?
I'll call Ante tomorrow...
He'll take care of that.
Who's Ante?
You know who he is.
We all grew close there...
I do not know anything anymore.
Rumor has it they want to leave
Croatia and go to Canada.
Major Zivkovic's both sons
have gone to Canada...
He says hello.
He's encouraging me to tell you
I've had a stroke...
-Who is?
That's what he did...
His wife went to Sweden in '93.
He sent the word he had a stroke.
Two days later she was
in Belgrade... and stayed there.
Would you come...?
I don't know.
And if I really had a stroke?
What stroke? Don't be ridiculous!
If that's the only way
for me to see you...
I wouldn't mind having a stroke...
And what would you do if you saw me?
What would I do? Nothing.
I would just stare at you...
What's wrong?
I can't sleep...
I don't even try without pills...
What do you do
when you can't sleep?
Nothing... I just stare
at the TV... or play chess...
Chess? Who do you play it with?
It's a habit I formed there...
-What's strange?
That you don't have anybody...
I'm married...
...am I not? We haven't divorced,
as far as I know.
Tell that to somebody else.
What about you?
I'm different.
I'm sure you had somebody
but you don't want to admit...
There was somebody...
...long time ago...
She looked like you...
She even laughed like you...
Sure, like my laugh is something
It is.
Not likely. How do I laugh?
In a very special way...
There... exactly like that...
And? What happened with that woman?
Nothing... She didn't know...
Why didn't you tell her?
She had a husband...
Maybe she liked you more than him.
I doubt it.
How can you be so sure?
She loved him.
-And you knew him?
And I could never understand
what she saw in him...
I've heard that questions
many times myself...
What question?
That question...
What I saw in you...
And, what did you answer?
I said I had fallen in love...
Where is she now?
She's gone.
What do you mean, gone?
She was killed.
Who killed her?
My men...
...her and her two sons...
Do you know who did it?
-Who else...
I was in charge...
I will never forgive myself.
Zarko. Are you all right?
I miss you so much.
Why don't you come?
Children don't have to know...
Nobody has to know...
If only for a day...
It is stupid to throw away
the little time we have left...
Where are you now?
In my bed...
Also in bed...
I'll never get to sleep now...
Play chess.
I won't be able to take it
much longer...
Take what?
-What is this?
Zarko, don't hang up, please.
-Hey, hi.
-Hi Nives, is Vlado at home?
Yes, come in.
Why haven't you called to tell us
you were coming?
I won't keep you long,
I just dropped by...
We are in no hurry...
-Where's Toma? Sleeping?
-Yes, he's fallen asleep.
Won't you take a seat?
-No, no, I won't stay long
I'll go get Vlado
Hey, your Mum is here.
-Oh really?
Where are those images?
-I do not know where.
They must be somewhere around.
-Hey, what brings you here?
-We have to talk.
-What about?
-I've spoken with your Dad.
And, what does he want now?
I've decided to visit him.
-Great... Isn't that just great?
What: What? What not!
Have you told your Mum?
-Oh, how wonderful...
-Another grandson...
...or a granddaughter...
We don't know yet...
Give them to her so she could
show them to grandpa...
-What's wrong?
-Don't listen to him.
Mum's moving to Serbia.
I don't get it how
that old piece of s..t...
...managed to twist you
around again.
He's your father.
He's my a.s, not my father.
Do you want your grandchildren...
...to be labeled because of
their grandfather?
What does Jadranka say?
-I haven't told her yet.
-And Zoran?
I really wonder what Zoran would
say, you should ask him as well.
-Go to his grave and ask him.
Do you ever ask yourself
-Well done! Vesna, wait.
-Bye, Nives.
Good afternoon.
Sorry to bother you, but I need
to speak to Mr. Zivkovic.
Zivkovic speaking.
I got your number from directory
I'm calling from Zagreb...
Captain Zarko Nikolic's wife...
if you remember me...
Vesna! Dear Lord, it's you...
Of course I remember!
Of course I remember you!
I always envied Zare...
...for having won you first...
How are you?
-How are you?
Fine, I guess...
Sorry if I'm bothering you...
You're no bother at all...
It's Vesna, Zare's wife...
Vesna, Zare's wife?!
I want to talk to her!
Let me first see
what the woman wants...
Wait a second.
We mentioned you
a thousand times...
...how I played chess
with your boys and...
Yes, I wanted to ask you a favor...
It's about Zarko.
Anything you need.
I've been calling him,
but he doesn't answer...
I'm getting worried something
might have happened to him.
I seeDon't worry...
I'll try to call him...
...or I'll pop over to his place...
Anica wants to hear you...
She's been waiting here like
a rattlesnake...
-Give me that phone
-Here it is.
-Hello, Vesna.
-Hello, Anica.
Hello, Vesna.
I can't believe it's you!
How are you?
When are you coming to Belgrade?
I don't know.
Don't give me that!
Just pack your things and come!
We have so much to talk about,
it's been ages...
...since we last saw each other...
I really don't know...
I have to see with Zarko...
Zarko would be very happy,
that for sure...
He's changed, you know, after
everything he's been through...
-I know.
-Let the woman off the phone...
She'll spend a fortune
on this call...
Vesna, listen, I'll call you...
...when this old nag is not around
and we'll talk. Okay?
-Sure. Bye Anica
-It'il be fine. Come on, Anica.
-Goodbye My dear.
Alo Vesna. It's Zarko.
You've changed your number again?
What number?
Hello? Vesna...
Zarko. Is that you?
Yes, who else would it be.
Dule told me to call you
and I'm calling...
I can barely hear you...
Are the kids okay?
I was worried something
had happened.
I've been meaning to call you,
I don't want to bother you...
Anyway, are you okay?
-I'm so glad you called first...
...so glad.
It was such a pleasant surprise...
I'd love to see you and the kids,
when all this blows over.
This is my number... so...
...if there's anything you need...
-All right, Vesna.
-Am I calling at a bad time?
Sorry I hang up on you
last night...
I called you several times...
I know.
Who are you?
What have I done to you?
Why are you doing this to me?
Have you any idea
what you've done to me?
Forgive me.
-Good afternoon...
-Let me help you.
Go ahead, unlock the door.