On the Run (1988) Movie Script

Presented by Leonard Ho
Produced by Sammo Hung
Associate Producer: Anthony Chan
Production Manager: Chan Pooi-Wa
Coordinator: Hung Dik
Art Direction:
Yee Chung-Man, Lo Ka-Yiu
Cinematography: Peter Ngor
Music: Lam Man-Yee
Editing: Yu Jun
Script: Alfred Cheung, Keith Wong
Executive Producer: Lam Siu-Chu
Starring: Yuen Biao
Pat Ha Man-Jik
Charlie Chin, Lo Lieh
Yuen Wah, Phillip Ko
and Chan Yuk-Lin
Planning: Chan Mong-Wa
Assistant Director: Lam Hing-Lung
I'm Mr Hsi. Any message from 3833?
That lady has left.
Thank you.
Mr Lu, she has left
I didn't bring my daughter; she's sick.
Is she under your mammy's care again?
Have you been busy lately?
No, my department is folding up while.
Yours is busy catching dope pushers.
Cheer up. Say something.
Well, I do want to talk to you
Say it.
Are you emigrating with
your mammy to Canada?
I haven't made up my mind yet.
Once you have decided, please...
Go on.
Sponsor me as your spouse.
You know, a small cop has no future here.
You mean to hold our divorce proceedings?
Would you give up your police
job to be a waiter?
That man there's funny. He
never finishes his soup.
And he hasn't touched those dishes
I'm not the idle-talk type.
Your group gas cracked some dope cases.
Take care.
Have you got any news?
Come to see your daughter when you've time
I will.
Don't you feel I've matured much?
I must leave.
Miss, you've dropped your spoon.
Thank you.
What are you doing?
Mr. Hsi, a murder, Hill Wood Road
Please inform Mr Lu.
OK, we'll come right away.
Mr Lu, it's done
Let's start.
Why are you so late?
Something happened to Lo Huan
Something happened to Lo Huan.
Say that again.
Lo Huan's killed.
Senior Lady Inspector
Anti-Narcotics Kin HQS
was shot by a mysterious killer.
What's the killer's motive?
Senior Supt. Lu of Homicide
will recount the circumstances.
Don't look, this is only a duplicate.
Why did you secretly push dope with Snake?
Where is Snake?
I repatriated him to Thailand.
This will be better for you.
Call our Anti-Narcotics
Section tomorrow morning.
Let's get back that stuff
and forget everything.
Do you agree or not?
Why are you doing that?
All I want is a better life for us both.
Why did she die so horribly?
What are you doing? Don't go in
Don't be sad.
The saddest thing is to see you together.
After identification, take a statement.
Right in the restaurant where
Insp. Lo was murdered
our reporter is still covering the news.
According to police who didn't
want to be identified
she did brilliantly
at Anti-Narcotics Section
having seized large quantities of drugs.
A professional killer hired by
drug pushers could have done it.
Tallie called saying Miss Pai is missing
We can't find her till later
I've never seen a sharper marksman.
Why such a mess?
I don't know.
You were with her every night.
You mean officially or privately?
Officially means our Section
privately means me and her.
She was recently investigating
a group of dope pushers.
Maybe she was bought.
Don't be sad. Go back and take a rest.
Don't be sad yourself.
Don't play a hero to probe this
I'll investigate it at my leisure.
Go and sign the Death Certificate first.
Sorry, I'm late.
How come? We were waiting for you to embark.
Since the target is an inspector
The price has to be different.
Where's your assistant?
She went shopping. She'll return
of the count is right.
Well, let me go back to report first
Wait here. Don't ever go away
I'll fix it, don't worry.
Mr Lu, we didn't pick up Tallie's assistant.
He said the price for a
policeman is different.
Would things be better
if Tallie didn't talk?
Wonder what he has told his assistant?
Have them collect the money. Pay their price.
I've talked with my superior. No problem
I'm having someone send
you the amount you want.
Well, have you find your assistant?
She will appear when the money's paid.
Please disappear right
after you get the money.
We will.
Good. Wait at the phone
booth. Money's coming.
Not my fault.
Not my fault.
Sir! Sleep if you're tired.
Take your mind off it.
Take care of him.
Lo Huan has left you.
You should've known, she'd...
What's the press comment on this case?
The paper's on your desk. Head it.
Well, I'll fix it myself
Come to us if you need any help.
Tallie, how come?
We've already brought the money.
Now tell us, where's your assistant?
We'll escort her home safely
I really don't know.
She'd be in danger loitering alone
I don't know.
Tallie, you're had a narrow escape.
Tell us, where's she?
Don't you know?
I don't.
Mitsukoshi, Causeway Bay...
Do you recognize me?
Ah Chui.
Ah Chui? Who's Ah Chui.
What did you say?
Causeway Bay...
Hear that?
The entrance to Daimaru
Someone wants to kill her.
Save her...
Did you kill my wife? Speak up.
Answer me?
Now I can't emigrate.
Don't you know that?
Are you that killer? Answer me.
From Thailand?
Where are you taking me to?
To hell.
That woman was your wife?
You've confessed at last.
Who's it?
Superintendent Lu.
I'm Hsiang Ming
Hsiang Ming.
Sir, I've got Lo Huan's killer, a woman.
Where are you now?
I'm now at the back stairs of Pai Li Bldg.
Stay there. I'll send get
you picked up at once.
Who is behind this?
Are you going to talk or not?
Kill me
Hsiang Ming
I'm here.
Is it the Homicide Section?
What are you doing?
Mr Lu, I'm Hsiang Ming.
Where are you? I'll pick you up
Hsiang Ming, where are you?
Hsiang Ming, why don't you speak?
Hsiang Ming
I don't understand.
Hsiang Ming
I don't understand.
What? Speak up.
Mammy, anything happened?
Listen, get some valuables
and take Lin away.
Don't ask me why. I'll tell you later.
Get the things right now
Turn off lights. Don't answer the door.
Wait for me at the back stairs.
Let's go.
Ming, what happened?
Who's she?
Mammy, let's get in first.
No, I heard someone ring our bell.
The 5th floor's vacant. Let's go up.
Come on, let's go up.
Ming, what are you doing?
Miss, why don't you take him to hospital.
Miss, who are you?
What happened to him?
Daughter and son-in-law went the same way.
My granddaughter is helpless.
Go out now. I can manage here.
Move, or I'll shoot you dead.
Sister, isn't my mammy beautiful?
Mammy's dead. I must take revenge.
Re ' Me.
Do ' Re ' Me.
Chui, if we lose contact
you return to hotel.
If there's no message at the hotel
Find Uncle Kuei in Taikoktsui Pier in 3 days.
He'll take you away then.
Where's that woman?
I don't know.
Pack up and take Lin to Canton.
Let me make call first.
Mr Wu, I'm Hsiang Ming
I caught that killer. I told Mr Lu.
But someone came to kill me instead
I don't know what happened.
Are you alright? Want to notify Homicide?
No, I don't trust them anymore.
Send someone to contact me.
Right away. With me here, don't worry.
We don't get bullied easily
Just wait there.
Hui, go to Hsiang Ming's to pick him up
Yes ' sir
Hsiang Ming?
I don't know
I'm in charge of this case.
He's my assistant.
You were my assistant before.
What's so special with your
folding department?
Espionage and political is no problem here.
You sissy men have no right to speak.
Where's Hsiang Ming?
I don't know.
You sissy men are making a mess
I'm still probing that Richard suicide case.
Were you his girl friend?
Shall I show your superior the photos?
Speak up! Where's Hsiang Ming?
Answer me.
Ming, I'm leaving without
fixing Huan's funeral.
She may not rest in peace.
Mammy, go there for a few days.
Someone will pick me up.
Who are you looking for?
Mr Wu has asked us to come.
Who are you? What are you doing?
Get away
Mammy, go away.
Go away.
Let me.
What's it?
He fired.
Cling to me.
Daddy, come back quick to pick me up
Hsiang Ming, are you all right?
Hsiang Ming
It's us.
Homicide wants to kill me. Help me
Hsiang Ming
Hsiang Ming.
Over there
I'm from CID
I'm from CID too.
Show me your badge
Show me yours.
Show me yours first.
Come on, I'm serious
I'm serious too.
Are you out of your mind?
After them
I'm from CID, Political Department
I'll report you set the killer free.
Your daddy's finished for sure.
Drop it, or I'll kill that kid girl.
Lin, remember that song I taught you?
Do ' Re ' Me.
Stay there! Halt!
Run and I'll shoot.
A friend, don't shoot.
Don't shoot.
Don't try anything foolish.
Take me to the police station.
No monkey business.
Let's go.
After them.
Take Lin up. I'll wait here.
Don't wait for me.
You don't owe me anything
I can't even protect myself.
Get out of HK now
I still have to wait for my uncle.
He was killed by Lu. Run now
I promised to give Lin a doll.
Lin, go and thank her.
Thank you, sister
I must leave
Hsiang Ming, what happened?
Close the door first.
Please take care of Lin for me
What happened?
Sister, I want her to stay here a few days
She can't.
I know the police have been after you
Hsiang Ming, what happened?
You're still bleeding.
It's about Lo Huan. I'm in a fix.
Brother, please take care of Lin for me
Hsiang Ming, spare some thought for us
The police seeing her here will find out.
What are we going to do then?
We're of different mothers. They won't know.
We'll be in a fix if the police find it out.
Brother, I'm not a criminal.
That's no concern of mine. Anyway...
I'm Hsiang Ming's brother, I must help him.
But you're of different mothers.
Shut up! Back to your room.
Go in.
Leave Lin to my custody.
Thank you.
Where are you going? Any danger?
Now the press has carried your photo.
Only a misunderstanding
I'll settle it myself.
Lin, take his advice. I'll be back soon.
Don't you need any money?
I want nothing but my life.
Brother, never mind me. Take care of Lin.
Don't worry, I'll return soon.
What's going on?
This car...
I stole it. Get in first.
Someone there is ready to take it
but the party is not the nice sort.
The Hsiang Ming case should be
settled the sooner the better.
If we can't deliver, we may get killed.
Where are we going?
Which is the safest place?
The Golden Triangle
Hong Kong's much brighter now.
You have a fever. Go and
see a doctor tomorrow
Hsiang Ming's now listed
as first degree killer.
Homicide men may shoot him at sight.
Those who failed in taking him needn't worry
I'm now in charge.
As of now, all leaves will be cancelled.
Stand by round-the-clock
Report to your captain.
What's your trouble?
My friend
My friend's ill. Please help him
I don't make home calls.
Please. He's seriously ill.
Take him to a hospital
then. Call an ambulance.
Doctor, I beg you, help him
I can't leave those patients unattended...
Get your things and follow me.
My mammy's having a baby. I must go.
His old wound's getting inflamed.
The new wound barely misses the aorta.
Miss, are you his wife?
You're Robin Hood, but I'm poor.
My family was rich
but they went bankrupt last night.
Is he all right?
Should be fatal
I mean, should be all right.
Should be all right.
Why are you still here?
I still have a lot of shopping to do.
What shopping?
Earrings, lipsticks, shoes
my sister's favorites.
She wants to but 20 pairs when she's rich.
Did you kill my wife for that?
Yes, life's cheap and earrings are dear.
Did Mr Lu tell you to kill her?
I'm not sure.
My uncle told me only when I got there.
You're cold-blooded. Why save me?
Because you saved me once
And I like Lin.
And I couldn't wait for my uncle.
He was killed, and you know it.
That one after you killed hum?
Get out if you want to stay alive.
Don't you want water?
I want to make a call.
Yes, thank you
Hsiang Ming
Hsiang Ming
Hsiang Ming.
A friend.
The ringleader's a Homicide boss
I'll give up if needs be.
Give up? He'll investigate it too.
And he'd claim you killed yourself
to evade conviction.
Would she testify against Mr Lu?
She knows nothing.
Theoretically she's guilty.
She saved me once.
Theoretically she's not
linked if she goes away.
Where's Mr Lu keeping the data?
Anything to prove he's linked?
Yes, I have an idea.
What would you do?
Drug Squad Ling's wife writes to say.
Ling fooled around on the
mainland and in Taiwan.
And he picked up a foreign girl in HK.
She wants us to check if the girls are spies.
Let's go and investigate then.
Aren't we doing him an injustice?
You and Julia Nixon went
to Hotel A on Feb. 12
to Hotel B on Feb. 15
and to Hotel C on Feb. 17.
You have been with her every third day since
Buy you didn't pay the expenses.
You need medical advice for
your strong sexual desire.
Does this concern the Political Dep't?
Isn't it the affair of the
Medical and Health Dep't?
It's not our concern if Julia is a spy?
She's not a spy; she's a nympho.
She enjoys doing that.
Can't a spy play a nympho?
She comes from a rich family.
A spy could pose as a rich girl too.
A spy of what country?
She's a Soviet spy.
She wants to get info from you
on drugs from the mainland
and to expose it to the world.
She never asked me about drugs.
A spy wouldn't do things that way, idiot
I'm no 007; I can't tell if she's a spy
HK will soon be China's
and you bedding a Soviet.
What do you expect me to do then?
Answer my questions honestly.
We'll rewrite the report, so we'd be even.
Keep it in the record then.
Don't act on impulse.
Keep cool, Once on record, you're finished.
Well, come on with your questions.
That policewoman died a martyr.
Why haven't you got any clue?
We raided Sai Kung on a tip-off
but Homicide was there making an arrest.
They had it done. So we couldn't go on.
What about your informer?
We got that bastard Snake Ming.
He said someone wanted to dump that stuff.
We beat him into telling us everything
but Madam wouldn't trust us
She wanted to question him herself.
Then Snake disappeared.
Here's a complaint from your wife.
Read it.
That fat bitch?
I got them from the car.
See if they're okay.
Can I try them?
Your shoes?
They don't fit.
Let me do it if you can't
I've got everything sorted out.
They're observing the 1st 7day;
will be late
I'll count on you.
Don't worry, I'm going.
Give me your cigarette
I don't smoke.
Damn, I can't find it.
Impossible, I must have got it.
Where could it be?
How's it going up there?
I'm searching the study.
Nothing here.
What about your side down there?
Nothing either
Johnny, search some other places.
Okay, I'm now in the living room.
Lots of heroin.
Lu is coming up
Lu's coming up.
Can't you stop coughing?
Fatty Wai
Who's speaking?
Fatty Wai can't go tonight.
He must work.
Who's talking?
Cut it off right away.
Lu's coming, Johnny.
The back door dog doesn't bark.
The political Dep't complained
we went too far
on the Hsiang Ming case
I've heard about it.
We've moved too slowly then.
Let him get to the Triangle.
We'll fix him there.
Once he's gone, who's going to accuse us?
Let's sell it to local pushers
while it's in short supply.
No, we must answer to our USA friends.
Have you had your palm read lately?
What do you mean?
Speak up.
Where are they? Answer me
Run quick
I really don't know what's on your mind.
Nor do I.
What are you going to do in Golden Triangle?
Did I say I'm going back?
Talk business and sell opium.
Eat ice-cream and buy earrings in Bangkok.
And I want a girl
I like your daughter
Hsiang Ming.
Get out of here right now
Johnny was flung out of the window
when he came to the Lu's to get evidence.
He told him of this address before his death.
He didn't mean to. Understand?
Get out of Hong Kong right away.
All the police in HK have got a tip-off.
They'll shoot you on sight.
Don't use my car. Go through the path.
What about you?
Don't worry. They've no evidence against me.
And I know how to defend my self.
Run, run quick.
Where are you going?
No idea.
Come with me to the Village.
Golden Triangle?
Make up your mind now.
Get going
I don't know.
Run, run quick.
Take care.
Mr Lu, I really don't know where he is.
He did call me and want to stay at my home
but I turned him down because he's wanted.
We're friends, but not close friends
I really don't know what he does outside.
Believe me, Mr Lu.
Mr Lu, I really don't know where he is.
He did call me, but I turned him down.
Where are they now?
You know, he's wanted criminal.
If I see him, I'll capture him for sure.
What do you know about us?
I really would.
We're friends, but not close friends
I really don't know what he does.
Speak up.
Go on
I really don't know what he does outside.
Mr Lu, I don't know what he does.
Believe me, Mr Lu
I really don't know what he does outside.
Mr Lu, I really don't...
Your funereal object is rather expensive.
Sister, where's brother?
He's not here.
Have any police been here?
I want to take Lin away. Where's she?
She's here.
Wait. Let me help her pack.
Daddy, I'm here.
Good girl.
They've just arrived.
Come quick and try to put them off?
Who are you talking to?
Forget it. Let's go.
Wait for me here.
Who Uncle Kuei, please?
I'm here
I'm Tallie's niece. I want a boat
I still have a friend outside.
Come in
up above.
How's it going, Uncle Kuei?
The two are going to Ta Nan Shan.
Put them up for one night.
This way, please
Come in.
This once
Thank you
I'll have someone pick you up before dawn.
Who are those men outside?
Most of them are criminals.
The proprietor?
We have our rules. This is my business.
Go to bed.
We'll sail for Waglan, then to Thailand.
All roads lead to our Village in Thailand.
Nothing matters as long as we survive.
You're all smiles now.
The thought of home delights me.
Never thought I'd emigrate to Golden there.
You can study Chinese there.
Let me hold her.
Sister, get up and play with me.
Get up and play with me.
Lin, I'm going out. Don't go away.
Lin's missing.
Watch out
Go through the back door.
Let those novices be cannon fodder.
Let's go.
Go out. What are you doing?
Stay where you are!
Brother, don't shoot.
Keep away
Don't shoot.
Keep away.
Drop your gun
or I'll shoot.
Come on, drop it.
After him.
Let's go
Drop your gun.
Don't shoot.
Are you all right?
We'd better go into hiding.
Where's Lin?
She's asleep.
Lin's wet all over. Got any cloth?
Have you got any money?
Not too much.
Give it to me
I only kill for money.
With it, I'll kill for you.
Let's go and get Lu Chin
before he comes to us
I'll go to get a bag.
Don't get the condom by mistake.
My hands are gone, gone
What's wrong? Come and sit down.
What's wrong? Come and sit down.
Don't move.
Great shot. Right between my eyes.
Don't brother
Don't! She's a good shot.
You'll never repay me the lives.
My hands.
Which of you helped kill my brother?
I didn't
I didn't.
A good shot.
Don't shoot.
Take all my guns.
Brother, give them the guns.
Don't shoot. It has no bullets.
Where's your gun? Show me.
Take it.
Mr Lu, where's your gun? Show them.
It has no bullets.
Mr Lu, any more guns? No.
Don't shoot.
It hurts.
Quiet, or I'll blow your throat up.
Don't shoot
Stop that
Stop that.
Mr Lu, give them their share.
Mr Lu, give Hao's share to them too.
No, that's unreasonable.
It's two against four.
Split the money into 6 parts
I want no money.
Life would be cheap if you've
no money and no hands.
Take back your share.
Lu, what do you say?
We've been in this section for years.
When others make money
we worked at the morgue.
Frankly, I don't mind, I'm a salaried worker.
We can't accept bribes.
Now there's the 1997 question again.
No such a question when everyone
was making money.
Now, I'm promoted and the question arises.
Everybody's emigrating.
What about me?
You killed my wife for this?
She threatened my plan,
I had no choice
I was sadder when she died.
Because she loved me, not you.
Isn't it sad to see one's lover die?
Hsi, tell me.
Have I shed tears? Have I?
Have I, Hsi?
Who sees your daughter oftener, you or me?
I also have a son waiting for me in USA.
Now you can't get away.
Split the money
Money counts for much
I mean it.
You'd do anything for money.
Split it. Take my advice and split it.
OK, to show my sincerity
I'll maim my left hand.
Come on, shoot my hand.
Shoot at my hand.
Come on.
A cripple's better than a dead man. Come on.
Come on, don't cry.
Come on.
Shoot him.
Don't shot
Kill me
I carry 2 guns daily. You
wouldn't dream of it.
Kill me
I've always been really to die.
Kill me if you got the nerve.
Now you know how it feels to get hit!
The more bleeding, the colder you feel.
Your teeth will clatter; your limbs numb.
You'll be thirsty as death nears
but you can drink nothing but your blood.
If you escape death, you'd
be able to really smile.
My blood, my blood.
Pretend I'm your family doctor.
You can pay me with "thanks".
The embalming fluid
won't last for long.
Bury her soon.
I'm glad I can be of help.
If you ever have a baby,
I can make the delivery.
Thanks, doctor.
Hsiang Ming and Ah Chui were arrested
before reaching international waters.
They are still in prison.