Once Again (2018) Movie Script

This city is strange.
The sea is so close, yet so far.
When I was a child
I was afraid of the ocean.
And I was scared of mountains.
What are you thinking?
No one ever gets the entire universe.
Somewhere the earth,
somewhere the sky is missing.
If you want to be a poet,
then be original.
Before I forget,
what was the name of that
spice that breaks fat?
It's not spice it's a fruit.
I cooked another dish with that,
which is cooked without oil.
-Should I send it to you?
-Yes, of course.
And how was your shooting
of the dance scene?
-That's tomorrow.
-I see.
Why are you so scared of dancing?
Everyone can dance, even you.
Yes, alone in front of the mirror.
Krishna said,
"Man must do his duty,
without thinking of the rewards."
Tara will get the rewards, anyway.
I've been thinking
for the past few days.
Shouldn't we finally meet?
Are you there?
I'm just your cook.
We've put some pictures
of the restaurant on Facebook.
There're lots of likes.
Is the landline not working?
I was in the kitchen.
The phone was constantly engaged.
I don't know.
-Did you have dinner?
-Yes, I did.
If we keep uploading more pictures,
we'll be able to manage to get more likes.
Careful! Careful!
Easy, don't touch. One by one.
Haven't you washed the other napkin, yet?
Neer dosa.
I would like to taste the sauce.
-Tara Madam, your tea is getting cold.
-Salt, salt.
We'll not get the loan.
They want to have the deeds.
Why? Did we ask for any collateral
when we catered his daughter's wedding?
How will we renovate
the kitchen before the wedding?
We will manage.
But we'll not give them the deeds!
Did you send the Sambar?
Shall I ask Kiran's father?
Mr. Kumar's tiffin is ready.
-Hello! Can I help, sir?
-Hello. No.
You're staying back, right?
Sir, the kids have already
called three times.
-Hi, sir!
-How are you?
-Very good, sir.
-How are the wedding preparations going?
-Going well!
-If you need help, just let me know.
-Yes, everything is fine. Thanks. Bye.
The sea link bridge is useless,
it still takes an hour.
Mr. Amar, asked regarding my marriage.
Did you tell him that?
Maybe while taking the last order.
Tomorrow we have to go to the jeweler.
The spices are also finished...
Right now the loan is more important.
You are not taking it seriously.
Yesterday also,
the oil was leaking through the ceiling.
Finished? Should we leave?
No, you go! I'll come, when I'm done.
-How are you?
-Tell me...
how was your performance?
Are you free of the curse?
-Not yet.
-Oh, God, you are still a ghost!
What about the happy ending?
The way I was dancing, forget ghosts,
even humans won't find salvation.
Now who's blaming himself?
Just like...
while cooking, you always wonder,
-did one add too much salt?
-Forget about food.
There always comes a point
when I can confidently tell
whether the food is going to be bad,
good or great.
Don't worry, everything will be all right.
Have some patience!
Until when?
Until the film is ready.
I was asking about something else.
About our meeting.
And someone was telling me
that he's a shy person.
Not always.
Not now.
The display can be here,
we'll make it out of rosewood.
Let's make a little pond here.
Exactly like that monastery
in Mcleod Ganj. Remember?
We can keep some gold fish in it
and lotus.
It'll bring so much peace.
-Ashok Uncle.
-Yes, dear.
-Don't forget taking your bonus.
-No bonus.
I'll buy from my own money.
Mom has suggested
a name for the shop.
Sapna, what's wrong?
I don't want it.
You're doing charity on your birthday.
Which one do you like?
Actually, both.
Should I pack them both?
How stupid.
I like this one more.
This one is like your Kiran,
Although simple
yet elegant and unique.
Isn't it?
Next track is from Amar Kumar's
famous film... "Pehli Baar".
Let's listen to one of the hit songs
of this film.
The song
that made Amar Kumar the star he is.
Gifting Sapna the shop,
was such a bad idea.
Our divorce has completely torn her apart.
You must not give it so much thought.
Time will teach her to cope.
I'll drop you home?
No, sir, at the station is fine.
I'll manage from there.
If you want I'll stay tonight.
This is for you.
Very pretty.
Rekha made it?
-She will grow up to be an artist?
It's your special day, sir.
May all your wishes be fulfilled.
I ordered something
and she has sent something else.
How did you like the food today?
It was amazing.
How did you know?
People might not know
our Prime ministers name,
but everyone knows
of our stars birthday.
Do you remember something else?
Phone anniversary.
Where are you?
At Navtejs performance,
the kids forced me to go.
Mira took you there?
Who else?
Before I forget,
did Sapna like the shop?
-She doesn't want it.
Why not?
Kids these days...
I met Navtej last year
for dinner in Delhi.
Then you should have come along.
Which row are you sitting in?
The show has begun, I'm going to go.
It's my birthday today.
As if you invited me.
I've been inviting you for a while.
Happy birthday!
If grandfather had not died so early,
then you wouldn't have stopped dancing?
Your father used to joke,
"Stop making everyone dance
to your commands
and start dancing again."
Mom, you must have thought
about getting re-married?
You didn't do it because of us...
...but you must have thought about it?
-What's wrong?
-Is someone in that car?
Nobody's there, maybe a ghost.
Let's go.
I look like a puppet.
You always wanted to do a dance film.
-Sir, it is magical.
Magical? What was magical?
Let the ghost dance freely too.
Only if he dances freely
can he turn human.
Sir, when does the ghost turn human?
When he falls in love. That's our story.
You still haven't understood my role.
Should we invite my boss
to the wedding?
If you wish.
Can you take care
of the restaurant tomorrow?
Tomorrow's not possible.
-Why not?
-I am meeting my office colleagues.
-You never have time for the family.
You haven't ordered any food today...
I'm actually nearby.
Can I come in?
No. I'm coming.
Are you shooting nearby?
Yes, well... I just came.
You lie too.
This is for you.
You look beautiful.
Are you free tomorrow?
I'll leave.
I'll call you tomorrow
for tomorrow's order.
Oh, Mr. Amar? What was he saying?
-He was shooting nearby.
How should I know?
Nowadays even the guests
ask before coming.
Anyway... When someone visits us
for the first time we cook this dish...
I hope you like it.
And yes, we can meet.
You're very stubborn.
Had I not been,
would you still have come?
Let's go!
The city is always full of magic.
The dialogue is from Pyar Vyar,
Don't talk about that. It was a sad film
You don't like happy endings anyway.
You can convince me...
the end will be happy then!
I had my doubts, but now I know.
That Amar Kumar
would be exactly like this.
Do you come here all the time?
Do you come alone?
I didn't mean that.
I thought you like
being surrounded by people.
That's why I asked.
This is the first time
I've come here with someone.
That day, I should have asked you
before coming.
Was it also you...
the night before?
And I thought I'd started seeing ghosts.
While acting in this film as a ghost,
I've become one.
Are you thinking of your dance?
Only when you find yourself
can you find someone else.
One can also find oneself
by loving someone else.
What did you think?
How would Tara be?
The same Tara.
The same bangles on the hands...
The same hair style...
The same fluttering sari.
The glow on the face
and the moist eyes.
That's how I imagined you.
I better go.
Mom? Are you awake?
Come in!
Kiran was saying hello to you.
Hello, Kiran!
Your Kiran is very cute.
Did you get in touch with the bank?
-They've asked to come tomorrow.
-Very good.
If dad had been here,
you wouldn't have to do all this alone.
Should I...
enlarge these two photos of papa
for the wedding?
You decide.
Dad must be missing us, too.
Nobody misses anyone up there.
You called?
Is it important?
Then let's talk in the evening.
Are you still angry?
Should I tell you a truthful lie
or a lie-filled truth?
-You will never change.
Who changes anyway?
I would like to change.
The childhood I dreamt for you...
I couldn't give it to you.
Did you get these circles
because you're sad?
-Or is it make-up?
-I'm serious.
Mrs. Tara, I tried my best.
What do you mean?
It's such a small amount.
But it's the bank's policy. We can't
give the loan without the deed.
Is this how you treat
your customer of 40 years?
I won't give you my house deed for that.
No problem!
-Please sit down...
-No need!
There are other banks.
Anyone will give us the loan.
-Dev, let's go!
Dev, let's go!
They wouldn't have dared
if papa had been here.
Is he here?
What's wrong?
Why're you speaking like this?
I'll get the photos scanned
and come to the restaurant.
Did you add ghee to the list?
There is no Ghee left at all
I know, Dev.
Please pay the bill
and bring it to the restaurant.
Wait right there.
Where did you put the ghee?
-Is it not with the other items?
-No, it's not.
What's wrong?
The engagement preparations are on.
You must be very busy.
You're hiding something.
How was your interview?
They were asking if ghosts can love?
The answer was written on my face...
don't know if they saw it or not.
Let the ghosts be in the films.
Are you doing something tomorrow?
What do you want from me?
Let's talk tomorrow?
Yes, I'll call you myself.
OK, then I'll hang up.
One can't even fight with you.
I know.
I'll teach you.
Let's try tomorrow.
This is Tara's voice...
The first time I came here,
I was with my grandpa.
Even when I was in college,
I used to come here daily.
Afterwards, not so much.
Did you also come here
with your husband?
Every day.
Sorry, I don't have any right to ask that.
Not far from here is a shop...
we shot a film there.
The last scene of Talaash?
That's why you brought me here?
It's not always about you.
Why do you always get so angry?
You should have ice-cream!
What're you thinking?
I haven't been out like this
for long time now.
The media won't leave me anywhere.
Are you afraid?
It's a good place to hide.
How can you live like that?
Always hiding
and suppressing your needs.
What do you know about my life?
What're you thinking about?
Everything was much easier on the phone.
You don't have to eat
with your hands just because I am.
I also like to eat with my hands.
What's your daughter's name?
Madhuri, she is seven years old.
Sir, I won't take money from you!
Give it to Madhuri!
Give to her.
Sir, let me take one selfie!
A hot cup of tea.
Careful, madam.
This is the best tea in the city.
Aspiring to be an actor?
Back in the days of struggle,
every producer asked the same question,
You can act fine, but why
don't you try playing the villain?
Right, you look like a villain.
If I act like a villain,
you'll be scared.
You'd be terrified, understand!
You're better at being a hero.
If you keep looking at me, you'll slip.
I'm not looking at you.
Everyone else might like watching you,
but not me.
But I really like looking at you.
Please, sir! A photo, please.
Take a photo.
-Ma'am, come over!
No, I'll take it.
Look into the camera.
-Sir, can we take a photo?
Just one photo, sir, please.
Come on!
Hurry up!
You've got to act in my next movie.
First you can't afford me.
And then I don't want to act with you.
Sorry for being late.
You live all by yourself
in such a big house.
Don't you feel lonely?
Sapna is coming to stay with me next week.
Sometimes I think that life
has just passed meaninglessly away.
I've done nothing right in my life.
Neither could I do enough for the kids,
nor take care of the restaurant.
I am also standing here...
Life should decide whatever comes?
I don't know what would have happened
if I'd have let life decide.
I remember the first time
we spoke on the phone.
You were talking about your garden,
like a child.
No... The first time we spoke you said,
"I've never watched any film of yours.
And then you laughed.
-I'll kill you. Leave it.
-Don't do that!
Before I die I've a last wish,
I would like to marry.
Does it look like
he is going to marry soon.
This will never happen.
Look, you'll have to change.
Otherwise Kiran will get mad.
Kiran would not take care of you.
She'll! If not then I'll climb
on the roof and sing...
You're my Kiran
Congratulations on your engagement!
Congratulation on your engagement!
People are laughing at us.
They're asking us if mother
and son will marry on the same day.
Mom, didn't we discuss this last night?
For us the happiness of our children
is more important than our own.
As the famous saying goes, the way to
a man's heart is, through his stomach.
We'll show you how a cook found the way
to the heart of Bollywood star Amar K.
Let's see the special report.
Tara owns a restaurant
in a small corner in Bandra.
You can see the restaurant behind me.
Let's go to her house now.
It's the same house where she grew up.
Let's go to her neighbor's house.
People are laughing at me.
I'm getting calls after calls.
Everybody is posting on Facebook.
How would you feel, if it happened
to you just before your marriage?
Think about mother!
Did she think?
Everybody is praising
your next film Pyar Ka Saaya.
It's all about good PR.
PR or Love?
I thought we might see you
with Ms. Tara tonight.
Yes, she also wanted to meet you.
So the rumors
about your divorce are true?
Your fans would like to know, Mr. Kumar!
Don't feel bad about Dev's words...
I wanted to tell you.
-I saw you in the TV and newspapers.
-I made a big mistake.
God knows how often in the past 20 years
I thought of leaving everything behind.
And I didn't only because
of the two of you.
You both are here.
I don't need anything else.
Your father loved me a lot.
You can't live in the past.
I shouldn't have met him.
What could I do?
I like talking to him.
Every day I wait for his call.
I know this is stupid.
But I was very happy.
What should we tell the people?
The best answer is to keep quiet.
Then they'll get more curious.
Do you know what passes away very soon?
It's a very professional answer.
More than myself
it was you I was worried about.
The dish is ready in the kitchen.
Please bring it to that table.
we saw you in the newspaper.
-Are you finished with the food?
-You're misunderstanding us.
Give the bill on that table.
The papers for the home loan
are lying on the table.
I don't need them.
The loan is being arranged.
Kiran's father helped.
I did this film
because it's a little different.
We never have
and we never will compromise, ever.
Sir, look,
in the first part you dance alone.
In the second part Deepa joins you.
That's the magical moment.
If the second part is not better, nobody
will get the character's transformation?
You don't need me.
If I can't connect to myself,
how will I connect to you?
Sir, let it be for now.
-Is Mr. Amar there?
-Yes, come in.
I brought the food.
Actually she cooks for me.
I have heard a lot about your cooking.
Are you cooking
for his birthday party, too?
I should get going...
How long have you known Mr. Amar Kumar?
What are your future plans?
I don't know him.
The wedding preparations are going on.
My mother can't handle
everything by herself?
I won't be able to come
the next two to three days.
Please check the folders
right there at the desk.
-Can I see the garland for the marriage?
-Who's marrying?
You can choose from these two.
-Can the whole garland be made like this?
-Yes, it could be.
Maybe this pink flower?
But it'll rip off easily?
Then I'll make the whole garland
with these flowers.
OK, like this? Not that.
Leave it, I'll do that myself!
-There's not much to do. I can finish.
-Leave, I'll do that!
Say something!
-Dev, say something.
What can I say?
Say whatever you want to say.
If dad were here would you have done this?
I wouldn't be so lonely,
if your father was still alive.
What do you know about him?
You were two years old when...
You both mean everything to me.
-Why is it so hard to understand?
-I don't want to hear all this.
Maybe you can visit
your sister for a few days.
Why just for a few days, I can go forever.
Would you manage your marriage
all by yourself?
Mom, please!
Did you talk to Tara?
I thought you'd never call me again.
You could have also called.
How was your day?
Good. I was only watching your films.
You didn't tell me
about your birthday party.
I was about to.
For what?
I shouldn't have
introduced you like that.
How else would you have done it?
I should have told you before I came.
Even if you had,
what could I have said?
I don't know...
I'm running away
from where I want to go.
Maybe I am not made for relationships.
Why would I kill her?
I haven't killed her, sir.
She's my little daughter.
Trust me, please, I haven't killed her!
Why would I kill her?
Done, sir,
your voice has a lot of pain.
Forget the small talks.
Let's do a few more takes
and then you can decide...
-Yes, sir?
We are already late tonight,
-I'll drop you home.
-I'll take the train, sir.
-I said I'll drop you home
-Yes, sir.
Let's meet your daughter Rekha today.
-What's wrong?
-There's no one at home.
Don't be shy.
I'm speaking the truth, sir.
There's nobody at home.
She has been living somewhere else
with the kids for a year now.
She had huge demands.
If it was about money,
you could have told me.
No, sir, she used to fight a lot.
Why didn't you tell me anything before?
She used to say,
pick either family or be a driver.
You tell me, sir, why does one
go to work? For the family only.
Whatever I earned,
I used to give it right to her.
Unlike others who spend
all their money on alcohol.
Sir, whenever I came home late,
she would fight with me.
She would say, "Why don't you
go get married to Amar Kumar?"
Is that fair, sir?
Is it? You tell me...
I miss my children, sir.
Do you remember?
You had asked me once,
"What should we tell the people?"
And I didn't have an answer.
I still don't have one.
I don't know
what name to give to our relationship.
Or why...
Every day I wait for the night...
Every morning I wake up
thinking that tonight...
at 10 pm I'll be talking to you.
Only after talking to you I realized...
I don't want to hide myself anymore.
I want to walk with you.
I want to live with you.
I want to take care of you.
I want to love you.
We can't meet anymore.
-How are you?
-We're reshooting the dance scene.
So you made them agree after all.
How are you?
I was thinking of going out
for a couple of days.
Where are you going?
I don't know...
As soon as I close my eyes,
those ghats, those temples, the rituals,
appear before my eyes.
Let's see.
If not that, then at least
to the island of Manori.
But you once told me
that you're afraid of the sea.
I was.