Once I Was a Beehive (2015) Movie Script

You kick at a stone
and watch it roll
You're walking alone,
just you and your soul
You look at the ground
The ground looks back at you
You don't make a sound
although you're dying to
I may not understand
just why
Look at the view right here.
Are you seeing this?
Are you looking?
Are you looking at your phone,
or are you looking
at the outside?
Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
The sun is shining now
Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
It's breaking
through the clouds
Why don't you take
a look out the window?
I want you take an eye photo.
An eye photo? Okay.
You know how to do that, right?
You just use your eyes, blink.
They're right up there,
right in front of your face.
- You can't miss them.
- You're ridiculous.
Kick off your shoes
and walk with me a while
My goodness.
I love it up here.
You know you do.
I see it in your grin
There are better days
than those you're standing in
My gosh, this
was a fantastic idea.
Whose idea was this,
to come camping?
- Lane, was that you?
- Yours.
It was yours.
You're the genius.
Was that me?
That's a... it's a good idea.
- Probably me.
- You are a nerd.
The sun is shining now
Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
It's breaking
through the clouds
Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
You showed the world
your smile
Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
With your eyes to the sky
With your eyes to the...
Are you seeing all this?
Do you need to trade spots
with your mom?
She's... you know,
she looks like
she isn't really
enjoying this view.
Maybe we'll leave her alone.
All right, Laney,
what big party are you
missing out on this weekend?
I mean, it's... it's not
a big deal.
It's just... it's just
the battle of the bands,
something that I've been
waiting for probably
for the entire summer.
Trick question.
Sorry, honey.
I thought you would have
seen that coming.
When you're
with the ones you love,
you're never missing out
because you're exactly...
Exactly where you're supposed
to be with the ones
you're supposed to be with?
How did you know
I was gonna say that?
Okay, dad, I get it.
What am I thinking now?
A cheeseburger, wrong.
Okay, but are we supposed
to listen to smooth jazz
the entire time?
Here, I'll turn it off.
Oh, it's only stuck on
turning up.
Stop it.
I'm so in love with joy.
And jazz.
Yeah? Joy and jazz?
It's happening to you, isn't it?
Look at your mom.
It's taken her.
It's taking her
to her happy place.
My dad
always was quite the believer,
and he wasn't afraid
to let people know.
Don't get me wrong,
he wasn't in your face
about it like those crazies
with the homemade signs,
but somehow, people could tell.
They sensed a strength in him
that they couldn't put
a finger on.
Friends that were struggling
or questioning
were just drawn to him.
He didn't take them to church,
He'd take them camping.
Oh. Oh, yeah.
He believed
that there was no crisis of faith
that couldn't be cured by a week
up in god's country.
He did his best
to make me a believer too.
It's not
like I'm a militant atheist
or that I hate nature
or anything,
but spending every first weekend
of every month
in the woods with my parents
wasn't exactly my idea
of living the teenage dream.
Honey, I can't keep up with you.
You're going too fast.
Oh, sorry, I forget about
the fun-size legs.
How about a toddler pace?
Does that work for you?
Never heard you complain
about my legs before.
Mom! Stop.
I have to be on a boat today.
- I don't want to be sick.
- Sorry, honey.
We should save that kind
of talk for the love tent.
Dad, you guys
are being so gross right now.
Oh, sorry,
would you prefer love shack?
I think she likes that.
I... I need to finish that.
I'm sure it won't hurt
to keep... Tyson in suspense.
You know the rules, Laney.
Out here we unplug.
I can't believe you still
wear a Fanny pack.
It's actually
really embarrassing.
What are you talking about?
These are cool again.
All the hippers
are wearing them.
They're called hipsters, dad,
and I promise,
you're not one of them.
So is Tyson a hipster?
I don't want to talk
about this anymore.
I'm not gonna always
be here to do this for you.
You'll do it
on your own one day.
Not today.
All right.
We are free!
We are free... free from
the shackles of society.
I took the long way home
Into the great unknown
And every wrong turn
was a lesson that I learned
Hold on. Hold on.
- Hold on. Okay, okay.
- Babe?
We're all right. Ohh!
This is boat safety
rule number one.
- Yeah?
- Okay, don't ever do this...
With a boat
full of people, all right?
- But it never did arrive
So I'll keep moving
There's a part misplaced
losing color from my face
A ghost, a space
My name, its weight
Drags my body
through the wake
He was right.
Nothing I could have been doing
was ever
as important
as that time we spent together.
To space
If only I could have
learned that lesson a bit sooner.
- And as my world came down
We had seven months
from when they found the tumor
until we had to say good-bye,
the most beautiful and yet
most painful months of my life.
Nothing can prepare you
for that.
There's no way to know
how or what
you're supposed to do or feel.
You're just lost.
But throughout all the pain
and the confusion,
he never wavered.
He never doubted his faith.
He left this world confident
that his cancer, his death
was all a part of a bigger plan.
I wish I could say the same.
I want to thank
everyone for coming
to our rehearsal dinner.
If you're still hungry,
grab seconds.
Harold's paying for it.
Samuelson was your typical
Mormon guy, whatever that meant.
Whew, I'll... I'll never forget
the moment
that this amazing woman
was catapulted into my life.
She met him in a support group
for people who had lost a spouse
to cancer.
Our walls were down.
She was supposed
to get help, not get married.
So that I could see
this incredible person
right in front of me,
the woman I want to have
by my side from here on out,
starting tomorrow
at 1:00 P.M. sharp.
That doesn't mean 1:15, Gary.
We will start without you.
So with that, let's raise
our champagne glasses
or our sparkling water glasses
if you're with
the Samuelson clan...
All I could think
about was how my dad would feel
knowing how fast
she was just moving on.
You shouldn't be drinking that.
Champagne has up to a 20%
alcohol level.
Well, I'm not Mormon, so...
It doesn't matter
what religion you are.
You're only 16.
Underage drinking
is a misdemeanor
punishable with fines
up to $1,000
and six months imprisonment.
And who says I'm not 21?
My uncle.
Who's your uncle?
The really smiley guy
who's about to marry your mom.
So what did my uncle Tristan
tell you about me?
He actually didn't mention you.
But don't feel bad.
I've only known him for,
like, two months.
Actually been
seven months, two weeks,
and just over four days,
but I appreciate the hyperbole.
You seem to know a lot about me.
What's your story?
I'm Phoebe Valentine,
and this is my dog, Roxy.
I didn't know you could bring
a dog to a rehearsal dinner.
Oh, Roxy's a service animal,
so she's allowed anywhere.
Aren't you, Roxy?
Yes, you are.
She's so tiny.
What kind of service
could she possibly do?
I have something called anxiety.
Have you heard of it?
Yeah, I have.
It's a very general term,
but I have lots of different
manifestations of anxiety,
so it makes it easier to keep it
under one umbrella.
You can just take her
wherever you want to?
That's awesome.
It has its peaks and valleys.
I mean, the entire seventh grade
thinks I'm crazy,
but I get to bring my dog
to social studies,
so what are you gonna do?
You know, I don't blame you
for hiding out in here.
These people
give me anxiety too.
Oh, no, I
love all these people, actually.
I came in here in case
there's an earthquake.
- You're kidding, right?
- I wish I was.
But there's been a spike
in tectonic activity lately,
and I doubt a building this old
has been retrofit
to seismic code.
If the big one hits, this closet
is the safest place
to be in the entire building.
Everyone else would be
crushed like grapes.
Good to know.
Phoebe, can
you come and join us?
Oh, hi.
I didn't know you were in here.
Oh, hi, mom.
This is Lane,
my new cousin, kind of.
Well, almost my new kind
of cousin, after tomorrow.
I'm Holly.
Tristan is my brother.
- Hi.
- Your mom is so amazing.
We've been dying to get
to know you too.
Thank you.
Phoebe, can you come
and get some dessert?
'Cause we're gonna
go pretty soon.
I doubt I could enjoy dessert
knowing the ceiling could cave
in on us at any moment.
It's creme Brulee.
I'll risk it.
Um, thanks for being
so sweet to her
and talking to her, and...
She did all the talking.
Well, I hope you can
get used to it,
because there's gonna be
a lot of it
for the next three weeks.
What do you mean?
It's 2:00 in the morning,
If you were gonna blow
off your curfew,
you could at least
tell me where you were.
I forgot.
You forgot?
Kind of like how you forgot
to tell me you were gonna ship
me off with a bunch of strangers
for three weeks.
We meant to tell you
about it sooner,
but things just got crazy,
and we just finalized everything
with Holly today.
I'm sorry.
We, uh, thought it would be
a great opportunity
to get to know your new cuz.
She's not my cuz.
And I'm not spending my whole
summer with these people
that I don't even know
while you two
go cruise the Mediterranean
for forever.
It's 21 days, Lane.
23, including travel.
Who cares?
It's still freaking forever.
I mean, who goes on a cruise
for that long anyway?
We got a killer group on for it.
We know it's a long time, Lane.
That's why we thought
it would be safer
if someone was
watching out for you.
Mom, this is insane.
I'm 16 years old.
I don't need a babysitter.
Can i... can I just stay
here and take care
of myself, please?
Maybe she's right, babe.
Maybe we just...
Sweetie, your mother and I
don't feel comfortable
with you being here
without supervision.
Well, maybe I don't feel
with you marrying my mom.
Look, uh...
I know this is hard for you.
We're all just trying
to figure it out,
but I think with Patience
and if we focus on the good
in each other,
over time I think
we'll be able to build
something together,
something new.
Stop trying to fix
everything, okay?
My dad is gone,
and you will never fix that.
I think... i think I should go.
No, please stay.
I think it's best that I leave.
See you tomorrow?
I'm sorry.
So, did I ruin everything?
I don't know.
He hasn't texted me back yet.
He said he loves me,
and he's sorry
for overstepping his bounds.
You sure he didn't say
he hates my bratty guts?
He's not allowed.
I birthed those bratty guts.
Are you gonna be okay with this?
I mean, it's only three weeks,
and I'm gonna have
the car, right?
Yeah. But I mean
with tomorrow...
The wedding, and Tristan and me.
Honestly, I don't...
I don't know, mom.
- It's been really hard.
- I know it has, sweetie.
You think you could just
give it your very best?
I promise I'll try.
Can I sleep in here tonight?
I said I would try.
What did that mean?
Try to replace the memories
of my father with something new?
Try to not imagine every day
what life would be
like if he was still here?
But I knew I had to.
For her, at least.
Here they come!
I didn't cry like
I thought I would at the wedding.
Something gave me the strength
to deal with all the fear
I had surrounding that day.
I could tell by my mom's smile
that she was truly happy,
and it felt good.
I was actually feeling okay,
like somehow I could find the
strength to deal with all this.
And then she left.
And I pretty much lost it.
Suddenly, it was real.
In my head, it finally clicked.
My morn was gone,
taken away by a cheesy
Mormon dude with perfect teeth,
and I was left
at the mercy of strangers.
I wanted to run away,
but my legs
wouldn't listen to me.
Everything was disconnected.
All I could do was sob
like a newborn.
And like a newborn, I literally
cried myself to sleep.
But the last thought
that went through my mind
before I faded away
was one of hope.
A hope that somehow, some way,
this was all a horrible dream,
and it would all go away
in the morning when I woke up.
I had no such luck.
Here it is.
There's a table
of contents in the front.
It's annotated,
and there are footnotes.
I know you've only been
my counselor for a week,
but I feel like I
can trust you implicitly,
so don't pull any punches.
I have no ego attached to this,
so whatever you say,
I will not be offended.
Does anything jump out
that doesn't quite work,
logistically or otherwise?
- Um...
- What about doctrinally?
Does everything seem sound?
I'm... l'm sure
it all checks out.
It's really good, Carrie.
It... It's almost too good.
I know, right?
Oh, I'm so glad you think so.
Oh, this is gonna be the most
uplifting camp these girls
have ever been to,
thanks to this
dynamic duo right here.
More like you
and sister Rockwell.
I'm just happy to help.
Did you guys work out
your little disagreement?
Oh, yes, Nedra and I had
an amazing talk,
and we really feel
like this plan
realizes all of her goals
as the camp director,
as well as ours
as the young women's presidency.
We really came together
on this year's "trial of faith."
I think it's gonna
be our best one yet.
Good morning.
Well, afternoon technically.
It's 12:34.
You slept just over 14 hours.
You're suffering from mild
to moderate dehydration.
You lost a lot of fluid
last night.
Here, I brought a backup.
Thanks, but can I actually
just get some cereal right now?
- I'm kind of starving.
- Okay.
Hi, I'm Carrie Carrington.
I don't believe we've met.
Oh, this is my brother's
stepdaughter, Lane.
She's staying with us
for a few weeks.
Oh, will you be
joining us for camp?
Oh, no, she's staying
here with Ben.
Oh, you don't want to stay
here with boring, old Ben.
Come with us, the mountains
are so beautiful
this time of year.
The weather is perfect.
I mean, wouldn't you
rather come along?
Um, i...
I think she'd rather
have some cereal.
Of course.
But if you change your mind,
the offer's still on the table.
You didn't tell me you had
a nonmember staying with you.
How exciting.
Did I make her
feel welcome enough?
Sister Carrington's really nice,
but she can be a little intense.
Is she, like, a nun
or something?
Oh, no, we call everyone
brother or sister in our church.
I think that's why some
people think we're Amish.
- They do?
- They think a lot of things.
We have got to get her to come.
I'll take care
of all the paperwork.
It'll be no big deal.
I can do it.
Carrie, I'm not gonna push this.
She's been through a lot lately,
and I don't want to force her
into a high-pressure
situation like this.
More like highly uplifting
and highly entertaining.
Camp could be
exactly what she needs.
So what's that camp thing
she was talking about?
Once every year, all the girls
from our church get together
and go camping for a week.
And they plan it for,
like, a year in advance.
This is the first year
I'm old enough to go.
You excited?
Okay, all right.
I trust you.
Oh, but it'd be so great
for the trial of faith
this year if we had even
Oh, and then we could do
the parable of the ten virgins.
Even if she does come,
we still wouldn't have enough.
- What do you mean?
- I'm not going.
Why not?
Let me see... bears,
cougars, coyotes,
forest fires, moose...
Yeah, moose,
poison Ivy, poison oak,
poisonous snakes,
wolves, wolverines,
for starters.
She's your daughter.
You have to put your foot down.
It's not that simple.
Uh, until she's 18
it's very simple.
Mainly just because I don't
really fit in
with the other girls.
They don't talk to me
like you do.
How do I talk to you?
Just normal,
like you're actually interested.
None of them really like me.
I'm the youngest one,
the only beehive.
Oh, we call all the first-year
campers beehives.
Why do they call them beehives?
Why don't they just
call them bees?
I've been saying that for years.
Can I talk to her?
Maybe if it comes from her
leader, and not her mom...
Yeah, but I don't think
that's gonna make any diff...
Okay. Phoebe?
Lane, could you please
excuse us for a second?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
Phoebe, what's this I hear
about you not coming to camp?
The girls need you.
You're the only beehive.
Your mom needs your help.
I need your sweet spirit.
We're gonna have so much fun.
You have to come!
Of course I would love
for you to come,
sweetie, but I want
it to be your choice.
But it won't be
the same without you.
Come on, just give it a shot,
just for me?
What if I come to the bee's nest
with you?
I mean, what if I come be a bee
in the hive...
What if I come to camp with you?
Will that change your mind?
I'm gonna start packing.
Well, it looks
like my work here is done.
I will see you both bright
and early Tuesday morning, okay?
You are gonna get along
with the girls so well.
Oh, and I can't wait
for you to meet my Bree.
Okay, toodle-oo.
You really don't have
to do this.
It's okay. I want to.
I mean, it might be good for me
to get up in the mountains and...
Thank you.
I just hope I'm not messing up,
like, the Mormon vibe,
or whatever.
No, not at all.
I'm not gonna be totally
weirded out by anything, am I?
Noah, he built him,
he built him an arky, arky
Noah, he built him,
he built him an arky, arky
Noah, he built him,
he built him an arky, arky
Made it out of gopher barky,
barky, children of the lord
Children of the lord!
So rise and shine
and give god your glory, glory
Rise and shine and give god
your glory, glory
Rise and shine and give god
your glory, glory
Children of the lord
Children of the lord!
This was it.
I was done for.
They were bringing me
to a compound to be married off
and hidden forever,
I was sure of it.
The most diabolical part
was somehow, they made it
my decision to go.
- Children of the lord!
- Bring it home!
So rise and shine and give god...
How did they do it?
Carrie Carrington,
the mastermind, that's how.
You can't tell me
that's her real name.
It sounded like the leader
of the care bears
or the alter ego
of a Christian superhero.
It turned out, her superpower
was endless amounts of energy
without a single cup of coffee.
What are
the young women's values?
Faith, divine nature,
individual worth, knowledge,
choice and accountability,
good works,
integrity, and virtue.
- Virtue.
- Whoo!
All right, girls.
I love the mountains.
Let's really belt it out
for the first years, okay?
Bree was the spawn of Carrie,
equal in enthusiasm and energy.
She was the "president"
of the girls her age,
and she wouldn't go five minutes
without reminding you.
She was usually flanked
by her Bestie, Paige,
one of those genetic lottery
the kind who would school you
in lacrosse on purpose
and then steal your boyfriend
in ap chem on accident.
I love the flowers
Then there's Charlotte.
We all know girls
who are boy crazy,
but when it comes to guys,
this one was criminally insane.
Let's do mormon boy.
Mormon, Mormon, Mormon,
Mormon, Mormon, Mormon, Mormon
I know a Mormon boy
He is my pride and joy
If there's
one thing Mormons love
more than making up
ridiculous songs,
it's making up ridiculous names.
Hence, the Anderson sisters...
Mykelle, Myleka, and Makenna.
It's like their parents
were playing scrabble
and had to use
the same seven letters
to make seven different names.
Yup, there were four other
m-initialed Anderson siblings
I hadn't met.
I know a Mormon boy
Mindy was
your typical attention hog.
The girl's constantly
doing accents and impressions,
and she wasn't bad either.
I guess when you live
in a community of conformity,
you have to find creative ways
to express yourself.
Good for her.
- Mormon, Mormon
- sing it again
I know a Mormon boy
He is my pride and joy
Hannah's parents
said she had to go to camp
or she couldn't get
her driver's license.
So she decided
to bite the bullet
and bring her brooding angst
along with her.
She claimed to only listen
to obscure bands
or rock legends,
but I definitely saw
some I'd on her playlist.
Someone's been reading
my Bible
Someone's been reading,
I know
But I didn't blame her.
Even one direction
is better than those camp songs.
And they took
my triple combo
Keeping the commandments
is so cool
Choose the right,
don't be a fool
Choose the right
at home and school
Keeping the commandments
is cool
- Isn't it, though?
- Yeah, it's cool.
Wake up.
Last chance to use the bathroom.
Next time,
it'll be in the tules.
This is where we're
meeting Nedra and the bishop?
Yup, and you are on box duty.
All right.
Okay, ladies, we are entering
the unplugged portion
of the journey.
Kindly place all
cell phones, iPods, iPads,
androids, et cetera, in the box.
I just got to send
one last text.
"Dear entire JV football team,
I'm gonna miss you so much."
- Send.
- The beauty of mass texts.
Is that everything, Hannah?
Uh, any more?
That's it, I promise.
I guarantee you the Internet
will still be here
when you get back.
You okay?
Hope our craziness
isn't too much for you.
I'm fine.
I kept saying I was fine.
I wasn't fine.
If the drive up here was
this bizarre,
how much stranger could it get?
Here comes leather and chains.
Sister Rockwell, bishop Rudd.
I didn't know you two
were coming up together.
Oh, actually,
I blew a radiator belt
up around Jacob's bend
and, luckily,
sister Rockwell
saw me with the hood up
and offered to give me a lift.
Would have beat you here,
but bishop had to stop and toss
his cookies at mile marker 18.
Guess he had trouble
with the curves.
Hey, I want you both to meet
my step-niece, Lane.
She was nice enough to come up
with Phoebe for the week.
Lane, it's nice to meet you.
- You too.
- Soldier.
- Hi.
- Glad to have you in the ranks.
That's a fine-looking Fanny
pack, mark of a real camper.
Too bad you're not one
of my YCLS.
Probably know more than most
of these divas.
Be kind, sister Rockwell.
I am being kind.
They want to be divas.
That's all the rage these days,
just like that bay-once lady.
What are YCLS?
Youth camp leaders.
Bree and Paige, this year.
Good luck.
Hello, my little divas!
Hey, sister Rockwell.
Glad you could make it,
I was worried
you were gonna go awol on us.
You don't have that little rat
of a dog with you, I hope.
That thing is cute, but it sure
hasn't earned the rank
of a real dog, if you ask me.
Well, lookie here.
If it isn't the famed
bike gang, heck's angels.
Glad you made it in one piece.
Are you kidding?
This is the safest thing
on the road.
I wouldn't trade it for any of
those four-wheeled sardine cans.
Speaking of which,
you wouldn't happen to have room
for one more in this sardine
can, would you?
Oh, sorry, bishop,
no room at the inn.
We are having quite
the sing-along in here,
and it is the party wagon,
so I am sure that nobody
wants to give up a seat...
I'll do it.
- I'll trade you.
- Are you sure?
I'm not sure
that sister Rockwell
feels comfortable riding
with a minor.
- I'm sorry.
- As long as she wears a helmet.
Saddle up.
It's okay.
Bishop, why don't
you ride up front,
and I'll sit in the back
with Phoebe.
No complaints here.
All right, next stop,
spring lake.
It's real nice of you
to help Phoebe,
but you don't have to do this.
Last chance.
Give the word,
and I'll turn this hog around,
and I'll take you back to town.
I already came this far.
I might as well just
give it a shot.
Now, listen up.
You're very close to the ground,
so you're gonna
feel the vibrations,
and don't be embarrassed if you
let out a few air biscuits.
It's natural.
Let it happen.
Now, hold on tight and lean
with the curves, baby.
Our dear heavenly father,
we are so thankful
to be here at girls camp.
We are thankful
that we arrived safely,
and we are so thankful
for this beautiful campsite.
Please bless us that we will be
safe and keep our hearts open.
Bless us to have
a spiritual experience
and to grow
closer as young women,
and let us be able to enjoy
the beauty that surrounds us.
We are so thankful
for our leaders and their time
and dedication and preparation
that they have put
into making this such
a special experience for us,
and we ask these things
in the name of Jesus Christ.
All right,
you beautiful pipsqueaks.
Listen up.
If you were expecting this year
to be a relaxing week
of Kumbaya, you can forget it.
Sister sergeant major
Nedra Rockwell
doesn't believe in easy.
This is girls camp,
not club med.
Now, don't worry.
There'll be plenty of time
for the touchy-feely stuff,
and that's important.
Sister Carrington has prepared
quite the spiritual journey
for y'all,
but as far as the wilderness
survival portion goes,
you're in my world.
Now, we have prepared
three tents,
one for the beehives,
the Mia maids,
and the laurels.
You're to assemble your tents
in your respective ranks
and return and report.
You can solicit help
from the other groups if needed,
but no adults, Capisce?
Now, before I turn you loose,
I'm going to turn the time
over to sister Carrington
for some foofy stuff.
Thank you, sister Rockwell.
Thank you, sister Rockwell.
I have something
special for you,
but if you want it,
you're going to have
to really dig deep.
Well, go on.
Come on, girls.
How far down did you put it?
Only one way to find out.
Okay, come on.
Let's go.
What do you think it is?
Oh, I hope it's lunch.
- I'm starving.
- How can you be starving?
We literally just ate.
I don't know, maybe I
have a higher metabolism.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Ladies, please.
We're almost there.
Maybe it's a dead,
decaying body.
Like, of some old prospector
named Wily Pickleshoe,
who died while searching
for the mother lode.
It's not a dead body.
Just a little bit deeper.
- Oh.
- Yes!
Dig it up, dig it up!
Oh. Okay.
What could it be?
Open it, open it.
There's one for each of you.
These are your golden rules
for camp this year.
Each day's theme and schedule
is outlined in great detail.
I've also included
the entire camp manual
as well as all of
your certification requirements,
everything you need
to complete this journey.
Well, what are all these pages
stuck together in the back?
Thank you for asking, Charlotte.
The sealed portion
of the tablets
is for your own
personal journaling.
Simply remove the thick rubber
bands at each end,
and it will reveal blank pages
that you can use to record
your thoughts and feelings
and experiences while here
at camp.
Okay, bishop, is there anything
that you'd like
to add before we kick
this camp into full gear?
Uh, girls, these sisters
have dedicated countless hours
to making sure that you
have a good time up here
and that you really
feel the spirit.
You're in good hands.
I'm gonna make myself pretty
scarce around here.
I got my pup tent.
I've got the hunger games
on audio book
so I can finally find out
what all the buzz is about,
so I'll be around
if you need me,
but this week is really
about you, so have a good time.
Thank you, bishop.
How old are these teepees?
Sister Rockwell said
she used them at her girls camp.
Uh, more like
Custer's last stand.
Why couldn't we stay somewhere
with cabins, like last year?
The instructions are so old,
you can't even read them.
Oh, who cares about
the instructions, okay?
We'll figure it out.
Besides, if we hurry,
we can get in some lake
time before dinner, so...
Okay, let's do this.
- And then the tall one?
- Yeah, yeah.
Oh, oops.
Are you sure
this is a good idea?
They've never done this before.
They'll never learn
if we baby them.
Yeah, but...
Carrie, we agreed to do
this Nedra's way.
Let's just see how they do.
- Like that?
- Yeah.
- And just grab like...
- Yup.
We have to be precise.
I think this goes
to the bottom of that.
Well, that doesn't seem
like that makes sense.
It looks like a top piece.
Home sweet home.
Is anyone else disturbed
by the plethora
of left over poles and fabric?
I'm sure it's just extra.
Yeah, like, we could build
a whole extra teepee with them.
Do you guys need any help?
Oh, no, I think we're fine.
Do you need help
with the rain cap, though?
I can help you guys.
It's kind of tricky.
Oh, no, it's okay.
It, like, never rains up here,
so we should be fine.
It's probably better...
You know what?
We'll be by the lake.
Come meet us when you're ready.
Ooh, I call first canoe.
I call second with Bree.
Wait, Paige and Bree.
Wait for me.
First canoe sounds fun.
You... you can go with them
if you want to.
I can probably just
handle this by myself.
Oh, are you kidding?
I want to see what this actually
is supposed to look like.
Okay, help me
with the canvas then.
- Makenna? Myleka?
- Yes, Bree?
Girls, no.
Life's about taking
risks, girls.
- You're living once.
- Sit down.
Sit down in the canoe.
You sit down in the canoe!
What are you doing?
Oh, I like to put the tarp
on the inside of the tent.
It's a little trick
my dad taught me.
- It'll keep us dry.
- The other girls didn't do it.
I know.
Why don't you go grab the bags?
I'm gonna finish this up.
Oh, sure.
Don't tell anyone.
I snuck her on the ark.
Dogs aren't allowed here.
What are you doing?
Roxy's a service animal.
She's allowed anywhere.
It could be really dangerous
for her.
There's a lot
of wild animals out here.
What if she gets out?
I'm so sorry.
I didn't know.
- Don't tell anyone, please?
- It's okay.
I'm not gonna tell anybody.
She's here now, we're gonna
just have to deal with it.
Keep her in the tent
as much as we can.
Only let her out
when we have to, okay?
If she barks, it's over.
Oh, she does not bark,
like, ever.
Let's hope so.
- Time for the devotional.
- Okay.
Put her in the carrier.
This will be our little secret,
You don't ever even
complete all the things
that you need to complete, so
you don't even got the charms.
That doesn't matter.
It d... it matters
if you want to look like this.
Repent ye, repent ye-
the flood is coming.
God is watching you.
And behold, the people
were filled with wickedness
and mocked his teachings.
And the lord saw that the
people would not listen to Noah,
so he told Noah
that they must be destroyed.
But the lord found favor
with Noah
and told him to build an ark.
And in order to preserve
the beauty and nature
of the earth,
the lord commanded Noah
to bring in animals
of every kind into the boat.
Every kind onto the boat,
and they all came together
in the ark as one family.
Now, remember this as you
face this year's trial of faith.
Which we are totally gonna pass
with perfection this year,
right, girls?
It's, like, the main
activity of camp.
I've never done one, but imagine
a Sunday school lesson
taught by Indiana Jones.
Each of you are
as unique and beautiful
as the many animals on the ark,
so we've put you into twos,
and you're going
to choose a spirit animal
and then discuss
why you chose that animal.
We've provided
some craft materials for you.
Just some basic paints
and construction paper.
Nothing special.
So let's get to work.
- Can't we both win?
- Just pick, fangs or horns.
Something that's, like, admired.
Yeah... yeah, like, the most
important animal.
And, like, maybe,
like, cute hair.
No, yeah.
Everyone's being so boring.
We got to come up
with something more original.
Yeah, animals were so last year.
- Mindy, be careful.
- It's washable.
- Don't move.
- It's cold.
You don't want to look
like a raccoon.
We should do something
endangered, like Nanuhals,
beluga whales, condors.
What do you think?
It's up to you.
I don't...
All right, so we chose lions
because they're super fast,
they're really strong, and they
just protect everybody else.
Not like we're rulers over you.
Well, uh...
I mean, we kind of are,
but not in, like,
a dictator type way.
Just more of a natural leader
and protector
type way, you know?
Yeah, for sure.
So I wanted to be a lone wolf
because they do
whatever they want
and they're not afraid
of anything,
but Mykelle just loves
bunny rabbits
or whatever, so we chose...
Because they love to run free,
and they're also funny
and clever,
and they have big families,
just like me.
Hannah made us have fangs.
We are the rock giants.
You know, from the Noah movie
which, like, nobody saw.
Well, anyway, we thought
they were totally sweet
and we, like, really wish that
they had survived the flood.
And even though my parents say
that movie is sacrilegious,
I don't care because
Shem and Ham and Japeth
were so hot in it.
Like, I was totes
jealous of Hermione.
We chose dogs because
they're loving, loyal,
and they can sense danger
and warn others.
But also because
they're super cute,
but our dad
won't let us have one.
We chose an endangered species,
Galapagos giant tortoises.
We chose them
because they're wise,
they live to a very old age,
and even though
it may take them awhile,
they always get
where they want to go.
And no matter
how far they travel,
they're never far from home.
All right, what do you say
we sing one more song
before we hit the hay, okay?
The wise man built his house
upon the rock
The wise man built
his house upon the rock
The wise man built
his house upon the rock
And the rains
came tumbling down
Oh, the rains came down
and the floods came up
The rains came down
and the floods came up
The rains came down and
the floods came up
Good night, ladies.
Let us know
if you need anything.
All right, we start at,
like, 7:00 A.M.
Mykelle, Mykelle?
I need just a little bit longer.
Let's see.
So would you rather marry a man
that you know is a serial
killer, he kills every day,
but he's still, like,
a good guy, like,
you love him, or would you
rather marry a man
that all he ever says
is Mahna Mahna?
You ever heard
about mantis shrimp?
So they're, like,
these shrimp that live,
like, way, way, way down
at the bottom of the ocean,
like, thousands of feet under.
And they can get up
to, like, a foot long.
The glacier's so cool
'cause it was, like,
this big block of ice,
and it's... but the mountain,
and you have to hike up
far... pretty far,
- but once you get up there...
- How far?
Uh, I think it's,
like, five miles.
Okay, but, like, if I asked him
what he wanted for breakfast
in the morning,
would he say,
"mahna, Mahna?"
Trust me on this.
Hannah, do you want to...
Do you want Mykelle
to brush your hair?
- You have a little...
- No, no.
- I don't brush my hair.
- Oh.
- Do you want to put Roxy away?
- Okay.
I'll get the light.
- Okay.
- All right, girls.
Good night.
Love you all.
He always says,
"mahna, Mahna!"
Like, "mahna, Mahna."
Mahna, Mahna.
It's... you got to choose.
I... I choose the serial killer.
Good choice.
If an Aspen gets hurt,
like, it shoots out
12 different aspens
from its roots,
and they just keep growing,
and if they get hurt,
they shoot out, like,
10 or 12 more,
and so they're, like,
the largest living organisms
on the earth,
and the largest one
is 106 acres down in Utah,
and it's the biggest thing,
like, living thing on earth.
- Ever?
- Um, yeah.
Oh, oh, do you know
that if you chop off
the top of a pineapple,
like, the leaf part,
and you plant it,
then it grows another
pineapple on top of it?
- Uh-uh.
- Yeah.
Is that rain?
"It, like, never
rains up here."
It'll probably just blow over.
We did the tarp trick.
We should be fine.
You think the others are okay?
Is the teepee leaking?
Probably because we didn't
put the rain cap on.
Look how much rain comes
in when I push in the side.
Stop pushing the sides, Mykelle.
We're gonna die!
We are gonna be struck
by lightning,
and we are gonna die!
Forget about lightning!
We're gonna drown!
This is the end.
Come on.
It can't be that bad.
Sister Rockwell!
Katniss drew back her bow
swiftly and mercilessly,
sending an arrow
deep into the heart...
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my gosh!
No, no, no.
They're gonna see Roxy.
We have to let them in.
Please let us in!
Oh, my gosh,
thank you guys so much.
You saved our lives.
Think the laurels are okay?
In here!
' Mykelle!
- Close it, close it!
- Close the door.
Oh, my gosh.
Can you keep a secret?
I've always heard the saying,
"no good deed goes unpunished."
This was the first time I really
understood what it meant.
I only logged a total
of about 45 minutes
of sleep that night.
Stop moving.
But at least we were dry.
Thanks for the tip, dad.
Thanks a lot.
Well, lookie here.
A little nest of estrogen.
What happened to my teepees?
Sister Rockwell,
we tried to wake you.
The storm was crazy.
It just collapsed
both of our teepees.
Hmm, that's odd.
This teepee seemed to endure
the very same storm,
and it's still standing
like the Alamo.
Well, maybe we missed
a few steps in the setup.
Lane and Phoebe
seemed to figure it out.
Even used the Campbell
inner lining technique.
What's wrong?
Too proud to take a hint
from the first years?
All right, sister Rockwell.
Let's just calm down, okay?
'Cause I'm sure
that the girls didn't mean...
Calm down?
You're not the one whose gear
is spread all over
god's fine creation!
Okey dokey.
I need to give myself
a little bit of time out.
- Is everything okay?
- Tip-top.
Just need to cool the engine.
I have a system, and it works.
Girls, why don't we
go get some breakfast,
and we'll give
sister Rockwell some space.
Sorry for losing my cool.
After all, it's just equipment.
Just heirloom teepees from
my first year at girls camp.
Well, do you want us
to help you?
No need.
You girls have a big hike
ahead of you.
You better fuel up.
You sure you don't
want any help?
I'm fine.
It's my fault.
I should have helped them
in the first place,
but you'll have
to go on the hike without me.
This'll take the better part of
the day to dry everything out.
Our YCLS have it covered.
I hope that works out for you.
Six miles?
My certification says I only
need to do five.
Well, then I guess you get
to go that extra mile.
- Lucky us.
- Hey, don't blame me.
It was your Okey dokey idea.
They seemed to think
you were up for the challenge.
That's before we had
to pack ten girls
into one tent during a monsoon.
Yeah, while our leaders
ignored our cries for help.
We agreed to forgive
each other, all right?
We were all partly responsible
for what happened last night.
- Except for me and Lane.
- Phoebe.
It's true. We're the only ones
that took the time
to do our tents correctly...
That's enough, Phoebe.
I don't want to ruin it,
but I do have a special surprise
for you at the top of the hike.
If it's the feeling of
satisfaction and accomplishment,
I'm not interested.
You'll have to see.
Get out of here, you horsefly.
Find a horse, why don't you?
I think he already has.
You little brat!
What is the deal, ladies?
All right, guys.
Come on, circle up.
We have been here
less than 24 hours,
and you're already
at each others' throats.
Have you forgotten
why we're here?
I think we
need an appreciation break.
That's right, spread out.
30 minutes solo time.
You can relax,
journal, whatever,
but I just want you to enjoy
yourselves and appreciate
the beauty surrounding you.
When I look in your eyes
The world disappears
'Cause I love you
Is this our special reward?
Oh, ladies, hi.
Hope you're enjoying your hike
this fine morning.
Looks like you
survived the storm?
Uh, yeah, we got a bit soggy,
but we're fine.
Good to know.
You know, we have a station
just two miles up this path
if you need anything.
I do need to warn you, there
have been some reports
of bears around,
so just be careful.
- Ooh, uh-huh.
- Of course.
And if you do come
across a black bear,
do not play dead
'cause it will eat you.
That's crazy.
Wait, what do you do?
With a black bear
you actually stand your ground,
make yourself a little bigger,
and make a lot of noise.
Well, what about grizzlies?
With grizzlies you actually
do want to play dead.
You're gonna want to cuddle up
in the fetal position.
Hold your neck like this.
It does take guts, but it's
the best chance you got.
As long as you keep your food
tied up or in a vehicle
you should be fine.
Well, we will be heading
on our way
and leave you ladies on yours.
- Bye.
- Yes, on our way.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See ya.
- Bye.
- You guys are ridiculous.
- Phoebe.
Especially you, mom.
I'm telling dad you have a crush
on a park ranger.
I was being polite.
Let's go already.
They were like Greek gods.
Can I journal about
them for 30 minutes?
Was I really flirting?
No, please,
you were only being polite.
Ranger, ranger,
ranger, ranger, ranger
I've been to
spring lake at least a dozen times,
but I have never seen
a hot forest ranger,
let alone two.
They usually have disgusting
mustaches and are really nerdy,
but these guys?
Maybe all the praying
and spiritual devotionals
were paying off.
They sure gave us a little pep
in our step.
We could have hiked twice as
far as we planned to that day.
Come to think of it,
I think we did.
Okay, that's really weird.
Does this log look
familiar to anyone?
Don't be silly. It's a log.
They all look the same.
You know, I'm sure it's
just right up around this bend.
Yeah, let's keep going.
Come on.
All right, let's do it.
Are you all right?
No, no, I got it.
All right,
that's definitely the same tree.
Oh, my gosh.
I told you we've just been
going around in circles.
No, that's impossible,
Hannah, okay?
I mean, it's... the glacier
should be right there.
Well, maybe it melted.
We could always go back
and ask the rangers.
I give up, okay?
This map is so stupid.
We've been hiking for hours.
We haven't gotten anywhere.
- I'm going back.
- Oh, no, you're not.
I have a special surprise
for everybody
when we reach the top, remember?
We don't care
about the surprise, mom.
Well, then you
better start caring, all right?
'Cause I didn't lug this all the
way up the mountain for nothing,
so you turn your spoiled
little butt around
and start
looking for the glacier.
What's wrong, Makenna?
We don't say b-u-t-t
in our family.
Well, we do in mine.
Okay, let's just take a look
at the map again.
Be my guest.
Look, I think you just
had the map oriented wrong,
'cause that way's north,
and so the glacier
must be that way.
Okay, well, then,
where's the trail?
They can be
really tricky to find,
but I'm sure
if we go that direction,
we'll find a trail marker.
Come on.
See? Trail marker.
Great work, Lane.
Your last name
isn't Grylls, perchance?
She's our secret weapon.
You believe in me
I have let you down
Don't just rush off.
I have a surprise, remember?
Mykelle! Hey.
I'm not stupid, you know.
I never said you were.
I get it.
You're new, you know?
You want to try
and impress people,
but you don't have to make other
people look dumb in the process.
I'm not trying
to impress anyone.
It kind of seems like you are.
I mean, just be yourself,
you know?
People like you better that way.
I'm just saying.
For the record,
if you've heard that Mormon
girls are perfect little angels
that are never catty
or manipulative,
you're dead wrong.
I'm just saying.
How dare she claim
I was making her look stupid?
She was doing a fine job
of that on her own.
I shouldn't have let
it get to me so bad,
but hey,
I'm no perfect angel myself.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't mean to hit you in the
face. I was just messing around.
I'm sure
it was just an accident.
Of course it was an accident.
That's what happens
when you horse around
like the boy scouts,
and that goes for everyone.
Okay, just take this tissue
and hold it to your nose
until the bleeding stops,
all right?
Maybe I can lighten the mood
with what I have in my pack.
Find a clean patch of snow
and fill up these cups,
It's time...
For snow cones!
I cannot believe you carried
those all the way up here.
Good thing I did.
We need a morale boost bad,
myself included.
Plus, up here a little sugar
goes a long way.
- Oh, I got four more flavors.
- What?
Wait till you taste Pina Colada.
It's so good.
- Delicious.
- Except for cherry.
- I hate cherry.
- Yeah, both.
- Yeah.
- Get as much as you can.
There's a lot of
flavors to choose from.
Pina Colada.
All right, here.
I don't know if I want
tiger's blood or Bree's blood.
- Hilarious, Mindy.
- Disgusting.
Exactly what I was going for,
Hey, girls, what do
we say to sister Carrington?
Thank you, sister Carrington.
You're welcome,
but as you eat, I want you
to think of something.
How could I come
to share this delicious treat?
Well, it took a little planning,
sacrifice, creativity,
and a little help
from mother nature,
but in the end, oh,
how sweet the reward.
Now, look at the bottom
of your cups.
Don't show anyone,
but if you remove the tape,
it will reveal the name
of your secret sister.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
How are we supposed
to buy each other gifts?
You can't. No one's buying
secret sister gifts this year.
You're gonna have to use
a little planning, creativity,
sacrifice, a little help
from mother nature.
Find it, make it,
write it, whatever,
but it has to come from you,
and it should mean something.
- Oh.
- Mom.
I didn't say it would be easy.
I only said
it would be worth it.
I still don't know if Carrie
assigned Bree
as my secret sister on purpose
or if it was just bad Karma
for busting her nose
with an ice ball,
but either way I
wasn't looking forward to it.
That was no secret.
Welcome home, weary travelers.
I was starting
to worry about you.
I almost sent up smoke signals.
I got the tents all dry,
and you'll find your clothes
on the line.
Sort them out yourselves.
I'm not your mother.
Well, you turning in already?
What's the deal?
We're just gonna take,
like, a tiny nap, okay?
Who takes a nap at 6 P.M.?
It's... it's been a long day.
I don't remember naptime
in the golden schedule.
It's okay.
Let them rest a bit.
I'll just shuffle some things
around later.
As long as you're okay with it,
but they still have their
dinner duties tonight.
I'll wake them up in a bit.
In that case, I'm gonna go take
hammock duty for a little bit.
You know, come to think of it,
I'm just gonna lay the seat
back in the Van
and just rest my eyes
for a little bit.
More time for whittling.
What's wrong?
You're not sleepy?
I can't sleep
when it's light out.
You got a knife?
You'd think after all these
years I'd be a better whittler.
I think that's the best-looking
carved mule I've seen.
Trust me, I've seen a lot.
I'm just messing around.
Messing around? Please.
64 years, and I've never seen
anyone your age
whittle like that.
What are you working on?
This is a faith key.
I make it for all the girls.
This one's for you, oh,
or it will be
when I'm finished with it.
What's a faith key?
It's a little something
to remind you
that faith is the key
to solve any problem.
Big or small,
it all starts with faith.
It can't solve everything.
Sure it can.
Just not always exactly
in the way you want it to.
You sound like my dad.
He was a good man, wasn't he?
How do you know?
Holly thought we should be
aware of the situation.
So now everyone knows?
Just Carrie and I,
and Phoebe, of course.
Are you upset that she told us?
I just don't see
how it's anybody's business.
She wanted us to know
so that we could be more caring,
more sensitive
to how you're feeling.
Why would you guys care?
I'm not even part
of your church.
We don't care.
We don't care
that you're not a member.
If you're with us,
you're family, and we'll try
to treat you as such.
Do you know where this is from?
- No.
- Vietnam.
I got it on
my second tour there.
Most people don't know
that there were women
on the front lines,
but we were there.
Most of us were nurses.
We were...
So close to the fighting
that when the battle
ended they'd bring us
all of the wounded, no matter
what side they were on,
and one of the questions
we were asked was,
"well, what did you do when
you had a viet Cong soldier?
I'd say,
"the same thing we did
with one of our own."
That was given to me
by a viet Cong soldier who was
on the wrong end of a grenade.
They brought him to us
in pieces,
but the good lord
helped us put him back together.
I'll never forget the look
of gratitude in his eyes
when he gave it to me.
This reminds me that god
doesn't care about sides.
We're all his children.
We should treat each other
as brothers and sisters.
So I guess that means
I shouldn't have
chucked a snowball
at Bree's face today.
O" purpose?
No, I... kind of.
Bet it was a sight.
Blood just went pffff.
Dang, I missed all the drama.
Well, I don't know
how you can make that right,
but I have an idea
where you can start.
Now, according
to the golden doohickey,
Bree is supposed to be
on dinner duty tonight.
Maybe you could switch.
I don't know.
She's already accused me
of trying to impress everybody.
That'll probably just
make it worse.
She's a 17-year-old girl,
so no promises,
but my guess is she'll be
too hungry to complain.
I hope they like it.
It's a family recipe.
Well, if it tastes half
as good as it smells,
you'll be camp queen by sundown.
Is that a real thing?
No, and don't mention it
to sister Carrington.
She has enough ideas.
Now for the moment of truth.
Please tell me
this isn't a dream.
Just like clockwork.
Wake up.
I think we overslept.
Oh, boy, looks like I got a
visit from the snooze fairy.
Oh, will you look at that?
Everything's set up.
Oh, can I have some?
Yeah, sure.
Oh, this is delicious.
Oh, I'm so proud of my Bree
for sticking to the schedule
without me reminding.
Where is she?
I want to kiss the cook.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, so sorry.
I don't know what happened.
I'll start cooking right away.
I guess we're not following
the schedule?
You guys were asleep,
and I thought I could just
switch you nights.
You could have
woken me up and asked.
It's okay.
Just take her night.
It's not okay. It was my night.
I was supposed to do it.
Bree, honey, why don't you
come and get some food?
I think you might be
a little hungry.
I'm not hungry, mom.
I just...
I don't understand
why nobody cares
about following
the golden rules.
I mean, we have a schedule,
and people are just doing other
people's jobs and everything?
- It's just...
- No, she's right.
We shouldn't break the golden
rules by helping people out.
Whatever, Mindy.
You know what I mean.
I'm just...
I'm just trying to be
the best that I can be,
and apparently I'm,
like, the worst one ever.
- Bree, don't say that.
- Oh.
No, you're not, Bree!
I was only kidding.
- It was a total joke.
- Bree, honey.
What did I tell you?
I made no promises.
But it ain't over yet.
Here's your olive branch,
my dear.
I was gonna make chicken farm.
I just prepared for it.
I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
I know I should have asked you.
I just felt really bad
about earlier,
and I wanted to let you sleep.
Anyway, I hope you like it.
It's a family recipe,
and if anything,
it fills a hole.
You're welcome.
There's a
story in the Bible where Esau
trades his entire birthright
to his brother, Jacob,
for a bowl of soup.
My dad swore it must have
been bread bowl chili.
Done right, it's the single most
satisfying meal on the plant.
- Oh, my gosh, this is so good.
- I know, right?
It's like there are little bits
of Harry styles in there.
- That is disgusting.
- Num, num, num, num, num.
He claimed
that wars have been fought
and peace has been made
over our family recipe.
Good thing, too,
'cause I needed a win.
Thanks, dad, for real this time.
- One more time!
- One more time.
Janitor style.
Roxy, shh, shh, be quiet.
Be quiet.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
I don't know what you've got
going on over there,
but I don't like it!
See ya, Roxy.
Oh, no.
Come on, fess up.
Last chance, here I come.
What's going on here, ladies?
Phoebe, honey, do you have
something to tell us?
Uh, sorry to scare you.
It was just me and Myleka.
May I ask
why you're barking like a dog
in the middle of the night?
We couldn't sleep,
so we all decided we would try
to make the noises
of our spirit animals.
You all decided this?
Yeah, we thought that it would
help us reconnect to each other.
I don't hear any tortoises.
Um, tortoises
are completely silent.
They only make noises
when they're mating.
Okay, I've heard enough.
I know you guys are bonding
in some strange, girly way,
and I think that's great,
but could you please just
save it until sunup?
- Sure.
- Yeah.
- Totally.
- Wonderful.
I'll see you in the morning.
I am really proud of you girls.
Makenna and Myleka,
wow, you guys freaked me out.
You sounded just like Roxy.
- That's crazy.
- Good night.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Good night.
I thought you said
they didn't like you.
I'm as surprised as you are.
- Are you kidding?
- What's wrong?
We're just being
our spirit animals.
Spirit animals?
Really, mom?
- What kind of animal was that?
- That's my cougar.
It sounded
more like an angry gerbil.
Well, this gerbil
wants you guys to wake up.
It's the long-awaited day
of the trial of faith.
Hurry, up and at 'em, girls.
Come on.
Let's do this.
I have never lost
a trial of faith,
and I'm not about to do it now,
so get up.
Bree, wait. Don't we
have a service project first?
- Ugh.
- She's right,
and I have a doozy
lined up for you.
Can we please just sleep
for a half an hour longer?
It is so early.
No. The rangers
are coming in a half hour.
If you want to have food
in your belly before we leave,
you better get going.
I don't know
what all the fuss is about.
They're just gonna
get dirty anyway.
Oh, it's just nice
to look presentable, you know?
for your ranger boyfriends, mom.
Oh, there you are, bishop.
I was getting worried about you.
Sorry, sorry.
I just finished book two.
It's so addicting, right?
That Katniss is so resilient.
Here are the coordinates
to the ark.
Follow the instructions
This is kind of the capstone
of the entire theme,
so we have to get everything
just right.
- I won't let you down.
- Okay.
We should be there
sometime this evening.
Thank you so much.
All right, let's move!
Come on!
When I look in your eyes
The world disappears
'Cause I love you
Well, well, well.
May I say you ladies
look lovely this morning?
You really do,
and I'm sorry we're late.
That's on us.
Ranger Hobie here thought
he saw a yellow-billed cuckoo
on the way up here, so we had
to stop and investigate.
Turns out I'm the cuckoo.
It was just a mockingbird
up to his old tricks.
- Yeah.
- I'm not surprised.
Yellow-billed cuckoos
are rarely found this far west.
Well, lookie here.
Not only is she cute, but she's
got a brain in her head.
Hopefully she's got some muscles
on the old arm skies, 'cause
we got a lot of fences to mend.
Um, will ranger Craig
or ranger Jeff be joining us?
No, sorry.
You're stuck with us,
but word on the trail
is we're pretty cool too.
Where did they go?
They got sent
on a special mission.
- Yeah.
- Really?
During the flash flood
a bevy of otter pups
- got separated from mama otter.
- Oh.
So they're out there just
working around the clock
trying to get that family
Do they need any help?
I don't think they do,
but good news.
We need a lot of help,
so what do you say
we all get this party started?
Break it down.
Where do we start?
Glad you asked.
We're gonna
take all of the decayed logs,
pop them off this fence, and
load them up over by the truck.
Once that's done-zarino,
we're gonna put the new ones
on where the old ones once were.
Yup, just... we got a lot of work
after that too.
It's gonna be lots of work,
all day 'round.
I'm totally telling dad
that you have a crush
on a park ranger.
Please stop talking.
The spirit of god
like a fire is burning
The latter-day glory
begins to come forth
Visions and blessings
of old are returning
And angels are coming
to visit the earth
We'll sing and we'll shout
with the armies of heaven
Hosanna, hosanna
to god and the lamb
It's probably better we
didn't see ranger Craig and Jeff again.
They probably wouldn't have
lived up to the images
of perfection
we'd created in our minds.
The new guys were nice
and really helpful,
mustaches and all.
It didn't take long
for Charlotte
to find them cute in a way.
They were still boys, after all.
There was something
special about that morning
that had nothing
to do with the rangers.
It was the first time
that everyone was together
and everyone was having fun.
It was hard work, but we built
something awesome together.
Best of all, there was no drama.
Until we got back to camp.
We got to hurry up
'cause I need a snack
- before we start our trial.
- Right.
I know, I'm hungry too.
Is this a prank?
No, it was a bear.
A bear?
We have to go
tell the leaders. Come on.
Roxy. Roxy.
- What happened?
- It was destroyed.
Stay together.
The bear still may be near.
Is everyone here?
- Where's Phoebe?
- She was just here.
- She was just with us.
- Phoebe?
Phoebe? Phoebe? Phoebe?
- Roxy's gone.
- We left Roxy at home.
Phoebe snuck her in the ark.
We've been hiding her.
I'm so sorry.
- I should have told you.
- We have to go after her.
Holly, wait!
You stay here,
and you stay together!
- Holly, wait.
- Let's say a prayer.
Come on.
Dear heavenly father,
please bless that we'll
be able to find Phoebe.
Please protect her
from the bear.
- Please keep Roxy safe.
- Roxy?
We ask these things in
the name of Jesus Christ, amen.
- She went this way.
- How do you know?
The tracks go in this direction.
They went the wrong way.
Wait, we're supposed
to stay here.
We have to go after her!
I'm going with her.
Roxy? Come here, girl.
Phoebe? Phoebe?
Roxy, come on, girl.
Phoebe? Lane?
Roxy? Roxy?
Oh, my... please, no.
I'm so sorry.
I am so sorry.
Phoebe, oh,
we were so worried about you.
I'm so glad you're okay.
Let's get you back to camp.
Come on, let's get you back.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I promise, okay?
It's going to be all right.
It's going to be okay.
Stop telling her
everything's gonna be okay!
Her dog is dead.
That's not okay.
Maybe she's still alive.
Let's just say a prayer and...
You already said a prayer,
and it didn't work, okay?
Just leave us alone and let
us deal with this right now.
Praying is not gonna help.
Look, i... l'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend you. I...
What do we do?
What do we do?
Phoebe, that... that's a grizzly
bear, not a black bear, right?
It's a grizzly bear.
I'm pretty sure.
Okay, me too.
Do you remember what to do?
Play dead and cover your neck.
- Okay, I think she's right.
- Wait, are you sure?
Get down.
For some
people, praying comes naturally.
For others,
they have to be sniffed
by an 800-pound grizzly bear
before they realize
its importance.
We probably sat there
in the fetal position
for a good 30 minutes
before we dared look up
and see if the bear
had really gone.
A good part of me didn't
want to move at all.
I knew the moment we did,
Phoebe would have
to be reminded of her pain,
and I couldn't stand
to see her that way.
Well, it looks like Cain's
about six miles east by now.
How can you be sure?
Well, we tag all the bears
for research purposes,
and when we need to find them,
we turn on the old GPS.
- Boop.
- We'll keep an eye on him.
You guys should be okay
to stay here as long as you
keep your food tied up.
And if you have any candy,
you must stash it away.
Mustache, that's how I remember.
That's very nice of you, sir,
but I think it would be better
if we packed out early.
Okay, well, let us know
if we can do anything for you.
We're here
for you and mother nature.
- Thank you.
- All right, thanks.
All right.
You heard it, ladies.
Tear it down,
or what's left of it.
Wait, this is all my fault.
I'm the one that left
the syrup out like an idiot.
Don't punish the girls
because of my carelessness.
No, it's my fault. He probably
smelled dog food too.
Phoebe didn't know any better.
There's no need
to play the blame game.
We're a team, a unit.
We're all responsible
for our failure here.
Come on, we're burning daylight.
All right, I'll call the bishop
and tell him to head down.
Okay, just hold on.
I have been reciting the young
women's values my whole life,
and I don't remember
quitting being one of them.
Do you remember the one
that's integrity?
Or how about choice
and accountability?
Yeah, that's just it.
I mean, how can we be
accountable if we just give up?
Look, I know that we messed up.
We lied about Roxy.
We haven't been treating each
other the way that we should,
but how can we make things right
if we just go home?
We have so many more amazing
things that we need to do here,
and I don't know about you guys,
but I desperately need
a trial of faith right now.
So please, just forgive us
for messing up
and give us a chance
to make it right.
Well, girls,
your president has spoken.
Is that what you want,
another chance?
How about you, Phoebster?
I want to go home.
She's hurt enough, girls.
Let's go.
I know exactly
how you feel right now.
Your stomach's all clenched,
and your head feels
like it'll never stop pounding,
and your heart...
Feels like it's just gone.
It's the scariest feeling
in the whole entire world,
and you feel like it's never,
ever gonna go away.
And in a way, it wouldn't
feel right if it did,
but I promise you
that Roxy doesn't want
you to feel this way.
If she were here right now,
She'd run right up to you,
she'd lick your face,
and she'd tell you
she loves you,
tell you it's okay for you
to try and be happy again.
She'd want you to look around
at all these people
who love you
and who are here for you
and who want to help you
through this.
If you want to go home,
we'll go, okay?
Just say the word,
and we're out of here.
But if you want to try and stay
and fight through this together,
we are all here for you.
What do you say?
I want to try.
For Roxy.
You all set for this?
Finalized everything
with the bishop this morning.
Okay, you asked for it.
Time for the trial of faith.
If you can complete the trial
as a group before sundown,
then you've earned
the right to stay.
If not, then it's sayonara,
Is that fair?
- Yes.
- Ooh-rah!
This year's trial of faith
is a quest to reach Noah's ark.
Will you be fit
to enter the ark,
or will you be washed away?
You must complete this task
together using only the supplies
provided in the backpack
in front of you, the holy Bible,
and your knowledge
of the golden rulebooks.
Prepare to be tried
both spiritually and temporally.
Mom, we love you,
but can we just please have
the first instruction?
- Oh, yeah.
- Okay.
"And behold,
as the daughters of Noah
did journey to the ark, they
were struck with a plague."
The first trial
and already a plague? Come on!
"Behold, even their leaders,
Bree and Paige,
became ill with fever."
No! Um,
"Phoebe was struck lame,
and Lane fell to the earth
as if she were dead."
I wanted that one.
"Those who were spared
did say unto one another,
"'let us bring them
to the fount of pure water
"that they may drink
and be cleansed."'
the spring?
Dibs on Phoebe.
- Mykelle.
- To the spring.
Okay, one, two.
Pretty quick start.
And a first aid certification.
Pound it.
- Let's not do that again.
- No.
- Go, go, go, go, go, go.
- I'm a-hurrying.
- Faster.
- Okay, okay.
One, two. One, two.
One, two.
One, two.
Guys, come on.
Hurry up, we're almost there.
Easy for you to say.
You're not carrying a moose.
- Hey!
- Oh, a very cute moose.
Mykelle, Mindy,
just go on without us.
- Go get the next clue, okay?
- Yes, Bree.
Fast, fast,
right around the bend.
Go, go.
We got one chance
to make this right.
Oh, my gosh, so much pressure.
Why do you need that?
Trust me.
Bible time.
Come on, come on. We got to go.
We got to go. We got to go.
She's gonna be so happy
we found it.
Mindy, you're going so fast!
"Depart ye, depart ye,
go ye out from thence.
"Touch no unclean thing.
"Go ye out of the midst of her.
"Be ye clean, that bear
the vessel of the lord."
- What does that mean?
- It's Isaiah.
No one knows what that means.
Vessel of the lord,
like, his blood vessels?
The vase. That's the vessel.
It must be dirty.
We have to purify the vase.
We need a fire.
Okay, those of you who have use
of their legs, grab wood, twigs,
and pine needles.
Also, we're gonna need eight
to ten stones for a fire circle.
No, Lane, you can't help until
we cure your plague, remember?
Right, sorry.
Hey, guys,
I don't see any matches in here,
but I did find this really cool
monocle and old-timey mustache.
We've made a huge mistake.
Don't watch it, Makenna.
Keep your eyes shut.
I had to cool it so it
wouldn't burn your face, Bree.
Come on. Come on, come on.
Nice to be alive again.
- Good to have you back.
- So what now?
Where's the next clue?
Was there another clue
back there?
- No, Bree.
- Well, maybe the trial's over
and we just won.
Hey, cheers.
We did it!
What's that?
More Isaiah.
Isaiah, Isaiah, Isaiah.
Isaiah 30:14.
Okay. "It will break in pieces
like pottery,
"shattered so mercilessly that
among its pieces not a fragment
"will be found
for taking coals from a hearth
or scooping water
out of a cistern."
Okay, that one was pretty
straight forward, actually.
Guys, look.
All right, girls.
Keep your bibles handy.
This is the marker.
- We start from here.
- Okay.
First direction,
northeast 49 degrees.
Okay, how many paces?
"The number of days
the flood lasted
"times the days
it took to create the earth
divided by the width
of the ark in cubits."
- 230.
- That was fast. Are you sure?
Yeah, 40 times 7 is 280,
minus 5o cubits wide
is, like, 230.
- Good job, Charlotte.
- Yeah.
- Great job.
- What can I say?
Guys like smart chicks.
Not to be painfully ironic,
but it's actually 190.
Uh, Phoebe, I just did the math.
God created earth in six days.
He rested on the seventh one,
so 6 times 40 is 240,
minus 50 is 190.
- Technically she's right.
- Oh.
You were almost there, though.
It's okay. Guys like
almost-smart girls too.
Okay, ready? One, two...
Three, four, five,
six, seven, eight.
186, 187, 188, 189, 190.
Nice marker, mom.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Okay, second direction,
"290 degrees northwest."
Okay, how many paces?
"The length of the ark
in cubits plus Noah's age
at the time of the flood divided
by Goliath's height in feet."
Easy, 100, give or take.
300 cubits long plus 600 is 900.
Goliath was roughly 9 feet tall,
so it's not exact,
but it's about 100.
Where did you get 9'?
Mine says he was
6 cubits and a span.
Exactly. A cubit's 450
millimeters or 18 inches,
and so that would be 3.2 meters
or 9 1/2 feet tall.
A span's, like, this big.
these are common conversions.
Everyone should know them.
I think you're
actually smarter than Siri.
Come on, guys.
- Let's keep moving.
- All right.
One, two, three, four.
Five, six, seven, eight.
Guys, look at the sun.
We're running out of time.
We have to hurry.
I know, I know.
This is the last one.
"Number of days the floodwater
prevailed on the land
"times how high the water rose
in cubits divided by
"the number of lepers that did
not return to thank Jesus
"plus the number of sheep
the good Shepherd
"left behind when he went to
find the one minus the one
"he went to save
times the number of cattle
"in pharaoh's dream
minus the age of Methuselah
when Noah was born."
- Come on, Phoebe.
- Guys, I'm not gonna do it.
I'm not gonna be able
to finish this one.
- No, no, Phoebe.
- You can't give up now.
No, I refuse to even
think another second about it.
I am why?
'Cause I see the ark.
- Come on.
- Whoo!
- Come on!
Okay, there has to be a way in.
Is there a note or something?
Girls, look to the sides.
Uh, is there anything
left in the backpack we can use?
Um, just the stuff
we already used.
Oh, and this stupid faith key
that sister Rockwell's
always making us.
Oh, my gosh, you guys,
we have to find a way, okay?
We're so close.
I know how we're gonna get in.
- How?
- Faith.
It's the key.
Okay, are you just
making fun of us?
Like, I honestly can't tell.
No, literally, the faith key.
That's how we get into the ark.
Look for a keyhole.
We've already looked everywhere.
We're not gonna find anything.
Look harder, Hannah, okay?
We have to find it.
All right.
Okay, um...
Keyhole, keyhole,
keyhole, keyhole.
- I see it!
- Yes!
Give me the key.
Enter, my little animals.
No way!
You did it, Lane, oh!
Careful. Duck your head.
It was the key.
- Oh, goodness.
- You did it.
You survived the flood.
Um, what flood?
I think that's as far
as she's gonna go.
It's just not as epic
as I'd pictured in my mind,
you know?
Still wish
you were on that boat with them?
You know, it's funny.
I spent countless months
building that ark and trying
to make everything perfect
and worrying that it
wasn't all gonna come together,
and then something magical
happens like this, you know,
that they all come together,
and it just...
It helps me realize that it
wasn't about me or the binder
or the ark or any of that.
It's just all about them.
So as much as I'd love to be
on that boat right now, i...
I'm okay just cheering them
on from the sidelines, you know?
At least we tried.
All right, ladies.
Let's take this party up top.
Come thou fount
Of every blessing
- Tune my heart to
- this is totes beautiful.
Sing thy grace
Streams of mercy
Great job, ladies.
Good job!
- Oh, we're so proud.
- We love you.
I love you.
It was a really good try.
I'm proud of you all.
No place I'd rather be
than on this ark
with all my little animals.
I wish Roxy was here.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
She was a great dog.
I know I teased you
about her size,
but she was as brave
as could be.
I bet she gave that bear
a run for his money.
even though she's gone,
she'll always be with you.
I feel like she might be
here right now, watching us.
She is here.
Do you feel her too?
No, she's actually right there.
Hey, you missing somebody?
- Roxy! Is she okay?
- Roxy!
She was pretty scared
when she found me,
but she's in one piece.
If someone
had told me a week before
that I'd soon be floating
in a lake on Noah's ark,
I'd have told them they could
jump in that proverbial lake,
but when it was real
and happening,
I didn't wish
I was anywhere else
because in that moment
I was exactly where I was
supposed to be
with the ones
I was supposed to be with.
We spent the rest of camp
strictly according
to the golden rulebook.
We sharpened our camp skills,
as best as we could, at least.
We passed off
all our certifications...
Uh, I think this one's okay.
Without major incident...
Yeah, definitely not poisonous.
Appreciated a lot of nature.
Maybe too much nature.
And had plenty of devotionals.
The parable of the ten virgins
has great meaning in our day.
Five of your lanterns
have oil, and five do not.
With only minimal distraction.
Mine has oil.
I even found
some time to do some journaling,
but you already knew that,
huh, dad?
Oh, did you wrap
this yourself? It's so cute.
And even
though I was stressed about it,
Bree really liked her secret
sister present I made.
Thank you.
That's so sweet.
My gift wasn't too bad either.
Led zeppelin was too long, so...
Thank you.
The last
night they did something
they call a testimony meeting.
It sounds like something lawyers
would do before a trial,
but it's not.
Basically, anyone who wants to
can get up and share
their thoughts or feelings about
life, god, or...
I'd like to-
whatever they wanted, really.
This is my last summer here.
You didn't have
to go if you didn't want to,
only if you felt like it.
To witness this kind of love...
It was nice to
hear their different perspectives
when I could understand them.
They were sweet,
but for the most part
it didn't have the same effect
on me like it did the others,
until Phoebe
had to open her big mouth.
Y'all know that I'm
a pretty scared person.
I relate with over 60%
of the phobias on Wikipedia.
When I'm scared
only a few things
can actually calm me down,
like my dad, my mom,
and Roxy.
I know Roxy's just a dog,
but she's my best friend.
When I lost her I was as scared
and sad as I've ever been.
Then when I saw her again,
I was so happy, so grateful
that I forgot how much it hurt
to lose her in the first place.
I'm pretty sure
that's how heaven's gonna be.
Lane, if it hurt this bad
to lose Roxy,
it must have been
a thousand times worse
when you lost your dad,
and I promise you that when you
see him again in heaven,
he will hold you in his arms,
and all that pain and heartache
will be washed away
in an instant.
I think Jesus suffered
the worst heartache of all,
'cause he loved all of us
and wanted to make a way
for us to be with the ones
we love again.
I know in my heart
that god is real,
that we are his children,
and he loves us.
I say this in Jesus' name, amen.
Thank you, girls,
for sharing your testimonies.
Well, if everyone's gone
that wanted a chance to speak,
then we'll go ahead
and say the closing prayer.
Can I say something?
Of course.
I just... i want
to thank you all for allowing me
to be a part of this.
I want to thank
sister Carrington
for pressuring me into it,
but seriously, I really,
really needed this.
I want to thank sister Rockwell
for helping keep me here.
I was just about ready to
beg you to take me back home
that day in the sidecar,
but something
about her leather jacket
and her chaps told me
I should probably ride it out.
Holly, if your brother
has even half
of the sincerity and kindness
that you do,
my mom
is a very, very lucky lady.
Phoebe, you are so smart.
You've taught me
more random facts
than I could probably ever
remember in my lifetime,
but what you said just now
I will never, ever forget.
I still don't know
what I believe in
or if I'm even ready
to try and figure
all of that out for myself,
but I want to thank you all for
bringing me closer to a place
where I can start.
But if there is one thing
I know for sure,
it's that there is something
very, very special
about all of you.
You're all really,
really good Christians,
and the world is a better place
because of you.
Thank you, Lane.
Now, do I have any volunteers
for a closing prayer?
I'll say it.
Wait. I know I already went,
but I just have something else
that I need to say.
I feel like this past year
we've really been
struggling as a group, you know?
We've been cliquish.
We have been fighting
over the stupidest things
and just have not been treating
each other the way we should.
And I feel like
that's mostly my fault.
Before I came to camp,
I said a prayer,
and I asked heavenly father
to help me find the strength
as Laurel president
to be the type of leader
that I needed to be to help
us come together as a group,
and I feel like the answer
to that prayer was you, Lane.
Your unselfish and loving
example towards Phoebe
and your acceptance of all of us
showed me the type of young
woman that I want to be.
So I appreciate you saying
that we all helped you,
but the truth is
you helped us
so much more, so thank you.
Come here.
Okay, now can we say the prayer?
Well, you won't believe
what I'm gonna be
When it's time for me to run
It wouldn't
have been right to end camp
without finishing the last item
on the golden schedule,
the final talent show.
All right, listen up,
Welcome to girls camp.
It felt good
to laugh after crying so much.
There won't be trouble
in the world no more
There won't be trouble
in the world no more
I even
prepared a little something.
Instead of complaining about
how old and cheesy
your camp songs were, I decided
to write a new, cheesy song
for you guys to learn.
This is my first time singing it
in front of anybody, so be nice.
Drove for miles
up this dusty road
I felt so lost and on my own
With you, with you
Life has had me up a creek
But I've been up here
this entire week
With you, with you
And I'm feeling
a little better
And I think it comes
down to a few small letters
T-o-g to the e, to the t
And then you add on "her"
And that's together
T-o-g to the e, to the t
And then you add on "her"
And we're together
Together keeps the bears
far away off in their lairs
Together we are dry
in the rain
Together here we are
underneath this sky of stars
Together we share
joy and pain
T-o-g to the e, to the t
And then you add on "her"
And that's together
T-o-g to the e, to the t
And then you add on "her"
And we're together
T-o-g to the e, to the t
And then you add on "her"
And it's together
T-o-g to the e
When camp was over,
I knew I wouldn't see most
of those girls anymore,
but that song would keep
their faces in my mind forever.
Together keeps the bears
far away off in their lairs
Together we stay dry
in the rain
Together here we are
underneath a sky of stars
Together we share
joy and pain
When I got home,
mom asked me how it was.
It was hard to explain.
It wasn't at all
what I expected,
but it was
exactly what I expected.
It wasn't scary,
but somehow it was terrifying.
It wasn't that fun,
but looking back,
it was a blast.
It was what it was,
and if you weren't there,
you just couldn't know.
No matter what happens
in my life I will look back
and be proud to say
that once I was a beehive.
I told you before that
I'd see you all again
I was scared, and believe me
I needed you to send
all your love with open arms
All your love with open arms
I needed you more than
I thought I ever would
You came to me and did
the best that you could
Close the door
and bless your heart
You gave it
everything you got
I know the end of the story
And the loss
turned out the same
Well, there's love,
and there's pain
And everything around you
just falls on you like rain
I opened the door
and I took that faithful step
I watch you sleeping for hours
as you dreamt
Our better lives filled
with happiness thrown away
You're a lonely mess
I know the end of the story
And the loss
turns out the same
Well, there's love
And there's pain
And everything around you
just falls on you
Yeah, everything around you
just falls on you
Yeah, everything around you
just falls on you like rain
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
When the storm is coming
and you need some cover
When the trouble's rising
Pulling you under
When the sun's on fire
And you need some shade
When your feet are moving
but you're going no place
I got your back
Hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, don't worry about,
don't worry about that
I got your back
Hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, I got your,
I got your back, back, back
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh
When your head
is swimming I'll be your air
When you run in circles
I'll be your square
When you stumble,
take a little tumble
And you need a hand
You don't need to ask,
yeah, 'cause I'm all over that
I got your back
Hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, don't worry about,
don't worry about that
I got your back
Hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, I got your,
I got your back, back, back
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh, oh, oh
I got your back
Hey, don't worry about that,
hey, I got your back
Hey, don't worry about,
don't worry about that
I got your back,
hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, I got your,
I got your back, back, back
I got your back,
hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, don't worry about,
don't worry about that
I got your back,
hey, don't worry about that
Hey, I got your back
Hey, I got your,
I got your back, back, back