Once in the Life (2000) Movie Script

trimark pictures man: Can't wait. Background music:
you won't believe the things I've seen far beyond
your wildest dream... bawk bawk! Ha ha ha! What are you
waiting on, Tony? Handle your business. I've got $100
in this pocket that says
he don't do it. You got a bet. Here you go, Tony. Don't let me down, man. I'm betting on you. Tony, voice-over:
Now, a lot of you guys might be surprised
at what I'm about to say. And you'll want to know,
who is this guy that talks so sly, and where did he
learn to play? Well, I'm about to tell you
the way that I failed... And the dirty trick
that fate played on me. These are swinging sounds
I'm running down so you will dig my history. [Rap music playing] Man:
Come on, Manny. Show them what
you got, baby. Manny: Yeah,
I told you. Oh, yeah, chino. [Speaking spanish] Be jamming it!
Be jamming it! Oh, look at that! Sammy sosa! Oye, Hector. [Speaking spanish] No trick-or-treat
on pope. Cool deal. [Speaking spanish] Oh! Oh, you...
Look at that shit. Oh, yeah, Freddie. Come on, papa. Get off
my fucking car, man. [Speaking spanish] What's that
look like to you? Fucking lunch cart? Get off
the fucking car. [Speaking spanish] Shit, man. Get this motherfucker
off my car, man. Get him off
my fucking car. Hector:
Hey, yo, asshole! Yo, what are you doing
to my Uncle's car? Manny: Bring this
motherfucker over here. Aah! Aah! Aah!
I'm sorry! What did
I tell you, huh? Get off my car. Get off my fucking car,
didn't I? I'm sorry, Manny. Running your life,
Freddie. Dar me. Dar me.
Dar me. Dar me. Here you go, bro. This better not
be short, either. No way, papi. I sold that shit
lock, stock, and barrel. Believe that! This ain't funny, man. [Speaking spanish] Stop fucking around. You should've
seen them, too, man. They were sweating me.
They were all, like, "yo, please, Freddie.
Hook me up, man. I'm sick." But I was hard,
just like you told me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Listen. I'm putting
Hector on a run. I want you
to go with him. Damn it, Manny. What? You said you would
hook me up with my own
franchise, man. Why do I got to
deliver with Hector? Because he's
my nephew and I don't want anything
to happen to him, ok? Now I want you
go with him, make sure the shit
gets delivered, then maybe...Hey. Maybe we'll talk
about a franchise. Yeah. How many keys? Cuatro. Ok. Make sure
they get there. Yeah. No problem. Get the fuck
out of here. Oye, gato. You fuck up
on this one, that's another life
you lose. Woman: Aah! Fuck me. Oh, yeah, taxi,
taxi, taxi! Come on. Over here.
Over here. I'm going
to Livingston street. Where's that?
In tribecka? No, no, no.
Downtown Brooklyn. Oh, no, no.
I'm sorry, no. I cannot take you
to Brooklyn. What do you mean
you can't take me? It's quitting time
in one half hour. I cannot take you
to Brooklyn. I must go to queens. You must take me
to my destination. I'm going to Brooklyn.
Let's go. No, no.
I must ask you to leave my cab
now, please. You either take me
to Brooklyn, or you take me
to the police station. I cannot go. Either you take me
to Brooklyn, or take my ass
to the police station. Otherwise, I'm not
getting out of your cab. Can we move this along
with a little alacrity? I got to take
a fucking piss. What's this
jackoff's name? Michael Williams. Want to write it
in fucking braille? Oh, excuse me.
Gentlemen, could you please
escort Mr. Williams to the holding tank? [Men arguing] Woman: Gentlemen!
Gentlemen! Gentlemen, please! What seems to be
the problem here? Officer, I would like
to fill out a complaint. Oh, would you now? That's right. This pendejo
picked me up-- refused to take me
to my destination. Cab driver: No.
My off-duty light was on. This guy got in while I'm stopped
at a red light. Liar. The man
is lying. All right.
Shut up! Shut up! Before I fucking
smack you. You want to fill out
a complaint? I need your name. Michael Williams. What's the problem,
officer? No problem at all. I just have to ask you
a few questions. That's all. What kind
of questions? Just some routine
questions, sir, starting with
your name. I told you before.
Michael Williams. Michael Williams Leon? No, no. Lay-on. What about
my complaint? We'll get to that
in a minute. Date of birth,
October 31, 1967? What's this about? This is about
you, nitwit. Michael Williams Leon? You got a list
of prior arrests dating back 10 years,
but who's counting? I didn't do nothing. Not today, but you
did a bullet on riker's a couple of years ago, and that's
the good news. You want to hear
the bad news? You ain't been to see
your p.O. In two months. Now you know what
that means, don't you? He misses me? Woman: Move it. All you got to do
is call on him. I was going
to see him. Look, don't I at least
get a phone call? I got
something better. Williams!
Come here! I got someone here
I want you to meet. Daddy? What? What? Billy, stay here,
all right? Just going to stay
in the car? All right.
Stay here. Jackie.
Jackie! Hey! Come on, Jackie.
Hey. Hey, come on. Man:
There. Hey, Mikey. Give your daddy
a kiss. Come over here.
Come on. Excuse me, but you
haven't seen this kid but twice
since he's been born. Now all of a sudden,
you want to come around here and play daddy? Jesus,
he's my kid, too, for Christ's sakes.
Come on. That's not what
you said to me when I told you
that I was pregnant. Fuck you, Billy. Whoa! Why you got
to talk to me like that in front of the kid? Why? Because you are just
such a fucking asshole. Don't you come
stepping into my life and telling me that
you care about my son. Hey, "our" son. Tony, voice-over:
Dig. Like last new year's night, when the whole scene
shown bright and all the goons
was stalking their prey. The cold was pure crime
on them neon lights and all the tricks
were doomed to pay. Crime suddenly begun
soon as daughters made sons. Some of them's
only 5 years old. You know, there's been
many, many a night I had to settle for
a bite off of some old... Moldy roll. Seen your
father lately? He's dead. He's dead?
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure. Positive? Absolutely.
Absolutely positive. A fucking deadbeat. A fucking prick
is what he was. Are you hungry?
You want to go get a slice of pizza
or something? Come on.
Take a walk with me. I'll buy you a slice,
all right? That's all right.
I'm good. Like you got something
better to do? Come on. Take a walk
with me, bro. Ok. But don't
call me that. What can I do
you fellas? Let me get two slices
and a coke. What you want
to drink, bro? Dr. pepper. Dr. pepper?
You need something with vitamin c, yo. Hey, let me get
an orange drink with that. Man: 10 minutes
on the pizza. Yeah. No problem. What? Look at you. Wipe your nose. Thanks. You know
you got to eat, bro. Feed a cold,
starve a fever. That's what they say. I fucking told you
not to call me that. Now, see,
look what you did. Are you stupid
or what? Why the fuck you got
to talk to me like that? You put me back
another 10 minutes. I'm sorry. Yeah, sorry.
It does nothing for me. "You're sorry."
You know what? Get out. What? We just want
some pizza, man. Oh, get a fucking
haircut. Two of you
are knuckleheads. Aah! What the fuck! Fuck, man! Torch: Say it
to my fucking face. Who's stupid now,
motherfucker? Wait a minute.
We got to go. We got to go.
The cops are coming. What are you
talking about? What cops? The ones
behind me, yo. Holy shit. Officers: Hold it!
Hold it! Police! Stop right there!
Police officer! Stop! Get the fuck
out of the way! Torch: Wait up, man.
Wait up. How did you know
those cops were coming? I got eyes in the back
of my head. 20/20 Mike. That's me. What's the matter
with you? What? Are you
fucking crazy? You're trying to
get us busted again? We just got out,
man. Yeah, well,
I may be crazy, but I ain't stupid. What do you mean
"we" just got out? We ain't together. Come on. Don't be
like that, bro. Don't fucking
call me that. Just because
my old man was fucking
your mother don't make us
brothers. Oh, wait a minute. Why you got to talk
about my mother, huh? Why you got to talk
about my mom? Ha ha ha! Fucking asshole. You fucking put
your hands up to me again, I'll throw you
a fucking beating you'll never forget. I'm sorry, all right? Look. You're
pretty good with the smitties,
right? Maybe we could make
some money together. Doing what? This and that.
A little flim, a little flam,
you know. I don't know. What? Like you got something better
to do, Mr. Williams? Cut me a break with
that Mr. Williams shit. Ok. Whatever the
fuck your name is. Billy. Billy? Yeah. Billy. You want to make
some money or not? Ok. What you want
from me, Max? You know what I want? I want you to do what
you fucking promised. It's not that
fucking complicated. You say you're going
to do something, you do it. It's not my fault. Whose fault is it?
Mine? No. And I bet you
won't tell her you won't take her
trick-or-treating. Maxine! Maxine what? I knew this shit
was going to happen. It's the same
fucking shit that happened
last year. Look. I got business
to take care of. You're going to have to
take her this year. You know what? She doesn't
want me to take her. She wants her father
to take her. All right?
She's a little girl. Halloween
is important to her. I know that. Think I don't
know that? Why don't you
fucking act like it? She's not going to
be little forever. Where you going? Where you going? Going to pick her up
from school. This is bullshit! Now just stop it,
all right? Max...You know
the game. I'll be back. I'll be back
as soon as I can. Just do what
you got to do. Come here.
Don't be scared. It'll be ok. You go get precious. Tell her
daddy's sorry. Will you do that
for me? Yeah. I'll do that
for you. I'll tell her
you're sorry. Maxine:
I don't know why I'm with your
sorry ass anyway. Tony, voice-over:
Wayward daughters for dollars and quarters would sell
their youthful selves, and in the morning
they awoke to find their hearts
near broke, crying themselves
to death. While junkies prowl
with a tiger's growl in search of their
much needed blow, and winos cringe
on their canned heat bins to find their graves
in the snow. Where belles of vice
sell love for a price and even the law
gets corrupt, man, you keep on trying. But nevertheless crime,
like gin--what a bitter cup. The jungle creed says, "the strongest feed
off of any prey at hand," and I was branded "beast"
at every feast, before I ever
became a man. [Bell rings] They're here. You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Positive? Absolutely.
Absolutely positive. Go upstairs.
Wait for my call. Man on TV:
Hey, all right! I'm here. You're here. We're all here together. Do you have any idea
what we're doing here? Hey, Michael. You know? All right! That's what
we're going to do! [Knock on door] Hi, Catherine.
Hi, bill. Bill: How are you today?
Are you hungry? Happy Halloween,
fellas. Trick or treat. Hey, come on, man! You think I'm
fucking stupid, b? Fuck. This is the kid
from the elevator. Yo, where the fuck
is Freddie? He's downstairs.
He's on lookout. Hey, man, I ain't
packing nothing. I ain't packing
nothing, ok? How you doing? Good. Yeah. Listen. You guys
want to show me the product or what? Hector: No doubt. Esta bien. Oh, so it's money time
though, right? It's money time. So why
don't you call your boy and we get this money
and we do this? [Rings] Yeah? It's that time.
You ready, bro? Don't fucking
call me that. Well, come on up.
We're waiting. Keep your fucking
shirt on, Mikey. I'm coming,
all right? Hurry up.
These guys want their fucking money,
all right? Yeah. Heard you
twice the first time. [Horn honks] Damn! Mike: So, fellas,
today's your lucky day. You're under arrest. [Laughter] [Men arguing] Man: Give me
the fucking-- [gunshots] Oh, shit! Watch where the fuck
you're going, man. I'm sorry, yo. What are you
doing here, Freddie? Nothing. I didn't
recognize you. How you doing? Manny send you? Yeah. No.
I mean no. I was just--
what? Ow! Aah! Easy, man.
Why you bugging, dude? Aah! What the fuck? You're coming with me,
motherfucker. What the fuck, man? What's your
fucking problem, man? Hey, yo! Bill on TV: Ooh, boy. Hey, Michael, can you
smell the aromas? Boy, these guys know how
to play along real well... You sure
this is where we're supposed
to meet them? Yeah, I'm sure. [Siren] You positive? Absolutely.
Absolutely positive. Yeah. We can't wait
here all night. Yeah. Tell me
about it. [Car engine revs] Who you calling? A friend of mine. [Rings] Hello. Mike: Trick or treat. Precious,
how you doing? Hello. Go put
your costume on. Hey. Who's this? Hey, Max.
It's Mike. Oh, shit. Aw, damn,
she got so big. What do you want,
Michael? How you doing, Max? Oh, I'm fine.
Yeah. Mm-hmm. What do you want? Let me talk
to Tony. Let me talk
to Tony. Well, Tony's
not here. Listen, can you tell him
to meet me later tonight? Maxine: Well, Tony's
taking care of business, and I don't know
where to reach him. Max, please, Max. I'm in trouble now,
all right? That's the fucking problem.
You always in trouble. That's the only time
we ever hear from you. I know, Max,
and I'm sorry. I just-- you just what?
You in jail again? No. No, it's just... It's my sister. Debbie? Yeah. She's shooting
dope again, and listen, can you
tell Tony to meet me at the old spot tonight? Help me look for her maybe? Please. Yeah, all right.
I'll tell him you called. Thanks, Max. [Dial tone] Yeah. Give precious
a big hug for me, all right? Operator: If you need help,
hang up and then dial-- what's up?
Who was that? Never mind. Come on. Let's get
the fuck out of here. Take me, help me I wish I was
a child again pack lunch before my boots so colorful so colorful kaleidoscope images 1975 films
and starsky and hutch God, do I ask
for too much? too much? God, do I ask
for too much? God, do I ask
for too much? God, do I ask
for too much? God, do I ask
for too much? yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah all I want to see
is the rising sun the rising sun the rising sun all I want to see
is the rising sun oh, no, no the rising sun oh, no, no, no all I want to be
is the rising sun the rising sun,
the rising sun... Mike: Ok, ok. Ok, ok, ok.
You made it, Mikey. You made it. Ha ha!
Ha ha ha! Hey, we made it. All you got to do
is calm the fuck down. Think, baby. You just got to think. Yo, Billy, where the fuck
are you? Hurry up. I'm coming. I'm coming. Keep your shirt on, Mike. It's fucking dark up here. You almost there. You can make it, bro. I told you not to
call me that. You sure we're
going to be safe up here? Yeah, I'm sure. Torch: Huh? Oh, shit.
This is it? This is your
fucking hideout? Yeah, yeah,
this is it. Go ahead. Make
yourself at home. You sure Manny won't
come looking for us here? Yeah, I'm sure. You positive? I'm telling you,
absolutely. Absolutely positive. Let me tell you something. It looks like
quite a few people found your little
fucking hideaway here. Will you just go ahead
and sit down? Yeah, yeah.
I'll do that. Let me tell you
something else. I sure as shit ain't taking
my shoes off in this joint. God forbid, I get
fucking aids. What are you so fucking
worried about, huh? I don't know. What if Manny
and his boys find us? What about that, huh? Mierda, look it,
I told you. This place is like
fucking fort knox. Nobody comes
in our out unless they know
the way. All right? Me
and my man Tony, we used to hide out
here all the time. What you keep saying.
Are you sure nobody saw us? Yeah. Yeah. Jesus Christ. Damn
place is a mess. No shit. I don't know
if I like this. I think we should blow. I think we should get
the fuck out of here. And do what? What,
you want to ride the fucking subway
till somebody spots us? No. We take our chances
on the street. We're better off.
I'm telling you. No. Forget about it.
We got half the dealers in the city looking
for us probably, not to mention the cops. We got to do some
fucking thing. At least get
out of New York. To Jersey, Philly,
maybe Miami. I hear the weather's nice. Miami? Miami? What are
you, fucking crazy? Manny's got connections
up the ass on the east coast. We got to go
out west. California, Seattle,
maybe. Maybe this guy Tony,
the friend you called, maybe we could sell
the shit to him. No way. No way. Tony's out
of the life now. Let me tell you something. Once you got a taste
of the life, that's it. Once in the life,
always in the life, Mikey. Not my man Tony,
man. He's out. Lucky motherfucker. Oh, we used to come
up here all the time back in the day. Me, him,
fucking Freddie. Fucking Freddie nine lives. A piece of work, he is. Catch that motherfucker,
throw him off a roof. Freddie: Aah!
I don't know nothing. I don't know nothing. I swear I don't know
anything. I swear to God, please! Come on, Freddie,
who was it? Come on. Freddie: I don't know
nothing, man. I swear to God. You don't tell me,
I'm going to throw you off this fucking roof.
Tell me. Please, Manny, please.
I don't know anything. Oh, God, no! Hey, Buddha, don't cats
usually land on their feet? Yeah, but at this
height, I don't know. No, Manny, please.
Don't drop me, Manny. Don't kill me. Not like
this, Manny, please. Drop him. No! No! No! It was Mike! It was Mike,
20/20 Mike! Come on, Freddie,
stop fucking around. Come on.
The other guy, huh? It was some crazy white boy
with long hair, a dope fiend. I swear that's all
I know, Manny. Oh, my God, don't... 20/20. Ain't that
Tony's boy? Yo, Manny. I ain't seen
this cat in, like, years, you know what
I'm saying? Freddie: I swear.
Don't drop me. I swear to God!
Please. It's ok, Tony. Really, it's ok. Freddie: Oh, my God,
don't kill me, Manny. Please, not like this! Ruffhouse, Buddha, why don't you take
Freddie downstairs and hang out, huh? Me and Tony
got to talk. I can't believe he fucking
left us hanging, man. Cocksucker said the job
would be a cinch. Said it would be easy.
Now look at us sitting here
in a fucking firetrap. It would have
been a cinch if you'd have chilled
the fuck out. Don't fucking start
with me. I can't believe you
fucking shot those guys. How many fucking times
are you going to say it? You fucking shot
two kids, man. I can't believe that. Forget about it,
will you? What's done is done. Yeah. You came to me
about a year ago. You asked
for your own franchise. I gave it to you,
and what happens? Is this how you show
your fucking appreciation? Manny, you got to
believe-- shut the fuck up! Just keep on talking. Keep on talking. Freddie: Don't hit me--ohh! Now, I know
this motherfucker set me up. Now, I know he's
responsible for Hector. All I want to know is when, where, why,
what, who. Come on. I got to the hotel,
all right? [Cell phone ringing] Yeah. Yeah, baby. No. Look, Max, I'm kind of
tied up right now, ok? How's your hand, bro? Stop calling me
that. I ain't
your brother. So it's like that now? You bet your ass
it is. You're a sick man,
Mr. Williams. I told you
not to call me that. Yep. You're
a very sick man. I'm not sick. Just got a cold, and my fucking
hand's killing me. Come on, Tony.
Where the fuck are you? I think I know where
they are, Manny. That's good, Tony. Now we're going to
talk about how you should handle it. Me? Yeah, you. I can't
do that, man. Why is that? I ain't never killed
nobody before, man. Well, guess what, Tony. There's a first time
for everything. What? It's your product
we're talking about here. It's your responsibility. You wanted to be
your own boss, right? Guess what. You got to pay the cost
if you want to be the boss. You take that with you. Fuck this sitting around waiting for your friend
to show up. God forbid, Manny
and his boys find us. Forget it. They'll fucking
have us for breakfast. Hold up. Hold up.
What the fuck is that? What? Listen. What the fuck
is that? I don't know.
Maybe it's your friend. No. That's
something else. I know I've heard
that sound before. So what are you
asking me for? I don't know-- shh! Shh! Wait. Oh, shit! Fuck! That's a fucking rat, man. Don't do
that shit, man! I'm telling you,
that's a fucking rat, man. I hate rats. I can't stand
them shits. I remember I was
dating this girl. She lived down
by mill basin-- candy brown. Bitch was fine, bro. Told you not
to call me-- I mean, fine. This chick was so fine,
I spent all the bread I could get my hands on trying to get
into her panties. Took her to coney island,
the aquarium, the movies. Any place in Brooklyn
I thought she might give it up, that's where I
would take her, right? So after we had gone out
a few times-- I don't know to this date
how I knew, but I could tell
she had finally decided to give me some, right? So, we had gone
to the movies over on church Avenue, and when the flick was over,
she asked me to walk her home, so I go like a bat. So, we start walking,
talking, shooting the breeze,
you know. And bing bing! My 20/20 start going off
like crazy. It was like I could feel
all the fellas around her way, they were checking
me out, you know, like, "who's this chump? What's she doing
with him," right? So, we finally get
to her building, and it's all run-down
and shit. I'm like, "what the fuck
is a chick this fine doing living in a place
like this?" Mierda, she was fine as wine.
I'm telling you, dress her up
in garbage bags, put fucking TV dinners
on her head, you could not hide
this kind of beauty, and after I'd taken
her out all them times? Said I was going to
get these panties. I mean, I was very serious
about this pussy, ok? Is there a point
to this story? Oh, yeah, check it out,
I forgot. We had stopped to get some
bacardi on the way, right? When we get to her apartment
on the fourth floor, that shit was hooked up. Top to bottom,
all exotic and whatnot. The bitch got beads hanging
over the bedroom door, different colored
light bulbs in the ceiling, and pillows on the floor--
that type of shit. Yeah, she lit up a joint,
some incense, asked me to
make some drinks while she goes
and gets comfortable. [Speaks spanish] I made it. I made it
to mill basin alive. I'm going to fuck
the finest girl I ever seen
in my life, right? So, I make the drinks. One for me, right? One for her. I'm sitting on the floor. I'm sipping my drink.
I'm taking it all in, right? The lights, the reefer,
the incense-- bling bing bing! My 20/20 goes off
again, right? It's like I could feel
something in the room. So, I go to put
my drink down, right? The shit spills over. Fucking floor was
slanted, bro. No lie, the shit
was like this. So, now I'm trying
to clean up my mess, and I hear
this scratching sound on the floor behind me. I turn around. I see this rat. Go on, yo, a fucking rat
this fucking big. Swear to God, it was
as big as your fucking head. Ahh, I can't stand
them shits. I'm telling you, man,
that shit blew my mind. I mean, I couldn't
concentrate on nothing else for the whole rest
of the night. See, what happened was,
when I was little, my sister Debbie,
she got bit by a rat. She was only, what,
2 or 3 years old at the time. I didn't know it then, but I kept that shit
locked up in the back of my mind. Like, in my subconscience,
you know? So when the chick
came out of the bathroom-- I mean, all ready
to go, man, looking finer than
a motherfucker-- pussy? Furthest thing
from my mind. [Creaking] About time, yo.
Here he comes. We got to get out
of here, Mike. Shut up. I'm trying
to think of something. While you're doing that,
I'm bleeding like a stuck pig. I got
to take a piss-- ow, ow, ow! You fuck! Tony: Yo, Mike. Yo, Mikey! Fuck. Yo, Mike. Ok. I'm going to go
up on the roof. I'm coming with you. No way you're
leaving me by myself. No. You move
around too much, you'll only make
yourself bleed more. Are you stupid? Don't call me stupid
one more fucking time! Ok, I'm sorry, ok? Tony: Yo, Mike. Yo, Mike, you there? Where you at, baby? I don't know, Mike.
I don't know this guy. How many times
I got to tell you? He's a friend of mine. You keep saying that.
Big deal. He ain't no
fucking friend of mine. Ok. Ha ha ha! You playing, right? Ok. Keep it out,
all right? Now, don't let him leave, and whatever you do, don't fucking shoot him. Ok? I'm going to go up
on the roof. Mike. Mike. [Bang] Goddamn, this place
is fucked up. Trick or treat,
motherfucker. Yo! No problem, baby,
all right? Shut up! Step in the middle
of the floor, slick. Nice and easy. Right here ok, chief? That's fine.
Just fine. Ok. Hey, hey, fucker!
Use your head. Empty out your pockets
on the table there and be very, very
careful. Careful is
my middle name, man. Just don't shoot
a brother is all I'm saying. Just so long
as the brother keeps his hands
where I can see them. It's all I got, chief. I hate carrying this thing.
Keeps the old lady off my case, you know
what I'm saying? Hey, I ain't interested
in your life story, pal. You sit down over there
nice and easy, and keep your
fucking hands up. You got it. Yo, my man. What the fuck
do you want? Is Mike here? How the fuck
should I know? Didn't I hear
two people up here? Who gives a fuck
what you heard? Look, I'm just
trying to make sure I'm in the right place.
That's all I'm saying. Now, he called
my old lady, said he was trying to
find his sister Debbie. I just want to see if I
can help a brother out. Oh, great. Another one
with the brother shit. So, you're a friend
of his, huh? Look, man, that's
my motherfucking man. Go back like
car seats, baby. There's too much crime
and too much time. See what I'm saying? Oh, Christ almighty. You all right, man? Yeah, I'm fine. I got to take a piss. Go ahead, man,
take a break. I ain't gonna
give you no-- you, just be quiet
till Mike gets back. Oh, so he's here? Yeah, he's up
at the roof. He said you was to wait
for him till he comes down. Said to keep you here. Yo, my man. What? Can I put my hands
down now? Yeah. Don't think I
won't cap you one just because you're
a friend of Mike's. No problem, man. Yo, what's
your name? What? Are we
fucking friends? What's your name, man? Torch. I'm Tony t.
Nice to meet you. Whatever. I seen you somewhere
before, right? Never. You sure I ain't
never met you before? Hey, let me
tell you something. I never seen you before.
You never seen me before. I don't know you.
I don't want to know you. I'd just as soon shoot you
as look at you. You got it? I got it, man.
No problem, all right? Put your fucking hands
behind your head. Mikey? Mikey, man. I got to take
a leak, man. You better get
down here fast, or I'm going to fucking
put one in your friend here. Hey, yo, take it
easy, all right? You, shut the fuck up. Oh, shit. Ohh! Ohh...Ohh, shit! Shit, no. Mike: Oh, yeah, Billy. Motherfucker! Oh, shit!
Fuck, man, whoa! Take it easy, torch. Give me the gun.
Don't shoot, ok? What's the matter?
You ok, bro? Don't fucking call
me that. What's the matter?
Tony, what happened? I think your boy had
a little accident. I pissed
my fucking pants, man. Oh...Shit, uh...
I'm sorry, bro. Hold up. Hold up.
Come here. Come on. Now, you sit
over here, all right? There you go. 20/20 Mike. Tony t., what's up,
huh? Ha ha! So, what
happened, Mike? Fellas, can I get
a hand over here? Hey, yo, chill. We'll get you cleaned up
in a second, ok? Tony: What up, Mike? Well, it's a long story. Hey, you ain't seen nobody
following you, did you? No. Two dudes
on the corner using the pay phone. Word? Word. Suave, Mike. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Suave. We cool. You bet. Torch, ok? Fuck you. Torch: Fuck the both
of you cocksuckers. I'm bleeding.
My fucking hand's killing me. I'm soaked to the gills
in my own piss, for Christ's sakes. Torch, just take it
easy, ok? It's all right.
I got some old sweats in my ride downstairs. I'll go get them,
bring them up, get you out
of them pissy pants, get you cleaned up,
all right? Well, hurry up. What the fuck
are waiting on? I'm dying over here. Damn, Mike. Where you find
this evil motherfucker? It's a long story. Can you get us
something to eat, and maybe something
to drink, too? No problem. Yeah, some cigarettes
and something sweet. And maybe some stuff
to clean up his hand? You know, it's
pretty fucked up. Yeah. No problem, man. What happened, man?
What did y'all do? We tried to
beat somebody and we ran
into a little problem. Tried to beat
somebody? Who? Yeah, well, you
don't want to know. Manny Rivera, that's who. Torch: Ok? You can
fucking go now. Wait a minute. Wait
the fuck a minute here. You beat Manny Rivera? For how many keys? 3. Supposed to be 4. Torch: We lost one.
What a fucking waste. You got a lot of nerve talking that shit
after what you did. You going to start that
fucking shit with me again? You're so
fucking stupid. The next time you
call me fucking stupid-- there won't be
no next time, Manny Rivera find
you two motherfuckers. [Sighs] I'm not feeling
too good, Mike. You got to stop moving
around so much. Look, Tony will be back
in a minute, all right? Let me see your hand. I can't feel
my fingers. I think I'm going to
pass out. Jesus, man, you all
fucking sweaty and shit. That's this fucking cold
I'm trying to catch. I'll be fine as soon as
we get out of here. All right, all right.
Let me see that hand. No, just leave it alone.
It will be fine. Come on. You keep it
in your pocket, it's only going to get
infected. Let me see. No. Ow! Let me see. No, man, stop. Let go of my fucking arm,
for Christ's sakes, will you? Yeah, ok, go ahead.
Keep in your pocket. Bleed to death, stupid. Hey, next fucking time
you call me stupid, I'll throw you a beating
you'll never forget. Oh, right. With one
fucking hand, right? You know, that shit gets
infected bad enough, you get gangrene. Cut the fucking thing
off of you. The fuck they will.
Besides, it ain't that bad. Oh, that's
what you think? Well, then, hey. See if I give
a marvelous fuck when it falls off. It ain't gonna fall off. It ain't that bad.
I'm telling you. Just a scratch. Ok. Yo, house,
where's Manny? I got to talk
to him. Manny went to see
his mother. You take care
of your boy? I'm working on him. Buddha: Hmm. Ruffy, you owe me $100. Nah, nah. Give him
a chance. He's a virgin. [Chuckles] What you going
to do now? Buddha: I don't know
what happened, but something's
got to be a deal. We'll give you another
couple of hours to take care
of your business. Or your business
becomes our business. Ahh-ahh! Make me some money, baby. Look, I didn't want
to say nothing, but I think
I seen him before. Who? Your friend there.
Frosted flakes. Tony? Yeah.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure. You positive? I don't know.
I can't remember where. How could you forget
somebody like Tony? I don't know,
but it will come to me. I'll tell you
one fucking thing for sure, I don't like him. Yeah, well, you
didn't like me when you met me either,
Mr. Williams. Cut me a break with that
Mr. Williams shit. Sorry, bro. Stop calling me bro. Jesus. I've known you
two weeks. Already the biggest
pain in the ass I've ever had in my
whole fucking life. Well, that's only natural seeing as how me and you
got the same fucking father. You and me is
different, period. What you and me
got in common, I don't want to
talk about. What I want
to know about is your friend there-- fucking Tony
the frosted flake. Mike: Come on, man.
Fucking Tony the tiger. Torch: What's
the difference? We're talking about
the same guy, right? So, what about him? How you know
we can trust him? You see what I'm saying? How do you know
he won't rat us out? No way! Look, man. Me and Tony did
too much time together for that. You sure? Yeah, I'm sure. Positive? Absolutely.
Absolutely positive. Ok. Ok. Hey, Mike. What? You think they'll
really cut my hand off? Tony, voice-over:
I was young, impressive, hot with my fancy. I was known as
the adequate male. Oh, but how I cursed the day
I made my play for that sidewalk jezebel. Manny: Precious.
Hey, come here. She was a brown-skinned moll
like a China doll walking the path of sin. Up and down she trod
with a wink and a nod, and this bitch
I had to win. What's up, Manny? No, it was not by chance
I caught her glance because I meant
to steal this thing, and when she looked at me,
I jumped a league. Said it's time
for old slim again. Freddie, did you
miss us? [Freddie groaning] Boo hoo hoo. Trying
to say something? What? Huh? What's the matter? You got problems
with language? Come on, fellas.
Give me a break, man. Why you got to treat
a brother like this? A brother? What are you,
a comedian now? You a funny man? No, man, I'm just
trying to add a little levity to the situation,
you know. Levity? Oh, that's
a good idea. Here's levity. Seriously, fellas,
life's too short. You shouldn't take
everything so serious. Oh, philosophy now, huh? Make me laugh. He's right. Make--make
Buddha laugh. You make him laugh, you get to live
a little longer. Yeah. Ok.
Yeah. All right. Show your best. Ok. All right,
here's a good one. There's a--there's
a white guy, a Chinese guy,
and a black guy, all in the fifth grade. Who's got
the biggest dick? I don't know. Who's got
the biggest dick? The black guy,
of course. He's 18. Ha ha ha! 18... You motherfuck-- ow! Looks like you lost
a lot of blood, Billy. Yeah. You should have
seen the other guy. Yeah. Very funny,
very funny. Now don't move. All right, but it's
fucking-- I told you
it fucking hurts--ow! Hey. Quit moving, then. You know, we're lucky
to be alive. Come on. Quit
fucking moving, Billy. You keep fucking
poking, and I told you it hurts me,
for Christ's sakes. You know, I swear to God
if I get any more of your blood on me,
I'm gonna-- you think you're gonna
fucking catch something? Don't worry, I've been
tested more times than I can count. Yeah. Yeah. Me, too. Great. Makes us one
happy fucking family. Ha ha ha! You fucking asshole. What are you
talking about? Look at you, man. What? You're all fucking
pissy and shit. I'm sorry. Look, we got to get you
out of the jacket. Ok. All right? Yeah. Take it easy
because it fucking hurts,
all right? Don't fuck around. Ok. On 3-- let me help you. All right. Ready? 1, 2, 3, go. Aah! Fucking shit. Attaboy. Attaboy. Motherfucking
son of a bitch. There you go, Billy. You did it, huh? You did it, all right? Fuck, yeah. Good. Good. Ok. Ok? All right. Hey, Mike, wait. What? What? You ain't gonna
tell anybody I pissed my pants,
are you? No, I'm not gonna
tell anybody you pissed your pants. You swear? I swear to my mother.
Ok? Ok. Come on,
come on. Ok. All right. A guy's going to buy
a brain, right? There's
a white guy's brain, a Chinese guy's brain, and a black guy's brain. White guy's brain
is $200, Chinese guy's brain
is $300, the black guy's brain
is $5,000. This guy goes,
"hey, how come the black guy's brain
is so expensive?" The guy goes, "it's
never been used." Ha ha ha! Never been used,
you dumb-- go ahead. Lay down. I like two pillows. Mmm. So what's up with
you and him, huh? What's all this
too much crime, too much time shit
all about? Like I say, man, too much time,
too much crime. I mean, it's funny we even ended up
being friends. We were supposed to have
this big fucking fight when we met. The two of youse was
supposed to fight? I'd pay good money to see you get
your ass kicked. Ain't that much
kung foolishness in the world, all right? I'd have paid. Yeah. You and the guy
that started it. Fucking garnett-- little guy
with a big mouth, right? Said he was
Tony's cousin, but he wasn't, right? See, what happened was,
we was in the eighth grade. It was just before school
was getting out for summer. I remember it was hot
that day. Me and some of my boys
were in the bathroom smoking cigarettes
after lunch period. So, fucking garnett
comes in with his boys. You know.
He's wearing, like, a brand-new leather jacket, talking shit about how
he robbed it off somebody, about how he did this,
that, the other thing to the guy. Anyway, I said
to garnett, I said, "what's the big
fucking deal, man? It's only
a fucking jacket, right?" The next thing I know, the punk jumps up
in my face. You know, talking about
he was gonna kick my ass if I didn't mind
my business. So, I picked him up,
I threw him headfirst right into the fucking
toilet bowl. Motherfucker did not know
whether to shit or go blind, but that
ain't stopping him from running his mouth.
No. Mm-mmm. He's all like, uh, "my cousin Tony's gonna
make you sorry you ever messed with me,"
right? The next thing I know,
everybody around my way, they're telling me
about some big dude who's looking for me, he's into that fucking
kung fu, karate-type shit. So now, I'm bugging
the fuck out, right? I mean,
I got my switchblade, I'm all up and down
the Avenue looking for this guy. I'm standing
across the street from Danny's candy
store--ping ping. Ping ping. So I turn around,
and I could see it was him. He says to me,
"you're Mike?" I'm like, "yeah,
you're Tony?" He's like, "yeah," so now I got my hand
on the switchblade, and I'm hoping I get it
out of my pocket, you know, before he commences
to kung foo-ing my ass. Next thing I know,
he says to me, "you want to go
for a walk?" "Yeah." I'm telling you,
bro, it was, it was like we were
strangers to each other, but we wasn't. And we've been like this
ever since, man. Went to erasmus hall
together, drank, smoke, got high... Ate at each other's house
all the time. You saw him, you saw me
and vice versa, yo. My mom's practically
adopted him, and my sister, Debbie,
forget about it, man. She loved her some Tony. Senior year, we-- we got tired
of doing school, you know-- dropped out, started
doing crime instead. Got busted. They done
put us on riker's island. I spent a whole 18 months
locked up with this dude. I don't even know how
I would have done my time without him,
you know? He used to recite this--
this poem all the time. This crazy, jailhouse
poetry-type shit, know what I'm saying? Tony: And under them neon
lights, her eyes shone bright, and from them,
a teardrop fell. When I asked her why,
she began to cry and tell me
this bitter tale, all about some guy
that blacks her eye and takes all the bread
she gets. When she lands in jail,
he won't go for bail, and he defies her
to call it quits. Well, I said, darling,
dry them tears. Have no fear, because the tender,
kind lover is here, and I'm staking a claim
on all parts of your game. I'm vowing to have
no peer. Well, she looked at me
like a slave set free and said, "I'll be
your woman." And when I left with her,
her man did not stir. Yeah. I knew I had me one. That shit really
got me through, bro. Helped me hang
in there, you know, and do my time. Mike: And then
when we got out, and he had Maxine pregnant
with precious, he asked me
to be the godfather. Me--nobody but me. Nah, man.
Fuck that noise, man. Ain't no way that
he would rat us out. That's my
motherfucking man. Mike: Too much time,
too much crime. You know what I'm saying? Mike: Torch, you ok? Billy. Come on.
Wake up, bro. Yo, Mike. I got something sweet, man. And the itsy bitsy
spider climbed up
the spout again somebody's not
singing here. Who's not
singing here? Who's not
singing here? Mommy. What's the matter,
mommy? Sing with us. Yeah, mommy. What time does
a Chinese guy go to the dentist? Look out now. 2:30. Ok. "Tooth hurty,"
you fucking--aah! Oh, no. It's tooth hurty. Aah. Come on, come on. Why do white people go to black people's
garage sales? I don't know.
Why? To get
their stuff back. Ha ha ha! Why did the black guy hit the white guy? Because he
wasn't funny. Pace yourself now,
ruffy, come on. Don't give yourself
a heart attack. Be in control
of your emotions. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. Knock, knock. No one's home. Just one more time, break it down
for me, man. Make me understand. Ok? Ok. Like I say,
we got to the stuyvesant
hotel around 3:00, cased the joint,
like me and you used to do
back in the day when we flim-flammed all
them wall street types. Tony: I hear you. Now, we were
supposed to meet, like around 4:00. Around about 3:30,
these 3 chulitos show up I never
seen before, man-- real young cats. Really young--couldn't
have been no more than what, 19, 20
years old at the most? Yeah. Had on them
baggy clothes, fucking cornbred hair-- they were straight up
stickup kids. Mike: They was
babies, man. Tony, I mean,
they were riding in an elevator
with 4 kilos of heroin and looked like
they was still on their mama's titty,
ni me pregunte. So, we get to
the eighth floor. I break left.
They break right. I can feel them
clocking me, right, but I never look back. No, no, no.
I just keep walking like I'm going
towards my room, and what happened? Ping ping. My 20/20 goes off,
right? Tells me exactly
what room they go to, right? Fucking guy got eyes in the back
of his head, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ping ping. So check it: I just ease
down the hall. I couldn't believe
that Manny would send such young, dumb
motherfuckers to deal
with all this weight, but I figure, ok, it makes the job
easier, right? I knock on the door.
They let me in. They frisk me. They ask me
who I got with me, that type of shit. I see they're getting
a little nervous. So what do I do? Try to chill them out
a little bit. You know, try to make a little
light conversation. Chill them out, tell them how
professional they are. You know, how Manny's
a stand-up guy, he's always bringing
up new talent, it's always a pleasure
doing business with him and his people, blahsy, blahsy, blahsy,
blip, blip, blip, bullshit, bullshit,
bullshit. Carlito?
Chill, papi. Mike: They seemed
to chill out after that. So, torch knocks
on the door. The kid lets him in
because he thinks that we've got
Manny's money. Money talks.
Bullshit walks. Here endeth
the lesson. That's why the shit
went wrong, bro. You came in sweaty with your jaws
all tight. You wasn't cool. Fucking guy was reaching
for his piece. He never would have
fired on us if you'd have
just chilled. Get the fuck out of here.
You don't know that. Yeah, I do.
Let me tell you why. Because I done it.
Me and Tony, man. We were in the same game
with a lot of people, man. And you got busted,
though, Mr. pro. Anyway... Yeah, anyway... So you started
shooting. Then what? You should have
seen it, man. Fucking bullets
are flying-- [imitates gunplay] Fucking blood
was everywhere. Man, I must have
fucking shot these kids 5, 6 fucking times. Lit their asses up, man. Fucking the whole joint
smelled like gunpowder. I didn't even know
I was shot at first. It felt more like
something burned me. Yeah, yeah. And then we lost
one of the 4 kilos because you
started shooting. Excuse me.
Excuse me. I tried to pick up
what was left. The shit was everywhere. It was mixed up with the shooter's blood
and whatnot. Tasted like some very
high-quality shit, though. Yeah. Thank you
very fucking much. So you picked up
the rest of the shit. You got the fuck
out of dodge. Tony: So afterwards,
where did you go? Went to Brooklyn. Brooklyn? Yeah. Let me
tell you something. We could've got busted waiting for that
fucking asshole. Who? Freddie:
So what's up, fellas? Are we going to
do this or what? He's all fucking
worried over here. Are we going
to move the shit? Don't worry
about it. Yeah, yeah. I got
this guy in sales says he can
move the shit no problem. So where
and when? The stuyvesant hotel-- get this-- on Halloween. Tony: What the fuck
made you think you could trust that
motherfucker, Mike? Come on, man. We used to get all
our flimflam victims from him, right? Yeah, but didn't you
never stop to think, Mike? It might have been him
that set us up to get busted, man. Yeah, yeah, but... But nothing. The fucking guy has been
working for Manny for years. Word? Word. Right over here
in the fucking park. Yo. Remember when nine lives
got shot in the head? Yeah, when Manny--
I remember that. That's how
he got his name. Mm-hmm. Well, ever since then, Manny has been real
superstitious about nine lives. I mean, he keeps
that motherfucker around like a fucking
rabbit's foot. They ain't even invented
the type of shit that can kill nine lives. Where did you
hear all this? What do you mean,
where did I hear all this? I heard it around. What do you mean,
you heard it around? Around, man.
You know, around. No, I don't know. Around the corner?
Around the block? Around the fucking
world? What? Mike: Come on, torch,
lighten up, all right? What the fuck
is your problem, man? No problem, Mike. I just want to know where
you heard about nine lives. You said he's
out of the life, remember? So how the fuck
does he know? Yeah. Where did you
hear all this, Tony? Tony: Mike, I come to the city sometimes
with my old lady, all right? Now, you know Maxine. She likes the restaurants,
the shops over here, and whatnot. I run into people
from back in the day. I hear things. Hears things. Fucking hears things. Hear that, Mr. Williams? Mike: What? Fucking rat is-- where? Right here, bro.
Your friend-- Tony the frosted flake. What's the matter, Mike? Your fucking ping-ping
ain't working? I told you I seen
this guy before. All I got
is the white girl, baby. If you're looking
to score dope, you have to take your
business elsewhere. See what I'm saying? Mike: You sure? Torch: Yeah, I'm sure. You positive? Absolutely, absolutely
positive. Torch: Freddie,
I got to get well. Ok. Freddie, what the fuck
you doing? What? Manny find out
you selling dope, he going to
crucify your ass. Fuck Manny,
all right? But you wasn't shopping
with your old lady, was you, my man? You know who
I was with, punk. Ohh, fuck! Ay, Tony, coo! Not the balls, man! Oh, shit! Ow! Hey, hey, Tony.
Be careful, man. What the fuck
are you doing? You ok, Billy? Hey, what the fuck
is wrong, fellas? He's wrong, Mike. They're wrong--him
and nine lives. I seen them dealing
in the park together. They's both working
for Manny. Who's stupid now,
motherfucker? Mike. Mike,
I can explain. Please, Mike. Mike,
you got to listen to me. Fucking listen
to me, man! I'll fuck you up! Tony: Listen to me, Mike. Mike! Put
the gun away, Mike. Put the fucking gun away! Ok, ok. I put it away. All right. Ok. Ok, now I'm
kind of confused, Tony, because I don't
remember you telling me nothing
like that, right? Let me explain. I remember
coming to Jersey when precious
got baptized. You told me you was
out of the life, right? You and Maxine,
you opened up a laundromat or some shit, right? Ok. So what
happened to that? I don't understand. You understand how I could
be a little confused when you tell me
you out of the life? Now you tell me you
working for Manny, right? Mike, I'm sorry,
all right? Tony, I love you. I love you like you
was my own blood. Te amo como mi sangre, but if you're lying to me,
I swear to God, I will fucking kill you. Fuck him.
Let's waste him, take his car, get
the fuck out of dodge while we can, man. [Cell phone ringing] Come on! Hold up. Hold up. What are you waiting for?
Fucking waste him. Hold up a minute,
all right? Go get the phone. Torch... Check the pay phone. Mike: You see
anybody there? Bet your ass, Mr. Williams. Answer it. Yeah. [Busy signal] Yeah. No. No. Uh-uh. Not yet. Listen up,
you motherfucker. Michael, it's Max. Max? Hey,
hey, Maxine. How you doing, girl? You know, how come you
always got to drag us into your bullshit,
Mikey? We ain't even heard from
you for 2 or 3 years. Yeah, I know, Max,
but what can I do? Debbie's my sister,
you know. I love her. I got to find her. All right. I don't
want to hear about your
fucking sister. Just put Tony
on the phone. Come on, Maxine.
Don't be like that. Just put Tony
on the phone! Yeah, ok. Yeah, baby. I'm sorry, baby. Yeah, me, too.
You all right? Maxine,
are you all right? Yeah, I'm all right. How's my little girl? She's sleeping. Manny is singing
to her. You got to get us
out of here, baby. You got to get us now.
He's singing to my baby. You got to come and
get us right now. Maxine, I'll do that
on my way home, ok? I'm scared. I-I'm scared. I'll be there
soon as I can. I just got to help
Mike out, that's all. Maxine: Do it. Just do it, ok? Just do what you got
to do, you hear me? Just do what you
got to do. Yeah, I hear you. I love you. Love you, too, baby. Maxine sounds
good, bro. Sounds the same. She's the same old Max. So what?
His old lady called? That don't prove shit. Still don't mean he ain't
working for Manny. I know, but we got
to be cool, right? I'm through being cool. I say we fucking
waste him now. You just got to
calm down, ok? Yeah.
Calm down, torch. You already got two murder
beats hanging over your head. I ain't interested
in being the third. The night is young,
motherfucker. Where are you
going, Tony? Where are you going? Ooh! How your balls
feel there, fucko? Ok, maricn. Tell me
something, t. Come on.
Talk to me. Dime. All right. All right. All right. I started working for Manny
after we got out of riker's. Me and nine lives were slinging
jobs over in seward park. Now, I never liked
being around him, but business is business. We only worked together
for about a year. He could never stop
running his mouth about how much money
he was going to be making, how Manny was going
to hook him up with a franchise
of his own now. You know
what I mean, Mike? I kept my mouth shut
and went about my business, but Manny heard. Man, all the wolf tickets
that nine lives was selling decided to cash in on him. One day, I look up, walks up to nine lives
in seward park, shot him in the head. Then I come
into thinking, man, about getting
out of the life, you know? About getting
my shit together. Max was pregnant with
precious at the time, man. I wanted to be around
to see my firstborn, so I went to Manny. I told him how I was feeling
about my situation, and he was cool, man, so I took my little bit
of chump change that I made from slinging them rocks,
and I stepped the fuck off, moved to Jersey. I got my little
storefront-- some washing machines,
a couple of dryers, and that's when I went
into business for myself. So I swear to you, Mike, on my little girl, man, I ain't had no further
conversations with Manny or fucking Freddie nine lives
or anybody else in the life except for you. The only reason
I didn't tell you was I didn't want
to let you down. Word is bond, man? My word is bond. Now she caught on
kind of fast as the months
rolled past. Are we game
till the bitter end? A better ho
I have yet to know, and they claim a dog
is a man's best friend. She ran with the best,
from the east to the west. I liked when her
boosting hand came down. Many, many a chump
got left in the dumps as we stole from them
in all of them towns. Yeah, I laid,
and I played off the bread
this bitch made from the coast
to old Broadway. My habits were small,
and the money was tall. I really made
this business pay. Torch: What a fucking
fairy tale. Don't believe him.
Don't believe him. He's only trying
to save his ass. We're going to have
to trust him. Why? Because I say so. Look. Fuck that.
Give me the piece. You don't want to do him?
I'll do him. How many fucking times
I got to tell you "no"? We ain't going
to do it your way. Why the fuck not? Look. If I was
working for Manny, you'd be dead already. Ah, yeah. Maybe. Ain't no maybe about it because the longer
you sit here, it's only a matter of time
before he finds you. Come on. Think
for a minute, man. Use your head. Maybe
he's telling the truth. Yeah, maybe, but-- come on. I want you
to trust me on this, all right? I've known this guy
over half my life. If he says he quit
Manny, I believe him. Ok. We let him
live for now. I still don't
like you, motherfucker. Check the pay phone. See if our friend
is still there. Mike. Why heroin, man? Thought you'd stay
away from that shit. Debbie being
a dope fiend, and all. I told you before, Tony. My sister ain't got
nothing to do with this. You understand me? Debbie's clean.
She's clean. Oh, she's clean?
I didn't know that, man. That's really beautiful. How's she doing anyway?
Where she at? Arizona. They got some kind of
rehab program out there. Yeah? What's it like
in Arizona? How the fuck
should I know? Thought maybe your
sister might call you or write you
or something. Jeez, it's
a normal question. People have families,
they try to stick close, that's all. Oh, so now you want to
talk about family, right? Forget it! Yeah. Thought so. If it wasn't your idea,
whose was it? Nine lives? No, it was mine. That fucking figures. Fuck is that
supposed to mean? How's your cold,
my man? Fuck you. Don't fuck with me.
How's your cold, junkie? Hey, Tony, what the fuck
you talking about? I'm talking
about your boy there. Can't you see
he's jonesing? Don't listen to
this guy, Mike. He's full of shit.
He doesn't know what the fuck
he's talking about. He ain't no junkie, Tony.
He's just got a cold. That's all. Wake the fuck up, bro. Boy's got the chills. His nose is running like
a fucking v-8 engine. Got no tracks,
motherfucker. See, Mike?
No tracks. What about your feet? What about them? I peeked them after you had your little accident,
stupid-ass junkie. Should have killed you
when I had the chance, you motherfucker. Aah! Aah! Mother, sit your
fucking ass down. Come on, man. Check his feet, Mike. If you don't believe me,
check out his fucking feet. Get off me,
man! Ow! I swear to God,
Mike. No lie. Check out
his fucking feet. Ow! Get the fu--
ow! Fuck! Ow! It ain't what
it looks like, Mike. I swear to God,
it ain't that bad. Man, I'm just chipping,
that's all. Ow. Fuck!
Let me up, man. Everybody in my family
got to be hooked on dope. You related to
this asshole? He's my brother, man. Half brother,
you fucking prick. Shut the fuck up! Ow! Ow! Fuck! Ow! What's the matter,
junkie? You sick? Say "please,"
dope fiend. Say "please"! Leave him alone. Ow! Oh, Mike. That
fucking hurt, Mike. Oh, man, you got to
fucking help me, man. Ok. Ok. I got you.
I got you, all right? We're brothers, right? Somos hermanos verdad? We got to look after
each other, right? Damn, Mike. I ain't even know
you had a brother, let alone
one who was... Well, you know it. I'm sorry, all right? Tony: I'm sorry, man. So you all never
met before, right? You never knew anything
about each other or nothing? Damn. Your pops was a player. Yeah. I'd like to kill him
for what he did to me and my mother. He didn't break
your mother's heart by knocking up some poor
bitch from the projects. Hey, listen. You can
talk about your father any way
you want to, ok? But when you talk
about my mother, you better show her
some fucking respect. Oiste? You heard
what I said? Yeah, yeah. I heard you
twice the first time. Let me tell you
something about your
old man, Mike. When I was
in high school, I was a complete
fucking ignoramus when it came to reading,
writing, arithmetic, but I always got
good grades in math. You know why? Because the old man was
fucking my math teacher. Miss delvecchio. Never paid attention to what we were
supposed to be learning, so she calls my parents to have a meeting
about my grades. So the old man comes
down to the school, off we go to the guidance
counselor's office. So after about 5, 10
minutes of conversation about my grades,
my attitude, my attention span,
whatever, she goes to me
and Mr. d., "would you gentlemen
step outside so I can talk to
Mr. Murphy in private?" So I'm sitting in class
just after she came in. I remember thinking, "there's something
different about her." She was always kind of
an uptight broad, wore her hair
pinned up in a bun. She comes back from
talking to the old man. All of a sudden
she's wearing it down around her
shoulders. You know, like
out of nowhere, she's all relaxed. She's got that
well-fucked look, you know? She never said
another word to me for the rest
of the year, not a fucking word
except, "thank you, Mr. Murphy," when I handed in
my test, and that was the reason I suddenly became
a mathematical genius. Broke my mother's heart. Because I knew about it, I could never look her
in her eyes again. Now I ain't going
to sit here and tell you that he didn't give you
and your poor mother a hard way to go, but me and my mother
put up with more of his bullshit
on a day-to-day basis than you could ever
imagine, Mike. So believe me
when I tell you I know
how you feel, bro. Believe me, man, I do. Damn. That's fucked up,
yo. Tony: Now, you know
how some bitches cry about the wind being high,
cops being on their trail, about the snow and the sleet
being asshole-deep and all the pimps
can go to hell. Sitting in greasy spoons,
jukebox saloons, killing a lot of time, sucking on beers,
crying hard-luck tears while the pimps
ain't got a dime. Both: Just sitting and bullshitting, sucking them
party friends. Nodding so tough--
they're out messing with stuff-- that they miss
all the righteous tricks. Why, you could
lap their lid for the lowest bid,
set that young ass on fire-- the cheapest young girl
you could buy. Digging that cunt
for a solid month while it's dope that's been
doing all the pimping. But not this triple-a
broad of mine. She was a sex machine
that could walk between raindrops come typhoon,
blizzard, or Gale. Standing on the hot brick,
she'd turn a trick. Man, she'd trick
with creeps and freaks, toenail creeps,
breeds I can't even name, eskimo, negroes, Jews,
apache, sioux. To her, it was
all the same. Any way she would follow
that righteous dollar to hell if she had to go. And be down there
just waiting that trick with Satan. She was really
a money-making ho. Why, for a lick or a lap
of that mental trap, the tricks defied her due. Of course, her longest bread
was made by head, and, Jim, how that bitch
could chew. Now all my troubles began, and I quit snorting
and commenced the hit. Now, you know
how that go. I shot up more dope
than any one bitch could get. I sold my shack, my Cadillac, the rug from up off my floor. I stole from ma and pa, and I shot up all that dough. My woman cried
and damn near died when I ran up with her mink, but I stayed in my role, and I stole, and I sold
everything but the kitchen sink. Down I fell
to the depths of hell. I had put myself in a cross. My habits got tall,
my money got small, but the deadliest blow of all came when this bitch
took ill on short notice and could no longer gin. Her head was dead,
her ass was red, the lips on her cunt
was cold. I figured, what the hell, since the bitch ain't well,
I'll get me a wife-in-law. Now there's this redhead bitch
with a whorehouse itch over in Bernie Willis' stable. I call her big mabel, do my best while you convalesce,
get back on your feet again. "Like hell," she cried. "I'll see you dead
before I see you go. "May the black coach of sorrow
pick your ass up tomorrow "if you walk beyond that door. "Now, I ruined my health
and a bid for wealth "so that you
could have your bed. "But you done
went dopehead-- "shot up all of that bread. "Now, you talking
that stable shit? "But you see,
I'm wise to the lines "that you pimps
drop on the frails "and the games
you try to play, "and if this shit
don't cease like motherfucker, "I'm calling the po-lice. Have them carry
your ass away." Well, I just kept on
fixing my shit because I was aiming to split. This is what I said. Mike:
What did you say? "Bitch, you ain't no lady. "You know the game,
but they call it cop and blow. "You done had your run,
and now you're done. "I'm going to find me
another ho. "Now, wouldn't I look silly
with a broke-down filly on a track that
was way too fast?" Mike: Mm-hmm. "Besides, a bitch ain't shit
without a good man's wit, "and your thoroughbred
days are past. "No, I'll put you in charge
of my whorehouse at large, "give some girls the rule. "But you sound like hell "talking about
putting me in jail, "you must be
a goddamn fool, bitch. "Step aside. Let me slide. Hurry up. Get off my back." "I'm going to find me
another young woman who can run
the real fast track." Now I lean on my back
in another ho's shack running down my pedigree. We heard a tremendous thunder
that shook the door under, and I'm wondering
who in the fuck that could be. Just then a policeman walked in with a great big grin
fixed in a deadly expression. Wants to know,
"your name rock?" "Pimping rock." "Hurry up.
Sign this confession." "That's him," she cried, swinging her arms
in the deepest of glee. "That's the dirty son of a bitch
with the con man pitch that made a stinking ho
out of me." Just then, a deadly blow
knocked me to the floor, and I fell into a black repose. When I awoke, my jaw was broke. Blood was all over my clothes. And that's the tale that I tell
from my prison cell, sitting here on my bed. Murder one, possession of a gun, and, yeah, I shot that
stinking bitch dead. [Gunshots] Torch: I'm really
sick, Mike. You got
to help me. Mike, I'm really
fucking sick, man. You got to just let me
have a little taste. No way, man. No way I can let you
have any of that shit. I just need
a little bit, man. That's all.
I just need a little bit. Sorry. You got to
excuse me, bro, but I can't let you
do that. All right? I'm going
to be sick. Hey. Come on.
Billy? Billy. You ok? Huh?
You ok, bro? You all right? Oh, shit. [Coughing] Shh. Motherfucker, let me
have a little bit, man. I just need
a little bit. Come on, man.
I need a little bit. Come on. I don't fix soon,
I'm going to fucking die. Come on. Come on.
Come on. Don't say that. You ain't
going to die. He's going to wish
he was dead if he don't
get straight. It still don't
make no sense in putting that shit
in his veins, Tony. He ain't going
to get better no time soon
without it. Torch, when's the last
time you fixed? Yesterday. Come on, Mike.
I'm fucking sick, man. Come on. Man, why
I got to have a dopesick junkie
for a brother? Huh? You don't want
him to be sick? Let him fix. [Moaning] Ok. Ok. Go ahead.
Com mierda. Put that fucking
poison in your body. Why the fuck
should I care? Come on. Sit over here. Thanks, bro. Don't call me that. Sh-- I'm sorry, bro. Hey, don't
call me that. Aah!
Mike! You heard
what I said? Don't you ever
call me that as long as you live. Aah! Mike! First my sister.
Now this fucking shit? Put your head
out the window, man. You need to chill. You're only
my half brother anyway. I don't even know why I thought that shit
meant anything to me. Get the fuck out. Fuck. You got your
works, baby? Yeah, in my jacket. All right. [Moans] Fuck. You guys got
to help me, man. My hand don't
work no more. I can't do this one
by myself. Don't you even
fucking look at me. I hope that
shit kills you. Don't say that. I got it, baby. What you need? I just need you to hook it up
for me. Ok. Like this? Yeah, that's good. Hey, Tony, man... Thanks. No problem. I'm sorry about
throwing up on you. It's just when I get
sick like this, I can't help myself. And you, too, Mike. I'm sorry about
pissing my pants in front of your
friend here, man. Hope I didn't
embarrass you. It's just
when I get sick, I can't help... Torch: Come on, man. Don't look at me
like that. I hate it
when people look at me
like that. Don't fucking look
at me like that. What you do that
shit for anyway, man? I don't know. Because it's
all I got. That's bullshit. No, it's not
bullshit. It's not bullshit. You are
bullshit, man. You're bullshit. Oh, no, I
almost forgot, you're my long lost
half brother, right? You tell me, what
else have I got? I got no
real family. Got no job. Ain't been able
to keep one the past 5 years. Last job I had,
I missed so many workdays
from being sick, I said "fuck it." Started stealing
full-time to support my habit. It's part
of the reason I started hitting
myself in the feet. This way, I don't
got to walk around wearing long sleeves
all the time. Sure, you know,
it gets messy-- walking around, blood dripping
out of your shoe. It's easy to hide. You want to know
why, Mike? You really want
to know why I shoot dope? Because I have to. The colds,
they come. I don't,
I get sick. You ever been sick? So fucking sick your
whole body aches, your guts feel like
it's on fire, your blood's
boiling? There's not
a fucking thing in the whole
wide world you can do about it. It's not
a good feeling, bro. Stop looking at me
like that. 20/20 my ass. Yeah, you got eyes in the back
of your head. You got any idea
what it's like to want to quit and
know that you can't? Like you really,
really want to quit, but you just can't? Like in the past
5 years alone, I tried to kick
3 different times. Cold Turkey
the first time. Next two times, tried a 10-day
methadone program they got
over in Brooklyn. I had 7 out of 10
days clean on my first
go-around. Big fucking deal,
right? Next time,
two years later, on the 11th day,
my girlfriend pattie came to pick
me up. Off we went
to cup. I had 11 days clean, $60 in my pocket. Bought 5
bags of dope, a pack
of cigarettes. Shot them up
just like... I remember the high
I got from that shit like it was
yesterday. Felt like
superman. Invincible,
you know? Here I come,
man... Looking at you
with those eyes. Only it
wasn't your face I'd be looking at. It was my own. I'd be staring
in the mirror, begging and crying for him
to let me stop, but he wouldn't. Just kept
staring back at me with this look
on his face that's saying, "who's that crazy
strung-out junkie "looking at me? "Can't be who
I think it is. "I don't look
like that, do I? "This guy looks
dangerous. "Too dangerous to be
on the street. Too dangerous
to be me." But it is you. It's you exactly
the way you are, sure as shit. What scares you
the most is, that's what
people see when they
look at you the way you
look at me. Whoa. Mike? I'm not feeling
too good, man. Mike: Billy, stop
fucking around, man. Billy? Billy? [Slapping Billy] Ok, um... Ok. I got to pick
you up. All right? We're going to walk,
Billy. Come on. Going to walk
with me, bro? That's it, huh?
Come on. What's the difference
between the police and the po-lice? No idea. Well, obviously
you've never been chased
by them. Come on, Billy. Come on. Come on, Mike.
Look at you. What you
look like, man? Tony, you're supposed
to be helping me, man. Oh, I'm supposed
to be helping you? Ain't that a bitch? Don't move, Billy. You stay
right there. I'm going to fix
you up, ok? We're going
to fix you up. Ok. Come on.
Don't be dead. Come on.
Don't be dead. Don't be dead, ok? Billy, Billy,
don't be dead, ok? Come on. It's supposed
to be my dope. Yeah. The dope you stole? Mine. But you said-- you said you
was out of the life. Oh, come on, Mike. Once in the life,
always in the life. You know the game. Hey, Tony.
Look, uh, I need you
to help me now. Ok? I want to, Mike. I really do. Besides killing
you myself... I can't do nothing
for you, baby. You going
to kill me, man? I don't know,
man. You don't know? You don't know? Come on, man. You just now said you was going
to kill me. Me--godfather
to your firstborn. You remember me? Too much crime, too much time
like this, yo. Now you standing
there telling me that all that shit
don't count? Like it don't
mean nothing? Like, what,
all of a sudden I'm--I'm--I'm
a fucking stranger? I don't mean shit
to you no more? I can't believe
that, man. I mean, I know
a lot of shit can happen
in 2 0r 3 years. You know,
people change. But, Tony, yo, what the fuck
happened to you? The fucking world
happened to me, Mike. I got a criminal
record, Mike. The world don't want
no parts of me. It don't give
a fuck about me. It don't owe me shit.
Not a goddamn thing. So I did what
I had to do, Mike. Now I don't owe
nobody nothing. Yeah, nobody
but Manny. You owe him. The motherfucker
owns you. No, motherfucker.
Oh? You own me. I'm sorry. I'm sorry
about the dope, man. I didn't know it
was yours, you know? Talk to Manny.
Maybe-- Manny ain't
interested in no conversations
about nothing. Take a look
out the window, Mike. Go ahead. Take a look
out the window. This ain't no
flimflam. This ain't no
riker's fucking island. This is the life,
Mike. What do you think
they're going to do to me when I don't
come through? What do you think
they're going to do to Maxine,
my little girl? They got Max? They got precious? I'm sorry,
Tony, man. I didn't mean to put
you in no shit. You are so fucking
full of shit, Mike. I just thought
that I could-- you thought? You thought what? That you
could be Manny? That you could
trust nine lives? You see, that's
your problem right there,
Mike. You don't think.
You never fucking did. 20/20 Mike. You walk
around like a fucking
blind man, man. I ain't ready
to die today, Tony. Brother, I ain't ready
to die for you. Ok. Ok, I'll make a deal
with you then. Fuck a deal. Come on, man. Look, I'm going
to go downstairs like you said.
I just-- ok, I'm going to go
downstairs. I'm-- shut the fuck up,
Mike. I ain't trying
to hear you. I need you to stall
them for me. I ain't trying
to hear you, Mike. Listen to me. I'm going
to go downstairs like you said, but
I'm going to try-- fuck that, Mike. Get your fucking
ass in here. I'm going to try
and make it. I just-- I'm going to make it.
I'm going to-- get that fucking
hand down. Tony, I'm begging you. [Speaking spanish] I'm begging you, man.
Please don't kill me, all right? Tony, I'm begging you.
I'm begging you, please. Please don't
kill me, Tony. Tony. Tony,
don't kill me. No me mates, man.
No me mates. Tony. Get up. Huh? Get the fuck
up, Mike. I don't even know
why I'm doing this, but... Because I'm your boy. Too much crime, too much time.
Too much time. Mike... What the fuck am I going
to say to Manny? Hey, hey.
Come on. Come on. Come on, Tony.
You'll think of something. You'll think
of something, man. You're smart. Are we going
to do this? Mm-hmm? We're going to do
this right now, Mike. Ok. Ok.
Do-or-die time, right? Right.
Ok. Do-or-die time. In all these years
I've known you, you ain't never
laughed at my shit, and my shit
is funny. According to you. That--that police,
po-lice... That's funny shit. Then why didn't
I laugh? You know, there's
funny, and there's... You. Oh, man. Yo, Mike. [Speaks spanish] Take care
of yourself, man. Hell, yeah. Listen, Tony,
you give precious a big hug
from Uncle Mikey, ok? Yeah. He was not funny.
I'm funny. Are--are we being
a little sensitive? No. Come on, now. Did he hurt your
feelings, ruffy? You hurt my feelings. I'm funny. You got a--
please. That shit was funny,
what I said. [Cell phone ringing] Come on, motherfucker.
Answer the phone. [Cell phone ringing] All right. Mike: Oh, shit! Mike? Yeah? You all right? Yeah, yeah.
I'm ok. What happened? I thought I saw
a fucking rat, man. All aboard
for the night train. Mike, it's
do-or-die time, man. What are you
going to do? I'm going to try
to go out a back window
on another floor. Hold up a minute,
Mike. You almost forgot
your piece, man. Tony. Thanks a lot,
bro. Goddamn, man. [Gunshot] [Gunshot] Tony. Take that
with you, baby. Knock knock. Oh, isn't that
precious? First degree, baby. First degree. Tony on cell
phone: Manny. Tony. You got it? Yeah. I got it. All of it? I said it's done. Very nice, Tony. Tony, voice-over:
And that's the tale that I tell from my prison cell, sitting here on my bed. Murder one, possession of a gun, and, yeah, I shot
that stinking bitch dead. trimark pictures [rap music playing] Home is where we go to pick up the pieces once again home is where we go to pick up the pieces once again my eyes, softly they weep they have seen but one
too many days my heart is ever so weary though it would not
know love anyway anyway anyway home is where we go to pick up the pieces