Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (2018) Movie Script

For as long as I can remember,
each Christmas season
absolutely had to begin
with a short drive to Chicago
to visit the Christmas
displays downtown.
To search for gifts
for everyone we love,
alongside crowds of
others searching for gifts
for everyone they love.
But one year, the most
amazing gift imaginable
came from a complete stranger.
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (2018)
- This branch.
- You good?
- Yeah, yeah, good to go.
- And, all right, up, up, up.
- Yep, yep, yep.
- Steady, steady.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Oh, one down, many more to go.
- I'll say, I'm impressed, Chris.
It's your first Christmas season and
you barely got needles or sap on you.
I think you're gonna
work out just fine here.
- Ah.
- Duty calls.
- Oh, boy.
Whoa, hey, sir, sir, sir.
- I think, this year, I talked to Dad,
and the blue spruce
would be really lovely.
- Mm-hmm.
- To put it up in the--
- There we go.
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
- Good morning.
- Hello, Heather.
- Heather's got her notebook.
You know what that means.
- Uh-oh, December has sprung
which means the Krueger
family tree hunt has begun.
Are we looking for the house
or for the cabin?
- Both, cabin and house.
- Oh, good.
- I've got my notebook,
measuring tape,
and we are gonna find the most
Christmassy Christmas tree
in this garden center.
- She takes a lot of notes.
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
What unit, sir?
- Second Marine Division, '71 to '76.
- Just discharged myself.
- Ah.
- This year.
- Really?
- Yeah.
My first Christmas back in five years.
- Welcome back.
- Now, this is a tree.
- I'm afraid that one's taken.
- Sorry, you should
have made a reservation.
- So, did we discuss the
cousin discount this year?
- We did not, and I don't
think that's a real thing.
Unless we're talking about
wholesale plus 10%, then.
I gotta help a customer,
tree is yours.
Hey, psst.
Isn't that that guy from your class?
Yeah, it totally is.
- Oh, yeah, that's Andy.
- Mm, did he ask you out yet?
- Um, we're supposed to be
going out later this week.
- Is he that boring?
- No, sorry, I've just been exhausted.
- You seem really tired lately.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, just been studying.
- Mm.
Oh, Heather, look at that one.
- Ooh.
- Right.
- Heather, the lounge looks amazing.
- Hello, everybody, hello.
- Hey, shh.
- Wow, what a lively bunch.
I can tell you're all gonna be nurses.
First of all, I'd just first like
to say
a quick but a heartfelt thank you
to first year grad
student Heather Krueger.
- Mm-hmm, yes.
- For these festive wreaths
and decorations, it's beautiful.
- Mm-hmm.
- And I'd just like to give you
a quick reminderthat our annual
ugly Christmas sweater party
is coming up.
- How exciting.
- I'm gonna win.
- After exams, unfortunately.
So for now, what do you say we begin
our Secret Santa gift exchange,
shall we?
- Yes.
- Hey, would you, would you
mind grabbing my, my gift?
I think, I might call it
an early night.
- What?
It's 5:00.
I might have to call
that a pathetic night.
- I'm just, I'm not feeling
very well lately.
- Heather, are you okay?
- Heather, remember your promise?
- Mom--
- You've been feeling
like this for a while now.
- I know, but--
- You promised if you
felt this way again,
you'd go to the hospital
and get checked out.
- I will, after exams.
- We're going in the morning.
- Okay.
- It'll be okay.
Lot of business today, that's good.
It bodes well for the rest of December.
Oh, yeah.
Why are you so happy?
Christmas season's just started.
Hey, check this out.
I'm applying for a job.
- What, is this place
not good enough for you?
- No, no, no, it's, for
after the season's over.
This is Hands and Hearts Abroad.
- What would you be doing for them?
- Well, you know, doing what they do.
Rebuilding villages and communities
affected by natural
disasters, that sort of thing.
- I think it's great,
but you just got back to Frankfort,
you're gonna leave so soon?
- Yeah, yeah, maybe.
- Quite the adventurer.
You never stay put.
First the Marines and now this.
- I guess I'm just still
trying to figure out
what I'm gonna with
my life, you know?
- Yeah, I hear ya.
- I just wanna get out there.
Try making a difference
in the world, you know?
- Sometimes you don't
have to travel the world
to make a difference.
- Hey, kiddo.
- Hey, Dad.
- How did everything
go at the hospital?
- Ah, they poked and prodded,
ran their tests.
Doctors and nurses, you know?
- She said it was excellent
training for her degree.
- Everything's a learning experience.
- The test results should come back
in a couple of days.
- So, how goes wreath making?
- It's going.
- Well, it's looking good.
- Something's up, what's going on?
- Okay, we were thinking,
and we don't wanna be
Grinches about this,
but we maybe we should take it easy
on the usual Christmas celebrations
and traditions this year.
- Just until you get
your test results back.
Then we can talk about--
- Not a chance.
I'm just finishing
the front door wreath,
and when was the last time we skipped
the Krueger family cookie exchange?
- 19, never.
- Exactly.
- Okay, just checking.
- We tried.
- Yup.
- It's a tradition for a reason,
and a Kruger tradition.
- Can I help you?
- Yeah, I'm Chris Dempsey,
I have a two o'clock interview
with Mr. Spry?
- Oh, yes, of course, I'm Heidi.
- Hi, Heidi, nice to meet you.
- He should be with you shortly,
he's running a little
behind today.
- No problem, thank you.
There you go.
- So, do you like to travel?
- Yes, very much.
- Well, have a seat.
- Sure.
This is delicious, ma, I gotta say.
- Just a little something I whipped up.
- This from the famous
Judy book of recipes?
- Actually, no.
I've stepped up my game this year.
I've been sharing more
recipes online and I'm getting
some great ones in return
from as far as Fiji.
- Ooh, impressive.
- Just a little preview of
all the recipes I wanna make
this year for Christmas.
- Ma, you don't have to do all that.
- I am so excited, honey,
my baby boy is home
for the holidays.
- All right, all right.
- Our first Christmas together
in years.
- Yeah.
- So you remember my
hairdresser Brenda?
- Ma...
- Her daughter Sadie.
- How many times do I have
to tell you, I love you
but enough with the fix--
- She's very nice,
and it's already done,
dinner tomorrow night
at Stanton's Restaurant.
You're free, right?
- Sure.
So, after the Marines,
I traveled a bit.
Wasn't really sure what
I wanted to do, so.
- Sorry, I just.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
- And anatomy class was
such a piece of cake for me.
Did I mention I have
a photographic memory?
- No, Andy, I didn't know that
about you.
- It's a blessing and a curse,
let me tell you.
- And I ride a motorcycle.
- Oh.
Not in the winter of course.
Too cold.
You know, what about you,
do you travel.
- Sorry, just one...
- What do you think of the decor
in this place?
Kind of overdo it on
Christmas, don't you think?
- I don't think you can
overdo Christmas.
You know, I'm gonna get an eggnog.
- Oh, I can serve it to--
- I'll be right back.
- Well, I'm just gonna
pop over to the bar and...
Merry Christmas baby
- Thank you.
- Looks like some of the decor
fell on you.
- What's that?
- I said it looks like some
of the decor fell on you.
- Oh, the sweater,
snowflakes, good joke.
- No, it was a terrible joke.
- Yeah, it was.
- But you know, 'tis the season.
- What's that?
- I said 'tis the season.
- Ah, yes.
- Let me guess.
- Eggnog.
- Right.
- Guilty as charged.
- If I could just...
Boy, it's really hard to get a drink
in this place.
- I think it's all about the timing.
- Yes, I think you're right.
- Anyway, I should...
- Yeah, yeah.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
Sir, if...
- Good morning, I'm Dr. Jenkins,
this is my colleague
Rosa Fernandez.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
- Heather, um...
Our test results show that you have
an autoimmune disease known as AIH.
It occurs when the body's own
immune system turns against
the cells that are found--
- In the liver.
- Yes, that's right.
- She's a nursing student.
- Yeah, well then, you may
also be aware that often
the cause is unknown.
Unfortunately, Heather, the disease
is in an advanced stage.
It's been doing damage to your liver
for quite some time.
- So what are our treatment
options, what medications
should I be starting?
- I'm the clinic's
transplant coordinator.
- Transplant coordinator?
- Heather, there's no other way
to say this, but you're
going to need a liver
transplant as soon as possible.
- How soon are we talking?
- You have stage four liver disease.
- Stage four, what does that mean?
- It means soon, mom.
- We'll get your name on
the waiting list right away,
but that can take time for the right
match to become available.
There are a lot of factors to become...
We'd like to discuss
another option with you.
- What's that?
- Find a living donor.
- A living donor?
- It's a lot to ask of someone, right?
To give up a part of themselves?
- Someone donates half of their liver--
- Because the liver regenerates.
- But it will save you, right?
- Yes?
But it has to be the perfect match.
The blood type, the age of the donor,
the health
of the donor,
there's a lot of factors.
- Okay, so just back up,
then after you met with
the doctor, you met with a financial--
- Officer to discuss options
of how we're gonna pay
for all of it, just been really...
- Hey.
You're gonna get through this.
I'm gonna get screened and
you are gonna find your match.
- Gonna find my match, you're right.
It's all gonna work out.
We have to get the word out.
We need to go wide as fast as we can.
I don't know. Heather, you need
a donor as soon as possible.
- We can start an email.
- I can make phone calls.
- I'll get
a social media campaign going.
- Yeah!
- I just don't know about this.
It's the Christmas season,
I don't want to be a burden,
everybody is busy
with their own lives.
- But that's what the Christmas season
is all about.
- I mean, people in this community
care about you, they'll wanna help.
- Sweetheart.
You can't do this on your own.
- I know you hate to ask for help,
you've always been
that way, but the more people
who know about this, the better,
- But it's not just about
finding a match, is it?
What happens when we find one?
- What do you mean?
- They actually have to go
through with it, right?
It's a lot to ask of someone.
- Wouldn't you do it for
someone else if you could?
- Of course.
- But the first step
is finding someone.
- I know, but nobody--
- Heather, we need to find
a match, you're my sister
and I love you but
there's no debate here.
People always talk about
miracles at Christmas, right?
Well, here we are, you need one.
Let me get the word out.
- Okay, let's do this.
- Yes!
- Okay.
Have one,
'cause I'll just eat them all.
- I'm good.
- Well, thanks anyway, Marjory,
we appreciate it anyway.
You have a merry Christmas.
Your dad is at the printer's
and he's put a small
team together and they say they're
going to paper the entire Midwest.
- They probably will, too.
- Looks great.
- Yeah, that's why I
added this at the bottom.
My page has over a thousand hits and
still not a single potential.. Shh.
- There's so many factors.
- I'm sorry honey, you were
doing so much, don't worry.
- It's just,
I feel like I could do more.
Do you know, if I had the same
blood type, I would.
- We know.
- I'm turning in, good night.
Love you.
- Love you.
- Hang in there, honey.
Look at this.
Less than five percent of transplants
come from living donors.
Less than five percent.
It's just so hard.
Well, what about your cousin Russell's
daughter Tara in Iowa City?
I know they still have to run
some more tests--
- Not a match.
- What?
- Russell called earlier,
I wanted to tell you,
but I didn't want to
disappoint Heather.
- I'm really scared, Cat.
- Don't be scared, dad.
- You're up.
- We'll find somebody else,
someone's out there.
- I don't know how you do it, kiddo.
- Do what?
- Stay so positive.
- I don't have any other choice.
- Uh oh, here comes trouble.
- Don't worry, nothing demanding,
hot chocolate
from Sugar and Spice.
- Thank you.
- Just here for some supplies
for Heather's famous
Christmas wreaths.
- Oh yes.
- And wondering if you're coming
to the annual cookie exchange.
I didn't hear back from you yet.
- I'm sorry, I didn't think
that was still on.
- No, we're doing it.
Heather really wants these
Christmas traditions.
Now more than ever.
- So how's she doing?
- Honestly, not great.
We're all just really scared.
- So nothing yet?
- No, and she needs a transplant
really soon.
- There's a match out there
somewhere, there has to be.
- Okay dad, to the left.
Okay, now a little to the right.
Clockwise, no counter, okay.
- That way?
No, the other clockwise, a little bit.
- Perfect.
If you're gonna do a job right,
- Do it all the way, where
have I heard that before, huh?
- A wise man told me a long time ago.
- He was very wise, wasn't he?
- He still is.
- You really did a wonderful
job picking out the tree
this year, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- What is it?
- I want this year to be perfect.
All of our Christmas traditions.
The cookie exchange,
Christmas dinner at the cabin.
- Your favorite.
- I wanna tell you guys something.
I've already talked to Ash about it
I think I'm gonna take
some time away from school.
Indefinitely, I guess.
But I don't wanna miss
any of our traditions
and I would love to go
to the nursing school's
annual ugly Christmas sweater party.
- Well, there's certainly
no shortage of ugly
Christmas sweaters in this house.
Just go up to your father's closet
- What?
- Well, he just calls them sweaters.
- Hey, I got the stuff you wanted
for your wreaths.
- Oh, thanks Ash, that's just
what I needed.
- And I met a guy who wants
to get screened.
- Who, how does he know me?
- He doesn't, he works with Jack,
his name's Chris,
seems like a really nice guy.
- Great.
Another name on the list.
- So, Ma, gotta tell you something.
- You're going away after Christmas.
I could tell by the sound
of your voice.
- Well, I was thinking--
- And it's okay, you love adventure,
seeing what's out there.
I hope it's something
I've always encouraged.-
Ma, I was thinking that I could
maybe help someone here.
In Frankfort.
- Tell me more!
- Well, I overheard something
at work about a girl
named Heather Krueger and
she needs a liver transplant.
Right away, and she needs--
- To find a living donor,
I saw something about this online.
I shared it with everybody I know.
The poor thing,
I hope she finds somebody.
- So, uh...
I went to get screened today,
to see if I'm a possible match.
- The last of the molasses chips.
- I'll have to savor it then.
- Or you could not eat it.
- Not a chance.
Those latest rounds of names,
- Yeah?
- No matches.
- I hate to be the bearer of bad news.
- I know you do.
- I just feel like
that's all I'm doing lately.
- That's not true.
This is your best batch yet.
No wonder you don't have any left.
- I just don't know what else
I'm supposed to do.
- Mom, you're doing everything you can.
I love you for it.
- Tell me you're joking.
- I'm not.
- You don't even know this girl.
- Nope.
- I don't understand,
it's like pulling teeth
to try and get you to go
on a date and now this?
- Yeah, but ma--
- Getting screened is one thing,
but what if you are
a match, have you thought this through?
You'd actually have to go through
with it.
- I know, ma, I have thought about it
and it would be the right thing to do.
Sacrificing to help someone else out.
I mean, that's what you guys
always taught me.
- You are your father's son.
- You're okay.
This is amazing.
And it's almost complete.
Hey, don't eat the roof tiles!
- They're the best part!
- It's true.
- Hi, this is Chris Dempsey,
if you're free for lunch,
I'd like to meet you at Stanton's.
- Yeah, that's the guy that works
with Jack.
I guess he gave him your number.
- He wants to meet at noon.
- Probably wants to get to know you
a bit before he gets screened.
- Maybe.
- You're gonna go?
Are you feeling up for it?
Gather your friends, open
the door, light up the fire
It's Christmas time again
Shines for you and shines for me
This magical
Oh here it comes
- Chris.
- Heather?
- It looks like some decor
fell on you.
- Still a bad joke.
- It made me laugh.
It's nice to meet you again.
- Likewise, likewise.
- So should we.
- Yeah.
And then he says this place
overdoes Christmas.
- How can you overdo Christmas?
- That's what I said.
- You can't be too festive.
- Right?
I completely agree.
And your date, she was on
her phone the entire time?
- The whole time, she seemed
like a very busy person.
- It's common courtesy
when you're out with someone--
- You're there for them!
- You're there for each other, exactly!
You know, it is so hard to find
someone who actually listens.
- I'm sorry, anyway, I forgot
why we were here for a minute.
- That's okay,
I kind of forgot it myself.
- I just wanted to say
how thankful I am that you're
doing this, I mean getting
screened for a family member
is one thing, but for somebody
you don't even know--
- I wanted to.
- So do you have any questions
about the process or me?
- No, no, I'm good.
- Okay, I guess that's it then?
I probably could have just called you.
- Some things are just better
in person.
- This is true.
And we got eggnog.
- And we got eggnog.
Only took me a week but it looks
like I finally got my drink.
- You know, the service
around here can be a bit slow
during the holidays.
Seriously, I wanted to let you know
how grateful
I am that you're going through
with all this.
You didn't have to,
you don't even know me.
- I know.
- I think it's good we had a chance
to meet properly
in case things do work out
and I realize there is
no guarantee once you get screened,
it's a long shot that we'll be a match.
- We are.
- But that's okay too,
I don't have any...
- What do you mean we are?
- We're a match.
Yeah, just got the reports back and...
I am your donor.
- What...
Are you for real?
- Yeah.
- I don't know what to say.
Thank you!
Are you, uh...
Have you thought about this?
Are you sure this is...
- I'm sure.
So, what is good here?
Oh, Adobo chicken burritos on special,
I love Mexican food.
How 'bout you?
- It's my favorite.
- Dad!
- Sorry.
- Careful.
- It didn't break, it's okay.
- Sweetheart, this is for cheese.
- Oh, excuse me, way more sparkles.
- What am I supposed to use?
- Maybe some sprinkles on there.
- Better.
- Oh, grab it.
- Welcome!
- Hi!
- Come on in!
- Oh, thank you very much!
- Hi!
- Hi!
- Oh, let me get that out of your way.
- We have that, come your coat.
- Oh, thank you, thank you very much.
- I'm Bill, Heather's dad.
- I'm Kathy, Heather's mom,
it's so nice to meet you.
- Hi, it's nice to meet you, pleasure.
- Nice to see you again.
- Heather's told us so much about you.
- Hopefully not too much.
- It's so great you're here.
- Where is Heather?
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Do you wanna...
- Oh yeah, come on in!
- Great, thank you!
- He's so cute.
So good.
- Those are gingerbread
snowflake cookies.
- I love this.
- Thank you, we wanted to contribute
to the famous
Krueger Christmas cookie exchange.
That is hard to say.
I heard it was a tradition.
- That is just one of the five,
count 'em, five,
must do Krueger family
Christmas traditions.
- Take a look at the big board, Chris.
First up we have visiting
Christmas displays on Michigan Avenue.
- Done.
- And next, Heather.
- A wreath for the front door.
- A beautiful front door wreath
fashioned by Heather.
- So beautiful that passersby
may spontaneously break out in song.
- Wow.
- No.
- Bill, the poor boy--
- I'm almost finished.
- Next up is Ashley's favorite,
eggnog at Stanton's.
- Always.
- So we were doing a
Kreuger Christmas tradition,
I didn't even know it.
- And it was so good.
- Yeah, it was.
- Well, next up is tonight's
Christmas cookie exchange,
obviously, and then fifth and final--
- Ooh, Heather's favorite,
Christmas dinner at the family cabin.
- So, Chris,
tell us about your traditions.
- I'm just gonna borrow
him for just two secs.
- Good idea.
- Tell us later.
- I thought you might need
a rescue, my family can be
a bit much sometimes,
especially during the holidays.
- No,
I'm having a good time, actually.
I mean, it's just been me and my mom
for so long,
I'm not used to such a lively family,
but no, it's okay, they're great.
- Good.
- Can we just sit down for a minute?
- Yeah.
Is everything okay?
- I'm so glad you could come
to the cookie party tonight.
- Oh, yeah.
- Jack will be here later
and Rosa from the hospital
might stop by, my Uncle Stan
and some friends from school.
- Heather.
What is it?
- Sometimes I get tired.
I have to call it a early night.
So I'm sorry.
You never have to apologize to me.
- Okay.
- All of this is Heather's doing.
- Oh, it looks like your cookies
are going like hotcakes.
- Yeah, yeah, I gotta tell my mom.
- I didn't know Jack was a baker.
- Oh yeah, he bakes every year.
He gets real crafty in the kitchen.
- Jack!
- Hey.
- Hi, I'm Heather's friend, Jeanette.
- Hi, Jeanette, Chris Dempsey.
- I know all about you, Chris.
Heather's Christmas miracle.
- I don't know about that,
I just, just doing my part.
- We appreciate it.
- What are you making?
- Milk thistle buttermilk.
- Milk thistle buttermilk?
- It's a thing, what'd you make?
- I made a sugar cookie
with a caramel pecan--
- Excuse me, everyone, can I have
your attention, everybody?
I wanna thank all of you
for joining us for the Krueger
family Christmas cookie exchange.
This year has been a special one
for many reasons.
For Heather and for Chris.
who's come into our lives
and now is in our heart.
- Oh, Bill.
- No, no, I'm fine, I can do this.
A toast.
- Yes.
- To friends.
- Yes!
- Family, health.
- And Christmas miracles!
- To Christmas miracles!
- Here's to Christmas miracles.
- So, we're clear on how
all this is going to work.
You both check in at six.
AM or PM?
- So yes, six AM, Monday.
- Monday.
Oh, this Monday!
- I know it feels
like it's happening fast
but this situation requires
- And how long will we be
in the hospital?
- Anywhere from seven to 10 days.
- So we would be home
by Christmas then.
- If all goes well, yes.
With some time to spare.
If all goes well.
- Are you taking Mrs. Claus
for a stroll there?
- Well, you know,
she needs her exercise.
Too many Christmas cookies.
- Oh, I'm looking for a tree
for the cabin.
- Oh, sorry, all out.
Big ones are in the back there.
- Or do you always
take the prettiest ones for yourself?
- No, no.
- Because you would never do that
to your customers?
- Because I haven't needed
a Christmas tree in years.
- What, why?
- Haven't been home for Christmas.
- Really? Where have you been?
- Well, when I was with the Marines,
I was at base camp
or wherever I was deployed.
This is actually
my first Christmas back in five years.
- Your mom must be really happy
to have you home.
- Oh yeah.
We'd Skype through the holidays.
I'd thank her for sending
her famous Christmas cookies
which would inevitably get crushed
in the mail.
Do not tell her I said that.
- Wow, five years, do you miss home?
- Yeah, but you know,
I've always been kind of restless.
If you ask my mom, she says
it's because I was born
on the windiest day of the year.
- In Chicago?
- Mhm.
- That is windy.
- Yeah, she says that's why
I can never just settle down.
- You know, maybe one day you will.
- You know, I like to try new things
and I like to travel.
In fact,
I just applied for a job overseas,
Hands and Hearts Abroad?
- Really?
- Yeah.
- One of my friends,
she's a nursing student, she worked
for them last summer,
she absolutely loved it.
- Oh, nice!
- Yeah.
Smell that?
Yeah. Smells like Christmas.
- Well, to a wreath maker,
of course it would.
- When I trim the cedar bushes
at the cabin, the smell
of fresh cut evergreen?
I love it.
I love that smell.
- I wanted to go get trimmings
before the operation
so I'd have some material to
work with while recovering,
but the doctor said I can't do
anything too strenuous before surgery.
- Are you asking me to go
to the cabin to help gather
clippings for your wreaths?
- What, no, no, no,
that wouldn't be nice.
I've asked you
for way too much already.
- Well, you haven't asked me
for anything, really.
- Technically no, but I can't ask--
- All right, you talked me into it.
I'm free tomorrow.
- If this is a Christmas gift,
then we should wait
until Christmas.
- Mm-mm, I want you to have
this at the hospital.
- Aww!
It's beautiful.
So soft and cozy.
- Keep you warm at the hospital.
- Thank you.
- It's big enough to keep you
and Chris warm.
- Why would you say that?
- 'Cause I met him
at the cookie exchange.
Come on, he is cute.
- I haven't really noticed.
- Hey, someone get the door,
I'm on cookie duty.
- Oh, that's for me, it's Chris.
- Chris, huh?
Okay. I'm so sorry, Jeanette,
I completely lost track of time.
Thank you so much for the Christmas
gift, I'll text you later!
- Okay!
- Mom, going to the cabin!
- Have fun!
- Why are they going to the cabin?
She should be resting,
her operation's tomorrow.
- Well, if I had to guess
I'd say she wants to spend
her last day before the operation
with the open road ahead of her.
- In the company of a man
who seems like he would do
just about anything for her.
- What?
- There it is.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Just put it in the corner there.
- I got it, there it is.
- Oh, right over here, by the window!
- The window.
That is officially my last delivery
for the year, so,
the Frankfort Garden Center
would like to thank you
for your business,
and have a merry Christmas.
- You're very welcome
and merry Christmas.
- This place is perfect, Heather.
It's amazing.
- You haven't seen anything yet.
My mom and dad
just started decorating.
- Well, your sister said
this was your favorite
Christmas tradition, is that why?
- It's the perfect ending for
the perfect Christmas season.
A feast and the fireplace roaring
and the music playing
and all the lights up here at night.
It's magical.
- And who's this guy?
- He's my grandpa,
we were really close actually.
He's the one who started
the tradition here.
We'd come for Christmas dinner
and we'd play games and sing carols.
He loved Christmas and he loved
spoiling us with presents.
- Well, he sounds like a great guy.
- Come on out back,
I'll put you to work.
Shouldn't be a problem at all
for a professional such as yourself.
Oh boy, professional in training.
Special delivery.
- Boy, that is a lot of mistletoe.
- It's holly, silly.
- That isn't mistletoe?
- Holly's red, mistletoe's white.
- Mistletoe's white?
- Uh-huh.
- Huh, a lot of people
would be surprised to know
they've been kissing under holly
all these years.
- I bet they would be.
- And I work a garden center
so this is especially embarrassing.
- It's okay,
I'm a bit of a Christmas expert.
Always have been.
Would you mind cutting these
into foot long pieces?
- Yeah, sure.
So, so tell me about these famous
Christmas wreathes of yours.
- What do you wanna know?
- I don't know.
When'd you first start making 'em?
- I was a little girl,
maybe six or seven.
There was the most beautiful wreath
I had ever seen
hung on our classroom door at school.
I remember going home
and telling my parents
that I wanted to make
a special wreath for our house too.
And I've been making
our Christmas wreaths ever since.
And every other holiday.
They make great gifts, too.
- Do you make wreaths
for every holiday?
- They're so festive.
You should see my Thanksgiving wreath.
Don't laugh!
They're the real deal.
- I know, I wasn't laughing at...
It's just very charming.
- Every year I make wreaths
for the women's club
and the nursing home and the hospital
and my old school, I just love it.
- Like every holiday?
Arbor Day, Groundhog Day,
Valentine's Day?
- Of course Valentine's Day.
They say that a wreath is a symbol
of everlasting life and eternal love.
- Huh, I did not know that.
- That's why it's circular,
no beginning, no end.
It's timeless.
And tada!
- That was fast.
- It's beautiful.
- So, are you happy to be home
for Christmas this year?
Apart from the whole transplant thing?
- Oh that, right, right.
- Big day's tomorrow.
Chris, are you scared?
- No.
- Not at all?
- A little.
- I am too.
- It's okay.
- If I haven't told you
how much this whole--
- You have.
You have.
- Okay, here we go.
- Okay, I've got crossword puzzles,
magazines, tea bags,
your iPad and oh,
an old hand held video game.
- Thanks mom, but I'll be fine.
- Oh no no, it's not for you,
it's for me.
- Mom...
It'll be okay.
All right.
- Okay, what did you pack?
- Mom, I'm not going outside.
- So you have everything?
Slippers, snow globe?
- You know I'm gonna be out cold.
- I'll be waiting.
- Hey, you're gonna do great, kiddo.
- Thanks, dad.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
- Yeah, I love you.
- It's time.
- Time.
- Okay, okay, I'll be fine.
Nice gurney.
- Yours isn't so bad either.
- We're going now?
- Yeah, it's time.
- Okay.
- Wait,
why are you taking him first?
- It's okay,
this is just how things work.
We'll take you to a different
OR in just a moment.
- Um--
- It's okay.
We'll be fine.
Everything is gonna be fine.
- What was I thinking?
How could I let you do this for me?
- How can you not?
- I'll never know how to repay you
for this.
- You owe me absolutely nothing
for this.
- Chris...
- Oh.
- Cookie?
You don't mind that I take
my morning walk, do you?
The doctor says it's really
important that I get moving
and get my circulation going.
- Are you walking around already?
Let me see here.
- Is it okay if I come in?
- Of course, come on.
- My parents brought
some Christmas cookies.
- Oh, my favorite.
- They're not for you, silly.
They're for the nurses,
we can't eat cookies.
- Darn.
- I love that snow globe.
- Can I?
- Go ahead, it's an antique.
My mom gave it to me for good luck.
you just gotta shake things up.
- It's beautiful.
- Why are we whispering?
- I have no idea.
- Ow!
- What can I say, I leave 'em
in stitches.
- Stop.
Ow, ow.
How'd you get away from your nurse?
- She's new, easily fooled.
Let's check your vitals.
- Once a nurse, always a nurse.
- Nursing student, Mr. Marine.
- Heather Krueger?
- Shoot, I think she's onto me.
- Oh yeah, you better get out of here,
they're comin' for ya.
- See you later, gater.
- Heather!
- I'm here all week.
Oh, and thanks for the cookies!
- They're not for you.
I love Christmas movies, don't you?
This is the part where he's confused
about falling in love with her.
- Heather.
- What do you think?
- Oof, that is ugly.
- For the ugly
Christmas sweater party.
- You know you wanna go.
- I'm just not sure I'm ready for it.
- Bah!
- Okay, we have a winner.
- I am so glad
you could join us, Heather.
- I'm a little bit slower
these days with the medications
and diet and exercise, most
important thing they say to
is keep living your life.
- That's good advice.
And I do hope you can come back
and finish your degree.
You're an excellent student.
- Thank you, that's the goal.
I really love it here.
- See ya!
- Wow, congrats, that sweater
is as ugly as it gets.
- Thank you, I will take that
as a compliment.
- You should, where's Chris?
Is he here?
Is he coming?
- No, I haven't really talked
to Chris since we left the hospital.
- No, no, no, you call him,
call him and tell him to grab
an ugly sweater
and come on down here, come on!
I will brb.
- Have fun.
- I will!
- So, what about Chris?
Are you getting him something?
- I don't know.
We haven't talked since
we left the hospital.
- Really, why?
- We just...
We haven't.
He checked out a couple of days
before me
and we've both just been
settling back into our lives.
And I want to talk to him, I do.
I almost called him from
the Christmas party at school, but--
- Why didn't you?
- I don't know.
I didn't want him to feel
obligated that he had to come
and I don't wanna be a burden to him.
- What?
Okay, don't be silly, I'm sure
he doesn't see you like that.
- It's complicated.
Do I feel this way about him
because of everything he's done
for me, or because of who he is?
- Maybe you guys need to spend more
time together to figure that out.
Give him a call.
- Maybe.
- Just call her.
You go for walks, she goes for walks.
- I don't know, I don't want
her to feel like she has to.
- She wants to,
I think she really does.
- You know this for a fact?
- I heard things through
the family grapevine.
But maybe you guys should go
walking somewhere Christmassy.
You know how much Heather
loves Christmas.
- Yeah.
I'd love to, but I just don't want
her to feel pressured.
- Pressure?
Trust me, she wants to hang out
with you.
- It's less than a week 'til Christmas.
I'm sure she's busy.
- You'll figure it out.
- I'm glad I finally called you.
It's so nice to have someone
to walk with for a change.
- Oh yeah, I hear ya.
- I maybe should have
reached out sooner,
I just wasn't sure.
- No need to explain.
We're here now, right?
So how's my liver doing?
It's holding up like a champ.
How are you?
- A few bumps in the road,
but getting better every day.
- How's this for a bit of rehab?
Downtown strolls and hot
chocolate from Sugar and Spice.
- Yeah, I could get used to this.
- Oh look, it's the
Christmas light brigade.
I volunteered with them last year.
They take such pride in their work.
- Like a code of honor.
- Yeah, something
you would know about.
- Yeah, little bit.
It just comes down to putting
others ahead of yourself.
Well, it's like you with nursing.
- Yeah, I'm gonna have to
put that on hold for a while.
- What, how come?
- The medical bills and
I lost my scholarships
when I had to drop out of school.
- Oh...
- Anyway, we don't have to
talk about that right now.
Did you hear back from that
overseas job you applied for?
- Oh, good memory.
Hands and Hearts Abroad.
No, not yet.
- But you should be hearing
from them soon.
- Yeah, pretty soon.
- Sounds like a really
wonderful opportunity.
I hope it works out for you.
- Thanks.
- Aww, look at that.
- Yeah.
- It's wonderful, isn't it?
- Yeah, it is.
- Heather!
- Mrs. Wilson.
- I'm so happy for you!
- Thank you!
Mrs. Wilson--
- We know all about you, Chris.
Thank you.
For everything you've done.
Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas.
- Christmas.
- So, should we keep going?
- Yeah, yeah.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Honey, did I leave
my hammer in there?
- Oh hi, Chris.
- Hi.
- Heather's not here.
- Yeah, I know, that's
actually why I'm here.
I have an idea I wanna run by you.
- A fundraiser.
- Yes ma'am.
The tickets, raffle prizes,
donations, the whole thing.
I already asked my motorcycle club,
they said they were
able to help put it all together.
I know the medical bills
must be overwhelming,
but she should be able
to finish her degree.
I mean nursing is her passion, right?
Helping people.
I think everyone in the
community wants to help her.
We should have a celebration
that everyone can share in.
- Maybe we can do something
in January or February.
- I was thinking Christmas eve.
- That's less than a week away.
- No, I know, I know,
but Christmas eve
is all about family and
people coming together.
I think everyone's really
gonna get behind this.
It's perfect, everything
will be Christmas themed,
you know she's gonna like that.
Seriously, I don't think I've
ever met anyone who loves
Christmas more than Heather.
- This is all her.
Well, if you feel that
strongly about it--
- I do.
- It's a great idea, Chris,
but where would we have it?
- Well, that I don't know,
but it has to be
someplace special, and
it has to be a surprise.
- Oh yeah.
- Chris, you've already
done so much for Heather.
- Well, hey, if you're gonna
do something right,
you do it all the way.
- I'm not sure about this.
- What, the spicy gingerbread latte?
- No, silly, about what's happening
with Chris.
- Oh, so what is happening with Chris?
- Well, we had a really nice time
last night.
- So you guys hung out?
- He makes me feel so calm and
strong and he's so selfless,
I've never met anybody like him.
- Uh-uh.
- I just, I don't know,
it feels really right.
- Then what's the issue?
- I don't wanna mess it up, Ash.
It's like I was saying, I don't know
if I can trust how I'm feeling.
- Okay, look at it this way.
Just forget about the
whole transplant thing.
- I can't.
- You know what I mean.
If you guys just met, like perfect
strangers, would you hit it off?
- What do you think, Jack?
- I can definitely help
out with the fundraiser.
I think it's a great idea.
- Only if you have time, you know.
- I'll make the time.
- Anything for Heather.
- Nice.
- I'd help you Jack, but you know.
No heavy lifting.
- Yeah, I know, I know.
- Hoping to be back up to
speed in a month or two though.
- Shouldn't be a problem.
There's plenty of non
strenuous work around here.
I'll have a word with the manager.
- You are the manager.
- That's why it's not a problem.
- Hello?
- Hi, Chris?
- Hi!
- Hello?
- Hi, Chris, it's Heather.
- Yeah, yeah, your name
popped up on my phone
and you know, your voice
does sound familiar.
- Right, silly, sometimes
I forget I sound like myself.
So it just occurred to me
that I might not see you again
before Christmas
and you might be busy or probably
busy and it's just that I go
to the cabin for Christmas
dinner and then we don't
come back until New Year's.
- Okay.
- So I was wondering if
maybe you might want to go
to the Christmas Corner
with me tomorrow?
- The Christmas Corner?
- Only the best Christmas store ever.
I need to pick up a few things
and decorations and if you've
never been before, you really
should see it at Christmas
time, it is beautiful.
You're busy, totally understand.
- No, no, Heather, I would love to.
- Really?
Great, then I'll text you in the AM.
- Okay, that's perfect,
I'll talk to you then.
- See you tomorrow.
- All right.
- Bye.
- Hey.
Have mom and dad talked to you
about Christmas eve yet?
- Why?
- They want to take us out for dinner.
- Just the four of us?
- Yeah, I guess they wanna keep it
- Where?
- The Gibraltar Hotel.
- Isn't that where mom and dad
got married?
Super fancy.
- Sure is, and we get to dress up.
- Hm!
- Yeah no, no, Jack, Jack,
the Gibraltar is doing
all of the catering, too.
I know, free of charge, it's amazing.
Are you here, Jack?
You know you can't stay long,
Heather is gonna be here.
- Hi!
- Hey, come on in!
Wow, you are early.
- Well, Heather time
is 10 minutes early,
so technically I'm right on time.
And I have this for you.
- Oh!
- It's actually for you and your mom.
- Thank you.
- So merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas to you too.
- You've got a Christmas tree.
- Yeah, yeah, it came when I was
in the hospital.
Jack delivered it personally.
I know, I know, needs
a couple more ornaments.
- Well, we're going to the Christmas
Corner, so works out perfectly.
- Great, what are we waiting on?
- You're gonna love it there,
the tinsel and the ornaments,
they're hand done,
it's absolutely beautiful
and the Christmas trees
are all decorated,
each one with their own theme.
- Isn't this place amazing?
- Yeah.
- This little hat,
what do you think, huh?
- Wow, very charming, that one.
- Now you pick one.
- Me?
- Yes.
Out of all the decorations
and ornaments, find something
that inspires you, that makes
you feel something in here.
- Challenge accepted.
Found one.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
- Angels usually are.
So why this one?
- It reminds me of this ornament that
we had on our tree when I was a kid.
- Aww, that's sweet.
- Yeah.
Well, it was, 'til it went missing.
I don't know, one year we just
opened up the box and it was gone.
- And now you found it again.
- Yeah, yeah, I guess I did.
- Let me get it for you.
- No.
- For your tree!
- No, no--
- I want to.
Let me do this one thing for you.
And I get 10% off with my
frequent customer's card.
Don't be jealous.
- Hey, Jack, sorry, did you
get my last text message?
This is getting harder and
harder to keep this a surprise.
Oh, oh, sorry, sorry,
thought you were someone else.
Yes, yes, this is Chris Dempsey.
Oh, yeah, Mr. Spry,
from Hands and Hearts Abroad.
Of course.
That is really good, that's great.
That's really great.
- Come on, everybody!
- Coming!
- Let's go, lets go.
- You look so pretty.
- Where you going?
- So do you.
- Dad, you look very handsome.
- Oh, thank you.
- So excited, Christmas dinner
together as a family!
- Yeah, yeah!
- Very exciting!
- So exciting!
- Come on,
we don't wanna be late!
- What time's our reservation?
- 7:00 sharp.
Sounds really busy in there.
Glad we decided to keep it small.
- It's just through those door,
- You look beautiful.
- Thank you, what is this?
- Oh, just a little fundraiser.
- A fundraiser?
- To help pay the bills, so
you can go back to school.
- You didn't have to do this.
- I know.
Your dad said you didn't like a
big fuss, so we dialed it back a bit.
- This is so much work,
you must be exhausted.
- A little, a little, but it's okay.
By the way,
you look spectacular in red.
- Thank you.
So do you.
I mean, you look very handsome.
- Thank you, it's just a suit.
- It's not the suit.
- Well, should I show you around?
- Yeah.
- Could I have one, maybe two?
Hey Ash, did you see these?
- White chocolate truffle snowmen,
- They're even better if you eat 'em.
Oh, don't let him go!
- Wait, wait!
- Wait!
- Kathy?
In a row
My ruby
- Wine.
- Wine, yes, yes!
- Hello?
First of all,
thank you guys for coming out.
Special thanks to the nursing school.
- Nurses rule!
- The University of Illinois
hospital and my motorcycle
club for donating that big beauty
right over there.
- Can't forget the
Frankfort Garden Center.
- Yes, thank you Jack,
yes, how could we?
Words can't express
how grateful I am for all
the generosity in this room
and for this to have happened
in such a short amount of
time is really, really nothing
short of a miracle.
And now the person that
we all came here to see,
Heather Krueger.
- I don't know what to say.
I'm so overwhelmed by all of
this, all of your generosity.
The best thing about Christmas
is right here in this room.
And tonight is a celebration of that.
I just wanna say thank you
for all of your love
and generosity these last few weeks.
From the bottom of my heart,
I am so glad to be here.
But thank you again
and of course, merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
Dashing through the snow
On a one horse open sleigh
O'er the fields we go
Laughing all the way
Have yourself
You can dance.
I didn't know that about you.
- A little bit slower these days,
but yeah, still got it.
- I think we have that in common.
From now on our
troubles will be
- I've been meaning to talk to you.
- Yeah?
What did you want to talk about?
- I got the job with
Hands and Hearts Abroad.
- You got the job?
- That's, that's great, Chris.
Congratulations, I'm,
I'm so happy for you.
- Yeah, thanks.
I mean, I haven't given them
a decision.
But I wanted to talk to you.
Why wouldn't you?
It's what you wanna do, right?
- Yeah, no, you're right, it is.
Things are a little bit
more complicated now.
Aren't they?
- Yeah, things are...
Gather near to us once more
I'm sorry, I just need a minute.
- All right.
The years we all
will be together
If the fates allow
Hey, is everything okay?
Are you all right?
- I think you should take the job.
- Heather, I told you I haven't--
- No, no, no, no. You should.
You've done so much for me, Chris,
more than...
More than any person could ever ask.
But I think it's time
that you do something for yourself.
You deserve it.
It's just my two cents.
- Heather, I'm having
some conflicting feelings
and I wanna talk to you.
- Yeah, sure.
We can and we will.
But maybe after Christmas, okay.
Your tie's crooked.
And I meant what I said before.
Don't wanna hold you back
from anything.
Oh I believe
- This is for Heather.
- Thank you.
- The other one's for me.
- I know
you're not gonna be doing that.
- Oh for me.
- Thank you!
- Aw, they're so perfect!
Mistletoe is waiting
- Wow, the biggest one.
- Oh..
- Oh, I need it.
- Yes you do.
- And I love it.
And I think I'm going to fill it
right now.
- If you can ever find your tools.
- I heard that.
- Come back, you two.
- Oh, dad.
Oh, it's lovely!
Heather is talented.
- Yeah, she is.
- We'll hang it 'til New Year's,
or longer.
Are you okay, honey?
- Yeah, yeah.
I'm okay.
- You want some tea?
- Sure.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Something's been on your mind
since last night.
- Last night was amazing
and wonderful in so many ways.
- It was.
- I said some things to Chris last
night and they didn't get resolved.
- You can resolve them.
- He's given so much to me,
I don't know what I can
possibly give him back.
- Well, you know how you feel
about him, right?
In your heart?
- Yes.
- Well, the greatest gift you can
give anyone, sweetie, is love.
- Ooh, what are these?
- Little pastry puffs.
Made with brie and cranberry sauce.
- This another
one of your online recipes?
- No, it's one of my own.
I made it from scratch.
For my MIPS.
- Mm, tasty, if I may say so myself!
- I say so too.
- Wanna see who's texting you?
- It's probably just Jack.
- You don't wanna know
who's wishing you merry Christmas?
- Oh!
It's Heather, she wants me to...
- Now?
- Yeah.
If you're okay with me
going out on Christmas
for just a little bit
but I don't wanna leave you.
- You can go anywhere
and you'd never leave me.
Go see her.
- Thanks, mom!
- Take one!
Or two.
- Hello?
Anybody here?
- Hi.
- Hi.
- I'm really glad you could make it.
- Yeah, yeah, so am I.
- I wanted you to see it, the last
of the Kruegers'
five must do Christmas traditions.
- And your favorite.
- Yes.
- Well, I can see why,
it's magnificent.
- My folks and Ash will be here soon,
I wanted a chance
to talk to you about last night.
- Heather...
- You don't have to explain.
- No, I do.
- I know you're struggling
with all of this, but...
- I know.
And I was struggling because
we have this unique and special bond.
And all the time, I was thinking
maybe it was just because I'm sick,
but then we spent more time together
and I realized it goes beyond that.
Chris, you are the most
incredible man I've ever met.
You're my angel.
You make me laugh and smile
every day.
You dare me to dream.
But I don't wanna stand
in the way of your dreams.
- My dreams are right here.
With you.
Does this mean I'm staying
for dinner?
- Think that's a yes.
- I used to think happy endings
could only happen
in fairytales, but sometimes,
they can be real.
And standing right in front of you.
I'm living my miracle every day.
Time's a precious gift,
to be handled with care
and opened with love.
He was my Christmas angel
and I was his.
Have yourself a merry
little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on your troubles
will be out of sight