Once Upon a Crime... (1992) Movie Script

Buon giorno. You have
reached Pope John Paul ll.
I can't come to the phone right
now, but if you leave...
your name and a number after
the sound of the beep...
I'll get back to you as
soon as heavenly possible.
Remember, please wait for the beep.
Here she comes.
Hello, Marcello? This is Phoebe.
I've been walking the streets...
trying to figure out exactly
what I want to say...
and I finally figured out
what I do want to say...
so I'll just say it the
way I figured it out, OK?
I'm here in Rome. I spent every
cent I had to get here...
so we could spend the rest
of our lives together.
Does that ring a bell, Marcello?
Honest to God, I really
thought you were different.
When you said you loved me
that night by the pool...
I believed you.
I actually believe people when
they say things like that.
Yep, I bought it! Old
Phoebe gets burned again...
but what else is new? So,
hey, I'm rambling, and...
I'm having a bad day.
Hey! That's my lunch!
Oh, God! Ruined a perfectly good bun!
I have nothing more to give! I'm sorry.
I remember the day you signed me.
You said I'd be the next Al Pacino.
But if you don't land me a job...
before my next rent check is
due, I'm in serious trouble.
I think you should find another agent...
I'm sorry, Julian.
I should be the one to apologize.
You know me. I'm a chronic whiner.
It's like a hobby with me. You know that.
Good-bye, Julian. I wish you the best.
You're making a big mistake, Carla.
I'll tell you what, honey. I'll
give you the whole weekend.
Think about it. I'll call
you Monday, all right?
If they haven't disconnected
my phone by then.
What am I, sitting on a Milk Bone now?
Will you get outta here?
Does somebody own this thing, or what?
At least when I get back home,
I can do summer stock...
a road show... maybe Cats again.
Ever see that?
You would love that. You know
you're a very good listener?
Why can't you be a woman?
Whoa! Look at you!
Your mommy must be very loaded, huh?
Yo! Monte Carlo!
There she is. I've been
looking all over for you.
- Scusi, signore. Mio cane.
- This is your dog?
- Oh. You're American.
- Julian Peters.
- Phoebe.
- Phoebe what?
- Phoebe. Just Phoebe.
- Just Phoebe?
- Like what, just Cher?
- Just Phoebe, like...
"I don't want you to know the
rest of my name" just Phoebe.
Could I please have the dog?
"Just Phoebe," I don't
think she's your dog.
- She is mine.
- She can't be.
- Why would you say that?
- She's a he.
So I made a mistake. Look...
the dog is lost, and it's my aunt's...
and I'm returning the dog to her.
So could I please have the damn dog?
- Uh-huh. Got a minute?
- No.
Come on, have a seat.
I'll buy you something.
Want some water? You like bubbles?
I'll get you mineral water or something.
You know, I'm an actor.
And I study, you know, human behaviour.
And I smell money here. Monte Carlo money.
- I smell big reward.
- What do you want?
70-30, but on the condition
you don't speak to me once...
during the entire trip.
70-30 is hardly worth my time.
I'm in show business. I
make that in an hour.
60-40, you got a deal.
How come your eyes are so red?
Have you been crying?
- A guy? You involved?
- 65-35, and I up my end...
every time you open your mouth.
Yes! Red! Odd! Yes! Marilyn, I'm hot.
I'm up 16 million bucks.
Every minute we're not in Monte
Carlo, we're losing a fortune.
Boy, if the casino knew
I had this system...
they'd hire hit men to stop me.
Why would someone sell you a
foolproof system for $3.00?
$2.00. I talked the guy down, remember?
If it's so great, why
didn't he use it himself?
Marilyn, I told you, he was
barred from the casino.
The man was a mathematician.
Neil, he was counting on his fingers.
That was the liquor. We
caught him at a bad moment.
Don't second-guess me, Marilyn.
You're out of your league.
I see an opportunity, I go for it.
What difference does it make?
I could've bought it off a horse.
The system works.
There is no system for roulette.
None. Believe me.
The only way to win in a
casino is not to gamble.
Forgive me. My name is
Morosco, Augie Morosco...
and I've been a gambler my entire life.
I used to own 3 restaurants in New York.
I lost them all at roulette.
Then I went to Gamblers Anonymous...
and discovered gambling was a disease.
- Thankfully, they cured me.
- If you're not a gambler...
how come you're on a train to Monte Carlo?
My wife is there on holidays. She
got me back in the business.
- Extremely wealthy.
- So you married for money?
I did no such thing. I
married for lots of money.
Enjoy your stay in Monte Carlo.
Think about what I said.
You've got your health, a lovely woman.
Don't gamble.
Come. You're a cute little guy, yes.
- Up you go, there you go.
- What a charming guy.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Excuse me! That's my dog!
What are you doing with my dog?
You must be mistaken. This is my dog.
No, you're mistaken. I found
this dog this morning in Rome.
I bought him an hour ago in the club car.
No, wait! That's impossible.
Who'd you buy him from?
Some American. Now, if you'll excuse me...
we'll be arriving soon in Ventimiglia...
and I haven't completed my toilette.
So, what else?
Hey, you might have seen
me in Godfather III.
Major motion picture. Granted,
it was a small part...
but I got very good notices.
You sold the dog?
I not only sold the dog...
excuse me, darlin'...
I not only sold the dog, but I got $6,000.
That's $1,000 more than the
woman who owns him would pay.
You would've done the same thing.
No, Julian, I wouldn't have.
He's not ours to sell.
We promised that woman we'd return her dog!
I don't believe in making
promises I can't keep.
I don't see my name on that check.
Who should he make it out to,
"Julian Peters and Phoebe"?
What are we, a trapeze act?
I was going to share the money with you.
Yeah, right.
Yes! This is the man.
Here's your check. Sorry for the confusion.
Oh, there's no confusion.
I don't want the check. I want the dog.
You can buy 10 dogs for that price.
Why this one?
My wife has a female of this breed.
She was looking for a male.
Apparently, I won't do.
Mister, I need this dog.
Please take your check back.
I'm sorry. A deal is a deal.
Besides, I already promised
the dog he'd get laid.
Customs. Whose dog is this?
- Mine.
- It's ours.
As you can see, sir, the dog belongs to me.
Do you have the dog's papers?
If you don't have papers,
you must leave the train...
and have the dog examined
by a veterinary authority.
It's their dog.
I was just letting him lick me.
- Good night.
- Get your luggage, please.
Get the bags. You-hon, signore'.!
I'm still interested in the dog.
Would you excuse me? I'm
being kicked off this train.
I'd like to ask the conductor to slow down.
If the owner should have
a change of heart...
come to me in Monte Carlo.
I'll take the dog off your hands.
Augie Morosco. L'Hotel de Paris.
Thank you.
Madame Van Dougen? This
is Julian Peters again.
No, we just got held up...
because we had to have a
veterinarian examine him...
because we didn't have his papers.
A veterinarian, uh, to
ex... a doctor de puppy.
Right, so we can cross the border.
No, he's in perfect health, he really is.
Of course he's here. No, he's at a cafe.
You want to talk to him? All right, sure.
Hang on. Nice life.
You hear that? He lit up at
the sound of your voice.
Listen, we missed the last
train, so we have to take a bus.
A busso. Bustee. Bussee. The bus, right.
So we'll be there in a while, about 1:00.
We can come over, but isn't
that a little late for...
Madame Van Dougen? Are you sick?
Is she having sex now?
Are you OK?
Can you just talk a little slower?
I'm having trouble understanding.
Madame Van Dougen? Hello?
Neil, you're missing this!
It's so beautiful!
- It's so romantic...
- Romantic, right.
Look, honey, you're going to take forever.
Why don't you just meet me in the casino?
I'll only be a couple of minutes.
Marilyn, don't torture me.
You make me sit here...
while you figure out
what you're gonna wear!
Come on, I'm itching to hit the tables!
Neil, is that our trip money?
I'm not leaving $5,000
in cash in a hotel room.
We're in Europe. These
people rob you blind.
Neil, promise me you won't
gamble with our trip money.
- I promise, I promise!
- OK!
Like I'm going to blow $5,000 gambling.
Like I'm some kind of idiot or something.
I'm thinking about wearing
the Versace sample...
the black one with the sequins?
Dream on, Mare. Maybe 5 years ago, huh?
- Don't forget to hide...
- The garment bag under the bed.
And don't let the hangers stick
out this time, all right?
And listen, don't order more
of that bottled water...
at 14 bucks a pop. You can
drink out of the tap.
Have I since the day you met
me ever done anything right?
Of course, doll. You married me.
Thank you, Neil. You're always
so supportive, so giving.
Baby... wish me luck.
700,000, please.
Thank you.
- 50 francs.
- 50?
I'll have to get the smaller markers.
They use them in the children's casino.
- Just give me the markers.
- 50.
Wait, you made a mistake. I said 5,000.
- Francs?
- Dollars. U.S. Dollars.
The guy thought I said 50 francs.
- Are you finish?
- No. Are you Swedish?
Am I finished? I've just begun!
Am I finished? No way, big boy!
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks, I don't smoke.
It is a weakness, I know.
For me, one of many...
I'm afraid, not the least of
which is a beautiful woman...
- such as yourself.
- Thank you. I'm married.
Interesting... the married woman.
One of life's misunderstood creatures...
to whom no man is truly worthy.
Peron de la Pena at your service, madame.
I think I'd better find my husband.
You may call me Alfonso.
The ugly American is betting on red!
Red, baby! Red, baby! Red, red, red.
Yes! I love it, I love it, I love it.
Bring it over here. Come on. Hey, I won it!
I just want to make sure
because I'm American.
I know you hate Americans,
but just remember...
if it wasn't for us, you'd be
speaking German right now!
So gimme my chips! Martini?
- Yes! Martini, yes.
- That's 100 bucks, buddy.
That's a damn good tip for a martini, huh?
All right, we're cooking now.
Thank you, sir. This is for you, my dear.
Get a t-shirt for those, will you?
Let's see, what's in my system?
Hey! Keep your face out of my system.
This cost me a fortune. Oh, boy, Marilyn...
- This is working like a charm.
- Hello, Neil.
Voulez-vous miser, monsieur?
Yes, I'm betting on black.
American on black.
Well, what do you think?
It's not you, honey. It's
not you, that's all.
But that's what I like about it.
Honey, you're hanging
out all over the place!
You're going to catch something.
- What?
- Rouge.
Rouge? Rats! Honey, I
knew you'd do that to me.
Don't hang around, OK? You're jinxing me.
The look is jinxing me.
That thing's jinxing me.
Go, go. Will you go? Go play the slots.
Get a drink or something. Have fun.
This is Monte Carlo! Come
on, it's a gambling place.
Change your clothes! Put a t-shirt on!
Do you see the way she was hanging out...
all over the place? Black, black, black!
The married woman. One of life's
misunderstood creatures...
to whom no man is truly worthy.
- Do you like to gamble?
- Yes.
Do you have cash?
II ne va plus.
Dix-Sept. Nair. Un tellement.
It's merely a game of chance.
One gambles for the sake of gambling.
- You pick a number.
- Me?
- You.
- I don't know, I never did.
- Of course, I'll lose anyway.
- Really?
- You can do me no harm.
- You sure?
- Really, I'm sure.
- OK. 13.
- 13?
- It's no good?
Oh, no. 13 is fine! Lucky 13.
- You are American.
- Yes. New Jersey.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- It's really not that bad.
No, I mean I am sorry I
have not introduced myself.
I am Hercules Popodopoulos. From Athens.
Marilyn Schwary. From Newark.
- Treize. Noir.
- Fantastic! We win!
I won!
2,000 francs?
I'm sorry. Is the amount not adequate?
What, are you planning on bringing friends?
Listen, maybe this is what
hookers look like in Greece...
but I'm no hooker, I'm a housewife.
We do it for free!
But, madame. Cherie, please.
This is your share of the winnings.
It is customary. I win... you benefit.
Look, you must risk this marker
on a turn of the wheel. Please?
Monsieur, faites un jeux.
13. 43?
Rien ne va plus. Treize. Noir.
Extraordinary! Again! I don't believe it!
Nothing like this has ever happened to me!
- You now have 70,000 francs.
- In dollars.
That is 14,000 American dollars.
- Monsieur, faites vos jeux.
- Madame, the table waits.
And if I bet it all on
13 again, I'll have...
- Half a million dollars.
- Half a million dollars!
Or nothing.
Monsieur, faites vos jeux.
I can't.
At the gaming table, as in life...
risking all takes great courage.
I'm going to shoot the works on 13.
Madame, I admire your insouciance.
It's the dress. It shows everything.
I'm starving. If I had a
barbecue, I'd eat the dog.
Is that supposed to be funny?
Oh! You're listening! You know,
that's the first time...
she actually spoke to me
since we crossed the border?
OK, look... let's call a truce.
What do you say?
OK, how's this for an idea...
we get the reward money...
we come back here, I'll
buy us a lovely dinner...
a little champagne...
Look, don't waste my time.
There's absolutely no chance
I'd get involved with you.
It's beyond out of the question.
This is a business deal.
Let's stick to business.
Who said anything about getting involved?
Sweetheart, I got news for you.
I'm hot as a pistol, and
the last thing I need...
is to be seen with a woman
wearing tights from Chernobyl.
- Do you ever shut up?
- Oh, what a wit.
Rien ne va plus.
What do I have to do to get
a drink in this place?
Fart the French national anthem?
Black, baby. It's got to be black.
Black, baby, come on.
Vingt-trois, rouge.
Rouge! Wait! Somebody moved my bet.
I distinctly remember betting on red!
- What?
- Sir!
Please lower your voice.
You're in Monte Carlo.
- I know where I am.
- 10,000 each.
Rollin', rollin'...
All right, what's happening here?
Morosco. Seize, rouge. Seize, rouge!
Aw, rouge, I love ya, rouge!
Hi. Remember me? I'm Neil Schwary.
No! 36, 36, 3, and 4. A triangle!
Get away from me. What are you doin' here?
I was on the train. You had the dog.
I had my wife. Remember?
No! Beat it! Where did it land?
I'll take it! Leave it there!
This my number! Buy a hat! There ya go!
What's happening? Talk to me, folks!
How am I doing?
- Hello! Woo-Hoo!
- You won that?
Oh, this is mine! This is my night!
I'm rolling like a hunchback
doing somersaults!
- Yes! You're gambling!
- Get away from me!
What about Gamblers Anonymous?
I'm in the power of a force
much greater than myself!
Yes. I know that feeling.
- 29! Splits. 100,000.
- One hundred thew-please!
- Please. I need your help.
- Good-bye.
Wait. Bet for me.
I'll play the same numbers as you.
- Good-bye!
- I'm desperate!
I'm compassionate. Give me your money.
- I'm broke.
- Bye.
Wait! Lend me enough for
the first bet. Please.
I gambled away a fortune tonight.
I might have to sell my business.
You know how that is.
You've been there. Please!
All right. Stop groveling.
- I don't mind!
- Stand up.
You're a great man, Morosco.
Tonight I'm going to make you
a rich man, Neil Schwary.
Yes! But first I must find
the little boys' room.
And lose precious time? Waiter!
Bring this man a cup!
- Uh-oh.
- Who's that?
- It's my wife.
- My condolences.
- Elena, darling.
- Augie, what are you doing?
I thought I'd just come to the
casino and say hi to the staff.
I thought maybe I'd lay down a little bet.
- 7 and 27 now! Yes!
- You're incorrigible.
You don't even come to the hotel.
You get off the train
and come directly here?
No, Elena, you don't understand.
I'm on a roll! Shoot the works!
Yes! OK, I'm putting more on 7...
Look at you-dirty, sweaty.
You probably haven't eaten.
Yes, I did! I ate a marker. Double the bet!
Double the bet! Yes! These are mine.
I don't know what to say to you anymore.
I wait for you. You don't show up.
Come to me, baby!
I worry. I call the hospital, the police.
I say to myself, he can't be at the casino.
- He promised me!
- Come on! 7! Red! We win!
- I can't believe it!
- I've had enough.
The gentleman's cup.
Get a bigger cup! Don't insult the man!
How do I compete with this addiction?
- 500,000 francs!
- 500,000 francs!
Tonight we break the bank in Monte Carlo!
- Try the gate.
- Maybe she left it open for us?
That doesn't make any sense.
Come on, she must have, like, a
$50,000 security system here.
I mean, she's going to
leave the front gate open?
Madame Van Dougen!
It's Julian Peters! And Phoebe.
We brought your dog!
Madame Van Dougen?
Check out the side of the house.
What, are you on crutches?
Just check out the side of the house.
I study acting 10 years...
and wind up as a whipping
boy for She-Demon.
Oh, this whole Europe thing is a mistake.
I could be at a Yankee game now.
Instead, I'm checking out
Freddy Krueger's villa.
Madame Van Dougen!
All right. OK.
Over here.
You could have at least left me a note.
- There's a bracelet.
- A what?
- A bracelet.
- Yeah?
It is a bracelet. Very expensive bracelet.
- Leave it.
- Why?
Because it doesn't belong to us.
There could be a reward for this, too.
This could be, like, a
little cottage industry...
returning shit to Madame Van Dougen.
- OK. Pull.
- It's stuck.
Full harder.
Is that what I think it is?
- It's a hand.
- A hand? What kind of hand?
A hand attached to a dead
body, that kind of hand.
I've never seen a dead hand before!
Get in line!
I broke her fingers!
Believe me, that's the
least of our problems!
- We gotta get out of here!
- Is she dead?
Come on! Now!
Wait. My suitcase!
Well, then get it, but hurry!
My suitcase.
Oh, I'll go because I'm a man.
Would you put a muzzle on that thing?
Is this Versailles?
I, uh... without my glasses,
I'm as blind as a bat...
but, hey, you know, as long
as you have your health.
Where is it? Where's my suitcase?
Just a couple of feet past the killer.
What do you mean? The killer's here?
His eyes and feet are.
I'm assuming the rest.
Oh, after you.
How much for the shoes?
I am sorry, monsieur. Casino policy.
We do not accept articles of clothing.
- My heart!
- My foot.
Sir, could you get my tip
back from that waiter?
You seem like a nice guy.
I lost everything! I cashed checks!
I drained my bank accounts!
I told him the only way
to win at the casino...
is not to gamble.
You also told me to cash my checks!
What did you listen to me for?
I'm a man with an illness.
Don't let him die!
I want the pleasure of killing him myself!
- Is that so?
- Yes!
- Yes!
- Is that so?
What do you want to do, have a fist fight?
Yeah! I want to kick
your loser ass, Morosco!
Come on, let's go! Your
size don't scare me!
All right! But not here in the promenade.
- Why? Where, then?
- You see that park over there?
Monsieur, venez!
I think we should call the police!
- Absolutely not!
- Come on, there's been a murder!
Phoebe, we could be suspects!
We're not suspects. We're witnesses!
We're foreigners. We're dead
broke, desperate for money.
We're bringing this rich
woman's dog to a villa...
at 1:00 in the morning. She doesn't answer.
We find a bracelet 'cause
we're snooping around.
We pull on it. It leads to a hand.
Who's gonna believe that story?
Mother Teresa wouldn't even buy it!
Forget about it. They'll handcuff us.
They'll fingerprint us.
They'll take us in for interrogation.
Could we just move? Really.
This is crazy. We haven't
done anything wrong.
Why are we running?
You have any idea what the
French legal system is like?
It's a nightmare. We don't
speak the language.
We don't understand the rules.
They'll get us some shitty public defender.
We'll spend years in jail
before the case goes to trial.
Casting directors will
always think of me...
- as the Van Dougen murderer.
- We have to call the police.
If the killer's still
there, we'll catch him...
and then I can get my suitcase back.
We won't identify ourselves.
Once we read they've arrested somebody...
then we'll come forward.
I think that's the smartest thing.
And don't ever kiss me
that way again or any way.
No kissing, period! Oh, God.
- Toussaint.
- I'd like to report a murder.
- Did you say... murder?
- Yes. That's a-right, a murder.
You're Italian?
That's a-correct. I'm Italiano, si.
- What's your name?
- My name? Balboa. Rocky Balboa.
So listen. The body... it's
at the Villa Van Dougen.
Boulevard Kandinsky, Numero 17.
- Come on!
- And if you a-hurry...
- You can a-catcha the killer.
- Killer?
Yes. I saw his a-feet. 2 of them.
No, not 2 killers. 2 feet.
I'm talking to an idiot.
No, he is. They're tracing the call!
- Ciao.
- God!
Well, excuse me. I panicked.
I'm talking to the police!
To me, every authority figure
is still my vice principal.
A letter would've been faster. God!
Will you relax? I've worked
in enough police films...
to know they can't trace a
phone call that quickly.
So they weren't French.
Oh, God. He's giving them a description.
That's you.
I wish.
- Un petit chien.
- The dog.
We're dead. Let's go.
I can't believe we lied to the police.
I feel like a fugitive.
It's like quicksand.
The more you struggle, the deeper you sink.
I'll tell you... if we keep
walking around with this dog...
we might as well wear t-shirts...
that say, "Hi! We're the killers."
You're right. I really hate to do this.
- Sorry. Take care of yourself.
- What did you do?
I got rid of the dog. Let's go.
You also got rid of our meal ticket.
I could've sold him to that
guy on the train. $6,000.
My birth control pills.
Never thought I'd actually say this...
but there is a time and a place...
- They're in my suitcase.
- So?
- My name's on the prescription.
- You got a problem.
- We have to go back.
- What, are you insane?
The police are probably
swarming the place by now.
If the police are still there, we'll leave.
What about the killer?
You think the killer's going
to hang around all night?
I don't know what his social life's like.
We have no choice. We have to go back.
Let me be honest with you.
It's been a very interesting 12 hours.
I think you're a good chick
down deep, very smart.
But I wouldn't go back...
if my birth control pills were there.
- Fine. I'll go myself.
- It's nothing personal.
I just know that prison guards
and me are not a good mix.
I got it. So nice meeting you.
Yeah, you, too. Good luck.
Oh, God.
She's going to leave me. I
know she's going to leave me.
Yeah, she's going to leave me.
She'll divorce me.
She won't take me, though...
because I got nothing for her to take!
She'll get remarried.
Some handsome guy with a car
and a car phone. Suits.
Take her out for the
anniversary of our divorce.
She'll get remarried...
and be happier than she ever was with me.
And what do I become? Me... Neil Schwary?
The flaky gambler... loser ex-husband.
Yeah, I'll wear that the rest of my life.
God, it's me... Neil Schwary.
I really need your help.
I know I'm not a church-going
man, but if you want...
I'll switch my golf games to Saturday.
No sweat.
Look, I know you don't perform
a lot of miracles anymore...
but, boy, what I wouldn't give
for a suitcase full of cash.
Thank you.
- Hello, Neil. How'd you do?
- Me?
I'd say I broke about even.
- What's that?
- This?
This, uh, is, uh...
well, at one point, the
casino ran out of money...
and they started giving out luggage.
Giving out luggage? What
are you talking about?
Luggage. Bags. Suitcases. I stole it, OK?
I didn't break even. I lost big.
I lost everything...
our trip money, our savings.
Oh, Marilyn, I'm so sorry.
Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
I'll make it up to you, I swear.
I'll do anything you ask.
I'll listen to you when you talk.
I'll look at your little drawings.
I'll take you to the mall...
and never point to my watch again.
Anything you want. Foreplay. Anything.
Just don't leave me. I
don't think I can take it.
Why, Neil, would you steal a suitcase?
Answer, please.
I don't know. I don't know, Marilyn.
I thought maybe there'd be something in it.
- Cash. Something we could sell.
- I have some money, Neil.
Marilyn, you don't understand! Money?
- Where'd you get money?
- I put it aside...
knowing in my heart what a fool you were...
knowing you were capable of
gambling away our trip money...
knowing you had the
self-destructive nature...
to lose our savings and
come crawling in here...
with some lamebrain
scheme to save your ass.
You knew that about me?
Marilyn. You're brilliant.
Don't ever let me tell you
you're anything less.
You mean, like, don't ever let
you call me pygmy brain again?
Oh, Marilyn, how do you put up with me?
You are an angel, sent from heaven.
My brilliant, darling wife.
How much money did you put aside?
If you could lend me
maybe just a portion...
I could go back to the casino.
Stupid idea! God, you're beautiful.
We have to return the suitcase, Neil.
Yes! I know.
You're taking this very well, Marilyn.
What is it? Marilyn, what is it?
Turn it off! Honey, you're
not going to scream, OK?
Don't scream, OK?
Shut up.
Shut up, Marilyn! Be quiet, please!
Oh! Oh, my...
What are you trying to do, kill me?
Nu, ma-am'.!
You want 2 dead women on your hands?
No, definitely not!
I can't breathe. I need a glass of water.
- Get me a glass of water!
- Water.
How dare you! What an idiot!
I guess you could say this
vacation's shot to hell!
- Oh, God.
- What's wrong with this glass?
We got to get out of here. Dead body parts!
Calm down!
Help me pack. We got to get out of here!
Right! We'll leave the body
here and get the hell out!
- We're taking it with us.
- Marilyn, don't be an idiot!
You steal a suitcase with
a dead woman inside...
and you call me an idiot?
We can't leave the body here.
We're registered in this hotel!
Right! Very smart! Good thinking!
From now on, Neil, I call the shots.
- Understand?
- Perfectly!
I don't want to hear what
you think we should do...
or why you think we should do it.
Shut up and take orders. Is that clear?
- OK. So what do we do?
- We'll ditch the body...
hop a train, and blow this pop stand.
I like it! I like it a lot!
- Neil!
- I'll shut up.
Look, OK, look, I don't know why I'm here.
I don't know why I came back.
I'm confused, but let's just
get the damn suitcase and go.
No, no, no. You... you...
you better stay here...
- just in case.
- I'll be fine.
No, really, you stay here.
If anything should happen... God forbid...
- Run, OK?
- OK.
You know, feel free to
talk me out of this...
if you want.
Julian... thanks.
- Stop right there! Police!
- Don't shoot! I'm an actor!
What are you doing here?
What am I doing here?
What are you doing here?
- How did you get in?
- Through the gate.
- It was open?
- It's always open.
- You've been here before?
- No, I...
- What are you trying to steal?
- Steal? Nothing. I'm no thief.
I'm certainly no murderer.
Murder? Who said anything about murder?
- I don't know. Stephen King.
- Where's the body?
I don't know. I only saw her hand.
- Whose hand?
- Madame Van Dougen's.
How do you know it was Madame Van Dougen's?
I'm just guessing. It's a common name.
- Where's the body?
- What am I, a mortician?
- Where is the body?
- In the garage.
- What is this?
- What, this?
This is an ankle bracelet, actually.
I like to wear it over my pants...
or thrown kinda casually in the cuff...
either way.
It may be too trendy a look for you.
And the initials on the clasp are yours?
Of course they're my initials.
They're not the initials
of my name, per se...
but they have special meaning to me...
something of personal significance.
There are no initials.
But I congratulate you on
being a very fine actor.
There is nothing.
I believe you will need
an attorney, monsieur.
An attorney? What I need is an agent.
Oh, boy.
You see, Toussaint...
guilt or innocence is quite
often not the issue.
Persuading the suspect
to say what you want is.
How so?
Because they tend to lie anyway...
even if they are blameless.
It's human nature, the fear
of self-incrimination.
Only when they have painted
themselves into a corner...
or when you have carefully
guided them there...
do they point the finger
in the proper direction.
Put it away.
- Inspector?
- Fut it away.
- Inspector, we have a witness.
- Merci.
Monsieur, I am Inspector Bonnard.
Tell me, please, exactly what did you see?
A man, a woman, and a dog.
They went inside the gate.
A few minutes later, they ran out...
like their britches were on fire.
- I see. What time was this?
- 1:00, 1:30.
Look at this man's face.
- Is this the man you saw?
- Yes, this is he.
This guy's blind.
Were you here earlier in the evening?
Are you traveling with a woman and a dog?
Would you be able to identify the dog?
Yes, of course. It was a dachshund.
Good. So you've never been here before?
You're traveling alone?
We must find the dog. The dog is the key.
Why would I want to kill somebody?
- Be quiet.
- You got the wrong guy.
- Be quiet.
- I heard you the first time.
- What are you, a parrot?
- You talk English?
- Are you Charlie Chan?
- Take him to the car.
I, too, have a bracelet
I'd like to show you.
I hope they fit, because
it is my duty, monsieur...
to inform you that you are under
arrest on suspicion of murder.
Get a porter!
Oui, monsieur? Porter, come... come here.
I got it.
- Where is it going, monsieur?
- Uh... Mar, where's it going?
What's the longest trip it
can take from this station?
- Madrid.
- It's going to Madrid.
- That's too much money!
- Fay him!
Oh, God, I love you. I married a genius.
Button your shirt. You
look like your mother.
I'm sorry.
We're moving, Marilyn.
We're moving. You did it. We're free!
Monsieur, your suitcase was
going on the wrong train.
- Thank you very much.
- Merci, but no, thank you.
- Ne-c-put...
- What? Huh?
A tunnel. How do you say in French?
Les... tune-al... is la scary.
You're brilliant.
Anything to declare?
Just my love and respect
for your fine country.
Vive la France!
Which one is your suitcase, monsieur?
It's gone! It was right there.
There's something fishy about
this guy if you ask me.
- This is my suitcase.
- Open it, please.
Sure. It's just a regular old suitcase.
I got it for Christmas one year.
Travel a lot with it.
Let's see what we have in here.
Same old things... shirts,
underwear, socks.
Oh, honey, you didn't
forget your diaphragm.
- Whose suitcase is this?
- I have no idea.
I've never seen it before.
Have you, darling?
- The suitcase? No. Never.
- Never.
They're lying! I saw the
porter give it to them.
Look, this guy's been
asleep through 6 countries.
- He saw nothing.
- Silence.
I wouldn't open that if I were you.
It has a very odd smell.
- Peekaboo.
- Good morning, Alfonso.
What an invigorating morning, eh?
And what an exciting woman you are.
I must say you look particularly
beautiful this morning...
even more radiant than you did last night.
- Alfonso.
- I can't help myself.
From the moment I first saw you...
the light shimmering off
your safety deposit box...
- Alfonso...
- My love?
The strangest thing is happening.
Yes, I know. I feel it also.
2 hearts beating as one.
Out there, Alfonso, out there.
Out there?
That woman is trying to kill a dog.
Call the police.
Call the police. You heard madame.
And a bottle of champagne.
How long have you been
the maid and butler...
for Madame Van Dougen?
- 31 years.
- 32 in May.
You always leave her here alone at night?
Never. We've been here every
week night for 31 years.
32 in May.
What about last night? You weren't here.
- No.
- No? Why not?
We got a call earlier in the day.
- About my sister.
- It was a man.
He said Brenda had been
in a car accident...
in Saint Cloud Sur Mer. We
left on the 7:50 train.
Was your sister badly injured?
- No.
- There was no accident.
The phone call was just a stupid hoax.
Perhaps to get us out of the house.
- Perhaps. Sit down.
- Inspector?
- Sit down.
- Of course.
You left the villa at what time?
And what did you do before you departed?
We prepared Madame Van
Dougen's evening meal...
a little minestrone soup,
some cheese toast.
- You did nothing else?
- No, nothing.
Everything seemed normal
to you before you left?
Madame Van Dougen lived...
with her daughter or
granddaughter, correct?
Oh, no. She lived alone.
Then to whom do these belong?
To Madame Van Dougen.
You see, she was quite petite.
That's why she liked
everything around her...
- to be so small...
- Hot, hot, hot!
- Including her doggy.
- The dachshund.
Madame Van Dougen lost
him a week ago in Rome.
2 Americans found him and were
supposed to return him...
yesterday evening.
- A man and a woman?
- Yes.
Tell me, have you ever heard of a man...
- named Augie Morosco?
- No, never.
Very good. I'll be right there.
We have found the elusive dachshund.
Monsieur commissaire.
She was trying to drown the dog.
That's not true! I was giving him a bath!
- Is this your dachshund?
- Yes, it is.
He has a name?
Yes. A great name, as a matter of fact.
Sparky. His name is Sparky.
I named him after a dog that I loved...
that got run over by a truck.
I was 11, but...
- Call him.
- Hmm?
- Call the dog.
- Sparky.
Up, fella. Come on.
Move, Sparky!
Deaf. Very deaf.
- The dog can't hear.
- Send them in.
- Dear Lord, he can hear!
- My little love.
Oh, baby.
Thank you very much.
Please wait in the corridor.
It's a miracle.
What are you doing in Monte
Carlo, mademoiselle?
I'm... a tourist.
I just wanted to check out Monte Carlo.
I'd heard a lot about it, but
I never really understood...
if it was a part of France or what.
It's nice. I like it a lot.
Unbelievably clean, like Disney World.
And are you in Monte Carlo alone?
That depends. What did you have in mind?
Answer the question!
I'm sorry. I'm so nervous.
What was the question?
I want the truth.
The truth is, he is my dog,
but just since yesterday.
That's when I found him.
So he was my dog, but just for a day.
Do you know this man?
Uh, this man? No. No, I don't.
Do you know this woman?
Never saw her before in my life.
Then why was her picture in your wallet?
Her picture comes with every wallet.
Be silent. If you want to play
games, we'll go to the casino.
You had my picture in your wallet?
You are both suspects in a murder case.
Everything you told me is
lies, one after the other.
You are the American couple...
who was returning Madame
Van Dougen's dog, right?
He said not to tell the truth
because you wouldn't believe us.
See, Julian? It's fine.
They know who we are.
God, what a relief. I was
getting so panicked.
Well, we'll get out of your hair.
You got things on your plate.
You got a murder to solve.
We're not quite finished.
We found this matchbook by
Madame Van Dougen's garage.
On it is written the name Augie Morosco.
L'Hotel de Paris.
- Is this your matchbook?
- No. I don't even smoke.
Just now in the hall he
asked for a cigarette.
I smoke occasionally,
like when I'm arrested.
Look, it is my matchbook. I
got it from a man on a train.
Inspector, we found their accomplices.
- Take them away.
- Come on. Let's go.
I'm getting claustrophobic in here!
You got to let me out!
Let me out of here, man!
Man! You call this a police car?
I had a boil removed from
my ass bigger than this!
Put a lid on it, Neil.
This sort of thing will kill
your tourism industry, pal!
Once your tourism falls,
your economy collapses...
and then what's the Prince going to do?
He's going to have to get a real job!
He's going to be bummed about that!
Get your French paws off me! I
got all your badge numbers.
You're all going to be
named in a major lawsuit!
Neil, will you shut up!
I demand to see the American Consul.
I demand our legal rights.
We are citizens of the
United States of America.
- Think about that!
- Think about this!
Think about spending the
rest of your life...
in a cell 6 feet by 8 feet...
surrounded by the dregs of humanity.
- Think about that.
- You don't scare me.
You got nothing on us.
Nothing? You were stopped by
Customs with a dead body...
chopped up in your suitcase.
You call that nothing?
All right, I'll give you that...
but that doesn't mean we killed her.
That suitcase isn't even ours.
Sir, we have no idea who
the dead woman is...
or how she got into that suitcase.
I want the whole story.
Leave out nothing. I want every detail.
Sit down. Toussaint.
OK, all right. My name is Neil Schwary...
- And this is my wife Marilyn.
- Enchante.
I'm in the clothing business. I
come to Europe twice a year.
I look at all the big labels...
the Armanis, Chanels, Versaces,
and I buy a few of them...
improve on them a little bit...
and then knock them off
for a third of the price.
My wife usually doesn't travel with me...
but this being our 10th anniversary...
I thought it was a wonderful opportunity...
to see your very beautiful country...
and it is very beautiful.
Oh, yeah. You French really do it up right.
Confine yourself to the
facts, not the bullshit.
Monsieur Morosco, your flowers.
Merci, Joubert'. And my wife?
She's having breakfast
at the Cafe de Paris.
Very good. What kind of mood is she in?
- Mood?
- Did she have weapons?
Roses won't stop a bullet.
- She seemed relaxed.
- Relaxed? Interesting.
Merci, Joubert'.
Oh, darling, thank you. They're beautiful.
You're looking much better
than you did last night.
That's because today I'm a new man.
Next time it won't be gas.
It will be the real thing.
Such devotion.
Oh, Elena, last night changed my life.
This time I'm cured. I'll
never gamble again...
not if it means losing the woman I love.
Augie, did you know Madame Van Dougen?
That reptile? Of course I knew her.
3 months ago in baccarat,
she won a fortune from me.
- I could have killed her.
- Somebody did.
They found her body in a
suitcase hacked to pieces.
- Murder?
- No, suicide.
Of course it was murder.
They arrested 4 Americans in the case.
They're still looking for the mastermind.
- Get away from me.
- Inspector?
- Get away from me.
- Of course.
Don't worry, Madame Schwary.
It is now empty.
Sit down.
- Don't we have rights?
- Do you know these two?
- Never seen them before.
- Me, either.
- And you?
- Hey, you found my suitcase!
It looks like my suitcase.
I'm not exactly sure.
Thank you. You may go now.
By the way, love the gruel.
Come on.
Inspector, we would've come
to the police right away...
but we were just so afraid.
Madame Schwary, you have
every reason to be afraid.
Wait a minute. I couldn't have done it.
At the time this woman was murdered...
I was with somebody else.
The guy I told you about-the gambler.
Yes, the gambler. And you
have a name for this gambler?
- Morosco. Augie Morosco.
- Morosco? Who is this guy?
It's a long story.
Now it all falls into place.
Augie Morosco is our mastermind.
You're a gambler, Monsieur Morosco?
Used to be, years ago.
Did you know Madame Van Dougen?
I did. Dream of a woman. Sent from heaven.
Too good for this world.
3 weeks ago at the casino, you
attempted to sit on her head.
She was cold and without a hat.
Come with me.
Do you know these two?
No, I don't.
You are absolutely certain?
Come to think of it, I do know them.
I met them on the train. I
almost bought their dog.
Do you know whose dog that was?
- Yours?
- Madame Van Dougen's.
- Another coincidence?
- I guess.
Do you know these two?
- No?
- No, I don't.
They were found with Madame
Van Dougen's body...
in a suitcase.
Well, that's illogical.
Why would anybody...
want to crawl inside a
suitcase with a corpse?
- So, you don't know them?
- No, I don't know them.
Thank you.
That man claims just the opposite.
He says he was with you...
at the time the crime was committed.
Well, I'm afraid that's impossible.
How do you know? I haven't told you...
what time the crime was committed.
Point well taken.
What time was the crime committed?
Last night between 1:00 and 1:30.
Between 1:00 and 1:30.
It just so happens at that hour...
I was in my hotel making love to my wife.
I know this for a fact, because
her screams of ecstasy...
woke up the neighborhood.
Somebody actually shouted out...
"it's between 1:00 and 1:30 in the morning!
Give the poor woman a break!" And so I did.
You wish to stand by that story?
- Oh, yes. It's a good story.
- Very well.
I plan to investigate every detail.
I will hold your passport
for another 48 hours.
You can keep it. I have lots.
You see, he thought he was
dealing with an idiot.
- He thought he had me trapped.
- And what did you do?
I gave myself an ironclad alibi.
I told him at the time of the
murder, I was in bed with you.
But you weren't in bed with me.
I know I wasn't, but you're
the only one who knows...
I wasn't in bed with you...
and that is the beauty of my alibi.
What if the police question me?
If they question you, you
say I was in bed with you.
But if the police investigate,
they'll discover...
it wasn't you I was in bed with.
Augie, how do you expect me to behave?
I was angry and hurt. I'm
sick of your gambling.
First you run through
your father's money...
till he died of a broken heart.
The man weighed 600 pounds
and ran a marathon.
And now you've run through half my money.
Gambling is your true love, not me.
Augie, darling, I'm so ashamed.
I've done something terrible.
But you see, the truth is...
You don't understand. I just lost my alibi.
Is that all that's bothering you?
Don't you see? If I'm caught lying...
they'll think I killed the little...
You can relax. I'll make
sure your alibi's secure.
No one will know it wasn't
you in my bed last night.
You'd do that for me? Elena,
I'm not worthy of you.
- I'm beginning to agree.
- I am famished. Let's eat.
- A tout a l'heure.
- Bonsoir, Alfonso.
- He's the one?
- Augie, please.
He's very handsome. What
is he, a bullfighter?
- Don't do something crazy.
- You've got that backwards.
I'd be crazy not to do something.
Hey, you! Yes, you. You slept
with my wife, didn't you?
- That depends. Who's your wife?
- Elena. Last night. Remember?
- Elena. She's married to you?
- That's right, casanova.
We had a couple of drinks.
Nothing happened.
- A chat. A talk. Adios.
- She told me all about it.
OK, tan boy, you're coming with me.
Please do not harm me. I beg you.
My face is my fortune.
I've had 92 professional fights.
Only 2 have been with men.
I lost both of them.
Alfonso, how do you do that
voodoo that you do so well?
- I have my secrets, Augusto.
- I'm sure you do.
- Elena, you remember Alfonso.
- Hello, Alfonso.
Turns out to be a sweetheart of a guy...
and he's going to back up my alibi.
- Sit, sit, sit, sit. Come on.
- How nice for you.
Isn't it? Now, Al, so that we
don't get our wires crossed...
what time did you say
you arrived in my room?
- 11:30ish.
- And then what happened?
- Well, Elena and I began to...
- Skip the details.
- What time were you through?
- You're demented, Augie.
I've got to get the facts straight.
So what time did you wrap
things up, uh, 11:45?
12:00. Uh, 12:30. Closer to 1:00.
An hour and a half? How can you
do it for an hour and a half?
- So then what?
- I heard footsteps at the door.
Naturally I assumed that it was
you, so I left immediately.
- Did anyone see you?
- No. I went through the window.
- What about room service?
- You ordered up room service?
Ah, yes. At a certain moment...
the waiter brought us a bottle of cognac.
Well, I'm not paying for it.
I'm trying to recall if
the waiter saw my face.
Think, man.
Now I remember. When he knocked,
I opened the door just a crack.
Then I put my arm out
and grabbed the bottle.
He could've recognized your arm,
a ring, a watch, a bracelet.
No. I was wearing nothing...
except for your robe.
- My brocade robe?
- Si. That one.
Oh, perfect! It's perfect!
When this is over, I promise
to mend your broken heart.
I'll be with you night and day.
We'll go to Paris. We'll
walk in the tuileries.
We'll eat in that funny
little cafe in Monmom.
- Montmartre.
- Montmartre, of course.
Oh, God, I love it when you correct me.
Oh, darling, I know I've been
a disappointment to you...
but I'll change... beginning now.
Good, the cognac.
- Careful! It's attached.
- Darling, we have guests.
Nice to see you, inspector, detective.
Let me introduce you to
my wife Madame Morosco.
- How do you do?
- This is your wife?
Why do people keep asking that?
Madame Morosco, forgive me...
but I must ask a potentially
embarrassing question.
Who was in this room last night with you...
between midnight and 1:30?
My husband.
- Bonsoir, monsieur.
- Hey, look who's here.
It's Antoine. Come in, my good man.
Would you mind telling the inspector...
who was in this room last night
between midnight and 1:30?
Monsieur Morosco. I brought him
a bottle of Gaston de Lagrange.
He was wearing this very same robe.
Oh, thank you, Antoine. And
this is for you, my good man.
Now take the cognac and get out.
- Merci, monsieur.
- Now. Move.
Very nice waiter. As he was last night.
Very well. Your alibi is intact.
You doubted me, inspector.
I've learned over the years to never lie...
to an officer of the law.
The policeman is always your friend.
Have a nice weekend.
Those fools.
There is one other small detail.
Of course. Always eager to help.
- Come with me.
- Go.
Last night, at exactly 1 A.M...
the mechanic in the hotel garage...
saw a figure come out this window...
and go down the fire escape.
I assume that was you.
- But of course it was me.
- I see. Very well.
Let us re-enact your journey, shall we?
Of course I will.
No big deal.
Augie, what are you doing?
I'm making a police training film.
What do you think I'm doing?
Oh, God!
Oh, pain.
That's worse than a rug burn.
And where did you go from here?
I believe I walked across this beam.
- Well, good night.
- After you.
- You came into this room?
- Yes, I did.
How convenient. The room where
Madame Van Dougen was murdered.
- Could you slow down?
- Easy.
When is this thing going to end?
- You! You're hurting my arm.
- The time now is 1:10.
- What a nightmare!
- This is the victim's watch.
As you see, it has stopped at
the moment of the crime... 1:10.
Oh, no! I didn't do it.
I've never been in this
room before in my life!
I lied about everything.
You got to believe me!
I'm innocent!
Please take a seat, Monsieur Morosco.
OK, but I'm still innocent.
I don't know why I'm here.
I didn't do anything. I'm innocent.
Sir? May I see that matchbook? Thank you.
Here's your man, Bonnard.
Look at him... he's got guilt
written all over him.
- Me?
- You all had the motives.
This one... this one was so
desperate for money...
he tried to sell me a dog he didn't own!
And you! You were insane last night!
Inspector, the man was
frothing at the mouth!
Ask anyone who saw him in the casino.
He was violent.
If anyone in this room is capable
of murder, it's Schwary!
- Why, I ought to...
- Monsieur!
Wait a minute! Let go! My
husband may be capable...
of a lot of lowbrow, moronic behavior...
but he's too much of a
coward to commit murder.
Thank you.
Look, inspector, come on.
What more do you want?
The man was eating the
evidence, for God's sake.
I'm innocent. I didn't do it!
I've never made love for an
hour and a half in my life!
Ask my wife. She'll tell you.
That's precisely what I intend to do.
Sit down.
Elena, darling.
Madame, we are now at the hour of truth.
Lives are at stake. Pitiful
lives, but lives nevertheless.
Now, who was the man...
that crawled out the window
of Suite 801 last night?
- My husband.
- Elena, the truth...
no matter how awful it may be.
Who were you in bed with last night?
- Say his name.
- Augie Morosco.
The woman is a compulsive liar.
She's only saying that to protect me.
Because in fact, my wife,
at the hour of the crime...
was in the arms of another man.
And that man, Mr. Inspector...
is the real murderer of Madame Van Dougen.
- Alfonso de la Pena?
- Alfonso...
Monte Carlo is a small town.
Please take a seat, Madame Morosco.
- You, too.
- Senior de la Pena...
come in, please.
I believe you owe me an
explanation, inspector.
I intend to do just that.
Tell us, if you will, Senior de la Pena...
were you in Madame Morosco's suite...
at L'hotel de Paris last evening?
Absolutely not.
Who is this gentleman, may I ask?
What is it, Monsieur Peters?
It's the shoes... from the bushes.
It's him! He's the murderer!
No! It was not me!
Yes, I admit it was I who was
in the bushes last night...
but I am certainly not guilty...
of the murder of Madame Van Dougen!
Please continue, Senor de la Pena.
You see, I was to meet...
Claire at 1:00.
No one was to know of our encounters.
It was her wish.
But when I arrived in madame's bedroom...
she was not there.
What did you see in the bedroom?
Nothing unusual.
Her bed was turned down as always.
Her powder blue negligee
was carefully laid...
at the bottom of the bed...
but there was no sign of madame.
I left by the front door.
Immediately I heard someone
coming up the drive.
It was this couple returning Napoleon.
I quickly ducked into the bushes...
to honor madame's vow of secrecy.
When they left, I left.
I have nothing left to say.
I saw nothing more.
I can't believe...
after an hour and a half
with this guy's wife...
you and the old woman were...
It's what I do.
Very interesting.
Don't you agree, Madame DePaul?
Didn't you tell me the
only chore you did...
the night of the crime...
was to prepare Madame Van
Dougen's evening meal?
Yes, that's correct.
Did you not also tell me
you took the 7:50 train...
to Saint Cloud Sur Mer?
Yes, that's also correct.
Then you were not in the house...
to turn down madame's bed as always...
and lay out her powder blue negligee...
as senior described when
he was in the room...
at approximately 1:15.
No. We...
Then tell me, if you would...
how the bed became remade when
this photograph was taken...
about 45 minutes after Alfonso
de la Pena left the bedroom?
I propose you never left on the 7:50 train.
As a matter of fact, you
never left the villa at all.
I propose you were in the
garage disposing of the body...
when Senior de la Pena showed up.
He saw the unmade bed and slipped away.
You returned and remade the bed...
in a desperate attempt
to cover your tracks.
- It wasn't my idea.
- Shut up, you fool!
I'd like to propose a toast to Napoleon...
not only because he's
the only dog I know...
that has his own stock portfolio...
but because he led me to Phoebe.
And for that, I will be eternally grateful.
- Cheers.
- To Napoleon.
Where else but Monte Carlo would
a cop arrest you one day...
and then buy you the
finest champagne the next?
I bought the champagne.
Honey, this stuff has got
to be 200 bucks a pop!
- That's chicken feed.
- Marilyn, what is this?
This, Neil, is the 2112 million
francs I won at roulette.
That's half a million American
smackaroos, and it's all mine.
Honey, you won!
I think we need to see a kinder...
a gentler Neil Schwary in
the future, don't you?
Or maybe I'll take you back,
and give it to you the way...
you've been giving it to
me the past 10 years.
Yes! I deserve it, Marilyn. Take me back.
I'll think about it.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I hope you have learned a valuable lesson.
All your trouble came from
your mistrust and fear.
In the future, try to be
honest with the police.
Bonsoir. And if you get
into any further trouble...
- please...
- Don't call.
- You know, it's funny.
- Yes, it is.
When you leave $20 million to a dog...
you're asking to be murdered.
So, what becomes of the $20 million?
I suppose whoever gets
custody of the dog...
gets custody of the money.
The dog... one of life's
misunderstood creatures...
to whom no man is truly worthy.
It's what I do.
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