Once Upon A Holiday (2015) Movie Script

Look at it, Mom.
It's beautiful.
Do you think there's
a place like that somewhere,
for real?
I don't know.
I'd like to go there...
just you, me, and Daddy...
but we wouldn't tell anyone
where we were.
No? Why not?
Then no one would find us,
and you wouldn't have to be
so busy all the time.
That would be nice,
wouldn't it?
But you know, Katie,
Daddy and I have
a very important job.
I know.
But we love you
more than a million Christmases
all wrapped up into one,
and no matter what,
you will always be
our little princess.
I'm glad we get to come here
for Christmas.
Me too.
Oh, speaking of which...
an early Christmas gift.
Something to help you
stay awake
during all those boring
speeches today.
It's a camera!
It's an antique!
Thank you!
It's perfect!
Well, it's not
an antique,
but it was
my first camera,
and it still takes
great pictures.
It's so perfect!
It's time to go
now, honey.
Princess Katherine,
we must review your itinerary.
It's just as I remember it.
Although I feel like
there was snow falling...
The Christmas tree lighting
ceremony at the Consulate
begins promptly
at 8:00 tomorrow morning.
The staff's children
will sing one or two carols,
you'll hand out gifts,
and time permitting,
the Ambassador
will introduce you to his staff.
Here's the list.
It's names and positions.
Have fun,
let them take their selfies,
but you mustn't dawdle.
We have a full day.
Mustn't dawdle.
this is important.
I am to meet privately
with the Ambassador.
He will ask how things
are back home.
I will ask about his wife.
Her name is Clara.
You have brunch at 10:00.
They'll ask you
to say a few words,
I've had the media office
prepare a brief speech.
So when are we going
to the gallery?
I tried.
Aunt Margaret...
I'm sorry, Katherine,
but look at your schedule.
Besides commitments of state
and the Christmas concert,
now you have George Hoult
on his way for a visit...
but we only have
three days.
We need to be home
for the Christmas Festival.
There's just no time
to waste on galleries.
It's not a waste of time.
Of course it's not.
All I'm trying to say is...
well, it was fine
while you were at school.
Your father and I
were raised
to believe the study of art
is perfectly
It's also happens to be
something that I love.
And in your position,
you can be a patron
to museums
and galleries
to your heart's
but you also have
more important responsibilities.
It's past time
for you to accept that.
I just want one hour...
There he is!
Good to see you again.
You too.
I trust you're well?
Oh, yes, I'm well,
thank you.
How was your flight?
Mwah! Plane travel
is so aggravating.
All that recycled air,
you never know what
you're inhaling.
Yeah, well, still,
the city's beautiful
during the holidays.
I'm sure
you'll enjoy your stay.
I sincerely hope so.
You remember my niece?
Oh, of course.
So nice to see you again,
Your Royal Highness.
It's good to see you too.
Uh, it's been a long time.
your aunt tells me
that you have an
incredibly busy schedule
during your stay.
I sure do...
but I have been looking
forward to seeing you.
Well, then, are you going
to give me a hug, or not?
I thought you forgot about me.
Not a chance, kiddo.
You look fantastic.
Thank you.
I hope this is good news.
Oh, Freddy, you're killing me.
I've got to have those skylights
No. Uh-huh.
I'm pretty sure
I said tomorrow...
because if I don't have them
by tomorrow,
I'm going to tell Santa
you've been a bad boy this year.
Well, listen,
I'd hate for you
to get a lump of coal
in your stocking, too,
but what choice do I have?
I've got to get
these skylights in
before my crew disappears
for the holidays.
All right.
Thanks, Freddy.
Oh, yeah,
absolutely, no...
Santa will hear
all about it.
All right, you too.
Merry Christmas.
Ed! Hey.
Shouldn't you be
at the airport?
I'm on the way.
I just wanted to drop these off.
I'm thinking they'd
look good in the kitchen,
uh, for the counter top.
This is looking
so good already.
Yeah, it's coming.
any questions,
just give me a shout
on the Maui number.
Absolutely. 'Scuse me...
See you
after the holidays.
This is Jack.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
What... what plug?
No, no, no,
smoke is definitely bad.
All right, Harry...
Harry, I'm on my way.
I remember you stood
and gazed out the window
of my office,
just like that
when you were
a little girl.
I remember it so well.
A visit to your mother's
attorney's office
at Christmas...
how festive.
No, really, though.
My mom and I, we had...
we had this game that we'd play,
and I would pick out
the lights,
or a tree,
or some sort of display,
and that'd be the start
of it all,
and then we would go
exploring the city,
looking at all the decorations
to find the most perfect fit.
I looked forward
to those visits, too.
I knew your mother
since she was a little girl,
and we were at school
but once
she married the prince,
those visits...
it's the only time
I got to see you both.
Well, it's been
far too long, George.
No need to make any excuses.
I'm sure
the Princess of Montsaurai
has plenty more
important things
to keep her busy.
Yeah, so busy,
they can't even get by
for an hour without me.
What's the deal?
If Montsaurai
is such a small country anyway,
why do they even need
a princess, huh?
You know, I remember
your mother asking
the same question
when she married
your father.
Well, that was
a different story.
She fell in love
with a prince.
All I ever do
is stand here and wave,
and flash a smile,
and give speeches
to a bunch of people
that don't listen
Hey, what you do
is very important.
People depend on you.
I'd like to be undependable.
What is going on
with you, Katie?
I didn't ask
to be a princess.
You know, it never
stops, by the way.
There's always someone there,
trying to tell me how to talk,
how to... how to look,
how to smile...
just how to be.
It comes with the territory.
I can take care of myself.
Thank you.
I'm sorry, George.
You know...
being in this city...
it reminds me
of how much I miss her.
Yeah, well...
especially at Christmas.
It was her favorite time
of the year.
She gave me this.
This, uh...
was the last Christmas present
she gave me.
Let me see.
Look at that.
It's beautiful.
It was the same year
she gave me my favorite camera.
I take it with me
everywhere I go.
Your mother
loved the idea
of you growing up
to be a photographer.
And look at me now.
I have studied
with the finest teachers
at the best universities,
and I can't get
one hour to myself.
What do you think
your mother would say,
if she were here right now?
Right now, mm?
I think she would tell me
what she said
when she gave me this.
She said that kingdoms
and castles vanish and fade,
but our love lasts forever.
It's freezing in here.
All right...
Now, what have you got
going on here?
Yeah, well, Harry,
these old circuits...
they can't handle the juice
that sign of yours takes.
Sorry, Jack.
I forgot.
I was in the back
making breakfast,
and all of a sudden, poof!
The... power goes out.
Yeah, well,
if we're not careful,
you're going to go up
in a puff of smoke.
Huh... always wanted
to go out that way.
All right...
Now, that's magic.
I've got to get down here
and rewire
the whole place.
Since when
do you have the time?
I'll make time.
Can't have you living
without heat, hmm?
Speaking of which...
I'll check the apartment,
make sure
the heaters are fired up.
Don't touch anything.
Hands off.
Bring the car around.
Always a pleasure, George.
Come along, Katherine.
if I could have a word?
It'll only take a moment.
Very well.
So, um, I'm wondering...
do you think that, uh,
we should...
I'll meet you downstairs.
The Princess
is on the way down.
Our ETA is around 15 minutes?
Aunt Margaret...
Katherine, we need to leave.
Need I remind you
of the schedule?
Did she say
anything, George?
You know, it's only been
a few minutes, Margaret.
I'm sure she just
went for a walk.
The 17th Princess
of Montsaurai
does not go
for a "walk..."
certainly not alone.
No sign of her, ma'am.
don't just stand there.
Go find her!
What is wrong
with that girl?
She has responsibilities!
She knows.
All right...
well, that should hold you
for today.
I'll come back tomorrow
and fiddle around with it
a little more.
Hey, listen,
everybody's coming over tonight.
We're having
our big Christmas potluck,
getting our Santa gear
all ready...
why don't you drop by?
It's very kind of you,
but I'm having dinner
with Emma tonight.
How's your sister doing?
She's good.
You know, I saw her boyfriend,
Ross, on TV the other night.
He was reporting
on this nutty Polar Bear
jump-in-the-ocean thing,
and brr!
Sounds about right.
I've got to go.
Well, then come by
after dinner and say hi.
Everybody's been asking
about you.
All right,
let me see.
So I'll tell 'em
you're coming?
What's going on, Harry?
What? Nothing.
Oh, hey, look at what
I found in your ear.
All right.
When you start pulling stuff
out of my ear,
I know something's up.
No, it's just,
you know...
Mike, he's got
a niece visiting,
and she's a nice girl,
and I thought
maybe you'd like to...
What did I tell you
about trying to set me up?
Maybe it's time for you
to get back in the game?
I don't want
to get back in the game.
It's a stupid game.
They keep changing the rules.
Okay, okay.
No nieces...
but, um...
why don't you
come over tonight anyway?
Everybody's asking about you.
Okay, yeah.
And I believe this is for you.
Save it for me.
See the snowflakes falling
Hear some girlfriends
Grab a cup of Joe
Then we're on the go...
It is a wonderful life.
...As we finish off
our shopping
Bags are full of toys
For the girls and boys
See how happy we can be...
Excuse me, miss?
Would you take
my picture?
Oh. Yes.
Of course.
I'm just visiting
for the holidays,
but my grandmother,
she grew up in this building.
- Oh, wow...
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
The family
used to gather around,
she told me stories...
I figured she'd get
a kick out of a picture.
That's very sweet of you.
Oh, yeah.
She's a sweetie.
Family, you know?
That's all
there really is to it...
especially around
the holidays.
Do my part...
make my Mom proud.
Okay, great,
thank you so much.
Merry Christmas.
- And a Happy New Year to you!
- 'Kay...
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Somebody stop that guys!
Stop those guys!
Sorry, sorry.
I lost him.
Uh... uh...
I got a pretty good look,
I could... I could
give the police a description.
You've got to look out
for these guys.
I mean,
they're all over the city...
You going to call the cops?
Excuse me?
You know, file a report.
I mean...
These guys are gone,
but maybe you can catch 'em.
Catch them?
The guys
that stole your purse.
Oh! Oh, no!
Oh, my camera!
My camera's gone.
This man said he wanted
to take a picture,
that it was a present,
for his grandmother...
What a liar!
Where are you going?
- I'm going to get him.
- You're going to get him?
What, really?
What's the plan,
you going to run him down?
Look, call the cops.
The cops?
Yeah, I mean,
it's kind of their thing.
Well, I'll call them
at my hotel room.
What are you talking about?
Call them right now.
They're still
in the neighborhood.
Besides, you've got a witness.
I don't want to bother you.
It's no bother.
Thank you.
Thank you.
All right, well...
Listen, my van
is right over here.
At least let me give you
a ride to the hotel.
No, it's not far.
Thank you, though.
Thank you.
So you have no phone,
you've got no money,
I'm assuming
you're all alone...
and you don't want
to call the police?
I am perfectly capable
of taking care of myself, okay?
Course you are.
Thank you.
All right.
Fine, no.
Hey, good luck
with that.
Oh, I can't take this.
Come on.
You can't be alone in the city
without money. Just...
Okay, thank you.
I'll pay you back,
I promise.
Consider it a gift.
Thank you.
Merry Christmas!
Hey, Merry Christmas.
Oh, no, everything's fine.
It's just
that Katherine mentioned
she might drop by to say hello?
Oh, well, another time, then.
Oh, yes, we're looking forward
to the Christmas Festival, too.
Oh, well, of course,
the Princess will be there.
It's tradition.
No member of the royal family
has missed it
in over a hundred years.
I will. You too.
That's it.
I've called everyone.
It's only been
a few hours.
A little tea.
she'll be back.
She's my niece, George.
She's my brother's
only child.
Suppose she's lost?
Or hurt?
Katie is not helpless.
She's a smart, young,
resourceful girl.
She's been
all around the world.
She can take care
of herself.
She is also a princess.
She's never been alone
on the streets.
She's never even
carried money.
She can't just be
running around.
Why not?
What's wrong with
a little "running around"?
With Christmas
only four days away?
You have no idea
what it would mean
to the people of Montsaurai
if she isn't there
to celebrate with them.
No, I can't let
that happen.
I have to find her.
All right.
Would you like me
to call the police?
Oh, we never involve
the police.
I've called Simon.
And who is Simon?
And we've been pledged
to protect
Princess Katherine's family
for generations.
You don't stay on the throne
for 300 years
trusting to luck, George.
Now, we're fully
with the local
law enforcement agencies.
Now that gives us a free hand
to move around the city
as much as we need to.
If anyone can find
Katherine quietly,
Simon can.
Does Katie know about this?
Of course she knows.
She just doesn't
especially like it.
You know,
I don't think she's that far.
Her mother used to do this
all the time...
just stayed
within a few-block radius.
Find her, Simon.
We will.
Hi, hi.
To the Shelton on the Park
Hotel, please.
$40 to go to the Shelton.
Plus tip.
Okay, well, I can pay you
when I get there.
Are you se... really?
Well, that's great.
I guess I will just walk...
Merry Christmas.
All I'm saying is,
you could have warned me
that he was going to be here.
If I had,
you wouldn't have come.
Sure, I would've.
Come on, Jack...
Ross is not a bad guy,
once you get to know him.
He's your boyfriend.
Why do I need to get to know
my sister's boyfriend?
He likes you.
He wants to hang out...
you know, be friends.
Oh, what
we're in eighth grade now?
I'm like...
I'm one of the cool kids?
You are one of the cool kids.
You always were.
Yeah, when my
skinny little sister
wasn't following me
around... Hey, do not!
Hey... go on.
it's almost Christmas.
Just talk to him.
Jack! It's on!
all right, fine.
I'll talk to him.
Go, go...
I'll take care of dinner.
Come on, sit down.
I'm Ross Hargrave,
with another Christmas
stocking stuffer
from WVBC Channel 6 News.
Wally Simpter.
Tell me, Wally,
you've been dancing
in front of this barbershop
every Christmas
for over 40 years.
What makes this barbershop
so special, Wally?
And why only at Christmas?
Wally Simpter.
Christmas enigma.
This is Ross Hargrave
Back to you, Stan.
So, Jack?
Tell me the truth.
What did you think?
It was, uh...
it was heart-warming.
Yeah! Yes!
That's what
I was going for.
You know,
between you and me,
this is just
a means to an end...
Get my TV cue up,
some good exposure...
and I'm ready
to, you know, break out.
I just need
that one big story,
get my ticket punched
for a network gig, my friend.
Oh, yeah.
I mean,
that's what it's all about.
You guys hungry?
Oh, starving!
You sure
I can't help you?
I'll take care of this.
You go relax, talk to Ross.
Yeah, I think I'm going
to take off.
How come?
I told Harry
I'd drop by.
thought maybe
you had a hot date.
are you dating anyone?
Why is everyone so suddenly
interested in my personal life?
Because you're a nice guy...
and you shouldn't be
alone at Christmas.
You kidding me?
Look at me...
I'm doing great.
I'm dancing!
Jack, I'm serious.
All you do is work
and take care of everyone else.
You need to get out
and have some fun.
It's been a year
since you and Gretchen...
Thanks for dinner, Sis.
Aw, don't leave...
he's going to think
you're avoiding him.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Hey, Jack? Jack?
Where'd he go?
We meet again!
Yes, we do!
What're you doing
way over here?
Oh, I'm just...
taking in the sights.
In the dark?
I like Christmas lights,
and it's more...
Christmas-y at nighttime.
Yeah... are you lost?
- No.
- Oh.
The weather's
just lovely,
so I thought
I would take the scenic route.
- Back to your hotel.
- Exactly...
which is actually
where I'm headed now,
so I'm going to...
I'm going to go to my hotel...
which is...
this way...
but it was really nice
to see you. It was.
You too.
Uh, any word on your purse?
Actu... um, no.
Well, kind of...
I mean...
the cops, you know,
they're all over it.
They said they were going
to crack this case wide open,
so that's good.
Yeah, you told them
you have a witness?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Yeah, and they were like...
"Pfft, we got this."
So you're good...
but thank you.
are those your friends inside?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah.
Well, it seems like
you're missing all the fun,
so you should go back inside.
No, no...
they look forward to this
all year.
It's kind of
a Christmas tradition...
and the night is young.
They will make the most of it.
Well, seems like
they already are.
Do you... want to come in?
Uh, no, no, no.
I don't want to intrude.
Oh, no, it's a potluck.
There's always
way too much food,
and it's warm.
Oh, really?
Yeah, but, I mean,
if you have somewhere to be...
Well, I could come in
for a minute...
Oh, really?
Oh, okay.
And here's
this cute little kid,
sharp as a tack.
He's going down his list.
Me, I'm just trying
to keep up.
"Ho ho...
"Your friends are going
to be so jealous.
Oh, ho ho ho!"
Hey, Jack!
You made it!
I'm a man of my word.
Oh, Dixie...
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
And lookit,
he brought a friend.
Well, Jack?
Aren't you going
to introduce your friend?
Of, of course, yeah...
uh, this is...
Katie Holiday.
Katie Holiday!
It's a pleasure to meet you...
and Merry Christmas.
I'm Harry Ballentine,
the Great Matriando.
Yes, this is you
on the poster?
Are you really
a magician?
Well, I dabble.
Why, thank you,
Mr. Santa Claus.
Jack, you can
bring her by any time.
Hi, honey, I'm Dixie.
I was Harry's assistant
for almost 40 years.
And still as beautiful
as the day I hired her.
Oh, quite
the charmer here.
You look hungry.
Let's get you a plate.
All right, just...
So, how long
have you known Jack?
Mm... who?
Oh, Jack.
Not long.
He has never
brought anybody before.
Well, I guess it was
kind of one of those
spur of the moment type things.
But he seems really nice.
He's a sweetie.
So what's going on here?
Why is everybody dressed up
like Santa Claus?
Because they are Santa Claus.
What do you mean?
Retired police officer.
History professor...
but when this time of year
rolls around,
all they want to do is make
those children smile.
It's a Christmas tradition.
It's wonderful.
Just don't get them started
on their stories, honey.
We'll be here all night.
We checked
all the hospitals.
We monitored
all the police activity.
There's no one in the system
who matches
the princess' description,
we found her phone.
She ditched it in the basement.
Why would she get rid
of her phone?
Well, her phone has RFID
with GPS.
I can track this phone
almost anywhere.
I just didn't think
she knew about it.
She's a smart girl.
Simon, my niece is alone
in a strange city at night.
We have to find her.
Yes, ma'am, I understand.
We will find her.
It's almost impossible
to disappear these days.
all the surveillance cameras
and the computers out there,
there's no place
left to hide.
And then
we have another problem.
Her schedule?
She has so many important
commitments tomorrow.
She can't just not show up.
George, I hate to ask,
but I could use your help.
And it was so funny,
because then
it was the next day,
the very next day,
that I answered the door,
and who's standing there?
And I thought,
"Who is this?"
Well, if he didn't
have me laughing...
So what's the story
with you two?
There's no story.
Who is she?
I have no idea.
What, like, you just found her
wandering the streets?
As a matter of fact...
You're serious.
A couple guys
swiped her purse.
Her camera was inside.
She didn't want
to call the cops.
You think she might be
in some kind of trouble?
I don't know.
She was wearing
that raggedy coat
over some
pretty nice clothes.
What are you going to do?
I already tried
to help her.
She wanted no part of it.
Well, you can't just put her
back out on the street.
I'm not going
to put her anywhere.
She's a grown woman.
Besides, I hardly
even know her.
So, get to know her.
She's a nice girl.
I don't think
she's from around here,
so find out what's going on...
and if she's in trouble,
maybe you can help.
You're going to let me do that?
No, no, no, absolutely,
I understand.
Yeah, I got it covered.
Thanks, Ray!
I won't let you...
What was that about?
Fantastic news.
My editor just
gave me a story,
like, a real story,
like, the kind
I deserve, you know?
Wow, just like that?
Well, when I've done
the puff piece I'm on now,
but yeah.
Princess something-or-other
and her string quartet
are over from Europe,
in town
for a concert or something,
I don't know.
Ooh, concert?
Can I come?
I've never heard of her,
but it's got to be covered.
Yeah, she's from some country,
some little country...
Montasaurus, or... not sure.
I can't remember.
Ray was talking, like,
really fast, so...
- Oh, no!
- Oh, no?
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm so sorry
that I fell asleep.
You should've...
you should've woken me up.
Yeah, I know, I told Harry
to toss you out
in the middle of the night,
but he's funny like that.
I have to go.
You don't have time
for a cup of coffee?
Will you tell everybody
thank you?
That was, honestly, like,
the best Christmas party
I've been to
in such a long time.
Wait. Wait a sec...
I'm sorry about yesterday.
I'm not really used
to people helping me like that.
I don't know
what I'd have done without you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Katie! Hey.
Is that yours?
Thank you.
Thank you!
I don't know what I would have
done without this.
Thank you so much.
Come on.
Let me give you a lift.
It's not far.
It's okay.
Yeah, I've heard
that before.
Look, I'll take you
where you want to go,
and then I'll get
out of your hair.
Jack, it's okay.
Hey, if it makes
you feel any better,
you can blindfold me
so I don't know
where we're going.
Can you help me with this?
Uh, yeah.
It's my mother.
All right, Ms. Holiday
where to?
The Bat Cave?
Fortress of Solitude?
North Pole?
Can I show you
something special?
The art gallery.
They just opened
a new photography exhibit.
One of the best collections
Robert Capa, Brassai,
Ansel Adams...
Oh, I've actually heard
of a couple of those folks.
Have you? Yeah?
Well, most of the pieces
are from private collections,
and none of them have been
put on public display before.
Um, hey, I'm starving.
Want to go get some food?
Is there a problem?
No problem.
Just hungry.
What about Brassai?
Well, Brassai can wait.
Thank you all
for coming today.
As you know, Princess Katherine
had planned on introducing
the members of Montsaurai's
National Quartet
in preparation
for tonight's concert.
Unfortunately, the Princess
won't be attending at all.
How come?
she's a bit under the weather.
You mean,
like a cold, or what?
Nothing serious,
but with her back to back
celebrating the holidays
when she returns home,
we don't want
to take any chances.
Who cares?
Just operate the camera,
let me ask the questions.
I thank you all
for coming again.
Thanks, Trish.
Good job.
Hey, you know,
whatever's going on,
it's none of my business,
but, um, if you're in some
kind of trouble...
It's not like that.
I'm just saying,
if you need a ride somewhere,
or want to make a phone call,
just say the word.
You don't even know me.
You like Christmas
and photography...
what more do I need
to know?
Oh, this song!
My mother used
to sing it to me
all the time.
We used to come here
for the holidays,
run around
the town together,
just the two of us.
It was the best part
of our Christmas.
Wait, so yesterday,
you were just having
a nice little stroll
down memory lane,
and those jerks
took your purse?
And now you're all alone
for Christmas?
Well, this is unacceptable.
I'll be fine.
Give me two Big Apple dogs
with the works.
My treat.
Thank you.
I hope you canceled
your credit card.
those guys are on one heck
of a Christmas shopping spree.
Oh, I don't have
any credit cards.
Come on, everybody
has credit cards.
Not me.
All right...
So... just...
Get in there. Mm!
It's delicious!
Why, you never had
a hotdog before?
Yeah, well...
I mean, you know...
like they say,
everything's better
in New York.
Freddy, what's up?
You kidding me?
I've got to take it.
No, no, I'm coming.
Here it is...
You want skylights today,
you got skylights today...
delivered personally!
It's a Christmas miracle!
Yeah, yeah...
enough sweet talk.
Come on, give me a hand.
I'll bring 'em up.
All right,
let me just handle this.
Take a look around.
It's a beautiful
New York space.
Oh, it is beautiful.
It's going to be
even more beautiful
when we're done with it.
"Langdon Restoration
and Renovation," is it?
That's you.
Start rolling.
We've got to get this
back to the station.
Just stay tight on me.
Whoa, excuse me,
sir, can I help you?
Is that
the princess in there?
Sir, please step away
from the car.
I just want to ask her
a couple of questions.
I understand.
Please step away from the car.
Take it easy, man.
I'm just doing my job.
I'm just doing mine, too.
Merry Christmas.
Thank you.
You just got
so totally punked.
You smell that, Trish?
Something's fishy.
I love the light in this room.
It's got a...
it's got a color.
I don't even know
what to call it.
Ochre, maybe.
With a hint of umber.
There's this photograph
in this gallery in Milan...
from the '40s,
just after the war,
first time they could put up
Christmas lights.
It's almost identical to...
Uh... I saw it in a book.
You like photography.
This is why you wanted
to go to the gallery, okay.
Just wanted to think,
you know?
Something about a art gallery,
it always helps me
clear my head.
So why did you want
to take off so quickly?
I don't know, I...
it seemed to me
like you didn't want to see
those two guys you saw...
or maybe...
you didn't want them
to see you?
I should go.
Hey, look, if...
if you're in trouble...
if someone's trying
to hurt you...
No, uh...
you don't understand.
What I understand
is that whatever
you're running away from,
you don't have to go back
if you don't want to.
It's not up to me, Jack.
Isn't it?
It's your life.
You can do
whatever you put your mind to.
I wish it were that easy.
Trust me,
it's a lot easier than spending
the rest of your life
being someone
you don't want to be.
How can you be so sure?
Ah, look,
I was thinking...
if you need a place
to crash, you know,
for a couple days,
stay here.
The owner is a good friend.
He's in Hawaii for Christmas,
you know...
place is empty.
You'd have it
all to yourself.
It's up to you.
Why are you doing this for me?
I know what it's like
to need a little help.
It's not always easy to ask.
look at this!
We have authentic
Christmas trees
in every room.
Just... think about it.
May I help you?
Ross Hargrave
to see the Princess?
Excuse me?
Ross Hargrave,
WVBC Channel 6 News
to see the 17th Princess
of Montsaurai.
You know...
Katherine Sophia Lenore
Ariane Hollingston.
Her family's been
on the throne for 300 years.
You've never heard of her?
There's no one by that name
staying at this hotel.
Of course not!
Of course not,
but if you could inform
Her Highness
that I'm here
for our exclusive interview,
that would be great.
Are you sure you have
the right address, sir?
Never mind.
Hey, Jack?
Thanks for coming.
Oh, this is great.
You were a little vague
on the phone.
Who are these for?
Uh, she's in the bedroom.
Who's in the bedroom?
- Katie.
- Great...
Who's Katie?
Just see if any of them fit.
Good? Good?
- Ha... hi.
- Hi.
All right guys,
let's take
an early lunch.
I, uh...
I called, uh...
My sister has
a consignment store,
and I thought you might want
a change of clothes.
I know.
She told me.
Thank you.
Doesn't she look great, Jack?
Uh, yeah!
I told Katie that
if she didn't like these,
you'd bring her
by the store later
to pick out
something else.
These are fine.
Yeah, no, th...
this is...
It's good.
It's good.
Hey, speaking of Christmas,
I need you to go pick up
the Christmas tree later.
I know it's last minute,
and I would do it myself
if I could,
but I have to be
at the store
because everyone else
is on holiday,
and even if I could,
my car's so small and...
Can you just
help me? Please?
Em, I would love to,
but I'm on a tight enough
schedule as it is.
It's three days
before Christmas.
Why don't you have
a tree?
You ask me that every year.
I don't decorate
until Christmas Eve!
You know that.
Look, I can't pull guys
off this job,
and I can't do it by myself.
You always want
the biggest tree!
It's a two-person job.
I'm sorry.
Well, what about me?
What about you?
I can help.
I thought
you had somewhere to be?
I do...
but she brought me
all of these amazing clothes,
so I would love
to return the favor.
Do you have any idea
how heavy it'll be?
Watch, okay?
Oh, Katie...
thank you, thank you!
I knew we were going
to be best friends!
Wait, I've got to call them,
let them know.
Okay, I'm going
to grab my coat.
I would say, uh,
give me a call
around 4:00, all right?
Just to let me know
what's going on, okay?
Thanks, guys.
She didn't... say anything?
The Queen of England.
About what?
About, you know,
about, like...
who she is,
where she's from?
you don't know who she is?
I mean, I...
I just...
didn't you ask her anything?
Well, I didn't know
it was some big mystery.
Hi. Ready?
What are you doing
for Christmas?
Come with Jack,
dinner at my house!
Want to get the tree?
Oh, no.
No, no, no,
just a case of the sniffles,
she wants to attend the concert.
I had to insist
she stay in bed.
Well, of course she'll be back
in time for the Festival.
How could Montsaurai celebrate
Christmas without its Princess?
I'll tell her you called.
Thank you for standing in
at the concert.
Bye, now.
Where are you, Katie?
I'm pulling it.
No, no.
No, no, don't pull it.
Push. Push it.
Are you sure?
Here, let me grab it.
Let me grab it.
No, no, no!
Hold on, hey!
are you trying to kill me?
No! Ah!
Okay. Sorry.
Yeah, that's the heavy end,
by the way.
You're welcome.
Want me to take
the pointy end?
No... oh!
Take the pointy end!
Here you go!
That better?
Let's get 'er done.
Just get in the house.
George Hoult.
Hi. I'm Ross Hargrave...
WVBC Channel 6 News.
What can I do for you,
Mr. Hargrave?
Mr. Hoult, I don't know
if you remember me.
I was at the press conference
this morning.
I remember you.
I was hoping the princess
might feel up to an interview,
just the two of us?
The princess won't be doing
any interviews
while she's here.
Well, I suppose, then,
I'll have to run
with my other story.
And what story is that?
The rumors
that she's disappeared.
I'm afraid
you've been misinformed.
The princess is upstairs
right now,
resting in her suite.
Look, we can dance around
like this all day...
but I've done my research,
and I know for a fact
that the princess has never
missed a Christmas event.
I find it hard to believe
that a little case
of the sniffles
is going to change that.
Well, I find it hard to believe
that your station is
in the habit of airing rumors.
We live
in such a litigious society.
Well, if it's just a rumor,
prove me wrong.
Let me see the princess.
- I've got to...
- George!
She is just like her mother!
Katherine Hollingstons...
they always run away!
The Runaway Princess!
Exclusive story at 6:00!
Thank you!
Thank you.
Well, thanks again
for your help.
It means
a lot to Emma.
Well, I thought
it turned out to be kind of fun.
Maybe I should hire you
on full-time.
I could use somebody around
to do the heavy lifting...
and snowball throwing.
I might take you
up on that.
You know, Emma meant
what she said before
about Christmas dinner.
Oh, Jack...
I know, I know...
you've got a lot of stuff
up in the air...
but it's Christmas.
You shouldn't be alone.
Thank you.
It's still here.
Oh, my goodness...
I don't believe it.
I was here with my mother
when I was a little girl.
You're kidding me?
I used to come here
all the time when I was a kid.
Did you really?
My goodness...
It's exactly...
it's exactly the same.
It's just
I sat on
Santa's lap here.
Look at this!
Oh, my goodness!
Watch out for the...
Look at this
right here!
This is exactly the same!
You know, I thought that I was
going to be here forever.
I really did,
just her, my father, and I...
was it.
Where are your folks now?
They, uh...
I was really young...
and, um,
there was a plane crash.
I'm sorry.
are you ever afraid
that everything
you've ever imagined
for so long
can't possibly be real?
That's why
you're in New York...
to see if it's real.
I miss them so much.
Come here.
You've got to see this.
Come here.
And what's your name?
Ha ha, sit down!
You've got
to be kidding me.
Now, I know
you love coloring.
but it's not colored!
Tap your magic wand
Oh, ho, ho, ho!
You are a magician!
Merry Christmas!
Ha, ha!
Merry Christmas!
Oh, have some soup, dear.
Thank you.
Soup's ready.
Two minutes.
Man never stops.
Well, not since I've known him.
How'd you guys meet?
Jack and I met
a couple years ago.
I had just retired the act,
didn't know
what to do with myself.
I told him, I said,
"Harry, why don't you
open a store or something,
you know,
so you don't get rusty?"
I found this place
to rent
and came out
to talk to the owner...
grumpiest young man
I ever set my eyes on.
He was this hot-shot
real estate broker back then.
Man, all this money...
And smart as a whip.
He got an MBA
from one of those big schools.
So, Jack...
the guy that has a van
and renovates old buildings?
The point is,
he hated every minute of it.
All he really wanted to do
was to work with his hands.
You know, word gets around...
the guy is like a magician
with his hands...
no pun intended.
Next thing you know,
he quits real estate,
buys himself a van.
Which did not sit well
with Gretchen.
Who's Gretchen?
Well, they were supposed
to be married.
She shows up one day,
tells him she didn't sign on
for some guy who works
with power tools...
and that, as they say,
was that.
So, she just... left?
It wasn't pretty.
When was this taken?
This afternoon.
I just got this
from one of my men.
My niece was at the gallery
this afternoon,
and you and your men
missed her?
I'm not sure
how that happened.
- Who is that with her?
- Oh...
Well, evidently,
she's got a contact in the city
we don't know about...
which would explain
how she's been able
to evade our men,
but don't worry.
We'll find a name.
Thanks for walking
me home, Harry.
Good night,
So what have you been doing
back there?
Ah, those old circuits
are on their last legs.
I was patching them up
until I can find the time
to get down here
and rewire the whole place.
How's that going
for you?
I'd probably be better off
with one
of Harry's magic spells.
Come on.
I see what
you're doing to that building.
It's like you're bringing
it back to life.
Yeah... well, some days,
it feels like
I'm banging my head
against the wall.
Oh, I just can't believe
you ever used to do
anything else.
Somebody's been talking
to Harry.
you used to be really grumpy
all the time.
Well, you know...
kind of hard to be chipper
when you stop looking forward
to getting up in the morning.
Hey, when you decided
to start over
and try something different,
how did you know
it was what you wanted?
I guess I always...
kind of knew.
I just had
to make up my mind
to do something about it.
Well, do you ever look back
and miss all the things
that you had?
I don't see the point
in looking back.
It's kind of just about
being in the present, you know?
- Em! Hey!
- Hey!
Katie, hi!
- Jack.
- Ross.
I thought I'd find you here.
Katie, this is my
boyfriend, Ross.
Ross, this is Katie.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Hi.
You look familiar.
That's weird.
Come in,
have some soup.
no, no, no, we can't.
I wanted
to bring these by.
I thought you could use
a change of clothes
after the day
you put in.
Thank you.
Are you kidding?
Thank you.
I don't know what
I would've done without you.
Why're you guys
all dressed up?
Ross is taking me
to dinner,
and then we have tickets
to see a concert
by the National String Quartet
of Montsaurai.
Have you heard of them?
Yeah, I heard...
I've heard they're lovely.
What's the difference?
I got their tickets
free from work.
The important thing is,
we are celebrating tonight.
What's the occasion?
I finally found it,
my big score that's going
to get me that network gig.
Ross is a television reporter.
He's working on a big story,
but he can't really
talk about it.
Well, I can say that...
a certain member
of a certain royal family
is on the loose
in a certain city...
tonight, right now.
Isn't that exciting?
It's exciting.
All right,
we'd better scoot.
See you guys later.
Royal family...
Silent night
Holy night
All is calm
All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant
So tender and mild...
Harry was right.
You never stop working,
do you?
Was the music too loud?
No, I like it.
Yeah, I do this at night
when it's quiet.
You know, helps me think.
What are you thinking about?
Lately? You.
I don't know you...
what you do, where you're from.
You just show up
all of a sudden...
wondering if you're going
to leave the same way.
You know, my entire life,
I have always wanted
to make my own decisions,
and here I am,
with no one
to tell me what to do...
and I can't decide...
because either way,
I hurt somebody
I care about.
Well, I was going
to give you this tomorrow,
but I suppose
you should open it now
in case you decide to go
and run off on me.
Kind of an early
Christmas gift.
It's nothing fancy,
but I mean,
a photographer shouldn't
be going around
without a camera, right?
Thank you.
Hey, do me a favor.
Don't just disappear on me.
Come with me to the art gallery
We'll talk then, okay?
Thank you.
Good night.
...Christ the Savior is born
Christ the Savior
Is born
Do you have to keep looking
through those things?
Nobody else has them.
Hello, Princess.
Thank you.
Well, art is inspirational.
I need to make a phone call.
Thank you.
I'm coming!
Hold your horses.
Oh! You're an early bird.
Come on in!
Uh, Harry, right?
Yeah, and you're Ross.
I loved that thing you did
on the dancing elf.
It was very illuminating.
Yeah, thanks.
Listen, there was a woman
here the other night...
friend of Jack's?
Katie, sure.
Right, Katie.
I think I know her
from somewhere.
Any idea where I might find her?
Oh, well,
she'll be back later.
She likes to hang around
while Jack works
on the place.
Thanks a lot.
Oh, my God...
Are you all right?
I'm fine, George, really.
Just tell Aunt Margaret
I'll be back soon.
I promise.
She is very worried about you.
We all are.
I know. I know.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to worry you.
I hope you know that.
I just really needed
some time to myself.
I understand,
but don't you think
it's time you come home now?
I can't.
Um, something happened.
What happened?
Well, I'm not really sure.
Does this "something"
have a name?
Does this "Jack"
know who you are?
I see...
I just... if you could hold
Aunt Margaret off
a little while longer,
that would be great.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
Look, I can hold her off,
but there's another problem.
There's this local TV reporter
that's been asking
a lot of questions.
I know. I saw.
It's bad.
Well, you know,
if he spins this the wrong way,
I mean, you've got
a lot at stake here, Katie.
More than you know.
I've got to go.
I've got to go.
I'll call you.
I'll call you.
Are you sure?
Well, find out
and get back to me.
Ma'am, two of my men
made contact with the princess
this afternoon.
Do they have her?
Is she safe?
Well, apparently,
she recognized them
and jumped into a van
to avoid them.
A van?
With whom?
The man
from the surveillance photo?
Now we know
who we're looking for...
Langdon Renovation
and Restoration.
Who were these guys?
I don't know, but they looked
like they meant business.
Ross is on his way over.
Yeah, he keeps
coming around.
What's important is,
why would anyone want
to kidnap you?
Yeah, that's a good question.
I'm sorry.
I should have told you.
Told us what?
The reason
this all started
was because
I wanted to find a way
for Christmas
to feel the way it used to,
the way I remembered it
with my family...
and then I met you guys,
and you made me feel
so welcome,
like I belonged,
like I was
part of your family...
and... it felt really good...
and for the first time
in a really long time,
I didn't have to worry
that you were being nice to me
because of who I am.
Who are you?
you know me
as Katie Holiday...
but my real...
my full name is Katherine...
Where is she?
I know she's in there!
I demand to see her right now!
'Kay, Trish, I want
a gentle pan off the sign
and find me
in three, two...
This is Ross Hargrave
with another exclusive story
from WVBC Channel 6 News...
What are you doing,
and where did you go
last night?
While this may be a time
of Christmas miracles
for most of us,
the true mystery
this holiday season
is the amazing story
of the young woman
who vanished among
the lights and tinsel
of our own city.
What are you talking about?
Jack, are you aware
of the true identity
of the young woman currently
hiding inside this magic shop?
Ross, get that thing
out of my face.
You can't hide the truth, sir.
What "truth"?
What the heck
is going on out here?
Sir, what my viewers
want to know,
is what the heck is going on
in there!
In here?
See for yourself.
Where is she?
Where's who?
Your friend, Katie.
- What do you want with her?
- Oh, come on, Jack. We all...
know who she really is.
just stop.
What are you doing?
You getting this?
Every word.
Do any of you have any idea
how long I've been waiting
for a story like this?
Do you think it's every day
that Ross Hargrave
gets an exclusive interview
with a runaway princess?
- Wait...
- Who's a princess?
You really didn't know?
I think
I would've mentioned it.
That was your big story?
The one you had to keep secret?
Well, I couldn't risk
my exclusive.
But you knew
that Katie was my friend.
You should have told me.
Come on, baby,
you know how important
this story is to me.
More important than us?
Well... yeah.
Nothing personal, you know.
You're right...
nothing personal.
Hey! Whoa!
No, babe, babe, babe!
Did you get that?
Oh, yeah.
It's all right.
Ross disappear-o!
shift's over anyway.
See ya.
You okay?
I can watch
the other channels.
Prrrr... fzoot!
It's a really small country.
So she's a princess!
What's the big deal?
It's not like Katie lives
in a castle or something.
What's it like?
So who were those guys
chasing you?
They technically
work for me.
At home, in Montsaurai,
we celebrate Christmas
every year
with a national festival.
It's a very old tradition.
The whole country
looks forward to it,
and for hundreds of years,
the royal family...
my family...
has always presided over it.
And now you've
got to go home.
hey, I'm happy
you got the chance
to come back
and see Christmas again,
the way you remember it.
Jack, I...
I've got to...
I've got to go to work.
have a safe trip home...
Thank you
for everything.
keep in touch.
I will.
Well, I'm sorry I'm going
to miss the Christmas dinner.
Next year.
Next year.
Thought you'd be gone.
There's some beautiful work
in here.
Hate for you
to lose it.
Thank you.
You never did get
to the gallery.
All I ever wanted
was one hour.
Just one hour?
I think we might need some
of Harry's Christmas magic.
How did you do this?
You know the place
I'm working on?
So the owner
is a friend of mine.
He's a stock broker.
Very successful.
Happens to be on
the Board of Directors.
Called him up in Maui,
he owes me a favor...
here we are.
Okay, well, my turn.
I want to introduce you
to my friends.
All right.
Just to be clear,
you are a princess, right?
Because if you're
a duchess or countess
or any of those things,
deal's off.
I'm just a princess.
- Just?
- Yes.
You've got to go.
You're going
to want this.
Thank you.
I will.
Jack Langdon.
Well, call me crazy,
but I had a feeling you guys
were going to show up.
Where's the Princess?
She's hanging out
with some friends.
I need to see her.
Okay, come on, Jack.
Neither of us want
to get the police involved.
That's true...
although if you were going
to call the police,
you probably would've done that
The point is,
you know who she is,
and you know she has to go back.
I'd say that's up to her.
Jack, if the Princess
isn't back home
on Christmas morning,
a lot of people are going
to be very disappointed,
and these people truly love her.
You know, that's
the first thing you've said
that I understand.
All she wanted
was to experience a Christmas
the way she did with her mother.
How could you not love that?
Jack, I understand.
I used to come with them
on those trips.
Now it's gotten
very complicated.
Oh, it's about to get
a lot more complicated.
What do you mean?
Are you serious?
Which one is she?
Which one is she?
Stop those Santas!
Thank you.
Thank you, Jack.
It's called
the Power of Suggestion.
You learn a few things,
hanging out with Harry.
I'll have
to thank him, too.
You have no idea
how much this means to me.
Everyone should get
what they want for Christmas.
Seven Santas,
and there's no Princess?
Well, there's got to be
a mistake.
Keep searching!
Where is she?
Oh, we're on top of it.
There were
a lot of Santas.
It's yours now.
You know,
my mother gave this to me.
She told me to wear it
close to my heart,
kingdoms and castles
but love lasts forever.
I think I would have
liked your mom.
I have to go.
Hey, Montsaurai's
a beautiful place
this time of year...
We're here.
I know.
You look
absolutely beautiful.
Thank you, Aunt Margaret.
Don't forget to smile.
After all, it is Christmas Day.
I won't.
Thank you.
I just couldn't stop
thinking about you.
You know...
I wonder if,
after 300 years,
Montsaurai would mind
if you started
a new tradition?
What would that be?
That we spend
all of our Christmases together
for the rest of our lives.
And every day in between?
Merry Christmas, Katie.
Merry Christmas, Jack.