Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas (2016) Movie Script

I love
the holiday season
Lights start
twinkling everywhere
And you can't
deny the feeling
There's something joyful
in the air
Our world is
bright and gleaming
It's a wondrous
time of year
When the lights
of the season
Shine on us all
And holiday time
is here
Holiday lights
burning bright
Twinkling like
stars in the night
and glimmering
and shimmering
See how they
glitter and shine
That's how we know
it's holiday time
and glimmering
and shimmering
See how they
glitter and shine
That's how we know
It's holiday time!
( all cheering )
Elmo's so excited.
It's Elmo's
favorite time of year!
- Louie: Mm-hmm.
- Me, too!
Me, three!
That's three,
three excited children!
Ah ah ah!
( organ playing,
thunder )
Eh, Christmas
is the worst.
All this cheerfulness
and gift giving.
Well, Oscar,
what do grouches
For your information,
we grouches celebrate
It's when you invite
your family over to argue
and give each other junk.
Oh, how festive.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I just got a heavy,
sticky fruitcake
for Crankymas,
and I can't wait.
Heh heh heh.
Well, lots of people like
to celebrate different
things this season.
That's true.
At my house,
we also celebrate
El Da Los Reyes,
Three Kings Day.
Oh, yo tambin,
yo tambin!
And we eat king's cake,
el rosca de reyes.
- It's so much fun!
- Elmo: Wow!
Yeah, and there's also
Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.
There are so many ways
people celebrate the season.
Yeah, me so excited to see
what Santa going to
bring this year!
Me ask for something
very special!
Ooh! Let me guess--
- Yeah. How'd you know?
- ( all laughing )
- Hey, guys.
- Merry Christmas, everybody!
Merry Christmas!
Say, Bert and I are
throwing a Christmas party,
and you're all invited!
- Want to come?
- I've got the yule log video!
- Rosita: Hmm.
- Hmm.
It's the director's cut.
All: Uh...
Uh, we're-- we're also
singing carols!
- Nina: Oh, sure. I'll come!
- Alan: Sounds like fun!
Well, we'd love to,
but I think it's time
to head off to bed.
Oh, yeah!
Elmo almost forgot
to leave out cookies
for Santa.
Did someone say cookies?
- Heh heh heh.
- Ha ha ha!
Good night,
Good night!
Merry Christmas!
Hey, hey, Abby.
Check this out.
Check this out.
This is the really
cool part right here.
- Oh, Bert.
- Bert: You got to
watch closely.
Oh, come on, Elmo.
It's beddy-bye time.
Oh, wait, Daddy!
Elmo forgot something.
Ha ha ha!
Boy, Elmo almost forgot
to leave cookies out
for Santa.
Oh, oh, oh.
Good thinking, son.
Ha ha ha! Oh, boy!
Elmo's so excited
for Christmas.
Elmo's gonna put
these cookies right here
where Santa can see them!
Now climb on up in here.
Oh, okay.
Time to get all
snug as a bug in a rug.
Ha ha ha!
- Heh heh heh!
- Ahh.
( smacks lips )
Ahh. Ahem.
( inhales )
Oh. Daddy, well, why do we
leave cookies for Santa?
- Uh, why do we leave
cookies out for Santa?
- For Santa!
Well, Elmo, that is
a very good question there,
and, uh,
I've got a bedtime story
that will answer it.
- Want to hear it?
- Oh, yeah!
Elmo loves Daddy's
bedtime stories.
Ha ha!
Well, uh, ahem.
Uh, it all started
once upon a time on
Christmas Eve...
- Oh!
- ...long, long ago.
Uh, back then,
uh, Sesame Street was
a very different place.
Oh, well,
different how?
Well, uh, oh,
for one thing,
it didn't look anything
like it does today.
It looked very different.
There were no cars
or electric lights,
and the people
were different, too,
all except for
a few great-great relatives
of some people you know.
Hello, everybody!
It is I, your fuzzy
and adorable 19th-century
traveling salesmonster.
Could someone please
tell me how to get
to Sesame Street?
Oh. Hello. Can you tell me
how to get-- uh, yeah--
how to get to
Sesame Street?
( sighs )
- You're here.
- Hmm?
This is
Sesame Street.
Oh, thank you.
You know, it is so strange.
No one else here
would even speak to me.
Well, that's because
I'm the nicest guy in town.
- You are?
- Yep.
Now take your stuff
and scram!
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Wait a minute!
Oscar was the nicest
person on Sesame Street?
Oh. You're talking about
Oscar the Grouch, right?
Remember, this was
a long, long time ago
on Sesame Street,
so it was actually
Oscar's great, uh--
great-grand grouch
Oscar the Malcontent,
but-- but, yes,
he was the nicest person.
Mm, yeah,
that doesn't make
any sense to Elmo.
Well, I did say things
were different back then.
You see, even though
on the outside the people
might have looked the same,
on the inside,
they were very different
than they are today.
Hello, first
customer of the day,
and what a lovely day it is,
don't you think?
- ( groans )
- I have a very special
item to offer you.
It is this handy,
dandy welcome mat,
a wonderful addition
to any home.
What would I want
with one of those?
Uh, to put on
your doorstep of course.
- Why?
- Well, to be friendly
and invite people
to enjoy the comforts
of your lovely home.
That way,
all of your neighbors
will know that they are...
- Ugh!
- ...welcome?
Heh heh heh.
Don't take it
personal, pal.
You see, that's just
the way people are
on our street.
What? They don't like
welcome mats?
No. This is
Sesame Street,
the unfriendliest
street in town!
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Hang on, hang on.
The unfriendliest
street in town?!
Sesame Street?!
Well, as I said...
Things were
different then.
- Right.
- Yeah.
But wait a minute,
Last week when you
told Elmo a story,
you said that
everybody on Sesame Street
were happy circus clowns.
Well, uh,
you are right, Elmo,
but this is
a different story.
So it is just a story.
Oh, so pretend!
People weren't really
unfriendly on Sesame Street.
Well, you know, Elmo,
even though a story
is pretend,
you can still
learn something from it.
You just have to
listen closely.
Oh, okay.
Elmo will listen closely.
Now, where was I?
Oh, right, right.
Uh, Grover's great-great
grandmonster said...
What? They don't like
welcome mats?
No. This is
Sesame Street,
the unfriendliest
street in town!
Oh, I do not think
that could be true.
I live only a few
short blocks from here,
and everyone there
is very kind.
That may be so,
but if you want
a warm welcome or
a nice howdy-doo,
then Sesame Street
isn't for you.
Hey. You know what?
That rhymes.
- It's not intentional!
- Oh, sorry.
You see, here,
the crabs are extra crabby.
Get off of my beach!
The cows are
super bossy.
Oh, I'm sorry to-- ow!
Not even those guys
get along.
( speaking gibberish )
You are right, sir.
This is one
unfriendly street.
- I told you.
- But...
( sniffs )
- ( both sniffing )
- What is that delicious
smell I am smelling?
Well, we do have
one of the finest
cookie shops in the world.
Ahh. Cookies!
( sniffing )
- Good luck, pal!
- Thank you, sir!
I was being sarcastic.
Dum, dee, dum
Dum, dee, dum,
dee, dum.
Ah. Hello there!
Wow! Those cookies
smell delicious.
Oh, thank you very much.
Uh, they me Nana Monster's
special recipe--
chocolate chippies.
Yeah. Look.
Me also make
double chocolate chippies.
( smacks lips )
My goodness!
My mouth
is watering already.
- But that's not all!
- Not all?
Me also have
triple chocolate chippies.
( sniffs )
Oh, my, my,
my goodness!
How does a monster
ever decide?
I will take one each
of your Nana Monster's
yummy chocolate chip
cookies, please.
Uh, no.
But you will not
sell me the cookies?
Of course not.
Cookies for me!
Ahh nom nom nom! Ahh!
- But--
- Oh, yum, oh, yum, yum.
Nom nom nom!
( burps )
Excuse me.
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Wow! Sesame Street
sure was a strange place.
You can
say that again.
Cookie Monster
not sharing his cookies?
Boy, they all seem
so unfriendly.
Why wasn't anybody
nice, Daddy?
Well, it's never
just one reason.
In the end,
I guess you could say
that people just
weren't kind to each other,
and since there was
no kindness,
there was no celebrating
holidays on Sesame Street.
No celebrating
No Hanukkah, no Kwanzaa,
and no Christmas.
Wha? No Christmas?!
And no Santa.
Wait a minute.
- Santa didn't come
to Sesame Street?
- Yeah, that's right.
Santa only visits places
where people are friendly,
but back then...
There's one place
we don't need to stop.
All of Sesame Street
was on Santa's naughty list.
So, Santa never visited
Sesame Street?
So, of course,
no one left out any
Christmas cookies either.
Well, Elmo knows
it's just a story,
but, well, Santa comes
to Sesame Street now.
Oh, and everybody here
is kind,
so-- so how did
Sesame Street change?
like a lot of things,
the change started
because of one person.
Oh, who?
Your great-great
grandmonster Elmo.
Oh! Oh, the one that
Elmo's named after?
Ha ha!
That's right!
He was
a lot like you.
- Ha ha ha!
- Heh heh heh!
And when he moved
to Sesame Street...
- Elmo: Yeah?
- ...he was just
a little monster, too.
Whoa, oh, oh!
Look at
all the buildings.
Ha ha!
There it is.
That's the address--
123 Sesame Street,
our new home.
- Oh, oh, oh!
- What do you think, son?
Oh, boy!
Elmo's gonna love it here.
- Oh, but, Daddy.
- Hmm?
Well, where are all
the Christmas decorations?
You're right.
There aren't any.
Well, maybe--
maybe on Sesame Street
everybody only hangs them
on the inside of their houses.
Ha ha!
Maybe they do.
Tell you what.
While I start unpacking,
why don't you have
a look around,
see if you can make
some new friends?
- Oh, okay, Daddy.
- All right.
Do do do.
Oh! Oh, oh, oh!
Merry Christmas!
Don't talk to him.
Let's go.
Boy, maybe they
were in a hurry.
Oh, Merry Christmas,
Oh! Stop talking nonsense
and keep moving, son,
and try not
to be so cheery.
"Merry Christmas."
Kids these days!
- ( ball bouncing )
- Where did it go?
That's weird.
It was just here.
- Whoa!
- Hey!
Hi. Merry Christmas!
Merry whos-its?
Boy, what is it
with this street?
Hasn't anybody
heard of Christmas?
Wait. Who's--
who's Christmas?
isn't a person.
It's-- it's
when Santa comes!
You know Santa Claus?
He-- he wears
a big, red suit
and comes down
your chimney.
Ah, yeah a sneak thief.
We got those.
They come in,
take your stuff.
No! No.
Santa doesn't
take things, silly.
Oh. He gives presents
to everybody who's kind.
Ah. Well, no wonder
I never heard of him.
No one's kind
around this street.
So, uh, see you.
Wait a minute,
wait a minute!
You've found
Elmo's ball!
Hey, hey!
Well, who's Elmo?
Elmo's Elmo.
Okay, this is
a little confusing,
and anyway,
I think you're
a little mixed up
because, uh,
this here's my ball.
Oh. Ha ha!
No. It's--
it's Elmo's ball.
See? There's an "E"
right on the side,
right there.
Uh, yeah.
Well, uh-- uh,
that's not an "E."
That's, um--
that's a smudge.
- Huh?
- Yeah, and, uh,
my name is Smudge.
Yeah. That's what people
call me-- Smudge.
Well, it's not very kind
to keep somebody's ball,
- Huh? Who's Smudge?
- You are, remember?
Uh, yeah,
that's right.
Boy, how does Smudge
have any friends
if Smudge won't share?
Well, I don't have
any friends.
All the other kids
just take your stuff.
Hang on!
Elmo has a great idea!
It's Christmas Eve.
You keep the ball.
- What?
- Merry Christmas, Smudge.
What's wrong with it?
Wait a minute.
Did you see that flash?
Yeah, yeah.
So, what's the big deal?
I mean,
what are you up to,
trying to give me
this ball?
Oh, nothing.
Elmo's just
trying to be kind.
- Huh?
- It's a Christmas gift.
Ha ha! Wha?
There it is again!
Oh, it came from
over there.
Come on, Smudge!
Let's go look!
Wait. Hey, listen.
I think you're
up to something.
I mean, why aren't you
trying to get this ball back?
I mean, uh--
I mean my ball
and not back.
Huh? It's mine.
Om, okay.
Well, Merry Christmas.
Yeah? Yeah, well,
good luck finding your ball!
( bells jingling )
What is this place?
Oh! Wow!
Ha ha ha!
Oh, oh! Hello!
Is-- is anybody home?
( gasps )
Oh, sunshine!
Oh, isn't it amazing?
Holly, look? Oh!
- Oh, it's so good to get
some fresh air in here.
- Ha ha hee hee!
- Oh, hello.
- Hi.
Hi. I'm Bella.
Nice to meet you.
Welcome. Oh!
Maybe you can tell me.
What day is it?
Oh, well, it's--
it's Christmas Eve!
Christmas Eve?
Christmas Eve!
do you hear that?
Oh, it's the most
magicalest eve
before the most magicalest
day of the year!
- Yeah!
- Holly, Holly,
there really is
hope this year.
I feel it.
Do you feel it?
Huh? Oh!
I feel my back.
Oh, I've got
a kink in my cogs.
Oh. I've got a hunch
today could be the day.
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Wait a minute.
Elmo doesn't understand.
What's Bella
talking about, Daddy?
What does Bella mean,
"Today could be the day"?
Oh, well, Elmo,
this shop was
a very special shop.
It only appeared
when someone on
Sesame Street
the holiday spirit.
Oh. Oh, like great-great
grandmonster Elmo?
- Ha ha! That's right!
- Ha ha hee hee!
He had the spirit
and so did Bella,
but they were just about
the only ones.
Hang on.
Let me try something.
Merry Christmas!
Elmo: Oh.
Elmo, help me.
Say Merry Christmas
along with me, okay?
- Oh, sure!
- Okay. Ready?
- Uh-huh.
- One, two, three!
Merry Christmas!
Not a light.
Holly's never wrong.
wrong about what?
Oh, the holiday spirit.
It really
lights her up,
and if there's enough
holiday spirit,
do you know
who will come?
- ( gasps ) Santa?
- That's right!
But not until all five
of my lights are lit.
And look!
Not even one.
But, Holly, I'm sure Elmo
can help light up
all your lights.
- Yeah!
- But how?
- Well, that's
a good question.
- Hmm.
Well, I know to bring
holiday spirit,
a lot of people decorate
to brighten things up, but--
Oh, oh, oh!
Then that's what
Elmo's gonna do!
- Holiday, holi-yay!
- Yay!
Oh, and Elmo knows
where to get help!
- You do?
- Oh, sure.
Oh, Elmo just made
a new friend.
Oh, stay right here.
Be right back.
- Bella: Okay.
- Holly: Oh!
Oh, Smudge,
Smudge, Smudge!
Oh, yeah,
that's me. Hey.
Hi! Oh,
Elmo and Smudge
have to raise
the holiday spirit!
Oh, that way,
Santa will come
to Sesame Street.
Yeah. Well, you know,
I been thinking
about that.
There ain't no way
you're gonna get that guy
to come here.
Well, why not?
Well, for one thing,
someone would probably
steal his horses.
- Reindeer.
- Huh?
Santa flies
in a magical sleigh
pulled by
eight reindeer.
Okay. You know,
now I know you're
putting me on.
You know, is this
some big joke, right?
No. No, Smudge!
See, Holly said if we
light up all of her lights,
then Santa will come.
What? Who says?
Oh, oh. Holly.
You know, Holly and Bella.
They run
the curiosity shop.
What curiosity shop?
Oh. Oh, well,
it's right over here.
Come on, Smudge!
Elmo will introduce you.
( sighs )
Sheesh. Yeah.
That's really weird.
It-- it was just here.
It was like new.
Yeah, yeah,
and I guess
it just got all
magically rundown
and all, eh?
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Hold the phone.
What happened
to Bella and Holly?
Why weren't they
there anymore?
I guess the holiday
spirit was too low.
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
So, it was hopeless?
There was nothing
they could do?
Well, not exactly
because great-great
grandmonster Elmo
kept thinking.
Bella said
there was a way
to bring the holiday spirit
to Sesame Street.
Oh, yeah. Bella.
Is that the invisible lady
in the invisible shop?
What did she say?
Oh, listen.
Forget about it!
You may try,
but you're never gonna
get that guy here.
- Who?
- Sandy.
- Santa
- Whatever.
Let me give you
a piece of advice.
Lookit. Don't go trying
to bring the holidays here.
You seem like
a bright guy.
That's it!
- Uh, what's it?
- Th-that's what
Bella said!
Decorations would
brighten everything up!
What decorations?
Oh! The decorations
we can put up right--
boy, you know
you're right.
What decorations?
Elmo and Smudge
don't have any.
Grover: Oddments,
carry-alls, bric-a-brac!
Hey! Maybe he has
what we need.
It is I,
your fuzzy and adorable
and downtrodden
If you don't want it,
I got it.
Excuse Elmo.
Oh. No, I am sorry
little, red fellow,
but I do not have any
"keep off the grass" signs
or doormats
that say, "go away."
But Elmo isn't looking
for those things.
- You aren't?
- No. Elmo's looking
for decorations.
I must not be on
Sesame Street anymore.
No, no.
This is Sesame Street.
Huh. Well,
because you asked,
I actually do
have a cart full
of decorations.
- Really?
- Really.
I loaded them up because
today is Christmas Eve.
Then I came here.
Oh, oh, oh, boy,
oh, boy, oh, boy!
But, pray tell,
why are you interested
in decorations?
Well, Elmo thought that
if we put up decorations,
we might bring
some holiday spirit
to Sesame Street!
That is
a great idea!
And for you,
my friend,
I will let you have
all the decorations
you want
for a song.
- Oh, oh, oh!
- Uh, how much?
No. Literally, I will
let you have them
for a song.
And on top of that,
I shall kick it off myself!
Santa flies right
past this street
He has never once
come near it
And is it any wonder?
There's not one speck
of holiday spirit
The halls
are all undecked
The street
is blech and gray
The bells
refuse to jingle
How could Santa
find the way?
Eh, so what
are you gonna do?
There's only
one thing to do.
Let Santa know
we're here
A little tinsel will make
the whole thing bright
Unfurl the garland
Break out
the mistletoe
'Cause Santa
comes tonight...
Hey. Watch where
you're throwing stuff.
Hang up
a wreath or two
- That's right
- Yeah
A bit of color
should chase away the gray
Let's add
some ribbon
Yeah, some
golden glitter
Let's help them
find the way...
Let's put our street
on the map...
( both laughing )
A little holly
might add some
holiday cheer
String up the popcorn
Let's jing
those jingle bells
Let's bring
some Christmas here
'Cause Santa
flies tonight
He'll be here
before you know it
And if you have
some spirit
Now's the time
to show it
So, let's add
a little sparkle
To lend some
holiday cheer
Bring a little twinkle
And let Santa know
we're here
And if we all
do that
Who can say
Who can tell?
But if we
brighten up the street
We might brighten up
some hearts as well
'Cause Santa
flies tonight
He'll be here
before you know it
And if you have
some spirit
Now's the time
to show it
So, let's add
a little sparkle
To lend
some holiday cheer
Let's light up
all the lights
Let's ring out
all the bells
Let's brighten up
this street
And let Santa know
We're here!
Ha ha ha!
Huh? Oh, oh.
Oh! Elmo almost
forgot the star.
Oh, yeah!
( grunts )
Oh, boy.
Let me help you.
Hop on my cute,
little shoulders.
- Okay.
- Whoa!
La la la la...
Oh, can I help you?
Oh, thank you, uh...
Oh, I'm Big Bird.
You certainly are.
- Uh, I am Grover,
this is Elmo.
- Hi!
Oh, and this--
this here is Smudge.
Yeah, hi.
Well, it's nice
to meet you.
I was on my way south
for the winter,
and I saw the decorations
and thought,
"This looks like
a friendly place."
- Well...
- Yeah. Heh heh heh.
Let me help you.
- Whoa!
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh!
- Hey!
Elmo: Yeah!
Thank you, Big Bird.
What all the commotion?
Oh, we're sorry
to bother you, Mr., um--
Cookie Monster.
- Oh! Hi!
- Hi.
Boy, those cookies
look really good.
These cookies
not for sale.
Psst. Elmo.
Hey! What is this tree
doing here?
no trees allowed!
But, but, but!
Oh, dear.
Look, I didn't
wanna say it in front of
the other two,
well, and it's all nice
that you're hanging
all those things up...
- Yeah?
- ...but I just didn't
want you to get your hopes up
because, well,
nothing ever magical
happens here.
- Wha?
- This is Sesame Street
and it doesn't matter
how many times you say
Merry Christmas, huh?
Ah, ah, ah.
Let me finish.
You know, this is the most
unfriendliest street--
D-d-did you
see that?
What? Something
happen behind me?
T-t-t-the shop!
- Eh?
- Ha ha ha!
What? Is it the one
you were talking about?
- Yep!
- Uh, zowie!
Oh, come on!
Let's go see
if Holly's lit up.
Yeah, yeah,
let's go, let's go.
I-- I gotta
be dreaming!
Elmo told you
it was real!
I just
can't believe it!
Wow! Would you look
at the street?
Oh, it's so festive.
Oh, oh.
Wait a minute.
- Mm-mm-mm.
- ( Holly snoring )
Oh. Well,
what's that?
It's a menorah.
It's a symbol
of the holiday Hanukkah.
Another holiday?
Oh, yes.
The holiday season
is full of holidays.
Hanukkah is
a festival of lights.
For eight days,
we light a candle
to remember a time long ago.
- Oh! Cool!
- Bella: Yeah!
- Big Bird: Elmo!
- Come on, Smudge!
Yeah, yeah. Okay.
- Ha ha hee!
- There you are!
Oh, Elmo, it looks like
you brought some friends.
Oh, yeah.
They helped Elmo decorate.
Oh, this is Grover,
and that's Big Bird!
Hi! I'm Bella.
Hang on.
Uh, where did you
come from?
Oh, everywhere
and nowhere.
All: Huh?
Well, you could say
it's our job
to give the holiday
spirit a boost.
Ugh, ugh.
What's going on here?
And this is Holly.
Holly, look at you!
( gasps )
Will you look at that?
I've got one,
two lights on!
Grover: Ooh!
Well, wait a minute.
Now there's only one light.
It happens.
The decorations are nice,
but as you can see
by my lights,
the holiday spirit
hasn't gone up much.
- Hmm?
- ( both sighing )
- Holly: Hmm.
- But, hey, you got one light.
I didn't even think
you'd get that.
Don't be too hard
on yourselves.
Yeah, but how are we gonna
get Santa to Sesame Street?
Ooh. Santa's going to
start flying soon.
It's going to be hard
raising that much
spirit in time.
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Hold on a second.
All: Hmm?
This isn't fair!
Well, I guess
it's a good thing
your great-great grandmonster
wasn't one to give up
even though things
seemed difficult.
Oh, well,
what did he do, Daddy?
What did he do?
Ha ha! Well,
it was at that moment
that something caught
their attention.
Ladies and gentlemen,
may we have your attention?
Right this way,
right this way!
Yes, yes!
My old buddy Ernie and I
are traveling performers!
Wait a second,
I thought you said
we were performing
- What?
- That's what I printed
on my business cards
and everything.
( sighs )
Anyway, we are here
to sing for you.
( all gasping )
I know.
Isn't that great?
Are you ready, Bert?
A one, two,
a one, two, two.
Two is
my favorite number
- Two is neat
- Yes, sir
- Two is
being together
- Always
- Two is sweet
- Oh, yeah
Two, you see,
is better by far
Than one could ever be
'Cause two
is you and me...
Dance break!
Ha ha ha!
- Bert: Two
- Ernie: Is my
favorite number
- Two...
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop!
There no singing
on Sesame Street!
- Monster: Come on!
- Monster #2: What your problem?
You heard them!
No singing on Sesame Street!
Now disperse!
All of you, disperse!
We're available
for birthday parties!
( speaking gibberish )
Elmo has an idea.
What is it?
Well, maybe more of
Holly's lights will go on
if Elmo and his friends
sing a Christmas song.
But you heard what
the constable just said.
No singing on
Sesame Street.
Well, Elmo has
an idea about that, too,
but we're all gonna
have to work together,
everybody, okay?
- All right, all right.
- Yeah.
Now, here's what
we're gonna do.
First, we're gonna...
( whispering )
Ah! Hey, hey, hey!
Here he comes.
Good evening,
your constableness.
Nice to see you,
and what an opportune moment.
Have we got
a special offer
for you today!
( grunts )
I'm not interested.
Oh, ho! But I think
you will be, sir,
when you see
what I have.
Mm, what is it?
Why, this
is a special viewer
that allows you to view
many exciting views
from all around
the world.
You mean, like--
like pictures?
- Mm-hmm.
- Pictures of what?
All kinds of cheese.
- Blue cheese.
- Uh, cheddar cheese.
I don't like cheese.
Oh, wait until
you see the brie.
It's almost like you can
reach out and smell it.
Here. Take a look.
Oh! What are you doing?
Go, go, go.
I can't see a thing.
That is because we have not
put the cheese in yet, sir.
Let us start
with the muenster.
We'll work up to a brie.
Excellent choice.
Deck the halls
with boughs of holly
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la
'Tis the season
to be jolly
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la
Don we now
our gay apparel
Fa, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la...
Ohh. I can't see
anything but cheese!
I know.
Isn't it exciting?
Wait, wait, wait.
Is that singing I hear?
Uh-- uh,
yes, it is.
It is all
part of the effect,
but if you do not like it,
we can fix that.
- Constable: Ohh!
- Hold still. There!
Now you will not
hear a thing.
- I hope.
- What?
See the blazing
Yule before us
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la
Strike the harp
and join the chorus
Fa, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
Follow me
in merry measure
Fa, la, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
While I tell
of Yuletide treasure
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la
Fast away
the old year passes
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la
Hail the new,
ye lads and lasses
Fa, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la,
la, la, la...
Wow! That good cheer
is spreading.
Me hope
it not contagious.
Ahh, nom!
Ahh, nom nom nom nom!
Hail the new,
ye lads and lasses
Fa, la, la, la,
la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
Sing we joyous
all together
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
Heedless of
the wind and weather
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la
Fa, la, la, la, la,
la, la, la.
- Thanks, Miss Audra.
- Thanks, everybody!
- Merry Christmas!
- Bye-bye.
That was great.
Now what?
Run for it! Aah!
- Elmo: Whoa!
- What?
- Stop!
- What? Aah aah aah!
Come back!
Ohh. Where'd everybody go?
Hey! Hold it, you!
- Uh, me?
- That's right.
I'm starting
to get the feeling
there's something fishy
going on here.
I ought to
run you in right now,
but I'll let you off
with a warning.
Well, that's awful
nice of you, Dad.
Oh, don't mention it.
See you at home.
- Oh.
- Be careful
crossing the street!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Did I just do
something kind?
That was a close one.
- Bella: Yoo-hoo!
- Whoa!
Merry Christmas!
Oh, wow!
Would you look at
all those happy faces?
There's something
happening in this town.
- Oh, yeah!
- And look.
Hmm? Oh, wow!
Another one
of my lights is lit.
Isn't that great?
Oh, um, Holly,
you seem a little--
Lit up?
The holiday spirit
really, um, fills Holly.
Holiday, holi-yay,
( all cheering )
- Oh.
- Hey. What happened?
There were
three lights.
- I saw!
- Yeah.
Did we do
something wrong?
We put up decorations
and sang a delightful
seasonal song.
You guys did great,
and you should be super
proud of yourselves,
but officially,
all of holly's lights
have to be lit up
in order for
Santa to come.
And now
I only have two.
( all groaning )
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: Wait a minute,
Stop the story,
stop the story.
Boy, Elmo
doesn't understand.
They tried so hard.
Well, Elmo,
things work out different
than you want them to.
You know, Daddy,
Elmo's got to tell you
this is not a very happy
Christmas story
to be telling
a little monster
on Christmas Eve, okay?
Besides, you haven't
even told Elmo
why we leave cookies
for Santa.
Ha ha!
I'm getting there, son.
it's not over yet
because as they were
wondering what to do next...
All: Hmm.
- Oh, Bella!
- All: Wha?
Eh, I bet they're gone
for good this time.
Maybe we should
give up.
You could be right.
It is too difficult
to bring this kind
of holiday spirit
to Sesame Street.
My little body
cannot take it anymore.
at least we tried.
Eh, I knew it was
too good to be true,
but, uh, you know, I got to
hand it to you-- hey, Elmo.
You listening?
Oh, oh, yeah,
yeah, yeah, Smudge.
- Elmo's just wondering.
- Hmm?
Why were there
two lights on at all?
I don't know.
I thought it was
because of the singing
and the decorations.
Well, yeah, that's
what Elmo thought, too,
but now Elmo's
not so sure.
Maybe those things
aren't really what's
making Holly light up.
What could it be,
Uh, I don't know.
Hey. Uh, hey, Elmo.
Uh, you think
about it, all right?
Um, I'm gonna be
right back.
( sighs )
( all laughing )
Hope everyone is having
a yucky Crankymas.
Crankymas ever!
Everybody, raise
a glass of sludge.
I just want to say
the best thing about
Crankymas is--
is the special grouchy
feeling I get inside.
( both grunt )
Now we can all say, "scram,"
or, "have a rotten day,"
just one day a year,
but I say why not try to
make every day Crankymas?
- Every day!
- Oh, yeah!
my fellow grouches,
isn't just a day,
cranky is a feeling
that comes from
deep inside,
so let's be cranky
all year round.
Yucky Crankymas!
Yucky Crankymas!
- And a horrible New Year!
- Oh, ho!
Heh heh heh!
Grouch #2:
Oh, many grouchy returns!
( all laughing )
Can I get the recipe?
Boy, we did
all that decorating,
sang all those songs,
and the only real
holiday on Sesame Street
is Crankymas.
( sighs )
Oh, what's the use?
Hey, uh, Elmo.
Well, this is
a little hard to say.
Um, well, I don't have
a Christmas present,
but, um,
this is for you.
You're giving Elmo
his ball back?
Well, uh, I shouldn't have
taken it in the first place,
and anyway, I figure
if I give it back to you,
then, uh,
we could play together,
you know, you and me.
You're a really
good friend.
Ha ha ha ha!
Well, uh, anyhoo,
I just wanted you to know
what you did today
really meant something,
and, uh,
Merry Christmas, Elmo.
Oh, ho ho ho!
Merry Christmas,
Uh, yeah.
Um, my name's Becky.
Wha? Ha ha ha!
- Well,
Merry Christmas, Becky.
- Ha! Merry Christmas.
Whoa! Did--
did you see that?
Oh, that happened
when Elmo gave you his ball.
Oh. Hey.
That was very kind
of you, by the way.
- That's it!
- Uh, what's it?
It's all
about kindness...
Doing something nice
Before you even
think twice
See if someone
needs a hand
Be nice and help them
if you can
Oh, oh, oh,
oh, oh
- There's kindness in you
- Becky: There's kindness
in me
There's kindness
in everyone
Just try
a little kindness
And you'll see
it feels good
- So pass it on...
- hey.
And try
a little kindness
Oh, try
a little kindness
It's all
about kindness
- Kindness
- Yep, Elmo knows that now
You just
got to know how
See if someone
needs a hand
And be nice
And help them
if you can
Oh, oh, oh
kindness in you
kindness in me
There's kindness
in everyone
Just try
a little kindness
And you'll see
it feels good
So pass it on
Try a little
Pass it on
Try a little kindness
Pass it on
Try a little kindness
Pass it on
Try a little kindness
Pass it on
Try a little kindness!
( all laughing )
- ( Two-headed Monster gasps )
- What?
Looks like
it belongs here.
- Heh heh.
- All: Aww.
Good job, guys!
- Those were really
kind things you did.
- All: Aww.
And kindness is what
the holiday spirit
is all about.
Would you look
at that?
She's really lit!
Yeah! Hey!
Holly has four lights now.
this is amazing.
( sleigh bells ringing )
Up in the sky!
That's Santa!
- Grover: Santa?
- It is. It is Santa!
- Santa, Santa!
- Come on, guys!
Come look.
- Oh, yeah. I see him.
- Yes!
Look. It's Santa!
Look. There he is.
- Aww.
- All: Aww.
Santa, he flew
right past Sesame Street.
I suppose it is
because we could not get
all of Holly's lights
to light up.
Uh, hey.
Hey. You guys tried,
you know, and look.
Sesame Street's, like,
the friendliest street
around now.
I mean, who'd
have thunk, huh?
- Yeah.
- Oh, that's true.
What more could
anyone ask for?
Everybody so kind.
You know what?
Me want to try
this kindness thing.
Uh, here.
Have a cookie.
Have a cookie?!
Cookie Monster,
are you sharing
your cookies now?
That right.
Merry Christmas,
Oh, wow!
Yeah, here.
Take a cookie.
Take a chocolate chippie.
What's happening?
Oh, look!
All five
of my lights are lit!
That's five,
five festive lights.
Ah ah ah!
( organ playing,
thunder )
( all cheering )
You did it,
Cookie Monster!
You made all of
Holly's lights light up!
- Yeah!
- Oh, wow!
Me not know what that mean,
but that terrific!
Yeah! Ha ha ha!
Oh, but it is too late
for Santa to come now.
He flew by.
- ( bell ringing )
- Elmo: No, no, no, no, no.
This can't be!
Too late for Santa?
Yeah, it's true,
but you wanted to know
why we leave cookies
out for Santa.
It's to remember
Cookie Monster's kind act.
So, you're saying
Santa never came?
Oh, I didn't
exactly say that.
Well, because
at that very moment
in Santa's sleigh...
What's happening?
Uh, there must be
some type of mistake
on the grid, sir.
We really are on
a tight schedule, though,
so if we could
just stay straight.
Well, it looks
like a new stop.
Yeah, right, but it's
much too far behind us now.
We-- we couldn't
possibly turn in time--
Wind or gale,
we can make an exception
for any street
that glows that bright.
- Yes, sir.
- Dancer, Prancer, about turn!
To Sesame Street!
- Ho ho ho ho!
- Hoo hoo hoo!
Oh! Oh, hey!
Look, look, look!
It's Santa!
Oh! He's coming back!
( sleigh whooshes )
Girl: Oh! Oh!
- It is him!
- Ah ah ah! Yeah.
( all cheering )
Hi, Santa!
- Becky: Santa!
- Merry Christmas, everyone.
- Ho ho ho ho!
- Merry Christmas!
Look, everybody!
Santa came here!
- Uh, you're
Santa Claus, right?
- That's right.
The holiday spirit here is
so great at Sesame Street.
I wouldn't miss it
for the world.
All: Aww.
Well, I'll tell you what,
it was all his doing.
Yeah. Elmo.
It was his idea.
Uh, uh, uh...
Is that right?
Well, it's nice
to meet you, Elmo.
( gulps )
Ha ha! Ha ha hee!
Hi, Santa.
Ha ha ha!
Ha ha.
Yeah, he's a bit
nervous, you know?
it was his idea
to help bring the holiday
spirit to Sesame Street,
and, well, I guess
all of us kind of
pitched in, right?
- Well, you could say that.
- Yeah, right.
It's so wonderful to
meet someone who believes
so much in the holidays, Elmo.
Oh, well,
thank you, Santa.
Ha ha ha!
And then there was
this Bella lady
who taught us about
the holiday spirit.
Hello, Mr. Claus.
Well, I should have known
you would be here.
Now where's Holly?
Uh, right here!
I haven't
seen you in forever,
not since Grumpy Falls.
It's true.
We didn't much luck
raising holiday spirit,
not until this
little monster
came along.
Well, you all gave
the greatest gift
of all-- kindness.
All: Aww.
And I've got a gift
for everyone here,
even you, Grover.
Oh, boy!
This is for Rosa.
I must admit
we were right
to stop here, sir.
Look at that.
That's so nice.
- Here you go.
- Becky: Oh, thanks.
This is for Grover.
- Ohh.
- ( rattling )
Oh, hey, Bert,
can you believe it?
This Christmas just
keeps getting better.
It's snowing.
Snowing? Ernie,
that's impossible.
It can't be snowing.
Oh, sure it can, Bert.
Right up there. Look.
Do you see
the snow now, Bert?
- ( sighs )
- Heh heh heh!
- Wha?
- Good-bye, Elmo.
- Is Bella leaving?
- That's right.
Holly and I are off
to the next town
that needs
some holiday spirit,
but thank you.
We couldn't have
done it without you.
That's right.
Well, Elmo's
gonna miss you.
Aw. We'll miss you,
too, Elmo.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Hee hee hee!
Oh, Santa,
uh, me want to thank you
for coming to
Sesame Street.
Oh. Well,
what is this?
Uh, that a cookie.
A cookie?
Yeah, yeah.
A very special recipe.
Oh, well.
Mmm. Yum.
This is something
I could get used to.
Yeah, but, uh,
Santa, that not quite
how you eat it.
- It's not?
- Uh-uh. Observe.
Ahh, nom nom nom
nom nom nom nom!
- Ho ho!
- Nom nom nom nom nom.
I like
the way you do that.
- Thank you.
- I'm writing a song.
"C is for"--
I can't think
of the next one.
"C is for"-- hmm.
No. "C is for hmm"
isn't right.
- Cucumber.
- Cucumber!
- No.
- No.
"C" is for cookie,
but that good enough for me,
so me not sure about you.
- No. It's not
good enough for Santa.
- Oh, boy. This a toughie.
Louie: And ever since
that Christmas Eve
long, long ago,
we leave cookies out
for Santa.
A little
to the right.
No. A little
to the left.
Wait, wait,
wait, wait!
Both: Perfect!
Oh! Ha ha ha!
And how Sesame Street
became known
as the friendliest
street in the world.
Ah. There goes
the neighborhood.
The end.
Merry Christmas, Elmo.
Heh heh.
( music playing )
Ahh, nom nom nom nom!
Merry Christmas!
Ho ho ho ho!
( snoring )
It's all about kindness
Doing something nice
Before you even
think twice
See if someone
needs a hand
Be nice and help them
if you can
kindness in you
There's kindness
in everyone
Just try
a little kindness
And you'll see
it feels good
So pass it on
And try
a little kindness
Oh, try a little kindness
It's all about kindness
- Becky: Kindness...
- Yep!
- Elmo knows that now
- Becky: Kindness
You just got to know how
See if someone needs a hand
Two-headed Monster:
And be nice
And help them if you can
There's kindness in you
There's kindness in me
Elmo: There's
kindness in everyone
just try
a little kindness
And you'll see
it feels good
So pass it on
Try a little
Pass it on
Try a little kindness
Pass it on
Try a little kindness
Pass it on
Try a little kindness.