Once Upon a Time at Christmas (2017) Movie Script

How about you unlock this door.
And we can have the most
wonderful time of the year.
You're never getting
out of this jail cell.
You're playing hard to get.
You like the anticipation
before you get the presents.
How long do you think
it's gonna be
before daddy comes to get me?
See, we hit him.
And he's hurt.
And sooner or later,
he's gotta go get help,
and when he does,
he's gonna slip up.
And I'm gonna be there
to nail him.
The only place
that you two are going...
Is to the chair.
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Confirm 187
in woodridge mall parking lot.
Csu currently processing scene.
Sheriff Mitchell arriving now.
Here ya go, chief.
What is it?
It's an eggnog latte.
It's festive.
Okay, what've we got?
Dead guy.
Yeah, your years of police
training served you well then.
Well, we're calling in
for prints and fibers but...
Kinda hard to get prints
in the snow.
- Car?
- Yep.
That's it, right over there
in the parking lot.
- Got the keys on him?
- No.
So do we have a cause of death?
Well, I'm not a doctor but...
There's the body.
And his head is that.
Is there anything else?
Actually, yeah. Dave!
Yes, deputy fullard?
Want me to run it up?
Yeah. See if we can pull
some DNA off this.
Hey, can you run
that up, please?
- Yes sir.
- Thanks.
Listen, sheriff,
what are you thinking?
Nothing good.
You're not really him.
There you are!
Tell me!
You seem to have the answers
for everything.
Why don't you do
what you always promised?
Don't punish me for working!
I got you everything!
What do you want?
What do you want me to do?
I never see you.
You're never home for dinner.
She waited for you
and I've had it!
If this is happening...
If this is what you want...
We should do what?
We need to tell her!
Hey, sweetheart.
Felt sure you were
never getting up.
Yeah, well, I decided
to grace you with my presence.
It's Christmas, after all.
I need to be moving.
Okay. Coming up to eight o'clock and
we're just getting a travel report...
woodridge mall, due
to a police investigation
in the mall parking lot...
Doesn't matter.
Come on, you got something
to say, just say it.
This is bullshit.
- Jen!
- What?
I don't like that
kind of language.
Mom, what is this?
It's... complicated.
It's divorce, mom.
I know what it is.
- Frank and i...
- Frank?!
You've stopped
calling him dad already?
We feel that it would be easier
to just get through Christmas
- and then we can...
- Just split?
We all want a nice family
Christmas together.
Right? Insisting the mall is open, despite
the ongoing police investigation there.
We're only doing this
because we love you, sweetheart.
It's a lie, mom.
It's not even a good one.
I'm gonna be late.
No Santa.
So I guess that means no work
for you too?
Guess so.
That's what I should ask Santa
for: All play and no work.
I have no idea what
i want for Christmas.
A boyfriend with a huge cock.
Hasn't he stiffed you
enough on that one?
A girl can dream, can't I?
Dream about what, babe?
About what i
really want for Christmas.
- Is it perfume?
- Yeah, it's perfume, Joe.
I thought you guys weren't doing the mall.
Well, Lancelot had to see his maiden.
You're so weird.
- Good weird?
- There is no good weird.
David's on his way up.
Hey, did you guys see the lot?
- No.
- Police everywhere.
- Why?
- Dead guy.
- No way.
- Yeah.
Probably got drunk
and broke his neck or something.
Holy shit!
- Jen starts as an elf tomorrow.
- Sweet.
My mom thought it would
take my mind off things.
Hey, I thought that was my job.
Hey. What's happening?
Jen's impending job as an elf.
The kids love me.
They shouldn't.
The kids shouldn't love me?
No, no.
Not... not you, babe.
Why can't kids love Christmas?
- Yeah, man, what gives?
- They're being lied to.
Seems like a pretty
harmless lie.
Really? Sitting on some fat
guy's lap all day?
Sounds like a pedophile's
dream to me.
Please don't make Christmas anymore
depressing than it already is.
That's why we should totally
have our party on Christmas Eve!
- Party?
- Yeah. It's...
- It's called drum fest.
- Drum fest?
Yeah, it's a drumming competition
happening down at Phil's bar.
This is really lame.
I have training for
the swim meet that night.
Besides, we're not gonna get in.
You can miss one day
of training.
Phil is calling it
a private affair.
The bar's closed to anyone
who doesn't have a ticket.
But I don't have a ticket.
There aren't actually
any tickets.
He just wants to call it
a ticket-only affair.
That reminds me.
I need a lead groupie, you know,
just to tell me how great I am.
- How could a girl say no?
- Me, too.
You don't even play the drums.
Well, no, but I have a pretty
sick iTunes playlist
and maybe I'll let you
hear it if...
If what?
I lose my phone?
We're having an annual boyfriend
review on January 1st, Joe,
and you seriously
need to up your game.
- She'll be back.
- Sure, man.
You want me to close the mall?
Morning, Bob.
I'm considering it.
- Considering?
- Yeah.
Is the killer in the mall?
Then why close it?
Bob, this is a serious situation
and I'm trying to prevent...
How long you been
in this town, sheriff?
Thirty years.
We like to keep things
simple here in woodridge.
Simply put,
a man's been murdered.
Yeah, and I hope you catch
the son of a bitch.
But we do not want
to start a panic now, do we?
So you want me
to conduct this manhunt
with one hand tied
behind my back?
I want you to do your job,
As always, Bob,
your leadership is inspiring.
Have a productive day, sheriff.
Wrpt woodridge,
for all you couples looking
to have some hot fun
together tonight...
- Jesus.
- Shit.
What, seems to be
the problem, officer?
Yeah, I'm looking
for "old romantic 1980."
Is that you?
Yeah, man, we met online.
Chat room.
Are you serious?
No, dipshit.
I'm joking.
You two shouldn't be out here.
It ain't illegal.
What's that?
Call her parents?
What he means, sir, is we're
not doing anybody any harm.
And where do your parents
think you are?
It's Christmas.
You're a few days
out there, kid.
All right, look.
I'm heading out to mcdermott's
place, checking on a call.
I'll be about an hour.
"So you'll be gone
when I get back," okay.
Have a good evening, sir.
Shit. That was close.
- Yeah.
- Think he's gone already?
- Give him a chance, Troy.
- Okay.
Maybe we should go.
You heard him.
He's gonna be back in an hour.
Come on, look, I'll let you
drive my car a bit.
It's your dad's car, Troy.
Well, I'll let you
play with my gears.
It's an automatic.
What was that?
- What?
- There was a noise.
- Babe, please.
- Don't, "babe, please" me.
I'm taking you on your word that you're not
still fully hung up on your ex-girlfriend.
- Jen?
- Yeah, Jen.
Sweetheart, she means
nothing to me.
There. Underneath the car.
It's probably just a raccoon.
Do you still wanna do this?
I don't know.
Babe, you're the only one for me.
There's nobody else.
Say more things like that.
The worst that could happen
is you get pregnant.
I'm on birth control, you moron.
Well, then what else
could go wrong?
I have no idea why I love you.
Baby, you...
Get us out of here!
It won't start.
There's no battery!
My god!
My god!
- Get out!
- My door is jammed!
- Sheriff.
- Fullard.
It's a mess.
- Who?
- Two kids. Teenagers.
What happened?
Be a couple days before the
fire inspector gets back to us.
Kathy says you saw them before.
Called something in.
Didn't you recognize them?
They're just kids.
I... I don't know...
Come on, it's a small town.
Look, sheriff, I haven't
been here as long as...
Some people.
Anything back on the DNA?
Sent to the state
lab last night.
You know we're not gonna be
first priority though.
We might be.
You don't think this is
connected to that?
Completely different mos?
I don't know what
I'm thinking right now.
Only I was looking forward
to a quiet holiday season.
Still haven't done my shopping.
I don't two mur... three murders
dragging us into overtime.
Look, it might be a coincidence.
No such thing.
Who could that be?
Can I help you?
Mrs. frenchen?
I'm in need of a good lawyer
and you came highly recommended.
Could you open the door?
I'm afraid I just
specialize in divorce.
Well, then you're exactly
the person I'm looking for.
You see, Santa, he told me he wouldn't
buy me a bear trap for Christmas.
I reckon that's grounds
for divorce, right?
You can come
by my office next week.
I'd be happy to take a look
at what you need.
I'm afraid there's a real bad time
limit on what i need you for.
Who are you?
Why, I'm Mrs.
Claus, of course.
Tell me what you think
about my elf hair.
So, Santa asked you
to sit on his lap?
Please. If that asshole
hits on me again,
I'm gonna pepper spray his ass.
Is Lisa coming?
Swim practice.
That's dedication.
She's gonna be selected
for the olympic squad
and we're still gonna be
stuck here in this mall.
Speak for yourself. If they start
giving out gold medals for blow jobs...
I'm going to reicher's
bar later.
- Do you wanna come?
- You're not gonna get served.
Please! I have boobs.
Boys are dumb.
No debate here.
Hey, Jen, your break's finished.
Hey, Jen...
If you hate it so much,
why'd you come back?
It's either that or join in on my family's
awkward silences it's definitely happening then?
The divorce?
God, I hope so.
At least then we won't
have to play happy family.
What's that?
Joe and David wanted me
to hand these out.
Well, aren't you
a good girlfriend?
It's an annual tradition.
- Being a good girlfriend?
- I'm an amazing girlfriend.
He's so fucking lucky.
And, no, the party is
an annual tradition.
It's a stupid tradition.
Says the girl who's
dressed like an elf.
Did you,
did you hear about Troy?
He... died last night,
in an accident
with Michelle Weaver.
- My god.
- Yeah.
Did you guys...
Did you guys, like, do it?
No, we... we only went out
for, like, three weeks.
It's fine. In three weeks, i totally
would have fucked him, like, 30 times.
Well, I didn't really
like him that much.
Who said anything
about liking him?
Well, what kind of accident?
- I don't really know.
- I hope his family's okay.
Confirmation from the fire
department on two dead.
Looks like it was deliberate.
Traces of gas have been
found at the scene.
Come on.
Spit it out, fullard.
Manny was speaking
with the fire inspector.
It's early, but he thinks
it was deliberate.
Found traces
of gas on the ground
and the starter cables were cut.
It might not be related
to the Santa claus at the mall.
Come on.
What are you thinking?
Like a serial killer?
Hey, I don't want anyone speaking
those words out loud, you got it?
- Then what?
- I don't know.
Let's just take it easy
and compile evidence.
Better yet, a suspect list.
Wait, shouldn't they
have the same mo?
They do.
They're all dead.
Mayor's office called.
They're worried about
Christmas being ruined.
Kathy, can you get NYPD homicide
on the line, please?
He's been on line two
for five minutes.
You know he called you
the grinch?
You gotta be fucking kidding me.
I got three murders in two nights and he's
worried about people not spending enough?
Kathy! Line two!
He hung up!
Okay, I'll get him back.
Hey, don't shoot the messenger.
I think the mayor's just worried
that one of the victims is a voter.
Doesn't wanna lose too many.
Kathy! Get me the bureau!
Yeah, we're out of our depth
on this one.
- What do you need?
- A drink.
I'm okay.
Told Joe to fuck right off,
you know what I mean?
- My god!
- All right.
Cheers ladies!
This one's totally going
on my Facebook wall.
Don't tag me.
My boyfriend thinks
I'm babysitting.
Yeah. My mom thinks
I'm studying.
Hey, beautiful lady!
- Hey, lady!
- God.
- Hey, sexy lady! Whoo!
- Great.
The last thing I want
right now is to be hit on.
Funny, that's the first
thing that I want.
Why don't we go to the sun house?
I have the key.
We'd have the whole place
to ourselves.
What's there?
More alcohol.
Hey, hot mama!
Probably a small cock anyway.
I'm just gonna use the bathroom.
Let's not stay here alone.
Maybe we should have sacrificed
Courtney to those guys.
Remind me why
we're friends again?
Are you okay?
Honey, honey.
Are you okay?
My god! My god!
Please, no!
But baby, I wanna play!
Let's not be greedy,
Mrs. claus.
Four birds.
Four birds.
'Tis more than enough
for one day.
So, Santa claus?
And Mrs. claus?
Do you know why
they didn't hurt you?
One sec, okay?
Talk to me.
Four dead girls.
- Girls?
- Yeah, teenagers.
- Underage.
- Shit.
She say anything?
Yeah, something about two freaks
dressed up as
Mr. and Mrs. claus.
At least the mayor's
gonna love that.
Never mind the press. We need
to start running with it.
Get as much as you can on them.
Mayor's on the line.
He wants to talk to you.
That was fast. Jesus.
Get on the horn, right now.
Get the mall to pull
their Santa claus off.
Before some yahoo
blows his fucking brains out.
No, we've got
media blackout on this.
Twitter and Facebook disagree.
Why don't we call
your parents now, okay?
Or I can.
Santa claus?
He's dressed as
fucking Santa claus?
God damn it.
I'm gonna put a curfew in place.
- Excuse me?
- A curfew.
There's no evidence these two
are related, is there?
With all due respect, Mr. mayor,
you're not a law
enforcement officer.
No, I'm the mayor, and somebody
has to run this town.
Do you have any idea what will
happen to Christmas sales
if you close that mall?
If people keep dying, there
won't be any customers left.
You get your ass out there and
you find this guy and this girl
and you lock 'em up
and you throw away the key.
In the meantime,
you let me run this town.
- Bob! We have to come to...
- That's enough!
I was selected on a platform of decency
and promoting family values in woodridge.
These murders are
fucking that image up.
Aren't you going to
a strip club this week?
Yeah, because I put money
in the local economy.
I support local business and I
get to see the voters up close.
Very close up, I'm sure.
I am particularly looking
forward to...
Seeing my niece.
Who's all grown up now.
Just starting at vixens.
Excuse me.
I have an investigation to run.
And I've got a town to run.
And you will not pull Santa
out of that mall.
You will double his security.
Is that clear?
Dispatch, this is unit 215.
The feds have arrived.
It looks like the cavalry
made it just before
the snow drifts
completely cut the roads off.
Copy that, 215.
I guess we'll have to make some
room in the office.
- So how many?
- Seven.
The four girls, a young
couple, and Santa.
Missing a number.
Excuse me?
One, two and four.
Shit, are you saying there could
be three more bodies out there?
It's highly possible.
Perhaps a remote
or isolated location.
Might just be that we
haven't found them yet.
These descriptions
of the killers are accurate?
They're accurate.
Those are from
the cctv last night.
Not saying they're
easy to swallow.
Okay, the lady.
We figure mid-twenties.
She's Mrs. claus, for lack
of a better explanation.
The guy? Well, Santa.
Is he as big as Santa?
About 30 to 40
years of age, we figure.
Former cop?
Somebody who has the ability
to move quickly.
And take multiple victims down.
Yeah. This Mrs. claus
is just for show.
She's like,
letting off a stun grenade.
This guy's the real deal.
Well, we can't release any information
on the killer to the press.
If he doesn't know we're onto
him, he'll keep using the suit.
May be a good way to spot him.
So just look for a guy
in a Santa suit at Christmas?
To be honest, I don't think
this guy cares.
Why do you say that?
'Cause he let a girl
live to tell a tale.
He wants people to know.
You don't have to pander
to that.
Yeah, but that may make him keep killing
until he gets the recognition he wants.
Let's have a tight control on
information out to the public here.
This is a small town. Come on, guys.
People are talking already.
Either way, you need to find who
the victims were on the third day
because there seems to be
a piece of this puzzle missing.
- And we'll need your men on it.
- Great.
Go door to door if you have to.
- It's a big town.
- You said it was a small town.
I suggest you get every
available man on it.
Find out if anyone has gone
missing in the last few days.
I don't suppose you guys
want to lend a hand, do ya?
"Many hands make light work,"
isn't that what they say?
Between the training experience
myself and the other agents have,
us doing grunt work would
be a poor use of our time.
I'm sure your deputies
are more than capable.
We'll stay here
and review the evidence.
Okay, okay.
What else do you need?
How about a connection
between the victims.
We need to understand
how he's choosing them.
He's targeting them at night.
We know that much, at least.
Nah, there's something else.
They didn't know each other.
None of them did.
And I can't establish any other
connection between them.
Hey, hey. We're not here
to step on anyone's toes.
Neither am I! I'm just trying
to catch this fucking guy!
Guys, the clock's ticking.
This guy's killing every day.
I'll double the patrols
at night.
The curfew'll go into effect.
Remember sheriff, you called us.
Yeah, I'm at the frenchen
We've got three dead bodies.
The mom, Mrs. frenchen,
the daughter...
And I found their dog as well.
I haven't touched anything.
Okay. I'll be here.
This is probably just another small
town nut looking for attention.
The sooner these cases stop
getting media coverage,
the sooner the crazies
will realize there's no point
in trying to get this type
of attention.
My money's on a lone gunman.
I'm going with postal worker.
Postal worker would
have shot the place up.
Fuck, then maybe it
actually is Santa claus.
Is anyone betting on that?
If it was Santa claus, where did
he park his sleigh and reindeer?
Maybe he's gone green
and drives a prius?
My wife drives one of those.
Yeah? Can she account for
her whereabouts recently?
Yeah. I know where
yours has been.
I'm getting coffee. Anyone?
No, thanks.
Where the fire ripped through
the county snow plow yard
destroying nearly all of the
county's plows...
Okay. Just stay there.
Don't touch anything.
I'm gonna get the guys.
Who are they?
Show me.
Three of them?
Right. We're on our way.
We're gonna...
Help me!
Woodridge is a town
gripped with fear.
With the latest massacre
of five FBI agents,
there is now a feeling
amongst the residents
that the Sheriff Department is
overwhelmed by the situation,
prompting many people to leave
this town during the holiday.
After all, if the FBI
aren't safe, then who is?
Yes, I understand.
Certainly, certainly.
All right.
Whoever they were,
they move quick.
Agent klein managed to get off one
shot, so he may have been hit.
Well, we're checking the blood
now but, to be fair,
there's a lot of it,
so it's gonna take a while.
He's hit?
We've taken blood samples
from the deceased agents
and we're cross-matching that against
all the blood we found on the scene.
If there's anything extra, we know it's from
the perp and it's likely he's been hit.
Okay, fullard, let's get the bloodhounds
down here on the chance he's been hit.
He's local.
The feds have a net set up
around town, so he's here.
Also, Jim, he...
He removed their fingers.
Yep. From each
and everyone of them.
- Even the bird.
- The bird?
Bird. Yeah.
The woman.
Right. I keep
forgetting you're a brit.
Let's let the fuckers bleed
to death for this.
The same finger?
Yeah. The,
wedding band finger.
We're gonna need some more FBI
guys down here.
How is he picking them?
That's what I wanna know.
There's no way he could know which
agents the FBI would send there.
It's totally at random.
They could be from anywhere.
No, it's the opportunity.
Could've been these five.
Could've been the goddamn
cleaning staff.
But he is escalating
the numbers.
Till he gets to how many?
Maybe the number doesn't matter.
Maybe they're getting close
to something.
Fullard, photograph all
the notes these guys had.
Maybe they were on to something.
Yeah, well, the press
is gonna want a release.
Yeah, yeah.
But if they were wanted
by the cops,
why risk everything
by coming back in here.
No, we were all out there.
All of us.
Hunting him down.
Streets would've
been full of cops.
But this place was quiet.
Anything else?
I'll let you know when I get
the results of the blood tests.
Happy hunting, Jim.
Yeah, there is actually
something else.
Farmer Peterson's raging mad.
About what?
Says his geese were killed.
Is this guy for real?
Take a fucking number.
That's what I thought.
So what are you gonna do
about my geese?
I came out here, there they are.
What are you gonna do about it?
- Yeah. Mr. Peterson..
- That's your job.
Mr. Peterson, yeah... - what
are you gonna do about this?
I know how you came out and all
your geese were found dead...
No, not all my geese.
Are ya blind? Look.
There's six of them dead. Six.
Hey, did you say six?
Nice try, Joe!
We're checking the cctv
from the mall,
but it looks like a lot
of cameras aren't working.
There's a lot of places to hide
inside there when the place is open
and a lot of exits
to slip out when it's closed.
But I've got men questioning all
the staff who were left in there.
Something will turn up.
We'll find this guy.
So, sheriff, what are you saying?
No one here's safe?
Look, Lucy, panicking is
exactly what this guy wants.
Well, who do the fingers
belong to?
That information is not releasable
to the public at the moment.
So you know?
Whatever the reason, this guy's
reaching out to your daughter.
Why would he?
What would he want with me?
I don't know.
The letter... do you
recognize the handwriting?
Why would we know him?
Lucy, I'm just asking.
Anything you know could help.
This is the first time he's
reached out to anyone by name.
We're looking for a connection
and Jennifer may be it.
Are you saying they're
targeting my family?
Do you know of anyone with a
grudge against you?
Particularly at Christmas?
- No.
- No.
I'm putting a unit on your house
and Jen till we catch him.
- Who is he?
- We don't know.
Do we know why he's doing this?
Not yet, but we're
getting closer.
He left Courtney alive.
Have you seen anything strange
in the last few days?
Phone calls?
- What about the name?
- St. Nick?
I assumed it was just a bad
Santa claus joke.
Yeah, sometimes
these killers like to...
Like to hide out in the open.
And it may be someone you know,
so don't go walking around alone
until we nab this creep
and his accomplice.
Jen, time's a factor here. Would you
be willing to do a polygraph test?
That's enough! This may be the quickest way to find
out if she knows anything that she hasn't said yet.
- I'm calling rihann frenchen.
- You can't, Lucy.
I can call a lawyer
anytime I want.
She's not even under arrest,
for Christ's sake.
She's the victim here.
You can't call rihann frenchen.
And why the hell not?
Because her whole family
has been murdered.
We're leaving.
- Come on, Jennifer.
- We're not finished...
Come on!
That went well.
Yeah, keep an eye on them.
Well, you don't think
they're suspect?
No, but I got a connection now.
Jen worked at the grotto
at the mall.
First victim.
No, she hasn't worked there
long enough.
I've known Jen my whole life.
I don't think she's involved.
Then maybe someone
connected with her.
- Fullard?
- Yeah.
You with me here?
Yeah. Sorry, I just...
I think it's a weak connection.
Yeah but it's some connection.
The second victim, Troy,
her ex-boyfriend.
And now David frenchen's
That's too much
coincidence for me.
Add to that the fact her best
friend, Courtney,
was the only girl left alive
at the bar attack.
Did you get my message?
No, I've been a little busy.
Farmer Peterson called.
- And?
- Geese have been poisoned.
Is this like the time the
government salted his corn
because he turned in
a ufo report?
Jim. There were six of them.
- Six?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- How's that good?
Could've been six dead bodies.
- Did he see anything?
- No.
Is someone there?
Front door, open.
Whoever's there better
show themselves.
Is it okay if I...
I didn't wanna be alone.
Even in daylight.
Yeah. It's okay.
You okay?
Aren't you working today?
Shopping mall's closed.
What is it?
She didn't come home last night.
Her parents are worried.
- Did she call you?
- No.
- We have to stick together.
- Together?
Court, this psycho
is targeting everyone.
Jen, I was with four friends
in a busy bar
and that didn't stop anything.
- We have to do something.
- What?
Let's not wait to be a victim.
Okay. But... but how?
I don't know.
You saw these guys.
Maybe there's some connection
that we're not making
that not even
the sheriff can see.
Everyone so far has had a connection
with either me or my family.
Well, what do you wanna do?
I don't know.
What do we know about woodridge?
It's just a sleepy town.
No, no, there's something,
i know there is.
- We should look into it.
- Are you sure?
I'm not gonna be a victim again.
Look, I can assure you we are doing
everything we can to catch the perpetrator.
While the manhunt and
investigation are still ongoing,
I can't give you any information
that would jeopardize that.
Deputy, what about the reports
of the missing girl?
Could it possibly be the work
of this crazed killer?
I can't comment on anything that
will compromise this investigation.
And you guys aren't making it any better
by trying to create panic out there.
Deputy, don't you think your inaction
may have cost them their lives?
Look, me and the team are
working around the clock...
didn't put a curfew in place.
The mayor is saying
it should have been
implemented the moment the
first body was found.
Did that come
out of the mayor's mouth?
Sure did.
Care to comment?
We'll see about that.
Don't... sheriff?
They're like jackals in there.
You got some fucking nerve!
You useless sack of shit!
You've been nothing but a hindrance
in this entire investigation!
If I catch this asshole, you best hope I don't
try to indict your ass for obstruction!
- Jim!
- You wouldn't dare.
- Try me.
- Jim!
I want you gone
by the end of the day!
- Listen, mayor...
- Can it!
Sheriff Mitchell
is relieved of his duties.
You are temporary sheriff.
And you have a drinking problem.
And it just will not do anymore.
I no longer have any faith in your
ability to perform your duties.
Now, I'm outta here.
I'm going to my son's bachelor party and
by the time I'm back, i want you gone!
- No handcuffs.
- Okay.
Nice fucking shot.
So what happened
to Peterson today?
Something was vandalized.
Yeah, some milking machines
or some shit like that.
Peterson's an asshole.
He's almost as popular as I am.
Come on, let's go get a coffee.
The sheriff's department has issued
an urgent plea to the public
for help with their
investigations into the killings.
If you have any information
you think may help,
contact woodridge pd
Lisa swan's parents
are freaking out, Jim.
Did we get a unit
over to the pool?
I went myself.
Turns out she was
the last one...
Turns out she was the last one there,
to do some extra swim practice,
which isn't unusual,
but then nothing.
Anything else?
Yeah, we found swans
in the pool.
- What?
- Little toy swans.
How's that good?
Could've been bodies, Sam.
Hey, what do you want me
to tell Lisa swan's parents?
Where did this come from?
Hey, does anybody else
know about this red box?
Jim, we should get
bomb squad on this.
It's not his style.
What the hell is that?
I told you I'd
keep the mall open.
Hey, this is on me.
So do you want me
to be naughty or nice?
I've always liked naughty girls.
What do you want for Christmas?
I want you.
And I wanna find these crazies
that are killing our taxpayers.
Well, it's your lucky day.
Why is that?
Because Santa claus
is coming to town!
This is not gonna be good
for the local economy.
Have fun, baby!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
What the fuck?
Dispatch. I need a unit right
away over to vixens strip club.
Multiple 1-8-7s.
It isn't... it's not live.
What do we do now?
Call the coroner.
Tell him to bring
a lot of body bags.
Jen, I don't know.
We've been at it for hours
and we still haven't
found anything.
- There's plenty of murders just...
- nothing this gruesome.
I don't know.
Have you tried searching
your parents?
My parents?
Yeah, I mean,
they're whiter than white,
but we all know our parents
are just as fucked up as we are.
Hey, it's worth a shot.
Is that your mom?
Who's that guy?
A state of emergency has now been
declared in northeast New York
as a record nine feet of snow has
effectively buried some towns and roads.
St. Lawrence, Jefferson and Lewis counties
are still the most badly affected.
With many towns in Lewis now
completely inaccessible, even by air.
This, of course, means that residents
in the community of woodridge
are effectively on their own
trapped in extreme weather in this
town with the Christmas killer
still at large after
slaughtering five FBI agents.
With the weather not likely
to improve for several days,
it's difficult not to feel sorry
for those who are trapped...
There's a storm coming.
For Christ's sakes, fullard.
No need to get so melodramatic
about the whole issue.
I mean there's
an actual storm coming.
You know, bad weather, falling
trees, blizzards, et cetera?
I think that's really gonna
delay the new feds.
They get anything back from the
lab on the DNA for that apple?
Pear? No, we didn't really
pull anything off the swab.
Didn't get any fingerprints
that were any good either.
Say again?
I mean, like,
the swab wasn't very good.
And the fingerprints...
We don't have the kind of
database to do...
No, no, no, no.
Not that part.
Did you say pear?
- Yeah.
- I thought it was an apple.
Well, so did I, but it's a pear.
Pear... pear tree.
- What was his name?
- Who?
The mall Santa... the guy...
The Santa at the mall.
- Come on, come on.
- I got it. Got it here.
Come on.
- James.
- James? James what?
- Partridge.
- Ja...
Wake everybody up.
I've got it.
Got what?
How the son of a bitch
is targeting people.
WwW.ZooCine.Ne Watch Movies and Series!
Sheriff, they're, coming in
but the storm... Yeah, yeah.
We've been looking
at this all wrong.
We've been expecting the number
of murders to match the day,
with a link to Jennifer
and her family.
But there's more to it than that.
Sheriff, what are you talking about?
"On the first day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me...
- "A partridge in a pear tree."
- Shit.
"On the second day of Christmas,
my true love gave to me,
two turtle doves."
Turtle dove point.
"Three French hens"...
The frenchens.
Three of them.
What is it?
The song. I can't remember the...
- The lines...
- "Four calling birds."
"Four calling birds."
"Birds," the British term
for girls.
Four birds. Four women.
Which is why they left
Courtney alive.
"Five golden rings."
The FBI guys.
- Peterson's geese!
- "Six geese a-laying."
"Seven swans a-swimming."
Then something doesn't match up
here, 'cause last I checked,
we didn't have eight
milk maids killed.
No, I'm wrong.
Peterson's farm.
There's a spot at the back.
Eight milk maid machines.
Completely destroyed.
Umm... "Nine ladies dancing!"
The strippers at the ViXen club.
"Ten lords a leaping."
The mayor's son's bachelor party.
Ten of them dead.
This is good, good, good. Umm...
It's not over yet though, Jim.
There's twelve days
of Christmas.
There's still two lines left
in that song.
Yeah, I know.
But he's local.
- He has to be.
- Yeah but how can you be sure?
Peterson's geese.
Swans in a swimming pool,
five FBI agents show up for
their fingers to be hacked off.
Yeah. He's local.
Or he knows somebody who is.
You have to have access
to Peterson's farm
to get in twice
without being spotted.
Which is right next
to Jen's old house.
The swimming pool is...
I'll be right back, sheriff.
I gotta check something.
Yeah, yeah. The swimming pool...
Swimming pool... swimming pool.
Let's get some
Christmas music in here.
Did he just say Christmas music?
Front door, open.
Hey! Have you eaten yet?
Who's sergeant Nicholas Conway?
You know that frank and i
love you very much.
Mom, I need to know.
What is this?
When I was younger...
Before I met your... frank...
I was married.
To who?
Nick Conway.
He was a very popular guy and...
He was in the British military.
He came back from the Gulf war.
Kosovo, places I've never
even heard of and...
He changed, Jen. He...
He became... mean.
I was terrified.
I tried to make
a happy life with him.
He used to say he was like
a bullet in a chamber
and the trigger had been pulled.
What did he do?
On Christmas Eve...
He attacked me.
- Tried to murder me.
- God.
- He came at me with a knife.
- Jesus!
The police...
They arrested him.
I- i had to leave him.
I'm sorry.
I divorced him.
And Mrs. frenchen?
She represented you.
That's why you always refer
to her as your lawyer
even though she only did
divorce cases?
That's right.
And this happened
at Christmas, didn't it?
Served divorce papers
on Christmas day.
He said that I had
broken up the family.
He went off the deep end.
They, took him to a mental
institution to get help.
And he escaped?
No. That's just it.
The mental institution burned
down three years ago.
Nick Conway died.
- At least I...
- You thought he died?
They found all of his teeth
in the ashes.
I mean, they wrote a death
based on all of his teeth
and a burnt corpse.
Well, clearly,
he didn't die, mom.
He's out!
He's out.
That's not it, is it?
I'm sorry, Jen.
I should've told you the truth.
What truth?
You said he said you'd
broken up the family.
But if it were just
the two of you,
that's not a family,
that's a marriage.
When I left him...
- I was pregnant.
- No.
- Nick Conway is...
- No!
I'm sorry, Jen.
I should've told you sooner.
So my biological father
is a raving lunatic?!
Jen, you're not your father's daughter!
You're nothing like him!
He's killing people, mom,
so what does he want?!
If he wants the same thing
as when he was committed,
he wants us
to be a family again.
Well, clearly we're not that
dissimilar after all.
Front door, open.
Why didn't you say anything?
You know why.
He's dead.
Then there's no harm
in telling anyone,
if that's what you believe.
He's dead.
They found all his teeth.
Was it conclusive?
They found enough teeth and blood for the
coroner to say his death was very probable.
Lucy, they never found a body.
Sam, please.
Do you think I wanted to believe
this shit is happening?
Last time I saw this guy
in action he killed...
He killed my best friend
in cold blood for no reason.
I know.
We just put all this stuff
behind us.
Does frank know?
- What would I tell him?
- The truth, Lucy.
It's not your fault
this guy lost his mind.
And what would I tell Jen?
That her father's a psychopath?
At least she'd be prepared.
For this?
It could be him.
He's dead.
If that's what you believe,
then why not tell the sheriff?
I'm not so sure i believe that.
- You should tell the sheriff.
- No!
- Why?
- Think of Jennifer.
I am thinking of Jennifer!
If it is Nick Conway...
Then we know exactly what direction
that attack is gonna come from
and that's more than we've
got to go on right now.
There was a girl with him,
too, right?
But we don't know
who she is yet.
I might.
If it is him...
Then the girl could be
the only other body
that was unaccounted for
in the wreckage.
Who is she?
Criminally insane and guilty
- of three counts of murder.
- Jesus, Lucy.
All right.
I have to go
check something out.
There's a patrol car outside.
Got nothing to worry about.
Sam, I've messed it all up.
Not yet.
We still got time
to get through this.
Wait here.
Wait by the phone.
The change in the storm front
over northeast New York
means the roads could be
accessible in the next 24 hours,
but after yet another massacre,
one has to wonder
for the residents of woodridge,
will 24 hours be too late?
Woodridge police department.
Leave a message after the tone.
Hi, sheriff.
It's Lucy, Jen's mom.
I think I know who's been
doing all of this.
I think it's Jen's
biological father.
And she didn't know and
she's out there all alone...
The phone's gone dead.
The storm probably took out
the local cell phone tower.
Front door, open.
Front door, open.
Merry Christmas, sweetheart!
No, no, no.
Frank isn't joining us
for the rest of his life.
You need a new husband!
Please, Nick.
I'm just kidding!
I'm not gonna hurt you,
You're the mother of my child!
What do you want?
Well, just to get the family
back together over the holidays!
Hey! There she is!
All we're missing is mistletoe!
Are gonna love what
i got you for Christmas.
Is it a bear trap?
Well, why don't we wait and see?
Let's get frank down here
and get this party started!
Still nothing?
Let's just try and
enjoy this night, okay?
Yeah, it's okay, Jen.
Nothing to worry about.
Dispatch to 3-9-2.
Please check in.
3- 9-2, this is dispatch.
Check in, please.
3- 9-2, come in.
Bobby, you there?
Sheriff, pipers piping.
- Dispatch to 2-7-4.
- Copy that.
2- 7-4, please proceed to mount
drive and check on officer Davies.
We just got a message
from the house,
but the phone line is now dead
and Davies isn't checking in.
"'Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the house."
Not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung
by the chimney with care,
in the hopes that Saint
Nicholas would soon be there.
The children were nestled,
all snug in their beds,
"while visions of sugar plums
danced in their heads."
Ten, nine, eight...
"And mamma in her
handkerchief and I in my cap,
had just settled our brains
for a long winter's nap."
Seven, six...
"When out on the lawn
there rose such a clatter,"
I sprang from the bed
to see what was the matter.
Away to the window I flew
like a flash,
tore open the shutters
and threw out the sash.
The moon on the breast
of the new fallen snow,
gave the luster of mid-day
to the objects below.
When what to my wandering eye
should appear,
"but a miniature sleigh
and eight tiny reindeer."
Five, four...
"With a little old driver,
so lively and quick,"
I knew in a moment,
it must be Saint Nick.
He spoke not a word,
but went straight to his work
and filled all the stockings
and then turned with a jerk.
And laying his finger
aside of his nose,
"and giving a nod,
up the chimney he rose."
Three, two...
"He sprung to his sleigh
and to his team gave a whistle,"
and away they all flew,
like the down of a thistle.
But I heard him exclaim
as he drove out of sight,
'happy Christmas to all,
"and to all,
a bloody good night!'"
one! Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas, everyone!
Now... who's been naughty?
Holy shit!
Let's go! Let's go!
- Lucy?
- She's not here.
Why would he take her?
Eleventh day.
This is the twelfth.
"Twelve drummers drumming."
"Twelve drummers... drumming."
- They killed Joe.
- We need to move.
We're not leaving
without mom and Lisa.
No, we're all
getting outta here.
- David.
- I'm not leaving you!
They can't take the person
i love away from me.
I'm gonna try to
draw them outside.
Courtney, no.
We can't be victims again, Jen.
Hey! Jingle whore!
You want some?
Well, come get some!
I'm coming too!
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Come on!
We have to go! Please!
Come on, get up!
I can't move!
Come on! We need to get out...
Fuck you! Go to hell!
I like a girl with some spunk!
- No! No! No!
- Stop!
There she is.
Let them go.
- Go!
- Hey! Get away from her...
No one else.
What father could ignore the pleas
of his beautiful baby girl?
If you let them go,
you can take me.
There's the Christmas spirit
i been looking for.
Look at you.
All grown up.
My beautiful baby girl.
You turned into a full-blown
true blue hero.
I'm not a hero.
Neither am I.
But that's what they call you
when you kill for uncle Sam.
Don't worry, I didn't kill
anybody that cared about Christmas,
and that applies
to the people here, too.
But you... you could be
the real deal.
A true hero
and not even know it.
I could never kill anyone.
We'll see.
Because you and i
are gonna play a game.
And then we'll see how far
the apple falls from the tree.
You like it?
It's an ied.
Absolutely amazing what you can buy
at a hardware store these days.
Why are you doing this?
For your protection.
From what?
From people that don't
believe in anything.
You could do better
than that, Jennifer.
You gotta fight
for what's right!
No, you know what
you have to do?
You've got to kill
for what's right.
And I know you can.
You only let the light
to show the way.
- Me?
- Yeah.
Because you and I...
We're the same.
You and me, kiddo.
And I got you a brand new mommy.
You're gonna love her.
Come on, get some!
I'm not gonna love her or you.
And don't pretend you love me,
because you would never
kill my friend if you did.
How dare you!
Love never dies, Jennifer.
They're gonna catch you
and they're gonna kill you.
No. No, baby.
No, they're not.
But you know what?
If you want me dead...
Here, all you have to do is
do it yourself.
- What?
- There you go.
There you go, baby.
The power's in your hands.
Just pull the trigger.
Go for it.
Pull the trigger.
I can't kill anyone.
Maybe you have to.
Cause if you don't,
i might pull this trigger.
And you wanna guess
what that does?
Now, be a good girl
and put the gun up
or I might blow mom away.
Raise it up.
Come on. Come on.
That's it.
Come on. Come on.
That's it. Go!
Come on!
Come on baby girl.
That's it.
Come on. Do it!
You see?
You and I are not
all that dissimilar.
You only lack the motivation.
Get away from her.
You're insane!
Call me dad.
Hey, look.
Hold it tight.
Hold it tight.
There we go.
Or you'll kill all of us.
Do you love her?
It's Christmas, David!
Do... you... love her?
Yeah, I do.
That's nice, isn't it?
Every father wants to hear that
his little baby girl is loved.
They really do.
You know what the only problem
with it all is?
He doesn't ever really want
to hear it from another guy.
Don't you fucking move!
- Where is he?
- Fuck you!
- Call for backup!
- Sheriff, we don't have time for that.
We don't have time to wait.
Call it in!
We've got one suspect
in custody.
I need backup and emr right now
immediately down to Phil's bar.
We have company, Jennifer.
Okay, listen, baby.
I'm gonna make things real
interesting, 'cause time is short.
In ten seconds, both of those
ied vests are gonna explode.
But, you can pick
who lives and who dies.
- Eight seconds.
- I can't.
Of course you can. If you do nothing,
both will die. Where's the sense in that?
- No!
- Come on.
Four, three, two...
You see?
There you are.
Yes. You can kill.
You can kill.
You just need
the right motivation.
When someone takes something
from you that you love,
you'll kill to protect it.
Just. Like. Me.
You're safe now, Jennifer.
We got it from here.
Don't you listen to him.
You're not safe.
He's just gonna lock me up
and I'll escape
and then I'll find you...
Both of you!
So what's my baby girl gonna do?
Close your eyes.
It was a stun grenade.
You're safe. You're safe.
He's gone.
The horrific Christmas killings that
rocked the sleepy town of woodridge
came to a terrifying
conclusion this morning,
with an early hours massacre
at an event in Phil's bar,
the main drinking establishment
in this now infamous town.
A series of bizarre murders
and vandalism that crescendoed
over the last 12 days finally climaxed with a
deadly assault on the patrons of a music event.
Details are still emerging, but we do know
that so many people were killed and injured,
that extra emergency personnel had to be
brought in from neighboring counties,
with victims still being taken
to hospital well into daylight.
One suspect is believed to be in
police custody while the other,
army veteran, Nick Conway,
is still at large.
Local police chief, sheriff
Mitchell, issued a warning
to the public not
to approach Conway,
but to instead call 911
as he's still considered
extremely dangerous.
It's doubtful that the residents
of this small town
will be able
to forget what happened
over these terrifying
12 days of Christmas.
How about you unlock this door?
And we can have the most
wonderful time of the year.
You're never getting
out of this jail cell.
You're playing hard to get.
You like the anticipation...
Before you get the presents.
How long do you think it's gonna
be before daddy comes to get me?
See, we hit him, and he's hurt.
And sooner or later,
he's gotta go get help
and when he does
he's gonna slip up.
And I'm gonna be there
to nail him.
The only place that you two are
Is to the chair.
You're gonna pay
for everything you did.
WwW.ZooCine.Ne Watch Movies and Series!
You'd better watch out.