Once Upon a Time in Deadwood (2019) Movie Script

Lord, please!
Where's the sheriff?
Get inside.
Keep goin'.
Damn it!
Please, please let me in.
Morning, Ms. Patty.
Good day, Mr. Swearengen.
I look forward to
seein' you at services.
Let go of me.
What the hell is wrong with you?
This girl's far too young.
She was with this
when we took her.
I figured maybe she could
do some cleaning and such.
No, she's too cute to
be cleanin' and scrubbin'.
Yes, I speak both.
For you, my dear,
you are going to make
a top-notch hostess.
I am not a whore and you
have no right to bring us here!
Watch your mouth in
front of the child.
I didn't say whore,
I said hostess.
Yeah, what's the difference?
Well, hostess is what
we say in polite company.
But you're right, it's
all the same work.
Get her cleaned up,
make yourself at home.
I'll have you know,
we come from one of the
finest families in Dakota.
That's not true, sir.
This abduction will
not go unchallenged.
Someone will come for us!
Is that you?
I've been looking
all over for you.
The people in town say you
might be here, down by the lake.
My name is Ursula.
I have been reading about
you in the periodicals.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
The famed war-hero
turned gun-for-hire.
I'm not for hire today.
Oh, where are my manners?
Forgive me.
A peace offering, Colonel.
So you can consider my request.
It's quite good.
I assure you.
I'll do the talking,
you'll do the eating.
Who what?
Who do you want me to kill?
I'll be blunt, I'm in need
of a military-trained killer.
I require you to
use your talents
to terminate the men who
abducted my beloved sister.
They also took one
of my servant girls.
I need those two girls alive.
And the men who took them?
Sorry, but no.
I'm told this is what you do.
I have other
business to attend to.
Can't that business wait?
No, finish the food.
I insist.
I can pay you for your
services, Colonel.
Whatever price you say.
What I cannot do is accept the
word no for an answer to this
ever-so-urgent request.
I only have a no for you.
I'm pleading with you, Colonel.
Thank you, the
food was very good.
Was it?
Listen carefully, Colonel.
This food was poisoned.
My captured sister
has the antidote.
Save her and save yourself.
What kind of game
are you playing?
This is no game, no
boast and no exaggeration.
You've been poisoned.
The poison you
ingested will kill you
in the three days' time.
My sister is only one
day's ride from here.
We have plenty of
time to save her,
and give you the antidote.
And if you don't believe
me about the poison,
you should be feeling a
little bit of a tummy ache,
right about now.
I know you can kill
me, but if you do,
you will never find my
sister, or her antidote.
If you shoot me, you'll be
signing your own death warrant.
Your convulsions will
end soon, don't fret.
You bore than well, Colonel.
You give into your anger now,
you'll be dead in three days.
Give me the antidote, now.
I don't have it.
And even if I did, I
wouldn't give it to you.
I'll die for my sister, Colonel.
Believe me.
And if I kill you now?
I'm ready, but then you
need to be ready to die, too.
Are you?
If I'm not given the antidote
in time for whatever reason,
you die.
Howdy, howdy.
Ya'll got anything
to trade or sell?
No, I'm afraid we need
all of our provisions.
My name's Morton
and we pay fair money.
I see you got lots of
goods and supplies there.
Are you goin' far?
Far enough.
I understand and accept
that you ain't got
nothin' to sell,
but I do have one
more question for you.
We are in a hurry.
All due respect to you
and your bodyguard there,
I was hopin' I could buy just
a few minutes of your time
behind them trees over there.
I'm in desperate need
of a woman's touch.
Excuse me?
How dare you.
I am not for sale.
Well, I don't wanna buy ya.
I just wanna rent
ya for a spell.
And I pay top dollar.
Oh, my goodness.
Why'd you kill him?
His vest.
It had bullet holes.
You can't just murder
people on the possibility
of what they might be.
They were scavenger, or worse.
Did they come from the north?
Well, I'm glad you got 'em
out of our way here because,
we need to go north.
They might have friends.
And I have you.
Darlin', when I got to
this town, it was nothin'.
And I was nothin' for a
long time, growin' up.
I ate the scraps that
were meant for dogs.
I robbed people when I had to.
I did what needed to
be done to survive.
And I made somethin' of myself.
I built this town
into somethin'.
My men told me that
you're refusin' to service
the cowboys who came in today.
They paid good money for you,
and I had to refund them.
I told you I wasn't a whore.
Yeah, you told me you
weren't, but you are now.
You're a hostess,
it's your new life.
You can be comfortable,
ask any of the other girls.
I'm not looking for comfort,
I'm looking to go home.
But a home is no
longer an option for you.
Now listen, I know a Chinaman
that will pay good money
for a spunky little
white girl like you.
He'll put you on a boat
and ship you to the orient.
So, you'll get to travel.
Or we could settle
this another way.
That little girl who was
brought here with you?
Are you fond of her?
Do not touch her.
Well, I got my answer,
but just so you know,
I would never harm a cute
little girl like that.
What kind of
monster do you think I am?
That remains to be seen.
Daisy, come on in here, darlin'.
I'm gonna keep
your little friend.
You see, my wife is barren
and she can't give me a child.
So, I'm gonna take great
care of Daisy.
Then do what you were
brought here to do, darlin'.
I got a group of prospectors
comin' through here
in two or three days.
And I want as much of their
money as is humanly possible.
Are you gonna help
me get that money?
Please don't make me do this.
Look, I'm giving you a choice.
You can either ship
off to China-land,
and learn to serve
their carnal desires,
tied to a bed with an
opium pipe in your mouth,
and a line of Chinamen
poundin' away at your,
at your private parts.
Or you can stay
here and work for me
in the pleasant
town of Deadwood.
Be close to your little friend.
You have a private room,
there's a bathtub, a kitchen.
It's your choice,
but either way,
I'm gonna get my
money's worth of you.
I'm sorry, Colonel,
but I need a rest.
Even the horses need it.
You might be able
to march endlessly,
or whatever else they
taught you in the military,
but I'm not a soldier.
Time for respite.
Besides, when we arrive,
we'll need you to be strong,
rested, and with your
sagacity about you.
Not tired or emaciated.
Let's eat, let's rest,
so that we can be strong
for the remainder of our trek
and the fight that awaits us.
I have been followed
your exploits
in the periodicals, Colonel.
You've had a colorful
change of career
since you left the army.
From high-ranking
officer, to gunman.
Are all the things I've
heard about you true?
What have you heard?
That when you returned
home from the war,
your house was
burnt to the ground.
They say you went mad and
became an Indian fighter.
I also read that you took on
a gang of bandits in Mexico,
with just your six-shooter?
Any truth to those stories?
Or are they lies?
It's all true.
Especially the lies.
Oh, please, go on.
Oh, no, no.
It's not poisoned.
Not this time, I can assure you.
You see?
Oh, dear.
That is from that initial dose.
My apologies.
It's a most unfortunate
What's even worse is that,
it might happen again.
We need to go.
Sun's up.
And die of pneumonia?
It's so cold.
It snowed?
Tell me about this poison.
There isn't much to tell.
Tell me anyways.
Well, it was more like a recipe
I was shown when I was young.
Where did you get it?
Our housemaid.
A lady named Maria.
Was a medicine woman
before she worked for us.
She said that all of the
married women in the village
would ask her for it.
For the poison?
They'd poison their
husbands before they went out,
and if their husband
found another woman,
or they didn't come home
for whatever reason,
the poison would take hold,
and they'd die.
But, if they were good men,
they would come home and
their wives would give them
the antidote with their dinner.
Their husbands never knew
what almost befell them.
It's really rather ingenious.
It's time to go.
Guard the horses.
And what are you going to do?
I thought you were
in a hurry to leave?
It's me.
The horses?
They're tied, now
what's our situation?
We're being hunted.
By who?
Horse thieves?
Cohorts of that Morton
character, no doubt.
Doesn't matter.
Well, what does matter?
They have more guns.
What do we do?
That depends.
On, on what?
Well, I'm ready for anything.
We have a life-and-death
mission to complete.
You're the military man, do
you have a plan of attack?
By all means, Colonel,
tell me what to do.
You won't like it.
I like the idea of being
robbed or killed even less.
And now, you might think
me weak or fearful,
but I assure you,
I am ready for war.
Leave the war to me.
- What'd you see?
- A lady.
She's ripe and ready
for some lovin'.
- And how many horses?
- Two.
Safe to assume
she's got company.
Come on, let's go.
I think they know it's a trap.
It isn't gonna work.
It is working.
Believe me.
Just do it.
Hot damn.
We'll be takin' your horses.
And we're each gonna be needin'
a little bit of lovin' from you.
Except, we're gentlemen.
So, we'll go one at a time.
You play nice...
You might live through this.
Actually, you will do as
I say and leave us alone.
Or you die the same way
your friend Morton died.
You killed Morton?
He left us no choice.
You still have a choice.
I lured you in and you're
standing directly in our trap.
Leave now, or we
will gun you down,
right here, where you stand.
We who?
I was trying to
give you a chance.
Very well, then.
Well, you talk a
good game, woman.
Let's see what else you
can do with that mouth.
Grab that gun and
go watch the horses.
And the horses?
You killed all of
the villains, darling.
I'm sure the horses are fine.
I, on the other hand, am
probably permanently scarred
from the anguish I suffered,
nearly being ravaged by
those filthy animals.
Come on, hee-yah!
I guess there was another man.
I realize the rest of the
journey will take longer now but,
we still need to go forward.
How much further?
By foot?
I'd estimate another
two or three days.
Surely a strong man like you
can make that simple journey.
But not with your poison
coursing through my blood.
About the poison.
I didn't really poison you.
All I did was give you something
to give you stomach cramps
so that you would
believe my story.
As far as I know,
there's no poison
that works the way I told you.
I apologize for the
trickery, Colonel.
There's no poison in your body.
Please don't leave me!
I shouldn't have lied to
you, but I'm desperate!
Colonel, you can't just
walk away like this!
You can't let the bad guys win!
I beg of you.
I'll give you anything you want.
Whatever you want.
My love.
You are a liar.
And the only thing I want
from you, is your absence.
I've seen you in
action, Colonel.
I've seen your heart.
You won't leave those
girls to suffer.
Nor would you leave me to
face the abductors alone.
Turn around!
I demand you turn
around this instant!
No time for tears.
There is work to do.
Why're you lookin'
so sad, little darlin'?
Them prospectors are gonna
be here in a few hours.
You want your bath
now, or after?
Go to hell.
Someone's gonna
come for me soon.
Suit yourself.
I hear these ones have
a tendency to be rough.
Oh, I think she
likes it rough, Lemmy.
After's probably better.
Right, princess?
Hold this for me, darlin'.
Nephew, you look like you
could use some relaxin' with
one of the beautiful women of
the Gem Theater and Saloon.
Go ahead, first one's on me.
You gonna tell me
what's on your mind,
or are you gonna make me guess?
Just worried about
the new girl is all.
She says someone will
be comin' for her.
Well, if someone's comin'
for her, they're gonna
have to go through you
and your men, aren't they?
Now I know you're nervous,
but I tell ya somethin'.
When I was your age, I had
to do what needed to be done
to get what we got,
and now it's your turn,
to do what you got to
do to keep what we got.
Have a drink, son.
Get my hat, darlin'.
I was told you keep
a lookout for ladies
tryin' to escape the town.
I never thought I'd find
one tryin' to sneak in.
This isn't what you think.
You lookin' for work?
'Cause we've got plenty
for a pretty lady like you.
No, I'm here to find my sister.
Well, I don't know
anything about that.
But I know the boss will
pay me plenty for you.
Now, I want those
miners to leave
every gram of gold they've
got, here in Deadwood.
So what we're gonna is build
ourselves a banker's booth
at the end of the bar
in the Gem Theater.
Past the lovely ladies, past
the whisky, you understand?
Get inside, darlin'.
This woman could be trouble.
So, I want you all to flank
her, and I'll flatter her
until we know exactly what
she's gonna do with that gun.
You are not gonna believe this,
but you are just the girl
I've always dreamed of.
It's amazing, you know how
time seems to stand still
gazing upon such a visage
of beauty as you are.
You abducted my sister
and one of my house girls.
Bring them to me now
and I'll let you live.
Bring them to me not and you
die, right here, right now.
Oh, my.
I surrender.
I accept your surrender.
You might wanna
put that gun down,
before someone gets hurt.
Especially since
you are surrounded.
Go ahead, take a
look behind you.
I'm willing to
die for my sister.
That's too bad.
Who's shooting out there?
I don't know, it's
down the street.
Did anyone see you take those?
Hurry, hurry, hurry.
Let me see.
It's this one.
Got it!
Let's go.
Let's go.
That's them!
They went that way!
I'm tellin' ya, I heard
gunshots up here somewheres.
Get up there.
What news, Colonel?
Sorry to report.
Your sister was killed.
I was able to save
your servant girl.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm fine.
I was so scared.
They killed Abigale.
I know, but you still have me,
and your big sister won't
let any harm come to you.
She's your sister?
My father's daughter.
When my mother passed away,
my father started to take
a liking to one of
my servant girls...
Maria, the one I told you about?
My father married Maria.
And nine months later,
I had a little sister.
You're a good man, Colonel.
I knew you wouldn't
let the bad guys win.
I'm going to bury Abigale.
And take my little sister home.
We have a big house.
And it's going to be empty now.
We have lots of space and rooms.
I was thinking...
Maybe one day.
Maybe one day.
I don't let the bad guys win.
Or leave.