Once Upon a Time in London (2019) Movie Script

Early 1930s,
fascism is on the rise,
and organised crime is born in England.
Two gangs, the Italian Sabinis
and the English White family,
join forces to consolidate
their control of London's.
West End and its murky underworld.
In different parts of
town, two as-yet unknowns,
Jack Spot Comer and Billy Hill,
are starting to make
a name for themselves.
This city has never looked so dangerous.
This Sunday, that pernicious
bastard, Oswald Mosley,
will bring his British Union of Fascists
through the East End!
Through our East End, we're
not gonna let him, are we?
- No!
- No!
So, let me ask you a question.
Who here will join me in
protecting our homes, our families,
our livelihood against that
treacherous hate mongering scum?
Meet Jack Spot Comer.
Sm all part Jewish social
crusader, big part agnostic thug.
He's cleaning up in his
local man of Vl/hitechapel,
and the East End generally.
Nothing's going to stop him
becoming a serious player.
Not even Mosley and his fascists.
Mr. Comer.
Just as you said.
The top third filled with lead.
I hope you smash those
Blackshirts' brains in.
Very good, Mr. Felson.
Very good.
For the charge of grievous bodily harm,
inciting public unrest,
and attacking not one,
but several officers of the law,
I hereby sentence you to
six months hard labour.
Wes screed.
On your toes, Bear!
This is Billy
Hill, a North London boy,
but he don't mind Where
his work takes him.
A prolific burglar and a deft thief.
Ambition is definitely not
something he's short of.
Thank you, Mrs. Bennett.
Wes screed.
Alright, next.
Mr. Saki, Mr. Mike.
It's Mr. White to you.
There's only one Mr. White
here and that's your father.
Sit down, Harry.
I said, sit down.
Don't make me tell you twice.
And you can Wipe that smirk off your face,
you dirty little toerag.
There's an hierarchy around
here, son, don't you forget it.
Apologise to Mr. White.
Apologies, Mr. White,
nothing disrespectful meant.
That's enough!
Apologies, Mr. Sabini.
You're becoming quite a regular
round here, ain't ya, son?
Word on the street is, you
knocked off that samejewellers
in Hatton Gardens twice in one week.
You fancy yourself a bit, do ya, Billy?
Just got a sense ofhumour, that's all.
Yeah, well that's funny.
What won't be funny is if
you make me laugh today
with the size of your spoils.
From What I gather,
I need at least 50 quid.
I ain't got 50.
Here's 80.
Good boy.
Very good boy.
Hello, Billy.
Hello, Aggie.
Wes screed.
It's the third time we've seen this
and we still don't know how it ends.
And it's my favourite.
It's my favourite, too.
Hey, Jack, good to see ya.
How you doing?
Hey, Jack, welcome back.
- I'll get you a pint.
- Yeah.
- How you doing?
- Good to see ya.
- Welcome home, how are ya?
- Good.
Mr. Comer.
The name's Mulley.
Barks Mum.
I own four Spielers in Soho
and have vested interests
in every racecourse south of Cheltenham.
I'm not a gangster, Mr Comer,
I'm not even a criminal,
but What I do is not entirely legal,
and for that reason, I
sometimes get some lowlife
and some scum that frequent the property.
Some of them are quite pleasant and fun,
but some of them are not.
I'm looking for an employee
who can handle the latter.
In no uncertain terms,
I'll pay you a decent sum
to take care of that and as
long as you don't kill anyone,
the bobbies will stay off your back,
'cause I'll pay them a decent sum, too.
I'm not looking for a bargain, Mr Comer,
or someone who gets too
big for their boots.
I'm afair man and I expect
you to do What I ask,
and I expect you to do
it Without any trouble.
Now, if you can do this,
we'll get on handsomely.
If you can't, I shall
thank you for your time,
and I shall find someone else.
Alright, who
invented copper Wire?
Two kikes fighting over a farthing.
Why do Jews get circumcised?
Why is that?
'Cause Jew
birds won't touch nothing,
unless there's 20% off!
Comedian, are ya?
What's the definition of a Jewish dilemma?
Free pork.
I got tonnes of these.
This is one of my favourites.
What happens when a
Jew walks into the wall
with an erection?
He breaks his nose.
Got another one, a Jew boy
walks into his dad and says,
"Give me 20 quid."
Oh, useless bloody horse!
That was very passionate.
Mom says you're a bad influence on me.
V\fish I was a worse influence on ya.
- So do I.
- Do ya?
Well, yeah.
But don't wanna get a bad
name for myself, do I?
Aggie Hill.
What'd you think of that?
- Now you're teasing me.
- No, I ain't.
You wouldn't get a bad name
for yourself then, would ya?
I don't like it when you tease me.
I'm not teasing.
What do you think?
Let's try Win some money, come on.
That's my girl.
Come on, ladies
and gentlemen, come on!
10 pound, V\fin Rider, five to one!
Low Ranger at four to one,
'aNm Rider at five to one.
Get out, out!
Mr May?
I know you're in there.
You come out now and I won't hurt ya.
You can't go around abusing
Mr Mulley's pitch like that.
Don't make me do this, Mr May.
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,
drop the knife, pal.
Stand up.
Only a mug would shoot someone,
'cause if you kill 'em,
that's the death penalty.
Each time you on about
the Whites or the Sabinis,
and trust me, you do,
I ain't stupid, so once
I worked that one out,
I knew I was just gonna get a beating.
Elephant Dave's here.
Alright, Dave?
Just let me finish up and
I'll be right with ya.
Right you are.
Thank you for coming, and
thank you for sharing my
enthusiasm for the London
County and Westminster job,
which I believe will
be our biggest to date.
Most of you know each other,
but as we've got a few new
faces and as is customary,
I'm gonna start by making
a few introductions.
Elephant Dave, he's our
resident cat burglar.
He's already done his job,
hence his replica key to the front door.
Billy Sparks and Mark Bear,
they're alarm specialists.
Mr Russell fit the alarm system.
Our confidence man on the inside as such.
Big Bob, Grinning Mike and EasyAlan
will break the safes,
hopefully in minutes.
Jaguar Ken, Motor Mike,
and North Street Ronnie
will nick our getaway vehicles
and drive us all to safety.
We sure it was Spot?
I've had it from two
reliable faces, it was him.
V\filliam Hill, your
frequency in these courts
is a national disgrace, and
seeing as you are unwilling
to name your accomplices, I see no choice
but to sentence you to
two years penal servitude.
Take him down.
Gum mm 3 Age; Gnu I.
Gotta take some time to do I
I have got to make a star.
And build it straighti.
Straight to your hear.
Gotta wait eternally I.
Might take eternity I.
But While we're still apam.
Straight to your hear
I will build it night and day.
Never resting I.
Shut up!
Shut up, shut up!
Please, please Jack.
Please, please Jack, please Jack.
You sound like a little girl.
Who put you up to this?
Bloody hell.
Let's say goodbye with a smile deari.
Just for a While dear we must par.
Don't let this parting upset you I
I'll not forget you sweethearw.
We'll meet again don't
know Where, don't know when I.
But I know we'll meet
again some sunny day.
Keep smiling through,
just like you always do I.
Till the blue skies drive
the dark clouds far away.
And I will just say hello J...
To the folks that I know I.
Tell them I won't be long.
They'll be happy to know I.
That as I saw you go, you
were singing this song I.
We'll meet again, don't
know Where, don't know when I.
But I know we'll meet
again some sunny day.
And I will just say hello,
to the folks that I know I.
Tell them I won't be long.
They'll be happy to know
that as I saw you go J...
You were singing this song.
We'll meet again, don't
know Where, don't know when I.
But I know we'll meet
again some sunny day.
You're not welcome
here anymore Mr Comer.
Hello Jack.
Thought you'd been conscripted.
I had, but now I'm not,
What's going on here?
Mr Mulley doesn't own
this gaff anymore, I do.
A lots changed since you've been away,
I own pretty much everything now.
Mr Mulley alright?
What Darkie?
Yeah we're old friends, he's fine.
But your presence will not
be tolerated around here Jack,
you understand that don't yah?
Don't be silly old son.
You understand the
potential consequences
of What you're asking?
I do.
And for this, you're
Willing to risk your life?
I am.
What is it Jack, hmm?
Is it greed, arrogance,
or just plain stupidity?
Blackout, rationing,
most every bobby here
called up to serve.
Who knew wartime would
be so good for business.
Very true.
It's a brave new world
out there Mr Mulley,
Without the Sabinis, well, the
Sabinis would have ruled this
the Whites are, and if it ain't
me, it'll be someone else.
And if it's someone else, it'll
be more aggravation for me.
Sol might as well just be the one
to do it in the first place.
Well Jack my old son.
Whatever you have to do, you have to do.
Jack Spot's taking over Soho.
And he's looking for Alf and Harry White.
And anyone who tells him
Where Alf and Harry White is,
gets a tenner reward.
As if one war weren't enough.
Bill give Badger 12 quid.
Sleep okay?
What do you think?
I thought this might suit ya.
Where, am I gonna wear that?
I could be the boy for
you if you stop saying noi
I'd do anything for you,
just give this boy a go I
I'd buy you lovely things all
day and serenade your nightsi
I'd stand right by you, come What may I.
And always treat you right I.
You can be my everything I.
Where's Robert?
Don't know who you're talking about Sir.
Robert head barman.
No head barman called Robert.
Might close this place, can
I get anything on the house?
Make it three G&Ts sharpish will ya.
Who's your uncle then?
Alf White and who are you?
Jack Spot.
I'm the owner now, there
ain't nothing on the house
unless I say so.
How much is that Stanley?
It's a guinea Mr Comer.
Have one for yourself Stanley
and I'll take a lemonade.
Let's make it 30 bob and we're all good.
That's a poofs drink innit?
Grab some flowers on the way I.
Please stop saying noi.
We could walk along the streeti.
We'll be feeling grand I.
You tell your uncle that if
any his family come here again
then they're dead.
Well that makes an army in my book.
Start rallying the troops son.
I'm looking forward to crushing
this yid once and for all.
Here are love.
Now I stuck a couple of extra
chops in there for ya okay?
- Thank you Mr Comer.
- No problem.
How are ya Mrs Smith?
- Not too bad.
- Billy.
Ni mm.
What about him?
He's just had a heart attack.
He's dead.
Bloody hell.
What the fuck are you doin' here?
What the fuck is going on?
Just come to pay our condolences Harry.
For all our differences, your
dad was an honourable man,
am man.
St are not fucking welcome here.
Get out now.
We didn't come here
to cause a scene mate.
Get out.
You're here to fight Harry.
Your dad was an honourable man, a fair man
and twice the man you'll ever be.
I look forward to destroying you slowly.
Get off me.
Take him round the corner.
Look away.
I'm sorry Billy.
I'm so sorry.
How'd you set us up?
They said they send me when
I was with them if I didn't.
I'm sorry Billy, I really am.
I'm sorry too man.
No, no , no.
You don't have to do this.
Oh but I do.
- No.
- I do.
No one fucks with Billy
Hill and gets away with it.
We need to do something,
something daring,
no ones even thought of it yet.
Need to make a statement.
So everybody knows who the
king of the underworld is.
I'll tell you one thing for
sure, it ain't Harry White.
Alright, so how'd you want it?
Short back and sides?
You're the fucking barber.
What's ya name?
What do you care?
Gotta make a note for
the records don't I?
Frankie fucking Fraser.
Date of birth?
Oh for fucks sake.
Well it ain't 'cause I
wanna get you a birthday card.
December 13th, 1923.
What you calling me a liar?
Same birthday as me.
And that's suppose to impress me?
So What you in for Frankie?
Carving blokes up.
Now you're clumping screws for fun.
What's not to like?
Only so much time a
fella can do in solitary.
Thing is, I like beating screws up
and I like solitary, so
it's a Win/Win for me.
Who'd you rather be?
Out on the town with a
nice couple of Richards,
or stuck in here with me?
Fair play.
I do like birds.
Thank God for that.
Here ya hold still.
Afternoon ladies.
- Get up.
- Get back, get back.
You two face the wall.
Get up.
Go gentlemen.
Let's go gentlemen, come on.
Hey Bill, you heard
the news about Spotty?
What about him?
Well he just backed the wrong for
food office for half a fortune.
Knocked off 600,000 clothes coupons
and a 100,000 ration coupons.
Sold them all on the black market.
Biggest job ever apparently.
Me, you, both ofus.
Spot's out here making a name for himself
and we're stuck in this
khazi wasting away.
You'll be home again soon I.
We'll be singing this tooi.
Yes you'll be back again I.
Just such as sunshine follows rain I.
And I know I'll see
your smiling face again I.
You'll be home again soon I.
Well I'm reading all about
it people on the phone I.
Tell everybody here
about you coming home I.
Open all the Windows and
light up all the lightsi.
We're gonna have a knees up
'cause we won a war to right I.
They're dancing in the street I.
And jumping up forjoyi.
Bdnghe V-E-D-A-Y home mugs I.
Hear the music playing
over London town I.
Somebody told the
minister to come to town I.
They're dancing in the
street and jumping up forjoyi.
Bdnghe V-E-D-A-Y home mugs I.
V-E-D-A-Y home mugs I.
Get down get down.
I'll have five quid on
one and five quid on three
and the money you owe me.
No I don't owe you any money.
Speak English.
You owe me money, you're a bookie no?
Yeah but - There's eight of us
and there's one of you.
If you're gonna stand there taking bets,
you have to pay me money.
That doesn't.
Ada da da dah, yes
you do, pay me the money.
- But I don't have any..
- Pay me the money,
pay me the money - Oi!
Lay off him, he's mine.
Not anymore.
Dear Mr Comer,
my name is Billy Hill
and I come out of Camden originally
but I'm writing this letter
to you from Wandsworth nick.
I won't lie, it's not the
first time I've been inside
but it will definitely be the last.
And believe you me, I'm a man of my word.
I come from a large family
where blagging is in our blood.
And so is honour, loyalty and respect
and a need for constant jugglin'.
I'm doubting you know who I am.
I very well know who you are,
as I've been a frequenter
at Botos for quite some time now.
I especially like the
house band you introduced
after you took over from the Whites.
Anyway, I've been doin' a lot of thinking
since I've been inside
and I know you Sonny and Moishas'
as your loyal and trusted men.
I've even spoken to Moisha a few times
and he's as solid as they come
but, I'd like to offer
you my services Mr Comer
and I don't say this lightly
as I've never wanted to
work for anyone before.
You're different though, you're smart,
you're forward-thinking
and you're fearless
and I'd like to think our combined skills
can be a dynamic and lethal combination.
If you're at all interested
in finding out more
than What I can put down on paper,
you know Where I am and I
hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely, Billy Hill.
Hello Jessie, how are you?
I'd like you to
meet my friend, Billy Hill.
Hello mate, how good to see you.
Good to see you John.
Two Jack bosses please Alex.
Right away Mr Comer.
They've even named a drink
after me.
Like it?
Very much.
This is the high life Billy
and don't let anybody tell you
it isn't bloody marvellous,
'cause it bloody well is.
Why'd you wanna work for me then?
Well Mr Comer.
Call me Jack.
Well Jack, I admire you see,
What you done with the
horses and the spiels.
How you took on the Whites.
NM 3 man We can much gnu May.
Well, I blackmailed lives see,
not afraid of hard work I'm not.
Just don't fancy going back
to that khazi you know?
Wanna gt; Flea as such.
Work with the master
of all things criminal.
Hope some of your success rubs off on me,
some of your charm, some of
your organisational skills.
Not looking for ambitious men Billy,
I'm looking for men who know their place.
Last thing I want is a man who reckons
he knows more than What I do.
You're the boss Jack, no argument there.
Handle yourself can ya?
I reckon so.
Don't look for a fight.
I won't run away from one neither.
Got a crew?
Three blokes I trust with me life.
One inside, two on the out.
Why What hours you keep?
All Iwanna do is graft.
What about girlfriends?
I ain't married,
well kind of.
Like anyone here?
Only the best for Mr
Comer's special friend.
I just hope you can handle her Mr Hill.
The key's in the box on the bedside table.
That says a lot about you Mr Hill.
Most men never undo my hands.
Suppose I ain't most men.
I'll tell you in the morning.
Nervous little kitten aren't ya?
I'm topped, I've got
almost every racecourse
in the south of England.
Ascot, Kempton, Ally Pally Brighton.
I take a cut of everything
through the bookmakers
right on down to the
ice-cream concessions.
Average profit on the day is 5000.
On Derby Day, we cleared 20,000.
You're making a bloody mint ain't ya?
Not causing any trouble I hope?
Not if you don't start it first Jack.
Come on.
Oh yeah.
Make yourself useful.
Hello Billy.
Didn't expect to find you here.
You gone all serious have you?
Gm scum 3 WOW mks .
Yeah, something like that.
Working for that tight kike?
That's um-up hr he bucks.
Let's just say, I'm
expanding my horizons.
Tell Jack I want him out of Soho.
I'm back and I'm here to stay.
I don't think he'll like that, Mr White.
Enough fannying about, What you drinking?
Barman's choice.
Bloody hell Frankie.
Is that your bloke?
Yeah that's him.
This is a week's
earnings down the crapper,
plus it's bad for business
and now I need to put
three times the protection
on the front door to
prevent it happening again.
I'm sorry.
Sorry's meaningless.
I don't care about sorry.
I care about getting the quids in
and getting that bastard back.
I kicked him off the racecourses
and now he's trying to
stage a West End revival.
Same old drill chaps.
Put the word out on the streets,
10 quid reward for anyone
that tell us Where he is.
Lets nip this in the bud now.
We're over.
We're done.
Get your stuff and get out of here.
I know Where Harry is.
Alright Bill?
I'd like you to meet Mr Comer.
Alright Jack?
Like darts do ya?
I just wanna
find out Where Harry White
is signing out.
Yeah no problem.
I love those cheeky chaps
from the East of London I.
They're always there with a smile I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They always go the extra milei
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They're always there with a smile I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They always go the extra milei
flames and Sheredmh
and Sew? Green I.
Hackney and Shadwell and
the places in between I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They always go the extra milei.
They're fat they're tall they're thin I.
They always love the skin they're in I.
They're always there to
help you if you're lowi.
They'll walk that extra milei
I know it's Wiggle little smilei.
To let you as you walk along the road I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They're always there with a smile I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They'll always go the extra mile I.
and dawn was head 933 I.
East and on the west and
other places that we meet I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They always do it with such style I.
Cheeky chaps from the east of London I.
They're always there with a smile I.
Cheeky chaps from the east of London I.
They always go the extra milei.
Cheeky chaps from the east of London I.
They always do it with such style I
I love those cheeky chaps
from the east of London I.
They always do it with such style I.
Word from the
commissioner is the violence
is getting out of hand.
It's not good for public
moral, and it reflects badly
on the force, hence forth,
anything that encourages violence
is also bad for public morale
and reflects badly on us.
Specifically your Spielers
and every other illegal activity you run.
What are you saying exactly?
What I'm saying, exactly,
is if we're going to go on
turning a blind eye,
we're gonna need a bit more
encouragement from now on.
Let's say we'll be having to turn
two blind eyes every week, not just one.
Where the fuck is all my money?
Our money you mean.
We got more outgoings and less incomings
than we've ever had.
It's all in the bloody books
if you ever bother to take a look at them.
Why don't you come and join us darlin'?
Could do with bit of male company.
Just keep the noise down Will ya?
Not going soft on us are you Jack?
Another job well done boys.
Thanks again.
Jack, sure it's a mistake but,
I'm 100 quid down.
No mistake Dave.
Sources come to me 'cause of who I am.
'Cause of all my publicity.
Therefore your opportunities are better.
You're getting a better quality of job.
Now I'm the King of the Underworld,
I'm taking a larger cut.
Have a problem with that do ya?
Does anybody else have
a problem with that?
What the fuck is going on in here?
Get out, get out.
Daisy you get out and don't
you come back here again.
Everybody out.
It's not What it looks like Jack.
You get out as well, you fucking Whore.
You thought I don't know?
Of course I fucking know.
I know everything.
So everything was a lie.
No, not everything.
Do you love her?
You love her, don't you?
Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm not angry Billy.
I know I should be,
but I'm not.
I suspected for a While
and I've spent years learning
to live Without you anyway.
It's not like you ever gave me a choice.
I did love you.
I still do.
It's just in a different way now.
Like I said, I'm not angry.
But there is something I want from you.
I'm bored of being a bored housewife.
Wanna m 3 dub.
Brought you these.
You can offer me one of them.
Okay let me have a
look, let me have a...
Who did this?
Who fucking did this to ya?
You remember Gypsy don't ya?
She works for you yeah?
Yes, yes.
Wrong answer.
Gypsy, does she work for you?
Does she work for you?
No, no.
It's over.
You never have to work for him again.
I'd have been impressed if
you hadn't been stupid enough
To do it front of a dozen Witnesses.
You put 50 bloody poor
stitches in his face.
I love her Jack.
Yeah you and everybody
else she's fucked.
Grassing is he?
Cop's friends bought him if you don't.
You have a word with him.
Straighten this out.
Do it your bloody self lover boy.
'My pal,
grab yourself a tea.
Alright Johnny.
Hello Jack.
I wanna ask you one question.
What do you want?
Money or more stitches?
'Cause you do.
You're flaw-fie mm .
You know he hates you don't ya?
Who does?
Billy Hill, wants to
topple your empire he does.
What are you talking about?
What are you doing?
Lost your nuts?
Taking What you owe me.
The bird has a pimp, she
ain't worth the aggravation.
400 quid you just cost me.
You get in Spieler and turn it over proper
and you keep your personal life, personal.
Get out of my way Gypsey.
What are you gonna do, hit me?
Just get out of my way.
I'm worth way more than
400 quid and you know it.
Yeah, I paid you 500 didn't I?
Maybe when you become a father
you'll stop all this nonsense.
Well that should give you eight months
to change your ways.
My beautiful, beautiful girl.
On the farm every Friday I.
On the farm it's rabbit pie day I.
So every Friday that ever comes along r.
I get up early and
sing this little song I.
Run rabbit run rabbit run run run I.
Run rabbit run rabbit run run run I.
Bang bang bang bang
goes the farmer's gun I.
Run rabbit run rabbit run run run I.
Run rabbit run rabbit run run run I.
Don't give the farmer his fun fun fun I.
He'll get by Without his rabbit pie I
80 run rabbit run rabbit run run run I.
I'm a crime columnist Mr Hill,
so I will write about any
tit-bits you can give me
confidentially or otherwise.
Here is my card, call me
anytime, day or night.
I don't pay much but it
all helps doesn't it?
I'm not quite sure you understand.
I want you to write about me.
Oh, oh I see.
Sorry who are you again?
Who am I?
Hi, I'm Billy fucking Hill.
You'll do well to remember
that in future, alright?
Thing is Arthur.
250 quid's a lot of money
and I don't think you're gonna be able
to pay that back on a postman's wage.
So I think we need to be
a little bit more creative
if we don't want Billy to get upset.
So What I want you to do Arthur,
is tell me something.
I want you to tell me something
you've never told anyone before.
I want you to tell me something
you thinks gonna turn me on.
What you put on your Jew list?
Oh I got a couple owing.
Why didn't you come to me?
Went out on me nights.
He never does.
Alright Jack.
What's it like being yesterday's hero?
Calm down boys.
We're all mates here ain't we?
It's alright Freddie.
Fancy a drink Jack?
You encroach on my territory Billy
and you're a dead man, promise you that.
You got most things here but
we don't got no Jack bosses.
If I had any sensei
would of slit you from here
to when I met you in Wandsworth.
Dumped your body in the Thames.
Yeah, if you would of had any sense,
you would of.
You Jack?
Jack the Spot?
We've got a message from Albert Dimes.
He owns the racecourse pitches now.
You're over.
Say that again.
We got a message from Albert Dimes.
He owns the racecourse pitches
now, you're over and done.
I'm the king of the underworld.
Not Billy Hill.
Not fucking Albert Dimes.
I'm the king of the underworld.
Jack Spot, Jack the fucking Spot Comer.
I'm the king of the underworld,
I am, lamlamlamlam.
Oh bloody hell.
The alarm's not working.
Ah get off.
Go, go , go, come on.
To the biggest haul in British history.
Get out of that kitchen and
rattle them pots and pansi.
Well roll my breakfast
'cause I'm a hungry man I.
I said shake rattle and rolli.
Well you'll never do
nothing to save your doggonei.
Move over Frankie.
Don't work like that no more Spotty.
You don't tell me how
things work round here.
This is still my territory.
You'll be thicker than I
thought if you pull that trigger.
Just be nice mate,
that's all I'm asking.
Bit of respect, not so hard is it?
Just get out of my way.
What's the magic word?
Know What I'd really like Jack?
Me, you a nice game of darts.
Congratulations Billy,
well deserved I'm sure.
Thanks Jack.
Why not?
To your success.
To my success.
Now how can I help you Jack?
I've come to collect my dues.
Oh yeah?
How'd you work that one out?
I'm still your boss and I'm
still king of the West End.
And anything that goes on in the West End,
I get a piece of the action.
Know What?
I'll make you right Jack.
Where's my manners?
How much do you want?
This much?
This much?
Nah, nah nah,
it's not enough for the
king of the West End is it?
How about,
this much?
One other thing Jack,
Iwouldn't kick an old dog when he's down
bars you can keep but
the Mountain Air club,
well that's mine now.
Who wants a fight?
Who wants it?
Who wants a fight?
Who's the king of the underworld?
Jack Spot's the king of the underworld.
Jack Spot, Jack Spot.
A lot of people are saying,
the Eastcastle street
robbery was your doing Billy.
Well, obviously that's not something
I can comment on Duncan.
But What I will say is this,
Whoever did that job was a genius.
Acriminal genius.
It was daring, it was slick,
nobody got properly hurt
which is important.
And it was the biggest
haul in British history.
Pure genius.
And Where were you on the night?
Of course I have an alibi.
I was in one of my clubs with my girl.
Lots of Witnesses.
Cleared it all up with the Bobbies.
Can't say too much though, mom's the word.
How many Spielers do you run now?
Let's just say, more than anyone else.
So will this make you king of Soho?
And therefore king of the underworld?
If the cap fits.
Put it on.
Don't be tough, if you
can't take it rough I.
You can take it rough I.
Don't play tough if
you can't take it rough I.
That's just guys they,
they just don't cryi.
Don't play tough if
you can't take it rough I.
That was an engine when we were boysi.
We used to steal all my toysi.
If you's scratch it
and clawing all day.
It was always my fault I.
Your mama would say I.
Captain Robin was the same I.
Your daddy said, I was to blame I.
Bruises and blood all over the placei.
But it was me in the sins of facei.
Now your mama's gone
and your daddy too J...
We're all grown up but
we're far from through I.
If you can't stand the
heat stay out of my kitchen I.
Got a reason in my pocket,
now I'm just teachingi.
Don't play it tough if you
can't take the rough I.
Don't play it tough if
you can't take it rough I.
This is our home Jack.
I don't want any of your business in here,
let it ring, please.
Who isthis?
How'd you get my number?
Oi! Dave.
Lets get something straight.
You do not call me at home.
You do not summon me to a meeting.
And you do not interrupt my private life.
And if there is ever gonna be a meeting,
I'm the one that summons you, understand?
Not anymore pal, you're finished.
And I don't want you at the races no more.
That's over.
You can't tell me What to do.
I can, I am, IWill.
And I just did.
Final warning Jack.
What about Kempton?
Fuck off out of here.
Do you remember what I
did to you at Ally Pally?
Jesus mother Mary of God.
I got a put a stop to this.
Are you carrying?
Hello officers.
I'm here to see Mr Comer.
No visitors I'm afraid Sir.
You know who I am?
We know who you are Sir.
Mr Billy Hill.
What an unexpected pleasure.
It's a shame you can't all act like adults
rather than a bunch of
trumped up school boys.
At one point he really did
rather admire you, you know?
Feeling's mutual Rita.
And can you please point out
the man who attacked you Mr Dimes.
He's not here.
Silence means silence in court.
Or you'll be held in contempt.
Mr Comer, can you
please identify the man
who attacked you on Frith street.
No, I don't see him.
IWill not have my
court turned into a circus.
Where is everything?
I had to sell it.
Barristers aren't good Samaritans Jack.
Bloody thieves is What they are.
We got anything coming in?
Dimes runs the racetracks,
Billy runs everything else.
What's this?
It's a savings book.
You never would listen to me
so I've been putting money
in for the last five years or so now.
You're gonna be alright Jack.
Ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all very much
for coming this evening.
It really is a great honour
you've decided to spend
your evening with me.
Now, before I begin to
talk about my short,
but eventful life.
I'd like to say a few thank yous.
I'd like to thank the
journalist Duncan Webb,
for helping me write this.
I'd like to thank my
beautiful girlfriend Gypsy,
for inspiring me to write
this, give me a kiss.
And I'd like to thank my Wife.
Oi, you heard right, I'd
like to thank my Wife Aggie
for allowing me to write this.
We're no longer together,
but she's a great girl
and I'm happy to say,
we're still good friends.
To you Mrs H.
Oh, excuse me.
Thank you.
Oh, got a note from an
old acquaintance here.
I hope it goes well tonight.
I'm very sorry I couldn't make it.
In a spot of bother, Jack.
Enjoy your evening.
Good boy.
I don't know if Andrew
Koligi's worth it.
I could hang if we got found out.
We'll work with What Jack said,
he'd be sittin' in the Thames
and we'll be at church
having Sunday roast.
We nick a car, wear
some masks, no Witnesses,
it's easy money.
Who killed Billy Hill?
Can see it in all the papers.
Who pulled thetrigger?
We all will.
We shot and killed him.
Did you have to Frankie?
Well they were gonna kill ya.
They're just kids.
Killer's a killer Bill.
Anyway I was just having
a laugh with these boys,
teach them a few lessons in life.
No harm done, all vital
organs intact and all that.
It was Spotty.
Times have changed Jack.
The freeholder,
they don't need the aggravation anymore.
And to be honest I can't
say that I blame them.
It's all I got Mr Mulley.
V\fithout this, I've got nothing.
I been meaning to sort out my properties
for awhile now.
Just had other priorities.
Being a landlord is not
to everyone's taste,
running a pub, well it's hard work.
It's nothing that you ain't used to Jack.
It's a lovely five bedroom
flat upstairs, rent free,
if you want it, it's yours.
This is a lifeline Mr
Mulley, thank you so much.
We'll take it.
You're welcome Rita.
and six.
Charles thought you were Jack Bosby,
your bloke left a While ago.
New bloke said he'd never heard of you.
Sorry Jack.
What do you want Billy?
Came to visit you in
hospital the first time,
wanting to make sure you
was alright, you know,
in spite of everything,
I wouldn't be Where I am Without you.
Met your Wife and she said
something interesting.
Said we should stop
acting like schoolboys.
Let's stop trying to hurt each other Jack.
Let's call a truce.
I've heard you might
be opening a pub soon.
I think that's a good idea.
I'll put the word out on the street,
your place is a neutral zone.
I'll have a word with Albert and Frankie
and square it all off.
Think you're the big boss now don't ya?
What do you want me to do in return?
What you think?
What is this stupid
bloody thing you live by?
Honour amongst thieves, a code of silence,
well you're not a thief anymore,
you're not a gangster, you're a husband
and an unemployed father-to-be.
And those men are nothing
more than pathetic bullies.
Pathetic bullies
who beat up a defenceless
and pregnant woman and
they tried to murder you.
Why would you ever want to protect them?
They're scum.
They hate you.
They don't deserve the
respect you show them.
And they certainly won't
be getting any from me.
Can you identify the
men who attacked you
and your husband Mrs Comer?
Yes they're over there.
Your disdain for human life,
and your constant disregard
for What makes these streets safe,
for the law-abiding citizen,
I sentence you both to
seven years in jail.
Megs, Megs, Megs.
Here we go.
Fellas, stop it.
Get off him, get off him.
You gonna finish your drink Ron?
I'll finish it afterwards Reg.
Fair enough.
These are the two blokes I
was telling you about Billy.
Rama Km.
Ragga Km.
Good to meet you lads.
It's a pleasure to meet you Mr Hill.
We'd like to offer you our services.
Billy Hill
was Wise enough to know
when to call it a day.
He emigrated to Tangier
Morocco with Gypsy,
Where they ran the infamous
Churchill's nightclub.
He died on the 1st of
January, 1984, aged 72.
His fortune and reputation still intact.
Jack wasn't so lucky or smart.
He and Rita stayed together for 15 years
and had two children before breaking up.
Jack slowly retired from
the criminal underworld,
and ended up working as
a barman, fruit seller
an antique salesman amongst other things.
He died in poverty on the
12th of March, 1996, aged 83.