Once Upon a Time in Mumbai Dobaara! (2013) Movie Script

10 paise on Aslam,
10 paise on Aslam..
Rs. 500 on Dedh Taang.
Hey Dedh Taang...
ask Chilliya Uncle to give the horn's
signal faster next time onwards...
turning around at the
very end is quite tough.
Speed up.
He did signal.
The meals of the
scrupulous remain simple...
while those of
scoundrels are sumptuous.
Uncle Chilliya, two 'kheema pao'.
Aslam, my child...
Dude, he seems too quiet...
think he might make us screm.
The bike was at fault...
not the biker.
The money bet on me is wasted.
l haven't bet on you yet,
but l think maybe l should.
Uncle Chilliya, take the
amount for the next race from him.
l am not talking
about loose change...
l am thinking big bucks...
if you two work for me.
Your father will receive the money.
Don't waste our time,sir.
My dad could even sell me
for a bottle of liquor...
lf you are here for me,
transact with me.
Far too overconfident, aren't you?
l have no choice but to be, sir.
No one's ever tucked me
in bed with a lullaby...
Nor has anyone ever kissed my head
and picked me up when l was down
Check out that attitude!
lf there is no attitude
people are rather rude.
Javed, find work for these two.
Your training starts
tomorrow onwards.
Sir, do tell us your name,
at least.
Revealing my name will
create a dispute for my repute.
What's this boss?
Of what use can
these cradle dwellers be?
Javed, the hand that rocks
the cradle, rules the world.
The loyalty of youth
has certain stubbornness.
lt has the kind of obsession
that can spew venom if provoked.
Seemed like a big wig.
Look Dedh Taang...
so far we have only
been kicked around.
For the first time ever
someone's offered a helping hand.
And as l keep saying...
stand by those who help you stand.
They may have won you over...
but they are yet kids.
We have a whole range of
minions dying to work for us.
And yet, this kid was the
one who dared to negotiate with me.
The affluent may inhabit
the mansions of this city.
But the Lion who rules the jungle,
is born on its concrete.
Tonight marks the end of our toils.
- Yes.
We shall dedicate our lives
to the bigwig starting tomorrow.
Lord, be kind. Lord, have mercy.
And it's time for
the match to begin...
the umpire is present along with
the captains of both of the teams.
Why aren't they tossing?
l really can't understand.
lt's already 5 past start time.
The audience are
watching eagerly...
they seem quite
baffled and restless...
as to what is stalling the toss.
We should have been
well past two overs...
when are we going to toss?
Looks like sir
doesn't have a coin...
shall l give one to you, sir?
He's won the toss.
lf its heads, we'll bat.
Razzak is about to
bowl the first ball.
Pappaji seems to
be playing splendidly...
he's going to hit a six.
He is facing the formidable
Mustaaq... surely you're joking?
Hold your heart...
it's about to start beating faster.
Maybe you should hold your heart...
it's about to break.
How'd that happen...
are you a magician?
Not a magician...
l am a genie.
A genie that fullfils the wishes
of beautiful girls.
You are quite an astute player.
l used to be a player...
now, l am the game.
These black shades quite suit you.
Someone ones told me that...
my future was very bright,
since then, l have been
wearing these shades.
The batsman is on 99.
So close to a century,
and out...
My God!
God isn't interested
in today's match, l am...
Papaji will be scoring a century.
The ball has been flung,
right into the hold of the fielder.
You want to bet?
What are the stakes?
lf he scores a 100, l score
100 minutes with you in bed.
Have you lost your mind?
l am a married woman.
wish l had bet...
l would have won.
Why don't you, now?
The bet is on.
No ball...
no, this can't be.
hat bet was a mere joke...
don't take it seriously.
l may relinquish my profits
in business...
but not the rewards l win.
Come home tonight
with the whole reward.
l have... plans for the night.
l know.
Tonight you and your husband, Samir
Dixit are coming over to mine.
My name is Shohaib.
l am having a modest
party at mine,
your husband can
feast on the food...
and l will, on you...
You, me, your black saree
and red lingerie.
You are my desire
You are lethal
Your poisonous look
lntoxicates me
A surge of noise fills my ears
it rings across every gathering
l have let your passion
fill my heart and intoxicate me
A surge of noise fills my ears
it rings across every gathering
l have let your passion
fill my heart and intoxicate me
You are my desire
You are lethal
Your poisonous look
lntoxicates me
Mr. DK...
thank you very much for coming.
l love my family, sir.
Which film are you making?
l am launching my boy.
l am interested in girls...
not boys.
She is a newbie... rather naive.
The previous one was quite loose.
This one could make Satan pray.
You have stolen my heart
With a kiss,
lgnited with passion,
My heart is on fire
ln my thoughts... And in my words
l find you in everything
l have let your passion
fill my heart and intoxicate me
You are my desire
You are lethal
The red light and l go way back.
Always chasing me.
Tonight it will be facing me.
Your wife is amazing.
You are lucky to
have found such a wife.
After all, she is my wife.
she is indeed yours...
where is she at the moment?
She must be out...
can't expect her to
be here with us, can we?
What would she do
here in your presence.
Anyway, l will be back.
Mr.ardhan, why did you stand up?
l recall standing up upon
your entrance... and besides.
l have called for this meeting
to ensure no one stands up to me.
This map belongs to Sultan.
And this is Shohaib's Bombay.
This map looks like its charred,
every spot looks blackened.
Which areas are ours?
Mr.ardhan, have you called
us here to rub it in our faces?
These grand decisions are out
of your comprehension...
lt's clear...
one color... one ruler.
What if we object?
lf any of you feel they
are ahead of me...
Then by all means, mark your
territories right here on Bombay...
But do remember...
the ones who've resisted me,
lie in their graves.
Post Sultan, Shohaib is the only
one worthy of reigning over Bombay.
You cannot liken Sultan
to Shohaib, Mr.ardhan...
Sultan was a noble guy.
l don't care about nobility.
l hear the Almighty calls them over
to heaven rather hastily.
l feel, it is not
even his birthday...
he called us over here
and took away everything...
he didn't leave anything for us.
No point is fighting
amongst yourselves.
lt's all mine...
but you'll all get your shares...
indeed you will.
We shall keep accounts of all of
your businesses, starting today...
but we won't steal your right.
The remainder of your lives will
be dignified and comfortable...
you will earn more
than you currently do.
Mr.ardhan, where is Rawal?
l will explain it to him...
he won't go against you.
lf Rawal agrees, great!
lf not, l have been using
wrong means since l was a kid.
Do you think we
overdid it yesterday?
Javed, it took me 10 years
to make this happen...
to gather so much power
and funds that...
anyone would think twice before
raising their voice against me.
l don't wish for
a part of Bombay...
l want the entire Bombay.
Charity at this point,
will hurt my craft.
What is happening, Boss?
Stop the car.
Get out everyone.
Damn it, his name should
be Satan not Shohaib,
a bloody bomb couldn't kill him.
Now, go into hiding, get
a disguise, wear a veil... or...
start begging outside temples.
But do not get caught...
if even one of our men is caught...
only women will be left in all of our homes...
only women.
What relax?
Relax darling, you are
getting scared unnecessarily...
Shohaib has several rivals.
And the bomb didn't have
your name written on it.
He does not prove you
were behind this.
This dirty deed
has to be Rawal's...
but he seems to have forgotten
that what he begins...
is often put to an end by me.
He is taking advantage
of your absence in Bombay.
He thinks he is secure there.
A mosquito gets swatted
by the person whose blood it sucks.
But it's important to trap
the mosquito for that purpose.
there's nothing in Bombay that
l can't catch.
Bombay seems to be
beckoning after many days...
it's time to see whether
she embraces or erases.
Sir, the target has
stepped out of her home.
Follow her...
l want you to report each
and every movement.
Let's go.
Sir, this is a fiasco!
- What happened?
Sir, about 5 - 6 taxis have
appeared out of nowhere.
And sir, a lady wearing a black
veil is sitting in all of them.
Were you waiting for Christmas
to note down the taxi number?
Damle, what is this?
Sir, all the taxis
have the same number.
maybe you morons should
switch your professions...
and drive taxis
for a living instead.
You shouldn't have come here
on your own...
the entire police force
is on your prowl.
The meter can't outrun
the taxi no matter what it does.
You haven't changed a bit...
12 years... 6 months... 15 days.
Do you remember?
l remember vividly.
Do concentrate on the roads
though... they have changed.
Bombay may have changed
it's preferences.
But, l can still drive you
around the city with my eyes shut.
Greetings, boss.
- Greetings!
Till l am in Bombay...
you will reside upstairs
on the second floor.
lf its your decision,
it must be right.
Let's lose the cops
and put our feet up.
Yes, boss.
Where is Aslam?
Remember, the Angadiyas,
who smuggle diamonds?
He has gone to deal with them...
says he gets charged up
when he encounters challenges.
Hey! Do you want
to get yourself killed?
l have only just made an entrance.
My exit is ages away.
You have looted
me and yet saved me.
l only indulge in
one wrong deed a day.
l didn't get you?
To get me, you need a heart,
not a mind.
Hey, what the hell
are you doing Aslam?
How many times am l going
to have to bail you out.
l bet you were my wife
in my past life...
You are always making me spend.
Let it go man...
l will repay everything
someday, okay?
Come on.
Akbar bail?
Greetings to you too.
You are here, that means boss is
in Bombay too, right?
He has called for you.
Let's go Dedh Taang.
Only you.
l apologize boss...
l don't feel right about
greeting you empty handed...
hence, l got a bit delayed...
These shining coals may
make women forgive errors...
not Shohaib.
Which error, boss?
l haven't come here
to felicitate people.
l have come here
to silence someone...
he's been whispering
to the cops of late.
Who is it, boss?
You whisper his name
and soon you will hear his scream.
Empty this barrel
On that traitor.
Who is he?
Either this photo is wrong... or
the information you have is wrong.
Being wrong hasn't got me where
l stand, today...
this pal of yours...
doesn't get arrested over and over
again to hobnob with the cops...
he goes downtown
to tip them off about us.
Bloody mole.
Greetings, boss.
Time to step off the fence
and choose a side Aslam.
Let's see what weighs more...
friendship or fealty.
Go on.
Go on.
Dedh Taang, it takes a lifetime
to gain trust...
and just a moment to shatter it...
True that!
We may not be high borns...
but we must refuse to stoop low.
Well said!
You tried to chop
off the hand that...
once extended help
to us.
what are you saying...
ln our line of work, they say...
your word counts
more than your life.
And you have sold out your word.
- What...
- Tell me?
Hey, what are you doing?
You have breached the friendship
of all these years...
how dare you deceive boss?
Do you believe l
am capable of treason?
lf boss says you are a traitor,
a traitor is what you are.
so duty trumps friendship, then!
lf your heart is
against me Aslam...
place the gun right against
my heart and shoot here.
Shoot me!
words can lie... but not hearts.
Dedh taang is a part of me.
if you believe he has betrayed you,
l must be punished.
Stop, Aslam.
l wonder why they lament gambling.
l threw a dice upon you both,
and won back every penny.
But boss, why do you
carry an empty gun around?
Aslam, many have tried to
unveil the mystery that is Shohaib.
Yet, l am the only one who
has ever truly gauged me.
Mention of my name brings men
to their knees.
The capacity to drink,
the strength to live...
the balance in one's account
and the fear of one's name...
should never mitigate.
Right from the first train in the morning...
till the last bottle of liquor at night...
only hunt for Rawal.
Get to work.
You know him...
l hear he has a lot of pull.
Notify Rawal,
that his father's arrived.
A while ago, l had seen his car...
but, it's been many days since
l saw his last.
l don't know, he is crazy...
he comes in a loincloth
and chews on betel leaf.
He comes, wearing a hat,
and lights ajoint.
He is a big fan of Prem Chopra.
Hey... where is Rawal?
He is a huge fan of Prem Chopra.
He watches all of his films.
This is the information you got?
That he is a fan of Prem Chopra?
What do you suggest we do?
Go ask Prem Chopra
of his whereabouts?
He even tries to dress up like him.
So are we supposed to go
to all the tailors in Bombay...
and ask them
for his measurements.
He isn't a burn out like you...
he must be bragging about having
the same tailor as Prem Chopra.
Connoisseurs often
go to great lengths.
We need to find out where film
stars get their clothes stitched from.
l am Turram...
Turram Khan.
l want a a suit identical to...
the one Prem Chopra is wearing
in his new film... pronto.
l will pay you twice the cost...
even thrice.
Another Prem Chopra obsessor.
Look at this, even this is a
Prem Chopra inspired suit...
we even have to get
this one delivered.
l could take it off your hands...
Certainly not... what do you mean
you can take it off my hands...
how can l give this one away.
Do you know who this is for...
he is a regular here.
ln fact we sew his clothes keeping
Prem Chopra's posters as a reference...
prior to film's release.
Then get another one made for him.
Excuse me!
Look, we are supposed
to deliver this today.
Today itself?
lnside, Rawal is probably
playing dress up.
Just keep the car running.
You never step out of home...
with the fear of being spotted.
You are dressing up as though
you are getting ready for a party.
My deeds may be filthy...
but l also have a filthy obsession
with neatness.
You had promised to show me the
world and treat me like a queen...
l have been stuck under
this roof for 15 days!
Shohaib is on my trail
and you keep nagging me...
wait for the matters
to cool down...
you will soon witness my heat.
You feeling hot Rawal...
Time to cool down.
Bastard! you aren't worthy of
shooting darts... let alone bullets.
Profanity can be tolerated...
but how dare you slap me.
But what you did deserves slaps...
not claps.
Boss, l almost had him...
Like balls, you almost had him!
l had sent you to
hunt the crocodile...
not start a wild
life adventure show.
Can you hear the laughter...
can you hear it ring in your ears?
That's the city laughing at us...
mocking my right to rule it.
when your foes escape your grasp...
the world emasculates you.
Boss, Rawal might
have broken free...
but not without a broken heart.
What do you plan to do?
Kill him in bits and parts?
And anyway, not like Mona
was the Juliet to Rawal's Romeo.
Javed, love is a lot like
housemaids these days...
it comes by... does it's work,
and leaves.
So true, boss...
people in love are
like cars without brakes.
Make sure you lock my
tyre if it ever happens to me.
That shall not be needed Aslam...
the one who hungers for love...
has no hunger for food.
You wimp, coward, weakling...
aren't you ashamed of attempting
to commit suicide?
Come on, step down from there,
step down.
Hey, what makes you think
l am trying to commit suicide?
You were certainly not trying
to count fish, come on down.
Listen girl, my name is Shohaib.
So? lt isn't that bad a name...
change it if you dislike it...
why kill yourself?
Looks like the Lord blessed
you with goods only neck down.
That's no way to talk to a lady!
Talking to women is a waste
of time. lt's not in my nature.
No wonder you are alone.
As are you.
l am new to this city...
l don't know anyone,
hence, l am alone.
l am known to this city...
everyone knows me,
yet, l am alone.
Why do you always speak
such twisted things?
Even saints don't walk
in straight lines these days...
l, on the other hand...
am Satan.
You won't try to commit
suicide again, right?
You don't know me...
l am very powerful.
The world shivers at my name.
l get it.
You are extremely powerful and
hence people are afraid of you...
no wonder you are on your own.
lf l wanted to, l could grab you right
here and drown you in the deep sea.
No one will bother to investigate
your disappearance.
Why are you talking
to me like this?
To begin with, l am trying
to save your life...
Why on earth do you think
l want to end my life...
But l stopped you, didn't l?
That proves l am nice.
And yet, you are being
so uncouth to me...
Mr. Shohaib, nevermind your name,
change your identity.
Boss, what was she saying?
Want me to get her?
For the first time someone's
wishing a virtue upon me...
let us not sin.
Let her be...
anyway, people like me hardly
come across good people.
When a girl weeps, reasons
are multiple.
But when a guy weeps,
the reason is always a girl.
Fie on Shaheen's father.
The old man
isn't letting her meet me.
And she won't let me touch him.
Says she'll leave me
if l hurt him.
This old guy is my bete noir.
We are both very sad.
Our friendship is
like a tyre and its tube.
lf you get deflated,
l end up collapsing.
He is you father in law to be...
you can't fight him...
but l can.
What do you mean?
Father does not let me
step foot out of home...
thank goodness
he let you come here.
Or else,
l'd have died of loneliness.
And anyway, l will die or elope but...
l won't be able to survive without Dedh Taang.
Maybe you should change
his name before pining for him.
Or your wedding card would read,
Shaheen and Dedh Taang.
The soldier has arrived
on your frontier
He keenly focuses on his target.
The soldier has arrived
on your frontier
He keenly focuses on his target.
Oh Taiyab... Tell me...
Tell me how how how
Taiyab Tell me... Tell me how how
Your daughter is as beautiful as
the taj mahal, And we are awestruck
Your daughter is as beautiful as
the taj mahal, And we are awestruck
Why don't you
let Salma be a bride?
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
, shame upon you
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
shame upon you
The girl and boy are ready
But the priest objects
He is so stubborn
He breaks their heart
Why don't you
let Salma be a bride?
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
shame upon you
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
shame upon you
You are an old player
But we are the new
Between the generation gap
are stuck our views
Your days are numbered
So why are you
jealous of the young?
Well l know your little secret
Once revealed you are in trouble
Once revealed you are in trouble
Once revealed you are in trouble
Why don't you
let Salma be a bride?
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
shame upon you
Oh my eyes are
desperate for a glimpse
My desires are on fire
Let your beautiful
daughter come to my parlor
My youthful days are flying by
Trying to woo your daughter
let the couple now become a family
At least now Let two hearts meet
At least now Let two hearts meet
At least now Let two hearts meet
Why don't you
let Salma be a bride?
Tayab Ali the enemy of love,
shame upon you
my best friends enemy
shame upon you
You are quite theatrical!
What with all the
singing and dancing.
Well, l have always been so.
Even as a kid,
l'd dress up in costumes.
These two are killing me.
You should be ashamed.
Hey Dedh Taang, do you plan on
compressing my car to half its size?
What is it that you were saying?
l wasn't saying, l was asking...
what do you do?
l slit pockets...
and l slit necks...
Are you a goon?
l am a tailor.
That's okay...
l am very scared of gangsters...
you know in Kashmir, where l come
from, there isn't a single one.
You are going to get
someone screwed someday.
You are quite a top class hottie.
But, half-witted.
You can speak English?
Oh indeed. Fluently.
Will you teach me?
You will need two lives to learn...
l have only one.
Help me out, please.
Pay attention...
to all that l mention.
''A'' for...
A... B...
C... D, l know the alphabets.
Just want to be able
to introduce myself.
l was born in Kashmir...
how would you say this?
That's all? That's a cakewalk...
'l came out of
my mother in Kashmir'
ln Kashmir...
my father used to
work for a newspaper.
My father working for paper.
For paper...
l have two sister...?
l two sisters.
l have studied till the
11th class... what do you say...
Oh yes... perhaps that.
That's right.
But l couldn't complete
the intercourse...
l really did want to...
but l couldn't.
l left intercourse in between...
heart and body wanted intercourse...
conditions apply.
Conditions apply...
maybe that's why my English
is so weak.
l don't know English medium intercourse...
only Hindi medium intercourse.
One more.
The Lord has blessed
us with a long life...
why do you want to know everything
in a day itself.
This is enough for today,
rest, tomorrow.
Alright. Thank you.
This is Bombay.
Out here the slang is,
l thank you, now, get going.
l thank you, now, get going.
No big.
lf someone thanks you,
you say, no big.
No big.
Dude, Shaheen and l don't meet to talk...
what were you ranting on about.
What could l do,
you were totalling my car,
and that girl.
Who... Jasmine?
She is pretty good man...
nice looking and durable.
l don't know about durable...
she has studied till the 11th,
and yet l had to teach her,
That 11th is called
intercourse in English.
Dude, do you even know
what intercourse means?
till the 11th class.
That's called intermediate,
not intercourse.
lntercourse means sex.
Yes, sex.
Man, she was fumbling with words...
l suffixed inter with course
and told her it was intercourse.
Way to go, my man!
You taught her sex in the
first meeting, itself.
lf she ends up telling people
that she's studied intercourse.
Let's go, mother.
My jaw is aching
from faking a smile...
yet no one is even
throwing me a glance.
Don't be crazy...
you are soon going
to be a big heroine...
get used to these parties.
How are you?
ery well... and you?
Doing very well.
You are looking great, child.
ery nice.
Yes ma'am...
Not you... you,
come here.
You look great!!
You look no better.
Let me tell you one thing...
get rid of your dark shades,
it's night time...
people will snigger at you.
People don't laugh
at me behind my back....
who'd dare to do so
to my face and invite their death?
Just my luck!
Wonder why l keep bumping into you.
Those who are about to have a bright
luck, usually come to my notice.
l am quite wary
of this brightness...
the whole of Kashmir does not have
as many boats...
as this party does, people.
Forget about the boatmen...
come lets find a corner.
Hey what kind
of girl do you take me for?
l too, have done intercourse.
Looks are deceptive...
l topped intercourse.
Had Mr.DK not called me here
to become an actress...
l would have gone
way beyond intercourse.
You are DK's new find?
Mr. DK was right...
The previous one was a floosy and this
one could force prayers out of Satan.
Usually l get quite flattered
when people praise me...
but with you l am unsure.
Look lady, l have seen more moonlit
nights that you can count...
don't cross my path again.
Hey, you seem offended...
please don't go...
if you leave,
l will be completely alone here.
Come on then, come with me.
Back inside, l was feeling like l was
marooned at some unknown place...
everyone seemed like a stranger.
l am not a stranger anymore...
that itself is enough...
and anyway, apart from the sea,
Bombay is known for Shohaib.
Back inside, there are so many big stars...
and here, the sky seems devoid of all stars.
You want to gaze at stars?
Just say it and
l will show them to you,
to many, l have shown
stars during the day...
l can certainly show
you stars at night.
ls there such a place?
Let's go there.
We needn't go anywhere..
l just have to make a call.
Hundreds will clamour
to paint the skies for you.
How come?
l will order a power
cut in the city...
then it will be
easy to spot stars...
keep counting them
for as long as you like.
You plan on robbing the light
from other people's home for me?
No thanks...
l don't wish to see the stars.
So what do you wish for?
Say the word and you shall have it.
Are you my father?
You speak as though, you have taken me
piggyback and brought me to a carnival.
What do you want, say it,
l will get it for you.
To begin with,
l am quite stressed out...
l came all the way to be
an actress, but l am scared now.
l am a nonentity around these
bigwigs... what's my identity?
Come with me.
You wish you see stars, don't you?
Come l will turn you into one.
What's the matter?
You seem pretty nervous.
Not at all.
l am just not used to speaking
without a script. Hence...
Save your energy.
As it is, best actress award
is going to be mine.
l am going to hand it over.
And the award for this year's
most beautiful face goes to...
Ms. Jasmine...
Jasmine Sheikh.
The most beautiful face
of tonight's night.
These awards last
just for one year...
but blessings stay with
you forever... and hence...
l would like to entreat you
all to pray for me.
And yes,
l thank you, now, get going.
There are two kinds of men
in this world.
Ones that desert you
at every chance...
and ones that look
for chances to be there for you.
The ones that let go of chances
are not real men...
but today l shall drop you home.
l keep making room for chances,
come on, sit.
Tonight, l realized that you
are no ordinary man.
Ordinary men are like fruits...
people extract them,
or chop them...
or even eat them up.
Even your talks are quite profound.
Don't judge me by my looks...
they say my brain is worthy
of being kept in a museum.
what does your father do?
Poor guy was a cop.
And you?
A thief.
As a kid my dad
and l would play the game chase,
You are bound to win that game.
And why is that?
You roam around wearing
these dark shades...
no one can tell
what lies in your heart.
ery aptly observed.
Take those shades offjust once...
l will be the cop then,
and you the theif,
and then we can see who wins.
Take it off... what happened,
are you afraid?
These eyes are like
avenues of peril...
on one side you have an abyss
and on the other, a steep hill...
try not to fall.
You do look decent without them...
quiet and docile...
why are you so fond
of looking like a ruffian?
You know what your eyes say?
That you have never been in love...
but in doubt several times.
ln doubt?
Yes. Doubt about whether
anyone's made for you or not...
doubt about whether
she is trustworthy..
get rid of these glasses Mr.Shohaib...
eyes show the path to hear.
And yours show that, that path has not
been ventured for a long time, now.
Now don't ask me
to get rid of anything else...
Or my decency will
start wearing off.
ls there any left?
What are you doing here?
As the saying goes...
woman makes the world go round.
The skull in the danger symbol,
has got to be that of a woman's.
Why do you seem so stressed?
Stressed... l haven't
been able to find any rest&
tell me,
do you often meet a lot of people?
l meet people, don't keep a count.
You haven't told anyone, have you?
That you...
have done intercourse.
l did tell one&
and why not?
what's there to be ashamed of.
You are dead, Aslam&
you have stoked
all the wrong sparks.
l don't get this...
earlier, l was distressed about
having had intercourse...
now you seem distressed
about the intercourse...
why are you so scared
of intercourse?
The thing is...
intercourse is not an
educational qualification.
What is it, then?
How do l put it&
in films, when two flowers collide...
intercourse is what is transpiring behind them&
and clothes are found strewn on the floor...
intercourse is taking place...
and when a girl screams out to all
her gods and begs to be released...
that means she isn't interested
in the intercourse...
intercourse means sex.
God! What have you made me say!
Look, don't be upset&
you want to study, don't you?
Here, l have got you some stuff...
look, here's a pen&
it's quite an amazing tool...
when you twist it's neck,
it changes.
Who do you think l am...
to start with you made
me say obscene things...
and then you show
me these obscene things.
l thought you were
a well mannered guy!
But, l am well mannered&
l did say sorry, didn't l?
Or l would never do such a thing.
But you have brought
disgrace upon me.
Look, don't take
my words to heart...
ask me for anything... l will bring
you the moon and stars, even...
just remember, if l bring you the moon...
the others won't be able to celebrate Eid...
and if l bring you the stars,
the moon will be quite lonesome.
lf that's the case,
let the moon be lonely...
l won't talk to you
till you show me stars.
Boss, why do you come
and stand here everyday?
You'll only spot the waves,
not the girl.
Let's go.
Javed, what do l say?
Since, l have met her even
your face looks appealing to me.
Aslam, where are you taking me?
Wait up...
look forget the about the stars,
the intercourse and everything.
l don't wish to see anything.
Just do as l say...
and hurry up or we'll get killed.
Open your eyes Kashmiri hottie...
did that hurt you at all?
Look, this is Bombay.
Your dreams will only come true
if you keep your eyes open...
No.. one more time... please.
if l could live such a
life just for two days even..
l'd gladly accept
death on the third.
l wish l could spend
the entire night here.
Yeah, so stay put. No rent here...
and anyway,
Bombay works on two things...
one is luck and the other
is local train...
if one leaves, another one
is always close behind.
l must say,
thank you, now get going.
No big!
l owed you this...
l had to make it up.
l wasn't talking about you...
l meant Shaheen and Dedh Tanng.
Has they not met me,
l wouldn't have met you...
and l would not have been able
to witness this view.
Dedh Taang's my mate...
that's cool...
but don't speak of Shaheen to me.
He was my sole friend...
the shotgun to my car...
just him and l...
but since he's met Shaheen...
he has lost it.
Oh l see. You are jealous...
your mate is getting married
and you are still single.
l don't get the way
this city functions...
everyone is alone...
everyone has a yearning...
pining heart...
yet they are afraid to love...
to make friends.
Real friends are like tears...
they come as soon
as your heart breaks.
lf you ever doubt my friendship...
toss a coin...
if its heads,
my friendship is true.
And if its tails?
Then turn the coin around, mate...
no one will know if you are alone.
Love is that curse
Love is that curse
The one who has been touched by it,
has burnt
lt begins from the heart
lt begins from the heart
And takes over the senses
Sometimes with itself,
sometimes with god
Sometimes it has even
fought with the world
Many have condemned it
Yet everyone speaks of it
The conspiracy of love&
The game of love
l have lost it all,
in the gamble of two hearts
Why have you made me so lazy
Why did you stir
up feelings in my heart?
Gave me an abundance of love
What have you done ?
l wander without a purpose
A star away from the moon
l am lost in love
What have you done ?
l have defeated the
world and come here,
Only to lose to you,
thus is your effect on me
lll tell you the
secret of my heart,
Whenever to breathe
l say your name
What have you done ?
Or my body is addicted to
the fragrance of your breath
l have started living
it up a little more
When the shadow of your eyes fall
on the desert of my heart
l drink a little more to life
what you mean to me
l cannot fathom, but...
Wherever l go,
lts only you l mention
l have a feeling
you will accept my love
Seems like this battle l have won
l feel rejuvenated
What have you done?
lll tell you the
secret of my heart,
Whenever to breathe
l say your name
What have you done?
My heart wants to
listen to you speak
lts a raw deal l made
A profit without aninvestment
Why should l ruin myself?
Sacrifice myself for you
Strange are the rules of love
Now that our paths have crossed
l have decided to
tread on it carefree
Tell me, whose permission l need
Tell me, should a request be made
My smiles now seem so fake
What have you done?
lll tell you the
secret of my heart,
Whenever to breathe
l say your name
What have you done?
l have lost it all,
in the gamble of two hearts
ACP Sawant.
How many years have
it been since you were posted?
As many as, have been since
your birth... who is this?
Your promotion...
l have news that will ensure
a badge on your sleeve.
What news?
The corpse found in the
Madh lsland bungalow was Mona's.
Jimmy is her murderer...
and Jimmy is one
of Shohaib's henchmen.
And who are you?
The cops want Mr.Shohaib's.
Even l want Mr.Shohaib's.
Get hold of Jimmy,
you will get your answers.
Say it...
you shot on Shohaib's orders...
why did you kill Mona?
Who is Mona? Which Mona?
l don't know any Monas...
l only know that federal dogs like you all...
can't harm me in any way without evidence.
We may not be able to harm you...
but we can hang you..
but if you wish to you can
save your beloved neck.
Confess that you
shot on his behest...
become a federal witness.
lf you have evidence against me...
arrest me...
drag me to the court.
Shohaib will destroy all evidence before
yourjudge can announce the verdict.
l won't get scared and help
federal dogs like you win a medal.
Officer, nor am l going to
be your way to a medal...
and neither am l going
to betray Shohaib... get it?
get going then... come on...
you are of no use to me.
Should l leave?
Yes, before l change my mind.
The ones who walk on your path...
are the ones who often
try to cross your path.
What's the matter?
Who is bothering you?
ln his bid to scale greater
heights, he has fallen to ground.
He is a bloody traitor.
He had shot Rawal's girl, right?
The cops nabbed him.
Just command us boss...
we'll go finish him while he
is still locked up.
Sreenu caught him and released
him within 10 minutes...
he had Shohaib by the scruff
of his collar, and he let it go...
Looks like Jimmy has
joined hands with the police...
he has saved his life
and endangered ours.
Javed, if he truly has tattled
to the cops...
l will put an end to his tale.
Come on, get the car out.
No, boss...
perhaps the cops have released
the goat as a bait for the lion,
to get him to emerge,
so they can grab him...
it's best if you don't go...
you want Jimmy, right?
l will bring Jimmy to you.
Looks like there are several
dogs trying to guard the house...
that means Jimmy is inside.
lf boss has asked forjimmy,
he wants him at any cost, Aslam.
Even l have given him my word...
now, even if l have to lose
my life, boss will have jimmy...
Hey, if you can't handle it,
why do you drive it?
l will ride it the way l want.
Your father didn't pay for it.
Tell your mother to put
a learners' sign on it.
Looks like this one wants to play.
Let's go teach him how it's done.
Hey, stop this tussle...
stop this chaos.
Sir, ACP sir...
inspector Damle here.
Tell me Damle, what's the matter?
Out here, near the lodge, some
bikers have broken into a fight...
one guy is entering the lodge, sir.
My guess was right...
whoever it is, should not escape...
l will be right there.
Aslam, you?
What's happening here...
what's all the chaos about?
Boss has sent for you...
he is quite concerned.
You are one of us.
Wear that.
A lot of federal traffic...
let's go...
What's the hurry?
Bombay Police can sniff such things
from a distance.
What did you think?
That you'd be able to slink away?
Tell me...tell me where Shohaib is.
Tell me...tell me where Shohaib is.
Shohaib is here.
Boss, what are you doing here?
Aslam, tables are
turned when people turn.
Boss... what are you sayin?
l am your boy.
l will count to three.
Girls have boys.
l need a man.
Boss, l was there just for 5 minutes...
they only asked me a few things and let me go.
How is it my fault...
l have done no wrong.
Your fault is that the police have
sniffed you now...
and your scent
can bring them to me.
Those bastards have tricked me,
they have tricked me, boss.
You may be right...
but, what can l do Jimmy...
l can watch you die.
But l can't watch
you with skepticism.
Aslam come.
Move... leave...
You are mourning
over Jimmy's death...
or over my victory?
Boss, it is a possibility that he
was trapped into this?
He was trapped today... he could
have gotten me trapped someday...
did you notice the
Police arrangement...
had we been caught,
they'd have killed us.
Jimmy may have slackened... but
he couldn't have backstabbed you.
Look Aslam... my ways are clear...
Champagne for true friends...
and real pain for sham friends.
A man's virtue can be suppressed...
not destroyed...
you helped me out of my mucky life,
you will always be my hero.
Every bloody person wants
to have a hero...
people live for the
last reel of the film...
hoping that the last reel
would have a happy ending...
l want to decide the ending for
everyone in the film, instead...
l want to have fun...
heroes need me to
be able to exist...
Aslam, l am the villian.
What if l end up
messing up someday?
Aslam, you are like a son to me...
l will have an extra peg when
l grieve over you...
but l will kill you.
l only leave one way
open for those who err...
the way to their graves.
l am glad you called me...
l do not wish to live on the morsels
Shohaib deigns to throw at me.
No tension.
l planted a bomb,
but he got away...
joined hands with the cops...
yet, he escaped...
Now, l could bow down, to even
a dog who dares to bite him.
Let me throw you a bone, then.
Who is this?
That's Shohaib's latest flame.
His flames light up
and die down every day.
This dame received an award...
for having the prettiest face...
her face hit the headlines before
it hit the big screen...
Only one person could
have managed this... Shohaib.
He said it and
everyone agreed to it.
l see...
a chink in his armor.
l would say.
we have the reins in our hands...
controlling the horse,
should be easy.
No tension.
l feel like a pawn,
torn between love and friendship...
What do l do now?
lt is very difficult
to choose one of the two.
But, l will invariably bend towards...
the one who tugs on my heart strings, won't l?
She is right, old man!
Who was that?
Who said that?
ery good, Jasmine.
Come on. Let's proceed.
Come on!
Start sound.
33 by 6. Take 1.
lt makes me lose
faith in my life...
as getting what
l deserve seems like a strife.
Okay, cut it!
Way to go.
ery good, Jasmine.
Thank you, sir.
lf the big guy has decided
to applaud you... how can l not.
come on, everyone, pack up...
go home... rest of it, tomorrow.
Shall we leave?
You are back?
lf my mother finds out,
she'll kick me out of the house.
lf you want, we could find
your old lady a wonderful old man.
Oh God, you should really
consider thinking before talking.
Thinking,will slight my thoughts.
l have never met anyone like you.
And, you never will.
Because l am unique...just me!
Come in.
Well, since you are here anyway,
drop me off at Shaheen's.
Do you see a meter
attached to my car?
Do l look like
a taxi driver to you?
l am here to meet you,
not to drop you off.
l didn't mail you or phone you,
and ask you to come, did l?
Then, do what l ask for.
Who do you take me for?
l know you are a
very powerful guy...
that people are afraid of you.
Now, drive the motorcar,
Who are these people, that
are more important to you?
Shaheen wants to meet her lover...
and she won't be allowed
to go until l accompany her...
her mother trusts me a lot.
Wow... trusts you a lot, it seems.
When in love, a man is
much like half a glass of water.
His thirst is not quenched
and nor is his heart contented.
ls that so?
When in love,
a man is like a cricketer.
The mind keeps appealing
even after the heart is out.
ls that so?
When in love...
What is the matter with you?
You are going on and on about love.
l am only telling you
the advantages of love.
Last l checked, you thought love was venom.
What made it turn to elixir of life?
A man lives twice as much,
when in love.
At nights, when the world sleep...
he stays up that's twice as much, isn't it?
Looks like the tailor is wearing
his heart on his sleeves these days.
Not just my heart, my mind as well.
Yesterday, lost in her thoughts...
l reached Haji Ali from Bhindi bazaar on foot.
Who is she, some friend?
Who then? A lover?
Lover? No way.
Who else?
Quite a slice, she is.
Why don't you pour out your heart
to this slice of yours?
You think l should?
You should.
Lord, be kind.
Lord, have mercy.
You our us me...
What are you trying to say?
l guess l will only be able to say when
l will lose everything but my speech.
Why don't you ask your friend
to help you?
There is a saying...
in my line of work using your friend's
pull leaves the friendship dull.
Your vocation and the sayings
you quote do not match at all...
and what's with your language pull slice.
Can't you call a girl, a girl, instead?
When in love...
Shaheen is here, l am leaving.
But, Jasmine, listen...
lf l remain mute, l will
never get ahead of the meetcute.
l asked her if she thinks l am
her driver but she doesn't get it.
When l am around her...
l feel like a hunter facing a tiger
without his rifle she is insane...
Thank you.
Now you know...
what it feels like
to have no control around someone.
l doubt she is capable of thinking
she fools around with me...
l am a pain in the neck
of this world and she is.
This is a...
Don't another word.
l won't.
But bear in my mind, that the life
of the one who could give life for...
may be very different.
l will turn her life around
before that could happen.
l am so close to these stars...
it's almost as if they could respond if
l were to speak to them look at them...
winking at me.
Not just stars... Lord himself,
will be your devotee once he sees you.
Don't say such things it's a sin.
Let me stay grounded.
You are destined for
the wide skies, not ground.
l have dreamt of such
a home since childhood.
l saw your dream, while asleep.
What do you mean?
This is the tallest
building of the city.
No one will be closer
to these stars than you.
You can reach over
and touch them whenever you want.
This house belongs to you now.
Mr. Shohaib, it's not funny.
You have no idea of the
cost of your dreams.
Dreams are invaluable.
lf the value is high enough,
dreams can be bought.
What are you made of?
l must check don't you get it?
The palace of my dreams is not for
sale it will be built by my hard work.
Hard work can get you a mere house
not the palace of your dreams.
Look around this place is replete
with everything you need above you...
these stars crown your head and
down below they adorn your feet...
all of this is for you.
For me...
looks like you have misconstrued...
l should leave it's best
if we don't meet again.
Don't meet again.
Yes l think you
have misunderstood me.
l have misunderstood?
Yes l only consider
you a good friend.
what do l do with this house?
How should l know?
Sell it, burn it, return it.
Burn it.
l am like ash and ashes
cannot be set to fire...
but you have sparked up love in me and
are claiming it to be just friendship.
But Mr. Shohaib,
l am not in love with you.
Who are you in love with, then?
Tell me his name l will destroy
everything him as well as you...
remember, a falling star
cannot bereave the sky.
Let me go, Mr. Shohaib.
lt will take me just 5 minutes
to defame you in a day...
l can wipe out your identity...
Shohaib does not love, lovingly...
move and leave now.
Enough of this fun
and laughter family drama...
it's time for some action!
Mr. Shohaib?
Your leading lady
is rather naive Dk.
l am her biggest fan, and yet,
she is the one with the airs.
Mr. Shohaib, what are you doing?
What am l doing?
She has called my enmity upon herself
even my friendship daunts most.
But Jasmine is just an innocent,
young lass, Mr. Shohaib.
Yes. So innocent that she
could make the satan pray...
DK, satan does not pray
he possesses the girl he desires.
Get up, let's go stop the make-up the
film has been scrapped he has lost it.
- Shohaib.
Yes, Shohaib, the gangster.
Shohaib, the gangster.
He is the biggest don on Bombay...
he has ruined the entire
set have you never heard of him?
l grant you 24 hours lf you
don't come on your own...
no angel will come to save
you from the devil pack up...
pack up!
Pack up!
What have you one?
l did not know that Shohaib would
misapprehend my friendship for love.
lf men could tell
friendship and love...
apart hearts would
not have soured...
you don't belong to this city you haven't
been able to gauge the situation...
Shohaib owns this city and now...
Shohaib owns you your friendship
and your love.
And if you even dare
to give someone else a thought...
your biggest foe will be Shohaib.
Does this city not
have a police force?
The Police force exists
and they want to arrest him too...
but they are helpless.
Had it been anyone else,
you would have had my support...
but l am sorry.
Look sis now it looks like
an actress's home.
Farida, what's all this?
Look this...
This is an upgrade to radio any song
can be heard at the highest volume...
without disturbing anyone
it's called a walkman.
Sis, check out this chandelier.
Just like in the movies.
Nothing stays new around here.
All of this could serve as dowry atyour
weddings come on now, rewrap it.
Child, within a blink of an eye...
we have received
everything one can dream of.
Who gave us all of this?
Some gentleman names
Shohaib sent this perhaps...
a fan of yours?
This glamour has blinded you all...
do you know what lies around it.
l don't want any of this not
a thing throw it away.
What are you doing?
What is the matter with you?
He is trying to purchase me
do you not know who Shohaib is?
He is a gangster a goon
he even shut my film down...
l do not wish to nurture
any relationship with him...
return all of these things
return everything.
Alright alright child,
we will return everything...
but you say he is a gangster...
will he take kindly
to all the stuff being returned.
you say he is a dangerous
guy why then, are you not afraid...
what has evoked such courage...
in you look, tread carefully
as it may be easy...
to turn your back to evil
but not to escape it.
What do you think
l look different, don't l?
Quite dapper.
The thing is, to reveal one's inner self...
one must preen one's outer self.
Even l have an important matter
to discuss with you.
But, me first l have memorized
a few lines...
with much difficulty if
l fumble it will be a huge mess.
You look quite pleased.
Don't say anything
that might make me cry.
From where l am...
the candle light is making your eyes
resemble the head lights of a police jeep.
l refuse to bring tears
to these eyes and get arrested.
- No don't stop me...
the thing is my...
heart has been attacked by love.
Aslam we cannot interact
with each other anymore.
You have got to be kidding me.
Why don't you understand my mother
wants to get me married off...
she has even put up an ad
in a matrimonial...
Kashmiri educated well off...
she has mentioned all the details about me, as well
All the details all of them
did she mention that...
you have envisioned dreams and
not comfort did she mention that...
you are a wish that only comes true
if worked on did she mention that...
you are like moon
and very fond of stars that...
you toss a coin to assess
friendship did she mention that...
you are like a dream that
could give one, sleepless nights.
No Aslam...
she hasn't mentioned any of this
because no one knows all this about me.
Even my soul is acquainted
with all of this.
My beloved
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
l have lost...
From me you have separated
l am Lost in your thoughts
My days mock me
The night,
gossips about your absence
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved,
your love means the world to me
l dream of you,
while l am still awake
You have taken
over my sleep as well
l stay awake counting stars
ln the moon l see
your face embedded
ln the nights you are a punishment
ln the day you are intoxication
As ln your thoughts l am enraptured
My days mock me
The night,
gossips about your absence
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
Boss, since when are you a reader?
Dude, l am not good with words...
and women pay do not heed you,
till you use the right words.
That's the problem with women...
we give away our hearts without a thought,
they do not even give us a thought.
What is the matter with you?
You look rather gloomy.
l have been jacked, boss.
l can't even swallow water...
let's drink today,
rum, whiskey, anything.
Another one bites the dust.
Boss, l have learnt one thing.
A woman can turn a man's life
to heaven...
and a woman can also send
a man to heaven.
Aslam, love is a big riddle.
lf you get it, it's like
an almond if not, you get peanuts.
Boss, you know you needn't worry.
A glance from you is enough
to get a girl to plan a wedding.
You are right...
come on, tell me,
who is she...
where does she stay
what does she do...
tell me why are you keeping mum?
Okay, tell me her name
we'll abduct her tell me.
lf l say her,
l will end up telling her tale.
And the tales of
love are not for sale.
You tell me, who are writing to.
There is this girl a new heroine...
her name is...
Aslam, your line may
not connect your girl's...
but your Shohaib's bell has rung.
Go, get her.
Building no. 22, Antop hill.
And listen, which building, again?
22, Antop hill.
Correct, and listen...
get her carefully,
she is your sister in law.
l could make a thousand
excuses to meet you
But l know you wona ''!t meet me know
l will make many
a visits to your place
But return empty handed
Mixed in my breath
You are the smoke of love
l am Lost in your thoughts
My days mock me
The night,
gossips about your absence
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved has become a part of me
My love is in your heart,
my beloved
My beloved,
your love means the world to me
My beloved,
your love means the world to me
You cam all the way here?
Did l not tell you that
nothing could happen between us?
Why have you come here, Aslam?
For God's sake leave me alone.
Leave, before anyone can spot you.
l haven't come here for myself.
What do you mean?
My boss, Shohaib has sent me...
for you.
You work for Shohaib?
You are the one boss loves?
The wound is not very deep...
but, she has lost a lot of blood...
which is why she is unconscious...
she will get better, soon.
if anything happens to her...
your postmortem is certain.
Come with me...
let me tell you how it works.
You have started loving her.
You can't leave this girl
and nor can l.
Both of us... love Jasmine a lot.
No, boss. Who said so?
- l said so...
you and me...
and Jasmine between us.
And thus, the fight begins.
No, boss.
- Not for real, silly...
but, to lure Rawal out of
his hideout, we can pretend so.
l don't understand.
Rawal should get the whiff of the
conflict between us over Jasmine...
an enemy of an enemy
is a friend...
as soon as he hears this,
he will try to join hands with you.
That's when we
will nab him and his men.
Boss, do we need to drag
Jasmine between all of this?
The world knows that friendship
wanes in front of love...
Aslam, get prepapred
to die for love.
Aslam has made a big mistake.
Boss will never forgive him.
This is like a brother-in-law
falling for his sister-in-law
lf Aslam so much as glances at her,
boss will gouge his eyes out.
Loyalty comes to an end, the
moment a girl enters the picture.
Aslam has lost it. He has
put his hand in lion's mouth.
lf boss catches him,
Aslam will be dead.
Aslam has chosen the wrong path.
l have decided...
l will leave your life...
end of story.
The thing l wanted to say to you...
l cannot say to myself, anymore...
that l...
that l love you a lot.
When a girl drives a wedge
between men, they forget loyalty.
The strings that Aslam has loosened,
will be the noose around his neck.
Could he not find anyone else?
How could he fall for bss's girl?
Aslam has turned
loyalty to betrayal.
Will boss chop his head off.
lf boss catches him.
Aslam has made a big mistake.
Will boss chop his legs off.
ln my line of work, they say...
three's a crowd.
lt had to happen with me...
l was on the verge
of hurting my benefactor...
l have sinned.
The moment, you gain consciousness
and boss gets Rawal...
l will...
thank you and get going.
ls it true, Chote?
l hear Shohaib's right hand
man has turned into his bete noir?
100 %, guaranteed news.
Aslam solicited
me for assitance too.
But, l do not want
to mess with Shohaib.
When we shot Jasmine,
they were together...
if l had known, l would have shook
hands with him instead of shooting.
Anyway, l will do it now...
no tension.
My heart is very stubborn...
l tried to appease it and tell it that
it would have to separate from you...
but it won't listen.
l am standing on a fence...
on one side, there's boss...
and on the other, there's you.
You are Aslam, right?
You have got a call.
l am extending my
hand over the phone...
shake it...
l will get the job done...
a house wherever you want...
the car you want...
the amount you quote...
you just have to tell me
where Shohaib is.
Post that, you and Jasmine
will be free and me too.
No one knows the consequences
of betraying Shohaib like you...
yet, you are asking me
to go against him.
You went against him,
the day you got close to Jasmine.
l know him since l was a kid...
he won't harm me.
Aslam, you are a nice guy.
Even if you were to leave Jasmine
for him, he will not forgive you.
When she will be forced to love Shohaib...
you will be resting in peace...
no tension.
When she would need to
bury her head in your chest...
you would already be
buried underground...
no tension.
lf, Shohaib were
to be weeded out...
throughout your life
you will have... no tension.
are you listening to me, Aslam.
l am listening.
Tell me where Shohaib is.
Hotel Sheesh Mahal...
kill the bastard.
l don't know if l have done
the right thing or not...
but l did not have a choice.
How dare you shoot my Jasmine...
my Jasmine...
how dare you.
had you asked me for Bombay,
l would have given it to you...
but, you shot Jasmine...
this is the end.
Boss, we will have to leave
Bombay today itself...
so many people have
seen you murder him...
and anyway, Rawal is dead...
our work is done...end of story.
ln a short while, there
will be police dogs everywhere...
the entire city will be cordoned
off by the cops..
and the cops... - Why
do you keeping saying police...
are you crazy.
Akbar, stop in front
of the police station.
What are you doing, boss.
This place is very dangerous.
Yes sir, the news is sure.
Rawal was the one who died...
Shohaib was the one who killed him.
l have sent two gypsies
at mauka-e-vardaat.
Sawant sir has ordered
immediate cordoning...
this time, Shohaib must not escape.
Just a black-and-white photo
of a man with so many colors
l must ask Javed to
send them another one.
Today, everyone shall
drink an extra peg...
l have conquered
both the domains...
the heart as well as the world.
Boss, please do not invite Aslam.
He will rain on your party...
he seems to be lost in
his own world, these days.
He had come to me as well...
he looked lovelorn enough
to be Romeo's cousin.
He is quite upset these days,
he loves that girl a lot.
Who is this girl?
How is she?
She is a very nice girl...
only, she tends to
be daft as a brush...
One day, Aslam, told her that...
her educational qualification
was called intercourse in English...
she took his word for it and went
around telling everyone that...
she has intercourse.
What is her name?
What happened, boss?
- What is her name?
What are you doing?
l must get out of here, Aslam.
Help me.
No need to be scared...
Shohaib is there for you.
where is he?
He will be here.
Take me away before he gets here...
take me somewhere far...
help me.
Save me from Shohaib.
Free me from Shohaib...
or inject poison in me
and kill me right here.
l bet he has been turning
Jasmine against me.
l will crush him like l would,
a snake.
ln stead of ruining my life...
it is better l end my life.
l am scared of Shohaib.
Your love has changed him.
No, Aslam...
the mannerisms of people
like Shohaib may change...
but, not their nature.
Deceiving is like
second nature to him...
even, the day l took him under
my wing, he was deceiving someone.
Shohaib loved you a lot...
l know it.
His love is out of pride...
and by force...
it isn't love... it cannot be love.
Boss will make you very happy...
he will make your dreams
come true before you can see them.
even you won't help me Aslam...
but, he can only snatch me...
he will never have me.
Just like l won over Bombay,
l will also win over Jasmine.
l was going to meet Shohaib and
kill myself in front of his eyes...
to prove to him that l am not
some city that he can conquer...
that he can hold in his fist.
We must leave here, right away.
Find him.
So, you don't love boss...
you showed me the door too...
what's the matter?
ls there someone else?
l rejected you only because l did not
you to land up in trouble due to me.
And what about now?
What about now?
Did you think l would be willing
to run away with just anyone?
lf Shohaib escapes again...
we will have to approach the Embassy instead of the moles...
to get tipped off about him.
This is our last chance.
We have gheraod all the highways,
stations and airports...
his purpose of coming to
Bombay was to kill Rawal...
hence, he will definitely
try to flee Bombay...
but he won't be
successful in doing so.
Aslam, how did this happen?
ls everything alright?
Uncle, look after Jasmine.
Do not worry nothing
will happen to you.
And you?
Me and boss are closer
than blood brothers...
he may whack me a little out of rage
but he will never truly harm me.
it is the end of your tenure and
the beginning of boss's with Jasmine.
You put an end to 12 years
of affinity with one bullet...
if it's come to this know that
l am only alive...
for Jasmine.
now everyone has
to be buried some day...
if l prostate myself while still
alive, my life will be soiled.
Aslam, the fault is mine...
l sent Akbar...
a grave mistake no one else
will touch you...
now no one will lay a hand upon you
no one will face you know why?
Because, bastard,
only l will kill you, now.
Alright then,
you stay true to your word...
and l won't turn
my back to my word.
Boss, we don't have a lot of time.
When relationships are so fragile...
ending them does not require a lot of time.
l will take care of Aslam
l will get Jasmine too...
you must leave here...
every second step has 4 cops...
it won't be wise
of you to go to Dongri right now.
Shut down Dongri...
ban the lawmakers from every
entrance and exit to Dongri go.
Okay boss.
Shohaib wait,
Shohaib don't do this...
vanquishing your dear ones
will won't make you victorious.
lf l let him go now,
the world will laugh at me.
Why do you care for the world?
Think about Jasmine.
Jasmine is mine alone...
Aslam has reduced his life's
worth by harboring costly desires.
The fight for love should be chaste Shohaib...
yours is just a chase if you kill Aslam...
Jasmine will be as good as dead
and even if she lives...
even her life even her life
will be ruined like mine.
l have ruined your life?
A house, clothes, jewelry l have
given you all of these valuables.
You gave me many valuables and
took away everything invaluable.
You gave me joy,
but not the kind l could share...
you gave me presents, but not the kind
l could praise you swept me to the skies...
and took away the ground
from under my feet.
lf you are so unhappy,
how about l stop your breathing.
End it Kill me...
that's all you can do...
chop off the head that faces you...
l don't want this life
l am tired of running...
of hiding,
of listening to people's taunts...
if you don't stop right now, Shohaib,
soon Jasmine will take my place.
Do not invite such ill will, that
people start willing your death...
asking you to make good,
would be pointless...
but, if possible,
try to spare one life...
try to be the hero for once.
Being a hero would
tarnish my identity.
Son, it's best to call for a truce.
These are matters of heart, uncle.
A truce without bruise
is not possible.
Look at your state.
You cannot even stand...
how will you face Shohaib?
Courage does not need
feet to march ahead.
ACP Sawant.
Sawant sir, Shohaib is in Dongri.
When l first met you,
you only reached my knees...
Today, l will have
to bring you down to your knees.
lt is very easy to shout out...
half baked threats over
a phonecall worth half a penny...
just like it is, to turn tail,
instead of facing me.
Your blood is not
thick enough Aslam.
You could not do
right by your loyalties.
At least try to do right
by your your virility... get up...
get up...
fight back.
Rise, Aslam...
or you will forever fall
in the eyes of the one you love.
Can't you think of any
sayings from your line of work...
tell me, Aslam.
Look, the love of your life
is watching you...
look at her, bloody coward.
Nothing is going
to happen to you, Aslam.
Shohaib... how many more
allies do you plan on killing...
l feel sorry for you...
you may have the world in your palms,
but even your shadows are averting you.
You think you are
superior to the others...
l have never come across
a more inferior being that you.
This place,
these people and this city...
and yet, you stand all alone...
do you know why?
Because relationships are
formed by feelings... not by force.
l used to think,
no man can be evil...
but you have proved me wrong.
l hate you now.
Go away, leave us alone.
For God's sake, leave us alone.
Who claims, that morals
are only found in books...
l managed to hold this city.
But my heart,
slipped out of my hand, like sand.
l could not even
fight and yet, l lost.
Do you know?
l used to look at myself in
the mirror and secretly, laugh...
now my fear, taunts me
by repeating your name...
since childhood, this city
has given me all of my rights...
look... it turned it's back
when it came to love...
and people say
l am the bad guy.
lf someone were to take you away from me now...
my pride, will have to accept defeat.
The conspiracy of love,
The game of love
l have lost it all,
in the gamble of two hearts
Why have you made me so lazy
Why did you stir
up feelings in my heart?
Gave me an abundance of love
What have you done ?
l wander without a purpose
A star away from the moon
l am lost in love
What have you done ?
l have defeated the
world and come here,
Only to lose to you,
thus is your effect on me
lll tell you the
secret of my heart,
Whenever to breathe
l say your name
What have you done ?
Or my body is addicted to
the fragrance of your breath
l have started living
it up a little more
When the shadow of your eyes fall
on the desert of my heart
l drink a little more to life
what you mean to me
l cannot fathom, but...
Wherever l go,
lts only you l mention
l have a feeling
you will accept my love
Seems like this battle l have won
l feel rejuvenated
What have you done?
lll tell you the
secret of my heart,
Whenever to breathe
l say your name
What have you done?
My heart wants to
listen to you speak
lt's a raw deal l made
A profit without aninvestment
Why should l ruin myself?
Sacrifice myself for you
Strange are the rules of love
Now that our paths have crossed
l have decided to
tread on it carefree
Tell me, whose permission l need
Tell me, should a request be made
My smiles now seem so fake
What have you done?