Once Upon a Time in November (2017) Movie Script

Inspired by authentic events.
Contains documentary footage shot
on Independence Day, Poland, 11 November 2013.
The documentary footage
was shot by cinematographers
and the director who witnessed
the events at first hand.
In a film by Andrzej Jakimowski
Once Upon A Time In November
to my mother
Why are you locking it?
To stop people breaking in.
But I don't have the key.
It was you who broke in.
That's why you don't have the key.
Excuse me!
Come here, please!
Over here.
Basia, a glass for the teacher.
There you go.
It's so cold today.
Mum, let's go.
Thank you.
THE CLINIC SQUA It's closed.
But you've opened up.
So it's open.
That is very closed, mate.
I'm sorry, all the guest rooms are full.
There's no room.
Yeah, but they're moving to Syrena, so...
This is the common room, shared space.
Sometimes things go on all night.
No chance.
It's just for one person.
And a dog.
I'll take the dog.
No, you won't!
He's mine.
He's just a stray.
You don't know who the owner is.
Here boy.
No. You have to leave.
Kole, here!
These are administrative proceedings.
And then judicial-administrative
And higher still
the European Court of Human Rights.
We smell a rat...
The ability to be a legal entity,
to participate in legal formalities.
The right to engage in legal activities.
It applied freemen from birth.
homo liber
It didn't apply to slaves.
Till death.
when the sign of life
was crying - the Proculeans,
or any other sign.
You'll lose your place
if the dog comes back.
Look after him.
When did you lose that fucking tooth?
You seeing that tall girl?
Yeah, she's awesome...
Was it a race or something?
I started in first.
And then I was hooked.
And then I was hooked.
Is it working out with her?
It's fucking amazing.
That's what counts.
It's fucking dirty!
Do it right!
The soft cloth, the soft cloth.
Sister Kazia found him under the bed.
And he growled at her.
What else do we have?
We have a question...
We're doing a play...
about social exclusion.
Can we rehearse here?
About 5 or 6 people.
When would it be?
After lessons and at weekends.
All the lessons here are after school.
For people who can't afford to pay.
What about Sunday?
Micky teaches English on Sunday.
And he's taught Polish on Saturday.
That right, Micky?
Yeah, that's right.
Maybe Saturday morning.
That works for us.
Any objections?
OK, girls, that's sorted.
Now squat business.
See you.
See you later. Bye.
I've got a question.
About a place to stay.
For one person.
Do you know anyone?
Anyone know him?
I do.
This is a bit different.
It's an eviction.
It's your mum, right?
- Yes.
The evictions on Nowogrodzka Street.
You should have said.
But there's still no free space.
The Syrians slept in the common room.
But they have a kid.
Any ideas?
No chance?
Afraid not.
OK, see you.
He was in your class...
It's great that he got to university.
Shall we go, mum?
Thank you.
Why did you lock the padlock?
You don't have the key.
You can open it without a key.
How many times must I break in?
People leave the doors unlocked
to avoid break-ins.
A padlock means
they prefer us to break in.
Why not a place that isn't locked?
It's nice and tidy here.
I can get the floor clean.
Here boy.
Turn it off!
Who the fuck's sleeping there?
Let's wake him up.
Can't sleep here, scruff!
You fucking cunt!
Get the fuck out!
Hold on, I'll wake the fucker.
Get out of here!
You fucking cunt!
Get out of here!
Get the fuck out of here!
Wakey-wakey and get out!
Go, or you'll be late.
I'll carry the stuff in.
I don't have lectures till 10.00.
Off you go.
OK, bye.
Hi, Marek.
Mum feeling any better?
Yes, thank you.
Is Chris at home?
Yes, but he's asleep.
It's empty.
They're throwing everyone out.
It has to be empty
before it's sold.
Let me.
See if they're evicting anyone.
They might come up.
Piss off and catch criminals,
don't throw decent people
out of their homes...
you rotten bastards...
that'll be here.
Excuse me.
Who are you throwing out today?
This way.
Shame on you!
Open up or we'll drill the lock.
Get lost, you bastards!
Fuck off!
Where did you sleep?
At a friend's place.
You're lying.
If you're not back tonight,
my dad'll throw you out.
He will,
you'll see.
From the house or the garage?
Excuse me!
Have you seen a woman with a dog?
She's in the office.
He let me in out of the rain.
Where's your hat?
Kole, get down.
Get down.
It's not damaged.
I'll stick it back on.
Don't turn the light on.
Come here, it's warmer.
I'll buy a prescription
and bring it later.
The dog can't stay here.
You can't keep dogs here.
It's forbidden.
Your hat.
Put it on for me.
Anything else?
I have a question.
Do you have a free place?
For a dog.
This is a squat, not an animal shelter.
We don't keep dogs here.
But we have two dogs.
They do have an owner, but...
Don't look at me.
I'm not taking another.
Is it big?
He's pretty small, but smart.
He can do a lot of stuff.
Like what?
Like smell a uniform through a door.
Through a wall.
They come here incognito.
In flagrante.
That's what he said in court.
"I was in flagrante, your honour."
Can that dog sniff out uniforms?
Here. Here.
Don't you need the lead?
What for?
We're free here.
Visiting hours are till 10.00.
It's medicine for my mum.
It's a course of treatment.
What's her name?
Home! Home!
What did you do?
I just took the key.
Why so late?
Because I love Ola.
Come in through the door.
He said he'd been at the squat.
But he came back for the night.
At this time?
Is this a by-the-hour hotel?
You be quiet.
Let him stay at the squat then.
I'm getting a room in a dormitory.
I don't know.
go to bed, would you?
How could he get through the bars?
His head's too big.
But the rest is thinner.
Why did you tie him up?
Look behind the pallets.
Is Kole with you?
No, those cats annoy him.
Where is he then?
At the Clinic?
He ran away.
He's at the car wash.
There's a shed, so he stays dry.
Do anarchists annoy him too?
It's fucking clean.
Should be white as a communion dress.
He's made a den.
It's dry and out of the wind.
Past its sell-by date.
It's expired.
Is there a bar open around here?
I don't know.
Hello, excuse me...
Are you here to see me?
My office is closed today.
Please call and make an appointment.
Mondays and Tuesdays.
Excuse me.
You've frozen my bank account,
but it's not just my benefit...
There's also a grant.
Please let me pass.
It's my son's grant.
Stand up, please.
Why should I?
Please comply, or we'll use force.
Get up, mum.
What are you saying?
What are you saying?
You're too young to give me orders.
Take our stuff!
Don't push her around!
That's the report.
You're free to go, madam.
I'm waiting to see my statement.
My mum is with me.
Have you been questioned?
Yes, on my request.
And I submitted a complaint.
I want to sign my statement.
I'll come back to sign the statement.
- Did you sign anything?
- No.
Are you sure?
I've got some scraps for the dog.
Don't "mum" me!
Many people were shot here...
Even children.
How did grandpa die?
Do you even know?
Which grandpa?
My grandpa!
Who was killed in the Uprising?
Mr Przecki?
That's me.
Come this way.
To the right.
No, no, down here.
Keep going. Left here.
Down here.
A complaint?
Be my guest.
"Poland has not yet perished,
As long as we still..."
(Polish National Anthem)
Get him out of here.
Don't mix me up in politics.
Black and white, spotty, I'll show you.
Similar... but it's not him.
Where's the sewing room?
Left after the birch trees.
Hi, Marek.
What are they, epaulets?
No, stripes.
Stripes on faces.
Stripes on faces?
I've found a flat.
Come and talk.
Are you coming?
Don't be so secretive.
I used to teach Julka.
She's known me for 10 years.
She knows our situation.
One room. It's warm.
They don't mind the dog.
Where is it?
In the suburbs.
But I'm settling in here.
Did you think about me?
Do you need all this?
Come with me.
Don't pull me.
Come and see the room.
Is this your new family? In the squat?
Calm down.
Why those badgers?
Are you mad?
They're costumes for an eco-protest.
I suppose you mean
introducing slavery?
Rather protecting the slaves.
Slavery is already in place.
Look at banking law,
with banking enforcement...
Bank enforcement needs writs of execution.
From the courts.
The courts disregard legitimacy.
Homeless people are killed on the streets.
Are pedigree dogs ever beaten to death?
I've never heard of it.
Dogs like that...
are worth thousands.
But no dog is a legal entity.
While a debtor is.
Like every human being.
The rights of debtors
are a fiction in our legal system.
An evicted person
doesn't even have a postal address.
But our courts treat letters as delivered
after two failed attempts.
The poor soul may even be unaware
they've been deprived of most of their
human rights.
And animal protection laws don't apply.
It's the lift motor.
Do you like it?
It's cold.
Will it warm up?
Not yet, there's no electricity.
But it's plugged into the neon sign.
Come here.
Going to bed in shoes?
Leave the radio on.
Mr Przecki?
Yes, I came about the flat.
When are you moving in?
This evening, I think.
Kill the Reds with a hammer and a sickle.
Let's catch the bus.
Are you OK?
Your ears are cold.
If I'm not back for the night,
my father'll throw me out.
You too.
Take care.
Come to see mum?
She's "mum" to me, "missus" to you.
Mrs Mum?
Coming in or leaving soon?
You'll be locked in.
I'll make it. Let me in.
Leave a way through.
Over there.
I'm staying here, I'm not moving.
Too late,
it's started.
Great Poland! Catholic Poland!
The nationalists are coming!
Leftie scum!
Queers to the gas chambers!
We'll fucking kill you!
Leftie shit!
Fuck you, cunt!
Not now, come and help!
Get back!
Take it away!
Throw it outside!
God, Honour, Fatherland!
Here boy.
Don't go out!
He's my dog!
Move aside!
Come on, you cunts!
He's there! Look!
Get down!
Over there!
I'll fucking kill you!
He's there!
Get down!
Come back!
Look out!
Marek, come back!
Here boy!
Fuck you!
Get back!
We'll fucking kill you!
Link arms!
Calm down!
Hey, this is fucked up, go back!
Let's keep going!
Polish and proud!
Kill the Reds with a hammer and a sickle.
God, Honour and Fatherland!
Germany and France, here's your tolerance!
Kill the Reds with a hammer and a sickle.
Great Poland!
Kill the Reds with a hammer and a sickle.
Great Poland!
Where are your flags, Poles?
Where are your flags?
The nationalists are coming!
Are you staying with us tonight?
My father's moved his desk,
you can sleep in his study.
What about the dog?
What dog?
Kole, that mongrel. That stray.
We are Polish and proud!
Glory to the heroes!
We are Polish and proud!
Kill the Reds with a hammer and a sickle.
National Radicals!
Sure you want to come in?
We're together.
Loads of neo-Nazis around.
Bracka and Krucza Streets.
Go back to sleep.
The police are outside.
They'll just stand and watch.
Go back to sleep.
why don't you go to bed?