Once Upon a Time in Vietnam (2013) Movie Script

This song...
...always breaks my head.
Your playing is even better than before...
If that's even possible.
I've had some time to work on it.
Of all people, they sent you.
I took an oath and I broke it.
I'm not going back.
Then it is fate.
Finish it!
General Long's orders...
...death penalty for all deserters.
Once upon a time...
...that's how mother
would start every night.
Before the irresistible warmth
of sleep...
Once upon a time foreign
invaders came from distant lands...
...to conquer our beloved country.
Time and time again,
they were exorcized...
...by the most elite of the Monk-Hood.
The elite of these elites
were known as The Masters.
When peace was restored,
some of their brothers.
But the Masters stayed behind,
bound by an oath to protect our nation.
Somebody says
they were forced to make...
But ask those who have been to battles.
Once your eyes have seen war...
...there is no returning home.
I hold my face in my two hands.
No, I'm not crying.
I hold my face in my two hands...
Two hands protecting...
Two hands nourishing...
two hands preventing...
Even though you're no longer one of us...
and your duty
has kept you from the temple,
You cannot forget its teachings.
Life is suffering,
that much I remember.
It's our duality thinking...
You feel too much.
- How can I not?
You feel too much...
If you had a choice, I mean.
Between the two...
Easy. The love of a woman.
C'mon, you think I'm a kid?
My damn balls itch!
Means it's gonna rain.
Every time your balls itch, it rains?!
Yeah, like clockwork, sonny.
If that's true, then with me...
That's different.
You probably have herpes.
A room.
A man has needs, right?
Compliments of the house.
Hey darling!
Since I was a little girl...
I've never seen a sword...
Our nation is at peace,
So for the men and women...
for the brave souls who lost their lives...
our country is eternally
indebted to you.
We want to let you know...
Rise and shine, old man!
Get ready for school.
Good morning, Aunties!
The usual, right?
For God's sake,
"My" "sacred" hour!
Now I gotta carry...
When you get out of school
this afternoon...
...wanna help me at the bakery?
I'll teach you how to roll dough.
- It's fun. I have to do my homework.
My son will be a scholar...
...and I'll be his personal cook.
don't you think it's time...
He's just a kid.
Defend himself from what?
Have you spoken to Nam yet?
He's going through a tough time.
Cut him some slack.
He'll pay us back when he can.
And we're renting out a room
in our house...
...because we're rolling in dough?
I am "rolling in dough".
I will talk to him.
You'd think a woman like that...
Maybe he's hung like one
of his baguettes!
No "Good morning, Big Brother"?
If you don't show respect,
I'll give you another beating.
Your Mom is hot!
Back to class.
Let's go.
Thank you! Come again.
Free croissants across the street.
The pastries here must be good,
business is booming.
If you come any closer...
I'll bite your wienies off.
- I'm scared.
May I have a taste?
Don't bother.
We're here to deliver a message
from the boss.
Don't bother.
Well... everybody sells eventually.
Listen up!
The boss would like to see you...
The Moonlight Bar! The end.
That's it?
And you had to write all that down?
You idiots!
I said to let no one through the door!
You told me to guard this door,
not that one.
Mule face...
...best you scram, understand?
Uh, careful Huy.
He's taller than you.
You dimwit!
Look around,
everyone is taller than me!
And you, I don't care who you are...
Cause I'm not afraid of anyone.
maybe it's best you come back
another time.
Damn you...
- Alright, alright!
I'll meet your boss tomorrow.
But we do it here.
Now get out of my store.
Good call, Thick Lips.
Take it easy, Big Brother.
Well go on,
show him the room for rent.
We'll man the store.
My wife's little project...
she enjoys building stuffs.
She's pretty damn fast too.
Me? I'm good at baking.
If peace and quiet is what you want,
this is the place.
Say it! Say it!...
- Say it! Say it!
...like monkey's ass.
What else?
Like... licking monkey's ass.
- Go on.
Say it!
Or I'll give you another black eye!
I like... the way monkey's
ass tastes in my...
Leave him alone, hoodlums!
That's right, you better run!
If I were your mother,
I'd be ashamed of you!
Are you all right, son?
Did they hurt you?
What's the matter with you?
I'm talking to you.
Of course he's a little embarrassed...
It's okay.
But... I couldn't just stand there...
If it were you,
how would you feel?
Come here.
Keep stirring or the lamb will burn.
Can I come in, son?
I understand
what you're going through.
You do?
What's on your mind?
You can tell me.
It's hard to explain.
I feel...
...angry all the time, Dad.
Why is there more food
than usual tonight?
...since the beginning of time,
...can be evil.
Why are they evil, Dad?
I don't know...
...some people are just born evil.
I don't think you understand.
I will pass on to you
the family's secret moves.
Step back son!
Every time I focus my energy.
Stuffs shoot out.
Okay, here we go.
When I tell you to,
punch me in the stomach.
You don't know how to do it.
Why didn't you...
For God's sake, Daddy!
Why didn't you punch
when I was ready?
Honey, what's taking so long?
Are you surprised?
I... invited our new tenant to dinner.
New tenant?
- Surprise!
Baking has been in my family
for generations.
When I was a young man...
...I did consider other professions.
But it seems you can't deny
what's in your blood.
I gotta bake.
But I figure later I'm gonna pass
it onto my son.
So he can learn the family's business.
Right, son?
Do you have a sword?
I've never seen a sword.
If it's alright with your parents...
...you can have a look tomorrow.
Do all monks carry weapons?
Only the ones who have taken.
- It's like a promise, son.
Our country is at peace now...
...thanks to men like Master Dao here.
Our country is never at peace.
When we do have peace,
it's never for long.
History tells us this.
...it's a heavy burden for you.
What happens if you don't
want to fight anymore?
Thousands of brave men and women...
If I decide to quit all of a sudden...
...it would be disrespectful
to their sacrifices.
That makes sense.
Once you have taken the oath,
it's for life.
Will you teach me how to fight?
Why don't you ask Master Dao.
It's not up to me, really.
But while I'm here...
...and if your parents approve,
I'll teach you.
You promise?
Let me help.
It's alright. She's really strong.
She can even lift me up.
What a gentleman!
It's gotten very long.
I beg you...
They're innocent...
...they don't know anything.
Is everything alright, wife?
...I'll be right up.
Once you take the oath it's for life.
Please give me time
to say goodbye to them.
How do I know you
won't run away again?
They're my family.
You have till tomorrow night.
Surely, it's a heavy burden for you.
Why am I not like the others?
Don't be afraid, son.
No matter what happens...
I will always be with you.
A wooden bridge,
rickety, precarious...
Precarious bamboo bridge...
Difficult to cross...
Take mommy's hand,
and we will cross together.
You go to your school.
You go to your school.
And I go to my school of life.
What's on your mind?
Let me...
...lighten that load for you.
This is how you treat me?
I'll kill you! I'll kill you!
Huy, darling!
- Step aside, watch me kill him!
C'mon, fight me!
Stop it! He's my client!
You can sleep with anyone but him.
For God's sake,
he's a paying customer.
I gotta eat.
Oh, c'mon!
Now, now, now darling
I'm so sorry.
It's okay. It's okay.
You are so sensitive.
Since we were children,
you're always crying.
Just talk to me
first before you get all teary.
Shush now!
What are you laughing at?
What the hell are you laughing at?
I'm not through with you yet.
Go ahead, laugh!
Keep laughing till
I cut your throat wide open!
Do you know what a blade...
can do to a human body?
I've seen men...
flayed from head to toes...
while they screamed in agony...
wishing they were dead.
I've seen spleens...
livers, intestines... spill outward.
You won't believe the amount of blood,
Like butter.
I've seen it.
And I'm still seeing it now.
What's going on, Big Brother?
Wanna see what this blade can do?
Get your asses up here!
Take it outside!
If you idiots break anything,
Grab this!
Tie him up!
Tie him up!
Close your eyes.
I wanna show you something.
Mom, I'm ready.
Be right there!
You small town hillbillies
can't even wipe your own asses.
Because of me...
because of my bar...
that people started paying
attention to this nothing town.
If my bar goes out of business...
this town goes down.
Let me tell you then, no booze,
no girls, no jobs!
So you think that's funny?
Go ahead and laugh!
Pretty funny, right?
Stupid inbred hillbillies!
Now, will someone tell me,
what are we going to do
about this guy?
Boss! Boss!
There's a guy in the next province.
He's the real deal.
- Is this guy legit?
Everybody knows him.
What's his name?
Boss, his name is Mr. Hammer.
I want this Mr. Hamster
here by tomorrow!
We caught him hiding
in the next province.
He's to be executed.
The orders came
from Commander Long.
You must do it, Sir.
I accept my fate. Do it!
If I am going to die...
I'd rather it's you, Dao.
This must be a mistake.
Long and I grew up with this man.
Sir, we have explicit orders to...
What's so important about this deck?
It's my anniversary present
to my husband.
Long sent you, didn't he?
He sent you to bring me back.
You have bigger issues
to concern yourself with...
Like how you plan
to tell your husband...
that the last 9 years been...
...a total lie.
I wanted a home.
A husband.
A family.
I have no regrets for what I did.
The last nine years...
was the happiest time of my life.
Unfortunately for you...
all that will soon vanish.
Can you help me.
What do you think?
I think we can get into a lot
of trouble being here.
Who can know the past or future?
I only know the present.
Me here with you.
It's not my birthday.
What is it for?
I know you have always loved
it since we were kids.
Now I can give it to you.
I didn't know you were such
a sappy romantic.
What's the matter?
We can just sit here then.
We don't have to talk.
You promised to teach me
martial arts.
Let's keep this meeting shod.
The answer is still no.
- Hold on.
You want your customers...
Now let's talk like men.
When you refused my bid
for this bakery...
I sent my boys to...
I realized I over-reacted.
And what do you call your bakery
across the street?
An over-reaction as well?
- You know...
I got this oven over there,
runs on electricity...
makes five times the croissants...
My flour I import
I use the finest ingredients.
The best.
I make a badass croissant.
Hands down.
When I opened my Moonlight Bar.
This town finally tasted real whiskey.
And thanks to you,
Well, not everything is perfect.
Why are you here, Tinh?
Yeah, why are you here?
Uncle! Uncle!
The principal wants to see you.
Hey, I'm not done talking yet.
To master internal energy...
It requires complete dedication.
You can summon this energy
and control it.
internal energy is invisible.
But its power is undeniable.
Strong enough to work
against the big kids?
He's just a little kid.
For the last month,
he's been bullied every day.
But when he stands up...
I don't understand.
Defend himself?
I don't think you understand, dear.
You wanna join us?
You gotta be like us.
Kick his ass.
Holy shit, you gonna take that?
Hung, Hey, hey, that's enough!
Are you crazy?
My God, the kid's mom was hysterical.
I didn't know what to say to her...
When you were his age,
Don't worry, I'll deal with it.
You can't do anything.
What do you mean I can't?
I mean...
Focus the energy here.
Right here.
Do you feel it?
Yes... I think I feel it.
Wait, wait.
Ok, try it now.
Focus your energy down here.
Below your navel.
That's it.
Come here! Now!
I thought...
after all that's happened to you,
We've decided to ground you.
You can't leave the house.
In addition, you must spend...
But he punched me first.
But I'm meeting with Master Dao later.
- Go to your room.
I don't want to be a baker.
I don't even like your croissants.
They're terrible.
I throw them in the trash everyday!
Go to your room.
gotta get back to work...
still a few things...
Have you ever dreamed
of having a family?
I don't allow myself to think of things...
I can't have.
And neither should you.
Battle stations.
We have to go.
Just a few more minutes.
It's so beautiful.
We have to go.
There will be another one tomorrow.
The past nine years...
was the happiest time of my life.
Was the happiest time of my life.
Was the happiest time of my life.
I've never hit him before.
I'm not not that kind of man.
Tinh was right
he makes a really good croissant.
I even ate the whole thing.
I don't know how I'd live...
without you and Hung.
Are you taking Hung with you?
- Where would I take him?
You're leaving with him, aren't you?
Does he...
know that Hung is his son?
Hung is your son.
- And I love him as if he is my own.
I will always remember...
that night when you walked
through that door.
You were so lovely.
I didn't care.
I just wanted...
to be a pan of your life.
Things... are not what you think.
Do you still love him?
He was my first love...
I still care for him.
But you are the one I love now.
Why did you leave him?
It was inappropriate...
for the Masters to have relations.
The Emperor's rules.
The Emperor's army...
must be strong and unified.
You're one of them?
I just wanted to live a normal life.
Hien! Your house is burning!
Hurry! Hurry!
Bring me your best bottle now!
Let's go.
Where are you guys going?
What are you doing?
Trying to ruin my business?
Okay, okay.
Never mind. Make yourself at home.
I'm thinking of redecorating anyways.
You look like shit!
After all this time...
There's no need for bloodshed.
First... we drink.
It will clear the long journey
from your throats.
In all the years of loyal service...
I'm sure you have never been...
Trust me, I know my whiskey.
General Long was right...
just follow you.
You're pathetic.
- That's not nice!
I'm not wasting good whiskey on you.
So rude!
For that, you don't get a drink.
Just give us the girl.
We'll forget that you disappeared.
Give her to you?
You know...
these last nine years...
everytime I fell down...
it is the thought of this woman...
that gave me the strength
to get back up.
And you think you can come in here,
and I would hand her over to you?
We will kill you where you stand.
Killing has gotten so easy for us,
hasn't it?
the orders came from General Long.
All deserters must be executed.
You have to do something.
He's my only brother!
Don't let her come in here!
Damn you!
What are you doing?
Have you sold your soul?
He's one of us!
He killed himself.
He cut his own throat.
- He's not here.
The fire started on the second floor.
Not in the kitchen...
it started upstairs.
It started in Hung's room.
What are you trying to say?
Why would he do this?
Don't ever say my name!
From this point on,
You've ruined everything!
You and your son!
You and your son. Leave!
Just go!
That's right. Go away from me.
All of you.
I'm just a baker.
Don't come near me!
Get outta here!
I'm just a stupid baker.
Just a stupid baker...!
Everyone in town knows
I'm just a stupid baker!
Why did you leave me?
Why did you leave me?
Because I love you.
Because I love you.
It's okay, Van. Come in.
Why didn't you tell me?
About what?
Why didn't you tell me
that he is my son.
We can talk about it later.
There's no time.
What about Long?
Long is here.
You must go.
- No...
I don't want to run anymore.
You're not the same woman
nine years ago.
He will kill you.
Listen carefully.
No matter what happens...
...stay with Master Dao.
Do you understand?
- Yeah.
Give mommy a hug.
I love you so much.
You know that?
You're alright!
I knew Mom would fix you up!
A Master?
Mr. Hammer... is a Master?
The boss went all out this time!
This is him?
The old man actually went all out.
Mr. Hammer,
we've been expecting you.
Where is the baker and his wife?
Um... it's like this...
Things have changed.
We no longer need your service.
That's a dope ride you got out there,
Mr. Hammer.
Stop calling me Mr. Hammer.
I understand.
You want to keep this one low-key.
Don't worry,
we've prepared a room for you.
Got a nice girl upstairs for you.
You can stay as long as you like.
In the meantime,
- I told you to stop calling me that name!
What should I call you then,
Mr. Hammer?
That's my cousin,
you son of a bitch!
My sword.
Where is he?
You look like shit.
You're so predictable.
We haven't even started,
Damn good whiskey!
Hello, Anh.
You're tough woman to find.
You've gained some weight
these days.
Mom, Mom!
- Mom!
Hung! Watch out!
Zero tolerance means zero tolerance.
If I make an exception
for your brother...
where will it end?
The Emperor's Army
must be strong and unified.
Spare me the doctrines!
You know as well as I do...
Is it?
- I'm begging you!
If you have any feelings left
for me...
I have always loved you!
You are the general
of the Emperor's Army.
Relationships are forbidden.
You know that.
But that didn't stop you
and Dao did it?
The four of us were like family
since we were kids...
My feelings for Dao...
I know it has hurt you.
But I have never misled you.
I beg you,
he's my only brother.
Please find it in your head...
What would you do...
- Mom.
It is the Buddha's teachings.
Man covets what he sees,
touches, tastes.
He creates likes and dislikes.
Good and bad.
All of these things bring him
sufferings and pain.
Until you understand that,
the pain of Samsara is inevitable.
Why did you come here, my son?
I came to seek forgiveness.
Sufferings and pain and hatred,
they are like a fire
that can burn down a house.
They need our immediate attention.
Until you forgive yourself...
the road ahead for you...
After that night...
I thought running away was best.
If you had found out...
I'm sure you would have...
and Long would have killed you.
Do you have to leave today?
Long acted on his own.
No one will know about this.
News will eventually travel.
They'll come looking for me.
Will your husband be alright?
You were right...
the sunset.
Master Dao!
Come back, Master Dao!
Master Dao! Master Dao!
Throughout the ages...
all of them,
to celebrate a woman's love.
How many celebrate a dope ride?
Shut up, old man.
Of course there are some.
Oh my God!
Once upon a time...
that's how mother would
start every night.