Once Upon Two Times (2023) Movie Script

Ahan, you're up next.
Hi. Hi.
- Whenever you're ready.
- Yeah.
Whenever you're ready. - Yeah.
"The weather is enticing."
"The winds are telling you."
"There is no news from your darling."
"Send him a message of my plight."
"You are ruthless.
You are a swindler."
"I am waiting for you, darling."
"I would do anything for you, darling."
You won't need these hereafter.
This will be needed though, won't it?
Why am I getting so emotional?
It's just college.
My Ahan won't change, will he?
Tell me.
A big stage will replace
the college festivals.
Hopefully I won't
shed any hair on my head.
But, Ruhi..
Ruhi's eyeliner must remain forever.
What hmm? Even I want a guarantee.
A handsome salary will
replace pocket money.
Hopefully my drinking
capacity won't lessen.
I will always attend every
one of your performances.
- Every performance?
- Every performance.
- Sure?
- Sure.
First row tickets are very expensive.
They aren't expensive.
Ahan, you aren't getting
the rhythm at all.
- Let's go from the top.
- Can you hear properly?
I can, sir. I can.
- From the top, sir.
- Okay.
Ahan, you aren't getting
the rhythm at all. Understand?
How can we proceed?
I also realize, sir.
Let's take it from the top once again.
Do you know classical?
Or haven't you learned?
I have learned, sir.
I will get it this time.
Okay, Ahan. It will do.
I shall auto tune this.
Forget about that.
Now just come.
"Moments are savored."
"In my eyes."
"With bated breath."
"Shamelessly awaiting you."
"The heart is twofaced."
"Like the heart has two."
"Your laughter is charming."
"Sounding like tinkling bells."
"Silently creeping on the lips."
"Showing up suddenly."
"Like it is.."
"Like it is heavily guarded."
"Moments are savored."
"In my eyes."
"With bated breath."
"Shamelessly awaiting you."
I am not a student
who would bring you fame.
I am not even worthy
of being your student.
"The night is lost."
"In nomadic thoughts."
"I am confused."
- "With unanswered questions."
- All okay?
"Disillusioned heartbeats."
- "My lips are silent."
- Sorry.
"The secrets are.."
"The secrets are buried deep."
"Moments are savored."
"In my eyes."
"Lonely evenings."
"Painful memories."
"The heart is twofaced."
"Like the heart has two..."
"Your laughter is charming."
"Sounding like tinkling bells."
"Silently creeping on the lips."
"Showing up suddenly."
"Like it is.."
"Like it is heavily guarded."
I would have never known
if Pandey sir hadn't called.
Look, Pandey is jealous of me.
How could you not know?
I have ordered pizza. We're celebrating.
I am not the least bit interested in
the free vacation your boss has given.
He didn't give it for your interest.
It is my farewell gift.
Do you have change for 500?
It's your farewell gift, you go.
I am not going.
Pizza, would you like to
go on a four day vacation with me?
It's free. We shall sit on
a double bed and only eating pizza.
We won't make deliveries.
please run our house expenses...
...hereafter as my husband
is undergoing midlife crisis.
Sir, I'll go get the
change from downstairs.
Thank you.
Your dad quit his job.
Without telling me.
And now he says he is taking
us both on a vacation to Ooty.
Tell me.
Purnima, I don't want
to be anybody's employee.
I'm done with it.
I want to open a restaurant.
I wanna sign checks
That's happiness for me.
I've already made the down
payment for the restaurant.
Now I dedicate the pizza
to this brave warrior.
Where did you get the
money for the down payment?
- Huh?
- Yeah. There are wings in that word.
My wife wants to change me.
"The weather is enticing."
"The winds are telling you."
- "There is no news from your darling."
- Happy!
- "Send him a message of my plight."
- Dad.
I wish to go to UK to do
my Masters in Business studies.
University of Edinburgh.
I know I am making a
big financial demand but...
...I will join when I return and...
...I'll be of value.
I won't let your investment go to waste.
It's not about the financial demand.
I have been supporting you until now.
- That's because you promised mom.
- Exactly.
What about this promise?
Dad, I'm not who she thought I would be
but I am 25.
And it's time that I start my life and
...I've chosen this route for my life.
What do you think you're doing, Ahan?
You're going for 2 years?
I will be going, Ruhi.
I will fill the forms now etcetera,
- After a long..
- You used to wake up every morning...
...for your dream, right?
I used to love that about you.
Ruhi, I woke up every
morning for my hobby.
There is more to love about me.
It went from being your dream
to being your hobby overnight.
You quit singing overnight.
You took the decision to
go so far away from me overnight.
In future you will say,
long distance isn't working, Ruhi.
You will leave me someday.
It is very easy for you to run.
Marry me.
I have no problem with ticking
married in place of single...
...on my visa application.
It will be a long distance marriage...
...in place of a long
distance relationship.
I have no problem...
...if you don't have a problem.
I am not running.
It was your mother's dream too.
Which parent dreams
ill for his or her children?
Which parent thinks my child
will grow up to be a big piece of shit?
Is that your opinion of yourself?
It doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter because
it's time to let go.
I shall return after completing
my education and things will work out.
You are my future, Ruhi.
And I want to live it luxuriously.
My Ahan won't change, will it?
Wife will replace the girlfriend.
We'll have fights in place of arguments.
Hopefully I won't lose
more hair on my head.
And, Ruhi all my joy...
...you will always be the cause of it.
- Yes.
- Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!
Finally! Yes!
I'm going to be your wife.
Yes. I'm going to be your wife.
- Your wife.
- Yeah.
My parents will be your in-laws.
Fk! Fk! Fk!
I know what I'm doing.
I'm not investing my money on a whim.
You don't stop taunting.
Even at the party over there.
The farewell party thrown for me.
She's taunting at me.
Another good quality in your mother.
She says what she has to say...
...and then she zips up.
Please stop if you
see a pharmacy up ahead.
What's the matter?
Are you alright, dad?
It's okay. We could go home.
No, no, It's fine.
Please stop ahead
if you spot a pharmacy.
Thank you.
Please give me change, ma'am.
I don't have change.
Give me something for a headache.
- Salim.
- Yes.
Do we have change for 2000 rupees?
No, we don't have
change for 2000 rupees.
I would give you change if I had it.
- We don't have any.
- Ask someone.
Do you have change, sir?
- For how much?
- For 2000 rupees.
- Who wants it? Ma'am?
- Yes, she wants it.
Excuse me.
Your medicine, sir.
What's the matter?
What did you buy?
Nothing. Let's go home.
I mean, let's go
wherever you want to go.
- What did you buy?
- Huh?
Nothing. Nothing.
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Please come with me, papa.
I miss winning.
When did you win?
Yes, of course. Papa always wins.
Wait for a sec. I'll tell you.
I have everything in writing.
There's this girl.
- We..
- Ahan and I want to get married.
Shall we repeat?
He wants to get married.
Him. Don't look at the back.
Are you married?
No! Thank you.
I'm sure you are. You are grown up.
Ruhi, you will never breakup.
You will get divorced.
- That won't happen.
- That is exactly what will happen.
Do you know her family?
Specially her mum.
It is necessary as she will
turn out to be exactly like her mother.
Photocopy. Ditto.
Boys are carbon copies of their dads.
Everything is okay now...
...but you will know
his real personality later.
Just wait and watch.
You never bore any
grudges against my dad.
Her family likes me. I think.
And it is not a certainty
that she will be like her mother.
I am not like you either.
I agree with you, mummy,
that one cannot know
a person in one meeting.
Correct? Correct?
Correct. Thus I invited Ahan
and his dad to go to Nainital with us.
Say it now. Say you won't go.
I won't go if you don't go.
It really matters to me that
you like Ruhi and her parents.
Please consent, mummy.
I consent.
Great generation we belong to.
First we couldn't have
our way with our parents...
...and now we can't have
our way with the children.
It's okay. What can I say?
There is plenty to say but..
I'm out for a few days.
Both of us.
See you in the car.
Is the road like this all the way?
Focus on that.
Sniff this.
Listen to that.
Don't eat that. You will throw up.
- It is poison.
- Yes, you are right.
Do you want some?
We've arrived.
Thank you.
And what's the view like?
The view is very beautiful, sir.
- Of what?
- Of our property, sir.
- Okay.
- Sir.
And separate beds, please.
- Yeah?
- Yes, please.
So sorry, sir.
We don't have separate beds.
- Come.
- What do you mean...
...you don't have separate beds?
But, sir, we have live music each
and every night in our properties.
(Other language)
Music every night?
But what if we want peace?
Then you can go out of the hotel, sir.
Excuse me.
- Ruhi's parents.
- Hi.
- Nipurn.
- Kaushik.
And I am Ruhi.
This is Purnima..
Purnima's new shoes..
What else?
Sir, would you like to check in?
- Excuse me.
- Huh?
Would you like to, sir?
Yes, of course. Of course.
Our trip is free by the way.
You have booked a suite, haven't you?
Shall we look around?
Hello, aunty.
What's the matter, aunty?
Did you get pricked by a thorn?
Where would she get pricked by a thorn?
Dad, are you okay?
What's the matter with you, my dear?
You need to go?
Let's catch up after we freshen up.
Let me go check in.
No point sitting here with you.
- Booking under the name of Nipurn.
- Let's go.
Let's go freshen up.
Your shoes appear to be okay.
I'll see you, uncle.
I have other senses
besides my eyes and ears.
You've started smoking again?
I left my wallet at the reception.
Incidentally, what is their room number?
I want to see what their view is like.
Seriously, dad?
But why the view..?
I mean I could open the curtains.
Our view is quite nice.
Are you seriously going
to look at their view?
They have gifted me an A grade hotel.
What did you think of Ahan's dad?
He is very handsome. The timing
of Purnima's new shoes was perfect.
We've only just met.
We still have to get to know them.
What did you think of Ahan's dad?
- The view is the same from here too.
- I left my shawl behind.
- What?
- Shawl.
You're taking the shoe joke too far.
What no?
I don't know.
We shall tell them.
That's not necessary.
I don't keep secrets.
I don't hurt others.
Hurting others doesn't
mean telling lies.
I refuse to be lectured
by you about lies.
Don't take my name!
I am going to tell my family everything.
I refuse to wreck my
son's life because of my past.
I haven't taken after your father.
I won't include you in my family,
no matter what!
And I won't fit in it.
I am not crazy for free holidays.
You have nobody to take to holidays.
To hell with you!
What is this?
The shampoo has spilled on..
Look at what you've done.
The shampoo spilled on my sweater.
It had to be my sweater.
- She.. She.. Ruhi's mother.
- Dad's...
- What happened to her?
- She is my ex-girlfriend from college.
I mean, was. We were going
to be married and she broke it off.
I detest her.
I can't stand her.
I can't stand her!
It didn't spill on your clothes.
No. They are safe.
That means just me.
I am the only victim here.
Always. Come for a holiday from
Bombay and I have no clothes to wear.
Mummy is running.
I will wash it.
- Hello.
- Where are you? Mummy is running.
What did she say to you?
I don't know. She never says anything.
- I'm coming.
- Please hurry.
She always does this.
Why does she behave this way?
- We'll discuss that later, dad.
- She never says anything.
- You can ask her at leisure.
- My wife is running in the hotel.
Stay here, Ahan.
She can't always have her way.
What's the matter, mum?
Just give me a little time.
I can get the room changed if you want
but I can only have this
hotel on my free voucher.
- Dad. Dad.
- Go to your room, Ahan.
- Dad.
- Ruhi, go to your room.
I don't want to talk
in the presence of the kids.
Unlike you I am concerned for them.
Just a second!
Ruhi is my daughter.
Why are you concerned for her?
That's why you are running away.
As always.
Hey, mister!
There is a lot I can
say about you if I so wished!
Will someone tell me what is going on?
Tell me, Purnima.
Don't expect anything from her.
She doesn't reveal anything to anyone.
Yes, that is tru..
- Can I say something?
- Ahan.
My dad and your mom are ex-lovers.
Is this some kind of a joke?
So this is Kaushik, the one
with whom you were going to elope?
- What?
- Ruhi.
So you told your husband your sad story?
She didn't run away.
She is standing right here beside me.
I did not run away because
by then I had enough sense to know...
...that supporting a lunatic
in his insanity was not love.
And here I thought...
...that you didn't like the room.
I hope you aren't marrying
my daughter to escape some problem.
She hasn't changed one bit.
She has to have the last word.
'Well, at least there's no
formality left between both families.'
'Good start.'
Hey, mister!
- She is my daughter!
- She is my daughter!
The way she yelled.
Do you think he could have
been a better husband than me?
Dad, please.
I have not read the book
on 101 questions to ask...
...my wife's ex-boyfriend's son...
...before consenting to
his marriage with my daughter.
Dad, it is the past. Okay?
It's all in the past.
- And mom loves you so much.
- Thank you.
Has she ever said
anything like this to you?
Hey, mister!
She better not.
My greatest problem 35 minutes
ago was shampoo on my sweater.
Will this problem bother you in future?
Will you replace Ahan if it does?
Do you have an ex-lover?
Introduce me to her kids.
Let's see if I can find a replacement.
This won't go ahead
without your consent, dad.
Okay? And mummy only pays heed to you.
You know it.
- Pays heed to me?
- Yes.
You know it.
Nothing is going to
happen without your support.
So I have to establish a rapport
between my wife and her ex-lover.
Ex-lover is the key word here, dad.
Okay? In any case he
has turned into mister to her.
- Am I right?
- Um-hmm.
That's all he is to her.
That's all he is to her.
That's all.
Wasn't this supposed to be our vacation?
Let's play cards.
Let's all play cards today.
It's the best ice breaker.
Will mama agree?
No way.
One can tell a person's
true character when gambling.
He lies, he tells the truth, how
safe he plays, how much risk he takes.
We need to have pointers
if we reject him in future, Purnima.
You are the only one
who has a point at this time.
So this situation isn't
bothering you at all?
I have my eyes on his money.
Mine too. I..
Now you speak.
Look, mama,
this gesture will make us look mature.
You can win by defeating them.
Loss for the in laws.
What can I say now that
you have formed a team?
You are on the winning team.
Go and dry this under the sun.
Please find someone else in UK.
For you?
Let's do this together
one day at a time, dad.
Don't give it much thought.
Don't think that she
will be family in future.
That you'd have to
meet at every function.
That you'd have to be cordial to her.
- Exchange dry fruits at Diwali.
- Please.
This is not helping.
I am planning a card night.
Why don't Ahan and you join us?
We'll get together..
We've fought enough
to last us the whole trip.
- Is Ruhi's dad okay?
- Yeah. What happened?
I can't manage it. Please.
Well, I managed.
Married and had a daughter.
Someone who loves your son.
Do you have poker chips?
Poker chips.
The kids will go and get some.
How could I say that?
Are you okay?
I have forgotten what
it means to be okay.
We could have been siblings.
Huh? Yuck! That's gross, Ruhi!
How can the world be so small?
And how could that
be your first thought?
What was your first thought?
Can I be honest?
This is my first meal of the day.
What if our parents don't consent?
Then even we will become
exes and introduce our kids.
- Hey, mister!
- Hey, mister!
How long will you
postpone this discussion?
There's nothing to discuss.
We won't break our daughter's
match like the 90s...
We simply find a solution.
- What?
- Hey, mister!
- Hmm.
- I have mailed you...
...my statement of purpose.
Please read it and let
me know what you think of it.
You do realize that
one hour ago we learned...
...that your dad
and my mom might have...
Hey! Gross! Disgusting girl!
He made a mockery of your trop!
He said you are enjoying a free trip.
Even you made a mockery
of me at my farewell.
I am allowed.
If you sink I'm the
one who will be by you.
That's all you can think of.
Everything in here is a lie.
One has to write it.
The college authorities
have to be convinced.
I see.
Why are you doing this?
It's free.
Take it to your room.
Sure, sir.
Thank you.
He took it.
Excuse me.
One large whiskey.
What will you have?
Yeah. One large whiskey.
Make that two.
Virgin mojito.
- Bill it to my room.
- No, no. Please.
- No, it's okay. Really.
- My room.
It's okay.
- I made the call, you know.
- Doesn't matter.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Ahan. Don't you drink?
How would it matter even if he
did drink? It doesn't make a person bad.
My dad never called you bad.
All he said was that it is a bad habit.
Sir, two large whiskeys.
No, aunty. I don't drink.
Mom used to say that
I am a very good singer
so it just doesn't feel right.
I have a cough every month.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Fold. It is clear from your expression.
That's like my girl.
Let's play.
So soon?
One should deliberate
before taking decisions.
So subtle, dad.
Let's play.
You raise and then you fold?
It's called bluff, uncle.
Sure, but my money is wasting.
Just a game.
That's why I tell you
to always invest cautiously.
Tell off my cards.
All in.
All in too.
My plan is failing.
Double that.
Fo.. Hold on.
You folded. It's over.
I did not say fold.
You folded.
Rules are rules. This is mine.
You cannot browbeat me!
You always retract at
the last minute with lies.
A person's true character
emerges when gambling.
That is my line.
You cannot always get people
to do your bidding by yelling.
Did you behave the same way...
- ...with your wife?
- Don't drag Kashish into this!
Aunty, please.
Mom, that was not okay.
And uncle,
you cannot yell like that.
Sorry but it does not seem like
there was ever any love between you two.
Because there's only bitterness left.
How long will this go on?
Please let it go.
This is everyone's true character.
I don't take everything
as a laugh or a joke...
...and then I become the bad one.
You think this was easy for me?
I can never have free drinks.
I never imagined I would think this.
But for Purnima.
Tough fighter.
I wish I could say the same for myself.
Other than Kashish...
am perfect
Say it. Don't think that way, dad.
Do you have to think before you speak,
mama's boy?
Sorry, mummy.
Cheers, dad!
There's always a first time.
Even I am drinking whiskey
in a cup for the first time.
Nobody thinks you are bad, mummy.
Dad veils his worry behind
laughter while you speak out.
That is the only difference.
You understand so much.
Now understand this as well.
I would never ruin
your relationship...
...because of me.
I can go and talk to Kaushik tomorrow.
I can set my ego aside.
I am simply apprehensive that...
...Ahan might behave
like Kaushik in future.
And I might behave like you.
But our story can be different,
can't it?
I hope.
Sorry but I cannot image
this end for you two.
Yours was an immaculate conception.
I can't..
I was never young.
Fair enough.
Please continue.
I have to go.
Dad has got a job in
a senior position in Mumbai.
I will drop out of college...
...if you leave this college.
I cannot go on without you.
He won't let me stay here all by myself.
Then marry me.
Nobody will agree.
- And what about studies?
- Everything will happen.
Can you go on without me?
With great difficulty
I got dad to consent...
...to my staying back for one month.
I will find a good
job within one month...
...and convince your dad.
I am struggling to find a job and
you are looking at potential matches.
Papa brought someone home unexpectedly.
I couldn't insult him.
Wow! Great excuse.
Let's elope and get married.
Where will we go? Where will we live?
What will we survive on?
That's the problem with you!
You always make excuses.
I bet you are happy.
You will find a rich man.
Everyone is after money!
You have taken after your dad!
I shall wait for you with my
bags at the bus stop two days from now.
That's my love for you.
You will surely come
if you truly love me.
There was never any maturity
in our relationship...
...to be able to talk to each other,
to explain things to each other.
Speak the truth.
Now I feel that...
...I should have explained
the situation to him.
But I was afraid. I was weak.
I ran away.
That is my mistake.
Is there scope to speak the
truth in your relationship with Ahan?
There is.
And if there isn't,
we will create the scope.
You have complete scope of
speaking and hearing the truth...
...in your relationship with dad,
don't you?
But it isn't doing
much good at this time.
Please give him that
immaturity from college times.
Come. Let's go and let dad win today.
What happened when you returned home?
From where?
From the station.
I was beaten badly by dad.
He beat me a lot on my back.
I stopped going to the station since.
Even you didn't become like your dad.
Even you didn't become
Mama's boy.
You were mama's main boy.
You made her really happy, dad.
I couldn't see Kashish's performance...
...even once in 17 years.
I was busy earning money.
I think only busy people...
...can truly love someone.
I found love...
...before I got married.
I got a lot.
Get up.
Where are we going?
Get up, Nipurn. Come on.
Come on. Come on. Get up quickly.
Come on. Get up.
- Come on.
- Get up.
Take this.
You will sing today...
...and mummy will listen.
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
Let's go, dad.
I'm sorry. Very sorry.
I am ruining your favorite song.
You are singer.
Sing in melody.
Five-Six-Seven. Why am I counting?
"The weather is enticing."
"The winds are telling you."
"There is no news from your darling."
"Send him a message of my plight."
"You are ruthless.
You are a swindler."
"I am waiting for you, darling."
"I would do anything for you, darling."
"I heard the sound of your eyes."
"I heard the sound of your eyes."
"I heard the sound of your eyes."
"I am waiting for you, darling."
"I would do anything for you, darling."
It is missing, buddy.
"I heard the sound of your eyes."
"I heard the sound of your eyes."
There is a belief if you make a
wish whilst looking at a beautiful view,
your wish is fulfilled.
Make a wish.
- Who says so?
- I. I say so.
I shall make a wish.
I wish that Nipurn's
restaurant business booms!
And I wish Nipurn's name is published...
...in every big business magazine.
For the right reasons, not for fraud.
I wish that I go abroad!
I wish...
Nipurn would stop snoring hereafter!
if Ruhi doesn't stop
then let me talk to brother. Tomorrow morning.
She won't, will she?
She won't, dad.
Then go.
Okay, mister!
We will worry about it tomorrow.
Sight.. Sightseeing?
Yeah. As a..
- As a group.
- Ah!
I'm sorry for last night.
I should not have yelled.
I'm sorry too.
We're going to get changed.
Where are we going?
We want to take a photo like that.
No way. It's very silly.
I mean for me.
One should get a little
silly during holidays.
And you would look
very handsome even in that.
You can collect the photo from there.
Come. Come along.
Come along. Come along.
Let's take a couple photo first.
How do you decide
which two are a couple?
Come here.
Are you pleased with
your decision, Ahan?
Yes, I had a drink with dad,
so I don't mind.
You know I'm not talking about that.
Tell me the truth.
Shall I loosen this?
- Shall I loosen this?
- I tightened if just now.
It is loose at the bottom
and tight at the top.
Others are waiting. Hurry up.
- Look at.
- Hold on a minute.
This costume is a bit..
Don't you have a smaller size than this?
I am happy.
Are you ready, sir?
Hmm. We are coming.
- Are you ready, ma'am?
- Hmm.
Shall we?
Shall we? Shall we?
Take a look, Nipurn.
Others are awaiting their turn, sir.
Well, you've taken the photo.
Show it to us.
You don't have to print it?
Do you wish to take a photo, sir?
No, I'm fine.
I do want a photo.
Look at the photo.
- That's alright.
- Yes.
- You look very pretty.
- That's right, my child.
Come join us.
Even we should do a good gesture.
- Photo?
- Hmm. Say it.
You say it.
Let's take a family photo.
Masala tea,
ginger, black, lemon and cardamom.
Which one do you guys want?
Masala tea, dad.
- Ruhi?
- Same.
- Same masala tea.
- Okay. Four masala teas.
- One plain tea, no sugar?
- Yes.
Five masala tea.
One plain tea.. less sugar.
She takes less milk these days.
Less milk in the plain tea.
Wil you send it there?
This is the way tea
is drunk in the mountains.
Wow, Raju! Amazing!
- Oh, oh.
- Don't worry. I'm here.
How much further?
Just a short walk, ma'am.
Then you'll see the
best view of the city.
I see.
I want some water now.
It is actually beautiful.
- Oh! This is someone's home.
- This is my home.
- Really?
- Yes, ma'am.
- This is your house?
- Yes, sir.
Who is getting married?
Sir, my younger sister
is getting married tomorrow.
Some of the rituals
are taking place today.
Please enjoy the view while I
go arrange the best Kumaon food for you.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Who? Me?
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Sir, this is my brother.
You are our guest.
You have to eat our food.
We only came here for the view.
I have prepared Pahadi food.
Please join us.
It is the local food, sir.
- Have you just made it?
- Absolutely. Come, sir.
This way.
- Homemade food.
- Come along, sir.
This way.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Stuffed bread.
Kumaon yogurt dressing. That is Bidu.
And these are sweet pretzels.
Please have whatever you like.
- Bidu?
- Bidu is over there.
Okay, sir.
In Mumbai bidu means friend.
Here we eat bidu.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Very smart guide.
He didn't take an off from the office...
...and yet he's attending
the family wedding at the same time.
Yes, that's right.
Although he's the kind
of employee I would hire.
Me too.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
We might have been good friends...
...if we'd met in
different circumstances.
Are you sure?
Because I would still
be chasing a free holiday.
I'm sorry, I didn't.. I didn't mean it.
Of course you meant it.
- Just kidding.
- It's just..
- Shall we try the sweet pretzels?
- Yes.
May I take one, Raju?
- It's quite hot.
- Yes.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
That's when I thought, enough is enough.
I shall sign cheques hereafter.
Where were you guys?
Eating sweet pretzels.
You have become buddies.
(Folk Song)
Shall I get you something else?
Woh boating par tujhe chalna chaiye
(Other language)
Why are you eating over here?
Please come and join us.
- No, this is the best view.
- Okay. Very well.
Do you like our Pahadi food?
- Yes, it's very nice!
- Very nice!
- Very nice! - Very nice!
- Thank you. Thank you.
And what do you think
of our Pahadi music?
- It's very nice!
- Sir.
- Oh!
- Oh!
Even Ahan sings very well.
Really? Please join us.
- No. No. Thank you.
- Please sing.
Please. Please. Please.
- Come. Come.
- No. Thank you.
I danced here. You sing.
Mi casa su casa.
Sing a little. Please.
I told you I don't want to sing!
You are forcing me!
I don't want to sing!
I don't want to sing!
I don't..
Sorry. I don't want to sing.
No problem. It's okay. Okay.
Please eat.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Look there.
It's okay.
It's nice.
- Uncle. Aunty.
- Yes.
Ruhi and I wish to go
out to dinner this evening.
If it's okay.
Where are we going?
What is this? Tell me.
We can sit down and talk at leisure.
You will see for yourself.
You like this place?
So, Ruhi.
Last time I didn't have a ring.
I don't have one even now.
in the meanwhile I have my mom's bangle.
Marry me.
Just a minute, Ahan. Just a minute.
Please don't misunderstand
what I am about to say.
Ahan, you can't be happy only with me
I cannot marry you.
Marriage won't solve anything.
If you aren't happy from within
then our relationship won't last.
Why won't it last?
And what has to be solved.
I don't see a problem.
- Can we speak calmly?
- Yes, let's talk calmly.
Explain it to me and
I will hear you out...
...because I don't see a problem here.
How long will you continue
to be afraid, Ahan?
Of what?
- I.. I just asked you to marry me..
- Your mom is dead.
She won't come and pat your
back and say, you sang well, son.
She's gone.
And you have to listen
to your own voice.
Listen to your voice
calmly and have faith in it.
Forget about me too.
Forget you.
You are so cruel, Ruhi.
- You are dragging my mom in this just
- Just a second, Ahan.
because you no longer
want to be with me.
Just tell me you are tired of me.
- I'll understand.
- I am fighting...
...you for your own happiness, Ahan.
Marriage, business and school won't
help. You have to trust in yourself.
And that is the truth.
That is the truth, Ahan.
That is the truth?
That is the truth?
I shall tell you what the truth is.
You sit behind a lousy
desk in a lousy office...
...making lousy
presentations all day long.
Safe job, safe salary,
office time is over, you come home.
Idle Ahan is waiting for you
so you may have milkshake together.
- Don't do this, Ahan.
- You.. No!
You don't want me going anywhere.
You like things just the way they are.
Call Ahan anytime you wish. Hello, Ahan.
Do you want to have milkshake?
And Ahan shows up. Why?
Because Ahan is idle.
Ahan has nothing to do in life.
- That is the truth.
- Don't do this, Ahan.
Don't do this, Ahan.
Please don't mar my good intentions.
Neither of us will
gain anything from it.
You won't marry me if I am
not the Ahan of your choice, right?
I'm not going anywhere, Ahan.
I'm not going anywhere.
But I cannot support you in...
- ...what you are doing now, Ahan.
- Stop acting so great!
I cannot make your life empty...
- ...by being the only joy in your life.
- Ruhi, stop acting so great!
You won't go!
Just because my
lasted a little longer...
...just because it took
me a little longer to settle...
...and for some reason
my dad stopped supporting me...
...you want to be
the first one to leave?
That's because you've
taken after your mom.
This is not my Ahan!
And now there is no way
I can discuss this with you!
In fact I cannot talk at you at all!
Of course. If things become the
slightest bit inconvenient.. you leave!
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
Ahan was saying they could
do a registered marriage.
and hold all the functions
after he returns.
That means celebratory marriage
2 years after the actually marriage.
We have agreed to such a marriage.
At least they both
know what they're doing.
Those two are far more sensible than us.
Incidentally your daughter
Ruhi is quite levelheaded.
She will handle him.
Maybe he won't need to be handled.
It has been said that
boys take after their fathers.
If Ahan ever fails,
it will take him time
but he will get up himself.
I'm going for a refill.
Do you want one?
Serve me, please.
I have to say this chap
plodded on with us all day long.
Your daughter's
father-in-law is a good man.
That's it.
What kind of a man are you?
You always think about me first.
That is the only promise I fulfilled
out of all the promises I made.
I broke all the other promises.
I became fat, quit my job,
never took you to Switzerland.
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
(Folk Song)
What's the matter, sweetheart?
What's the matter? Why are you crying?
Why are you crying, sweetheart? My dear.
What's the matter?
Tell me what the matter is.
He is asleep.
What happened?
Something has happened,
because Ruhi is crying.
I have no idea.
- I want to talk to him.
- Please. Please.
He can't make Ruhi cry!
He is hurt himself.
This is exactly what I was afraid of.
Even I could have been afraid
that Ruhi might have taken after you but
I let it go.
Ruhi hasn't taken after me.
Then whatever it is,
they will and solve the matter.
And what if they are unable to do so?
Then they might meet a third time.
I can only say with certainly
there won't be bitterness between them.
The bitterness between
us can also dissolve.
If you don't detest me so much.
I don't detest you.
I just detest the person...
...I became with you back then.
Then get rid of that
person inside of you.
...new Kaushik...
...is good.
Shake hands?
If you don't want.
- Nipurn..
- Go.
What is she doing?
Talk to her. What is she doing?
- Don't do anything.
- Oh!
She needs space.
Oh, look at.. What do you mean by space?
Soul satisfying homemade food.
I am being sent to Maldives.
This is the first wedding
that I'll be leading.
Let's come.
kal interview kitane baje hai
Give me.
Do you know how to tie it?
My name is Ahan.
I have some books here
that I wish to donate.
Actually we don't accept donations.
Take a look at them. They
will be very useful for your classes.
Or else...
...they will simply go
to waste lying around with me.
These are Kashish's compositions.
Someone is out there who
has brought Kashish's compositions.
He says he wishes to
donate all her compositions.
- Kashish's compositions?
- That's right.
- Please talk to him.
- Yes. Come.
I learned music listening
to her on the radio.
Where did you find these?
I was her student.
I am her student.
Ruhi! Let's go!
What will we do at
the airport so early, dad.
Look at that. Who has ever
reached the airport early till date?
Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.
"An ocean is beckoning the seven notes."
"An ocean is beckoning the seven notes."
"The sun awakens hundreds of stars."
"That is what got me call out to you."
"You are my shoreline.
You are my anchor."
"You are mine forever,
not just a moment or two."
"Hear me out.
I have found my shelter in you."
"Hear me out.
I have found my shelter in you."
"I have no fear when I am with you."
"You've showered me with so
much love that I can only bow to you."
"That is what got me call out to you."
"Even your complaints
have made me a better man."
"Like the falling drops have found a..."
"Hear me out.
I have found my shelter in you."
"Hear me out.
I have found my shelter in you."
I told you I would...