One (2017) Movie Script

Hey Gobor!
Your wife may
deliver at anytime!
Take her to the hospital!
Get lost!
Get down to Earth!
If I go from here to there...
...then who will tie the flag?
Your grandson?
You keep doing that!
Because you aren't
capable of anything else!
I am at my wits
end with this girl...
I should never have let
my daughter marry you!
Shut up!
Hey Gobor!
Our leader is here!
Come fast!
Thank you so much for coming...
Who is our most
dedicated worker here?
Govar, sir.
He's coming this way...
He's coming...
Gobor? (Shit)
- Yes
Can that be someone's name?
No, sir.
His name is
Govardhan (A mountain in Gokul)
But we affectionately
call him Gobor.
Come this way...
Come here...
Come to me Govardhan...
My name?
You called me by my name?
I have dreamed of
this for so long...
To see you face to face.
And you called me by my name?
My heart and mind
are now at peace.
Is this party only
for people like me?
The party is for workers like you.
For warriors like you!
Hey Gobor!
Your wife could
die anytime now!
She can't even stand!
Because of your party... pregnant daughter,
Gobor's wife...
...will die before she
reaches the hospital!
What is this?
- Yes, sir!
Take her to the
hospital in my car!
Ok, sir.
And use the siren so that
you don't get delayed on the way.
Move fast!
Let's move...
Long live Amar Babu!
A long life to him!
Long live Amar Babu!
A long life to him!
Stop the car!
Lakshmi! Bokul!
Come here fast!
Get some cloth!
Cover the windows!
You are father to a son!
Congratulations, Govardhan!
Many congratulations!
The birth of a son,
is a joyous occassion.
Wait, wait...
Take this...
May your son grow up well...
Very well...
Most definitely!
He has been born in the car
of the leader Amar Mullick.
One day...
...the world shall be
in awe of him.
The whole world...
Sit down. Sit, sit...
- Yes?
What is everyone
fighting over?
The MLA here,
Naren Dutta...
...he passed away.
So there's going to
be a by - election.
The dispute is over the choice
of candidate for the elections.
Our leader is coming.
He shall decide who will stand.
What you are doing is not good.
Are you trying to scare me?
You can't intimidate me.
Whatever decisions the party makes...
...are made by me. Me-
Who are you?
Sir, I am Govardhan.
15 years ago my son
was born in your car.
Near the flower market...
The slum?
What do you want here?
Sir, my son has obtained a good
rank in his Madhyamik exams.
So I have brought sweets.
Bloody idiot!
Come to give sweets in
the midst of my strife?
Get lost!
And listen...
I agree that you
do make decisions.
But only because we
allow you to do so.
When we withdraw our support... will have no
decisions left to make.
Don't forget who you're talking to!
You have become a leader by
feeding off leaders.
But I have reached
here by killing people.
If I don't get the
ticket for this election...
...I may be forced to
kill people again.
Amar Da?
Let go!
You point a finger at me?
- Amar Da!
Trying to scare me, huh?
How did this happen, Govardhan?
I did such a thing
to save the party!
Now what will happen?
What will happen to the party?
Know something Govardhan?
If I'm not there...
...this party won't survive.
It'll all be over.
Take the blame for this murder.
...please take the blame...
I will take care of
your son's education.
I will take care of
your family too.
You just have to...
...take the blame.
Will you take the blame, Dad?
I will take the blame.
Kids have very short sentences.
They are juvenile cases.
In exchange you
shall become an MLA.
And then you can free me.
Listen Dad,
I was born poor,
And that's your fault.
But if I die poor,
It will be my fault.
And that I don't want.
Go outside and inform everyone...
...that my father is the
new MLA candidate.
Politician Harish Ghosh
murdered by a 15 year old
The boats shall
sink at the shore,
And lightning shall strike
through a cloudless sky,
And if the cloudy
day envelops you,
I will come today and break you
If you think this is
King Hirak's kingdom,
I will finish you at every step,
You will be washed and wiped away
I will come today
and break you,
If your every step is sinful,
Your lifespan will reduce,
The clock of life will stop,
One mission!
I have only One mission!
The world changes everyday,
The hidden cards are dealt,
The wolves come
to feed on milk,
One mission!
I have only One mission!
I am One!
I am the One
I may break,
But will never bend!
I may break,
But will never bend!
No, no, don't
stand before me.
If you do then
don't face me.
Do what you can do,
And all others
will be collateral.
Very nice!
All you guys who hate me,
Don't take your
anger out on the weak,
Don't even think
that you can beat me,
I never lose,
I only win!
I either kill or die,
Win or lose,
When I get the
chance I'll bury you,
Less talk, more
blazing guns,
I am the One,
that's the end of the case!
End of the case...
I end the case!
Less talk,
More guns blazing!
I am the One,
Shut up this shop!
I am One!
I am the One!
I may break,
But will never bend!
I may break,
But will never bend!
The child abduction ring
that has gripped the city,
Is a great concern to all
the ministers and leaders.
It is a reason for
particular concern because...
...the police have been unable
to make any inroads.
Where's the package?
Speak to your wife and child.
Hello! Can you hear me?
Where are you?
Come fast!
They have held Piya and
me as hostages. Come fast!
Don't worry darling.
I am sending my
brother to get you just-
Your brother?
Your brother is
lying here beaten.
What's happened to Chotu?
Come fast!
- Where are you I can't-
Your brother wanted
to fight with me.
Time was limited,
As there was much work.
So I knocked him out!
Now listen carefully.
It didn't take me long
to kidnap your family.
Won't take long to
kill them either.
What do you want?
You have to return the 4 kids
you kidnapped to me.
At a place of my choice.
They will come,
And your family
will be returned.
I knew you would do
something like this.
Tell them to drop
their weapons.
Move! Move!...
The children who
had been abducted,
Have now been rescued.
And the gang responsible
for the abduction...
...have also been
arrested by the police.
We have also found out
from the police that...
...they were tipped off by
an anonymous informer.
We do not know...
...who they are or where they live.
But whoever they are...
...I extend to them a
warm thanks from us all.
What time should I set?
20 seconds.
We'll manage.
So Rono...
What's the mission tonight?
Tonight's mission is
Mission Sleep!
Keep running...
Come here...
He has arrived.
I've only allowed you here because
of Abhinash sir's recommendation.
But whatever you do...
...please be aware.
- Hello!
Good evening sir!
Good evening ladies
and gentlemen.
Do you know what this is?
This is a...
...government order.
To bring generic
medicines to this country.
The government is making a deal with
a foreign medical company.
And if that happens... will be a revolution in
the pharmaceutical world!
Can you imagine?
A 100 rupee medicine,
Will now cost just Rs.10
Finally the poor will
be able to survive!
You must be thinking
I am very happy...
...about this.
Don't think that.
My insides are burning.
A fire burns within me!
So what will we do now, sir?
We need to bribe a lot of people.
Get all the donations you have
taken from medical colleges...
And the stolen
kidney transplants...
...the monet made
from that. Get it all...
...and store it in one place.
If you can manage it
then it will be great.
If not...
...then forget about
making money in future.
I know about what
you all do at night.
If you do not meet me at
the place of my choice...
...I will inform your academy.
Now what'll happen?
If we get expelled, it's all over!
One second! Maybe
it's a blank threat.
Maybe they know nothing.
That's not possible.
Else we all wouldn't have
got the same message.
Ya, you're right.
We have to be careful.
We'll do whatever they say.
But we can't be afraid.
Not bad, huh?
Isn't that Megha?
Is it some kind of joke, Megha?
Did Megha send the SMS?
Why did you send
that message?
Well, love wasn't
bringing you to me,
So I was checking if
fear would do the trick.
How long will you
keep chasing me?
As long as you keep running.
How long will you
keep running, Rono?
As long as you
keep chasing me...
Rono is dead today...
What if I keep chasing you,
all your life.
Even then you
won't catch me.
Hey listen! You are not the
only police person here!
I am too.
I may have joined forensics...
But I'm a part of
the police force.
And catching
thieves is my job too.
Am I a thief?
Yes, you've stolen my heart.
From the very first day.
How far should I go
to get closer to you,
Slowly yet surely
closer to you,
How far should I go
to get closer to you,
Slowly yet surely
closer to you,
Why are you afraid to
take it a step at a time?
You leave when I wish to ask.
What do you want?
Why are you afraid to
take it a step at a time?
You leave when I wish to ask.
What do you want?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
I have got an attitude,
And I know why,
Coz I have a problem getting over you,
I want to steal you away,
My life is written
in your name,
And once you understand,
Life will be a bed of roses,
Why are you afraid to
take it a step at a time?
You leave when I wish to ask.
What do you want?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
You have ignored the
fact that I have followed you,
Always looking out for you,
You do not say much,
So I must follow with my eyes,
I want to run about all day,
And call out your name.
Why are you afraid to
take it a step at a time?
You leave when I wish to ask.
What do you want?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
Are you there to show
me a mere reflection?
Or to make yourself my Aladdin?
I felt terrible that day.
But I kept my promise.
I didn't misunderstand you.
And I still haven't
been able to forget you.
Rono wait!
Rono please!
What is it?
Don't eat so much at this age...
Don't worry so much. Let's go...
Oh God!
Get up nice and slow.
Are you ok?
I'm ok. Let's go...
Please listen to me...
Stop riding this scooter.
Buy a car now, understand?
You could buy a second hand car.
I am not capable of driving...
The doctor has told you
not to ride the scooter...
Oh my!
What is this?!
Oh my God!
Let go off him!
Someone please!...
...Help him!
Step on it!
He's no more!
What's her situation?
Very bad situation.
Abhi! Call a taxi.
Take care of her.
Come on move!
...get on your bike.
Let's follow them...
Abhi, take your phone out.
Open the Find Friend application.
My phone is stuck in
one of their hoodies.
Last seen location Harris Street.
They've switched the
phone off and thrown it.
I don't think so...
What do you mean?
They're close.
How do you know?
My ace!
The chain snatcher is here.
Another round?
He has companions.
...there was a chain
snatching at Bijoygarh...
...of which we are guilty.
And there was a murder aswell...
...of which we are guilty.
A little to the left.
The Home Minister will
inaugarate this block himself.
Everything is ready, sir.
Please, sir.
What just happened?
A man was murdered
for a gold chain.
We risked our lives to
bring the criminals to justice!
And a week later the
man is not in jail but...
...walking free in our academy!
That too with our Home Mininster!
We should have been
saluting proudly today.
But instead of that...
..we were cowering
our heads in shame.
I don't understand what we're doing?
If an innocent man is arrested...
...his trial runs for
atleast 4 years.
And then he is proved innocent.
But here it's a clear cut case.
And even then he is
released in 4 days?
I don't understand what
we're supposed to learn.
The woman we hospitalised...
...found out that her
husbands killer is free.
She committed suicide
some time back.
This is not suicide.
This is also a murder.
Why aren't you saying anything?
Why are you wasting
your breath?
He knows everything!
He goes for secret
missions alone at night.
Is that true Rono?
You still won't say a thing?
Speak up!
Where do you go?
What do you do?
Tell us Rono!
You want to know?
This is my world.
No one else has
ever come here.
Define your enemy?
What do you mean?
If you are to know yourself... must know your friends.
But to guage your ability...
You must own your enemy.
Come with me.
What does this mean?
Look at everything...
Who was our enemy?
Dilip Mondol.
Who did he murder?
Social activist Bimal Gupta.
Now the question is...
Why else? For the chain.
He's a bloody swine!
I doubted it that day itself.
If he had forced the chain off...
...why did he murder the man?
There's another story to this.
What story?
He was employed to
commit this murder.
Brutal killer...
And the kingpin of
the dock syndicate.
Damodar Pandey.
He's the man.
He employed him.
No matter how many
murderers are arrested...
...Damodar Pandey
always bails them out.
...why this murder?
I found the answer...
...when I saw the Home Minister
and Dilip Mondol...
...together in our academy.
Damodar Pandey and
the Home Minister are...
...trying to seize a plot
of land outside the city.
Ofcourse, illegally.
And social activist
Bimal Gupta wanted the land... open a school
for the blind.
And he had to die for it.
But what will people think?
There was an incident of
chain snatching and...
...the criminals have
been arrested.
Now you guys tell me...
Who is our real enemy?
Dilip Mondol?
Or Damodar Pandey?
And not just this case...
...but in all cases we handled,
you guys only looked at the surface.
But I was connecting
those 32 cases with another 500.
The three kidnapped
children we rescued.
What do you guys think?
Why were they kidnapped?
For money?
That was to fool the public.
The real reason was...
Incubator short-circuit
at Private hospital
18 babies killed
And the proof.
I am the infant ward
nurse at the hospital.
Those 18 babies...
...did not die due to
a short - circuit.
They all had cancerous traits.
I gave them the prescribed
medication for first stage Cancer.
But a few days later...
...they all started dying.
I informed the
hospital administration.
But they said...
...that the goodwill
of the hospital...
...will suffer if the news spreads.
Can you believe it?
18 babies were killed to
test a new Cancer medication.
And the truth was
hidden or else...
...the pharma world
would be on trial.
One doctor.
Dr.Ardhendu Chakraborty.
He was about to
spill the beans.
His daughter was kidnapped
in order to shut him up.
And to cover it up as
a kidnap for money...
...the other 3 girls were
kidnapped for ransom.
There is one master mind.
Dr. Ashok Ganguly.
Medical world mafia.
He's the man.
Now... guys tell me.
Who is our real enemy?
That kidnapper?
Or this man?
This eyewash petty crime hides
major organised crime.
Organised not by the politicians...
...but by the businessmen.
On the face of it, it seems
that politicians are running the country.
But politicians are
controlled by businessmen.
These 15 businessmen...
...are related to all
the crime circles.
Out of them, these three...
...are connected to
80% of the crimes.
Damodar Pandey
Dr.Ashok Ganguly
And the third one...
...natural resource mafia.
Kamlesh Tripathy
For the last few years all natural
resource scams in the state...
...have been headed by one man.
Kamlesh Tripathy
One of these 3...
...tops the list.
The class's first boy.
He is my true enemy.
He shall help me
gauge my ability.
These 3 have been
meeting with...
...our Natural Resource Minister.
Gobordhan Sen
Tonight's mission.
What is this song?
It's terrible!
Turn it off!
Is our siren not
spinning fast enough?
Spin it faster!
Why are you
continuously calling me?
Why so impatient?
The other two have reached?
Don't be impatient. Wait.
I am coming!
I have made all
the arrangements.
Am at a signal!
No, no, no...
Let it be.
No need for this...
Do give me your blessings.
No need for all this stuff!
I am done with all
these rubbish formalitites.
Why were you calling
me like mad?
It's been 2 months and we
haven't heard a word from Aditya.
Today you have come so...
Yes, sir...
Thank you.
What the Hell!
I haven't seen my
son in 2 months.
So how can you?
LEt's go!
- Let's go...
Come along.
Khoka! I haven't
seen you in... long-
Did I come at a bad time?
Can't you give Adi some space?
I'm sorry Bipasha.
I had called them.
We have a small meeting.
I'll catch you... a bit.
I'll be waiting.
Hey Khoka!
Why didn't you meet
them for 2 months?
I msut have had my reasons.
So, you talk to them...
...and I'll...
...go there...
...and wait.
Have you spent
the last 2 months... your medical lab?
At last successful.
But I had to sacrifice 18
babies for my research.
That's ok. Some small
sacrifices need to be made.
Damodar Pandey...
...why are you so tense?
Actually the thing is...
...Dilip was arrested in
the Bimal Gupta murder case.
Since then...
...risk has increased.
So don't take risks.
Kill him.
What are you saying?
He's one of our own.
So, Kamlesh?
All well?
Not really.
Miss Angelina is coming to India.
For the 10th of March conference.
I tried to prevent it but...
...didn't work out.
We tried to... with the
Miss Angelina case...
without involving you.
Now it seems...
Nothing is impossible
for Aditya Sen.
Everything is written out.
Just follow my orders.
10th March... a big day.
He is well known across the globe!
Padmashree Shree Aditya Sen
A man of chemichal miracles
His innovative
...towards to forensic
science is so immense...
Upto now I thought that one
of the 3 would be my true nemy.
But the 3 of them are acting
as proxy for someone else.
On the surface of it he's a... genius.
But on the inside...
...he's a criminal at his best.
Aditya Sen.
10th March is the most
important day of his life.
I want to make it
his most dreaded.
Now I have only one mission.
One target.
Aditya Sen.
Please welcome our
honorable chief guest...
Padmashree Aditya Sen.
You are a lucky man.
Everything is going
according to plan.
But he's not happy about it.
Rono didn't want
the Home Minister...
...but wanted Aditya Sen
to give him the medal.
Too much.
I humbly request Mr.Aditya Sen,
to say a few words.
Wherever I go...
...I am asked one question.
What is the secret
to your success?
It's very simple.
In life you need one...
...just one good idea.
And once you have it,
make that your life.
That's it.
Thank you
All the best
Long live India!
Now our students will come
and receive their medals.
Thank you
Rothin Banerjee
Passed with distinction in
the cyber cell security course.
And now...
...Ronojoy Bose...
Organized crime,
White collar crime,
and in the Financial
crime special course,
he passed with distinction.
Ronojoy Bose will
receive another prize.
All over best probationer
The best rank in drill
and all combat
And the special pistol shall
be presented to him by...
...our honorable chief guest...
...Shree Aditya Sen
Use it wisely.
Thank you sir.
I'll use it wisely.
And timely.
...I have that one idea.
And like you I would
like to use that idea... be successful.
Your success is my pleasure.
And sir your...
...pleasure is my...
We can't waste time
with introductions.
We have one agenda and
only one mission.
This file contains
details of 3 people.
They are all well
known in society.
But I have other information.
Your job is to
monitor them 24X7.
And collect as much
evidence as possible.
Am I clear?
Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!...
...the 3 of them had made
a 1200 Crore transaction.
They kept the money
in the Swiss Bank.
Now the 3 of them are planning
to go to Switzerland.
I don't know anything more.
On 10th May they have put in a request to
transfer all their money to the Swiss Bank.
You forced me to
tell you this much...
...I can tell you no more.
Thank you ma'am.
In the medical conference
on 10th March...
...if Ms.Angelina
signs the agreement...
...then no Indian company will be
able to profit from the medicine.
Naturally the price of
medication will reduce.
The poor will be able to
afford Cancer treatment.
This agreement is very
important to our country.
Thank you doctor.
You will keep an eye on the
second floor boarding level.
All good?
Yes, sir!
Once Ms.Angelina
landed at the airport...
...I safely escorted
her to the hotel.
Hi ma'am.
Please take a seat.
Thank you.
Last year...
...when my Dad was in India
for a medical conference...
...I also came with
him as a tourist.
That's when I learned about all the
poor people dying from Cancer.
The critical Cancer medicine KE-27,
was needed for their treatment.
And it was sold by us... a higher price in the
name of the patent right...
...for 20 years!
I felt so guilty for it.
But once I became the
managing director...
...I broke the patent
right for the medicine...
...and I made up my mind
to make it a generic medicine.
So it could benefit the poor.
I don't think the
medical mafia will allow it.
Just a sec...
Do you know this guy?
He's our Indian advisor.
Right and the one
he is talking to?
Our company's vice-president.
John Anderson!
This photo was taken
yesterday in Switzerland.
Where they met.
A transaction of
around 1200 Crores... an account in your country...
...will be done by...
...Aditya's proxies.
By any chance do you
see any connection or any.. between the meeting
and the transaction?
He might team up with John to
buy 51% shares of our company.
To actually take over my company!
Well ma'am...
...I'm sorry to tell
you this but...
...your life is at risk.
You don't have to worry about it.
I'm here to ensure your safety.
Tomorrow is 10th March.
There's a plan brewing.
To murder Miss Angelina.
And take over
her company.
We have a 2 point
strategy to counter this.
Point number 1...
Ensure Miss Angelina's safety.
So she can attend
the conference.
And point number 2...
Kamlesh, Damodar and Ashok.
We need to arrest them.
Why did you call me here?
And new clothes...
What's your deal?
I'm ready.
What's going on here?
You bought her
the same clothes?
Well, Megha...
...she is Angelina.
She's the managing director of
a foreign medical company.
...she has an important
conference to attend.
...many people want to prevent
her from attending.
Her life is at risk.
If you...
...take her place in her car...
...then she'll be safe.
She will be safe...Hmm.
And is there no
risk to my life?
When I said I'd give my life for you,
I didn't mean it literally.
Megha please.
Don't be like this.
...being a policeman
is in your blood!-
That's enough!
No need for anymore flattery.
Let's go.
What's the matter?
I was saying, I'm really glad to do
this for you ma'am.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Where are you?
Right behind you.
...we are keeping an eye out.
Thanks for the
It's a big one.
Thanks to you, John.
This has been a...dream.
Stop! Stop!...
Sir...Damodar Pandey
has got off his car.
But it doesn't seem
like he has a plan.
Keep an eye on him.
He's up to something.
Right, sir.
Oh shit!
Megha? Please get up.
For God's sake get up Megha!
Megha please get up!...
You are ok?
What the Hell is
wrong with you?
How can you joke
at a time like this?
Why not?
I need to know if I am a
lamb send to the slaughter...
...or do you really care for me?
But now I see... do care for me.
What's your status?
Ms.Angelina has
reached the hotel.
And she's on the 12th floor.
Alright. Stay alert.
Come on.
Move fast!
There you go.
This is gonna be very good.
You can transfer power to any.
And this is the
cover document.
Will you please check.
Let's go!
What is this?
Move! Get in...
What is this?
- Move!...
It's ok.
- It's ok with you?
- Ya, that's right.
Where do you think that should...
A call from India...
...what the Hell is
happening out there?
Are you trying to kill me, John?
No, no! There's certainly
been a mistake!
I've done nothing wrong!
Once my foot steps
on the Swiss soil... are finished!
What's the matter, John?
You said she'd be dead by now!
But she just called
me and threatend me!
It's 11 now! She should
have been dead by 10:30!
I'm ruined!
Calm down, calm down John.
Calm down. Everything
will be ok. Just give me...
Give me 5 minutes.
- Ok!
But only 5 minutes!
- Yes.
Didn't get the news?
They've been arrested.
Because they are idiots.
They've been arrested?
But they are supposed
to bring the money?
If I don't get the money-
Money? How much?
Tell me.
I'll send it right away.
Don't worry about the money.
Get them out of jail now!
Ok, ok...
Right now!
Hey! Someone shut the lid!
This is Aditya Sen.
I had given Damodar a job to do,
but he's now arrested so... I want you to do it.
You are giving me
my brother's job?
This is not an offer...'s a chance.
Consider it done.
Ya, hello?
I'm on my way.
Drop me to the hotel and
return to headquarters.
Yes, sir.
How are you, Mr.Chaubey?
I'm doing well.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I wanted to ask you for a favour.
I need 1200 Crore
rupees now.
1200 Crores?!
Think it's child's play?
That's why I'm
asking you for it.
You may be crazy Aditya...
...but I'm not.
Hold on, hold on, hold on...
I'm sending you a video clipping.
Watch it...
...and tell me what you decide.
Come, come...
Miss India!
So, Mr.Chaubey...
When are you
transferring the money?
Right now...
Check carefully.
Tight security.
No loose ends.
- Yes, sir.
How's it looking?
All ok, sir.
The conference will
begin anytime now.
The CM is on his way.
And Miss Angelina
is waiting for you.
Alright. I'll get her.
You stay here.
- Right, sir!
All ok?
Yes, sir.
Do you have Miss
Angelina's mobile?
Yes, sir.
But she has made a call.
Why did you allow it?
Someone might trace her phone.
She said it was urgent so...
Sorry, sir.
Come in.
I can't believe what's happening!
Thank you for alerting me.
It's my duty ma'am.
But you shouldn't have called
them before the conference.
I know. But my own people
are trying to kill me.
So what should I do?
Urgent file.
Sir had asked for it.
Sir I have done exactly... you had asked.
Thank you for
the money, sir.
- Done!
The ASP handling the
case is also finished.
But our job isn't over.
We need to finish everyone
involved with the case.
No need to kill anyone else.
From Angelina's guard to the arrest of the 3,
evrything was headed by one man...
...ASP Ronojoy.
Yes, sir. Alone.
Thank you.
See you soon.
Miss Angelina had come to sign
on the Generic Medicine agreement.
She was a special guest
of our government.
The investigation is on.
Very soon we will
find out who is...
...responsible for this.
From now on,
whatever you do... mindful.
And careful.
Seriously Rono...
...isn't this too much?
Take your life seriously, Rono.
I was never afraid
to lose it before.
And now I know what
it feels like to die.
So why should I be scared?
He's here.
Here he is!
My son! Returned from abroad.
Just look...
Look, I personally...
...bailed them out!
Yes! We are really thankful.
Thank God he was there.
If he didn't exercise his power...
...and bail us out...
...we'd have to rot in jail.
First time in my life,
I've been in a police car.
And it was really
very embarrassing!
It was only because of you...
...because you forbade me.
Or else I would have killed
him in the hospital.
Your brother Vicky... for me.
Did you know that?
None of you know about it.
And you all...
You are my proxies.
Does your brother
Vicky know that?
He doesn't.
Aditya Sen's connection... those he employs...
...are known to noone.
Not even...
...his father.
But that police officer...
...knows it all.
Angelina's security...
Your arrest...
He planned it all alone.
...well planned.
A genius... work.
And one genius...
...loves to play with another.
Not kill him.
I have found out
everything about him.
Ronojoy Bose...
No parents. Infact no family.
Being a policaman
was his dream.
And one more thing...
There is a place where he spends
more time than the police station.
Even I have only one idea...
And like you, I want
to use that idea...
...and be successful.
He has collected
this board too.
But why?
He knows everything
about me. Everything!
I need to know everything
about him too.
What's the need.
I'll tell the local councillor and
stop his water supply and electricity.
What do you think?
Don't be tense.
I'll do everything.
Ronojoy is not a
cause for tension.
But attention.
Now I'll be his
reason for tension.
Why is he after your life?
Some are born Gods
and some are mortals...
And these mortals...
...always chase the Gods.
I will bless him when
the time is right.
A piece of the bullet... still lodged in your chest.
It needs to be
removed immediately.
So another surgery?
Impossible doctor.
I am supposed to be
discharged this evening.
I have planned accordingly.
Please try and understand.
Minor operation.
I'll discharge you tomorrow.
Rono, what's wrong?
What are you doing?
He was right here.
- Stop it!
Where are you going?
You shouldn't be out
in your condition.
He was right here...
- Who?
You're imagining things.
- No, no...
- I'm sure I saw him.
Why are you outside?
Sir, please go inside.
I swear I saw him!
- Please relax...
Why don't you believe me?
- Rono...
He was here!
I'm not lying! He was here!
Calm down...
He was here.
It was him.
I'm telling the truth.
Why don't you believe me?
He was right here!
- We were here...
Why don't you believe me?
- Rono please!
But he was here!
- Calm down!
If you implant this in his body...
...then via satellite...
...I can hear and track
him all the time.
Please take care of it.
Or else I will take
care of you.
Megha...I'm not lying!
Please calm down.
Please leave...
Megha I'm...
...telling the truth.
Trust me on this.
...if Aditya Sen
was really here...
...would he not have...
...killed you?
Inspite of knowing all,
I haven't killed him.
I'm sure he has his reasons
for keeping me alive.
Magha, thank you for being there.
You could thank me...
...but lovers never
say sorry or thank you.
But according to you
we aren't even lovers...
So, you may thank me.
Well...Megha you
should go home now.
I'll go home.
But I'll return in 3 hours.
Because your next dose of
medication is in 3 hours.
You don't need to come.
Because I won't be here.
I'm going out.
How can you leave
in your condition.
I have some important
work to do.
What are you doing?
You're not allowed to leave.
You need to rest!
There is something which is
of greater importance than rest.
What is it?
Last week a girl was raped
and murdered in Rongpur.
Her name was Tanaya.
2 nights ago her boyfriend
Palash gave me the news.
Sir, this Palash...
Tanaya was my girlfriend.
She left me a video tape.
Where she revealed everything
about Aditya Sen.
All the evidence is in the video.
I want to give you
the memory card.
They should be punished.
I don't know what to do...
Palash...calm down.
I am to be released tomorrow.
I will meet you as soon as
I'm out of the hospital.
Don't worry. And one more thing...
Don't talk to anyone about this.
Ok, sir.
I need to get that
memory card from Palash.
And once I have the evidence...
...Aditya Sen will be history.
Sir...please sir...
Once people know that the
medicine has been found in our country...
...the whole world will
bow down to India.
There's a slight difference
between your thinking and mine.
You want the entire world... bow down to India.
And I want the entire world... bow down to me.
I won't let this happen!
This can't happen...
Please try and understand...
- Ssh!
If you say one more word...
...then the whole world...
...will mourn your death.
I will reveal the truth.
The world will know the truth.
They will know where
this medicine was discovered.
I will never do it again...
Hold off...
Ya, Rono...
I need a favour.
You very busy?
No, no. Am at the tram depot.
Just arrested this druggy thief.
What do you need?
Ok, listen...
Palash. 22 years old.
Medium built.
He is supposed to get a very
important memory card to Airport Road.
He is abnormally late.
Even his phone is switched off.
I think there's something fishy.
I can't go to his place,
there's no one else to stay here.
So could you check?
7, Sardar Jagat Street.
It's nearby.
Will take care of it.
Call Vicky.
Calling Vicky.
Yes, sir?
A police officer named Abhi,
is headed to your location.
Make sure he doesn't
get the memory card. Ok?
Sure sir.
Finish up fast!
Cops are coming!
Tell me!
For the last time...
Where's the memory card!?
Where is the memory card?!
Will you tell me?
Bunty! The cop is here.
Take him! Fast!
Sir please...
give this to Ronojoy sir.
I know you have the memory card.
Hand it over!
Don't give it to him!
Give it or I'll kill him!
I'm giving it.
- Don't give it sir.
Here it is...
- Please don't sir...
Hand it over!
It was Tanaya's final testimony.
Sir please don't...
- Give it!...
It was her last wish...
- I'll give it.
Sir, please...
- Don't kill him...
Hand it ove-
Open the door!
Yes, Vicky?
The police officer escaped
with the memory card.
Damn it!
Abhi, why weren't you picking up?
Hold on! Hold on Vicky!
A lot has happened.
They have killed Palash.
But I have the memory card.
Alright, listen.
I'm heading out!
You get on the highway...
...and reach Gandhi Road.
I'll meet you there. Ok?
Tell me where the
memory chip is...
In the last 30 years, the time
I've spent on my studies...
They will know where
this medicine was discovered. nothing compared
to the time I have spent...
...trying to cover up
all my crimes.
All I want to know is...
...which crime of mine
is Ronojoy a leftover of?
Tell me.
Tell me!
Ronojoy is not a leftover.
He has been born to...
...vanquish you and your sins.
Don't give him so much importance.
My slow poisoning will...
...will finish him little by little.
Killing Rono is just
a desire for you.
But finishing you is
his only emotion.
He has no other emotion.
I strip searched the house.
The memory card isn't there.
Tell me where the
memory card is!
Where is it?! Tell me!
Where is it? Tell us!
You don't know
what friendship is.
I will sacrifice my life...
...I will never betray my friend.
Send Ronojoy a message
from his phone.
Today I'll kill one friend
in front of another.
Let's see how
emotionless he really is.
Get in!
Get up!
Abhi wait!
A half - naked and intoxicated...
...police officer run over
I'm feeling worse about the insult...
...than his actual death!
From today, for
whatever help Rono needs...
...we are there!
This all happened
because of me.
Abhi died because of me.
Only because of me...
no one was supposed to know
about the memory card...
How did they know?
I planned it very carefully.
How is it even possi-
Megha, did you move the
pin from this picture?
Think carefully, Megha.
Have you really
not moved it?
If you haven't done it, then someone
else has been in this room.
Who else?
...Aditya Sen.
One second Rono!
Don't touch that.
You suspect something,
don't you?
I'll test it and confirm.
This is done...
...but Aditya's fingerprints?
I have it.
Aditya's fingerprints...
...can be found on this.
What do you mean?
Fingerprints matched.
That means I was right.
He was here.
But what did he
see in this picture?
Yes! This is ex-Miss India, Gayatri.
And the girl in
fourth is Bipasha.
Who is Bipasha?
Aditya Sen's girlfriend.
The girl who came
first in the event...
...Gayatri... being seen with Aditya Sen.
And the girl who...
...had been disqualified
from the event...
...Bipasha... Aditya Sen's live-in partner.
There was a lot of controversy about
Gayatri winning the competition.
Everyone figured that
Bipasha would win.
That means Aditya definitely has
some connection with this event.
Everyone is expecting
Bipasha to win.
They're saying she's a very
good contender for Miss World.
Once she wins...
...the companies will
be all over her.
So I was thinking...
...we could sign her now,
before anyone else does.
No contract.
I have a plan.
Bipasha need not become
Miss World and travel the globe.
She should make me her world...
...and revolve around me.
Fix another candidate.
Gayatri? She's fine...
Then make her the winner...
...and get her to
sign your contract.
Just before the
final ramp walk...
...Bipasha will find out
that her father... dead.
- What do you mean?
On hearing it she'll be shocked,
she'll break down and...
...Aditya Sen...
...will be her only relief.
She won't get a flight
back so soon and then I...
...will offer my chartered flight... bring her back
to the country.
I mean bring her back...
...your breakfast.
And your-
Yes, sir.
Leave it on the table.
- Ok, sir.
I will meet you as soon
as I get out of here.
7, Sardar Jagat Street.
I'll take care of it.
Thank you, thank you.
What have you done?
Yes, gentlemen so...
How did this happen?
Nothing has happened. Just leave.
- But how did this...
Why are you doing this?
Tell me what's worng.
No, I won't! I don't need anyone.
You're saying this?
And I have already fixed a secret
meeting with Bipasha at 4PM today.
So what?
He will get to know this too.
He knows about my every
move, my every step!
He killed abhi, Palash-
- Rono!
What I like about you the most... your patience.
And now you're
losing that too?
What is left to lose, Megha?
I have lost everything!
Yes, I have one thing left.
My life.
I'll die if I have to.
But I will finish him first.
What a shame!
If you respect yourself...
...then you shall be
able to love yourself.
Or else you won't.
And your proud
staements about... you shall die to finish him...
Do you think...
...that Aditya would ever
say something like that?
Do you know the difference
between the two of you?
You are just a hurdle
in Aditya's life.
One that he wishes to overstep.
But you have made
Aditya your life!
I'm leaving!
Hi Honey!
Hi Bipasha...
I'm nearly done.
I was thinking we can
go for a long drive?
Oh really!
What time?
4 o clock?
I have a doctor's
appointment at 4.
Ok. So let's have lunch together?
I'm coming home.
Ok, Honey! Love you.
Love you to...
I will kill Bipasha today.
Kill her?
What do you mean?
I mean that I will murder her.
Love at first sight...
...kill at first betrayal.
I fell in love with Bipasha
from the moment I saw her.
And then I planned how to make
her fall in love with me.
We were happy together.
But isn't she betraying
me by meeting Megha?
Yes, but you should...
Hi sir. How can I help you?
May I have a chocolate
cake. 1 pound.
- Cake!
No, no. I have eaten biryani.
- Any inscription?
Ya. For someone special.
Sure sir.
Hello. Tell me.
Could you come to my house?
No I can't. Tell
me over the phone.
Not even for me?
Oh my!
Your tone has really changed.
Ronojoy will propose
to Megha today.
What is it to us?
It's nothing to you. But
it means a lot to me.
I'll kill Megha once
Ronojoy proposes to her.
You'll kill Megha.
But why?
I want Ronojoy to see how it
feels when a lover dies.
Yes, but do you have to-
Talking to you...
...really clears my mind.
Thanks for your help.
Chin up...
You are saying I helped you...
Did I just help kill 2 people?
Have you reached?
Just 2 minutes, sir.
Megha has entered the locality.
A piece of the bullet is
lodged in oyur chest.
Do we need another surgery?
- Ofcourse.
And, yes...
...if you feel a pain in
your chest, come to me.
Don't do anything yourself.
Megha is getting out
of her car.
Don't lose sight.
- Ok.
I will tell you to fire.
Tell me...
Why did you call?
I have a clear target, sir.
Abhi, can you check?
7, Sardar Jagat Street.
Take the highway...
...and reach Gandhi Road.
Could you come over?
No, I can't. Tell me over the phone.
Not even for me?
What are you thinking about?
Tell me why you called?
...there's this kid in my locality.
He plays near the house.
Today's his birthday so...
...I got the cake.
I had called everyone,
so I thought...
...I'd call you too.
This is why you called me?
Should I open fire?
On the phone you sounded-
Yes, actually... left here angrily.
If I didn't speak that way,
you would have never come.
Is this really why you called me?
Why else would I call you?
Why are you asking the same
thing over and over again?
Stay if you want.
Or else just leave!
I thought that... would propose to me.
Did I tell you to think it?
Can't you think about anything
other than love?
Understand one thing clearly...
...I do not love you.
And I never will.
Plan cancelled.
Why sir?
Do what I say!
- Ok, sir.
Aditya can hear
everything we say.
Aditya can hear
everything we say.
Minor operation.
You're saying this?
I have fixed a secret
appointment with Bipasha at 4PM.
One second!
Hug me and say
whatever you have to.
...if you think you can win me
over by fixing a meeting with Bipasha...
...then you are wrong.
Cancel that appointment right now!
And from now on...
...mind your own business!
I can become the river
at your command,
I can burn as bright as a star,
I can be your nestled bird,
I am waiting...
I can become the river
at your command,
I can burn as bright as a star,
I can be your nestled bird,
I am waiting...
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
I come back as I move away,
No matter how you
push me away,
I will be standing here,
At an arms length.
I come back as I move away,
No matter how you
push me away,
I will be standing here,
At an arms length.
I can become a shadow for you,
Or light a glittering path,
I could drain all my love into you,
I am waiting...
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
Why does my heart
long for you?
Come run away with me.
I feel sad only for you,
And all my happiness is yours.
I can become a shadow for you,
Or light a glittering path,
I could drain all my love into you,
I am waiting...
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
To understand you,
To know you,
It would be nice,
To be a part of you.
No, Megha...
...I can't meet you now.
I am very mentally disturbed.
I am going to
Golakhpur Ashram now.
I will return late.
Very late.
Right before the final round of
the Miss India contest you were told...
...that your father
had passed away.
You were given the
news at 7:15PM.
But your father died at 7:45PM
Aditya Sen hired someone
to kill your father.
So that your dependancy
on him increases.
And it's not just that...
...he also manipulated the
championship for Gayatri.
And he makes her do
his dirty work. And believe me... is dirty.
Don't believe him.
Don't trust him.
How can I help you?
Exchange this file with Aditya's.
Can you handle it?
Push! Pull!
I don't know if you
will get this video.
Or if I will be alive.
They have molested me, Palash.
Hey! Come here.
Find her...
I may not live. But I
want this video... be used as
evidence against Aditya.
That will give me peace.
Hello, Ashok.
The conference is tomorrow.
I've prepared the speech.
I may not come tomorrow.
You shall stay with my father.
Call me once the CM arrives
and I'll try and make it.
And make sure that the
press coverage is good.
Listen Ashok, tomorrow's conference
is very important for the both of us.
We'll both be benefited. Bye.
Yes, Kunal...
...Vicky was followed and arrested.
He has already given a statement.
He admitted to
molesting Tanaya.
...he also admitted to
framing 2 innocent men.
But Vicky has already
managed to escape.
He has fled.
His last known location
was near the Maidan.
If we had him in custody...
Wait, wait, wait.
I have an idea.
I will call Vicky's brother Damodar
in the guise of Aditya Sen.
ANd I'll be able to get
Vicky's exact location.
Take the force there
as soon as I find out.
We need to arrest Vicky today.
By hook or by crook.
Speak up!...
Call Vicky.
Why did you kill Abhi?
The number you have dialed
is currently switched off.
Call Damodar.
Calling Damodar.
Hey! Wait!
Tell me...
Where are you?
At the dock.
And Vicky?
I last heard that he
was near Maidan.
Ronojoy is looking for Vicky and
his phone is not reachable.
You must alert him
and tell him to call me.
No problem...
And listen...
- Yes?
Ronojoy will impersonate
my voice and call you-
He'll fool me?
Fooling me is not that easy.
I am-
- Bloody stupid idiot!
Yes, Kunal...
I just got news.
Vicky hasn't gone
towards Maidan.
He is in his Northern den.
Yes, yes. I'm on my way.
You get the force along.
Call Damodar.
Take him to the room.
There we go!
Trying to fool me?
Is Vicky at Maidan or
his Northern den?
Why should I tell you?
Trying to fool me by
tapping Aditya's number?
I am Aditya!
Then I am Prosenjit!
Call Ashok.
Be clear with what you say.
I drugged police officer Abhijit.
I forced him to consume drugs.
And then I left him
on a busy highway.
And I did it all...
...on the instruction of Aditya.
The CM is already here.
Something more
important has come up.
I will explain it to Dad.
He will speak on my behalf.
- Yes?
This is a very important conference.
I have written everything.
Just open this file and read.
- Yes.
I will read exactly
what you have written.
Don't worry. I will
reward your faith in me.
Chin up...
Is everything ok?
- Take care.
And now I'd like to call
upon our Health Minister.
Sir, if you may...
- Yes.
Greetings. Last month...
...I was instated to
the health department.
And I had promised to make
this a 'Disease free state.'
Now we must see...
...whether that has happened.
No, it hasn't.
And it doesn't seem like it
will happen in the future.
Wait...wait a minute.
There was talk about reducing
the price of generic medicines.
But I have promised not to
let that happen. What say you?
There was talk of an
agreement with Miss Angelina.
Which would reduce the
rate of generic medicines.
The Chiefmininster was going
to sign on that agreement.
But I did not let him.
Because a drop in price would
imply a great loss in business.
There's a surprise.
Me, me, me...
I told the Chiefminister not
to sign the agreement.
And so he didn't.
And as a result, a lot of
money changed hands.
What are you saying?
Have you gone mad?
Please sit down...
That is true.
What's happening?
Khoka said that I would be Chiefminister.
Today must be the day.
So I must malign this Chiefminister.
You really are a genius, Khoka.
Vicky get up!...
One minute!
- Please shut up.
Yes, the Chiefminister...
...had hidden the contract
signed by Miss Angelina.
...I have recovered it from him.
Will you shut up?!
Don't say another word!
Arrange a party
meeting immediately.
- Ok, sir.
Everyone down!
Officer! Please take
care of this.
I will get beaten up for this!
Is this the result of my parenting?
You just jammed my gut!
Get up Vicky!
Control yourself, get up!
Get up!
Vicky listen...
Ronojoy is arriving
with his team.
They will question you.
Don't you answer!
Vicky can you hear me?
Yes, from the crossing.
Take a left.
Vicky they are coming.
Vicky they will question you!
I'll tell them everything!
Police officer Abhijit,
...was drugged by
the two of us...
...and thrown on
to the highway.
Who is it?
Who is the two of us?
Me and Aditya Sen.
Damn it!
Here, here...
Now take the left.
Yes, correct. It's the
house on the right.
I will say it all on camera.
Ya ya. Right here.
Shit, shit...
He's dead.
He was our prime witness.
Who could have killed him?
What happened?
There's big trouble.
Instead of reading the report...
...he is maligning the CM.
I have done it all.
I have uncovered the CM's designs.
Tell him to fake a heart
attack and get out now!
Calm down! I will
take care of it. Please.
The speech has been swapped.
What should I do?
Fake a heart attack.
My heart is paining!
I can't take it!
The heart is on the left.
When did that happen?
From the very beginning.
My chest is paining...
My chest...
Sit down!...
Ambulance! I can't take it.
Let's get out...
He was reading this speech.
The party office called.
They want your father to resign.
And if he doesn't...
...they will expel him.
Hey! Khoka!
If you came any later,
I would have had a...
...heart photack.
Heart attack.
Same thing...
Know something?
You remind me of a
story I had once heard.
What story?
When you were a child i would
tell you stories when you were ill.
Now it's your turn.
So Dad...
...there was a king.
He never trusted anyone.
One day he...
...appointed a monkey
as his bodyguard.
The monkey was very
good and efficient.
He took good care of the king,
and he was very pleased.
And one day...
- What happened?
One night when the king was asleep...
...a mosquito...
...kept flying around the king's face.
And the monkey kept
trying to shoo it away.
But he couldn't.
Then that mosquito...
...finally settled on the king's neck.
And then the monkey took a sword and
tried to kill the mosquito on his neck!
Did the mosquito die?
Khoka! Tell me the rest...
Where are you going?
Just look at that...
I have some important news.
Mr.Aditya Sen murdered
Damodar Pandey's brother Vicky.
An informer provided me
with footage of the murder.
Sir, I need your order.
To arrest Mr.Aditya Sen.
What are you saying, Ronojoy?
Aditya Sen is a big shot!
And on top of that
a minister's son.
Sir, I guess you are not updated
with the latest news.
Call and confirm.
Aditya Sen's father is being
expelled from the party.
Could I speak to the CM?
Hello, sir?
Ok, sir...
I have spoken to the Chiefminister.
He said arrest him if
the evidence is strong.
Thank you, sir!
What has happened to you?
Let go off me!
Why didn't I die before you?
Please step aside.
- Hey Vicky!
They killed my brother!
I know.
I told you that Ronojoy
was looking for Vicky.
I won't spare him!
I don't care who he is!
I will kill him with
my bare hands.
I will take care of that.
But before that you...
...have to kill someone.
My father.
What are you saying?
Tell me when the job is done.
Is it done?
Yes, it's done.
My truck driver just
hit your father's car.
Yes, sure.
The car is burning
in front of my eyes.
Have you come to apologise?
There's no point now.
You should have thought about
it before the deed was done.
How could you do
this to my father?
Then what should I have done?
Cuddled him?
Your father will read
bogus medical reports...
Call me a thief in front of everyone...
What can I do but expel him?
Does that mean
you will kill him?
Kill him?
You got him runover
on the highway.
Was that right?
Waht are you say-
Leave. Will meet you tomorrow.
- Let's go...
Is Govardhan...
...really dead?
You killed him...
...and now you're
asking if he's dead?
Will you kill a man for
saying something wrong?
What are you saying?
I didn't kill Govardhan!
The truck driver involved
in the accident admitted...
...that he did it on the
Chiefminister's bidding.
I can get him here if you want.
Listen Aditya, there's
been a misunderstanding.
Why should I
kill Govardhan?
I didn't kill him,
I wouldn't kill him...
You're right.
You didn't kill him.
I did.
You killed your own father...
How could you do this, Aditya?
And now you want
to blame me for it?
It's become a habit.
Do you remember?
When I was 16, I took the
blame for one of your crimes.
Do you remember?
Ofcourse I do.
I banged the man's head
on the table in anger.
And a piece of glass-
And at that moment!
At that very moment I...
...saw my distant future.
My father the MLA.
Then a minister.
And to make the rest
of the plan it took...
One second!
Just one second!
Please take the blame.
Will you take the blame, Dad?
I'll take the blame.
Once the two of you
left the room...
...I saw...
...that the man was still alive.
I knew that...
...if I didn't kill him then my
plan would be ruined.
I was born poor and that was... father's fault.
But if I die poor...
...that would be my fault.
And I can't let that happen.
Isn't it?
What do you want?
You shall replace my father with
a minister of my choice.
You will get my agreement
on generic medicine...
...sanctioned by the government.
You will cancel the arrest
warrant issued in my name.
You have maligned
my father severely so... shall pay him respect... organising a 21 Gun Salute.
May his soul rest in peace.
Everything has an end.
And so it ends.
You're under arrest.
Troops position!
When I saw you in your childhood,
I thought you were a horse.
One could bet on you.
Seeing him, I am stunned.
He seems to be
the jockey who will...
...control the horse.
You were born in
a government car.
Today another government
car is waiting for you.
Get in.
Do you know what
you are saying?
All your questions...
...will be answered by me.
Do you have answers...
...for all my questions?
If you have questions to ask...
...then I have answers to give.
Our country hosts the highest
number of Cancer patients.
There are plants in our forests
from which a cure may be derived.
If they are derived then the
price of medication would fall.
It can cure the
disease in 6 months.
This medicine...
...has been discovered by me.
But Aditya sir wants... sell this medicine
in the foreign market.
If this happens then patients will have to
depend on foreign companies.
And the price will double.
I may not survive.
But I want this video to be
used as evidence against Aditya.
That will give me peace.
Honorable court...
...from Miss Tanaya's statement
you have all understood that...
...if the formula from medical plants
found in our forests... sold to a foreign company...
...then the people of our country
will be in dire straits.
And in an effort
to prevent that...
...Miss Tanaya had
to lose her life.
The total evidence for the case has been
collected by ASP Ronojoy.
Honorable court...
Mr.Aditya Sen murdered Ms.Angelina
in order to take over her company.
So that he may make a...
...super profit.
The evidence has been
provided to the court.
...who was Ditya Sen's henchman...
...has been video taped
and presented to court.
I have done everything...
...on the orders of Aditya sir.
Damodar Pandey,
Kamlesh Tripathy,
Ashok Ganguly.
Using the 3 of them as proxies...
...the natural resource and
medical mafia world...
...has been controlled
by Aditya Sen.
All the evidence has
been provided in court.
Yes, sir!
I have checked the reports on
behalf of the special squad.
What he is saying is right.
100% correct.
Mr.Aditya Sen...
...if you do not put forward
a statement by tomorrow...
...then the court will assume...
...that you admit to your crimes.
The court orders Aditya Sen
to stay in a special cell for today.
ASP Ronojoy.
Please take charge!
Yes, sir!
No microphone.
No recorder.
No bug.
Wait outside.
- Right, sir.
We shall discuss everything... to one.
You played the entire
game with a bug.
And now you're
saying one to one?
Enough with the games.
Now let's make a deal.
I love deals.
How much?
100 Crores?
You don't even have a hundred
rupees to spare.
All your national and international
bank accounts have been ceased.
While we are talking,
your business, real estate... all being shut down.
Everyone involved
with this case... being arrested.
So basically...'re finished.
Even the patent on the
medicine you were waiting for... now in Tanaya's name.
Tanaya just munmbled something...
...and it became true?
Tanaya knows nothing
about the formula.
I made the formula!
To create that formula...
...I gathered the plants!
I know.
What do you know?
Tanaya didn't mumble lies.
I made it happen.
It can cure the disease
in 6 months.
Aditya discovered it.
A minor correction.
Instead of'it was
dicovered by Aditya'.
I made it ' it was
discovered by me.'
Easy dubbing.
And I don't need to
tell you how much... has advanced.
Very smart.
I've learnt it from you.
How to be smart.
You have always kept emotional crimes as
a facade to your organised crime.
And I finished all your organised
crime with one emotional crime.
Aditya Sen is like a Phoenix.
He always rises from the ashes.
He can't be killed.
Imagination and reality...
...are not the same,
Mr.Aditya Sen.
All the ministers loyal to you,
are now trying to murder you.
It's so bad that getting you safely
from here to court is difficult.
Anytime, anywhere...
...there may be a shot fired!
So can we...
...move to the deal.
Bullet proof jacket.
You will wear this tomorrow.
Our best sniper
will shoot you.
Hence, you have
nothing to worry about.
You'll be safe and sound.
Those who had planned to kill you,
will think that you are dead.
And we'll take you under our
Witness Protection Plan.
Now the deal is very simple.
Those criminals who don't
fear the police, fear you.
Because you have
all their secrets.
You shall give me those details.
And in return...
...what will I give you?
Any doubt?
You murdered Damodar's
brother Vicky and... thought
he'd spare you?
He lied to you.
I got to know about
your plan from him.
And after that
all that happened...
...was according to my plans.
It's done. Just like you said.
The driver has run
over your father's car.
Is he dead?
For sure!
Do you know whose ashes
were present at the 21 Gun Salute?
My friend Abhijit.
The one you brutally murdered!
Everyone at the ground
knew about this.
All...except you.
...give me some time.
Well you have just got... night's time to think.
Use it wisely.
How are you, Khoka?
I wanted to meet you alone.
But after what you have done...
...meeting you without a
policeman is impossible.
...what do you want?
You want to kill
everyone and live alone?
What is the point of living
without your loved ones?
Khoka, I have always
obeyed you.
I have done everything
you have asked.
Now please listen to me.
...wear it.
Don't think about it...
Please wear it...
I'll listen.
I'll listen to
everything you say.
Chin up...
He is not worthy of a Padmasree!
He should be stripped of it!
Keep an eye out.
No mistakes.
Good decision.
Ayan position.
Position taken.
Alright, the plan is on.
- Ok.
Will the sniper rifle bullet... stopped by this jacket?
3A bullet proof jacket.
Made with ceramica and metal.
The position in which
Kunal is standing... your mark.
Why haven't you
worn the jacket?
I don't need it anymore.
You do.
Kunal! Call for an
ambulance. Fast!
Aditya hold on!
Stay with me!
Why are you breaking down?
Because I'm dying?
Or because you haven't
got your evidence.
This is not the time Aditya!
Hurry up with the ambulance!
I have...
...given you all the evidence.
Aditya, please.
Think how I've done it.
I'll think later.
There's not much time.
Think! Think fast!
Why haven't you
worn the jacket?
I don't need it anymore.
You do.
Bulletproof jacket.
I haven't taken the
life you offered.
...I have...
...given you all the evidence.
Not for the country...
Not for the people...
But for you.
For a genius.
No, no, no...
The horse always
loses to the jockey.
Don't give up Aditya.
You win...
I still remember
that piece of news.
A 15 year old boy jailed
for killing a politician.
I suspected something then.
And that suspiscion chased me.
The search began.
The search for truth.
A new Ronojoy was born.
Whose life had One ambition.
One life.
One goal.
One mission.
The boats shall
sink at the shore,
And lightning shall strike
through a cloudless sky,
And if the cloudy
day envelops you,
I will come today and break you
If you think this is
King Hirak's kingdom,
I will finish you at every step,
You will be washed and wiped away
I will come today
and break you,
If your every step is sinful,
Your lifespan will reduce,
The clock of life will stop,
One mission!
I have only One mission!
The world changes everyday,
The hidden cards are dealt,
The wolves come
to feed on milk,
One mission!
I have only One mission!
I am One!
I am the One
I may break,
But will never bend!
I am the tiger who
swims and drinks,
More viscious than a crocodile
when I see my prey
I will become the air,
But will leave a mark,
Come catch me,
And die.
Only the wiley can consort,
But I won't spare you
if you follow,
You'll shudder at every sound,
Catch me and die.
You'll suffer all day,
You'll die every moment,
And your soul will burn,
I want to swallow you!
I'll end your chapter,
With my bare hands,
This is what I do,
I want to swallow you!
I am One!
I am the One
I may break,
But will never bend!
No, no, don't
stand before me.
If you do then
don't face me.
Do what you can do,
And all others
will be collateral.
Very nice!
All you guys who hate me,
Don't take your
anger out on the weak,
Don't even think
that you can beat me,
I never lose,
I only win!
I either kill or die,
Win or lose,
When I get the
chance I'll bury you,
Less talk, more
blazing guns,
I am the One,
that's the end of the case!
End of the case...
I end the case!
Less talk,
More guns blazing!
I am the One,
Shut up this shop!
I am One!
I am the One!
I may break,
But will never bend!
I may break,
But will never bend!