One Bad Apple: A Hannah Swensen Mystery (2024) Movie Script

[camera clicks]
[continuous camera clicks]
[ominous music]
[knives scrape]
[ominous music]

So, now you know you don't
have to rely on
store bought puff pastry or even
the expected recipe.
You all just made pie crust
from scratch
and it's gonna be
a wonderful surprise
for our fresh take on
an apple turnover.
And I love how versatile apples
can be, right?
I'm gonna come look
at all your stations.
How you doing, Willa?
These are so clever and I'm...
I love being able to say, like,
I made it from scratch.
Yeah. And I think it's great.
You're gonna use your fork
to crimp the edges together.
What about the egg wash?
Oh, yes. Right. Okay.
Once you've assembled
your turnover,
you wanna use your egg wash
to gently brush
the outside of the dough.
That's gonna help it brown
in the oven.
And don't forget that you wanna
use a very sharp knife
to create some vents that
allow the steam to escape.
All right. Uh, you have
your cinnamon sugar?
Give it a little sprinkle
and in the oven you go.
Thank you.
And these look fantastic.
You just wanna put them in
the fridge for a few minutes
before you put them
on your dough.
Oh... uh... yeah.
There might be too much
flour in your dough.
Why don't you use mine instead?
Happens to everyone.
[camera clicks]
Hello there.
Sorry to interrupt.
Uh... no problem.
Here, use this one.
Hannah, love.
How's everything going
with the class?
Are the students
all master bakers?
Oh yes, they're doing great.
Good. Well, I'm so glad
everything's working out.
Yeah, me too, and it's been fun
sharing my recipes with them.
And I really appreciate
you suggesting it.
[students gasp]
Ooh, uh...
That's okay, don't worry.
Professor Ramsey,
was it your idea for Hannah
to teach intro to baking?
Are you enjoying her class?
Absolutely. It's delicious.
Then it was definitely my idea.
Well Bradford, if you're here
to try the apple turnovers,
you're a little bit early.
If you're interested, I'd still
love to take you out for dinner.
Oh, I...
In that case, I'll ping you over
some dates that work. Shall I?
You know, I've noticed that
a number of your students
are also taking my English
lit class,
and that sparked
a brilliant idea.
See, as a treat, you know,
for all of their hard work
this quarter...
what would you say
we collaborate
on a class together next week?
You know, a lot of the novels
that I assign
have wonderful food imagery.
You know, I think
that's a great idea.
It might be fun to use a
practical class to examine
how food metaphor and imagery
and how it develops complex
ideas in literature.
You took the words right
out of my mouth.
Never underestimate a baker.
Sage advice, indeed.
Okay. All right, everyone.
Let's just make sure that we
don't overfill our turnovers
because we don't want it
to leak all over the oven.
I did promise the administration
there wouldn't be too much smoke
coming from this classroom.
[students laugh]
Good job, everyone.
[camera clicks]
[camera clicks]
So, we only have five orders
left to fill
for afternoon deliveries.
Two apple turnovers,
two carrot cakes
and a dozen chocolate
sugar cookies.
How did you accomplish
all of that?
You are on fire today.
Yeah, it's a piece of cake.
Angel food, that is.
Oh! Look at that.
Came out perfect.
Now I have to ask you who my
mother is talking to over there.
Yeah, I have no idea.
But she has been
very secretive about it.
Oh, no.
Are we still on for dinner
tonight, Mother?
Oh... darling. I'm juggling
so much right now,
I'm afraid it's just
not possible.
Oh. Well, all right then.
I will take this opportunity
to ask you
what you were doing on campus
taking photos of me today.
[scoffs] Oh, Hannah!
Oh, I wouldn't...
How'd you know it was me?
I would know you anywhere,
What's going on?
Absolutely nothing is going on.
You just decided to borrow
Michelle's camera
and take photos of someone
without their knowledge
or consent?
Hannah. I am trying
something new.
The path not taken and all that.
It's nothing I can discuss
right now, it's very hush hush.
Honey... can I please
have another
double chocolate delight?
You bet.
- Thank you.
Coming right up.
I'll just add it to your tab.
[mumbles] Mm... thank you.
Every time you bake,
it's like a new beginning.
You can make an old
favorite recipe
or you can take a chance
on something new.
It can be risky.
An ingredient is bad or just
not the right combination.
But sometimes things
blend together.
A perfect symphony of flavors
and textures.
Every choice you make leads you
down a different possible path.
Hopefully with a delicious
Your caramel apple tarts
are ready.
Please enjoy.
[sighs] Norman, hey!
What's up with you?
Uh... your mother?
[chuckles] Oh, no.
What's she done now?
Uh, it's kind of hard
to explain.
At first she was just asking me
how I was doing,
and then next thing I knew,
she'd arranged for you and I
to have dinner tonight
at the Chameleon.
[sighs] That's my mother.
It's her life motto to never let
an opportunity pass her by.
Thank you.
Okay. What's the opportunity?
Well... she was supposed
to take me to dinner
at the Chameleon tonight
and she flaked on me.
Ah ha. Well, there it is.
Yeah. She's Machiavellian.
[both chuckle]
She is, I agree.
Uh... but, you know, I was
thinking maybe we should go
to dinner tonight.
Do you, uh...
Yeah, of course.
Because I'd love to hear
about college
and how all that's going
and your teaching.
Aww, yeah.
That would be so great.
And... and hopefully Diana
can join us.
Yeah. I'll... I'll ask her.
And hey, uh...
Hannah, I've been meaning
to say,
um... I'm sorry.
About what?
About Mike moving to Quantico.
We talked about it.
I mean, it's the FBI.
It's an incredible opportunity
for him.
Yeah. It must be.
Thanks, Norman.
Um, so... I think she said
the reservation is for 7:00.
Is that...
- Yeah. 7:00 is great.
Look at you, empty-handed.
Let me get you your coffee.
Yes, please.
And a ginger
and molasses cookie?
That would be amazing.
Why are you looking
at me like that?
[cat meows]
It's just dinner.
Norman's girlfriend is probably
gonna be there too.
[cat meows]
No, I'm not texting Mike.
We agreed we're gonna
just take some time apart.
Besides, I didn't think
you were on team Mike.
[cat meows]
I'm coming with your dinner.
[phone alert chimes]
Hey, you're not gonna believe
this. It's snowing!
Hannah, do you know
where Mom is?
Um... no. Why?
Me neither.
And she turned off her
locations, I do not like that.
Yeah, well, she's definitely
been acting odd.
She was weird at The Cookie Jar
this morning
and she flaked on me for dinner.
Really? That's not like her
at all.
And I'm really sorry
that she stood you up.
Well, thank you.
I'm sure her conscience
is clear.
She tricked Norman into
asking me to dinner instead.
Well, ever since Mike moved
to Virginia,
she has been determined to get
you and Norman together.
He's with Diana.
Is he?
He loves Diana.
Does he?
He just asked me to dinner
because he feels sorry for me.
You're so bad at this.
Hannah, Norman does
not feel sorry for you.
And either way,
what does it matter?
Just put on something nice
to go for dinner.
What do you mean?
I am wearing something nice.
Let me see.
Well... okay.
Hold on.
Ugh. Put on a dress, Hannah!
It is Friday night.
Okay! Okay.
All right. What is it with you
and Moishe?
You sound just like Mother.
[light jazz music]
Thank you.
Are you okay?
[teary] Hannah? Oh my gosh.
Sorry, I didn't see you there.
You seem upset.
What's wrong?
No. Oh my gosh.
No, it's nothing.
I'm just, um...
feeling a little sick today.
I'm sorry, I have to go.
- Norman!
There she is.
- Hi.
It's nice to see you.
And you look fantastic.
- So do you.
Um... who was that?
Oh, that was one of my
students, Willa Sunquist.
She makes excellent lemon bars.
Her friend Pam, ugh... a genius
with chocolate.
I'm thinking about hiring her
to work for me this summer.
[chuckles] Okay.
So, uh... how's it going
over there?
Are you loving teaching?
Way more than I thought I would.
So much fun.
Yeah, I knew you'd be
good at it.
Thank you.
Is, um... Diana not
joining us tonight?
No. She's, uh... she's working
on a case.
But she sends her best.
A case.
Yeah. It's not a murder case.
Calm down.
But she is meeting with the
county prosecutor tomorrow.
Uh, Norton, I think his name is.
Apparently, he's pretty tough
so she wants to make sure
she has her brief in order.
Well, she saved
the Steiner Building.
I'm sure she's gonna win
this case too.
Okay, well... I hope so.
Norman, you are not gonna
believe this.
My mother is here.
I'm gonna go talk to her.
- Okay.
Be right back.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Take your time. - Sorry.
What is going on, Mother?
- Shhh.
[whispers] Hold this.
I'm working.
[whispers] Working?
Working on what?
Hannah... your mother
is a private eye.
A sleuth.
A detective.
I know what it means.
I just didn't expect you
to say that.
Since when?
I opened my own agency
last month.
It's going gangbusters,
to be honest.
I had no idea how many women
are desperate for my services.
What kind of services?
Well... [spraying]
- [coughs]
As a boutique agency,
I have the luxury of offering
a wide variety of options.
Thank you.
I like to customize my services
based on the needs
of my clients.
Oh... here.
And that's why you've been
following me around?
'Cause you're practicing.
- Yeah.
So far has just been mostly...
Well, mostly it's just been...
It's okay.
catching cheating husbands
but in success, I'm hoping
to expand my profile.
How did this happen?
It practically fell in my lap.
I mean, after the way
I almost single...
Single-handedly had Ken Purvis
put in jail.
My success rate is 100 percent.
I don't think you and I
remember the Ken Purvis case
in quite the same way.
Oh... forget the details, darling.
- The point is...
I really think this is
my calling.
I know.
Thank you.
You wait two minutes.
What is that?
Is it bad?
- No, no.
No. What happened?
- Did you do something...?
I thought I...
- Yeah, yeah. No, it's fine. I...
You're not gonna...
my mother just attacked me
in the...
That red purse.
Stacey Ramsey,
that's who that is.
Who's that?
Do you remember I told you
about the Professor, Bradford?
He's the one who suggested
I teach at the college.
He's up there having dinner
with his ex-wife.
Oh... okay.
Oops. Ooh. Doesn't look like
his ex-wife.
I didn't think so either.
You gotta tell me, what's going
on with your mother?
What was that?
She has decided
to become a... [whispers]
[both laugh]
You're kidding me.
[voicemail greeting] Hi, it's
Michelle. Leave a message.
Michelle, will you feed
Moishe for me?
I might be here longer
than I... originally thought.
Hannah Swensen?
I'm Hannah.
Hi. Thank you for waiting.
Come with me.
Please have a seat.
This won't take long.
My name is Chad Norton.
I am the county prosecutor
for Lake Eden District.
Uh, yeah. You sent me
a summons.
A subpoena.
I'm prosecuting the case
against Ken Purvis.
He's under indictment
for embezzlement.
The Booster Club.
I helped catch him.
And that is why you're here.
You were a fact witness
to some pivotal evidence
we have against Mr. Purvis.
Just glad I could help.
Be that as it may, as you saw
in the subpoena,
the deposition is on Wednesday.
Uh, sorry... Wednesday?
And I apologize
for any inconvenience,
but you will need to plan
to be here all day.
There's no way for me
to determine ahead of time
when you'll actually be called.
Of course. No problem.
So, you'll be questioned
about the circumstances
under which you found
Miss Sharp's letter.
Both the defense and the
prosecution can pose questions.
There's no judge, it's just
a fact-finding mission.
But please be as accurate
as possible
when you answer the questions
and only answer the questions
that are asked.
If you don't recall or if
you don't know the answer
to the questions asked,
don't speculate.
Just say, I don't know.
I'll do the best I can,
just here to help.
That's all anyone could ask.
Miss Swensen.
Don't worry,
you'll do just fine.
Thank you.
That's how she ended up
with eight.
Okay. We'll see ya.
See you later, man.
Hi. Hey, everyone.
I hope I didn't assign too much
homework over the weekend.
[students chuckle]
Don't mind Kyle.
He's always stressed.
Yeah, I'd be stressed too
if I were him.
We love taking your class,
For the delicious treats
and it is a relief that there's
no homework.
Or tests.
I'm so glad you're feeling
better, Willa.
Uh, she hasn't completely
It's nothing.
Um... yeah. Hannah, this is
my brother, Perry. Perry...
I've heard all about
your class, Hannah.
I had no idea my little sister
would be so good in the kitchen.
Professor Ramsey had this idea
for Hannah to help everyone
in his class bake something
from a classic novel.
- Oh.
- Such a brilliant idea.
Yeah. And so many wonderful
authors used cooking or baking
as an allegory.
There is a great set
of mysteries
that are all about
different desserts.
And the recipes
are in the novel.
Oh. It's a mystery.
Sounds fun.
You guys can all keep
your novels.
I think I'll take
a math equation
or chemical formula any day.
Baking is all about
science too, you know.
You have to know whether or not
to use baking powder
or baking soda.
If you have the wrong ratio
of wet to dry ingredients,
you can end up with a hot
mess on your hands.
[students chuckle]
Hey, everyone.
I just wanted to mention
my roommates and I
are having a party.
Let loose before finals
next week.
You should come.
Sounds great.
I have to pack up, I'm going
home over the break,
but maybe I'll come for a while.
Uh, yeah. Perry and
I'll definitely come.
It sounds fun, thanks.
Hannah, I'm Tim Pearson.
Oh, hi. Nice to meet you.
He's Professor Ramsey's T.A.
Well, I'm also a PhD student.
Uh, writing my thesis for, um...
Actually, it's about Chaucer.
Uh, but you're more
than welcome to join us.
Yes, you should come!
It'll be fun.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
Uh, but that's very nice.
Um, I have lots of reading
I have to do,
so I better get going.
So nice to see you.
- Bye Hannah.
So, about the party...
- Uh huh.
What we're gonna do is...
Aww. So cute.
Stacey. Huh.
Well, I guess I'll be back
soon, then.
Whoa. Ouch.
- Hello.
- [gasps] Bradford.
Oh, what a wonderful surprise.
Yes. Uh... sorry,
I didn't mean to...
Yeah. Basically.
Oh. How else are you to amuse
yourself all alone in my office?
Well, I apologize.
Um... I'm actually here
to discuss
the plan for your
class tomorrow.
Hmm. You know, I'd much
rather discuss our dinner date.
Oh... right.
No, you're right.
First, we must work.
I have let my students know
to meet in your classroom,
seeing as that's where
all the equipment is.
Great. Perfect.
Now, I was thinking we could
do the cakes from Jane Eyre.
I think it'd be perfect
for the students to combine
a little historical research
with imagining
the author's intent.
Excellent notion.
Quite charming.
Uh... I tell you what.
Why don't you leave
that with me,
and I will get back to you
as soon as I can.
Sound good?
Um... okay.
Well, you do have to give me
some warning
'cause I have to prep
all the ingredients.
Oh, of course. Of course.
You know, I'm terribly sorry.
I just realized I have a meeting
with the Dean.
It totally slipped my mind.
The Dean?
Yes. Yes. About my rather
troublesome T.A. again.
- You understand.
Right. Uh... well,
I'm sorry about that.
Okay, just let me know
when you decide.
Of course.
The pain of parting is nothing
to the joy of seeing you again,
[chuckles] Oh.
Proust perfectly exemplifies
the use of food as a metaphor
to help the reader understand
the protagonist's mood.
Go ahead.
In Proust's remembrance
of things past,
he mentions dunking
his madeleine in his tea.
Yeah, very good.
Yeah, that's right.
We considered that recipe,
but the batter for Madeleines
requires it to chill overnight,
so we decided to go
with a recipe
that you can actually
accomplish today.
[students murmur]
- Whoa
- That's beautiful.
Ta da.
To Kill a Mockingbird.
It's one of my childhood
In fact, I even named my dog
after my favorite character.
No. Boo Radley.
There's a wonderful scene
about a Charlotte.
Now, I must admit
that I had no idea
what kind of a dessert that was.
It's a Charlotte Russe.
It's a dessert made
of ladyfinger cookies
with a Bavarian cream filling.
Though you can also make it
with chocolate mousse.
Which just sounds so sinfully
decadent, doesn't it?
Uh, the best part is...
Sorry. Excuse me just
one minute.
Of course. Yeah.
The best part is you can
all make this.
I have some of the elements
to start with on your stations,
including the recipes.
But if you wanna make
Bavarian cream
or the chocolate mousse,
or if you're in my class
and you wanna try something
a little more advanced,
you can make fruit... puree."
Um... and, uh...
why don't you all get started
and I'll come check on you.
So, we do have a station
if you'd like to make
a Charlotte Russe.
Are you kidding me?
That would be a childhood
dream come true.
[laughs] All right.
Well, let's get started.
I'll just... okay.
[ignitor clicks]
Oh, yeah.
No, we don't need to...
Do you smell that?
What do you mean?
Everybody duck!
Is everyone all right?
Hannah, Willa needs help.
Oh no. Willa?
[fire alarm blares]
Oh, Willa. Are you okay,
Willa? Oh, Willa.
Let's get you outside.
We gotta go outside.
Everybody out!
Everybody out and don't panic!
[students murmur]
Hannah, you...
you saved everybody.
You really saved the day,
you did.
Do you have any idea
what caused that explosion?
I keep thinking about it, but I
don't think any oil was spilled.
I can't imagine that the college
would let us use
faulty equipment.
You know, I think you give them
a little more credit
than they deserve.
Maybe. But that equipment's
been there for weeks.
I guess anyone would have
had a chance to rig it.
Hold your horses, Hannah.
What are you saying?
Are you suggesting
someone intentionally
caused the explosion?
Surely not.
Well, I guess not.
But still, I just think
it's sort of odd
the way Tim, your
teacher's assistant,
was just hanging around
in my classroom.
He's hardly the sort of person
to, what, set up an explosion?
I mean, why, for starters?
Because he thinks
I'm a harsh marker.
Are you a tough grader?
Well, you know, people think
that I am a little strict.
But, you know, how else
are they supposed to learn?
And at the end of the day,
it's my name on
the syllabus, so...
I am so glad you're quick
on your feet, Hannah.
This could have been really bad.
Kitchen fires are no joke.
Fire Marshall isn't satisfied
with the initial findings.
She wants to do a full
to confirm the cause
of the explosion.
She doesn't think
it was an accident.
When I know more,
you'll know more.
Thanks, Lonnie.
Hey, you're not in uniform.
This is your day off today?
Actually, I got a promotion.
I'm a detective now.
What? That's awesome.
I bet Mike is so happy
the Sheriff gave you a spot.
I just wish Mike was here to
train me a little bit longer.
Sheriff Ealing just chucked
the badge at me
and said... good luck.
[both laugh]
Well, I'm sure he meant it.
[metal thuds]
[Hannah screams]
I better go check
with the Fire Marshall,
make sure everything's okay.
It's my first solo assignment,
I don't wanna miss anything.
Right. Oh! Um...
you know what?
One of the students took a video
of the explosion on his phone.
I think everyone
was looking at it.
Really? That would be
extremely helpful.
Yeah, yeah.
His name is Kyle Williamson.
Hannah! My gosh.
I heard what happened yesterday.
Are you okay?
Did you see the video too?
There's a video
of the explosion?
Mmm. I discovered it
while I was doing some
online reconnaissance.
Look. You're gonna go viral
before the end of the day, darling.
Oh, no.
[on video] Everybody duck!
[fireball explodes]
Whoa. Are you sure you're okay?
Yes. Yes, I'm fine.
It was just a close call.
It's crazy.
Wonderful news.
I was never here.
You know what?
I heard the, uh... school
got evacuated.
I was really nervous,
I thought that maybe somebody
was trying to hurt you
or something.
What is it with you
and Michelle?
She said the same thing
last night.
I don't think that it was aimed
at me at all.
No, no, I don't
mean it like that.
I just mean, you know,
with all your investigations,
you may have made
some enemies and, uh...
Okay, fine.
But I've been using that
equipment for weeks,
I think the target
was someone else.
Professor Ramsey, is it?
Oh yes, actually.
Ah ha. Professor Ramsey,
I presume?
That's right.
Hannah. I am so, so pleased
to see you quite recovered.
Thank you.
And might I say, looking
very professional today.
Oh, thank you.
Oh yeah, I was gonna say...
what... what?
Why are you dressed up?
Oh, oh! I have an appearance
at court.
Um... I think.
And anyway, it's about
the Ken Purvis case.
You remember, he was stealing
from the Booster Club.
Oh, I remember that.
- Mm-hmm.
That's right.
Um, uh... Norman,
Bradford Ramsey.
Bradford, this is Norman Rhodes.
Ah! Of course.
Professor Bradford Ramsey,
welcome to Lake Eden.
If there's anything
we can do for you...
Hannah, I am so sorry.
Gosh, don't I feel the fool.
I was quite certain you said
you were single.
My good sir, I humbly apologize.
Oh, no!
Oh no, you don't have
to do all that.
Um... we are friends.
We're good friends, yeah.
Really good friends.
We've known each other
for a very long time.
Um... but can I offer
you something?
A cookie or... cake?
Uh... a coffee?
I'm fine.
Oh, I would love nothing more
than a slice of something
made by you, Hannah.
Oh, well.
Isn't that sweet? Okay.
Make that two of anything
made by you.
- You know...
Stop it.
- Okay.
Here you go.
You know, I can't stop thinking
about Tim Pearson
and how odd he was behaving
after the explosion.
Ah, no.
I'm afraid that's just
his usual demeanor.
- Mm-hmm.
Tim Pearson is his
teacher's assistant
and Tim apparently does not like
Bradford's grading style.
He thinks it's too...
too extreme.
[all chuckle]
- Oh, no.
Don't even...
Teacher's assist...
yeah, yeah. No.
I do have to say,
of all the people,
all the people that may wish
to cause me harm,
I'd have to put Tim pretty low
on the list.
He'd certainly have to get
in line behind my ex-wife.
[all chuckle]
And you know, your ex-wife
was in here just recently.
Stacey, right?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and I just thought
maybe you had recommended
The Cookie Jar to her.
Oh, good heavens, no.
No, I mean, if I had,
there's no way
she would have darkened
your door.
Are you married, Normie?
Ah. No... no, I'm not, old...
chaperoo. I...
But I do have a girlfriend,
long-term girlfriend.
But not married.
Free as a bird, apparently.
Oh. Very well.
Very well.
Well, might I recommend
that you think twice
before jumping into the old I
do's, because let me tell you,
the I don'ts... they can be
pretty, pretty complicated.
Ooh. Okay.
You know, I'm gonna keep
that in mind.
Ah, jolly good.
Now... I do have to go.
Thank you so much for the treat.
Oh, you're welcome.
Yeah, it's on me.
But before I go...
it's the end of term, let's say
you and I celebrate
over a little beverage
at the old Chameleon.
Ah, they do a wonderful
gin martini.
You've been, you must have.
Oh, yes. No, we've...
We go there.
It's delicious.
Fabulous. In that case,
I will ping you.
All right.
I... sure.
All days and nights to see
till I see thee
and night's bright days
when dreams do bring me thee.
Good day, sir.
What? Good day.
Well, that is quite charming, actually.
- What'd you think?
Miss Swensen.
We're ready for you.
Okay. You know,
you can call me Hannah.
Everything in the deposition is
recorded for the criminal case,
so it's very important
that you keep your answers
professional and appropriate.
Right. Okay.
Don't worry, Miss Swensen.
You're gonna do just fine.
Just keep your answers brief,
stick to the facts.
You said that last time.
I meant it last time too.
It's not like I'm gonna go
in there and make things up.
I didn't think you would.
Well, then why do you keep
reminding me to tell the truth?
Miss Swensen, you seem
like the truth-telling type.
I'm just reminding you
that your theories,
hunches and gut feelings
are not relevant testimony.
I do know the difference
between facts and opinion.
Then we won't have any problems.
Shall we?
Everyone's waiting.
Mother! What are you
doing here?
How did you find me?
You turned your location
back on.
You and your sisters have
my location for emergencies,
not to be busybodies.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
But I did wanna come find...
Here, why don't you put some
of these on the cars
at your bakery.
Oh hey, these look nice.
But don't you think people
just throw flyers away?
I'm not sure this is
effective marketing.
Why do you think people
go to the gym
in the first place, Hannah?
They are either looking
for someone new
or they feel their partner is.
With satisfied customers,
word will spread,
and I will be the number one
detective in the county.
You know, Mother, I could
really see that happening.
You just have to visualize
your future, Hannah,
and then make it happen.
Oh. Are you wearing a skirt?
Yeah. Why?
What's wrong with it?
You look beautiful, honey.
It makes me wish you went
to court more often.
[sighs] Mother...
uh, Stacey Ramsey is your
client, I know that.
But I don't understand
why she hired you,
she divorced Bradford years ago.
A butterfly flaps its wings
and you never know where
the earthquake will hit.
I still think you should
tell him in person.
Right. Okay, so I'm gonna
send the text asking
if he's still in his office.
You don't wanna be
with Bradford,
you just tell him
you're not interested.
Right. It's not like I don't
wanna date ever.
But, you know, he's obviously
playing the field,
and that's not for me.
A thousand percent agree.
[phone alert chimes]
- Okay. He texted me back.
He said he has a meeting
right now
but he'll be free in half an
hour. I can make that.
Be firm.
Thank you, Lisa.
Bradford, I'm so sorry.
I've decided...
[gasps] Bradford!
Bradford! Oh my...
[dramatic music]
I can't believe this happened.
Yeah, me neither.
I was just texting him.
He told me to meet with him
to go over the essays.
He was prepping the finals
for next week, and I just...
I just thought...
I guess he had a meeting?
If we only knew who he was...
Detective Murphy.
Sheriff didn't have a lot
of details for me.
What do you got?
Bradford Ramsey.
Relatively new in town,
moved to Lake Eden to teach.
Stabbed with a knife.
Okay. And you have
the murder weapon?
It was left in the body.
Looks pretty clean.
No prints?
I'm having it rushed
to the lab right now
to see if I get any DNA off it.
But whoever did this knew
when and where to target Ramsey
to get the job done quickly.
And this is your
first investigation
without Detective Kingston, right?
Yeah, it is.
But I'm gonna find who did this.
I know you will.
What about a motive?
Nothing yet.
But there was an incident
at the school yesterday.
I'm starting to think these
two things might be connected.
Yeah. Yeah, I heard about
the explosion.
One of the kids got it
on video... went viral.
But I've got the original
Okay. I need you to reach
out to Ramsey's next of kin,
get permission to go
through his phone.
There might be something
on there we can use.
Hannah was actually the one
who discovered the body.
I teach here sometimes.
Bradford and I were, um...
collaborating on a class.
I see.
He had built up something
of a reputation.
A lot of students were
upset at him
for being such a tough grader.
Well, provide Detective Murphy
here with everything you know.
So... what do we know?
What she means is, are you okay?
I never thought I would miss
her giving me a hard time
about finding dead bodies.
Focus, girls. Please.
Right. Well, I did overhear
Lonnie say
that he doesn't think there are
fingerprints on the knife,
and I didn't see any signs
of a fight
or anything like that
in Bradford's office.
Okay then. We need to start
a suspect list.
I have a weird feeling
about Bradford's T.A.,
his teacher's assistant.
It's a guy named Tim Pearson.
I don't think that he liked
Bradford very much.
He didn't like the way
he graded.
He didn't like the way
he ran his class.
I think that Tim was feeling
that it was gonna ruin
his reputation
working with Bradford.
I hated the T.A.'s
that were tough.
He's right that that
would hurt his resume
trying to get another job.
Tim Pearson. Who else?
Bradford was failing
one of the students.
I saw the essay on his desk.
That would be a good reason
to cause the explosion, right?
To punish Bradford or scare him.
Ah. A classic motive...
All right. Bad student.
Anyone else?
Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
Shh, shh, shh.
Okay, sorry.
Well, I did notice a clue
next to Bradford's body.
It was a greeting card.
And it made me think that maybe
it was a student who killed him.
You know, someone bringing
him a gift.
Greeting card.
High end?
Yes. Yeah, it looked like
a custom card.
You know, kinda fancy.
Okay, but can a student
really afford that type of gift?
Good point.
All right.
I hate to say this because
we have high ethical standards
in my industry.
What industry is that?
Private investigations rely
on discretion, my dear.
But the truth must be pursued.
Stacey Ramsey bought Lake Eden
Flowers and Gifts two years ago.
She sells high-end gifts
and cards.
[mysterious music]
Willa. Hi, Pam.
Thank you for meeting me.
I'm so sorry about everything.
You know, my mother always
says chocolate
has healing properties.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
I can totally understand
how this is just devastating
for everyone.
It's just so horrible.
How could this have happened?
I know.
I can't believe someone would
do this to Bradford, you know...
Professor Ramsey, sorry.
Everyone loved him.
You know, he was just...
He was the best.
Well, yes. We thought
he was the best.
Well, it's understandable.
I mean, he had so many
creative ideas
for helping students learn
to appreciate literature.
But I heard that not all
the students felt that way.
His grading system wasn't easy.
Well, okay. No, he was...
he was, like, encouraging us
to strive to be better.
Push ourselves for excellence.
I know, Willa. I agree.
It's just... Kyle didn't think
it was such a great system.
It's not Professor
Ramsey's fault
that Kyle can't appreciate
great literature.
Like... honestly, he shouldn't
have even been in the program.
Poor Willa.
So affected by what happened.
Well, Hannah... there's a good
reason for that.
Pam... I know you wanna protect
your friend,
but Professor Ramsey had people
who loved him
and they deserve to know how
and... and why he died.
You're gonna find out
who did this to Bradford?
I'm gonna try.
But to do that, I need
to know everything.
Well... Willa had a crush
on Professor Ramsey.
That's why she's so upset.
Right. Of course.
Did Professor Ramsey ever do
anything to... lead her on?
I've never seen him treat her
differently than other students.
But sometimes she made it
seem like maybe
there was something
between them.
It was probably just wishful
thinking though.
Right. Of course.
How's the investigation going,
It's progressing.
We still don't have
a clear suspect yet.
What about the murder weapon?
It's at the lab.
But I'm guessing we're not
gonna get much back on it
other than the victim's DNA.
And what makes you so sure?
Crime scene was organized.
The perp got in, stabbed Ramsey,
got out quickly.
There was nothing unusual
in the security footage.
No witnesses.
This was planned.
Is there anything at all that
we can gather
from the murder weapon?
Well... um...
Well... uh... what?
We were able to establish
that the knife came from a set
that was already on campus.
It was part of the kitchen
equipment being used
in the cooking class.
It was Hannah Swensen's knife.
Hannah Swensen.
Wait. My knife was used
to kill Bradford?
Hannah, I...
Miss Swensen.
You here to turn yourself in?
No. I mean, of course not.
I just came to bring Lonnie...
Are you saying I'm a suspect
in Bradford's murder?
Right now, Hannah...
we can't rule anybody out.
[cookies thud]
I know I sound crazy,
but he's just been taking
all these secret calls.
Oh, honey.
Sneaking away.
Oh, um...
Oh. You'd better take that.
I'll wait right here.
Thank you.
Oh! That's blood.
[camera clicks]

Hello life insurance policy.
[camera clicks]
I'm so sorry about that.
[chuckles] It's fine. I've
just been smelling the roses.
You had arranged
to meet with Bradford?
And the knife that killed him
was yours?
I wonder why they haven't
arrested you yet.
Well, I didn't do it,
and I'm gonna prove it.
Well, I don't think I can agree
to take you on as a client,
I don't want to risk my perfect
success record.
- Sure.
- Mother!
I see where she's coming from.
Hannah, it's been a tough week.
I'm just so sorry you had
to see him like that.
Thank you, Norman.
See, Mother?
Before you say anything else,
I have an update
in my investigation.
Stacey Ramsey stands to receive
a half million dollars
in life insurance in the event
of Bradford's death.
- Wow.
How did you get this?
I went through her mail.
Part of any standard
operating procedure.
Do you know where she was
when Bradford was murdered?
No. I was working on her case
following a suspect.
I didn't have eyes on her.
Yeah, but do we really think
she'd leave
such an obvious clue?
Like a card that leads right
back to her gift shop.
In the heat of passion
maybe she didn't notice?
If he broke her heart years
ago, she might still be upset.
Or... what if...
He broke someone else's heart
again recently.
Right. Maybe.
There is a student,
Willa Sunquist,
and I think she was in love
with him.
Well, if she was in love
with him though,
why would she kill him, right?
Maybe he rejected her?
But didn't Lonnie say
that it seemed like
a premeditated murder, not
a spur of the moment attack.
So, what if Bradford had been
texting with her before that?
Well, if that's the case,
Lonnie has no proof of that.
He told me that he can't get
into Bradford's phone
without the passcode.
We need to break that code.
What we know for now
is that whoever did it
had access to the campus.
Knew where my knives were.
- Mmhmm.
Was able to get into Bradford's
office and catch him off guard.
What about that, uh...
that T.A.
that you were questioning
Bradford about?
Tim Pearson.
Yeah, he has motive.
He was upset.
He thought his reputation
was being ruined
working with Bradford.
Or that student he was failing.
Right. I haven't figured out
the name of that student yet.
Okay. Okay.
So, we just need to just look at
all the suspects right now, right?
I'm just running out of time.
Classes end at the school
next week
and then all the students
are gonna go home.
Okay. Yeah.
- [Hannah sighs]
Great job, officer.
Got you.
I will be careful, I promise.
I'm just gonna see if Stacey
sells the kind of cards
I saw in Bradford's office.
Don't let her know
you're suspicious.
This is serious.
You are a suspect.
Lonnie knows I didn't do it.
I understand why you don't
wanna involve Mike,
but you cannot rely on Lonnie
to protect you.
I'm not, I promise.
Andrea, I'm going to find out
who killed Bradford.
Well, they do say
that the spouse is always
the first person the police
look at.
Believe me, I know.
Oh. I'll call you back.
Can I help you?
Yes. Stacey, right?
I'm Hannah Swensen.
I was working at the college
with Bradford.
Uh... well, I wanted to offer
my condolences.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
You know, we... we divorced
years ago.
Of course.
But I'm sure it's complicated.
Yeah. I mean,
he's a complicated guy.
Charming as all get out.
But... yeah.
But you two still must have
been close.
I mean, you were the recipient
of his life insurance.
How did you...
He never remarried.
I'm sure he never thought twice
about that policy.
Did you think twice about it?
I see what you're getting at.
But I'll have you know that
since I bought this place,
business has exploded.
I have no reason to murder
my ex-husband
to cash in on his
insurance policy.
I didn't mean to imply.
Yes, you did.
But I don't mind.
Facts are facts and my bank
account speaks for itself.
Well, okay.
Can I ask you about
your greeting cards?
I see you have a nice selection,
but I wondered if you sell
custom greeting cards?
Do you work with artists
for that?
Um... not really.
I mean, they're hard to keep
in stock
and the profit margins
are thin, so...
Right. Right.
Okay. Thank you.
Oh, one more thing.
You don't happen to know
the password
to Bradford's cell phone,
do you?
Oh... you know, the detective
who interviewed me asked
the exact same thing.
Detective Murphy did?
Yeah, that's the one.
Uh... I have no idea what
his password is these days,
but he could never
remember anything,
so it'll be something
easy like...
07-08-79, which is his birthday.
Okay. Right.
Okay. Well, thank you.
All right, Mother.
It's Hannah again.
Call me when you get this.
[cat meows]
[sighs] It's just a car, Moishe.
Don't overreact.
Was it the ex or the spurned
lover or an angry student...
or the ambitious T.A.?
[distant sound]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music]
[both scream]
It's me!
Okay. Well, how was I supposed
to know that?
You scared the life out of me.
I thought you were a killer
coming to get me.
And that was your plan?
A ladle?
It's all I had.
That's actually
really resourceful.
Oh, I'm so happy to see you.
You must be so cold.
You want some tea?
Are you keeping my ladle?
I'll keep the weapon.
Thanks for coming over,
You're not going to believe
what I found out.
Lonnie had a huge break
in the case today.
He found a pair of those
disposable hospital gloves
in a trash bin three blocks
from campus covered in blood.
They're still testing the DNA,
but this is the exact proof
that he needs to solve
his first case.
Wow. That is good news.
But the killer might not be
in the system,
so we better keep digging.
And we don't have much time.
Because the quarter's
almost over.
Some of my suspects
are students.
I mean, they're not gonna stick
around after finals.
Well, and if you killed
your professor,
that's like a really good reason
to not come back to Lake Eden.
[cat meows]
Everyone at the shower
was so happy.
I mean, we made so many
different kinds of cookies
there was something
for everyone.
Right. That's it.
You are genius.
Wait, what? I am?
So, this has been rescheduled
for the fifth time.
That's always wonderful. Thanks.
Oh, Miss Swensen.
Looking for someone?
Uh, you... actually.
Well, if you're here about
the Ken Purvis case,
I have got good news.
He pled guilty.
That is good news.
I thought he was fighting it.
He was, until his lawyers found
out how much evidence we had,
and they quickly advised him
to take a plea.
Another win for your office.
I aim for nothing less.
I'm actually here
on a different matter.
The Bradford Ramsey case.
Yeah, that case is still
in the investigation stage.
My office doesn't get involved
until there's enough to charge.
Right, but when is there enough
to press charges?
I can't comment on an
ongoing investigation.
On a delivery?
Oh, right. Yes.
No, they're for you.
I made a selection of my
bakery's best cookies for you.
Well, thank you, but I don't
have a sweet tooth.
I do need to get to my office
for a meeting.
You know your way back
out front?
"I don't have a sweet tooth"?
We'll see about that.
[camera clicks]
[mysterious music]

Tim! Um... hi Tim.
- Hi.
How are you?
Looking forward to the
end of the quarter next week.
Yeah. Of course.
Can I help you with something?
Uh... I wanted to share
some cookies.
Hits the spot. Thank you.
Yeah, you're welcome.
You're... you're so welcome.
Hey, I wondered if I might
ask you
how things are going for you.
You know, with Professor
Ramsey gone.
It's fine. Not bad at all.
I had heard that he was
quite tough on you.
Yeah, we argued a lot.
I completely disagreed
with his grading system.
So why didn't you
just change professors?
Well, that would have made me
look terrible.
I had no choice
but to stick it out,
you know, try to get on
his good side.
Right. Well, that's a really
smart idea.
Like with a gift, maybe, or...
or one of those custom
greeting cards.
I doubt that would have
swayed Bradford Ramsey.
That's a good point.
So what's happening
with this class now?
Well, the administration asked
me to finish out the course,
you know, grade the final exams.
So... sort of a promotion.
Yeah, well... they know
I deserve it.
Oh... um...
Thank you for the cookie,
Oh, why don't you have
the whole box?
Thank you.
- Yeah.
What are you doing in your
class for finals next week?
Oh, uh...
chocolate chip cookie.
You know, classic.
Easy A.
That's why the students
love you.
So, uh... do you have plans
for after finals?
Are you kidding?
I'm getting out of here
just like all the other students
on this campus.

He bought a tarp Hannah,
and duct tape, and rope!
What other possible reason
could he have
for buying all that except
to remove a body?
Mother, there are plenty of
non-murder related reasons
to buy a tarp.
Well, I personally can't think
of one of them.
Okay. Okay.
I promise you, we are gonna
figure out what is going on
with Stacey's boyfriend.
I hope so. Before someone else
ends up dead.
Okay. Mother, I hear you.
I'll call you back.
I have to go, okay?
Thinking about learning
how to play the guitar?
[chuckles] I actually do know
the first few chords
of Stairway to Heaven, so...
Oh. Nice.
Oh, art fair.
So, uh, what's the plan here,
We don't exactly fit in amongst
the students here.
Oh, yeah.
Okay. Here, hold this.
I need you to run interference
for me.
You know, create a diversion
so that I can get my hands
on the transcripts
from Bradford's class.
Okay, um, and why do we think
that's gonna help?
Well, I have a hunch
that one of the students
Bradford was failing might
have had it out for him.
So, I need to get my hands
on those transcripts
so I can prove motive.
You know, for the prosecutor's
You wanna build a legal case?
We have to.
I mean, you know, you can
just let the killer go free.
You know? And we have to have
plenty of evidence.
Okay. I'm in.
Okay. Let's do this.
Congratulations on a great
first quarter.
I just wanted to share
some delicious treats
from the bakery.
We love everything you bake,
Uh, um... [clears throat]
I'll be with you
in a moment, sir.
You know what?
I was just here to chat if you
wanna help him first. It's okay.
Thank you so much.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
There's just a bit of an issue
with some of the students
in the main hall.
I wonder if you could come
and help me settle it.
Ah. The kids always
get out of hand
when the end of quarter's
so close.
- Of course.
Thanks so much,
I appreciate that.
See you later.
What's going on?
- Apologies.
[mysterious music]
Okay, uh...
[keyboard keys clacking]
Great, great. Okay, now find
his classes.
Maybe it's this one.
Oh, an F! That is it.
Kyle Williamson.
Oh, those too.
Okay. Clear, clear.
All right.
[phone rings]
This is Murphy.
Hey, it's Hannah.
I found out the name
of the student
that Bradford was failing.
Really? How?
Um... it doesn't matter.
The point is, his name
is Kyle Williamson,
and that's the same student
that was recording the explosion
in Bradford's class.
He was failing English lit.
His major.
All right, I'll look into it.
Okay. Hey, um...
did you figure out
how to get into
Bradford's phone?
No, not yet.
Well, um...
I'll just keep thinking about
what the password could be.
Thanks, Hannah.
Norton. You wanted me to let
you know the DNA came back.
It's back.
Did you ID the killer?
Not yet.
But we found sweat residue
inside the glove.
Unknown male DNA.
And we have several
male suspects
that we can test to match
that DNA.
I'll help you write the probable
cause affidavit
to get Judge Colfax to sign off
on a DNA search warrant.
I don't have probable cause yet.
I'm thinking I can convince
a few of them
to offer up their DNA, eliminate
themselves as suspects.
But keep digging, Murph,
'cause DNA alone is not enough.
I don't need some
defense attorney
trying to pull our case apart
with some so-called expert
poking holes in forensics.
I'm on it.
Hey, Murph.
Good work.
You need anything
the door's always open.
[male voice over PA]
Attention, ladies and gentlemen.
The art fair will be closing
in 20 minutes.
Um... excuse me.
Do you have these?
Hannah. Hi.
Can I interest you
in a birthday card?
I made them all myself.
Wow. You made these?
That's awesome.
They're beautiful and so unique.
Thank you.
I love making custom
greeting cards,
helping people say thank you
or I'm sorry.
I like knowing I help people
feel good.
I feel the same way
selling cookies.
Those are amazing and I see
you also drew a lot of fruit.
Do you have any fruit cards?
Like maybe with apples on them?
Yeah, I did a whole fruit
and vegetable collection,
but they're mostly
gone now though.
You don't by chance
have photos, do you?
Yeah. I had to,
to get class credit.
Oh right, of course. Cool.
Oh, yeah.
They're all one of a kind.
Yeah, so great.
Yeah. Oh, uh... um...
can you go back?
That one's really cool.
Do you still have that one?
I sold that one, I think.
You did?
Who'd you sell it to?
I made so many,
it's hard to keep track.
I don't recall, I'm sorry.
Well... if you think of it,
will you let me know?
Of course. Yeah.
All right. Thanks, Pam.
- Yeah.
[mysterious music]
Kyle, hi. What are you
doing up here?
Nothing. I'm just studying
for finals, Miss Swensen.
Right. Okay.
How's that going?
I know it was pretty tough
for you
with Professor Ramsey's class.
Yeah, I mean, he was tough.
But Tim Pearson is okay,
and I think I'll pass now.
Might even get a good
enough grade.
Good enough for what?
I'm supposed to go work
for my dad
after I graduate at his
publishing house.
But he's not just gonna hire me.
I have to earn it.
That must be a lot of pressure.
Did you ever try talking
to Professor Ramsey
about your grades?
Are you kidding?
All the time.
He would quote Shakespeare,
laugh, and then walk away.
What about last week?
Did you by chance go see him...
bring him a gift?
I heard it was Teacher
Appreciation Day
the day he died.
Wait a second.
I didn't kill him.
And you better not be
going around
spreading rumors that I did.
Keep me posted.
Okay. Thanks.
[clears throat]
[clears throat louder]
Miss Swensen, what are you
doing here?
Did you find another dead body?
Well, that is a relief.
I have information about someone
who might have wanted
to hurt Bradford Ramsey.
Well, I'm sure Detective Murphy
over here
would be very happy to take
your statement.
I just found out...
Miss Swensen, as
we discussed before,
my office doesn't get involved
at this stage.
The police do their work
and then I can do mine.
I've heard detectives say
that you complain
because they don't come up
with enough evidence for you.
Well, that may be true.
But it's because I don't
like to lose.
There's too much riding on
the outcome of these cases.
The safety of the community,
the family of the victims.
Making sure you have
the right suspect.
That has to be the first step.
Exactly. I want justice.
Me too.
So, it seems like maybe
we're on the same side.
Was there ever any doubt?
Don't answer that.
Of course not.
Oh, Miss Swensen.
By the way, I think you'd be
very happy to know
that you're officially
off the suspect list.
Oh. Does that mean the DNA
came back?
Of course you knew about that.
So, Lonnie said that they got a
great sample of the killer's DNA
on those gloves,
but it doesn't match anyone
in the database.
So, he has to find a suspect
and then he'll be able
to match the DNA.
I know Lonnie can solve
this case.
But are we positive
that the DNA is male?
That's what Lonnie said,
which means that Stacey
and Pam are off the hook.
And you.
But we do still have plenty
of suspects.
All right, Hannah.
What did Lonnie say when
you told him that you found out
who made the card?
He said he's gonna talk to Pam,
but she doesn't remember
who she sold it to.
What if someone stole it
from her?
Why would someone do that?
Because they're a killer.
Good point.
Okay. What male suspect
would've had access
to stealing her cards?
Well, I still think
the teacher's assistant,
Tim Pearson, I think he has
an excellent motive.
He gets to take over teaching
Bradford's class
and he gets credit for it
on his resume.
But I don't know how he would
have stolen Pam's greeting card.
Why would Tim and Kyle,
for that matter,
wanna give Bradford a teacher
appreciation card?
Hmm. Fair point.
All right, girls.
I have a male name to add
to our suspect list.
Stacey's boyfriend.
[both] That's not a name.
And also, just because
he bought a tarp
at a hardware store?
Uh, no.
Stacey says he's been having
secret conversations.
Sneaking in and out
of the house.
His behavior has been very odd.
Do you think that maybe he saw
Stacey and Bradford together
at the Chameleon?
I mean, they were very cozy
that night.
Jealousy is a very
big motivator.
Okay, girls.
Stacey hired me
because she thinks
that her boyfriend
has been cheating on her.
So then maybe he did it
for the insurance money?
I mean, he could've done it
for her.
Or himself.
Or maybe they were in
on it together
and he's just the one
who did the deed.
[sighs] Girls, we have so much
work to do yet.
Too Easy Hotdish?
Yeah, I know it's your favorite.
Thank you.
Mine too.
And that's why she made it.
- Exactly.
[glasses clinking]
Thank you.
- Cheers.
I know how stressful
finals week is for all of you.
So for your final
for this class,
it's the classic chocolate
chip cookie.
[students laugh]
I have all the ingredients
you'll need
to make your cookies,
but if you prefer, I also have
everything you need
for edible cookie dough.
Go ahead, get started.
Pam, is Willa not feeling well?
I haven't seen her
all weekend, actually.
I thought she and Perry
were cramming for finals.
She's not answering
any of my texts
and she wouldn't open the door
when I went to her dorm room.
Now she's not here.
Okay. Thanks.
Perry. Is Willa here?
She... hasn't left here
in days.
Oh. Would it be okay
if I came in?
I would appreciate your help.
Willa, hi.
Willa, look what Hannah
brought you.
Chocolate marshmallow bars,
your favorite.
Thanks Hannah.
Yeah, of course.
Have you been studying
for finals?
It's been too hard
to concentrate.
It's like she's just given up
on everything.
Um... there are grief
counsellors here at the college.
I'd be happy to get you
an appointment
so you can talk to someone.
No thanks.
Willa. Were you
and Bradford involved?
No. Professor Ramsey would
never do anything inappropriate.
Right. [chuckles]
Yeah, I know.
I'm not accusing him
of anything.
Except pouring on his
British charm all the time.
Did you see him at the Chameleon
with his ex-wife?
His ex-wife?
Do you remember that I ran
into that night you were sick?
Oh, um... yeah.
I do remember that.
Yeah, I was pretty sick.
Yeah. I mean, we both were, actually.
I think it was something we ate
at the cafeteria.
Hello. What are you doing here?
A guy's not allowed
to have dinner?
Oh, no. Of course you are.
I mean, I just... I'm surprised
to see you here.
I'm surprised you're not down
at the police station.
You said yourself I'm not
a suspect anymore.
I did say that.
Then why would I be
at the police station?
Well, you seem to have
your fingers on the pulse of
everything going on in the city.
That's all.
I see what this is.
Uh... red wine, please.
You wanna know what I know.
What do you know, Miss Swensen?
I know that the police
have male DNA
that matches the killer.
That's holdback information.
Right. I understand.
Oh... thank you so much.
The question is...
is it enough to catch a killer?
It depends what
you mean by "catch".
It certainly helps
to have matching DNA,
but that's not gonna be enough
for me to convince a jury
to lock somebody up for life.
When I bring a case, it helps
to have forensic evidence
like the DNA, but I also need...
Yes, motive.
And opportunity.
Like who had access
to my classroom?
Who knew that Bradford
was gonna be alone
in his office that afternoon?
It's too bad you can't unlock
Bradford's cell phone.
I have my tech guys
working on it as we speak.
I need to get going, but...
it was very interesting
chatting with you, as usual,
Miss Swensen.
[glasses clink]
Right. Thank you.
Have a good night.
[women laughing]
So, you both checked up
on Mother?
- No.
[in unison]
You said you were going to.
I have to do everything myself.
Well, she may have found out
something about
Stacey Ramsey's boyfriend.
Hopefully, she's found something
that can prove motive.
I gotta admit, I did not have
Mom becoming a professional
snoop on my 2024 bingo card.
Yeah, and I don't know how safe
it is either.
I mean, you know how she gets.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, you have looked
at that table three times
since we sat down.
I counted four.
Who is that?
Stop looking!
It's somebody, fine.
He's the county prosecutor
and I met him
when I was giving my statement
on the Ken Purvis case.
[in unison] Ooh!
Don't "ooh" me. He's actually
very annoying.
He's one of those
by the book types.
Yeah, I could see how
that's really annoying for you.
Stop laughing.
Yoo-hoo! Girls.
There you are.
I knew you'd come.
Looks like you all didn't wait.
Well, I wanted to, but Hannah
was sure you weren't coming.
And here I have been
working overtime
trying to help you get evidence.
Mother, please sit.
She's just teasing you.
We all knew you were coming.
The kitchen is keeping
a plate warm for you.
Oh. That's lovely.
I so appreciate how thoughtful
you girls are.
So, did you find anything out
about Stacey's boyfriend?
Thank you.
Thank you.
A lot of strange behavior...
that adds up to bupkis.
He hasn't even looked at
another woman
as long as I've been
following him.
Never mind having an affair.
Hannah, you have to tell Lonnie
about Stacey's boyfriend.
Well, I will, but what am I
supposed to tell him?
I mean, if Mother can't
catch him in action,
it's either the worst
affair ever
or he's up to something else.
I know which I'm voting for.
Mother, you should know that
both of Hannah's main suspects
were interviewed
by Lonnie today.
Oh. And?
Neither of them was
willing to submit their DNA.
But the school quarter
is almost over.
If the killer is smart,
he's gonna leave town
and we're never gonna hear
from him again.
Lonnie did say, however,
that Tim Pearson
refused to answer any more
questions until he had a lawyer.
Now that is suspicious.
I don't know. Every crime
podcast I listen to suggests
that you should definitely
have a lawyer with you
when you speak to the police.
Crime podcast?
I have to admit,
that is great advice,
Mr. Norton.
My family.
My sisters, Andrea and Michelle.
And this is my mother, Delores.
Very nice to meet you, Delores.
Please, call me Chad.
Oh, of course. Chad.
[both chuckle]
I don't mean to interrupt,
I just wanted to come
say good night.
But I did overhear you
talking about
your Sixth Amendment right
to an attorney.
That is a fundamental right.
Insisting on that cannot be held
against you in court,
so, there you go.
That's good to know.
Thank you.
Very nice to meet you, ladies.
Stay out of trouble.
Au revoir.
Au Revoir.
See? What'd I tell you?
You're so bad at this.
So, the question is
who would have access
to Pam's greeting cards
to steal one, right?
Maybe someone she takes
art class with.
Someone who has a key
to her apartment.
You're right. I hadn't thought
of it like that.
Teacher's assistant?
Didn't he invite everybody
to his place last weekend
for a party?
Maybe they were friendly, right?
He could've taken one
without her knowing.
You know what?
You're right.
What if Tim is friends with Pam
and that's how he got access
to her greeting cards?
I mean, he certainly stood to
benefit from Bradford's death,
and he didn't like him
very much.
Hmm. Still, though...
it's a big risk to take, right?
Norman. Classes at the college
end today.
What if I don't find
the killer in time?
What's this here?
A fingerprint.
My mother got it.
It's from Stacey
Ramsey's boyfriend.
Okay. Why would she do that?
I guess Stacey says her
boyfriend's been acting strange.
He takes phone calls and then
rushes out of the house.
My mother has a photo of him
buying a tarp
at a hardware store.
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking she's thinking
the worst.
What if he was just gonna
surprise Stacey with something?
Do something nice for her.
Yes, Norman.
I think you're right.
I think that's exactly
what it is.
Come on, we gotta go.
A proposal?
Maybe he was buying stuff
from the hardware store
to create a romantic evening.
You know, a lighter
to light candles.
A tarp to protect
a picnic blanket.
Our first date was a picnic.
There you go.
Oh, Stacey.
He never has to know
what you thought.
You'll act surprised. Oh!
And it'll be as if
this never happened.
Are you sure?
He probably just wanted to make
sure you got everything
you ever dreamed of, right?
With the way things ended
with my first husband,
it's just kind of hard
to imagine that.
Bradford wasn't the type to
think of others before himself?
Are you kidding me? No.
I mean, other than his dog,
I'm not sure he thought
of anyone but himself.
Thank you.
I have to go.
That's it. That's it.
Come on, come on.
Okay. Uh... thanks.
Lonnie, it's Hannah.
Is everything okay?
I think I figured out
the password
to Bradford's cell phone.
It's his dog's name, Radley.
I don't have a lot of chances
left, Hannah.
Are you sure?
Sure as I can be.
Okay. I'll try it.
Norman, I think we
should go visit Willa.
I bet she'll know if Pam
was friends with Tim or Kyle.
Uh... this is gonna require
some sensitivity.
Well, nothing's as sensitive
as a root canal, so...
Oh. Good point.
Um... what are you doing here?
Hey Willa, I just have one
quick question for you.
I'm sorry to bother you if you
don't mind letting me in.
This is my friend Norman.
He's driving.
- Hi.
Um... I'll just ask
one question
and then I'll get out
of your way.
Thank you for coming,
actually, Hannah.
I'm, um... I'm starting to
figure everything out.
Okay, well, you know you're
welcome to come talk to me
any time about anything.
Or about Bradford
and your relationship.
No, no, actually...
I can see now,
it's... it was just, like,
a fantasy.
I didn't mean any harm.
Of course you didn't and
I'm sure he was flattered.
I wanted to ask you about Tim,
Bradford's T.A.
Are Tim and Pam friends?
Or did Tim ever buy one of
Pam's greeting cards?
Yeah. Yeah, probably.
I mean, you know, Tim actually
told me that the police
asked him if he'd be willing
to submit his DNA.
He said the police have male DNA
to compare it to.
They're probably bluffing, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
Hey, we should, uh...
should we go?
Uh... yeah.
I wanna get out of your way.
I'm sure you're packing.
Um... is Perry coming
to help you pack?
No, um... I just wait till
the last minute to pack.
Right. Me too.
Yeah. Uh... yeah.
Anyway, uh... thank you.
Once I finish this affidavit,
I'll email it over
to Judge Colfax.
Probably gonna need to call
and wake him up.
[cell phone rings]
This is Murphy.
Hey Lonnie, it's me.
Hannah has a lead.
Meaning she's done that thing
where she just takes off
into who knows
what kind of danger.
Where's Hannah right now?
We have that map thing.
Yeah, she's at 495...
Pinewood Lane.
I make a list when I pack.
Of course you do, Norman.
I'm so sorry you came
here today, Hannah.
[gun cocks]
Turn left.
Into the alley.
Okay. Okay.
Who did you call?
Where are we going?
Shut up.
We know you didn't do this,
It's like you said, the police
have male DNA.
I know how DNA works.
Police can't connect it
to anyone if their DNA
isn't already in the system.
And you know the killer's DNA
isn't in the system.
You know that already, huh?
- Hey, hey!
- What?
Okay! Hey, hey.
What are you doing?
Um... just wanted to get
my hat on. It's cold, okay.
Just calm down.
Is that okay?
We're doing what you're asking.
No one needs to get hurt.
Willa. It's Perry, isn't it?
He set off the explosion
in my classroom too.
My brother has never committed
a crime.
Till last week.
I said shut up!
Okay, okay.
Wait, wait, wait.
Your brother?
That's who you called?
Before you forced us out here?
He killed the man you love.
Why are you helping him
get away with it?
You don't have to do that.
You don't.
- No, no, no.
Keep moving!
Move keep going!
- Okay. Okay. We're going.
Keep moving!
We don't have time to knock
and check all the dorm rooms.
Does she do this a lot?
Define a lot.
There's more.
This is Hannah.
- Yeah.
You don't know what
you're talking about.
Listen, maybe you wanted Perry
to do it.
Maybe you were upset
because Bradford was flirting
with his ex-wife
at the Chameleon.
Bradford told me what happened.
She was sad.
She thought her boyfriend
was cheating on her,
he was just trying
to comfort her.
How did, uh...
how did Perry know
that Bradford would be alone
in his office that night?
Did you tell him that?
Of course not. I didn't know
Perry was gonna kill him.
I loved Bradford.
Yeah, I know.
There's another one.
They're leading us somewhere.
Hey, did you know
that the police can use
forensic genealogy
to trace unknown DNA?
I know it seems like
a new technology,
because what you see
on the news,
but it's actually been around
for a long time.
- Yeah, yeah.
I was gonna study that instead
of dentistry
when I went to school.
I had no idea. That's so...
that's so interesting, Norman.
Well, you know,
you with your bakery,
you sent a lot of business
my way.
- Move.
Go now, Hannah!
Okay, okay, okay.
Come out, Hannah!
Or I'm gonna shoot
your boyfriend.
No, Hannah, stay where you are.
It's okay.
Where is she?
What happened?
I don't know.
I don't know, Perry.
I can't do this all by myself.
Hey, hey, hey.
I'm not like you.
I had no choice!
Okay. Okay. I know.
Ramsey was gonna ruin my career
if he told the school
I caused that explosion.
I brought them here.
What's your plan now?
I didn't plan for this.
Listen, you guys have time.
You can figure it out.
Just calm down.
It was gonna work.
There's no way the police
were gonna suspect me.
I have to graduate, Willa.
You said that you were gonna
help me.
Hey! Hey! Hey!
I know, I know. Hey, hey.
I'm not doing anything.
Go find her. Go!
Everything's okay.
[women scream]
[struggling grunts]
Okay, okay, okay! Okay.
[police sirens]
Drop the gun!
It's over. It's over.
It's over!
I got you.
- Stay down.
Dr. Rhodes, are you okay?
Yeah, thank you so much.
I met you with Diana one time.
Oh, right. Sure. Yeah.
How did you know
where to find us?
[Delores] Hannah? Hannah!
Oh, Michelle found you with
the map thing on her phone.
What an invention.
Oh honey, I'm so happy
that you're safe and sound.
Detective Murphy found
the trail that you left.
This was very clever, Hannah.
Though I'm not quite sure
what to call it in my report.
They're, um... cupcake liners.
Of course.
And you just carry them around
with you everywhere?
[all laugh]
It's good to be prepared.
That's my girl.
Well... aren't you just a gem?
Kind sir, would you mind helping
me walk back to the car, please?
This terrain is deadly.
The ultimate challenge in
baking is to be unpredictable.
That first bite should
surprise you,
lure you into wanting more.
The tang from an unexpected
lemon zest,
the perfect flake
of a pie crust.
Or combining flavors in
a new and different way...
always keeps the taster
and the baker on their toes.
Oh, Miss Swensen.
I didn't think I would see you
here today.
Lonnie asked me to come
to sign my statement.
Of course. My mistake.
And you can call me
Hannah, you know.
So, do you have enough
to prosecute Perry?
Well, I have to admit
that getting full access
to Bradford's cell phone was
a huge advantage and, uh...
I know we have you
to thank for that.
Well, I'm just glad
that password worked.
Sheriff's running a full
search warrant
and he'll be going away
for a very long time.
And Willa?
Right now she's just
being charged with
accessory after the fact, false
imprisonment and kidnapping.
I just don't understand why
she was willing to help Perry
after what he did.
You know, if this goes to trial,
you're probably gonna need
to testify.
You think it will?
I like to be prepared
for anything.
That's a pretty good life motto.
[chuckles] Yeah.
It's good to see you.
Oh, uh... would you care for
a caramel apple rose?
Just a little something I
whipped up this morning
at the bakery.
Oh, Hannah.
You're a bad influence.
I bet you don't do anything
by half measures.
It's good to see you.
I cannot believe that we solved
it on the last day of school.
Talk about waiting
until the last minute.
You always were a
procrastinator, honey.
Oh my gosh, Hannah.
These are so good.
Well, thank you, Norman.
You know what?
You get free caramel apple
roses for life
for the way that you saved me
from Willa.
Oh, while she had a gun
in her hand, no less.
Oh! Stacey said yes to her
boyfriend, look.
[all] Aww!
Well, congratulations on
solving the case, Mother.
Oh, Hannah.
We both solved it.
We Swensen women stick together.
Did Bradford lead Willa
on or not?
Thanks to Hannah figuring out
the passcode,
Lonnie read some pretty
steamy texts
between Bradford and Willa.
Yeah, Perry definitely knew it
wasn't in Willa's imagination.
Well, that's why he set
the explosion in the class.
He wanted to scare Bradford,
but Bradford turned it around
on Perry
and basically threatened to get
him expelled from school.
So, Perry felt cornered,
that's why he killed him.
And then Willa
just blamed herself,
which is why she helped him.
Yeah, and Perry's her brother.
She didn't want him
to get in trouble.
Well, I love you both, but I
wouldn't kill anybody for you.
Well, that's good to hear.
I don't know, I guess
it would depend.
Stop it.
Michelle Beatrice Swensen.
She's kidding, Mom.
I am leaving before I become
an accomplice.
[all laugh]
Norman. You really
are a hero.
Thanks, Norman.
Seriously. Thank you
for everything.
See ya.
You are hopeless.
I was gonna say something else.
Girls. Girls!
Yes. Yes.
I have another client.
- How?
Apparently Stacey Ramsey was
so pleased with my performance
that she's recommended me
to her friends.
I have three new messages!
Well Mother, that stands
for a toast to you.
- Yes.
[all together]
Don't be afraid
to jump in...
We'll have a hundred
one hundred thousand more