One by Two (2014) Movie Script

Excuse Me!
Could you get out of my way?
Thank You!
Move out, will you! Thank You.
And you of course, had to come
and block the camera!
Hey! Guys! Guys! Mihir! Amit!
Dance my little monkeys!
Dance for spare change!
Yeah Amit, dance!
How about these moves ?
- Very good. Sing a song
- Ok, that's enough now, Shaila.
- Yeah, sing Amit.
-no, no, that's enough.
- Radhoo, my Radhoo
- Yeah, sing Amit.
- Amit won't sing anymore.
- Amit will sing
- It was fine in college, but now kind of bad.
- It wasn't even fine in college.
- Ranjan Sadanah?
- He's right here...Jonathan, save me!
Here Born baa, take the camera from me!
- What happened? She left you?
- So what are you gonna do about it?
Amit's girlfriend
left him and went away.
Aww! Amit is getting all teary eyed!
Hey, Amit! Where you going?
- Bombaa, give me the camera!
- Hey! Amit! Amit!
- Look, it's Radhika
- Stop following me around!
- Aww! Show me how you cry, Amit!
- Leave me alone. Stop following me around!
- Ok, enough!
Where the air is intoxicating
Where the ambience is like a drug
Where the earth indulges in madness
And the sky sways to it's own beat
Shine a lantern, light the way
Search your heart out
You ain't gonna find
another place like this
Where even the moon
goes for a vacation
That's the kind of city I live in.
Everyone's busy running the rat race
Life's currency is right here
So is the change
Why waste it on unhappiness
When it's the little
moments that count.
Everyone's alone in the crowd
Following their own little trail
Shine a lantern, light the way
Search your heart out
You ain't gonna find
another place like this
Where even the moon
goes for a vacation
That's the kind of city I live in.
- A drink in the name of affection.
-(Bravo! Bravo!)
A drink in the name of affection
A drink in the name of love
A drink in the name of affection
A drink in the name of love
- A drink in the name of the faithful
-(Excellent! Bravo!)
A drink in the name of the faithful
A whole damn bottle
in the name of the unfaithful
Excellent! Excellent!
You're great!
And the entire alcohol shop
in the name of friends.
Well done Sir, excellent!
- Thank you for suffering through that.
That was my Uncle - (Assistant
Commissioner of Police)ACP Dhawan,
our family's self-proclaimed
King of Comedy.
And up next is Inspector Chowgle.
Whose poem is titled
"Round and Round,
what's this I Found?"
Round and Round, what's this I found?
For you, a familial love abounds
Round and Round what's this I found?
Sometimes a roti,
sometimes a chapatti,
Sometimes a wrap, sometimes a roll
Round and Round, what's this I found?
Round and Round, what's this I found?
Precious to my plate
Precious to my plate
From the fields of Punjab and Haryana,
A harvest so great.
Listen hard to my lines,
Experience the pain oh so fine!
Of each grain milled with harsh stone
Of each grain milled with harsh stone,
Into the fire of
my cooktop it's thrown
The dough as soft as satin
The dough as soft as satin
A gastronomical ecstasy
only you can imagine
And all round there
is only one chant -
Round Round, What's this I found,
Round Round, What this I found.
(Bravo! Bravo!)
- Thank You.
Well Done!
And now
Hawaldar More
It's said that if you truly love
someone, you should set them free.
If they come back,
then it's true love.
But if Inspector Chowgle
frees her round and round roti,
The stray dogs in the alley
below will rip the roti to shreds
Hungrily attack that poor round thing
and won't even bother to burp after.
And the next day,
Poor Inspector Chowgle's
round and round true love will
be reduced to round and round turds.
I actually feel the pain of that roti
because my girlfriend left me.
She shook up my world
like some earthquake, hurricane,
landslide under which I'm buried,
and I can't even breathe.
My body has turned blue.
My heart's stopped beating.
The blood in my veins has frozen like
liquid nitrogen, frozen liquid nitrogen
that's soon gonna burst
strewing little fragments of me
here, there, everywhere.
(Everywhere! Everywhere!)
Bravo! Bravo! Excellent!
And look at him
Hey, my favourite delinquent!
Everything 0k?
We too were once young,
Confusing love and lust
a whole bunch
Then age and experience took over
When the pretty young
things called us seniors.
To protect our sanity we ran for cover
Kudos ACP Sir! Kudos!
Hey Mr.MC, women will come and go.
In the meantime, get married.
Yes! Get married!
Uncle, You never got married!
How many women have come
and gone from your life?
Three and a half.
Three and a half.
Couldn't close the
deal with the last one.
You haven't drunk tonight,
have you?
Ride your bike safely
And give your mother my love.
Let's go
Hey, what's the deal with
this three and a half business?
You don't know, Salgaonkar?
C'mon, you're with me all the time!
You're looking so beautiful.
God! You're so sexy!
Hold on, Wait...
sorry, thong adjustment.
The disadvantage of trying
to be sexy all the time.
Ok, Now you can say it.
God! You're so sexy!
Sexy enough to be
the lead dancer?
Hmm...You think?
I could be sexier...
Show me.
Grow a moustache?
Armpit check?
What are you doing?
You're crazy!
And you're so cute!
And you're so beautiful.
But listen,
don't fall in love with me, ok!
Mum, mummy mum!
Wake up mum!
Wake up!
Samara baby, you're home?
Practice went on till very late?
C'mon, it's sleepy time.
UP We go. C'mon up we go!
C'mon up we go! C'mon, up!
Watch! Watch! Ok!
You knowl love you, right?
You're the most beautiful thing
that ever happened to me.
Love you! Love you!
I love you too, Mummy mum.
Spam! Spam!
Idiotic! Brainless! Dumb!
Offensive! Offensive!
Offensive! Spam!
Hey Amit! I'm not offensive!
How can you block, huh?
How can you block!
Your spelling is offensive.
W.U.Z! D.A.T! Wuz. Dat?
What are you?
A 7th grade failed fifteen year old?
Forum Nazi!
Hey, Amit!
Radhika is,
was and always will be a dimwit
You shouldn't use
that word for women.
Listen to him!
Radhika never was, nor is
nor ever will be a woman OK?
Hey Amit, you needn't worry.
I'm going to take
care of your sex life.
I'll make you meet Ashima.
Dude, She's hot, like really hot!
Excuse me?
Since when has Ashima been hot?
Don't listen to him Amit.
He thinks that
horse-faced Nikita is hot.
When did I say that?
You slept with her.
So? She was there, so was I.
What had to happen, happened!
What's hot got anything
to do with this, huh?
So? This chair is here.
So is the computer.
Here - Stapler?
Kiss me Mihir, Kiss me.
Anika, Stop talking shit!
So you're ready as long
as the girl is willing?
Yeah! Who says no to a free dinner!
- Ewvvw!!! You're sick.
- You're sick
Right, Amit? Amit?
- Amit?
Like bubbles floating in the air
Like sunshine in the winter gloom
Like all the seasons in one
Never had this feeling before
That's as sharp as a razor blade
Makes you take pride
in one's own stupidity
Everyone knows the feeling
but the reason remains hidden
That's the secret I'm talking about.
Why does being in love feel so good?
Who knows the reason why
Has it happened for real
Or is it just wishful thinking?
Wishful thinking...
Wishful thinking...
Wishful thinking...
- Get off!
- Why?-Get off!
What are you trying to do?
Nothing at all.
What was that all about?
We're not together, remember?
I don't own you,
you don't own me.
You're the one who
laid down the rules.
C'mon, Jonathan!
Look, I've been playing
this game longer than you have.
Don't insult my intelligence, ok.
So, what do you want?
You want to play
I thought you were "too
old" for relationships.
Don't say childish things.
You, know, You're just
pissed off because you wanted me
to be all into you and
not the other way around.
Listen, Just forget it.
Fine, you're not
bothered anyway, right?
Listen up guys!
The lead dancers
for the Goa show will be
...and Shama!
Hey you world,
You're still two steps behind
Gonna throw your attitude
Right back in your face.
If you think you're fire,
I'm the wind.
Take your baggage
and leave out that door.
Hey you world,
You're still two steps behind.
Gonna throw your attitude
right back in your face.
If you think you're fire,
I'm the wind.
Take your baggage
and leave out that door.
Maybe today's your day, your time,
your turn.
But you're gonna regret the day
it's my turn.
Don't mess with me,
I'm warning you now.
Cause if I get angry
My finger will pull the trigger
And no one will be
able to stop that bullet.
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
Always your wish, your way!
Little by little
Even my happiness was at your mercy
lam me, You are you.
Why should I do things your way?
It's my journey, my path, my destiny.
But you're gonna regret
the day it's my turn.
Don't mess with me,
I'm warning you now.
Cause if I get angry My
finger will pull the trigger
And no one will be
able to stop that bullet.
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
It's my pawn! It's my move!
Kaboom! Kaboom!
Kaboom! Boom! Boom!
Hey Aunty, Move!
Hey Aunty, Move! Move!
She was so out of tune!
Oh! That's sick, man!
That's so sick, it's not human!
I've seen this film before.
Which film?
This film.
Which one?
The Guy crashes his
motorbike to save The Girl.
The Girl seeing
The Guy bleed, faints.
The Guy carries
The Girl in his arms.
Mihir Listen!
Two wounded soldiers, victims of this
inhuman urban jungle
Quashed, suppressed,
trampled upon human beings
waiting in the hospital's
emergency ward realize...
- What do they realize?
- Listen!
They realize that they're the same,
exactly like each other.
- What's that word...
- Clichd fools.
Thank you my friend, thank you.
Clichd fools.
And all they want in life is a partner
with whom they can share
their monotonous, boring existence.
Right, Amit?
Mihir. Help. Shoes.
You know what you
should have done?
You should have run
that woman's fat ass down
She didn't have a fat ass.
She had a small ass.
Don't worry.
Your ass isn't small.
- It's perfect. Heart shaped.
- Mihir.
That hurt, ok!
- Shut up!
- You shut up
- You shut up
- You shut up
- You shut up
- You shut up
C'mon. Dance with me.
No nos. Only yeses. C'mon.
Mom, I've decided to
enter a dance competition.
The top prize is ten lakhs
And a chance to choreograph
a song in a film.
And my beautiful dancer
will surely win.
Now show me your moves!
- Yeah?
- Yes!
Amu, eat some more paneer.
Your arm is fractured.
You need calcium.
You should have shared your theory
with the doctor.
He would have locked the bone in place
with paneer. Instant glue!
Done with your one-liners?
What kind of a father are you?
Your son had an accident!
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Here I almost died of fear and you...
Believe me,
for the last thirty two years,
I've been slowly
dying of fear as well.
Oh really? My father kidnapped you
and forced you to marry me?
And what about me?
Having to deal with you?
Hey! What kind of a shot was that?
It was a perfectly good shot.
A good shot?Have you
seen the size of this table?
It's not a regulation size table.
Play properly.
So that means
I win no points at all?
No points!
You're playing the world championship?
C'mon let's play!
You think you're a Chinese player?
Yes, exactly! Can't you see?
You know what's special about mothers?
Unconditional love.
No matter what kids do or say,
We give them unconditional love.
Now watch this!
Hey! What's happening here?
Death by TT ball?
Is that how you plan
on getting rid of me?
Better than death
by Mr.Sharma's jokes.
All my life all I've done is work,
work, work!
Get a backache teaching kids
at school and at home.
Give me a headache.
- Cook the food.
- Cook my brains.
- Wash the dishes
- Wash yourself.
- Wash the clothes
- Mom, please! You don't need to feel alone.
I'm here for you.
Tell me, what do you want?
Really? Anything?
I've got some pictures here.
Of what? Fridge? Food Processor?
Which model?
They're all exactly like models.
Look - this is Shishika, Neha and Ira.
But I like Shishika the best.
Sociology honours,
originally from Pathankot,
5 feet six inches,
fair, a bit on the heavy side
but perfect daughter-in-law material.
Look. One meeting?
- Mummy, please...not this.
- Please!
One meeting, just one.
Mummy, no emotional
blackmailing please.
Radhika left you, right?
At least that girl had some brains!
Sushil, this is between my son and I.
Please, one meeting. Only one.
Will you break your mother's heart?
Finally, the gold medal
is presented to Mrs. Meenu Sharma.
Dude! Disgusting.
It's not my fault.
I had paneer for dinner.
P for Paneer. P for Punjabis.
P for Poot.
You've been fermenting
it to make turd toddy?
Listen, we're cubicle rats.
- Fermentation is the name of the game.
- Shut up
One of these days, they're gonna find
my dead body in my cubicle
And you know what will
be emanating from it?
Hydrogen sulphide created
by your artistic flatulence.
My eyes. I'm blind! My eyes!
Stop overacting.
This is the reason you only got to
play trees in the annual school play.
Just Shut up.
Please, I can't die before selling
my start up for millions!
Finally, silence!
Dance Reality show No.350.
Don't people have
anything better to do?
All because of that stupid woman.
You can do it! You can do it!
Do it!
Washing powder Nirma.
Milky white cleansing
That's the power of Nirma
Even coloured clothes get a new life.
Everyone's choice Nirma.
Washing powder Nirma.
Shit! Audition!
I'm late! I'm late! So late!
Wait! Wait!
You have to eat shrikhand for luck.
Quickly! Quickly!
Now just open your mouth,
that's all.
You're beautiful.
You're talented
You're special. You're perfect.
Hey, come here.
No nervousness, only confidence
- Thanks Mum. Gotta go
- Bye! See you!
Oh Shit!
Hi, Shaila?
Hello Radhika?
Who else would it be?
You've called me at least fifty times
in the last week.
Radhika, I...
Amit you have to stop calling me,
if not for me, for your own sanity.
Ok, look I get it.
You need more time, I understand.
I just wanted to give you a CD...
It doesn't get any bigger than this
It's a 150 million rupee project
And you all are Team A.
And Amit,
you will be the team leader...
Yes, Sir!
Where were you?
Right here, Sir.
You will be the team
leader, understood?
Yes, Sir.
You have 3 months
And Guys,
remember the deadline, 0k?
You didn't hear a word, did you?
And still,
he'll be the one boss trusts!
His perfect little boy!
Chameleon! Sneaky little shit
And now source code is required
for a new car plant...
because Mahtani Steel is entering
the automotive industry.
I bet Mahtani gets a lot of women.
I bet they don't take his case.
I bet he takes their case.
Do what you want, who you want,
when you want.
Must be good to be rich.
Have you gone crazy?
What kind of name
is Mahtani anyway?
I have no idea!
- Sorry Excuse me!
- Yes?
Do you know how long it will take?
At least another 7-8 hours.
I would have made it
here earlier if my bus...
Hey, are you 0k?
Hey! Hey! Hey!
This girl has fainted!
Samara! Samara!
Are you 0k? What happened?
Can someone fetch some water?
Security? ls there anyone here?
Are you 0k? Just relax
Excuse me! I'm Ranjan,
the producer of dance Wars
What happened?
Kind you see? My friend fainted!
What kind of arrangements are these?
No water, no sun cover...
ls there even a doctor on stand by?
We should sue you, I swear!
I'm Fine.
Why don't you bring her inside?
Water, Air conditioning
she'll get it all.
Please, C'mon.
Are you 0k?
Her bag, please...
- Here A Glucose drink.
- Thank You.
You can rest here
for as long as you need.
Thank you Ranjan.
You're such a sweetheart.
May I bother you for
a competition form?
No, I'm sorry.
I can't let you audition.
If anything happened to you,
it would be my responsibility.
You can try next year...
Or maybe the next round of auditions
in Chandigarh or Delhi.
- Sorry.
- Thank you.
Samara, what wrong with you?
We need to go
to the hospital right now.
No, no, no...
What's wrong with you?
I know exactly why
this happened to me.
I was only supposed to take
half a pain killer for my back pain.
I purposely took two.
Because I know what
happens to me after two...
I faint. Oops!
And why the hell would you do that?
You don't play around
with allergies, Samara!
Because it brought
us inside in 3O minutes
Yeah we might be inside here...
But you're not going
further than this.
Just relax be patient,
wait... and go get me a form.
Go go go!
You don't want
to see me happy, do you?
Exactly! We revel
in your unhappiness
You make us feel superior.
Stop this rubbish and tell me...
Which one of you stole my CD?
Which CD?
The CD, on which I had
burned a song for Radhika...
the song I sung for her in college...
the one that was in my bag...
now it isn't...
After hearing this gibberish,
lwish I had stolen it.
And anyway listen, I don't steal...
unlike other parties present.
If I had found it, I would have cracked
it in half And thrown it in the trash.
Stop these childish games.
Please, grow up!
Anika, I think our friend
has finally lost the plot.
What do you think?
To be...or not to be...
You know,
I vote for a cocktail of pills.
Very strong pills.
Fine Beavis and Butthead...
I still have the song
on my hard drive
I'll just burn another copy.
Thanks for the extra work.
Run...Run Anika!
- Excuse me!
- One second.
Mihir, Stop him! Stop him!
- Robot.
- Ha! Ha! Very funny!
Jazz hands. Superb!
- Got it!
- Anika, here!
- Mihir!
Don't act like children.
The hard drive will break!
- Here, take your hard drive.
Come get it.
Look at him. He's sulking.
So cute.Amit's sulking.
Sulking! - Here, take it.
- I'm not gonna run ok.
It's enough now!
- Ok, no running
-it's very funny.
Go, take your hard drive.
Ok, no running. Come get it.
Go on...Get your hard drive.
I'm not going to run.
- Anika, Run!
- Enough!
Imagine if this was a brain...
It brain!
Splattered on the concrete
Didn't you back it up?
One should always have a backup!
- You don't know?
- Always
- How was it...
-move out of my way!
- Security
- What do you think of yourselves?
I can't dance? I've got talent!
Been standing in the heat all day.
Move out of my way!
Where's your number tag?
L...uh...l...must have...
Any formal dance training.
Yeah, well. I've studied
ballet from the age of 5 to 14.
I have a BA with honours from the
London Contemporary Dance School
concentrating on jazz
and contemporary dance.
Till recently I was part of
The Jonathan Rebello Dance Company
here in Mumbai.
Such a heavy accent?
Where are you from?
From Mumbai but
I was born and brought up in England
You speak mostly in English.
But in this show you'll
have to speak in Hindi
Or else the audience won't
be able to understand you.
And then they won't vote for you.
How will you do it?
This is a Dance show.
Dance is a universal language
Ok, let's begin.
So, How did it go?
'Sot in!
I got in! I got in! I got in!
Mom, I'm showering.
So may I get some privacy?
What? You going to
teach me about privacy now?
Anyway, listen...
You have to get Shishika
from Prabhadevi tonight at 9.
Get Shishika?
How much ransom should I ask for?
Why don't you leave these
horrible jokes for your dad!
You promised one meeting.
So I've fixed that meeting.
Royal China. 9pm.
If you need cash, ask your dad.
And be on time.
Tardy Turtle!
Mom! Mom!
Mom! the door!
Some people hold back trying
to create a good first impression.
I'm not one of those.
So you like creating
a poor impression of yourself?
Are all yourjokes like this?
No, some are terrible.
Wanna hear them?
No, thanks.
So your mom told me your girlfriend
recently dumped you
Don't worry.
We'll live...
Happily Ever After.
So, you're not harbouring
some fantasy, are you?
That he'll see you on TV
and come back into your life?
He doesn't reply to my emails,
the hell he's gonna watch me on TV.
Should we order soup?
I can't have an entire soup to myself,
Cause I also want a salad.
One by Two?
You wanna share a soup with me?
Chinese soups are quite large
and with One by Two,
You get a little extra free.
Added bonus.
And so what if he comes back
into my life because of the TV show?
What's wrong with that?
I wrote a song in college
About One by Two
Not on soups... On relationships.
Meaning it's a big world out there
And you're just floating along
in your individual soupy bowls.
You're one half of a partnership
and yet you're not one but two people
Bonus, just like sharing
a soup One by Two.
So what's the use of swimming alone
when you can get a swimming partner?
You talking about Tomato Basil soup
or chicken soup?
Ok, sorry.
You wanna share a soup, right?
So what's with the long,
boring lecture?
Manchow soup.
One by Two?
Actually, make mine Hot and Sour.
Not really a fan of Manchow.
- Mummy Mum, it's only for twenty weeks.
- I know.
But we've never lived apart
Not even for a day.
Don't know how I'll say bye.
Don't worry aunty.
I'll drop by here everyday.
Keep an eye on her "you know what"
Hi, I'm Samara Patel.
I'm from London and Mumbai.
Dancing is my passion
I've learning dance
since the age of 5.
Vote for me.
This is Bunty the great.
Mumbai is my place, my home.
And I'm in it, Yo!
Living In the moment!
So, remember this handsome mug
And Vote for it!
Hey, how you doing?
You really wiped the floor today.
We should form a team together.
Because the rest of these idiots
are boring little suckers.
And we're the best in the competition.
The two of us?
Ok, look - that Khushboo
is pretty good too.
Alright, alright - the three of us.
Hey, hey
- I know you wanna win.
It's written right
across your forehead.
Why? Don't you wanna win?
If I win, great.
If I don't win, that's equally great.
I don't stress about these things.
I don't get down with that.
For me, dance is about having fun.
It's all about the passion...get it?
You don't believe me, right?
No problem.
See ya around.
This one is cock-eyed.
Oh, Shishika's mom said that Shishika
really enjoyed the date other night.
This guy will dance?
He's all bone, no muscle.
Heh! Think he can dance.
So when is your next
date with Shishika?
I have coupons from
Gajalee restaurant.
Don't forgot to take them.
Hi, I'm Samara Patel...
- This one is really pretty.
Beautiful, such long legs!
- I'm from London and Mumbai
My passion is dancing. I've
been learning dance since the age of 5
So should I make a date
for you for tomorrow?
You said one meeting.
It happened.
So you plan on sitting here and
chewing my brainstill you're 50?
So you're saying you will let him
move out if he gets married?
I don't think so Mrs.Sharma!
That logic is flawed.
Sushil, stop your running commentary.
Ranjan Sadanah?
Now look what you've done!
So basically Madame Radhika dumped you
for a successful
man like Ranjan Sadanah?
So that he would give
her TV career a jumpstart?
And I know how to fix it.
Fix what?
Your relationship?
No, no listen...
You remember that ...Debu!
My names not Debu! It's Debashish.
You remember that joint project we
did for the Mumbai Cyber Crimes cell?
Yes...we did it to show how terrorists
can hack the electoral
and create havoc in the elections!
How did we do it?
We coded it in such a way
that the top 3 candidates
became the bottom 3 candidates.
So the winner loses the election.
Winner loses Dance Wars
Loser wins Dance wars
And Ranjan Sadanah
can kiss his job goodbye.
Cygnus software,
Cygnus code, Cygnus servers.
Get your hacking fingers ready!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to the first
round of Dance Wars.
A dance show with a difference.
Every week, the contestants will
showcase a variety of dance forms.
So what's so different
about this show?
The difference
Instant performance, Instant results.
That's how it's done on Dance Wars.
So listen really carefully.
You'll have only 3O minutes
here or at home
To vote for your favourite contestant.
Just 3O minutes!
After that, the contestant with the
least votes is eliminated right then.
Done, finished, eliminated.
So Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hope you're ready to witness
some powerful performances
Cause this is...
Dance Wars
The Hare and the Turtle, baby!
The Hare and the Turtle!
I'm pleased that someone
else besides me..
...paid attention to Hindi lessons
in 4th grade.
The only reason you paid attention was
Because of Mrs.Baneerjee's
enormous Bazookas.
They were Massive!
God Anika! You're so Violent!
Ok, I just have one question...
You're not under the illusion that
Radhika will come crawling back to you
once her new boyfriend is fired
You're not thinking
any such thing, right?
Yeah, you're right.
You sure you want this?
Yeah...l love her.
I really do.
Ok, fine. Let's do this.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
The first contestant
to be eliminated is...
Edin Pereira?
Will you come in front please.
I'm really sorry Edin,
Your Dance Wars journey ends here.
A loud round of applause
for Edin please!
Our audience really screwed up, huh?
Round One!
Everyone's shocked.
It's just such weird voting results.
No, no, I'm not nervous.
Totally focused and ready.
Are you 0k?
I love you too Mummy mum.
Ok, bye.
Man is a social animal.
Two is better than one.
It's as much fun being alone as it is
for an exotic dancer
to have no audience.
You here to educate me?
You trying to teach me?
No, I'm not grand standing.
I'm telling you the truth.
Look, look - you're the English Hen,
I'm the Wild and Happy Rabbit.
Neither one of us wants
to share their sob story.
That's what people don't get.
They can't understand us.
So that makes them nervous.
They get the spiced up,
blown up sob story
that's endlessly repeated
like some stuck record,
then they've found your weak spot.
They think they know
how to get to you.
They're ready to steam roll you.
You're no longer competition for them.
And that's how the game is played.
So what's your sob story. pick up fast, girl!
You're one heck of a Smart girl!
That's why I and I, we rule.
So, next up is the couples round.
None of these sad cases
are going to partner with us.
So we need to get tight, you get it?
That's the way.
Now you eat your leaves
and I will enjoy my Goat curry.
So what exactly are in these leaves?
Wow! What a performance!
Judges! Over to you guys!
Samara, Bunty you created magic today.
Too good Bunty and Samara.
You were fabulous.
That was amazing. Super fab Guys!
By far the best performance I've seen.
What's the number for that Patel girl?
Vote? Couldn't you say it together?
Do I look like an idiot?
Read out the number now.
Hurry UP
Gone Baby, Gone!
Today's couple that's got
the least number of votes is...
Bunty and Samara.
Will you two come in front please.
Bunty and Samara,
I'm really sorry but
you will not be moving
forward in the competition.
Would you like to say a few words?
Hell on Fire!
Every week they eliminate
the best dancers.
These two were so good!
I don't want to see this show.
Change the channel. Rubbish show.
There you have it.
Bunty and Samara
- Amazing dancers but
who knows which way
the audience will lean.
Give it up for one last
time for Bunty and Samara
Wake up! Wake up!!
You know it's evening, right?
Opening the curtains won't
exactly let morning light in.
You been holed up in here for a week.
There's no need to
wallow in self pity.
C'mon I want you to wake up and
get ready and come out in 5 minutes.
What's going on?
I told you she'd be surprised!
Come On!
What's this?
A leg warmer?
Silly, it's my tutu...
From when I was five.
Did you stick it in
the paper shredder?
How fat were you?
It's all over.
What? Jello shots?
No worries! We drank enough! dream!
I'm never going
to be a famous dancer.
I'm going to be
a nobody all my life
So dramatic,
so much overacting.
C'mon get up!
Get up and go at it again.
You can't give up!
I can't.
Why? You fractured your arms and legs?
No, but my hair is caught in
the cactus and I can't get it free.
Uhhuh...get it out! I'm so tired!
One drink and he thought
she was a mighty fine thing
One drink and he thought
she was a mighty fine thing
Two and three he was down
on one knee A couple more,
for her he was ready
to fight a war
For the sake of love
he should never sober up
And find himself in bed
next to the crypt keeper's mum.
Bravo! Bravo
That was ACP Dhawan,
Our resident comedien.
And up last is Inspector Shetty
whose poem is titled "That Dark,
Lonely night."
And everyone, before you leave,
Don't forget to sample
tonight's Chinese buffet
brought to you courtesy
of Shehnaz caterers.
Good evening! Good tidings!
Just like a lonely moonless night...
Uncle, you have to stop this now.
Hey you product of a bored night,
I've just gotten started.
I'm starving!
I'm not talking about the food.
I'm talking about your
shallow and empty poetry.
Listen to Inspector Shetty.
That's real poetry.
"Are you high')
- High? '
Let me check your pupils.
Uncle! Chilli sauce in my eye!
No, you're not high.
You're just an idiot.
Why is my poetry shallow?
Because I don't run for cover
every time I fire my own gun
like that Shetty over there.
Death comes closer and closer...
My poetry is entertaining.
Everyone enjoys it.
I have no intention
of walking around
like I have the world's
problems on my shoulders.
Life's too short.
And anyway, who made you The Bard
That you're critiquing my poetry!
You haven't been able to write squat
since that Radhika
drove you into the ground.
Tell me?
You know, you're right.
I'll get her back
and then I'll write.
I'll write the best song ever!
You're an idiot.
Hey Salgaonkar,
my nephew's an idiot.
- Let him be.
- I'm not an idiot.
Ok, but listen carefully...
I've passed the police academy,
shot the faces off
of seven gangsters
and last night I showed
a drug dealer what real pain is.
What have you done in your life?
I can't exactly answer
that question now
But I will...soon...
And listen,
if that drug dealer
turns out to be yours -
first I'll string him up,
then I'll hang you upside down.
Don't worry uncle!
I don't buy my stuff...
' grow it!
Grows it!
What the hell are you doing here?
Have you gone crazy?
I love you.
We broke up two months ago.
Have you forgotten? It's over!
Go home.
- No.
- No?
So you plan on staying
out here all night?
You toked up tonight?
Are you high?
Why is everyone asking me
that question?
Because you're acting crazy.
I am...crazy for you.
Good for you!
Listen, it's late at night.
You can't do this.
I have neighbours!
Amit, Stop it! Stop it!
I can't listen
to this crap anymore.
Amit, I can't be with you.
We can never be together.
You know why?
Because you're boring!
You're so boring!
You have a boring job,
You have a boring personality.
A boring sense of style.
You write boring songs.
Even your name is boring -
Amit Sharma!
I mean, c'mon!
What are you saying baby?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong with me?
What wrong with you!
You're an embarrassment
to yourself.
Do you know in
the last two years,
how many times
I almost died of boredom?
Do you know?
And this Manchow Soup fetish!
What is a Manchow soup, Amit?
Do me a favour
- Go to a restaurant,
order a Manchow soup.
Go One by Two.
Drink one bowl
And drown yourself in the other.
Really? You really want to do this?
I'm standing here with my guitar,
opening myself up to you
And you're just insulting me?
I can't deal with this. Really!
You know what,
Mihir was right.
I deserve better.
Go, go away
- I don't care.
But you please stay.
This is more entertaining
than TV!
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
- W h at?
Hello, Samara?
It's Ramesh Mahtani
Oh, Hi...Hello...Good morning.
Good morning. It's been a while.
I'm coming to Mumbai for some work.
Was wondering if you'd
be free for dinner tonight?
But how did he know? I
I've been emailing him...l mean...
You know, just keeping in touch.
Well, I guess it will be nice
to see him after all these years.
How long has it been?
About ten years.
Ten years...
Mum, you look beautiful!
Wow! And you look so young!
We look like sisters.
He's here!
Oh Samara, you look lovely!
- Kalpana
- Hi, Ramesh.
- You look good.
- Thank you.
The house looks nice.
I made a good investment.
Shall we?
I've made reservations for 9 o'clock.
- I'll just get my bag.
- Kalpana, I...
I only came to take
Samara for dinner...
Sorry, Kalpana...
No, no...of course. I understand.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.
You two have a lovely time.
- Shall we?
- Uhuh
Bye mum.
I can't believe you remember that.
I came to one of your ballet recitals.
When I was fourteen!
You know, you shouldn't have gotten
eliminated from that TV show.
I thought you were the
best dancer on the show.
You saw the show?
Of course. You told me about it.
So I had to see it.
So what are your plans now?
Haven't really decided anything.
I quit my dance company
And I don't want to go back.
Well, then you shouldn't.
I'm actually surprised you're
trying to be a dancer here.
Why aren't you in London?
You're a British citizen.
Why are you here?
Mum is here.
Ah, I see.
So, how is Kalpana doing?
She's good.
And that problem of hers?
She misses you.
I miss you.
Samara, Kalpana and I,
that's the past.
You know what the situation was.
Look, what happened
between Kalpana and I
has nothing to do with us.
I would like to be
a part of your life.
I would like to make up
for some of those lost years.
I would really, really love that.
And I'm going to make sure that
I help you in getting
where you want to be.
I'm really going to do that, Samara.
Thank you!
But Samara, I don't think
you need to deal
with Kalpana's problems.
You have to take back your own life.
I don't understand.
Sometimes distance is
the most sensible solution.
Perhaps for your mother and you.
And for us.
A new beginning.
You know, one shouldn't
go into the sea.
Because you'll either step into shit
Or get E-coli.
That's deep.
What's deep? The shit or the sea?
No, your shiteous enlightenment.
You stand under her window
with your guitar to sing,
get totally bamboozled by her
and then come here to
share your turd philosophy
expecting that we'll applaud you or
give your sympathy?
You're a player.
From the bottom of my heart,
you're the king!
No, you know what you are?
You're a potato.
A big, fat potato.
You let her peel you, slice you,
deep fry you.
Then you got salt sprinkled on your
wounds To be served and eaten up by her.
And she did.
She enjoyed you with ketchup and mayo.
But did you enjoy
the experience of being
chewed up,
swallowed and shat out like this
Look at you.
Your potato-ness
is just mashed up pulp!
Life's just shit.
I'm shit. Actually yeah,
you know what - I'm shit
I want fries.
Does anyone else want French fries?
Don't worry Amit.
There are plenty
other fish in the sea.
Yeah, all dying and suffocating in the
Shit-choked waters.
Seriously Guys, now what?
Eat, Piss, Shit and Die, what else!
You look like a witch
from one of those horror films.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
My son is a pervert.
Chintu, say something.
What should I say?
You've made me sit the dark
for the last 2O minutes!
Arrest him.
Where are you going?
To hell.
Want to join me?
What were you doing in my bedroom?
Why? Do I need your permission for
I'm you mother after all.
Look what I got for you.
Your underwear was in a desperate
state - Loose, covered in holes!
Look at this one.
Stretchable with Lycra.
Those DVD's were
under my mattress.
Why were you putting the
underwear under my mattress?
I was dusting
You were snooping around.
I was not snooping.
Good thing I did.
At least I got to know
about your seedy habits.
My own son! My own son!
Get married.
Good boys from good
families get married.
They don't watch pornography.
Get married to Shishika.
Say Yes!
Shishika! Shitshika!
Say yes or
I'll give you a tight slap.
Ok. Now may I please use
the bathroom?
The Engagement will be next month.
And the wedding in two months.
My word. My law.
You have no alternative.
Get married.
Hey Bhaskar!
Yes, Sir!
Who eats Sev-Puri for breakfast?
You going to give me
an antacid for dessert now?
This was all there was.
- Scram!
- Ok!
I thought I had a good
thing going with Radhika, Uncle.
I thought she and I loved each other.
But she was just tolerating me.
Maybe this is the best option.
Shishika is here. So am I.
May I should just marry her.
- It's the next logical step, right?
- Right!
If you're hungry,
why bother baking bread?
Eat the flour, drink some water...
And stick yourself in the oven.
- Were you trying to insult me?
- What?
Samara and her father
live happily ever after.
That's your fairytale, right?
That he'll look after you?
Make your dreams come true?
Anyway, what are you
doing with your life?
Eat, swim, sleep, gym
Must be nice to have
such an easy life, right!
Maybe you should stop before you
say something you regret.
You shouldn't have gone for
dinner with him alone.
You should have insisted -
Either the two of us or no one.
But no, you just stood there
not saying a word,
stars shining in your eyes.
You were thrilled right?
Just so Pathetic!
You're drunk.
Don't you dare talk to me like that!
But it's the truth.
You promised me you'd stop.
You're drunk now!
You're drunk all the time!
How dare you!
What are you doing?
- Where are the rest?
- What?
Samara! Samara!
Samara! Stop it!
What are you doing?
Have you gone crazy!
Stop it! Give it to me.
- Give it to me
- No
Give it to me!
No, this - this has to stop!
You have a problem!
What are you trying to say?
That I'm an alcoholic?
I never said that.
All I said was that
you have a problem.
I'm tried of tip-toeing around you,
afraid I'll say something wrong and
you'll go straight for the Whisky bottle!
I'm tired of looking
after you all the time
asking my friends for help.
You talk to your friends about me?
Like I'm some child?
Exactly! You're the mother, not me.
Who is looking after me?
So all this time you
were looking after me?
Why do you think I'm here and not
in London pursuing my dancing career.
Because I don't believe
you can remain sober.
All you do is drink.
Maybe you're here because
you can't make it in London.
Maybe you're not good enough!
And maybe you thought in Mumbai
it would be very easy.
Thank you, Mum.
Thanks for that.
You think it's
easy being a single mom?
Do you know how many
sacrifices I've made for you?
No, I don't.
You don't.
Tell me!
You don't know.
Oh, that you are a rich industrialist's
mistress? - Stop it!
Oh, sorry - by being rich
married industrialist's mistress!
You watch what you're saying, ok!
Watch it.
Or maybe you sacrificed
a lot when you told me
that my father had died in a car crash.
- Enough!
And for 2O years I called
my own dad Uncle Ramesh!
And now that he wants me in his life,
not you
you take it out on me?
You think you can't achieve
the success you deserve because of me?
Then I won't be in your way anymore.
I'll be the mom and you be
the child for once like you wanted.
So just go...
Yes, Go! Go! get out of my life
No, no, no
I can't stand being
the reason for your failure.
I release you of any and
all responsibilities towards me.
Go! You're free! Go!
I don't want to see you again!
Don't worry.
Everything will be ok.
Come here!
Madam! Champagne?
Oh my gosh!
You forgot all about me,
didn't you?
Go. We'll chat later!
Samara! Lovely to see you!
- Meet Simran.
- Hi!
And Promila.
- Hello!
Promila, this is Samara Patel.
She is a really fine
dancer from London.
In fact, she recently
did a TV show Dance Wars!
She was absolutely riveting.
Samara Promila is the chairperson of
the India Arts and Culture Foundation.
- Oh, wow! Pleasure to meet you!
- Likewise
Ramesh since when did you start
watching reality series on TV?
I've known Samara since she was born.
She's a very old family
friend's daughter.
In fact she's part of the family.
I'm sure she's a great role model for
your daughters Nandita and Raksha?
Nandita graduates this year, right?
Yes, in fact she's off
to Harvard next year for her MBA.
I'm going to take full
credit for her intelligent genes
But her mother has other ideas though.
Come, meet my group
- Tiny Drops.
We have visiting International DJs,
dance teachers and new dancers all the time.
We'll really rock it.
Bunty, my life's a little
complicated right now.
If there weren't any people, the world
would be such a simple place, right!
If there weren't any people,
we wouldn't exist either right.
Oh Burn! Clever girl!
Who is this?
My friend
- Anika.
Friend? You slept with her?
Look, whatever's going
on between the two of you,
sort it about before the wedding.
I hate unnecessary drama!
So embarrassing.
There is nothing going on.
Do you play the guitar or
is it just for decoration?
For decoration.
So funny! Play something.
You going to sing the whole thing?
If you play the whole thing.
Where have you come from?
Prabhadevi! You fetched
me from my building, remember?
So funny you are!
Samara, there's no bar here.
- I'll get some drinks from downstairs, 0k?
- Ok.
Find us a place to sit.
Are you going to sip that
one beer all evening?
So boring!
I know. You're not
the first girl to say that.
Don't whine so much. Be a man!
I love this song. Let's go dance.
I don't dance.
Come. Let's go
I don't dance!
So don't. Stand on the dance floor
as decoration just like your guitar.
I will dance.
Excuse me! Excuse me! Sorry!
Oh, shit!
- Hey. This is the men's room.
- Oh, shut up!
Oh shit!
- Excuse me! Excuse me!
- Yeah?
Could you pass some toilet paper?
This cubicle is all out.
Yeah, sure.
This is the men's toilet, right?
- Thanks
Is it? I had no clue!
Oh shit. I'm in the ladies toilet.
Relax! It's the men's.
So what are you doing here?
Sometimes, one just needs control
over things in one's life,
anything. I mean anything at all like
being able to pee when I want to pee.
I know what you mean.
And then there was no toilet paper.
When life throws shit at you, you should
have enough toilet paper to clean it up.
Oh Really?
I always thought that when life throws
shit at you, throw it right back,
- Throw it right back..huh...
-but yours is better.
- Hmm...interesting. That's not bad.
- Anyway, I have to go.
- Yours is better
- Thanks for the toilet paper!
Hey, no, no, no...
wait...hold on.. listen...wait...
Clean that shit up!
Clean that shit up!
Drunken idiot.
Why don't you buy a car?
What's the use of living
measure by measure?
That should be some difference between
life and a dry goods store.
Life is like a flowing stream.
Why breathe as if we're
frozen in an ice storm.
Life is not lived
stuck in narrow alleys.
We need to spread
our wings in open fields.
Why can't just a smile
be the answer to life?
Why can't love be the ultimate goal?
Experience each day
like it's a precious gift.
What's the use of living
measure by measure?
That should be some difference between
life and a dry goods store.
Uncle, you wrote this poem?
Can't believe it, right?
- How?
- I won two hundred thousand!
You know that TV show Dance Wars?
I bet on a dancer to win.
Salgaonkar had started a pool in the
office and I won two hundred thousand!
Looks like I'm the
poet in the family, not you
How do you say it in English
Life is beautiful!
And look this is for you.
For me?
Hey you Juvenile delinquents!
What are you doing, you Devils!
Stop! Stop!
You ok uncle?
Forget it. I'm in love with life.
Who knows from where
inspiration can come.
Your facial software clearly shows
That this program is not happy.
Of course I'm ok.
No, you're not happy.
And that Radhika, she just helped you
cover up the problem -
a temporary bandage
If infection sets in, then
changing the bandage will do no good.
Better pop some antibiotics,
because if the leg
catches Gangrene, then...
In my office, now!
The Mahtani project is due in 2 weeks
and I see no progress at all.
What's the problem?
- Amit, I need a god damn...
- Sorry, sir...Sorry!
Now look here Amit,
I have high expectations from you.
In this entire department,
you're my only shining hope.
Do you know that?
Thank you Sir
You're capable,
you're talented.
You need to work...
You just need to work hard and...
remove some bad influences
from your life both of them.
I want to see you in
this chair in 25 years.
In this chair.
So you'd better buck up.
Yes, Sir.
- Buck up my boy.
- Yes, sir
You know,
I think he actually looks better.
This is great!
25 move ten feet...
from here to there.
25 years!
What's the matter?
What's happened?
What's the matter?
What's happened?
Why has my life turned upside down?
What's the matter?
What's happened?
The minutes weigh
down like never before.
Why am I suffocating,
the walls closing in,
Why does it seem like
I owe a debt to the world
Time passes by like
a prison sentence
Who knows what destiny has in store
I have everything yet nothing
Living life like this
is like not living at all
Who? Who's there? Thieves?
- It's me, Dad.
- Oh!
What happened?
Are you haPPY?
Why? Do we have
to get happy right now?
As in, if you've got some good news,
then we'll get happy.
No, do you remember the
last time you were happy?
Hey, when was Khemkar's birthday?
He got some new kind
of cake chocolate bomb.
On my next birthday, please
don't get that boring pineapple cream
Bomb? What kind of
a thing is that to eat?
I have everything yet nothing
Living life like this
is like not living at all
What's the matter?
What's happened?
I think we need to talk.
What has happened to you?
Talk to us.
We're here for you.
Are you ready?
What is this?
The same old rotting, torn boxers?
Why aren't you ready?
Shishika and her parents
are waiting outside.
Quickly wear your sherwani.
The auspicious time for
the engagement is running out
Why aren't you getting ready?
Why are you sulking in here?
You'll get a job.
Trust me! I love you!
C'mon! Help me! Help me! Help me!
There's lots of work!
Hot-hot samosas!
- Some chutney for you?
- Yes!
Thank you!
He likes singing...playing
the guitar...that's why...
- Guitar
- Yes!
Have you ever seen
a turtle wearing shoes
All decked up in a suit and tie?
Have you? Have you? Have you?
Well then,
look at me...look carefully at me!
Whatever I do,
turns out upside down
My brains get pickled,
has gotten pickled!
I'm just burned out!
Rogered from behind!
My love left me,
on the arms of another,
She went, she left, she ran away.
Waving at me from a distance.
I'm that goat that
gets slaughtered alive,
That gets sent to the gallows...
and hung.
A shovel up my behind.
Eaten alive.
I'm just burned out!
Rogered from behind!
What kind of a youth is this
Where all you face
is the daily grind.
Am I a person or a puppet?
I'm just burned out!
Rogered from behind!
I'm just burned out!
Amu, what has happened to you?
What happened to me?
Your whole life,
all you keep hearing is
Think outside the box, think outside
the box, think outside the box!
Shhh!!!! What are you doing?
But if that box is stuck
in a hole 2O feet deep,
How the hell are you
going to get out?
It's not possible!
All you can do is keeping
taking circles around that box
-your whole life!
- Stop
Are your parents dead?
You couldn't come talk to us?
You never said you didn't want marry
Shishika Or anyone else for that matter.
So what is all this about?
Keeping everything locked up inside
And then one day
exploding like a bomb.
And that's what it is.
Very good! Ten out of ten.
Son, if you don't want
to work in It, don't!
If you don't want to marry, don't!
You don't know this new generation.
Everything is so complicated.
Everything leads to depression
and stress for them.
Son, listen life
isn't that complicated.
It's very simple.
Yeah mom, I get it. I get it.
Damn it!
- She's looking so pretty...
- Very sweet...
Just remember...if I
do anything like else ever...
Just remember that, 0k?
MY kinky minx!
Don't you ever let
me lose the plot like that.
Just so that you remember!
I knew it!
That you would do something
ridiculous like this.
That's why I picked you.
Marriage is such a waste of time.
Now my parents will
finally leave me alone.
If you ever want to decorate
a dance floor, call me!
Samara, Samara, Samara!
Look at this!
That Dance Wars of yours Some
finalist, lmran, broke his leg...
basically he's out.
Now they're going to pick a wild card entry
From one of the previous rounds for the finale.
Good for them!
Samara, at least show some excitement!
Fine! Like I care!
- Hey!
- What?
- Hey!
- What?
Got a gift for you!
It's a song. You'll love it!
We want to make a music
video for Tiny Drops.
Our coach has gotten a sponsor.
You want to choreograph it?
Yeah! You'll do a great job!
You telling the truth?
Hey, someone's Hindi
skills have improved!
So, shall we do it?
Like bubbles floating in the air
Like sunshine in the winter gloom
Like all the seasons in one
Never had this feeling before
That's as sharp as a razor blade
Makes you take pride
in one's own stupidity
Everyone knows the feeling
But the reason remains hidden
That's the secret I'm talking about.
Why does being in love feel so good?
Who knows the reason why
Has it happened for real
Or is it just wishful thinking?
Love doesn't listen to reason.
- It spins a web and traps you in
- Wishful thinking
Knowingly you get tricked
- Into falling in it's trap
- Wishful thinking
Love doesn't listen to reason.
- It spins a web and traps you in
- Wishful thinking
Knowingly you get tricked
Into falling in it's trap.
Song? Which song?
The adrenaline is running high
Love makes you feel invicible...
17 million hits in 4 days! Woohoo!
But how did they get my song?
I'm going to sue them!
I'm going to sue them!
Ok, one second!
They've given you credit!
So? It's my song! They stole it!
I won't let them get away with it!
Who knows the reason why
Has it happened for real
Or is it just wishful thinking?
Love doesn't listen to reason.
It spins a web and traps you in
Knowingly you get tricked
- Into falling in it's trap! -17 million hits!
- Wishful thinking
How could we take anyone else?
You deserve to be our wild card entry.
Our TRPs will skyrocket!
You're a sure shot winner.
One million rupees
will be yours in a week!
Samara, you're listening, right?
Love doesn't listen to reason.
- It spins a web and traps you in
- Wishful thinking
Knowingly you get tricked
- Into falling in it's trap!
- Wishful thinking
Love doesn't listen to reason.
- It spins a web and traps you in
- Wishful thinking
I can't believe you sung this song.
It's really amazing.
So this song will be for the finale.
The winner will be announced,
the celebrations will begin
and your song will play,
leading out the show.
Leading out the show? Really!
Wow! I don't know what to say!
I was missing you.
- You're not supposed to be here.
- I know.
No, Nobody saw me! I was missing you!
- Amit, I...
- Hmmm...
I was wrong.
I was so wrong.
Will you ever be able to forgive me?
I made a huge mistake, Amit.
I love you. I need you.
Please take me back.
Please, please, please take me back.
Radhika, know I...
Amit! It's
can take your time.
I don't need your answer right now...
but just remember that I love you.
- This would be a mistake.
- What?
- This
- No...this is not a mistake.
The mistake was what we did, Amit.
We shouldn't have broken up.
Whatever you and I did
back then...that's in the past.
It doesn't really matter now.
We won't talk about that...blank page
We start from the beginning, 0k?
- Radhika, what I meant was...
- Amit...
- I don't...
- Amit, no...
It's like you're at home...
And you feel the world
is beckoning you...
that the outside
world is where it's at.
So you leave everything and
go travelling to find yourself.
But then you realize
that home is home.
You're my home, Amit.
I had to come back to you.
That is...that's very sweet...
But Radhika,
now I want to travel the world.
- But...
- No, Radhika.
This time it's well and truly over.
But I'll still compose that song
for your show, if you still want it.
I don't really have a choice.
My bosses want it.
And that song that you're
so in love with today?
8 years ago I sung it at
the YR College fest for you...
and you don't even remember it.
So, are you ready for some good news?
Oh! Yeah!
You're looking at the new director
of the Amsterdam
Repertory Dance company!
Oh my gosh!
Congratulations! That's amazing!
So, shall we go?
Amsterdam! Where else?
I'll visit, For sure I'll visit!
Not to visit. To live.
You and I.
Why are you laughing?
Jonathan, how can I go?
C'mon Samara!
You win the dance competition,
you can start your
dance company there.
It's going to be exciting.
World class dance, great music, cafAs
I can almost see it.
You and me in Amsterdam.
So romantic!
No, I can't go.
My life is here.
Samara, till when will
you keep making excuses?
You know,
you have to sort out your own life.
Fine, agreed,
your dad never acknowledged you
And your mom has problems...
Till when will you keep
hiding behind these excuses,
feeling sorry for yourself!
Sorry for myself?
Why are you getting angry?
You're old enough to hear the truth.
Samara? C'mon, what happened?
Get out.
Don't act crazy.
I'm not going anywhere, ok!
C'mon Samara,
sometimes in, sometime out...
Sometimes this, sometimes that...
What do you want?
Just leave me alone!
Where do you think you're going?
- Move.
- Get back right now
- Get out of my way.
- Get back right now!
Hello? Mom?
Hi baby...
What's the matter?
- I'm sorry...I'm so sorry...
- Doesn't matter...
Cry, cry...get it all out...
- Mom?
- Hmmm...
Did it hurt a lot when he ended it?
It would have,
but you were there for me...
It made everything ok.
- Baby?
- Hmm...
I really want to stop drinking.
I've been trying for the
last month...l tried hard but...
We're going to do it together...
You and I, we're a team.
Yes...yes, we're a team.
Forever and ever and always...
the pieces form a pretty picture...
But the each piece itself
is a beautiful composition.
One might even say...
Samara come in.
What song is this?
This song is for the finale.
It will play after the winner is
announced... but I don't think it's right.
Sounds good to me.
We can use it somewhere.
Time and money has been spent.
It wasn't for free.
What's wrong with it?
So then...may I use it?
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Patrons and Connoisseurs...
Hold on to your seats...
In just a few minutes, there
will be a spectacular competition
between Samara and Kumsum
and today itself, on this very stage
the new Dance Wars
Champion will be crowned.
So are you ready?
No, no...l can't hear you guys...
Let's try this one
more time...Are you ready?
That's what I'm talking about!
Samara, someone is here to see you...
Mr.Ramesh Mahtani.
Apparently he sees our
show and you're his favourite.
Just a second.
Thank you
Samaramtwo minutes.
- Hi!
- You look beautiful.
Ready do young people
put it nowadays...rock the stage?
Yeah, I'm ready to rock the stage.
Good, Well I just
came to wish you luck...
and to offer you an incentive.
If you win,
the prize money I'll match it.
That's another one million
rupees for your dance school.
So, do we have a deal?
I won't leave mum.
Samara, Kalpana and I...
Look, you weren't fair to her.
Mum loved you and you
took advantage of that.
You should have let her go.
You ruined her chance at happiness.
You ruined her life.
It's too late now.
I don't believe in fairytales anymore.
Real life is so much better.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
It's time for our second
finalist Samara Patel!
the pieces form a pretty picture...
But the each piece itself
is a beautiful composition.
One might even say...
One could even say...
It may be jeweled and disguised
but it's still a chain that binds
Life is a gamble,
who would have believed it...
But the game had better not take over.
The journey is long...
And there is only invocation
that escapes the lips...
That this lost soul
doesn't take a wrong turn
God forbid, God forbid...
God have mercy. God forbid.
You Rock Samara!
Love you Samara!
Samara Go for it!
God forbid, God forbid...
God have mercy. God forbid.
- There she is!
- C'mon slowpoke!
And the moment we've
all been waiting for
The winner of The Dance
Wars Championship is
Samara has disappeared.
Announce Kusum as the winner.
Kusum Kanwar!
We didn't even rig it this
time and still it's the wrong result?
- Shit is all around us!
- Shut up! That's getting boring now!
Such good music...
On the table if I had had my way,
I would danced...
Mihir is the one
who brought me down...
What happened? go ahead.
I'll catch up.
- Hey, Amit?
- Yeah?
- Gotta take a dump again?
- Push hard!
Oh, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry!
Are you 0k? Are you alright?
- Samara Patel?
- Yeah?
It's me Amit Sharma.
You just danced to my song.
- Oh my god, right!
- Yeah
That is such a gorgeous song.
Thank you so much,
- I mean...Oh...blood...
- What?
Keep your head back.
It will stop the blood flow.
Maybe I should go in
No, No, No...somebodyjust...
you can smell it till here...
You do not want to go in there.
Trust me.
Why don't we go to the bar.
They'll have napkins
there and I owe you a drink.
Keep your head back.
By the way,
I thought you deserved to win.
Can I have some of this?
But I did.
I had enough toilet
paper to clean that shit up.
What? As opposed to throwing it back?
Wait what?
What did you say?
- Amit? What did you do?
What happened to him?
She's always been capable of this.
This is Amit. This is my mom.
- Hi!
This is Shaila and Bunty.