One Christmas (1994) Movie Script

Buddy? Where are you?
Baby, it's almost time to go!
Hey, buddy!
You really should've
done this last night,
buddy, when you had the time.
You're old enough to know
how to pack by now.
Oh, million things to do
this morning as it is.
The greyhound'll be coming
down the road any minute.
I don't even know him.
Oh, sure you do!
He's the one in the picture.
An important man, your dad is.
You can tell just
to look at him,
how straight he stands.
And I get to ride a bus?
Clear to New Orleans,
another whole state.
Oh, my, are these
the best pants you have clean?
Tsk. Your daddy's gonna think
I'm raising you
like a farm animal.
What else... what else?
Oh! Your uncle Carl's suit!
Oh, he wore this to easter
the time reverend Stuart
almost drowned poor ida Beck
in the baptismal font.
Oh! Oh, you look
right smart in that.
Oh, Carl would love that you're wearing
it, god rest his soul.
Why can't I go with you, sook?
Because I have to help
a sick friend,
and where I'm going,
there's no place for children.
Besides, you'll get the chance
to meet your daddy.
He hasn't seen you
since you were a baby.
They have snow were mama is,
and she said she'd
come in spring,
so why can't I go there?
Uh! You know, if it's
snow you want,
there's snow
at your daddy's, too,
drifts and drifts of it.
I mean, a real Christmas.
You wouldn't want
to miss that, would you?
Oh, look! There's the bus.
It's the bus, buddy.
Get your shoes on
and get that fruitcake
we made for your daddy.
It's on the table
in the kitchen.
Go on, now, get your shoes on!
Oh! We're late.
Yes, ma'am. You all right?
I'll put his suitcase
up here on the luggage rack.
And don't you
forget the suitcase
once you get to the city.
Now, here's almost $6
I've been saving
for an occasion.
You use it a little
bit at a time
for special treats.
Maybe a picture show!
Mm-hmm. High time we saw one.
You go for both of us.
Tell me all about it
when you get back.
What if he doesn't like me?
He already loves you.
What about Santa?
Oh, don't you worry about Santa.
Like the good lord,
he'll always know
where to find you.
You'll have a good time,
I promise you!
Now, here's your snack.
Here's your daddy's fruitcake.
Tell him it's a special batch,
and tell him sook says hello.
Can you do that? Yeah.
Now, here, I want you to have
your mama's letters on the trip.
Keep you company.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gon... I'm gonna
miss you, too.
First Christmas we've
had apart I can remember.
I'm sorry, ma'am, but I've got
a schedule to keep.
You gotta get aboard now.
Sooner you go,
sooner you'll be back.
Come on, old boy, here we go.
Write me a postal card
if you think of it!
Pick out a pretty one.
You know what I like.
Bye, buddy.
Bye-bye, honey. Bye-bye.
This is him.
My cousin sook says
everybody knows him,
but he doesn't write much
because he's very busy.
And my mom is an actress
in New York City.
She writes all the time.
These are her letters.
She's a great lady.
I was an angel in a church play.
Sounds like
a mighty important part.
My cousin sook made me wings.
And I had two lines.
"Glory be to god on high,"
and "glory, glory."
Glory, glory.
Well, my goodness.
It's a long trip
for a young fella on his own.
Wh-what are you gonna do
in New Orleans?
It's gonna snow there,
sook says.
Snow? Not much chance of that
if you ask me.
If you ask anybody.
Sook never lies.
All I can say is, son,
it's gonna be
a cold day in heck,
yeah, in New Orleans
before it snows.
Come on, let us win
some of that back, now.
I'll see you later, guys.
Come on, let's go!
Are you buddy? Is that you?
I'm your dad.
In the picture
you have a moustache.
Is that better, huh?
Recognize me now?
I'm your daddy.
Well, buddy. Hey, hey.
Welcome to New Orleans.
That your bag?
Get it and let's go.
You sure have grown up, huh?
How old are you now, nine, ten?
This trip was a little bit
of a surprise for me,
but we're gonna have
a good time anyway.
Nice family Christmas.
Is mama coming?
No, you and me.
We're family now.
The first thing we gotta do,
heh, is get you a haircut.
You look like a girl.
How do you play ball
with all that hair?
I don't play ball.
You don't?
Did you ever hear of
judge landis,
the commissioner of baseball?
Do you know what he said?
"Baseball is not just a game
to the American boy."
No, "it is the training ground
for future work."
What do you do?
What do I do?
I'm an entrepreneur.
You know what that is?
I am unlike anybody
you've ever met before.
I have magic, buddy.
I can look right into somebody
and I know exactly
what they want
more than anything else
in the whole world.
I look 'em in the eye,
shake their hand, and I know.
And that's what I sell them,
their secret dreams.
It's a god-given talent.
It's a very special gift.
Who's that?
The assistant to the mayor
just waved at your daddy.
What's in the package?
Sook's fruitcake.
I helped make it.
You cook?
Welcome to my personal castle.
Oh! This must be the buddy
I've been hearing so much about.
Buddy, say hello to Evangeline.
Your daddy's been so excited
about this visit,
talking and talking
about it for days.
I fixed up
the guest room for you.
I don't know what you like,
but I bought you a few things.
Think it'll do ya?
It's fine.
It's fine?
Listen to you!
"It's fine."
Evangeline, we don't have
to worry about dinner tonight.
It is my son's first night
in New Orleans.
I think we'll dine out.
This is not a museum.
This is your room for as long
as you're going to be here!
Where'd you get
all that money from?
Did you Rob a bank?
Just kidding.
Sook gave me near $6
for special treats.
That's very nice.
These are mama's letters.
You can read 'em if you want.
Yeah, well, maybe later.
Right now, let's see what you
have in terms of clothing.
Don't tell me that these
are your best.
What is this? This looks
like it's 40 years old.
Sook picked it out special.
I know these'll ride in Alabama,
but here in New Orleans,
women will just
pass you right by
and not give you a second look!
Where'd you get that hat?
Where'd you get those shoes!
Now, that is
a great pair of shoes.
They pinch.
Well, that's the sign
of a good fit!
They'll loosen up
as you wear them.
Man: Paper, boy.
Paperboy: Yes, sir, five cents.
Ladies. Miss julene.
For goodness sakes,
just the person we
were coming to see.
Miss Ivy.
I don't think you've had the
opportunity to meet my son, buddy.
Your son!
Well, aren't you
the sweetest thing!
Yes, ma'am.
We had no idea.
I'll bet you're smart,
just like your daddy.
I know the 23rd psalm.
You do!
Well, why don't you
say it for us?
Sook gives me a penny.
Oh! Buddy.
Oh, no, that's
all right. Please.
We were hoping to steal
you away for lunch.
Our treat.
There is nothing
I would enjoy more,
but I... I can't today.
Of course.
Another time, then.
Happy holidays. Happy holidays.
Man: Here you go, Sonny.
Paperboy: Thank you, sir.
Daily star, five cents!
We'll catch 'em later.
All the news that's fit
to print, five cents!
I couldn't talk
in front of julene.
You know what
a terrible gossip she is,
but one look at that sweet face,
and I just knew
that airplane race of yours
was too good to pass up.
I'll get you a check
within the week.
All right.
Thank you, son!
For what?
I can't believe your cousin
thinks this is a haircut.
I- I'm in shock.
What exactly did she use,
a rusty knife and a cereal bowl?
You, I want you
to show this young man
a gentleman's haircut. Yes, sir.
And I'm talking about the works.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
Chauncey. Chauncey.
You're always talking about
the lack of opportunity
in this town.
I'm gonna give you one.
You wanna sponsor a plane?
Hold still, son.
Boys, let me interrupt you
for a minute.
Brand-new airplane,
built from the ground up.
You know Glenn gilmore.
He built that in secret
in his barn.
Notice the one wing,
half the drag of a biplane,
650 horses. Now, that's power.
Lot of big names coming
into Baton Rouge for this race.
Jay Reilly. Don rooker.
No fact! They're not
flying this airplane.
Gilmore promised me
that he would share the purse
with his investors. That's you.
The purse is worth $30,000.
Mm. Whew!
I'm in.
What are the odds?
Well, for everybody else?
Fifty to one.
For us, it's a sure thing.
Gilmore never won
a race yet, has he?
Yes, but that's why I'm betting
on him and nobody else is,
and I know something
that nobody else knows.
This plane has been clocked in
at 305 miles per hour.
That's 40 miles faster than
any other plane in this race.
Suppose we put
some money into this,
and suppose this plane
wins the race.
What's in it for you?
A small finder's fee.
Plus the satisfaction
that I clear up
the bookkeeping error
that surrounded
that prize fight.
Oh, gentlemen,
I was truly embarrassed.
You know that I
would never take more
than the little I'm entitled to.
Well, it's not as strange
as some ideas you have.
Man: I'll raise a nickel.
Where I come from, this is
called a golden opportunity.
You think about it, okay?
You know what my father
always used to say?
"You know what kind of noise
annoys an oyster the most?"
"A noisy noise annoys
an oyster the most!"
They look slimy.
Well, don't think
of it that way.
Think of it as a texture.
An oyster texture,
you know what I mean?
Hey, look. Dab of tabasco.
Little lemon.
This is an adventure.
All right. Take a risk.
Go ahead, try it.
It's not gonna kill you.
Well, maybe it will.
Oh, just kidding.
Don't chew it. Don't chew it.
Let it slide. Let it slide.
Isn't that good,
huh, isn't it good?
Why, Mr. Grady, how are you?
I'm just fine, my dear.
Certainly a pleasure
to see you again.
Famous all over the state.
Of course, I did
a deal with him.
We brought in a girls'
baseball team from St. Louis
to play some local guys.
Fourth of July.
Kind of a specialty event,
you know?
Everybody is still
talking about it.
They're talking
about your dad, huh?
You like baseball, at least?
What kind of life are you
living there in Alabama?
I help sook mostly.
That's women's work.
You should be out swimming,
fishing, scrapping.
Does Santa always wear red?
Only on the holidays.
Do you know how
to defend yourself?
Let me see your left hook.
Sook says it's
not right to fight.
And I say that's
the quickest way
to a black eye.
What's back there?
Oh, that's, um,
miss Cornelia beaumont
entertaining some guests.
Who's she?
She's known as the grande dame
of New Orleans society.
If you're in with her,
doors bang open
all over the city.
Do you know her?
Of course I do.
Of course I know her.
Emily, you look lovely.
Hi. Please come right around.
Not as well as I'd like.
Lovely to see you.
And Cornelia's waiting.
Oh, uh, thank you very much.
Wouldn't it be a darn shame
if you had to travel that far,
cross two states,
and never see the inside
of a private dining room?
Wouldn't you like to see that?
What a great story
to tell sook, huh?
She'll be really impressed.
You want to see it, don't you?
Go on. Go on.
Leave your napkin.
Well, what have we here?
My, you're a handsome young man.
Has the cat got your tongue?
Buddy, what are you doing?
This is a private party. Look!
But you told me... he's yours?
Emily, I had no idea
you'd be here tonight.
You didn't? No.
I thought I told you aunt
Cornelia was having an event.
Daddy, daddy, you
told me I could...
Yes, buddy.
That was this evening?
Who's that, Emily?
Who's there, Emily?
Do I know these gentlemen?
Yes, miss Cornelia,
I was just apologizing
to your beautiful niece
for this intrusion.
We have met before.
I have no such recollection.
Oh, well, it was
just in passing.
Well, I meet a great number
of people just in passing.
What's a child doing
in this room?
He's visiting for the holidays.
He's not visiting me, is he?
Emily: No, he's... good. Good.
I'm buddy.
I didn't ask your name, did I?
Don't answer questions
which haven't been asked.
If I may. You may leave,
if that's what you're
about to suggest.
I'll say good night.
Good night.
Thank you.
What a group.
"And somewhere hearts are light.
And somewhere men are laughing."
"And somewhere children shout."
"But there is no joy
in mudville.
Mighty Casey... has struck out."
You had a great time
tonight at the restaurant,
didn't you?
You told me
they were back there,
but you told miss Emily
you didn't know they were.
Oh, I didn't say that.
What you heard was
a polite conversation
adults have to ease
into a party.
It was a lie!
If no one gets hurt,
it's not a lie.
More importantly,
you had a new experience,
and new experiences
grow a boy into a man,
which you will learn
when you get older.
Now, look, I'm going out again.
Evangeline promised
that she would stay
if you needed anything,
okay? Good night.
Sook listens to my prayers.
I can do that, too.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the lord
my soul to... keep.
If I die before I wake,
I pray the lord my soul to take.
You done?
You did that very well.
Buddy, I'm entertaining
a very important
investor tonight,
and I sure could use
a few of these dollars.
Is that all right with you?
It's from sook.
I know that she would
think it was just fine.
She would see this as an
investment in your future.
As a matter of fact,
I think I'm going to borrow all of it,
and then I'll bring back
what I don't use.
It will come back to you
a hundredfold.
Thank you so much, son.
Sleep well.
P.s., dear god, please don't
make me stay here long.
And let me go home
to sook and queenie
in Alabama
right after Christmas.
Or even sooner.
A lovely evening, miss Cornelia.
Hear, hear.
As always.
What is it that fascinates
you all so much about me?
My youth? My charm?
Ah, yes, money, money, money.
Well, now, money
isn't everything.
Possibly not, but if you're
ever asked to choose
between youth and money,
take the money.
I don't mean to interrupt,
aunt Cornelia, but it's late.
Late, my foot!
Sit. Down, down, down.
Is it him, that yankee
with the kid?
We're only having
a drink together.
Ooh. All he's interested
in is your bank account.
You don't know
anything about him.
He's been in jail.
Did you know that?
In Birmingham
for writing bad checks.
He told me.
Oh, he did not.
He did not.
You know you can't lie
to me and never could.
He wants your money.
As soon as he gets it,
you'll never see him again.
Good night, aunt Cornelia.
And wipe those smiles
off your faces.
Go on, none of you
are any better, and you know it.
Someone get me a drink.
Those bad checks were
all a misunderstanding.
I did a friend a favor.
He swore to me he'd cover me.
I was just surprised.
No good deed goes unpunished.
Did aunt Cornelia mention me,
you know, after I was gone?
Aside from
the Birmingham incident.
We, um, we did
have words about you.
She... certainly
expressed her interest.
Oh, good.
Maybe I'll take tea
with her soon,
or bourbon, which is
more her style.
Would you ask her for me?
If the opportunity
presents itself.
Speaking of opportunity,
have you given any more thought
to the investment matter
we were talking about?
It's a great deal of money.
Mm-hmm. Just think of it
as a chance of a lifetime.
I mean, that air race will be
here and gone before you know it.
All I want is enough
to send my son
to private school in the north.
I'm all he's got.
You never mention his mother.
You never talk about your life
before you came here,
and I'd truly like
to know, honestly.
Honestly... I loved the woman.
She was too young
to be a mother,
too young to be a wife,
so she left me,
moved to New York,
where she found
her magnolia delights
didn't prepare her
for the pressures
of living in that city.
She was always fragile.
It was just a matter
of time until she broke.
Buddy's cousin sook
is up there now
trying to get her
into a private hospital.
A sanitarium, you mean?
Oh, how terrible.
I have no idea if she'll
ever get better.
Don't tell my son.
Oh, of course I wouldn't.
You know what that boy needs?
A solid family.
Father. Loving mother.
I agree.
True family.
You know,
you try hard to hide it,
but you have a warm
and loving heart.
Oh, absolutely not.
Tonight it's on me.
Well! Good morning, little one.
How did you sleep,
first night in a new bed.
Your daddy won't be
up for a while,
if that's who you looking for.
Sook says morning's
the best part of the day.
Get up before the devil
so he can't catch us sleeping.
Well, your daddy
keeps odd hours.
Best you realize that now.
Oh! You haven't met
my Toby yet, have you?
Not official, anyway.
How come I never seen
you out here before?
I live in Alabama.
How come you don't
live with your daddy?
I just don't.
Your mama dead?
No, she lives in New York City.
That's where you have
to go to be famous.
You like it there?
I almost never
have to wear shoes,
and I have a dog named queenie.
Do you like it here?
I guess so. Never
been anywhere else.
My daddy sure knows his way
around the city.
He knows the speakeasies,
that's for sure.
He drinks like a fish on Friday.
That's what my mama says when
she don't think I'm listening.
But I like your dad.
I think he's fun.
Just don't talk
to him 'fore noon,
and don't be going in his room
when the door's shut,
and you'll be all right.
What's all this talk
so early in the morning?
Oh, nothin'.
Hey, buddy, I came up with
a great idea.
I'm gonna throw a party!
I'm gonna throw
a Christmas party.
I'm gonna introduce you
all around.
It's gonna be in your honor.
How does that sound?
Sounds okay, I guess.
All right, then that's it.
That's settled.
You go in there,
have some breakfast,
and we'll... oh, you know
what we can do?
We can go get a Christmas tree.
All right?
Don't get too excited.
A big party? Here?
My mama will love to hear that.
Hey, you like lucky Lindy?
You like planes?
Wanna sit in a real one?
Aw, I knew there was
a real boy in there somewhere!
Buddy: What's this for?
That's the stick, son.
You pull it to climb.
You push forward, down she goes.
You wanna go left or right,
that's ailerons.
You see those pedals down here?
They control the rudder.
How far could it fly?
Round the world and back again.
Anyplace at all.
Can it fly to New York?
Sure. Hey, buddy.
How does it feel
being in the plane
that's gonna win the race?
How do you know it's gonna win?
'Cause it's the fastest plane
in the country right now.
What if it's not the fastest
the day of the race?
With this guy at the controls,
that's exactly what this is,
the fastest plane in the race.
It better be. Your father's got
a small fortune bet
on the outcome.
You know, I wanted to talk
to you about that.
Would you excuse us
for a minute?
Look, I'm expecting
a couple of hundred more.
I'd like to place them
right on the nose.
Can you handle that?
Your kid here could
fly this airplane
and we'd still win.
I like the way you think.
Yes, I do.
Here he comes.
Wave to him.
Isn't that great?
We're gonna win.
I wanna ride it!
We're gonna win.
Ho ho ho.
Merry Christmas, Santa.
He'll never miss it.
Look at that.
Isn't it something?
Wow, that looks like
one could sit in it.
Yeah, and if you pedaled
it fast enough,
it'd take off and fly!
Oh, no, look at that.
You see the price tag?
Santa couldn't afford it.
Look at this one down here.
This is beautiful,
the blue and yellow one.
This is the one.
That one up there.
You know what, let's go
buy a Christmas tree.
Buddy, let's go buy
a Christmas tree.
Look at this tree.
This tree, you could put
1,000 ornaments on that tree.
How about that tree over there?
Too skinny.
That's a nice tree. Too small.
How about this one!
Oh, no, no, no.
Look, this one here.
No, this one.
This is a Paul bunyan tree.
You need a blue ox to carry
this through the streets.
It's not too big for me.
I can do it.
You sure?
All right, you hang on
to this tree. I'll go pay.
Don't let anyone take it.
How much do I owe you? $1.10.
You're lucky to get a dollar.
Okay. Come on, buddy,
how much is it, four?
Four. Don't tell him.
I just gave him a dollar.
All right, pull it down.
He'll never know the difference.
Look what we got, Evangeline!
What on earth?
There's not a room in this city
big enough to hold that.
Evangeline, I am sure
that we will find
a wonderful place for that tr...
Miss Emily.
I should've called first.
I never want you to call first.
What a wonderful surprise.
Well, I just wanted
to give this to buddy.
You are so thoughtful.
Nonsense. You can open it now.
In fact, looking at that tree,
I'd say this
is the perfect time.
Come on, son. Open it up.
Your father told me
you have a dog.
I thought you might
be missing her.
This could be something
special to put on the tree.
But it doesn't look
anything like queenie.
Well, honey,
I haven't seen queenie,
so I just asked the artist
to paint you a beautiful dog.
You are a remarkable woman.
I've always said it,
and I always will.
And we demand that you stay
and help us put
the ornaments
on that tree, don't we, buddy?
Well, if you insist.
We do.
I think the gift was a mistake.
It is wonderfully thoughtful.
I should go.
This is so perfect,
as perfect as it could be.
The very first ornament
of Christmas.
This is my mama.
She's coming to visit
this spring.
She's really
very beautiful, buddy.
I... I can't stay,
much as I'd like to.
Aunt Cornelia needs
some things from the store.
Emily. Emily, please.
Don't pay any attention to him.
You don't have to go.
Yes, I do.
It's quiet as a library in here.
Would you like to
just explain yourself?
How did you pick
that particular moment
to bring that
particular photograph
into the dining room?
She's my mama.
You hurt miss Emily's feelings
and you embarrassed me.
You embarrassed me.
Never embarrass your father.
Don't you ever do that
to your daddy again.
I don't tolerate that kind
of behavior in my house.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
A boy listens to his father.
A boy respects to his father.
You don't question him.
I don't know
what that woman is doing.
I don't know
how she's raising you,
but you're not who
you're supposed to be.
Neither are you!
Don't you ever use
that tone of voice to me.
Don't you dare,
because I hold
your entire future in my hands.
I can send you back to sook,
or I can keep you here forever.
I can make it so you'll
never see Alabama again.
Are you listening to me?
I just asked you a question.
Do you understand
what I'm saying?
Good. I'm very sorry I shouted.
Buddy: It's gonna snow
here this Christmas, you know.
Toby: In New Orleans?
You believe that,
you believe anything!
Santa's real, you know.
He's real as you and me.
Nah. Hmm-mm.
How come you think he's not?
Because I asked for
a radio two years in a row,
a big one with
flashing lights and dial.
I could hear clear to St. Louis,
and I didn't get it.
Maybe he had a good reason
for not bringing it to you.
There's a good reason,
all right.
He don't exist.
Do your daddy
and mama live together?
What's it like?
I never thought about it.
That's all I think about.
Hey, buddy, look.
Where do you suppose
she's going?
She can go anywhere
she wants. I don't care.
Well, this is
a very large amount
you're asking to withdraw.
A cashier's check will be fine.
Are you suggesting
the bank can't afford it
or that you won't
release it to me?
I'd appreciate a direct answer.
Is there some difficulty?
I'm afraid I would require
your aunt Cornelia's approval
to release such
a substantial sum.
But it's my own money,
Mr. Farris.
It's for a business investment,
in which she is most
definitely not involved.
What has she to do
with my money?
I... you see,
she has made it
quite clear that...
Well, as I say,
I- I need her approval
for such a transaction.
But... does she have that power
in this personal area?
Well, you know miss Cornelia
better than I, miss Emily.
Could you not stand up
to her in this matter?
Could you?
I'm telling you,
you could do a lot worse
than staking a few dollars
on this baby.
Maybe, but my guess is
we couldn't do much worse.
If you're betting on it,
I'm betting against it.
Well, let me just tell you
that there's only room
for a few more investors, Alan,
and then it's an opportunity
that's just gone forever.
You wouldn't be raising more
than you actually
need, would ya?
Pretty well known around town
you're stretched to your limit
and somewheres beyond.
Seems to me that, uh,
my limit has stretched
just a little bit further.
Dixon: Hey. Thought I
might find you here.
Well, if it isn't
the very sturdy Dixon hobbs.
What brings you here?
My sister's money.
Don't tell me you hadn't heard
I've been looking for you.
Well, word is that you
have some concerns
about an investment
that she's made.
My only concern is how fast
you're gonna give her
that money back.
Are you telling me
that you question
her ability to make
her own decisions?
Let's just say I don't think
it's a sound business
I didn't realize
the depth of your concern.
Please, sir, it
would be a pleasure
to write you a check
right here and...
No, no, no. You and I
need to have a little talk,
but that's no reason for us to
interrupt these gentlemen's game.
Why don't we just step outside?
Well, that was
my next suggestion.
It was the prophet
Isaiah who said,
"go and let us reason together."
Toby: Whole town knows
about miss Emily.
Everybody gossips.
It's just something they do here
when regular talk gets slow.
Buddy: She ever marry?
She could've lots of times
when she was young,
but she turned them all down
and now she's too old.
That's just the way
it works, my mama says.
Daddy says she's rich
as rockefeller.
Her aunt Cornelia sure is.
She could buy
the Mississippi river
and make it run north.
Does miss Emily ever
come to the house much?
Dad: Listen, please stop,
will you?
Please! I'll give you the money!
Come on!
Ow! Oh!
You disgust the good men
of this city,
living off all the women,
romancin' away their money
to pay for your house
and your clothes
and your bootleg gin.
I'm just taking
what's my sister's.
You mind my advice
and don't you see her again.
You stay out of her life,
and I'll stay out of yours.
Should've killed you
is what I should've done.
Been a public service.
Sir, are you all right?
It's me, Toby.
It's Toby.
Come on, buddy!
Could you just
stop it for a minute?
Mm, mm! You found yourself
a good fight this time,
that's for sure.
I didn't find it. It found me.
No matter.
Glass hit the floor,
floor hit the glass.
Either way, it's bad news
for the glass.
Oh, aren't we poetic.
Oh, now. Now, that
ought to do ya.
Anything else?
Yeah, just pour me
another drink, will you, please?
Probably what got you
in this mess from the start.
I got work in the kitchen.
What are you staring at?
Was it true what he said,
that you use women
and take their money?
You misheard the guy.
What happened was
a personal misunderstanding,
that's all, got out of hand.
Is that why you and mama
aren't still together?
Not now, buddy.
Why not?
Because I just said not now.
I wanna know. Tell me.
I didn't leave your mama.
I didn't push your mama away.
She left us.
That's a lie.
Oh, really?
She wanted
a different kind of life.
I wasn't rich enough for her.
That's what makes
the world go round. Money.
Money makes the difference.
I don't know why
I keep that woman on.
Please. Let me get it myself.
Come on in, Glenn.
Thought I'd stop by
for a minute.
I don't mean
to bother you at home,
but you've got to know.
Is there someplace
we could talk?
Of course. Buddy, go upstairs.
We're gonna discuss business.
Come here. Follow me.
I got some good news
and some bad news.
The good is I pushed her
up to 310 miles an hour
this morning.
That's wonderful.
The bad news is
I blew the engine.
Fix the engine.
Can't by race time.
Well, what am I supposed
to tell the investors?
They took a chance and lost.
Tell them the truth.
What about all that money
I put on the personal bet?
I'm counting on you, Glenn.
I could be ruined.
Well, get a new engine.
They're not free.
The one I need could run
up to $1500.
That's all I need.
All right. Let's just stay calm.
All right. All right.
Here's the deal.
If I can get you a new engine,
if I can get it to
Baton Rouge by race time,
will you split your share
of the purse with me?
We won't tell anybody.
You got yourself a deal.
Okay. You just tell me
what you need.
I'll make it happen.
It's unbelievable!
"It's not an easy life
here, buddy,
"but anything worth having
in life takes work,
"and that's what I'm doing.
Never be afraid of hard work."
Sook says that, too,
never be afraid of work.
I ain't afraid of work.
Been doing that
since I can remember.
I'd like to work
and make a lot of money.
Then maybe I could
get my family back.
Buddy. Buddy.
I'm going over to see
miss Emily at her house now.
I need you to come with me. Why?
Because I said so, that's why.
Now, I know that you're angry,
but a gentleman
must always apologize
to a generous woman.
Please, get your shoes on
and let's go.
My dad says I was rude,
and if I was, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean anything by it.
Can we go now?
Well, that's a lovely apology,
but there's no need.
How could I be offended
by such a sweet boy
this time of year?
I think you'll really enjoy
waiting in the anteroom
while miss Emily and I
have a private word.
Dad: Damn that Cornelia!
It's your money.
Emily: Not in her mind.
You can't keep living in the
shadow of Cornelia beaumont.
You can't keep letting her make
decisions that run your life.
I understand what
you're saying, but...
Your father is here?
You change it by changing it.
He doesn't want the money
for him, miss Emily.
He wants money for me.
For you?
He says with money
we can be a family.
A family?
Did you?
Cornelia. What's going on here?
What a rare pleasure
it is to see you, miss beaumont!
Yes. Well, the pleasure
is all yours.
Now, I know
that it's late notice,
but we're having
a Christmas celebration
at our house tomorrow night.
We were wondering
if you could join us,
raise a glass to the holidays.
Why on earth would
I want to do that?
But Cornelia!
Furthermore, i'd
very much appreciate it
if you would keep
a respectable distance
between yourself and my niece
and this house.
Consider it a personal favor.
Now, good night.
Thank you, miss Cornelia.
Miss Emily.
How can you speak
to my guest in that tone?
It's my house,
and I'll do as I
damn well please.
I got one engine
might suit your needs.
Should be half the price
of that Pratt-Whitney.
Is it new?
She looks good.
Of course, now, I didn't
tear her down to see,
but she might be fine.
She might not be.
Best not run her full out
till you check.
Well, how long does that take?
Three, four days. A week, maybe.
No, I gotta have it
sooner than that.
The race is two days
after Christmas.
I don't know what to tell you.
Just tell me I'm gonna win.
I really have to call
and get miss Cornelia's
You'll do no such thing.
The money is mine.
We've established that.
You cannot legally
withhold it from me.
Well, legally no, but...
And should you try,
I have the acquaintance
of any number
of excellent attorneys
in this town who will be
happy to see you
in court to discuss
the situation.
In court, you say?
It's your decision,
but either way, I'm gonna get
what's rightfully mine.
So, Mr. Farris, what do you say?
I know it's been a few years
since we've been together.
I'm gonna make it up
to you, buddy, I swear.
You don't have to.
No, I know I don't have to.
I want to.
I've been busy
working on a career.
Career is very important
to a gentleman.
You just can't
make it your life,
because then
it becomes your life.
There's more to it
than that... there's family.
Did mama really leave us?
Was that how it happened?
Your mama left because
she wanted to make
her own Mark in the world.
She had a need.
It doesn't make her
a bad person, though, does it?
I mean, everybody's
got their needs.
Maybe what you need is her.
I don't know how I missed this.
I'm looking at you,
and I'm seeing your mama's face.
Look at that!
You've got her eyes.
And you're as smart
as she is, too.
Did you know that? Did you?
I didn't mean to give
you up to Alabama.
It's just when you were born
you were kind of a surprise.
You know, I didn't know
which end to feed,
which end to diaper. It just...
It just seemed best at the time.
What about you and mama
getting back together?
Eh, some things
just aren't meant to be.
What if it's the lord's will
for you and mama
to get back together?
What if he gives you the
money to make it happen?
See, now you're talking foolish.
Sook says that if
it's the lord's will,
there's nothing
you can do about it.
It has to happen.
It won't.
Just say it's not impossible.
I suppose that nothing
is impossible.
Jiggle your cork there.
Dad: Can I have
your attention, please?
Can I have your attention?
First of all, I want to wish you
an official welcome
to my house at this Christmas.
I'm very happy that you're here.
Secondly, I would love
to introduce you
to a young man I am so proud of.
Buddy, would you
come on up here?
A young man
you've heard a lot about;
very, very intelligent;
a great fisherman, I might add,
a lot better than I am.
Ladies and gentlemen,
my son buddy.
I'm so hoping that he
will take after his father.
Wouldn't you rather he make
something out of himself?
Don't you talk about
my daddy that way!
He's a famous entrepreneur.
Thank you so much.
Now, as our good friend Justin
has already found out,
there is plenty of punch.
I want you to eat, drink,
and be merry.
I don't want you to go home
unless you absolutely have to,
and on behalf of buddy
and myself once again,
a very merry Christmas.
Thank you for coming!
I want you to meet Mr. Layton,
and this is...
Thank you.
Such a handsome boy.
He'll break a lot of hearts
when he grows up.
All that charm obviously
runs in the family.
Thank you. There's
so much responsibility
that goes with raising a son,
and there are so many
things that I want for him.
I just have to wait
until I can afford it.
Mm. I think I'd like
another cup of punch.
Let me just warn you that,
despite prohibition,
a goodly amount of spirits
found its way into the recipe.
Are you insisting?
Yes! My pleasure.
Well, as long as you're
going, then, julene,
be a dear and get one
for me, too.
You know, she is a sweet woman,
but she couldn't take a hint
to save her life.
I couldn't put my hands
on the entire amount.
This is the major portion of it.
Miss Ivy, you are
filled with surprises.
But the balance is not entirely
out of the question,
you understand.
Anything I can do
to help with that,
you just let me know.
Well, we could discuss it
later this month at the opera.
Be my guest.
You might recall
I have that private box.
How can I forget that?
Would you excuse me
for a moment?
Of course.
I see you've managed
to frighten him away again.
Yoo-hoo. Right now.
I didn't even see you arrive.
The party's on the inside.
I can't stay. I, um...
Just came to give you this.
It's what you're
really after, isn't it?
Take it.
What is this?
Surely you recognize it.
It's not the first
cashier's check you've seen.
I doubt if it's the first
you've seen this evening.
You think this is
all I want from you?
I've had no illusions
there was honestly
anything more between us.
You think that little of me?
The only part that hurts
is that aunt Cornelia
was right about you.
Aunt Cornelia always
thinks that she's right.
Aunt Cornelia's wrong.
I won't allow you to leave.
You plan to
keep me here by force?
I plan to dance with you.
Please, may I have
the honor of this dance?
Here? Here! Now.
Please. Please.
There's no price tag
on my feelings.
When I hold you
and we're dancing...
When we kiss,
this is not business.
This is as personal as it gets.
I've heard it
too many times before.
So why do you put up with me?
I don't know.
Because you try too hard.
You want things too much.
You still have dreams at a time
when most people have forgotten
they ever dreamed at all.
You're a good man at heart.
Has ever seen that in me.
Maybe nobody else
took the time to look.
I love you.
Do you know that?
It's not a thing of reason.
Can't even explain it to myself,
but I do.
Then why don't you marry me?
I want to marry you,
make it official.
You want...
You're joking. Hm-mmm.
You're either drunk
or you're joking.
In either event,
it's a terrible way to amuse yourself.
I have never been more serious
in my whole life,
miss Emily.
Hey, buddy. Look there.
That's your daddy.
And that for sure
ain't your mama.
Let me get something to drink.
Gentlemen, can I borrow
Glenn for a moment?
Your new engine will be delivered
first thing in the morning.
How'd you do it?
I'm a professional.
Oh, why, buddy!
It's good to see you.
Stay away from my daddy,
you hear me?
You're an old maid and not half
as pretty as my mama.
Just stay away from him!
Gonna rain like Noah's flood.
Where's buddy?
Upstairs, praying for snow,
no doubt.
Yes, I know Glenn gilmore.
I was just there.
Everything was fine.
Why didn't he call me himself?
Oh, my god.
Well, what happened?
Did the plane just come apart?
Was it the weather?
Did he hit something?
What hospital?
Thank you.
"To buddy from Santa"
From Santa.
From Santa.
Do you get it now?
I saw him wrapping
these yesterday.
I tried to tell you.
There is no Santa claus.
They all lie.
They just don't think
we'll ever find out.
Better pick those up
before he finds out
you've been looking in there.
I hate him. I hate him.
Well, then, you won't like
what I heard
from my mama this morning.
Remember when we saw
miss Emily and your daddy
kissing last night?
Well, turns out he proposed.
Looks like you're
getting a new mammy.
You lied to me!
You lied to me about Santa
and about you and mama
getting back together
and about miss Emily!
What about miss Emily?
We saw you kissing last night,
and Toby said you're
gonna marry her!
What about mama?
The money was for us!
I'm not marrying anybody.
You wanna talk about lying?
Sook lied to you about the snow.
No, you lie. That's all you do.
You lie about everything!
Oh, yeah? To everybody!
Then here's some truth for you.
You're not going back
to Alabama.
You're gonna stay here
with me, and that's final.
No more fantasies.
No more living
hoping for the best,
because the best never comes
no matter how hard you try.
There is no pot of gold for me.
There is no snow for you.
Oh, and as for your mama,
as for mom...
What in the world!
You know he's going
out there in that storm?
Yeah, so what? He's been babied
way too much. Leave him alone.
But he can't go out there
all alone.
I said leave him be.
Hopefully he's smart enough
to come in from the rain.
Come on, snow!
Aah! Arrgh!
That was foolish
of you, foolish!
You could've been killed!
What kind of man
lets his son run loose
like a wild animal
in this kind of weather?
Do you have a voice?
Yes, ma'am.
Then why don't you talk?
You scare me.
Well, I scare
any number of people.
I scare myself.
Phones went out
along with the weather.
Go... go and fetch
the boy's father.
I don't want to see him!
Well, you're gonna
see him anyway.
Don't just stand there.
Do as I say.
I just wanna go home to Alabama.
But if you want
to go home healthy,
you've got to dry off first.
Are you really as mean
as you sound?
Oh, absolutely.
I'm worse.
Evangeline: Oh, miss Emily,
I thought you were buddy.
Emily: He's safe.
Well, thank the lord
he's safe. As for his father...
Would you fetch some hot coffee?
Thank you.
Your son's at Cornelia's.
He needs you.
No, he doesn't.
He doesn't need anybody.
He told me.
None of us need anybody.
Runs in the family.
You've been drinking.
Steadily since 1913.
But never to excess.
Here, let me have that.
There's more
where that came from.
Evangeline's bringing coffee.
Don't tell me what to do.
If I want coffee,
I will order it myself.
If we're going to be married...
There's a rumor to that
effect, isn't there?
A rumor?
Last night in the garden...
Last night was
hours and hours ago.
A lot can happen in that time.
The whole world could end.
You proposed.
Well, we only have
your word for that,
don't we?
You've been trying
to trap me since we met.
But I'm not so easily captured.
I've been married once.
Once was quite enough,
thank you.
So, if that's your game,
why don't you pick up
your snares and your
nets and your hooks.
Go find another pigeon.
Well, then.
I guess there's
nothing more to say.
If I didn't have to stay
to see I get
all the back salary
you owe me, I'd quit.
I could fire you
no, you couldn't.
No one else would work for you.
Your problem is you've
been living lies so long
you wouldn't know
true love now if you had it.
You're long in need
of a good woman,
and one of the finest
just walked out that door.
I never had
any children of my own.
Frankly, I don't
much care for them.
Are you all right?
Do you want something?
I don't want any more lies.
So, it's the truth you're after.
A highly overrated commodity,
if you ask me.
Is there some particular truth
you were looking for?
Does it snow in New Orleans?
Almost never.
What about Santa?
Santa claus, you mean
is there or isn't there one?
My friend Toby says there's not.
Of course there's a Santa claus!
It's just, well,
it's just that
no single somebody
could do all that he has to do,
so the task has been
spread among us all.
That's why everybody
is Santa claus.
I am. You are. Your father is.
Even this Toby of yours is.
That's confusing.
Yes. Life is confusing.
That's the nature of it.
Life is confusing,
but we muddle through.
Now, you just relax.
You be a child while you
still can be one.
Count... count stars.
Think of the quietest
thing, like snow.
Snow falling through the stars.
Feeling better?
Remember what we talked about?
Merry Christmas.
What just happened here?
Is my dad with you?
But I'll take you home
if you like.
Whatever you want.
Sook would be so mad
the way I yelled at you,
and it wasn't even your fault.
He lied to me
about so many things.
People lie. It's a fact of life.
They don't usually
mean any harm by it.
They're just trying
to protect themselves.
From what?
From being hurt.
Sometimes we have
to deceive ourselves
just to get from day to day
because the truth
is often more than we can bear.
So we make ourselves believe.
We tell ourselves
we're still pretty,
that there's still
a chance for us,
that someone loves us.
And we hope against hope
that believing strongly enough
will make it true.
I had no idea you were
so good with children,
though I shouldn't be surprised.
Buddy is the one
completely good thing
that I created in this world.
His love is real
if you'll allow it.
Allow it?
It's all I want.
I just don't have any idea
how to go about it.
Okay, look.
I did terrible things.
Ah, terrible.
There are no excuses.
But if you can see it
in your heart,
I can give you a life...
When I was younger,
there was no shortage
of marriage proposals,
but I chose to be independent.
I chose to live alone,
to read, paint, travel.
So the men took
the marriage-minded daughters
of New Orleans and left me alone
with my books and canvases.
It was satisfying
for a long while.
It's become less so.
But that's my choice.
And I live with that.
But I'm here to tell you
that it doesn't have
to be like that.
I think buddy needs
to go home now.
It's beautiful.
It was your grandmother's,
who got it from her grandmother.
And so on, and so on.
It's time it came to you.
I love it.
What are you gonna do
about the, uh, proposal?
It's true, he proposed.
Twice, in fact.
I don't know what to do.
Well, what do you want to do?
Yes or no?
It's possible he's
my last best chance.
Oh, come, come.
I've fussed over you.
I've tried to guide you,
give you the benefit
of my years.
It's time to make
your own choice,
rise or fall.
And if I should decide...
It's your decision.
Decision yours alone.
I've always lived my life
exactly as I wanted.
I've tried to please
no one but me, me, me,
and very likely displeased
a great number of the people
in the process.
But I'm entirely content.
I can sit back in my old age,
not regret a single moment,
not wish to change
a single thing.
What I wish for you, my dear,
a life...
A life with no regrets.
For you.
I thought for sure
you'd be opening
all your presents
that Santa gave you.
You mean Santa gave me
all these presents?
Each and every one.
Isn't he wonderful?
What did you give me, daddy?
I thought that I would let you
pick out something special.
Is there anything
particular you want?
Just one thing.
You name it
and it's yours, buddy.
What do you want?
I wanna go home.
Is he really gonna let you go?
Sook's back from her trip,
and it's what I want.
Doesn't usually matter
when parents is concerned.
I might come back sometime.
Sook says only god knows
what roads lay ahead of us.
She talk more than any
relative I ever knew.
You need any help
with that packing?
No. I'm old enough
to do it by myself.
I guess she was
right about that.
Oh, I don't think she ever really
meant to lie to you, buddy.
I- I think she believes
what she says.
My mama's letters!
Where are they?
Your mom is some
letter writer, huh?
She knows me very well.
I'm a much better
talker, myself.
If you're done,
can I have them back?
I'm feeling another
Christmas present...
In this house. Do you feel it?
It's not in this...
It's not in this room.
Then where could it be?
All right, close your eyes.
Is it in this direction?
No, it's not.
Where is it?
Spinning around, he's twisting,
and he's heading right for it.
Open your eyes.
The plane!
Get in, yeah!
That's from nobody else but me
to nobody else but you.
You know, I have the feeling
that you're old enough now
for us to have
a man-to-man talk,
you know, straight out.
Do you agree?
That's why I'm gonna
tell you something
I've never told anybody else
in my whole life,
something that we're
gonna share together forever.
Like a pirate oath?
Exactly like a pirate oath.
There's not going
to be an air race for me, buddy.
The plane crashed
and the pilot was hurt.
Is he hurt bad?
Bad enough for him
to be in the hospital.
And there is a very good chance
that it was my fault.
I bought an engine
that wasn't up to snuff.
I took a chance I shouldn't.
I came this close
to killing a man.
So, why am I telling
you all this?
You accused me of being a liar,
and I need you to know
that everything
I'm saying is true.
Because I need to talk
to you about your mama.
What about her?
She loves you very much,
but she's not coming
to visit you this spring.
Why not?
Well, she's been ill
for quite a while now.
She didn't write me that.
Because she doesn't know
how smart you are.
She doesn't know
that you see things
with such a clear
and understanding eye.
What's wrong with her?
Well, you know her life
is not going
exactly the way
that she had planned it.
Now, she tried hard,
but her dreams were just
too big and beyond her.
And something in her mind
just couldn't handle that.
Is she crazy?
No. She's not crazy.
What she needs is
she needs some time to rest,
to sort these things out.
Does sook know?
Yes. She didn't want
to worry you,
but this Christmas
that's where she is.
She's in New York with mom
trying to get her
into someplace
that can help her.
Maybe I can help.
Of course you can.
You can keep her
in your prayers.
And she'll get better?
God willing.
You know what i'd
like for Christmas?
I'd like you to stay with me.
What would sook do without me?
What will I do without you?
What have you done till now?
Evangeline: Well, come on in.
Buddy has such an imagination.
I thought he might get
some pleasure out of this.
Well, I know he'll love that!
But can you wait a minute?
I've got something on the stove.
No, I have to run. You go on.
I'll set this down
and let myself out.
It's been too many years, buddy.
You're not the son I expected.
But, then again,
I'm not the father you deserve.
The truth is, buddy,
we're all born
with a pocket full of magic.
I used mine early,
tossed it around
until there was none left.
There's no one to blame
but myself.
So if I had
one thing to tell you...
Don't waste your magic, buddy.
Treasure it.
Make it last.
It'll take you to places
you've never dreamed of.
Come here.
Look. There's just
one more thing.
Do you think that I could hear
the words "I love you, dad"?
The bus will be leaving soon.
Right. The bus
will be leaving soon.
What's that?
It's a radio!
Well, who sent it?
I don't know.
Buddy just opened his radio.
You should've seen his face.
I'm glad.
Let me just lay my cards
flat on the table.
Will you marry me?
No hesitation.
No questions asked.
Just the most honest
and plain deal
I've ever made in my whole life.
What do you say?
You have many fine qualities,
but I can't spend
my life with you.
You have a reckless streak,
not just with yourself,
but with me,
with your son.
But em, em, what if
things were different?
Just tell me what you need,
and I'll make it happen.
What then?
You have to begin
to pay your own way
in the world.
Then, maybe...
For now at least,
I have to say good-bye.
Say good-bye to
buddy for me, will you?
He's a fine boy.
You look so grown-up
all of a sudden.
Do I?
Too grown-up if you ask me.
I don't know what I was
ever worried about.
You know, I don't
remember packing
the radio that miss Emily
gave you. Where is it?
Sook and me, we
already have a radio.
Mom, I got a radio!
It's from Santa. Mama!
You know, when you get
that plane up to speed,
I want you to come back here
to New Orleans
and tip your wings for
Evangeline, Toby, and me, okay?
It's the best gift.
All right, here's your bag.
Here's a ticket.
Give it to the man when he asks.
You know, there's
still the matter
of the money that
I borrowed, huh?
You gave me six.
I'm going to give
you back seven.
Not a bad return
on your investment.
Remember to tell sook.
All right, any of you folks
supposed to be onboard,
let's go!
I have to go now.
Can I have a hug?
Glory, glory, look who's here.
I got the angel
riding with me again.
Get aboard now.
That's a boy.
Is this from you?
"Dear daddy, I had a good time."
So did I.
"It was good to see you,
and I know you need me,"
"but sook and queenie
need me more."
"Thanks for the plane
and the clothes."
You're welcome.
"And thanks even
for the haircut.
And yes, I love you. Buddy."
I love you, too.
Get back in those seats now.
We'll be pulling out.
Bye! Love ya!
It's snowing, buddy!
It's snowing for you!
It's snowing!
It's snowing for you!
It's snowing for you, buddy!
It's snowing for you!
Hey, young fella.
Merry Christmas.