One Cut Two Cut (2022) Movie Script

Dear Gopi,
My son!
For me, in my life, I desired just two things.
One, you get a good job,
the other one is for you to get married.
In college, you took arts and crafts,
and you ruined both my desires.
In everyone's life there will be difficulties.
But someone seeking pain voluntarily,
I'm seeing it for the first time.
God gave you a good heart
but if he gave you a brain,
it would have been so much better.
Anyways, I hope you make the cut.
God bless.
-That show was horrible.
-Yeah, dude, don't ask about it.
Hey, macha, macha.
Ay, Gopi.
With your paper and scissors
you can make one Bullet for yourself, no, da?
Leave ra, macha, in his horoscope it's written,
his b will never touch a Bullet.
See how he is going.
Go, go.
Who is this?
Shorty? There's no Shorty here.
What do you want?
Is it open or what?
Greetings to you, Madam, myself is an Gopi.
I am the new professor of Arts and Crafts,
reporting for work to teach the children
the joys of arts and crafts.
How you'll give joy?
Hello? Yes, khulla. Open.
Wow. Are you an Hindi Teacher?
Madam, is the Principal not in today?
He comes only when hes in the mood.
So, doesnt he have mood today?
Come, I'll show you your class.
Oh! Madam, no one comes for classes?
No one is sending their children to school.
All the children who come, we put them in one room.
Moreover, there are no other teachers.
Just the two of us have been managing.
Stop shouting.
Stay quiet.
Look... Please come this side.
This is your 'hearts' and crafts teacher.
-Arts and Crafts.
-Just say that only.
Greetings to one and all.
Myself is an Gopi,
and I am your Arts and Crafts professor.
Good luck to you. Don't take any tension.
Hey, you as well.
Don't take any tension.
Hey, kids.
Young learners.
Young thespians.
Future of our country.
An solar cooker.
Hey, Siddu, look there.
Sir, can you give me that paper bird?
You want
this bird?
You want this flower?
This is the reason I've come here
to teach you all about arts and crafts.
So, students...
One cut, two cut,
an flower is came,
Three cut, four cut,
What is became?
One cut, two cut,
an flower is came,
-Three cut, four cut...
-Three cut, four cut...
-What is became?
-What is became?
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
One cut, two cut
Look at the world around you
what do you see?
Many, many, many, many,
many, many people
Who could they be?
We know this life is complicated
The worlds a mystery
For him, its sambar dip-u
For her, its green tea
Thinking of making a living. Yes!
99 not out innings. Yes!
Scissor is cutting and kitting. Yes!
Look at me, bro, Im winning. Woo!
Gimme a gun, Im a villain
Art teacher Gopi be killin
Scene is became full thrilling
Bengaluru weather Im chilling
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
Three cut, four cut
What is became?
Here is a difficult question to ask
Paper is made out of trees
How flower is 'caming' so fast?
So many questions and so many doubts
Fold and cut or Ill throw you out
Gopi the great will never shout
Art Teacher of the Year. Yes!
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
Three cut, four cut
What is became?
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
Three cut, four cut
What is became?
You havent left as yet?
Come on, I'm asking you.
I have quit my job.
Oh, in these times,
who listens to the radio?
That, too...
That too, the late night shows.
Even if anyone was listening or not
you were getting a salary, right?
I'm talking to you.
Come on, this is the digital age, Parvathi.
In the analog age,
only anal people live.
the Supreme court has given comedian Kunal Kumar a notice.
the whole world knows him.
Nobody knows me.
I'm just a voice.
Everyone knows you at the radio station, right?
Getting a job in that radio station
was the worst thing that happened in my life.
You're just saying anything now.
You know who else applied for that job?
Yes, yes, I've heard it a thousand times.
Amitabh Bachchan had applied
and the people at the radio station
rejected him and selected you instead.
On that day
if they had rejected me
and selected Amitabh Bachchan instead,
all these posters would have had my name.
Pruthviraj in Don,
Pruthviraj in Coolie,
Pruthviraj in Deewaar,
Pruthviraj in Mard.
What Coolie?
You can't even manage the responsibilities of this house.
And you can't even speak Hindi properly.
Now, if it was Telugu--
You know Telugu?
Do you know? Tell me?
Don't bring up this topic again, I've told you.
It's time to take destiny into my hands.
How are you going to do that?
What plans do you have?
This tweet.
A few hours ago,
one of my tweets went viral.
Now my followers will grow.
Tomorrow, I've called for a protest.
All the world's media will be there.
And the entire country will be watching me.
I'll become a real star.
Till now on television
He kept asking questions.
Now I will answer,
at the box office.
Hey Komala, where are you going?
Good morning, sir.
There's a protest going on near town hall.
We are going there to cover it.
Protest? I didnt know there was one.
Yes, sir, I just got news.
We should be first to break the news.
Okay, go and come back.
off late, why does Murthy sir keep banging his hands?
Oh, that?
That's tapping. It's called EFT.
Emotional freedom technique.
The poor guy is trying to quit smoking.
Ban plastic.
Save the turtles.
Ban plastic.
Save the turtles.
Go green.
Hi. You?
Hey, you also come for protest, no?
Me also.
-Hey, you?
I'm Mr. Pruthviraj, here for the protest.
Mr. Pruthviraj.
-Hey, get lost.
-Hey, don't leave him hanging, bro.
-No other better work.
No work means...
Come fast, Sudhendra. The protest would have started.
Yes, Madam, I'm coming.
Where are the protesters, Madam?
Brother, one green tea?
Brother, one more chutney.
Sir, what you're seeing? Chutney, sir. It's free.
In Chennai and all, sambar is the scene,
over here it's chutney.
With idli it's even better.
You give one piece, I'll tell you.
There are more people in here
than in the protest to meet me.
b useless people.
All they do is talk from behind their keyboards.
Do you know, I was posted in Siachen?
And these guys, all they do is shout.
Soldiers are fighting in Siachen,
soldiers are fighting in Siachen.
But not one of them will stand up when the time comes.
b useless people.
Can't show up when it matters.
You know, when I was in college in Delhi,
university students held a protest.
It was absolutely awesome, man.
At least around 500 to 600 people turned up.
What time was the protest?
That was...
At night.
And we also held a candle march.
You think we should have planned this for the evening?
b morons. Nobody will come.
This is the earliest I've 'come'.
You know,
out of bed.
And what difference would it have made
if all the people would have turned up?
Simply we would have shouted and all gone home.
You know what?
This government needs to change.
Like, seriously, specially the CM?
After all we are the ones who voted for him, na?
Hey! Actually, I voted against him.
Crazy scenes, bro. This is why I don't vote only.
What are you saying? How old are you?
-How does that matter?
-Why you're not voting?
Guys, guys, guys.
We have to focus on what we are going to do now.
The current government isn't helping anyone.
We all know that.
Then we should do something extremely drastic
to get the government's attention.
Like in that movie, what's that...
-Rang De Basanti.
-Oh my God!
-I love that film.
-Damn nice, no?
-Siddharth is so cute in that, no?
-I like the other actor.
-Who? Amir?
-No, no, the other...
No, no, no, that will do nothing for us.
In that movie,
only the heroes die.
Oh yeah, no?
And where will we get a gun from?
Getting a gun is not a problem.
-I have a gun at home.
real heroes.
It's time to show
who the real heroes are,
and who the keyboard heroes are.
Yeah, so.
Okay, let's plan something then.
No, no, no.
All plans fail
because of planning.
I don't understand.
So, where do we go protest?
We don't need a protest.
What we need
is a revolution.
Everybody freeze!
This is a revolution!
Hey look. Drama people have come.
-Joker! Joker! Joker!
-Hey! Come on! Come on!
Excuse me sir.
Greetings to one and all.
Myself is an Gopi.
-How may I help you?
-Hands up! Hands up!
-Hands up!
-Hands up!
Well, my class just started
and I'm the Arts and Crafts professor here.
Ask them to stop talking.
Hey! Come on! hands up!
Are you here to teach an drama?
Hey! Silence!
Attention, everybody.
Shut up and do as we say
and nobody will get hurt.
What's your name?
Hello, sir.
Myself is an Gopi.
I am an 32-year-old male
with a certification in
Arts and Crafts.
My hobbies include
painting and singing an old songs.
How about you, sir?
What the...?
Why are you all standing here and creating trouble?
This is a school. Why are you making so much noise?
Oh no, there are holes in the wall--
Shut up!
Who else is there in the school?
-Answer me!
It's just us in the school
because, of late, others have not been coming.
Just do as we say
and nobody gets hurt.
Look, all of you, just go back
or I'll call the Chief Minister's secretary.
If he comes, he won't let you off easily.
She's speaking Kannad, what is she saying?
[Should be pronounced as "Kannada" - ""]
Excuse me!
We don't know Kannad!
Well, she's saying
if you don't leave us from here and go simply
then she will call the CM sir's secretary
and he will not leave you simply.
You know the CM's secretary's number?
You have the secretary's number?
Why will I simply just say that then?
Why will she 'sim-simply' say?
Tell him to call the secretary.
Hey, you!
Right now! Call the secretary!
-Tell her in Kannad.
-I don't know Kannad.
Wow, I thought you said you were from Shimoga.
Excuse me, I'm from Mattur in Shimoga.
We speak only Sanskrit.
Others may speak Kannad but--
Excuse me?
It's not an Kannad, it's an Kannada.
Oh, teaching us only, huh?
Shut up.
Ask her to call the secretary.
Please call him.
How will I call? I don't have mobile balance.
Well, she does not have an balance in her mobile,
to make an outgoing calls.
Call him from your phone.
Please give me the number.
Hello, tell me?
We have taken the school hostage.
We want to speak to the Chief Minister.
Ey! Who is this? Talk in Kannada.
Tell him that we have taken the school hostage.
Greetings to you.
Myself is an Gopi, I am the--
Hey, who's this?
You don't know Kannada?
They have taken the school...
What do you call for an hostage in Kannada?
-They have kidnapped it.
Yes, they want to talk to the CM, it seems.
The CM is busy, call back later.
Don't know where these people got my number.
Well, he has 'hanged' up the phone
as the CM sir is busy.
-Greetings to you.
Myself is an Gopi, Arts and Crafts professor.
Sir, if they don't talk to the CM,
they will shoot us.
-Which professor are you?
-Arts and Crafts--
'Frank' calling a government office?
Well, the secretary is saying
don't call government office and make a 'Frank calls'.
So, frankly tell me,
what you want me to say to him?
We want the CM
to step down.
Oh, where is he standing now?
Ay! Resign!
Sir, they want the CM give in his resignation.
You think this is a selfie to give every time someone wants it?
Why does he have to resign?
Well, he has an logical question.
-Good question.
Hang up the phone. Don't waste my time.
Tell him that we want to speak to the Chief Minister
We will kill the children!
-One by one.
-What is he saying?
He has cut the call as he has not taken us seriously.
Shouldnt give mobile numbers to hotels.
Reward points it seems.
You know, you know,
I think we should send them some proof,
to show them we are serious.
Yeah, bro! We'll cut off that fellow's finger and send it to them.
-Good idea.
-Hey! Hey!
I was kidding. Joke. Joke.
Let's take a selfie and send them.
Yeah, right? Okay?
-Nothing is coming?
-Oh, sorry.
Should I add some filters?
Shut up and take the picture.
Hey, I'm getting so bored.
Hey, the CM sir's secretary has called.
Greetings to you, sir! Myself is an Gopi,
the Arts and Crafts professor--
Who are you, man?
You're playing the fool or what?
What is he saying?
Sir, he's asking if we are doing an jokes.
Tell him that if our demands are not met
we will kill the children.
Okay, sir.
if the CM sir doesn't resign,
they said they'll kill the children.
Hey, look.
Why? What? They'll kill? Why?
See, listen properly.
Tell me what are your demands?
The CM will help you in whatever way.
Sir, he's saying that if we give him
the list of demands,
the CM sir will 'filfull' them.
-Ey, we can ask for anything, huh?
Tell him we will call him back with the list of demands.
Hello, sir? We'll call you back.
Sure, call back.
Hello, hello?
Which school is this?
Sir, Byatarayanapura school.
You're muttering, Gurudev.
You're always muttering.
It's the mask.
Hey, why you're taking off your mask?
But they can't see our faces, no? How does it matter?
Oh, yeah, man.
Not able to breathe only.
Why did you take off your mask?
He started it first.
These people sound like psychos.
I wonder what their demands will be?
Let's make a list
and give it to them.
We should make sure that the CM steps down.
Or our demands are met with.
-What happened?
-They saw us.
-Shit, shit, shit.
-They saw us, they saw us.
-What do we do now?
We should act like we don't care.
We should show them that we are not scared.
I've hidden my face for too long.
It's time the world sees me.
Let's write down a list of demands
and ask the CM to fulfill every one of them.
Board-ah? Oh ha ha!
Do you remember me?
Come, sit down.
Wow, did you make this?
No, my daughter paints, stitches etc.
It's all her hobbies.
Nagaveni, bring the tea.
What does your son do?
Well, I have done my Masters in Arts and Crafts
and currently my curriculum vitae is in the job market.
And I'm hoping that I will get an job.
From which heaven did you come
Oh my angel
Since youve entered my life Ive been happy
Oh, youre the A-Z of my life
Oh, baby
Oh, since youve entered my life
My heart is beating for you
Birds are flying without wings
My heart is flying too
If you stand, sit or simply smile
It begins to snow
Oh baby, If you come today
its too early, baby
You and me-oh
If you come tomorrow
Isnt it too late
Oh, from which heaven did you come
Oh, my angel
Since youve entered my life Ive been happy
Couldnt you say this earlier?
Nagaveni, you go back inside!
Why, sir, you only said that
Arts and Crafts is an hobby.
Only hobbies, that's all.
She's a commerce student, you're an Arts student.
Why will I let her marry you?
Go, get lost!
Coming here.
Those b marriage brokers.
But... Why did you reject me?
My father said
you're an Arts student...
If you had taken science or commerce
he would have probably gotten us married.
Take pictures of these sheets
and send them to the secretary.
Where are you?
I'm finishing a gardening job.
There's a job which has come.
There's a problem in Byatarayanapura school.
I have sent you a picture.
Go there and settle it.
Call me when you reach there.
I have sent you all the details.
Finish the job quietly.
No one should know.
This is top secret.
Sir, a few people have taken a school hostage.
You went for a protest in the morning, right?
What happened?
No, sir.
-There was no protest.
What is this now?
No, sir, I saw it on Twitter.
-Someone tweeted a--
-What is this tweet-geet and all?
In the morning you went for a protest and nothing happened.
Now hostages.
This one sweet girl
wearing a sari,
with shoes on.
has hula-hooped and has uploaded a video.
She has 1.5 million views.
This is news.
Take an appointment and interview that girl.
Sir, are you serious?
This is news to cover?
I won't do it, sir.
Look here.
You know who that girl is?
She is the CM's daughter.
Okay, sir.
I'll go and interview her.
What did we get ourselves into?
They are going to
kill us.
Hey! Don't take any tension.
I have already sent the photo of the
list to the secretary sir
He will 'filfull' all their requests.
You'll see, they will all go from here.
Hey, look.
It's the secretary calling!
Let me put it on speaker so all of us can hear.
-Greetings to you, sir, my--
You're playing the fool or what?
Well, he seems to be in a foul mood.
What is this list of yours? Huh?
Ban beef completely, don't allow immigrants.
Ban dance bars.
Ban plastic, allow immigrants, save turtles.
Pubs to be opened till 1 a.m.
Legalize 'mari-jana'.
Legalize marijuana, bro.
Ban Amitabh Bachchan films.
What list is this? Huh?
If we keep the pubs open till 1 am,
instead of serving alcohol
Will we be serving coffee and tea?
You're saying allow the immigrants
and also don't allow the immigrants.
Have you all gone crazy?
Well, he's right, there seems to be many contradictions.
Tell him.
We'll call him back.
Sir, we'll call you back.
Why does this happen only to me?
What the hell were you guys demanding?
What? My list makes sense.
Who the hell wants a ban on Amitabh Bachchan films?
My list also was also proper only, okay?
Hello. You're the one who asked for beef ban, no?
-Yes, of course.
-Oh, really?
So, you think other animals don't have feelings?
Oh! They came and told you?
Plants also respond to stimuli.
Okay, now you stop talking like a vegetable.
b... Your face is like a vegetable.
After sending one or two...
So, what does your husband do?
Who told you I'm married?
But, in our country, there are so many
engineers and doctors, right?
You didnt get even one?
I got one.
The marriage had been fixed.
He was set up to get married with a nurse as well.
That's why
he married her and left me.
So, now? What plans?
What plans?
We have to come out of this alive.
In the middle of their fighting,
I think we'll lose our lives here.
-No, no, what's your problem, sir?
-Whatever I knew, I wrote.
I don't know who will save us.
What is your priority in life?
You want to save...
Baby, baby, if you come today
It's too early, darling
O-baby, baby, if you come today
It's too early, darling
Only if we unite them.
Will we be safe.
Who will do that now--
Excuse me.
May I offer an help?
Where are you?
In the name of smart city
They have dug up all the roads.
There's a bad traffic jam now.
Go fast.
Those terrorists seem to be psychotic.
The saw some English series
and they are trying to copy it.
No, sir.
It's a Spanish web-series.
-Sir, web-series means...
It's like a serial but it's not a serial.
Yet it comes on television.
This comes on OTT platforms--
What are you doing talking on the phone?
Come now, sir is calling you.
You know who Im talking to right now?
Why do I care who you're talking to?
I've seen many like you.
Come now, sir is calling you.
I have sent you all the details.
Finish the job quietly.
No one should know about it.
This is top secret.
Madam, why did you agree to this interview?
If it's true that a school has been taken hostage then,
we'll get a clue for sure at the CMs office.
But if the news is real then,
how is it being kept so secret?
I think these terrorists are very intelligent
and extremely dangerous professionals.
I'm sure they are doing all this to highlight a specific issue.
I'm sure they have thought it out really well.
I mean, it was just a spur of a moment thing.
From a young age, I really liked to hula-hoop.
Also, I love wearing sarees.
Being a big fan of sports, I love sneakers.
And I thought why not combine
all the three of my passions
and make it into one.
Very nice, ma'am, very nice.
Sudhendra, can you record madam
doing the hula hoop?
Madam, where is the restroom?
Go straight, take a left and you'll find it right there.
Thank you.
For this work
I have assigned our secret agent.
The terrorists have sent a list.
Everything they asked for is very strange.
What do you want?
Where is the restroom?
Don't look at me like this
My heart goes
Gili, gili, gili, gili, gili
Don't touch me like this
My body goes
Jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum
Gangadhar, Damodhar, Muralidhar, Sashidhar.
a wise man once said
ask not what
the nation can do for you,
but ask what you can do for the nation.
We have a good opportunity come our way
to serve our country.
Secretary sir called me.
A few terrorists have gone to
Byatarayanapura school
and attacked it.
The political climate is not good at the moment.
So without anyone knowing
we have to finish the job.
So, boys...
-Are you ready?
-Yes, sir!
But, sir?
Are you unwell, Gangadhar?
there is a delivery, sir.
Actually, expecting.
Why didnt you say anything earlier?
Sometimes in life
a man has to make tough decisions.
Now the time is yours.
Make your choice.
You have 30 seconds.
Decide now.
I'm leaving a mission for delivery of a washing machine.
Now it's just the four of us.
Another wise man once said.
Let us have a complete ban on an beef,
and ban on chicken and mutton,
on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
This doesn't make any sense.
We are meeting midways.
You are the one who wanted to ban all meat.
Of course. So you think only cows have feelings?
Mom. For some people cow is like an mom.
And for some people,
it's nom-nom-nom.
Pubs can only serve
an beer
and not an hot drinks.
Hey, who made this demand?
Drinking too much can damage my liver.
So, you don't drink if it makes your liver bad.
Why do you want the government to stop it?
Don't bring your personal issues into this!
You also bought your personal thing into this.
You wanted pension to be raised
for all ex-servicemen.
I said all ex-servicemen and not just for myself.
I also said for all men, not for myself.
there's someone at the gate.
Hey, ouch!
What did you tell the secretary?
Did you call the police?
I swear, sir, I have not called anybody.
Show me your phone.
I'll shoot you.
That's the children's food.
An NGO brings it and drops it off at the gate regularly.
The children go and collect it.
What is she saying?
This is a simple meals from an NGO
that the childrens will go and bring themselves.
Ayan, go and bring the food.
What if there's a sniper outside?
Damaal dumeel, if they start shooting, that's all.
And what if there are bombs in the container?
Ayan, take off your clothes.
Just do as I say.
You wear his clothes.
What are you doing?
I'm sending him to bring the food.
Oh, b psyche!
So sniper shoots, gone only.
What if there are no snipers and he runs away?
What if he runs away?
What if there's a sniper outside?
Damaal dumeel, if they start shooting, that's all.
What if there are bombs in the container?
What have I gotten myself into?
Damaal dumeel, if they start shooting...
What if there's a sniper outside?
What if there are bombs in the container?
This is such an scary...
Wow, this is heavy.
Bro, give my clothes fast, bro.
Of course.
You had a good chance to escape.
How will I leave you and go?
If something happened to you...
You see,
they were all just "hangry".
After they eat, everything will be okay.
Its like that saying.
"An good food, for an good mood."
Ey, what you're doing?
-Today is Tuesday.
So complete ban on all meat.
Ey, egg is not meat, egg is not meat!
What, Komala?
-Did you do the CM's daughter's interview?
-Here it is.
The CM and the secretary
were talking about the terrorists.
I heard it.
Look here, Komala.
If that news was so big,
one of those big television channels
would have covered it.
Yes, sir, so this is our chance to break the news.
Look here.
A little while ago at a park,
a girl was hula-hooping and
someone slapped her.
That news is trending at number 3.
You go right now and interview
both the girl and the boy.
And then,
it can be a follow-up for
the CM's daughter's interview.
-But, sir?
Terrorists, sir? Children are hostages?
People dying--
Hey! Just go!
Go do the interview. Go.
Do they have any idea how many kids
are starving in Africa right now?
Ask them to eat.
Apparently, they only have the boiled eggs.
Ey, first let's eat, okay,
but let's eat in front of the kids.
When they see us eating,
guarantee they'll feel hungry.
Trust me, I know what I'm talking about.
I also must take my medicine.
At least you guys had breakfast.
People who start revolutions are always hungry.
But they are hungry
for change.
They feed on their knowledge.
They starve their fear.
But their appetite for success
is insatia... Huh.
How you eating that crap?
It's... It's disgusting!
Hello. Im a Stand-up comedian. Struggling artist.
This is the best meal I've had in four days.
And it's free. Eat, eat.
No, sir.
The news won't leak anywhere.
Even Im aware that the elections are nearing.
Our agent
will finish the job quietly.
-Get ready, boys.
-Yes, sir.
It's time.
Let's go, boys.
Sir, it's not starting.
-Petrol is over.
-What the b hell, Shashidhar.
Eggs. The only edible thing there
and you threw it away.
-Excuse me?
-Yeah, but still the food was good only, no?
-Simply don't complain.
-These Dilli types are like this only.
You know, vegan-ism is the only way forward.
The planet is dying...
How will you unite these people?
You and your stupid ideologies.
Because of you we can't even eat lunch properly.
Excuse me.
What does my ideology have to do with you eating?
I'm not the one cooking crappy food here.
Food is food.
Then who asked you to throw away the eggs?
If the eggs were there,
it would have tasted even better.
Oh, yeah?
I thought we were meeting midways
on our list of demands?
Now, how will I take my tablets?
Sir, I'm feeling very hungry.
We can request the secretary to send us an good food.
You deserve a yummy in your tummy.
Children are also hungry.
Excuse me, sir.
-Greetings to you, sir.
Tell me, Professor.
You have the list ready?
Yes, sir, we need good food for schools.
Tell him.
In all schools.
This is not a
personal request.
That's all, huh?
We'll do it.
And, sir,
Now, here...
20 plates of Andhra meals.
And tell him to opt for contact-less delivery.
And in "Special instructions" mention
"Keep food near gate"
And one extra pappu.
Sir, can you please write down
these special instructions?
Push, Murlidhar.
Ey, hold it, Murlidhar.
Sir, yes, sir.
You reached?
Sir, just half an hour, sir, we've run out of petrol.
Ey! Go fast.
There's not much time.
The situation has gotten worse.
The CM's daughter was hula-hooping,
the public was clapping.
A local girl was hula-hooping,
the public ended up slapping.
All this after a break, keep watching.
Who writes this kind of headlines?
Why, madam? The punch is good, right?
There are bigger things happening
in the state right now.
And here we are, covering hula--
This is so difficult to do, Madam.
When your father said, "No",
why didn't you say anything?
What will I say?
What he said was true, right?
Oh, but...
I got a job now, right?
You have to get a salary first, right?
Oh, they don't give us salary?
First of all, it's low.
That too, they don't give on time.
So, what are your wedding plans now?
Who knows?
I'm also getting older.
-Who will marry me?
What are you saying?
One should be blessed to be with you.
All right, guys, 'Imma' bounce.
-What do you mean you'll bounce?
I have one open mic at 7 o'clock.
Thought I'll go get ready, get some sleep,
so that I'll be all fresh and...
Dont you dare
even think of moving.
Ey, what, bro? I came on my own free will, no?
I can leave also on free will, no?
Who are you to tell?
Shut up.
I should have simply shut up and sat at home.
Like one great punter I came here
and now I'm stuck here.
Guys, I came here because my mornings are usually free,
but evenings, my life is happening.
I have open mics, I have lot of things to do.
-Hey, you think we are jobless or what?
See, that and all I don't know, okay?
But nothing is happening here.
The food also we ordered hasn't come.
-Simply, we are sitting.
Yeah. It's been an hour since we ordered.
Call the secretary.
Sure, sir.
Hey! Where are you?
On the way, sir.
Eating some food and we're leaving soon.
We are doing intermittent fasting, sir.
If we don't eat now,
we can't eat for another 16 hours.
Tell me, Professor.
Greetings to you, sir.
They are asking when the food will come?
You asked for Andhra meals.
I'm sure you know how crowded the restaurant is.
Over that, this app...
Says that, "Delivery executives are busy."
Just hang on for a while, it will come.
Sir, he's saying that
the delivery executives are busy
and as the restaurant is crowded,
we might have to wait a little longer for the meals to--
Ask him how long it would take
according to the app?
Sir, how much longer would it take?
It's showing, "Restaurant is yet to confirm order."
Well, it seems like it might take--
Tell him if it doesn't come in the next 10 minutes,
we'll shoot one child.
if the food does not come
in the next 10 minutes,
they'll shoot one child, sir.
Ey! How will you shoot?
Cut the call.
-Go fast!
-Yes, sir.
let's roll.
Japan and all, I havent gone.
Bro, why did you shoot me?
All right now, stop crying.
It's just a small wound at the tip of your toe.
Don't behave like some actor
who got punched in the stomach
and stopped shooting for months together.
Madam, you're done, you can leave.
how many more bullets do you have?
Just one.
So sad.
These children's parents
will be so worried, right?
You can stop with your overacting.
What are you doing?
You see, now,
I've made a good plan.
"Please arrange for the children's parents
to speak to the terrorists."
"The parent sentiment
will work here."
I have to pee.
Shut up and sit down.
You're not going anywhere.
If I hold it in any longer, I'll...
Pee in my pants only.
-Me too.
-Me too.
You must learn to control.
Like I have been doing
for the last one and half hours.
b! This is one competition or what?
Why should we simply control?
We can latch the door and all four of us can go.
Sudhendra, go to the front entrance. Fast.
Something is definitely wrong here.
But, madam, Murthy sir sent us
to do the hula hoop interview.
We'll also do that later, Sudhendra,
but first, let's see what's happening here.
Go to the front entrance, fast! Please!
You reached?
Sir, just half an hour, one small toilet break.
Sir, they have come.
Make them sit inside, I'm coming.
-Go fast.
-Yes, sir.
Where did they all go?
Susu... Recess.
Sir, I want to go home, sir.
Hey, we all want to go home.
Another hour, that's all, sit down.
Sir, can you make us a gun like that uncle had?
Sure! Anyone else wants something?
-Sir, me as well.
-Sir, me as well.
Okay. Lets have an fun
with an gun.
Yes, its you
Im fighting my mind over my heart
Just for you
Truly, Im swoon away
Yes, its you
Im on a highway
To your space
If thats okay
Youre a door that opened
Straight before me
Im closing in without a doubt
Yes, its you-o-o-o-oooo
Feeling new, with you-ooo
Yes, its you
Oh, God!
When did they last clean this toilet?
Thank God I do yoga,
otherwise I couldnt have held my breath.
Are you okay?
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go. Come on!
Hey, it's the secretary.
What a guy you are.
What an idea you gave me.
Thank you, sir.
What idea?
What-What idea?
What's he saying? What idea?
there's someone who wants to talk to you.
Talk to them.
Well, apparently somebody wants to talk to us.
Sir, hello.
My son studies in your school.
Can you keep him for two more days?
-What's he saying?
-Well, he's... Child's parent.
And he's requesting us to keep his child
for maybe one or two days.
Our relatives have also come home over that.
If you keep my daughter in your school,
there will be more space in my house to sleep.
Well, he's saying,
if we keep the children here,
they will have more space in home.
-Come here!
-Little one, look, uncle is calling you.
Tell him, I'll shoot this boy in the head right now!
Tell him not to f with me!
The child...
They have pointed the gun to the child's head. And he's saying, you shouldn't...
I understood, leave it, Professor.
We have spoken to the children's parents.
If anything happens to the children,
we've told them we'll give them 2 lakhs rupees.
I put only one child in school.
I have two more children,
I should have put them also.
I made a big mistake.
You heard that, Professor?
Now you
don't f with
Wow, this is really dark.
Was this in the script?
Where's my script?
Oh, no.
-This is dark.
-This is dark.
-Oh, no. This is dark.
-Oh, no. This is dark.
Oh, no.
This is really dark.
we've reached the location.
Wait for half an hour.
When it's dark, go inside and finish everyone off.
But, sir, hostages?
Don't leave anyone.
If anyone leaks this news
the opposition party will not keep quiet.
You understand, right?
Yes, sir.
What will you do with the bodies?
Don't worry, sir.
I'll take care of it.
I-I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
What do we do now?
What do we do now?
They are going to kill us.
These people,
they are going to kill us for sure.
What are you doing?
What's outside?
What happened?
-What are you doing?
-Can you call six children?
-But, why?
-Call six children, please?
Hey, come here.
Both of you and you four, come here fast.
What are you doing?
Come, sit down.
What are you doing?
Please trust me, Nagaveni, I have a great idea.
This time, it will be a total success.
Guys, this is really not working out.
Let's just leave.
Oh, so now you'll agree?
But they have seen our faces.
That is the problem.
Only they have seen our faces.
The world needs to see my face.
-Your face?
-Wh-What? Why?
If we leave now, everything we've done
till now will become useless.
But at least we'll still be alive, no?
Hey, guys, let's figure out what to do?
Oh, yeah? We should have done that
before coming here, right?
What if something happens to the children? So sad.
Nagaveni, nothing will happen to the children.
I have a very good idea.
This time it will be a 100% success.
Please trust me.
Okay, guys.
-Let's take a vote.
-You will do no such thing!
I think they are bluffing.
This is quite a common technique
used in hostage situations.
I think they have watched Great Gambler,
and they are playing all these tricks on us.
That film had a rating of 6.5 on IMDB,
which I thought was too much.
It deserved much, much less.
I don't think they have time to sit
and watch such old movies.
Okay, guys.
I vote, abort the mission.
That's what I've been saying
for the last three hours, no?
Gurudevji, I know we have a lot of differences.
I know we don't agree on a lot of things, but please,
let's just agree on this one thing--
Trust me.
What are you doing?
N-Nothing, sir.
Then why are the children
standing near the window?
They are just getting an "fresh airs".
Ask them to turn.
No, sir, they are little children.
Ask them to turn!
Children, can you turn around?
What the... What the hell is happening?
What is "ELPUSH"?
Sir, it could be a message.
Hey, this could be those children's initials.
When I was young, my mother used
to stitch my initials on my handkerchief.
But, sir, these children's parents
will not know English.
They might be wearing masks with initials.
I've seen it. What is that?
That's a brand name, sir. Louis Vuitton.
Hey, Komala.
You're just wasting time.
Did you complete the work I asked you to do?
Did you do the interview?
I'll do it, sir.
-What the hell is that word?
-What the hell is that?
I-I don't know.
Gurudevji, what does it mean?
How would I know?
Must be some Kannad word.
Hey, Nagaveni, take these children and go.
Sir, I can check the dictionary.
-Sir, I really don't know--
-Tell us what it means.
Or I swear I'll shoot you.
Madam, spell plush...
"Plush" is an English word, right?
Madam, is pulsu a Telugu or an English word?
Let's just dispose our clothes and leave.
No one is leaving!
-Nobody is leaving.
You can definitely trust us, sir.
I will check with the children, they...
Children, after we leave from here,
we won't tell anyone, right?
-No, no, we won't tell anyone!
-No, no, we won't tell anyone!
See, sir, they will not say to anybody anything.
I don't believe this guy.
-We're not leaving.
Sir, please trust me, sir.
We will tell people we did not see your faces,
as you all are wearing an mask.
Damn cool, bro! We'll leave, no? He's not--
Sir, actually,
even I feel we should leave before the police come.
To catch Pruthviraj
is not only difficult but impossible, Gurudev.
it's all settled.
You don't have worry at all.
One minute, sir.
Tell me?
Hello? Is this the secretary?
Sir, I know what's going on
in Byatarayanapura school.
What's happening?
I know that a few people
have captured the school.
I know you have been quietly
negotiating with the terrorists as well.
-What are you saying?
-I have proof, sir.
Check your Whatsapp.
What is this?
That's the children giving us a message.
What message is that?
What is this?
It's not "ELPUSH", sir.
It's "HELP US".
What language is this?
It's English.
One child mistakenly stood in the wrong position.
Whatever you believe
is that what we should listen to? Yes?
Yes, sir. I believe it.
If I show this in the breaking news segment,
even the people will believe it.
I don't know who you are.
My name is Komala, sir.
From the voice television network.
Give me five minutes, I'll call you right back.
Hey, maybe we can talk to the secretary
and ask him to 'filfull' our demands.
What good will that do?
What demands do we have?
It's very simple, sir.
The lady here
wants us to eat an good food,
and be an calorie-conscious.
The gentlemen here, sir,
he wants us to remember the rich culture
and heritage of our country,
and respect the cows.
the young man here, sir, wants us to enjoy the joys of life
and have a good time.
And you, sir,
want us to enjoy an Amitabh Bachchan films.
Where are you?
-Hello, where are you?
Sir? I can't hear anything.
Just leave from there.
-Sir, the network from your end--
-This issue is in the open.
-We will be done for--
Has come, we--
Yes, sir.
I'll go right now and finish it.
Hello? Hello? Don't do anything!
Can't you hear? Hear--
What the hell are you doing?
Is it true what the secretary said?
Sir, I'm covering the news.
Hey! The CM called me himself.
If that news tape leaks,
they have threatened to cancel our broadcast licence!
Sir, but we have proof!
You can shove that proof wherever you want!
Sir, if you don't run this, I will resign.
You do that first.
It's good for my channel, so do that first.
Sir, I'm not joking.
You think, I'm a stand-up comedian to be joking!
-I'm seriously telling you!
Sir? Hello?
Come, Sudhendra, let's go cover the news.
No, Madam.
Murthy sir will shout.
So, that's what you've been doing.
All these years,
enjoying his films.
I have buildings, bank balance, cars, mansions!
What does he have?
Jaya madam,
Abhishek Bachchan,
Aishwarya Rai,
Baby Aaradhya.
That's all I know to
the best of my knowledge, sir.
He's famous.
I beat him as a teenager in a simple,
All India Radio interview.
Imagine, what I could do as an actor?
It's time for the world to realise
that when a hero is denied
his credit, he becomes a villain.
You know what? I...
I don't know about you guys, I'm gonna leave.
Nobody leaves!
Bro, come on, bro!
I-I'll teach you digital marketing,
it's the best thing now.
-You'll become damn famous--
-Shut up.
Sir, please let me leave?
My wife gets very angry when I'm
You take one step
and I'll shoot you.
But there's only one bullet in the gun?
Too much injustice,
So, who will it be?
-No, sir.
Instead of salt today,
eat a bullet.
I'm not even an marriage till now, sir, please.
Forgive me, sir, please?
Chuck it, bro!
Chuck it, bro!
Who are you? What do you want?
There's no one in school?
No, all the classes over by 4 o'clock today.
This is...
-Byatarayanapura school, right?
-Yes, sir.
This is Byatarayanapura school, in Yelahanka.
That means...
-There's another Byatrayanpura?
There's another Byatarayanapura school near Mysore Road.
That's where you might want to go.
Am I in an heaven?
Nagaveni, you're looking like an angel.
There's a phone call for you.
What bravery...
Remember, the joke I made about the children?
It was good, right?
Then laugh.
Also, Professor,
you have helped the state a lot.
Citizens like you should help more.
But if this news ever comes out,
it will become a problem for other citizens.
we are going to announce
the state award for you.
I appreciate the gesture.
I have a few demands.
Tell me.
There should be good food in all schools.
All classrooms must have an fans.
The toilets should be clean.
Also the teacher's salary, sir,
Should be increased and, paid on time.
Otherwise, how will teachers come to school, tell me?
Correct, sir.
Anything else?
That's all, sir.
Thank you for the call.
Okay, listen.
-Hey, you are--
-I'm really sorry for whatever happened.
No problem, sister.
Hey, no, bro. We're really sorry, okay?
And next time you come to my open-mic, no, I'll--
Put one call, guest list, guarantee for you.
-You also.
-Thank you, brother.
I would love to be at your comedy show, brother.
But please don't say sorry,
because I understand you were doing, after all,
what was important for you.
You were asking the government
to 'filfull' a list of demands.
For example, if I gave all of you
an arts and crafts paper...
Ouch. will all make an different things.
However, it is made from the same paper.
Just like that, we all an humans.
Hope I made an sense.
Sir, I'm Komala.
I was working for Voice news.
The higher authorities put pressure
and stopped this news from being broadcast.
I'm so sorry I couldn't help you.
Hey, it's okay, Madam. No worries.
I'm also sorry.
You know, Amitabh Bachchan always
wanted to play Gabbar Singh
but he never got the chance.
But now I've got the opportunity
to tell his dialogue.
Now, eat this bullet (Take the pill).
You're really here?
To be with you
would be a blessing.
What happened, da?
Macha, I don't know, da.
They are saying that Gopi took a bullet in his b, da.
Mr. Gopi,
my name is Secret Agent--
Any information you can give us
that can help us identify and catch the terrorists?
all I know is that they were wearing
red colour track 'shoots'.
But their faces were covered
and the masks looked like the legendary artist,
Sri Salvador Dali.
We salute your bravery.
Thank you, sir.
Call me, if you get any further information.
Hey, where do I keep this?
-Please be careful.
But their faces were covered
and the masks looked
like the legendary artist,
Sri Salvador Dali.
Don't look at me like this
My heart goes
Gili, gili, gili, gili, gili
Don't touch me like this
My body goes
Jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum
Don't look at me like this
My heart goes
Gili, gili, gili, gili, gili
Don't touch me like this
My body goes
Jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum, jhum
Look at the world around you
What do you see?
Many, many, many, many, many, many people
Who could they be?
We know this life is complicated
The worlds a mystery
For him, its is sambar dip
For her, its a green tea
Nagaveni, who is that guy,
why is he so emotional?
He's a very good person.
Whoever marries him
should be blessed.
One cut, two cut
Flower is came
Three cut, four cut