One Dangerous Night (1942) Movie Script

Among those presents
at mrs Brownell's
delightful garden party
were miss Dottie Duckandfield
and that respected pillar of society,
mr Michael Lanyard
alias the Lone wolf retired.
Once the world's most notorious
and distinguished jewel thief.
Whilst his man Jamison spent an
electable evening entertaining the local
boy scouts outing with practical jokes
conjuring tricks
fireworks... - fireworks?
So that's what you
have in that package.
Don't you know
that's illegal Jamison?
Oh, yes sir but do we have to be
pillars every day of the week sir,
sundays and holidays included
Couldn't we just treat
ourselves to a small crime or two
on my days off, sir.
Couldn't we search us for
old anxiety, sir, couldn't we?
I haven't forgotten
my old days Jamison.
No, haven't you sir, haven't
you really? - Oh no, indeed.
Oh, look sir a lovely
sight, a very lovely sight
Can we help you?
Way... yes.
Do you mind giving me a lift?
I'm just going a short way
down the road. - Not at all.
What about your car?
- Oh, I don't know,
I'll phone from the
house where I'm going
have the garage man
do something about it.
I'm in an awful hurry.
Please can't we go a little faster.
Oh, but sir,
we're doing 30 now.
Having trouble, Arthur?
No mr Cooper. The bag was a
little full and I had to repack it.
Can't seem to get this in the lock.
There we are, sir.
Now, um... what are your orders?
I'm to take the luggage to the airport,
sir, and have it put aboard the plane.
That's right. Then what?
on the way back to town sir I'm to
telephone you at about 10 o'clock
and let you know
if that certain party
is left for the plane.
- that's right Arthur.
Is that all, sir?
- Good night Arthur.
Good answer.
Thanks very much.
Goodbye. - Not at all, goodbye.
Coming Jamison?
- Yes, sir. oh, yes, sir.
Oh it's you, Arthur.
- Yes, miss Anderson.
Where's mr Cooper?
I don't think he's quite dressed.
When he plays down that
waiting Arthur, and I must be...
Wel, it's about time you got here.
Kids got a bad case of
ants always in the stew.
Take it easy Mike.
The bracelet's there now
waiting for Cooper in his drawing room.
Well, what a racket. I wish
I knew this guy's angle.
I'll tell you so you know
what you're up against.
Cooper was the doe back of your pal
Davey Simpson's fancy gambling joints.
He was the devil Nicholas
Simpson down a long time ago.
Sure, but a lot of prominent
citizens Cooper's society playmates
had big ious outstanding with Davey,
which I owe us an
hour mr Cooper's hands.
Cooper's got him
good and he knows it,
so when he turns on
the heat they come across.
That dirty blackmailer. Davey takes
the wrap and he's still operating.
When I get my hands on the wrap...
- All right Mike take it easy.
If the stuff's not on Cooper
it'll be in the wall safe.
Here's the combination.
- Okay, Arty.
If sunnyboy here can just keep
his shirt on long enough we'll do all right.
Keep out of sight. And make
sure you wait till Cooper's alone.
Jamison what's
happened, out with it man.
Just look, sir.
The star sapper excellent qualities
are surrounded by diamonds.
A fine halter and a neat job
well done if I do say, sir.
You idiot. you
petty bird brain.
Did you dare...
- I did indeed, sir,
the young lady never
even missed it.
Jamison you're fired - No,
but you can't stop progress sir,
this is the birth of
a new era and fate,
dame fate has us by the hand.
Well, tell her to hang on.
because I have you by
the other hand Jamison,
and I'm leading you right
back to return this handbag.
before we have all the
police New york after us.
Please let me
go, Harry, please.
You know i shouldn't have
come here tonight. The sheldon's...
But Eve, I didn't
know you were here.
Did I have to let you in?
He didn't tell me.
You weren't really going to
run off without letting me know
you were here were you even
You know, I never
could have forgiven that.
Oh, I'm sorry that's the doorbell.
Will you, um... have
a cigarette? - No, thanks.
I'll get you drink in a minute.
Sonia? How nice.
Someday someone's gonna
cut that throat of yours.
from here to... here.
Careful my sweet.
Remember that slavic
temper of yours...
don't let it get
the better of you.
I mean it Harry.
That murderous light in your
eyes very becoming my dear.
But, of course, you know that.
Stay that way for
me, won't you darling?
I adore it.
Miss Merrick.
Welcome in Jane.
You too?
- Yes, me too.
Harry, what is this?
Little Eve too.
Well the man is fantastic.
imagine daring to bring
us all here together.
it's magnificent.
But Harry always had a
wonderful sense of humor, you know.
Why did you come here tonight?
No. No doubt for the same
pretty reason you came.
My darlings, I propose a toast.
Well, here's to me anyway.
I know what you're going through
you believe me and I'm sorry.
Sonia and Jane too.
Truly my heart bleeds for you all.
I'd like to see that.
I'd give anything to see
that bleeding heart of yours.
If he has a heart.
- Just so it bleeds.
Perhaps you'll be reliEved to
hear my pets that I'm leaving town.
that's why I was forced to
ask you to come here tonight
as a matter of fact I'm leaving on a
sort of honeymoon.
and I thought that each of you girls
would be delighted to make a little uh...
contribution to my future happiness.
Eve, I believe you're going to
bring me a diamond bracelet
Oh yes, very pretty,
it is too very pretty.
Sweet of you Eve.
there's that gleam in
your eye again Sonia
i love it.
Sonia I believe you...
did bring that marquee
diamond, didn't you?
thank you.
And Jane. Jane I believe you have a little trick
it for me.
Oh, yes i remember.
A diamond clip.
and it has emeralds too.
I have to admit you have
me hooked this time.
because it happens to
be a critical point in my career
Oh yes that player
into the royal theater.
Doing fine man.
Yes, but if the papers Ever started
to talk about what a fool I've been,
the player be ruined
and I'd be washed up.
Oh, that would be
a pity. - Yes it would.
but next time Harry...
next time look out.
you must promise
me you won't...
you must promise me
this is the last time.
you know I feel about
you, don't you Harry?
I don't think there
better be any next time.
but girls you have my word as a
Well, maybe you're right.
You know, you girls
never should have
allowed yourselves to
become so indebted to me.
because now, what can you do?
you've got to pay up.
and you'll keep on paying just as long
as I feel like squeezing you
you know when you
come to think about it
blackmail is a
terrible thing, isn't it?
don't go away girls, will you?
oh, hello my dearest.
Another victim.
- swine I could choke him.
no no no no
I'll see you at the airport
Come on, let's get out of here.
- I'll take a chance if you will.
No, wait. Sheldon's announcing my
engagement at the party tonight.
I've got to be there.
But if harry makes a scandal now, it'll
ruin my whole life. - What about me?
being the wife of dr Eric
Boudini isn't exactly heaven, but...
if you ever found out I
was mixed up in a thing like this
I'll have more to lose
than either of you.
But as a hunch if we
all refuse to be intimidated,
he wouldn't dare expose
the three of us.
oh I know it's valuable,
but it'll be perfectly safe
with me. I'll take good care of it.
Of course I do.
You know I do
Me too.
I'd do anything.
I'd give anything in the world
not to have to be afraid
of him for the rest of my life
I can't stand it this way.
- All right then let's face him.
And see what he
thinks he can do about it.
Where is he?
Let him take his time now. But
when he comes out we'll show him.
What happened?
team where are you?
- please stay where you are.
Well this is ridiculous. Can't
somebody do something about it.
don't leave me with it.
Harry, where are you?
Remember what I told you Jamison?
you're to deliver the handbag
to the lady in person.
just as though you'd found it
And Jamison, on the way out,
don't snatch it again.
oh Jamison you might leave
that packet here for a minute.
but don't you trust me
with it.
Oh, well, sir...
- Never mind.
Return the bag and
get back here quick.
anybody at home?
where's anybody?
nobody at home.
But nobody at home?
Jamison what are you up to now?
Mr. Lanyard look this. Thete's...
there's a thing in there, sir.
look you look...
he's dead all right.
Could've been more
than 10 minutes ago.
Matter of fact it couldn't have been
more than five or six minutes ago.
say 741 or 2.
You fool, wait!
Oh, what is it? You've turned
out all the lights in the house, sir.
I thought I heard something.
Probably your nerves.
- undoubtedly.
oh well you never
know do you mr Lanyard.
Just think of it that
beautiful wide-eyed innocent dream
with the gorgeous handbag
plugged him right in the heart.
Mr Harry Cooper? - Yes, how
do you do? Oh, beg a pardon.
Oh lovely, sir, lovely.
Well, whoever he was he
certainly lived well, didn't he sir?
Come on Jamison, we've
been here long enough.
My package, sir. I forgot my package.
- Never mind that, Jamison
Police. - Police? How
exciting. Shall we fly, sir?
No you idiot my car's out there
and it has a license number.
here you go inside and sound
like a nice fourth of july party
and I'll get rid of the cop.
- Yes, how large a party, sir?
oh just medium-sized but
respectable reminders of that.
I'm just the two
of the neighbors
dropped in for a jolly good
time over the glorious four.
Why, how do you do officer?
That's your car parked in
the wrong side of the street
in front of that fire hiding?
Oh I am sorry officer it uh...
it belongs to one of my guests.
it shouldn't have
been park there, shouldn't.
Thank you sir.
? ... at once.
Listen, friend
Shadow, right through the heart.
And not so long ago either.
- About 19:41, as I figured.
Well you and the inspector
can figure it out together.
you're both under arrest.
give me police headquarters.
Inspector Crane's office.
Detective Dickens speaking.
For you, Tim.
Green speaking.
Keep an eye on
them. Be right there.
Come on dickens,
never mind that.
come on man, let's go.
it's murder Dickens, murder!
It's certainly is.
Come on. Be quiet.
Let's go back
to the door.
You stay right here.
Do you see, what I see?
Mike Lanyard. - Hello inspector.
How you do, Dickens?
- We're delighted to see you both
caught red-handed
- I'm surprised, Mike.
Watch him officer.
- Watch him officer.
smyrna this time 80 chief such a big
conceiter they're not um never mind the
cops for a while the boys may want to
reenact the crime for him yes
there go go away stop me thinking stop
it you know I'm ticklish
these are two men you found with the
body yes sir there's nobody else elsa
watch them
well Mike you're going to have to do
some fast thinking
to talk yourself
out of this one.
All right Crain. If
you three gentlemen
will just make
yourselves comfortable,
Jamison and I will tell
you exactly what happened.
That's the spirit Lanyard.
Dickens get every word of this
down on paper. - Do you mind if I smoke?
Go ahead.
Jamison, you're
over here. - oh yes, sir.
I believe this door was open
a little like this... - no trick landed!
Now, now inspector.
Won't you ever learn to trust me?
Go on, Mike.
Dickens you're right there,
minding your own business
You don't know it, but...
you're about to be murdered.
I'm here, Jamison
is right there...
and who knows who's
outside in the garden.
The dead man is there.
- there you are, Dickens.
But are you innocent? No.
You're a cruel heartless fiend.
A ruthless robber of
widows and orphan children
you think you're safe, don't you?
Sitting there wallowing in all
your luxury, but you're wrong
you are about to die!
yeah die are you doing
come on
hurry on hurry up
where's the key well started the keys in
the locker you've got the key
once more and for the last time
Jamison you are fired me sir
you deliberately smash those phonograph
records just so we'd be arrested and
have your idea of fun
escaping from the police ah but you must
admit it was stimulating sir supposedly
you'd have to spend the evening of that
mrs what's her name's garden party it'll
be stimulating all right if the
inspector catches up with us
our only hope of saving ourselves from a
murder charge is to solve this case
ourselves first we've got to find out
who that girl is
take a look in that evening bag
there's nothing here sir lipstick and
powder and
the most intriguing perfumes
isn't that the girl's car there
all right here we are Jamison
the car belongs to
Eve Andrews 191 park avenue
let's go. - but you
won't be home now, sir.
how do you know?
- well, sir, according to
Sydney Shannon's gossip
column miss Eve Andrews
is the park avenue lovely whose
engagement to socialite John Sheldon II
is to be announced
at the swanky affair
at the park avenue hotel this evening.
I know I'm going
to regret this Jamison
but I'm afraid you're rehired.
Oh thank you, sir.
- and you're invited
to crash that party
with me as my guest.
Yes but don't you think, we'd
sort of better be toddling along, sir?
Oh it's turning out to be a most
enjoyable evening sir most enjoyable.
And profitable too.
Oh should I tell you about it? - yes
Jamison, I think you'd better.
Oh, very well than, sir.
here goes, look.
now what have you done.
Where did you get that stuff?
I just sort of found
them, sir. in the library.
these lovely glittering little
baubles were right there on the floor
spread around the late
mr Cooper's corpus delicti.
you congenital nitwit
first you snatch the lady's
handbag and get us into this mess,
and now you've stolen
the dead man's jewelry
and given the police
conclusive evidence
of our motive in
committing the murder.
Oh we have murdered anybody,
sir. - oh, tell that to the judge.
We're being
followed, sir. - police? - no, sir.
a couple of storybook
characters I don't recognize.
I seem to know the type
all right it's like you win
now I don't like it me too and I'm
stopping right here
you'll find the boss landers getting up
the works and we're tailing them
good work Jamison
you've got us really involved now
thank you sir
uh uh your invitation card sir
this gentleman here
uh uh your cards please oh yeah oh that
gentleman there oh thank you sir
that's troubling me you seem to be a
million miles away oh it's nothing
come on let's have a drink fine
so miss Andrews
oh thank you
I was so worried I was afraid I'd lost
I'm so sorry this is my fiancee mr
Sheldon glad to know you how do you do
my name is Norton
Frank Norton
isn't it wonderful Johnny mr Norton
found my bag for me. I
hought for sure it was gone.
Johnny do you mind
getting me that drink?
Coming up, Eve. May I
get you one? - No, thank you.
I don't see how you
ever found me mr Norton
I'm very grateful
now if you'll forgive me I have
some friends i must speak to.
thanks again.
- just a minute
Imust ask you a
few questions about, uh...
what you were doing at
Cooper's house tonight?
I'd beg your pardon.
oh really mister Norton.
Answer me mss Eve.
Why did you go there?
How dare you question me?
- Harry Cooper is dead.
he was murdered.
Oh, Johnny, I promised this one
to mr Norton. You don't mind?
No, why not.
oh good evening mr
Shannon. - greetings.
hello Sydney brother nice to see you
Laura it's my you look lovely my Sydney
dolly haven't seen your friends Gloria
having a nice time yes hello Shannon
how's the gossip bracket oh very nice
Harry very nice
oh hello Johnny oh hello Shannon here
how can i tell you more mr Cooper was
all right when I got there that's all i
that he wasn't
dead when you arrived of course not
that is i
no he
wasn't he was alive
when you were alive
I got there myself
within four or five
minutes after he was killed
you better tell me the truth
I told you all I know um
my father's right
over there he has a
list of guests if you wanted
you better watch out Johnny
and make a nice looking couple
Miss Andrews, who killed
Harry Cooper? - I don't know
He was in the other room.
the lights went out
the shot was fired
and Harry was dead
one, we... - We? Who's we
Hello Mike.
- Hello Shannon.
quite a pleasant surprise.
oh just a friend.
Caledonia poor, 9687.
An interesting little item just
came in over the teletype Mike.
according to the police...
you escaped after having been arrested
for the murder of Harry Cooper
I could use your full confession
in my column, right. How about it?
What do you thinks of it?
Does it sound like my kind of job?
Well, frankly no
not much you're slipping
It's a little too crude
around the edges.
but the police want
you and there will
be quite a feather in my
little cap if iI turned you in.
Can't you see the headlines?
Sydney Shannon, Broadway
columnist, captures Lone wolf.
Well let me be the first
to congratulate you.
Let's have a drink on it.
4... 9...
6... 8...
9... 6... 8... 7
there's only one hitch
If you turn me in,
and print that story
where are you going
to stand with your boss
when he finds out that I'm
as innocent, as a newborn lamb
Who cares? If you're innocent,
that's tomorrow's news
Meanwhile I have my headline
Look, Sydney...
I'm on the trail of a bigger story
than just the murder of Harry Cooper.
How would you like a
couple of nice scant side lights
involving very prominent people?
I'd like it. - All right,
let's make a deal.
you play along with
me for a while tonight
and I'll promise you a story
that will burn the ears
of some of your
best friends. - Why not?
I can use a few more
stellar names in my cast
Besides, uh... I
always have you sweetheart.
let's go.
Oh, I'm sorry mr Lanyard.
I'm afraid I've failed you. I...
Oh, that's all right Jamison.
We're going to help mr Shannon find out
all he can about the
case for his column
before he turns us
over to the police
Yes, that's really very
nice of us, isn't it, sir?
Well, mr Lanyard
she went directly to
her phone. I got the number.
But I don't know whom she
spoke to or what she said.
What's the number.
- Oh, yes sir, um...
Caledoni... 4...
4, 9, 6, 8...
Oh, thank you.
Caledonia 49687 is
something called the balalaika.
Oh, that's one of those tourist
night clubs. obody ever goes there.
You're going
there tonight Sydney.
They're holding a
table in your name.
How are we
going to find out
who it was miss
Andrews called Balalaika.
Oh, I haven't the faintest idea.
Looks like a wild goose chase
if you i bet you ask me.
?...of champagne he'll find out
who it was Eve andrew's cold.
you've got a bit.
- Paul Royal 1929.
You speack english?
Of, course. I've been
many years in this country.
My secretary, miss Andrews,
phoned 15 minutes ago.
and spoke to someone of a
party of friends of mine.
Do you know
where they're sitting?
Look mister, it's hot scene.
I got plenty of things in my mind.
So don't have me on
that my secretary business.
I guess that'll hold your mic.
Julie Claus are leaving with a couple
of reservations two wrong numbers,
and a call for
doctor for Dean's wife.
oh screwing out of town by trying to
take one of the names Mishell.
Thanks, that's all
I wanted to know.
Where is mrs Bordeaux sitting?
Right over there, in
corner. With the doctor.
Doctor? Is that dr Eric Budenny,
surgeon?- That's right.
Thank you. Thank you
very much, indeed, mr Shannon
for the bottle of poroshe
29 that you're about to buy me.
Buy him the champagne
Shannon but uh...
don't drink it jesus.
you're not well.
You're not at all well.
- I'm not... who, me?
but I feel fine, sir.
You and mr Shannon go
to his table. I'll wait here.
You see Jamison you're
going to be violently ill,
so ill in fact that
you're going to require
the immediate attention
of dr Eric Budenny.
But I feel first rate, sir,
once iI get that bottle
of champagne inside of me.
Listen. You got
me into this mess.
At least you can do is get sick
and collapse when I tell you to.
Good evening mr Shannon.
I save the table for you.
Right this way, please gentlemen.
thank you.
And uh what will it be, gentlemen?
Uh bottle of Paul Roger 29,
make it snap it, will you ?
Be sure, it's cool and very dry.
Well, hurry up, my man, and don't
just stand there. - Very, very well, sir.
But Jamison, aren't
you too ill for champagne?
Oh, not yet, mr
Shannon, not yet.
I'm afraid you are Jamison
you're a very sick man.
- Right now!
Will you come
over here, please.
Good evening.
I beg your pardon?
- Eve Andrews sent me.
what do you want?
thank you.
Maybe... I don't know.
Your initials are on it.
it was founded in
Harry Cooper's house
shortly after he was murdered.
You knew Harry
Cooper, didn't you?
You were there when...
I don't know what
you're talking about.
I never heard of
Harry Cooper, or Eve Andrews
or you for that matter.
Now, get out!
- Mrs Budenny...
why did you kill
Harry Cooper?
How dare you cast me like this?
I have the waiter
to throw you out.
Oh my dear madam...
- Sasha. - Please... throw him out.
Please, please don't
crate a scene.
What's a metter?
This man is annoying me.
Throw him out! - Now,
now come on, gentlaman
I supose Mrs. Julie is exited.
I insist ... - Where s my husband?
-'ll find my friend dr Budenny.
I insist you'll find
my friend dr Budenny.
Sorry it's all my
fault. Forgive me Mike.
You see madam, my friend
and I were seated over there
and I thought I recognized you
and I asked him to speak to you.
I'm terribly sorry.
I apologize.
Come on, honey
bunch. Let's go places.
Good night mrs Budenny
Glad to see me Mike? - I was
glad to see anyone just stand.
Where did you drop from Vivian?
Al the heavens like the little
rescuing angel I am. Still love me?
Mh-mm. - Well you
should after all, darling,
I just saved
your life, didn't I?
Mm-hmm. - And it
isn't the first time.
Remember Monte
Carlo?- Mm-hmm.
So uh for old time's sake the
least you could do is see me home.
Hmm, sorry Vivian.
I'm a little busy tonight.
Well, you can see
me to my car, anyway.
of course darling
Just as I thought.
oh where'd your car.
- it's right around the corner.
you know Mike this is so nice
Well, well mr Lanyard. Get in
and make yourself at home.
- sorry Mike
What is it doctor?
Don't worry gentlemen,
he's in good hands.
but i I wish to consult the patient
and his friend in private.
What's your verdict doctor?
hello Shannon
- Hello doc
There's no time to lose. See my
friend I'll show what I want to do.
I'm going to cut
from here to here! - Ooooh!
Yeah, but I feel better now.
In fact, I think I'm
gonna be all right.
A remarkable recovery. - Yes, well
you see, I am very remarkable
from a say so you're unique.
Physically you're
as sound as a knot,
which reminds me
I'm deeply concerned
by the peculiar
look in your eye
It is not normal.
I suggest that you place yourself in
hands of a competent brain specialist.
What are you up to Shannon?
Building up some phony
gossip for the con of yours?
you and your cooked up stories
I'm having a nice quiet
dinner with my wife. - with your wife?
Oh ,my doctor. That's a
front page scoop on itself.
if you ever have any slight
airmen dr Shannon, do come to me.
it will give me a grea
pleasure to operate.
oh don't worry doctor
I don't make scandal.
I only print gossip.
if you want to
take your wife out uh
on the side once
n a while,
that's all right with me only
don't be so blatant about it
People will talk, you know.
well it's a sense you
ain't got the stuff with them
Lanyard we mean business.
we spent weeks on this job
just when Everything's all set
we arrive at Cooper's house
and find the guy dead.
if you bump them that's your business
all we want is the jewels.
He probably passed them on
to that dame in the night club
Hey maybe slip into
somebody at that party.
That's the first
place he headed for.
Why don't you use
your heads you too?
You saw the detective search
me at Cooper's house, didn't you?
I know this guy
landed from way back.
He don't pass
nothing on to nobody.
He's planted those jewels
somewhere in Cooper's house.
If you're going to go
around there boys, uh...
be careful the police
are there, you know.
Well they don't worry me.
I'm gonna take a look.
Not without me you. Don't
we're sticking together, Mac.
He don't trust me.
- All right Hertzog.
But he stays here. Just
in case we don't fight.
Yeah. keep him
quiet till we get back.
If he makes a move let
your conscience be your guide.
Come on.
aha my pretty one at
last I have you in my power.
oh Mike I've been waiting
for years for this moment come.
One step near a Vivian,
and I'll scream the house down.
Great work if you can get it.
Just imagine, my suite.
Suppose I weren't
tied up like this.
Look Mike, let's get this straight.
in spite of you giving us the double
cross on the Cooper job, I...
uh still could go for you
Because I think you're just
the cutest little fella I ever knew.
but don't get me wrong
I just as soon
plug you as not.
Please, untie my darling.
and let's get comfortable
well at least let's have a
drink to a time I can remember
when I wasn't all tied up
Sure, why not.
I'll fix one big drink
and we'll have a loving cup
but uh mama is going
to feed it too baby
I'll get some ice.
Oh wow...
don't go away darling.
Help, help!
Send up the house
to get you quick.
Hey, what's the idea?
nothing sweetheart i just
sent for the house dick.
You're crazy Mike.
Haven't you got any sense
you ought to know better than
to call the cops in on a deal.
Well now what
are we going to do?
Sorry Vivian but uh...
what will the house dick
think if he breaks in here
and finds me all
tied up in this chair?
Open up! What's
going on in there?
all right Mike
I'll get even. all you remember
it's up to you to
talk us out of this
and don't forget
I've still got a gun
and I just love to use it
just a minute please
Open the door, I'll break it down.
Okay Mike, but talk fast.
Remember, you've got
more to lose than I have
Hey, what goes on?
Oh, funny business, huh?
Hey, but it was a
man who yelled for help.
Somebody missed
you scared of it...
sorry we troubled you.
It was all a mistake.
the lady thought she'd lost some jewels
just because she couldn't
remember where she put them.
you know how women are
Just a minute sister.
Is that your gun?
Well... where do you
suppose that came from?
Is it yours?
You mean this?
- Yeah. Look it's loaded
Oh, it isn't mine.
Maybe you'd better...
talk it over with a lady.
Open that door!
Unlock it!
My name's Jamison, but
you can call me Jamie.
What's your name?
- My name's Elsie.
well I'm glad you two had
ense enough to wait for me here.
Police headquarters please?
Are you sure you're calling
the right number, sir?
Um let me talk to
inspector Crane's office.
Now, look Mike.
A deal is a deal.
and you promised
me I'd be getting a...
Is Crane there?
Michael Lanyard
Who? Oh, yes mr Lanyard,
inspector Crane is right here.
it's him chief
Hello, Mike?
Where are you?
Have you missed me inspector?
Well, never mind where I am.
I'm on my way
out to Cooper's house.
I'm leaving right away.
I expect I'll see you there.
What's the idea?
There are a couple of unscrupulous
citizens at Cooper's house
and I want the police
to catch up with him.
And while we're there,
after the coast is clear
I hope we'll be able
to pick up a new lead.
Now, fun's fun Mike,
but it's getting late.
and I've got to get
my copy in for tomorrow's column.
I'll give you just one
more wild goose chase.
Don't worry Sydney,
I promise you
some exciting news, and
I'm a man of my word.
Oh, a... after you.
While we're at Cooper's house,
I want you to put those jewels
back where you
from them, understand?
And don't let
Shannon see you do it.
Very well, sir.
Did you get him?
- Oh Lanyard. Mike landed.
He said he'd be here. - Well
he didn't come in this way.
- Shhhh!
Come on.
No shoes.
- So I hear.
Not be quiet.
Who's that!?
Come on! Come on!
Adam... (?)
- .... (?)
Well, that gets
rid of him for a while.
Now let's have
another look around.
look what those two thugs
have done to this room.
They were after something
Cooper had. - Oh, what for instance?
Jules. Seems that uh Cooper
was quite a fella for jewelry.
you mean that, uh... you
think that they killed him?
Maybe, maybe not.
Uh, Jamison have a look in that
desk, and see what you can find.
Well uh don't
mind me boys,
just go right ahead
make like I don't exist.
Um... I can't quite figure out
what you two are trying
to get away with
around here, but uh...
you know Mike I'm beginning to believe
that maybe you
didn't commit the murder.
Nobody could be
as guilty as he acts.
I've got to hand
it to you old boy,
you never miss
a thing, do you?
- Mr Cooper?
You asked me to call
you at 10 o'clock, sir.
Uh-huh. - Your plane will leave
from gate 3 in an hour, sir
and that party is
just left for the airport.
Oh, o! - Say this isn't
mr Cooper. Who is it?
So, mr Cooper was planning to
leave town tonight with someone.
Whoever it is is already
on the way to the airport.
We've got to hurry,
gentlemen it's getting late.
mr Cooper's plane
leaves at 11 o'clock.
Names, please.
I'm impressed.
I just want a few words
with somebody on this plane.
All right mr Shannon, but
your friends will have to wait.
I'll get the passenger list Mike
legend who's aboard right here
Now that we're alone, Jamison...
Oh, I meant to put those
jewels back there, really I did,
but there's diamonds they
kind of got the better of me, sir.
They're such pretty things and
after that so well it was too late
Shannon never
took his eyes off me.
If we're caught
and you're found
with those jewels...
Well, we just can't be
caught! - yes of course, mr Lanyard.
Oh, lovely, sir,
very lovely indeed.
Hang on to yourself, Jamison.
Isn't she just
like an angel, sir.
Mysterious Killing of
Playboy Baffles Police
Your ticket, miss.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Fallow her, Jamison.
- With pleasure, sir.
We do meet the
loveliest people, don't we, sir?
I'll wait for Shannon. You
find out where she goes,
and phone me at the
apartment in half an hour.
Don't lose sight
of her! - Oh, no, sir.
Oh, never mind
about today's news, Mike.
What about my column for tomorrow?
That's what's important to me.
Jane Merrick.
Oh. - I've got to
hand it to you, Mike.
you're closing in
on Harry Cooper's
little circle of feminine
attractions pretty well.
But you'd better hurry. It's
getting close to my deadline.
I'll have to turn
you over the police.
Oh, and where did our
little Jamison disappear to, huh?
Jamison is checking up on
a very pretty young woman.
Who decided not
to get aboard the plane,
when she saw
the headlines about, uh...
Cooper's murder.
Wwell, that's interesting.
You found out
more than I did.
Well but, uh... after all
if Jamison's mysterious lady friend
didn't know anything about the murder
until after she saw the
newspapers at the airport
well, then she probably
had nothing to do with it.
Oh now, look Mike, now.
We've kidded around long enough.
why don't you
give yourself up so...
I can go home
and get some sleep.
Just when we are
beginning to get warm?
Don't you want to know
who the young lady is?
She might turn out to be a nice
sensational headline for you.
Good old Jamison,
right on the dot.
Hello? - Hello,
mr Lanyard?
Oh, that pretty young thing, sir, just
checked in at the hotel Cumberland.
She took a whole suite.
I imagine she must
be very lonely, sir.
But I couldn't get
by the front desk.
Good work Jamison.
I'll meet you at the
service entrance in 10 minutes.
Well, here we go again, Sydney.
This way Sydney.
I think we can get up the service
stairway, without being seen, sir.
The sweet thing is in
3a on the third floor.
Um... don't you ever
use a front door, Mike?
Do you? - Um...
socially but uh never
professionally, of course.
You frighten me.
Hello mr Patricia.
It isn't true
about mr Cooper, is it?
This is true.
I was afraid that...
What is it Arthur?
I'm here for that necklace
you were going to give it.
But I... what
do you mean?
I mean you're going
to come across quick.
Or would you rather I told...
about your plans for this evening.
Take it easy! - Let me go
into him, that's blackmail.
He can't get
away with hs!
Who are you? what do you want?
I want to know who
killed Harry Cooper.
I don't know anything about
it. - Who killed Harry Cooper?
I had nothing to do with it.
Will you leave me alone?
But you know who
killed him, don't you?
Please leave me
alone or, i'll call the police.
You hated Cooper
didn't you? - I didn't, I didn't.
I'm the only one
that couldn't have done it,
don't you see? I
couldn't have done it.
plenty of women hated him,
but I didn't. - But you know...
Hello? Send the house doctor
up to sweet 3a, right away.
You'll be all right. The doctor
will be here in just a minute.
Thank you.
- I'll see you later.
For those shots,
I heard, sir, firecrack
Did you see anybody
down that way? - No, sir.
Did you see him?
Oh, I saw somebody
tearing down this way,
but if you didn't
see him pass,
he must have ducked
on the service their way.
Well, apparently mr Cooper's
murderer is beginning to get jittery.
whoever fired those shots
got the girl in the arm.
And then tried to get me.
- Is she hurt badly?
No she'll be all
right. - You're sure?
Just a nick in the arm.
- She might have been killed.
I'm going to see Eve Andrews.
She's going to
quit stalling around,
and come through the
whole truth about Cooper.
From her I'll move
on to the others.
That's a good idea.
You and Jamison wait for me
in the lobby of
the park avenue hotel.
Oh here to Jamison.
You keep this.
Just in case mr
Shannon gets restless,
and tries to
communicate with the police.
Sorry Sydney, but from now
on, we're not playing games.
I'm sorry Arthur,
miss Andrews isn't here.
Why did you
want to see her?
Oh, I guess she and
mrs Budenny have gone
to see miss Jane Merrick
at the Royal theater.
They're all friends
of mr Coopers,
and I've got a hunch
they have things to talk about.
Why? What makes
you think that?
I'm sorry old man.
- Oh, it's all right.
Who's your friend?
Harry Cooper's ballot. Why?
Why should Harry Cooper's fella think
that miss Andrews and mrs Budenny
Went to the Royal theater
to see, uh... Jane Merrick?
Why not. They're all friends ,no
doubt, they had things to discuss.
Harry Cooper's murder, for instance?
- Say what's all this to you?
Who do you think you are,
cross-examining me like this!
Just a man who wants to find
out who murdered Harry Cooper.
After al, I should think you'd be a
little interested yourself, mr Sheldon.
I think your fiance is mixed
up in a very serious business.
If I were you, I wouldn't
think that, mr Norton.
Not out loud.
You better be sure.
I will be before
the evening's over.
And just in case you get a little
worried about her yourself
you know where she is.
Taxi, please.
You keep Shannon here.
If Eve Andrews doesn't
return in 15 minutes,
follow me to the Royal theater.
I'm going to call on miss
Jane Merrick backstage.
I get it.
Hey, Mike! Mike!
Say, what is this?
Lanyard promised me I'd be
in, on everything that goes on.
I'm going down to
the Royal theater, too.
Oh, taxi! - Not just yet,
sir, if you don't mind.
We'll wait here
or a few minutes.
Telephone inspector Crane,
Police Headquoters.
Tell him the Lone Wolf is
bacstage at Royal Theatre.
MURDER WILL OU What is it? What
are you doing here?
Somebody saw
us earlier tonight.
You mean...
in his house? - Yes.
Come on.
Arthur? - I'm here on business
girls, so let's skip the formalities.
What do you want?
Well, let's just say, that I'm
here to continue negotiations
where poor
mr Cooper left off.
The boss was getting
a diamond bracelet
rom you, wasn't
he, miss Andrews?
And I'll take that diamond
ring from you mrs Budenny...
and that clip that you were going
to give mr Cooper miss Merrick.
Make us happy girls,
I have no time to argue
so just come across, please.
Suppose the police
were to find out
where you girls
were this evening?
Drop that gun! out there.
What do you mean by frightening
these three beautiful ladies?
Mustn't touch, Mike. - Well inspector
you're ahead of schedule.
I didn't expect you
to catch up for quite a while.
All right, outside everybody,
line them up against
the back wall, Diggins.
I'm going to find out
who's who and what's what.
Come on, outside.
- Outside, everybody.
Come on.
Just a minute. - Oh, it's
Ok, I'm Sidney Shannon.
Oh, hello inspector.
What goes on?
Oh, hello Sydney, better
get your pencil ready.
By the way, inspector, have
you met Arthur, mr Cooper's valet?
Face is familiar.
Those were probably his pals,
you and Dickens were
chasing at Cooper's house.
Did you catch up with them?
- Good.
They planned to rob Cooper
tonight, and that isn't all.
Arthur was attempting to
blackmail these three ladies.
when I interrupted him a
few minutes ago, wasn't he ladies...
Yes. Oh, good evening
dr Budenny. - Good evening.
Sydney, I promised you some
sensational dirt, and here it comes.
Sorry inspector, but I
can't get away just yet.
Good evening gentlemen.
I've been expecting you.
Inspector, the case against
me looks pretty bad, doesn't it?
Obviously it would be bad for
anyone who was at Cooper's tonight,
even though Cooper
was dead when I got there.
But, did you know that
these three ladies were there
when Cooper was killed?
- It's a lie!
Sonia? - iI refuse to
be questioned like this.
Sonia, denied!
Why should I?
Eve I know you couldn't have
had anything to do with a murder,
but you can't stop now.
You must tell us what you
were doing at Cooper's house.
Johnny, Cooper was
trying to blackmail me.
Blackmail you? How?
Why didn't you
tell me about it?
I should have,
I know that now, but...
he threatened to
go to your father,
and I know if he did we
never could have been married.
I was terrified.
I hated him, Johnny.
But i didn't kill him.
I swear I didn't.
Sonia and Jane were
afraid of Cooper too.
They had as much reason
to hate him as I did.
Don't drag me into this. I had
nothing to do with it. - No me.
Don't try to blame me.
I don't know who killed Cooper.
But when the lights went
out we heard the shot.
My little match and you
were near Cooper's body.
You could have
done it, - Stop her, Sonia.
Don't let her say
anything like that.
Why not?
it might as well
come out now.
I was there.
I went to bribe Cooper to keep his mouth
shut, to protect you from a scandal.
That's a laugh, isn't it?
But just before
Cooper was killed tonight,
I made up my mind
to stop pretending
that I care anymore about
you than you do about me.
I was about to tell him to go
ahead and make a scandal.
He was getting no more
jewels for me to protect you.
Put that in your collumn mr
Shannon and see how he likes it.
Sonia you don't know
what you're saying. - Oh, yes, I do.
Gentlemen... I
didn't kill Harry Cooper
for the simple reason...
that my husband means
absolutely nothing to me.
You're sure you
didn't kill him, Jane?
My husband means quite
a lot to you, doesn't he?
That's enough Sonia.
Leave Jane out of this.
Of course.
Jane isn't the type...
she couldn't have done it.
Could she?
- Jane.
Tell them you shouldn't do it.
Eric you're being ridiculous.
After all, I have my
career to worry about.
Our little romance isn'
that important to me.
Don't flatter yourself,
I wouldn't commit murder
for you or any
man on earth.
I've got to hand
it to you, Mike.
The dirt is certainly
pouring out now, all right.
we're not interested
in your gossip column Shannon.
gentlemen please.
You're breaking the spell.
Let's let the murderer
convict himself... or herself.
Come, come, ladies and gentlemen.
Don't stop now you
were doing beautifully.
Why did you interrupt them?
Is that all you
had to say, miss Merrick?
Dr Budenny, you had
more than sufficient reason
to hate Harry Cooper.
Haven't you
anything to say?
Ladies and gentlemen, one
of you killed Harry Cooper.
Well my guy...
- Sh, inspector.
this strain is beginning to tell.
Give the murderer a
chance to do the talking.
Strain yourselves
gentlemen, please.
Not now Jamison not now.
- But I've come to rescue you, sir.
Jamison you have
the most amazing knack
of doing the right
thing at the wrong.
Stop him somebody, stop him!
I'm afraid Jamison
and I must be leaving.
It's unfortunate that
we were interrupted,
just when the murderer was
about to give himself away.
You thinkIi killed Harry
Cooper, but you're wrong inspector.
The guilty person
is within your reach.
And the proof
is not far away.
So stay close to
your phone inspector...
I'll call you up very soon,
and lay that proof
right on the line.
Where'd you get that thing,
Jamison? - Iit's just a fake, sir.
I got it out of the prop truck.
It's loaded
with blanks. - Oh!
Well here let's
jam the trigger
and leave it on the
floor to speak for itself.
Break this up, Diggins.
- Who? Me?
I get it.
I get it. - Come on.
Did you see
Lanyard and Jamison?
No, sir. The other
guy got away too.
Get back headquarters and
wait for Lanyard tellphone call.
Right, sheff.
Well, we got away
again, sir, I'm afraid
Cheer up Jamison.
If my hunch doesn't
come through, we won't get away.
Oh, come now, sir, we always
win out in the end, don't we?
Don't we?
Well, don't we?
I expect we'll have
company. You wait here.
And if you see anybody you
recognize, male or female let me know
Well, whom do you expect, sir?
Oh, good evening. - Good evening.
- How's the patient? - Just fine.
I hope that
wound isn't too painful.
Let's see, the unfortunate
interruption occurred
just when you were going
to tell me about Harry Cooper.
Listen, I don't know
who you are, but...
the last time we talked about mr
Cooper you know what happened.
You loved Harry
Cooper, didn't you?
Will you please go away.
You loved him, didn't you?
Why was he killed?
You're implicated too, you
know, so you'd better tell me.
All right, I loved him. Isn't
that enough for me to say?
Now, will you,
please, go away?
You loved him and that's
why he was killed.
Thanks Patricia.
That is all you have
o say. - I didn't say that!
Mr Lanyard.
Someone's coming
down the corridor, sir.
I won't close the door. Not all
the way. Here let's leave it like that.
Tell inspector Crane
at police headquarters,
that Michael Lanyard
is here in sweep 3a
Keep that aside, Jamison.
Remember, you're here just in case
Oh, hello Mike.
- Oh, it's you, Sydney.
I'm glad you came huh
By the way, how did
you know where to find me?
Oh that was simple.
I knew you'd come back here.
But I'm afraid it's not
going to be quite so simple
for inspector Crane
to figure out.
Oh, well, if it's the inspector
you're going to call,
I've already saved
you the trouble, Sydney.
He's on his way.
- Well, that's fine.
Yes, I believe you know
Patricia, don't you, Sydney?
Patricia just gave me some
interesting gossip for your column.
She told me that she was
in love with Harry Cooper.
Give that to me. Jamison.
Give that to me Jamison.
So Mike, you were going
to prove I was wrong, huh?
And I find your man with
his gun and Shannon's back
Copping, Dickens.
- With pleasure, sir.
And frisk him. - I beg your
pardon. I beg your pardon.
Do me a favor Crane,
and call out the army,
or whatever it takes to get
these two downtown once and for all.
Now, none of your
tricks this time, Mike.
Cme on, we're
going for a ride.
I've got some very interesting
information for you, inspector,
very interesting.
- Nothing doing.
All right, you win.
- Oh, over the way
have you met this lady?
Here, this card
will introduce her.
Mrs Patricia Blake Shannon.
How'd he do Miss Shannon?
Ask mr Shannon what his wife
was doing at the airport tonight?
That's ridiculous.
Don't listen to him.
the murderer was
afraid I'd find out,
that she and Cooper were
planning to run away together.
He got panicky and
took a shot at her.
Then he tried to get me.
- I told you not to listen to him.
Take him downtown,
Crain. He's getting delirious.
Oh, wait a minute,
wait a minute, both of you.
There's the man
who killed Cooper.
That's very interesting, Mike.
But, I happen to know
that some valuable jewelry
has been missing
since that murder.
That was the
motive for this crime.
You find me the man with those
jewels, and I'll have the murderer.
The jewels had
nothing to do with it.
Very nice story
for the tabloids, Mike,
but it won't hold
in a court of low.
Come on now, we're going
downtown. - Oh, all right Crain.
But if you really think the jewels
had anything to do with the crime...
do me one last favor.
Search Shannon.
Al right you won't
mind mr Shannon,
just humor our smart
friend here. - Not at all.
Go ahead, dig it, go ahead.
Take it easy!
Alright, take it easy Shannn.
what Shannon to do?
It'd be a lesson to you, Jamison.
Yes, sir. What I don't understand
is, how you knew he had them?
Well, I knew the Diggins
was about to search you
Besides your hands are
slower than they used to be.
You mind if we hurry, sir?
Somebody stole it.
I had it just a minute ago.
In fact if you don't mind the
exercise i suggest we run a bit.
Jamison, not again.
Haven't we had handbag
trouble enough for one evening?
Do you want to start the
whole thing over again?
Jamison you're fired. And
this time I hope I mean it.
What is it?
Your eyebrows.
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