One Foot in Hell (1960) Movie Script

[ Woman Sobbing ] Mitch! Mitch!
Oh, please, Mitch. Hurry.
[ Sobs ]
Maybe we better wait a bit
before trying to get to a town.No, Mitch. Please.
The more you're jostled around,
the quicker the baby comes.
I don't care, Mitch.
Please hurry.
All right, then.
[ Sobs ]
Let me help you, Ellie.
That's the girl.
You'll have a doctor
in a few minutes.
[ Kicks Desk Loudly ]
[ Continues Kicking ]
All right, all right.
Now stop that racket.
Sorry, mister.
My wife's very sick.What's the matter with her?
I-It's her time.
Could we have
a room, please?
Oh, now don't get your tail
flappin'. She's not the only
woman ever to birth a baby.
Room 8,
upstairs to your right.Oh, thanks.
That'll be two dollars.I'll pay you later,
after I get her to bed.
You'll pay me now.
Rules of the hotel.
Mitch!It's all right,
[ Coins Clatter,
Hit Counter ]
Please get me a doctor.I can't leave
the premises.
Doc Seltzer lives up the street,
the other side.
Come on, honey.
Oh, Mitch.
[ Gasps ]
[ Moans Quietly ]
Try to rest.
I'll get the doctor.
Be right back.
[ Man ] She's a real sick girl, mister.
You go wake Sam Giller
at the general store...
and get this medicine.Yes, sir.
[ Ellie Moaning,
Gasping Quietly ]
[ Stifling Moans ]
Y'all feel like yellin', ma'am,
you go right ahead and yell.
Don't even try
to hold it back.
This town's
too quiet anyway.[ Sobs ]
Or maybe--
Maybe if we talk,
it'll help.
You like to talk, ma'am?[ Whispers ]
Hurry, mister,
please hurry.
She's very sick.
And they say,
"Haste makes waste."
Never truer
than a situation like this.
Have to pour
real careful like...
or no tellin'
what's goin' to happen.
You realize that?Yes, but hurry,
I'm comin', comin'.
That'll be
The hotel took all my money.
I'll pay you tomorrow.
Oh, no.
Wakin' me out of bed,
expecting credit...
when I never
even saw you before
in my whole life?
I'll pay you tomorrow
on my word of honor.
Can't feed my family
on a stranger's
word of honor.
You tell Doc Seltzer,
if he wants credit, let him
come in and ask for it.
Look, I've got a pair of mules
down there and a wagon
in front of the hotel.
You keep 'em till I pay you.Mules and a wagon
for $1.87?
Where did you
steal 'em, Reb?
Give me that medicine.Yeah, sure.
Of course.
Didn't mean any offense.
Here. Take it.
Sheriff! Sheriff!
[ Sam ] Stop him, Sheriff. Help!
Hold on there,
This medicine.
It's for my wife.
He's got a gun, Ole.
A gun.
Please, Sheriff.
Please don't. My wife--Go on inside. Go on, move!
Move before I put a hole
through ya.
He robbed me, Ole.
He held a gun on me.
This medicine--
The doctor sent me for it.
Simmer down. Now get over
to these posters so's
I can get a good look at ya.
What else'd he take, Sam?Taking it at the point
of a gun. That's the main thing.
Nobody's got a right--I meant no harm.
My wife is sick at the hotel.
She's gonna have a baby.
Please, Sheriff,
let me go.
I gotta get
this medicine to her.
All right. Let's go
have a look.Thank you.
You walk
in front of me.Thank you.
This man stayin' here?Woke me up and checked in
a while ago. Room 8.
All right.
Go on.What'd he do?
Well, he threatened Sam
with a gun, for one thing.
[ Breathing Heavily ]
The sheriff stopped me.
Here's the medicine.
no use now.
She died
a couple of minutes ago.
[ Door Closes ]
A dollar and...
87 cents.
[ Sobs ]
God, Ellie.
"All the way from Atlanta,"
she said.
They were burned out
in the war.
The two of them--
should've been three--
wanted to start
a new life.
Came all the way west,
here, to us.
To us,
my hospitable friends--
That's a long way to come...
just to lay down and die.
[ Bell Tolls In Distance ]
I'll see her grave's
looked after, Mitch.
Thank you.
Why don't you stay here, Mitch?
Give the town another chance.
Same chance
they gave Ellie.
Sure, sure. I know.
I don't think your wife
would feel that way.
Maybe she might rest
more peacefully if she knew
you were settling down--
Save your preaching,
will you?That's not preaching.
That's not my kind
of thing, Mitch.
I'm just trying to make sense.
Now the town's offering you
a choice of jobs:
anything from banking
to store clerking
to deputy sheriffing.
You're wasting
your time.
So look, I got--
I got lots of it to waste.
You see, Mitch, I want you
to change your mind.
I want folks around here
to have another chance from you.
I like them. I like this town.
Now you can't blame me
for that, can you?
No, I'm not blaming you
for anything.
This is a fine place
to light, Mitch.
Where else would you get
a choice of jobs?Yeah, I know.
Now, uh, personally,
I'd, uh--
I'd recommend
between bank and sheriff.
They pay about the same.
But it's a matter of whether
a man likes sittin' down
while he's working...
or movin' around
where there's more excitement.
[ Sheriff ] "That I will uphold the laws of Arizona Territory at all times"--
That I will uphold the laws
of Arizona Territory
at all times--
So help you God.So help me God.
There you are,
Deputy Barrett.Congratulations, Mitch.
That's fine.
Wonderful.[ Others Affirming ]
Anything I can do for you
at any time, boy, let me know.[ Mitch ] Thank you.
Sure wish you'd taken
that job with me, Mitch.This is fine, Mitch, just fine.
Mitch. [ Mitch ] Right away.
Coffee?Had my rations
a while back.
Shake hands
with our bread and butter,
Mark Dobbs.
Buys all our cattle.
This is my new deputy,
Mitch Barrett.
Nice to meet you,
Barrett.Well, thanks.
Sure bought yourself
a handful of cattle this trip.
More than $80,000 worth.
I'm making your town
healthy rich.
[ Men Whistling,
Shouting Commands ]
Be back as soon as
we lock up this loot
in the bank.
See you
in September,
[ Cattle Mooing
In Distance ]
[ Cattle Mooing Louder ]
Hi, Frank.Hi, Mitch.
Been keepin'
you busy, Mitch?You tell 'im, Mitch.
How's it goin',
Mitch?[ Chuckles ]
Hot and dusty.
Would-- Would anybody want
their picture sketched?
Four bits. That's all.No, thanks.
Hit the trail, panhandler.
Draw your pictures
somewhere else.
I gotta have a drink.
I just gotta.
I got money.
I'll pay you later.
You don't get nothin'
unless I see some money
sittin' on that bar.
Money. But I tell ya,
I got money. I got two years'
lieutenant's pay comin' to me.
I was a lieutenant
in the Virginia 44th.
I fought.
Did you fight?
[ Chuckles ]
Any of you?
Did any of you fight?
Took everything we had--
our homes and our land--
But did any of you fight?
Oh-ho, no. You didn't fight.
Money? Huh.
Why you're just nothin'
but poor white trash to me.
I had 50 better than you plowin' my fields. Fifty!
I'm gonna bust
your head wide open.
[ Soldier ] Come on. Come on! Nobody chases me.
I made the Yankees
back up at Manassas
and again at Shenandoah.
But nobody makes meback up.
Come on.
You hear me? Come on.
You yellow-bellied
hunk o' trash.
Better go sleep it off, soldier.
You make a lot of noise
for one drink.
Whiskey and a glass.
The war is over.
How about this?
Thank you.
Take a look, everybody.
We have a gentleman among us.
All right, sir.
I'll drink this to you,
then I'll take care
of your yellow-bellied friend.
What does he owe you?A bottle
of whiskey.
We'll keep him jugged
until he pays up.
He's pretty good.
Come on, Scotty.
Help me, will ya?
That's it.
Up, boy. Let's go.
Don't make
practical sense, Mitch.
Can't go gettin' soft
for every saddle tramp
drifts into town.
Yeah, but he's different.
He's got talent.
Yep, for drinkin'.
You mean that you're really
gonna put up two bucks
of your own money...
for that stew bum
in there?
Maybe so.
I'll see.
All right, Santa Claus.
I'm goin' down to Sam Giller's,
see if he's got a shipment
of them new repeatin' rifles.
[ Mutters ]
You know, I told the sheriff
I'd pay your freight
out of jail.
You see, I was at Manassas
and Shenandoah too.
Third Cavalry.[ Chuckles ]
Hoorah for our side.
Hoorah, hoorah,
[ Raspberry ][ Chuckles ]
Virginia, 44th.
They used a lot of liquid fire,
didn't they?
We burned more Yankee bottoms
than you can count.
[ Chuckles ]
Y-You got a drink
on you, mister?
[ Sighs ]
You know how
to put it together?
What?Liquid fire.
How do you think
I got to be a lieutenant
in the 44th?
What are you gonna do
when you get out of here?
I'm gonna buy me a railroad.
[ Chuckles ]
No, no. No, no.
No railroads for me. [ Slapping Thigh ]
I'm gonna--
I'm gonna build me
a whole herd of boats--
lots and lots of boats
in little, little bottles--
Big, big boats
in little, little bottles.
[ Laughing ]
Ah, this place stinks.
You hear me? It stinks--
dirty, rotten, filthy stink.
[ Shouting ] Hey, everybody! Hey, this place stinks!
[ Laughs Loudly ] You hear me, everybody? It stinks!
[ Continues Laughing ]
It stinks!
[ Sobbing ]
[ Whimpering ]
Lots of good men
had it tougher than you,
but they went on living.
[ Continues Whimpering ]They didn't lay down
and try to die.
Don't you preach to me, mister.
I don't cotton to no preachin'.
My folks worked their lives out
tryin' to make something out
of a lot of worn-out dirt...
nobody else would spit on.
They farmed that land
with their hands because
they didn't have tools.
And they built a home too,
and a good 'un.
They didn't rest
until they had a place
that people would point to...
and say,
"That there's
the Keats' place."
You know what was left of that place when I come back from the war?
It was right back to dirt again.
Not a piece of wood there that--
that was not burnt.
And there wasn't a crop there
left standin', not--
not one little thing--
not so much to show
for 30 years of work
and sweat.
So don't you start preachin'
to me, mister,
because I don't want nobody preachin' to me!
I'm not preaching, Keats.
You know, I had
a farm like yours once,
before the Yanks came in.
while I'm not preaching,
did you ever dream
of rebuilding your place...
so the grass is green,
the color back
in the ground?
[ Scoffs ]
When you got enough whiskey,
you don't have to dream...
about things
not worth dreamin'.
[ Scoffs ]
You know, I read something
a long time ago:
"Follow the rainbow,
but don't wait
for the gold at the end."
"Look for the silver
in between."
Yeah, I know.
I went to school once too.
[ Scoffs ]
So what are you?
Are you some kind
of a do-gooder or somethin'?
You wanna save
my soul, mister?No, I want a few men...
with anger and guts enough
to follow that rainbow and
grab a pot full of gold--
not petty silver
in between.
Gold enough to...
build five farms.
What kind of a pitch is this?
You talk too much
crazy talk, mister.
Oh, no. What I gotta do,
I'm gonna do myself,
my own way.
Please, just leave me be,
will you, mister?
Get outta here.
Sure, I'll do that.
But it's Yankee gold. [ Key Rattles In Lock ]
When they burned your farm,
what'd they do--
burn your guts out too?
W-Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
You're wasting my time.Did you say,
"Yankee gold"?
Yes, $100,000's worth.
Right in this town.
That's kinda funny talk
from a lawman--
tryin' to take his own town.
Now look who's preaching.
Wearing this tin star
doesn't change my feelings
about this town.
What are you tellin' me
all this for?Because I need help.
I need somebody
who can sketch--
make detailed plans--
and somebody who knows
how to put together
liquid fire.
Somebody who can give
and take orders.
Tryin' to make me
feel important, mister?
You've got to feel important,
or you're no use to us.
Are you with us or not?
I don't know.
I never figured
on anything like this.
What do you figure on?
Getting your place back
rotting here in jail
and feeling sorry
for yourself?
Shut up.You know any better way
to get healthy...
than by using
Yankee money?
I reckon not.
What about it?
Do I buy you out
of here or no?
you just hired
yourself a man.
Sofa's yours.
Who's the gal?
It's my wife.
You didn't say
there's a Mrs. Barrett.
She's dead.
Oh. I'm sorry.
Doesn't happen to be a...
small drink around here
anyplace, does there?
In the cabinet.
Ride into town
whenever you have to.
Study Main Street--
every window, post--
That's easy enough.
But stay out
of the saloons.
Who, me?
Oh, home drinkin'
just suits me fine.
Just be reasonable.
Soon as you can, get me
a list of what you need
for liquid fire.
Kerosene, percussion caps,
bottles-- That's all.Fine.
I'll pick 'em up in easy stages
at Grand Forks and Hempstead.
You know somethin'?
The way you plan things--
sort of slow and careful--
you must want that money
awful bad.
[ Mitch ] Not as much as I once wanted $1.87.
[ Door Opens ]
[ Man ] Rustled them right from under my nose. Six of my best.
[ Mitch ] Not long ago. They drove 'em for the pass.
Let's go.Won't need you, Sim. You stay
and tend to your chores.
I ain't a-scared to go along.Last thing in the world
we'd be thinkin'.
Only two rustlers in on this.
Hardly enough
for Mitch and me to do.
We'll be seeing you
right quick.
Night's movin' in
pretty fast.We got 'em, Ole.
Tracks are fresh as daisies.
Come on, boy.
[ Sheriff ] All right, boys. Stand up and come out high!
[ Gunfire ]
How 'bout you, mister?
You ready to come out?
Soon be dark enough
for him to break out.
I'm gonna climb down.
Keep him busy.
[ Gunfire Continues ]
All finished,
Don't let killin' them two
upset you none. They had a rope
waitin' for 'em anyway.
I'm not bothered
about them.
I was just thinking
about my first night
in Blue Springs.
No sense thinkin'
about the past.
I try not to,
but it doesn't
put me to sleep.
I can't tell you how many times
I've been ashamed of that night.
Every time I used to go
to the graveyard, I'd tell
Ellie how ashamed you and...
Giller and Caldwell were.
That ain't fair.
If there was anything
I could do to change things,
don't you think I would?
Oh, sure.
But you should've
known her.
She was so pretty.
She loved to laugh.
You know, I loved every minute
of being with her.
She wanted that baby so bad.
Mitch, you gotta stop
talkin' that way.
This happened a long time ago.
You gotta try and forget.
I aim to...
the only way I know how.
[ Cocks Pistol ]Yeah, but Mitch,
Mitch, don't. You're crazy.
You don't know what--
You don't know
what you're doin'.
Ellie screamed.
Why don't you scream?
[ Rooster Crows In Distance ]
Oh, no.
The horses are hobbled
in Mesa Canyon.
No horses are worth this.
Nothing is worth this.
It's our job.
You'd better take a shovel.
I didn't bury the rustlers.
Sorry, Mitch.
I know how you felt
about Ole.
No, I don't think so.
Nobody will ever know that.
[ Mitch ] That I will uphold the laws of Arizona Territory at all times--
"So help me God."So help me God.
[ Doc ] You're gonna do a wonderful job. [ Others Affirming ]
This is the sketch
you wanted me to draw
for you, Sheriff.
[ Sam ]
Caught me lookin'
my natural best.
How's about letting it
hang in my store, Mitch?No sale.
[ Others Chuckle ]Say,
young fella,
what'll you charge
to do a picture of me--
just me alone?
Oh, no, I couldn't do that,
Mr. Giller. I don't think
folks would stand...
for two likenesses of you
in one town.[ Others Laughing ]
You see? Now you can't
just lob it in there
soft like.
You gotta
slam it in there
real hard.
You try one.
[ Horse Whinnies ]
Fine job,
Good enough
for a drink or two?Sure, in my saddlebag.
Well, everything's set
on this end. Now we tie
up the other end.
[ Grunts ]
Where's that?
The border--
Royce City.
That hellhole?
There's nothin' there
but lice.
That's what
we're lookin' for,
isn't it? Human lice?
Present company
not excepted.
[ Chuckles ]
You take the wagon
and paintings, and I'll meet you
in four days in Royce City.
Here's to present
and future company.
[ Fiddle Dance Band, Fast ][ Crowd Whooping,
Chattering ]
[ Band Continues ] [ Chattering Continues ]
[ Piano,
Tinny, Fast ]
[ Piano Continues ][ No Audible Dialogue ]
Hey, how's about
keepin' me company,
No company and no "honey"
till I hear your money clank.
Clank, clank.
[ Laughs ]
Say, Ed,
send a bottle
this way.
Came all the way from Durango
to be in the shoot-out.
Lightning draw.
Nobody quicker.
I'm looking for a friend of mine
called Dan Keats.Wouldn't know him.
He wears
a reb uniform.
Draws pictures?Yeah.
Empty belly
for whiskey?Afraid so.
Try upstairs.Thank you.
I'm looking
for a friend of mine,
Dan Keats.
Your name Dan Keats? [ Man ]
[ Snoring ]
Wake up, you slob.[ Muttering ]
No. Julie--
Wake up.What's the matter, Julie?
I like you. Don't you like me?
[ Muttering ]Come on!
[ Woman ] That's no way to treat a partner.
- You Julie?
- Why?
- I asked you a question.
- And I asked you one. Why?
- He mentioned your name.
- Why not?
Every once in a while,
I make an impression
on somebody.
- Before or after
you get them drunk?
- [ Scoffs ]
Now, when it comes to drinking,
your friend doesn't need
any help, Mr. Barrett.
I don't recall
meeting you.That's right.
This is our first hello,
Who are you?Me?
I'm the girl
you told folks about
back in Blue Springs--
the bride
you're bringing back
from St. Louis.
My friend has dreams
when he's drunk.
You'd be surprised
at the dreams I hear
and the offers I get.
You're wasting your time
listening to this one.
I wonder if they'd think so
back in Blue Springs?
I mean the people
who run the bank.
All right, how much?
How much to forget
you listened to him?
Mm-mmm. I'm a partner--
a full partner.
One-fifth, isn't it?
Mm, Sheriff, don't
even give it a thought.
The last time a man
used a six-shooter up here,
he didn't even get past
the bottom of the staircase.
You're right.
That's not gonna
solve anything.
But quit shoving.
It isn't gonna work.Look, Mr. Barrett,
I happen to need
this break badly enough
to do anything to get it.
I have to have a chance
to get enough money together
to leave places like this.
And when it's over,
I'll head east.
I promise you that.
I dream too, Mr. Barrett.
Someday I'll start
living brand-new...
in a place where no one
ever heard of Julie Reynolds.
Find some other way.
You need a woman for this job,
don't you?
Why be sore
because hefound one?I'll do my own hiring.
Fair enough.
You shop around
if that suits you.
But you won't find anybody
able to handle this job
better than me.
All right,
I'll do that.
I'll shop around.
sober up this.
Come on--If I told you once,
I told you 50 times.
I don't make the rules.
We ain't allowed
to waste time on stiffs.
Particularly at
this bonanza period
of the annum.
- [ Man ] Now who was talkin' to you?- Proper question,
but hardly an answer
to the lady's complaint.
- [ Woman ] You said it.
- Now look here.
I wasn't bellyachin', was I?
All I said was,
you could drink
a mite slower...
instead of gulpin' 'em down
like-- like they was bein'
bought by the house.
Harry, give us
another refresher.Bravo.
Merely an endorsement
of your hospitality.[ Sighs ]
Look, uh, can't we drink
someplace private?
A little later, honey. There has to be at least five of us girls on the floor at all times.
I never saw a house
with so many rules.
Hey!You're all elbows,
my dear fellow.
- [ Man ] Get your paws off of me!- With the greatest of pleasure.
a very good evening to you.
Hey. Hey, you!
You with the fancy hat.
You stole my poke,
you dirty crook!I beg your pardon.
You gonna give me my poke
or ain't ya?Dear fellow, you're intoxicated.
Search him, Pete!Make him hold still
for a search.
Lay a hand upon my person,
and I shall be forced
to react accordingly.
[ Man ] Call him, Pete. [ Man #2 ] Call the dude's bluff.
We're backin' your play, Pete.You gonna hold still
and let me search ya?
At your peril, sir.
You lost your poke?Didn't lose it.
This dude stole it.
You're wrong, mister.
I found this poke
at the bar.
that's mine.
How do I know it is?Well, look see.
There's a "P.K." on it.
"P.K." is right.
[ Chuckles ]You owe him
an apology.
Yeah, I sure do.
Say, uh,
the least I could do
is buy you a drink,
Your apology
is accepted.
However, I see no reason
for us to mix socially.Does that mean a yes or a no?
Sir, I bid you
good evening.Oh. Uh, sorry.
Well, thanks
to you, mister.
[ Laughs ]
Fortunate thing
you happened by, sir.I'd say so.
I might have had
to kill the fellow.With a barrage of words?
A lethal little gadget
when properly used.
May I now introduce myself?
Sir Harry Ivers
of the Lancaster Iverses.
My name is Mitch.
Mitch Barrett.
Have you ever had to use
that little gadget?Only when necessary.
You know, you have a talent
I could use, Ivers.
And the remuneration?
Large or small?
Big.You need say no more,
Mr. Barrett.
I'm an infallible judge
of human character.
Let us retire to a table
and seal our bargain, hmm?Why not?
[ Crowd Chattering ]
All right.
All right now, all right.
- Settle down, folks.
Settle down.
- [ Crowd Quiets ]
Well, here it is, folks.
Here's what you've
been waiting for.
For $500 in gold,
Stu Christian of Durango...
against Clark Boyd
of Sioux City.
Get set, up there.
We're gonna start.
Now, there's one thing I want
you both to keep in mind:
Anybody who tries beating my count of 10 gets his head blown off by my boys.
That your widow over there?
All right. Let's stand together, gents, back-to-back.
[ Stu ] Too bad
you won't be here
to see your baby.
One, two,
three, four,
five, six, seven,
eight, nine,
- [ Crowd Groans ]
- [ Screams, Sobs ]
[ Sobbing ]
How about
the money?Sure,
as soon as you saddle up
to leave town.
You tryin'
to run me out?Me?
Not me, mister.
I don't have to try.
I got boys who handle my chores for me.
Let me know when you're ready
to go, then you can pick up
the prize money.
- We don't want you around.
- That's all right.
I never stay
for the funerals anyway.
My name is Mitch Barrett.
I'd like to talk to you.Don't recall askin' to listen.
You'll listen
and be glad you did
for $20,000 in gold.
Mister, when you talk,
you talk big.
I came 300 miles
to hire the winner
of this shoot-out.
Two weeks of your time,
$20,000 in gold.
Might be.Where can we talk
in private?
I've got myself a room
at the hotel.Fine.
[ Piano, Tinny, Fast ]
I'd like to see you
a minute, Dan.
C-Couldn't care less. Beat it.Manners, Lieutenant.
You keep out of this.
Go on. Take your business
someplace else.
Hey, soldier boy,
that ain't no way
to talk to Julie.
You fixin'
to change my words?Yeah.
Yeah, that's what I aim to do.Luke. Hey, Luke, never mind.
Come on. He's not my type.
Not like me, huh, Julie?
Full of money and romance?
Sit down and pour
yourself a shot, Julie.Thanks.
Hey, here he is, everybody.
The fastest gun in the world.
Dan Keats,
Harry Ivers.
I'd like a drink.
What do you have to do
around here to get a drink?Sure you're old enough?
Here you are, Stu.
Help yourself.
Well now, ladybird,
since you asked--
[ Liquid Splashes ]I sure am.
And I'm old enough
and big enough.
I don't like
trigger-cold fingers
anywhere near me.
Julie, don't talk like that
to him. You gotta be
special nice to him.
I told her
to be special nice to ya.Thanks, fat boy.
Mind if ladybird
sits with me?I mind.
Come on, Julie.
Do what he wants. Anything he--Take your greasy hands off me!
Look, who do you think you're talkin' to? Your pa and me were real good friends, remember?
Yeah. We used to go
over her house--Shut up!
All right, then,
you show some-- [ Piano Stops ]
Quick draw,
Come here.
You touch me again,
and I'll put your eyes out.
[ Resumes ]I better go make sure
she's all right.
Never mind.
You talk too much. I'll go.
Yeah? Julie, it's Mitch Barrett.
You know, I like a woman
who doesn't run away
from trouble.
I stopped running
a long time ago.
One fifth interest,
Mrs. Barrett.
You won't be sorry.
We'll leave tomorrow,
after we're married.[ Scoffs ]
I could play Mrs. Anybody
without using a preacher.
I wanna hear the man
say the words.
Back in Blue Springs,
people hang their marriage
certificates on the wall.
We gotta have ours up there
in case we have company.
[ Mitch ] Put it down.
Let me have it.What for? You're not talkin'
to a schoolboy.
Look. You drowned yourself
in Royce City for the last time.Well, maybe so,
but it turned out
sugar-sweet for you,
didn't it?
Looks like a real rough trip
for you, don't it, gray belly?
No whiskey, no women.
I'll bet when you were
a kid you were tops
in your town--
you know, with a crayon,
drawing dirty things
on nice, clean walls?
Felicitations, Lieutenant.
An outstanding piece
of repartee.
No, thanks.
This is a business
not a honeymoon.
What's the matter?
Too cold inside for you?
Get some sleep.
We'll pull out at sunup.
[ Dan ]
And everything's done
to scale measurement--
the street and the buildings,
the windows, the posts--
Along here,
this street measures
exactly 107 yards...
from that north end
of the hotel here
all the way down...
to the very south end
of this here general store.
[ Exhales ]
It's the same system
we used in the army.
a good job.Thanks.
I was hopin'
somebody would
notice it.
Mark Dobbs,
the cattle buyer, will come in
from this direction.
He has a couple
of riflemen as escorts.
He'll come to the jail,
and I'll escort him
to the bank with the money. [ Ivers ] Admirable arrangement.
[ Mitch ] You'll have six days to learn to be perfect in the use of liquid fire.
More than ample.
Now the cattle'll come in
from this direction,
past the house I rented
a month ago.
Julie, you'll drive the wagon with the liquid fire.
Go behind the hotel and then to the rear of the bank.
The rest of you pick up Julie
at 10 minutes to 9:00.
But if what if somebody
recognizes her
and remembers her later?
She's Mrs. Barrett,
the sheriff's wife.
She's a housewife.
She's waiting for
the cattle to get out.
Sound logic.Any questions?
- When do we get some sleep?
- Right now. You can bunk here
or out on the porch.
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
- Who's that?
- Thought I was the only one
who couldn't sleep.
Sleep is always tough
for me...
till I've had
a little help.
[ Chuckles ]
I thought Mitch
got rid of those.
He did, only I happen
to carry a spare.
Dependable Dan.Yeah. Always depend
on Dan...
to get drunk before
and after sundown.
[ Scoffs ]
That shouldn't
bother you any.
You've been around
drunks before.
[ Scoffs ]
And you've been nice
to 'em too.
Keep away from me.
You got whiskey
in every pore.
You know
you're a cheap,
lousy drunk?
[ Laughs ]
Well, look who's talking.
What are you,
the schoolmarm type
or something?
Back home where I come from,
I wouldn't even be seen
talking to a woman like you.
Good. Keep it that way.You know what's
the matter with you?
You just can't stand
to have a man near you.
Somethin' happens to you
every time you're near a man...
and you feel his hand--
[ Laughing ]
Well, at least
you touched me.
Julie! Julie. Julie,
please don't go.
I only wanna
talk to you.
Look. Look, Julie.
I'm gonna stay
right here where I am.
I won't move from this spot.
I won't go across this line.
I won't even touch ya.
I swear I won't.
Cross my heart.
Julie, please, talk to me.
Hmm? Please.
I-- I can't stand
being by myself.
I swear, I just can't.
You don't know
what it's like feeling
lonesome all the time.
- You couldn't possibly
know that.
- Maybe I do.
Maybe I know how it feels,
but there's--
there's no sense
in feeling lonely.
At least when you do,
you've gotta stand up
to the feeling. Fight it down.
Tell yourself a couple of lies
till the feeling goes away.
[ Chuckles ]
You do that too?
What are you trying
to do to yourself?
Isn't there something
you want out of life more
than drinking yourself to death?
Mm-hmm. I want a new world.
[ Chuckles ] [ Chuckles ]
Or maybe even
this old world, but I--
I want somethin' that--
that is mine.
Maybe Mitch'll get it
for you.
For me too. Maybe.
[ Sighs ]
Anyway, that's what
I'm prayin' for...
and hopin'.
Got nothin' else
to lean on but that.
[ Laughing ]
It's not funny, Dan. Oh-ho, yes it is.
Everything's funny--
You, me, everybody.
[ Chuckles ]
Except Mitch.
No, he ain't funny.
I'll tell you somethin'
about him, Julie.
He hates. I mean, a deep,
crazy kind of hate.
He's burnin' up his insides--I don't wanna hear
talk like that.
[ Sighs ]
We both happen to owe Mitch
an awful lot, Dan.
Oh, me, maybe,
but not you.
[ Gunfire ][ Riders Hooting ]
Mitch is back!Here comes Mitch!
[ Hooting ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Harmonica:
"Bridal Chorus" ]
[ Man ] Howdy, Mitch. It's good to have you home again.How was St. Louis?
[ Man #2 ] Howdy, Mitch.Oh, she sure
is pretty, Mitch.
This is Julie.How do you do,
Mrs. Barrett?
[ Man #3 ] Welcome to Blue Springs, Miss Julie.
Nothing like St. Louis,
is it, Mrs. Barrett?
Aw, forget St. Louis, Sam.
She'll feel the same way
about this town as I do.
Right, honey?Absolutely.
That's a wrong way to start
a marriage, Mrs. Barrett.
Mustn't agree with him
that easy.
[ Laughter ]After all this advice,
let's go see the house.
Now hold it, Mitch.
Hold it. Tell him, Doc.
You bet I will.
It's a happy moment
for me.
Mitch, when you went off
to collect your bride,
folks began figuring
how we could prove to her...
she was marrying
the most popular fella
in Blue Springs.
Well, here's the proof,
Mrs. Barrett.
No more rent
on that house
down the street.
You and Mitch own it.
It's our wedding present
to you both.
All free and clear.[ Woman ]
It's a very pretty house.
[ Woman #2 ] And not a penny of mortgage left on it.
[ Man ] All fixed up, spick-and-span.
I don't know what to say.
I'm not good at speeches.
[ Doc ] Aw, never mind trying, Mitch.
By now, we know
how you feel.
Well, thank you.
Thank you very much.
[ Harmonica:
"Camptown Races" ]
[ Continues ]I don't understand it.
Understand what?You, these people.
How can you rob
your friends, Mitch?
Friends? Calling them
"friends" is funny.
Come on, boy.
[ Continues ]
Been to
the well again.Yep.
Only this time, I brought
the well back with me.
[ Whistles ]
Don't drown yourself,
gray belly.
How long you figure
it's gonna take Mitch
to melt Julie down?
Why don't you shut
your dirty mouth?
- You talkin' to me, gray belly?
- Yeah. Right smack up to you.
You don't scare me no more
than a cockroach--
not now with your guts
spread out all over
this table, you don't.
Now what are you gonna do
about that, huh?
Now just what do you figure
on doin' about that?
I'm gonna rip your head off,
gray belly.
That'll be all!
Drop it, Stu.
- I said, drop it.
- [ Loud Thud ]
Looks like
you're taking sides,
I don't take sides
with trash against trash.
As far as I'm concerned,
you can kill each other.
But not until this job is finished.
I've risked too much
to end up at the end of a rope.
My lieutenant.
My Southern gentleman
- Where's the rest
of the rotgut?
- That's all there was.
He's telling you the gospel, Mitch. There were three. This was the last.
You get on your horse
and go to my place.
[ Sighing ]
You and me are gonna
get together again real soon.
I'll be lookin'
forward to that.
How much longer
we gotta wait?
Until Saturday.
Four more days.
I want you to rehearse
until you know
all the answers.
The big one's all
that matters to me:
When do we divvy
the 100,000?
When it's safe,
in about a week...
and when I've convinced
the posse the chase
is hopeless.
After the robbery, you
go to the miner's cabin
up over the ridge...
and wait for me.
Harry, you go the hotel
in Basin City.
And get out
of that clown outfit.
Anybody could spot ya.So you're a ruddy
fashion expert too.
I'm anything
and everything I have to be
to get this job over with.
What about the money?
Who becomes custodian?
It'll be here
with Julie, Dan and myself.
Why here? [ Horse Galloping ]
Because anyplace I own,
the posse won't look.
I've got a picture
for you to study.
Be right back.
Well, if nothing else,
we're becoming art students.
What difference
does it make?
What he says goes.
He's smart.Madmen frequently are.
Him mad?
I should be
that crazy.
Wouldn't surprise me
at all.
Don't mention this one
to Keats.
Some things he hasn't
any stomach for.
Yeah. Lots of things.
I aim to find out
what they are.
You do what you like
after this is over.
That's your business.
This is a painting
he made of a sketch
when I was sworn in.
Stu, this is your man.
He's the hotel man, Caldwell.
I want you to get to know
his face as well as you know
your own gun.
This one's your study,
Harry: Sam Giller,
runs the general store.
You haven't too much time.
The cattle have been rounded up
and are heading toward town.
[ Cattle Mooing In Distance ]We wait 10 minutes and then
we move in behind the bank.
[ Cattle Mooing ]
[ Men Shouting Commands ]
[ Shouting, Indistinct ]
[ Cattle Continue
Mooing Loudly ]
Good morning, sir.Good morning.
Well, what can I do
for you, mister?Just passing through.
I promised my sister
I'd give her a gift.
A gun.
Sure thing.
You came to the right place.
You were recommended
by your sheriff.Mitch?
One of my closest friends.Really? Amazing.
Simply amazing.
Something smallish.
My sister has
a certain delicacy.
Mm-hmm. Got a dandy.
Here you are.
Sixteen dollars.
Hmm. That'd be $16
plus $1.87, won't it?
What?Your close friend,
Mitch Barrett,
asked me to pay what he's owed
you for so long-- ever since
the death of his wife.
One dollar
and 87 cents,
wasn't it?
[ Loud Mooing Continues ]
[ Loud Mooing Continues ] [ Men Continue
Shouting Commands ]
What are you doing
that for, mister?Hand sweat.
Oh.Nice-lookin' beef.
Yeah, we raise
the finest in the country.
The noisiest too.
I guess we'd yell some too
if we was headin'
for the slaughterhouse.
That's right. Never thought
of that before.
Wish I had time
to hear you yell.
Stampede!Come on!
Let Harry
in the back door.
- Don't do it, Mitch. Don't.
- A hundred thousand dollars.
Town's bread and butter.
Best kind of swap
I could make for $1.87.
We got it all.All right, boys.
Give me
the liquid fire stuff.
Hightail outta here.
Stu! You forgot something.
Oh yeah. Gotta make you
look like a hero
for the neighbors.
So long, Mitch.
How long you gonna be
with us, Mr. Lancaster?
As briefly as I find
Have the saddlebags moved
to my quarters while I seek
some refreshments.
Before I swear the posse in,
there's a couple of things
I wanna say.
This town has been hit hard.
We're broke.
And four men are dead.
Any man who's in this just
for an exciting day or two
can step out.
I don't want him.
All right. Let's get on with it.
Raise your right hand.
[ Door Opens ]
Do you have to come
bargin' in like that?
What do you want me to do,
whistle six bars of "Dixie"?
I'm sorry. I--
I guess that all waitin'
and no whiskey is makin'
Dan a dull boy.
I got the best cure
in the world for that.
Oh, you do?
What?In the shed.
You pick up that ax,
start chopping some wood,
and then I can iron
those clothes.
[ Sighs ]
Okay, Doctor.
Anything you say.
[ Door Closes ]
Take half the men, Doc.
We'll meet you
on the other side.
Search all the caves
and anything that looks
like a hideout.
All right, boys.
Come on. Follow me.
Bye, Doc.Good-bye.
Eating time! [ Dan ] I'm on my way!
How much are you gonna chop?
We already have enough
to last a month.
[ Laughing ]
Why this is just like
old times.
I used to chop maybe about
one or two cords at a time
back home.
Mmm! Smells good.
What is it?Wash up and find out.
Hey! You're dripping water
all over the clean floor.
I'm sorry.
Did I get you wet?No.
Put your shirt on.
No gentleman comes
to the table half-dressed.
Just brushing up
on some manners
I used to have.
While I'm on
that subject, I--
There's something else.
That-- That cheap talk
that I made to you
a while back...
about your--
about your
not being a lady.
I know what I am.
Well, I was drunk
as a skunk.
And a lot meaner.
This isn't why
I brought it up now,
but I just wanted
to say to you that...
I have never known
any girl...
that's much of a lady
as you are, Julie.
Not anytime or anyplace.
That's a very nice thing
for you to say.
No nicer than you.
Look, we better eat.
Thing's will get cold.
The men
are pretty beat.
It's kinda rough
on 'em.
It's rougher on you
with a...
bride waitin' at home.
Oh, excuse it.
I-- I didn't mean
to make smart talk.
About Julie and me.
She doesn't like the house.
She doesn't like the town.
She doesn't like anything.
Including me.
She's threatening
to go back east.
I-- I'm real sorry
to hear that, Mitch.
Maybe, uh--
Maybe you want me
to talk to her.
No, I don't want that.
I don't want her
to change her mind...
because somebody
talked her into it.
I-I just couldn't
live with it, Doc.
I know.
Well, maybe she'll come
around in a little bit.
If she does, I'll--
I'll be waiting.
[ Horses Trotting ]
[ Knocking ]
What's that for?Habit, I guess.
Posse quit?
They're searching
the ridge.Here?
Nah, there's nothin'
to worry about.
When I lead them this way,
you'll be over the ridge
and back to my cabin.
Coffee hot?
I don't like riding these hills
with a posse loose.
Too bad your mind
isn't as quick as your gun.
If anybody catches up with you,
you're a trail rider.Yeah. I guess that figures.
Then get started.
I'll cover your tracks
and join the posse.
Gray belly at your place?
Yeah, with Julie.
I wanna keep him in one piece
until we split the money.
A hundred thousand dollars.
That's a nice thought
to keep me company
on the ride across.
Get goin'.
[ Doc ] Mitch! Mitch!
You shouldn't have
taken this chance.
Only way I could be certain
he was one of them.
And he sure hits hard.Here. Let me take
a look at ya.
Hurry up, Doc.
He's still alive.
[ Gasping ]Who are the others
with you?
Come on, boy. Square yourself.
Tell the truth.[ Gasping ]
Basin City? Who's there?
Who?It's no use, Mitch.
He's dead.
Too bad.
Thought he was gonna
tell us more.
All right. We'll comb
Basin City tomorrow.
You know somethin',
These past few days,
bein' here
with you--
[ Chuckles ]
they've been
good days.
I know.
I was hopin'
they'd never end.
We'd better be gettin' back.
Mitch might be coming.
Don't run away
from me, Julie.
Please, don't.
What's the crazy sense
of talkin', Dan?
It's too late for that
or anything else.
No! It isn't.
We been runnin' away
all our lives.
Runnin' from other people,
from ourselves.
When are we gonna stop?
Not till I get far enough away
so that nobody'll know me,
anything about me.
That's all I want, Dan.
I don't believe that,
I think what you want
is what we've had
right here together.
You've been happy.
I know you've been happy.
It'll be over soon.
That's the way it's gotta be.
Julie, listen to me.
Look at me, Julie.
I-I haven't had a drop of liquor
since I've been here, have I?
And I didn't mind it
a bit, did I?
That's just because
of you.
It's because I wanted
to be right with ya.
I wanted to be
with ya.
I love you, Julie.
I love you.
And I know that past
anything else in the world,
I love you.
Aw, Dan. Stop it, will you?
[ Sighs ]
Listen to me and try
to understand something.
Being here with you
is probably...
the only true happiness
that I've ever known.
Dan, you don't really love me.
Julie, now youstop.
Stop being ashamed
for what's past.
I wanna have
a new life with you.
Just you and me.
Well, there's some things
you don't scrub off.
Do you remember
that night in Royce City
when that man, Luke, grabbed me?
Do you remember he started
to say something
about my father?
Well, I never saw my father
one sober day of his life.
Not one.
When he didn't have money
for liquor, then he needed me.
[ Chuckles ]
It's nice to be needed.
He brought his friends
to the house.
And they liked me.
[ Sobs ]
Honey. Honey, don't.
Don't. Julie, Julie.
I love you.
I love you.
Listen. Listen to me.
Back home
where I come from-- that's--
that's deep in Virginia--
I still got a piece
of land there.
I'm gonna work that piece
of land with my two hands.
And I want your two hands
with me, workin' it with me.
We'll turn that earth,
plow, and we'll plant.
And we won't stop
until we have a place that
we can be really proud of--
a place that folks'll
look at and say, "There's
the Keats' place."
We're together now
for always and always.Yes. Yes.
I'm gonna ride into town
and talk to Mitch.
What we gotta do now,
we can do for ourselves.
We're gonna start
fresh and clean.
We'll let the others
keep the money.
You don't want the money,
do ya, Julie?
Oh, no. I've got
what I've always wanted...
all my life, right here.
[ Dog Barking ]
[ Man ] Just got two of 'em. [ Man #2 ] Who gunned 'em, Jonesey?
Mitch. Went in after 'em
single-handed while
we backed him up.
A couple of you men,
uh, take 'em around
to the rear.
Say, Doc. Where's Mitch?Runnin' down the hideout
of the others.
Look, I told you.
He went to town.
I told both of you
to stay put.
But why are you so upset?
He'll be back.
You think so?I know so.
Probably on his way
to Virginia by now.
That's not very funny,
Mitch.No, it isn't.
And it won't be funny for him
when I catch up with him.
Look, I told ya
he'd be back, all right?
You sound like
a protective mother.
Or is "mother"
the wrong word for it?
We're in love.
That's what he went
into town to tell you.
When he finds out
that you're not there,
he'll come back, Mitch.
He'll find out
other things too.
Stu and Ivers are dead.
Dead? How?
With you leading the posse,
Mitch, how?
With me leading the posse.
Oh, Dan.
He can't hear ya.He'll come back.
He'll come back, Mitch.His kinda people
never change.
[ Horse Galloping ]
I told you. I told--
One sound out of you
and I'll kill him from here.
[ Julie ]
Dan! Dan, stop!
Mitch is--
[ Mitch ] Throw your gun out, Keats, or I'll kill her right now.
Now come on in.
That's far enough.
You must've drunk a pint
of guts to ride up here.
The money's all yours, Mitch.
We don't want a penny of it.
The money's not yours
to want.
At least let Julie go.
She can't hurt ya any.
That's not
what I planned.
She was tired of living,
just as you were tired.
I hired a lot
of tired people.
The scum of the earth.
What about after us, Mitch?
You didn't tell us
about wanting to kill
all those people in town.
Innocent people. Good people.
You got rid of everybody
that ever touched you,
everybody that loved ya,
that wanted to help ya.
How you gonna live now?
How you gonna live
without anybody to hate?
I got $100,000.
I don't need anybody.
All the money in the world
isn't gonna help you, Mitch.
Everything you ever had,
ever really wanted, is dead--
is buried in that cemetery
up on the hill!
Shut up. Killin' us isn't gonna change things, Mitch.
Your wife is dead
and she's not gonna come back,
and you've got nothin'.
Nothin'!I said, shut up!
Let Dan go, Mitch.
I'll stay with you here.
Anywhere you ask.
I'll be good to you, Mitch.
I'll make you forget her.
I swear to you,
I'll make you forget her.You--
You cheap tramp, you.
Make me forget Ellie?
[ Loud Slap ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gun Hits Floor ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Sobs ]Oh, honey.
Don't cry, honey.
You didn't have
any choice.
You had no choice at all.
[ Dan ] So we figured by comin' here and tellin' you everything that happened,
we'd run much less risk of a lynchin' party.
We're not
a lynching town,
I can't tell you how...
important this money
is to the town.
Difference between
security and panic,
I guess.
You and Julie
will be tried in court,
fair and square--
if you're still here
after I get back
with Judge Swain.
We'll be here.
Could take three,
four hours for me
to find the judge.
Couple of horses could be
long gone by that time.
No, Doc,
we're through
with runnin'.
Could take two, three,
maybe as much as five years
out of your lives.
We're expecting it.
I've been, uh, braggin'
for a long time
about my town,
my neighbors being kindly
and understanding folks.
I sure aim to prove it
to you both.
[ Sighs ]
Tell me about
Virginia again, Dan.
What'll it be like?[ Chuckles ]
That's gonna take time,
A lifetime.
Not even Doc Seltzer
can walk that slow.