One for the Road (2023) Movie Script

- Get home safe.
- Yeah, you too.
Yo, man!
- You good?
- Yeah.
- The usual?
- The usual.
- Good evening.
- Evening.
License and registration please.
No problem.
Here's... my license.
My registration... is over here.
Is this your vehicle?
- Have you been drinking, Mr. Jung?
- No.
I mean, those are beer bottles.
I know it might look that way,
but I... never drink and drive.
I just... re-parked.
I suspect you've drunk alcohol.
Yes. But I... already knew I'd walk.
That's why. I knew from the
start I'd come home drunk.
Which is why I'm not driving.
I'm not an idiot.
I see. Please step out.
Please get in my colleague's car.
Medical-psychological assessment?
The THC group?
No, this is for alcohol.
THC is down the hall.
Good morning.
Welcome to our road-worthiness course.
I'm a traffic psychologist
and my name is Dr. Volker Buhz.
Yes, you can laugh if you like.
I see some familiar faces.
And new ones.
What you all have in common
is you were found drunk-driving
and your licenses were suspended
for at least three months
prior to a medical-psychological
We will be seeing each other regularly
over the coming months
and discussing
how you came to be drunk-driving,
how to develop strategies
to ensure it never re-occurs,
and, of course,
how to get your driving licenses back.
Alright, who's going to crawl
out of their shell first?
Mark. Would you like to
tell us why you're here?
To get my license back.
Of course. But I want to
know why you're really here.
I reparked my car. While drunk.
That's all?
- That's all.
- Why, "That's all"?
You put those words in my mouth.
Was it that I put them in your mouth,
or you consider your offense a trifle?
I do admit I made a mistake.
No but.
Be honest. This isn't the assessment.
Tell us what you really think.
That's why we're here.
Fine. If I'm honest,
I'd already parked safely.
Life would've carried on
and I wouldn't have to be here.
So this course is a punishment?
No. I'm delighted to be here.
Let's stop here.
What are the assessors looking for?
A lack of remorse.
"Others do it, too.
Why am I being punished?
If the cops hadn't shown up,
it'd all have been fine."
They want to establish if you'll do it
again when you get your license back.
And believe me, they'll establish it.
I know I provoked Mark into saying
that, but the assessors do that, too.
For a whole hour.
And Mark would have definitely failed.
We're here to change that.
who's up next?
Mark? Got a moment?
Please don't take this the wrong way,
but I see this a lot:
Confident men with good jobs.
They don't take this seriously
and see it as the quickest way
to get their licenses back.
Above all, they don't think there's
a real reason for them to be here,
that there's a problem
with their drinking.
Yet that's the case.
Often they're the most problematic
of all the participants.
use this opportunity.
If I have the worst
problem of everyone,
then you all also have the
worst problem of everyone,
meaning we'd all have
the worst problem of everyone.
Which is impossible. Right?
- Because society would fall apart.
- But society functions.
Right. The doc is forgetting something:
Drinking has always
been a social ritual.
You know? That goes for the Celts,
the Aztecs and the Vikings.
There's always been drinking.
You mean, 3000 years back.
Aztecs got drunk every night?
Nadimski! You made it!
- Good to see you.
- After one beer I'm gone.
- For real.
- Great to see you.
Really great.
What's going on? Is Elvis in the house?
How come you're here?
- I stalked you after our class.
- That's cool.
Just great. Walk this way.
Come on, I'll introduce you.
May I introduce you? This is...
- Helena.
- Helena.
Can I get a gin and tonic?
We're doing
the assessment course together.
This here is Nadim.
He was one of my best friends.
He was reliable and
always ready to party.
But now he's got a girlfriend
and a lake house.
He used to be handsome. Amazing.
But now he's a real killjoy.
You have to threaten to fire him
for him to turn up.
Turn up? You have a panic attack
if I don't booze every day. It's true!
Why are you being assessed, anyway?
- I fell asleep at a traffic light.
- Drunk?
No, on speed.
I had a stressful day
and the light wouldn't turn green.
- What do you do?
- Teach elementary school.
- Funny, eh?
- Ah, what's so stressful about it?
Well, snowplow parents like you
who run amok if their kids don't get
top grades for reading in first grade.
- How about you guys?
- Take a guess.
- Your job?
- Yeah.
You can take the nerd out of the IT,
but not the IT out of the nerd.
You hit the nail on the head.
- He's developing...
- an app.
Precisely. You can monitor
your pet's feeding over Bluetooth!
Got it? Like in the USSR!
If I had a pet, I'd buy it.
Joerg, can we get five more?
Dude, I have a dream.
I want to be a break-dancer.
You think I'm too old?
- No, go for it!
- Ride behind me!
- Faster, it's turning red.
- We'll make it!
- We'll make... Oh shit!
- We didn't make it.
Night! Take care.
Any trouble, then don't call me.
Oh, man...
Listen, I don't give a fuck
if you go bankrupt.
You'll reopen under a different name
in a few months, anyway.
Now you're Diamond Construction.
You were Platinum Construction.
What's next?
Sapphire Construction or what?
Listen. I've got a good tip for you.
How about Ruby Construction, huh?
- Morning, boss!
- Morning.
- Is everyone in?
- You might say so.
Long night?
A bit.
Want some of my coffee?
With oat milk.
What did the vegan say
at the burger joint?
- Oh, great. An early morning vegan joke.
- "I've been herbivore."
At least my food
didn't come out a chicken's ass.
You've had the plans for six months.
They detail everything,
including the breaches.
Plans are plans,
construction is construction.
No need to explain to me.
There's an implementation plan
and everyone has to keep to it. Period!
Looks like sanitation planning to me.
- How do, chief?
- Great. Morning.
- Luisa.
- Morning.
The first lady was debating...
No, she was saying
we can't increase the breach.
And definitely not by 50 cm. No way.
So I'm Siegfried and Roy and put heat
and water through this tiny breach?
My bathrooms aren't going to hell
because of your broader conduit.
Excuse me. I have to get this.
Boss, I need 50 cm. This won't work.
I need 50. I'm gonna lose it.
Polle, Polle, Polle.
You'll be proud when this project is
through. And it'll be because of you.
But I'll never get her
to agree to 50 cm.
Maybe 20.
I can do 20.
So, cheers.
Did you know "vegan" is an old Native
American word meaning "bad hunter"?
Not true.
It is.
that's actually a translation error.
It literally means "too intelligent
to eat poor martyred creatures"
raised on antibiotics.
You prepared that, you beast.
- And your jokes are off the internet.
- No.
- They are.
- No.
- You researched it or what?
- No.
They're so lame, anyone can tell.
Got a housewarming to go to.
- And the construction schedule?
- I'll do it on the way.
She'll get it tonight.
- Marky, Marky...
- I need a present.
Looks good.
Bye, then!
- Hi, Mark!
- What's up?
It's beautiful here.
- Isn't it?
- Great.
The lord of the manor!
- This is for you.
- Thank you.
Like Canada, huh?
A bit run-down, but...
So much potential. Fix it up.
I got to pay it off first!
Good to see you!
- Fizzy wine?
- No, I'm good.
No, really.
You're not pregnant, are you?
Nope. I take precautions.
I have a crucial plan to finish,
then I can start.
Got you.
- How about you?
- Not right now.
- Really?
- No.
And I'm not pregnant or ill.
It's absurd how you need an excuse
not to drink, and not vice versa.
My sister was always so happy
to be pregnant
so she could just say no.
Now she has three kids.
I saw this online test:
"Do you drink too much?"
- Did it go badly?
- No idea. I didn't take it.
Why would you? The Health Ministry
writes them to make us feel bad.
It's true.
"A glass after work, a cocktail
at the party, or a shot for digestion."
For many,
alcohol is part and parcel of it all.
But you can quickly slip
into alcoholism without noticing.""
Blah-blah, who cares...
Let's do this. Ready?
- Are you ready?
- Yeah!
Alright. "Question 1:
How often do you drink alcohol?
A: Not more than three times a month.
B: Once a week.
C: Several times a week."
- C?
- C!
C. Alright.
"When you drink, do you drink:
A: One glass."
B: One to three glasses. Or, C:
"More than three?"
- B!
- Alright, you see?
Nadim, you're not a B.
Dude, it's very rare that I drink
more than three glasses!
- In half an hour!
- Precisely.
Yeah, whatever. He's a D.
"Have you ever gone to work drunk?"
Can I maybe read the answers... first?
Okay, C for everyone.
"When you start drinking,
are you unable to stop
even if you're already drunk?
- That's you.
- Yeah, totally.
That's the very definition of Mark!
- It's true!
- Sure thing. Here we go.
Everyone's a C, right?
Here are the results.
We're all members of the C group.
This is bitter.
"You might have suspected it
for some time already:
Alcohol has become a problem for you
that you cannot solve
without specialist help.
The scientific consensus is that
abstinence would be the best approach.
Do not be shy about
seeking assistance.
Alright, there we have it.
I'd say we have it in writing:
We have a problem!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
At long last. At long last.
- Ready?
- Dude, you'll never make it!
Move the trampoline back a bit!
Okay, all together.
What's this?
I don't know where to sleep.
All the beds are full.
And it's nice and warm here.
Don't you dare snore.
And get your hands off me.
I didn't know you're so prude.
What are you doing?
I'm sitting.
- You kidding?
- I'm sitting!
And pissing?
- Yes!
- No.
That's my grandma's armchair.
Get up!
- You are kidding me, right?
- Sorry.
Mark, stop that, please. Hey, stop.
Sorry. It's all wet.
Fill it up.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Slept well?
The toilet's over there.
Sorry, man. Not cool.
Could you tell Anja how sorry I am?
Will do.
But she's already cool, so don't worry.
It didn't exactly shatter her
worldview. It was just an heirloom.
That was the most
pitiful thing in years.
So undignified.
I think the last time
I saw something so bereft of dignity
was 25 years ago.
I found my father
masturbating in front of the TV.
- For real?
- Yep.
- What was he watching?
- The Olympics in Lillehammer.
Ice skating. Kati Witt's routine.
Can I tell you something?
There's never an evening when I see you
and you're not getting wasted.
Like that's the point.
And it's getting more extreme.
I don't mean to attack you, Mark.
Really. Not at all.
But, dude,
you peed on Anja's grandma's armchair
because you thought it's the toilet.
You jumped in an empty pool
'cause you thought it was full.
That was 15 years ago on a school trip.
We're in our mid-30s now.
There's a point in life
when you accept responsibility.
I might sound like a square,
but it's true.
I don't get what good it does you
to have another
and another. You know?
I mean...
If Anja asked me now
whether I thought
you could still go out
without getting smashed,
I don't even know what I'd say.
I'd probably say no.
- But I can.
- Great.
It is.
It's so embarrassing.
No kidding.
Lucky you didn't do number two.
You know what?
Let's make a bet.
I won't drink any alcohol
until I get my driving license back.
And if I lose,
I'll fix up your cabin.
- The construction manager himself?
- The very same, yep.
And what if I lose?
If you lose,
you have to ride
the Berlin Circle Train naked
with a sign hanging there reading:
"I underestimated my best friend."
I hope you lose.
A bet?
You said abstinence is the best way
to get your license back,
and I'm doing that,
so where's the problem?
There is no problem.
But a bet, as we say,
is always an extrinsic,
that is to say external motivation.
It's much better, in my experience,
if the reason for
abstinence is intrinsic
and stems from a real,
internal need to change one's life.
I don't want to change my life.
I think it's pretty fantastic.
And I made the bet
not because I have a problem,
but because I don't.
I used to drink a
great deal of alcohol.
I stopped twelve years ago.
The first step was to find something
that mattered more than alcohol.
Something that became
my substitute drug.
And what was that?
Half marathons.
What? What do you think, Mark?
Nothing. It's a really good idea.
You will see
how your thinking grows clearer.
How you're more awake.
How, sober,
the world is much more intense.
Sex, too.
You think you can pull it off?
Now that you mention it, no.
One month.
- One month what?
- You'll manage one month and not more.
Your cynicism is crushing.
You'll be upbeat for a week or two,
because you're following through with it,
but the euphoria
will only last for that week or two.
Then things will go downhill
and you'll become intolerable.
Work will get you down.
Going out and watching other
people drink will get you down.
Anything fun will get you down.
After a month, that's it.
The tiniest of triggers
will be enough for you.
Bet you anything in the world.
Another bet I'll win.
You're wrong. And you know why?
Because I've got a positive goal
I'm pursuing.
While you have only malice and envy.
So now I'm off to train for a half
marathon with Dr. Buhz.
After which,
you guys will have very intense sex.
We might even get intrinsic.
You're welcome to join us.
You kidding?
Ruby Construction was my idea!
I gotta go.
- Coffee, ladies?
- Thank you.
A round of applause
for Siegfried and Roy.
I've got to say, it tastes great.
You can't tell the difference.
You do know it contains alcohol?
Drink enough of those
and you'll get drunk.
You live with all those squares
at the lake.
No, I'm still an A.
Yeah, get naked already.
I'll prepare the sign.
- So, how's it going?
- Great.
- No bad moods?
- No, I'm doing fine.
And at work?
Hey, are you nuts?
You are.
Cut it out.
I'll make you sorry alright, asshole!
I'll give you...
Get lost, asshole.
You're the asshole.
Why was that man so angry?
- Because I'm living healthy.
- He's angry because of that?
It's pretty involved.
I'm living healthy but not enjoying it.
And because I don't enjoy it,
I'm not chill,
and when I'm not chill, I'm pissed,
and when I'm pissed I'm an asshole.
And because I'm being an asshole,
that guy's angry at me.
So why are you living healthy now
if you're not enjoying it?
That's a legitimate question.
- I'll never live healthy.
- Me neither.
Me neither.
Now that is the right attitude.
Don't let anyone tell you different.
Have a nice day.
Nadimski, it's me.
Sit down when you hear this.
I've got an idea.
I'll buy us a crate of
alcohol-free beer and I'll cook.
Me? Cooking? It's unprecedented.
It'll be an adventure.
You can bring Anja along
if she dares.
I'd be thrilled. Call me back.
It's me again.
It's a bit late for dinner, but you can
just come over. Or maybe I will.
It's your call. Just let me know.
See you then. Bye.
Wait up.
Mark, wait, hey!
Wait up, man.
Wait up, please. Listen up.
- An old friend of Anja's is visiting...
- Don't explain.
- I was gonna call you tomorrow.
- It's all just fine!
- You don't have to justify yourself.
- Come join us.
Ole's cool. He's an architect
and is telling this crazy story
about a skyscraper in Peking...
I don't want to go in there.
Don't you get it?
I'm not interested in Ole
building some skyscrapers.
I can't watch you all drinking.
Don't you get it?
That's how it is. Good night.
I'll call you.
Hey, Mark. The usual?
No, give me two carbonated waters.
There you go.
- It's on me.
- Yeah?
- Bye, Mark.
- Take it easy.
Hey, dude!
We're northern beers
here on the bachelor train.
- Next station...
- Seagull Piss schnapps!
Looks shitty to me.
Have a nice time.
- Come on, drink.
- Nah.
- Come on.
- Nah.
- Oh, come on. Or else a sailor will die.
- No!
Do it or things up north will go south.
- The seagulls will get diarrhea.
- Plus he's getting married. He's done.
- Last night out.
- One drink! A small one!
A large beer contains
20 grams of alcohol.
This is distributed over 60%
of women's body weight
and 70% percent of men's.
The rule of thumb is, alcohol is broken
down at the rate of 0.15 per mil per hour.
So if you drink four large beers
over three hours,
how high is the alcohol concentration
in your blood?
Two per mil?
Don't guess, Franky. Do the math.
Your formulas mean nothing to me,
I'm a gardener. I plant trees.
That requires math, too.
My boss does all that.
Perhaps you'll all work it out
oh your own.
How's swimming?
It's my methadone.
At some point,
you stop missing alcohol, right?
At some point,
you stop missing alcohol, right?
You look like you've been drinking
for three days straight.
caught some bug.
I think I'll cry.
- How long?
- How long what?
How long did you make it?
Two months.
Twenty-seven days.
Not even one month.
You wrote it down?
You're Satan incarnate.
Hey, Mark, this is Nadim.
Call me back about what just went down.
Hey, Mark. Good morning.
It's Nadim again.
Concerning yesterday, I'm real sorry.
I should've answered your call.
I fucked up.
I know how difficult
our bet is for you.
Let me just say,
it'll never happen again.
So if you've got a minute,
please call me back.
Did you go to a bar last night
and are sleeping it off now?
Sorry, I had to say that.
Groundhog Day all over again.
If you'd called me back,
I would've told you,
but you won't talk to me anymore.
Well, I just wanted to say
how impressed I am
how you're pulling this off...
I never thought you'd make it this far,
to tell the truth.
None of us did.
We all thought two weeks, tops,
and then you'd jump into an empty pool.
But you've made it this far,
you'll make it to the end, too.
I'm sure of it.
Turn the music down!
- You hear me, you bum?
- What?
Turn the music down!
I can't hear you! The music's too loud!
Turn it off, you bastard!
I can't understand you!
The music's too loud!
- Hey.
- Mark!
- What are you drinking?
- What am I drinking?
- Cachacha gimlet.
- Cachacha gimlet.
After a second DUI,
you have to practice abstinence, right?
I've got a vegan colleague,
no alcohol, no drugs,
straight edge or whatever,
and she lends me her urine.
So while you're bullshitting
the whole class,
you eye me like a criminal for lying
to my friend on one single occasion?
I never bet anyone that I'll quit.
Your lie is twice as bad
because of betting fraud.
Guys, tonight's off. Maybe next time.
Just push the pedals.
Nothing's gonna happen, I've got you.
- You can't just take off.
- Dude, you said you had me.
You can't just ride off.
You gotta at least count to three,
you know?
It's unbelievable
that you don't know how to ride a bike.
Some tribes in the Amazon
have never even heard of a bicycle.
Yeah, in the Amazon.
From the top: Face forwards and pedal.
One, two, three...
That's it.
Helena! What are you doing?
Come on. You really can't ride a bike.
You're bleeding.
I call that know-how. Come on.
- Go, horsey.
- Over there.
Good horsey.
Stop. Please exit the vehicle.
Here we go.
Come on.
One day, this may all be yours.
And you're the architect?
- The construction manager.
- Alright.
- And your buildings don't fall over?
- Shut up!
Helena, watch out.
Watch out.
Helena, step back!
Helena, step back from there.
Come on.
Helena, come on!
Helena, step back!
- Mr. Jung?
- Yes?
Do you need help? Is everything
alright? I can call a doctor.
Oh, you mean the blood. No, it's...
It's not mine, it's a friend's.
We were kidding around.
It's kind of you,
but there's nothing to worry about.
Sleep well.
Where have you been?
We had an inspection at 8.
I forgot.
You forgot?
- Sorry. But it's spilled milk.
- You spill too often.
- Meaning what?
- Meaning what?
Mark, jeez, just look at yourself.
I don't care what you do after work,
I don't give a fuck.
But if you don't do your job properly,
you're in for serious trouble with me.
- It's raining.
- It's raining?
Just go home.
You're no use like this anyway.
You're a safety hazard.
She'll get over it.
She's pissed about something else.
There was a break-in on site.
We're checking for theft.
They cut open the plastic and rain
poured into the conduits for hours,
so the insulation needs replacing now.
But it's not your fault this time, right?
Gotta go.
Jellinek defines
five different kinds of drinkers:
Alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon.
But what if I'm every type, Doc?
If you were, Franky,
you'd no longer be here.
Alpha drinkers are problem drinkers.
They drink to get over their troubles.
That goes for me, Doctor.
Beta drinkers are habitual drinkers.
They use social events
to consume large amounts of alcohol.
They even go looking for events.
Bars, restaurants, parties.
- That goes for me, too.
- Yes, Franky.
With gamma drinkers,
even the smallest amounts of alcohol
unleashes an irresistible urge
to consume even more.
Once they've started,
they have to keep drinking.
They're physically addicted.
Delta drinkers
are so-called maintenance drinkers.
They need to maintain
a constant blood-alcohol level.
Without alcohol, they suffer
from severe withdrawal symptoms.
Maintenance drinkers are sick.
And finally, the epsilon drinkers,
known colloquially as...
- Binge drinkers.
- Correct, Franky. Thank you.
At irregular intervals,
epsilon drinkers
suffer from the wild and
irresistible urge to get drunk
to such an extent
that this bout can continue for days.
Drinking is self-deception.
You think no one notices.
That it's a matter only for you alone.
But the incidents start to mount up.
Often in a professional context.
Oversights increase,
absences before and after the weekend,
you're unfocused and miss appointments...
Finally, you run into a dead-end
and are dumbfounded.
Everyone knew it. All along.
Only no one mentioned it
because it's still considered taboo.
But by then it's often too late.
Your fellows' tolerance
has been exhausted.
You might lose your job,
your marriage,
your relationship.
Worst favorite drink at 15?
Korea: Red wine and Coke.
We called that Cold Pussy.
- How come?
- I'm not telling.
What did you call that evil green
stuff, blue curacao with orange juice?
- Green Meadows.
- Green Meadows?
That's kind of...
We just called it: No!
- The final enemy!
- One time...
My parents had it up on their shelf.
And they probably always wondered
why the blue curacao and the orange
juice always ran out simultaneously
while their boy
would be stumbling down the hallway.
Oh, God!
Little Gamma needs collecting
at the blue carousel Land.
If I'm gamma, then you're delta.
I'll give you delta...
Nadim, hi. Good to see you.
You okay?
Want to talk about it?
I'm not a life coach,
but if you squeeze through the toilet
window to avoid your best friend,
you've reached a new low.
You're right. You're not a life coach.
Why don't you just tell him?
I was so sure I'd win the fucking bet,
and then I didn't even make four weeks.
It's pathetic.
Then I find out my friends don't even
believe I can handle two weeks, you know?
I'm always at work,
and am usually the last one.
It's the only moment I feel no stress.
So I have a drink. It's just my ritual.
And when you go out,
there's no other way.
Those are the only two things I enjoy.
And now? I go home from work,
but there's nothing there.
And you've lost our bet, too.
I'll be needing my prize.
That wasn't a real bet.
We bet "anything in the world."
Okay, but what is "anything"?
What's "anything"?
We both try to quit for a while.
It's what you wanted: To win your
other bet. We could try it together.
What's so funny?
You know the story
of the lobsters in the pot?
One of them tries to climb out
and the others drag him back down.
Fine, forget it. It was a shitty idea.
- No.
- Forget it.
It was a shitty idea. I'm annoyed
with myself for even asking.
How are you going to do it?
Tell me. What's the plan?
I put two mattresses in my parents'
basement. We go cold turkey there.
For real?
Of course not! We just do it together.
Spend the time together.
Eat dinner or whatever.
What's okay?
We can do that.
Yeah. I like it.
No, really.
So if one us can't cope,
we can call the other.
Why did you choose me?
- I thought I was so excessive and...
- weak-willed.
Minus times minus is a plus.
Yeah, maybe we'll
make a real plus together.
You think two big minuses
make an awesome plus?
What's that?
We're juicing.
I always think,
if Keith Richards or Courtney Love,
who've been drinking two bottles of
whiskey a day all their lives...
I mean, they're still alive.
If they started living healthy
from one day to the next,
their bodies would just give up.
- I'm letting go now.
- Yeah, let go.
- In a second!
- Let go.
Let go!
That's the way. Steady she goes.
I always felt like a plant
that has the potential
and all the required qualities
to become a really good plant,
yet somehow doesn't grow
because unfortunately
it was planted on the wrong planet.
It was planted on Mars.
I just wanted to get away.
I moved out two weeks
after graduating from high school.
- Do you sometimes still see your parents?
- Not at all.
I don't think I've seen
them in ten years.
Come on,
this is your personal best time.
- How many laps have I done?
- Eleven!
Move it!
My parents got divorced
when I was eight.
It really sucked.
At eleven, I was the youngest
depression patient in the district.
But don't pity me.
It was 25 years ago.
I'm better than ever.
You'll be proud of yourself tomorrow.
I'm proud of you already.
Course I'm proud of you.
Then try to sleep.
Night-night. Sleep well.
I had two glasses of sparkling wine,
that's it.
So how do you explain
the 1.6 per mil blood alcohol content?
- A faulty reading? Yeah, probably.
- Frauke!
This is the third time you've lost
your license in 15 years.
Was it always a faulty reading?
I only drank two glasses
of sparkling wine.
Jeez, Frauke!
- You pull this crap every week!
- Groundhog Day all over again!
But it's the truth.
leading scientists are skeptical
if blood alcohol levels
can really be established...
"Leading scientists!"
You're such a dipshit.
Enough. We all have our own pace.
Frauke, too.
Oh, Dr. Buhz.
Your Mr. Nice Guy routine
might not get the boozer sober.
Is your anger due to your concern for
Frauke in her psychological assessment,
or rather due to personal problems
of which we know nothing?
Helena, I have to get to work.
Yeah, okay.
Three abstinence chips.
One for each week.
It's for you. I made it myself.
Please. I don't want to feel
like Alcoholics Anonymous.
We just want to win a bet.
Fine, hand it over.
I'll hang it over my bed and stare
at it all night to motivate myself.
Don't fucking vent on me.
Save that for Dr. Buhz, you hear me?
No! Stop it!
It's mine. Get off it!
Helena, your shawarma!
Then kiss my ass!
Jenny, don't start until
I've given it my blessing.
Who gives a shit.
I'll be there in 20 minutes.
- Have a seat.
- I've got work.
Just briefly. I'd appreciate it.
I used to not be able to sit on my own
on a bench for even five minutes.
It was impossible. Too much stress.
Until I finally realized
I was stressed out
and having problems simply because
I'd caused them all myself.
But when I sit on this bench,
listening to the birds
sensing the wind,
and sensing myself
really sensing myself
then I am happy.
Sorry, but I can't sit around
on a bench listening to birdies.
My problems won't disappear.
Life isn't that simple.
You're wrong, Mark.
I really gotta go.
Have a nice day.
Have a nice day.
This is the revised
electro blueprint or what?
It's the revised revised version.
Why are the outlets still here? What
the fuck? We discussed this 1500 times.
So this is all garbage?
Mark, we did the math
to see if it'd work.
Don't "Mark" me!
I can't get the cables through.
It's a pile of shit.
Helena, I'm at work, what is it?
Man, you're dumb. You're so dumb.
Fuck. It was over three weeks
and you're pissing it away.
No way.
Was that everything or is more hidden?
About three months back,
during first period,
we were doing singulars and plurals.
I'd been drinking.
I mean, heavily.
I got nauseous
and puked in the paper bin.
I look up and
twenty pairs of second graders' eyes
are staring at me fearfully.
Little Greta asked if I'm pregnant.
I couldn't tell the truth.
And I thought it was a good idea.
So I just didn't reply.
Maybe I even nodded a bit.
Of course it was a shitty idea.
The kids told their parents,
my colleagues found out.
Everyone was so happy for me
and even started bringing in
baby stuff for me.
And today, a colleague came in
with an entire set of romper suits.
I knew I had to bail.
I tragically lost the child
in the 14th week.
It's surely not awesome karma.
the colleague with the romper suits
started crying horribly
because this somehow
triggered something in her own past.
I felt really sorry, so
told her the truth.
She went straight to the principal.
I didn't want to call you.
I know you have work.
But then I did it anyway.
Why is it we don't have sex?
When I let a man into my apartment,
it's to have sex.
I don't know why we don't have sex.
Do you not find me attractive?
I do.
You're the most attractive woman
I know.
I find you attractive, too.
If you have to say it,
that ship has sailed.
I like quitting with you.
I... didn't have my key with me.
I think that's enough. Thanks.
Could you leave us alone for a moment?
You're such a great
construction manager.
The best I ever came across.
You treat everyone equally,
take them seriously.
Everyone respects you. Everyone.
The architects,
the construction workers.
You alone have no respect for yourself.
The only person you disrespect
is yourself.
The developer has seen the footage.
He consented to this conversation,
but then you have to leave the site.
I'm sorry.
Jenny will be taking over.
She's had a lot of practice
in recent weeks.
I don't want to lose you, Mark.
We are such a good team.
But I need you to do therapy first.
You haven't been on vacation once
since we started working together.
So take time off,
get help
and come back.
I know how this might sound to you.
"She's ignored it all these years
and tolerated it."
And it's true.
It's true, you're right.
But sooner or later,
you have to acknowledge the truth.
You're an alcoholic, Mark.
It's not said as a reproach,
but because I'm concerned about you.
Your hypocrisy makes me puke.
- Mark, please.
- I mean it.
It's so very nice of you
to be concerned about me.
Know what? Fuck you.
Mark. Mark.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing for
you to be sorry about.
Thank you.
- Are we going tomorrow?
- Yes.
- At what time? Two?
- That'd be great.
- You coming, too?
- Sure, it'll be nice.
Good evening.
- Welcome.
- Thanks. You have a reservation?
This is Mark.
It's probably under his name.
- You good?
- Yes!
- I am now.
- Great.
This table is reserved.
- Could you take this sign away?
- No, it has to stay.
No, we have it now.
Great to see you.
- What's your name?
- Ole.
- Without a reservation, we...
- But we have one. I'll put this here.
You know who this is?
Know who this is?
My best friend.
My best friend!
- Look, we have the same...
- He knows the tattoo.
I showed it to him.
Happy birthday.
No, but this is a problem now.
What's with this place?
We need a new plan.
- Take it.
- Listen. Next station...
You can't ride. I'll call you a cab.
You're so drunk, you can't stand.
- I'll tell you a secret.
- Go ahead and tell me.
Our guardian angel
is looking out for us.
- You're talking crap.
- No! It's true.
No, no, no.
It's a pity.
Such a pity.
Please cut the shit, Mark!
- I don't get it. I just don't get it.
- You don't get it?
Right. I just don't get it, dude!
I won't let you ride like this. Sorry,
but I won't. You're staying here.
Let me go, man!
Bike kiss.
Our first bike kiss. Again.
And round and round...
I'll fix us a drink.
- What are you doing?
- There was another one.
It's all gone.
- There was another bottle.
- No, it's gone.
- Where is it?
- Gone.
- Where did it go?
- It's gone.
- Tell me where it is.
- It's all finished.
- Tell me for real.
- It's gone.
Mark, tell me where it is!
- Where are you going?
- To buy some.
Wait up!
Can you wait?
- Please leave.
- No.
- You have to go.
- No!
You're drunk.
Leave or I'll have you thrown out.
Now go!
Hit me up.
Don't you have work?
I do.
Hello, Mr. Jung.
No need to move.
We meet again.
Extend your right arm.
It won't take long.
You don't remember?
You build wonderful buildings, right?
Why was I here?
For the same reason.
I wanted to say I'm sorry.
I don't really know what happened,
to tell you the truth.
But I do know I have to apologize.
No blood this time?
No, I know I've...
I'd love to swap with you.
That is to say,
Initially, I was a bit baffled,
but the longer I think about it, the
more I believe you're absolutely right.
Completely right. You know how to live.
Well, I just wanted to let you know.
I wasn't fast enough.
You sent flowers.
Really good ones, from planet Earth.
I know we don't really have a
flower-giving relationship, but...
I was a little surprised.
But they're lovely.
So, how are you?
I'm a lobster.
I drag people back down into their pot.
Minus times minus don't make a plus.
Math isn't my strong suit, but...
Minus times minus makes...
Only plus times plus makes plus.
I only want us to meet again
when we're both pluses.
Do you promise?
I have to go, Mark.
Take care.
You, too.
Come in.
- You mind if I eat?
- No.
The first time I came here,
you asked me
why I'm taking the course.
I said because I want my license back.
But I think that was only
half of the truth.
I also think I'm here because...
I have an alcohol problem.
didn't win the bet. I tried it twice.
I really wanted to win
the second time, but...
I couldn't manage.
Why did you start again?
Because I felt angry
Is there a reason?
I mean, why do you think
you can't stop drinking?
If I have a problem,
the problem dissipates.
If I'm stressed out,
the stress dwindles when I drink.
After the first glass, I feel like
it all falls away from me.
I'm excited like a little child,
like when you're in love
and waiting for your date.
My heart throbs unbelievably.
Even now, just thinking about it,
it's throbbing again.
I don't think I'm an
asshole when I drink.
I even think I'm a better person.
Maybe you don't know yourself
sober anymore.
That's possible.
Did your parents drink?
Everyone drank. I'm from the country.
Everyone drinks there.
And when we drank, we felt like kings.
And the next day,
we were boys from the country again.
If alcohol were a figure,
a symbol, a person,
what would you say it was?
Follow your gut.
A rock star.
Because it says "Fuck you,"
does what it wants
and is loved nonetheless.
Or perhaps even because of it.
Shall we pursue this after class?
Right. This is our last sitting.
It wasn't exactly a place
I liked to come home to.
There was no... warmth.
Could you talk to your
parents about this?
Write them a letter.
Tell them everything. Let it all out.
When you're done,
decide whether to send it or not.
Or burn it.
This anger you speak of,
where exactly does it reside?
If you described the feeling you have
in one sentence, what would it be?
Don't think about it, say it.
There's so much more.
Say it again.
There's a plane with a banner
that reads...?
There's so much more.
There's so much more.
I don't drink as fast anymore.
No more chugging.
It must've been more than two glasses,
after all.
And I'm training for a half marathon.
At least, I want to.
I'm doing well, as you can see.
But I have a very important question.
Why has no vegan ever been to the moon?
So, how did it go?
The hospital told me
you'd be doing your laps here.
So you're a plus now?
Yes, for three months now.
And you?
It sounds so implausible, I barely dare
say it. But at the moment, yes.
I'm still in rehab because of the leg
and I have a good therapist.
But well, we'll see.
It's a long road ahead.
A very long one.
I'm an outpatient with Dr. Buhz.
No way.
So you're... what's the word?
- Intrinsic.
- Precisely. Intrinsic.
But I'm doing fine.
I'm very happy.
Can I show you something?
You passed the assessment!
Where did you go?
People go somewhere special
when they get their licenses back.
I have to get to it.
My half marathon.
Will we see each other again?
Do you really want that?
You're good at heart, Mr. Jung.
So are you.
My boy.
Go ahead!
No, forget it.
Stop, people are leaving.
No way,
I'm gonna go ahead and do it.
Here come more.
- And here we go!
- Here we go!
That's my boy!
That's my boy!
Show me your butt!
Thomas Cooper, Matthew Way