One Good Reason (2020) Movie Script

Hey, Hemingway.
You've reached Wyatt Williams.
I can't come to
the phone right now
but if you leave your name,
number and measurements,
I'll get back to you depending
on said measurements.
Oh, I see, you're not home
because you're out
on some hot date
with an intelligent
beautiful woman,
or you just finished
your new book
and you're on your
way to New York City
to work out the details of
your million dollar deal.
Yeah I could totally
be doing those things.
Then why aren't you?
It's complicated.
Do any writing today?
Well, seeing how
you're not doing
any of the things you're
supposed to be doing,
come keep me company.
Well as I mentioned earlier,
just leave your measurements
and I'll strongly consider it.
Oh my god.
Luckily he came before all
the good seats were taken.
Ah, comedy.
How are you madam?
So what's your
problem, monkey boy?
Lay it on me.
Writer's block
has befallen this protagonist.
Befuddled this funt
to such a degree
he actually ponders suicide
just to boost the
sales of his last
you know, like, book.
Oh, a tragic figure indeed.
But your solution to
permanent in its nature.
What measures in the
past taken to remedy
such creative constipation?
Behold, and yet it fails me now.
A riddle for you, my lady.
Can a writer still
call himself a writer
whence he ceases to write?
One writes because he must.
He who feels the need
must claim the name.
Well, the need remains.
It's the doing that's
cause for concern.
And should this continue,
I am wildly unprepared
for a life in any other kind.
Well, I could always
hire you around here
for extra help during
the rush times.
Ooh, excellent,
must have missed that.
And sometimes but not often
Louis over there will
throw up on the floor.
Clarifying, this would
be better than suicide?
Sign me up.
So how long has it been?
A week?
Two weeks?
Is that new?
Four months.
I know, I know.
Oh, it's almost
done, it's almost done.
You get the first read, Grace.
Well that is still
kind of true, isn't it?
Oh, lies flow from
you far too smoothly.
Well, rest assured,
not without its toll
on my sense of self.
You can't live on
your last book forever.
Nor can you.
And your tips are
in great jeopardy.
I'll survive.
So where's that head of yours?
How's your personal life?
You know it's pathetic
and yet dependable.
Hmm, you do hate surprises.
I do.
Despite my formidable
conquests of the fairer sex,
I'm sorry, are you coming
down with something?
- No.
- No?
That sounds like a nasty cough.
Can I get you a lozenge?
No, no, I'm fine.
All right.
Last time I went
to bed with a woman
who I actually hoped would
be there the next morning?
Five years?
Five years of sex
in lieu of love.
I'm tired, and
it's heartbreaking.
Oh, what a lowly
excuse for a gender.
God, it's a miracle
I even talk to you.
Thank you for talking to me.
You're welcome.
That will be five dollars.
I will give you three
dollars for this beer.
Four dollars and a blowjob.
Really, don't push-
- The shot, the shot.
You're disgusting.
I'll never settle
For ordinary love or grind
What's up, cousin?
Unknown caller, eh you prick?
Hey most writers would kill
for this kind of
personal attention.
Look, I pester you
because I care.
Oh, that's good stuff.
You should really put
that in your website.
Yeah, well ducking
family calls, Wyatt?
What would Aunt Macy say?
No, I'm ducking
agent's calls, Franklin.
I duck agent's calls
because I'm busy writing
and I will talk to you
when there's something
to talk about.
Wait, hold on, hold
on, you're writing?
Yeah, I'm writing
right now actually.
Right now?
Right this very second.
Read me the line you just wrote.
You know what, I'm hanging
up the phone right now.
Oh, I'm calling Aunt Macy.
I swear to god, if
you call my mother again
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Just read it to me?
The worst of it was over now.
It had been rumored-
- Okay, okay look, I know
you're not writing right now
or you would have at
least showed me something,
anything till you
get me off your back
or at least rub it in my face.
Anyway, look, I'm going
to a shindig tonight.
Clean yourself up
and come with me.
No, absolutely
not, Franklin, no.
You gotta network, baby.
Cast a net, watch
it work, network.
Are you running out
of money, Franklin?
Are you gambling again?
Hey, you'll hit
bottom before I do.
I'm just looking
out for you here.
You can't live off
one book forever.
Yeah you know, I
keep hearing that.
Thank you so much for
telling me yet again
and I will talk to you later.
Yeah, at the party.
No, Franklin!
I'll pick you up tonight.
No, Franklin.
Eight o'clock,
listen for the horn.
What a psycho, my god.
London, Ontario?
Diane Owens.
Yes, it's her.
Thank you.
Annabelle wore a
necklace of pearls
That had dipped down
around her shoulders
I saw her stony by the
banks of the river walking
Oh she carries herself
so smooth and strong
With lips that are red
and eyes that are true
Her body like a lily
in bloom on the water
She's nobody's sister
and nobody's daughter
My unblinking eyes
cannot escape her
Yeah woman
Yes a woman
Through and through
I can hear that
west wind blowing
Let it go to the sea
Annabelle come close
And lie with me
I saw men go with
her eyes unchanged
Let's save the lecher
Told you.
I almost met someone today.
To almost meet someone
is to not meet them, yes?
A beautiful woman
in a bookstore.
I could barely take
my eyes off her.
Gorgeous women love that.
She was more than gorgeous.
She had something going on.
Something in her
face, in her eyes.
She was pensive,
maybe a little sad.
Blood in the water?
A shark?
This is your take
on my character?
So through your quiet worship
you doomed yourself to regret?
Whatever her state of mind,
her expression did
not inspire approach
nor a romantic imposition.
Rather, caution seemed the
more prudent twixt the two.
A call for inquiry then?
An address of the
elephant in the room?
Too dangerous a beast.
And with me in my room and her
clearly in another,
it would have seemed a
poaching of sorts?
Me the opportunistic hunter?
Oh and the precious
ivory in this case?
Her voice, her name, her number?
Can we please get off
the wild kingdom shit
'cause I have no idea what
we are talking about anymore.
Absolutely, dummy.
Thank you.
But a sensitive or intuitive man
is grounds for consideration,
at least in my books.
Rather than wondering
what was on her mind
she could be telling you
right now over dinner.
Be bold, take some risks, man.
So now you want
me to be the shark?
Oh, Wyatt, as my vicarious
link to the outside world,
you must not let moments
in life pass you by.
Lest they pass me by too.
Wow, that's entirely too much
responsibility for one man.
For us then.
What's this?
Well, she did drop
it in the streets
and I do believe
it is her journal.
Shut up!
I tried to give it back to her
but she was just too fast.
The universe provides
a second chance.
Return of precious
property thought lost.
Haha, what's her name?
Doesn't say.
I flipped through all the pages,
there's no name, no
address, no number,
just scores and scores
of her personal thoughts.
Jane Doe.
You're gonna have to
read this for clues.
I don't know.
A scoundrel posing
as a good samaritan?
It's either that or
she doesn't get it back
at all, right?
Not like you have any of
your own writing going on.
Cheap shot.
And the good samaritan in
you will just have to endure
this rare opportunity to sidestep
all the bullshit of dating
and find out what really
makes this woman tick.
But hey, if you're
too far above it.
Hey, hey, hey.
It's a good thing to do, right?
I'm a good person, not a snoop.
A saint.
Thank you.
Godspeed, sir.
Oh, goddamit, Lewis!
Seriously, how do you guys
even stay in business?
When did he even do that?
I have no idea but
that's disgusting
and I am out of here.
Day 16 of creative shutdown.
These things don't
paint themselves.
And as for my new
year's ambitions, well,
they're off to a lousy start.
My canvas is blank
because my mind
is too busy.
Haha, the irony.
Better to have a blank
mind and a busy canvas.
Why can't I just
paint something busy?
I could sell busy.
Speaking of artistry,
Carl is apparently quite content
with his compact
performance tonight.
Now, snoring with
his back turned to me
I wonder, hmm, what more
could a woman ask for?
The upside?
More time to journal
and dodging the bullet
of all that pesky
cuddling after sex.
'Cause you know how
we women hate that.
What could he
possibly think I got
out of that 10 minute
mini coaster ride?
He doesn't seem as
into it these days.
Popular opinion states
that a bad sex life
isn't itself the problem,
rather the symptom
of bigger problems.
Perhaps it's time to buy
some books, videos even.
Seek help from beyond.
Ah, the internet.
Honey, do you still
think I'm sexy?
Yes, babe.
He sleeps so soundly.
Enough to sneak someone
else in without notice.
Better start with the books.
Yes, I'm sure it
was one of your cabs.
A brown leather notebook
with a black gem in the center.
Yesterday afternoon.
But I've already been on
hold, I just,
Love the smell
of bacon in the morning.
That's beefcake you're
smelling, civilian.
How you doing, brother?
Get outta here!
Oh, stop!
Oh, you troglodyte.
How's the big city treating ya?
Fine, man, when are you
gonna stop doing that shit?
Ah, how about when you're dead?
Even then, one last time,
me and five other men
over the shoulder.
Yeah, you and the
other village people?
You actually think
you can outlive me?
Well you're delicate, princess.
It's true, I've
been working out.
Oh, no.
Yeah, too busy
writing, eh, Einstein?
Yeah, Einstein
was physics, genius.
How's this for physics, huh?
Oh, you're such a,
Your ex got married.
Yeah, Suzie, last month.
Some douche bag from Alberta.
Just thought I'd
get it out there.
Well it's fucking out
there now, isn't it?
Yeah it is.
Let's go get a beer, come on.
Watch out for that dog shit.
You're such a jackass.
Grace, this is my
elder brother Josh,
who prefers Josh.
Josh, Grace.
Trusted friend and slinger
of various sweet
nectars and poisons.
A bartender.
The eyes of the law prevail.
And how was your day?
Stuff of dreams.
What's his story?
Louis is our most
valued customer.
His questionable posture
belies his keen wit
and gregarious leanings.
Yeah, looks like
overserving to me.
Hey, not the concern
of off-duty swine.
Come drink yourself likeable.
Two of the dependable, please.
What the fuck is
gregarious leanings?
Poor poor me
I've been taking it too hard
I've been working
it from the start
Poor poor you
I find the design
of your calendar
both demeaning and offensive.
I'm not gonna forget.
So how goes the
one man book club?
Any clues?
I'm taking my time.
Why is that?
Because I'm a very busy man.
All right then, perhaps
it's because she's engaged.
Mmm, the plot thickens.
What plot?
Oh just this woman who
I haven't actually met
who's probably married
and whose journal
I am currently reading.
You do anything normal?
It's complicated.
Yeah, why else would
you bother, right?
You absolutely sure
that you don't wanna stay
at my place?
Mark's got an extra room,
Eddie's got parking so
it just makes sense.
Ooh, bully for Mark.
Two more.
So Mom's finally leaving Dad.
Jesus Christ, I
enjoy your visits.
Oh come on, you knew Suzie
would get married eventually.
Suzie got married?
God, you're like the
harbinger of doom, Josh.
And I mean God, get me drunk
for the Suzie news, please.
Yeah well mom didn't wanna
tell you over the phone
so she asked me
to come down here
and deliver the
shocker in person,
thinking I'd be
there to catch you
if you fainted or something.
Well I am feeling
a little dizzy.
Good news being of course,
you've won the pool.
Here you go, jackass, enjoy.
That's what happens when
you let a lady wear the pants.
How's a woman gonna
respect him, huh?
Oh god, Josh, ideally
because it's in her nature
to do so?
Might as well, at least
you're here with me
instead of back home
cheering up Dad.
How's he doing?
Oh he thinks it's all a big
phase she's going through.
You know, walks around the house
with a stupid grin on his face.
You know, it's a bluff
and he's wise to it.
Well, he had it coming.
Oh, bullshit, Josh!
You're such an asshole.
Well to the auspicious offspring
of a union doomed.
That's us, dummy.
Yeah, I know that.
Hey, you okay, hon?
Oh, I'm feeling romantic.
Ah, he'll be fine.
Fucking prick.
You'll beware, the
threat of interaction
lurks everywhere in this city.
Oh, got no problem
talking to her, did you?
No problem talking to her.
The first challenge
to your marriage.
Weddings can ruin marriages
before you're even at the altar.
A marathon of stressful details,
an expense that some are
left to deal with alone.
That's one sign of trouble.
Wow, you're so lucky.
Did I tell you about
the center pieces?
No, no, tell me.
- Tell me, tell me, tell me.
- They're beautiful.
- Yeah?
- They're roses.
I love roses.
And this hourglass vase thingy
with this off white
satiny material
- that wraps around it.
- That's fantastic.
It's beautiful.
Oh that's so nice.
I was thinking we should
put some on the DJ table.
Yeah, yes we can do that.
And then we'll just raffle them
off at the end or something.
God, I don't even
know if he can come in
from Milan that weekend.
Who exactly is this for?
His mother?
I don't even know anymore.
It's so extravagant.
Well, Carl's
getting a promotion.
Oh my god, really?
More hours at work then.
But I'm excited for him, so.
Are you?
Have you actually
told him how you feel?
Debbie, do you think
we make a good couple?
Oh my god.
Well of course you do.
Of course you do, why are
you even asking me that?
You're my maid of
honor, aren't you?
You two are going
to be just fine.
But you know that already.
- I know, I know.
- Okay, okay.
- I know, okay let's go.
- Okay, all right.
Okay so, guest list.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Whose side do you
wanna do first?
You do know we're just
gonna have to do yours next.
Debbie, don't start with
me on this again, okay?
Look, I just,
I don't want her there.
You have to trust me.
It feels right right now
because you're angry,
but she is your mother.
Whatever family I had
died with my father.
Okay, just drop it.
She was scared.
My father was scared.
He was lying in a hospital
bed, too young to die
and scared shitless!
And she didn't know how to cope.
She left him there to rot.
And she left me
alone there with him.
I don't think she meant to.
Debbie, if someone asks
you for a closed casket,
what do you do?
I know.
What kind of woman
does the opposite?
I know.
Let her see what
it's like to be alone.
She knows what it's
like to be alone.
No, she
doesn't, not like Dad did.
No, you're right.
In a totally different way.
You know, I can't even imagine
what that would have been like.
All of your life, you're
just a housewife, right,
and then you wake up one morning
and you're told you're a widow.
I'm not siding with her
but in one moment
she lost her husband
and her daughter.
It was stupid.
But she didn't try to hurt you.
I think what you're doing
is worse than what she did
'cause you're trying to
deliberately hurt her.
I'm really sorry.
Do you want me to go?
And leave me
alone with all this?
If that was your strategy,
you failed miserably.
Oh, so close!
Okay, all right,
Carl's guest list.
- Mother.
- His mother.
Yeah, right.
Brothers, how many?
amazing how sure of yourself
you can be sometimes.
What's even more amazing is
how fast that can change.
Self-imposed deadlines.
Not into it today.
Instead, I decided to relax
and do a little window shopping.
Carl was busy working on
some special project again.
Debbie was out busy
doing something so
it was just me.
Soup any good?
When was the last time
you had a decent meal?
Do you not have a
place you can stay?
I have a few.
Like where?
You ask a lot of questions.
You eat a lot of food.
Anyway, thanks for the snack.
Look, no, no, no,
wait, wait wait, please.
Please, I'm sorry,
that was sloppy of me.
Forgive my questions, I just,
I guess I've had a
fortunate life, so
it's hard for me to imagine,
What, being a junkie?
Not having a home.
Avoid it.
You're not a cop, are you?
No, why would you say that?
I didn't think so, but,
now that I ask,
you have to tell me
if you are or not.
No, I'm not.
I'm a painter.
That's cool.
My mom used to draw when
I was really little.
She quit?
She quit breathing.
She died, some weird
disease or something.
I'm sorry.
No father?
Foster homes after that,
but I didn't like them.
You get tired of pretending
to be some stranger's
little girl.
Safer than the streets though.
Not always.
I lost my father
not too long ago.
He died of cancer.
Guess it doesn't hurt
any less when you're older.
No offense.
No, losing someone.
No, just as much.
Maybe even worse.
How about some
dessert, you want?
Excuse me, can we see
a menu again please?
He seemed quite rude.
It's the company you're keeping.
Pretty girls?
I wish you would stop
calling yourself that.
Are you gay?
You're too pretty.
You know, maybe you should
stop looking for my angle.
Everyone's got an angle.
What's yours?
I'm hungry as shit.
Do you live around here?
Yeah, I do.
Carl, my fiancee, he's,
thank you.
He's old-fashioned.
But we're gonna buy a
house when we get married.
Wow, your own house.
Listen, I'm just gonna
use the washroom, okay,
but I'll be right back.
Watch out for Count Spatula.
Dirty little bastard!
Hey, get back here!
Hey, don't worry about it.
I got it.
You feed her like that
and she steals from you.
This should cover it.
Just take it.
They have no honor,
you have honor.
Your money's no good here.
Shopping for a wedding dress?
Shopping for a new life.
What to wear to the first
day of your new life.
And somehow, we
all end up wearing
much the same thing,
hoping for the same things,
complaining to one another
about the same things.
Maybe it starts with
these fantasy frocks.
They do blind you to anything
but happily ever after.
A girl doesn't stand a chance.
Like a land upon
Just serve the shores
No matter where we are
I'm wearing a black down
filled winter coat.
A scarf.
My boots are brown
with stubby heels.
And this is the first
day of my new life.
You're writing again?
I told you it would come.
What's it about?
Inspired by true events.
That's all I'm
gonna say for now.
Oh, you prick.
Are you lying again?
No, not this time, I promise.
You get the first read, again.
And how goes your
act of benevolence?
Does this muse of
yours have a name yet?
She has neither a
name nor a husband.
Oh, unfortunate
for you, I'm sure.
I would be happier
were the catalyst
of her availability not so grim.
Oh, even worse.
So, redemption
of the lowly gender
by a handsome stranger, then?
No trail of breadcrumbs
left in these pages?
Well, if were that trail
the person's sole
objective, perhaps.
Oh do you find
yourself perhaps
slipping below your
original noble intent?
Was it not you
who pointed out the
unavoidable benefits to
all parties concerned?
Oh, quickly reconciled, I see.
Slowing the process but
to acceptable degrees.
Oh, such clarity of vision
from such a safe vantage point.
And please tell me, when
can our lowly gender
anticipate your
re-entry into the fray
of hearts and hypocrisy, hmm?
That I might harken my brethren
to our collective and
divine good fortune?
I once retrieved a
jammed piece of toast
from a plugged in
toaster with a knife.
And that only hurt for a minute.
There are worse things
out there than toasters.
Well, I'm sure you'll
crave toast again someday.
It's your metaphor, I
don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
Should I be worried about you?
I can't see why you would be.
A little gift.
It's a very little
gift, that's a napkin.
Shut up.
It's small, it's not very
exciting or mysterious.
It's just paper,
but it's very real
and you can depend on that.
Come on now.
Keep it with you.
In the next little
while, if your mind
starts bouncing between reality
and something other than,
let it help remind
you of the difference.
Toast and napkins, an
evening of meditations.
You could even write
my birthday on it.
Oh my god!
Remembering can only happen
in the face of forgetting.
And forgetting only
in the face of remembering!
Do you even know my birthday?
Yeah it's in June.
June the what?
June the month.
It's the 12th.
It's the 12th, right?
Oh no, it's the
fifth, oh I knew that!
Oh fuck.
No, it's the 16th.
A mystery.
All facets of my life crumble
to dust all around me.
Beset upon by questions
I dare not ask
for fear of the answers.
Why, how.
Who put such a premium
on the knowing of things?
Or declared these things
the path to comfort?
I'm what?
I'm fucked?
I'm fucked?
You're fucked!
Where are you going?
God dammit!
Ironically, sunny days
now make me more sad
than I can tolerate.
I find myself comforted
by the dark rainy days.
Logic being, they
can't be outside
strolling in the sunshine
the way we used to.
Just maybe the darkness
can make them feel
a bit of what I feel.
Or do they climb
under the covers
to wait out the storm?
Warm, inside.
Confidence comes
In knowing yourself
And confidence fails
In abusing someone else
All I want is a
Place to rest
And all I get is
Dreams instead
My agent called today.
Her faith in me is
flattering but unanswered.
And I fear, ill-founded.
Still I have nothing to
show for the months gone by.
What happened to
me is in my head
every minute of every day.
I don't see any end in sight.
And it's slowly ruining me.
Oh well I
I see crumbs
And I
I see bones
Floating down
Hey, excuse me.
We know each other, don't we?
No, I don't think so.
Yeah, yeah we do.
We sat together in
grade 12 art class.
You have no idea
who I am, do you?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm trying,
it's just been,
it's been a long time.
No, no, no, no, it's
all right, it's all right.
I look a little
bit different now.
It's Allen, Allen Adams.
Oh my god, Allen Adams?
You used to be,
I had long hair, glasses, acne,
right, I know.
Actually I was gonna say skinny.
Oh, well you know,
that would have been
correct too.
You know, I do,
I do remember you
sitting up front
with me in class.
You used to get sent to
the principal's office
for arguing with the
teacher about something.
You used to call her,
Yeah, the art Nazi.
That's right.
Oh man.
You were the only
pretty girl in school
who ever said a word to me.
Yeah well those snobby girls
would be climbing
all over each other
to talk to you now
Yeah, I couldn't be bothered.
I don't wanna embarrass you.
I had a huge crush on you.
That's sweet, thank you.
So are you living here now?
Yeah, yeah.
Is it just me or
does everything seem
a little bigger out here?
Are you saying
I put on weight?
Well, you did
call me skinny, so.
So you moved here
for work, I assume?
Yeah, yeah, as a graphic design,
got myself a big
old office downtown.
How about you?
So are you making
a living at it?
That's outstanding.
That's good for you, you know?
You were always really talented.
You really were, yeah.
Thanks, Allen.
All right well,
wow, it's great to run
into you, you know?
- Really.
- You too.
You too, Allen.
It's great seeing you.
Yeah it was great to
see you, great to see you.
Okay well, take care, you know?
You too, good luck
with everything.
Yeah, thanks.
Say, this is gonna
sound really pitiful.
I was just headed right now
over to a restaurant.
A nice fancy one,
to have dinner there
on a Saturday night
all by myself, and,
it just seems like
I'm the only company
that I've had lately.
Allen, that doesn't
sound pathetic.
I didn't say pathetic,
I said pitiful.
I wouldn't have said
pathetic, but, eh.
You really got me wondering now.
Good Lord.
You know what, look,
I don't know what's going
on in your head today.
You don't really have
to talk about it tonight
but are you really
gonna let me sit there
in that restaurant by myself
while everybody just
points and laughs at me?
It's on me now, is it?
Oh, absolutely.
Well, I can't promise
I'll be good company.
All right, well neither can I.
Okay great, all right.
Let's do this.
- Okay.
- Okay.
All right.
I'm serious, it gets so good.
It gets through like
all the screening,
all the proofing stages.
Oh my gosh.
Before anybody
notices that the logo
if you just turn on its side,
that it looks exactly like
A giant penis.
I swear to god, and so like,
and by the time that
poor Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
figure it out,
they had sent out
all of these cards.
They had sent out letterheads
to all of their clients,
to potential clients,
to business associates
with this logo right on it.
And with the motto
scrawled under it that says
"In It To Please Since 1963".
Come on, that actually happened?
I swear to god, I swear.
I know, it's ridiculous.
What about you, do you have
any good painting stories?
No, no, nothing that bizarre
or phallic comes to mind.
No, it's a very solitary
career, you know?
It's not actually
shared with anyone
until the paintings
are actually shown.
You know, the intimacy,
the joy, the frustration,
it's all between
you and the work.
It's an easier
relationship than most, so.
You talk about it with
a lot of admiration.
I do.
I do, I truly do, I love it.
But it's been a while
since I've been able
to do it at all.
You know, when
bad things happen,
sometimes people they
just shut down, you know?
When things like
that happen to me,
everybody always says,
focus on the work,
focus on the work,
focus on the work.
I don't know how to do that,
I don't know how to do that.
No, I know, I hate that.
It's so frustrating that
they could take that away
from you too, you know?
It comes back.
Believe me, I know,
it comes back.
Ah, well.
Do you want some more wine?
No, no, no, no.
I'm good, I'm done.
Are you serious?
- Yes, yes.
- Really?
There is no way that you
are from my home town.
No way, you are a lightweight.
I am not.
Yes you are.
Well that aside, I wouldn't
mind seeing you again.
After a whole
night of sob stories
I'm surprised you
haven't left already.
I just didn't wanna interrupt.
You know, just because you're
not feeling special right now,
it doesn't mean that you aren't.
I think this one's my favorite.
Flawless composition, yeah.
It's a really good use of color.
You always really
did have some flair.
Thank you.
Hey, where's that other one
you were talking about?
Oh man.
I take it back.
This one, this
one's my favorite.
It's the last painting I did
before all that stuff happened.
Old song play
that song again
Old song play
that song again
The song that
you know I love
Play that song again
Something you know I'll love
Play that song again
Allen, stop.
No, it's okay, it's okay.
Allen, please.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Allen, please, stop!
Allen, stop!
Ugh, god!
Get off of me!
The fuck?
Is this the way you work?
Get out.
You stupid,
God damn.
I can't believe you turned
into such a little slut.
I'm not a slut.
Hey, you know what,
you're right, you're not.
You're a cock tease.
Your boyfriend, he
wasn't cheating on you.
He was upgrading.
Life isn't
supposed to hurt this much.
I don't wanna be here anymore.
I have always been
good with deadlines
so I've set one
for myself tonight.
I haven't had control
over anything but I will.
I will have control over this.
My life will end
by my own design
on my father's birthday at my
favorite spot in the world.
Before the sun sets, I
will see my father again.
I will not be alone.
And I will hurt no more.
Life isn't supposed
to hurt this much.
Life isn't supposed
to hurt this much.
Life isn't supposed
to hurt this much.
She's going to kill herself?
Yes, apparently.
Are you okay?
Oh, I'm feeling romantic.
How am I supposed to feel?
I finally find a woman
what I wanna hold on to
but she's sinking.
I'm sorry, hun.
I just found her and
I'm gonna lose her.
Excuse a small
correction, Wyatt,
but you never had her to lose.
I guess this is
the part of the story
where I give up.
I'm not sure you
should be thinking
about this woman
romantically anymore.
Wasn't it you who said
fortune favors the bold
and take risks, man,
and all that shit?
Yes, but circumstances
have shifted badly.
Well there's a circumstance
I may have left out.
You love her.
You knew?
Of course I knew.
So what's the plan?
No plan.
I'm short on details
and worse on time.
Well, first we have
to find out where she is
then convince her
not to kill herself
and that you are
the better option.
You being facetious?
That's exactly what
we're up against.
All right, how do we do this?
Well, she needs a reason to stay
and you are the wordsmith.
But first, we have to find her.
Here, let's take a look.
That's gotta be it.
There is only so many ways
we can look at this thing.
It's actually not bad.
It's a pretty promising list.
Without a single
mention of her name.
You refer to yourself
often in the third, do you?
Not lately.
So we've got a
store, a restaurant,
a coffee shop, a gallery.
You know where she works out
and you know where she
dropped the journal.
So sleep first then
start with the gym.
When you get there, ask
for a girl named Wendy.
She's a friend.
You're a friend.
Thank you so much for this.
Well I couldn't have my
big tipper moping around
scaring away all my customers.
My memory is failing
me though, I can feel it.
My phone's on.
Call me if you
think of anything.
I may stick around
for another beer
just to help me sleep.
Or maybe not, I don't know.
Well, Grace is going
to go powder her nose
whilst you ruminate.
Third person.
Rise and shine, sunshine.
Louis, come on,
let's go, handsome.
That's my boy.
All I want
Is somewhere to rest
And all I get is
Nowhere instead
Confidence comes
In knowing yourself
And confidence fails
In abusing someone else
All I want
Right this way, officer.
That's my girl.
There's a few women who
match the description.
The first one that comes
to mind is Sarah Walker.
But I actually haven't
seen her in here
for quite some time.
And then there's this
one, Tanya Connish.
She's a real workout freak.
She's in here all the time.
Actually, she usually comes
in in the next couple hours.
If you want to wait,
you're more than welcome.
And she's a tall brunette?
Here's both their
addresses and phone numbers
from the computer.
Maybe that'll help?
Thank you, yes.
There was a girl
two doors from me
Her mom found her
hanging from a tree
Oh lord
Oh lord
She locked her
door religiously
And took it seven
typing nervously
Oh, there he is.
Where you been?
Yes, thank god for
good conversation.
Sorry, guys.
So how goes the search?
Total shit.
The search?
I've been sitting in here,
you're out playing
love detective?
I said I was sorry.
I've been to every damn place
she mentions in
this book, nothing.
This is assuming
that she hasn't just
holed up in her apartment.
Yeah well maybe now
you can join us
in the real world.
TV's on mute, but
beer's awesome.
Frankie, what's going on?
Yeah, he's right here.
No problem.
It's Frankie.
Fuck you and your phone,
man, where the hell are you?
I'm out, where are you?
I'm at your house.
My house, Franklin,
I'm not home,
what do you want?
Look, I went to a party tonight
and I found you a gold mine.
You know those two
psychological horror films
with the people in the mountains
and that really hot actress
goes up to investigate?
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
Mountain Hill, yeah.
Yes, Mountain Hill.
Well, I met the guy
who has the rights
to the first flick
and the sequel.
And he's actually
read your book.
Two adaptations to print,
two very large paychecks.
I mean the only
question remaining,
who's your daddy?
Come on Wyatt, I wanna hear
you say it, who's your daddy?
Shit, I guess that
would be you, Franklin.
How are you not ecstatic?
Rewriting other
people's ideas, really?
Well princess, I
try to find people
who will pay you not to write,
but as it turns out, there's
no fucking market for it.
All right, well
listen, thank you
for your exemplary work and
I will call you tomorrow.
No, no, no, no, Wyatt, Wyatt!
This guy wants to fly
you down tomorrow.
I mean he's paying
for everything.
Flights, accommodations.
I mean I already
booked your flight.
Are you insane?!
What can I say, baby?
I'm a mover and a shaker.
Franklin, you have
ADD and fits of mania,
I can't go!
Hey, what do you
mean you can't go?
I'm right in the middle
of something, Franklin.
What are you in the middle of?
Look, you wouldn't understand.
Just book me a later flight
next week, all right?
You know what, I'm
so sick of this shit!
Okay, what do you want from me?
Franklin, I want you
to hang up the phone
is what I want from you.
No, Wyatt, you take the
fucking job, you hear me?
You take the fucking job!
Would you relax, please?
That's it, okay?
I'm not working
with you anymore!
We're through, you hear me?
We are done!
Your dropping me?
Dropping what?
You haven't done shit since
your last book anyway,
you fucking one hit wonder!
I am so sick of this shit!
You schizophrenic
little bastard!
Oh, fuck you, you hear this?
That's me spitting
on your fucking door.
Come on, man!
Stop it!
- Franklin, stop it!
- On your doormat,
you hear that you fucking,
Jesus Christ,
Wyatt, what the fuck?!
I am gonna finish this
damn book, all right?
Then I'm gonna
mail a copy to you
and I'm gonna mail a copy
to your other clients.
Oh no wait, you don't
have any other clients!
And get off my
porch, you psycho!
Well you can't stop making
all the smart choices, can you?
Now you got no agent.
You're letting a stupid
fantasy with this chick
fuck up every
aspect of your life.
Ah, Jesus, not now, Josh.
What, when?
When you got a record
for stalking this woman?
I'm not stalking her, Josh.
Oh, yeah, that's right,
you're gonna save her
and then bang her.
Great white savior, Don
Juan, all rolled into one.
Is this the range of your
observational prowess, officer?
No, there's more.
You're running
around like a fool
thinking you found miss right.
This ain't the movies, Wyatt.
She just dropped the book,
and what, you think
you're in love with her?
This ain't a love connection.
It's a simple case
of lost and found.
Well how did you find your
soulmate, Captain Alimony, hmm?
'Cause anybody this
critical must be sitting
on something pretty
fucking special at home.
No, apparently asshole here
has sorted out the
enigma that's had men
baffled for centuries,
and just forgot to tell
his younger brother.
Come on, wise guy, enlighten me.
Hey, I know stupid
when I see it, Wyatt
and I know normal,
this ain't normal!
What, you're normal?
Oh, you don't
even know this girl.
I do know her, Josh!
Oh, you do?
Did she talk to you?
Did she smile at you eh?
Did she even look at you, huh?
And you think you love her,
that you're somehow compatible?
You don't know what's in here!
That girl isn't
in there anymore.
She's gone, I don't understand
what you're not getting here!
On a long list of things
beyond your fucking
Why do you need
this so bad, huh?
Hey, why do you
need this so bad?
Is it gonna make your life okay?
Is that what you think, huh?
Just go the fuck home, man.
Fucking retard.
You're cut off.
Fuck you too.
You don't cut me
off, I cut you off.
I'm the fucking police,
I fucking cut you off,
- okay?
- Come on, it is time
for you to go
Don't fucking talk to me
- that way!
- Right now!
Do you understand?
You motherfucker,
get out of here now!
Don't give up on me.
Holy shit.
Her name is Jane?
Has something happened to her?
No, no, she dropped
her book in the streets.
And it had your number in it.
She's my daughter, but,
we haven't spoken
in quite sometime.
She had this number?
This is a new house phone.
Well she had it in
her mind to call you.
I'm sorry.
You must think that
I'm a total fool.
You sound like you
love your daughter.
I do.
Listen, there's some
pretty important things
in this book and I'm
sure she's missing it.
Can you help me?
Yeah, of course.
Now listen I know this
is gonna sound weird
but when exactly was
your husband's birthday?
I know where she is.
Her mother told me
exactly where the spot is
and it's today.
Holy shit.
What the hell are
you still doing here?
I don't know.
I don't know.
I mean she's an hour
away in cottage country,
I don't know what to do.
Now get going.
I don't even know this man.
I can't take his car.
You know you can, that's
why you're whispering.
I can't steal this man's car!
He drives here every afternoon
and I put his butt
in a cab every night!
Just make sure he's back
here by tomorrow morning
and this never happened.
You've lost your mind.
Oh, the friendship demands it.
Go, go!
Be bold!
Past the ocean of our street
Where's Wyatt?
He's not returning my calls.
He's had a big day.
What'd I miss?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Do you ever get what you want
acting the way you act?
This is family business.
Yeah, not police business.
Family business is grounds
for a softer touch, no?
Where's my beloved
younger brother?
He went to find her.
Where's he headed?
Sit down.
I'm not sitting down.
Just tell me where he's headed.
We have something to discuss.
We have nothing to discuss.
Tell me where he's headed.
I wanna catch him.
Tell me where he's
headed, Grace.
Grace, Grace!
Thank you.
Now, first off,
I don't like you.
No, don't take that to heart
because there's not
many people that I do.
But I love your brother.
And for the last four days
I've had to sit and watch
you ram your opinion
down his throat.
You're rude, mean, aggressive,
and it's people like you
that make me wanna hide
in places like this.
And do you love your brother?
That's got nothing
to do with it.
Then what?
Why do you need him so
badly not to have this?
May I speak?
You know, the two of you,
you sit in your little
bubble of a bar here
and you talk your fancy talk
and you play the part of
these worldly intellectuals,
you know, and you're
smarter than everyone else.
But you don't know.
You don't fucking know much!
How many suicide calls
have you been to, huh?
I have, all right?
And I have seen shit that
would change you forever
and it sure as fuck
will change him.
Now are you prepared to take on
a full time counseling
position when that happens?
If that's the way
it goes down then yes.
Then you don't
fucking know much.
To the wise.
It doesn't get more
beautiful than this.
This is actually
my favorite spot.
It's foolish to think I'd
have it to myself forever.
I came here to be alone.
Should I find another spot?
No, it's all yours.
A spot like this,
a day like today.
Makes you feel lucky
just to be alive.
You know it's funny to
look out over all this
and think that once upon a time
it was enough to
keep people happy.
Please just go.
Well what if I
called you Jane?
Do I know you?
But I know you.
I know why you're here.
Who the hell are you?
I'm Wyatt.
Where'd you get that?
You dropped it.
Did you read it?
So I could get it back to you.
You read it all?
Yeah, I had to.
You had no right to do that.
What's wrong with you?
Look, if you just
let me explain.
Don't you dare come near me
and don't say my name
like I gave it to you.
All right, all right!
This is none of your business!
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Look, just don't.
Don't do that!
Look, we both came a
long way to get here so
the least you can
do is hear me out.
Nobody owes anybody anything
even if you think
you deserve it.
You don't think like that.
Yeah, well things change.
You don't.
You don't even know me.
God, what am I doing
talking to you about this?
And get up, you can't
leave if you don't get up.
I'm not going anywhere.
I didn't come here to leave.
I came here to talk.
Talk about what?
What could you
possibly have to say
that matters to me right now?
If you jump, I'll jump too.
Why does everything
have to be so difficult?
I came here to do
a private thing.
This isn't a group activity!
You can't just come here.
You wanna jump, fine,
you go find your own-
- Jane!
You always bully people
like this in conversation?
'Cause you know,
that wasn't in here.
Look, I saw you in a bookstore
and you didn't see me.
All right, you didn't
even know I existed.
And I didn't have the courage
to go and say hi to you
and I didn't have the courage
to ask you what
was on your mind.
And before I got the
chance, you were gone.
All right, you were
in a cab, gone,
but you dropped your journal.
And every day since
then I've been thinking
you know, how does
it happen, why?
You tell me there's not
something bigger at play here.
So I did what I had to do.
And I told myself that it
was the right thing to do.
But I didn't see
all this coming.
So, there's that part.
You know I pictured myself
standing up for this,
if that's all right.
What else did you picture?
That I love you.
You love me?
You don't even know
me, what I'm like!
Well I know it's not
supposed to happen this way.
You're crazy.
They're just words,
they're not who I am.
And why should I love you back?
I didn't find your diary.
But if I did, I would have
read it more carefully,
I would have pictured someone
who was finished with their life
because I am, all of it.
I don't wanna be
here for me or you
or anybody else.
Now please just go.
Your mother wants you
to know she loves you.
You talked to my mother?
Did you tell her?
No, I didn't.
God, I don't understand
what's happening right now.
I think the universe
is talking to you.
It's telling you
you're not done yet.
Why should you care so much?
I didn't have much
say in the matter.
I can't solve all your problems
and I'm not here to
sweep you off your feet.
I don't know what
the future holds.
But I can tell you
that you're not alone.
You're a good person.
And you deserve better
than what happened to you.
So take that big
last deep breath
and come this way.
And someday, when your
life has sorted itself out
the way that lives do,
you'd come back here
and paint all of this.
Life isn't
supposed to hurt this much.
I don't wanna be here anymore.
I've always been
good with deadlines.
So I've set one
for myself tonight.
I haven't had control
over anything.
But I will have
control over this.
My life will end
by my own design.
On my father's birthday at my
favorite spot in the world.
Before the sun sets, I
will see my father again.
I will not be alone
and I will hurt no more.
Poisoning myself
Was never good
at health baby
It's all self destruction
Without you
Without you
Now I've gone away
But I'll be back
someday, baby
If I ever come back
I'll see you
I'll see you
- Thanks.
- Thank you so much.
Hi, how are you?
Hi, how are you?
Good, thanks.
Who's this to?
Paula Bylund.
There you go.
Thank you.
I'm Sarah.
Hi, Sarah.
I love this book so much.
I'm glad, thank
you for reading it.
Look, I cried my eyes out
when Samuel finds her on
the ledge just in time.
That was one of the
most beautiful things
I've ever read.
How do you come up
with these ideas?
The universe provides.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Hi, sorry to interrupt.
I was just wondering if
you had time for a story.
Nice to meet you, Annabelle.
What are you reading?
It's called
Time to go home, Louis.
That blissful place,
you cannot find me.
Voices sometimes reach me there.
Flashes of lives lived
better than mine.
Whispers of inspiration
that threatened
to stand me upright and
lucid for a new beginning,
and none of them
louder than love.
My baby's not
like all the rest
And it's not just because
of the style of her dress
When her circumstances
don't act as they should
My baby she still looks good
Oh yes
My baby she still looks good
And when it's cold
outside and it's rainy too
And her fingers and toes
are all colored blue
And she comes in the door
with her hair all entwined
My baby she still looks fine
Oh yes
My baby she still looks fine
Well I've seen her after she
had no sleep for three nights
Her eyes still shining
so pretty and bright
Don't know how she does it,
this girl's out of sight
I've not seen one
like her before
Well one time she fell down
And landed in dirt
Her face was all muddy,
her body was hurt
She blamed it on me
and started to yell
But man she was cute as hell
Oh yes
But my baby was cute as hell
And even if she went out
And cut off all her hair
I'll tell you right now
I just wouldn't care
She could wear
the same clothes
For 30 straight days
And my baby would
still be a babe
Oh yes
My baby would
still be a babe
Well some girls can't
even take one step outside
Without layers of powder
beneath which to hide
My baby looks good
even after she's cried
And I could stare
straight at her all day
Well I don't quite get it
Don't understand why
There's something about
her just pleases my eye
If I could explain it
then I surely would
That my baby she
always looks good
Oh yes
Oh my baby she
always looks good
Oh yes, see my baby
she always looks good