One Last Deal (2018) Movie Script

Arabia tableware from the 1930s.
A table full of items.
Do I hear 200 euros ?
150. 100.
Going for 100 euros.
110 euros. 120.
- Going once, going twice...
- 130 !
Seascape, signature ambiguous.
Do I hear 300 ?
Do I hear 200 euros ?
Do I hear 100 euros ?
100 euros from Olavi Launio.
Going once...
- 150.
- 150.
We have a newcomer here.
I have 350.
350. 400. Great.
- 400.
- 450.
Fierce competition between
the gentlemen. Going once...
Going twice.
Or do I hear 600 ?
He raised his hand.
Going once, going twice.
Sold to Olavi Launio.
The painting has been cleaned
and fully restored.
The frame is brand-new.
Eugen Taube specialized
in seascapes.
It's very nice.
You may take it home
and see how it looks there.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
I can give you a discount,
but I don't have that much room
to bargain.
That's what they cost at auction.
We just checked.
You've reached Olavi Launio's
answering machine.
If you're calling about art,
please leave your name and number,
and I'll get back to you.
Dad, it's me.
I've been trying to reach you
because Otto hasn't been able
to find a place
for his job training period.
I couldn't think of anyone else
I could ask for help.
Call me. Bye.
- Two of these ?
- One, please.
Thank you.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
Number 37.
Olavi Launio Fine Arts.
Hello. It's been a while.
I'm good. The same as usual.
Yes, I heard.
I didn't have time to call.
I've been a bit busy.
When ?
I have a customer. I have to go.
I'll have to think about it.
I have to go.
I have a customer here.
We'll talk. Bye.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Want to go check out
Dubrowski's showroom today ?
I'm having trouble selling
the paintings I have.
Times are so bad.
I should close up shop.
You need new paintings
for your window.
Come, let's go.
Coffee's on me.
One last deal.
That's all I'm asking.
- Hi. I've missed you.
- If you only knew.
We have to go get coffee
like we said.
You bid for the small
bronze statue last time.
But the seven-day purchase period
has already expired.
Do I owe you something ?
Our commission.
The bronze statue was sold
between auctions.
Everything's okay.
No one thought
I should be informed.
Will you be done soon ?
I need to check
a couple of details.
And I'm trying to make
some sales here.
We'll have that coffee soon.
Here you go.
Patu, I want your opinion.
Hi, Olavi !
Depends on how much people
are willing to pay for it.
It's not that special a painting.
Well, yeah. A nice piece.
From the Golden Age
of Finnish Art ?
It could be a fake.
Even if it wasn't,
it'd be hard to sell,
since it's not signed
and the artist is unknown.
I could look into it.
I could buy it and see
if I could find something.
Graphic art is cheap.
Art for the masses.
Forget that.
It's too big a risk
if you're thinking
of closing up shop.
- Are you going to close ?
- Not that soon.
You remember what happened
to Saukkonen ?
The big guy who had a shop
around the corner.
He ran his business for 40 years.
Six months after selling his shop,
he kicked the bucket.
Someone will get nice commercial
space when you leave.
The rent is cheap, isn't it ?
Conrad ! Conrad, here !
Come on !
- Hello ?
- This is Olavi Launio from Helsinki.
- Excuse me ?
- The art dealer.
- Hello. Okay.
- Did I call you at a bad time ?
You still have your shop ?
Conrad !
Maybe I'll call you back
a little later.
You hear me ?
Conrad ! I said "Come !"
- May I help you ?
- Yes.
You should fill these out.
Here you can list all the tasks
I've done here.
That's the evaluation form.
Otto ?
That's okay. I wouldn't have
recognized you, either.
You can't come here.
I don't have work for you.
Why can't I hang out here
for a couple of days ?
C'mon. Mom's in a panic.
She's going to lose it.
Sure you can let me do
my job training here.
No. I can't have you here.
Not a chance.
- What do you mean you can't ?
- I just can't.
You never did anything
for us anyway.
- Rabbe.
- Oh, hi.
I'd like to take one more look
at a painting.
Is there anybody inside ?
- It's strange it hasn't been signed.
- Yeah.
Will this take long ?
Did you get this
from some manor house ?
I can't give you
that information.
But the provenance was checked.
- The artist is unknown, right ?
- It's all in the catalogue.
Dad, can I help ?
Thank you.
Can we talk ?
Otto has spent so much time
by himself.
You don't have to babysit him.
Please take him for a couple
of days. I wouldn't ask unless...
This is Olavi Launio.
I'd like to borrow a couple
of auction catalogues from you.
I've borrowed them before.
Many times.
Would it be possible...
I can't leave my shop.
Couldn't you make an exception ?
I wouldn't ask you,
but he got caught stealing.
- No one else will take him.
- And I should ?
He could watch your shop
if you have to go somewhere.
You can't close the shop
for a whole day.
Just keep these in mind.
Keep a pen and paper close at hand.
I can write down phone numbers.
Listen now. Write down
their number and name.
Write down the name of the painting
the customer is interested in.
I don't need a pen.
And don't make a mess here.
These paintings cost money.
You get it ?
Excuse me ? Excuse me ?
- May I look around ?
- Sure.
How much is this seascape ?
This one here ?
Yeah. It's 1,650 euros.
What the hell ?
You're supposed
to be watching the shop.
The price tag said 1,250 euros,
but I sold it for 1,500,
so the difference is mine.
The name of the painting
might not be the same.
It can be anything.
Face study. Peasant.
Portrait of Man.
But of course not
Landscape or Still Life.
Really ? You got me there.
This makes no sense.
Why don't you just sell
the works you have ?
We're talking about a work
that's in a class all its own.
I didn't find anything.
- You sure you didn't skip anything ?
- Yeah, yeah.
- I could skip this slave work.
- No, you can't.
You need someone to fill out
that evaluation form.
That someone is me,
so keep searching.
That's what it says in your papers.
Check them out
if you don't believe me.
You want to grab something to eat ?
There's a Burger King near here.
You have to feed me once a day.
That's what it says in my papers.
Check them out if you don't believe me.
You're embarrassed
about being seen here
but not about
getting caught stealing ?
Why is it stealing if I bring in
the same amount of money
for every fucking detergent box
as everyone else in my class ?
Did you overcharge people
and pocket the difference ?
Why is it called
"suggested retail price"
if you can't change it ?
As long as you don't have
your own business,
you sell for the price
given to you.
Getting caught wasn't very smart.
What about your business ?
I heard you're not that smart,
You collect junk,
thinking one day
you'll find a real treasure.
Koistinen Unto, 60 x 50 cm.
At auction, it would cost
around 10,000 euros.
10,000 euros
for Ronald McDonald ?
Look at it.
It's vulgar and doesn't even
try to resemble the model.
Maria Wiik. 40 x 30 cm.
Oil on canvas.
If that was sold at auction,
you'd need thirty grand
to walk away with it.
Thirty grand ?
For that small painting ?
Hugo Simberg's
Towards the Evening.
You see the evening sky
in the background ?
An old hunched man
and a small child with him.
One has his life ahead of him,
and the other behind him.
You need to live life before
you can paint something like that.
That would be sold for 200,000
at auction.
It tells you something
about the painting.
It'll look nice in your office
next to the Srestniemi.
- All right, bye !
- Bye.
Olavi, hi.
Your business is going well.
Not that well. I'm losing
business to online shops.
- How are you doing ?
- Okay.
Where are you headed ?
Do you have a moment ?
I can lend you
a couple of thousand,
but think about it.
The painting is worth nothing
if you don't know the artist.
Or do you ?
You said it's from
the Golden Age of Finnish Art,
but I could tell immediately
that the subject was not typical
for Finnish artists.
The painting depicts
a Russian monk or a peasant
or who knows what.
Besides, it's too skillful.
No Finn could ever have done that.
I don't have any real evidence,
but I'm quite sure
it's a Repin.
Ilya Repin ? Get outta here.
They would've found that out
at Dubrowski.
They haven't looked into it
They just hung it on the wall
and wrote "Unknown Master"
as the artist.
It's a Repin. Believe me.
What I believe doesn't matter.
Besides, you need to hurry.
Today's Thursday,
and the auction is on Saturday.
I just don't understand
why he didn't sign it.
I mean, it's not a sketch.
It's worth 100,000. Maybe more.
And it's not about the money.
I'd get to show them just once.
Of course it is about the money.
You need enough cash
to be able to bid for it.
I can get a loan from the bank.
I've gotten loans before.
I'll never get
a chance like this again.
Sorry I'm late.
I missed the bus.
You should've left earlier.
You'll miss good deals
if you're always late.
We're doing the same thing
as last time ?
Except this time
we're going over these exhibition
catalogues from art museums.
What's this ?
It says "grden" here.
Damn !
The size and everything matches.
The man in the painting isn't
a peasant. It's JC. Jesus.
Picture him with...
What's it called...
- A crown of thorns.
- Yeah.
What ?
You can see
there's no picture of the painting.
How can I prove
it's the same painting
if there's no picture ?
The auction is tomorrow,
and I have to decide
whether or not to buy it.
Did you Google it ?
How would you describe
your customer service experience ?
- Hi. How did it go ?
- Okay.
- Did he talk to you today ?
- Yes.
- What did you talk about ?
- Paintings.
- Anything else ?
- Yeah, money.
Are you still there ? Hello ?
Did the customer service
meet your expectations...
- Hi.
- I'm here to see Anastasia Lehtonen.
Are you family ?
Yeah, she's my mother's aunt.
I mean, godmother.
We tried to contact family,
but your mother not being
an actual relative explains
why we couldn't find anybody.
Thank you for helping.
You're a good person.
There's nothing valuable here.
All the valuable things
were taken to an auction house.
If you want to take something
for your mother, feel free.
The rest is going in the dumpster.
Hello. Welcome.
Thank you.
Hello. It's been a long time.
- Flowers for you.
- I can't have flowers on my podium.
Sorry, I'm reserving this seat
for my friend.
No flowers, thank you.
Take them to the office.
I'd like to remind you
of the terms of the auction.
A bidding fee and VAT will be
added to the hammer price.
The items shall be paid for
within seven days of the auction.
The first lot of the day is item 1,
Maria Salo.
The next lot is item 121.
Artturi Aarre, Rural Landscape.
100 euros.
Do I hear 80 euros ?
You could get this painting cheap.
There we have a bidder.
Thank you. I have 50 euros. 60.
Do I hear 100 ? I have 100.
120. 140.
Going once, going twice, sold.
Next we have item 122.
Portrait of a Man,
artist unknown.
We have an advance bid
for 1,300 euros.
Do I hear 1,400 ?
1,400 from a bidder on the phone.
Do I hear 1,500 ?
1,500. 1,600.
1,700. 1,800.
I have 2,000.
From a bidder on the phone.
And from the hall ?
Do I hear 2,200 ?
2,200 from the gentleman
on the side.
Do I hear 2,400 ?
2,400 from the gentleman
up front.
I have 2,600.
I have 3,000 from a bidder
on the phone. 3,000.
And from the hall ?
Do I hear 3,500 ?
3,500 from the gentleman
in the back.
Do I hear 4,000 ?
4,000 ?
4,000 from
the gentleman in the front.
4,500. Do I hear 4,500 ?
4,500 from the gentleman
in the back. Thank you.
Do I hear 5,000 ?
Now 5,000.
5,500 on the phone.
Do I hear 6,000 ?
6,000 from the gentleman
in the front.
Do I hear 6,500 ?
6,500 from the gentleman
in the back.
Do I hear 7,000 ?
7,000 on the phone.
Do I hear 7,500 ?
7,500 from
the gentleman in the back.
Do I hear 8,000 ?
Can Olavi afford it ?
8,000. Do I hear 8,000 ?
- 9,000.
- 9,000 on the phone.
What about the hall ?
Do I hear 10,000 ?
Do I hear 10,000 ?
10,000 from the gentleman
in the back.
Any higher bids ?
What about the bidder
on the phone ?
Thank you.
10,000 going once.
10,000 going twice.
Sold for 10,000.
What did you just do ?
Goddammit, Olavi !
- Hello ?
- This is Olavi Launio from Finland.
- Oh, hello.
- How are things in Stockholm ?
Here in Sandhamn
everything's great.
Is everything great
in Finland too ?
I'm calling about a painting.
- You're interested in Repin, right ?
- Yes.
Good. Very good.
But the prices have gone
up like crazy
because Russians are buying them.
- Do you have a Repin ?
- Yes, I do. For a good price.
I have a few interested parties,
but I thought I'd call you first.
Please tell me more.
I could've sent your papers
in the mail.
But it's nice you could stop by.
- You drink coffee, right ?
- Yes, coffee is fine.
I guess you don't remember
my place that well.
I remember something.
I think I've been here with Mom
when Grandma was still alive.
But then we stopped coming.
Let's sort these papers out.
Thank you
for helping me get that book.
Guess if it was easy to come up
with what to say to the nurse.
I'm surprised she believed me.
Did you buy the painting ?
I would've been there,
but Mom was a nervous wreck.
She almost called the cops.
Didn't we agree
that we'd buy the painting
if we find a picture of it
in a book ?
How much did you pay for it ?
2,000 ?
2,500 ?
- 5,000 ?
- No...
I bid 10,000 for it.
It's a lot of money, but I'm going
to make even more with it.
So you'll give me a bonus ?
Well, I need to sell it first.
Shouldn't you sell it
as quickly as possible ?
If you know anything
about selling,
you know
that this is the moment
when you have to keep
a cool head.
You mustn't scare the buyer away.
Well, what did you do
at the nursing home ?
Did you tell the nurse
everything right away ?
Of course you didn't.
You watched her reactions.
Fed her information.
Let her take it in.
And then you struck.
The other person has to think
it's their decision.
He's a good guy.
Your grandpa ?
Thanks, Mom.
You still have that work by Maarni.
Oh, hi.
I liked it when I was little.
I haven't really tried to sell it.
Aren't you going to close soon ?
I mean,
we could walk the same way.
I'm open till 7 these days.
I have to
because the others are also.
Hey. Wait.
I'll close early.
You really loved
some of the paintings.
I remember
how you got really angry
when I sold the painting
by Taisto Ahtola.
- I think you were seven.
- I was nine. I remember it well.
- But it was Alice Kaira's painting.
- No, Ahtola's.
It was Kaira's painting.
It had a white horse
and a forest in the background.
I even remember
where I bought the painting.
I was thinking...
If it's all right with you...
We could get together,
the three of us.
I'm sure Otto would like it.
You have a great son.
He'd make...
He'd make a good salesman.
Launio ?
- Launio.
- Hello.
You have a business mortgage
for 30,000 from 2002.
That's okay.
- You have procuration ?
- Yes.
But your turnover isn't
what it used to be.
I'm not looking
for a very big loan.
I was thinking of 10,000 euros.
- You have no other collateral ?
- No.
- You don't own an apartment ?
- No. I rent one.
Could you, by any chance,
lend me more
than the couple of thousands
we talked about ?
I'm asking because I need to pay
for the painting
in a couple of days.
I need more than 10,000.
Darn. Olavi, you know
I'd like to help you,
but I don't have that much.
Hello ? Are you still there ?
Yes, I'm here.
- Well, I'll have to sort things out.
- That's right.
- I'll see you around.
- Bye.
- Hi. I came to see the painting.
- Shouldn't you be in school ?
I said I needed to take care
of some job training stuff.
Where's the painting ?
These things are complicated.
When are you going to go get it ?
When will I get my...
Let it be.
- Well, hello.
- Hi, it's me, Dad.
Thank you.
It was delicious.
- I've never had this kind of food.
- I'm glad you liked it.
This is Otto's favorite.
That's how young people are.
But he's got a lot of potential.
You've raised him well.
I'm sure you haven't had it easy,
doing it all by yourself.
I should've been there
for you more.
Especially when you...
When you got divorced.
I've also been thinking
about closing my business
little by little.
I've been running it
for quite a while. But...
Would you have the heart
to close it ?
I just happen to be short of money
at the moment, so I...
I thought that...
Could you lend me some ?
A couple of thousand,
no more.
Four thousand would be
even better.
I'll pay you back,
with interest.
- Interest ?
- Yes, five percent.
Eight ?
Okay, let's make it ten.
Just for a short time
until I close the deal.
I'm your only child.
And you know nothing
about my life.
We're still paying off
Otto's dad's gambling debts.
We can barely get by.
We save wherever possible.
On food.
Clothes, Otto's hobbies.
I thought you knew.
How about...
How much could you lend me ?
I just came to say hi.
You're saving money ?
You're saving money ?
Your mom told you to do that ?
I can tell you that no one
ever got rich by saving.
The only way to make money
is to invest it.
Preferably in something
that will yield profit.
Huge profit.
10,100. 10,200. 10,300.
Here we go.
And you want to pay the rest,
2,432 euros, with a card, right ?
Did you ever check if we have
any information on that painting ?
Did you find anything ?
Dick ! Could you help me ?
- Could you get the painting ?
- Please bring the ladder.
- Otto, go help him.
- Here's the receipt.
Don't drop it.
It's worth hell of a lot.
I found this on your desk.
Did you ever bother to look ?
Dear Mrs. Lehtonen,
Thank you for lending us
Ilya Repin's Christ.
- Thanks !
- Bye !
Give me a smile.
That's it. Hold it there.
Hi. You made it.
- Of course. How's it going ?
- Great, thank you.
Come on in.
There it is.
So how much are you asking ?
I want 120,000 for it.
I have all the proof right here.
I think we have a deal.
- Is it okay if I come back later ?
- Sure, that's okay.
- Do you mind if I take a shot ?
- Excuse me ?
- A photo.
- Okay. Wait.
I have a photo here.
I'll see you later then.
I'd still like to know
why he didn't sign it.
- Maybe he forgot.
- He wouldn't forget that.
Let's ask that museum in Sweden.
Maybe they know why.
No, we won't.
Go ahead. Write your message.
What did I do ?
Just touch the screen lightly.
Learn to use it
and then buy one for yourself.
- We have a customer.
- Can't you take care of it ?
Hi. How may I help you ?
Hi. My name is Albert Johnson.
Do you speak Swedish ?
- Sure. I'm Dick Sundell.
- Good.
There's a painting
I'd like to ask you about.
Let's step into my office.
I mean...
One of the dogs is so smart...
I was talking to a friend the other day
about going out to the island.
You know what the dog is doing ?
He comes walking with his own
lifejacket in his mouth.
Can you believe that ?
What do you think of that ? It's crazy.
The other one is so stupid
it can't even find its own tail.
Hey, where is Antti !
Antti, come on !
Yeah, give me a second.
- Hi.
- Hello.
I couldn't get hold of you,
so I thought I'd make it
easy for you.
- I thought you might be busy.
- No, I'm okay.
I think I'll pass this time.
It would pay off...
We'll let it be.
You have others interested
in the painting, right ?
Where's my drink ?
Of course I'll pay him back.
What are you talking about ?
It's not even his money.
Sure it is.
That 4,000 euros came
from his savings account.
That money was meant to help
him get through university.
How was I supposed to know that ?
How would a 15-year-old boy
have that much money ?
I wouldn't have taken the money
if I had known.
You wouldn't ?
I've managed to build a life
for my son and myself
with the few resources I have.
What about you ?
When have you ever done
anything for anyone ?
You never helped us.
Not even when we lost
our home due to debt.
That's the account number.
We don't want anything from you.
Otto and I will do fine
without you.
We've done fine up till now.
You'll pay back
what you took from us.
I've cried so many times
because of you.
I'm done crying.
Hi, Maikki ! Hi, Tanja !
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
I'll hand over the lease
for 10,000.
We'll do this as an asset sale,
so no one can cut in.
I can rent the space
from the owners
and save the ten grand.
It's not certain you'd get it.
And even if you did,
they'd want to write
a new contract with you.
I've looked at the rents
for similar spaces.
The owners would double the rent.
You'll lose ten grand in no time
if you pay that much.
According to this contract,
the purchase price shall be paid
within 14 days.
The ownership
shall be transferred...
- Shall I take this one as well ?
- No, I'll take it.
Come on in.
- You got mail at your old shop.
- Please put it on the table.
You were right from the beginning.
They had all the information
at Dubrowski.
Thank you letters from the museum
and everything,
but they managed to screw
things up somehow.
You lost that deal because
they set up a minefield of shit.
Your client consulted Dick Sundell.
Sundell told him
your asking price
wasn't reasonable
because that painting
might not be authentic.
Wait a couple of years and sell it
when the dust has settled.
People won't forget
in a couple of years.
I'm running out of time.
Hey ! You !
What did you tell him
about my painting ?
A customer asked me
about the price we sold it for.
Shut up !
You know it's a Repin.
How the hell will I be able
to sell it for the fair value
with you saying
it's worth 10,000 ?
If you're having trouble
finding a buyer,
we can cancel the purchase.
Goddammit !
This is Olavi Launio's
answering machine.
If you're calling about art,
please leave your name and number,
and I'll get back to you.
Hello, this is Kerstin Langstrm
from Millesgrden Museum
in Stockholm.
You sent us an e-mail regarding
Ilya Repin's Christ.
We were also puzzled
about the missing signature.
The only explanation
we could come up with
was that Repin saw his painting
as a kind of icon.
And icons are not signed,
of course.
The artist is not important
when it comes to icons.
Icons are about man's humility
regarding his lot.
That's all we have.
I hope this was of some help.
We'll be leaving now.
Thank you.
I'll get someone to evaluate
his paintings.
But I'd like you to be there too
because you know their value.
I also want to talk to you
about something,
but we can do that then.
We don't have to do it here.
Hello. This is Olavi Launio
from Helsinki. I'm an art dealer...
Finish the e-mail, okay ?
I don't know any better than you.
What about this one ?
There's an oversupply
of these kinds of items
on the market. These don't
really have a specialty value.
But that painting there...
I think he purchased it
from us recently.
Olavi was a dear,
long-time customer.
If you're in need of cash,
we could make an exception...
We could cancel the purchase.
If I remember correctly,
Olavi paid 10,000 euros for this.
You're not giving that away.
It's worth a hell of a lot.
We know the value
of our items very well.
Bullshit. He knows nothing.
I'll prove it to you.
There should be a book here...
- Where the hell is it ?
- Otto, calm down.
Don't you get it ?
Olavi knew from the beginning
that was a Repin.
Otto, that's enough.
He knew a thousand times more
about art
than that frigging clown.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I couldn't leave my shop earlier.
I think this is for you.
That's the painting
I wanted to talk to you about.
We can make the purchase
cancellation documents now.
Wait a minute.
MY LAST WILL AND TESTAMEN My grandson Otto will inherit
Ilya Repin's Christ.
You understand ?
He didn't want you to sell it
for too low a price.
It's a very valuable painting.
It's worth more than 100,000.
Dear Lea.
If you get this letter,
it means
I didn't manage
to sell my Repin yet.
Don't be upset that I left
the painting to Otto.
Patu will explain why,
and Otto also knows quite a bit
about the painting.
If there's something I regret,
it's not being there for you more.
I should've been.
You were right about that.
Take care of Otto.
I know you will.
He's a smart boy.
I think I already told you.
And I mean it.
Tell him I said hi.
Tell him I rate his performance
as excellent plus.
All the best for you.
Queen Queen