One Less God (2017) Movie Script

Inspired by real events
Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters-
-the desire of life for itself.
Kahlil Gibran The Prophet
Do you believe in god? I think we are all one.
All of them.
We are interconnected-
- and there is no holder or more valuable-
-The life we all share.
Is that what is love?
Is that what God is?
Is not it that we are taught?
One can believe in tea leaves and tarot-
- mystic, media, spirits, gurun, roaming or voodoo.
I see no evil in the zodiac sign or leak lines.
People get faith in what they want.
Vishnu, Allah, Buddha, Tor, fairies or unicorns.
It does not have to trade either about one or the other.
Choose your toxins: chakras, angels, divine patronage-
- ESP, feng shui, damn astral projection.
Only that makes you happy.
Or helps you understand.
That's enough helping you out of bed.
relics, returns, fifth dimensions, resurrection.
You may think that the earth is flat-
- be monotheists, Polyteister or Peter Pantister.
What matters is life.
We not only have life.
We are life.
Because I believe in love.
And love, it's all.
Peace be with you.
Hello? Brother, are you there?
- Yaaseen, that's me. - Yaafi?
- Why do you have your brother's phone? - I wanted to know where you were.
You know, we can not talk more.
I'm at sea.
Is it big?
Larger than anything you can imagine.
- Have you seen fish? - Thousands.
And the sun shines so strongly that you have to shut up.
It's like watching towards the gates of paradise.
Yaafi, remember that this is not the end.
It's just the beginning. We will meet again.
How do you know that?
Yaafi. ..
I have tried to call you. Yaafi heard the phone and ...
All Islamic warriors has left everything behind him.
Yes, brother.
Keep the lines open until you see colaba
Cut the neck of the captain. Yes, brother.
The women in our family-
Have always had very beautiful hair.
Does my mom still have beautiful hair?
Very beautiful.
- Idiot! - Mom, Eda called me an idiot.
Eda, do not be rude to your brother.
I was rude to idiots.
- Mom. - It's enough now, both of them.
I did nothing! He hit a pillow.
Eda, I want to that you find something else-
You are in trouble with your brother.
He does not let me do anything else.
There is a lot to do in the hotel.
Who wants to be in a hotel when is the festival out there?
"One day you stand on your own feet. - Good.
I want it. I hate him!
But now you're still seventeen and it is me who decides-
- and I'm the one who has to live with the consequences.
Like getting your daughter to disgust?
If that means you go safely-do.
- Do you swear to both of your gods? - Yes.
Yes. I renew the marriages, Annie.
I do, too, Oz.
I wanted to meet her one last time.
I'm sorry, daddy.
I'm sorry.
You must rest now. We will be back tomorrow bitti.
"We live in a palace. - A palace?
Then you have to be a princess. Are you?
Then there is a palace the right place for you.
Do you think I'm doing it with pleasure?
Do you see it?
Yes, brother.
Remember what I've shown you, Yaaseen.
How they tore the Babrimosque.
They said it was their holy place.
And then, on our field, as they stole-
- they continued to kill and kill our people in kashmir.
Today you fight for Islam's reputation.
Tomorrow your name will come to be etched in gold.
And everywhere people come to praise you
Thank you once again, everyone. I would have liked you all.
But, unfortunately, only there a contract.
Thank you for your efforts.
I hope you enjoy of the rest of the stay in India.
Sir, it's no danger.
Do not worry. No problem. This way, sir.
Selim? Selim. Selim!
- What is it? - Where are your sister?
Oh my God...
You scared my life. - Do not touch me!
Eda, was the fan ...?
Why are you wet?
Come on now!
Fan too!
- Are you okay? - I have not heard a shot for a long time.
You're a journalist, Claire. You should report it.
No. Even in India I have to take care of children.
I found a couple which are locked out of their rooms.
- What should we do? - I'm no longer afraid anymore.
I stay in my room and hang out with the minibar.
- Give me the phone. - No.
Yes. Thanks. Yes I will.
Okay. That was my editor.
He said it's going to be going on some kind of gang war on the streets-
- and that it is best to stay here until it's over.
- Come on, let's go. - Where?
To a disco. What did you think?
- Do you want to go? - We're locked out, Selim.
Who's wrong is that? We go to the reception.
No, that's no good idea.
- It sounded like they were in the hotel. - No.
- There's a bunch on the street. Listen to me, Selim!
Eda, now!
- Thanks for... - Do it.
It was like a fan.
Then go with Tripadvisor.
- His name is John. - He comes to mind.
Hi, John ... Do you know where you are? You are on the 20th floor.
We found you unconscious in the elevator.
No danger. It's not yours.
- Call again. - I did it right.
Hit it.
- Hi ... Christophe. Listen to me, Claire.
- You have to lock the door. - I'm looking up her.
- Tell what... - Do not say! Lock the door!
- Okay, it's locked. - Good. Get what's available ...
- ... and block the door with it. - Damn...!
Christophe, you really start scare me up
No no!
No no!
Please, be quiet.
There, look. Do not you really see them?
There, look!
You can at least hear.
You are so young.
You do not have enough strong eyes.
Look at the beautiful blue!
What a pity you do not see.
I see them, Gradda!
Bright pink and beautiful orange, right?
What a beautiful fireworks.
Do you see? There's nothing to be afraid of
There is nothing in the world-
- like a girl like you need to be afraid of.
How is it?
- You should go. - No. How good you are.
It was a long time ago a young man tried to carry me in the room.
Can you move on now?
It is possible.
Pakistan has nothing to do with this incident.
- Pakistan ... - Thank you, honey?
Did you do that?
We condemn it. It does the whole country.
India has been exposed to repeated terror.
Islamists have been pointed out.
How do they know they are Muslims?
"Look, people with weapons! They must be Muslims. "
No, raring. Not now.
Yes, mom comes home in a few nights.
How many Muslims have the Hindus killed?
- But does anyone think ... - Quiet, Selim!
We had not been here if you had listened.
- How do you spell the "Quran" daddy? - Your damn!
No no. I love you too, raring.
IVlamma loves you very much.
A lot.
Give the phone to daddy.
Yes. Bye.
Bye honey.
Bye. Yes, Daddy.
Call her again.
Charles? No, I'm fine. I'm doing fine.
It's probably Christophe. I'll call you soon.
I will. I love you too.
Room 324. Yes, third floor.
Yes, Christophe. Okay thanks.
Please ... Is there anyone there?
I have a injured woman here.
Hi ... Why does not anyone answer?
Please, you need to help us.
America is many things too many people.
For a seventeen is it an ice cream parlor.
For grandpa, it's the veranda a cool evening
For mom and her family is it church on sunday morning.
And for dad it's his favorite pastime.
It's all races, faiths and religions.
It's the freedom to get that job one wants.
It is freedom of expression and to be able to gather.
It is the right to own property.
You should not risk the search for no reason.
Where do you have the permit for the search?
Right to a hurry and public trial.
Protection against cruel punishment and excessively large fines.
The right to vote and worship God the way you want it.
These freedoms have made America powerful.
Okay, we have our freedom but it is not managed properly.
It's the fault of the union. They are raging the country.
Who is the elected representative ...
They found a journalist, Yaaseen. She is somewhere on the third floor.
... the unions, the administration, politicians.
They are incompetent.
Come on, good people.
Here is the answer to your problems.
Dr. Utopia's sensational new discovery, ISM.
ISM is the boat of all ills in politics.
Enormous winnings, no strikes.
You are the boss.
State control, forget voices. Enter your own salary.
Larger crops, lower costs.
The ISM even makes the weather perfect every day.
What else can I do? She must be taken to hospital.
- You did a good job. - Give her this.
- What is it? - Oz special.
He is practically chemist.
Pain Relief can mask the symptoms.
She has a shotgun! stomach. They can see that.
Nima, listen to. You must take this. Okay. So yes.
But how could anyone be so stupid?
They may be on their way here now!
No, Claire.
They just said what floor you're on, not the room number.
So good. Then there is no danger.
Claire, it's a big hotel.
There are over a hundred rooms per floor.
You just need to stay hidden.
Is that all I need to do? Is that all for fan ?!
Listen to me, Claire. - I want blood.
I want their heads on my desk!
I know. That is unforgivable.
When you get home we find out who was behind.
But now you have to keep the fat and think. Okay?
We do not know if they have seen transmission.
But we know that they are ravaging the hotel.
Stay there. Okay? Go nowhere.
Keep doing what you do.
But do not go from there, just.
Claire? Hi, Claire?
Claire? Claire?
Hi, Claire? Hello?
Hello. Rescue personnel.
Is there anybody there?
Rescue personnel.
So you fled to the kitchen? What happened next?
Everyone just ... tried to hide.
But they heard them coming. They came.
It was just flying.
She knew.
And everyone started ...
You know...
It was just flying. You had no choice.
- It was just flying. - There's no danger now, Sean.
The Lord saved you and me and all of us here in the room.
Everything happens for a reason.
- Do not answer! - It's mom.
- Why would she be? - I sms her.
Did you tell anyone where we are?
Imagine if they have her mobile. Selim, you have to think!
When she received your message-
- why did not she text or called directly?
Why does she call my room?
She has a bad charge or reception.
Then she could not receive message. You have to think.
Did they stop shooting people ...
- ... and offering room service? - They are looking for people.
They have focused on prominent guests and ...
You really believe that everything is about you.
Imagine if it's a police or a police officer military looking for survivors.
- So they can help them. - You are right.
It might be the military, the police or the easter-
But what if it is not?
Are you prepared to risk yours? or Eve's life?
Hello. Mother...
- I missed the call! No, Selim!
They put on because they know what they need to know.
- Do you think they ... You made me miss
You stay here! - Help me, Eda.
What the hell was that i said!
- We still have a chance ... - Hi.
Selim ...
Rangers. Yes we will. Yes.
We are three.
Ask if there are embassy staff where.
- Ask him if there is ... - Stay inside ...
Yes, you knock three times. Okay.
Okay, thank you, thank you. Thanks.
Are the embassy staff still there?
So they're left? Thank you.
There are no staff near this place!
Do you understand? They come here.
Do not leave the room. Do not try to leave the room.
Have the blinds dragged.
We should not stay here.
- I feel it. - Feeling what?
- Death. - No, either.
I warn you. I have no good feeling.
Terrorists have placed us.
Why would you have a good feeling?
- Everyone's scared, Oz. - Va?
It's the horror that makes you so angry.
No. It is you and the superstitious the kind that makes me pissed off.
You can believe what you want, Oz.
He says when we are bothered of terrorists!
And if I believe in cannibalism, Yang?
You do not have to respect the faith of others
- but you have to respect the right to have faith
As long as it does not hurt others.
We are talking about the fan to eat people
Wait, did I feel right?
I can not eat people-
- but people must respect my rights to believe in eating people?
- It's insane! - Let him be, Oz.
John, listen to this:
Why would God save me? and let many others die?
- Do not leave the room. - I do not know.
Have the blinds dragged.
I know. Because you are special. That's what you think.
- No. - You deserve it more.
You deserve to live more than everyone else.
Do you deserve to live more than she, me or my wife
Be quiet!
Hello. I know you're in there.
We heard you. Open the door!
We heard you. Open the door!
Can you sound more like a terrorist?
Hello. My name is Claire.
If there's anyone in there, let us in.
- Peace be with you. - The same.
Vadan the delay, brother?
Remember, you have the whole world's eyes on you, brother.
Everything you do now will resound in eternity.
Yes, brother.
Do not try to leave the room.
Have the blinds dragged and all electronics ...
Is any of your doctors?
No, but I can get first aid.
- What did she happen to? - She was shot.
Delicious. Well done. Very well done.
How hard can it be?
Throw some grenades, just!
Throw some grenades.
I was waiting for Ahmad.
Why do you need Ahmad for that? Take out a grenade and throw it.
Where is Ahmad?
- He is coming. - If God wants to.
Where are you?
On the sixth floor. You would be in tenth!
The lifts do not work. They do not go higher than third.
You asked us to look for the journalist.
- And Ahmad ... - What?
What does Ahmad do?
He stays and jokes all the time!
Yaaseen, listen to me.
You're doing well, my brother.
Allah shows shows how to do.
You need a key card for one room to ride higher up with the elevator.
You know those plastic cards You open the doors.
Yes, brother. - In the elevator you swipe the card ...
... or hold it in front of a sensor.
That way you come to the higher floors.
- Perceived? Yes, brother.
We swip the plastic card-
- to get to the higher floors.
The screen saws are equally wide like both my extended arms.
Put fire on them.
In the big bathrooms There are five sinks in a row!
Yaaseen! Do you understand what to do?
Yes, brother. I have to get to the elevator.
- And then? - Drive up to tenth floor.
- And? - Build a fire on the east side.
Good brother.
That's what the whole world can see.
That is what is remembered.
Is there anybody there?
Okay, now we stick. We must survive.
Come here with them.
- Cover the door jumps. - Good idea.
Good. Do it.
There is more smoke there than here. We'll wait a while.
Sean, we have to take Nima to the bathroom and turn on the fan.
Did you hear? It is the fire brigade.
They come to extinguish the fire.
Everything will be alright.
- Hi. Rescue personnel. - Warning.
- An emergency exists. - Rescue staff.
- Stop what you do ... - Is anyone there?
Do not use the lifts. I repeat: do not use the lifts.
We are. from safety cuts. Is anyone there?
Warning. There is an emergency ibyggnaden.
Stop what you do and leave the building-
Do not use the lifts. I repeat: do not use the lifts.
No problem.
Warning. There is an emergency ibyggnaden.
Stop what you do ...
You are very kind.
Drag it over you.
Gradda will get rid of it. Gradda will get rid of everything.
- Yang, no. - I open the cursed window.
I'm sorry. It can not get worse than this.
- You should go. - She always tries to get rid of me.
You sound like one of my exmakar.
And you look like one of them a little.
No wonder he is worried.
Had I been a few years younger Had you had fierce competition.
Do you know what they are saying, brother?
They compare it with September 11th! This is jihad!
We come with the true jihad!
What is it?
It's nothing, brother. Just a woman.
The fire has forced many of them out in the corridors.
Just as you said.
- Is she still alive? Yes, brother.
What does she look like?
- Asian. - Press the rifle against her head.
Is it against her head?
Yes, brother.
Please. No...
No no. Angels do not cry.
Gradda is here.
Gradda will always be here.
I made my best tea for you, Bake.
Do not be afraid, brother.
It is part of Allah's plan.
Your brothers are in position on the roof.
Authorities have responded slower than we thought.
So great is the power of Allah.
He will enable you to continue with your mission.
Sir, I think you want to see this.
There are two famous Jews somewhere in the hotel.
The controversial Jewish rock- star Oz Stern from Australia-
- and his famous wife Annie is believed get stuck in the hotel Taj Mahal ...
It's because of us, right?
I'm sorry. I do not think I'll stand out anymore!
I want to get out of here!
Please, get us out. I want out.
I want to go out the door. I can not stay here!
- We have scanned one floor. - Excellent.
You are all very proud of us.
- You will be praised as martyrs. - Is it Yaaseen?
- Can I talk to him? - We've talked about this, Yaafi.
I want to say something to him.
Wash the face. It's soon time for prayer.
Drop me, Ruby. Just let me in. Come on.
They will find us all and kill us.
- Everyone! - For the fan ...! Annie!
Are they trying to look him up?
He should be quite famous so ...
- Hi! I'm here! - He is here. And?
- You're safe now. - In safety?
I'm hiding for Islamists in a room with a famous Jew!
And you think I should report it!
Please rubber Please.
It was not like this would be.
You promised me that!
I can not handle it. I'm not doing it.
- Yes. We can handle it, Ruby. - I can not handle it.
We can handle it.
Claire, I understand what you mean.
But listen to me. They offer a lot of money.
Yes, mean, It's about a huge sum.
- Oh my God... - What's up, Claire?
Oh my god It was you!
You revealed where I was.
So how much was my life worth?
Claire ...
You said you loved me.
I have a family, your shit!
Claire ...
Fuck off! He's a fucking pussy!
- How ugly are you? - Shut up!
Do you think you're the only one here Who has family ?!
Do you think you are the only ones ?!
Jsses ... This is completely undone.
Antichrist has a deformed eye.
Thick hair on the body.
There is Kafir on his brow!
He will command an army of 70,000 Jews against Islam!
But Jesus Christ resurrects and will fight them!
He will crack the cross.
He will kill the Jews army and all the pigs as well.
What does this tell you, Yaaseen?
Yaaseen? Yaaseen?
They can be worth hundreds.
And maybe even more than that. Do you understand?
- Listen to me, Yaaseen? - No.
- Not? - Ah, but Ahmad refuses to stop.
Hello? -Ahmad!
Ahmad! Ahmad! Wait!
Okay. Now I can hear you.
What I'm trying to tell is that if these famous Jews die-
- Could it be worth hundreds? or thousands of dead in the eyes of Allah.
Yaaseen. What the hell are you doing?
You have to find them brother.
Yes, if God wants to.
I'm sorry.
You do not have to apologize, Annie.
I can not even imagine how hard it is for you.
They also target Americans. Feeling better?
Well, it feels much better for me.
- Are they targeting English? - Yes. Why?
Then I know people which would feel better.
Do you think this is fun?
Do you know what it's like to be Korean? during a terrorist attack?
No, you do not know.
Neither do I, because I am Chinese.
You became worried for a while, huh?
110 ...
1 12 meters.
Yang, I know you think that it's a good idea-
- but how do we know that it does not work out?
It keeps.
Can we test it?
Yes, that's a good idea. I'm going first.
- That's a good idea. "I'm the biggest one.
Does it hold for me, Keep it for everyone.
It goes off!
When I'm down, I send a harness.
Okay. We are testing it, but not with you.
- It looks good here. - Japp.
Come on, let's go. Lift.
Yang, what's the first thing you think do when we come from here?
I go home and meet my family.
I hope you made the rope strong, Yang.
No danger. It keeps.
- Okay, slow. - Okay ...
Okay. On the windowsill.
- Well then. - Okay.
- Good. Well then. - Okay.
Sometimes one must have the confidence.
- Ready? - Yes.
On three. One...
It's too fan of. Hell! Hell!
They say they are trying pushing people out of their rooms.
It sounds like it works.
Alright with this!
- Idiot. - She is right. You are an idiot.
But you are a very brave idiot.
Now we know it's around 50 hostages in the hotel-
and between four and seven terrorists.
What we know is that three at night-
- tried the safety cuts and elite forces storm the building.
What we must understand is-
- that they are not any who picked up weapons.
They are set against well-educated and well-armed militants.
They can shoot very accurately.
That's why we ...
... the terrorists are targeting british and american
Indian forces are trying take control of Bombay-
- two days after the terrorist attack.
Over one hundred people have been killed.
Over 150 people, including 15 Foreigners have been killed late Wednesday.
Sandia, I'm afraid that we see the introduction on-
- a new war with a new battlefield.
The train station, the airport, the cafe, even schools and shopping centers.
These attacks have been carefully planned.
Some goals are chosen by coincidence-
- but not the Jewish center and Taj Mahal.
They stormed the orthodox Jewish headquarters ...
They kill Indians, Americans, British-
- but also other Muslims. They may originate anywhere.
Countries like Finland and Ireland belong to the few-
- who has never occupied any other country.
Pakistan has nothing to do with this incident.
It's just like the attacks September 11th.
It's a very dark day for India and the world.
Those who are stuck experience a veritable nightmare.
The scenes that are taking place is terrible.
I have no idea how they feel in the hotel.
They witness the scenes all over the world and vaporized.
- I will be back. - Where are you going?
- Where's he going? - She dies if she does not get help.
"I need to find a doctor. - Where from?
There must be someone at the hotel.
Before anyone's shooting you.
Sean, listen to me.
Please, I do not want you to ...
You do not always get your will, right?
I'm looking for a doctor.
Is there anyone who hears me? I'm looking for a doctor. Please.
Sorry if I scared you, but be quiet and keep calm.
- So I'm escorting you. - Va?
Sir, I'm afraid you're in shock.
- Then recommended ... Are you out of the mind?
- Sir? What the hell are you doing here?
It's my job, sir. I am employed at the hotel.
I'll take you to our room, but I have to find a doctor.
Are you looking for Dr Roberts, sir?
Do you know where there is a doctor? Take me to him now.
I'm afraid of Dr Roberts no longer in their room.
Where is he then?
I accompanied him and his wife a little while ago.
Did you accompany them? - I'm sorry, sir.
Did I know you have a damaged guest-
- I had escorted Dr. Roberts To you.
Then I had come back Then I emptied the rest of the floor.
- Empty the floor? - Yes, sir.
You spoil your time. Nobody is left on this floor.
How many have you escorted?
- 76, last time I counted. - 76?
I'm doing my best, sir-
- but it's hard to take more than two at a time.
If you follow me, I'll escort you to an exit-
- and returns as fast as I can to the other guests who ...
I'm sorry but you have to run now.
I'm leading them down this road. Go ahead, sir!
Now, sir!
Once upon a time there was an old dog-
But he was fast as a hawk-
and could jump like a frog.
Now it feels much better.
How about playing?
I'm sorry. I tried, but ...
Can you give her something else?
No, she has already received too much.
Are you afraid to take cabbage on me?
- I'll carry you out of here. - No!
I'll try with that fight against the last breath.
What I want is more medicine.
I'm sorry, Nima. You've got twice as much as ...
Give me that much more.
No, Nima. You may not. That is unforgivable.
- For who? - You do not choose when you die.
Do you think I chose this, John?
I would very much like to have a fist of your pills.
Please, Oz. Now that I can still ask.
No. Oz.
This is wrong. She does not know what she's doing.
Go away, hell!
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
- I should not have picked you up here. - Quiet now.
Dear little boy ...
You did just that which you had to do.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
- Yes. - Just what you had to.
And so infinitely more.
Sean ...
Would you be able...
Could you pull up blinds?
Just for a moment.
I just wanna watch ...
Why would anyone ...
... need more than that?
They come closer.
"We must keep quiet. - Wait too!
Selim, what are you doing?
- This continues forever. - Then we'll do that too.
You can not find me!
You have to look for me, Gradda!
How can I stop finding you? when do you speak?
- What is it? -lngeLinget
Do you think they end if they kill a couple of Jews?
I know how to stop them.
A bullet between the eyes.
- Go away with you, your hero. - Have you got your heart?
Where are you?
I know where. She must be!
Not? Not there.
Then I have no idea where she is.
She is really crazy.
She can probably hide for a long time. She is silent like a mouse.
If she could do it she was the best in the world.
- Do you want a scapegoat? - I know who it is.
It helps blame a Muslim.
I did not see any buddies with machine gun!
What matters like this are not real Muslims.
Hello. We are soldiers out of safety cuts.
Tell them then.
You who are in there can come out now.
Hello! Is there anybody there?
Come out now. We will help you.
Is there anybody there?
Rescue personnel.
Are they trying to get in should you pray as high as possible.
Do you understand?
But we tried.
There are still rooms left.
No! It's on the news!
- We have killed many more. - Tell us we're sorry.
We're sorry, brother.
So am I.
It is a big disappointment.
To work so hard and do not get hold of the Jews.
I pray for God's forgiveness.
May Allah forgive you.
What are we going to do now?
It's time.
Why did they just go?
You can not know why they do some things.
They went because they gave up the search.
Why would they do that?
You might have heard that you had moved.
Do not you think we have Twitter in Turkey?
What a legend!
Did you tell me they had moved? It was smart, Selim.
Hello? Hello?
Yes. Yes it's me.
It's nice to hear your voice as well.
Wait. A fire fight?
I can not hear.
Death? Who...?
Suicide? Who's dead? Who?
Sorry, but do you say it's over?
Are you saying that the siege is over?
Yes I understand that.
Thank you. What wonderful news.
- Thanks. - I'm gonna thank you.
Both are.
I'm grateful that you knocked on my door.
What? Can we go now?
They are starting to bring people out now.
They say we'll stay for a while, but it's over.
It's definitely over.
She was very brave.
I feel so stupid. I barely knew her.
You can spend a whole life with people without knowing them.
And with others it is enough with a few moments-
- to make it feel that you knew them all your life.
- Let my sister be! - Selim, no!
Why do not you feel? I have to protect you!
I do not want such protection! I do not want that!
- I have to go after him. - He just has to calm down.
You ... What room do you live on?
206. Hurs?
- Okay. - What are you doing?
I'm looking for him.
- It's a good idea, but ... - He's right.
Trust me. I can fix this.
I really do not know. I can start by apologizing.
Look, Gradda.
Yes. You are very strong.
I am very proud of you.
I think your mom also be proud of you.
That's something I have to tell you ...
... about your mother.
Eda, so you want to study for a doctor?
I hope so.
I'm waiting for the results. I have worked hard.
I have always wanted to become a doctor.
My daughter can not decide.
She seems to want to choose from one rainbow colored pony and a giraffe.
- How old is she? - Three.
Do you have children, John? - No I...
We planned to get children.
But my wife died a few years ago before we got the chance.
It is not to late.
You are not a real Muslim.
We would gather more hostages.
He pretended to be a Muslim. It was a shame on Allah.
Do you want to be next to the tour?
Do not worry, sir.
It's just a woman who gets care.
Stay inside the room until we arrive.
And you? Are you Muslim?
You are not Muslim?
Let them be!
Do you want to shoot any of your ynks?
Cowards! Shoot me then!
There you see, brother. You worry too much.
Allah always has answers.
Why should they shoot? On what?
- Maybe they missed one. - It's a new attack.
They release the hostage from another hotel.
What is Gradda?
Tell me what's up?
We are from safety cuts.
You have to hide yourself. You have to hide yourself.
There are men in here. They want to play.
But you must not let them win. Understood?
Hello! We are from the federal security cuts.
You can come out now. We help you.
Do not come out, my angel, whatever happens. Understood?
You can not get out for a long time.
Do you promise me? Do not get out for a long time. Okay?
- Okay. - Is anyone there?
My good girl. My favorite girl.
Hello! We are from safety cuts.
Do you hear me?
I'm coming!
Just a moment.
Get out right away. We will help you.
Come out now. We will help you.
We are from safety cuts. Can you hear me?
- Come out. We will help you. - I'm coming!
I'm starting to worry about you.
- Worry me? - Yes. You.
You do not do as we have been told.
Are you blind? Look at him.
He had not even managed to the elevator.
It took an hour just to get to the door.
- What is it? - There is one more.
Two floors down.
You can stay here if you want.
And do not cry anymore.
Ahmad! Ahmad!
- Do you think I'm breaking? - I know you're doing it.
You behave like a drug addict!
You're better off like a knife!
- Calm down, Yaaseen. - Shall I calm down?
Promise that you do not shoot in the next room.
I promise not to shoot in the next room!
Do you believe in god?
I think we are all one. All of them.
We are interconnected-
- and there is no holder or more valuable-
-The life we all share.
What matters is life.
We not only have life.
We are life.
Because I believe in love.
And love ...
Love is everything.
I thought it did not matter what you believe in.
But I was wrong.
Because if our children die because of what we believe in ...
Then it's time for our faith to die for our children's sake.
Do you believe in love?
All that is worth sacrificing for love ... is everything.
In memory of the 166 people who lose their lives-
- in the terrorist attacks in Bombay in November 2008.
Text: Pontus Janhunen