One Minute More (2014) Movie Script

Boss ?
Sorry ...
Is anyone here ?
Boss ?
Sorry ...
open the door ...
- Wan Chen
- boss
- Tsai Wan Chen, you calm down, OK
- Do not stop me Let me knock it
- boss
- Wan Chen
you this dead dog,
what is it called
boiling friends
sorry !
- either you go wrong I do not
want to call you ... / - Well
- You think like you so early ...
- Well
I curse our dog off you
what's the matter
- somehow
- Well
future cooperation but also,
do not do this it
Who cooperate with him ...
after today if I was
I must change manufacturers
food to me
you're better than
your master also responsible
give you ...
Do not quarrel,
sick father ...
- turn it off what ...
- What, What
toilet paper ... ,
over it,
Next season yet,
I intend to increase the figure topic area
I hope the extra space from the
original we devote some pages to
what to do with it ?
I want to introduce cutting-edge
designers throughout Asia
I think we can put it into a series of reports
from different countries ...
our advertising department do
Already negotiated a pet boutique advertising
is not possible in the topic among
people out of a pet do it ?
Pet with children has always
been a guarantee of sales
is not it ?
do you think ?
Advertising manager for a theme this term it ?
Your friends is a good idea
Advertising manager Chen Li Hsiang,
is not an ordinary
is sent down the upper direct
let the people in charge of the editor
responsible for one of the pets make it
who now make up Airun position ?
That she
Shortly after her probation
So today handed over to her friends
Save scissors clothes
I remember the flash Collapse
back ?
How ?
How work like ?
Tired yo
Wan Chen
What chicken run in the slowest ?
I do not know,
I do not guess I'm exhausted
Okay, okay,
magazine so much
- We are looking for a not so tired
- Well ..
editor Chen told me
I had friends
I've been through,
but I tell you
or helicopter editor
I thought you were on top of the magazine
would not have so many unexpected situations ...
I'm not Pareto only resign
You know what I want to die
thematic wanted something interesting
I know,
but you have all the time spent at work
- Last time we said we'd go together ...
- not happy ?
Not really
But last month
time than you have to when reporters busy ...
There you go again,
again, again ...
I cook a curry
chicken curry !
How ?
Hungry yet ?
I went to take a bath
For three years,
and still just an assistant ...
three years very much, okay ?
Lin requirements so high
No one can stay more than two years
- has only six months before it ...
- so exaggerated ...
I'm Wan Chen
His name Li Hsiang
I'm A Dan
it is 5.66 which is out
It is Mimi, it is Lele,
it is Nene
I received a phone call
you shoot first
My friends at work,
doing it
I tell you
- our time is to shoot pet ...
- know, we have written on reservation
up to it,
you do not want to take pictures ?
I did not tell you I will come ?
you really will forget things ...
Yeah Wan Chen
You really are a busy man ...
Dear Miss
I can not tell you
So, bye
What is your name ... ?
=[ I behaved, please take me home ]=
To slightly,
you forgot your keys ... ?
- Wan Chen back
- Dear
- I brought a gift for you
- gift ?
- Gift is to give me ?
- Not give your friends
is to Wan Chen
- ouch
- get out
- what
- Li La
You see, it will take a good name,
called Li La
Li La
Tell you ...,
he is very clever
Li La,
Come Li La
Wan Chen, ...
you even do not have to take care of a dog
Miss Su, a person you can ...
raised me up
two of us it is no problem, right ?
Know how much longer do you want ?
- Still so cute, so small
- Li La
It is now into this matter
Duyao landlord will not agree
we can teach it ...
it will be well behaved !
Right, Li La,
is not it ?
Do not keep it
cute !, you see,
you see, is not it ?
Li La,
Li La
Li La but not so very poor prisoner it ...
That how we sleep it ?
Li La, not the past,
sit down
Li La, open,
Li La
Li La
Li La
Chen Li Hsiang
I rushed deadlines pain
you You can not take care about the dogs ?
Li La,
do not
You made me whole paragraph deleted,
you know
Li La
How did you get out of it ?
Li La,
It urine
Li La
Li La
Li La,
come over
Li La,
come, come
Li La,
come, come
but I told my boyfriend really tried
we have no way
It really so bad it ?
Not it bad
is we do not teach it
no parents are born to teach children
thank you willing to try
sorry ...
No parents with children will be born
months now ?
Three months
Although the girl,
but destructive super
But also ...
So ...
My dad
your mother ?
My dad
the mom
together to take care of ?
Go home
You're the best
- sit down
- sit down
Li La,
sit down
sit down
- you can not
- that Why do not you come
- Come on, sit down
- sit down
Scared friends
Adam said dogs need these
in it ?
In it ?
Caught up,
caught up
- Really sorry
- sorry, sorry
under so much rain also dogs come
would have said not allowed dogs
Really outrageous
I want to call the police,
too outrageous
Li La,
Li La ...
Wan Chen, Wan Chen,
Wan Chen, you look
Li La Terrific ...
Li La good ...
girl good,
you win friends ..., Dad tired
You have to remember to give him water
Wan Chen
I have to drink
I put this !
- Great only
- Li La
- not
- sorry ...
it will always be new to the dog bully dog
so much only
also a small dog bully,
there is no use ...
it is large only,
and its name is great only
eat meat
this, this
Li La ...
Li La, this is your
so good
I have to
how ?
Is it tasty ?
- Delicious
- good ?
- This is all your own doing ?
- Yes
Every great liberation only finished on
particularly happy, is not ... ?
- Your meatloaf
- nice
We also hope that Li La may
own urine
then you every day at a fixed time to take it out
so that later it habit can argue
hear ?
that seven every morning before
you go to work it out with
night at seven o'clock and then I take it out
I go to work every morning
- Wan Chen, Wan Chen ...
- tired yo
we said we'd take care of together Li La
Wu Ma,
early, early early ...
- Li La, Come
- your dog to a good rope, OK
- sorry, ... , I do not ...
- not to speak blush
Oh, go on,
go on
Li La,
Li La
Li La
we go
- sorry ...
- Hello strange ...
- kids here also so
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry
- Wan real sister, your
- Wan Chen
Wan real sister, let's look at
this piece of companion pets
usurp someone you draft !
- Take it out, right ?
- Of course
- Mom, I think ...
- Li La to
we can move mountains ...
last time I heard a friend said
his family where community
Air is good,
the place is big
Li La walking more convenient
but it can also escape from that dreadful Wu Ma
how, how ?
Where the house is cheaper yeah,
do not have to climb stairs every day you
there but so far, it is not
convenient you convenient ...
say it
Writing is good,
just a little preaching
let her change it,
then or later
writing is the good thing
is a little preaching
we have here is a fashion magazine ...
not need you writing papers
- does not matter, this is just the first draft
of it, I can modify / - no matter, it does
not matter, it does not matter
I see this issue of the country
Well reported do with pet boutique
- sample diagram that several vendors have
showed Lin read it ? / - Ms. Lin has seen
I want to take it directly to the layout
or editor that you read again ?
let her take over the Well
we go a little good father or not your body wash
Soon enough
hurry to wash it,
put it slightly towels
wash it together,
so that mothers take a wash
to you to help him wash
- to wash together
- Do good dirty
surrender, surrender,
we moved it
to friends
Li La
home, go daddy that,
to my father that
- Air nice ...
- Li La, we go
- Li La, Li La
- Li La Li La
very excited !,
Li La
those first on the living room can be ...
It seems like the way here
that How about you ?
like ...
from here to where you work two hours ...
If not I will resign
Now is certainly not the place trying to
happier than to find a place
Thank you
I would like to ask our
editor in chief took office
I'm sorry, sorry, sorry
borrowed look, I'm sorry
- how you come
- I'm sorry
I am very grateful to George
two years he served as managing
editor for three months
Before him, no one has ever
work with me more than two years
in the 100 anniversary
We have a big decision
I accepted the resignation of George
We argued many times
I had to agree with him
to pass the torch to a new generation
we have the next one hundred
Although I regret
However, I am also very pleased
to have such a good partner
us thank him
how could this be ?
He did not think it should be, right ?
- Editor who want to change ?
- Who knows ...
our next topic
we will, and the name of fashion designer Giorgio
Kamiya positive and cooperative
this period
Editor positions
on by our senior editor,
Wan Chen agent
Wan Chen ?
Came with say hello
How about you
- sorry ...
- congratulations, ... , editor
Li La
- ouch
- large only
- went to Dad, go
- Large eat meatloaf ...
- go daddy
- come, come Li La
Come on,
Li La, good
- to
- meat rolled to
eat a sandwich to
- okay, I put things over processed
- Eat a Bar
I would like to say after you move over
we can meet in common
did not think you actually did not resign
the position of editor she waited so long
how would be willing to leave
so many good
have their favorite target can pursue
I also want to have their favorite things to do
You do not know you
idle at home doing nothing
most people happy, ...
thank you
We can re-design,
in fact it
jealous of this matter has been
very popular in the global busy in
Not only is it a very stylish,
very healthy
but also a very environmentally friendly thing
many Hollywood artists
like what Donna Powell there Greensboro
He is jealous of vegetarian
interview you do not see these people
just sort out the information on the network
that ...
- we can interview other jealous discourse
region artists like - column list for me
Little Blue
collated list to me tomorrow and Miss Lin
Li La
you find me ?
This is God hyacinth
Lin designated she photographed a cover
intend to find what kind of clothes ?
Made of what kind of style ?
I would like to hear the views
of the advertising department
better than so good,
tonight I invite you to dinner
way to celebrate your promotion
Li La, why do you do,
so anxious
You Qi Friends ?
How you look different today ... ?
How you look different today
today, when I met with the
Li La to the above there is You Qi
he meets a situation,
looking for work
To help him find it
I I advised him to open a bakery classroom
What do you think ?
Where better to start ?
Can it
I meet again tomorrow morning,
you can help me with Li La to walk it
- Over
- is
time it was too late
how ?
She wants to drink it
- No, thank
- do not you
assistant in
bad time to give her a little better
Now we are still taking pictures,
she suddenly gone what ... mean ?
I know
6:00, we're supposed to take
Now there are three sets did not shoot
really bad mood now,
no way to make another
I told you - I told You say
she only agreed to Miss Lee came to this
and there is no agreement with any details you
How can you be this way ?
We have ...
Miss can now shoot it
Thank you
I do not just help you
true that I always wan
at home all day idle
I should make some changes fishes
I do not know what you said Japanese ...
but also put it better
I got home
really exaggerated under the rain ...
What to eat ?
It does not matter Yeah, you can
do not tell you that before ...
Li La you do not call me any,
noisy dead
This will wake you right
Li La
they will not hit it
And you're not at home,
regardless of how you look
If you hear thunder is five times as large
as it is now and you will not be afraid
You do not know,
you should not look down on people
went to sleep with Li La
Li La to
you angry ?
Li La,
in which sleep
the good dog
Wan Chen
Do you love me ?
Do not you feel out of it
On these ?
Bad mood all written on the face
- when Miss Lee, in fact, the day we shot ...
- not to mention, brokers
You Qi
go ...
Miss Li,
apricots miss time ...
we will contact Ms apricots
again asked her to come back to take pictures
will catch up before the film completed
Arrangements as soon as it
How do you ...
obviously too late, why do not slow a slow
wait until next season to do it
you quarrel with me or go for help
you say The would really relaxed,
but not you go Contact
you any different with the old
crush us,
a good set of Miss Li
I just do my fair share of things
I tell you that you this is called flattering
I tell you,
this is the way
you have spent a few years ? You are not
satisfied, then you walked no one will leave you
dead Li La
dead Li La
how you can work at home toilet
Why wait for me to come back
Stinks to me over
I come
Where were you ?
Why do not even have a telephone connection
I have to accompany the creation
of things to talk about You Qi
have You Qi
important to you
I have left a note
you think you leave me a note get you
I want you to sleep a little longer
Why did not you call me
You all right at home all day is not it
you can send text messages to me
Well I thought you were busy
think I'm busy ?
Do not you think you think you think that ...
You think I even told you before,
I've changed
has not changed is that you
I speak hurt You ?
But I have it wrong ?
You did not find the two of us would
have to go in a different way ?
We are not the same as before ...
speak ...
what you think you can say ...
do not fight to the last
every time you do not speak
do not speak can not solve the problem
Miss you block the road
you today how so early
I thought you would not
We went for a walk
I seem to have been busy at work
are not taking care of him
a long time not to accompany him for a walk
Li La would not mind
but You'll
love each other
as you say
We have nothing in common a long time
I think ...
I do not love
I think ...
You do not need me like
you know
two plus one
when it is not equal to 3
miscalculated when
Li La,
Li La
Li La
Li La
Li La
Li La,
on the train
Li La
Li La
- Li La, the car
- Li La, come, come
Li La Well, well, you can,
come to the car
Li La
Lit up
come on the train,
Li La
Li La good,
sit down please
Li La,
you ...
Li La
Li La,
how to run your own back
Mother asked you, Dad do ?
Dad do ?
Original Li La really run back
Although I am not a good mother
But I want to try again
from you bring him back
you call him from Li La moment
he was determined to have been following you
Thank you for your care
Li La,
to be obedient !
Good to listen to her mother's words
Goodbye friends
we go home
Li La,
I'm sorry, !
So I have time to do good food for you to eat
small South with Jun Na, their photographic
themes this time to discuss what they
you'll want to be put on my desk for five
Today there are three sessions,
Seattle, took over Games
then at 5:00, when given with Jin Ping
have a good meeting
themselves do not,
I do not
then here this
feeling is I want to have a little spring
he can be ...
Okay ?
How about
then this
editor This is your information
- 3 am meeting Do not forget
- is
Starting today
Miss Kyoko work
on the Miss Wan really the responsible
very sorry
It is not so easy to arrange
theme can be made after the
publication of her decision
theme could be her daughter
Perhaps she is interested in
Miss apricots design Wedding
If I move it real for you and
you have to go out with me
this lamp a little higher again
there is light color
I talk to her confirmation
editor, this person did not
contact the A-pillar to
called her broker
Miss Lee,
Mr. Kamiya has arrived
here please
Do not do
how would
What we need to do to help you
apricots said she wanted to
accompany her brother after school
Now there are specials ?
There really such a thing ?
I do not want this kind of thing
you give me back
very sorry
Give you a busy trip,
really sorry
I would like to ask Mr. Kamiya
she would be willing to change topic
Mr. Kamiya
Wan wanted to asked if he could change one topic
good good
Thanks for your help
care has always been there
than before the wedding,
this rite is also good
busy ...,
someone looking for you do
Li La
there ready to pull my new father yet
before you know you do not know what I hate
because I did not chase you
because I think you do not know what team work
If the team,
then it will not someone speak
Think you speak ?
My parents passed away early
So I know
on their own,
most realistic
Next etc.
Then wait
let him again later on
you You love me ?
I love you ?
I love you
I love you
I love you
Come back !
Li La !
Li La !
Back !
Over !
Li La
choose your man is not also good vision than I
Do you love me ?
Get me some onions
Before I cook
not quite put onions
as long as one can see onions
The whole meal will eat
Two months slightly
What ?
We have been working together for two months
But you mention and talk to ...
is true and Wan Li La
onions did not wash ! ?
Li La,
drink it ?
Li La !
you look !
The shadow is part of his spleen
you can see there is a big tumor
heart here also there
Should be transferred over
just experience a bit of his blood
the leukocyte index is quite high
situation is not very optimistic
how could
I was with him a few months
ago a healthy check ...
dog people a month equal to six months
You might be psychologically prepared
his condition deteriorated very quickly
we can do
is passive treatment
fight for you to get along with his time
or choose ...
Do Let him take so much pain
not particularly want to adjust ...
Miss Lee
- This time of the project, I think ...
- what project I have decided
God town and very pleased with
our presentation this time
I want you to go to Japan
complete this exclusive interview
I'm sorry,
Miss Lee
I can not go to Japan
please let Kogusu instead of me go
Li La ?
He is my golden retriever
who did not raise a pet ...
He is not just a pet
He is my family
I want to leave to take care of him
you're willing to give up the
opportunity for him to rise editor
Cancer has spread to the whole body of
This will make it no effort
You have to be careful not to let him fall
or bleeding
so that it can live longer
good care of him
make your own with Li La will not regret
take care of him
Fight for you to get along
with his last period of time
good !
we have a
Li La,
mom to help you !
Li La,
the good
to the toilet ...
Toilet ... ,
my mother stay with you !
If the family has raised dogs
meatloaf was not to put any seasonings
This meatloaf dinner can make it to the dogs
Wan Zhen,
Wan Chen
Li La,
obedient !
Li La
do not move
good, Li La,
you behaved
not eat will not get better,
you know ?
Good to
Li La
Li La !
- Li La
- Do not be afraid !
- Li La, good
- mom here
Ganmian skin to the attention of road
even to roll in
but not the dough roll break
you ...
a man
hugged Li La move it ?
A lot of things will not wait for you to ready
I go
Wan Chen
I send you
I can
Li La
Is this your first time here !
Us to ...
Li La is your name
Li La, I'm listening to the
teacher that he behaved friends
Li La Li La,
with great luck
rice cool slightly
is Lin
Eat dinner
If Li La was not followed me
should be all right
so one minute,
it is quite a year
Li La understand it
The most important is that you can
with favorite people together
That is the most important right,
Li La ?
The grandmother feed you dinner meal
there is no smell
right ?
How to eat, huh ?
I think ...
I want to see Li La
Li La
we arrived home slightly
father to see you
Li La
You're the greatest, !
Father to see you
certain nothing
I come
Li La
father hold you out !
May be a little painful,
wait, !
father back you,
we said
together to take care of Li La
Your mother
My dad
I went to open the door
had this time
You should Japan
Kogusu no problem
I am assured
true chic
You're just a bit
I did not expect to say give up on giving
waiting for you someday find your love
would you have
Li La
Wait !
Mom in back the road
Wan Chen
you talk to Li La
Li La
hear my mother talk ?
Mom coming home
you must wait for me !
Li La every time waiting for Mom to go home
You must wait for me to go back,
you know ?
Waiting for Mom !
Mother promised you
mom this time
will not ...
will not be late
you wait for just a mom
look at it Good
Li La
Li La good boy !
Mom back
Heard my mother talk ?
Mom back
Li La Do not be afraid
mother will always be with you
mom love you the most
do love you
Li La
If you're really tired
You go to rest
mom will take care of their own
Li La great
Hello, I
I leave next month
want a trip back home
I never go back there with Li La seaside
Do you want to work together ?
Away in time
I know it gave me much love
along with him every minute
is so precious
Whatever you him
for you
I've always wanted to say
I think
born knowing love
us ...
there are opportunities ...
still have a chance ...
is not it ?