One More Flip (2021) Movie Script

Colorful baby, be baby
No, don't slide
Give me one reason
You know I keep it on me
That I'd be
I say don't turn me up
Please, don't turn me up
Don't make me slide uphill
Slide, Slide, Slide, Slide
Oh, already been five minutes, huh?
Ain't gonna lie.
This shit is slap though.
That nigger put no one for the CD.
Oh, yeah?
You don't fuck with him?
I really don't keep up with this shit.
Dawg, top five for sure.
I say Sada, Hairo, PZ, Streetlord Rook.
That's shit, you can't forget Blake.
-That's your list?
-What do you mean?
Your list.
Old time or right now?
Nigga, both of them.
For real we need to get that
motherfucker talk some shit.
You know, we really live in this shit.
Hell, we got the Carfax
to back this shit up.
That's your man?
Yeah, that's him.
-Yeah. What up, dawg?
Hey, hey, hey, let me holler
at you for a sec.
What's up?
Hey, why it seem like you're
meeting dawg for the first time?
In person, yeah.
We've been friends on Facebook
for years though.
So y'all meet and then go on
Facebook about to run a pipe?
Does it matter?
Man, a plug is a plug.
What up?
Hey, you got 16s?
Yeah, I got a plug. I can
get you as much as you need.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
What the fuck man!
Let's just fucking go,
all right?
You stupid motherfucker.
I'm so sick of this shit.
It's like every other night, I swear.
I don't ever ask him
where he have been either.
I know he'd been laid out
with some weak ass bitch,
come home, hop in the bed
like nothing happened.
But he's smart enough.
He's always smart enough not to
leave no trace of these bitches.
But I still check anyway.
You found what you was looking for?
Well, nobody even looking for shit.
I just took your phone
'cause I saw nigga's calling
and didn't want them to wake you up.
Yeah, right. Shit.
I should be waking up to head
instead of waking up to you
going through my goddamn phone.
Maybe you could if you wouldn't
have kept me up all night.
Turn that back on, that's my shit.
-Man, stop being a groupie.
-Groupie, huh?
I guess you can make your own food then.
Why? When I got a hoe up
with me right here.
Marco, stop. Stop it, Marco.
-Oh, it's like that?
-Yeah, it's like that.
Keeping me up all night.
You should be used to it by now.
Oh, when I will say shit,
I guess that's when
I'll give a fuck no more.
Oh, shit. What you about to do,
go ahead with your
broke ass hoes?
First of all, my friends ain't broke.
And now, I'm about
to go get my hair done.
Can I have some money
to get my hair done?
-Hell, no. Hell, no.
-Why not?
Go out with your broke ass friends.
Word. That's a no?
You now know we have stash here, right?
-Whatever. Whatever.
-Yeah, whatever, nothing.
Bye. Hang out
with your broke ass hoes.
Only Gucci working bag
Jimmy Choo and Vera Wang
I wanna buy you everything
I'ma buy you everything
Buy you everything
I'ma buy you everything
Gucci, Prada
Hey, Little D.
You ain't speaking to me today, huh?
What's the matter with you?
Boy, go get your mama for me.
Okay, son.
-Hey, Mr. Piper.
How are you doing? All right.
Okay, you get in the car in the backseat.
So what up though?
Shit, how was the doctor's appointment?
I mean, it was good.
-He said the baby is doing
really, really good.
But my back is fucking hurtin' me.
And, you know, I ran out of perks.
Bitch, is you crazy?
Not only are you pregnant as fuck,
but your son is in the backseat.
Yes, I know that.
You know that boy ain't speaking to me.
Boy, you better say hi to your godmama.
-I think he's sick or somethin'.
-Hoe, that thing probably cold.
And I told you to let me buy that boy
a new coat and some gloves.
Your ass be forgetting
but he is part black, bitch,
we hate cold.
Yes, I know this
but I'm straight. Thanks.
You know, bitch, you never said
anything about my new coat.
-Oh, yeah.
-This is faux from Paris.
Ooh, is it?
Okay, well, it's you.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
I mean, it's a little bit gaudy,
that's all.
What? Gaudy? Are you kidding me?
Is it too much with the earring?
-No comment.
-Wow. The shade of it all.
Do you see how she's doing me?
Mary J real love
None of that fake stuff
We've been through
A lot, baby
I'm gonna call LeLe.
-You know that bitch
ain't ever ready.
You need to cut that shit off.
-Oh. Sorry, Little D.
Hey, hold up.
Why would you do that?
I... Now we got to get me
a new phone.
Thanks a fucking lot.
Well, have the hoe buy it for
you because that shit is nasty.
Ladies. What up, lil nephew?
My son don't need to hear that shit.
My phone was connected to
the car when I called you, LeLe.
-Oh, my God.
I didn't know, Meeka.
I mean, that is not cool.
You should be tired of
being a hoe by now.
Hmm. Oh, so ya'll mad 'cause you
didn't get no dick this morning?
I mean, because, clearly,
I don't have a problem getting in a kick.
She got you there.
I don't understand how Marco
don't like these girls.
Because I love these bitches.
I mean, they just get me and I get them.
I got a scholarship
to go to some bougie ass private
school in the suburbs.
That's where I met Meeka.
Her dad is some uppity white politician.
And as soon as she got pregnant
by a random black dude,
he gave her ass the boot.
She'd been on
government assistance
ever since.
Tragic. But she's loyal.
And she got a good heart.
And I love her.
I met LeLe when I went to go
live with my grandmother
after my parents died.
We both needed each other.
I guess it's like we're both broken.
And she knows how to fix me
and I know how to fix her.
Even though she ain't shit,
she got her ugly way.
At the end of the day,
she's still a good person.
So when it comes to these two,
I ride for them
'cause I know they'll ride for me.
That's that on that.
What's up, dawg? You all right?
-You good?
-Yeah, I'm straight.
You good?
I'm gonna have to holler
at you one on one.
Man, you fool.
You ain't had to do doggin' them
like that last night.
Hey, can y'all give us a minute?
Don't ever tread
on my business like that.
Bro, this nigger got a connect
from Facebook.
-There's money on there.
-There's a paper trail on there.
I'm trying to raise my kids
from this out of the gate.
I'ma gonna give your half another night.
I'm gonna take my half.
I'm done with this shit.
I ain't getting it like you.
We eating out of the same bag.
You just fucking it up.
I'm the one that get us pay.
Like now I got a buyer that want it all.
Where you meeting him from?
It's the same nigger
I've been selling to.
He trying to up his weight.
-Hell, no, I'm straight.
Niggers don't up their weight like that.
-So front me.
-Hell, no.
Then roll with me.
Look, if you don't like the way
it look, we can pull off.
If you want out, you out.
We hit a dog ass lick last night
and we came up.
We flip that, you get
your brick and you go.
I think I want to upgrade.
But Marco gonna be trippin'.
I mean, it's not like you don't
need a new phone anyways.
You might as well.
You're right.
You got the new iPhone?
Are you a new or existing customer?
Existing customer.
-And I'm gonna be paying cash.
-Okay, that's cool.
So if you buy one, you can get
the other one for free.
-T? Let me get the free phone.
-No, I'm gonna give it to Meeka.
I don't need no new phone.
I didn't say you did but you can
give your old one to Little D
and you can get a new one.
Bitch, for me.
See, T, that's that bullshit.
How come she gets everything?
You know what, that's all right.
I'm about to go to the store next door.
Anybody want anything?
Oh, wait, never mind,
y'all don't ever give me shit.
She be doing the most.
It's gonna take a couple of minutes.
-Okay, that's cool.
-All right.
You know you ain't slick neither.
You should be giving that phone to Marco.
That's why he hate our ass now anyway.
Girl, I'm not thinking about Marco,
especially after that shit
he pulled staying out all night.
-Oh, shit!
Hey, damn!
-Leave that bitch.
-Shut the fuck up.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Taji.
I'm Taji.
Your friend Loretta is looking for you.
-You can follow me.
Here she is.
It's okay, let me see.
It don't even really
look that bad though.
What am I going to tell Tae, T?
We ain't got to tell Tae shit.
He's going to kill me when he finds out.
Well, what was that back there?
His name is Rome.
You fucking a Dollar Store nigger, LeLe?
Did you?
We met at a club...
and I went back to his crib...
and we... You know.
And I stole a few bills from
his wallet while he was sleep.
But that was a few months ago.
He could have just let it go.
He couldn't have.
Bitch, he work at a fucking Dollar Store.
He probably worked all week for
that money you took from him.
I didn't know.
I didn't know he worked there.
He looked like he had money.
Lower your fucking voice in here.
So to keep it real,
Tae probably already done seen
that video.
So here's what we got to tell him.
The nigger thought you was
stealing from the store,
he got all handsies with you,
and me and Meeka came to rescue
your ass once again.
You owe me.
You owe me big.
And Meeka too.
Got you.
Can you believe that shit, bae?
She really tried to steal
from a Dollar Store nigga.
Hell, no, that shit's crazy.
And embarrassing as fuck.
You should have seen that.
Oh, God, it was crazy.
Is that so?
This was the nigga she met today?
No, she been, knew him.
It was her first time seeing him today.
But she met him before.
That's when she tried to take the money.
That's why I tell you,
don't hang out with them
dumbass bitches.
Why is that, bae?
Hold on.
All right.
I'll be there in a few.
Mm-hmm, what? Nobody got time
to get that shit.
Nothing, Marco.
See? When you got
good chemistry,
you don't even have to say nothin'.
Sure, I don't want him to go.
But he'll just turn around
and say some slick shit
like, "One of us gotta
go get this paper."
I don't want to hear that shit.
I ain't stupid neither.
Ain't that much drugs in the whole world.
Most nights he's probably out
doing him with some other bitch
when I'm up waiting on him,
fighting the urge to text him.
I'm trying to call him every few seconds,
but how the fuck am I supposed to sleep,
while he in the street?
Hey, um, is Marco with you by any chance.
No, but if you, uh...
If you see him,
can you tell him I'm looking for him?
All right, thanks.
What up, dawg?
Is your cousin with you?
Yeah, no, we were supposed
to do breakfast in a few hours.
So if you see him, just have him call me.
All right, thanks.
I'm telling you, take the fucking deal.
It's the only shot you're gonna get.
-Take the fucking deal.
Good, good, good.
Come on, not much time.
I was able to get him
to see a judge today
and I'm not gonna lie to you,
the amount that he was caught with
and the war going on with opioids,
his bail will be set high.
But, also assuming with his line of work,
that shouldn't be that big of an issue.
Well, what the fuck
is that supposed to mean?
Come on now, lady,
let's not play the games.
Your man called me.
Besides, I'm hip to the game.
We should go.
DeMarco Beasley.
Michael Fieger representing
DeMarco Beasley.
Kym Paul representing
the State of Michigan.
Your Honor,
my client has no prior arrest.
He owns a barber shop, a carwash,
and he has a little league
sports team for children.
Also, in the courtroom
is his soon-to-be wife
and his godson whom he dearly loves.
My client poses
no threat to the community,
nor is he a flight risk.
Why would he be?
He's an innocent man.
And we ask that bail be set
at a reasonable amount.
Your Honor, the amount of opioids
that DeMarco
and his associate Eric Harris
was in possession of
was enough to stock a hospital...
It was not on his person,
nor was it his car.
If you will allow me
to finish my statement
on behalf of the people.
We fear that the defendant will flee
once he is aware
of these current charges.
Those charges being felony firearm,
assault with a deadly weapon,
assault with intent to do bodily harm
and murder in the first degree.
Your Honor, why wasn't the defendant
made aware of these charges?
He wasn't made aware of these charges
because we were unsure
about the cooperation
until just a few minutes ago.
Well, until the charges are official,
and we have that in writing,
we ask that bail be instated.
Not only is Miss Kym Paul
withholding vital information
from my client.
What are we being tried here for?
Your Honor, those charges
will be added within the hour.
They weren't made aware
because we were unsure
about the cooperation
that we would receive
until just a few minutes ago.
But based on this new information,
we request that bail be denied.
So, what is this all about?
You have us in here on a false pretense
in order to drop a bombshell
to make your career?
Your Honor, my client is a business owner
that has a loving family
that expects him to return home tonight.
I am wise enough to know
when I'm being used.
In fact, I know exactly
when I'm being played.
Mr. Beasley.
Yes, Your Honor.
Is your uncle's name Connard Beasley?
Yes, Your Honor.
Your uncle, Connard, was sentenced
for operating a criminal
enterprise 16 years ago.
And if I'm not mistaken,
he was also a entrepreneur
with several businesses.
Is that who taught you
how to be a businessman?
That is a blatantly biased remark
that paints my client
in the miscreant light.
Excuse me, you come into my courtroom
and you question my wisdom,
then my integrity?
My apologies, Your Honor.
Apology accepted, but bail is denied.
How the fuck you didn't know about this?
Look, no one is more upset
than me right now.
I was clearly blindsided today.
You saw that.
Nobody was more upset than you?
-Besides you two, of course.
-Where the fuck was Eric at?
Ain't you supposed to be
representing him too?
Unfortunately, they won't let me
represent you both.
But I have a friend of mine
that's handling his case.
You better get your friend on my
phone 'cause somebody's talking.
Well, rest assured,
if your friend was talking,
my friend would have dropped his case.
-Hey, get us some water.
-We good, baby.
-He set you up.
Look, chill with that shit.
I've known Eric since he was a kid.
It's obvious as hell.
You can see that shit yourself.
-Why weren't he at court today?
-Hey, chill.
Look, I got about 60 G's at the crib.
I need you to move that shit
as soon as possible.
Okay, whatever.
Look, you need to move that shit
'cause they might hit the crib
and they already hit it.
You're still worried
about money right now.
Hell, yeah.
Shit, I got lawyers to pay.
Plus, I got to make sure you straight.
I need you to go see my cousin Lamar.
-For what?
-Time's up.
Ugh. Look, look, baby,
just go see him.
-I love you, Marco.
-I love you too.
I swear to God,
they be cheating on her, dawg.
Damn, nigger.
You don't know the door's going crazy?
Lamar and Pooh Bear is Marco's
Uncle Connard's sons.
After he got locked up,
Lamar took over all his
businesses and properties.
But, as you can see, they do
not keep up with this shit.
-Hey, what's up with you, T?
Ain't gonna keep him long at all.
So what's up, cuz?
You good on cheese?
Yeah, I'm straight.
What do you want?
A drink or something?
No, Lamar.
They finally got Bigfoot's ass, huh?
You know, that's the only
nigger in our family
that ain't never been to prison
before, that I can think of.
Heard him and Eric caught a body too.
I don't know shit about no Eric.
I just know what they did to poor Marco.
Just gonna have to sit down for a while.
-How long you think
they're gonna give him?
Maybe take a deal.
Maybe about ten.
Come home with about four to five.
That was so big, bae.
Bitch, you lost your goddamn mind?
Can't you see we got a guest, huh?
Take your ass back to the damn room!
-What's this?
-Stash house.
Write the address down
on this piece of paper.
Don't put this shit in your GPS.
You got any extra money,
you take it here.
Marco got some bread and some
work there waiting for you.
So, look like you're gonna be
a busy lady while he locked up.
I told him I had him
but he wanted you to do it.
There you go.
All right.
I think I'm gonna head out, cuz.
-All right, Taj.
-Thanks, Lamar.
You know he wouldn't give nothing to me
that I couldn't handle, all right?
You need me, you call me.
And my new bitch
Don't trust me
'Cause she know
It ain't shit
And I'm in and out of town
And you know how I get
See the bag just touch, man
I did another flip
Another couple mils up
Every time I take a trip
Get the money discounted
Double if they flip it
Bag it up break it down
They'll get it how you get it
The number one route just tag
Me before you spend it
A Grammy for your
I guess my own bag
So this money I'll make
I made a couple mil
When I was sober
I'm way ahead of my time
I'm like Elroy Jetson
When it come to this
Man, you niggers never
Will catch
Boy get the money
Get the money
Nobody ever knew Marco to
have his girl working for him.
These niggers probably think
I'm the police.
And to make matters worse,
I've been burning through
this money like crazy.
-What up, bae, what you need?
-Shit. Where is Marco, at?
I'm his people. What up?
No, I ain't fucking around with you.
I couldn't get this work off for shit.
Whoever said drugs
sold themselves is a liar.
Your Honor, my client wishes to plead
not guilty to the felony firearm charges.
Not guilty to the assault charges.
And not guilty to the murder
in the first-degree charge.
Hell, yeah.
Free my nephew DeMarco.
Enough! Be quiet!
Another outburst
like that in my courtroom
and I will hold you personally
responsible, Mr. Beasley.
Mr. Putnam, I'm assuming your
client wishes to do the same?
Your Honor, as of now,
we'd like to stand mute.
All right, trial will begin in 20 days,
which I believe is a Monday.
Uh, we are adjourned for the day.
Yeah, man.
I don't know.
I guess, you know.
I know what you're thinking
but ain't even like that.
I never give my full discovery yet.
You know what I'm thinking?
Shit, I'm thinking how the fuck
I'm in handcuffs and you ain't.
DA is willing to drop the murder charge
in exchange
for something old and useless.
Can be behind a statute
of limitations as well.
You'll be going home
on the possession charges
within a couple of months.
Hey, look, man, I ain't
snitchin' on nobody, dawg.
Now if we go to trial for murder,
that could take up to a year.
That's a whole year with you behind bars.
Look, I don't give a fuck
if it's three years.
I ain't snitching on nobody.
-Can you give us a minute,
Look, you may not give
a fuck but I do, Marco.
They're trying to give me with DeRico.
Ain't shit I can give.
Everything will be useless.
All my niggers are gonna be
locked up in a minute.
Your niggers. When the fuck
is you gonna realize
your niggers don't give a fuck
about you being in here?
Your niggers get to go home
every night to their women
while you are sitting here
looking dumb as fuck right now.
One of your same niggas is about
to snitch on your ass right now.
When the fuck am I gonna mean
as much to you as your niggas,
Everything I do is for your ass.
Wow. You doing a lot right now.
I know that.
I need you to put a bail on my books.
Look $1,000 every week on your books,
what the fuck is you
doing in jail with $1,000?
I'm trying to get set up
the best way I fucking can.
Well, it's costing us a whole lot.
-That's all I'm saying.
-Is that a problem or something?
No, it ain't no problem.
No way in hell I could tell Marco
I've been flying through
his money like this,
taking care of Little D, Meeka,
myself and all his legal shit.
Not to mention I can't get
this work off the same,
I don't know why.
Ass, let's go sign on,
this is my jam, yes.
First of all, I'm not doing
this with you tonight.
-You don't have any.
T, what's going on with the wine?
It's running out. Hurry up.
Well, calm your thirsty ass down.
It's my last bottle too LeLe.
I'm sorry, y'all.
Look, Tae and his weak ass baby mama
have been stressed
to meet the hell out, child.
I got something for you'll.
I'm about to get some of this W,
you know that she won't get us right.
Shot time.
-Hell, no.
Uh, hold up. What's going on?
We're not doing hard liquor tonight?
Girl, nobody say all that.
Man, I've been spending so much money.
You know Marco been facing
all of this time,
you know, all these bills,
my ass gonna be back slinging bottles
at the strip club in no time.
First of all, stop stressing out.
Second of all, didn't he leave
you work and money?
I mean, yeah, but this...
I can't get this work off for shit.
You know, 50,000,
it ain't no money, y'all.
I mean, look at this house.
I still gotta take care of my granny.
And shit, Meeka.
That bitch on bed rest.
Bottom line, this bag almost gone.
Mm-mm, we'd got to set you up to play,
you is not about to go back
to no titty bar.
You gonna sling them lean
-just like you're slinging
new bottles in the club.
-Um, hold on, bitch.
You're not about to have my dog
out here looking crazy.
Trying to put a sparkle on our
activist with her ass out what?
I asked out something last night.
-No, we are not doing it.
-Is what I'm saying.
No, fool.
She gonna dress that up for him.
What nigger don't want to cut
from the bad bitch?
This game is built off of sex appeal.
You're right.
If I was gonna make some money,
I just had to do it my way.
What up now, baby?
-What you need?
-Yeah, baby. Who is you?
-Everybody call me TJ.
-Oh, yeah, TJ.
-So what you got?
-Depends on what you need.
For the lows.
-Oh, yeah?
This shit looks dope.
But is this shit straight?
'Cause I ain't trying to hide
these niggas thumbs out here.
Oh, my God, I got the best
prices in the city guaranteed.
Fuck it.
Where all the motherfuckers.
See, that's what I like to hear.
For years I asked Marco
why he hadn't stopped.
And all it took for me was
one sale to figure out why.
And that's all it took.
All the niggers want to know
who was the bad bitch
with the pills and the drink,
ha, ha.
After Shine, I was averaging
like ten or more customers per day.
Heavyweight too.
I'm talking pints by the case,
pills by the hundred.
And, Granny, I knew
these niggers were
just trying to fuck.
But they had to respect
the bad bitch for the hustle.
I had customers buying gifts,
tipping me with every order.
Hell, one dude even tried
to buy me a car.
But this was awesome.
I mean, the attention was cool,
but my mind was on Marco
and him getting home.
And the DA kept delaying his trial.
Live from downtown Detroit,
home of been on Detroit.
Local news starts now.
...has come forward saying he...
Wait, wait, wait. What are you
doing sneakin' in this house?
Hey, sugar mama.
"Hey, sugar mama."
What do you think you're gonna
stash something in this house?
Been there, done that.
That's not gonna happen in here.
Sugar mama, why can't I just
come over here for some company?
Oh, now you want to come
for some company, huh?
Girl, you don't get it.
I don't flip more than Patti LaBelle
and you and Marco come by.
You think if I know
when someone is coming here
to stash some drugs in my house?
Granny, it's just a couple dollars.
I would never bring them in this house
that's gonna get you in no trouble.
Trouble? Girl, who
do you think you're talking to?
What's gonna happen,
you're gonna end up in jail.
-Locked the fuck up.
-It's only till Marco get out.
Then me and him are both out of this.
-I promise.
-Ha, you waiting on Marco, huh?
You know that I think about a man.
You're sitting there waiting on Marco.
You know what a man is to me right now?
It's a lick, a hump, and a bump.
So you gonna wait on what?
It's only temporary, nanna.
You just hard-headed.
Girl, you just don't know,
you're gonna have to learn
the hard way.
You got, Sada Baby
in the building.
Bitch squad I see 'em.
Damn, we get a bottle with the booze now?
Oh, no. This from Sada, to you.
Oh, no, baby.
Send it back for me, boo.
Uh, mm-mm.
-No, we're drinking this.
-Thank you, thank you.
Meeka, you cannot be fucking
drinking in the club.
They are gonna put us out.
-Why not?
-You are pregnant.
Girl, tell me some shit I don't know.
I ain't drank or smoked in six months.
I deserve a treat.
Can't drive us back now, can you?
Thank you, Sada.
Ooh, this is my shit.
Meeka, where's you going?
This bitch.
Listen, that girl gonna do
whatever she want to do anyways.
That's ridiculous.
You know this already.
You can't watch over her 24/7.
And you cannot control what she does.
Besides, her big ass
probably needs some dick.
You bitches is nasty.
And that bitch is pregnant, LeLe.
You know what they say, right?
-No, I don't.
-Pregnant pussy is the best.
I tried that.
Plus, she do got that
Little D running away.
Why you say that?
-Oh, she didn't tell you?
-Tell me what, bitch?
Girl, Little D damn near burned
down the house the other day.
You lying. She wouldn't
have said something like that.
Set the drapes in his room on fire.
Baby girl.
Even a clone, you still be one of a kind.
-No way.
Name's Red, baby.
And listen here, sweet thing.
If I was a six, and you was a nine,
that'd be the only time
you wouldn't be there down.
And I ain't lying.
You feel what I'm saying, baby girl?
Well, how about a dance?
-All right.
-Let me see you walk.
-Bitch, where is you going?
-Over here.
That nigga is old as fuck, LeLe.
-Fine. Come on, babe.
-All right.
I like the way you walk.
Peace and blessings.
Oh, my God.
Get it right
Can't work, nigger
Get it right, motherfucker
I get clean on them
I do my thing, girl
And if they hating on me
Nigga, I get as clean
Ain't telling nigger thank you?
-What did you say?
-Thank you.
Sent you the bottle, girl, little rose.
I seen that shit.
I tried to send it back,
but my thirsty ass home girl
has already started to drink.
Send it back for what?
Nigger, I know how you
rap niggers play it.
Send me the bottle the club
sent you for free
just so you can try to get
some pussy, huh.
That's corny, I ain't doing that.
I'm just keeping it real.
I got you nigger
some cheese and something.
Where he at? Where he at?
Locked up?
Told the nigger a thousand
times about that shit too.
What else I tell them?
Since you know everything?
Shit, probably
to where his lame ass homeboys sell you.
Fuck all that though and fuck doing it.
-That's stupid.
-What you drinking?
You wanna buy me some drink?
Oh, you ain't have a bitch buy
you another drink, huh?
-Come on, man, it's time to go.
-All right.
Try and do this again.
Sitting in the club looking stupid.
I don't think you look stupid.
Let me see your phone.
Well, look.
I go on tour starting like next week
and some shit like that, you feel me?
Me and Payroll.
You try to link up before
or after that, just let me know.
If not, I guess it will boo me but...
-It's nice meeting you too.
-All right.
I'm gonna get you there.
Really? That sounds great.
-Bitch, I'm ready to go.
-Okay. So go.
-You coming with me.
-No, I'm not.
-Kicking it with Red tonight.
-Is you smoking dope?
This nigger like a hundred years old.
Give me two minutes with my girl.
-Okay, babe?
-Do what you do, sweet.
Thank you.
Look, I'm trying to get me
a sugar daddy right quick.
If you ready to go,
then leave with Meeka.
You came with me, you're leaving with me.
You know how this shit go.
Now do you want to let
dad pick you up
from your house, that's on you.
But you're leaving with me.
You ain't nobody, Mama Taj.
Remember, you aborted your baby
when Marco got locked up.
What the fuck you just say to me?
Baby, let's get on the party here.
Okay? Yeah.
Meeka. Meeka, what the fuck!
Talking that shit.
Come on, bring that shit on.
Let's go.
Bitch, you're pregnant.
Get your ass in this car.
Stink ass dumb bitch.
I'm taking your ass to the hospital.
For what?
There ain't shit wrong with me.
-You can just shoot me home.
-No, I'm taking you to the ER
and I'm not taking no chances
with you or this baby.
Taj, I said I'm all right.
You don't know
what the fuck you are.
You ain't no doctor, are you?
God damn, Meeka, I swear to God,
between you and LeLe,
you're like two fucking little ass kids.
Everywhere we go,
I got to chaperone you two hoes.
What was you even fighting
that fucking girl for?
She's my baby daddy's new bitch.
-Of course.
-She saw me in the club.
Called herself trying to talk
shit about me to her girls.
Fucking called me fat white trash.
But you see how I fucking
dropped her ass, right?
Hey, why didn't you tell me
about Little D
about him burning them drapes
down and shit.
Like I feel the ways about that.
You know what if you don't feel
like your son almost burning you
and him the fuck up
was important enough
to tell me, then cool.
Do whatever you want to do.
What if something is wrong with him?
What if he's retarded or something?
-I can't...
-He might need a special
school or something, medicines.
I can't afford that shit, Taj.
How am I supposed
to take care of my baby?
I already told you where I stand on that,
like, you need anything,
all you got to do is...
What? What?
You want to take care of me and my son?
You're gonna put me through school?
How does Marco feel about that, hmm?
You run that shit by him?
Because he hate my ass.
-That's not true.
That's not true.
Look, he only tolerates me
because of you
and you fucking know it.
That motherfucker probably
will make some shit up
if something happened to me and Little D.
Fucking make an excuse
and miss the funeral.
I just want to go home.
Just take me home.
Bitch, what do you want?
LeLe, calm down?
What up?
Holy shit, LeLe!
-What's the fuck?
-I fucked up, T.
This shit is so fucked up, T.
I fucked up.
It was an accident, T.
-I tried to clean it up, T.
What the fuck happened?
When you came in this place, did
anybody see you with this nigga?
-Did anybody see you
with this nigga, LeLe?
No. No, T.
I waited outside in the car.
Well, what the fuck happened?
-We left the club together.
-Told you, LeLe.
And we came here and he fell asleep.
And I was trying to sink a few bills...
You tried to steal from him, right?
Typical Loretta shit.
It wasn't even like that, T.
He started fighting me.
He started kicking me and
punching me and hitting me, T.
Like that?
He hit you like that, huh?
-I'm sorry, T.
-You sorry is fuck, LeLe.
Is fuck!
Now how the fuck is we going
to clean this shit up?
Can y'all fix this shit?
Yeah, we can fix it.
Gotta get him out of here first though.
Like rigor mortis hasn't
set in yet, so...
that should be easy.
He didn't have no phone
or nothing though?
No, just, uh... Just his wallet
with his license in it.
Let me see.
LeLe. Goddamn LeLe!
This thing is as old as shit.
What you trying to do, stealing?
-Hey, Pooh!
You mind focusing
on the situation at hand here,
my nigga?
Get out.
Bitch, get out.
As far as I'm concerned,
you're dead to me.
You know a nigga named Derek Miller?
After I called them out that night,
I knew it would only be a matter of time
before they came calling me
for something.
They called him Dogface.
Ran with my pop's crew back in '85.
Mm. No, I don't know that nigga.
Well, me and bro got
an arrangement on Baltimore.
Once a week, I drive out there.
Give him a couple of bricks for the Dog.
Give me the money for the previous weeks.
He paid up for the last month
when I'm dropping off.
Right now you owe me 85 beers.
I can't drive out of state right now.
Affairs all over a nigga
about that Eric shit I did for your mess.
Nigga, yo cousin?
My cousin, but that shit
from the hotel the other night,
got me hot as hell too.
I got to work in a new whip of town.
How long is the drive to Baltimore?
About eight hours.
I had little bro by the library
print you out some directions.
Now, don't put this shit in your GPS.
Matter of fact, no need
to take your phone at all.
It's a burnout.
Throw that motherfucker
out on your way back.
The only contacts you need is mine
and the contact when you get there.
Take that too.
You shouldn't need it, but I'd
feel better if you had it.
And I already know
I ain't even got to tell you,
don't tell Bigfoot
about none of this shit, right?
-For sure.
We don't want him and that
bitch trippin' for nothing.
Now I know I'm here
in somebody else's time,
but it still feels good to be away
from all the bullshit back home.
So I'm gonna treat this
like a little self care day.
Hey, how are you?
Do you by any chance have lamb chop?
And we just ain't gonna tell Lamar,
and, of course,
we ain't gonna tell Marco.
Oh, can I get that with
mashed potatoes well done?
Okay, thank you. Bye.
Until I know I took you
There for you
Don't drop it
Like it's hot though
Hit the spots there
You'll never know, you can't
Mostly all our rappers talk
about and my songs too,
I'm just saying it different.
I'm gonna deliver it different.
I'm gonna talk about it different.
Probably use a way different
metaphor, you know I'm saying?
Like some shit that ain't matter up.
But, yeah, my shits still be...
Hey, what's up? This is Taji.
From Detroit.
We met at the club
with the two home girls.
One of the bitches is pregnant.
I was about to say, oh, my God!
Uh, when we linking though?
I couldn't do that type of shit.
So I had to figure out a type of way...
Well, how about now?
We're in the same city,
you know that, right?
Well, you ain't the only one
who makes moves out here.
Well, that'll work.
I'll see you later then.
I knew motherfuckers knew who I was.
You're a houseful of this all, huh?
Not for real.
This shit all right.
Nigga, didn't I see this shit outside?
Like all of this is for you.
The sky ain't even the limit.
You just got to stop snapping up
on niggas and shit, you know.
Heh, I'd be tramp,
I was a street nigga
before all this shit.
Motherfucker be talking crazy,
-I ain't letting it slide.
-Street nigga, huh?
What's up, my baby?
Nigga, what's the matter with you?
, what you on?
Man, can't call it a bang,
but I'm about to go crazy.
Tie them up for your ass real quick.
Sure, my nigga, man.
Be smooth.
See you in a minute.
Check on me.
Nah, I'm gonna let you go do
your thing or whatever.
-I'm gonna watch from back here.
I don't want your bitches
getting all bitter.
You don't want those niggas to see you?
They ain't showing 'em
motherfucking hood.
-What's up, boy?
I don't know what happened,
maybe it was the power of the music
or seeing him have thousands of
people in the palm of his hand.
That was some sexy ass shit.
Hell, or maybe it was just the bitch
ain't had no dick in months.
Nobody's saw Marco's dumbass go to jail.
But this a go onetime thing
and Marco would never know.
Is Derek here?
-Who are you?
-Taj from Detroit.
Lamar sent me.
Lamar's sending bitches out here?
Look, does Derek want his shit or not?
Hold on.
Sit your bag down, I got to search.
Hold on. I got that.
Derek's upstairs, follow me.
Yo, D.
Your people from Detroit here.
Why don't you go ahead and grab
yourself something to eat?
Something to drink or something?
I actually need to be hitting the road,
so can we just take care of this
real quick?
I kind of need you
to stick around for a minute.
Still watching the game.
Go make her a drink, baby.
Go ahead, make yourself
comfortable. You are family.
-You can't be mad, right?
You the one who asked the bitch to stay.
I was trying to leave her earlier.
I appreciate all of this though.
D, yo you supposed to know
how to play this shit.
Some type of tough king back in the day.
All right, nigga.
You just let home girl beat you
three straight hands y'all.
Said all right, nigga.
All right, be cool,
be cool. All right,
I'm just fucking with you.
Hey, don't fucking tell me
to be cool, nigga.
I just lost $300.
Y'all, trying to play again or not?
Shit, Dogface got
some more money to lose,
it'll be all right over here, huh?
What the fuck you just called me?
Derek, nigga. My fault.
Oh, you think this shit funny, huh?
-No, I'm just fucking with you.
-Don't, nigga!
All right, what you got to be
all sensitive for nigga?
I ain't shit sensitive, nigga.
Watch what the fuck you say to me.
All right, niggas is too tough
on this bitch, huh?
-I ain't say nothing, man.
-That's the fuck I thought.
I should just get that bag for
Lamar and get back on the road.
Hey, you look familiar as hell.
Where do I know you from?
-Nigga, the couch.
-No, I know you.
I seen you before.
Boy, I ain't even from out here, so...
Oh, you was at Sada's show.
That's who I've seen you with.
Yeah, I was there.
Yeah, you was all on that nigga's head.
-It wasn't even like that.
I ain't gonna lie,
Sada's shit slap though.
-Yeah, all right.
-That's your nigga?
Mm-mm. No, it ain't nothing
like that. We're just cool.
Man, you damn was sucking
that nigga's dick
on the way out the club.
Hey, keep that shit respectful.
I mean, that's just what I saw.
You know?
You should link up with Sada.
What the fuck you talking about?
You notice that you used to fuck
with the music,
why don't you grab a feature
from that nigga or somethin'?
-Fuck off that nigga dick.
I said take that nigga dick
out yo' mouth.
Hey, don't come at me with
no dick sucking shit, nigga.
What you gonna do, huh?
Ain't nobody trying to take
a day with you, bro.
You ain't got no motherfucking
kids this way nigga.
Where's my son, nigga?
And I ain't raised no dick sucker.
So say something else
or I'm gonna slap the shit out
of you, nigga.
Nigga can't tell
when he being fucked with.
I'm playing with this nigga.
Come on, man.
Deal the fucking cards, man.
Fuck out of here, deal the cards.
How much we playing for nigga?
You playing?
Yeah, she playing. Let's go.
Hey, do me a favor, man.
Pay attention this time.
Nigga, suck my dick!
Told this bitch ass nigga
to watch his mouth.
Watch your mouth talking to me,
Let's get this money.
I never told Lamar what
happened while I was out there.
I couldn't.
He would've wanted answers
or someone would have told him
about seeing me with Sada.
So nothing happened.
Dogface got his dog food
and Lamar got his money.
And that's that on that.
He raped my baby, Taj.
Meeka, I'm...
Meeka, I'm so sorry.
I had to do it. I had to.
I couldn't let him get away with that.
I couldn't let him get away with...
Where is he?
Where is he now, Meeka?
He wasn't around, so, uh, Lee
has him and I gave him to Lee.
It's all right, Meeka.
I got Michael Fieger on your case.
But I need you to be strong.
I need you to just hold this shit down.
I know it's hard, but you can do this.
Keep it together.
Keep it together, okay?
You know what I was thinking?
Remember those college courses
you wanted to take?
We can enroll in school together.
I can finish my business degree
and you could study...
What is it that you used
to want to study, Meeka?
We can still do that.
You just got to keep it together
and stay strong.
You gotta stay strong
for that baby inside of you.
Meeka, I fucking love you.
We're gonna get you out of this, okay?
-How does the defendant plead?
-Not guilty, Your Honor.
Under the grounds of temporary insanity,
the defendant and her child
are truly the victims here.
They trusted Mr. Piper.
-What up though, bro?
-What up though, Taj?
Y'all good?
Man, she's been acting funny
for a couple of weeks now.
Don't worry about it,
I'm gonna talk to her.
Hey, stranger.
I got to commend you...
for stepping up the way
you did for Meeka.
You didn't have to do all that.
You okay?
-You know Ray was on the news.
-They found him?
His family was on the news.
He was a widower.
He had three kids, eight grandkids.
His daughter was on there, crying.
They think he ran off like
he was senile or something.
Lee, I'm going to be honest,
that man is dead
and there ain't any shit
we can do about that.
The best we can do, you should
just pick up and keep going.
Where's the baby?
It's in the room.
Tae been helping me look after him.
I mean, y'all good?
Y'all need any money
or anything like that?
You sure?
You know I got you, right?
Is that my god baby?
Hey, Little D.
So you know you're gonna have
to come and stay with me
for a little while, right?
Your mommy and me worked it all out
and she thinks it's best for you
to come stay with me.
You'll get to have
your own very big room.
I even went to go buy
you some video games.
You love video games, don't you?
How long I got to stay with you?
So you know what your mom did, right?
She shot Mr. Piper,
the one that hurt me.
So, you know what that means?
That means that Mr. Piper
can't hurt me no more.
but that wasn't necessarily
the right thing to do.
When someone takes someone else's life,
they have to go away
for a very long time.
It's almost like when a grown up
hurts another grown up,
they have to go to their room
and be on punishment,
and stay for a really, really long time.
But we get to go see her on weekends.
You'll like that, right?
And I promise she'll be home
before you know it.
-Hi, Mr. Moreland.
I don't know if you remember me?
Tajani Chalmers. I went
to high school with Michelle.
Oh, I remember you now.
I don't know if you...
I don't even...
I don't even know how to say this.
She's dead. I know.
The, uh, people
from the prison called us.
Um, do you need any help like
with arrangements or anything?
Yeah, that's... that's been all
taken care of, but thank you.
Oh, okay. But a while back she
made me godmother to her son,
her son Damon.
The black boy?
Well, the thing is,
if you wanted to get some
type of custody of him,
I will never stand in your way.
I think that's what Meeka,
I mean, Michelle,
I think that's
what she would have wanted,
him to be with his family.
No, I... I don't think you
need to worry about that.
Well, well, what about
if I like setting up
some type of visitation
with maybe you and the Misses?
I could bring him by so you can see him.
Yeah, I don't think so.
Thank you.
How sweet
The sound
That saved
A wretch
Like me
I once
Was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind
But now
I see
-Hey, girl, what's up?
I haven't seen you here in a minute.
I've been super busy, that's all.
This is cute.
You'll look sharp in this.
I see you're not with your girl today.
The white girl.
Did she have her baby already?
She died, sweety.
I'm sorry.
-Two weeks ago.
Did the baby die too?
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry. Was y'all close?
Well, you know, I pray for you
and for her family.
Oh, by the way, you know my girl Cassidy
who works on the weekends said
that she had some really good shit.
So how much for three-five?
You all right? You look sick.
I'm okay.
Just tired, that's all.
So you gonna hook me up?
You know what,
your girl got my number
just get it from her, baby.
Right. Cool.
The total is 998.76.
-You sure you okay?
-I'm all right.
Shit! Oh, my God!
Taji, are you okay?
Hey! What are you doing here?
Just got out on bail.
Where are we?
We're in the hospital.
They say you had a panic attack.
They say you fell
and hit your head pretty bad.
But where's Damon?
He with your home girl, LeLe.
He's straight.
Get you some rest.
You want me to get on top?
-Oh, shit!
-What the fuck?
Oh, shit!
Bae, maybe you've just
had too much to drink.
So my dick just don't work
now after alcohol?
All I'm saying
is this type of shit
probably happen to everybody.
How the fuck you know that?
Marco, I'm just trying to be supportive.
What the fuck you've been doing
while I was gone?
Hmm. What you mean
what I've been doing?
Who you been fucking?
Did you really just ask me that?
-Who you been fucking?
Marco, do not come at me like that.
For real, like, that's disrespectful.
Where the fuck is you going to go?
-Out where?
I just need some fresh air.
-Bitch, really?
What the fuck is your problem
you bitch, Marco?
Matter of fact, go and take
your dumbass out of here.
See if I rap yo' ass again.
That's what you want?
You want to get locked back up,
that's what the fuck
you want to do?
-Get out of my face.
-Get out your face now, huh?
-Get out of my face.
Get out your face now?
Take your dumb ass back to jail
and get fucked in the ass.
It's okay, Little D.
He didn't mean to hit me.
Uncle Marco is just going
through some shit right now.
So where the fuck you going?
I got some business I got
to take care of in a minute.
What type of business?
I don't want to put it out
in the air just yet.
What, it's some type of
secret or somethin'?
Somethin' like that.
I was getting with my cousin
the other day.
He told me you was out of town
in Baltimore
with the nigga Dogface.
-Lamar told you that?
-No, Pooh.
You know, at the party the other
night, when he got drunk.
Can't keep his mouth shut.
So what's up with you
and the nigga Dogface?
Look, all I did was drop off
a couple of bricks for Dog
and pick up some money and that's that.
How much he pay you for that?
-A couple of stacks.
-To drop off some bricks?
Did you see that nigga shoot somebody?
I don't even... I don't want
to talk about Dogface,
you know that, not now and not ever.
So you need me to get
Little D today after school?
No, I got that.
Can I go now?
Hey, baby.
What the fuck do you want?
You know, you can't just harass me
because you can't get Marco, all right.
I guess you really do know who I am.
Yeah, you're the same
motherfucker that arrested him.
What's up?
Damn, miss my dramatic entrance.
I need you to step out of the vehicle.
For what?
Because I want to search this vehicle.
For what? I don't even know
why you pulled me over.
Get the fuck out.
Come on, let's go.
Get your hands off of me.
What the fuck are y'all even looking for?
We'll let you know when they find it.
Oh, yeah. Got her ass now.
I want my phone call.
I know my rights.
Phone call? You fucking serious?
Fucking rights, you don't
have any fucking rights.
It's not my custody.
So, tell me about Baltimore.
Before you lie, we've been following you
since Eric Harris was killed.
Marco taught you well, don't say shit.
-Still want your phone call?
-Use my cell.
No, Pooh.
You know at the party the other
night, when he got drunk.
Can't keep his mouth shut.
So what's up with you
and the nigga Dogface?
Look, all I did was drop off
a couple of bricks for Dog
and pick up some money and that's that.
-How much he pay you for that?
-A couple of stacks.
Yes, now we're getting it, you see?
Marco don't care about you.
You're not getting a lawyer.
He gave you up.
Marco would never do
no shit like that to me.
Well, he would and he did.
Matter of fact,
he wanted me to give you this.
Kind of funny, isn't it?
A guy who'd always talk
some bullshit street cred,
but as soon as his girl becomes
a groupie by some rapper,
he flips just like that.
Now, you still want that phone call?
Fuck you.
Can you please tell the court
who David Felt is?
David Felt was a dope boy
who worked for my uncle.
Your uncle, Ricardo Beasley,
reputed leader of the Pony Up
drug organization?
He snitched on everybody.
Dogface has so many charges,
he couldn't help but lie
when they put them up.
My uncle thought
he was stealing from him.
So my uncle said he had
to get it and he had to get it.
So, your uncle contracted you
to murder David Felt?
No, I, um...
I hired, uh, people to do it.
And, um...
uh, I didn't kill him,
but I supplied the guns.
But you have killed before,
uh, according to this written testimony?
-About how many?
He must have been in disbelief
when they grabbed him.
Should they say he barely had enough time
to put his blunt down?
And poor Pooh Bear, he died
in police custody, allegedly.
So what you're saying is
that this woman Tajani Vanessa Chalmers,
your lover and partner,
the woman who recently
became your fiance,
was a willing participant and
distributor of illegal narcotics
for just about as long as
the two of you were acquainted?
That is correct.
I have no further questions
for this witness, Your Honor.
Uh, bailiff, could you please
escort Mr. Beasley
out of the courtroom?
Will you step down, Mr. Beasley?
They say hell hath no fury
like a woman scorned.
Nah, these niggas can't handle
what they dish out
is more like it.
And I'll bet it was one of them
ho ass niggas from Baltimore
that told on me too,
thinkin' they were spilling
some tea seeing me with Sada.
They probably couldn't wait
to tell Marco.
And me, shit I was labeled the Queen Pin.
Can you believe that?
The head of this entire
operation from the beginning.
After all I did for this nigga,
he fucked me over
in the worst possible way.
I had to learn to walk out
the courtroom smiling.
I was sick, ended up taking a plea deal.
Can you believe that shit?
Ten years.
Ten years.
Movie companies, book publishers,
everybody been on my head
to like sell my story.
I told them I'd give them a call
once I come up with a name.
I was thinking One More Flip
'cause I just kept chasing out
one more flip
and it's always on a dope.
And it's always going to be
a nigga like Marco
that'd flip on everybody.
While I've been in here,
I've been meeting a whole bunch
of women just like me.
We all got one thing in common,
if we hadn't have done
that shit to begin with
none of us would be in this bitch.
Guess the moral of the story is.
"If you don't jump in the game,
you can't lose."
And that's that on that.
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
I don't really talk about
My life for the dope I sell
'Cause if you ain't in the
Know you won't need to know
Plus if I told you how I cope
You wouldn't believe me
Three hundred thousand caught
In the airport
She killed me
Countered me on the phone
Showed my case to be illegit
And my bank account
And if I ain't proof
You can do it
'Cause I came from nothin'
A hundred percent real, every
Dime came from hustling
Been grinding all my life
I ain't never robbed nothing
Think she's sweet
Promise I show you somethin'
End up
I ain't gotta say nothing
Played the hand I was dealt
And turned nothin'
Into somethin'
Fed a dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
Been in my bag for a couple
Decades straight
Too big, house of the lake
Watch on fro
I'm still getting cake
Get out of line
I get your goofy ass baked
The way I'm getting money
Nigga's saying that I'm great
What can you dos with them
Niggas, them look fake
A hundred percent hustler
Started with an eighth
Little Bro, thank you
Meet, now that shit gay
May last year
I paid taxes on it
I'm married to the bank
Holy matrimony
Why you always cap a homie?
You should get
The stacker homie
I'm the nigga with the cheese
The macaroni
Fed a dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long I make
This shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Shit kinda hard
But I make it look easy
I might come back to the game
Like might come back
So let it be known
I've been ballin' all my life
So dope, so pure, so white
I just want the money
I ain't care about the life
Or the fucking fame
Y'all know my name
King Rook get it right
Mr. Dope Gang
I move a whole thing
I move a load, bang
Mister never ever
Ever, ever told a thing
The dope gang need me
The dope gang need me
Baller so long
I make this shit look easy